Born Purple  

By Interesting Life

Wizards Lair Contest 2015

This story is submitted as part of the 2015 Wizard's Lair short story contest.

Disclaimer : the following is a work of parody and fiction. It contains scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters portrayed in this story are the property of Marvel Comics.

--- PROLOGUE ---

Kara Kilgrave had been born a mutant. Like most mutants, her powers had not manifested until she had turned thirteen. Puberty. A hard sell for anyone, even if you didn't turn purple all over, which she had.

Her mother Melanie had come upon her in the bath, trying to scrub the color away; she had then revealed to her daughter the secret of her origin - her father's identity, Zebediah, aka the Purple Man - one of the most powerful mind controllers on the planet. Kara had panicked. She had fled.

It would take her some time to fully understand that she hadn't just inherited her father's unique skin pigmentation; she had also inherited his gift for mind control.

After a bumpy start, she had been rescued by the hero NorthStar and had joined Beta-Flight. For a time. Then she had been injured. Then, she had left the team, only to recruited back into a reorganized Beta-Flight under Department H. She had changed heroic names from PurpleGirl to Persuasion. Then, that new team had been dissolved after a particularly nasty incident, and she had abandoned crime-fighting altogether to attempt to live a normal life with friends from her defunct team, brother and sister Goblyn and Pathway. Then, she had been captured by mutant-fearing initiatives and taken away to be incarcerated. She had survived the House of M, joined a new alliance to thwart manipulations during the Canadian elections, only to be mind-controlled again and made into a presumed villain to fight against a corrupt Alpha-Flight.

And then, she had turned twenty-one.

Given all she had been through, it was no wonder she didn't feel right in the head, or that she was constantly exhausted. But as a government agent, still working out of Canada though no longer associated with any heroic group (at least, not at that specific moment), there was no rest for people like her. Another mission always awaited to be assigned.

This next one would be just another notch on her belt, at this point in her life and career.

Kara made her way into the meeting room where the representative of Department H would provide her with the details of her next assignment. It was never the same agent given her the assignments. Today, it was a man, late fifties, dark grey suit, sunglasses - typical spook, she told herself. He didn't waste time with introductions as he pushed the file towards her.

"Here are the details. Memorize, pack, and head out." "Solo?" "Yes." "Where?" "At first New York...from there... we'll see."

She took the file, flipped it to the first page. She saw a picture of her father. the Purple Man in conversation with unknowns.

"Him?" "Yes." "Why me?" "Because of who you are..."

They wanted to use her against her father? She had no love for the man. In fact, she barely knew him. She didn't expect he actually cared for her either, so it made no sense to attempt to use her as leverage. Or perhaps she was misunderstanding their intent. She read the file further. Infiltration. The Purple Man was rebuilding a criminal empire in New York. They wanted information. This was a joint operation with American forces, although she would be the only infiltrator. She checked the known roster of his current allies and she shivered. Avalanche. Shocker, Headhunter. He had even filled out new roles for Death-Stalker and Scourge. Bad guys galore.

"And you expect me to pass off as a villainess with them?" she asked the official. "We expect you to gather as much information as you can. How you achieve that goal is entirely up to you. Do you accept the mission or not?"

She could refuse. It would mean that her name would go at the bottom of the pile for priority, and she'd only get the bad assignments from here on out.

"I'll do it," she stated, without conviction.

The official nodded, satisfied by her agreement.

"On your way then," he told her.

There was never any sentiment with department H, she reminded herself. Nothing mattered but the business and the results. Practically everyone was expendable.

--- CHAPTER 1 ---

Nothing had gone as planned, and now Kara Kilgrave was naked, bound, and extremely vulnerable. Under any other circumstance, she would have been able to use her mind-control powers to get herself out of this dire predicament. Except that her powers were gone. Neutralized. Her skin wasn't even purple anymore. As far as anyone was concerned, she was now just a regular twenty-one year old girl, black hair, Caucasian skin, with no modesty left to hide.

And all of it because she had forgotten a basic rule of spying: never turn on your back on anyone.

"When can we have a go at her?" one of the standing villains said, his eyes leering in her direction. "In time, perhaps," the Purple Man replied. "It's been a while since I've seen my daughter. I may just entertain a conversation or two, if she's feeling talkative."

She wasn't, considering the gag in her mouth prevented her from speaking. Her father - the wicked, often perverted villain - was in charge. How could he let his own flesh and blood be exposed like this? How could he even consider letting his henchman have their way with her body? The thought escaped understanding.

"For example," he said, "I'm wondering what she can tell me about her dear mother..."

Anyone but her, you monster, Kara thought, not that she could openly share the sentiment. It was obvious her father was having fun torturing her, be it mentally like this, mentioning her mother, or physically as earlier when they had stripped her by force, then forcefully restrained her to the X-frame, her full nudity on display, tying up her ankles and wrists with tight silk rope, almost cutting into her flesh, definitely affecting circulation. He had graced her neck with a choker and her mouth with a ball gag, both black in color, matching her hair. She wasn't sure how she had been depowered; it had occurred while she had been unconscious, after the rag had been pulled over her mouth and nose. She still had the smell and taste of chloroform in her nostrils and at the back of her throat.

"Well, daughter..." the Purple Man mused, walking over to her, grabbing her chin, "What the fuck are you doing here?"

He couldn't mind control her apparently, or he would already have forced her to reveal all he wanted to know. He was that powerful. At least, that's what she told herself. Maybe he could and he was just playing around for the fun of it. She ignored him, casting a look around the room. No other super villains were present, just henchmen drabbed in an ugly form-fitting purple jumpsuit that belonged a previous decade. She would have commented on it if she could have.

"Oh!" he laughed. "My manners... can't say much with a gag in your pie hole, right?"

He tugged at the ball gag, pulling it out of her mouth without actually loosening it; pulling it off hurt like hell, putting pressure at the back of Kara's head, at least until the gag was pulled below her chin. She yelped at the pain and it made her father smile.

"...bastard..." she mumbled. "Careful... a gag is not so bad to have in your mouth... be mindful what else we would put in there. So behave."

She didn't argue back at him, as much as she wanted to. She was far too vulnerable for that kind of bravado. Her only hope was that her father wasn't just a monster, that their familial bond might be provide some redeeming quality. The henchmen were eager to abuse her; already, they were wandering their eyes in her direction, and one was fondling with the zippers of his ugly pants.

"So, my dear Kara, question one: what are you doing here?" "Looking for you," she replied.

He wasn't even forcing her to tell the truth. It had always been her cover coming here.

"Well, isn't that nice. Mommy sent you?" "Mom wants nothing to do with you..." "Pity... she was always a good..."

A moment of nostalgia passed over the PurpleMan's eyes as he didn't finish his sentence, but it didn't last.

"So who sent you?" "Who else? The government..."

Again, part of her cover. Besides being a member of Department H, she also belonged to a criminal group called the Unity Party that had tried to tamper with the Canadian elections. They were a rogue group within the Canadian government and, although their influence was limited, it was real.

"So why did you seek me out?" "To make connections with your organization.. you've been making noise." "And rightfully so, daughter... but I don't buy your excuse. Your gang in Canada... what interest can they have in me? Better yet, what interest do I have in them?"

That was a difficult question. There was little in the way of resources she could offer him without compromising her status; she wasn't on the best terms with the Unity Party anyway, having pretty much left them to their own devices ever since the mind-control making her help them had dissipated.

"Look... we need money, supplies, resources... we've lost a lot of terrain. We can pay. We still have connections in Canada.." "Canada's not exactly... gun-friendly," the Purple Man replied. "And there's little money to be made up there... except for drugs." "There's a market... look... I'll even work for you if needed, but..."

The Purple Man motioned her to be silent.

"You know what I think, daughter? I think you're lost... I think you got caught up in things up North and now you want out... you want some place to be protected, right?"

She didn't answer. The breeze on her naked body made her shiver. Her captor continued his speech.

"Here's the deal... you want to work for me... fine. We can strike a deal. I don't trust you much, but I can certainly keep you in check." "...all right...?" she mumbled, sounding unsure of herself. "You gotta prove to me that you want this job. That you can earn it. As I said, I don't trust you, but I trust actions."

He paused to look back at his henchmen. He examined a few, looking at the smallest of the bunch.

"Tiny, come here."

The henchman walked up.

"My daughter here wants to show her loyalty. That means that I'm gonna ask her to do something to prove that she's committing to this. That involves you." "Okay, boss," the henchman mumbled. "Good. Start stripping, but keep your mask on." "Yes, boss..."

As the henchman started removing the jumpsuit, the PurpleMan turned back to his daughter.

"I want proof. You're going to have three tasks to perform. Do them all - of your own volition - and I'll accept you into my organization and clue you in. Give you full access. Be warned. They'll get increasingly difficult and, even if you refuse, I can still force you to do them - and the consequences will be dire."

Kara didn't answer. She could hardly believe the perversion in her father; the henchman was now naked, save for his mask.

"Task number one: fuck my henchman." "" "Don't dad me. He's gonna fuck you whether you want to or not. Decide if he's gonna do it while you're tied up to the X-Frame or if we let you go first, and you take charge of the job."

It was the moment of truth for Kara Kilgrave; the moment she had feared ever since waking up after her capture. Her mind raced to the various outcomes, and she found none of them pleasant. The naked man before her was less than enticing, all skin and bones, a small erection barely visible between his legs. He would not be a great lover in any event. And there was the issue of the other two tasks he would ask of her. She suspected that, if she declined, he would have all of the henchmen rape her (he might even partake in it, as deviant as he was) and then they would abandon her somewhere in an alley, beaten and violated. They probably wouldn't kill her - it wouldn't teach her the lesson that the Purple Man wanted to educate her with. She knew there was only one way.

"...I'll comply but... he can do it while I'm tied up," she countered. "That's not an option," he replied.

Suddenly, his mind shifted to a new idea.

"Or maybe it is... I like the thought of a third option. Because, if you're not free from the X-Frame, you're essentially merely compliant, not actively taking charge. So... counterproposal. If you stay tied up, three of my henchman have their way with you, and that counts as your first task." "Two," she tried to argue. "Four," he argued back. "Three?" "It's up to four now... take it or leave it..."

She sighed.

