Wonder Woman Sex-Toymakers Plaything  

By Jackbnimble

WONDER WOMAN; SEX-TOY MAKERS PLAYTHING Author: Jackbnimble Disclaimer: The character and universe of Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor etc all belongs to DC comics and naught to me, this is a free fictional story for internet distribution only, I make no profit /money from it Summary; always loved the Wonder Woman ep, The Deadly Toys where Wonder Woman goes up against an evil Toymaker (played by Frank Gorshwin of Batman fame) who is kidnapping scientists and has created a robot duplicate of her. Obviously she wins the day as always but I was intrigued as to what would have happened if she had actually lost the battle with her doppleganger? It also occured to me that if you could make perfect robot duplicates of Wonder Woman why the hell would you bother with crime? Just sell them as sex dolls. Here's the clips it's based on; Clip 1- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrMJaR6rJlc&feature=related Clip 2- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skVGbVKl4Es Now if you're technically adroit enough to edit the 2 together so that it looks like the real Wonder Woman lost the fight and the second clip is her being converted into a robot/doll I sure would like to see that! (and I'm not alone to judge by the comments on the YouTube clip) Also I must give credit to Mr X; http://www.superheroinecentral.com/mrx/xpage/stf/stf12.jpg and if the link doesn't work just go to the Mr X Homepage, 'Our story thus far' section, page 1, third row down, 2nd in from the left. You'll see what I mean Rating; NC17/18, sexual content, ASFR and mind control Disclaimer; all characters herewithin belong to DC comics/CBS, this is purely a work of fiction for free internet distribution and I take no profit from it. This is purely a work of fantasy, in real life always practice safe sex (and don't go around transforming voluptuous superheroines into your obedient sex slaves, no matter how unlikely the prospect. But if you want to create a range of perfect Wonder Woman robot sex dolls I think we'd all be ok with that). The character and universe of Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor etc all belongs to DC comics and naught to me, this is a free story for internet distribution only Setting; Diana Prince has been chloroformed (AGAIN!) and held prisoner in the Toymakers basement. Spinning into Wonder Woman she is in the act of escaping when she is confronted by the Toymaker and his robot version of Wonder Woman. Author; Jackbnimble Wonder Woman; The Sex-Toy Makers Plaything The Toymaker looked around looked around the cellar in shock. The cage they had kept Diana Prince in was now open and his toys had been activated. He was glad of the duplicate Wonder Woman at his side to protect him, even more so when the real Wonder Woman emerged from behind the boxes. "You should have stuck to making children's toys!" she told him arrogantly, her hands on her hips and shoulders thrust backwards, projecting her huge breasts jutting forwards. 'GET HER!" he yelled. The robot did as she was instructed and was soon battling the real Wonder Woman in a titanic struggle, each using the contents of the Toymaker's basement against one another. Eventually one of the pair gained the upper hand, trapping the other in a hoola-hoop and flinging her unconscious into a swivel chair. She turned to the Toymaker, repeating her pose. "What are your order's master?" she asked. The Toymaker felt a surge relief wash over him. The robot had won, the real Wonder Woman was out for the count. He moved forwards and looked down onto the knocked out superheroine. My she was beautiful! Such beauty was not to be wasted. "Pick her up" he ordered the robot. ***** Wonder Woman stood stock still, looking about her new surroundings, the Toymakers workshop. She was once more in her superheroine pose, hands on hips, legs apart, breasts thrust out but made no move towards the Toymaker who was working at his bench. Indeed she found it particularly hard to concentrate, her mind feeling empty, her will gone. She only knew she felt amazingly content and happy, untroubled by any thoughts of violence. Part of her thought that her new found serenity was something to do with her tiara which felt different from before, slightly tingly somehow, as if it was feeding her new bliss directly through her temples into her brain. But really she didn't care, she was just ecstatic to stand there until she recieved her master's orders. And to obey those orders was her fondest desire. The Toymaker tottered over, her bracelets in his hand. She obligingly turned around and proffered her wrists and he slipped them on. He reached out and stroked her hair affectionately. "You my dear are going to make my friends very, very happy! Now let's see that great big smile" Wonder Woman gave the sort of smile only she was capable off, feeling every bit of happiness it represented. The Toymaker continued stroking her hair "Can you make me happy my dear?" Her smile only grew wider as she automatically fell to her knees and unzipped his trousers. His cock was quite impressive for an old guy and already throbbing hard as she showered it with kisses. He groaned and clasped the back of her head with his hand, forcing it between her eager, receptive ruby red lips. She sucked and licked with instinctive skill and enthusiasm, his hand stroking her perfect hair faster and faster as he neared climax. He came with a guttural cry, unleashing a torrent of seed down her throat which she willingly swallowed with relish. "Oh yes my dear!" he exclaimed, gasping for breath as she rose to her feet and resumed her superheroine pose "Very happy indeed" She smiled once more at the thought, licking the last drops of his cum from her lips. ***** "I'm sorry gentlemen but the deal is off, I have released all the scientists" His investors looked at him horrified. "But we had a deal!" one spluttered. The Toymaker shook his head. "I was never one for making war. Not when we can make love instead. Allow me to introduce you to some alternate merchandise I think you'll find very