Batgirl becomes Catwomans Sex Slave  

By JRuff87373



Chapter One: The Transformation

Standing on the rooftop of the abandoned warehouse, the caped crimefighter could see almost nothing at first. The darkened stairwell and uneven surface did little to improve the overall surroundings as she crept closer to the rooftop entrance.

Batgirl, as she was commonly referred to, had begun her evening crimefighting activities two months earlier, immediately following the murder of her father, Police Commissioner James Gordon, at the hands of the evil villain known as Catwoman. Taking this nighttime vigilante identity in an effort to track down and provide the needed justice that her father's murder deserved, Barbara Gordon was ready. Years of athletic training and preparation had sculpted her body into every man's dream and she used her "assets" to her ready advantage. Creating her costume from black body stocking, Barbara added a black cape, belt with hooks and other safety devices, as well as a "bat-like" mask to conceal her daytime identity.

Moving with grace and speed, her thick red hair flowing behind, Batgirl quickly moved into the rooftop entrance. Quickly striding down several flights of stairs, the determined daredevil opened the fourth floor entrance to a large, and empty, loft. Her underworld sources had informed her of the Catwoman's use of the warehouse an a front for illegal crack cocaine manufacture and distribution. But the sources had been wrong. Or so it seemed.

Taking a red electronic visor from her waist belt, Batgirl turned on the device and placed it to her eyes, quickly using the infra-red device to scan the loft area.

Suddenly, large hands reached out for her from behind and an oversized white cloth was placed about her mouth and nose. Struggling to break free, Batgirl was quickly overpowered and succumbed to the potent fumes emanating from the cloth. Losing consciousness, she heard a woman's laugh echo about the loft as darkness enveloped her.



A brightness like that of the noon-day sun greeted the 25 year-old woman as she regained consciousness. The memory of the attack sent the woman hurling forward, only to be held back by leather restraints on both arms. She looked about and found that she had been strapped to a metal table.

Again, a woman's laugh permeating the silence. Stepping forward from the darkness, Catwoman appeared. Standing nearly six feet tall, the lilth, raven-haired woman wore all black, a whip to her right side and, like Batgirl, a mask to conceal her identity. But this mask reflected the darker side of the wearer ... a "Cat-like" mask that helped the evil women's darkest desires come true.

"Are you comfortable my dear," purred Catwoman.

"I will be free of this and you will be dead," replied Batgirl, straining unsuccessfully at her bonds.

Stepping forward, Catwoman brazenly took the younger woman's face in her claw-like, gloved hands and placed a warm, loving kiss onto Batgirl's full red lips. Shocked by such an outrageous action, Batgirl again struggled in vain to free herself from the Catwoman's bonds. Knowing that what was happening was wrong, even perverse, the caped crimefighter closed her eyes, even for a moment, and actually surrendered herself to the kiss.

As Catwoman was kissing the numbed Batgirl, she reached backwards and placed a helmeted device on the helpless woman. Releasing the captured woman's straining red lips from hers, she stepped backwards and pressed a hidden red button. An electrical connection was made and hundreds of volts of power coursed through the now active metal box, sending charged energy particles of gold and white through the exposed wires and into the young woman. Lurching forward and arching her back in a vain effort to escape, Batgirl immediately felt herself, once again, enveloped by the comfort of darkness throughout her mind and soul. Walking over to the device, Catwoman could hear the labored breathing of the now groggy woman. Turning the device off and lifting the helmet off the young woman's masked head, Catwoman silently removed the leather straps.

Looking at her captive through eyes of gemed fire, Catwoman drank in the silent crimefighter's obvious attributes. Her chest rising and falling to the now rymthic cadence of breathing, Batgirl's well-apportioned breasts heaved forward and back. Catwoman then trailed her gaze downward to the tight waist and long tapered legs, completely covered in black.

Struggling with the quickly reviving woman, Catwoman brought her to her feet. Taking one gloved arm in hers, Catwoman half-pulled Batgirl off the table and into an adjoining room. There a lavish bed had been prepared, with black silken sheets. Standing the woman erect in the center of the room, Catwoman walked to the bed, turned around and slowly lowered herself onto the sheets.

Catwoman was loving this. For months, Batgirl had been a thorn, the death of Commissioner Gordon causing her to enact a one-woman campaign to destroy Catwoman's drug empire. Little did the younger crimefighter know that it was more than drugs Catwoman was after. It was control. Power. And finally she found it.

Breaking into a secret governmental laboratory the previous week, the evil Catwoman and her henchmen had found a powerful, yet unused device. Simply put, the VY245 was designed by the government for espionage activities during the Cold War period of the 1960's, but had never been used due to the lack of funding. But Catwoman understood the true power it provided: to alter the thoughts and behaviour of individuals, implanting them with entirely new identities. Once used on a subject, the effect was permanent and irreversible.

Bringing the machine to her rooftop lair, Catwoman had learned how to reprogram the device and was eager to test it out. Batgirl provided the perfect subject.

"Take off your costume baby, strip naked for Catwoman" the evil villain hissed at the helpless younger woman. Catwoman had no idea if her captive would do as commanded.

Bringing her hand to her masked face, Batgirl momentarily hesitated, looking at the smiling face of the dark haired woman sitting langiously on the bed. Shaking her head, as if to raise her mind from a fog, Batgirl began to do as she had been commanded. With both hands, Batgirl reached upwards to remove the black cape. As it slowly fell to the floor, black gloves quickly followed, as did her black, thigh high boots. Her belt, now feeling like leaden weights around her waist, was also freed and clattered to the floor.