"Untie me..." "I don't want to anymore," he replied with a sneer on his lips. "I want to see four of my henchman fuck you senseless..." "Zebediah! Please!" "Ah... begging. That's more like it. Fine, we untie you. But you service two of my henchmen... at the same time." "...agreed."

She wasn't in any bargaining position. The Purple Man turned to another, much more imposing henchman.

"Bigguy, go with Tiny... untie her. You can share her however you want..." "Yes boss."

Now it was going to happen: there was no more negotiation. Kara cursed herself for attempting to parlay her way through: had she simply accepted the first deal, she wouldn't have had to commit so much to it. Now, there would be two men on her... two men she didn't care for, two she didn't even know, two that wouldn't care about her feelings. Chances were they wouldn't care about theirs either, considering they were all under the control of the Purple Man, and that all of this was done for his amusement.

A moment later, a depowered Kara was freed from her bonds, circulation returning to her extremities as the silk ropes were removed. There was some anticipation from the henchmen as they waited to see what she would do. Theoretically, she could try to run. They were in some kind of warehouse, all huddled in a corner. Her father might not even try to stop her. Again, this was the test. Her duty to department H required that she see this through, even if no part of her wanted any remote association with it. It was hard for Kara to hold back the tears and to keep the anger in check. Power or no power (she still had no idea how her father had managed that one), she could fight. She might lose, but she would inflict pain before going down. The sacrifice required of her was almost too much for her to bear, and it was being asked both by her father and her employer. It was troubling to see they found themselves agreeing.

Kara got down to her knees, motioning for both henchmen to move forward and face her. Their erect phalluses at her eye level, they stared down at her with anticipation. Her hands reached forward, grabbing their dicks gently, as she began to stroke them.

"Stop!" the Purple Man ordered.

They all stopped. It hadn't been a request. It had been explicitly formulated through his power: they had little choice but to comply. All three potential partners waited as the Purple Man got closer, examining the scene, somewhat bewildered.

" must be in extreme dire straits to agree to this, daughter," he whispered to her.

She didn't reply - she couldn't. She was paralyzed. He placed a hand on her hair, almost seeming concerned.

"My daughter... my own flesh and blood...nothing more than a slut... willing to do anything to get in my good graces... I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it."

He stared her down, turning her head upwards so he could stare into her eyes, unconvinced.

"Are you messing with me?"

The tone was accusatory; she still couldn't defend herself, since she was still under his power. The Purple Man seemed to weigh his options. He unclasped his belt, undoing his zipper and pulling his own purplish dick out of his pants; leaning forward to his daughter's face, he cock-slapped her a few times.

"Daughter, I release you from my control."

As he said the words, Kara felt the full control return; she had to fight all her urges not to pull away as her father humiliated her with his erection against her eyes and nose. She closed her eyes but remained still. He slapped her with his cock a few times besides the face, moving to her cheek, then rubbing his tip against her lips.

" it," he goaded her on, without using his power to force her.

Reluctantly, Kara parted her lips and wrapped them around his tip; she didn't move, but he played with his cock from one side of her mouth to the next.

"No teeth..." he told her.

Again, it wasn't an order. She still complied, giving him full access to her oral cavity; he pushed himself all in, watching his cock disappear into her mouth.

"Open your eyes," he ordered her.

She looked up and saw his wicked grin as he violated her mouth,

"You have your mother's mouth," he told her. "I'd forgotten how good that felt. I must have made her do this a hundred times while we were together... she never really liked it."

Kara had to fight her gag reflex as he continued.

"Well," he told her, "you got me started. Might as well finish me off, no?"

Kara hated herself for agreeing to this, for complying with the lewd deviance, but there were so many rival ideas in her mind, she couldn't act on any of them. Her father - her violator - had threatened her mother. He could find her anywhere. He was spear-heading a new criminal organization and she needed to get inside to learn its secrets. She had been given free reign of her operation, but also no backup. There would, theoretically, be no repercussions to what she did. Deep cover. Anything goes. Even if that meant submitting herself to the depravity of giving her own father oral intercourse.

"...oh wow..." the villain mumbled through his delight.

Everybody else was frozen. The Purple Man's power was absolute; Kara's hands were still on the erections of the two henchman who still stood before her; three other henchmen were immobile, a few meters away. Nothing could happen until the Purple Man relinquished control.

Kara began to hum uncontrollably as the dick inside her gained speed; the Purple Man wasn't intent on making it last.

"Oh... wow... you're gonna get it now..."

He pulled away seconds before firing his load; the white spunk shot from his purple dick, spraying the bottom of Kara's face; it dribbled down to her breasts.

"Umff... ooh... wow."

The Purple Man stared at the mess he had just made, and then he laughed.

"Can't believe you did that," he told her. "...I need this..." she mumbled through her humiliation. "You need what? My cock?" "No!..." she blurted out, then composed herself. "I need this job... and God help me... I'll do whatever..." "So I see... we'll that's a good first start."

He pulled away, tucking his dick back into his pants.

"Just jerk these two off... I'm satisfied - eheh (he sneered as he gloated) - that you've passed the first task, but these guys do deserve an incentive... well, as long as you're at it, why don't you jerk off all five."

That wasn't a request. He was back to ordering.

"I guess we'll see how you handle more complicated requests later."

He turned to the henchmen.

"No touching her. She's the one touching you. Oh! And when you're done, take her back to a holding cell, naked. I'm gonna have to think of the next challenge... really didn't think you'd do this one, to be honest."

The Purple Man walked away. He didn't need to stay behind. He knew everyone there - henchmen and daughter - would obey his commands without flinching. He wasn't concerned. He didn't even look in on the scene as the henchmen all stripped and Kara jerked them off two at a time, emptying their loads across her chest one after the other, and hating every second of it.

--- CHAPTER 2 ---

When the Purple Man entered his daughter's cell, she was still naked, lying on the bed, waiting on something. Roughly four hours had passed since the last violation. Kara had been able to sleep it off, mostly, but seeing her father again - remembering his depravity - made her incredibly angry.

"Anger," he mumbled. "I like that." " raped me." "Ever so slightly, daughter. I could have done much worse. I may still. Don't push me."

She kept quiet. He stared her down, admiring her femininity. She was gorgeous - for a whore, he told herself. He was tempted to take advantage of her again, right there, but he held against that instinct. Besides, if all went according to plan, there would be ample time later to indulge in pleasures of the flesh.

"Well, get up!"

She complied, standing at attention.

"So... you must be wondering how I took your powers, right?"

Indeed, it was the one thought she could not chase away. She stared him down, waiting for the answer.

"Quite simple. Genetics, my dear. My blood, my solution."

She understood - at least the logic of it, if not the science.

"And neutralizing my power makes me look human?" she asked, looking at her Caucasian skin. "Indeed it does..."

He reached into his vest pocket and pulled out an injector.

"But I need you powered for your next task. Stand still."

She couldn't disobey: he walked up to her and jabbed her breast with the injector.

"It should take about fifteen minutes for your powers and skin pigmentation to return. Plenty of time to get you on your way. That's right. I'm letting you go. That is, you have an assignment." "Assignment?" she replied. "I thought you didn't trust me?" "I don't..."

He turned away from her, knowing full well she was incapable of any violence towards him.

"This is your second test. You'll find it quite simple. Now, here's how it plays out. You can try to run away. You can - if you should decide - not come back. I wouldn't even run after you. If you're here to spy on me, you haven't learned anything, so no loss for me." "I'm sincere," she replied. "We'll see. You need to do two things for me before you come back. If you return without having completed them, or without the proof, I'll let my henchmen have another go at you - and I won't be telling them what to do. Some of them were disappointed they didn't have access to your holes..."

Kara looked away, still reeling at the previous humiliation.

"I'm listening," she mumbled. "I know you are. Just outside the door, there's a bag with clothes and items. Pick it up, get dressed. There's also a cell phone that can dial two numbers. The first one is mine. The second is 911. Dial any other number and it won't work." "So what's my task?" "No. That's not how it works. When you're gone and on your way out of here, I'll call you. You answer. I'll give you your destination."

Father and daughter stared each other down; then, Kara walked out of the cell, picking up the bag. Inside it were plain clothes, a short black dress, a blouse with a jacket, stockings, high-heeled shoes: a power suit for a business woman. Kara slipped on the items, which fit her quite well. Apparently, her father had an eye for her figure.

Once she was dressed, Kara combed her hair.

"Exit is that way," her father pointed. "Get walking."

It seemed like he was in a hurry to get rid of her. Perhaps it was because her powers were presumably returning, and he didn't want to have to face down her own mind control. It seemed obvious that, whatever task he would ask of her, she would need to be powered. She sighed, mindful of her situation, and she complied with the order. The door exited into an alleyway. She walked up to the street corner before the phone vibrated. She answered.

"I'm going..." "I know. Hail a cab. Your destination is the Caxington Diner."

The person hung up. Kara managed to get there within fifteen minutes; as she was riding in the back of the cab, she felt an odd surge of power. The cab driver called her out.

"Holy smokes! You just turned purple..."

Sensing his panic, she focused her power on him.

"It's all fine. Keep calm. Just take me to my destination."

It worked. Her powers were back. She wasn't anonymous anymore, but that didn't matter. The taxi stopped on the right side of the street. Kara realized she had no money. Once again, she had to use her power.

"Consider this one a freebie," she told him.

He didn't reply. The suggestion kicked in, and he forgot to charge her the fare. She stepped out onto the sidewalk and looked at the small restaurant right in front of her. The phone rang.

"Yes?" she answered. "Perfect timing. Head on in. There's a man called Amid Mustafa. He owes me protection money. Get it. Ten thousand. If he doesn't have it, take something else from him." "Like what?" "His wife." "You want me to kill her?" she panicked.

The Purple Man laughed at the other end of the line.

"Of course not. We're not there yet. No... if he doesn't pay... take it out on his wife. When you walk in, go just past the door. There will be a purse on the floor. Pick it up. What you need is in there."

He hung up once more. Reluctantly, Kara headed inside. The place was very quiet, but perhaps it was because of the time of the day, the middle of the afternoon. Behind the counter, a thirty-something woman plainly dressed smiled, and then she froze as she saw Kara - or, to be more precise, her skin color. In a language Kara did not understand, she called out to her husband. From the kitchen, the man emerged, but his own smile turned to a frown. It was obvious they had made the association because of the shared skin tone.

