The Abduction of Wonder Woman  

By Andrew Troy Keller

Wonder Woman

This AU story takes place after the last episode of SUPER-FRIENDS--THE LEGENDARY SUPER POWERS SHOW.

It was on the very planet known as Apokolips that the story of the abduction of Wonder Woman begins for a scientist known as DeSaad has just compleated his latest creation within his own laboratory just before a being named Darkseid--who happens to DeSaad's lord and master and the ultimate ruler of Apokolips--had stepped into the lab and said,"I see that you had finally finished preparing your latest device,DeSaad."

"I have done so indeed,Sire.With this device,you would be able to open a stargate anywhere and gain victory against all of those who dare to oppose you.",said a devilishly-gleeful DeSaad after he has handed a small TV-remote-like device to Darkseid. "Including the Super-Friends.""That would indeed bring me instant joy,DeSaad.",said a sinister-smiling Darkseid after he has aimed the new stargate opener at a wall."But for now,I shall only settle on one particular prize...and her name is Wonder Woman."

And then,after he has pressed one of the buttons on DeSaad's latest invention and allowed a stargate to open-up in front of both the master and his servent,the dark lord of Apokolips has stepped inside the stargate just before it has closed behind him.Meanwhile,on the planet Earth and inside the building known as the Hall of Justice,five members of a group of heroes known as the Super-Friends,Superman,Green Lantern,Firestorm,Black Vulcan and Wonder Woman were checking on some of the building's many systems.

But that was before the Troublealert computer has sounded the alarm,causing the five Super-Friends to rush themselves into the meeting room,where they were shocked to discover a stargate opening in front of them and an evil force known as Darkseid has stepped out of the vortex,let out a sinister laugh and said,"Yes,Wonder Woman!I have returned to take you as my queen!I shall take you to Apokolips now! ""That's what you think,you grim-faced piece-of-shit!",said an enraged Firestorm just before he has charged himself towards the dark lord of Apokolips with fury in his eyes."Because I'm going to make sure that you'll stay on Apokolips permanently!"

"FIRESTORM,WAIT!",yelled Green Lantern but his warning had came too late for just as the young Firestorm was about to unleash his powers on the evil Darkseid,the dark lord has fired his Omega eye-beams at the young hero and caused him to crash right into a wall.And then,after grabbed hold of each of the three Super-Friends and smashed them down on the floor,the sinister Darkseid has allowed a devilish grin to appear on his lips for the heroic team's amazon member was charging herself towards him,only to have the dark lord give her a good hard smack with the back of his hand,activate the new stargate control-unit and carry his helpless amazon prisoner into the stargate just before it has closed behind them.

Meanwhile,back on the planet Apokolips,the stargate has once again opened within the laboratory of the planet's evil scientist,DeSaad and allowed his lord and master to step out of the vortex with an unconscious Wonder Woman in his arms."Your device has performed its purpose perfectly,DeSaad.",said a devilishly-gleeful Darkseid after he has walked towards the scientist and his brutish son,Kalibak."You had done well. "

"Thank you,my lord.So,may I ask what are we going to do with the amazon?",asked a curious DeSaad after he has placed his hand on Wonder Woman's cheek."Shall I test my most painful means of torture on her?""No,DeSaad.That pleasure shall soon befall the rest of the Super-Friends.",answered the devilish Darkseid while he was carrying his helpless amazon prisoner out of DeSaad's laboratory."But for now,I have something better in shore for our lovely guest."

Just then,back on Earth and at the Hall of Justice,after the four male Super-Friends had helped each other get back on their feet,a saddened Firestorm has placed his hand on the back of his head and said,"I'm sorry about this whole mess, guys.I was really trying to make sure that he doesn't get his hands on Wonder Woman.""It's okay,Firestorm.Your heart's in the right place.",said an understanding Superman after he has placed his gentle hand on the young hero's shoulder."But we can't go into that right now because that intergalactic piece-of-shit has abducted our friend and we must find a way to get her back."

