Superheroine Abduction

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Chapter 1

Krell impatiently motioned Nagell forward. He had been waiting for his subordinate’s report for a week now and had no time to stand on ceremony. “Well,” he demanded, waving his upper right appendage. “What have you come up with?”

Nagell bowed before Krell, lowering his eyestalks respectfully. “In general, esteemed First Hatchling, the planet is a complete disappointment. It is dominated by a humanoid life form that is so inbred that its genetic material is not worthy of the least consideration. However, there are two specimens among the six billion who seem suitable.”

“Describe them to me. I want no mistake this time. Not a single hatching survived our last breeding attempt.”

“Yes, it was unfortunate that the effect of heavier gravity on the specimens that were acquired was not properly considered, however I believe that these two are unique.” Nagell projected a holographic image in front of Krell displaying the specimens under discussion.

“Ugh! They are incredibly ugly. Can you not find anything that more closely resembles our species?”

“I am afraid that the only species that is closely related to us is so primitive as to provide no breeding possibilities at all. The dominant species on the planet uses them as food. They call them lobsters.”

Nagell changed the holographic image, displaying a helpless crustacean being dropped into a large pot of boiling liquid.

“Show me no more of this,” Krell snapped waving all of his upper arms. “What makes these disgusting creatures so suitable?”

“They are the finest members of their species and so highly developed that it is difficult to believe that they are related to the others. In addition, their reproductive systems make them ideal for our purposes. It is a simple matter of depositing our genetic material inside them and then letting nature take its course.”

Krell settled back into his salt water tank, leaving only enough of his body exposed that his speaking organs were above the surface. “And you are sure that these specimens will be able to adjust to the heavier gravity?

“Definitely. Both are far above their species in strength. They should have little difficulty in making the adjustment.”

“It seems strange that of the six billion specimens you mention that only these two are suitable. What makes them so special and how will their genetic material be of any use to the survival or our species?”

“We have not had time to study them in detail, but it appears that both specimens are endowed with abilities far beyond the normal for their species. Both are incredibly strong, exceeding the strength of their kind by a factor of at least a hundred or more. In addition they are possessed of special powers and abilities such as the gift of flight, and vision capable of penetrating solid objects.”

Krell stirred in his tank. “This seems very strange. How came they by such powers and how are we to make sure that they are compliant when we attempt to abduct them?”

“I have not studied the subjects closely enough to answer the first question,” Nagell replied, “but I have monitored them closely enough and studied the data on each of them in enough detail to determine that they both possess serious weaknesses that will render them harmless. Fortunately, these weaknesses will not in any way interfere with their suitability as breeding subjects. Their genetic material is ideally suited to the improvement of our gene pool.”

“Let it be done then,” Krell ordered. “I am most anxious to see these subjects up close. By the way, is their culture advanced enough that they have names?”

“To be sure,” Nagell answered, moving to do as he was ordered. “One is known as Supergirl and the other as Wonder Woman.”

“Somewhat pretentious,” Krell observed. “Are these specimens dangerous?”


”Then how do you intended to catch them?”

“I don’t have to catch them,” Nagell replied. “They will catch themselves.”

Chapter 2

Diana of Themyscira, known to the public and the media as Wonder Woman, swept over Gateway City. She was dressed as usual in her red, white, and blue star-spangled costume. Flying beside her was a figure dressed in identical colours, but otherwise quite different in appearance. Diana was dark-haired and tall, standing about five-foot- eleven and weighing in at one hundred and fifty pounds. Her blonde-haired companion stood only about five-foot-six and probably tipped the scales at a svelte one hundred and fifteen. Both women had brilliant blue eyes, but Supergirl’s breasts were smaller and her over-all appearance was more youthful, although both women were very close in age.

Of the two, Diana’s costume was considerably more daring, consisting of a low-cut bustier that was so revealing it was difficult to understand how it contained her large rounded breasts. Supergirl, known to her friends as Kara, wore a high-cut one piece costume that covered her body from her crotch to her neck, and even though it was so skin-tight that her nipples showed through the fabric, it was in no way as bold as that of her Amazon companion.

However, there was no rivalry between the two Superheroines only a warm friendship born of their occasional cooperation and mutual fame. For the most part they only occasionally worked together and it was rare to see both heroines in the sky over the city. However, this was a special occasion. As the official ambassador of Themyscira, the Amazon homeland, Diana had invited Kara to visit her to discuss further cooperation between alien superheroines such as Kara and Terran superheroines such as herself. The flight over the city was Diana’s way of giving her a guided tour.

“And there,” Diana said, pointing to an impressive neo-classical structure, “is the Themysciran Embassy, where I carry out most of my diplomatic roles.”

Kara shook her head. “I don’t know how you manage it all. I have enough trouble just tending to crimefighting and dealing with the occasional alien invasion. I would be swamped if I had to deal with everything that you do.”

