Batman’s Brain is Missing!  

By John Feer

Wizards Lair Supergirl and Batgirl Team-Up 2006

Batgirl and Supergirl, Amazo, Professor Ivo et al are all owned by Warner Brothers Inc. This is a work of fan ficition with parodistic intent.

Author’s prologue: This story is set in an alternate “bronze age” universe in which the infamous “Crisis on Infinite Earth’s never happened. Linda Danvers aka Supergirl works as a literary agent in Metropolis, Barbara Gordon alias Batgirl has a day job as a literacy consultant for the Wayne Foundation.

“Show me love darling!” trilled the photographer.

Linda Danvers (AKA Supergirl, the Maid of Steel) merely covered her blushing face with her spread fingers and peeped at the camera like the shyest of schoolgirls.


The photog stepped back “Re-ally darling that one-little-maid-from-school act is strictly from poverty!” he snipped.

Claire Valton, Linda’s old college roommate and now the VP for acquisitions at Paragon United Publishing smirked at her old friend’s discomfiture.

“Lin-da!” she sang out “Cross your damn legs! Show those stems! Why else did you wear a mini for this photo-shoot!”

Tentatively, Linda stretched her long shapely gams and crossed them demurely at the ankles, the scene took on a fetching quality, the photographer pounced - FLASH!

“That is it darling...just relax...the camera is your boyfriend, you don’t want to leave him high and dry do you!”

Linda threw a sort of kiss at the camera despite a stomach that was turning flip-flops from stage fright.

“Great Krypton!” she thought “I think I’d rather take on Darkseid singlehanded in my underwear than do this twice!!”

Still, she smiled with a sweet unaffected charisma.


“You know, Linda used to wear knee socks to class all the time and teensy little plaid skirts...guys used to follow her around campus like Arte Johnson on Laugh In” needled Claire.

“I-did-not!!” sputtered Linda, who nonetheless held her covergirl pose like a champ.

“I don’t think she even knew what slacks were!” continued Claire with an evil smile.

“You see, she was prime cover material even then!” noted the photog who lined up another shot to exploit the cute-but-miffed look on Linda Danvers’ face.


“Yer goin’ on the cover of Metro Life’s next issue Ms. Danvers I can feel it!” exulted the photographer.

Linda sighed and smiled yet again “The things a literary agent has to do to keep the phone ringing” she though.

“Ohhh Linda you are a big phony you LOVE this! Your sweet self as the cover picture for a feature story on Ten Rising Women in the Arts & Publishing...I’m a genius for pushing you into this!” smiled Claire.

“More leg!” cried the photog...”I gotta have more leg!!”

Linda sighed, rolled her eyes, pointed her toes and tried to relax.


Exactly two months later....

Amazo the android with the super powers of five of the original six Justice League members, was malfunctioning.

His creator, Professor Ivo, could tell despite dangling by his lapels and being shoved up hard against his lab’s wall.

“A-Amazo! P-put me down!” gasped the evil scientist.

“I am...ratiocinating at a diminished capacity!” rasped the android “I require reee-pairs!”

“Declining vocalization, his platinium-iridium polymer brain is deteriorating,” thought Ivo.

Amazo cocked a fist at his creator “You MUST repair me-eee...NOW!” he roared.

“A-Amazo I uhhhh...I can’t!” babbled the terrified technologist.

“Yooou must! You are my...creator!” admitted the android in a nigh abashed tone.

“Your iridium neural net is degrading that is what is causing the intellection gaps they will only get worse, it’s the nature of the rare element that composes your brain!” lectured Ivo.

“Isss there nothing you can do?” asked the android in a menacing tone, his fist aimed dead center at Ivo’s considerable cranium.

“M-me?? No...But, your neural net was only a stop gap to get you activated and operating against the Justice League it was never designed to function this long!” said Ivo.

Amazo’s cold green eyes narrowed he might’ve looked angry if he was capable of authentic emotion “Then you will cease to function before me...creator!” hissed the android.

“Nooooo wait! Ummmmm...the degradation can be halted and reversed Amazo yes yes!! All you need is an infusion of biological material, grey matter from a human brain. A mere 10% of humanoid tissue will recombine with your morphogenic cell structure and repair your neural net!”

Ivo smiled wanly “God I hope he buys it!” he thought.

Amazo held Ivo in the air, and thought, “Your brain is available...” he considered.

Ivo panicked “No wait you don’t understand! It -it has to be a sample from one of the JLA members whose powers you duplicate...Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern or the Martian Manhunter...any other cells would be rejected Y-eah that is it!!”

Once again, Amazo stopped and considered Ivo’s “advice”.

For a moment though, the android almost looked distracted he was staring hard at two magazine’s lying carelessly atop a nearby lab table. “Metro Life” had a leggy young woman, a local literary agent on it’s cover. The other was the trashing supermarket tabloid “Heroine Addiction” which had a big cover story on Supergirl who was seen seated at a national youth conference with her long legs demurely crossed.

Amazo stared for almost a full minute at both women seemingly entranced.

Ivo for his part merely hung in the air and sweated “Does he believe me??” thought the mad scientist.

“I-its the only way Amazo...” whispered Ivo in a frightened voice.

“I concur!” barked the android that without further ado simply dropped his creator and crashed thru the roof of his modest lab.

A shower of plaster and debris fell on Ivo, who rose coughed and dusted himself off with evident disgust “that was close!” he gasped to no one in particular.

“Still” he thought with an evil smile “If Amazo is terminally malfunctioning, he may as well take a few JLA’s members down with him!”

Ivo walked to a lab table he was worried about his errant creation paying a return visit. The mad scientist set to work building a pocket detection device that would track the peculiar EM signature given off by Amazo’s deteriorating neural net.

He whistled as he worked.

That afternoon...

“Babs for God’s sake just forget about your night job for once and come visit me this weekend!” taunted Linda Danvers into her cel-phone.

“Linda honey I’d love to get away work has been so crazy lately but Bruce is out of town so I’ve got to pick up the slack if you know what I mean” rejoined Barbara “Batgirl” Gordon.

“Ohhhh fiddle-dee-dee!” sang Linda “Dick, Dinah, Tim and Jack can all cover for you...hell they are covering for you right now and you don’t even know it!”

“Well...things have quieted down lately” wavered the Darknight Damsel.

“You’d be forty minutes away over land and even faster by know I’ve got good air connections!” purred Linda.

“Ahhhh alright I’ll do it, I still have to put in some overtime today, I’ll be by late if you don’t mind!” said Babs.

“Fine I’ll air out the guest room...will you be taking the back road to my place?” inquired Linda.

“And I’ll be dressed to kill to boot!” smiled Babs.

“Great you know where the key is...” reminded Linda.

The two friends blew comical phone kisses at one another before hanging up.

“I’m taking her shoe shopping tomorrow, I won’t take no for an answer!” thought the disguised Kryptonian Kutie to herself.

Pleased with her pending “girls night out”, Linda resumed reading a new manuscript with smile.

After sundown.

A very famous author got his big break thanks to winsome Linda Danvers, rising literary agent. The commission from that sale bought the agent a nice quiet converted farmhouse in the toney Shusterville suburb of Metropolis.

Linda dearly loved her little cottage in the burbs’, it was tastefully decorated and thanks to a high stonewall, very very private.

Privacy being the key thing, for today’s superheroine on the go.

Unlocking the door the disguised heroine grinned hugely at her sweet little domicile “best hundred thousand I ever spent!” she thought.

Linda reached down and pulled off her stylish strappy work-heel off her winsome left foot, she gave her poor ankle a quick massage as she sighed with post work weariness.

“Ohhh these heels, so sexy and yet so bad for my feet!” she said to no one in particular.

Suddenly Linda stood up straight “Wait a minute! I’m Supergirl! I could wear five inch spikes for the next year and never feel it!”

She dropped her tiny foot back on the floor “It’s those damn working-girl sitcoms on TV! I’ve been brainwashed!” thought the Kryptonian Crimefightress ruefully as she put her shoes back on.

Linda made for the bedroom if she hurried she could get a fast patrol in over Metropolis before Barbara showed up.

Just inside the door, hung a full length mirror on the wall, Linda stopped, slowly unbuttoned her modestly fitted blouse revealing her two sweetly sized breasts corralled by a blue lace bra.

She smiled at her reflection and thrust out her tits impertinently “Sweetie remind me to find you a boyfriend one of these days!” she said aloud.

The mirror also revealed a slight movement on the floor behind her.

Linda turned around unconcerned and clapped her beautiful baby blues on a horrifying sight.

A mouse.

Tiny little grey mouse was idly scampering down her bedroom wainscoting like it owned the place.

Linda’s eyes batted wide she leapt in fright onto a nearby stool “EEEEEEEEKKKK!!!! A MOUSE!!” she squealed!!

Crouching atop the stool in complete feminine fear, the disguised heroine looked about the bedroom wildly as the tiny grey mouse obliviously crawled towards her.

“S-stay away you awful beast!!” whined the otherwise fearless Maid of Might who clutched her purse in front of her like a shield!

Threats meant nothing to the tiny rodent, who sat on his haunches and sniffed the air quizzically.

Supergirl reared back, it was irrational, and utterly stereotypical yet for all that, The Girl of Steel was utterly petrified of mice!

In desperation, she reached down and pulled off one of her strappy heels “This’ll show you buster!!” she grated.

Ah...but even Supergirl, “throws like a girl”, her hand trembled and the shoe flew wide of it’s mark!

“Ooohhh no!” sobbed the heroine.

The mouse crawled forward a bit, seemingly eying the petrified Girl of Steel contemptuously.

Kara reared back and yelped fearfully.

“This is embarrassing, I’m Supergirl I’ve fought Starfinger to a standstill, I-I can’t be afraid of a mouse!!!” she thought.

Kara tentatively put one dainty foot down on the floor, in a halfhearted attempt to run away.

The mouse though, seemingly sensing her fear made a mad dash beneath the legs of the stool that supported the fainthearted crimefightress.

“Yeeek!” Supergirl pulled her bare foot up off the floor in a panic.

She danced a bit atop he chair in an agony of fright and indecision “Rao if Luthor ever found out I’m afraid of mice...” she muttered.


Suddenly Supergirl was enveloped in a bright purple vapor!

“HEY!” she exclaimed, the air was full of a strange crackling sound.

“Great Rao!” before Linda’s astonished eyes, her blouse, skirt, shoes, even her trademark brown wig were all dissolving.

