Wonder Woman: Circe's Curse  

By Just Joe

My first Wonder Woman story actually more of a Diana Prince gets cursed by Circe. justjoexxx@aol.com





The violet-haired beauty looked up at the Amazon standing over her. She ignored the water lapping over her lower body, soaking her favorite robes. The shapely beauty was upset that her latest scheme to humiliate the tall woman standing over her. Circe like her foe was thousands of years old but looked like she was in her middle twenties. She was a stunningly beauty with a full rich body that not even her flowing robes could hide. The defeated villain glared at Wonder Woman who was holding her staff of power.

Wonder Woman was clad in her skimpy costume of red, white and blue that hugged her body like a second skin. It was a miracle that her more than amble bosom didn't spill out. Long black wavy curls whipped around her face and body. It was incredibly sexy image. She smiled down the villain. "Circe, Crice you have got to learn that I am someone you shouldn't be playing games with. I would have thought you have learned that by now. Well this time I shall just have to…"

"You will have to do nothing." Circe said with a smile fingering the ring on her finger. "I still have one more trick to play."

There was flash of purple light and the villainess was gone. Wonder Woman looked down at the spot. "Oh drat, not again."

Circe appeared in her lair, a huge cave deep below the Earth surface. The main cavern was filled with countless tables and shelves filled with bottles, cans, vials and numerous strange and nasty looking things. She glanced over at pens filled with pigs, horses and sheep. "Hello, my pets."

The tall beauty paced around her lair, thinking to herself. "I am so weary of Wonder Woman foiling my plans and stopping me from making new pets. I need to get her out the way. Permanently. I could just kill her but what fun is that? Curse her and she's dead. Game over no fun. I can't turn her into a cat or dog, she would expect…no I need to think. Something that will bring a smile or even laugh to my lips years even centuries."

Circe came to a shelf full of candles and stopped. The tall beauty began to look through the candles and smiled when she found a twisted candle made of pink, purple and white wax and smiled. "I forgot about this. Nemesis Goddess of Retribution gave this to me for a small service I did. She told me I would know when to use it. Hmmm, this is perfect but I need to increase the power of the spell. Then to make it especially delicious I need someone especially low. Someone who the great Amazon really detests. I think I need to see how Wonder Woman lives when she is not saving the world and ruining my fun."


Wonder Woman landed in back of her apartment building, looked around then spun. In flash of colors and roar of thunder the great Amazon was gone and Diana Prince stood there. The raven-haired beauty was no longer clad in her costume but wore a starched Navy uniform that did little to hide her amazing body. As a matter of fact she looked just a sexy even with her long thick hair was pinned into a tight bun and black framed glasses resting on her nose.

The naval lieutenant walked into her building and sighed at the sight of Mortimer Sleaze, her next store neighbor and local pervert. The vile man looked as horrible as his reputation. He was barely over five feet with a large belly from too much beer and bad food. His brown hair was a mess of curls and to honest he was just ugly with his large eyes and hooked nose. You could see his yellow teeth when he smiled. It was obvious the man rarely bathed because he stank of body odor. His breath was just as bad reeking of old cigars and beer. The vile man was wearing his tradition outfit of a bowling shirt, shorts and sneakers. He smiled at the sight of the tall raven haired beauty walking toward him.

"Good morning Lt. Prince," Mortimer said with a leer taking in her wonder curves and beauty. "You look just fine today…of course you always do…I mean every time you see you look just so sexy. I would love to see you out of uniform or out of anything."

"Mr. Sleaze, I would thank you to keep your lewd comments to yourself," Diana snapped. "I am a naval officer so I suggest you watch yourself. I have seen some of those filthy magazines you get and some the so called ladies who come to your apartment. I could make your life very difficult."

"Now, now Diana lets not get uppity," Mortimer said with a chuckle. "I am just the most honest man you will ever meet. I say what every man thinks when they see you in that sexy little uniform. The way you walk around shaking that nice ass of yours."

"That's it! I am going to complain to the manager!"

"Don't bother I am moving out. My uncle died and left me a pile of money and his old house. It is out in the country. It's a big place, isolated but could use a woman's touch…interested?"

"Disgusting! Well good riddance to bad trash I say." Diana snapped and walked down the hall knowing that the pervert was walking walk away.

"That is one nice ass." Mortimer said as she watched the firm round butt walk off.

Both were unaware the whole scene had been watched by an invisible Circe who then followed Mortimer into his apartment and smiled at the sight of the filthy place with is empty bottles scattered around and cigar stubs in the overflowing ash tray. She took in the piles of bondage magazines and found sex toys and bondage gear in the bedroom. She smiled and said, "Mortimer is perfect."