Stepping forward, Batgirl reached behind her back and slowly lowered the zipper of her one piece costume. Within moments, that too was dropped to the floor and she stood wearing only black panties, bra, and her costumed mask, of course.

Catwoman laughed with glee.

In no way had she ever conceived of the device having such an immediate effect on the formerly caped crime fighter. This was going to be fun. Bringing her hands to her ribs, Catwoman slowly caressed her large breasts, feeling the pulling and lifting of the dark bodysuit as it clung to her upper body. Before her stood her nearly naked adversary, who was responding to Catwoman's every command.

Batgirl nearly completed her task. Her body costume now removed, next was her form-fitting, black lace bra. Moments before she removed her black undergarments, Catwoman said, "stop," and Batgirl did, standing before her wearing only panties and mask.

"You have to undress me, Catwoman hissed, "You want to, don't you."

"Oh yes, I do," replied Batgirl, who stepped forward to meet the slightly older woman. Turning her around, Batgirl lowered the woman's zipper and assisted the evil Catwoman in removing her clothes.

"Kiss my skin all over, slave" commanded Catwoman.

"Yes, kiss you, kiss you all ... all over," Batgirl replied, performing her task as any maid servant might do for her master. The red-haired woman kissed Catwoman's tanned flesh, as the raven-haired criminal tortured the woman below her with hard pinches on her now-naked breasts and arms.

"Make you naked like me. Kiss your pussy," Batgirl mumbled in response as she kneeled before Catwoman to remove her bra and panties. Turning her around, Batgirl placed two warm kisses on Catwoman's well formed buttocks. Then, with only an instant hesitation, Batgirl swiveled her new charge around and placed a warm, loving, wet kiss on her full, pouting pussy lips. Catwoman groaned now in wild abandon as she drew the younger woman upwards to her. Pulling her tight, at woman embraced Batgirl and removed her own mask and then Batgirl's. Looking longingly into her eyes, Catwoman opened her mouth and enveloped the younger girl's mouth into her own.

Catwoman's tongue danced and darted through Batgirl's own, the recipient quickly caressing her new lover. Swiveling her around, Catwoman pushed the woman backwards, forcing her onto the middle to the bed. Dropping onto the black silk sheets with a bounce, Catwoman continued her liquid assault. Pinwheels of light careened in Batgirl's head as Catwoman's tongue and mouth caressed her own. Pulling her upwards to a sitting position, Catwoman finally released her mouth from Batgirl's. The former caped crime fighter's now disheveled thick red hair overflowed over her head as she cried out for release.

Brushing her hair from her brow, Catwoman took Batgirl's head in her hands and hissed, "I'm going to devour your luscious little cunt, you bitch, until you scream for mercy! Then I'm going to tongue-fuck your beautiful virginal asshole before I let you get between my legs and lick me! And you are going to suck and lick me 'till I go out of my mind. What do you think of that ... Batgirl?!"

"Ooooohh ... yesss ... I want to ... Darling ... fuck and suck until you go out of your mind ..." Batgirl responded, her words completely entranced her mind within the lethargy that Catwoman had created. While awaiting her next command, Batgirl's tongue caressed the outer fold of her own lips, again tasting the sweet nectar of Catwoman's saliva. Such action made Catwoman explode with lust. Moving downward, she took Batgirl's ample right breast, opened her mouth and enveloped the nipple entirely. At the same time, Catwoman's left hand pinched and pulled at the woman's other nipple, which was rapidly becoming harder and harder. Instantly, Batgirl's breathing became rapid, as she clutched the black hair of the woman who slavered at her chest.

Biting almost hard enough to draw blood, Catwoman pulled herself away from the now engorged nipple. Using her fingertips on both of Batgirl's nipples, Catwoman was bringing the younger woman into a state of utter frenzy. "Ohhh ... God yess, that so good. Don't stop," Batgirl said, her voice faltering at the touch of her evil former adversary.

But with that Catwoman did stop. Releasing her hands from Batgirl's breasts, she watched with lewd, fire-eyes as the tortured younger woman struggled with the rapidly diminishing electric power that her touch brought.

Moving backward for a moment, Catwoman, commanded Batgirl to turn over. And she did. Laying on her stomach, Batgirl wore only the flimsy black panties which protected her most private, secret charms from finally being revealed to Catwoman. But that was not to last. Quickly, warm hands caressed her buttocks and back, renewing the warm sensations Catwoman's mouth, tongue and hands had created. Lifting her ass upwards as if to receive a further reward, Batgirl expected her new lover to remove her panties. Instead, Catwoman brought the younger woman to her knees, her face deeply immersed within the sheets.

Such a position placed Batgirl's final, most private secret directly into contact with Catwoman's evil glaze. Looking at the darkened, panty-covered pussy, Catwoman could see the gleaming sweat and growing wetness it secreted. Moving forward, Catwoman opened her mouth and, expertly using her tongue, she gently caressed Batgirl's plump pussy from top to bottom.

Upon contact, Batgirl squealed her delight as the older woman's tongue, now joined by her hands, caressed her pussy and ass cheeks.

