Supergirl and The Birds of Prey  

By Jay Mack

Wizards Lair Supergirl and Batgirl Team-Up 2006 Contest

Chapter one- Nightmares

HaHaHaHaHaHa….! Barbara heard the insane cackle in a nightmare vision. She ran from one door to the next and always that same screeching noise and she just could not escape. Finally she finds a clear room enmeshed in darkness. As she enters the door shuts of it’s own volition. She turns around and all is dark except for gleaming teeth and green hair. She hears the thunder of a gun shot followed by the blinding blur and she feels agonizing pain. She hears that scary chilling laughter and she is falling. The floor fades and disappears as she falls the Cheshire lips staring back at her fading vision. I’m going to die as even the fearless caped heroine gives in to a moment of weakness and screams drowning out the Joker’s laughter at last. Ahhhhhhh!………BZZZZZZZZZZZ!……Barbara Gordon awakes in a hot sweat. Sweat glistening down her body soaking her gray bra and panties wet with the sounds of her alarm clock buzzing in the background. The same damned nightmare has haunted her since she lost the use of her legs. Yeah I really did die that night. Batgirl died and the Oracle was born!

A navy blue clear sky covers a clear ocean like a tapestry as the sun reflects along the seas shimmering as schools of fish swim from coast to coast. The waves wash against Paradise Island a true vision of natural loveliness. The birds just fly carefree into the clear sky except for one stationary being hovering overhead as if floating on air. Kara Zor’el floats in a rare moment of sleep as unlike ordinary mortals not much is required for the lovely sleeping beauty. Just a few hours of sleep and she will be back to her Amazonian education. Wonderwoman was busy spreading her message of peace to the world and she would be getting more substitutes. Yeah substitute teaching indeed. It’s like the saying accept no substitutes for the one true thing yadda..yadda. Well if I can’t get training from Wonderwoman I do have an alternate choice. Blue eyes snap open followed by a blur of red, yellow and blue bound for Gotham city.

Mr. J? Mr. Jay? Mr. Jayyyyyyyyy please answer me? What is it now Harley? And do you have to ring that bell, just nod your head yes and I’ll hear a ringing anyway dumbbell. Hahaha! Oooooh Mr. J you always know what to say to impress a girl. Just get to the point Harley. The point even though I know you’re as sharp as a marble…Hahahaha! The point is when are we going to have some fun take me out and show me some more of your art. My art? So you want me to display my art in Gotham? Or how about New York City. Well even in a wild city the Joker still stands out as being wild. Hahaha. Yes Mr. Jay. The Joker and Harley step over some poor cops. Donuts still in hand, an eerie frozen smile on their face as they appear to be floating in a pool. A pool of coffee.

Chlorine the smell of chlorine fills Barbara’s nose as she swims in her pool with only her arms as her dead legs floating from behind hang as a useless tail. Strengthen the body and strengthen the mind. Damn that sounds like something Batman would say. I got to get a life. She swims her fourth lap and reached the other side of the pool and then she sees red boots staring back at her. Barbara looks up and there she is The Supergirl in the flesh.

Chapter 2- The Training

Don’t stop on my account. What is it Kara, what do you want? I’m tired of all of my classroom time in a boring island with women Wonderwoman excluded who can not relate to me in anyway. So why are you here? Because this is Gotham city. This is the place to be. And I respect Batman and…. Stop right there. I’ll admit Batman was the main influence in why I do what I do, but I am not Batman and I do things my way or it’s the I-95 highway. But that’s just it, I don’t agree with Batman in everything either. He never wants to give anyone a chance. He doesn’t trust anybody. Even after everything I still don’t think he trusts me. So what am I little Miss sucker than. Look I might be wheelchair ridden but I’m nobody’s pushover. If you want me to mentor you it’s by my rules and there’s the door. I’m not going anywhere. I want you to show me what I can do in this world to make a difference. You’re the leader of the Birds of Prey. I can soar with the best of them. Alright just remember your just part of a team. Not an individual a team.

Flip! Discard. Flip! Discard. So you like my books Kara. Yes they all were very good. You know even though you may be able to read these books in nanoseconds I do believe you really can’t. How much did you enjoy it? Savor it. You might know everything in the book but do you feel it in your gut or are you on to the next thing. But….I’m not finished yet. I know you feel really powerful, and maybe alone and you want to fit in as you fly overhead above ordinary citizens, but all those people down there have lives important lives from the least to the greatest people down there. To one person it’s just a nice poem, or a song, or a bike, or a joke, or a nice family, and so forth. So what I’m asking you is not to book learn, but learn what’s between those pages. I like to call it the music of life. So pick up that Tom Sawyer book, that Shakespeare book, and all those other classics and read them slowly. Savor them. Why do you think we try to save people? You might be able to save them in minutes but they have to live their lives on and on and if that doesn’t mean anything to you maybe you shouldn’t even be here.

So I look through these stinking books slowly. What does she know anyway? I’m mad and I’m pissed. I can assemble things in my brain so fast. She can’t. She doesn’t know. And then after 5 minutes. Damn it why does she have to be right. Damn her. I don’t have the time for this. This book is funny. And maybe I like it more when I go slower, but it’s just not fair. Three hours later. So do you see my point Kara? Maybe a little, but shouldn’t I go out there and save some people. We will but first we don’t know each other yet so you will call me Oracle not Barbara. I really don’t know who Barbara is. Do you Commissioner Gordon? She’s my little girl who runs an internet company. And it’s staying that way understand. Yes Barb….Oracle! Whoops I goofed. That’s okay see you’re learning something already. Maybe in a few years you’ll actually get a sense of humor. Hey don’t make me race you to the fridge Babs. Hey I told you not to… here’s a sandwich…… me………it was good….that! Alright Seinfeld haha, now clean up this room and………All done. So you’re a fast learner, I’ll just have to get you more stuff to do. Now that’s what I’m talking about Oracle. See you are learning stuff already.

Okay these are going to be your team mates the Black Canary, Huntress, and you as everyone already knows are the legendary Supergirl. We only use real names in the inner sanctum and I still don’t encourage that either. We work as a team. I am in charge. You each are wired and I know what you’re doing always. Huntress steps over picking up her communicator. So Babs what is the letter for today C? And the number 3. You interrupted my breathing for this? Look this is for her not for you. But I’ll stop talking and you and the Canary can show her the ropes okay. But just remember I know what you’re saying always.

Moments later- So yeah I know Babs is a little bit of a tight shirt and all, but that’s just because she hasn’t gotten Dick Grayson to give her the high hard one in a while. The high what? Oh yeah we got the Kansas girl right here huh Canary? Yeah we’re going to have some fun showing you around town. We girls got to stick together after all we are a team. Yes we are. Yes we are. Barbara seethed as she heard the latest jab at her behind her back. But she doesn’t need them to know that she knows. Damn you Dick. Why don’t you call? No doesn’t always mean no, why don’t you know that? He’s such an idiot. I’m such an idiot to. Oracle wheels by her various diplomas and degrees as a fax comes in from Star Labs. She reads it pensively and then slams it on the table.

Chapter 3- Mission 1

The police station all is serene when a car barrels right through it. Bane walks in stepping on the glass breathing normally after flinging the police car with vicious force. The cops shoot but he picks up a desk and catches the bullets and then heaves it at them with a crunching, bloody sound on its way down. Hijos de Putas (sons of whores)! They stole my drugs. And I’m sure they just want it for evidence. You don’t steal from me I steal from you. He yells as his foot crunches on the larynx of another cop. He breaks open the vault like its paper machete and pulls out the drugs. He hands it to his henchmen. See gringos follow me and the world is your oyster. This is my town and no one is going to tell me different.

Barbara knew the second the lines went down at the police station something was wrong. Okay Huntress and Canary you guys go to the station. Supergirl you fly over head and keep watch. This is your first mission, but you definitely can take care of yourself, so I don’t want you directly working this one. You are the backup for today. Backup I could go back and give you an atomic wedgy and solve this case before you issue another order. First Supergirl shut up. Second if you do I will dose you with so much kryptonite gas that you’ll sleep through Christmas. Third I’m in charge and this is how we’re going to do this.

