Wonder Woman in “A Simple Matter of Revenge”  

By K from Japan

Wonder Woman in “A Simple Matter of Revenge” By Kindred Spirit

This is my first effort, so I will apologize in advance. This story is based on the ABC television series. This work is dedicated to Mr.X, Doc Droid and Marat, whom I consider to be the holy trinity of this particular genre.

Prologue: August 1942

Diana Prince, yeoman in the United States Navy, observed the scene across the street from the Justice Department. A wooden platform had been erected, covered in colorful banners emblazoned with “Buy War Bonds.” There were a growing number of people gathered in front of the platform, including her commanding officer Major Steve Trevor. There were three people standing atop the platform, two men and a woman. One of the men dressed in a conservative suit was the organizer of the event. The other, an older man in an army uniform, was introduced as Colonel Banks with the special services. There was something familiar about the army officer, Diana thought, but she couldn’t quite place it. After a few minutes of perfunctory announcements The colonel approached the microphone at the center of the makeshift stage and said: “Now it is my pleasure to introduce our special guest for our bond rally today, the one, the only Wonder Woman!” Diana smiled slightly at the sight of this “Wonder Woman”. She was several inches shorter than she, but her figure did justice to the copy of her uniform.

She had been aware of this little show today of course. Steve and Etta had been talking about this event since it had been announced yesterday. The real Wonder Woman should be there, Diana decided, it was a worthy cause that needed public support. Diana had excused herself from attending with Steve and Etta by claiming to have an appointment to donate blood. Moving quickly, Diana was able to get behind the stage without being seen by the crowd. She quickly spun in place until a nimbus of light enveloped her and she became Wonder Woman. Noticing the facemask the impostor wore in the advertisement for the event yesterday, Diana had purchased one as well. Slipping the half mask over her face, she strode towards the wooden steps leading up to the stage.

A few minutes later, Diana was standing in front of the weight stand, her right hand on a large barbell. Her “twin” having just lifted it, Diana tensed, preparing to lift the weight with one hand, thereby proving herself to be the genuine article. What Diana had not known was that this entire affair had been a carefully planned snare to draw her out. The false Wonder Woman was secretly a Nazi agent named Fausta Grables, who had been sent to capture her. Just as Diana was about to lift the barbell, a trapdoor opened beneath her feet. Diana, completely surprised, fell and landed on her rear on the grass beneath the platform, where Herman Grosz, one of Fausta’s agents was waiting. Diana was still gathering her bearings when she felt a hand on her chest push her back to the ground. Before she could resist, a rag was placed over her nose and mouth, bearing the sickly sweet smell of chloroform. With the fall having knocked the wind from her, she couldn’t help breathing the insidious vapors, which quickly began to sap her strength.

Grosz kept the rag tight against Wonder Woman’s face. As her struggles weakened, he realized Fausta was correct in her theory that she would be vulnerable to this form of attack. Now it was time to see if the second part of her scheme was correct. He quickly reached down and removed Diana’s lasso from around the golden belt that she wore, and wrapped it around her upper chest. Removing her mask, Grosz began interrogating the drugged amazon. Compelled by the lasso to tell the truth, Diana revealed that her powers were tied to her magic belt. Having accomplished his mission, Grosz decided he wanted to know more about this Amerikaner heroine. “Have you ever had sex with a man?”, Grosz asked, tugging at the lasso. “N..no.”, Diana said weakly. He began to feel a stirring in his loins. “Have you ever masturbated?” Diana face was awash with embarrassment as the lasso forced her to answer, “Yes.” From above, he could hear the rally coming to an end, so he quickly reapplied the chloroform until the amazon was unconscious.

Turning her over onto her stomach, Grosz quickly removed the belt from Diana’s waist. He couldn’t believe it had been this easy. Two days ago, he had seen this amazon beat four agents, for strong Nazi men, as easily as he would swat a fly. Now, seeing her lying in the dirt defeated and powerless along with the discovery of her virginity, filled him with lust. He studied his captive, her perfect body on display for him. His hands began roaming over her body, first over her satin bodice, amazed at how it managed to contain such full breasts. He so wanted to caress them, suckle from the nipples he could feel through her costume. He began to move lower in his fondling, cupping her pubic mound through her satin briefs. A low moan came from the sleeping amazon as Grosz stroked her relentlessly. I must have her, he thought, and began tugging at his zipper while turning her over onto her back. At that moment, Fritz Mueller came upon the scene, entering under the banners covering the platform. Mueller, another of the Nazi agents, was in disguise as Colonel Banks. “Herman!”, he said in a quiet hiss to avoid being overheard, “Gott in himmel! What are you doing?” Grosz had one hand inside his pants and the other on Wonder Woman’s left breast. “I’m going to pop the Vunder Voman’s cherry!”, he said, mad lust in his eyes. “Dumkopf!” Mueller said as he slapped Grosz across the face. “We don’t have time for this! Fraulien Grables will have both our testicles in a jar if we fail her. Once the Fatherland is done with the American bitch, then perhaps you can take her, not before. Now, did you discover the source of her powers?” Grosz slowly collected himself and zipped his pants. “Yes, here it is”, he handed Mueller the magic belt, “without this she is no stronger than any other woman.” “Excellent, now help carry her to the car.” Mueller grabbed the sleeping amazon below her arms, while Grosz held her legs. As they walked toward the waiting car, he made himself a promise. Someday, somehow, he would have the great Wonder Woman. He smiled at the thought….

