Wonder Woman: The Order of Demeter  

By Inyotefi

Wonder Woman: The Order of Demeter


Disclaimer: I do not own the character that this fanfic is based on, nor do I make any money off the writing of this erotic parody. This story is written for the entertainment of those who read it. Please forgive any spelling/grammar mistakes; enjoy.

Diana Prince stepped into her apartment and threw her coat on the sofa on her way to her bedroom. She kicked off her high heels as she sat on her bed rubbing her feet. She had spent years practicing and perfecting combat training in hand-to-hand, and mastered a dozen different weapons, yet that was easy compared to the stress of the corporate world...

Diana, was not your ordinary woman by any means, born on the hidden paradisiacal island of Themyscira, she was a warrior; the daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the supposedly mythical Amazons. Gifted with extraordinary abilities by the Gods of Olympus themselves, she possessed beauty that rivaled Aphrodite, the wisdom of Athena, the strength of Hercules and the agility and swiftness of Artimes.

Her home Themyscira itself had been cut off from the 'World of Men' for thousands of years, the Amazonian women who lived secluded lives there enjoyed peaceful and endless pleasures. It was only a year ago that Diana as princess of the island came as an emissary and ambassador, accompanying the US army pilot Steven Trevor, who had crash landed there, back to his home city of New York.

Seeing that her abilities were unlike anything they had ever seen before, the people called her a superhero as she fought off an evil that threatened to destroy the world. Now she lived here in the world of men, trying to adapt to this strange new place. She had found that donning her true name as a civilian helped to keep those she had met safe. The costume she wore of red white and blue, as an emissary to honor the 'Kings of America', now being used whenever she was forced to use her abilities in public.

Diana unzipped her skirt at the back and took off her blouse, stepping into her bathroom and turning on the shower, the hot water causing steam to fill the room. She turned her head as her keen senses picked up footsteps approaching her apartment door; then she heard the doorbell buzz.

Diana sighed as she turned off the tap and walked out of the bathroom. She opened the door to see Steve standing there with a pizza box. Diana smiled and threw her arms around him.

He groaned as he felt her half naked body press against him.

"Returned from NASA already have you?"

"Yeah", said Steve, passing her and putting the pizza on the coffee table, he looked back at her, eyes roving over her toned body poured into the skimpy black lace lingerie, "princess, we spoke about that underwear thing; females only walk around like that in company on strip club stages, or in front of boyfriends."

Diana sighed, "you men are so weak, unable to control your raging hormones. You're like adolescents."

"Hey, c'mon, you were cut off from the world..."

Steve stopped himself. He had these arguments with her all the time...

The crash came from the left, the wall exploding under the sheer power of the being that broke through it. Diana shielded Steve with her body as she looked through the cloud of dust at the shape of a man kneeling. The smoke cleared to reveal who it was...

"Rama Khan", Diana breathed as she looked at the man as he rose.

"Princess Diana" he smiled. He was an elderly man, with a thick black beard that was platted, his shiny long black hair blowing in the wind that came from the hole he had made. He wore green robes with a girdle round his waist and a shawl over his shoulders.

As he smiled his eyes began to blaze and the aura around his body caused a fire to light in the apartment and start consuming everything.

"Holy fuck!" yelled Steve as he backed away.

"Steve, clear this building", Diana said. She ran and dived Rama back out of the hole in the wall, the two beings plummeting down out of the thirty story building. As they fell Diana gripped his throat and started punching him in the face with all her strength. She moved her body and kicked her bare feet into his gut, sending him hurtling earthbound. Back flipping in mid air, Diana shot her feet out, and as Rama hit the ground and split the asphalt apart, she lunged her weight into his chest then sprang off him twisting in the air and landing.

Pedestrians and people in their cars watched as the two super beings stood ready to face off.

"Holy shit, check out Wonder Woman in panties", came a comment from one of the men.

"Yeah baby", whistled another.

Diana, now taking full advantage of her Amazonian gifts, personified her role of Wonder Woman, the name given to her by the people of America.

"Why do you come to Man's World, Rama Khan? Why do you leave Jarhanpur?"

"I am compelled to come to this wretched place princess, as I was unable to find Themyscira."

Wonder Woman dug her feet into the ground and took an aggressive stance, "and why do you seek my home?"

Rama flung his hands forward, green plasma blasts firing from them; not wearing her magical bracelets, the Vambraces, Wonder Woman used her athleticism to fling her body into a flip to the side avoiding the projectiles.

"Answer me sorcerer", she yelled charging at him. He fired again, but she flung herself into the air spinning her body to avoid the blast then swinging her foot thru his face causing him to fly backward.

"Why do you seek Themyscira?"

"He does it for me!" Wonder Woman turned, but was to slow to avoid the right hook that slammed into her face. The force of the impact caused her to stumble back.

The fertility goddess Demeter stood before the kneeling Amazonian princess.