Okay Canary, Huntress what do you see. Dead bodies, rubble. Somebody crashed their car through here. Oh sick. This guy has a footprint on his throat. Not exactly a tire mark. Yeah Canary, we have a cop killer on the loose. Look further. The evidence room door is completely ripped off. Looks like they ripped something else out too. Huntress picks up some powder from the floor and tastes it. Heroine, pure stuff. Hey quit it. Black Canary grabs Huntresses hand before she can sniff it in. I was only joking I wasn’t going to snort it. That’s what you said last time. There was a last time? No Oracle, Canary here was only kidding right. Huntress elbows Canary in the stomach. Oww, yeah right, I mean you test us right. That’s once a year. Looks like once a year is coming sooner this year. Hey you guys what the hell are you babbling about? While you’re talking about nonsense I just followed the tire tracks where that powder lead to and I think I know where they went. Well you just wait there. I can track you and give the coordinates to the team. Now don’t disobey me again. Hey I was just looking out. Tzing! Hey that hurt. Just remember I can get to you even from far away.

So Supergirl tapped the door and it fell flat. Whoops they don’t make doors the way they used to. I’ll look out alright, but from the inside. Case solved. Problem solved. Hey you’re not supposed to be here. Fwooo! Supergirl blew them into the wall and dropped them out cold. Bane watched from the monitor. Damned Superchica is messing with me. First he taps one button sealing up the air vents. Whoosh. Supergirl wondered why she was tired. It’s like she couldn’t breathe as she carefully walked. Bane waited 20 minutes and from behind grabbed her in a sleeper hold with her legs grapevined ala the Ultimate fight championship. Supergirl was like wha…is this idiot…do….do…ing. Bane tightened his muscular arms around Supergirl’s neck like a boa constrictor. His forearm pressed against her carotid artery in a choke and his massive fingers applied a powerful pressure to Kara’s nerve clusters along the base of her neck. Supergirl couldn’t breathe. Her head was getting very heavy. And she could barely stand. She tried to thrash out, but she was very weak and he seemed to be tightening his grip the more she fought it. Her vision was blurring. The room was spinning. Supergirl can you hear me? Unnnhhhh! Choke! Damn it Supergirl can you hear me? Supergirl continued to struggle and was only getting weaker and weaker. She did manage to kick an air vent through. If only her oxygen supply wasn’t being cut off. Supergirl was already passing out as her blue eyes already rolled into the back of her head. The whites of her eyes stared blankly as Kara’s fuzzy thoughts began to fade…fade away…She was literally out on her feet as Bane held Kara by her waist with one hand as she started to go very limp. Bane carefully pulls out a rag dripping with chloroform & clamps the soaked rag over her face while maintaining his hold over her waist. MMMMPPHHH! Supergirl breathed it in. …..the sickeningly sweet fumes chloroformed Supergirl heavily as she walked wobbly around and sank to her knees. Supergirl? Her blue eyes fluttered around as her vision blinked out. Her eyelids slammed shut and refused to open. She was barely conscious as she fluttered around off of her knees. That’s it Bonita chica. Sleep! Supergirl found his scary words soothing as the chloroform doped away her strength and she went face down. She was still slightly awake, but was face down and completely helpless as he kept the drugged cloth over her face. He withdrew the cloth. Supergirl hoped he was that stupid as she tried to get her strength back. Bane Poured more chloroform over the cloth and pressed the wet smelly drugs back over Supergirl’s face. The dizziness instantly faded away as she sucked another lungful in of the noxious cloying fumes and passed out like a little light. He tied the chloroform over Supergirl’s face and threw her like a sack of potatoes over his shoulder. He kept the gorgeous blonde draped over his shoulder as he brought her to his computer room. Supergirl speak to me. She checked her vitals. She’s been drugged. Houston we have a problem. Canary, Huntress we need to talk.

He walked in with the sexy blonde still hanging limply over his shoulder and just placed her on a slab with manacles that he just happened to have. I mean it’s not the first time a dumb superheroine puta had tried to stick her nose in his business. So he stripped the superhottie naked and admired how hot she was. He pulled a strap over and closed the buckle over each wrist and then over her ankles. He sized up the naked unconscious Kryptonian as her young c sized nips seemed to poke up in the air like unripe roses. He put his eyes lower down through her ripped abs with a tempting little indented belly button and then along her muscular firm thighs and then he looked at her clit. Damn she’s hot as his steroidal enlarged head just sprang up almost like a divining rod toward her blonde triangle. Supergirl moaned and only 10 minutes after passing out came around as she felt the penus going inside of her. She thrashed and broke free of the straps that had kept her wrists and ankles bound to the slab. Bane pulled down a gas mask and pressed it against her nose & mouth. The nitrous oxide instantly filled her powerful lungs with more drugging gas. Supergirl’s curse was stifled and her blue eyes rolled back into her head as she was doped lifelessly into another sedated slumber. Unfortunately for Bane he was in pain. The thrashing hurt his dick which had been firmly in her vagina. Puta I’m leaving the gas on even if you overdose. I’ll screw you while your dead bitch. He heard the alarm and there they were the Birds of Prey. He turned the oxygen off again, but one vent stayed open pushing some oxygen in.

Huntress and Black Canary carefully walked down with distance between them like military tactics. If someone traps one of them the other is far enough away to escape the trap. Is the air kind of thinner or something asked the Canary? Huntress always a step or two ahead had a gas mask on and threw her a spare. Bane cursed damn them. Well I can take those little girls on. The birds will be my prey and I will screw each and every one of them all in a row. Bane came out of his room and Huntress saw him first. Look out. He slammed his fists into the floor opening up a small hole shaking the place. They saw from a distance Supergirl appearing to be unconscious with a gas mask over her face. He’s got her Oracle what do we do as they ducked out of the way of him again. He knocked plaster off of the wall along with some concrete. Well this sucks and this is what I was afraid of. Keep your distance from him. We’re trying. I have a plan. Here’s what it is execute.

Canary sings screeching out as Bane holds onto his ears. Huntress kicks him in the face and quickly runs back. Canary slides to the left and then slips between his legs as Huntress throws a batarang at his face. Now he’s bleeding and pissed as he goes for her. Black Canary runs to the room where Supergirl is. She turns off the gas. And pulls the mask off of Supergirl’s face. She slaps at her face come on Kara wake up. She is out like a light. She checks her eyes. She is really out. She looks for something like smelling salts. Meanwhile Huntress is fighting for her life as Bane continues to lunge at her. Canary yells through her mike I need smelling salts Supergirls been heavily sedated. I didn’t think that was even possible. He used the whole tank on her. Huntress evading one last time flips a smelling salt packet towards the Canary. One minute of distraction and Bane slapped at her head with a glancing blow. Huntress’s eyes fluttered around from the searing pain. She was barely conscious after her head had bounced off the wall with a second impact. Huntress saw his fist plunging toward her face and then felt pain and then nothing as she lost consciousness and crashed face first into the floor completely out. Her perfect ass seemed to stick up in the air as her purple cape flung to the side

Canary frantically waved the salts over Supergirls face and she seemed to grimace but she lay out like a light otherwise. Bane came from behind. Huntress is that you? She ducked out of the way as he slammed his hands into Supergirl and the slab was torn in half. What big feet you have Huntress. I won’t be able to take you shoe shopping like that. Canary was winded from fright at how close that was. This is the dude that crippled Batman. His arms felt like they were torn in half too as he felt the pain of hitting the heroine of steels hard body that hard. Black Canary shrieked as he painfully lifted his arms to his ears. She kicked him in the balls. He was in excruciating pain as he grabbed her arms. She continued her shriek and he head butted her along the chin. Her blue eyes crossed and then Dinah Lance fell and blacked out onto the floor. He hefted her up on his shoulder and carried her to another slab. He strapped her in tight. He didn’t take off her clothes like Supergirl he just ripped off the top exposing her white bra and said to be continued bitch. He scooped up the Huntress and scooped her onto the slab. Before he went after the Huntresses clothes he had a sudden fear. Supergirl, where was she?

Supergirl had managed to come too barely as the world was spinning and she was still barely conscious. She needed to clear her head. Is anybody there? Please Huntress? Canary? Supergirl? Supergirl woozily whispered it’s me Kara. Are you okay? What’s going on? He chloroformed me and gassed me. I’m barely awake. I’m not sure I can put up much of a fight. I think he got the rest of our team. You have to save them. Oh I will and I’m going to get that creep. He might have raped me. I’m naked or something. So what’s the plan genius? Do you want me to call reinforcements? No this one is mine. What are you planning Supergirl. I’m going to punch his lights out. Your not going to pass out again or something are you. I’m monitoring your serotonin levels and their not very good. Well what do you want me to do than? How about your heat vision? If you can heat up his drug injectors he might overheat himself with the drugs and destroy his system from the inside. Supergirl came out from hiding and with super speed raced to the side of the wall. Bane clamped the chloroform over Black Canary and then over Huntress’s face. That should keep the Bonita chicas sleeping. Time for a blowjob ladies as he pulled out his dick again. His dick went closer and closer to the Canaries mouth looking a little like Jewel with one tooth now missing. He was about to stick it in when he heard a sound like a rushing wind. He turned around and Supergirl slammed him into the wall.