interesting indeed" They recoiled in shock as she walked in, certain that she was about to haul them off to jail. Their shock only increased when the second Wonder Woman joined the first, a mirror image. The Toymaker gestured to them proudly. "One is the real Wonder Woman, now under my control, one is a robot. Can you tell the difference?" They looked on blankly. He chuckled to himself and activated a control. "Perhaps this will help you decide?" A pair of stipper poles emerged through the floor. Both Wonder Women began to dance expertly around them, flexing their mile long shapely legs against the cold shiny metal. They slowly peeled off their outfits as they did so, unlacing and casting aside their tight bodices, occasionally helping one another out of their clothes, kissing and stroking each other as they did so. Their audience whooped and howled in excitment as their huge, pert breasts were revealed. Their appreciation only grew as they shimmied out of their blue and white star spangled bikini bottoms revealing toned, heart-shaped asses and tight, wet cunnies beneath a neatly trimmed strip of black pubic hair. When they were completely naked the Toymaker clapped and beckoned them forwards. Obediently they sauntered forth towards their by now drooling audience. "Perhaps you'd like to inspect the merchandise a little more closely?" They took the hint and were soon pawing both identical superheroines ruthlessly, hands mauling ample titties, tweeking hard and swollen nipples, straying within soaking cunts. Neither Wonder Woman raised any objection, showing only willing smiles upon their faces. They began to react to all the stimulation, grinding themsleves furiously against the hands between their exquisite thighs, moaning and groaning like bitches in heat, sweat rolling off their voluptuous bodies. Soon they each had a thrusting cock in every fuckhole, their hands furiously working a sucession of rock hard shafts, each Wonder Woman pleasuring 5 men at once. The sensation of one cock pounding away in their cunnies and another hammering into their asses divided only by a thin layer of delectable flesh soon had them cumming like crazy. Their cries of pleasure were muffled by the cocks in their mouths and barely audible over the sound of their firms asses being spanked until they throbbed red with sweet pain. The relentless fucking never abated for a moment. The gangbang continued for hours until the clients all collapsed on the floor exhausted. This didn't stop the two Wonder Women though who were soon licking the vast amounts of cum from one another bodies, suckling on each others breasts, taking turns in licking each other out, fingerfucking and fisting like crazy. In the end they just lay their kissing deeply, insatiable in their desire for one another. The Toymaker returned, a cup of tea now in his hand. "Well now, could any of you tell the real Wonder Woman from the robot?" His customers shook their heads, still stunned by what had taken place. The Toymaker smiled and took out a notebook and pen. "Well then, would you like to place your orders?" ***** Wonder Woman came to again back in the cage she had first been held in. She was stark naked and surrounded by an array of electronic scanners and sensor pads which she rapidly stripped from her skin. She vaguely wondered as to their purpose but what was more important was getting her magic belt back again! It was simplicity itself to escape from the cage, after all it was only chicken wire. Villains didn't ever seem to get any smarter. The sight that awaited her in the Toymaker's workshop stunned her utterly. She gazed in astonishment at the line of naked copies of herself on a coveyer belt. Each seemed conscious but willing to placidly stand there, unmoving, just breathing and blinking from time to time. Each wore a beatific smile on their face, their shoulders back and arms held relaxed at their sides. The sound of approaching footsteps shocked her from her reverie. She couldn't fight without her magic belt and other accoutrements and besides she was still totally nude. She looked around desperately for a place to hide. The solution was pretty obvious. The Toymaker entered the workshop escorted by the first of the Wonder Woman robots he had created. The broken cage door disturbed him for a moment but he knew there was only one way out of the basement and realistically only one place she could be hiding. He sent the robot to guard the door and activated the controls to start up the production line once more. Wonder Woman tottered slightly as the conveyer belt started up once more. She stopped moving altogether when a robotic nozzle appeared and sprayed a warm, sticky substance all over her. It felt oddly good upon her skin, tingly and gloriously tight, as if she was being constantly kissed all over. It gave her skin a brilliant sheen like quality making her look even more beautiful than before, as if she was sweating slightly whilst stretching as she sunbathed. It hardened in an instant and she panicked slightly, realising she couldn't move. She'd been transformed into a living waxwork, just as she had been by Harry Roberts that time when she was investigating the museum thefts. But in the next second she found she didn't want to move anymore. Another robotic arm had placed a replica of her tiara on her head. As soon as it touched her temples she felt all her concerns disappear in a moment. Her mind emptied and a feeling of overwhelming joy and contentment replaced any conscious thought. A message was repeated again and again through her brain. "I am a doll, I live only to obey my master, I like to be pretty and looked at, I wish only to please, nothing more, my life has no other purpose, I wish only to obey, I am a doll, I live only to obey my master, I like to be pretty and looked at..." She found her nipples hardening into two aching, throbbing points at the thought, her cunny dripping with desire, a hot, warm glow rising deep within her at the thought. She found her breathing becoming slower and more laboured, her breaths becoming contented sighs of pleasure. She slowly flexed her