Her hands flew to her now revealed blonde locks...otherwise she was down to her prim blue lace trimmed bra and panties.

”Uh oh that mouse was a fake, I think I’ve got bigger problems here than a rodent infestation!” thought the heroine.

Quickly she reached into her purse and pulled out her compact (which concealed her costume in a super compressed form).

“This is crazy! Gotta make the old switcheroo!” thought the heroine.

Spinning about just in the nick of time, Supergirl saw none other than the JLA’s old foe the super android Amazo, he of the bare chest, skull cap and “earth tone” leggings standing in the doorway of her bed room appraising the scene with a cool electronic eye.

“Amazo how did you track me down here!!??” cried Kara who leapt into the air and cocked a fist her interloper.

With the speed of thought, Amazo whipped out his duplicate magic lasso and threw a tight little noose around Supergirl’s oncoming fist, he pulled the lariat snug with an expertise that comes of absorbing Wonder Woman’s unique powers, skills & weapons.

“Oh No!! The lasso he can...” Supergirl’s thought trailed off as Amazo shouted “Kryptonian captive number one will now fall sleepy Supergirl, too sleepy to fight me now!”

The Maid of Might fell to the floor she could feel the most delicious magical languor creeping up from her toes, past her belly button, oozing warming thru her breasts and up into her sweet head.

“Nooo...must resist...mustn’t fall asleep...lasso commands me...Noooo” moaned the Maid of Might.

Oh Kara fought for a minute or two but finally her eyes rocked and closed very slowly.

“Noooo...” she breathed in sexy helpless tone.

Her hand relaxed, Linda’s compact, fell noiselessly to the floor.

“Oooooohhhhhh s-so ti-red!” cooed the helpless Maid of Might as she feel into a deep sleep.

If Amazo was human, he’d a smiled, popped a boner or flung himself onto the helpless heroine.

But he wasn’t, instead he went fishing around in her spilled purse until he found the Girl of Steel’s JLA signal-device and recognition disk. Thus fortified, he gathered the drowsing Maid of Might tenderly in his arms and then using the flying ability he’d absorbed from the Martian Manhunter, wafted off into the night sky for parts unknown.

A few hours later, Batgirl sped over the Dorfman Bridge on her customized motorcycle, the wash whipping thru her strawberry red hair.

The Dominoed Daredoll had a pretty good night all told, thwarted a liquor store hold up, caught a wanted bank robber and brought down a notorious high end drug dealer.

Now she was headed to Linda “Supergirl” Danvers’ home in Shusterville for some R&R.

The Darknight Damsel smiled beneath her crash helmet, when she got over the bridge, she’d engage the stealth drive on her motorcycle and her anti-infra-red screen.

“Time to see if my cloaking gadgets are good enough to spoof Kara’s super senses!” she thought.

In truth, Batgirl had little hope of evading Supergirl’s enhancing eyesight and hearing but it was always good to test her technology against the best in the business.

Batgirl was happy, she was truly looking forward to a little pajama party fun with Supergirl. They hadn’t teamed up in a few months so Barbara was eager to catch up with her gal pal.

“I just wish the newspapers wouldn’t call us the World’s Finest Lady’s Auxiliary...I mean its not like we are Shriners or something!” thought the masked heroine.

Three miles down the road, Batgirl swerved onto a seldom used trail, another mile and she hit the road that ran parallel to the back of Linda’s property.

With the stealth drive running, the batcycle made about as much noise as a bicycle as it zoomed down the lonely country road.

Another turn near a stonewall and Batgirl slowed to a stop. She looked around and made sure there was no one in sight, before she opened the locked door with her special electronic key.

Quietly, the Dominoed Daredoll low-throttled the batcycle onto Linda’s back lawn before concealing it in her friend’s unattached garage.

Right away, the Dominoed Daredoll could sense something was wrong.

The sliding doors that opened to Linda’s backyard were open, the curtains stirring in the persistent breeze.

“Usually when I visit, Linda is out here to greet me” thought the Darknight Damsel.

Slowly, she tiptoed thru the door, senses keenly alert.

Nothing, the kitchen was empty.

The dining room empty, likewise the living room.

Batgirl was doubly aware she was sneaking thru the private home of a friend in the heroine trade. The first rule in these encounters was always, “maintain secrecy!”.

“Miss Danvers?” called out Batgirl “Supergirl sent me to see if you are all right?”


The hackles rose on Barbara’s neck something was definitely wrong here.

She crept towards the bedroom and noted a large powdery stain on the wall-to-wall carpeting.

Bending over, Batgirl sniffed the substance “It...Can’ dissolvent.... straight out of Batman’s utility belt!” thought Batgirl.

She also noted bits of fur and some burst electronic components under a nearby chair.

“Hmmm I could swear that these are the remnants of one of Batman’s all purpose robot mice gimmicks!” thought Barbara.

Involuntarily, Batgirl shuddered with the memory of climbing atop a chair in a panic when Batman “tested” the device on her.

And then, glittering off to one side, she saw it, Supergirl’s “compact” the tiny bauble she used to store her costume when her Linda Danvers garb was too revealing.

Batgirl picked the compact up; it’s unusual weight verified the costume was still inside.

The Dominoed Daredoll now had a cold frightened feeling inside her.

She made her way down to the basement and into Kara’s converted “secret headquarters” wherein she stored her other costumes, a computer link to the Fortress of Solitude and the inevitable vanity table.

Batgirl counted, nine costumes, including the super-bikini and the ball-gown!

“Wherever Supergirl is, she doesn’t have her costume...” thought the Darknight Damsel “And all the clues point to an abduction using Batman’s arsenal!”

Babs raised a finger to her lips in a thoughtful gesture “Good God who could discover her secret identity and kidnap Supergirl though??”

Babs whipped out her PDA, and signed on via the batcomputer’s secure wireless net.

In a few minutes she’d do a whole database search on all villains who’d copied Batman’s utility belt in prior encounters.

Two names came up, the Joker (currently undergoing electroshock at Arkham) and Amazo the Android (whereabouts, unknown).

This was now a “code gold” situation, wherein the safety and secret identity of a hero or heroine was in immediate danger.

The “proper” thing to do was call in the Justice League, but most of them were off planet dealing a crisis on the planet Rann.

Batgirl had the option of calling in other heroes, but that meant further compromising Kara’s secret.

In an instant, Babs set her jaw and decided to keep the matter “intimate” for the moment.

“If I need back-up I’ll call for it” she decided.

She needed a start though, a quick check of Batman’s intranet crime files revealed, that Professor Ivo, Amazon’s creator, was out on parole and working as a freelancer for LexCorp.

“He is as good a place as any to begin, maybe I can shake a lead on Amazo out of him!” thought the heroine as she sped away into the night.

“Wow, invited to the very bat-cave, being a JLA newbie sure has its privileges,” thought Supergirl as she slowly walked around the Darknight Detective’s stygian lair.

“Nice place you have here...plenty of closet space not much of a view though” joked the Maid of Might.

“Do you like it MISS DANVERS?” hissed Batman’s deep voice from the shadows.

“GASP! What to do mean, I’m not Supergirl, ahhh no I mean I’m not Linda Danvers!!” the Caped Crimefightress froze in fear as if Batman’s discovery of her secret identity could rob her of her powers like gold kryptonite.

She looked around wildly...her supervision couldn’t penetrate the batcave’s gloom!

“Y-you’ve got the wrong girl!” stammered Kara.

Silence greeted her defense.

Then suddenly from out of nowhere, an expertly thrown batarang looped around and around Supergirl’s curvaceous figure wrapped her in stout batrope and trapping her arms at her sides.

Supergirl panicked and flexed her muscles...but she couldn’t break the rope!

“W-what have you DONE to me!! I’ve lost my powers!?? B-Batman!!” sobbed the heroine.

She was backing away from all the shadows from fearful reflex, unable to fly or use her strength; Supergirl was a fetching little morsel with two stout strands of batrope framing her breasts like a bondage bra.

Her perfect tush bumped up against an ornate table.

Supergirl was trapped!

“Bat-man!” she sobbed with hot tears pouring down her cheeks.

“No...I think I’ve got the right girl after all!” hissed that mysterious voice.

The lights suddenly came up; Supergirl was astonished to see Batman was naked save for his famous cape and cowl.

Grinning lecherously he stole up to the ex-heroine with exactly one thing on his mind!

Rallying her courage one last time, Supergirl gasped, “How did you figure out my BIG secret!??”

Batman said nothing, her roughly undid Supergirl’s trademark yellow belt and pulled down her snug red shorts.

“Quiet, I don’t answer questions from slaves!” smirked the Darknight.

Kara gasped her coochee was so exposed and she was so wet down there!!!

"Stay away from me," the blonde blockbuster warned, in a breathy helpless tone.

"I said QUIET Superslave” barked the Caped Crusader as he grabbed Supergirl by the shoulders and threw

Her down on the ornate conference table.

"For years I’ve watched as your beauty drove hero and villain alike Batman takes revenge!!" smirked the Dark Knight.

Supergirl found that indeed her super powers had left her. She couldn't fight back she writhed in a pretty but ineffectual way atop the table but that was pretty much it.

“Please Batman...don’t!!! I’m saving myself!” sobbed the conquered heroine.

“Yesss...” whispered Batman, “Saving yourself for ME!!”

The Ace of Detectives the seized helpless superheroine’s thighs effortlessly pulling them apart.

He then thrust his hips toward Kara’s well-trimmed virginal venus moist and so inviting no matter how loud the heroine’s protestations.

Even though she was about to be ravished, Supergirl marveled at the sexual mastery practiced by the one and only Batman. He had a ten-inch dick with big hairy virile looking balls. Ruthlessly he claimed Kara’s mouth in a domineering kiss that left the heroine weak, dazed...and horny!

“Yesssss” she breathed “M-more!”

“What’s the magic word?” sneered Batman as he teased the outer folds of Kara’s weeping womanhood with his humungous dick.

“Master!!” sobbed Supergirl “Please give me more!!”

A moment later, Supergirl could feel that incredible organ enter her sweet womanly nook. In it went, slowly, very slowly.

The Maid of Might threw her head back in sweet surrender to Batman...”Yessssss....F-fuck meee!” she cooed.

Supergirl’s whole body now became a voluptuous love offering to the Dark Knight. She contracted her vaginal muscles to milk his huge conquering dick and thrust her hips forward to meet his surging manhood.