(Author’s note: from this point, the story proceeds as shown in the “Fausta” episode.)

One year later…

In a small tavern in Berlin, two men sat at a booth talking in hushed tones. “The High Command is concerned about the losses we have been sustaining in Africa and Italy.” Gunther Radl said, putting down the large mug of beer he had been drinking, “and there has been talk of an Allied invasion of Europe before the end of the year.” Radl, a tall man with a muscular build and cold eyes, was a Captain in the German Army. Late last year, He had been placed in an Army internment camp after he and his squad were found by a U.S. Navy battleship in the middle of the Atlantic, with no memory of how he had come to be there. He had been assigned the task of stealing an experimental American aircraft, but had shifted his attentions to acquiring the bullet resistant metal of Wonder Woman’s bracelets. He remembered capturing a young girl that appeared to be Wonder Woman and determining that the metal came from the amazon’s home. Unfortunately, he had no memory of the name or location of that place.

Colonel Hemmschler, Radl’s superior officer and mentor, had made requests to the High Command to get him back, but was refused. They felt Radl’s “tales” of amazons and bullet deflecting metal were colorful fictions to hide his ineptitude. However, as word of Wonder Woman’s activities spread to Berlin, Col. Hemmschler was able to convince his superiors of Radl’s value. After being freed from the camp and smuggled to Germany, he underwent an intensive debriefing about the failed missions in general and Wonder Woman in particular. After months of endless debate, a decision was reached, and a plan was put into motion. The most essential part of which sat directly across from Radl.

“Never, Radl”, Herman Grosz said, “our forces will easily repel and attack from the weak Allies. The losses we you speak of are our merely setbacks. We are the master race, it is our destiny to bring our enemies to their knees.” Radl smiled wanly to his comrade, he had forgotten what a true believer Grosz was. He had grown up with Herman, joined the Party with him. Radl believed in the Nazi cause only to the extent that it served his needs. He needed Grosz, particularly the information he had, so it was best to agree with him. “You are right of course. However, the High Command feels an offensive move against the Allies should be made, a symbolic one that will tear at the American resolve.” Grosz stared at him. “You sound as if you have a plan, old friend” “Yes, yes I do. I have convinced my superiors that a simple military exercise will not provide the demoralizing victory we need. No, my plan involves a certain star spangled amazon that has proven to be a thorn in our side.” A cold smile crossed Grosz’ lips as he listened to Radl’s plan. Last year, after Wonder Woman had escaped from the Gestapo Interrogation Center, and Fausta Grables had turned traitor, he had been “rewarded” with a transfer to the Russian front. Colonel Kessleman, the center commander, had ordered the transfer. He had blamed not only Fausta for Wonder Woman’s escape, but Grosz as well. He had nearly lost a hand to frostbite there, the pain nearly overwhelming. The only thing sustaining him during the cold nights in the infirmary was the thought of breaking that damned amazon. His only real friend, Mueller, had died in an American prison. He drifted through battles, thoughts of vengeance his only friend. After Kessleman died of a stroke, Radl was able to transfer him to Berlin under his command.

“We will leave for Washington the day after tomorrow.” Radl announced, taking a long drink from his mug, “and will immediately begin Phase 1. My people are in place to begin the extraction as soon as we arrive.” Grosz sneered, “Do we really need him? With what I know of that amazon bitch I could have her on her back in less than a minute.” Radl glared at him. “One of the guiding principles of my life is to know your adversary. In her case, I failed to do so. I won’t make the same mistake again. No, my friend, she won’t expect an attack from him, not so soon after having apprehended him. The most essential element of a blitzkrieg is surprise, and we will most definitely have that on our side.” He raised his mug to Grosz, who did the same. “Smile, my friend”, Radl declared, “In less than a week, we will have accomplished three goals: a crushing moral defeat for the Americans, our reputations restored and most important, the simple matter of revenge.”

A Week Later - Washington, D.C.

Diana Prince had just completed typing Major Trevor’s report on the spy ring that he had recently apprehended. With the advances the Allies had made in recent months, Axis espionage efforts had intensified. Between her normal work assignments and her activities as Wonder Woman, she barely had a moments’ peace. To make matters worse, her sister Drusilla had arrived last night from Paradise Island. She claimed that Mother wanted a first hand report on her sister’s activities, but it was far more likely that she wanted to raid her kitchen and socialize with people her own age. Remembering what happened the last time she let her sister out of her sight, she brought Dru to the office with her. Etta Candy, General Blakenship’s secretary, was badly in need of some assistance, so Diana told Dru to work with her, much to her chagrin.