Again, Catwoman continued her sexual torture of the helpless Batgirl as the fire of a woman released, again took hold of her. Having had enough of these "preliminaries" Catwoman grabbed the panties on both sides and shredded them from Batgirl's ass. Rearing back, Catwoman opened her hand fully and spanked the unsuspecting young woman's full ass cheeks. Over and over, faster and faster, Catwoman's hand beat at the woman's fleshy exterior. Below, Batgirl was shocked by the sudden attack and was helpless to defend herself as savage blow after blow was delivered with angry force.

As she continued her assault, Catwoman felt the rising heat of her orgasm reach over her and take possession. With a final swipe, Catwoman came. Roaring torrents overflowing her, she collapsed forward, the dark mane of her hair laying across the stinging red welts on Batgirl's upraised ass cheeks.

"Shut up you bitch," Catwoman screamed as Batgirl starting to gurgle a response.

Rolling her over, she moved quickly to complete her conquest!

"Damn you gorgeous bitch," Catwoman hissed, "Wider! Spread your legs wider. Raise them way up high and wide. Further. That's it ... as high and as wide apart as you can, so your little cunt is split open for me."

Batgirl never hesitated. Wanted to do whatever the beautiful, slightly older woman commanded, she drew her long, shapely thighs up and back against the resilient mounds of her desire-swollen breasts, their tiny hardened nipples tingling and burning at the caress of her own legs. This obscene position spread her vulnerable young loins wide open for the aggressive, raven-haired woman. Batgirl's dark-curled, pink cuntal slit raised high, waiting for the naked Catwoman's lesbian assault.

Everything that Catwoman has dreamed about was finally coming true. Everything the bisexual criminal had ever found salaciously captivating in another girl ... had ever experienced in the licking and sucking of their young cunts, was exemplified a thousand times in the mesmerizing nakedness spread before her! God, that had to be the ultimate. It would never be enough. Maybe if she were a died in the wool lesbian. But she was not. Cock and cunts, either were as erotically appealing to her as the other, but after this she wondered if she might not emerge with a one-tract mind and remain a lesbian the rest of her life. Damn, the beautiful naked creature, with her intoxicating young pussy helplessly offered up to her to do with as she pleased was breathtaking!

Tauntingly, Catwoman gazed down at Batgirl's spread pussy. Wild ferminations churned in her own nakedly seething loins as she brushed one finger through the dark silken hair sparsely lining its puffy lips ... the outer, fleshy folds clinging snugly to each other with only the moistened, pink ribbon of inner flesh assuring the hot, wet mount they protected inside. Her eyes were like a matched pair of insatiable, fired gems! To Catwoman, it was suddenly as if the touching of it with her mouth was going to unleash an overwhelming plague of lesbian desire she could never again be rid of.

Her hotly licking tongue, in the beginning, did little more than lightly trace the pink, hair-lined crevice, wetly laving the slickened furs with warm slackening moisture. Intently, she tongue-combed the wispy dark tuffs, while the delightedly brainwashed young woman beneath her moaned in ever mounting desire, squiring and gasping as Batgirl ardently waited for her desire-flushed pussy lips to be spread-apart and the smooth moist flesh within hungrily ravished!

Again, the red-haired Batgirl whimpered, but now in a state of feverish passion. Catwoman had brought her to this level time and time again, but with no release. Voluntarily, Batgirl ground her naked, obscenely spread loins upwards towards the naked mouth that engulfed them.

At the same time, the smiling, raven-haired woman nuzzled her face tighter into the soft, liquid heat between Batgirl's lewdly spread legs, her mouth lips widely ovaling to the crimefighter's cunt lips, engulfing it all in a lewd kissing/sucking motion. The hot wet length of Catwoman's wet tongue darted, and in plunging stabs, licked down to Batgirl's raisin-like opening at her asshole ... and with a firm push, caressed the younger woman's nether depths, before sucking the tiny, erectile flowerette of Batgirl's clitoris until the helpless woman could do little more than wail and twist helplessly beneath ...

And then ... Catwoman stopped.

Chapter Two: A Night of Terror

After investigating the disappearance of highly classified government research equipment, the darknight damsel, Batgirl, was overpowered, bound and subjected to mind-altering experimentations by the evil villainess Catwoman. Now, without any memory of her previous life, Batgirl began to submit herself willingly to any sexual or physical task presented to her by her villainous masters '

Bringing herself to her knees, the evil villainess' mouth and face smeared with slick, rich, creamy fluid from Batgirl's warm cuntal sections, Catwoman looked down at her new charge and smiled wickedly.

She would, time and again, bring this woman to the bring of her orgasm, only to stop and let her suffer the pangs of unrelease.

Below her, Batgirl squirmed for more.

More release.

Anything to relieve her of this sexual torment which had ceased her entire being.

Snapping her fingers, Catwoman's new command brought two hooded men into the bedroom parlor. Silently, as if already anticipating their mistress's unspoken words, they roughly gripped the helpless red-haired woman by both arms. Not struggling and in complete submission, Batgirl allowed the men to take from her the bedroom.

Walking outside the door, Batgirl could see that they were still within the warehouse loft and that the bedroom had only been a "Hollywood" type set, one easily disposed of when not in use.

Walking forward and hurling her against a wall, the nearly naked white men left the defenseless woman to stand alone, as they briefly separated and walked toward two fire hoses. Standing not more than 10 feet from the naked Batgirl, the men turn their fire hoses on full. The jet streams of ice cold water hit Batgirl with the force of a piledriver, immediately knocking her the cold concrete floor. Writhing in agony, Batgirl rolled around the floor, trying in vain to escape the unrelenting cold water.