He cursed as he banged the wall both literally and figuratively. He had the chloroform in his hand and was running at her enlarged penus and all. She focused her blurring vision at the scary cloth and fired blasting and missing the cloth but she nailed one of his injectors. He clamped the chloroform over her face again. She continued to blast him in his injectors. His cock was pressing against her vagina again. Her vision faded as she cursed I’m being chloroformed again, no! He’s trying to rape me too. Bane released it off of her and howled in pain. The chloroform lay over Supergirl’s face as the drugging fumes quickly doped her back into oblivion. Bane was shrieking on the ground as the super heated drugs fed him. He passed out too and lay there as a weird kind of slumber part ensued.

Oracle along with Alfred came over. She waved the smelling salts over Huntress’s face, then Canary and then Supergirl. She rolled on by with disgust. She pulled out a drugged patch and pressed it on Bane’s neck. That should keep him out. She picked up Huntress along with Alfred and they put her on a gurney and into the back of a van. They did the same with the Canary. And finally they got to the naked Supergirl. She grabbed her outfit and laid it over her as they picked her up and place her in the van. Barbara was able to go in the back from a lift and checked their vitals. Supergirl was the least damaged. She just needed to sleep off all of the drugs she was dosed with. Huntress was the worst. She had a head injury and had been bleeding. Luckily it stopped already. She cleaned her up. Canary might have a chipped tooth and a little bit of blood but she didn’t get hurt too bad.

Supergirl slept. It felt so good. She could not remember the last time she was this relaxed and in such a peaceful sleep. Four hours later. Her blue eyes started to focus as she saw Barbara, the Canary, and Alfred staring back at her. Hey did we win. Slap. Owww! Barbara’s hand hurt after that slap. See what you made me do. Why? We did win. Win? Barely. You know how much you could have helped us if you had just followed orders. Look at Canary’s jaw. She is wearing freaking braces. Look at Huntress who is still unconscious over there. Her face is all black and blue. But do you care sleeping beauty. I’m the last freaking option. If I have to save your asses it means you basically lost the fight. There are no time limit draws in what we do. If you three had worked together this would not have happened. Do you have anything else to say for yourself? Kara passed out again. The chloroform and nitrous oxide hadn’t worn off yet.

Chapter 4- Decision Time and Girls night out

Barbara read the Star Labs paper again. It was so tempting. Apparently they had been doing early stage experiments and found a way to fix her paralysis. But there was a risk. It was not guaranteed. If it failed she might be paralyzed as far up as her neck. But if it worked she would be almost as good as new. So tempting. And that’s still not completely true. Her poor legs have atrophied so much that they will never be as good as new. If she was just capable of walking it is all she could expect. At the same time what would happen to our team. I just saw how important I am as Oracle. If I gave that up that last mission might have turned out differently. She looked at her picture with Dick and Bruce during her younger happier days. Kind of like the way she used to be before she was forced to become so much more mature.

So Helena, Kara, and Dinah walked happily along the town in street clothes. So Dick broke Barbara’s heart huh? Oh no Kara it’s the other way around. Barbara just has never been the same since her injury. It’s like she loves him but she thinks she’s either inadequate, or that Dick is too condescending to her. Let me help you up the steps. Here let me open the door. No he didn’t Kara protested. Yeah how dare him what a chauvinist pig. He’s such a Dick Black Canary squealed giddily. Well we told you we were going to go shopping and that’s what we’re doing.

So Dinah how about you. Oh well I sometimes see Oliver but he is a pain in the butt too at times. He has got to recognize how lucky he is that I even minutely care about him. Oh come on I saw you by the phone the other day right after you got your braces out. I was…was just waiting for a pizza. And who was the delivery boy? So who are you banging Huntress. I am not confined to anyone. I do who I want, when I want. How about that guy who works for the police? Detective Jesse Reece is it? Well I banged someone on the way to him. Punching a criminal into the wall doesn’t count. Hey I felt him up. You frisked him. You better not have taken his drugs again. Barbara isn’t kidding about checking us. Yeah well she can turn me in if she can catch me. You’re starting to act a lot like your mother. Hey don’t even mention her name. I won’t. Hey Kara yelled who is her mother. Never mind that. Do you know who her father is…heehee! Who? Supergirl looked pleadingly. Batman. Oh my God I never knew. What’s it like? He’s such a jackass. I tell you what the bum off the street has a better chance of remembering my birthday than he does. And Oracle is more my mother and father to me then anybody else.

Oracle dialed the number as she clutched the Star labs note in her hand. Ring, ring…! Hello, who is this? She hung up breathing deeply. Dick stared at his caller id. Either he just got another call from Timbuktu, or Barbara just hung up on him again. Damn it even if she doesn’t love me the least she could be is a friend. I recognize that scrambling anywhere. So he called her back. Barbara heard the ringing. Damn it he knows. Next time I’ll make my call from the Ukraine. She picked up the phone innocently even as she grasped it like a snake was at the end of the receiver. Umm hello. Dick almost felt like hanging up just to get her back, but he didn’t want her to close down again. So have you had any exotic trips lately like to Timbuktu, or the Ukraine. Damn it I’ll have to call from the Sudan next time. Oh Dick it’s nice to hear from you, it’s been a while. So that wasn’t you from Somalia last week. I didn’t know they had phones there. Heh, heh okay wise guy what do you want. No Barbara why did you call me stop playing games here. Actually I needed, umm I need some advice and I’m not sure what to do right now. What is it what’s wrong? Well I have this new option in front of me. I might be able to get my legs to work again if only partially. But, there is a but there right Barbara? I have a nice butt and don’t you forget it. I haven’t, from what I remember I had a lot of fun back there until you turned your back on me. I love you Barbara and I always will. Well this isn’t about how I feel about you right now Dick as she barely got it out and started to cry. Wait hold on please, can I come over, just to talk. Okay Dick, but just to talk.

So Supergirl slid out in a purple blossomed dress, low cut in the back with fringes and lace, a short skirt, ribbons in her hair and the handle of the lollypop between her teeth. So what do you think she mumbled unintelligibly? I’m not sure yet let’s see you in the red one. She went in and a second later came out. Howboutdisoneummm? She mumbled unintelligibly again. Let’s see the other one again. A second later. You know what Kansas girl let’s get both. Heehee. Supergirl spit out the taffy and just shook her head. Women I just don’t understand them Supergirl muttered under her breath. Hey Kansas how about we shop for some shoes. But my shoes are perfectly fine. That’s great but you need shoes for different occasions. Then we need to take you clubbing and we need to dance and have some fun. Whoopee!

Dick inserts his hand on the pad key as it scans it. You may enter. He then presses his eyes against a keyhole and it scans it. You may enter. Two swinging anvils fly in different directions as he flips and rolls just barely avoiding getting nicked. He swings across the open gaping floor and barely gets inside the elevator. That does it Babs next time I want to get in on the handicapped door like before we broke up. Then he cut it short as he saw Barbara with tears in her eyes. He rushed to her and hugged her. No please…I…I…I can’t. Easy Babs I’m just holding you. That’s it. What is it what’s wrong? She handed him the paper. Ohhh.. So are you going to do this? I don’t know. I’m not sure. It’s very risky. I have gotten used to my life the way it is. And I’ll never be as good as I once was no matter what they develop for me. You didn’t hear about the new body suits they’ve developed that could amplify your leg strength. See, that’s what I’m talking about. I finally have a chance to get out of my chair and then I have to go back into another contraption. Hey I love you no matter what you’re in. Don’t say that Dick. Why, because it’s true. No, it’s just umm I just…ummmm. He lifts her head up and wipes her tears away. Just look me in the eye and say you don’t feel the same way. She stares at his shimmering grey blue eyes. But what about my decision? We can decide later as he starts to kiss her hard, and slowly her mouth opens and they lose themselves in each others arms and comfort.

As they measure out Kara’s foot. So what about Barbara, does she ever come out in these girls night outs. Oh she’s just a fuddy duddy. She wouldn’t even dare. She’s probably just moping around…..Meanwhile- Ohhhh yes Dick give it to me…ohhh my God this is so goooood! Probably eating some plain yogurt and looking at the latest Windows XP update and cleaning up the mistakes that Bill Gates left into the system…..Oh my God Barbara your awesome….ohhh baby…I’m coming…so am I..for the second time…heeeheee!........Yeah we wouldn’t want her to drip rain on our parade. So what do you think about the shoes. Umm there okay. Great we’ll take them. All 6 of them. Now we just need to get you some decent closet space in your room.