"Go away! No money for you! Go away!"

Kara stared at the forty-something man. He was nothing impressive, shorter than her, a clear bald spot at the back of his head. His beard was unkempt, and his clothes were stained with various colors, most probably from the food in his kitchen. Kara could not believe that this man could give his father any trouble, considering what the villain could do. Of course, that wasn't the point.

"We give all already," the man insisted. "No more."

Kara understood. This was a second shakedown, which is why the man felt entitled to a defense. According to the logic of the assignment he wasn't. She could force him to give him more money. However, the way her father had implied the order, it almost challenged her to convince him without using her own power - even though she theoretically had it back. She decided to test it out.

"Be quiet and still," she ordered him.

He stopped talking - he stopped moving. Her power was indeed back. She could read fear on both the man's and the woman's faces. She turned to the woman, ordering her as well.

"Place both hands on the counter where I can see them."

She did just that. Satisfied that they were both under her spell, she headed back towards the door, to see what had been left for her in the purse. She picked up and looked inside. She cringed.

"...of all the sick twisted..."

She didn't finish her sentence. She examined the dildo and the strap-on belt tied to it.

"Fuck!" she said.

He expected her to rape the man's wife - or the man himself perhaps, but he had talked more about 'taking' his wife. The sexual innuendo was now clear. Still, she couldn't allow that to happen, as much as she needed this job. She turned back to the couple, not exposing the contents to their eyes.

"Listen up, and listen quick," she told them in her most stern voice. "You are in deep shit. I've come here to collect, and I don't care that you've already been collected this month or this week. My boss wants the cut. Again. You either provide it, or things are going to escalate real quick..."

She knew, from experience, that most people caved in to threats if they were well-formulated; or merely because they were frozen in fear, unable to defend themselves, and able to imagine all sorts of nasty things happening to them. It was clear the process was working.

"Mustafa, speak!" she ordered the man. "...oh... sorry. I get the money again. Apologies so much." "Just shut up and get it," she replied.

She didn't want to be mean, but it was a better play, given her cover, than any form of conciliation. The man hurried to the back store; the woman was staring back at Kara with terror. It made Kara cringe. She hated to see the emotion she was inflicting upon the poor victim. But it was part of the test.

Before Mustafa returned, the door to the restaurant opened; Kara turned around and saw two men enter. She didn't need to know who they were to know to which group they belonged, and her instincts kicked in. They barely had their hands on their guns when she called to them.


They froze. They had no way to resist the domination.

"Good... walk over to that booth, sit down, both hands on the table, and don't move until I tell you."

It was always surreal to see people shuffling about, under her influence, carrying out her every whim. She had enjoyed it at first, but had quickly learned that anything she said could turn out wrong. She had, early on, almost accidentally told someone to kill herself by jumping off a cliff. She had meant it metaphorically. It's what had started her on this path and had unleashed her powers - and her transformation into Purple Girl.

The man returned with a wad of money. As he was handing it to Kara, her phone rang. She picked it up.

"Yes?" "It's me again," her father said. "I trust everything is going according to plan." "Yes. I have the money. A few locals came in and tried to shoot me, but I got them first." "Are they dead?" "No... not yet."

She entertained some qualms about killing them, but since they were criminals (of that, she had no doubt), she might agree to it if it supported her cover. After all, she would be immune from prosecution after the fact, once the operation was over. She imagined her father was going to order her to kill them, but he went in a different direction.

"What about the wife?" "...what about her?" "What have you done to her?" "Nothing," she replied. "He's giving me the money." "No," he retorted. "I don't like that deal. Do the job you were asked to do. Fuck the wife." "What?" "Do it or don't, but there will be consequences. I can find you, and I can find your mother. Lock all of these guys into a freezer, then fuck the wife... and film it for me." "Film it how?" "Your phone has a camera..."

He hung up, not allowing her to protest. Kara froze. No one but her had heard the Purple man's words. They were all waiting to see what had transpired. Kara was in shock - being asked to commit rape, only after being violated herself, was beyond the scope of what she could do. The voice of her supervisor came back to haunt her: any means necessary. Immune from prosecution. But surely he hadn't meant anything like this.

"Get up!" she ordered the two goons. "Join the host."

They carried out the order without flinching. Once all three were gathered, she turned to the wife.

"You go lock the door, put up the closed sign, and come back to the counter to your initial position."

Again, no contest as the deed was carried out. She forced the three men back into the kitchen. At the very least, she could put them out of the way while she reasoned the next part of her actions. She guided them into the freezer; in order to avoid them being frozen alive, she actually turned up the heat. The food would spoil but the men would live.

"Stay in here for... three hours. After that, you'll be free to act. Start counting."

She saw them look towards the clock inside the freezer, then she closed the door on them. Hurriedly, she returned to the front of the restaurant; the wife was back at her spot, still as anxious as before.

"Your husband is safe. What's your name?" "Edwina..."

What could she do? He wanted her to film it. If she didn't carry out the deed, her infiltration was done, and she would never have another opportunity. More than that, she would have to go to her mother - they hadn't parted on the best of terms - and convince her to flee. She had no doubt the Purple Man would carry out his threat, even on his own wife... not after what he had just done to her, a few hours prior. She still had the taste of his cock on her tongue.

"Edwina... strip."

It was an order. The thirty-something wife had no choice but to comply. She wasn't in the best of shape, but neither was she ugly. She simply didn't stand out. The movements while she disrobed were mechanical, completely non-sensual.

"I'm going to hell," Kara told herself.

She didn't look back to Edwina until the wife was fully naked. She had several blemishes on her skin, some acne, love handles. Despite all that, Kara found her pretty. She envied her normalcy. Compared to her - and not just because of her youth - Kara was a prize specimen. She practically had the body of a supermodel, and most of it was due to superior genetics. The rest was about the training, which sculpted her physique.

The wife stared at the floor.

"Goddammit!" Kara yelled out. "I can't! I just..."

No mission was worth this sacrifice. For a moment, Kara began walking away, but then she stopped and realized what was going on. She sighed, rubbing her face with her hands, then she also began to disrobe. Within a minute, she was also naked, taking out her phone and looking up the camera option. There was no confusion in the wife's stare: she knew exactly what was going down.

"He's done this to you before, right?" "...yes..." came a very quiet answer. "Figures."

Kara set up the camera on the floor, behind the counter, but did not activate it.

"We'll do it here..." "...please no..." "I have to. If it's not me, it'll be him, or someone else. I'm sorry Edwina. You are getting... raped today. I don't know what the others will do. They may hurt you or kill you after. I'll be kind."

Was she being kind or was she finding an excuse? Kara honestly didn't know, and didn't want to focus on it. Kara tossed several tablecloths which she found under the counter onto the floor.

"Get on the floor, on your back," Kara told the wife.

Edwina obeyed; she didn't have a choice. Kara went back to the purse, retrieving the strap-on belt, the dildo... and a bottle of lubricant. Of course it was there.

"You don't have to look at the camera. You don't have to look at anything. Just close your eyes if it's easier. I will make you come."

Kara set herself up with the device; she noticed that there was a bit of plastic sticking out from the belt, rubbing against her clitoris. It was designed for her pleasure too. She sighed once again. Nothing about this job made sense or felt right. From the first mention of the assignment, she should have followed her instinct and declined.

Why hadn't she?

Kara spent the next half-hour fucking Edwina with the strap-on and filming it for the benefit of her father. About a third into the video, after giving Edwina an orgasm and breaking the down the wife's resistance by pounding her in classic missionary position, they changed position, and Edwina was filmed being ridden doggie style. Finally, with Edwina completely submissive, she even climbed on top of the dildo, riding Kara in the cowgirl position. Kara couldn't deny her own body's pleasure, and it was also filmed for posterity.

Kara surprised herself by bringing back both the money and video to her father. She surprised herself even further by allowing him to inject her with the product that removed her power. She didn't even put up a resistance. In her mind, all she could see was the tortured/pleasured face of Edwina. They were one and the same.

Father and daughter moved into the main room, where a wide screen television, sofas and couches were set up. A henchman was on duty at the bar. He served the Purple Man a drink, then took the telephone from him and hooked it up to the big screen, downloading the video.

"...we're going to watch it?" she asked him. "Yes. Not get naked and on all fours, facing the television... slightly to the left."

At this point, there wasn't much resistance in Kara. Raping Edwina had shattered something in her core, and she seemed to exist in a haze, outside of her own body. Being powerless didn't help. She was naked a moment later, on all fours, staring at the screen, about half a meter, and slightly to the left, from her father. The bartender also brought a drink - some kind of scotch - to Kara, setting it down in front of her in a bowl.

"Lick it up."

The video started running. There was sound. The angle of the image was far from good, and it kept shifting a lot because the two women moved around, but it was obvious what was happening. Kara began lapping up the alcohol, repulsed by the taste, but she did it anyway. On the couch, facing the television, the Purple Man unbuckled his pants, pulling out his cock, and he started to masturbate to the scene of his daughter raping another woman. Kara realized what her father was doing, but she didn't say a word. The Purple Man's right hand absent-mindedly stroked his erection while he held his drink with the other.

"You are quite the lover, daughter," he said.

She didn't answer. What could she say? She kept on lapping up the alcohol, licking up all the liquid. It made her head spin: it was quite strong, and she had lapped it up rather quickly. The bartender came back and served her another small portion. She resumed licking.

"Is my daughter not magnificent?" the Purple Man asked

The bartender nodded.

"Slap her ass."

The hit made Kara jump; she did he best to stay in her position.


It lasted several minutes, even as the video rolled on and Purple man kept gently masturbating; the bartender kept slapping Kara's bare ass until her skin turned from purple to dark blue from the broken blood vessels. Tears had formed in the corner of Kara's eyes, but they would not roll off her face.

" close..." the Purple Man said, almost ready to come.

He got up from the couch, ordering the bartender away; leaning behind his daughter, he aimed his erection at her ass and jerked off until he came; droplets of his semen landed all over her ass, dribbling down along her curves.

"...fuck..." he mumbled as he finished pumping the last of himself onto her flesh. "I guess I needed that."

