The Mighty Isis in “Turn of the Screw”  

By Kindred Spirit

Wizards Lair Contest 2000

This story is based on the 70’s live action heroine Isis, and picks up a plot thread from the short-lived comic book series of the same name. The names will not be changed to protect the innocent.

Four men sat around a table in a seedy bar in northern California. Three of the men, gathered close together, listened intently to the fourth man seated directly in front of them. There was a conspicuous difference in appearance; the three men wore torn and dirty jeans and shirts their bodies littered with scars and tattoos received during various prison stays, while the speaker wore a tailored suit. Fortunately at this time of day, there weren’t many patrons to notice the odd group, which was why the well-dressed man chose the place. “Listen to me, gentleman”, he began, “we have made substantial gains over the last few weeks. The jewelry store heist alone netted a cool hundred thousand. But I’ve got an even better score for us now. I’m talking at least a million, easy.” Two of the men, twins named Zack and Joey, whistled and howled at the mention of such a huge number. The third man, a large, heavily muscled man named Kane, looked incredulous. He had been in the business longer than either of his comrades, and never took anything at face value. “Wait one minute, partner” he said, “slow down a second. We’ve been hitting some low profile targets up until those gems we lifted last week. For the kind of money you’re talking about, it’s gotta be a bank or something. That brings a whole new element to what we’ve been doing. Higher security, cops and then there’s always her.”

A silence fell over the table. All of the men knew whom Kane was talking about: Isis, the powerful superheroine who had been operating in the city for the last couple of years. She had initially confined herself to accidents and emergencies, but in the last year had increased her scope to major crimes. Nearly all of Kane’s old crew, with the exception of the twins, had been caught by her months ago. He was in no hurry to encounter that witch again, he thought. The only reason he had joined up with this man was an implicit guarantee that Isis wouldn’t be around to stop them, a promise he had somehow been able to keep thus far. “Don’t worry Kane”, the leader said, “I’m anticipating her interference, in fact I’m counting on it.” All three of his men stared back at him in shock. “Why the hell do you want Isis to show up?” Zack exclaimed, “She’ll turn us into dogmeat with those freaky powers of hers.” Their leader grinned slightly as he said “It’s all part of the plan, gentleman. You will do the job, Isis will come to stop you and then we are going to give that bitch the surprise of her life.” He detailed his plan to the gang, whose voices of protest slowly gave way to agreement and anticipation. Soon after, Kane and the twins left, leaving their leader at the table. A few minutes later, Rick Mason rose and went to his car. He had many things to do to set the plan in motion.

Two hours later, Mason was standing in the kitchen of his modest home. He was the head of the science department of a large California high school, but his pay was still quite small. That will soon change, He thought to himself as finished preparing the elixir. He was nearly trembling with excitement. He had waited months to achieve his singular goal: the destruction of Isis. Some time ago he learned that the powerful heroine was actually Andrea Thomas, another teacher at his school. This knowledge and the personal relationship she had with Mason gave him a distinct advantage. He had been distracting her from the crimes his cohorts had been committing over the last few weeks. But now the time had come to lead his nemesis into his grasp. Over the last few months, his goal was altered, He no longer wished her dead; he wanted to make her his, body and soul. He felt he had the means to do this, but he needed a test subject before moving against Isis. Fortunately, he had already found that person, who would arrive momentarily.

“Hi, Mr. Mason”, Cindy Lee said, walking into Mason’s house a few minutes later. Cindy, easily the smartest student at the school, wore a loose white blouse with a beige knee length skirt. Her lustrous black shoulder length hair framed an elegant face with features typical of women of Asian descent. He smiled politely at her. “I’m sorry to interrupt your weekend but this experiment is at a crucial stage and I need another pair of hands. Let me get you a drink.” As he poured her drink, Mason grabbed a rag and a small dark bottle. He shoved these into his pocket as he came back into the living room. Taking the tea Cindy replied cheerfully, “I’m happy to help, sir. I know how much your research means to you. Shall we get started?” She walked past him, to a door in the kitchen leading to his makeshift laboratory. He followed her, pausing a moment to admire the sway of her rear in the tight skirt. He was going to enjoy this immensely he thought as he began to pour the contents of the bottle onto the rag. Cindy switched the lights on and gasped in surprise. The walls were now covered in a heavy black fabric. A large pegboard was on one wall, which held many strange devices, including dildoes and manacles. All the lab equipment had been removed and replaced by a large wooden table. The room smelled of sweat and blood. She had to get out of there, and turned to flee. Mason leapt towards her knocking her to the floor. Cindy felt the wind knocked from her but was able to roll away and run toward the kitchen door. Mason grabbed he ankle and pulled her back to the floor. He quickly leapt on top of her, grabbing both her wrists in his large hand and pinning them above her head. She struggled helplessly as he brought the rag out and crushed it over her nose and mouth. Cindy tried to fight but was overwhelmed by the chloroform in a matter of minutes.

She awoke to a number of strange sensations. The first thing she noticed was the tension in her arms and legs. She felt some type of cord tied at each wrist and ankle. She could feel the hard wood of the table on her back, as she realized all her clothes had been removed except for her underwear. She tried to shout but she felt a large piece of plastic lodged in her mouth, gagging her. She tried to get her bearings but her head throbbed incessantly from the chloroform. She couldn’t believe this. What had happened to Mr. Mason? And more importantly, what was he going to do to her? Suddenly she heard the door open and close. Moments later, she saw Mason standing at the end of the table. He was naked, staring down at her with a sadistic grin on his face. “Welcome back, Cindy”, he said as he began walking toward the head of the table. As he did so, his slowly moved his right hand up her leg, starting at the calf, then the knee, finally stroking the inner thigh. As he placed his hand over her panty clad sex, he said with almost clinical voice, “You are going to be an integral part in a very important experiment.” She gasped as his fingers began to stroke her pussy, moving in gentle circles. Cindy screamed into her gag as Mason ripped off her panties and bra.