Diana looked at her watch. It was nearly noon. She was beginning to worry about Steve. He had taken several hard blows during the fight with the spy ring. General Blankenship ordered him to see his personal doctor at Walter Reed for a complete physical, which he insisted he didn’t need. After the general threatened to suspend him if he didn’t go, Steve finally relented. He left early that morning for his appointment but had still not returned. “I’m just being paranoid”, she thought to herself, “If I’ve learned one thing from my time in the states, it’s that nothing happens exactly when its supposed to.” Her reverie was interrupted, as Etta came into the office, with Dru in tow, carrying several large folders. “Just put those on my desk, Dru. I’ll sort them after lunch”, Etta said, removing her purse from her desk. She asked Diana if they would like to join her. “I’m afraid I can’t Etta, Diana replied, “I have to go to the bank.” Etta nodded and left the office. “Merciful Minerva, Diana!” Dru exclaimed as soon as Etta was out of earshot, “all the tortures of the Underworld pale before the awful task of filing. How can you stand to do something so boring?” “A necessary evil, I’m afraid.” Diana replied, grabbing her purse and hat. “Come on, lets get to the bank before the lines get any longer.” Dru sighed, and followed her sister out of the office.

“Come on Diana,” Dru wailed, “I want to go to the milk shop and listen to the jakebox.” “That’s malt shop and jukebox”, Diana corrected her, “and we don’t have time for that right now. Perhaps tomorrow.” Just as they were coming around the corner to the bank building, several police cars drove past, lights flashing. The cars quickly stopped at the curb of the bank building. Policemen quickly spilled out of their cars and began to secure the area. Diana could see that the front door had been barricaded and the windows covered. Several bystanders were congregating behind the line the police were forming in the middle of the street. Diana approached a Marine in the crowd. “Pardon me sargeant, what’s going on?” “A hostage situation, ma’am”, he replied, “it appears to be a robbery gone wrong.” Suddenly there was a loud crash from the bank building. The glass in one of the windows had been knocked out. A hand-sized object was tossed through the opening and landed near the police cars. The marine talking to Diana recognized it instantly. “Grenade!” he exclaimed. Diana grabbed Dru and ducked, just as three of the police cars exploded in a ball of flame. Minutes later as the police and the crowd took stock of the situation, a man’s booming voice came from the bank. “I trust you now know the depth of our resolve. You have ten minutes to get Wonder Woman here or we will begin executing the hostages. There will be no negotiation.” Diana glanced at her sister, who was shaken but uninjured. “Come on, Dru”, she said “lets’ not keep the man waiting”

Wonder Woman approached the remaining police officers, still recovering from the explosion. After she transformed, Diana told Dru to stay out of sight across the street. She protested, but ultimately relented when Diana said it would be best if she remain as backup in case she needed her. Since this was obviously some kind of trap, not having to worry about Dru would make resolving this situation easier. “Excuse me officer” she said to the police captain, “I believe someone wishes to see me.” The captain turned to face her. “Yes. We don’t have an accurate count of the robbers, but at least two have been spotted. They have at least twelve hostages in there, all of whom they are willing to exchange for you. I can’t ask you to go in there. In a few minutes we’ll have shooters in position and then-”, Diana interrupted, “several innocent people will probably be killed. No, I have to go in.” Diana strode past the protesting police captain, and spoke toward the broken window, “I’m here.” The same voice that spoke a few minutes ago replied, “Good, come up to the bank entrance and put your back to the door.” Diana did as he said. Moments after she turned her back, the door opened slightly as a pistol was put to her head. Diana tensed as she felt a hand on her shoulder. She heard a harsh voice behind her say “now slowly step inside.” Diana complied, taking two slow steps backward into the building.

After closing the door and replacing the crude barricade, the gunman motioned for Diana to move forward. She quickly took in the scene. All the hostages were lying on the floor facedown. There were two men, dressed in business attire wearing black masks that covered their heads. One of them stood near the hostages, gun in hand. The other man was filling a large canvas bag with bundles of cash. Upon seeing Diana, he stopped what he was doing and approached her. “Ah, the great Wonder Woman”, he said in a voice dripping with contempt, “Thank you so much for coming. I was about to order the first execution.” She glared at him, wanting to take his head off, but knowing she could not for fear of the hostages. There was something in his voice and bearing that Diana recognized but couldn’t quite place. “I have come as you asked, now let these people go” she said. “Of course, but before we can do that, we have to prevent you from interfering with us. So to begin with, let’s have those” he pointed at her bracelets. She stared at him. If she complied, she would be nearly defenseless. He saw her indecision and stated coldly, “Give them to me now or my associate will shoot a hostage.” As if on cue, the gunman near the hostages grabbed an old woman by the hair. After bringing the woman up to her knees, he racked the slide on his pistol. He then placed the barrel behind the frightened woman’s head. Having no choice, she slowly removed her bracelets and handed them to the man.