Kara didn't move - she didn't even try to clean it up. Her ass cheeks were on fire from the slaps, soaked from the lewd juices of the Purple Man, and yet, she was still watching the video. It had come to a point where she had climaxed from the constant rubbing of the strap-on tip against her sex; almost in echo, Kara moaned. The Purple Man smiled.

"I honestly thought it would take longer to break you," he told her, amused. "Shows what I know."

He turned to the bartender.

"Get her pissed drunk, then have someone drag her back to her cell. No touching her, though. She'll be able to walk on her own, right daughter?"

She didn't answer. At that moment, all she wanted was a thick cock inside her cunt, in order to break the conflicting desires her body and mind were experiencing. Of course, there was no way the Purple Man would allow it. He was still in control, and he wasn't about to give away anything for free.

--- CHAPTER 3 ---

The headache was almost as bad the humiliation she had suffered. Naked in her cell, Kara could only feel the room spinning as the hangover banged against her brain. She had a vague recollection of being dragged to her cell and tossed in - then nothing. From the clock, she had slept over ten hours, but she wasn't refreshed by any standard.

"Time for a shower!" an unknown male voice called out.

She looked up from her cot, barely able to open her eyes as the aggressive light forced its way to her consciousness.

"Come on! Get up!" the man insisted.

Awkwardly, Kara rose to her feet; she supported herself against the back wall to avoid falling.

"Look at the pretty pink pussy," the man said. "I'm gonna tap me some of that later, I wager..." "...fuck off..." she mumbled. "Oh! Nice... Attitude's back," he mumbled.

She didn't know him: another henchman among the lot. He was wearing a nurse outfit, light green. Kara wobbled her way forward.

"I need to eat something," she mumbled, her throat raspy from dehydration. "After you shower. You smell like booze and spunk..."

The man opened the door to the cell and let her out. Once more, Kara didn't try to run. She merely followed him as he made his way to the showers - really just a shower head connected to a drain overlooking a grate in the floor, a crude imitation. The nurse stepped back and turned on the valve; cold water poured from the spout and stirred Kara to full wakefulness.

"Ah! fuck! Too cold!" stepping out of the water's path. "Yeah, well, too bad. We ain't got no heater. Get back under the water."

She complied, now already chilled. She was more able to sustain the water. She saw the nurse open the bottom of his slacks and pull out his erection. Seeing her stare, he smiled at her.

"Relax babe... I ain't touching you. That's my reward... you wash, I jerk off. Keep your distance and we're all good."

He tossed her a washcloth with his free hand. She turned her back to him. Knowing he was masturbating, watching her as she cleaned herself, wasn't helping her case, but at least he wasn't getting close. She didn't bother looking back to him, running the washcloth as plainly as she could across her body, trying to make as little seductive as possible. It didn't matter. She heard her escort start groaning, and then cursing.

"Aw fuck... yeah... shit... aw fuck fuck..."

Try as she might to resist the urge, Kara looked back to see him come, shooting his load into the air a foot from him, then the rest dripping onto his hand and to the floor.

"Damn that was a nice show... wash my hand, bitch."

He moved closer, but at arm's length, getting his dirty hand near the stream of water. She turned to face him, the ran the washcloth on his hand to remove all traces of semen from it.

"Thanks babe," he said, pulling his hand away once it was clean.

She felt even dirtier than before. He retreated to his corner and waited in silence for her to be done. It was odd for Kara to be touching herself now that her skin had a Caucasian tone. She found herself oddly disconnected from her own flesh. She missed its purple hue. She missed her powers too. She had rarely felt so vulnerable.

Eventually, the shower ended. The man handed a towel to Kara, then once she was dry, escorted her back to the cell room. From there, another man, the bartender from last night, the one that had given her the paddling at her father's request, escorted her in silence to another room. He pushed the door open and waved her in, before closing it behind her.

She was greeted to the scent of sex and cologne, and the sight of several women on all fours, all naked, all different in features: Caucasian, Black, Asian, Arab, Latina. Five in all. Most were relatively young, but two were older, in their forties, still extremely good-looking and well-groomed. They all wore ball gags in their mouths, and there were chains on their hands, essentially connecting them to one another. Across the room, sitting on a purple sofa, was her father, the Purple Man, in a flowing bed robe.

"Kara, good to see you. Hope you slept well." "I was passed out drunk," she replied. "The best way to sleep. Now, let me introduce you to my guests."

He got up, stretching himself, and moved forward to stand behind the five ladies. They were stoic, almost immobile, but the Purple Man was

"Up first, we have Rachel. She's of Caucasian origin, 22 years old, a temp at a job agency who is also studying to become an accountant. She's two years into her studies, has a boyfriend - Kyle, I believe - and was very much looking forward to the weekend party at his place. My assistants kidnapped her in transit - well, they loaded her in our cab and took her here. You should mind which taxi cab you use."

Obviously, Rachel could hear what was being said; her face was pleading to Kara not to let anything happen to her.

"Second, we have Cannia. She's 29, African-American, born in South Africa. Came here on a student visa, fell in love with a man - a white man, can you believe it? She has two young boys, and her husband works as a bus driver. He owed some people money for some renovations on his house, and then balked at the payments so... here she is."

Anger and rage were also present in Cannia's face, and it was clear her mind struggled against the mind control, even if she couldn't resist at all.

"Third, we have Sangyen, a gorgeous Korean beauty. Mind you, she was born in the United States. Does any woman look this good at forty-three years old. Mother of five, would you believe? Genetics and good living, I say. Her husband - well, he's dead now, sadly. Oh! I had nothing do with that. She lives alone - all of her children have moved away, adults or in school. She started having them young. I had someone grab her as she exited the metro, coming back from groceries."

Fear was palpable in Sangyen's eyes, and she had cried before. Her cheeks were all red.

"Fourth is Fatima, from Iran actually. She fled that country's oppressive regime - she's a Christian, poor deluded girl. 19 years old - a virgin, I believe. Good for her. Saving herself for the right man. She's currently working as a cashier, but she wants to follow her dream of becoming an actress. With her looks, I can see it happening. Perhaps that's why creating that fake audition to kidnap her worked so well."

Fatima's eyes were low, sunken. She had given up hope of rescue.

"Finally, we have Monica, our fiery Latina from right here in New York. She put up quite a fight when two of my men tried to grab her. Punched his clock out. Feisty, kind of like you. She's 31, by the way. Unmarried, though from her online profile she dates both men and women. A free lover. No kids. She works in a shoe store, and she's quite good at it: best sales rep in her branch two years in a row. Must be all that spunk in her personality."

Despite her current status, it was obvious Monica was still defiant, despite the fear in her eyes.

"You get where this is going," the Purple Man said, looking up at his daughter. "No way... I won't choose." "You will, and I'll tell you why. We - that's right, me and you, are going to fuck one of these girls together. A father-daughter thing..." "You're sick..." "Let me finish. The other four - I let go. No harm, no rape. They won't be able to tell anyone about this, of course. I'll make sure of that. But they will go free. If you choose one. If you don't, I have over twenty henchmen looking to unload their peckers in these twats, and they won't be kind about it."

Kara stared blankly for a moment.

"What if I volunteer... myself?" she said, ashamed but resolute.

The Purple Man sighed.

"Again, you are not listening, daughter. Bargaining is not an option, but I'll let this one - just this one - slide - just this once. Let me repeat: pick a girl for me and you to fuck, and the other four go free. Period." " much time do I have to choose?" "I want to be done fucking by noon, so... ten minutes at most." "Can I talk to them?" "Sure... but they can't talk to you."

It was Kara's turn to sigh. She bent down, still naked in front of them.

"You do understand I have no choice," she told them. "He'll honor his deal - because he has to."

There was defiance, fear, despair, hate, anger, even some lust somewhere in all those gazes turned to her naked form. She didn't have any powers that she could use in order to manipulate them. She was still very much human. Having to consider which woman to rape was unbearable - and it was also an escalation to the previous day's events, where she had essentially raped another woman. She looked up, staring at her father. He was destroying her morality, and he was succeeding. She should never have agreed to this insane assignment, she told herself - but it was too late.

"I'll... start ruling people out," she said.

She looked up at her father, speaking directly to him.

"What guarantee do I have that harm won't come to them?" "My word, although I know you don't trust it. They'll be sent home after we're done, but they can stay in the room and watch. In fact, I think they should. Heck! You can even accompany them back home, make sure they don't talk."

It was another twist on the already sick decision. But Kara knew she had to choose.

"Not... Fatima."

The young Arab virgin started sobbing through her paralysis. It was both relief at being spared and distress at knowing someone else would suffer the disgusting fate.

"Not... Sangyen."

The older Korean mother seemed to thank Kara with her stare, visibly unmindful of the others - at least for now. The Purple Man smiled.

"Very good. Two more to eliminate, or pick one."

A young Caucasian student with a boyfriend. A Black mother in dire straits because her husband was a jerk. A free loving Latina woman. None of these choices seemed right. Kara stared into the potential victims' eyes, to see if one of them would forgive her if she chose her. She believed that perhaps Monica, the last one, might. Her eyes told a different story. Free love did not mean freely given or taken by force. Free love was about free will - and there was none here. Rachel was the most aroused of the lot, yet she was trembling with dread. Her excitement was beyond her ability to handle it, and she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. That left Cannia, mother of two. She didn't want it, but she also seemed to be bothered that someone else might be chosen. She was in the same predicament as Kara: she didn't want anybody to be the victim, and she was almost willing to sacrifice herself for the cause - even if she would regret it afterwards.

Kara felt tears force their way to her eyes.

"I hate you," she whispered to her father. "I hate you too, daughter. Pick a girl."

There was only one choice.

For the next hour or so, while the four other women were relocated to the corner of the room, still bound together and forced to watch and mostly listen to the scene, the Purple Man and his daughter raped Cannia. Once everyone had been resettled, Cannia was released from her shackles (still mentally controlled by the Purple Man) and forced to perform oral sex on Kara. As the black woman began eating out Kara's pussy, the Purple Man began to finger the black woman. When he could no longer contain himself, he mounted her sex and proceeded to ram her hard even as she made Kara climax. From there, it degenerated further; Cannia crawled on top of Kara, trading kisses and caresses even as the Purple Man kept pounding into her. Then, father and daughter switched places. The Purple Man forced himself into Cannia's mouth, while Kara played with the Black woman's pussy with her fingers, getting up to fisting her (even if she was slow and safe about it). The Purple Man emptied himself into Cannia's mouth and took a breather; he had Kara put on the same strap-on as yesterday and he forced her to fuck Cannia, first vaginally, then anally after a few minutes. Again, Kara climaxed on the tip rubbing against her clitoris, and she made Cannia climax too. The scene got the Purple Man hard again, so he climbed under Cannia, ramming his dick into her cunt even as his daughter kept raping her ass. Not wishing for another child, he held back his next ejaculation, then traded places with his daughter. As he climaxed in Cannia's anus, filling her up with his thick cream, Kara forced another climax from Cannia's whole body as she fucked her pussy with wild passion.

