Wondrous Fraulein  

By John S

Title: Wondrous Fräulein
By: JohnS

A dogfight.
Injured pilot.
Paradise Island.
Queen’s daughter as champion.
Return pilot.

Up to now it is the stuff of legend. Diana and Steve together for many adventures. What if there was another reality? One where Steve wins the fight, and Herman Brenner lands on the island.

The pilot, as the Amazons knew him had to be returned to Germany, and their princess, armed with her magic lasso, belt, tiara and bracelets would fly him there in her invisible plane. Dressed in her red, white and blue uniform she took off with the pilot.

With no contact with Man’s World, they did not know much of the swastika insignia on his uniform, or the danger their princess was in, when in flight, the man stirred.

Herman slowly opened his eyes and looked around. He knew he was in a plane, and that his wounds were healed. He tested his limbs and found they could move freely and without pain. He remembered the fight and the crash, but little after that. Did he imagine women? Many women?

He looked around without moving his head. He could see the outside of the plane and beyond the roof and floor of the plane. Then he saw the pilot. A woman. Black hair, uniform in the colors of the American flag, a belt around her waist with a rope hanging from it.

He looked around and saw no weapon he could use, even his knife was gone. If he could get the rope, he could at least bind her and then take this new plane to Germany. Herman surmised that the noise of the plane would give him cover to move forward and she would not be expecting an attack.

Herman moves closer to her, admiring her strong athletic body. She would serve the Fatherland well. He thinks as he slowly creeps up. Was it possible he was not dreaming and those women did exist?

As he moves closer, the rope seems to have a glow about it. He notices the belt as a fainter one. He wonders if this rope and belt are more than they seem. This plane, clear, strong was a prize, but could there be more.

He got a few steps closer, he could see her toned, but not too muscular arms operating the controls. He watched her. For such a magnificent plane, the controls were very simple. He could fly it. He glanced ahead and saw the clouds and where they were and saw his chance. Turbulence.

He reached his hand over to the hook on the belt holding the lasso and waited. The plane bounced a few times and he quickly lifted the lasso.

Diana lost in her thoughts barely felt it with her distraction and the bouncing. She was keeping the plane steady when the lasso was wound around her chest, just above her breasts, pulled tight pinning her arms to her sides. She was about to turn and attack when she heard a voice say:

“Don’t move. Don’t try to get free. Keep flying the plane!”

The three commands surged into her mind though the lasso. In an instant the man she was trying to help had made her helpless, her great strength useless as she obeyed the command to remain still. A twinge of fear ran though her. She had herd stories from her mother about what men can do.

“Now, who are you, where are we going and what is this plane?”

“I am princess Diana form Paradise Island. We are going to Germany, and this is my invisible plane, undetectable by radar.”

He was surprised by her calm answers, but also surprised by how forthright they came out. No hint of deception, no hesitation. He had seen interrogations when even if the person was lying they would not give out information so readily.

“You did not hesitate, are you lying to me?”

“No. I cannot lie.”

Then he felt it, an energy in the lasso.

“What is this lasso? Does it do something?”

“Yes. It forces the one bound by it to …. tell the truth.” Diana struggled to stop the answer from coming out. She thought if she was quick before he would not press. She was wrong.

“Does it do anything else?” He asked, seeing her now struggling with the lasso.

“Y-y-y-es. The one bound has to obey the h-h-holder of the lasso.”

“So any command I give you as you are bound you will do?”

“Yes.” Diana’s shoulders dropped.

Herman smiled, but realized the problem of having her on a tether.

“If I give you a command, while bound, will you follow it after I remove the lasso?”

Diana’s mind recoiled in horror. She would be a virtual slave to this man, doing whatever he willed.


She struggled to say “no.” She could not give him that power.

“You cannot lie! I command you to answer my question!” Herman gripped the lasso and wound it around her a few more times, a few times under her breasts, squeezing them together; enjoying the feeling of having this plane and this woman to control.

“Yes! I will obey after the lasso is removed!”

He smiled, thought for a bit then spoke.

“Now Diana. You will obey all commands I give you. You will protect me at all times. You will never attack me or use this lasso on me. You will never ask anyone to alter these instructions with the lasso. Do you understand?”


“Will you obey those instructions?”


“Yes, my master!”

“Yes my m-m-mast---er. Yes my master.” She said softly.

After a few questions he found out the bracelets can deflect bullets and the tiara is a throwing weapon.

He then glanced at her beautifully athletic body.

“Does any device enhance your body?” He had meant her beauty, but “body” is too vague and Diana’s mind took it as her powered body.

“Yes… my magic belt . . . gives me great strength.” She said haltingly, her last secret about to be revealed.

“So, without it you would be powerless? A normal woman?”


“hmmm… let’s test this out.”

He took off the lasso. He knew the area in Germany they wee flying over. Remote forested.

“Land over there.”

Diana landed the plane she and Herman stepped out of the plane. He walked around her admiring her body.

He had found his luger and shot at her shoulder quickly. The bullet bounced off her bracelet as she said.

“Very nice. Now I wish to see what you can do. I will give you a task, after you do it, you will kneel at my feet and say ‘What can I do for you now, Master?’”