As she was being ravished, Supergirl expected severe abuse from Batman; lectures about her impulsive crimefighting style, taunts at her emancipated ways...even the sweet threat of a spanking from the Dark Knight.

Batman merely smirked in triumph, never had a super heroine been so easily conquered!!

Already lubricated from being defeated in such a strange but easy fashion, Batman entered Supergirl. Her coochee clamped down tightly on his bat-penis as her hips moved at a slow pace to complement the powerful thrusts of the Caped Crusader.

The hard masculine smell of leather, tinged the air, Supergirl’s head lolled back, and a look of orgiastic glee was on her face.

Batman leered in triumph

Within moments the blonde girl's breathing got stronger as she reached climax.

“Ohh...Ohhh...Ohhh...” bound though she was, Kara’s spirit took flight right out of her body as a fifty megaton pleasure bomb detonated in her head!

Then at last, the Mighty Supergirl surrendered, Batman had tamed her and she didn’t care one bit!

Kara moaned in ecstasy as she reached orgasm!!!

Amazo was as disgusted as a soul-less android could be. Still clad in her lace-trimmed underwear, an unconscious Supergirl was reclining in gleaming high-tech bondage chair, a special electronic helmet strapped to her comely dreaming head.

The sleep spell he’d cast via his own special lasso kept the Kryptonian female prisoner docile. However, Amazo’s mento-scanner revealed the heroine’s subconscious was a bewildering collection of tawdry sexual fantasies and neurotic aversions to small rodents and arachnids.

Amazo had hoped to harvest some of Supergirl’s grey matter and then modify it as a means to regenerate his own deteriorating neural net, but this scan demonstrated the heroine’s unsuitability as a donor.

He’d have to chance awakening her to discover which JLA member was on duty in their orbiting satellite headquarters. With any luck a compatible donor would be available.

“Mad scientists are all the same, they love their secluded warehouse lairs!” thought Batgirl as she surveyed Prof. Ivo’s hideout.

A traditional skylight presented the best means to gain ingress. The Dominoed Daredoll couldn’t detect any security devices “Ivo is an electronics genius though, who knows what protective measures he has taken,” she thought.

Time however was of the essence; she had to find out what Amazo had done with Supergirl!

“Hold on Kara, Big Sister is on her way!” thought the Dominoed Daredoll to herself.

Cautiously Batgirl made her way to the window and lowered herself into the darkness below.

Professor Ivo of course, could watch her every move on the closed circuit TV in his lab, his new passive image scanning icon security system spotted the Darknight Damsel’s unique patina a quarter mile off.

Ivo was particularly excited to see Batgirl heedlessly lowering herself into his secret lair. The room she’d land in had two exits, he’d make sure one was securely sealed so that the heroine would be forced to enter the “rope room”!

“Just my luck!” thought the Dominoed Daredoll, “This door is vacuum sealed with a triple chip deadbolt’ll take me twenty minutes to open it with my Bat-lockpick”.

Disgusted, the heroine crept over to the door on the other side of the room, it was much to her relief open.

The dim light beyond revealed a nondescript storeroom with several coils of rope carefully hung on the walls and several more connecting doors.

“The lady or the tiger?’ smirked Batgirl to herself as she stealthily tiptoed into the room “Ivo has to be around here somewhere”.

Sidling up to one door, Batgirl crouched and peered thru a convenient key-hole, just beyond she could glimpse Professor Ivo seated before his computer, intent on some nefarious task.

“Got him!” thought the heroine who reached to her utility belt and silently unfolded her trusty batarang.

So focused on her pending “collar” Batgirl failed to notice a startling scene behind her, one of the loops of rope swiftly and quietly uncoiled itself and crawled down the wall and towards Batgirl’s left foot.

The Dominoed Daredoll favored thick leather boots with good gripping soles, so she didn’t realize initially that snake-like, the rope was now winding up her footgear.

Cocking her arm like a pro baseball pitcher, Batgirl was preparing to burst thru the door and cold-cock Ivo when she felt an odd constricting sensation around her thigh.

“Whaa!!” she gasped, a piece of rope had wrapped itself tightly around her waist!

Wishing to keep the element of surprise on her side, Batgirl silently and ineffectually tugged at the strange living rope as it coiled tighter and tighter around her trim saucy hips.

This was embarrassing though; Darknight Damsel couldn’t untangle herself from these strange bonds!

Suddenly the rope whipped downwards at a ninety decree angle and wrapped itself perfectly over Batgirl’s otherwise well concealed “camel toe” cinching itself tightly in a perfect “crotch rope” formation...there was even a little knot right over the sweet spot.

“OOoohhhhhhh” trilled the heroine who could immediately feel the delicious pressure against her womanhood.

Barbara, shook her head, she was vexed now, “MEN and their stupid bondage fantasies” she raged inwardly.

The crotch rope merely mocked her angry by sawing back and forth getting the Angel of Justice all hot and wet down there despite her vexation.

“ another context, this might be fun” thought the heroine “But right now I have to focus!!”

Ivo was still unaware of Batgirl’s presence, if she could just cut off this stupid rope gimmick, she fumbled frantically at her utility belt looking for her all-purpose batknife.

“Gotcha!” thought Batgirl as she seized the knife out of its sheath.

She brought the knife down to slash off the crotch rope, TOO LATE!

The Darknight Damsel was so intent on her sexual bonds she never saw a second coil spring from the floor wrapping itself around the wrist of her knife hand and dragging it by main strength behind her back.

“Oooff!” grunted Batgirl who was now being sexually assaulted and bound by “automatic self tying rope!”

Fruitlessly she tried to transfer the knife to her free hand, but the rope wrapped itself around her remaining wrist and formed a tight bowline knot out of it’s remaining strands.

What a situation for the normally super-competent Batgirl!

With her lovely legs still free, the heroine backed away from the door quietly, in her present predicament, she wanted no confrontation with the notoriously kinky Professor Ivo.

Unfortunately she crept backwards and stumbled over a coil of rope that was seemingly lying in wait for the heroine.

As she crashed to the floor the rope whipped itself around her dainty ankles binding her there and at the knees with tight knots!

Haplessly Batgirl flailed around on the floor, an action that only sent rough stimulation thru her sopping wet cooch!!

The two coils for their part, acted in strange concert, drawing her ankles back and into a perfect hogtie position.

“Uck...argh!” she moaned...she had a small box-cutter stowed in a concealed sheath in her boot if she could just bend the right way and get some slack!!

But it was not to be.

A shadow fell over the helpless heroine; Ivo had at last found her.

He chuckled evilly at the spectacle of the mighty Batgirl bound hand and foot at his feet.

“Do you like my cyber-rope? I plan to market it heavily at Christmas time, perfect stocking stuffer for today’s supervillain on the go!” snarked the Ivo.

Batgirl’s mouth hung open, she couldn’t believe she’d been defeated so easily by a has-been like Ivo!

“T-turn me loose!” she grated bravely “Just tell me where Amazo is, I’ll see to it you get a fair trial!”.

Ivo smirked, and reached down to give Batgirl’s crotch rope a little “twang!”

“So many questions from such a sleepy superheroine!” he purred in a condescending tone.

Batgirl’s eye’s widened “I’m not sleepy?” she said in a confused tone.

Too late she never spied the thick cotton pad well saturated with chloroform that Ivo ruthlessly placed over Batgirl’s nose and mouth.

Batgirl began frantically writhing as the sweet fumes invaded her lungs and wrapped her shapely body in a delicious enervating fog!!

“MMMPPHHH!!” she moaned into the cloth.

The evil scientist for his part stooped down and pulled Batgirl into his embrace wrapping one arm across the Dominoed Daredoll’s’s heaving bosom and copping feel off that struggling fast weakening body.

“Ahhh Batgirl I dreamt of this moment all through out my last sentence...sometimes it was you sometimes Wonder Woman!”

The heroine bucked her legs in answer that did nothing but cinch her crotch rope tightly and send waves of pleasure thru her body.

“!” sang out Ivo

“Uhhhh uff” all the strength had seemingly leeched out of Batgirl’s fit feminine frame.

Ivo gave his captive a gentle squeeze “Just breath in my darling” he chortled “this will all be over soon my sleepy little batdoll”.

“Noo…” thought Batgirl “Gotta fight back…must not be defeated by chloroform S-Supergirl is counting on me!”

The heroine’s eyes rocked and rocked again she was so sleepy, her arms and legs felt like lead...her eyes were half open and had the listless look of a heroine thoroughly overcome by chloroform.

Ivo seemed to read the fast weakening Crimefightress’ mind “Yessss” he intoned “Sleep my child rest your tired eyes breath it all innnnn…”

At long last batgirl’s eyes rolled back, her head went slack she was thoroughly clothed and defeated!

Ivo smiled lecherously.

Producing a small control box from his lab smock her programmed his amazing cyber-rope to undo the hog tie so that he could have the pleasure of carrying the unconscious Batgirl into his laboratory.

The Dominoed Daredoll’s head lolled, but always fetchingly onto Ivo’s should as the evil scientist slowly sensuously removed the heroine’s utility belt.

“Can’t have you dipping into your supply of gadgets m’ dear!” he said jauntily “at least until you’ve seen my...big...gadget!!! Bwahahahahaaaa!”

Supergirl for her part was disgusted she just couldn’t believe Amazo could beat her with a little robot mouse like that!

“Damn my female quirks!” she thought “and just how did he figure out my secret identity anyway??”

The Maid of Might was kneeling on the floor of Amazo’s hideaway with her wrists lashed together in front of her.

The other end of the magic lariat was still wrapped around Amazo’s left hand thus the Girl of Steel was still under his compulsion.

Amazo had ordered her “not to escape her bonds” and thanks to the magic of his duplicate lasso she had to comply, but The Kryptonian Kutie was otherwise free to talk at least.

Amazo was intent on dismantling his mento-scanner and putting it in a metal case.

“Going somewhere?” asked Kara sarcastically.

“The Justice League satellite” intoned the android “WHO is on monitor duty there?”

“Ahhhhh magic...lasso compels me...Buh--BATMAN!! Is on duty!” grated out the heroine.

“Excellent are any other Leaguers on duty today?!” queried the evil automaton who kept packing away his equipment.

“N-No! Rest of the JLA is off world on the planet Rann at the moment” droned the spellbound Kryptonian Kutie.

Kara was thoroughly embarrassed; she’d given away important League intell damn that magic rope!!