Mason climbed onto the table, his large cock seeming to almost stare down at the terrified girl. “You should appreciate this Cindy”, he said as he slowly moved his fingers in and out of her ever- moistening vagina. “I am following strict scientific protocols in my study.” He held up a small container. “Before this substance is delivered to its intended target, I’m validating my findings with a test subject. And unwilling one, I will admit, but in a few minutes I’m certain that will change.” He pulled his fingers out or her sex and opened the container as Cindy looked on in horror. He poured a small amount of the contents into his palm and began to coat his cock with it. Holding his rod in his right hand he moved the head up and down her wet opening. Cindy struggled, trying to prevent him from getting inside her but she was tied to well. He paused in his advance for a moment, looking down on her with an evil grin. He then rammed himself all the way in with one brutal thrust. Her gag muffled her cries as he savagely battered her pussy for a full five minutes. He began a more subtle motion then, moving his cock out slowly, dragging it over her sensitive clit, torturing her with the unwanted pleasure. As he ravaged her, she began to feel a numbness move from her sex, up her spine, to her brain. All her fear and resistance faded, replaced by a strange euphoria. She suddenly felt an uncontrollable lust for Mason overwhelm her mind. She arched her body, moving it in rhythm with his thrusts. Mason smiled with satisfaction; the formula was working. He began to increase his pace as he felt his climax approaching. He reached under her with both hands clutching her ass tightly. He pulled her forward as he came, filling her with his seed. Exhausted, he fell on top of her, watching her eyes twitch and roll. He got off the table and quickly removed her gag. “How do you feel now, Cindy?” She looked at him with a wicked gleam in her eye. “That was amazing, master. Can we please do it again?” Excellent, he thought, not only does the potion work; I now have the perfect pawn to use against Isis. The very idea caused his cock to harden. He untied Cindy, who immediately leaped to the floor, knelt before him and pleaded, “Please allow me to please you, master.” He nodded, and she quickly took him into her mouth. Soon Isis will be in this position, Mason thought and began to laugh.

A week later…

“Gosh, I’m exhausted”, Andrea Thomas said breathlessly, “there has got to be a better way to stay in shape.” She and Cindy Lee had just arrived at Andrea’s small house after a ten-mile run. “You did just fine, Ms. Thomas”, Cindy said and added with a wicked smile, “for a woman your age.” Andrea playfully tapped Cindy shoulder with her fist. “Respect your elders, young lady. Do you still want to go to the museum today?” The California Science Museum had an exhibition on laser technology that Andrea wanted to attend. “You bet, Ms. Thomas. I’ll run home and change clothes. I’ll meet you there at 2:00.” “That will be fine Cindy”, Andrea replied, “I need to shower and change myself.” Cindy was about to leave when she turned suddenly and exclaimed, “Oh no, I forgot to call my dad about soccer practice tonight. Can I please use your phone?” Andrea smiled. “Go ahead Cindy. I’m going to take a shower. Let yourself out when you’re done. As Andrea walked down the hall, Cindy stared at her with undisguised hatred. She couldn’t believe that Ms. Thomas, a mousy little teacher, was also the gorgeous superheroine Isis. She had seen Isis a number of times and could see no resemblance to Andrea Thomas. Mason had explained to her that part of her magical abilities was a glamour that altered her appearance to anyone who looked at her. She set these thoughts aside as she prepared to fulfill her master’s wishes. She called her father, telling him she would spend the night at a friend’s house. Hearing the shower being turned on, Cindy quickly walked down the hallway until she stood in front of Andrea’s bedroom. The door to adjoining bathroom was closed and she could hear Andrea in the shower. She began searching the room, looking on the bed, dresser and finally her nightstand when she found it. A dark object connected to a chain, which she now knew to be the scarab that gave Andrea the power of Isis. Holding the scarab in one hand, Cindy removed a vial and a small cloth from her pocket. She poured the vial’s contents onto the scarab and coated it completely. Using the cloth to wipe the excess liquid, Cindy replaced the scarab. Just then, she heard the shower being turned off. She quickly slipped out the door and ran to tell her master the mission was a success.

Later that day Andrea parked her car in the museum lot. As she walked to the entrance, she thought to herself how relieved she was that Cindy was acting like her old self. For the last week, Cindy had been distant, almost bored in her class. She also began to notice how much time she was spending with Rick Mason. When she asked her about it, she said his experiment was reaching a critical point and he needed her now more than ever. Cindy’s tone was so defensive that Andrea wasn’t entirely convinced, but she did know the importance of Rick’s work and had let the matter drop. Still concerned, she felt relieved when Cindy had asked her about running this morning and going to the exhibition this afternoon. She was about to round the corner when she heard the unmistakable sound of gunfire. Good heavens, she thought, how would be shooting at a museum? Then she remembered the special exhibition the museum had been advertising for the last few weeks: the blood red rubies of Punjab. These precious stones were nearly four inches wide and were reported to be the largest uncut gems in the world. After the exhibition ended, the rubies would be donated to NASA to power a new laser guidance system. Could someone actually be trying to steal them? She glanced around the corner and saw several people running from the building in blind panic. Then three men in masks came out carrying several bags, guns and..Oh my gosh! Cindy! One of the men had her wrists pinned behind her, dragging her to a dark minivan parked in front of the building. Why had they taken her? Insurance against the police, or something worse? They men got in the van and drove away just as police sirens could be heard approaching. The police are always late, Andrea thought, but Isis won’t be.