After several minutes, the water stopped and Batgirl again felt herself being lifted to her feet and standing erect and alone. The cold water had done little to relieve the sexual torment she had be subjected to only minutes earlier, and the young woman's thick, red hair now hung like wet spaghetti over her face, neck and back. Water tricked down her erect nipples and chest, past her shapely thighs and pussy, before gathering in a puddle at her feet.

She stood in complete subjection to her captors ' Who would show no mercy.

Again taken by the hand, this time with gentle caresses, Batgirl was brought her knees before one of the men. Brushing her stringy hair from her eyes, her hooded assailant roughly grabbed the back of her neck, forcing her face forward. With a silent command, Batgirl opened her mouth to a wide oval and accepted freely the large gift being presented to her. With relish, the fires within beginning to rapidly come to a boil as it had with Catwoman earlier, Batgirl took the rock hard penis into her mouth like it was a majestic gift from the Gods.

Experimentally swirling her tongue around and around the fleshy tip, Batgirl began an up and down motion with the man's huge penis in her mouth. Using her left hand to grab his buttocks and steady herself, Batgirl used her right hand to gently fondle the man's balls and the thick hairs around his upper thighs. With a groan, the hooded assailant grabbed the back of her neck even harder, forcing the tip of his cock down her throat.

With a momentary pause when she thought she would gag, Batgirl quickened her ministrations on the hooded man. With her outstretched hand, she could feel his balls rapidly tightening and firming as he began his release.

And release he did.

Over and over again.

Batgirl's hunger was uncontrollable, and she didn't wish to spill a single drop. She slavered over the man's thick penis, twirling it back and forth. Thick white brew was ejected into her mouth from above. More and more he came, thick rivulets of white semen oozing from the outer lips of her mouth.

Gulping for air, Batgirl felt his manhood rapidly deflating as she hungrily gasped for more. Still not wanting to spill a drop, she sated him by lovingly allowing his now deflated cock out of her mouth and expertly using her tongue to gently open the fleshy slit and remove the last remnants of semen from the tip of his cock.

Moaning her delight, Batgirl felt two strong hands take her from behind and position her on her hands and knees. Not seeing, but sensing what was happening, Batgirl spread her knees, in an effort to invite the delightful torment which was soon to come to her pussy.

A welcome invitation?

Garbling out a oath, her assailant grabbed both of her perfectly formed ass checks ' stretching and pulling them apart. Gazing down at the raisin-like opening between her wide spread ass cheeks, he touched the end of his cock to the helpless woman's anus.

Not understanding what was happening, Batgirl made the first selfless move of the entire rape she was facing. Struggling to come to her feet and escape her tormentors, Batgirl was slapped hard by a closed fist. Her face and cheeks bore the brunt of the evil attack as her hair, now air dried in thick red clumps, swung widely.

Roughly pushing her forward, her unseen assailant again assumed his position behind her. Fear gripped the young Batgirl, as she felt his cock begin a rapid forward assault on her unprotected anus. With an inaudible groan, she felt herself being stretched to the limits of her endurance, as her ass cheeks were greeted by the man's thick hairy thighs. Thrusting with all his might, the hooded figure brought his cock fully within the forever stretched anus of the helpless red-haired young woman.

Gripping the sides of her legs for support, he thrust forward. "Aggggg" Batgirl screamed in helplessness as back and forth, in and out, the large man attacked her now stretched asshole.

Trying to blot out the pain of the attack, Batgirl began to move back and forth, to and fro, as her body began to accept this new intrusion. Fires unabated again began to bubble up within her.

Within moments she not only accepted this unwelcome intrusion from behind, but welcomed it. Feeling her respond to his growing need, the hooded man increased his stroking of Batgirl now wetted and open anal home.

Feeling himself near his release, the man plunged himself into Batgirl's back door hole, placing all of his long, thick cock within.

And he came. More and more, thick white brew was injected into the helpless woman's anus. Batgirl was completely submitting her will to those of her captors, as she opened her legs as wide as they would go.

More and more than man pumped himself into her outstretched anus, until finally, Batgirl felt himself deflating and pulled himself out of her behind with a soft "pop."

"Well wasn't that fun." Batgirl heard the words from her former sexual partner. Still naked, Catwoman, seemed to magically appear before the young woman, still on her hands and knees, her white ass cheeks opening and closing, cooling in the damp evening air from the savage pounding they had just received.

Not knowing, not caring what was to happen to her, Batgirl again felt the strong male arms of her tormentors grab her and pull upwards to standing position. Stepping forward, Catwoman took the captive crimefighter by the sides of her face and placed a loving, deep kiss on her full, sweat, soaked lips.

"I think that will be enough for today. Why don't you boys take her in the other room and make her comfortable for the night. Pleasant dreams!!" Catwoman laughed.

Striding to the other side of the warehouse, the two men dragged and half carried the nearly comatose young Batgirl, while Catwoman followed from a short distance behind. Using rusted chains and metal hooks, they bound the naked young woman to the wall. Her arms and legs outstretched above and below, Batgirl's head slumped forward into darkness.

Looking with admiration at her evening's accomplishments, Catwoman took the two men by the arms and invited them into her bedroom for some additional nocturnal action.

Sleep (if it could be called that) was a journey into hell for the bound and captive crimefighter.

She had endured the loss of identity, rape, sodomy and other acts of personal torture and found herself, naked, tied and bound to a wall. She had been brought to a sexual frenzy all evening long without any completion.