The scene drew to an abrupt close a moment after the Purple Man had come; the scene fell still, and the Purple Man was dazed for a few seconds. Then, Kara, facing the Black woman, the dildo still deep in Cannia's pussy, saw in her eyes the most despairing glare she had ever witnessed. As much as Cannia had been able to sacrifice herself for the other woman, she was now reaping the reward of the violation, her psyche broken. She would never be the same woman again - and Kara had helped make it happen.

With nothing in her stomach to vomit, Kara just let out saliva and gastric acid as she choked on her own guilt. And then, she heard the Purple Man laughing.

"That is such an amazing... feeling. Wow."

It was then that Kara knew she wasn't broken. She hated herself as much as she hated him right now, but that was the point. If she hadn't hated herself, if she hadn't felt so bad, she would have been exactly like her father. She wasn't. Perhaps the sacrifice hadn't been worth the revelation, but she would make it a learning experience, if nothing else good could come of it. She didn't apologize to Cannia, not because she didn't want to, but because she couldn't afford it, not here, not now. She wasn't crying. She wasn't in shock. She was enraged, and that was a powerful emotion, one that could sustain her through the rest of the ordeal.

Kara pushed Cannia off of her and got up, staring at her father. She wasn't afraid of him, with or without powers. She now had her plan. Somehow, through this ordeal and craziness, it had come together.

"Well, daughter... you certainly know how to entertain," he told her. "Enough with the games, dad... I can fuck all the women you want before breakfast. I can even fuck your henchmen. That's not why I'm here." "Oh!" he replied, amused. "You want me to prove my loyalty? Give me a challenge that's worth my time! Fucking broads behind a restaurant counter or another in your... whatever this room is. That's... a waste. Give me back my powers, and give me an objective. You don't control organized crime through rape. That's just for fun. Use my gifts."

The Purple Man was actually impressed by both her attitude and her defiance.

"Well, I always say pleasure before business... I saw you come hard a few times..." "Yeah!" she replied in a sarcastic tone. "That's what sex will do. Rub me the right way and I'll come. I don't see what that demonstrates other than the feeling of inadequacy all you rapists must feel!"

The Purple Man didn't like that comeback, but he kept quiet about it. He got up, retrieving his robe and wrapping it around himself.

"Fine. Let's put you to work. Oh! Don't get me wrong. You're still going to have to rape people... I'll just make sure you do it as part of your other duties. A two-in-one, so to speak... like what we just did."

The Purple Man laughed as he turned to his desk, retrieving an injector.

"Take off that silly strap-on and come here."

She did just that. He injected her with the compound.

"Get dressed. You'll find clothes waiting at your cell."

She started walking out, but he stopped her.

"Aren't you going to ask about these girls?" "You told me you would free them. I trust you." "And what if I don't?" "Then you'd be a liar, but I wouldn't be surprised. You can afford to lie, since no one can contradict you. You're going to do whatever you want anyway. Why should I care?"

She left the room without looking back. The Purple Man stared at the door for a moment, then at the women in his chambers. He considered letting his men have their fun after all - except he chose not to. He instead decided that he would indeed send them home, with a mental trigger to prevent them from ever speaking of what had transpired. Except for Cannia. He would make an exception of her.

--- CHAPTER 4 ---

It was an odd feeling for Kara Kilgrave. She had started her career as the Purple Girl as an almost villain. She had turned out good, and had attempted to make a difference with Alpha-Flight. As Persuasion, she had started out good and was now turning into a villain - as was expected of her. It wasn't even hard. All she had to do was ignore every single voice at the back of her mind telling her not to do things. She had succeeded in achieving a sort of relative inner peace, fueled by rage.

Now fully dressed and in complete control of her mind and body, her mind control powers back to their full strength, she only need to carry out whatever dirty task the Purple Man asked of her. She wasn't wearing any hero suit; rather, she was in a power suit, short dark gray skirt, blouse, jacket. It even came with sunglasses and heels.

She wasn't alone on this caper. Two of her boss' henchmen were riding alongside her. One of them, she had jerked off the day before, after being first captured and depowered. He knew better than to bring it up - and she knew better than to seek revenge. Their nicknames were 'Tiny' (the one that had been with her) and 'Molar', for the lack of one tooth in his mouth.

"What's the play?" Molar asked. "We go in, take what we want, get out. I'll make sure no one interrupts you while you grab. This operation is done in less than a minute and a half."

They were in a backseat of a cab, squeezed together. The Purple Man, she found out, had a network of cab operators to drive his men anywhere in town, no questions asked. The fares were paid normally so no one would suspect foul play. They arrived at their destination: a pawn shop named 'Ez-Money-Mart'. It wasn't the peak hour of the day, so there would not be so many people inside. The henchmen pulled masks over the their heads. Kara didn't need any - not for what she needed to do. After all, this was just the first part of today's plan.


The crime unfolded like clockwork. Past the door, Kara called out to the few staff and clients, and told them to freeze. Ten people in all completely became motionless; the henchman ran in and started raiding the jewelry box and the cash register. She ordered the manager to open the safe deposit box; he complied instantly, offering up over ten thousand dollars from it. Then, Kara ordered everyone to strip completely naked. Young and old, employee and client, all undressed rather quickly. Very soon, there were ten static naked people in the room. She took out her phone - or rather, the phone that had come with the outfit, and took a full body picture of everyone. Then, she told them that they could not dress for next twenty-four hours. And then the three of them left as quickly as they had arrived, and disappeared into one of the Purple Man's safe houses.

From there, they observed the scene unfolding on camera - using the store's very own feed. When the police came, they were quite stunned to find everyone naked. They were equally confused to find that no one person could sustain the act of wearing clothes without throwing a fit. This included just having a blanket on their shoulder to cover their modesty. It almost came that the victims had to be restrained; however, one particularly pervert-looking lieutenant told everyone to back and let them be naked.

"That one," Kara said. "Who is he? Do we have his file?"

There was a computer researcher in the safe house waiting for them. He looked up the detective's file.

"Lorne O'Malley." "He does have that Irish hair," I commented. "Detective for five years now, 43 years old, divorced twice. Two kids, boy and girl... oh... boy is really young, like 5. Different mothers. Daughter is 20." "Details about the daughter?" I asked him. "Let's see. Lives locally... here's the address. She's attending college, computer design." "Good for her."

I turn to the henchmen working with me. I point to the picture of the daughter.

"This is the target. You know the drill. Don't get caught."

They acknowledge my order. I have to admit, I added a little bit of supernatural persuasion to that tone. I can't help it sometimes. I watch them leave.

"I need the detective's coordinates." "Currently resides in a roach motel... with his pension split between his two ex-wives, he's really strapped for cash." "So another leverage on him. Excellent."

She pulled away from the computer screen.

"What now?" the technician asked. "We wait for our goons to do their job, and then, we talk to the detective." "Fine... mind if I put my porn back on?"

He had been watching some when they had arrived.

"Do whatever you want... answer me this first, though." "Sure. What?" "Do people follow my f... follow the Purple Man out of fear or respect?" "I... honestly. I follow him because he's programmed me to follow him." "So you don't like him?" "Heck no! He's a bastard and a freako... kind of like you, sorry."

She took the insult in stride.

"So he implanted himself in your mind and you have to follow what he tells you?" "Pretty much." "So no loyalty at all?" "Well... he does give us the best booty to fuck... honestly..." "Tell me about it." "Are you sure?" he asked. "It's pretty graphic." "I can take it."

The technician sighed, then spoke up.

"Okay, so example. Two days ago, me and another guy have this monitoring job to do, and we do it well because... well, we can't do otherwise. Still, it`s a success. So the boss comes in with these three hot young college graduates, fresh out of a frat party. They already stink of booze and sex. He has them strip and go at it together, like a three-way. It's quite erotic. Then, he forces us to join in - heck! he starts fucking them too. Pretty soon, I'm ass-fucking one really deep and I cum hard in her ass. But the boss... well, he orders my body to keep hard so I can fuck the other two. I came like... four times. And you know, at some point... he just pulled away, watching, and I see the wickedness in his face as I slap one silly with my cock before forcing her to swallow my load. And it's just... wow." "Do you hear yourself talking?" she replied, once he was done. "Yeah, I know. I had never raped a woman before hooking up with him. I mean, I wasn't even a criminal. I was a tech at a local bank. But he attacked us, stole money, and took me apart - ordered to me a to meet. That was it. He's been paying me, you know... good money and pussy. I must have had sex with fifty or so women since I hooked up, and that was... four months ago." "So you don't like it here..." "I didn't say that. It's hell on the nerves, at first, but you do your job well, and it's like any other job. And honestly, once you've raped two or three times, it's not so bad after a while. You get numb to it, and you just enjoy the sex."

Kara had heard enough.

"Thank you. I'll leave you to your porn." "...maybe you'd like to do something?" he inquired.

She paused, almost considering it. Almost.

"No... not right now. Thank you though." "Sure. Anytime."

As she began to walk away, he added one more thing.

"It might be nice to do it with a girl that was willing..."

It didn't change her mind, but it did make her think about what was transpiring here, and how utterly deviant and twisted her father truly was.

The pictures from the henchmen came in. She was satisfied that they had completed the task to her satisfaction - and not to theirs. In fact, they had captured a much bigger score. The detective's daughter obviously had not been alone. It would make for a more convincing argument. Kara waited for the day to unfold as she contemplated the pictures of the captives. The two henchmen had come up with quite an imaginative display, putting the two girls side-by-side, fully stripped, tied up and gagged. They had obviously indulged a little: the women's naked feet were covered with their cum. Still, they had followed protocol. It was time to get the detective to play ball.

She knocked at the door to the roach motel once she got there.