Ducking into a nearby alley, Andrea reached below her blouse and retrieved her amulet. She closed her eyes, concentrated and said, “Oh Mighty Isis!” She felt the ancient mystic energy engulf her body, transforming her. Her brown hair grew darker and longer, extending down to her waist. Her breasts rose and expanded and her legs became more muscular as her entire body reached total physical perfection. Her clothes quickly melted into her costume: White dress, leather mantle, bracelets, boots and tiara. Andrea Thomas was gone; in here place stood the powerful superheroine Isis. She had to catch the thieves before they harmed Cindy. She concentrated as she uttered a spell: “Oh Zephyr winds on high, lift me now so I may fly.” A strong wind suddenly appeared and quickly carried her into the air. She rode the air currents, scanning the road until she saw the van. She decided to follow them to their destination, in case anyone else was involved in the crime. As the van headed out of the city, Kane was grumbling to himself how well the job had almost went. They went directly to the curator’s office upon arrival, telling him they were there for the gems. The little fool was going to call for security until Kane showed him a picture of his daughter. He told him they had kidnapped his daughter and would kill her unless he complied. They didn’t snatch the kid, of course, but her father didn’t know that and folded almost instantly. He deactivated the security and they took the gems. They were nearly home free when one of the museums rent-a-cops tried to earn their pay. Joey shot him before Kane could stop him. Robbery was one thing, but murder? He would have to-suddenly he heard the chirp of his cell phone. “It’s me”, Mason said to Kane, “Isis is following you. Proceed as planned.” “Check”, Kane replied with obvious apprehension, “But sir, are you sure this will work?” “Trust me Kane, follow the plan and Isis will be ours”.

The van drove for a little over an hour, going deeper into the desert outside the city. They eventually came to an old building nestled between two huge rocks. Isis landed behind one of them and took stock of the situation. One of the robbers opened the door to one of the buildings and entered, while the other two dragged out Cindy and the loot. A large car pulled out of the building the first man went into and pulled up beside them. They’re changing cars to avoid capture, Isis thought. Smart boys, but not quite smart enough. She decided it was time to take this little gang down. Using her flight spell she took the air, flying over the rock, coming to a landing about fifteen feet away from the car. The driver hesitated for a long moment, and then sped forward, hoping to mow the heroine down. Isis smiled to herself, thinking, “They never learn, do they?” She held her ground and said, “Gods of nature, hear my plea! Do not allow these cowards to flee!” The car’s electrical system suddenly shorted out, stopping the vehicle dead in its tracks. The three men got out of the car, two men flanking Isis, the other holding a gun to Cindy’s head. He stared at her coldly as he said, “Listen up, bitch! You try using those weird powers on us and the little slant here is gonna get ventilated!” She knew by his eyes that he meant it, so she moved fast. Pointing her index finger at him, the gun suddenly flew from his hand. Few people knew about her telekinetic abilities and she appreciated the edge it gave her, particularly in situations like this one. She quickly moved on the other criminals, uttering a simple wind spell that bowled them over like tumbleweeds. She approached their leader, hoping he’d resist so she could make him pay for threatening Cindy. He threw a hard right towards her head, but her quick reflexes allowed her to duck under his fist. She countered with a left to his jaw, staggering him momentarily. She kicked him hard in the crotch, causing him to fall to his knees and bringing the fight to an end.

She walked over to Cindy, who sat on the dusty ground with her hands bound behind her. “Thank you Isis, I thought I was a goner for sure.”, she said gratefully. Isis kneeled down and untied the young girl. Cindy did not appear to be hurt, and Isis silently prayed that nothing had happened to her in the van. “We’ll need to contact the authorities.”, she said, wondering where to find a phone in the middle of nowhere. “Hold on, cunt! We’re not done yet” Isis turned to see that the two thieves had recovered from her attack and were helping their leader to his feet. She stood firm, her hands on her hips as the trio advanced towards her. “You may as well surrender, gentlemen”, she said, “You have no chance against me. You must accept your punishment.” She heard a familiar voice behind her, dripping with venom she had never known. “No, Isis. It is you who has to be punished!” She turned back at Cindy, staring at her in disbelief. With an evil grin, Cindy spoke several words in an ancient Egyptian dialect. Isis suddenly felt a great heat at her chest. She instantly realized it was coming from her amulet. The heat spread from her chest to her entire body, racking her with indescribable pain. Then all at once, the sensation vanished. She fell down to one knee, feeling weak and disoriented. Cindy laughed with insane glee. “She’s all yours guys! Teach the great superheroine a lesson!” Seeing the two men approach, Isis began to utter a spell when a sudden pain filled her head. She felt as if her brain had been dipped in acid. She was trying to overcome the agony when she felt a heavy boot strike her ribs. She fell over onto her back, unable to catch her breath.