Mortimer almost jumped out his skin when the violet hair lady appeared out nowhere. He backed into a corner looking for way to escape.

"Don't worry, Mortimer, I have been watching you for awhile and have decided you are just the man I need."

"F-for what?" Mortimer asked moving toward the door.

"If you leave, you will miss the change to have your fantasy woman at you beck and call."

"Who would that be?" Mortimer said.

"I bet one name popped into your head."

This made him stop. He turned and thought maybe I should hear this bitch out.

Steve Trevor walked out of his headquarters thinking he was late for his lunch with Diana. He was almost to his car when a tall attractive woman dressed in black stepped out. The young officer stopped in his tracks and wanted to say something but couldn't move his lips.

"Do not fear, mortal," Circe said holding the handsome man in her gaze, thinking she would have to come back and spent some real quality time with him. Steve Trevor might make an excellent lover. She pushed that thought aside.

Business first.

"Now you are going to do me a small favor." Circe said holding up a brightly wrapped box.

Diana walked into her apartment and tossed down her purse. She quickly put down the gift from Steve. It had been a real surprise and had made her day. The raven-haired beauty smiled as she took out the white candle decorated with small red roses. She set up on the coffee table. She sniffed the candle thinking the scent was wonderful. Diana lit the candle and inhaled the sweet fumes, thinking this was the perfect gift but there was something familiar about it. Slowly purple pink smoke billowed into her face engulfing it. Diana pulled back when she scented the magic but it was too late. The shapely beauty slumped back onto her sofa feeling her whole body stiffen. In seconds Diana couldn't move a finger but worst could feel her mind opening up. It was like her free will and respected were leaving her brain. "Great Hera, I have fallen under the spell of a Submission Spell…a very powerful. Steve, what have you done to me?"

"Problem?" Circe said stepping out the bedroom and walking over to the sofa. She sat down and put her arm around the frozen Amazon. "You are a smart girl; I bet you figured out what is going on. But let me hear you say it."

"You have put a Submission Spell on me." Diana said in a robotic voice but she was cursing the vile villain in her head. "But it feels more like a curse."

"Clever girl," Circe hissed tracing her finger around Diana's beautiful face. "One of the Goddess Nemesis herself created to make him follower more devoted. As you can tell I increased the power making more like a curse. As you well know spells will wear off but a curse can last for the life of the unfortunate person. That would be you. Now this is the fun part that put in just for you since you are an Amazon. The effects are intensified by sexual activity and bondage. You can see where I am going with this. We both know how an Amazon reacts to sex and being bound. So the combination of the spell, a lot of fucking and bondage you will remain a slave for the rest of your long, long life."

"NOOOOOOO!" Diana screamed in her head using all her willpower to break the spell but a small kept saying be still and obey. Circe was right about the old Amazon law. It a warrior was defeated, chained and seduced she was doomed to serve her victor. The bitch has actually come up with plan that she couldn't overcome.

"Are you ready to start your new life slave?" Circe whispered into her ear and giving it quick kiss. "As you new mistress I allow you to speak and move."

"I await your commands, mistress." Diana said in a monotone voice but inside her head she was screaming and yelling as her the last of her will power faded away. She was becoming more and more submissive by the second.

"This is all very sweet but I have no need of an Amazon slave." Circe said moving close to her face and grinning into her transfixed face. She gave the helpless heroine a kiss on the lips which was returned. "It might be fun but we both know that one or more of your Amazon buddies would come to your rescue. Maybe even mom herself. I want you to suffer for a long, long time. I got something much nastier in mind for you Wonder Woman. You are going to be the sex slave of a mortal. A mortal I have personally selected just for you. He is your perfect match what you will now need for your brand new life. He is the last person your fellow Amazons would think would be able to hold one of their own captive. I want you start this new relationship on the right foot or on your knees. So when he comes in you will kneel and submit to him. You will do everything her commands. Your body will be his plaything. You will use your amazing body to fulfill all his nasty fantasies and desires."

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" Diana screamed inside her head. She tried to break the curse placed on her but the magic was too powerful. The beautiful slave could feel her body relaxing. She was now able to move but it would do her now good. The once mighty Amazon was powerless to resist.

"Oh yes, one last thing," Circe said standing up and moving toward the door. "I gave him a drink from the Fountain of Youth. So he will remain as ageless as you. So you my dear will be serving him for hundreds maybe thousands of years."