So this is a club huh? Yeah let the fun begin Canary cooed below all of the other deaf ears but Kara’s super powered ones. Huntress just shook her head girl do we have our work cut out for us. Music blaring in the background. Smoke everywhere. Supergirl coughed. That does it and she sucked up all the smoke and blew it out into the sky and was back standing on her same spot in the blink of a nanosecond. Is the air cleaner in here or is it just me Huntress groused? She was about to light up when her lighter went out again, again, again. Canary snickered as Supergirl tried to hide her little whistle blow on the lighter. Hey Kara what gives, it’s not like it would have hurt you. Yeah well we’re a team now and your part of my team. Hey if we wanted to bring a fuddy duddy we would have brought the ice queen along. Hey ouch, what are you?....We’re dancing right. Kara first I wanted to smoke, second the smoke was merely a signal to a guy that I was attainable and then he would ask me to dance. Fooo….the smoke puffed into Kara’s face. Fool me once shame on me. I have never been shamed twice ever Kara. I don’t get it if I had your steel lungs I’d be lighting up my bong as soon as I got up in the morning. Hey keep it up Helen and I’ll give you a rectal drug test. Hey Kara are you bi or something?

My turn as Canary cut in and started dancing with Kara. Whatever as Helena dropped her lighter to the floor and 4 handsome strangers literally butted heads trying to pick it up. Hey share and share alike big boys. Why is Helena like that? Doesn’t she have a boyfriend already and so do you. Well yes but do you see a ring on our fingers. Don’t hate the players hate the game. What game are you talking about? It’s called life and having fun. I mean come on we could have died during our last caper. I would do it again in a heartbeat but next time maybe we don’t get so lucky. Well I’m not going to live my life with regrets, or waiting for my so called boyfriend to stop playing hero for me when I’m home.

Hmm this is nice…your so warm. Yeah this is so good. Do you like it when I do this? Ummmm.. how about this yes…and this…..ummm I don’t feel anything….oh whoops I’m sorry. No don’t do that. It was an accident do you want me to go. No I want you to stay but don’t feel sorry for me. I’m …ummmm not sorry. Um that’s better I think. I’m kind of tired between the defenses in this place and then yours in here……I could just sleep for a week. Honey your wearing me out. Okay babe. Get some rest. Hummm….I’m kind of sleepy too….and with that the two lovers drift off spooned together in the bed. We’re home! Kara and the girls walk in with bags in their hand. Let’s get you settled in Kara and….gee that’s kind of funny isn’t Gadgetgirl working on the theory of relativity or something. Umm Barbara are you in here Barbara….Oh my wow! Wow….They just look like their sleeping to me what are you two girls wowing about? Girl you’ve been eating corn too long from that muscled farm boy Supes. We going to have to tell you about the birds and the bitches. I have never heard of a story about birds and bitches. Would that result in a dogbird. Haha that’s kind of funny Kara. What is? Look at her a steel bound pot of clay to mold in…Hey Helena you had better not ruin her. What me? The things you say…….heeheeheee! Well we got to go now and absorb what we just saw in their so you just settle down, because I think those two screwed themselves so silly they might never wake up. Good night Kara. Goodnight Dinah. Goodnight Helena!

Meanwhile the outer defenses slowly freeze over as a man in cold suit walks in along the newly ice formed surface. He has a little hook he shoots out up the elevator shaft and repels up to the floor he had memorized from the plans. It had been hard to find where Ms. Gordon was living and the layout of her virtual fortress but the planmaker confessed rather quickly after 4 hours when he switched to more aggressive tactics. Namely freezing up one limb after the other and shattering it with a hammer. Nothing like missing limbs to grease the tongue up to spit out intel. Yes I will have my wife back one way or the other. He slowly creeps into the room and sees the girl sleeping with a stranger. He pulls out his gun. Hey Mr. Freeze. Barbara woke up followed by Dick. They are flinching as he fires the weapon anticipating being frozen solid when gas shoots out. The knockout gas is heinously strong as their twin blue eyes instantly get heavy. Barbara felt the darkness closing in and was out in 5 seconds and Dick was out in 7. He heaves up Barbara and almost subconsciously embarrassed at touching a naked woman other than his wife. He quickly slid her clothes on from the floor and tossed her over his shoulder like a limp Raggedy Ann doll. Hey what are you doing with Barbara, Kara yelled……He fired the gas at Kara. Kara waited about 10 seconds…Ummm no I personally prefer chanel number 5. Myself. He threw it at her. Here let me try again. She blasted the gas in her own face and then on her wrist and she sniffed it naah…it still kind of sucks. Damn these women and their stupid jokes. He took two steps and Kara took 20 and was immediately blocking his way in less than a second. Okay try this one. He fired his freeze ray at Kara and she was frozen solid from head to toe. Bahhh stupid broad. He walks around her heading to the elevator shaft. Meanwhile the ice turns bright red as the water melts out through steaming hot eyes.

I’m sorry was I rude. You didn’t have to give me the cold shoulder. But I don’t think that lady wants to dance with you. I think I’ll cut in as Kara moved at virtually the speed of light taking Barbara out of his hands and into Dicks. And punching Mr. Freeze directly in his glass cover. He slammed back into a wall practically making the building shake with the impact. His glass case shattered and his head bleeding. I just want my wife to live. She is the only one with compatible replacement organs…I just want…..Here you try it. She sprayed the gas into his face. Blah….blaaahh….blah. And they say women like to yap.

Ring….ring……Hello….what time is this. Babs is that you? I got caller id. I know normally it would say Kazakstan or something, but…No it’s me Kara. Well what up player we had a good time tonight huh? Ummm this is important. Well scream it out I’m a canary I’m used to that.

Well you see someone was trying to kidnap Barbara today and I tried to wake her but he drugged her with some type of strong sleeping gas. Who did it? Oh it’s some bigass baldheaded geek in a space uniform. Oh is that Mr. Freeze. Well he did try to make me into an ice statue but I pretty much kicked his ass and I left him here now. You sure he’s secure. I’m positive. I got him in my other arm I’d let you talk but I gave him a taste of his own gas and he’s out pretty good as well.

So are you going to come over? Be right there.

Helena what are you doing here. Oh come on you actually think I don’t have a tap on your phone Goldilocks. Hey I’m blonde too. Hey don’t make me go there. I will so unload with my blondes are dumb repertoire except you might kick my ass so I’ll take a rain check okay Kansas. People focus here focus. Well here is your umm….Mr. Freeze I guess. Yeah he looks out for the ten count or so. Let me check on Barbara. Helena steps in seeing Barbara and Dick in virtually the same position as before. You sure they were kidnapped Kansas? Yeah when I saved her I just put her right back where she was. Helena took a slight peek. Hey stop it Helena that’s Barbara’s guy get your own. Hey I’m only human. You think Supergirl here didn’t take a peek while she was putting Barbara into his naked arms. Supergirl….umm I’ll just take Mr. Freeze to jail…zip…

Did you see her face she was so embarrassed. She was blushing. You sure you don’t want a peek Canary it looked pretty good from the peanut gallery. Well it has been a while…I no of course not as she swatted Helena in the head and was about to do it again when Helena reversed her arm and got Dinah in a hammerlock and chinlock combination. Like I told Kansas I don’t make a mistake twice. Hey shouldn’t she be back by now, she’s awfully fast. Yeah I agree. Helena moves to the window. Kara who is listening in flies out of view.

Ummm ohhhhhh……good morning sweetie. C-Canary……Huntress what time is it…yawn..Dick? Yeah loverboy over there is still sleeping and I don’t think it was the gas either honey you must have worn him the hell out…..heehee…Canary giggled. Hey why are you in here…oh Mr. Freeze wasn’t a dream. No your just damned lucky you had Kara with you she…….ZZZZZZIP! So your okay then huh Barbara? Yes my hero you saved me this time. Now we’re even than. Oh I’m sure with your powers I’ll be perennially behind eventually. But right now in the sweetest way I can say possible. GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE NOW! Ummm ohhh I was tired Babs ummm why are your friends here. Heeheee Canary giggled. My compliments to the chef Helena deadpanned. Damn you Helena if you even thought about….relax Babs I did nothing…I’ll leave you and your boytoy all to yourself. As soon as she was out of earshot. Yeah she can’t prove anything because I know where she keeps her surveillance tapes and I got a head start so to speak. Oh and Kara thanks. How does he know I was here Kara wondered. Oh come on Kara he was taught by Batman. And besides he’s worked with your cousin before. That zip when you blast out of somewhere is kind of distinctive. I’m sorry about all of this Dick. No it’s okay. You’re more than worth it. Could we talk later and you get dressed as I kind of don’t want to talk with all of the flies on the wall. She threw her shoe against the wall. I said get out! Canary and Kara walked to the kitchen. Why was she so mad? Well why did you blush when Helena asked if you saw Dick’s umm dick? Before Kara could even leave Dinah held her wrist. Its okay we’re all human I told you. But I’m not from here. And your not really from Kansas either we know that but where your from doesn’t make you human it’s just who you are.