"I believe that I know how we would be able to do that,Superman.",said Green Lantern after he has aimed his ring-of-power towards the spot where Darkseid has disappeared with Wonder Woman."I shall use my power ring to open a stargate for us to transport to Apokolips."And then,after the Emerald Guardian has successfully opened the green-colored stargate and the four male Super-Friends had stepped inside of it and started heading for Apokolips,Wonder Woman has finally opened her eyes and was shocked to discover that she has been stripped bare-ass naked and chained to a wall inside a dungeon-type chamber.

And just as she was about to try to figure out what has happened to her,a door has opened and both the dark lord Darkseid and his son,the brute named Kalibak had walked into the room and looked at the helpless amazon with sinister smiles on their faces,causing an enraged Wonder Woman to yell at the top of her lungs,"DARKSEID,YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH! IF I EVER GET MYSELF OUT OF THIS, I'M GOING TO SMASH YOUR FUCKING FACE IN!" "Please,Wonder Woman! There's no need for empty threats for as you had already discovered,you had been perfectly prepared for me to sire!", said a devilishly-smiling Darkseid after he has removed his entire uniform and placed himself behind his helpless prisoner."First,you pussy shall receive my cock!And then,you shall receive the cock of my son, Kalibak! "

"Thank you,my father!As always,it's an honor to serve the dark lord of Apokolips!",said a sinisterly-gleeful Kalibak just before his evil father has grabbed hold of Wonder Woman's hair and started pumping his stiff cock really hard in and out of her snatch. "AAAAHHHH! DON'T DO THAT! YOU-SON-OF-A-BITCH! GET IT OUT OF ME!", yelled Wonder Woman while she was trying hard to unsuccessfully free herself from her bondage. "DO IT NOW OR I'LL...!"

"YOU SHALL REMAIN SILENT,YOU AMAZON BITCH!",roared the sinister Darkseid after he has pulled on Wonder Woman's hair even harder."FOR AS OF NOW,YOU HAVE NO CHOICE,BUT TO RECEIVE MY JUICES OF POWER AND ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE THE VESSEL OF MY FUTURE HEIR!"But then,after he has let out a hearty doze of evil laughter and released a strong amount of green cum into his helpless prisoner's cunt from inside his stone hard dick,the dark lord of Apokolips was about to allow his brutish son to start slamming his cock inside Wonder Woman's pussy as well.

But just as that was about to happen,the dungeon-chamber door has been smashed open which had allowed the four very pissed-off male Super-Friends to appear in Darkseid's sight once again. "YOU WERE LUCKY THE FIRST TIME, DARKSEID!", yelled an enraged Superman just before he and the other male Super-Friends had charged towards both the dark lord and his son."BUT NOW,WE'RE GOING TO SMASH BOTH OF YOUR FUCKLING FACES IN!"

"I DON'T THINK SO,YOU PUNY EARTHLINGS!",roared a devilishly-gleeful Kalibak just before he has charged towards the attacking heroes,only to have the Nuclear Man use his powers to cause a glowing orb of light to appear and make the brutish son of Darkseid to become blind."YOU WERE SUCCESSFUL IN RESCUING YOUR COMRADE,SUPER-FRIENDS!",yelled a sinister-smiling Darkseid after he has activated DeSaad's new stargate control and allowed a stargate to open behind him."BUT SOON,YOU SHALL FALL BEFORE THE FEET OF THE DARK LORD OF APOKOLIPS!"

But after the dark lord has laughed his head off and stepped into the vortex,the heroic Black Vulcan has yelled,"THAT'S WHAT YOU THINK,YOU INTERGALACTIC SHIT-HEAD!",just before he has thrown a ball of electrical energy at DeSaad's device.And after the device has been totally destroyed and the sinister Darkseid has no other choice but to be trapped within the vortex forever,the male Super-Friends had successfully freed their amazon member from her bondage and transported her back to Earth.As for the physical and mental well-being of poor Diana Prince(aka Wonder Woman)and whether or not she'll be able to pull herself together after her ordeal,all I could personally say is that only time would tell.