Diana remained on the sofa watching her arch foe open the door and her worst nightmare stepped in. The helpless heroine screamed in her head but then couldn't stop herself from dropping her knees and bowing at his feet. "I am ready to serve you, master. Command me. I will obey. My body is yours to use as you wish."

"This is sweet," Mortimer said not believing the snotty bitch with the killer body was kneeling at his feet. He dropped the large bag of that was filled his toys and then put the paper bag holding his beer on a side table. The ugly little man decided to try a test to see if it was turn. "Okay, slave, crawl over here, take off my shoes and kiss my feet."

"Perfect," Circe said moving beside Mortimer.

"Yes, master, to hear is to obey," Diana whimpered her own screams and sobs filling her head. She glumly crawled over to Mortimer, carefully took off his shoes, socks and began to kiss them. The defeated Amazon kissed his the smelly feet all over, hating the taste of the filthy feet but kept kissing. As she ran her tongue over his foot she knowing no Amazon had ever kissed the feet of a man. Diana's anger began to burn and her hatred of Mortimer grew. But not even her Amazon rage could break the spell. The raven-haired beauty stayed on her knees kissing and licking and finally lifting up the dirty feet and began to suck the toes.

"This is a perfect start to your new life, Diana. The great Wonder Woman kissing the feet of a man, not only a man but a disgusting pervert who will teach so much." Circe said. She enjoyed the moment of her victory and turned to Mortimer. "Remember, you can enjoy the bitch here for the night but you must be out of the city by tomorrow. Don't forget the instructions I gave for her apartment and her silly job. She must just vanish. Trust me, people will come looking. I will give protection until tomorrow. Do not ever come back to this city."

"What about that blonde guy?"

"Steve? Oh don't worry about him, I have plans for him."

"Don't worry; my new place is in the middle of nowhere." Mortimer sighed enjoying the feel of her hot wet mouth on his feet. "Once I get her there, the bitch will never leave the grounds. Will she always act like a robot?"

"No, no in time she will act like her old self…not completely she will totally devoted to you. Especially after you have fucked her and this is important chained her. It is crucial that you introduce Diana to bondage. It will break her will even more. It is an Amazon thing."

"Amazon? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Just use her to play out your sick fantasies and she will be yours forever."

"Yeah, right, well I better get start on her training now."

"You do that. I will leave you two love birds alone. Ta-ta Diana, have a nice life." Circe said and walked out.

"GREAT HERA NOOOOOO!" Diana sobbed inside her head realizing she was now alone with a disgusting pervert who every command she would obey. Even as she thought this the once proud Amazon began to suck on his big toe. "NO! NO! NO!"

"You may stop sucking my toe slave but stay on your knees," Mortimer said stepping to the door, turning both the deadbolt and chain. "Now that we are alone, we'll start your training. You will need to be well trained in all ways of serving my sexually. My sex slave must be as good at fucking and sucking as a high priced Las Vegas whore. Stay slave."

"Yes, master," Diana said with a small sob. She could only kneel there and watch Mortimer put his beer in fridge, taking one, cracking it open and coming back. She was able to look up but could only kneel there and wait for her next command.

"Now what can I call you," Mortimer said moving right in front of the helpless heroine. He sipped his beer and debated what he should have Diana do next. "Slave sounds so dull. Diana is too royal sounding for my new fuck toy. We need to give you a new name something fitting for my new sex slave. Something not only describes your new lifestyle but will humiliate you every time I said. I mean I will call bitch, slut, whore and more but you need a name. Why don't you give me a blowjob while I think about it?"

"Blowjob, master?" Diana said with a confused look. She didn't know what a blowjob was but didn't like the sound of it. She was pretty sure it was disgusting."

"That's right, Diana Prince wouldn't know what a blowjob is," he said with an evil grin. "I bet you are virgin. I know that sweet ass is cherry. Well I am going take your virginity and break in that cherry ass. Wait a second, I just had a thought. You always acted like you were all so high and mighty. Acting like some fucking princess, okay Diana I dup you Princess Pussy. Yeah, that's perfect. It rolls off the tongue. Princess Pussy, yeah that just sings. Right Princess Pussy?"

"Yes master, I am now Princess Pussy," Diana whimpered.

"Thank me for your new name, Princess Pussy."

"Thank for my new name master." Diana said with less of a whimper. Diana's screams filled her head when she realized she was becoming meeker and submissive.

"Good, now for your first lesson," Mortimer said with a leer. "We will start with a blowjob. Now Princess Pussy, open my pants and take out my cock."

"Yes master," Diana said unable to stop herself from reaching up, unzipping her pants and reaching in. The helpless heroine was disgusted as she pulled out his cock. She was shocked how big it was considering how small her master was.