Chapter 5- The Bat has legs

God this traffic sucks. Dick whips around past one car after another. Relax Dick we’ll make it. She clutches his wrist. Hey Barbara don’t pop my wood in the van now. Hey you’re getting me there so early we might have time for a quickie. Hey first of all don’t tempt me with an offer I won’t refuse. I repeat I won’t refuse. But today I have to say no. Because you’re not in the mood. Hell no I’d blow you right now if I wasn’t getting operated on today. But that’s the problem. What is? Their operating on me Dick. Their going to be looking at my lower extremities and any kind of man smells isn’t going to be a secret to them. And besides I wasn’t supposed to eat anything before the operation lover. Hey I could withdraw first. Sure you could. That’s what you said last time. I thought you liked it. I do. But…ummm we’re here.

Starlabs. Even as I think about being able to walk as I wheel myself beside my man. He is well trained he hasn’t helped me once. I was almost not pissed when he let the door close in front of me just now. I’m just kidding Barbara. Oh that’s better. Use the knob. That son of a bitch is dead. I’ll get you for that Dick Grayson. But for now hold my hand. I’m right here. I’ll be watching right by your side. Barbara is quickly placed on the mattress and wheeled for prep. The gas mask is turned on. Barbara just breathe this in and count backwards from 10. You’ll be back on your feet in no time. Dick? I’m right here. The mask is lowered over Barbara Gordon’s nose and mouth. The fumes are strong. Barbara breathes deeply and the sweet gas instantly knocks her out like a light before the number 10 even could focus into her head. Her blue eyes roll back into her head as all you can see is the whites of her eyes as her lids slowly close and settle peacefully against her cheek. We can now begin.


So why are we here again? Hey just because Barbara’s on the dl doesn’t mean our hero membership card was revoked. We were heroes before Barbara was oracle. Hey Dinah was a hero before Barbara was. Well it was pretty close, I’m not sure that’s true. Come on Canary you don’t have to be humble. Well let me just say us heroes mature at different times. Exactly. That’s why me and Barbara are still waiting when Helena will mature. Hey wisegirl the case focus, people focus. The payback for that will come later Birdgirl. So we have a victim. Male police officer and he’s smiling. A frozen smile. Yeah the who of this case is pretty self evident the Joker is back. The jokeperson? Like in funny? No Kara he is the Joker. He is Batman’s worst enemy. A psychopathic killer who kills for the fun of it. He actually thinks it is an art form. He tries to make his victims into his own image.

Harley Quinn the Joker’s second hand. We see her distracting the cop lowering his defenses and there she goes spraying him in the face with Joker gas. We see her spraying the camera. Haha candid camera is sponsored by Mr. Jay and until next time bye..I….fizzzzz! Fade to black. What was she doing here? Maybe it was something he was working on. We also know his partner has also disappeared. What were they working on? I can answer that one. Commissioner Gordon. Hello ladies. I guess Batman has his hands full these days. Yeah he’s always so busy with the Justice League and keeping Superman in line. Hey! Sorry Kara. If my cousin wasn’t busy saving Batman’s ass all of the time. Hey you had better watch yourself Kara. Or what. Ladies focus. Okay Commissioner what’s going on? Well we have a rash of missing persons in this city. Well that isn’t new. No I don’t mean just a few people. I mean like hundreds of people have disappeared in the last week or so. Hundreds? But how? Well two officers were investigating it but they disappeared and one is still missing. It looks like the Joker might be behind it but why? I don’t know but if you could relay this to Batman for me. Why you……Just kidding any help you can give us I would appreciate it.


Jokerville. A village within Gotham dedicated to me. You’ve collected all of the taxes right? Death and taxes that’s what they say. HAHAHAHA! Looks like they got both in one fell swoop. Mr. Jay this is awesome. We got Joker street and Joker avenue. And like Joker Lane, and Joker circle. The next group we just called it with a J. And can I have a Harley Quinn street please Mr. Jay. Please..please….please…please….Harley please be quiet or I will use you to plug one of the potholes in my street. Actually that is a fantastic idea. For my next edit..heeheehee…I will plug the potholes in my street with the vagabonds and vagrants who….can I have a quarter? Why yes my good man. Spssss…….I always leave them laughing. Hahahaha. Now here is your quarter, of my village. Okay men seal the pothole J street needs to look just as good as the rest of my district. God the job of the emperor of a village is just never done...hahahhahahha!

There is almost a 1000 people missing and nobody knows where they went except possibly those dead cops over there. Well here is where they were the last time they reported in. A donut shop? Come on Kara don’t you know cops and donuts are like two peas in a pod. Well I mean I do know they frequent those establishments, but….they always do. There are more cops in these shops then in police headquarters. See look there are 4 cops there right now. It is kind of disturbing that a couple of cops died here and they are already back to business as usual. Well they can’t stop everything even for that. Life goes on.

So Mr. Sheriff what do you intend to do about my crime problem. The Joker animatronically opens the dead stuffed officer’s mouth. Wh-what do you mean what crime problem the Joker throws his voice in a psychotic puppet show. That is my point exactly. There is no crime in my village. What am I supposed to do with you? I pay you all of nothing for what? Nothing exactly Hahahaha. Well this has got to change. But Mr. Jay everybody is dead here. We already robbed them…..collected taxes Harley…..well yeah Mr. Jay but unless we commit the crimes who else will? Exactly. If you want something done right you have to do it yourself……………………. Hahahahahahahaha!

Okay first thing is first we talk to the families of the missing victims Kara. Okay I’ll just zip on. Hey we work as a team remember. Well hey Babsy isn’t here. Well that makes me Helena in charge. Who died and made you in charge Helena. I have seniority over you. Hey Canary the fact that you have senility over me is beside the point. Hey I said I have more experience then you not that I’m older….errr that much older than you. Hey if we are running a concert you’re in charge songbird but if we want to kick ass we do things my way. Just because Batman is your daddy doesn’t mean a damned thing to me. I thought we were a team. Shut up Kansas! Canary and Huntress yell in unison. Well while you two decide who is in charge I’ll do a quick recon and come back, if that’s okay with my two co-captains. It is not…Zzzzzzippp! I hate it when she does that! At least we can agree on that Helena.

Kind sir may I talk with you, please! The Joker says in a sugary voice. I need you to do something for me. What is it? What do you want clown? Oh I want you to play a role in a scene for a documentary on crime I’m doing. So what do I do? I don’t have time for this. Perfect. Now I say this is a stick up. And you say… many freaking clowns do we have in this city, I’m out of here. And I say my Smith and Wesson is telling you to empty your pockets right now. And you say….okay don’t shoot here is my money. Take it just please let me go. And I say thank you for the donation to the Joker fund….The Joker oh no please don’t….boing! A little puppet shoots out of the gun. Oh thank you for not killing me just let me go. That wasn’t in the script. Spppppppps!

The joker gas hits the man in the face and another crime is committed by the Joker in Jokersville.

Yes I always leave them laughing, hahahhaha! Now we have to investigate who did such a vile act. It is truly horrible. This sob is littering my street with his smelly body. Get off my road. Ring, ring….The Sheriff is busy right now Mr. Jay, laying against the wall how can I help you? I have another loiterer on my street get a cleanup crew here ASAP. You got it Mr. Jay.

Kara scans the houses of the missing victims and she notices something. There are no people here. Wait a second. I can’t see with these lead lined roofs. Now why would these roofs be lead lined? And then she sees it. --Jokers Ville-- Population 975-955=20 total. Kara feels a sudden chill. The Joker is involved in this. All of those people. They’re probably dead. He isn’t a joke person at all. I hate this man! Yo Kara what do you see. Oh nothing, except that the Joker seems to have taken over like 12 city blocks and I think he’s killed everybody! Huntress and Canary are silent for a while. Hey are you still there? Yes we are you just sit tight we’ll go down there and do this together….okay……BOOOM! Kara are you there? Kara? Kara? KARA!