"Detective O'Malley," she called out to him. "You need to open this door."

There was shuffling inside, and he came to the door, opening it. As soon as he saw her, he backed and became defensive, but she calmed him down using her powers.

"Detective, let me come in," she ordered him.

Without being able to think about it, he stepped back further and allowed her to walk into the motel room. She closed the door behind him.

"Sit on the edge of your bed, detective," she ordered him further.

Again, he could do nothing but comply. Once he was sitting down, Kara retrieved her cell phone from her purse.

"There are a few things we need to talk about, detective." "...who the hell are you?" he blurted out. "I work for a very important man. "Why the fuck is your skin purple?" "Because I'm a mutant. Now, be quiet."

He complied.

"Let me bottom line it for you, detective. You have been selected to be part of our organization. There are benefits - many. We'll get to that. As a detective investigating robberies, you have access to crime scenes and you can make certain items... disappear, if needed. You are going to do that for us."

The detective stared at her with violence in his eyes.

"I'm not even saying you have a choice in the matter," she told him. "It's just plain fact. Slap yourself."

His hand went to his cheek with strength, and he was stunned by the reaction.

"Your body belongs to us now. You can speak, now." "What the hell...?" "Not hell. Servitude. But we are generous, detective. Generous - and unflinching. One, we know about your money problems, two ex-wives. We'll pay you, under the table, discreet money that you can spend to indulge whatever vice is yours." "You have to be nuts!" he challenged her. "I am not. We will get you out of this... disgusting motel... you'll find the benefits we offer are quite... enticing."

He spat on the ground.

"You're a freak and a criminal." "...mmm... yes. But we're also prepared, and we do whatever it takes."

She loaded the recent photos on her phone and showed him the ones featuring his daughter and her friend.

"Oh fuck no! July! What have you done to her?" "Me? Nothing. The henchmen... well..." "Monster!" "They could have done a lot worse than strip them, bind them and jerk off on their feet, detective."

Tears were forming in his eyes.

"I know you care. You can keep them safe now. If you work for us, no one will ever hurt them again. Plus, the incentives of working with us are, as I said... very interesting."

Kara started undressing. She undid the buttons of her jacket and took it off, placing it on the back of a chair. She set up the camera phone on the dresser, aiming it at the bed, and began recording. She then resumed stripping, seductively unbuttoning her blouse until she exposed her lacy black bra. She slipped the dress down her legs, revealing an equally lacy matching underwear. She put the dress and blouse on the back of the chair with the jacket. Then, she got down to her knees and began to fondle with O'Malley's belt and buckle.

"...what are you doing?" he asked her. "Isn't it obvious, detective? Incentivizing you."

She pulled his pants and underwear down, revealing his erection.

"Did seeing your daughter and her friend like that turn you on?" she asked him. "No! Shut up..." "I think you liked it... Tell me you liked it."

She had gone to mind control.

"I.... liked it." "Yes, I bet you did. A lot?" "Yes, a lot..." "Isn't your daughter a gem?" "...yes... she is..." "And her friend too?" "Yes... they are both gems...."

The words were coming naturally, even if they were being forced out of him. Kara began stroking him gently, capturing it all on the camera. His arms tensed up on his sides.

"Would you like to fuck your daughter's friend?" "...yes..." "And your daughter maybe?" "...y-....y-....yes..."

There was still some moral fiber inside him; it wasn't that surprising. His penis was rock hard under Kara's caresses.

"What is your daughter's friend's name?" "...M...Melanie." "Very good... Call me that." "Melanie." "Nice..."

He was ready; she straddled him, moving the panties to the side to expose her own sex, aiming his cock so he would penetrate her.

"You want to fuck me, O'Malley?" "...yes..." "Yes who?" "Yes, Melanie... I want to fuck you...."

She lowered herself onto his shaft. It didn't go in immediately. She rubbed herself against it for a few seconds, getting herself ready, and then she impaled herself.

"Aww fuck!" she yelped out.

His thick cock was inside her, her vaginal walls stretching to accommodate him. His expression was a mix of bliss and horror. Over-stimulated as she had been, but denied any form of penetration since her capture, Kara was overwhelmed by the cock inside her and climaxed almost instantly. She rode him hard to her own satisfaction, even as his eyes went blank at the unanticipated pleasure he too was getting from it.

Not too long after they had started, O'Malley's own sexual instincts kicked in. He lifted her off the bed, still buried deep in her cunt, twisted her on her back. They collapsed on the bed and he resumed fucking her hard. He tore away at her bra and panties, stripping her completely, all the while burying his pinkish cock into her purple flesh.

"Fuck, Melanie, fuck fuck fuck..." "Do it... fuck me, you beast!" she goaded him on.

He succeeded in grinding another orgasm out of her, then, moments later, was overpowered by his own ejaculation, sending copious amounts of seed inside her womb, riding her as hard as he could, and then collapsing on top of her. For a while, they remained like this, embraced in the sexual position, until Kara pushed him off.

"...fuck... have I done..." he mumbled. "You just sampled your first incentive," she whimpered back, still recovering herself.

The dripping sensation of his semen flowing out of her sex made Kara shiver; she stared up at the camera.

"Do we have a deal?" she asked him. "Yes... yes, I'll work for you guys. Fuck..."

He had been broken too. It was so easy, she told herself. She had played all the right notes. He was now part of the symphony that was her father's criminal organization.

--- CHAPTER 5 ---

The Purple Man came hard, once more, watching the video his daughter had produced for him. The woman on the receiving of his cock came hard too as he filled her ass with his thick load. She was sitting on top of him both facing forward, eyes locked on the video. Hips thrust forward repeatedly, until the anonymous woman received all that the villain had to offer her. On the giant screen, the sexual encounter between Kara and O'Malley was still ongoing.

There was a knock on the door to the suite.

"Come... I just did," the PurpleMan joked as he spoke up.

Kara walked in; she paused as she saw the scene.

" I too early?" she inquired. "No... you're just at the right time to clean me up..." " I have to?" she asked, not bothering to hide her dismay. "Yes," he insisted.

She sighed and moved towards him, getting down to her knees and getting her mouth near the genitals of both the woman and her father.

"Start with her," he said.

He began pulling her off him; Kara placed her mouth against the woman's sex, collecting whatever fluids dripped out of it with her tongue and forcing herself to swallow without tasting it. The woman moaned all the way through the exercise. Once that was done and the woman was lying down beside them, she started licking up and down the Purple Man's softening shaft, eventually wrapping her full lips around it. Her father grunted as she administered the care to him.

As she pulled off, she stared up into her father's gaze.

" long before you actually fuck me, dad?"

The words were both bothered and enticing.

"Please, daughter," he replied. "There is a limit I won't cross." "So my mouth is ok?" "Well, I certainly don't want to get you pregnant," he joked. "So why not my ass, then?" she replied with some anger. "My my... you are the firecracker."

He pushed her away and wrapped his robe around his body. His tone was sour.

"Behave, Kara, or I may yet break my few remaining rules." "...noted. I just didn't come to be a sex slave." "Well... tough. Had you been born a man, that might not be an issue?" "Really? So it's my fault? Father is responsible for the..." "Quiet!"

This time, he had used his power; she froze, unable to speak further. He cooled down quickly.

"So far, you've done well. I rule by fear, and you've certainly done your part in keeping it alive, with the restaurant owner and his wife, with detective O'Malley - he sends his regards by the way."

He expected a response for her, but then he remembered he had ordered to be quiet.

"You can speak," he corrected, "just no comebacks about our... relationship." "Yes, sir." "Good... now. This next one is going to be much harder but... if you pull it off... we will be in a very powerful position. As you now know, my criminal empire is expanding. Of course, there are obstacles in my way. Some are heroes, trying to take me down. They're easily dealt with. Others are... my rivals." "I figured you wouldn't be alone in this pond." "No, and that's generally a good thing," the Purple Man confided. "It distracts the authorities away from my own operations. In this case, however, there is someone who is causing me some concern. Someone I can't simply brainwash into working for me." "They do exist!" Kara laughed. "Yes they do... they are rare. So I'm having you take care of him. You want to see all my numbers, Kara? You want to share in my empire and get the big picture? Go there, and take him out..."

Kara stared at the television screen; the video had ended, pausing on the last image, O'Malley and herself lying down on the bed.

"How do I take him out?" "Anyway you see fit, dear... but... you'll first need to get close." "And I suppose you have a plan?" "I do... and it involves all that you've done up until now. Nothing I had you do was pointless."

The Purple Man retrieved a paper file and handed it to his daughter. She opened it.

"Jameson Fisk? Any relations to Wilson Fisk?" "Only by a very large margin," the Purple Man specified. "He's a great nephew. They don't really know each other - well, not enough that the Kingpin would be concerned if anything happened to him." "And why can't he be mind-fucked with?" she asked. "Honestly... I don't know. Mind you, I haven't turned the full focus of my attention to him, so I'm figuring I'll let you have a crack at him. Maybe you'll break him." "All right... what's the play? To get to him, I mean."

The Purple Man smiled: he was about to explain his master plan and gloat at the same time.

"It's a bit elaborate. He's always very careful. You may have noticed that there was a jewelry store, right across the restaurant which you visited yesterday." "I did notice." "It belongs to him. Today, my crew is hitting it. Hard. Won't kill anyone but there will be injuries." "All right." "He'll definitely come investigate with his goons, see what happened. Now, we won't be able to get to him there, but you'll be across the street in the restaurant when it happens. I want you looking like a million dollars..." "....human?" she asked. "Yes. And that's the real reason I tested it out on you. Making sure it worked and, well... and didn't kill you." "Geez. Thanks."

Fake smiles were exchanged.

"When his posse rolls out to the scene, you'll already be there. He doesn't travel discreet. When he steps out, make eye contact with his goons. You're gonna want to get some seduction going." "Is that what you think women are only good for? For sex?" she chided her father. "No. I just think you're better at it than men, and I'm not gay, and neither is he." "...fine. So I make myself all needy... What is that going to accomplish?"

The Purple Man sighed.