"Now Princess Pussy, gently rub my cock and balls," Mortimer sighing loving the sight of Diana on her knees holding his cock and the feel of her warm hands around it.

"Yes master," Diana said as she started to caress the balls and cock. She began to roll the twin sacs over her fingers as she wrapped her other hand around the base of the cock. The new slave began to rub the cock getting a sick feeling in her stomach because she just realized what a blowjob was. One of the greatest Amazons was going to put a man's cock in her mouth. Diana was surprised how quickly the cock grew hard in her hand. Worst it got even bigger. She looked up when her new master moaned in delight.

"That is an excellent start. A firm but gentle touch," Mortimer said with low moan. He looked down and watched the shapely beauty continue to work on his cock. "Okay, now we move onto the actual blowjob. Kiss and lick my cock, Princess Pussy."

"Yes master," Diana said pushed her face into his smelly crotch. She wiggled her nose in disgust but began to plant kisses all over the cock while she continued to fondle it with her hands. The raven-haired beauty began kiss the cock all over. Then she began to lick when commanded. As she ran her tongue over the cock leaving a trail of spit her head filled with her own voice cursing Mortimer and vowing to kill him.

"God, you are natural," Mortimer sighed in sheer bliss as the wet tongue rolled over his cock and down to his balls. He gasped when it began to wag over the twin sacs. The whole time one hand jerked on his cock and the other fondled his balls. It was all made so much better by the fact it was Diana doing it. "You are doing an excellent job, Princess Pussy."

"Thank you master, I am here to please you," Diana said between licks and kisses unable to stop the words from coming out her mouth. The mighty Amazon could feel her warrior spirit fading away and a more submissive spirit replacing it. She stuck her tongue all the way out and rolled it around the cock. Diana licked the cock until it was coated with drool. Then she ran her tongue up and down the long hard shaft.

"Enough with the licking, time to spread those lips and start sucking."

"Yes master, whatever you desire," the kneeling beauty said with hardly a whimper. She kissed to the head, opened her mouth and pushed the cock into her mouth. Diana gulped on the cock as she pushed in deep into her mouth. She rolled her tongue around the disgusting thing, horrified she liked the taste. Then without being told Diana began pump the cock in and out of her mouth while she sucked on it with loud slurps and grunts. Tears began to run down her face but she didn't stop gobbling on the cock and playing with his balls. "MPH! MPH! MPH! MPH!"

"Oh God All mighty," Mortimer gasped as the hot wet mouth wrapped around his cock and began to suck on it. He sighed in sheer bliss as she watched Diana's head bob up and down on his cock. Her fingers rubbing and stroking his cock and balls were only added to his pleasure. His cock grew harder and bigger than it ever had been in his left. He put on his hands on the wall and leaned against it, panting as his cock swelled up and began to ache. "You go Princess Pussy."

"MPH! MPH! MPH! MPH!" Diana grunted as she pumped the cock deep into her mouth and out again while she sucked on the huge cock filling her mouth. The helpless heroine had to stretch her lips to accommodate the swelling cock. She ran her lips up and down the cock with loud moans and slurps. Drool was running down her chin onto her starched uniform but this didn't stop her from gobbling on the tool. The young beauty lapped her tongue around the pole like it was a tasty treat. Diana blinked away her tears as she pushed her face into the smelly crotch and put again. She tightened her grip on the cock and began to roll the balls over the palm of her hand. "MPH! MPH! MPH! MPH!"

"OH! OH! OHHHHH!" Mortimer howled in animal like lust. "COMING! YOU DRINK MY SEED, PRINCESS PUSSY, DON'T LOSE A DROP!"

"AUGHHHH!" Diana sobbed as her mouth filled with cum. She didn't want to drink the nasty but she unable to disobey her master so she swallowed the seed with a loud gulp. Her mouth filled again and she drank that. Two more hard sucks and the cock was dry. Diana glumly but obediently licked the cock clean and then licked in the few drops that had dribbled onto her chin. Once this was done the new slave fell back on her knees and looked up. "Did I please you master? Is there anything else Princess Pussy can do for you?"

"Oh we are just getting started," Mortimer laughed as he dropped his shorts and pulled off his shirt. He walked over to her white satin sofa and flopped down onto it. The nasty man took a long drink on his beer and belched. "Get me another beer, on second though bring two."

"Yes master," Diana said wanting to tell him to get his filthy ass off her sofa but instead walked over to the fridge and took out two beers. The defeated heroine brought the beers back and held them out. "Your beers, master."