A missile explodes against Supergirl destroying her communicator. She flies through the smoke and three more missiles hit her and explode. And I just got my suit washed too she pouts as she heads closer. She gets to the missile launcher at superspeed and it explodes as she drives through it. Hey what’s this? She picks up a jack in the box……Tick…tick..tick..Boom!

The bomb explodes. The house crumbles as Supergirl sinks to the bottom of the house and the rubble. Meanwhile little lines are lit with fire connected to TNT throughout the totally destroyed house. Kaboom! The wreckage is in a blazing fire. Luckily it was the only house in Jokersville that wasn’t connected as a city block. Supergirl punched through soot and rubble as she worked her way up to the top. Just as Huntress and Canary arrive. Hey you okay? How did you find me. Kara look at that smoke Helen Keller could have found you. No I’m not okay. Where are you hurt? You see these split ends. You know how much shampoo it takes to make this smokey dead cat smell go away! Unfortunately we do. Let’s get ourselves a Joker and make him pay.

Mr. Jay what are we going to do. It’s the Birds of Prey! Oh don’t worry. But they got Supergirl on their team now. Those missile and bombs didn’t even leave a scratch on her. Its okay Harley you think any super villain worth his salt isn’t ready even for a girl like her. Just follow my plan as I lay it out here. It’s game time hahahahahah!

It’s kind of creepy, we’re sort of in ghost town. Unfortunately it isn’t a ghost town. It’s a clown town. What is with this clown? You’d think he never heard of the circus of Soleil or something. He is so 80’s. Yeah and that hideous purple and green it’s just so yesterday in the 80’s. Like the 1780’s. I think the time for jokes is over my co-captains. Oh no umm Helena is in charge now. How did you decide that one? We did a game of mercy. Oh is that all I’m up for that. No that’s okay we’re a little worn out from our game so you won’t have us at our best when you break both our wrists with one hand and 4 of your other fingers crossed. Well okay then maybe next time.

Eighteen of the Joker’s goons start pouring out of the houses. Get them bitches. This is a sausage factory in here. The winners get some major league poon tang. Talk about free delivery. They attack. I got these guys you look for. Yoohoo Supergirl…hahaha! You ugly bitch here I am. I am the real Supergirl. Your just Losergirl! Kara says…umm you got these shmucks here right. Yeah no problem. I need to shut this little tramps mouth okay. Okay. Supergirl charges toward a blonde in a red and black version of her supersuit. She flies right into her and through her into a wall. Well the wall was there till she punched through it. Supergirl hears a baby crying as the bricks tumble. She flies the crib to safety just in the nick of time. She looks at the baby to make sure it’s okay and it pees on her. Supergirl is at a loss and is about to fly off when she feels very dizzy. The room is spinning. She remembers this feeling. Kryptonite! Damn she desperately tries to wipe it off. She finds baby wipes and is wiping down her body desperately trying to get the Kryptonite off of her uniform and skins. She is very woozy and struggling not to faint.

Canary lays her high pitched scream leveling buildings all around but the henchmen continue on. It figures the Joker must have put earplugs on them. Huntress throws her own version of a batarang and clocks about 4 henchmen clearing the way for them just before they were completely surrounded so they could get themselves to higher ground. The ground gives way as the floor opens up. Huntress and Canary are gone.

Supergirl is wobbly but has steadied herself enough and there he is the Joker himself. He isn’t so tough. I can take him. She flies at superspeed and he just sprays her from head to toe with gas from his gas gun. Supergirl is like is that supposed to hurt me? And then it comes. She just starts laughing. Hahahahahahahhahahhahahahhahaha! Ahh a superheroine with a sense of humor. It is so rare this day and age. You haha are not going hahahhaha anywhere…ha-ha.. Joker. Oh I am not going anywhere you are. I’m only going hahah to take…haha you away.. haha to jail…hahaha. No the only place your going my dear Supergirl is to sleep now Harley. Now! Before Supergirl can even turn around Harley slams an oversized giant Kryptonite hammer against the top of Supergirl’s head. Like that quick it’s over. Haha..ohhhhhhunnnnhhh! Her blue eyes roll as she faints into total unconsciousness. The smile is still on her sleeping face. Harley tosses the pretty blonde over her shoulder. Wow she’s really out. Yeah you were right Mr. Jay it was easy.

Huntress and Canary land with a thud but softened with a couple of rolls to minimize the damage. I don’t like this Huntress. I don’t either Canary. HSSSSSSSSSS! Gas fills the room. Knockout gas! Huntress quickly puts on her mask and tosses one to Canary. Canary drops it as her vision swims away. Her face had been right in line with the gas burst and it was already over. Her blue eyes flutter shut as the sickly sweet fumes dope her into a heavy slumber. Canary! Canary! Come on please wake up. You can be in charge just please be okay. She checks her vitals. Thank God it was just knockout gas. She puts the gas mask over Canary’s nose and mouth. I don’t want you to be sedated any deeper. Okay let me think. She calls out on her communicator. Hello. Oh Dick…ummm how is Babs doing. Well the surgery was successful but she’s still out from the anesthesia. Umm Dick. Yes me and Canary are kind of in a Joker trap right now. What! Why the small talk? Come on where are you? I’m textmessaging our location. So Dick. Yes. Krack!!! Club!

Huntress feels the hammer against the back of her head from Harley with Supergirl still out like a light over her shoulder she tosses the pretty blonde next to the Black Canary. Huntress’s blue eyes had shut instantly from the searing pain as she instantly passed out and fell face down unconscious onto the floor. Yeah this Kryptonite hammer works on regular chicks too. Heehee! Now you don’t need these gasmasks now. As she takes it off of the Huntress and the Canary. The sleeping gas continues to drug them as they sleep very deeply. As for you Supergirly. Hold this little kryptonite hammer for me. Okay sleeping beauty now let me get my syringe and see how soft the kryptonite has made your steel skin. She flips Supergirl face down and lifts up her skirt and jams the maximum amount of tranquilizer that they could fill into the syringe into the meaty part of her firm butt cheek. It went in like a knife through butter. Sweet dreams Sleepergirl. You’re going to be no help to your friends now. She takes the hammer away and gives Kara a teddy bear into her arms and rests her head on a pillow. Gee you’re cute. Then she kicks her in the face. Mr. Jay had better not bang another heroine over me again.

Joker watches from the monitor. Hahahaha…3 birds all in a row. A bird in the hand is going to be worth three in their bush. A virtual smorgasbord of pussy just for the J-man. I don’t ever remember having a better day. Hahahahaha!

--The morning after-- Nightwing and Robin are surveying the area. I still can’t believe how they got Supergirl too. I mean some people have been speculating she might actually be stronger than Superman himself. Naahh I’ll never believe that for a second Nightwing. Yeah well she’d kick both our asses before we could blink an eye. Well I guess we should never underestimate the Joker. That is the message of the day. I hope Babs is doing okay.

Barbara Gordon slept so peacefully with the faint recessive smell of nitrous oxide still in her nose slowly started coming around. Oh look our pretty patient is finally awake. Yeah I feel like I’ve been out all day. About a little more than a day. Umm was my friend Dick. Dick Grayson here. Oh he left he said he had some important business to attend too. She saw her communicator by the side of the bed. She monitored the call recordings. Why would Dick leave? And when she heard the last message her blood ran cold. Joker! JOKER! HAHAHAHA! Her nightmare was now a reality.

Chapter 6 Batgirl to the rescue

Mr. Jay’s hard on extended in his joker pants as he needed satisfaction. C’mon Mr. Jay it’s been a while I’ll dress like Batgirl again if that’s what you want. Get out of the way Harley, it’s like they say out with the old and in with the screw. Hahaha…But of course it won’t be you. The joker surveys the drugged heroines stripped completely naked with a hospital sheet covering right where the slope of their breasts extend. His own sword pointing northward almost wanting to slash at the breasts like in a jousting match. He walks by staring at the pretty sleeping faces of Supergirl, Huntress and the Black Canary. Which one, which one, I think there is enough Joker for each and every one of you three? He slides their covers off revealing flawless muscular stomachs with perky erect breasts with pink rosy nubs seeming to sway with their breathing at the ends. He looks lower and yes all three triangles both the golden ones and the pitch black haired one confirmed that their hair color was au natural. He first tentatively brushed the head of his penus like an artist paints over the Canary’s pubes and then once over the Huntress’s pubes and finally over Supergirl’s pubes. He gave about 20 strokes per chick and then he had to clench in as he almost spilled his Joker seed on the floor. Hahahahhaha good till the last drop!