“I have a good staff,” Diana replied, flashing her friend a dazzling smile, “and good friends.”

“Thanks for including me in that,” Kara replied with a grin, and then her eyes narrowed. “What is that?” she asked, her voice tinged with alarm.

“Speaking of alien invasions…” Diana replied. Hovering a few miles away, and directly over Gateway City’s football stadium, was what almost certainly an alien spacecraft.

It was an enormous spheroid from which eight large pylons projected, giving it a look very much like a Second World War anti-ship mine. It seemed especially ominous given the fact that 80,000 fans were crammed into in the stadium. If the giant alien craft had hostile intent, there was no chance for them to escape.

“Where did that thing come from? It’s enormous,” Supergirl gasped. “It must be almost two kilometres across.”

“Then it is up to us to investigate immediately,” Wonder Woman replied, “and hope that it has no hostile intent.”

The two heroines swept toward the huge sphere at supersonic speed. About halfway there they were hit with a wall of expanding air. For an instant the two heroines were slowed by the force of the wind, but then they swept on.

“That’s a displacement wave caused by the sudden materialization of the spaceship,” Supergirl explained. “It must have materialized right where it is.”

“That doesn’t show much consideration for the people of Gateway City. It has probably caused considerable damage.”

“Yes,” Supergirl agreed. “The people in the ship either don’t realize what they’ve done or just don’t care.”

The two heroines continued to close with the ship, some mysterious superheroine ability having kept their skin-tight costumes from being blasted from their bodies. As they closed on the monstrous spacecraft, Supergirl swept it with her X-ray vision.

There was a muffled exclamation from the blonde superheroine. “What is it?” Wonder Woman asked. “What do you see?”

“That just it,” Supergirl replied. “I see nothing. The ship is impervious to my vision.”

“Then we will just have to go closer,” Wonder Woman said, moving a little higher in order to come down on the ship from above. Up close the ship was even more impressive. It completely blotted out the ground below, no doubt terrifying everyone in the city and especially the huge crowd in the stadium. The heroines hovered above it almost exactly in the centre of four of the massive pylons that projected from its upper surface.

“Whatever it is and whoever is in it,” Supergirl observed, “we have to get it to move before it causes mass panic, if it is not already too late.”

“You are right,” Wonder Woman agreed. “But I see no way into the ship and a forced entry may be regarded by those in the ship as an act of aggression, however, I don’t see that we have much choice.”

The heroines were now so close to the ship that they could see nothing else. “Head for the closest pylon,” Wonder Woman suggested. “Perhaps there is a way in there.”

The pylon was gigantic. From far away it had been dwarfed by the bulk of the sphere, but now it soared far above them, an enormous skeletal tower topped by a large ball. However, there was no discernable break that might be some sort of entrance and then suddenly something happened.

There was a loud sound from behind them and the heroines turned just in time to see the surface of the sphere broken by a pyramid-shaped object rising from the sphere’s surface. As they watched the pyramid divided, revealing an opening from which a golden glow emanated.

“Is that an invitation?” Supergirl asked.

“I would say so,” Wonder Woman replied. “Either that or a trap. But I don’t think we have much choice. We have to find out why this ship is here and get it to move a little farther away before it does any more damage or causes any more panic.”

Both heroines moved toward the opening, their senses alert for any sudden threats. But they were completely unprepared for what happened as they reached the glowing doorway.

The pyramid was situated in the exact centre of the sphere’s upper surface, equidistant from each of the massive pylons. As the heroines reached the door there was a sudden flash as gigantic arcs of electricity surged from each of the pylons. They had no chance to move as the arcs met exactly where they were standing. There was a deafening crash as the alien generated lightning split the air, but neither heroine heard it; both lay still, their exquisite bodies sprawled like broken dolls in front of the doorway.

Chapter 3

She was first aware of a pounding headache and then she opened her eyes. She was met with total darkness, but around her she could hear the soft hum of some sort of machinery. Diana tried to move and realized with a gut-wrenching feeling that neither her arms nor her legs would move. She was lying on her back at what she guessed was a forty-five degree angle, in a spread-eagled position and shackled by some sort of metallic restraints that defied her strength. She strained muscles capable of tearing a car door in half without result. “No, this can’t be,” she gasped. What could possibly hold her? Desperately she heaved her body. The restraints had to break. Nothing could resist her strength. But nothing happened and Diana panicked.

Heaving her body wildly she fought to escape, sweat flying from her body as she put everything she had into an attempt to break free. She succeeded only in frustrating and exhausting herself.

Whatever was holding her was strong enough that it was able to defy even her superheroine strength. And then she realized something else. As the sweat dried on her body she discovered that her clothing was gone. The air around her was chill, creating goose bumps on her skin and hardening her nipples. “Hera help me,” she muttered and then she heard a low moan.