Anxious to change the subject Supergirl asked “ did you penetrate my secret identity?”

The android turned to her and coolly recited “Linda Danver’s cover subject for Metro-Life Magazine August 2006 and Supergirl, frequently photographed subject of Heroine Addiction Weekly, both possess legs with identical contours and measurements!”

Supergirl’s adorable mouth formed a cute “o” of astonishment as she blurted out “Did you tell anyone else this secret?”

Amazo saw no reason to resort to mendacity “No...”

Kara sighed with relief at least the news wasn’t out on the underworld circuit...yet.

Then she blushed “MY LEGS blew my cover!? Rao good thing I turned down that hosiery endorsement the whole world would’ve found out!” she thought to herself.

Shaking her pretty head, Supergirl re-focused on the situation she need intell of her own if she was to defeat Amazo.

Fortunately the android was in a talkative mood.

“Amazo, why do you want to know who is on duty in the satellite?”

The evil automaton never blinked “I need grey matter from one of my original power donors to regenerate my neural net...Batman will be the easiest to harvest!”

Supergirl was aghast “you are gonna harvest parts of his...b-brain!!!” she whispered.

“I must survive...THAT is my prime directive! Your grey matter is not suitable, no matter you’ve already told me what I need to know!” continued Amazo.

“THAT IS SICK!” howled the heroine.

“No it is survival...I MUST Sur-vive!” droned the evil automaton.

“Wait a minute,” thought Supergirl, he ordered me not to escape, he didn’t say anything about beating him to an electronic pulp!!”

With that pickayune magic lasso codicil in mind, Supergirl leapt to her feet in one smooth motion butting her head hard against Amazo’s broad muscular chest.

“If I can only get him to drop the lasso even for a moment!” she thought wildly.

She had the element of surprise on her side and the android went flying across the room.

Unfortunately, he kept a tight grip on the magic lariat and Amazo was very much proof against shock or other disorientation effects.

As he hit the opposite wall, the evil automaton coolly intoned “Cease ALL violence and resistance, return to your kneeling position!”

A stricken look passed over the Maid of Might’s face, with a defeated grimace she returned to her subservient position under the lariat’s magic compulsion.

Calmly Amazo walked over the kneeling superheroine, her resistance must cease permanently.

“Look up at me Supergirl...gaze into the center of my chest!” demanded Amazo.

Still under the lasso’s compulsion, Supergirl stared at the evil android’s naked pectorals ardently wishing she could fry him at close range with her heat vision.

A crack though, appeared in that perfect masculine chest, a square shaped flesh toned door seemed to be manifesting itself right in the center of Amazo’s torso.

“Keep staring Supergirl, don’t stop” purred the android.

Kara stared fascinated...the door opened like curtain at a theater...a strange dull golden radiance washed out and over Supergirl’s body like a hellish blessing.

The Maid of Might blinked and the light was so bright so...intense she couldn’t stand it...why should a mere light affect her so?

The floor it hurt her knees painful to have to crouch in front of her captor like this.

“Pain? I can’t feel pain can I?” wondered the Kryptonian Kutie to herself.

Inside Amazo’s chest the heroine could now glimpse a strange glittering golden meteor.

Suddenly irrationally, Supergirl was frightened; her lovely body felt cold her head swam as Amazon’s voice crashed through her very being.

“I am powered by an isotope from your home world...” droned the evil automation.

“Ack ug!” groaned Supergirl who stared on under the magic rope’s command.

Her limbs felt heavy...her muscles felt soft and weak...she couldn’t hear the usual background noises, neutrino bursts, the chatter of radio waves, the sounds made by distant stars...all suddenly cut off.

Tears ran down Supergirl’s cheeks...the light it hurt so!

“An isotope called GOLD KRYPTONITE!!” said Amazo.

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I’VE LOST MY POWERS PERMANENTLY!” screamed Supergirl in defeat.

“Yes Supergirl, gold kryptonite which can destroy the super powers of native Kryptonian!” sneered the Android “Now you are UNSUPERGIRL!!”

“Yesss...” sobbed the now powerless Girl of Steel “I am Unsupergirl!!!”

Amazo grimaced in triumph!

“I have really pretty feet,” reflected the Dominoed Daredoll.

Great care had been taken to properly denude the heroine’s adorable peds. Her boots had been removed and the stirrups on her utilitarian bat-tights had been sprung and rolled up past her trim ankles.

“This is a weird scene!” thought the heroine out loud.

There wasn’t much more Batgirl could do at the moment except admire her conspicuously bare and deliciously dainty feet which were cuffed into a sort of gynecologist’s armored stirrup arrangement and angled downwards somewhat giving her an unobstructed view.

The Darknight’s Damsel’s wrists were locked over her head in what felt like adamantium steel cuffs.

She sighed.

“God what is it about my feet? Villains just love them! The Penguin steals my boots and locks me into a booth with an electrified floor now this guy wants to admire my toes! Good thing I gave myself a quick pedicure last night!” thought the heroine.

Ivo loomed over her with a humorless leer.

“Comfy m’ dear?” he asked with syrupy concern.

Batgirl rolled her eyes “Ohhh-kay lets get the ball rolling what is you oh so e-vil plan this time Ivo?”

“My dear Batgirl, I am despite my long criminal record pre-eminently a man of science. I have prepared this experiment to verify whether or not it is possible for a human being to die from pure to the lay superheroine!”

The heroine hid her mounting horror “Tickling he is gonna tickle...mustn’t let on that I have very sensitive feet!” she thought.

Indeed, back when Barbara Gordon was a nerdy insecure coed at Gotham State, her boyfriend used to poke her in the ribs to extract easy feminine squeals of laughter.

“Ivo this is insane!” cried the Dominoed Daredoll bravely “You can’t tickle someone to death!! That has to be the dopiest death trap I’ve ever heard of!!”

Ivo grimaced and pressed a button on a nearby control panel, two robot wheels studded with what looked like ostrich feathers positioned themselves over Batgirl’s bare vulnerable feet.

“I predict you’ll go into cardiac arrest within twenty minutes, but don’t worry the whole thing will be videotaped and studied by scientists on YouTube...” smirked the evil scientist.

Batgirl’’s dainty feet were so soft and smooth looking, they had no

Calluses on them whatsoever.

For a heroine who relied on her own strength and wits she had remarkably soft sensitive feet.

Ivo could tell she was incredibly ticklish just by looking.

Her arches were creamy-white and somewhat high. The balls and heels were a blush pink. Her toes were impeccably formed with a garish shade of red painted on the toenails, The Dominoed Daredoll’s only seeming concession to female vanity.

A confused frown appeared on the Heroine’s lovely face.

“ a trained scientist and a foot freak? You don’t really think this stupid trap will work do you? Listen just tell me what Amazo has done with Supergirl and I’ll put in a good word at your trial.” offered Batgirl.

“What an incredibly beautiful and flawless pair of feet you have, Batgirl, the very envy of the heroine world...are you SURE they aren’t ticklish??” smirked Ivo.

Batgirl set her chin at a defiant tilt, she had EXTREMELY TICKLISH feet but she wasn’t about to reveal that to a has-been second rate roboticist!

“Sorry Ivo, my feet are for kicking evil’s ass I’m n-not the slightest bit ticklish!” lied the Distaff Daredevil.

Ivo just loved it when captive heroines pretended to a courage they did not really have.

“I’m gonna tickle these pretty little feet of yours until you’ die from laughter...then I’m going to write up the phenomenon in an article for the National Journal of Supervillainy” warned Ivo.

The evil scientist retreated behind a high tech console he pressed a certain button with a theatrical flourish.

“Then I’m going to sell your corpse on Ebay...after I perform a full autopsy of course!!” sneered the scientist.

“Ivo you are INSANE!!! Let me GO!!” The Darknight Damsel shouted, her mouth dry as cotton.

By then, the two robot wheels had begun to rotate rapidly, with an electronic hum they closed in on Batgirl’s unprotected toes as the heroine gazed on with wide eyes.

“These rotating tickling-bots will stimulate you to the point of spontaneous cardiac arrest or so my theory I have to attend another project at the moment, but don’t worry I have multiple cameras to record the experiment!” promised the evil scientist with a leer.

In spite of her earlier bravado, Batgirl was frantically wiggling ultra-ticklish bare feet.

“IVO! Y-you’ll never get away with this!!!” The Darknight Damsel set her features in a grimace even as the rotating feathering just began to graze her wrinkled pink soles.

“I wont’ give him the satisfaction of giggling I WON’T!” thought the heroine even as the urge to laugh rose thru her slim sexy body.

“Tickle tickle Batgirl...giggle for me like a schoolgirl!” taunted Ivo as he retreated to his workshop. He’d promised his slave-driving boss Lex Luthor a new surveillance gimmick by the end of the week...and Ivo damn well had to deliver if he knew what was good for him!

Batgirl was fighting like a wild woman to free herself from the

grasp of the tickle-chair but its grip was inescapable.


Faintly from the workshop the Masked Maiden could hear “Now I though you weren’t didn’t LIE to me, did you Batgirl?”

The Masked Maiden set her mouth in a taut little line, she was NOT going to give in to the urge to laugh, and she’d never give Ivo that satisfaction.

Alas though, she looked like a pouting schoolgirl and not some implacable nocturnal avenger!

“Just relax...give in to are only a frail female after all!” taunted Ivo from the other room.

Batgirl’s sensual mouth fell open in an “O” of shock and surprise.

“Why you sexist oinker I’ll hahahahaaaahhaaaaa!!!”

The evil scientist’s calculated chauvinism was enough to break Batgirl’s concentration causing her to succumb to the tickling!

Her body writhed wondrously as she fruitlessly sought some phantom leverage with which to escape.

All the while The Darknight Damsel, that fearsome feminine crimefightress giggled uncontrollably.

Her stomach ached already from the involuntary laughter extracted from her lovely body.

“Teeheheeheeheeheeheehee!!!” gasped the heroine.

By now the ticklebots were engaged all over the superheroine’s vulnerable and sensitive feet. Batgirl could no longer resist the urge to squeal like a helpless captive. Her bat-dignity was taking a terrible beating even as she laughed and laughed!






The Dominoed Dardoll thrashed and shuddered in her electronic bonds, tears stung her lovely eyes, the most agonizing and wonderful feeling coursed up her lovely legs.

Her head bucked forward, a gushy feeling surged thru her womanhood, with all her might she strained against her bounds to no avail.