Harley fumed at the predicament not even noticing Nightwing and Robin steadily sneaking into their main building on the other monitor. Joker meanwhile resting his mammary began to stroke their breasts with his long green tongue up and down and then side to side finishing with the next girl besides. Nightwing and Robin stealthily crept behind Harley. Joker decided to do Supergirl as he had never raped her before. Those other birds of Prey were already sloppy seconds to him by now but Supergirl looked like a virgin down there her pussy was so clean and pink along the golden pubic curls. He entered instantly unnhhh…hahahaha fits like a glove, but if it doesn’t fit I sure as hell won’t quit. Harley was like no Mr. Jay how could you how…mmmmmph….Nightwing had pressed a batgas mask over her face filling her lungs with a special brew of ether and nitrous oxide. Harley’s blue eyes fluttered at the powerful chemical scented fumes as her head floated off her body. Her frown fading away as the sweet fumes calmed her down as she smiled and drifted to the floor into unconsciousness as Dick carefully lowered her cradling her head as she lay on the floor completely out. Dick was about to say something to Jason Todd when he noticed the gaping look of the New Robin staring at a monitor screen.

As Joker plunged into Supergirl’s vagina he exploded instantly, but then something interesting happened. It was like a muscular reflex as her vaginal walls spat back out the cum into the air along with the Joker. He went hard into the wall. Kara moaned and her blue eyes started fluttering though she was still barely conscious. Joker grimaced in pain. His balls felt like they were almost sprained and his neck, shoulders, and lower back throbbed but he went back to Supergirl. This time he poured a green powdery substance into a bottle of chloroform and started shaking it. Chachacha…..rattle…chachacha…rattle. He poured the chloroform over a cloth and approached Supergirl who lay stone cold out. As he approached her eyes opened wide and she grabbed his approaching hand and squeezed not this time Joker. He dropped the cloth but it landed on his penus like a parachute. As she cursed at the Joker you asshole how dare you do this to us, well how would you like it if I bend you over and shove that hammer of yours up your ass. Hahahahhaha. What are you laughing at jackass…this… and his penus drove the chloroform and kryptonite treated cloth into her vagina. Supergirl gasped and she tried to expel the penus but she felt woozy and very weak and was already feeling like she was going to pass out as her head got very sweaty and her vision and consciousness was floating in a kind of Joker Kaleidoscope. Haha…ahhh…ha…ah…ohhhh..hahahhha…ohhh as he drove his penus into her again and again. She woozily tried to throw him off again when he waved the bottle of chloroform under her nose. Everything plunged into oblivion as she heard the fateful words…whoops I spilled some over your nose and mouth…… the sweet sickly sweet fumes overwhelmed all of Kara’s senses and then everything faded to black……ohhhhhhh….zzzzzzzzzzz! Joker lay tiredly as he had expelled his load into Kara’s vaginal cavity.

Robin and Nightwing approached the Joker and Supergirl from two sides. They grimaced at the sight of the lecherous clown’s rape of Supergirl. They went to check carefully at the sleeping Joker and Supergirl. The Joker’s head came off. Robin clutched at Supergirl’s head. Holy hoaxes Nightwing. Hey stop copying me. I am not copying y-you,,,,ssssss…gas seeps out of the headless mannequins and soon the two begin laughing…hahahaha…for 5 minutes and then the Joker comes out with a gas mask over his face. Oh did the dynamic dingbats think that was a live tape….Oh no that happened 2 hours ago. Wham two fists fire out from his sleeves hitting Dick and Jason in the chin and everything went black……the tape ran forward as Joker let his finger drag on the button. Joker wiping off his dick over Kara’s slightly parted mouth and then he pressed the rag now soaking wet with chloroform over her nose and mouth. The sleeping beauty breathed deeply into the drugging fumes and faded deeper away from the land of the living as she faded away so did the screen.

Harley?....Harley…..ohhhhhh…wha-what h-happened? Harley woozily came too finding herself naked and tied down next to the more deeply sedated heroines, Supergirl, Huntress, and the Black Canary. Wha Mr. Jay wh-why, because I only like it when it’s rape…but I want this to…mmmppphhh….Joker pressed a wet rag full of smelly chloroform over Harley Quinn’s face and the naked blonde went out like a baby as her liquid blue eyes floated and rolled into the back of her head. Joker’s penus followed brushing her solid white teeth and pink tongue nice and gently and then very rough as he came for the second time that day. Harley moaned and seemed to sigh almost like she liked it.

Barbara Gordon cursed as she drove her van with reckless abandon. Thank God Dick left her the van and took the motorcycle in the back. She hissed as someone cut her off and she even faster just slammed her cane down onto the gas pedal and blew by him in her suped up vehicle. She was 3 blocks away before he could even extend his finger. She went through a red light and quickly hacked the camera making sure she wasn’t paying a ticket. I have to save them. And my legs are barely functional. I’m in my Batgirl outfit and it is so sad how much give there is where my once muscular legs used to be. I really am going to have to use the leg extenders, but I still needed rehab time. My legs are still barely working and the leg amplifiers are still not going to work as well as I need them to for battling villains. She blazed down the highway as she followed her GPS.

Harley slept peacefully as she lay out like a stone. C’mon Harley wake up please. One of the Joker’s henchmen Mike Renfield hapless Mike just had a thing for Harley. C’mon Harley wake up..slap…slap. Ohhh wh-what happened….Mr. Jay. And then she saw Mike. Oh it’s you. Here let me untie you. He untied the still wobbly, and woozy Harley Quinn. Why thank you Michael I do declare. Mike blushed he was puddy when she sweet talked him. And then she clubbed him with a joker hammer and he lay out on the floor with that same stupid grin on his face. What a sucka. Mr. Jay come on where are you! She walked past the drugged heroines tied or chained onto beds and went back to the control room. Oh hi Mr. Jay. What is it now? Oh it’s you again I thought you were tied up at the moment. Hahahah! Oh Mr. Jay you and your silly games you forgot to untie me. Yes what a crime that would have been but oh look who’s here I haven’t seen Batgirl in quite a while. Not since she was on the scope of my bat hunting gun. Oh I do believe I can manage one more orgasm don’t you agree. The elated Harley Quinn dejectedly frowned as she turned her head away.

At that same moment in time Barbara parked her van and slowly clicked on the leg amplifiers. I’m not Oracle anymore. I have to get myself back into Batgirl mode. It’s like riding a bike after all huh? A bike I still can’t ride without more rehab. She scooted off her seat and scooted to the floor wincing as she landed. God this is going to be hard. If I didn’t have a utility belt and experience I literally might as well be kidnapping myself. She approached the lair slowly so she wouldn’t make any noise and also because her legs were still too weak to move faster. Her yellow cape flapped in the breeze felt almost like a whip as it landed on her sensitive legs. I feel like a damned newborn. She was shocked by how easy she got in. But she knew better. This is obviously a trap. But I don’t have a choice. She followed the gps signals for her Birds of Prey and there they were sleeping soundly tied down to beds with ropes under and over their breasts, thighs and shins. Completely naked and with their legs spread in a scary welcome guest kind of way and Batgirl was still bushed from her just completed surgery. Oh welcome to Jokerville my dear! She turned around the cackling laughter of the Joker of her nightmares in the flesh before her and she was outnumbered by at least 19 to 1 and that’s assuming her gimpy self counted as one.