Wonder Woman got to her feet but the power of her own lasso wrapping around her stopped her in her tracks, as it wrapped itself round her arms and legs causing her to fall down face first to the ground. She craned her neck to see Rama using his magic to control the Lariat of Hestia.

Demeter knelt down beside her smiling, her long flowing dress flailing over the street, "The Lariat of Hestia, forged by Hephaestus himself..."

"When placed around a being its power renders the wearer unable to tell a lie", her smile broadened.

Wonder Woman tried to force her mind to reject the question she knew was coming.

"Now Princess, tell me the location of them..."

Steve Trevor ran and lunged his body weight into Rama Khan, it didn't do much, but it was enough to let him break his concentration on keeping the Lasso of Truth tied around Diana.

Feeling the rope slacken, Wonder Woman got up quickly. She swung the Lasso around Demeter, tugging it so that it tightened, and then used her strength to swing her off her feet. She twisted her body getting her target in her sights, then swung Demeter's body and sent her crashing into Rama, the lasso loosened and the two of them went flying down the street and into a car, denting it.

Demeter got up groggily, anger flooding into her body, "another time Princess", with that she vanished. Behind her Rama also faded into nothingness.

Wonder Woman gripped her lasso in anger.

Steve came up to her, "who was that?"

"Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture and Fertility."

"So why were you fighting her?"

Wonder Woman looked down, "she blessed me with strength drawn from Mother Gaea, the spirit of the earth, but now she is fueled with a hatred for all Amazonians..."

"She seeks Themyscira to impregnate my mother Hippolyta with a seed that would give her a son strong enough to challenge Zeus Himself..."

"She has organized a Fertility Cult to produce an army of pure warriors, the Order of Demeter, they call themselves."

"Let me guess, she plans to use this army to wage war on Themyscira", Steve said catching on.

"Yes. I must find the cult and stop her", Diana said, looking up into the night sky.

"Hey look; your place is pretty much burnt out, why don't you come stay by me."

Diana looked at him questioningly, "Fine, all the anxiety has got me rather horny anyway."

Steve swallowed hard.


An hour later Diana was bent over on the edge on Steve's bed, her heart shaped ass up in the air.

"Oooh, fuck", she moaned as his tongue lapped at the soft folds of her pussy. His fingers pulling the lips apart giving him access to her moistened opening. She buried her head in the mattress as he flicked at her clit then darted into her cunt, forcing his tongue as far in as possible.

She moved her hand between her legs and pressed down hard on her clit, then rubbed it back and fourth biting her lip as the pleasure rolled through her body. Steve used his teeth to tug at the soft velvet folds of her labia feeling her pussy muscles flex between his fingers.

He loved being around just after she had been in a battle, knowing that all the adrenalin afterward turned her into a horny slut. The result being that she was up for anything, allowing him to put his cock anywhere he wanted, except one place. Besides, how many men could say they got it on with a superhero Princess?

He inserted a finger into her sex, the warm soft interior of her pink walls oozing cool oily juices as he pushed into her pussy. Sliding out, he inserted a second finger. Wonder Woman was extremely tight, her pussy gripping around his thick fingers as he moved it in and out of her body.

Diana grit her teeth as she slowly enjoyed the teasing pleasure that Steve was creating inside her. She slowly rocked her hips back and forth in time with his fingering. He pushed in deeper, curling his fingers up into her pussy, rubbing them against her inner-walls making her shiver.

Diana pursed her lips in sharp breaths as Steve started lapping faster and faster, alternating between darting his tongue into her cunt, lapping her soft flower petal like labia, and flicking her clitoris. She pushed and rotated her hips against his mouth burying his face between her thighs as her body shuddered in pleasure.

"There Stevey.. right there, lick it over there", she whined as he lapped his tongue against the hood of her clit very, very, slowly. She clutched the duvet of the bed, her super strong nails tearing it as the muscles in her calves and legs tensed, her body being cradled in a sensational warmth before she buried her face in the bed to stifle the passionate scream as she was gripped in an orgasm.

She lied still as Steve still ran his fingers in and out of her dripping sex, her body covered in a thin layer of sweat. Steve kissed her lower back as she shivered in pleasure, her orgasm slowly fading as she sighed in a deep-sated satisfaction. She turned to look at him, her long dark hair flailing over her face, her full red lips curled in a smile. She moved her waist back and forth, his fingers slowly slipping in and out of her hot gash.

She got up on all fours and turned around to face him as he stood at the edge of his bed. His engorged cock twitched as it dangled in front of her. The sight always got Diana hot; for the first thousand years of her life she lived on Themyscira not having set eyes on a man. After she had come to Man's World, and learned the pleasures of having a cock satisfy her carnal lust, she tried to get it whenever she could. The most notable being after a battle.

She licked her lips and bent down and ran her tongue over his flaring tip before she took it into her mouth, running her lips over it. She quickly gripped it firmly pumping it as she bobbed her head over it fast.