The leader smiled. “Now, it would be best if you kept those strong hands to yourself.” He looked over Diana’s shoulder. “Jack?” The man who had been holding the gun on Diana savagely struck her in the back of the head with the butt of his gun. Her head exploded in a flash of pain. Jack dropped quickly and executed a perfect leg sweep, knocking her to the ground. Jack grabbed her neck and slammed her face against the tile floor. Stunned by this vicious attack, she didn’t resist as Jack reached to her waist and took her golden lasso from her belt. Jack kneeled down next to her, grabbed her wrists and quickly tied them together with the lasso. Diana struggled weakly but knew she couldn’t break the rope, her only hope would be untying it. Jack grabbed a handful of her hair and brought her up to her knees. He then placed his gun at Diana’s temple. “That’s much better. Now that you’re easier to handle we can proceed to the next phase.” He walked to the window and told the police that the hostages were coming out.

As she watched the hostages slowly been sent through the door, Diana began to plan her offensive. Over the last few minutes, she had begun to slowly untie her wrists. If she could move fast enough, she could take them out before they could react. She was nearly free when the last hostage walked through the door. The leader called through the window to the police captain, “Listen to me policeman. Our car will be here momentarily. You will not stop if from approaching nor will you prevent it from leaving.” As the police captain looked incredulous, He nodded to Jack. He pulled Diana to her feet and shoved her over to the their leader who grabbed her arm. Dragging her bound form to the window for all to see, he put a gun to her head. Follow my orders or Wonder Woman dies”. He moved away from the window and pushed Diana to the ground. He brought her to a kneeling position. “I know what you’re thinking slut”, he said, “what hold do we have on you now that the hostages are gone? Well, we didn’t actually let all the hostages go. We held on to one more, just for you.” He nodded at the third man, who went into a nearby office. He came out with a tall man in a military uniform, hands bound behind him, blindfolded and gagged. “Steve!” Diana exclaimed, rising to her feet swiftly, pulling at her wrists. Before she could move any further, the leader tackled her legs, and held her down as Jack dropped down by her head. He pulled a small vial and a rag from his pocket, and placed the rag over Diana’s face. She struggled as Jack poured the ether onto the rag, but with her hands bound, and the other man holding her legs, it was futile. In less than a minute, just as she was on the verge of unconsciousness, Jack removed the rag. The leader heard a car horn from outside. Right on time, he thought. “Gather up or prizes, men. It’s time to go.” Diana, lost in a chemical haze, felt Jack’s hands on her as he got her to a standing position. With Diana and Trevor in front of them as human shields the robbers quickly exited the building. After loading their prisoners into the waiting car, the leader shouted at the driver “Go!” and the car sped away.

Drusilla had looked on the scene with horror. When she saw the hostages exit the building she had expected to see her sister follow them out in triumph. The last thing she expected was to see her brought out as a hostage. She also noticed that they had Steve Trevor as well! Gods only knew what these criminals wanted with Diana, but she imagined it was nothing good. She realized it was now up to her to save the day. Dru decided the best course of action would be to follow them to their destination and take them by surprise. She hailed a cab and told the driver to follow the speeding car.

Inside the car, Diana and Trevor were sitting in the rear seat bound and unconscious. “Yeehaw!” Jack screamed sitting beside the gang’s leader. “We did it! Cleared a cool million and got a nice piece of ass as well.” He reached over and grabbed Diana’s breast. “I got dibs on ridin’ the amazon first.” The leader brought his cold eyes to bear on his associate. “I am afraid that won’t be possible”, he said as he shoved Jack back into his seat. Jack glared at him. “What the hell do you-“ Jack’s words choked in his throat as the other robber, sitting in front, wrapped an arm around his neck. With a quick motion, Jack’s neck was snapped. “Good work, Herman.” Radl said, “I do so hate to work with these common American criminals.” Grosz looked over at Wonder Woman. “Soon”, he thought. And smiled.

They drove for a few hours, driving through the countryside, finally arriving at an abandoned warehouse. Parking in front of one of the large metal buildings, Radl told Grosz to secure the prisoners, a pensive look on his face. Grosz noticed, and asked, “What’s wrong?” “I’m not sure but I that car that we saw a few miles ago, I could swear it had been following us. I’m going to wait here for a while and see if anyone approaches. You know what to do.” Grosz nodded and he and the driver began removing Wonder Woman and Trevor from the car as Radl walked to the other side of the building. A few minutes later a cab approached the gate of the warehouse. Dru’s cab driver nearly lost the getaway car twice. After giving the cabbie what little money she had, he give her an angry look and drove away. She looked through the fence around the building and the criminals’ car. Dru ran behind some trees near the warehouse, quickly spun in place and became Wonder Girl. She leaped over the fence and headed for the building. Radl was just coming around the corner of the building when he spotted Dru. It was her, he thought, the same one he had captured before! There really were two of them! He had to move fast, he noticed a short 2x4 on the ground not far from him. He picked up the wood and crept up behind Wonder Girl.