“AHAHAHHAAAAAA HEE HEE HEEE P-PLEASE!!!! NO MORE!!” begged Batgirl as tears ran down her cheeks.

Her understated mascara ran...Batgirl was becoming a giggly sweaty mess!

Ivo called out seemingly unconcerned from his workbench “I MIGHT let you go if you just lay off the tough-girl act and admit you are ticklish!”

Batgirl guffawed and considered Ivo’s offer, she had to buy time to formulate a plan!


“Ivo grinned hugely never once looking up from his project.

I can’t believe this. The great and powerful Batgirl has been reduced to a giggling little schoolgirl terrified of being tickled. I’m sorry, but this is too delicious...this experiment must continue!!” gloated the scientist.

“NOOOOO AHHAHAAA!! IVO PLEASE!!” begged the heroine.

“Hey, I lied!” rejoined the villain.

Helplessly Batgirl flexed her long slim toes, even as the rotating feathers caused her new spasms of giggles.







“Killing you?” Ivo perked up at that telling admission.

His monitor revealed that His captive’s face was a deep shade of red alternating bouts of hilarity had badly disrupted her respiration as well.

“Maybe someone can be tickled to death after all?” mused the villain as he stroked his chin.

The ticklebots meanwhile, showed Batgirl no mercy as they

strategically stroked along the superheroine’s soles and

under her toes.

Ivo was pleased, he’d uncovered Batgirl’s fatal secret weakness...her death throws would earn him millions as a bootleg DVD.

Meanwhile, the might heroine was being reduced to a screeching crying howling giggling tickle victim.

Her temple throbbed, electric sparks of hilarious pleasures shot up her legs into her hot moist cooch...the Masked Maiden was in her final extremity!!






The super ticklish Batgirl threw her head back and tossed it from

side to side in mirthful hysteria. Her mouth was wide open with the

lovely sight of silent laughter. She bucked up and down as much as her bond’s grip would allow. This tickle-torture went on for what seemed like least to the cocky super heroine.

“AHAHAAAAH HAAHAHHAHA...Hee Hee...” her lovely song of captive hilarity had given way to series of terrible wheezing gasps; Batgirl was turning purple from the awful strain.

“P-Please I’ll...d-do HAHAAAHAHAAAA Gaaaaack!!! C-Can’t b-breath!!! ARRRRRGGHHHH!!!” Batgirl arched her back in one last fatal spasm and then slumped in her bounds and was deathly still.

Then suddenly all was eerie silence.

Ivo arose from his workbench...he could see on his monitor that Batgirl’s head was canted to one side, eyes open and staring.

The tickle bots though kept dutifully bedeviling her dazzling dainty feet.

“Well she can’t be faking, not after stimulation like that!” Ivo arose from his workbench and returned to the tickle chair humming a cheerful tune.

The scene presented to him, reeked of death.

Batgirl’s lovely violet eyes were wide, unblinking and staring; her chest was still there was no sign of respiration even as the tickle bots kept up their gentle assault on the heroine’s feet.

Ivo clapped his hands in glee.

“Yes! My theory was correct!” he exulted.

Fishing a stethoscope out of his lab coat pocket he attempted to listen for Batgirl’s heartbeat.

Here he was stymied by the obviously Kevlar bulletproof micro-mesh that made up the late Daredoll’s famous tights. Even if her heart still beat, he’d never hear it thru that kind of protection.

Undaunted the scientist produced his remote control box shut down the tickle bots and released Batgirl’s left manacle allowing her arm to fall down uselessly across the heroine’s formidable chest.

Pulling back her glove, Ivo tried to listen for her pulse trying the stethoscope in several different places.

He could hear...something though.

“The beat seems too slow for a human...” he mused aloud.

That much he got out before Batgirl’s free hand whipped out of his grip and brought itself down hard on the side of Ivo’s neck in a savage karate chop.

“Ugh!” grunted the evil roboticist as he collapsed over his own captive.

Batgirl’s eyes snapped open “Ahhh the Peshwhani half-trance! works every time, good thing I convinced Batman to teach it to me!” thought the rejuvenated heroine.

Seconds later she’d recovered Ivo’s control box and released her bonds.

She took a few minutes to Bat-cuff Ivo to make sure he didn’t get away, Batgirl worked quickly as she had to make a quick detour.

Mincing across the laboratory the still barefoot heroine made an odd sight as she was conspicuously pressing her thighs together causing a pronounced waddle.

She was looking for something, some even more important than her missing bat-boots ...something like, the lady’s room!

“Ohhhh DAMN Ivo...tickling always makes me wanna pee...BADLY!!” thought the Caped Crimefightress.

Her bladder felt like it was about to burst...but don’t worry gentle reader, she found the privy in plenty of time.

Okay Ivo...lets make this short and sweet WHERE IS AMAZO!!??” shouted Batgirl.

The evil scientist was in a bad spot; he was bat-cuffed, roped by one-ankle and dangling five stories over the park lot.

The Dominoed Daredamsel having peed, recovered her boots and fixed her eyeliner, was in no mood to fool around.

And Ivo was scared of heights.

“I Don’t KNOW where he is...he came here and then he left!!” quavered Ivo.

Batgirl affected to study her cuticles despite her gloves.

“Now that isn’t helpful,” she purred, “You can do better than that!! WHY did Amazo come to you??”

“He-He wanted to r-regenerate his neural net!” babbled the scientist.

“And just how does he do that Ivo?” sang the heroine sweetly.


“I don’t believe you!” Batgirl punctuated this by letting her end of the bat-rope slip a few inches...Ivo bobbed dangerously in the open night air.

“ARRRGHH!! I’ll talk!! He needs grey matter samples to regenerate his neural net...from one of his power donors!!!” confessed the mad scientist.

The Masked Maiden was confused “So why did he kidnap Supergirl??”

“I don’t KNOW!??? Batgirl please! Get me down!!”

The heroine adopted a thoughtful pose, “Now a smart crook like you wouldn’t get taken by surprise a second must have some way to track Amazo!!”

Ivo was hysterical he’d heard stories about fatal vengeance handed out by members of Batman’s “family”.

“Oh-Over on my lab bench it looks like a simple PDA but it tracks the unique radiation signature given off by Amazo’s deteriorating neural net!!” shrieked Ivo.

Batgirl lashed the batrope tightly “You just hang out for a moment Ivo I’ll be right back!” she promised.

She soon found the PDA in Ivo’s workshop. It was easy to figure out, the display indicated that Amazo was some ten miles away in an abandoned office park.

“BINGO!’ cried the heroine.

She made her way back to her captive and whipped out one of her most formidable bat gadgets, her cel-phone.

A quick 911 call to the Metro PD brought the promise of a quick visit from the Metro Special Crimes Unit. Batgirl made sure they were aware that Ivo had all sorts of illegal isotopes in his lab in violation of his parole.

Ivo was aghast...”At least let me down!” he begged.

“After what you did to me, its either this or I feed you to the tickle bots!” she grinned.

Ivo subsided.

Batgirl spun on her heels and left.

This time, Batgirl scoped out the area before charging in.

This was despite the fact that Amazo’s unique signature had vanished off the display a few minutes before the Masked Maiden arrived via stealth mode batcycle.

Carefully she scanned the area with infra-red nightvision batgoggles and swept for any alarms or surveillance.

Surprisingly there was none.

“Amazo must think he is his own best early warning system!” thought the heroine.

Still and all that, Batgirl’s scan revealed a small lab with power still on the tenth floor of the office building.

“What if he took Supergirl with her...what if he...” The Darknight Damsel shook her head to banish a very frightening and morbid thought.

Quietly, she made her way inside, forced open the elevator shaft and zoomed upwards on her trusty wire-harpoon gun.

“Hold on, Kara, Big Sister is on her way!” thought the Angel of Justice.

Inside the shaft on the tenth floor, Batgirl braced herself tripped the elevator door’s emergency release.

As the doors slid open the heroine executed a fast rolling tumble and silently came up with batarang cocked.

She was greeted with an astonishing sight.

The room was a ramshackle mess; obviously Amazo had taken certain items with him, and left others.

But right in the middle, tied to an old fashioned sawhorse was a very much alive and well Supergirl!!

“KARA!! You’re alive!!! But My God what has Amazo DONE to you?!!” cried Batgirl.

The Maid of Might was blindfolded and in a piteous state.

Clad in blue bra and wispy matching panties, Supergirl wrists were tied behind her back with rough rope loops thrown over her shapely shoulders for extra immobilization. The Girl of Steel’s curvaceous bare legs were spread wide, lashed to eyebolts in the floor and she was straddling the sawhorse with her sweet cooch grinding away over the rough wooden grain.

Kara’s toes were pointed; she looked like a ballerina in nigh perfect bondage.

Batgirl narrowed her eyes in confusion and doubt.

“How long have you been imprisoned like this?” interjected the Gorgeous Gothamite.

Blindfolded, Kara’s head swayed around confusedly “Who is that?” she quavered in a weak helpless voice.

The Dominoed Daredoll arose from her fighting crouch and made her way over to her bound friend.

“It’s me Batgirl, but you can see me thru that cloth with your x-ray vision...right!!??”

The Masked Maiden pulled out her trusty batrazor and started slashing off Supergirl’s ropes.

Kara slumped in defeat as her blindfold was removed, the hackles rose on Batgirl’s lovely neck “What did Amazo DO to her?’ she thought.

“I-I LOST my powers, Amazo destroyed them.... I’m Unsupergirl now!!!” she gasped.

Batgirl reared back in shock, Supergirl couldn’t have lost her powers, Amazo wasn’t that formidable!

Slowly the beaten heroine slid off the sawhorse and staggered to her feet, Kara had a strange glazed look in her eyes, tears ran down her cheeks she’d been crying for hours it seemed.

Batgirl gripped her friend’s shoulders “How did it happen” she asked in a firm unpanicked tone.

Supergirl’s head drooped again and her voice fell into a monotone “Amazo is energized by a sample of gold kryptonite in his chest cavity, when I tried to attack him he opened it up an-and destroyed my powers for good!”

“My God Supergirl!! I-I...” Batgirl impulsively hugged her friend who was rigid and unresponsive.

“G-gold - k d-destroys my powers permanently I’m just a weak ordinary girl now” she babbled.

Batgirl drew away with a skeptical look “I know all that...” she said noncommittally.