"Jameson Fisk is even more lecherous than I am. He'll spot you... smooth-talk you, try to bring you in. Say no. He'll hand you his business card. You wait a few hours, then you go to his place, saying you changed your mind. He'll like that." "He won't force me to follow?" "Not in public," the PurpleMan replied. "And after that, what? I fuck him like a black widow spider?" "Well, that is one option. You'll have to figure it out by then." "I'll be depowered," she commented. "Not necessarily. I'll give you a dose of the product so you can inject yourself, get your powers back. They may not work though. I've never been able to fully lock onto his mind, but I've never been up close, and I'm weary of snipers on rooftops or in secret cabinets." "Noted."

She needed the precision.

"You say 'take him out'. That doesn't necessarily mean dead..." "You're right. Your call. If you feel he can be turned, well, he's already got a big pot, so wasting him may be a waste of his resources. Just make it so he's no longer a threat to my empire."

She acknowledged the order. He gave her another injection, and then sent her on her way.

It worked exactly as planned. Around six hours later, Kara was entering the Private Pirate Lounge, Jameson Fisk's exclusive erotic night club. The bouncer let her in; it was only around 6pm so the night club was still empty, with some of staff tending the place. Fisk himself stayed seated as one of his henchmen walked up to her.

"You're the lady from this afternoon," he told her. "Mary... yeah... so... I decided to check in..." "So I see."

He looked her over. She had dressed for the part: classy but a bit slutty, makeup galore, a one-piece low-cut dress with spaghetti string, no bra and lacy thong. He decided to bring her forward, but not towards Fisk. Instead, they headed across the room, towards the stage.

"Um..." she hazarded. "I was told to come by for an interview?" "This is the interview. You dance?" "Yes?" "Then climb on stage and dance. Fisk is watching."

There really was no arguing. Kara - in her alter ego of Mary - climbed on stage and headed for one of the poles. Being athletic, she was familiar with the intricacies of pole dancing, so she put on a show for the assembled crowd. Jameson Fisk was surrounded by two bodyguards; the one that had escorted her was near the stage. There was someone unpacking bottles at the bar and someone else moving between the front and back store. All eyes were drawn towards Kara as she seductively moved about the stage, prancing about, making it worth the men's time. Eventually, Fisk called out to her.

"Lose the dress..."

She did as ordered; a moment later, she was dancing topless on stage, in heels and thong, continuing her slow movements to entice the men. It was working.

"This babe is a fox," one of the goons said. "That she is," Fisk commented. "Stroke yourself for us, babe..."

Things were going farther than anticipated, but Kara could still handle it. Her hand wandered between her legs even as she steadied herself. She rubbed her sex over the piece of cloth; she stared back at the aroused men.

"You look like you want a job," the goon who has escorted her said. "...I do..." "Boss?" he turned to Fisk. "Go for it," Fisk gave him permission.

The bodyguard climbed on stage and started unzipping his pants. He pulled out his erection, bringing it close to Kara's face.

"Suck it..."

Again, this was way more than what Kara had anticipated. These guys were rather quick on the draw, she told herself. Yet, even with that thought haunting the back of her mind, she leaned forward and planted a kiss on the man's shaft. She steadied herself with one hand, wrapping the other around the man's dick, and she brought her lips right next to it. Every one watched with glee as the goon's shaft disappeared into the dancer's mouth.

"Fuck, man, she's doing it!" one of the goons whispered.

Fisk, still starting, turned to another.

"Go to the backroom... get... Gina."

The man complied. On the stage, the goon being serviced let out a slow moan.

"...damn," he added. "She's quite the cocksucker." "Better milk him all," Fisk ordered.

She hadn't planned on stopping. She kept working the man with the energy of her persona as the exotic dancer.

"You swallow?" he asked. "uh-huh," she replied, his dick still in her mouth. "Awesome..."

As the blowjob went on, a blonde Caucasian girl wearing nothing but a black stage bikini exited from the backroom and walked over to Fisk.

"Yep?" she asked. "That girl on stage? Recognize her?" "Nope. She's cute." "Yeah... way cute."

There was a moment of silence where they watched the scene, and Gina, the blonde girl, spoke again.

"Why am I here?" "Because once she's done with Zeke, you're gonna climb on stage and do a lesbian number on her." "Ok... what kind?" "Just the classics." "Ok," she agreed.

The oral service went on for another minute, until the goon was ready to blow. Both his hands went to the back of her head and he made her gag on his cock as he began unloading into her mouth. Kara did her best to keep it all in and to swallow; the man used her mouth to jerk himself fully empty before pulling out.

"Goddamn cocksucker galore... girl, you're fine."

She didn't answer. She focused on keeping his seed down, as her gag reflex kept wanting to bring it back up. Even as she forced herself to fully swallow it all, Kara noticed the bikini-clad girl climb on stage to replace the goon.

" hello?" "Name's Gina. Take off your thong." "Sure..."

Kara obeyed, exposing her fully shaven sex to everyone. Gina set herself down on the stage, on her back.

"All right, girl, sit on my face." "What?" "Just do what I say... it'll be a lot less hassle later on." "Fine..."

Again, Kara complied; as soon as Kara's sex came in contact with Gina's mouth, the cunnilingus began. Gina went at it wild, no prior teasing, no preparation for herself of her partner. She just dove right in.

"...aaah fuck...." Kara let out.

The boys watched with delight as the dancer's face was transformed from passivity to an immediate reaction of bliss, sustained by the efforts of Gina's mouth and tongue.

"I'm gonna make you cum for them, girl... make it a good show," Gina said, interrupting her munching only to say that.

Kara was almost already gone. Gina was an expert at this, and Kara was already overly excited. The moans quickly became curse words.

"...oh fuck... wow... shit... ah my fuck... guh... uh... shit shit... fuck.... aahhh..."

The men in the room started laughing, watching the dancer completely unravel under Gina's care.

"She's got a good voice," one of the goons said. "Damn she's hot!" another replied.

Fisk called out to the man who was cleaning the bar.

"Slim!" "What is it, boss?" "You wanna fuck that twat?" "Sure boss, if you say it's okay."

Kara had heard nothing of the exchange. She was focused exclusively on the glorious feeling between her legs.

"Fuck Gina... gonna come soon... oh fuck!... fuck fuck..."

Slim left his post and crossed the room towards the stage; he waited on the sidelines, contemplating Kara's overpowering orgasm.

"Ah my... yes yes yes yes yes... fuck...."

Kara collapsed forward, landing on her hands; Gina pulled herself from under her, casting a glance at her boss. Fisk seemed pleased. She smiled back and moved to the back of the stage, but remained on the stage. Fisk motioned for Slim to climb on stage.

"Stay on all fours," Gina ordered Kara.

The enthralled heroine did not move. Despite the fact she couldn't believe how compliant she was being, she couldn't act on it. She felt an unfamiliar presence behind her, then sensed the tip of an erection coming to rest against her sex. There was no foreplay. He simply leaned into her and pushed his rod inside.

"Aahh..." she moaned.

Again, under the watchful eye of everyone in the room, Slim fucked Kara hard. He had been given permission by his boss and he wasn't going to say no. Kara couldn't hold out any sounds - she moaned and panted with each thrust, providing a show that was beyond reproach to everyone in the room. Her performance was so enticing that the other goons - and even Fisk himself - started to get even further aroused. In the meantime, Slim kept pounding, adding his body weight to pin Kara under him as he forced her sex to received his length.

"Fuck she is tight... you like that bitch?" "...fuck yes..." she mumbled. "Boss!" Slim called out. "This one's cunt is so damn tight." "Get it done, Slim!" the boss ordered.

Slim hurried along, lasting under another minute.

"Oh fuck! I'm gonna coat your insides, slut," he called her. " it... dump it all in me..."

Kara was a slave to her passions, and she was starting to figure out why - not that she could do anything about it other than indulge. She felt the warm load empty from her partner into her womb, and she climaxed alongside him.

"urgh... ahhh... fuck... so warm..."

Slim was speechless. He remained buried inside her after being done, panting, recovering from the exercise. Fisk started applauding, and the others followed his example. Kara, still out-of-it, acknowledged their clapping with a slight bow of her head, but she could hardly move from his position. Eventually, Slim pulled out, covering himself, disappearing in the back store. Fisk got up from his chair and walked up to the stage, flanked by his two bodyguards.

"You must really want that job," he mumbled. "I'll... work for... you... sir."

She wasn't faking the lack of breath. Kara, being fully depowered, was no more powerful than a trained human, and she wasn't even that right now. She had been forced into submission by the subtle manipulations of her father, who had, quite expertly, taken down her defenses one-by-one over the last few days, exposing her to sexual stimulation in order to reinforce certain attitudes. She knew exactly how he had done it. She simply didn't know how to resist the compulsion, or how to undo it.

"Gina... get the chains," Fisk ordered. "...chains?" Kara whimpered. "Of course, dear... that was just the warm-up. We need to know if you're up for the main event..." "...main event?" "Yes," he told her, all smiles. "For tonight. A stellar performance... for your first night with us."

Kara said nothing; she lowered her gaze to the floor and waited for things to unfold. Gina came back with the chains. Manacles were locked around Kara's wrists and ankles. She was then lifted off the ground, and the chains were secured to her bindings. The chains were stretched between two stripper poles. Kara ended up stretched between them, arms and legs spread wide, facing the audience. Some leftover seed in her cunt dribbled down her leg; under Fisk's command, Gina bent down and licked it off.

"Very nice view, Mary," Fisk told her. "...what... happens now?" "Well... we have some fun..."

He started undoing his own pants; Gina stuffed a ball gag into Kara's mouth, tightening it behind her head.

"So you don't wake the kids," she said to her ear.

The assembled goons laughed. Fisk exposed himself, his hard dick at attention.

"Gina... crouch down in front of her and start licking her cunt... get her hot and ready for me." "She already is, sir..." "...fine, but get down. I wanna fuck your ass a bit first." "Yes, sir."

Gina set herself exactly as her employer wanted; she buried her face into Kara's snatch, sending the depowered heroine into a quick frenzy of bliss. Meanwhile, Fisk aimed his cock at his dancer's asshole. He spit in his hand and rubbed it on his shaft.

"Split your cheeks for me..." he told her.

She pulled her hands to her ass, pulling her ass cheeks apart. He set himself up. She welcomed him with some resistance at first, until he was fully in, after which, it wasn't a problem for him to start pounding. Before he really got under way, he turned to one of his bodyguards.

"Can you get the new one's ass ready for me?" "Sure thing, boss..."