Dru was about to reach the door when she heard a rush of air behind her. She was just beginning to duck but was too late, the board catching her on the side of the head. Dru stumbled back, dazed. She placed her hand on the hood of the car to steady herself. Radl rushed forward to press his attack, but Dru moved faster, kicking him hard in the chest. He fell against the building wall, stunned. Dru moved towards him, anger in her eyes. Radl pulled a strange pistol from his back pocket. “Don’t come any closer.”, he warned, pointed the gun at her. She assumed the bullets and bracelets position. “Take your best shot” she said. Radl fired, and Dru easily blocked the shot. Unfortunately when the bullets impacted on her bracelets, they exploded in a white gas. Carried by the bullets’ momentum, the gas quickly filled her lungs and she began to feel dizzy. Radl rose and drove his fist into her stomach, forcing her to exhale and breath in more of the debilitating gas. He grabbed her by the neck and pushed her face down onto the hood of the car. Wonder Girl tried to struggle but was weakened by the gas. “I remembered how susceptible you amazon wenches are to gas attacks.” Radl said as he removed the bracelets from her wrists and replaced them with a set of handcuffs. “And now thanks to my old friend, I now know how to render you completely helpless.” He grabbed her magic belt and yanked it roughly from her waist. Dru suddenly felt her failing strength completely leave her and finally succumbed to the gas. Radl smiled to himself as he put the unconscious teen over his shoulder and went into the building.

Diana slowly began to open her eyes. Her head felt thick and heavy. “I hate that accursed chemical these men use on me!” She was lying on her side, bound hand and foot. She glanced at the ropes binding her ankles; it was merely a nylon cord. She felt around her wrists, nylon as well. They didn’t bother to use her lasso, thank Hera! She looked around the room. This was apparently a packaging room of some kind. Metal tables and shelves and cardboard boxes covered half the room. What caught her attention though was the man lying face down about nine feet away. “Steve!” she exclaimed. Marshalling her rapidly returning strength, she broke her bonds and went to Trevor. She quickly removed his bonds, and examined him. He had been beaten severely, his face littered with cuts and bruises. She held his head in her lap and stroked his hair. Someone would pay for this, she silently swore. Trevor began to stir, his eyes slowly fluttering open to gaze at her. “Angel,” he said, “I am so glad to see you. I went to the bank to withdraw some cash and the next thing I know armed guys are rushing in. I tried to stop them and got clobbered for my trouble. What’s going on?” She quickly explained their current predicament. She notice a change in Trevor’s voice while they talked, it was deeper, almost hoarse. He must have been more injured than I thought, she mused. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps approaching the room. They moved toward the door. Trevor looked through the small window on the metal door and whispered, “It’s only one man. He’s mine.”

Diana was about to protest when she heard the sound of a key in the lock. They waited as the door opened and one of the robbers came in, still wearing his mask. Trevor grabbed him by his shoulder, spinning him into a savage right cross. The masked man recovered quickly, tackling Trevor and the two began wrestling on the floor. Diana was about to intervene when Steve grabbed the man’s head and slammed it into the concrete floor, knocking him out. “Nicely done, Steve”, Diana said helping him up. “Thanks Angel” He said, looking winded. “Listen, before we go any further, I want to tell you how much I appreciate you always coming to get me out of a jam. You really are a wonder. Thanks.” He reached out to embrace her. She slipped easily into his arms, feeling the warmth. His hands roamed down her back. “Steve- I want to” He interrupted, putting his hands on her shoulders, “before you say anything, there are two things you should know. First I’m not Steve Trevor”, he said, suddenly grabbing her upper arm and slamming her into the wall. “And second, you should be more careful who you trust.” Stunned by both his words and the impact, she couldn’t resist as she felt her magic belt being ripped away from her waist.

The impostor held the dazed Wonder Woman against his chest with his left arm while holding the belt in front of her with the right. “Why my dear angel”, he said with mock sympathy, “whatever could be the matter? Could it be that this little belt is what makes you so strong? Pity. Well, I’m you’ll just have to get along without it now.” Diana looked at him in amazement. Who was this man and how could he possibly know about her secret weakness? Diana turned, when she heard a sound to her right. The masked man “Trevor” had subdued rose from the floor and approached them. “I’m sure your wondering how I know your little secret”, the impostor said, “well let’s just say its good to have friends, isn’t it Herman?” Grosz took off his mask, and stared malevolently at Diana. He took the belt from his compatriot and slapped Diana across the face with it. Diana face stung from the impact and wanted to retaliate, but without her belt she did not have the strength to resist them. “Do you remember me, bitch?”, Grosz said, his eyes burning into hers. She looked at him and in an instant she remembered. “You were one of Fausta’s agents. The one who captured me at the bond rally.” “Yes, that was me”, Grosz said, “I tied you with that magic rope and made you confess all your secrets which I have kept to myself until today. You have caused me great pains and I mean to repay you for them. But first, I would like to introduce you to an old friend of yours.” The impostor quickly pushed Diana to Grosz, who immediately grabbed her left wrist and twisted it towards the small of her back. Diana’s groaned in pain as she watched “Steve” begin to slowly pull away the mask he was wearing. He also removed a thin metal device that had been hidden under his chin concealed by the mask. As the man removed the last of her mask, Diana’s eyes grew wide as she looked upon the rough features and pitiless eyes of a man she had apprehended not four months earlier.