During the long evening, she sensed, or largely felt the present of another human being with her. Hands caressed her inner thighs and legs, a mouth pressed against her pussy lips. Her body involuntarily responding to this unwanted assault, cried out for more.

But was denied.

Each time, Batgirl was brought to her edge, only to be tormented with the loss of orgasm and completion. At times, she would hear giggling and laughter coming from her tormentors, but was unable to move, let alone care what was happening'

Chapter Three: Catwoman DEAUX


Such as it was'

Was more a feeling than a event. The windows of the darkened warehouse were boarded shut.

Awareness came as a ache to the young woman's arms and legs, forevermore stretched to the breaking point. Not allowed to use any bathroom facilities, Batgirl had to defecate along the wall and onto the floor beneath.

"Well, well, I think you had a lot of fun last night," came the booming voice of a woman she had come to know all too well.

Catwoman, now outfitted in another all black body costume, the dim rays of the morning sunlight reflecting off her tight black bodysuit, moved gracefully before the naked crimefighter. Stepping forward, the masked Catwoman glared into the helpless woman's eyes. "Are you ready for more?" she hissed. "I know I am."

With headed vengeance, Catwoman quickly reached out to grip Batgirl's right breast with her hand and attached a metal clamp. Wincing with pain, Batgirl felt the same outrage on her other nipple.

With a deep laugh, Catwoman pressed a hidden switch. Volts of electric power immediately coursed through the bound woman's body. Her nipples become immediately erect. Pulling at her chains in a vain effort to her herself, Batgirl was again shocked into helplessness.

Minutes seemed like hours, as more and more electrical power was brought to bear. Finally, Catwoman could see that the naked woman had had enough. Turning the power off, Batgirl's head slumped forward.

Her body silent.


Hands, arms, water, all come crashing down on her. Not knowing, not caring what was to next befall her, Batgirl was thrust before day-old food and drink. For precisely one minute, she was allowed the personal freedom of eating, drinking.

"Time's up. Let's go." Catwoman commanded. Bringing the naked woman to her feet, soapy water dripping down her body, Batgirl was again brought to Catwoman's bedroom and dropped onto the bed.

Standing over the woman, Catwoman was debating within herself on her next course of action. Sitting down next to the woman, Catwoman took her in her arms. A loving embrace by the two women was followed by warm loving kisses as Batgirl began to sob silently.

"I'll leave you alone for a while. You just rest here until I return," Catwoman quietly whispered into Batgirl's ear. As the red-haired captive tumbled down and curled into a fetal position, Catwoman gently rubbed the young girl lower back. Moments later, Batgirl was sound asleep.

Reaching down, Catwoman nussled her face to the perfumed aroma of Batgirl's hair fringed pussy lips, gently kissing the fleshy outer folds of both.

The slightly older woman left the room and turned off the lights.

It seemed for nearly an eternity, Batgirl feverishly slept ' her subconscious mind trying to fight off the effects of the brainwashing and sexual torture she had endured for the past 24 hours.

Eventually when she awoke, the room within the warehouse was pitched black. Stumbling to her feet, the naked woman crept along the sides of the room, before finding an entrance to a small bathroom and shower.

Without hesitation, Batgirl stepped into the shower stall as light, warm droplets caressed her battered body.

As every drop of water touched her, it seemed to renew her, adding vitality and life to her battered frame. She knew that she should be a candidate for a hospital ward, but every moment drew new life and energy.

Washing her tattered hair, the soap drifting down to her weary legs, thighs and buttocks, Batgirl's mind seemed to fade away. All of the pain and anguish were but a dim memory. Finally she was whole again. Without any memory of her past, her life beyond this room, she was determined to start over.

No doubts.

No regrets.

Turning the water off and stepping from the shower stall, she took a long look at herself in the bathroom mirror. No longer did she see a frightened, cowering animal, but' a woman.


Strong' ready and able to adjust to the new life before her'

Whatever that may be.

Toweling herself down, Batgirl used the nearby hairdryer and brush. Minutes later, still naked, she walked into the bedroom. Finding a table lamp, she illuminated the room.

There she saw the rumpled sheets of the silk covered bed and a built-in closet. Opening it, she found racks of body stocking and clothes worn by Catwoman, as well as an assortment of whips, chains and other beastly weapons. Pulling out a drawer, Batgirl found a pair of sheer nylons. Sitting on the bed, she put them on her weary legs, allowing herself in the luxurious feel of the silk on her thighs.

Standing upward, she added a pair of long black, form fitting gloves and without a hesitation, found one of Catwoman's masks.

Putting on the mask, she found it strikingly familiar... normal somehow to be looking through the eye filters. Returning to the bed, Batgirl moved onto the front of the mattress, laid back and stretched her body out to drink in all of the wonderful sensations the silk covers presented.

All during the time she had been forced into having sex with Catwoman and her henchmen, she had yet to find relief for herself. Closing her eyes, Batgirl let her hands drift her off into another world. She dreamed of her pussy being kissed and loved by her evil captors, the forceful, yet enjoyable sodomy and the remarkably pleasurable sucking of the man's cock the previous night.

All off these emotions began crashing down on the young woman.

As she remembered every touch; every action; every move that had been forced upon her as her hands began to have a mind if there own.