Kara fell to her knees and sobbed “I’m Unsupergirl UNSUPERGIRL!!!”

Batgirl looked ashen “My God a world without a can we face it?” she thought.

Kara simply wept in reply.

Batgirl looked like she wanted to cry as well.

Then a thought struck the Midnight Maiden “Wait a minute...Amazo isn’t powered by gold-kryptonite, he has a quadruple fusion force bead as his primary energy source...this gold-k story sounds fishy!”

Batgirl took a quick glance at Supergirl’s dainty wrists they were smooth and pink, no sign on the usual “rope rash” that attends on a prolonged binding.

And Supergirl had been splayed on that saw horse for hours, why wasn’t she sweating?

Slowly Batgirl bent down with the loving patience she took Girl of Steel into her arms, Kara simply stared off into space mumbling “I’m Unsupergirl...Unsupergirl!!”

The Darknight Damsel crushed Supergirl to her breast and hoisted her into the air “There there sweetie, big sister is gonna make it all better and soon!” she cooed.

Still carrying the powerless Supergirl over to a nearby French window, Batgirl unceremoniously kicked a pane open, the room was filled with cool night air.

Kara was practically sucking her thumb at this point, she looked up at Batgirl and plead “Y-you’ll take care of me now right? I mean I’m not good for much now that I’ve become Unsupergirl”

The Caped Crimefightress put on a grim look as she gazed out into the night sky...”If I’m wrong...” she thought.

“Of course!” said Batgirl brightly “Big Sister will get those powers back for you right...NOW!”

And with that, Batgirl threw the now powerless Supergirl out the window to a certain death in the parking lot ten stories below!

“AAAHHHHHHHHH EEEEEEE AAAAUGHH!!” howled the helpless heroine as she plunged to certain death.

Batgirl bit her lip as her friend tumbled helplessly before hitting the pavement with an almighty crash that knocked a thirty-foot crater in the ground and raised a thick cloud of dust.

Unaccountably, Batgirl smiled.

“Hope no one saw that, hate to explain all this to the police!” she thought.

The dust swirled madly and then as if drawn up by a powerful force it rose and rose in a column and its apex an undeniably feminine form flew with red blazing eyes!

It was Supergirl and she was pissed!

“Blunt force impact trauma, works every time against coercive trance states” thought The Darknight Damsel.

The now restored Maid of Might now hovered next to the window where Batgirl stood with a grin of triumph on her face.

“Kara darling, I’m sorry but we are in a hurry and I didn’t believe that cockamamie gold kryptonite story!”

Wreathed with dust her arms folded neath’ her schoolgirlish bosom, Supergirl never looked more angry and determined than she did at that moment.

“Amazo used his duplicate of Wonder Woman’s magic lasso to brainwash me into thinking I’d lost my powers!” grated the Maid of Steel “For that I’ll tear him limb from android limb!!!”

Supergirl cocked her head upwards in a very scary goddess-like gesture “He’s gone to the Justice League Satellite, I can see him even now...he means to operate on Batman’s brain!!!”

Batgirl was aghast “Batman??? My God he is alone on watch-duty!! Supergirl we’ve got to...” she began.

“No time for palaver” rapped Kara “We’ve got to get to the satellite, save Batman and then I’m gonna show Amazo who is BOSS!!”

Kara looked at her friend expectantly.

“Well c’mon?!!” she chided.

The Masked Maiden almost smirked.

“Kara sweetie?”

“Yes?” barked Supergirl who looked like she wanted to start World War Three.

Ummm...your not dressed for it, you are still in your underwear!”

In a moment the spell was broken, Supergirl looked down at her lace trimmed blue panties and reacted as any self-respecting superheroine would...she screamed and tried to tuck up covering her breasts and cooch.

The Maid of Might turned an adorable shade of red.

“Sweetie calm down...just come inside I brought one of your costumes it’s okay!” Batgirl fished Kara’s compact out of her utility belt and held it out like an offering.

Still blushing Supergirl flew thru the window, within seconds she was dressed in her trusty red shorts and blue blouse costume motif with her “S” shield pertly positioned over her right breast.

The Maid of Might gave her blonde mane a toss and held out her cape to her friend.

“No time to find the Justice League transporter pad in Metropolis, I’ll have to fly you up there wrapped in my cape, it’ll provide protection against the rigors of space for the ten seconds of our flight!” explained Kara.

Batgirl knew the drill; she obligingly crossed her arms across her own chest and closed her eyes.

After all they’d done this innumerable time before on other cases together.

“Right!” she agreed, “When we get there...I’ll extract Batman, you take down Amazo!”

Supergirl then wrapped her friend up mummy-style in her invulnerable cape...tucking her under her arm she said, “Oh and Batgirl...thanks! Who knows how long I’d a been tied there before the spell wore off.”

“Mor’ Melcome!” came the muffled reply.

Supergirl smiled in mirthless anticipation as the “World’s Finest Lady’s Auxiliary” took to the skies!

Ten seconds later, the pair were safely ensconced in the hidden Emergency Airlock of the Justice League’s satellite headquarters.

Kara unwrapped her friend with a flourish, Batgirl came up all smiles.

“You weren’t kidding!” joked the Masked Maiden.

Supergirl though was preoccupied with scanning the space station for the errant android and the Caped Crusader.

“Amazo has Batman under sedation strapped down to an operating table...he hasn’t done anything to him yet. We’ve got time but none to waste!” narrated the Girl of Steel.

“For this thing to work, we’ve got to engage Amazo and extract Batman while he is engaged with you, timing is critical” observed Batgirl.

The two heroines exited the airlock and made for the sickbay.

“You come in thru the air vent in the ceiling, I’ll bust in thru the floor, that’ll create the maximum tactical confusion. Five seconds before you hit, I want you to throw one of your blackout bombs into the operating amphitheater then make for Batman at top speed” opined Supergirl.

“Okay I’ll take Batman to the command deck, and send out a call for all League reserves to assemble at the Satellite!” responded the Darknight Damsel.

“Yeah.... we’ll need help cleaning up after I dismantle Amazo!” grated Supergirl.

The Gorgeous Gothamite noted a very scary look of determination in her friend’s eye.

Amazo was so very close to his goal, Batman was now at last unconscious from an anesthetic combination that included sodium penethol and a powerful muscle relaxant, and still the Darknight put up a struggle after the android surprised him on monitor duty.

The evil android was just about to start vibrating his lasso at a specific frequency which would allow the evil automaton to trepan Batman’s skull and extract sample of the crimefighter’s grey matter.

Then...the lights went out.

Or so it seemed, Amazo’s computer brain instantly identified the use of a blackout bomb probably from Batman’s utility belt arsenal.

But Batman was neutralized and sedated.

Amazo ceased vibrating the lasso, and scanned the room with his Martian vision; clearly a fight was in the offing.

Then the floor exploded, and thru the buckled deck plates arose Supergirl herself eyes blazing, fists cocked for action.

Right on schedule, an air vent right over the operating table swung open, with a little pushing and shoving the lithesome form of Batgirl spilled out alighting right next to the unconscious Batman.

“Timed it perfectly! Must move quickly the blackout bomb’s effect only last thirty seconds or so,” thought the Darknight Damsel.

Amazo for his part was already parrying a savage series of jabs and left hooks from a furious Maid of Steel.




Each blow from the Maid of Might rang like a sledgehammer on the android’s body.

Amazo staggered backwards, intent only on countering this savage assault.

“How d’ye like me NOW Amazo?!” snarled Supergirl who caught him with a beautiful straight shot in the jaw.

Amazo rolled with the punch, assumed a spread legged stance and aimed his duplicate of Green Lantern’s power ring at the heroine.

A blast of green force knocked the Girl of Steel off her feet and into a fetching little sprawl on the floor.

Amazo pressed his advantage, formed a huge hammer with his ring’s emerald tachyon energy and bid on battering Supergirl into a coma!

Kara smiled mirthlessly, she had him !

Spring lightly to her feet, the Blonde Blockbuster deftly pried one of the decorative disk’s off of her yellow colored belt.

As the green hammer swung remorselessly at Supergirl’s head, the heroine flicked the disk at Amazo’s closed fist with the speed of a bullet.

Dodging to the left, Supergirl aimed a blast of heat vision turning the airborne disk molten that then splattered deftly over Amazo’s fist sealing the power ring in a yellow substance thus rendering it ineffective!

The color yellow, as all comic book readers know, completely negates the effects of Green Lantern’s ring.

The evil android was nonplussed at this setback; he took to the air using the Martian Manhunter’s flying ability to deliver brutal savate kick to the side of Supergirl’s lovely head.

Thrown off her feet once again, the heroine aimed another blast of her heat vision at Amazo who deflected it back on her using his Amazonium bracelets!

“EYARRRGHH!” groaned Kara who was nigh cooked by her own heat vision!! Momentarily The Maid of Might vanished in a blast of heat and light, the room swam from the waves of sheer heat accidentally absorbed by the heroine.

Amazo dropped the bracelets from his defensive stance to see a singed and broken Girl of Steel crumpled on the floor lifeless.

Silently he flew over his fallen foe assessing her status with his “Martian vision” there was no sign of life.

Satisfied that the Maid of Steel was dead or dying he rotating in mid air and set his artificial mind to recovering Batman and dealing with Batgirl once and for all.

There is a proverb in the Metropolis underworld, “Never Turn Your Back on Supergirl”.

Sure enough, the Maid of Might was only playing possum; she shot off the floor seizing Amazo by the ankle and wrist putting him in an airplane spin that would’ve dismantled an SUV!

Releasing the android at just the right moment, Supergirl watched in Satisfaction as Amazo impacted into the far bulkhead with an almighty “ka-boom!”

Indeed the impact sent shock waves thru the JLA Satellite causing its orbital attitude and pitch to shift dangerously.

Amazo was pulled himself out of the wall by the Kryptonian Kutie was subjected to a blistering series of hard body shots. Kara’s arms were a blur as she punched and punched and punched looking to wear down the allegedly tireless android.

She grinned at the effort; she hadn’t had a good fight like this since her famous “Brawl at City Hall” against Metalla.

“ UP! Amazo...I can go all night like this and into tomorrow!” snarled the heroine who punctuated her taunt with a harsh smack in the android’s chiseled jaw.

Amazo retaliated with some jabs at Kara’s taut six pack “I MUST regenerate!” was his only reply.