"Our beers, Princess Pussy," Mortimer said with a chuckle. He took one beer and popped it. He took a drink and winked. "I bet you have never tasted beer. Well you will today. Drink up, slave. Drink every drop."

"Yes master," Diana said opening the beer. She had drunk wine back on Paradise Island but only one glass at meals or at celebrations. Diana wasn't sure how her body would react to strong alcohol. With a whimper she raised the bottle to her lips and began to drink. Diana hated the taste of the foul brew but kept swallowing the stuff with loud gulps. She only lowered the bottle when it was empty. Diana feel dizzy and little strange. It took a second for the Amazon to realize she had what most people called a buzz.

"I can tell you got a nice buzz going," He said. "Okay Princess Pussy, strip for me. Slowly and dance you know like a stripper."

"Yes, master, I understand," Diana said stepping back and began to sway her hips and legs. Then slowly unbuttoned her jacket, once it was undone she seductively pulled it off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. The inner Amazon was screaming in rage as she tugged off her tie, twirled it around and tossed it to her master. Her reached down and slowly unzipped her skirt and pushed it off her slender hips. Diana put a smile on her face as she tugged the skirt down her long shapely legs. The tall beauty let the skirt down and stood up.

"Keep going, slave," Mortimer said leering over legs which were wrapped in black silk. He could just see a hint of her garter belts make them look even sexier. "I am enjoying the show."

"Thank you, master," Diana said as she unbutton her white blouse, slowly the uncovering her black lace bra. Inside the proud princess was calling down every curse on the vile villain but even as she did, Diana finished undoing her blouse and slid it down her upper body.

"God, I knew you had tits," Mortimer sighed as he leered over the almost naked beauty. A sexy lace bra and panties with matching garter belt holding up her stockings cover her full rich body. Her huge tits seemed ready to explode out of her bra. "Okay, show me the tits."

"As you wish master," Diana said unhooking her bra and slowly lowering the silk letting her two well shaped breasts spill out. She held out the bra and dropped it.

"Wow," He sighed as he leered over two huge mounds of soft white flesh with bright nipples that didn't sag an inch. Mortimer chuckled when his cock stiffened. "Now let's see that pussy."

"Yes master," Diana said with almost a coo but inside she was in a full Amazon rage. The kind of rage that had left many a man dead for daring to look upon her body with lust. Now she was baring her body for man who wasn't even a warrior. Diana stuck her thumbs into her panties and slowly pushed them down. She kept her eyes on her master because this was what slaves did. Diana realized she was taking on the attitudes of a Greek slave. As a centuries old Amazon she knew how the Greeks trained their slaves and how these slaves were expected to act. The new submissive Diana was taking these memories and applying them to her new life as a slave. Inside she screamed as seductively pushed the panties off her legs and dropped them onto the pile of clothes. She stood pushed her arms back which thrust out her more than ample bosom. She did the same with her hips. Then reached up and took the pins out her hair, flung off her glasses and began to whip her head around making her hair tumble down around her face and body in waves and waves of silky curls. Then the once proud beauty posed for her master, slowly turning so he could inspect every inch of her body. She was acting just like the Greek slaves of old did when they were being sold in the markets. Diana couldn't stop herself because the magic was taking a stronger and stronger hold on her.

"Princess Pussy, bring me my bag," Mortimer said as he leering over the naked body. Diana had the most amazing body he had ever seen. Everything about it was perfect, the huge firm mounds of flesh, slender waist, a firm round ass and long well toned legs. Her beauty was breath taking. The long thick hair flowing down over her body reaching down to that perfect ass made her look like one those warrior princesses he see pictures of in his comic books. Diana looked like the ultimate male fantasy and the best part she was his to use in any way he wanted. His cock was now standing right up like a soldier at attention.

"Your bag, master." Diana said placing the bag at his feet and noticing his hard cock. The helpless heroine gasped when she felt a warm wetness between her legs. She ran her tongue over lips. "Shall I suck you cock again master?"

"No, You gonna take care of this hard on with your pussy," Mortimer said reaching into his bag and taking out a black leather collar with silver studs. "Let me put this on, Princes Pussy."

"Yes, master," Diana said letting her master wrap the leather around her neck and buckling it. The warrior inside screamed in horror as she was collared by a man and then sobbed as he snapped on a leash. When ordered, the helpless heroine turned around and let him pull her arms behind her back. Inside the Amazon wailed as her hands were bound with rope.