Each of the men grabbed an arm and hoisted the stunned heroine to her feet. As the pain in her head began to subside, she tried to pull her arms free. A meaty fist slammed into her jaw, stunning her. She looked up into the grinning face of Kane. “What’s the matter, Isis?”, he said, slapping her, “Can’t get your hotshit powers to work? Don’t worry girlie, you ain’t gonna need them where you’re going. But before we get to that I think a little payback is in order.” He smiled, half-turned and then drove his right fist into her stomach. He waited till she caught her breath and hit her there again. He repeated the process five more times, battering the weakened goddess into senseless. The two men held her up on her unsteady legs as her head rested on her chest. Kane grinned maliciously. “Hold her head up Zack. I want to see her eyes this time.” Zack reached down and grabbed Isis’ long raven hair and pulled until her head rose while Joey kicked her legs apart. He held onto one leg, resisting her feeble struggles. Kane took a single step back and savagely kicked her between the legs. Isis screamed then, in unbelievable pain. He kicked her once more than began to slap her face. She had no idea how long Kane beat her. Her face felt hot and sore and she could feel blood flowing from her nose. For the next few minutes, the only sounds that could be heard were the rustling of the wind, the racking sobs of Isis and the laughter of Kane and his men.

Minutes late, Kane ended his assault. Looking at the twins he said, “Time for phase 2, boys; lock and load.” They threw the battered heroine to the ground as Cindy approached carrying a small bag. Zack sat on her legs and began tying her ankles together while Joey did the same to her wrists. The two men tied her bound wrists and ankles together in a hog-tie, causing Isis to groan in pain. The rolled her onto her back, got up and walked toward the van, leaving her alone with Cindy who knelt down next to her head. Isis knew she had to try to get through to her. “Cindy, I don’t know what they’ve done to you but you must fight it. You don’t know-“ Her protests were muffled as Cindy shoved a large ballgag into her mouth. She leaned in close as she strapped the gag onto her head and whispered, “I know exactly what I’m doing, Isis, or should I say Andrea?” Her eyes went wide at this revelation: How did she know her real identity? Cindy continued, “The master wants you, so he shall have you. But first, you and I will get a little better acquainted.” She moved her hand down Isis’ toned body, stroking her breasts. Slipping her fingers between her legs, she began roughly probing her sex. Isis groaned into her gag and struggled weakly against her bonds. Kane walked up then, as the minivan pulled next to the two women. “Come on, lady. We got a schedule to keep.”, he said opening the rear doors. “To be continued, Miss Thomas”, Cindy hissed, as Zack and Joey picked her up and threw her onto the floor of the van. The gang climbed into the van and drove off.

Forty minutes later, the van pulled into an old abandoned industrial park. “We’re here”, Cindy said, clearly excited. Lying facedown on the van floor, Isis struggled weakly in her bonds. She had never felt so helpless. Between the beating she had received and that strange pain that happened when she tried to use her powers, she had very little strength left. Zack stepped into the back and cut the rope holding her wrists and ankles together. Isis moaned in relief, moving her bound limbs around to regain circulation. Joey appeared then, and he and Zack each grabbed an arm and pulled her roughly from the van. “Go inside and secure her, while I get ready.” Cindy commanded, flashing Isis a wicked grin. They dragged her out of the garage, down a short corridor into what must have been a repair shop. Large metal worktables with various tools on them littered the room. “Strap her in boys”, Kane ordered, pointing at a table in the center of the room. The table was unlike all the others. A large manacle connected to a length of chain had been attached to each corner of the table. Joey bent Isis over the table and untied her wrists. Isis began to resist, but Joey quickly grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto the table. Zack took her left wrist and secured it as Joey did the same to the right. They moved to the opposite end of the table and shackled her ankles as well. Isis struggled against the chains, knowing how vulnerable she was tied like this. Joey and Zack leered down at their captive, shifting their stances slightly to accommodate their growing erections. Zack was excited, walking along the table dragging his fingers along her body. “I want her now!” he said impatiently, “I want to give this bitch a good fucking.” Kane walked over and grabbed Zack by the shoulder. “Listen boy, we got our orders. You two get a ride when the girl’s done and not before. If you can’t handle that be prepare to answer to me.” Kane steely gaze left Zack no doubt what would happen if he disobeyed. He nodded and walked over to Joey, who watched Isis intently.

Minutes later, Cindy came into the room. Isis couldn’t believe her eyes. Cindy stood at the far end of the table grinning down at her former friend. She wore a black leather bra that accentuated her small but shapely breasts. She also wore a pair of high-cut black lace panties and a leather belt with several containers attached to it. Cindy got up on the table and stood over Isis. Cindy slowly paraded her body before her, occasionally bending at waist to display her exceptional cleavage. She then knelt over Isis’ midsection, her knees on either side of her. Her hands reached back and removed her bra. She began to slowly fondle her well-defined breasts with one hand and reached into her panties with the other. The three men stood transfixed at the sight of this young girl masturbating over the helpless heroine. Cindy began to moan softly as she sawed her fingers into her wet vagina. Isis didn’t know what disturbed her more: Cindy’s performance or the reaction she was having to it. She knew Cindy was in good shape from their exercise sessions, but she had no idea she had such a great body. Her throat felt dry and she felt her loins began to stir and lubricate. Get ahold of yourself, she thought, I must resist. Her resolve restored, she began to grunt through her gag, trying to get Cindy’s attention. Lost in the throes of her self-stimulation, Cindy ignored her for several minutes. She looked at her and asked, “Do you want to talk to me?” Isis nodded, and Cindy reached under her head to release the gag. Before she removed it, she warned, “Try using your powers and you will feel more pain than you have ever known.” Given what happened to her earlier, Isis decided to take her at her word, and wait for an opportunity. “Release me now, Cindy.”, she said in her most placating tone, “You’re ill and need help.” Cindy slapped her face hard, shouting: “You’re the one who needs help, bitch! The master wants you to be thoroughly humiliated before he takes you. The pain you felt earlier was the result of a special spell cast on your scarab. In conjunction with the elixir I placed on it, the scarab’s power is fed back against its user, namely you. The spell will wear off in a few hours but by then you will belong to the master.” Isis was more certain than ever that Cindy was being controlled. “Who is this master?”, Isis asked. She replied, “You will find out soon enough, dear. Now before I begin your training, I think it would be good to take some precautions. Zack, come here.” He walked over to the head of the table and grabbed Isis, immobilizing her head with both hands. She struggled, but he held her fast. Cindy reached into one of her belt compartments and produced a small vial. “Time for your medicine, now open wide for me”, Cindy said as she opened the vial. Isis kept her mouth tightly shut. Zack slammed his fist into the side of her head, causing her to cry out. Cindy seized the moment and poured the vial’s contents into her open mouth. Zack held his hand over her mouth, forcing her to swallow the foul liquid.