Chapter 7- Batgirl vs. the Joker (The finale to the story)

So I see you decided to skip over to my town. Were you planning to square dance with me or is this a social call? Batgirl fumed. Oh look how cool you are I hear purple is the new black at least for queers and weirdoes. My, my how I have missed your wit, but that was only because you fell after I shot you. My, my Joker who does your makeup Son of Sam, or is it Siegfried and Roy? Oh you have got legs and you can’t really use them…Sheer energy legs..Hahahaha! Keep them talking that is in the hero handbook as she throws her batarang and a smoke bomb at the same time and she does a flip and roll wincing at her pained limbs setting up for her next attack when the smoke clears. Five Henchmen lay out on the floor as her nightvision goggles went on she threw her line out and caught two more in their legs and dragged them where she drove her metallic yellow gloves into their balls leaving it their as a painful angry gesture. Okay so it’s just the Joker, Harley and ten henchmen more. She shot her line up in the sky as the smoke cleared. The Joker had turned a fan on and his Joker gas wafted up to the sky. Barbara’s gas mask popped over her nose and mouth as she threw tranquilizer bats in every direction(her version of ninja stars at the other henchmen who slept with the other jabronies. She sailed down on her batline and went to kick the Joker and Harley and she got nothing but cardboard as it splintered to the floor. Oh hi Batgirl I don’t think you need any introduction to this man I believe he is called Nightwing. She saw her boyfriend with a gun pointed to his head by the Joker

Surrender now and I guarantee I’ll only kill him later. No Bab…Batgirl don’t do it take him out don’t let this sicko get his hands on you, please he choked on the last words. Barbara stared with hurt, angry, and helpless fury. She hesitated with a gun clutching tightly in her own hand. She lowered it futilely and then Harley yelled strike as she swung her bat to the side of Barbara’s neck and everything went black as she felt the pain and then nothing but darkness as she crumpled to the floor. Haha I knocked out Batgirl with a bat. Please Mr. Jay let me kill her? Please…please..please with sugar on top? No Harley she will be the topping on my syrup. Yes she will be the icing on my cake. And you Mr. boohoo don’t hurt my girlfriend will get to watch. Hahahahahhahahahahahaha!

An hour and a half later Batgirl painfully came too. The Joker had finally managed to slap her awake after 15 minutes. Well her mask was still on that’s the good news. The bad news well once again someone has knocked me unconscious, stripped me naked and tied me down to a table with my legs spread. But the good news is I still have my mask on. Thank God for blessings. Of course the fact that the Joker has a giant dildo attached to his puny penus and my boyfriend Dick Grayson is chained to a wall with the best view of my future rape. You know being unconscious was not such a bad thing after all.

Ohhhhh….my head. Ah the Batgirl is awake at last. Time to rise and shine and get down to business. Now the good news for you is that I am so tired from having sex twice today that I can’t really do it at the moment but what do they say you chicks like sex toys anyway so until I can rape you properly this will have to do. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! No! No! No! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Barbara felt the foot long jackhammer drive right through her red triangle and the pounding against her vaginal wall seared her with pain. No….ahhhh…ohhhhhhhhhhh! Oh God Barbara and I can’t do anything to stop it Dick looked dejectedly and had to turn his face away at the horror.

Meanwhile Harley dragged Supergirl away from the bed in the other room. Mr. Jay that bastard had sex with you. Well guess what it was his first time and last time because I am going to drown you in the bathtub you bitch. Ohhhhh…..wh-where am I. Oh did all of the drugs wear off? Good I want you awake to see yourself when you die. Supergirl felt herself being pulled by Harley Quinn who was yakking away. She tried to fight out of it but there was a necklace attached to kryptonite over her neck just sapping her strength. Harley dragged the naked Supergirl to the tub and grabbed her tight muscular butt and lowered her into the hot tub. Yes drown bitch. Drown bitch! How dare you fuck Mr. Jay he’s my man! Kara felt herself sliding under. She choked. I have to think of something I have got to get out of here, but how? Then she saw a monitor in the bathroom and got one desperate idea.

Meanwhile Helena and Dinah finally came too slowly feeling their drug numbed limbs. God where am I. I feel like I’ve been asleep for a week. Oh Dinah are you okay. Umm Helena. What? Look at what’s on the TV. Oh shiiii…….Meanwhile Batgirl screams in agony as the penusjacker slams again and again into her pussy. No….oohhh…no owwww….ohhhh…yessss…oh…no! I think you like it…hahaha. Thou dost protest too much. Oh God Stop it you sick piece of crap. Stop it you gay clown. Oh does the peanut gallery have something to say now? Well I’ll prove I’m not gay soon enough. I just got my second wind. He tosses the smoking machine to the side. Oh I get to rape Batgirl now. Yes I left your stupid mask on you know why. Because I imagine Batman when I hurt you. Oh nothing gay about that Batgirl wheezed. Don’t worry your not going anywhere. I’ll do it to you tomorrow without the mask and find out who you really are not that I really care. Once I know I will just kill you and forget the whole thing. Just another victim. I also enjoy watching your muscular boyfriend’s pain when I drive into you. I like pleasure but I love pain! Pain is what I like the most. Especially for others..hahahahahaha!

Damn it Harley don’t you understand. Oh bye bye Supergirl. Look at that screen. Look at it Harley he is about to have sex with Batgirl. Oh he was just using a strap on. Well look again. I only see two inches and I think the camera adds an inch at that. Hey stop talking bad about Mr. Jay’s little lovestick. Harley was about to leave but she glanced at the screen and her façade crumbled. She felt weak and like her world was going to end. Come on girl he’s using you, but if you still want him let me go. I can stop him. I…I…I. Come on live to fight us another day. You won’t get the blame I just escaped on my own. I’ll stop him and you live to love your man with one less person on his list that he has cheated on you with. If you love him you have to do this. Just take the kryptonite…cough..cough…umm I’m running out of time. I can’t save him from making the biggest mistake in his life and screwing you over unless you free me. Okay I’ll…I’ll do it, but don’t hurt Mr. Jay okay. She drags the dripping wet naked Supergirl out of the tub. Water just seeming to jump off the planks of her firm breasts and ass. Harley takes the chain off of her and kicks her in her ass out of the room. Okay. You go but I’m keeping the kryptonite so if you come back for me I’ll be waiting.

Joker meanwhile hovers over Barbara with his penus in hand just teasing like he was about to go in and withdrawing like a Matador. On guard Batgirl. It’s just like the running of the bulls…Just like a Matador. Batgirl defiantly hisses, more like a Matadork! Ok that’s it Batgirl I’m done playing around time to meet the end of this story. As he pointed his end closer and closer towards Barbara’s box. Stop it Joker. Oh what now? Barbara struggled weakly trying to get her unchained legs to move. Arrogant bastard knows they don’t work. And they don’t. Damn it I need them to move. Only chance I’ve got. She wills it but they barely budge. Please..please…and then she felt her toe move…again..again. So Supergirl we meet again. I see this time you have your clothes on. I barely recognize you that way…Hahahahha! Barbara meanwhile struggles God I hope she can at least distract him enough to buy me some time.

Kara rushes at him and he fires his gun and a kryptonite blast hits her right in the stomach and then washes her over from head to toe. Kara sinks like a stone completely unconscious in 5 seconds. Her face bounces off the ground and leaves a black and blue mark. Okay enough of that where were we Batgirl come to papa. He closes in and over one of her legs presses his dick inside of her. She gasps. Dick gasps. Supergirl sleeps like a baby. Harley Quinn turns her head away from the screen crying and running away. Huntress and Black Canary scream no in unison as her Canary scream shatters the TV monitor. Barbara struggles with her adrenaline pumping. The Joker’s penus continues to pump and then we have lift off as Batgirls frozen limb kicked the most important kick in her life right into the Jokers hardened penus. The kick is good! He screams in agony as he dislodges from her in agony and bangs his head into a medical pan and slips away into unconsciousness.

Harley walks in sadly walks by Barbara time for your meds Batgirl and she soaks a rag full of chloroform and slams it over her face. MMMMMPPHHH….mmmmphhh…zzzzzz! Batgirl was very weak and woozy and the sweet fumes over her nose and mouth instantly plunged her into a deep drugged slumber. She shakes her head and drags the Joker away. You’ve had enough fun today Mr. Jay we’re out of here.

Two hours later Supergirl comes too on the floor. Ohhh…no I’ve got to stop waking up this way she grouses. She shakes her head and sees Batgirl still out on the table. She shakily comes over and unties her. Come on Babs wake up. Please. Ohhh my God I couldn’t be possibly happier to see you and then she passes right back out as the drugs hadn’t worn off on her surgery weakened system. And so the Birds of Prey slumber party ends and they drive away with a bittersweet victory that felt a heck of a lot more like a defeat. And then Dick goes oh by the way where is Robin have you seen him anywhere. You sure you brought him. Positive.

Okay Robin we are making our own little sex tape and Mr. Jay can take that in his pipe and smoke it. I am going to have sex with you now and I took the pill because I am saving myself for Mr. Jay. So cry for help all you want but this is going to happen. Oh no please don’t have sex with me. Oh no God forbid a hot blonde rapes me oh no heaven forbid. The blonde Harley Quinn puts her glasses on the table and pulls at Jason’s cock and finally drives into him. Oh no. Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes baby! Oh baby! Scream all you want boy wonder but I’m in the mood for seconds. Ohhhhhhh yes!

The end! Oh no! Oh yes!

The end….really

This is the end!