"Just relax, Princess Pussy, you are going to get use to feel of rope, chain and leather," Mortimer said as he used red cord to bind her wrists to her elbows and then criss-crossed it between her upper arms and wrists. He wrapped her more rope around her upper chest and under her tits. "Your purple haired friend told me that tying you up would break your spirit. Is that true Princess Pussy?"

"Yes my master," Diana said with a loud sob. It was well known in Old Greece is you defeated, bound and raped an Amazon she would submit to being to the warrior who did it. Now the combination of the spell and bound was more than an Amazon Princess stand. The helpless beauty so close to completely submitting to the nasty pervert she called master. Once again she turned when commanded. Diana gasped when her master grabbed her tits and began to play them. Her tender boobs had never been touch like this before s it shocked the Amazon when they began to throb and swell. "Oh goodness!"

"Princess Pussy, your tits are amazing," Mortimer sighed as he fondled the fat boobs, pinching the nipples with his thumbs. He laughed when his slave gasped. He could see and feel her tits swelling. "I am not ever going to get tired of playing and sucking on these fat titties. I bet your pussy is getting hot and wet."

"Oh yes it is," Diana moaned unable to deny there was a hot wetness between her legs that was sending shiver of pleasure body. She began to twist around making the ropes tighten and rub her flesh. The bound beauty was surprised to find it added to her arousal. Diana tilted her head back, closed her eyes and purred in delight. The hands were making her tits swell and ache. She pushed up her tits when ordered to. The helpless heroine squealed when his hot wet mouth began to suck on her tits. "OH GODDESS HERA SAVE MEEEEE!"

Mortimer chuckled as he sucked and chewed on the soft sweet mounds of flesh while his hands kneaded and squeezed them. He sucked and chewed on one boob and then moved to the other one. Sleaze did this until his cock began to ache. "Get on my lap, Princess Pussy."

"Yes master," Diana gasped as she struggled up and settled into his lap. She glanced down at the rock hard cock pressing against her belly. She moaned in delight when he buried his face in her mountains of soft flesh. The bound beauty felt his hands on her butt and let him lift her up. Diana closed her eyes and waiting for she knew was coming next.

Mortimer moved Diana over his cock and then let her drop down onto his hard pole.

"AUGHHHHHHH!" Diana screamed as her virgin pussy was impaled on his cock. The hard tool broke through her cherry and took her virginity. The bound Amazon screamed because of how good it felt to have inside her pussy and the horror that her fate as a sex slave as sealed. Losing her virginity to this bastard put the final nails in her coffin. She was truly defeated and now it was only a matter of fucking her into submission and taming her which would come with he filled his pussy with his seed. Diana began to move up and down the cock when commanded. It hurt so much but the pain faded and then each thrust of the cock gave her more and more pleasure driving her toward the inevitable climax and then her doom. The hands and mouth molesting her tits added to burning fires of lust in her body. Once again she tilted back her head, closed her eyes but this time she pushed her tits into her master's face and hands. The ravished heroine increased the speed of her grinding and squealed in delight. Her cries and moans filling the room. "OH! OH! OH! OHMYYYYYYYYYYY!"

"That's it Princess Pussy ride me like the whore you are," Mortimer panted as he chewed and mashed the huge boobs. The virgin pussy had wrapped around his cock like a vice of hot velvet. Lost in his own lust Sleaze began to slobber over the sweet mounds of flesh. "You like this don't you, slut!"

"YES! YES MASTER!" Diana wailed as the floodgates opened. All that matter was the cock between her legs and the hands and mouth on her tits giving her pleasure like she had never known. The lust filled Amazon pumped and grinded her body on the cock with increasing lust. She squirmed against the ropes that in her mind were caressing her body. The bound beauty could believe how hot and wet she was between her legs. Her tits were throbbing and aching from the rough foreplay. Diana began to whip her hair around her head and pant like animal in heat. "YES! YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME MASTER! FUCK YOUR PRINCESS PUSSY!"

"That's right slave, I am your master!" Mortimer grunted as her thrust his cock deep into the hot tight pussy as he mashed her tits together and gnawed on both nipples.

"YES, YES YOU ARE MY MASTER!" Diana squealed in sheer bliss as the cock when deep into her pussy and hit her sweet spot. She started to buck up and down on his cock. Sweat began to run off her body making the flesh glisten. With her hair whirling around her head and the lust filling her face, Diana looked like a wild sexy animal. "I AM PRINCESS PUSSYYYYYYYYY!"