He removed his hands a minute later and stepped back. Isis tugged at her bonds and tried to speak and suddenly found she could not. She screamed at the top of her lungs, but not a single syllable of sound left her mouth. Cindy looked down at the confused heroine, who tried to hide her growing panic. “What’s the matter, Isis?”, she said smiling, “Cat got your tongue? Not quite. That little solution has paralyzed your vocal chords. We couldn’t take the chance you might overcome the pain and try to use your powers.” She rose to her feet and moved back between Isis’ legs. Cindy lay down on the table and causally lifted Isis’ white skirt up. She deftly pulled her panties aside and began fingering her vagina. She began to stroke herself with her other hand as she said, “And now that you’re quite helpless, it’s time for you to receive your lessons.” She forced three fingers into the bound heroine’s pussy and began pumping furiously. The forced stimulation caused Isis to groan in pleasure, though no one could hear it. The juices flowing from her sex were all the evidence Cindy needed to know her actions were having the proper effect. She kept pumping and Isis futilely resisted, struggling to free herself.

Cindy knew it was time to take it to the next level. “Zack!”, she cried, “You’re up! Fuck her mouth! Fuck it good!” Zack, who had stood transfixed at this scene, moved quickly to the head of the table. With one hand, he quickly opened his pants and produced his thick, erect cock. With his other hand he grabbed her long black hair and pulled her forward until her head came past the edge of the table. He pulled down, bring her in eye contact with the under side of his penis. No! Isis thought, I will not allow him to put that thing in my mouth. She tried to move her head but his grip was like iron. He began thrusting his cock at her lips, trying to pry them open. “Open up bitch!”, he shouted slapping her with his member, “I want you to suck me dry.” Cindy knew how to solve this problem. Her wet fingers sought and quickly found Isis’ clit. She held the hot organ between two fingers and began to slowly lick it. Her bound legs began to twitch spasmodically under the relentless pleasure. Cindy placed the organ in her mouth and sucked vigorously. Isis could no longer resist this assault. Lost in the sensations, her mouth opened wide as she gasped in ecstasy. Zack seized the opportunity and rammed his cock into her mouth, holding her jaw so she couldn’t bite him. Isis gagged as his penis slammed into the back of her throat, the sweaty field of his pubic hair smothering her face as he thrust himself in. He began to quicken his pace, savoring the feeling of her warm mouth. Isis couldn’t believe this was happening to her. This man was violating her and she was helpless. Tears began to fall from her eyes as her will began to falter under their assault. A few minutes later, Zack began to feel the onset of his climax. He roughly grabbed both sides of her head, shouting, “I’m coming! Swallow my load cunt! Drink my cum!” He thrust himself in one last time, as a flood of hot, salty cum filled her throat. He kept his penis in her mouth for several seconds afterward, relishing the moment. He looked over at Cindy, who was licking the heroine’s sex, and noticed that Joey had got into the act, stroking Cindy’s dripping pussy. Joey grabbed Cindy’s ass with both hands, leaned forward and began thrusting his tongue into her vagina. Cindy moaned as she rocked her hips to deepen his oral penetration. Joey could stand it no longer. He roughly pulled her from the table and removed his pants. Throwing her facedown upon an adjacent table, he leaned forward and began to enter her. Even though her pussy was soaking wet, he still had to force his rod in; he couldn’t believe this slut was so tight! Cindy screamed, “Yes, yes harder!” Joey dutifully obeyed, pumping her relentlessly. Cindy began thrusting backward, matching his thrusts to deepen his penetration.