Reaching downward, she caressed the rapidly hardening nipples, gently stroking the bruised and battered flesh that had been so damaged and mistreated. Bringing her hands down even further, she stroked her flat, well toned waist and thighs, before allowing herself to briefly touch her still damp pussy lips.

From that point she lost control. Spreading her legs as wide and as far apart as she had the previous night for Catwoman, Batgirl stroked her inner fires to a raging volcano. Her hands flew with a frenzy, up around and inside her pussy lips, finding her clit already engorged. Taking the small projectile in two fingers, she turn and twisted it one way and another.

Writhing on the bed uncontrollably, Batgirl bit her lower lip and grabbed her breasts with one hand as the other continued to stroke her inner thighs. Soon. Very soon and I'll be there, she thought to herself, all nasty and evil thoughts vaulted to the forefront of her mind.

She would be the central sun...

She would be the bringer of joy'

She would be the bringer of pain to the Catwoman.

All she had to do was cum.


...and cum again.

Another minute and I'll be there, she thought, moving her right hand faster and faster along her now moistened pussy slit. Just another minute, she thought, biting her lower lip in anticipation of the climatic event.

But just moments before her climax arrived, so did the Catwoman.

Flinging the bedroom door open, she strode into the room, heated fury melting the elements around her. Finding Batgirl on the bed, in an obvious state of ecstasy, Catwoman stepped onto the bed and kicked Batgirl in the lower ribs.

Wincing from the pain, Batgirl yelped. She had been so close.

So very close.

Only a few more moments and she would have been there.

"You don't get off until I get off," said Catwoman, glaring at the helpless woman cowering beneath her. Taking the whip at her side, Catwoman exploded the leather strap, surrounding Batgirl's leather strapped arms and with a grunt, pulling the red-haired woman towards her.

"You will do what I tell you to do. You will get off, but only when I tell you too," the older woman hissed. "I think you're getting a little too comfortable in your new surroundings," Catwoman said, glaring at the other masked woman. "You do look nice in my mask, though, lets see what you look like in the full outfit."

And with that, Catwoman released her and pushed her forward to the closet. Silent in her ministrations with younger girl, Catwoman kneeled forward and removed the black nylon hose, pausing momentarily to gently kiss the younger's still pulsating, plump pussy lips. Oathing out a groan, Batgirl reached forward to grab Catwoman's head and pull it closer towards her, but the wily villain was already on the move. Within a few moments, she had dressed the younger Batgirl in a form-fitting, black costume exactly resembling her own.

Her ripe, full breasts straining against the hard black leather, Batgirl immediately found the black bodysuit difficult to move in or even to breathe. Embracing the younger woman, the older thrust herself forward, the two momentarily becoming one. The younger, red-haired woman greatly opening her lips to accept the tongue and lips of her captor. Pulling backwards, Catwoman lovingly stroked the other's long, flowing red hair.

Grabbing a nearby pair of scissors, Catwoman quickly began lopping off large mounds of Batgirl's long red mane.

Clumps of hair floated down onto the hard concrete floor. Moving with a renewed frenzy, Catwoman continued her re-shaping of Batgirl's former red locks. Finally, she was done. Pushing her forward to the bathroom mirror, Catwoman presented the younger woman with her new identity.

"Behold... the new Catwoman," the evil villain whispered.

Not immediately recognizing herself in the mirrored reflection, the former crimefighter was aghast at what she saw. Her thick, long, shoulder-length red hair was gone... replaced by a extremely short, thick, but single wave.

Impressed with the cut, Batgirl swung herself around, grabbed the evil Catwoman by the arm, and dragged her back into the bedroom. Such a sudden motion triggered alarm in the dominatrix's mind, but she allowed herself to be quickly lowered back onto the bed's satin sheets.

Clothes flew in all directions, leather straps, boots, all came off in a frenzy of sexual fury.

Above her, Batgirl was determined to take control. Reaching down, she brought her arms around the raven-haired woman's neck. Lips parted and embraced... soft breasts and bellies caressed. Pulling Catwoman's knee upwards, Batgirl stroked her pussy lips against the other's silky soft right leg.

Humping and thrusting forward, Batgirl was nearing her climax...

But again Catwoman took control.

"Do me... Do me now," she ordered, pulling the younger woman down to her outstretched thighs.

Batgirl never hesitated.

Looking downward, she kneeled before the outstretched body below. Not willing to wait at the beautiful feast presented, Batgirl further stretched Catwoman's legs apart and dove into her husky depths. When she did so, the evil Catwoman cried out. Reaching upward, she gripped the short, red hair, entangling it within her fingers, inviting the young woman to probe deeper...

Ever deeper.

Batgirl, previously inexperienced in lovemaking with her own gender, threw herself at this new adventure... licking, probing, defining her own way forward into this new life created for her.

Her nose tickled the coarse black hair surrounding her mouth. Releasing herself from within Catwoman's red-hot pussy lips, Batgirl's tongue lovingly stroked up and down, the full length of the older woman's outer depths.

Slavering the area down firmly, she backed out, bringing her hands to Catwoman's sides. With a gentle, but firm nudge, Batgirl moved the other onto her stomach and pulled her ass cheeks upwards. Surprised, but obviously motivated by the energy Batgirl was displaying, Catwoman allowed Batgirl to do so, feeling fingers behind, opening, probing her pussy lips.

Batgirl was on fire.

Surprised at the relish she felt at such action, she boldly pressed two fingers forward... into the snug fleshy folds within.