"COMING!" Mortimer growled and shot his wad into the hot wet pussy and slumped back.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Diana screamed her lungs out as the hot see filled her pussy, giving her first orgasm. It was a massive one that shook her whole body from head to toe. The ravished beauty arched up until the orgasm past. She fell against her master, found his lips and began to kiss him over and over. The deed was done Diana Prince, Wonder Woman; Princess Warrior of the Amazons was no more. She was now Princess Pussy, slave to Master Mortimer Sleaze. From this day she would use her body to serve him. She would obey his every command. "Oh master, let this worthless slave fuck you again. Please my master, let me serve you again."

Mortimer returned her kisses as he played her hair. He smiled at the look of utter defeat and lust in her face. The bitch really was his. "Very well, Princess Pussy you may serve me again."

Two more fucks and Diana found herself bent over back of her sofa, panting and moaning like an animal in heat. She licked her lips and the cried out. "OW! OW! OW!"

"I know you are good slave, Princess Pussy but even good slaves need to be spanked." Mortimer laughed as he swatted her perfect ass with his open hand. "You were always so mean to me; you need to be punished for that."

"OW! OW! Yes, master I was bad! I need to be spanked!" Diana sobbed and squealed as the spanking went on and on. She blinked away her tears but kept apologizing to her master. "OW! OW! OW! I AM VERY BAD! BAD GIRLS NEED TO BE SPANKED! OW! OW!"

Mortimer spanked Diana until both cheeks were pink. He patted the ass and moved between her spread legs. He grabbed onto her slender hips and pushed his cock into her tight ass.

"SWEET HERAAAAAAAAAAAA! Diana screamed as her cherry ass was filled with hard cock. She sobbed and whimpered as the cock pushed deep into her butt hole, hating and loving it. The bound beauty prayed it would feel as good as getting fucked in her pussy. Diana began to squeal and sob as the cock began to ream out her ass. Hot tears flooded her eyes and ran down her cheeks as the huge pole plowed in and out. She thanked the Gods when the pain faded and was replaced with welcome pleasure. The once mighty Amazon closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of the cock fucking her. "OH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!"

"God, this is tight," Mortimer grunted as he fucked his cock deep into her ass and out again. He ran his hands over her sweat drenched body and grabbed onto her tits. "I have always wanted to butt fuck a bitch. Damn whores wouldn't do. But now I get to butt fuck one of the best asses in the world which happens to belong to the biggest bitches I know. You better get use to spanking and butt fucking, Princess Pussy because I am going to doing this a lot."

"I WILL MASTER! I WILLLL" Diana wailed as the ass was royally fucked. The last bit of Amazon sobbed as she humiliated by this vile villain. The ravished beauty could help but think if she had been cursed this sex act would definitely break her spirit and tame her. Diana wailed as she came. Tears of joy and misery filled her eyes as she completely submitted to this man. She lifted her head and cried, "OH MASTER I AM YOURS! LET ME ALWAYS SERVE YOUUUUU!"

Mildred Smith watched the movers load the last of Mortimer Sleaze's stuff in the big moving truck. "Goof riddance to bad trash."

The older woman snorted when she saw Mortimer walk out to his car. She cocked an eyebrow when she saw the tall dark haired woman in a red dress so tight it was miracle it did spit at the seams. Worst the dress' hem barely covered her bottom. You could see the red and black garter belts holding up her black fishnet stockings. And those shoes, something a whore would wear. "That's what it is, one of his whores.

If Mrs. Smith could have seen the face of the so called whore she would be have been shocked to discover it was her favorite tenant. The front of the dress had a low cut neckline that displayed her more than ample bosom. It was obvious by the way her boobs jiggled she wasn't wearing a bra. The shapely beauty's hair was not up in a tight bun nor was her makeup simple and tasteful. Today her makeup and bright red lipstick rival any hooker's. Her long raven hair fell around her face and body in a wave of tight curls that fit her new slutty look. Of course there was the red leather collar wrapped around her neck that would have made the landlady wonder. But it would be the look on her face that would surprise Smith the most. Instead of the bright smiling face, it now looked like one of utter defeat and submission mixed with utter devotion.

Smith watched them drive off and snorted. She walked away looking at the letter she found slipped under her door. It was from Diana Prince saying she had to leave for personal reasons. There was check for two months rent for the inconvenience and instructions for the contents of her apartment.

Later that afternoon Smith watched the people from Goodwill take away all of Diana's stuff including her clothes. "Strange, very strange.

General Blankenship looked up when the two men dressed in black walked into his office. They didn't salute and he didn't offer one. He looked down at the files he had been reading. "Report."

"We have confirmed that Major Steve Trevor and Lt. Diana Prince had both disappeared. Both their apartments have been vacated and all their belongings given away. Their bank accounts emptied. I think the conclusion it obvious."