“Wotan! How did you escape from prison? And what have you done with Major Trevor?” Wotan grinned evilly. “My comrades engineered my escape a few days ago. As for your precious Trevor, our agents were to have taken him this morning. I should think he is dead by now.” This statement filled with Diana with dread. He continued, “The face mask was easy enough to fabricate, but the real lynchpin in the impersonation was this.” He held up the metal device. “This excellent German accomplishment can alter the sound of a person’s voice to sound..”, he put the metal to his throat and his voice sounded like Steve’s as he said, “..like someone else’s.” Diana looked at him “So. Now what? What is this all about?” Wotan looked at her gravely, “Why revenge, of course. You have interfered with the plans of the Third Reich for far too long. Now there will be a reckoning.” His fist shot out and caught Diana square on the jaw. Stunned, she didn’t resist, as Grosz shoved her into the wall. He threw two quick punches to Diana’s stomach, which drove her to her knees. Roughly bringing her to a standing position, Grosz stood behind her as his hands roamed her body. “I decided my revenge would be to take something you’ve kept sacred.” He put his hand between her legs and stroked her sex as he said this. Diana groaned as Grosz molested her. She began to feel herself lubricate at his ministrations. She tried to struggle, but Wotan grabbed her arm and Grosz held the other. “Let’s begin your training, amazon. Its time you learned what your place is”, Grosz said to her as the two men dragged her toward one of the tables on the far side of the room.

Drusilla began to stir slowly. Her first sensation was the stiffness in her legs and arms. She tried to move them and found she could not. She felt cold concrete against her face and lifted her head. She was lying on her stomach in a small room. Her legs had been spread apart, each ankle tied to the legs of a long metal table behind her. Her wrists were still cuffed behind her back, and a large ballgag had been shoved in her mouth. Dru struggled against her bonds to no avail. The masked man had taken her belt and she was completely helpless. She could only guess what the criminals were doing to Diana now. Her thoughts were cut short by the sound of the door opening. The man who had captured her came in holding a small metal box and a large canvas bag. “Hello my little Wonder Girl”, he said. “I hope you are not too uncomfortable. I suspect you would like to know who I am. Look, and learn.” He quickly removed his mask. Dru looked up and stared into the eyes of Gunther Radl. She remembered him only too well. He and his associates had captured her and tricked her into revealing the location of Paradise Island. He led a squad of Nazis there and would have enslaved the entire Amazon nation if not for she and Diana. The thought of being bound and helpless before this man filled her with dread.

Radl kneeled before her and grasped her chin, moving her head to face him. “You and that other bitch have much to answer for. While my comrades are “entertaining” Wonder Woman, I think you and I shall become very…close.” Dru pulled her face from his hand and struggled against her bonds. Radl stepped back, watching her futile, yet erotic, gyrations on the floor. “Yes I know you can’t wait to have me fill your tight little hole, but first I want to introduce you to a little item I found in Vienna.” Radl opened the box he carried and produced a large plastic object. It was at least ten inches long, with tiny protrusions all along its surface. “I had intended this for Wonder Woman, but I think you will find it an even better fit.” Radl stepped behind Dru, kneeling down between her spread legs. Bound as she was, it was difficult to see what he was doing. She soon realized though, as she felt his rough hands stroke her nether lips through her blue shorts. He pulled the shorts aside and began to move the dildo over her rapidly moistening pussy. Radl smiled, “Now, little girl, it’s time for you to meet the amazon tamer!” he thrust the dildo all the way into Dru. In indescribable agony, she screamed into the gag. Radl slowly pistoned the dildo in and out of Dru, who struggled helplessly. He then pushed it all the way in her and repositioned her shorts over the base of the device. Radl reached into the bag and produced a camera. He began taking pictures of the girl’s futile effort to work the dildo out. “Oh, I nearly forgot.” Radl said absentmindedly, “Your new friend has a special feature.” He reached into the box and produced a small box, he pushed a button on it. Dru screamed again as the device began vibrating powerfully. As she began to feel the first signs of an orgasm, Dru began to cry at the hopelessness of her situation. Radl laughed, “And just think my dear, when you’re done with my little friend, It will be my turn.” Dru put her head on the floor, her muffled cries filling the room.

Diana struggled defiantly as the two men dragged her across the room. Wotan grabbed her neck and slammed her down onto a nearby table. Diana tried to resist, flailing her chained hands at them. Wotan grabbed at the chain between the cuffs and pulled her arms up, nearly perpendicular to her body. Diana screamed, the pain excruciating. “Silence” Grosz shouted, hitting her in the kidney to emphasize his command. His hands began roaming over her, groping and pulling, until he finally reached the zipper to her bustier. He slowly began pulling it down, savoring the humiliation and fear he knew she felt. He quickly leaned forward, hooking his fingers into top of her uniform. As he pulled it down her body, he heard her utter, ”No, please don’t..” Her pleas excited him and he swiftly pulled the costume completely off. Wotan released his hold on Diana and turned her onto her back. Grosz tossed him a length of rope and the two went to work.