Isis looked on in horror. She pulled against her bonds with all her strength, but to no avail. She couldn’t believe her eyes. What could this “master” have done to cause Cindy to act like a common whore? She felt a hand grab her chin and turn her face away from the humping pair. She looked up into Kane’s hard eyes. He reached down to her crotch with his other hand, his fingers moving under her panties to roughly stroke her sex. After a minute, he brought his hand up to his mouth and licked his fingers. “I see that slant got you good and juicy.”, Kane chuckled. “Well just sit back, honey. It’s time you were broken in. Zack, come here and give me a hand.” Zack joined Kane at the far end of the table. The two men quickly unshackled her legs. She tried to kick them, but the two men held her legs. Kane reached down and slowly pulled her panties down her legs. Isis gave a sharp gasp as she felt her vagina being exposed to these men. Kane removed his clothes, displaying his rock hard body and massive penis. Kneeling down, He held her left leg immobile with his right arm and began stroking her bare sex. She twisted and fought, but his superior weight and strength made her struggles futile. He began to move his huge member back and forth down the length of her pussy, making her wetter by the second. He tensed suddenly, savoring her helplessness. He looked her in the eyes and smiled at the fear he saw there. At that moment, he savagely drove his cock all the way into her with a single thrust. He kept eye contact with the impaled Isis, whose face was contorted in a scream that could not be heard. Kane held himself still for a few seconds and then began pistoning his thick member into her tight slit. Isis tried to resist his onslaught, but she knew it was a losing battle. The beating she had taken and the previous assaults had taken a considerable amount of her will. Kane kept up his relentless assault, slowly dragging his cock over her engorged clit as he withdrew, then ramming it back in to the hilt. He saw her eyes begin to glaze over as she began to lose her resolve to the pleasure. He stopped his thrusts long enough to remove the leather belt she wore, which he threw to the floor. He roughly pulled up her dress until he full tanned breasts were exposed, her nipples hard and erect.

He resumed his thrusts and began to roughly squeeze her nipples. “Not so tough now, are ya slut?”, he taunted, “Isis, the great superheroine. You’re just like any other whore. Get a dick in you, and you’re helpless.” He slapped her hard across the face, stunning her. “I’m gonna come in you slut. I’ve never knocked up a goddess before.” Kane felt a hand seize the hair at the back of his neck. He started to turn when his head was pulled back and he found himself staring at Cindy. She said coldly, “You have forgotten the rules, Kane. You may not climax inside her. The master has bought your allegiance and you will comply with his wishes.” Kane wanted to argue, but thought better of it. He immediately pulled his cock out of her hot snatch. Isis breathed a sigh a relief. The criminal’s assault had begun to take it toll on her and she began to feel an orgasm approaching. However, her respite was short-lived as Kane rose and knelt down just below her breasts. He gripped her large mammaries with both hands and crushed them against his cock. He began thrusting rapidly, her sweat adding to his already lubricated cock. She tried to twist away, but it was no use. She lifted her head and was almost struck in the chin by the head of Kane’s member. Kane laughed maniacally. He couldn’t believe he was titfucking Isis! At that moment, he began to feel the familiar sensations of an approaching orgasm. Now for the final humiliation, Kane thought as he released her breasts. He leaned forward pulling Isis head up to face his penis. Holding her face steady with one hand, he began pumping his cock with the other. “Here it comes, bitch. Drink it up!”, he shouted as he came, spewing hot jism onto her face and into her mouth. She tried to spit out his foul seed, but Kane crushed his hand against her nose and mouth choking her. Kane grunted, “Swallow it, cunt.” Realizing she had no choice, she gulped his vile seed down. Kane, satisfied that he had completely dominated Isis, rose from the table, but not before kissing her roughly on the lips. He held her jaw and chuckled, “That’s a good whore. You need a little more practice but you are a natural.” He grabbed his clothes and began to dress. Isis closed her eyes and prayed for her torment to end.

Cindy looked at her watch. It was time to proceed to the final phase. “Zack, Joey, get her cleaned up. The master is expecting her soon.” The brothers moved quickly, unlocking the shackles that held Isis to the table and pulled her to her feet. Too weak to resist, Isis did not move as Joey removed her leather mantle. Zack pulled her white dress off, leaving her naked save for her boots, bracelets and tiara. They carried her into a locker room and threw her into one of the showers. Turning on the water, Joey grabbed a bar of soap and quickly lathered Isis down, causally pinching her nipples or thrusting his finger into her vagina. After the shower, the two men grabbed towels and dried her off, continuing to fondle her. Cindy came in at this point, carrying Isis’ uniform, and handcuffs. “Get her dressed and secured.”, she ordered, “The master awaits her”. Zack quickly dressed her, after which Joey cuffed her wrists in front of her. She was led down a long corridor, finally entering a large office. There was a large desk and two plush chairs sitting in front of it. She saw that someone was sitting behind the desk with their back to her. Zack and Joey forced her into a chair, placing a hand on either of her shoulders to keep her there. The man sitting behind the desk laughed. “Ah, Isis”, he said derisively, “At last, we meet. I’m so glad you could come to visit today. I trust my associates have kept you properly entertained?” Isis wished she could strike this arrogant bastard, but she was helpless. What bothered her more was how familiar this man’s voice seemed. Did she know him?

Suddenly it came to her. She knew the voice. At that moment the man turned the chair to face her. She was awestruck to see the smiling face of Rick Mason. “Gentlemen”, he said standing, “would you leave me alone with our guest for a moment? We have a few matters to discuss in private.” Zack and Joey nodded and left the room. Isis stood up and faced Mason. She took a deep breath and tried to speak. A ragged sound came up from her deadened vocal chords. “Whhh….Whhh….Whhh”, she moaned, staring at him. He chuckled, “I see the solution is beginning to wear off. We’ll fix that in a second, but I suspect you’re trying to say ‘why’. Well the best way to answer you is to provide a visual aid.” He reached forward and grasped her amulet. She tried to pull back but he held her cuffed wrists in his other hand. He spoke several phrases in Egyptian and suddenly the air shimmered around him. Suddenly, Rick Mason disappeared and was replaced by a tall bald Egyptian man dressed in green and violet robes. She immediately recognized him as Serpenthotep, the evil wizard she defeated months ago. He laughed, “Ah, you remember me Isis. At our last encounter, you returned me to the crystal pyramid I had escaped from. What you didn’t know was that this man Mason made physical contact with the pyramid giving my spirit the chance to trade places with him. His body has served me well, but I wish to be myself again in both body and mind. The form you see now is merely an illusion extended by your amulet. I have discovered that it is also within the amulet’s power to transform this pathetic body into a replica of my own.” He released the amulet and his features instantly reverted to Mason’s. “Unfortunately for you”, he continued, “The power to do this can only be channeled by its chosen user. Being in this body gave me time to observe you more closely, and I soon discovered your dual identity. I needed certain items for my plan, but the pittance this man is given was not nearly enough. I gathered that motley crew of thugs to acquire the funds I needed. I realized to bring you down, I would need an attack you wouldn’t expect, a secret weapon.” Isis replied weakly, “C…Ci…Cin”. “Cindy”, he finished, “Yes, and I must say, she did an excellent job. Mason knew she was a good student, and I found that she took to my lessons with equal passion, as you soon shall.”