“Yes Master.”

He orders her to run, pick up things, destroy rocks, to see what she can do. Each time she comes back and kneels, each time her voice gets less strained as she slowly accepts her new position.

He marvels at her strength and what she could do for the Fatherland, but more importantly, himself. He watches her body move as the sheen of sweat forms on her and the light shines off it. He has to have her, his manhood begins to lengthen.

She kneels down and looks up at him. “What can I do for you now, Master?”

“I wish to see how well you fight without your belt. As you kneel remove it and stand up.”

Diana removes her belt and places it at his feet and stands up.

“Are you in condition for a fight?”

“Yes Master, but I could never harm you.” Diana said; part of her looking for a way out another part, responding to the lasso’s commands and becoming more subservient.

“True, my slave, but you have learned to fight someone and incapacitate them, without doing lasting harm?

“Yes Master.” Diana said, surprisingly eager. She had been watching him stretch and move as he gave her tasks. It was a warm day and he had taken off his shirt. Seeing his well-muscled body move, was interesting to her, something stirred inside her, a feeling she had never felt before. The idea of rubbing up against him was…. pleasing to her.

“good, for this time only, unless I say otherwise, when I order you to “defend yourself” you will attack me without your belt and use every move to subdue me, but not injure me. do you understand slave?”

Herman moved up to her, even at her height he was almost nose to nose. His massive chest pressed against hers, her nipples slightly pressed by his chest pressing hers. A shiver ran though her as her chest was pressed.

“Yes… my master.” She said.

He backs up a bit: “Defend yourself.”

He attacked her and she defended. He could tell their strength was about equal as she tossed him around for the first part of the match. He managed to get her into a few holds. A nelson, arm bar and a leg scissors. He also noticed that as he got close to her and their bodyies meshed she became distracted. When in the scissors and he grabbed her breast, still in the costume, a slight moan escaped her before she countered.

The combat was interesting for Diana. Herman’s shoulders were wider than her Amazon sisters and his arms were stronger too. She found her normal holds slipping and her master countering them. Even her powerful legs were not as effective. Not because they were weak, but of something else. As she closed her legs around his chest she smiled. She had her master now. But as he squirmed to get free he rubbed his side between her legs. A shiver ran from between her legs to her breasts and then to her head. She moaned, giving him a way out as she closed her eyes for a second.

The second part of the match went very differently. Herman changed to more body holds, grapevines and lifts, anything to get his hands on her. His ardor also grew. In one of the final moves he reached between her legs and scooped her up. She groaned as his hand rubbed between her legs. Her eyes closed and a small tremble ran though her body.

He hend her there, one hand between her legs and another on her shoulder.

“oh… master….” She moaned.

He slammed her to the ground and pressed his body on hers. He grabbed her breast and squeezed them. She felt his manhood swell as she was getting wet between her legs, her nipples became hard as he took control over her. Soon she was tired, aroused and finished.

He grabbed her by the shoulder and between the legs eliciting another “ohhhhh” and pressed her into ta large tree. With one hand he pressed her chest into the tree while with the other he pulled down her shorts.

“uummmmm….” Diana moaned as the cool air struck her warm, wet, wondrous place. Her eyes closed lightly as he held her.

He then looked at her.

“You are mine, Diana.” He thrust his manhood forward into her.

“Yes,,aaahhhh…..” She stramed as her delicate place was forcefully taken.

“You will answer only to me.” He thrust again gripping her breasts pulling them out of her uniform, her nipples hard.

“uummm….yes…..” The feelings were building inside her. New, wonderful feelings as she felt him in her. Why did not her mother tell her about this? It was wonderful.

“You serve only me!”

“yes…yes master….” Her breath quickened as she pressed against him, wanting him further in her. Lost in this new feeling.

“Youu will serve my cause to the best of your ability.”

“Yes…oooohhh…yes…” Diana could feel herself give in to her feeling, to this man, she could not stop…her will was going…. She lived for him.”

“You obey me in all things… your only desire is to serve me. your body and mind are mine!”

“Yes……aaahhh….yesss” Diana could hold it back no longer, neither could Herman.

“You are mine Diana.!” He said.

“Yes… I am yours!” She moaned as she felt a release of wonderful emotion as she felt him release as well.

= = =

A while later in the invisible plane. Herman was adjusting the controls, when Diana, in her magic belt and lasso stood before him.

He looked at her and wondered if he had made a mistake with his commands. But his face remained stern.

“What do you want my slave.”

He needn’t of worried, as he took her in the grove, she became his slave. While the lasso helped, the Amazon curse (being taken by a man), which he had unknowingly done, made her his.

“Master,” she said as she presented the lasso to him.

“When will we get to Berlin so we may aid the war against those “Americans”?”

“Very soon, my Wondrous Fräulein, soon my slave. Now, remove your breast from your uniform and assume the position.”

Diana sat on the floor next to him. He stroked her hair as he set the plane towards Berlin.

“Will you get me a new uniform, one with your insignia on it so I may do battle with you?”

“Yes, my princess.” He said as he strokes her breasts. She kisses his hand content in her new life and with her master. Her master forever. She smiles as she starts her new life.