Wotan pushed her forward on the table until he could pull her bound arms underneath it. He used one of the ropes to secure her arms to the table legs. This position made her back arch, displaying her huge breasts. He then Tying another rope around her neck, He tied the free end to a metal bar connected to the table legs. Diana winced in pain as her head was pulled down to a painful angle. Grosz bound her ankles to either table leg. The two men stood and looked down at their captured prey, admiring their handiwork. Removing their clothes, they approached Diana, their large erections prominent. Wotan stood in front of Diana’s inverted face, holding his large cock to her lips. “Open up, wench. You will service me.” She clamped her jaw shut. Wotan glanced at Grosz, who reached down to the tuft of hair between Diana’s legs and tugged it roughly. Diana reflexively opened her mouth to scream in pain when Wotan thrust his manhood into mouth. Holding her jaw, he proceeded to thrust himself deep into her throat. He reached forward and roughly grabbed her breasts, squeezing her hardening nipples. At the other end of the table, Grosz slid his member up and down her vagina, until he felt her grow wet. Holding his penis in his right hand, he began to enter her. Diana tried to twist free, her screams muffled by Wotan’s huge cock. Grosz advanced further until he felt a familiar resistance. “Now you amazon bitch”, he sneered, “feel the power of the Master race!” In one savage thrust, he tore through her hymen, deflowering her.

Diana’s entire body shook as he pumped in and out of her with long, hard strokes. After a few minutes of their brutal pounding, her struggles began to weaken as the two men began to find a rhythm in their thrusts. Diana began to feel the telltale signs of an oncoming orgasm. She tried to will herself not to climax. Grosz reached under Diana’s ass and pulled her off the table. She suddenly felt him stiffen inside her. “Here it comes, you American slut!”, he shouted as he came inside her, filling her womb with his vile seed. That was all she could take as she came with a roar. Her body twitched spasmodically, lost in the throes of oragasm. Her movements took Wotan over the edge as he began to fill her throat with his cum, nearly choking her. Grosz pulled his member from Diana’s hot pussy, covered in blood and cum. Grosz got off the table and positioned himself at Diana’s face. “Now whore, clean your master’s cock..” He pulled her hair and thrust his filthy member into Diana’s mouth. Diana, still in an orgasm induced fog, didn’t resist him and slowly began to stroke him with her tongue. “You must take her too Wotan”, Grosz said, “her pussy, so incredibly tight, I almost came on the first thrust.” He leaned down and greedily sucked on Diana’s nipples. Wotan laughed, “All in good time, Herman. But for now, that is not quite the hole I had in mind.”

Dru did not even have the energy to scream. She lost count how many times Radl’s hellish device had made her climax. Her shorts had been stained a dark blue from the mixture of her sweat and cum. She had been on the verge of passing out when he had turned the vibrations off. He reached down and roughly pulled the dildo out of her wet snatch, causing her to groan in relief. Her torment was only beginning, however. Dru didn’t attempt to resist as Radl uncuffed her ankles and turned her onto her back. He slowly peeled off her uniform, groping her breasts as he did so. He then reached forward and removed her gag, the better to hear the screams that would come shortly. As Dru took several long breaths, Radl removed his clothes and began stroking himself to hardness. He kneeled down before her, trapping one of her legs in his arm. He extended two fingers into her vagina, covering them in her hot cum. He brought the fingers to his lips and sucked them slowly. “Ah, how sweet you taste. Are you ready to become a real woman, little girl?”, he said, placing the head of his cock on her vagina. Dru looked up at Radl, pure terror in her eyes. “Please”, she pleaded, “don’t do this to me!” Radl smiled, and with a slow, deliberate motion, he entered her. For the next few minutes, nothing could be heard in the room save Wonder Girl’s wracking sobs and Radl’s maniacal laughter.

Bent over the table, Diana twisted against her bonds as Wotan and Grosz finished securing her. The rope wrapped around her neck was threaded through a hole in the table, and tied off to a hook in the floor. Other ropes were wrapped around her thighs and ankles, which were secured to the table legs. Wonder Woman was held immobile on the table, her drenched pussy completely exposed. Wotan stood behind her, slowly moving his member across her vagina, soaking it in her juices, which continued to flow. “After you captured me, your revered justice system sent me to one of your fine American prisons”, Wotan said as his hand began stroking Diana’s perfect ass. His strokes became hard slaps as he ranted, “The word quickly spread that I was a Nazi agent, and some of the inmates, animals that they were, proceeded to assault me. A good soldier must be prepared to endure any torture, any degradation. But those damned men raped me! Me! Easily the best covert operative of the Third Reich! As they did that to me, dear Amazon, do you know what I was thinking of? If I ever got free of that hell, I would find you and give you what I so painfully received!” With that he took his index finger and slowly pushed into sphincter. Diana screeched in pain at the violation. Wotan sawed the finger in and out of her for a few seconds more, savoring her discomfort. He removed his finger, thrusting his cock into her wet pussy a few times to lubricate it. He then began pushing into Diana’s tight ass, slowly but surely overcoming her resistance. Within a minute, he was fully inserted into her warm hole. “No! Get it out, by all that’s holy, stop!” Diana begged, gritting her teeth. Wotan laughed, “Does it hurt whore? I hope it does. Take it bitch, take it all!” He pumped even harder, each movement an agony for Diana as she thrashed her cuffed wrists from side to side. He grabbed her hair and pulled her off the table as much as her neck rope would allow. Wotan groaned loudly as he finally came, filling Diana’s ass with his hot semen.