She didn’t like the sound of that. Whatever he did to Cindy, he intended to do to her. She felt the numbness in her throat continuing to diminish, and decided that she must take the offensive. If she could take him out now, her voice would return soon, and she could use her powers to capture the other criminals. She leaned forward, as if she were going to faint. He moved to catch her and she quickly brought up her cuffed hands in a wide arc that caught him in the jaw. She charged the stunned man, slamming him into the desk. She began to run toward the door when she felt his hand grab her long hair. Mason pulled her back before him, looked her in the eye, and drove his knee into her midsection. He slapped her hard and she fell back on the desk. “Your resistance you do you no good, wench.”, he said, breathing hard, “You will be my slave and you will use your amulet to give me the form I desire. Now, before we begin, I shall have to make a small adjustment.” He reached into his pocket and produced a ballgag. In seconds he had strapped the device onto her. He smiled pulling her from the table, whispering “Now that we’ve taken care of that detail, let’s have a bit of foreplay. You will now strip for me, girl.” She shook her head. He smiled, “I thought you might have that attitude. Excuse me a moment.” He stepped to the door and she heard him speaking to someone in the hall. About a minute later, Joey came into the room with Cindy. She slowly walked to Mason and gave him a long, passionate kiss. He pulled back from her and quietly said, “Be a dear and get on your knees, Cindy.” She eagerly complied and he walked behind her. He slowly pulled a knife from his pocket while he gripped a handful of Cindy’s hair. He pulled her head back, and placed the blade against her exposed neck. Cindy gasped in surprise, but made no attempt to move. “It’s your move, Isis. You can strip for me or you can watch me carve Cindy a new mouth. What’s it to be?”, he said nonchalantly.

Isis knew she didn’t have any choice. She nodded her head, and held out her cuffed wrists. Mason nodded to Joey, who quickly removed the cuffs. She thought of using her telekinesis, but she didn’t know if the feedback spell had worn off. She couldn’t risk Cindy’s life until she was sure. He hands moved to the small of her back, unlocking her leather belt, which fell to the floor. The leather mantle came next, and she hesitated as her hand came down to the hem of her dress. Mason, noticing her apprehension, pressed the blade to Cindy’s neck. Isis quickly began to pull the dress up, slowly revealing her tight body to him. After placing the dress next to the rest of her costume, she stood with her arms folded over her ample bosom. Mason shook his head, “Don’t cover yourself, Isis. Clasp your hands behind you and walk to me.” She slowly complied, her face red from the shame of having her breasts displayed like this. He released Cindy and stood, admiring his captive’s amazing body. “You cannot imagine how long I’ve waited for this moment”, he grinned, pinching her nipples. He nodded to Joey, who tossed him the handcuffs. He spun Isis around, pulling her arm back to her shoulder blade. Isis screamed into her gag in agony, as he locked one the cuffs on her wrist. He cuffed the other wrist and dragged her over to his large desk.

He savagely threw her facedown on the desk, stunning her. He removed his pants and began to rub his hard cock against the cleft of her ass. Isis struggled, flailing her bound hands frantically. She felt his rough hands firmly gripped her buttocks and revealed her anus. She felt his cock press against her hole, trying to gain entry. She instinctively flexed her muscles, resisting his advance. Mason grabbed a small tube from the table. He squeezed a clear gel from the tube onto her ass, smearing it all over her anal ring. He began pressing his member against her again, forcing the head into her. Feeling her tighten again, he reached forward and grabbed her neck. He smashed her head into the wooden desk, leaving her too stunned to resist his advance. He began to pull her backward as he slowly pushed himself into her ass. Within seconds he was fully inserted, smiling as he enjoyed her incredibly tight hole. He slowly withdrew and then brutally thrust forward. Isis felt like she was being split open. He moved his hands up to her waist and slammed into her for a full minute. He slowly drew himself completely out of her, grinning with delight. “That was excellent for a start, but now it’s time for main course.” He grabbed her leg and flipped her onto her back. Just as he started to move toward her, he heard the unmistakable voice of Kane. He stood there with Joey and Zack, scowling at him. “Just a minute boss. I got no problem with you getting your rocks off with superslut here, but the boys and me have been talking. We realized now that we’ve got Isis, there’s really no reason to keep you around. And it’ll be a lot easier to split the loot split three ways than four.” Mason slowly turned around, saw that all three men had their guns drawn and replied, “Why, my dear Kane, do you really want to do this? I hold you in the highest regard.” He stared directly at Joey. “In fact, I would never do anything to upset our partnership, now Joey, on the other hand.” Kane turned to look at Joey, who had pulled his gun from his pocket and aimed it at Kane’s head. Kane shouted, “What the hell-“ right before Joey pulled the trigger. Zack, now covered in the remains of Kane’s head, look at his brother with terrified eyes. Joey shot him in the face, then stood completely still, the smoking pistol still in his hand. Mason chuckled with glee. “Haven’t you forgotten something, Joey?”, he said, tapping the first two fingers of his right hand on his temple. Joey’s arm rose mechanically placing the barrel of the gun to his head. After a moment of hesitation, he fired.