Kara’s attack was indeed so ferocious, so unrelenting that the android couldn’t let up even for an instant to deploy his duplicate magic lasso.

This was Kara’s strategy from the onset, tie Amazo up in close fighting and deny him the use of his lasso or the speed he had absorbed from the Flash.

Meanwhile on the other side of the lab, Batgirl quietly unlocked the wheels to the gurney and started rolling Batman’s magnificent unconscious hulk out of the sickbay.

He stirred just a bit...his eyes fluttered open “Buh-Batgirl?” he groaned.

The Dominoed Daredoll grinned and whispered “Shhhhh this is a rescue just sit back and enjoy!”

And out the door they sped as the Amazo - Supergirl brawl hit new heights of raw violence.

“ command deck” gasped Batman “Call for help..s-station out of control”

“Yeah yeah yer bossy even under sedation” groused Batgirl who heaved the gurney into the turbo-vator.

A hard kickout had given Amazo his chance; with the speed of the Flash he started whirling his lasso overhead looking to ensnare once again the Maid of Steel.

Just as he made his super speed toss, Supergirl simply vanished!

She reappeared behind him and gave the evil android a sharp kick to the back of his knee.


Amazo went sprawling...”I’m pretty fast too you know!” smirked Kara.

Indeed her superhearing gave her a critical time advantage in assessing where Amazo was aiming his lariat.

In fact the automaton made three other attempts to bind the Maid of Might, all of them failures, she was simply too quick, even Amazo couldn’t track her at those speeds.

The room began to get warm from the sheer friction induced by the Blonde Blockbuster’s velocity.

“Behind you!” sang out the heroine sweetly, Amazo spun around intent on tying up Supergirl; instead he collected a punishing “clothesline” maneuver for his troubles.


Amazo landed squarely on his backside, his emotionless programming however forestalled any hope of the automaton feeling humiliated.

His face was a mask of soul-less determination as he scrambled to his feet fists at the ready.

Time was wasting though; he HAD to get Batman back!!

Batman had recovered enough to sit upright at one of the command chairs in the control center. Batgirl could tell though he was pretty much out of it.

The Dominoed Daredoll had dutifully sent out an emergency “All Call” to any leaguers still on Earth, unfortunately reinforcements would take time getting to the satellite.

“Amazo used a JLA communicator’s recognition chip to get on board, attacked me from behind...loaded me up with sodium penethol...” gasped the Darknight.

“Hmmmm...sodium penethol, truth serum that is interesting” thought Batgirl as she activated the big monitor to see how Supergirl’s battle with Amazo was progressing.

Suddenly the JLA satellite gave a sickening lurch alarm klaxons sounded on the command deck.

“Attitude is throw off...must be Supergirl and Amazo’s fight...must get station back in proper...orbit!” said Batman who punched button’s fruitlessly.

“DAMN!” he exclaimed, “The navigation array is off line!”

The Caped Crimefightress smiled indulgently “Not to worry...I can calculate the correct thruster sequence in my head” she said airily.

Which is exactly what she did, operating the manual joystick she quickly restored the station to its correct orbital position.

Batman was appropriately chastened “Thank God for your keen wits, Batgirl” he said.

The Gorgeous Gothamite preened ever so slightly and without thinking asked in a joshing tone “Yes but what do you really think of me Batman?”

The sodium penethol dutifully kicked in, “You are a great crimefighting colleague and a boon companion” rejoined the Darknight.

Batgirl all but reared back in sheer horror, tears nearly stung her eyes “BOON COMPANION...COLLEAGUE!! Good God next he’ll be calling me Old Chum like I’m Robin or some damn thing??? Is that all I am to him Good Grief he thinks I’m a-a-PAL or something??!!”

The Dominoed Daredoll, sat back, folded her arms under her considerable bosom and tried not to pout in frustration.

Meanwhile, Kara had a black eye and some bruises; Amazo had been crashing his amazonium bracelets across her lovely face in an effort to get Supergirl to back off.

The weird mystical metal that composed those gauntlets was of a sufficient density to batter the Girl of Steel, but not appreciably slow her down.

The foul blows did nothing to deter the Maid of Might as the next chop came down she dropped and threw a classic “one inch punch” that knocked Amazo right off his feet.

Sprawling again on the floor for the second time in five minutes, the evil simulacra, decided to change his tactics.

Leering in triumph, Amazo began vibrating his molecules Flash style he attempted to phase his way thru the deck and to freedom. This was the one superpower he’d absorbed from the original JLA that his Kryptonian opponent couldn’t counter!

The Girl of Steel, fretted but little over the challenge, she pounced on her adversary and did something plain crazy.

She shoved her hand right up against his hyper-vibrating torso; the interposition of her super dense molecular structure into caused nothing less than a mild explosion!

“BOOM!!!” the deck plating was torn up the sickbay was now officially a shambles.

Both brawlers were blown to opposition sides of the room.

Supergirl stirred first and seized Amazo, throwing the android into a punishing headlock.

She had him, but then that is all she had, Amazo retaliated by battering her ribs and any place else he could reach with Amazonium enhanced karate chops.




“I’m not gonna...OOFFF! let GO!” snarled Supergirl.

“I must regenerate!!” grated the android, which writhed and bucked fruitlessly trying to break Supergirl’s inexorable hold.

The Maid of Steel’s golden-flecked blood fell from a nasty cut over her left eye spattered on the floor.

She didn’t falter, she never did, “Tonight is the last of Amazo,” she thought.

Once again, the android opted to change his tactics, he“Uhhhh Give UP Amazo!!”groaned the heroine “I’ve got a score to settle with you!”

Shifting his muscular arm just a bit, Amazo was able to snake his hand down the front of Supergirl’s red shorts. He seized the heroine’s blonde tufted pubic patch in a savage grip and pulled...hard!

Tears sprang to Supergirl’s eyes, sheer agony radiated from her abused pussy as Amazo twisted and yanked away at her pubic hair.

But she didn’t let up, not for one instant; Amazo’s super durable android body was beginning to literally groan from the pressure imposed on it from the implacable Supergirl.

In a flash, Amazo shifted his tactics yet again.

The evil android recalled the complex labyrinth of sexual fantasies that composed the heroine’s subconscious. Especially her occasional forays into self-pleasure. Perhaps the right stimulus could compel Supergirl to relax her death grip.

He released his grip on Kara’s pubic patch and drilled his hand into the depths of her warm soft coochee. His insistent finger soon began earnestly flicking at her oh so easily aroused clitoris.

The Maid of Might’s battered face took on an “O” of erotic surprise.

Amazo was frigging the mighty Supergirl and she couldn’t do a thing about it without letting him go.

Which she was not about to do!

The evil android’s vibrations sent waves of pleasure coursing up her torso...”Oooh this feels good!” though Kara “Can’t give in though...mustn’t relax my grip!”

But wave after wave of raw orgasmic pleasure was beating against her brain; Amazo’s mento-scanner had revealed ALL of Supergirl’s sexy secrets including what a perfect nymph she was!

“OOOhhhhh Ahhhh MMmmmm” Kara closed her eyes as sparkly little mini-gasms danced thru her brain.

Climax or not, Supergirl was determined, with some reluctance she tightened her grip and rigidly clamped her vaginal super-muscles over Amazo’s vibrating finger, his tender ministrations soon ceased.

“OOck...argh...mustn’t relax anything down there! She grunted inwardly.

So there they were, Supergirl had Amazo bent over in a headlock; Amazo’s right hand was in turn further trapped in Kara’s super-coochee.

The android started to flick the very end of his finger...he couldn’t move it much...still just enough to tickle the Girl of Steel in her tenderest most vulnerable spot!

“Got to end this If only for the sake of my super-dignity!!!” she thought.

The Maid of Might now had to stifle a giggle, Amazo’s fingers still had just enough purchase in there to set her off in titters!

“Tee hee hee!” she smiled in spite of her agony.

“Outside!! It is the only way!!” she concluded.

Raising her head she shouted in an agonized tone “BATGIRL Plan B NOW!!”

Up on the command deck, Batgirl turned pale and stabbed a certain button

Immediately, the main hatch leading from the medical bay to the spaceport flew open and inside there the great doorway to space was blow wide via explosive bolts.

The resulting explosive decompression of the sickbay caused Amazo and Supergirl to be thrown out of the JLA satellite completely.

Kara held her grip through out and even managed a battered smile “At least in zero g his speed will be nullified!!” she thought.

The two tumbled thru space in a savage tangle; zero g indeed suppressed most of Amazo’s Flash-derived speed tricks.

Kara though, gave him no time to generate new tactics. Freed from the need to temper her strength, the Maid of Steel really began contracting her supermuscles. Amazo’s artificial body began to buckle under the titanic strain.

Slowly inexorably, Supergirl worked her hand behind Amazo’s neck where she applied a remorseless pressure to the base of his skull.

Shifting her legs upward she wrapped herself around the Android in a lewd pose that belied the forces she was applying to the evil automaton.

And then “CRACK!!” Amazo’s head separated from his body!!

Smiling grimly, Supergirl seized his cranium and pitched it baseball style into the sun!

Amazo’s now decapitated torso was ruthlessly denuded of arms and legs...Supergirl took a special pleasure in pulling his android hand out of her sopping wet womanhood.

“Rao I’ll never live it down, frigged off by Amazo in the middle of a fight!” she thought.

The bits pieces and remnants of the evil automaton were thrown into an orbit that would cause them to impact the Planet Venus in a few hours.

Supergirl drew a hand across her forehead in a tired gesture, “Fie on this quiet life, give me work” she thought.

Meanwhile on the control deck, Batgirl and Batman applauded their friend’s triumph.

A few hours later...

“You were great in that fight today against Amazo...I mean you had a tactic to counteract his every capability, I just wish more people realized what a two fisted scrapper you are” said Batgirl from the tiny changing room that abutted Linda Danver’s basement hot-tub.

The two heroines had returned to Metropolis after cleaning up and turning the JLA satellite over to an astonished group of rescuers lead by Green Arrow and Black Canary.

When last they saw, Batman was describing the whole fight in graphic detail (Kara was thankful he artfully skipped Amazo’s finger frigging antics) to an enraptured audience of their superheroic colleagues.

Supergirl was already in the hot tub, clad in a slim blue bikini (complete with S-shield over her heart), blonde mane pulled back into a saucy ponytail, she was all smiles. Already her cuts and bruises were healed due to her super abundant Kryptonian metabolism.