As Wotan pulled his cock out of her ass, the door opened. Radl walked in, dragging a nearly insensate Wonder Girl by the arm. She was filthy, her costume drenched in sweat and cum. Radl walked over to the bound Wonder Woman, moving his hand slowly across her inner thigh. He looked at his two comrades with a smile on his face. “You started without me, eh? Well, no bother, as you can see I’ve had my own amazon to play with.” Grosz looked incredulous. “Another amazon? You mean to say there’s more than one?” “Yes”, Radl replied, “I encountered this one last year. I have a vague recollection of there being more, but there’s no way to be sure..unless.” He walked over to Wonder Woman’s belt and removed the lasso that was attached to it. “The lasso!”, Grosz exclaimed, “it can compel these sluts to tell their secrets.
Radl tied the lasso around Wonder Girl’s neck and began to interrogate her. Within a few minutes, she had given them the location of Paradise Island and all the defenses the amazons had. She also told Radl about his invasion of the island last year. She described how after his squad was defeated, he had been given a drug to block his memory of the amazon nation. Upon hearing this information, Radl’s eyes filled with molten rage. He savagely slapped Dru across the face, knocking her to the ground. “How dare you! How dare you take my memories from me?” He kicked Dru in the stomach relentlessly. Catching his breath, he told Grosz to untie Wonder Woman and bring her out onto the main room of the warehouse. Radl reached down and tore off Dru’s uniform. He then dragged the badly beaten amazon by the hair and followed them out the door.

Attaching their handcuffs to a pair of chain hoists, the two amazons were suspended several inches above the floor. Taking out several leather straps, the three men began to whip the sisters from head to toe for the next half hour. The men stared at the two amazons, their bruised and bleeding bodies slowly twisting in the air. Radl reached up and pulled Diana’s face to his. “Listen to me, you amazon bitch. We will be leaving in a few minutes to rendezvous with a U-boat that will take us to Berlin. Once there, you and your sister will endure tortures beyond your imagination.” Diana shuddered involuntarily. Radl continued, “while you are enjoying our German hospitality, I will be conquering that island of whores you came from. I promise before you die, you will see your mother, the Queen raped to death. I will also make certain every last one of you Amazons will become breeders for the Master Race! So in the short time you have left to live, remember how utterly you have failed in your mission.” Radl spat in her face. Diana, utterly defeated, put her head on her chest and cried softly.

A few minutes later, the two amazons had been put back into their uniforms. Bound and gagged, Grosz and Wotan pulled them toward the car. “Get them inside,” Radl commanded, “we’re behind schedule” As Wotan opened the car door, his head suddenly exploded in a cloud of blood and bone. “What the-“ Grosz said before another bullet found his heart. Diana leaped toward Dru, using her body as a shield. Radl ducked by the car and looked in the direction the shots came from. He looked in despair as he saw Major Steve Trevor and several army soldiers, one carrying a sniper rifle, advancing on his position. He had to roll away suddenly as the car began to move. That cowardly driver is running away, Radl cursed. Trevor fired on the car, his bullets finding the gas tank turning the car into a gigantic fireball. Trevor tackled the fleeing Radl, quickly overpowering him. He handed Radl over to the soldiers and ran to Diana and Dru. After removing their bonds, Diana gasped, “Steve! How did you find us? They told me they sent people to kill you.” Steve smiled, “Two thugs jumped me as I left the hospital this morning. I used some of those fighting techniques you showed me a while back and was able to subdue them. I heard about the bank robbery and figured the two events were connected. It took a while to get them to crack, but as soon as they did, we mobilized immediately. But enough about me. How are you? And just who is this junior version of you?” Diana looked at her sister. Dru was even more bruised than she was. “She is Wonder Girl and we need to get her to a hospital. But first…” With Trevor’s help she stood up and removed her bracelets, belt and lasso from the canvas bag Radl had put them in. She put the totems of power back on and immediately felt her strength return.

After she replaced Dru’s items, she took the bag, which held the pictures they had taken of their brutal rape and assault and threw it into the fire. She walked over to where the soldiers held Radl and asked them to leave him with her. “You’ve lost again, Radl”, Diana said sternly, “Can you see what your mad quest for revenge has brought you to? Your comrades have been killed. You are about to lose your freedom. Was it worth it?” Radl flashed a sadistic smile. “Of course it was, you stupid cow. I would gladly sacrifice one thousand men to repay you for what you’ve done to me. You say I have lost. I disagree. Today I showed you just how vulnerable you truly are. Take away the superhuman abilities and you are nothing but a common whore. You may have won today, but I fully intend to keep the promise I made to you. I know all your precious secrets and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.” Diana removed her golden lasso from her belt. Tying it around his shoulders, she smiled and said, “That’s where you’re wrong”.

The End