Catwoman cried out, buckling up and down at the torment she was feeling. Taking her fingers out, Batgirl suckled the flavor from within. Moving her face forward, her masked face touching the plump, hair fringed lips, she again breathed deep into the musk and aroma that Catwoman was releasing.

In a wild frenzy, Batgirl laid down next to the kneeling woman and pulled the older woman down on top of her wide ovaled lips. The masked woman above need no further invitation, savoring every erotic moment this feast provided. Looking down, she felt and breathed deeply the loving invitation presented below.

Allowing her captive this one advantage, Catwoman decided that the woman had endured enough.

She would allow her captive to cum... cum over and over again, but only with her and only in her mouth.

Oh, she would take the forbidden fruit of this former adversary again and again. No longer would Batgirl know the pleasures of a man.

Yes, she would know the savage fucking, the long penetrating strokes that a well endowed man would provide.

Yes, she would suck a man's cock at but a command from her master... taste his cum as it shot down her mouth

But never again would she find full, orgasmic completion in the arms of another. Batgirl would be hers and hers alone... Forever!

Unaware of the evil plans being formulated, Batgirl slavered relentlessly at the honey like cuntal secretions being offered by the evil Catwoman. Opening her mouth fully, she nearly gagged at the torrent of fluids being released. It was as if she had been left dry and alone for weeks. She sucked and pulled at the ripe prize above as she felt her own climax rising within.

Almost there. I'm almost there." Batgirl's mind raced, as her climax waved and crashed around her. Biting, tearing at her master's ripe pussy lips, she felt the other reaching her climatic moment as well. Cries of agony, sexual ecstasy, filled the room as the two woman groped and grabbed at each other.

Her climax at full completion, Batgirl was swept into another world... cocks, cunts, orgasm... nothing else in her past mattered to her.

Only her physical need for completion. Half smiling, Catwoman glared downward through masked eye slits at the woman's discharging pussy lips. A flood of white, creamy liquid poured out of the younger woman's body. Lapping at it as would her namesake to a bowl of milk, Catwoman's mouth ovaled and engorged itself on the liquid feast.

Finally, her orgasm subsiding, Batgirl released herself from the pussy lips above. Drips of clear, milky liquid dripping down from the drenched black hair.

She had finally cum.


Releasing herself as well from the unmoving pussy lips of her captive slave, Catwoman moved around and facing the younger woman below, offered her mouth as a final reward for a job well done.

No further invitation was necessary. Batgirl immediately took the other's parting, full lips onto her own... both tasting their own bodily fluids on the lips mouth and tongue of the other.

The hunger abated for a time, the kiss losing its intensity to become a gentle caress, the older woman dropped her head onto the other's still heaving breasts. Her hands caressing the checks of the woman below with feathered touches as Batgirl's hand freely roamed over the other's back and cooling ass cheeks.

It had been so beautiful... sooo beautiful, Batgirl thought.

But it was far from over'

Chapter Four: Point of No Return

Rolling off the younger woman, Catwoman half-walked, half-staggered to her closet.

Her orgasm had really taken ahold of her. Damn but she is good, Catwoman thought to herself as she entered the closet. Searching quickly for the device she needed, she put it behind her back as she nakedly strode back to the bed.

Still in the last moments of her orgasm, Batgirl laid quietly on the bed, not moving, not caring what had or was going to happen next.

Finally, she had cum. It was magical, moving, the world and time stopped and ecstasy was hers.

The naked, raven haired criminal returned to the bed, using her left hand to slowly caress the long, tanned legs of her new found lover. Batgirl responded to this new sensation, and slowly opened her legs wide to the sensuous, feathery touch.

Her legs quickly unlocked like a flowery pedal opening for the morning dew, her thighs still damp from the thick creamy fluids she had dispersed mere moments before. The red-haired woman's legs spread wide, not looking at her aggressor, Batgirl adjusted her mask and turned away, not caring what was happening, only that it was happening.

Seeing this submission to her touch, Catwoman brought her right hand in front of her and presented a long, double-sided plastic dildo.

Moving quickly, she spread the younger woman's fleshly pussy lips apart, slowly moving the larger plastic weapon within the younger's helpless, wet inner sanctum. Not moving to this obvious sexual advance, Batgirl winced as the dildo reached the farthest reaches of her widely ovaled vagina.

She was stuffed full.

Any further intrusion might rupture her inner membranes.

Moving beside her, Catwoman inserted the other end of the dildo within herself, rapidly opening herself to the large device before, she too, was stuffed fully. Then, taking the aggressor position above, she began to slowly rotate her hips.

Forward and back.

Forward and back.

Like a teeter-totter, the rocking motion was the ocean on land for the aggressor, her long black hair, a disheveled tangle above as she gripped the younger woman by the elbows and continued her ministrations.

Still looking away, Batgirl slowly began to respond to the rapid strokes she was begin given. She arched her back , pulling her long tapered legs back and around the waist of the villainous Catwoman. The fire that stilled within her was baked to a raging torrent of movement and sexual frenzy. Catwoman pulled the younger woman forward, thrusting herself forward as she glued her opened mouth and lips to Batgirl's own.

Her lizard-like tongue moving from her mouth to the other's, caressing her teeth, lips and interior.

Exploring everything.


Looking to her right, Catwoman's right hand extended to push a lighted button on the wall. Pulling herself away from the other's mouth, Catwoman grabbed Batgirl tightly as both thrust pounded away at each other.