"I fight it hard to believe that Major Trevor is a Nazi."

"Sir, Lt. Prince's files seems to have a lot of holes in it. We did a standard background check. Diana Prince was born where she said. As a matter of fact, we can find no record of her birth. This could only mean…"

"If Diana was a spy why would send in a letter of resignation?"

"Buying time, it's an old trick."

"So the theory is Diana was a Nazi spy and seduced Trevor."

"Look at the pictures in her file. Take off her glasses and let down her hair, Diana Prince is a very attractive woman."

"Very well, I will have warrants issued for their arrest. I want them taken alive. We have too many questions."

"Very well General, but they have long head start. The odds of us catching them are slim. I doubt we will ever find Trevor and Prince at least not until after we win the war. "


Circe walked up to the window of peered in. She smiled at the sight of Wonder Woman was wearing French maid's uniform made of red leather and white lace with a black ruffled petticoats. She could see more than a hint of the red and black leather garter belt holding up her red and black fishnet stockings. The stiletto heels had six inch heels were bright red with black tips. Her thick mane of hair was pinned up into a loose bun with a few curly strands hanging down around her face. A small lace cap rested on top of her head. Circe watched as Diana dropped to her knees and began to suck on Mortimer's cock, who didn't look a day older. The sinister witch watched the entire sex act.

Diana came into the kitchen to prepare her master a snack. She turned at the sound of a footstep. The raven haired beauty realized who it was and dropped to her knees. "Mistress."

"Make me feel welcome, Princess Pussy," Circe said sitting down in one of the chairs, lifted her robes and spread her legs. "Come my Amazon slave."

"Yes, Mistress," Diana whimpered and crawled over to the violet haired beauty and pushed her face into her crotch. She used her fingers to spread the lips and began to lick it. The helpless heroine began to run her tongue up and down the violet curls. It seconds juice began to spill into her mouth. Diana lapped up the sweet stuff with loud slurps.

"Ohhhhhhh, you talented whore," Circ moaned in sheer bliss as the kneeling beauty licked her pussy. She closed her eyes and savored the feel of the Amazon's tongue on her pussy and the fact it was her arch foe doing it. Circe had been visiting Wonder Woman every couple of months since 1941 to check up the bitch but to have a little fun with her. But today she had three reasons for her visit. The first was happening right now.

"MMHHHHHHPPP!" Diana moaned as she licked and sucked on the pussy. She slurped down the tasty drink as she rolled her tongue over the pussy. It was no the first time she had serviced her old foe and she knew it would be the last. She heard her mistress squealed in delight.

"Well done, you little whore," Circe said standing up and straightening her robes. "Stand slave."

"Yes mistress," Diana said and stood up. She remained motionless as her mistress walked around her, inspecting her.

"Good still getting tied up." Circe said looking at her wrists and tugging on her collar. "You master likes the ropes and chains."

"Yes, master."

"Getting spanked on a regular basis," Circe smiled as she lifted her skirt and studied her pink ass cheeks and the two words tattooed on her ass: PRINCESS PUSSY. "Nice tat, I can still see a tiny hint of defiance and anger in your anger. I guess you can the Amazon completely out you sluts. Come let's go see, your master."

Mortimer didn't smile when Circe walked in with his slave. He hated when she showed up but she did keep his bank accounts filled and all he had to do was keep Diana here and treat her like a slave. "Hi, this is a surprise."

"Relax Mortimer, I come bearing gifts." Circe said. "Come in slave!"

The door opened and a stunningly beautiful woman who couldn't have been more than nineteen years old walked into the room. She was as beautiful as Diana with rich full body squeezed into a black leather corset with matching stockings and high heels. Long black curls flowed down around her face and body. She just stood there with a blank look on her face holding the leash of a Golden Retriever.

"This is Donna Troy, a silly little girl who kept poking her nose into my business," Circe said with a wicked grin. "Now she must pay the price by being your new slave. I am sure Princess Pussy will help in training her.

Donna Troy screamed and swore in head because she was unable to move unless the bitch Circe let her. Even frozen like a statue she could see her older sister Diana. Not longer a proud Amazon but the well trained slave of a mere man. As she listened the conversation, Donna realized the same fate await her. God, she had so stupid to light that candle.

"Well, I will leave you to break in Donna," Circe said with an evil grin she patted the dog. "You can keep the dog, I am bored with him. I am sure Diana will take care of even. His name is Trevor."

As the evil woman left a tear ran down Diana's cheek. But this didn't stop her from handing her master a collar to buckle around her sister's neck.