stunning legs that little bit further apart. She looked on with interest but not alarm as two more robot apendages attached copies of her bracelets to her wrists. Whatever delight she felt from the tiara it doubled and tripled as the bracelets were restored to their natural position on her forearms, feeling so wonderful on her glowing skin. Her hands inevitably found their way to her hips, assuming the classic superheroine 'I dare you' pose just as all the robotic Wonder Woman copies did once their bracelets were attached. She realised she could now move if she wished but felt little incentive to do so She gave an excited squeal as she felt herself being pinched on her right ass cheek. In the reflection of the metal from the production machinery she could just make out what had been stamped on her ass. "WONDER WOMAN SEX DOLL; PRODUCT OF THE TOYMAKER" As she neared the end of the conveyer belt she saw each of the Wonder Woman copies step off in turn and be transferred into a telephone booth sized cardboard box with a transparent front. The box was constructed in patriotic red, white and blue and had 'Deluxe Wonder Woman Sex Doll' written on the front. She felt overwhelmingly intrigued. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to follow her new android sisters into their rightful assigned place. She stepped off the conveyer belt, joyously, achingly aware that this was the ultimate act of surrender, there was no going back now. Plastic clamps in the rear of the box closed around her upper arms and legs, not really restraining her but keeping her in her doll pose in the box. She was still stark naked but she noted that a copy of her costume was contained in a separate transparent compartment of her box along with 2 wigs, one blonde and one redhead. Of course, dolls were always sold with optional accessories. "I really am a doll now" she realised, truly accepting it for perhaps the first time. "A plaything for my new master and nothing more" Rather than upsetting her she found the prospect filled her with incredible joy and lust. Her new life as a doll made her endlessly satisfied yet constantly horny as hell. The Toymaker idly surveyed the hundreds of naked boxed Wonder Woman robots in the warehouse. The irony made him giggle uncontrollably. Wonder Woman had come to put an end to his evil schemes. Instead she now found herself transformed into his willing sex slave and the template for his vast moneymaking enterprise, enabling him to produce countless replicants of her to sell to the highest bidder. It was just too rich! He smiled again at his incredible good fortune. The basement of the Toyshop was rapidly filling up with boxed Wonder Woman dolls but he already had more orders than he could meet. Somewhere amongst the hundreds of perfect copies was the real Wonder Woman. But that hardly seemed to matter any more. For they were all identical and she was now no different to all the rest. ***** The Toymaker surveyed the paper with satisfaction. He had said he wanted to make love and not war. He never anticipated that his range of Wonder Woman sex dolls would accomplish just that. He figured that it was some form of collective consciousness generated by the real Wonder Woman's mind leaking into the programming. Whatever the reason there were now 100,000s of Wonder Woman's all over the world and when they weren't obeying their master/mistresses every whim they fought crime, tyranny and threats to mankind with just the same aplomb as the original. Now everyone had their own superheroine. Most villains had just given up and got themselves a proper job. There was a knock at his office door. "Come in" Diana Prince opened the door. The Sexy Secretary model of the Wonder Woman robot range was amazingly popular despite her ponytail, glasses and business suit. Perhaps she was so popular BECAUSE of them? Of course her stripper heels, black stockings and suspenders, micro miniskirt and plain white blouse cut to reveal the maximum amount of awesome cleavage might also have had something to do with it? "The new prototypes outfits are ready master" she informed him warmly. "Thank you Diana, send them in" A trio of Wonder Woman sex dolls strutted into the room, modelling the latest costumes he'd designed for the range. No matter which model they were or which outfit they wore they always assumed the same classic pose, hands on hips, shoulders back, breasts thrust out, legs slightly apart. Arrogant superiority and extreme sexuality just begging to be tamed and conquered, secretly wanting it desperately. The Wonder Woman Nurse was a classic, 3-inch white high heels, matching grip top stockings and mini dress with plunging neckline to accentuate and display her gargantuan breasts to best effect. She still wore the traditional Wonder Woman tiara and bracelets but now with a red cross in the centre rather than the star. French Maid Wonder Woman was equally impressive, 3-inch black heels and fishnets, a skimpy maids outfit with a lace up front which her massive titties strained so wonderfully against, eager to escape. She still wore her traditional Wonder Woman bracelets and headband but they were now in frilly white lace. The Dominatrix Wonder Woman was the cream of the crop however. She wore shiny black PVC thigh boots with 3-inch spiked heels and lace up sides. Her bodice was also black PVC with two holes cut in the chest area in order to constantly reveal her huge and perfect tits to an extremely appreciative world. A thing strip of PVC cut sharply between her peach-like ass cheeks, lifting and separating them for the thong effect, creating two mouthwateringly delicious half moons of nubile flesh. Black PVC elbow gloves incorporating her bracelets finished off her outfit and on her right hip her 'Lasso of Justice' had been transformed into the 'Whip of Domination'. Ironically the Dominatrix Wonder Woman was actually the original. But that didn't matter now for she was no different to all the rest. Just like her robot sisters, as the imprinted stamp on her perfect ass cheek proclaimed, she was nothing but a "WONDER WOMAN SEX DOLL; PRODUCT OF THE TOYMAKER".