Mason looked down at Isis, who looked on in horror. “It’s so hard to keep good help these days. In case you’re wondering how I did that, I shall explain. One of the few powers that are left to me in this form is mesmerism, though it can only worked on weak-minded fools like Joey. I could not use it on you, obviously, so I had to find other ways to conquer you.” He began to slowly rub her exposed vagina causing her to moan softly. With his free hand he produced a small vial with a honey colored liquid. He showed the vial to her as his fingers increased speed. “This is the ancient elixir of Astarte, my lovely goddess. After a man has treated his member with it, he is given a most amazing power. Once his seed is deposited in the womb of a woman, she will become his complete and utter slave. As you have probably guessed, I tested it on the lovely Ms. Lee. To improve its effectiveness, I had her and my former associates stimulate you, wearing you down physically and mentally. Now the time has come for you to fall down in submission to your true master.” Isis tried to roll away, but he held her down with one hand while the other coated his penis with the enchanted liquid. Holding her shoulders against the table, Mason forced her legs apart and began stabbing his cock at her twat. Her struggles made it difficult for him to enter, but he finally felt the head begin to penetrate. Isis let out a ragged scream as his cock slowly worked its way in. Once he was fully inserted, he began thrusting rapidly, trying to batter the last of her resistance down. She suddenly began to feel a strange sensation in her vagina; a feeling of numbness began to envelop her mind. The strange feeling left as quick as it came, and she began to feel a warm sensation fill her entire body. She began to think how much she loved Rick and how wonderful he felt inside her. Mason smiled as her saw the transformation occur. He grabbed her legs and hooked them over his shoulders. He grabbed her waist and lifted her ass off the table, pumping her relentlessly. Her vocal chords restored she began to scream, “Yes! Yes! I love it! Fuck me harder!” He reached down and began to rub her engorged clit, driving her insane with pleasure. Isis began to feel the beginning of an inevitable orgasm. Sensing she was on the list, he pulled his member out of her hot sex. Isis screamed, “No, please put it back in! I need it now! Please!” Satisfied the potion had worked, he thrust himself all the way into her. At that moment, she came with an ear-piercing cry. Her muscles clenched onto his member and he felt his own climax begin. He fell forward onto her as he filled her womb with his enchanted semen. He grabbed her arm and yanked her off the table and threw her to the floor. Holding her chin up, he commanded, “Now slave, come and clean your master’s cock!” Isis immediately complied, dutifully licking his member clean.

Serpenhotep laughed with glee, savoring his triumph. Isis was now his and he could have his body back once more. The entire world would soon be in his grasp. Looking down at the enslaved heroine, an idea crossed his mind. A consequence of his possession of Rick Mason was an awareness of his thoughts and feelings. He had always maintained an attraction for Andrea Thomas, Isis’s other identity. He also knew she had more than a passing interest in Mason. He had conquered the goddess, it would be fitting to take the woman as well. He retrieved her amulet and gave it to her. “Revert to human persona, Isis. I want your subjugation to be complete.” Isis stood, closed her eyes and concentrated. A shimmering light covered her body, and quickly disappeared. Andrea Thomas stood before him, smaller and less fit than Isis, but no less desirable. He grabbed her wrist and drew her into his embrace. Her lack of resistance pleased him, she was still under the elixir’s influence. He hands roamed down her back and groped her ass. “You’ve no idea how long Mason has wanted to do this, woman. Soon, you will beg to be my slave.”, he whispered into her ear. Andrea brought her lips to his ear and replied, “Never!” Just as Serpenhotep moved back in surprise, he felt her knee slam into his hard member. He fell to the floor, groaning in indescribable pain. Cindy rose from the couch and charged Andrea, shouting: “Bitch! You hurt my master!” Andrea drew back and punched Cindy hard in the jaw, dropping her like a stone. Andrea grabbed a large paperweight from the desk and walked over to Rick, who had gotten to his knees. She brought the heavy object down on his shoulder, knocking him to the floor. Kneeling over him, she said evenly, “You made an elementary mistake, wizard. When you made me transform, it reverted my body and mind to its original state, untainted by your evil drug. Your ego, as always, has been your undoing. Think on that for the next few millennia.” She struck him in the back of the head with the paperweight, knocking him out.

Quickly transforming to Isis, she cast a spell that removed Set’s spirit from Mason’s body, and returned it to its prison. She looked at Cindy with dismay, she had been so horribly victimized. She cast a spell that removed Serpenhotep’s mind control. Her last enchantment removed Cindy and Rick’s memories of all that had occurred, including their knowledge of her secret identity. Hopefully there wouldn’t be any emotional scars, but only time would tell. She would contact the police and report the location of the criminals. The police would assume the criminals had an argument, resulting in gunplay. She wished she could repair herself as easily as the Rick and Cindy, but she knew better. She had been violated and enslaved, escaping by only the narrowest of margins. That thought would haunt her for the rest of her days.