Responding to the silent command, the two hooded men again appeared in the bedroom One walked to the front of the bed, the other the back.

The bull-like man who had raped and sodimozed Batgirl the previous evening, pulled her head to the right and presented his uncircumcised cock to her mouth. Without thinking, Batgirl opened her mouth and accepted this new gift. Taking it fully within, the hooded, naked man wasted little time, savagely thrusting himself in and out, in and out of the red-haired woman's mouth.

Trying to time herself to the rhythm and cadence of both the man above and Catwoman's continued thrusting of the dildo, Batgirl sensed the presence of the other figure now moving behind her. Grabbing her spread thighs, he moved the younger woman above Catwoman, spreading apart even further her perfectly formed buttocks.

Looking downward, he could see Batgirl's pussy lips opening and closing to the rapid thrust of the two women.

Pulling himself forward, her opened and thrust his long, thick cock within Batgirl's now forever opened anus. As he stretched and pushed his way inside, Batgirl struggled, gurgled and screamed within her mind as she felt the vicious attack taking place behind her. As the moment went by, all three villainous criminals began a rhythmic dance of their sexual assault.

The heat and fire boiling within her, Batgirl sensed the boiling cum flowing from the thick cock within her mouth. A moment later, the man grunted out an oath as thick streams of white milky fluid was injected into her mouth. Simultaneously, the man above grunted and pulled at the younger woman's hips. Extending himself out fully, he too began his orgasmic attack inside Batgirl's helplessly stretched anus.

From in front and from behind the two hooded men came. More and more white fluid dripped from her ass and mouth, before the moment ended. Pulling themselves apart, they stepped off the bed and left the room.

From below, Catwoman smiled wickedly at the rape she had not only allowed, but had actively taken part in. She looked up at the numbed, cat-masked face of the former female crimefighter, rivulets of while fluid dripping from the edges of her mouth.

Turing her over, Catwoman laid the younger on her back, stroking her breasts, caressing, pinching as only a woman would know as she savagely thrust at her again and again.

"You are mine Batgirl. You will always be mine. You'll have a man cum within you... you'll suck cock when I say, get fucked, when I say, but you belong to me. Forever. You will never, ever again know what it is like to be fucked by a man and to cum all over his cock. That pleasure is for me to give you and me alone!" Catwoman gasped, glaring downward at the woman as orgasm swept over them.

Pulling the dildo out of Batgirl's sopping wet pussy lips, Catwoman inserted three of her fingers and pounded away at the helpless woman's cunt.

Crying out, they both came, Fingers pulling, grabbing at each other, lips meeting, melding together in the furnace heat of sexual completion.

"Yes, Catwoman, I'm now yours," Batgirl responded. Looking at the other fully in the eyes, "I'm yours, now and forever, to hold, love, whatever you desire. I will do," she added, then pulling the other tight, they embraced, hands caressing the back of each other's head, pulling themselves ever closer together, lips meeting, breasts heaving as they met and flushed together.

From that moment on, Batgirl and Catwoman were never again separated.

Daily they bathed each other in warm soft foam as they made love in numerous and somewhat unique positions. Batgirl, the obvious submissive, would follow her mistress' commands, kneeling before her as Catwoman would lovingly clean the younger's nether depths with bath oils and scented perfumes, requiring the delicate, soft and gentle cleaning of the woman's pussy lips and anal regions.

After completing her daily tasks, Catwoman would swing around, demanding the full attention of her lover to cleanse, touch, and bring the villainous criminal to ever greater sexual pleasures.

After Catwoman's orgasm, the two would embrace, spending hours in each other's arms in the warm, scented water.

Each evening they slept naked together, their hands intertwined around firm breasts, ass cheeks and their moist pussy slits.

Many times before dawn, Batgirl would stir and awaken to find herself intertwined in Catwoman's arms, listening to the soft moaning of the other's deep rhythmic rising and falling of her ample breasts.

For hours, Batgirl would stroke the slightly older woman's hair and face, awakening her to soft, loving kisses as they blended together into a warm sexual union. Batgirl would kiss her way downward, ever downward to the other's soft, firm belly and long tapered thighs before slowly separating them and drinking deeply the husky sent they protected.

Orgasm would arrive quickly in the slowly rising dawn for the evil villain. The other's tongue wetting and slavering downward, caressing and enveloping Catwoman's pussy lips in a engulfing torrent. As the woman climaxed above, Batgirl would sometimes grab and pinch the other's rock-hard nipples, pinching and pulling the hard flesh.

During their daily lovemaking, the awakened Catwoman was always the aggressor, trying new and unique devises to ever further Batgirl's sexual submission. Numerous henchmen were called to her task, as Batgirl serviced them one after another, or in one long daisy chain.

Batgirl never hesitated from the commands given to her. Cocks flowed over her body from one end to the other. Over and over again, hot sticky cum flowed into her mouth, into her ass or her always wet pussy. But never would Catwoman allow her younger sex slave the rich, fulfilling moment of sexual climax when a man was inside of her. Always it was Catwoman the giver of life and love to the other.

Not only in sexual experimentation was Batgirl schooled, but she became the crime partner of the Catwoman. Nightly the pair would romp together along the rooftops of Gotham... a bank one night, a jewelry exchange the other. Batgirl was swiftly transformed into a villainous, evil criminal. This was the design of Catwoman from the very beginning as her younger charge became more and more ruthless during their criminal sorties.

The name Batgirl disappeared' now and forevermore she was Catwoman.