He moved behind Kara, getting down to his knees. Using his fingers, he started rubbing Kara's pussy right under where Gina was licking. He inserted one finger inside Kara, making her moan harder through the gag, and getting his finger all wet. Then, he moved that finger to Kara's asshole and began to finger her there. Kara twitched at the penetration as much as the oral pleasure she was being provided with. At the same time, Fisk was building a rhythm inside Gina's ass, making the dancer buck under his weight.

"Fuck Gina... you're tight as ever..." "...exercise... honey..." "Wanna see me... fuck her ass... too?" "Anything you want, babe..." she replied.

Fisk just kept going, enjoying the motion as much as the tightness. Gina redoubled her oral efforts to make Kara climax.

"She's good and ready, boss," the bodyguard attending to Kara's ass said. "...have a go... I'm gonna keep pounding this one." "Thanks boss."

It didn't take long for the bodyguard to drop his pants and try to ram his cock inside Kara's ass. He wasn't successful at first. When Gina noticed he wasn't achieving his goal, she reached between Kara's legs and grabbed the man's cock, rubbing it against the entrance to Kara's pussy, getting it soaked. After a few moments, she helped guide him towards Kara's asshole, and once he was set up correctly, he was able to push it inside her. Kara yelped out the pain of the intrusion, her body convulsing in many ways.

"Fuck, boss, I got her sweet ass..." "Give it a good run."

Jameson Fisk had stopped his pounding into Gina altogether, though he was still buried inside her ass. He turned to his other bodyguard, waiting on the sidelines.

"Join in. Take her other hole." "At once, boss..."

Fisk lifted Gina to the side so his henchman could get into position.

"You boys don't stop until she's full of cum..." he ordered. "...are you gonna give it to then?" Gina asked, hopeful. "Maybe... I won't hold back, but if they're done before me..."

And with those words he resumed pounding into Gina's ass, starting at Kara's naked form as she was double penetrated, pussy and ass, by his henchmen. The two even traded places in between. Fisk was true to his word; when he felt the powerful ejaculation build inside him, he held nothing back, emptying all of his cream into Gina's ass.

"Aah fuck!" she yelled out. "Fill me up, sir.." "You earned it, you slut!"

He slapped her ass even as he kept discharging. The two men riding Kara went at it for a while, until the one inside her ass finally spent himself.

"...aah yeah..." he grumbled as his body's fluids penetrated Kara's ass. "Fucking amazing..."

Kara groaned as she felt the warmth shoot inside her, providing even more pleasure than her body should have been able to endure. She enjoyed his release immensely, and was equally satisfied when the one taking her pussy exploded.

" yeah fuck... coming... yeah..." "...mmmmm...."

The moan lasted for quite some time, even after the man had completely emptied himself. As they both pulled out, much of their seed fell to the ground. Gina, as a reflex, hurried to lick the waste off the ground.

"That was some amazing shit..." Fisk said.

He looked up towards Kara.

"Shame I can't go again right now but..."

He turned to everyone in the room.

"...all right... guess playtime is over. Back to work. Leave her tied up there. She'll already be on display for tonight. And bring a bucket, in case she needs to poop or pee."

Kara, still ravaged in her mind if not in her body anymore, trembled. She was strung up between two poles, held by chains, bound, powerless, defeated, humiliated, violated, raped... and on the highest bliss in her existence. She just wanted to go at it again. Inwardly, she cursed her father's powers.

The rest of the evening would not be much different than this afternoon.

--- CHAPTER 6 ---

"His daughter?" Jameson Fisk asked, somewhat horrified. "Apparently," his contact said over the phone. "And he's pissed." "But she ain't... I mean, we all knew that he had a daughter but... she don't look like him." "Look, I can't tell more," the contact added. "Just... you know, watch your back." "Fuck... ok... thanks Freddy."

Fisk hung up. It was past 3 in the morning, and his nightclub had run its course for the night. It had been quite a hit with the new girl on display. They had decided to move her to all fours, still keeping her bound in manacles and chains. They had replaced the ball gag with a hole gag. Fisk had then tested it, face-fucking his captive until he filled her throat with another creamy load. And then, they had waited for the evening to get going.

Around 8pm, customers had started trickling in. An hour later, the first request for fucking the new girl had come. And then another. And so on. In total, twenty-seven guests (24 men and 3 women) had fucked the girl on stage, in front of the cheering crowd. Under pressure from the crowd, Fisk himself had indulged in her ass - a privilege he had declined himself earlier in the day. Kara was still on stage when he left the dressing room to check in on her. She had barely been cleaned from the entire ordeal. All of the customers were gone, and only essential personnel stayed behind. Fisk decided it was about time to do something about the girl - except he didn't have the time.

"Jameson Fisk," the Purple Man's powerful voice boomed from the entrance to the club.

The overpowering echo of the villain's voice froze Fisk in his tracks; on the stage, Kara looked up. The Purple Man was alone, no escort - not that he needed one.

"I think we have ourselves a problem, Fisk," he added.

Everyone in the room was transfixed by the Purple Man's powers. He walked up to Fisk, placing a hand on his shoulder. He glanced a look at his daughter on stage.

"I see you've been entertaining my progeny, Fisk?" "...oh please God don't kill me sir..." Fisk pleaded.

The Purple Man quietly laughed.

"Relax, Fisk. You'd already be dead if she actually mattered - although we do have ourselves a pickle." "...what is it?" "Well, I sent her here on good faith, you know, to convince you to sell your business and influence to me. Apparently, from what I gather, you didn't even let her make her speech." "But... she proposed herself." "Yes, I'm sure she did. And you instantly assumed that she wanted to be put on display at one of your bawdry orgies, right?"

Fisk looked to the ground. The Purple Man's tone left nothing to interpretation: he was here for business.

"Now, here's how it's going to play... who's your best girl?" "G-Gina." "Call her out here."

Fisk called her out. Gina was exhausted from her day, but she just came to the front, obedient and afraid. The Purple Man looked her over, quite satisfied with what he saw.

"Excellent... so... consequences," the Purple Man started. "Gina, come here and suck my cock."

Gina moved forward, got down to her knees and started exposing the Purple Man. The villain turned to Fisk.

"I am taking over your organization. Fisk. I wanted to play it fair, but you had to think with your dick. That's what we're gonna call you from now on. Jameson 'Dickbrain' Fisk." "...ok..." he mumbled. "What's your name?" "Dickbrain."

By now, Gina had wrapped her lips around the Purple Man's colored cock; the villain stared at his daughter, then at Fisk.

"All right, Fisk, since all you do is think with your brain... Dickbrain, go fuck my daughter."

Compelled by the might of the Purple Man's mind-control, Jameson Fisk simply walked over to the still bound Kara, getting naked as he got closer, then kneeling behind her in order to fuck her.

"One more thing, Dickbrain. Just because you come doesn't mean you stop. You fuck her until you pass or die. No difference to me. And take off her gag. I want to hear her moans and screams."

The Purple Man looked down at Gina, servicing him. He asked her a question.

"Which hole does Dickbrain over there usually use on you?" "My ass, sir..." "All right."

The Purple Man sat down on a chair, and had Gina sit on top of him, both of them facing the scene on stage. The Purple Man buried his dick inside Gina's pussy after pulling away her thong.

"Ride me," he ordered her.

And so, the orgy resumed. Jameson 'Dickbrain' Fisk lasted for about two hours before his body gave out and he collapsed from sheer exhaustion. All-in-all, he climaxed three times, mostly because he was unable to stop; he was pretty much firing blanks by the third time. The Purple Man watched this violation of his daughter with delight, even as Gina pumped him with her pussy. He stopped her a few times when he was on the edge, before having her start again. When he felt he couldn't hold it any longer, he had her pull off and ran to the stage to force his cock into his daughter's mouth. He ejaculated a moment after, forcing her to swallow all of it, even while 'Dickbrain' was still fucking her. Afterwards, the Purple Man returned to his seat.

When Fisk finally collapsed, the Purple Man had two people drag him to the backroom. The villain then proceeded to liberate his daughter from her bindings. She had been held in that position for almost eleven hours: she collapsed her full length and didn't move at all.

"What a shame," he said out loud, looking at her. "A perfect example of a failed experiment... too quick to fall prey to her urges..."

Kara did not move. She did not talk back. She couldn't do anything. She was his property now. He had broken her.

"I do have standards, daughter, believe me. I'll never fuck you, and a blowjob is not sex, well, as far as I'm concerned anyway. And I am a man of my word. The other four women? Released, unharmed, untouched. You should be proud of that. I kept the other one, the one we fucked together... she's resting. She's yours, by the way, to tweak as you see fit."

Kara heard everything.

"You wanted to work for me? Now you do. You helped me get Fisk's domain. Not exactly how I planned but... ah! who am I kidding! This is way better..."

The Purple Man stared at her, a hint of compassion in his eyes, but it was gone a moment later.

"You definitely have a place in my organization. On all fours - on your back - on your knees. Doesn't really matter. I know I won't need to hold your powers back anymore. You are quite the manipulative bitch yourself, and I respect that. I just needed to make sure you would never turn on me so... so I conditioned you."

He marked a pause. Several of his henchmen walked into the room. He barked out orders.

"Secure the place. Isolate the people. Make sure everyone cooperates. There are dancers in the back. Have fun with them - but only once everything is in order." "Yes boss!" "Get up, Kara..."

With some difficulty, Kara Kilgrave stood from her position, her legs still wobbly, her body still aching from the torture. He extended his hand to help her rise.

" defeated me..." she told him. "I know. There's no shame on your part, though. You played it cool. You thought you were in control. You know better now. It doesn't matter who sent you to spy on me, Canadians, Americans, whomever. What matters is that you now work for me. Your mind and your body both belong to me."

He looked at his men securing the perimeter.

"Let's get out of here, daughter. You've had enough for one day. You`ve earned some rest." "...thank you..." she mumbled. "Besides, tomorrow is another big day. With you at my side, empowered too... let's just say this city will soon be on its knees too. I can't wait to fuck it silly."

He laughed. Supporting her weight, he helped her off the stage, and then out of the building, not bothering to cover her up. They went to his vehicle, waiting outside, and he helped her settle in. The car drove away in the night, even as Kara fell asleep, her head on her father's lap.