“I sometimes think you are a closet tomboy you know that? I mean you were jabbing and boxing and throwing stiff shot wrestling holds at Amazo like a pro!” exulted Batgirl from behind the door.

Kara studied her fist with mock gravity “Ohhh geee whiz Batgirl! That is high praise coming from the heroine who once ditched a fight with the Sports Spoilers gang because she had a run in her tights!”

“I keep telling you that was confusion tactic...hey I was new to the game!” blustered Batgirl from the other room.

“Yeah yeah good thing you had the legs for it, now am I gonna see your new costume or not!?” rejoined Kara.

No!” said Batgirl in a quiet voice.

“Why I created it myself we both know it’s the right size why the delay??” wheedled Supergirl in a syrupy tone.

“Because I feel...vulnerable and exposed!” whined the Darknight Damsel.

Supergirl adopted a pose of mock contemplation “Hmmmm vulnerable and that is not right, you should feel sexy and vixenish!”

“Well I don’t!” pouted Batgirl.

“I know what is wrong Babs, the hemline is too long!” Kara made like she was gonna get out of the hot tub and make alterations to Batgirl’s new costume right then and there.

“No you don’t!” quavered the Midnight Maid.

“Just you try me!” said Supergirl as she hooked a leg over the side of the hot tub and reached for her pinking shears.

The Dominoed Daredoll abruptly entered “Okay alright you win!” sighed the Caped Crusaderette.

Supergirl grinned hugely.

Batgirl was a vision of sexiness, instead of her usual black tights her costume now terminated in a scandalously short miniskirt, she wore expensive flesh tone nudie-hose and sexy black strappy sandals with three-inch heels.

The Darknight Damsel was blushing furiously, Supergirl beamed happily at her friend.

You look a-dorable!” trilled the Kryptonian Kutie.

“Kara you don’t think for a minute this get up will do me any good with Batman? He’ll take one look and throw me out of the Bat-cave!”

Supergirl kept beaming away “No he won’t he’ll finally come to his senses! Look Babs, men are dumb...they need a good signal sometimes. You’ve spent years building yourself up into a respectable Masked Avenger, that the poor Bat-dope can’t see you as anything else but a valued-colleague! Time to give him something new to think about!”

Batgirl looked stricken...”I don’t know...look he isn’t interested I should accept that...”

“Like hell!” blazed Supergirl “You’ve had the hots for Batman for years. But has he ever given you a tumble? NO! He needs a big stupid hint! Now Just look at yourself in the mirror and tell me you aren’t the most beautiful, the sexiest, most dynamic heroine in the game!”

Across the room was full-length mirror, almost furtively The Darknight Damsel made her way over and stood before the glass with a definite deer-in-the headlights-glare look.

“I feel so vulnerable in a skirt, I can’t even sit down in this thing” she sighed “A-and he can get at me at any time!”

“That is the with that idea...make him think about all your sexiness being so tantalizingly close!” whispered Supergirl in a suggestive tone.

Batgirl blushed deeply and managed a bashful smile; she gave herself a good looking over.

The heroine who stared back at her though, from the mirror’s glass wasn’t a colorless female brain or some maniacal vengeance vixen, but a sexy confident super heroine with long legs, a proud bust and a girlish yet athletic shape.

The Darknight Damsel suddenly threw caution to the winds and struck a runway pose, the skirt was making her feel different all of a sudden, she found she liked the swirling sensation she felt around her proudly nylon clad legs.

“Now yer gettin’ it! Rao Babs you make Catwoman look like a boy!” cheered Kara.

Batgirl smiled “Well maybe but it’s a cinch I can catch any crooks in this get up!”

“Babs that skirt is for man-catching not crook-catching!”

Suddenly, Supergirl pulled herself up by the arms over the edge of the steaming hot tubs she aimed a quick burst of her super-breath at the floor between Batgirl feet.

The resulting updraft sent the Batgirl’s new skirt flying upwards, the Dominoed Daredoll reacted like a tough professional heroine; she squealed girlishly and fought ineffectually with her flying hemline.

“I thought SO!” barked Kara with mock severity “Plain cotton briefs...we are going lingerie shopping tomorrow oh and the strappy heels don’t work either we need to get you some stiletto boots so its shoe shopping as well!”

Batgirl slumped in mock defeat “You win Kara...”

“So you’ll wear the skirt?” said the Maid of Might eagerly.

“I’ll take it with’s nice but it still isn’t practical. I can’t believe that flashing my legs in a mini skirt will get Batman interested” opined the Masked Maiden.

Batgirl made for the changing room she was gonna soak in the hot tub, drink some wine and try to convince Supergirl that a dedicated zealot like Batman would never fall for something as a sexy new costume on his “value colleague” Batgirl.

A week later...

Up in the Fortress of Solitude above the Arctic Circle, Supergirl took time out for a little touch up.

Well actually a big touch up.

It had a been a “slow Friday” by her standards, she’d saved a luxury liner from a rogue wave in the south pacific, foiled a bank robbery in Metropolis, captured the Toyman and found some children that were lost in the state forest.

In her own sanctuary of the Fortress, Supergirl stripped off her blue blouse, shimmied out her red shorts and whisked off her boots and cape.

As naked as Aphrodite she showered, washed her hair and stepped out into her super-boudoir looking like the goddess she truly was.

With her hair now turbaned with a towel, Kryptonian Kutie dug out a strange crimson colored mirror from her dresser and laid it on the floor. She then found a chair and set down next to the mirror taking care to spread her shapely stems wide.

The mirror was imbedded with tiny red crystals taken from one of Lex Luthor’s laboratories.

“Gotta give myself a little trim down there...Amazo really gave me good working over last week” thought Supergirl.

Whereupon, Supergirl flashed her heat vision at the mirror producing a powerful precisely angled red solar ray powerful enough to start shaving off her blonde pubic curls.

Normally Kara used this gimmick to shave her legs, today though, she wanted to remove all the hair from her coochee.

The heat played a nice sensuous rhythm over her exposed slit.

Kara closed her eyes and let her hand stray into the beam as it ruthlessly barbered away her hair-pie.

Her fingers couldn’t resist they found her teensy aroused clit and started massaging and tugging.

Supergirl pointed her toes, suddenly she was fantasizing about a room full of Amazo-Androids, all equipped with huge foot long dicks and a ruthless desire to conquer her every orifice!

“Noo Amazo please!! I-I’m too weak from this ray!” begged Supergirl unconvincingly.

By now, both hands now found their way into her super-cooch.

Kara’s head lolled in sexual ecstasy the red-sun depilatory ray kept playing over her weeping womanhood.

Amazo said nothing save to tear off her red shorts and leer at her tight little twat so, puffy so wet so ready!

“Ohh Yess...Amazo TAKE ME!” gasped the Maid of Steel

She imagined herself bound naked to the chair with loops and loops of ordinary rope with her legs lewdly spread wide.

The android was pitiless; he’d take her every hole and finally know the secret of human pleasure!

“My sweet captive super-slut!” he smirked.

The word “captive” was all that was necessary to send Supergirl into a crashing howling masturbatory orgasm.

Augh! Argh!!! M-Master!!” she cooed.

The beam flickered off as the Maid of Might doused her heat vision, her pussy now was appealingly bare. Her fingers coated with liquid self love,

“Well at least I wont’ have to explain to anyone why Linda Danver’s has bright blonde pubic hair!...Gee I wonder what Babs is doing tonight? Did she have the guts to try out her new batskirt?” thought Supergirl as she reclined in sweet self pleasure.

Batgirl head lolled lost in an eye-rolling wave of pleasure.

“I hate it when she is right!” muttered the heroine.

“Huh whaa?” groaned Batman whose schlong was so far up Batgirl’s cooch that her tonsils were getting tickled!

The infamous batskirt, that silly frivolous garment, was rucked up over the Masked Maiden sweet surging thighs as her nigh perfect ass was pushed up against the hood of the famous batmobile now parked in the deepest depths of the legendary Batcave.

“Ohhhh...ahhh...Buh-Batman please don’t stop!” begged the lust crazed heroine.

The Darknight’s leggings were bunched around his knees as he relentlessly sawed in and out of Bab’s warm wet womanhood.

Dimly as wave after wave of pleasure crashed thru Batgirl’s brain, she could see her delicate lace trimmed panties hanging off one of the Bat-cave’s lighting fixtures.

Batgirl moaned and screamed with ecstasy as the Darknight impaled her hot moist coochee.

“Y-you are MINE!!” grated the Caped Crusader in an uncharacteristic burst of passion.

Babs smiled lazily a volcano of pure pleasure was about send molten ecstasy crashing thru her firm fit body.

“How long has it been?” she wondered “too long and too many dates with my vibrator!” she thought.

“Can’t wear it outside the...cave!” gasped Batman “Skirt...not...practical!”

The Dominoed Daredoll locked her ankles all the tighter around her lover’s athletic hips.

“Yesss!” she wailed in a submissive tone “Wait til he sees the Batformal Kara is making for me!!” the heroine thought to herself.

Her most intimate of areas were alive and surging with one of a kind Bat-lust!

'This is all my dreams come true...I just can’t believe it took a mini skirt and some expensive nylons to make it happen...Kara was right, men are dumb!” Batgirl thought as her bat-lover thrust on top of her. The Distaff Defender felt compelled to wrap her legs and arms around him, clawing his back, urging him on to new feats of pure sexual bliss.

"You Bat-vixen, you. You PLANNED this whole thing with Supergirl didn’t you?" Batman hissed.

"Yes! Yes! UNNNNNNNH!" Batgirl moaned.

Indeed this was something that was more important than mere pleasure.

Batgirl had been holding her sexuality in check for so long, that a prolonged powerful release was very much in order!

The Dominoed Daredoll squirmed with pre-orgasmic lust, urging her lover to grind on, milking his ten-inch penis by contracting her vaginal muscles in time with his long hard thrusts.

Batman’s head was thrown back, he gritted his teeth, and a potent familiar heat was traveling down his dick.

“Yesss!” he whispered.

“Ohhh Batman HARDER!!!” begged the Masked Maiden.

Batman plunged deep again. Batgirl gasped and threw her head

back, her long red hair tossed in the air like a shampoo commercial.

Batman liked that.

“Ohhh Batman!!”

“Arrrgghhh b-Batgirl!!”

They surged together in one last mutual lightning bolt of lust.

Batgirl threw her head back and screamed her orgasm like the goddess she truly was.

The End