Steve loved watching Diana suck his cock; she acted like a starving crazed whore who couldn't get enough. He remembered the first time she sucked him off acting like his dick was the most delicious thing in the world. As much as he loved it he could never hold out, and within a minute he was twitching uncontrollably.

He had to rip her from his dick, a dangling piece of spit clinging form her lips to his cock head.

"Fuck Diana, you're killing me."

She smiled at him as she raked her teeth over his head flicking his foreskin back and forth.

"Ready to put this hard dick inside me Stevey?" she pouted, letting it dip in and out of her mouth as she spoke.

"You know where I want to put it", he grinned.

Diana craned her neck looking back at her toned, firm butt then back at him, "I told you before, that's disgusting, it's unnatural."

She got on her knees then fell back on the bed spreading her legs apart. She had the most beautiful pussy, Steve thought, a thin slit with a slightly protruding clitoris, her lips a dirty shade of brown, mixing in with the pink inside her cunt. There was only a little tuft of dark pubic hair at the top of it.

He got on the bed and lay down on top of her. It always amazed him how strong yet femininely soft her body was at the same time. Her breath hitched as he placed his cock at her wet entrance, she had always refused to use a rubber, wanting to feel the skin on skin contact, her divine gifts allowing her to choose whether she wanted to fall pregnant or not.

They pushed their waists into one anther's, Steve gritting as usual by how her tight pussy gripped around his cock. He kept going, heaving his length into her cunt watching as her eyes fluttered and she licked her lips. Sheathed completely inside her, Steve held still, trying to stop himself from loosing it. Diana was incredibly hot inside, and tight, she was the tightest woman he had ever felt, even after he had broken her virginity.

Diana lay with her head backward the breathing loudly as she felt Steve's cock twitch inside her, "Stevey, don't stop", she begged.

"Fffuck", he groaned as he pulled out of her and pushed back in again. He started fucking her slowly at first but quickly gained speed, pushing his cock deeper inside her every time he thrust in.

Deeper he went, faster, grinding his waist back and forth, his cock gliding in and out of her wet, slippery cunt. Diana ran her legs up his waist and gripped him under his arms as he gave his all in pleasuring her. She huffed and whined and moaned as she felt his thick cock piston in and out of her sopping sex. She responded meeting his long strokes by lifting her waist into his.

The two of them bounced on the bed as they slapped into each other, fucking as hard and as fast as they could, Diana always mindful that she didn't use her strength. Steve yelled as he shoved his cock deep into her and held there as he raised his body to look at her, his face dripping with sweat.

"Hummn", Diana smiled as she looked up at him thru half-lidded eyes. She easily moved her body toppling him off her and onto his back. Sitting on him with his cock snuggly nestled deep inside her; she bent and placed her hands next to his head as she slowly rolled her waist over his aching member.

Steve rubbed his hands over her firm large breasts lifting his head to suck on the rosy buds of her nipples, flicking it with his tongue.

"Oh Stevey", she moaned as she started pacing herself and bouncing on his cock running her clammy pussy up and down his length.

Before long her body started to tingle again as a second orgasm bloomed deep within her. She could feel Steve throbbing inside her and knew he was close as well. She threw her head back and rolled her hips faster back and forth and up and down, driving her cunt over his cock.

Steve dug his nails into her firm ass and slammed into her from beneath, his cock plunging deep into her cunt, pushing the curling velvety folds of her pussy lips up. Those soft lips rapped around his cock as her cervix squeezed the girth of his proud member as she thrust her hips faster.

"Stevey, yess, fuck me Steve, fuckmee", Wonder Woman yelled, it drove Steve wild with lust knowing that a super heroine wanted him to give it to her.

"Yesss", she whispered as she shoved her hips down burying his cock inside her, her back arching as the shivers ran up her spine, the warm cavitations inside her pussy quivered, and as her orgasm enveloped her, her hips jerked and her body shot into spasms.

Steve, feeling her cum, threw caution to the wind and held her waist tightly as he let rip.

Diana's eyes drove to the back of her head as she felt his cock swell then explode inside her, she rolled her hips round moving his spewing dick in circles as he emptied his aching balls inside her.

Her body slowly calming Diana looked at Steve before she fell forward on top of him. She could feel his cock softening inside her and smiled in content.


A watery shimmer revealed the magical aircraft as it became visible.

Wonder Woman stood ready to get in it. She had put on her usual costume, red top with gold girdle, and her blue star hot pants that rode halfway up her ass cheeks.

Steve walked over from his car, "you sure I shouldn't come too?"

She pecked him on his cheek and he smiled.

She then turned and got into the plane. The engines roared to life and it lifted off the ground. Steve covered his face as the leaves of Central Park swirled around him. He watched as the watery shimmer caused the plane to vanish from sight then heard it bullet off through the night sky.

"Good luck Diana", he said out loud.