“Kara?” she asked. She was answered by another moan and then a weak reply.

“Diana is that you? My head feels like someone used it for a drum and I can’t move a muscle. I feel very heavy.”

Heavy. That was it, Diana realized. The pull of gravity was much greater than what she was used to. It seemed to drag her body down, making even breathing more difficult. “This is ridiculous,” she thought. “I shouldn’t be having these problems.”

“I’m here, Kara,” she finally replied, trying to keep her voice as devoid of emotion as she could make it. “And I’m in the same position as you are. Someone or something has placed me in restraints. I’ve tried to escape and can hardly move.”

There was a laboured grunt and the sound of heavy breathing and then Kara spoke again. “Yes, I’m the same. It feels like my wrists and ankles are locked in some sort of metal clamps. But there is something strange. I don’t feel any pain as I would if I was under the influence of kryptonite, nor do I feel weak. But I can’t escape and my X-ray vision doesn’t work.”

“It appears that we are prisoners of a very advanced alien civilization,” Diana said. “One can only wonder at its motives.” She paused and took a deep breath. “Kara, are you dressed?”

“No,” came the softly spoken reply. “And that is what really scares me.”

“It’s alright, Kara” Diana said, putting as much confidence into her voice as she could, “we’ll get out of this. We always do.”

Chapter 4

“Disgusting!” Krell exclaimed. “I am supposed to inject my genetic material into one of them?”

“They are considered quite attractive by members of their species,” Nagell replied. “But fear not. I shall activate the empathetic link, enabling you to see them as they see themselves. That should make the mating not only easier, but even pleasurable.”

Krell twitched all of his feelers in a downward motion, indicating that he was far from convinced. He peered closely at the two specimens. “I note that their eyes are staring blankly. Are they blind?”

“Not at all. It is just that their eyes do not see into the infra-red, and I thought they would find it more calming to be kept in what is to them a dark room. After all we are not here to terrorize them. I suspect that in their present situation they are both frightened enough as it is.”

“I don’t like it. Change the lighting so that they can see us.”

“As you command, First Hatchling.”

The change in the two captives was immediate. Both of them turned their eyes in first Krell’s direction and then Nagell’s. Both of them strained at their restraints once again and then relaxed.

“They do not seem too disturbed to me,” Krell observed.

“No,” Nagell agreed. “I am surprised. Perhaps it is time we got started.”

Supergirl and Wonder Woman stared in horror as the two aliens materialized in front of them. Neither heroine was able to prevent an involuntary start and they jerked at their restraints and then realizing it was hopeless they relaxed and studied the bizarre creatures standing before them.

Both aliens resembled giant prawns combined with some aspects of a squid and not too surprisingly the lower sections of their giant bodies were immersed in what appeared to be water. Their bodies were greenish grey in colour and they had so many eyestalks and tendrils that it was difficult to count all of them. Supergirl counted ten eyes and fourteen tooth edged tentacles on one of them before she lost track.

“What do you suppose they want?” Kara asked. Her voice barely steady.

“I shudder to think,” Diana replied, “but I don’t think it will be anything good from the way we are restrained.”

Supergirl shuddered. She had been in this position too many times before not to feel fear. On the previous occasions she had been subjected to brutal and extended sexual violation, but surely that could not be what the aliens intended – or could it? Her mind recalled the numerous stories of alien abductions and the cruel experiments they had conducted on their prisoners.

After her initial shocked reaction, Diana studied the two aliens calmly, noting their every feature. They were separated from the aliens by a thick glass shield, but she suspected that it was possible to communicate with them. “Who are you and why have you attacked and imprisoned us; and what do you intend to do with us?”

No voice spoke. Instead the answer was in her mind. We mean you no harm. We are all that remains of a mighty civilization known as the Dirachaga. Due to the harsh influence of our native sun our genetic material deteriorated to the point where our species lost the ability to reproduce in the normal manner. It was discovered, however, that our species could be saved by breeding with inferior species such as yourself, provided your genetic material was suitable. As it turns out you and the other specimen are the prime candidates for such breeding.”

“I am not a specimen,” Wonder Woman cried angrily. I am an Amazon princess and a member of the human race. You have no right to take me and my companion against our will.”

We mean you no harm. All…

“Yes, you said that already. I demand that you release us at once or be prepared to accept the consequences.”

The survival of our species is at stake. We will do what is necessary and release you when we are done. We begin now.

“Speaking with such primitive life forms is a waste of time” Krell commented. “Why do you bother?”

“ I have been empathetically linked to these species for several months.” Nagell replied. “ It seemed only natural for me to attempt to reason with them.”

“We have wasted enough time. Provide me with the empathetic link and we will begin.”

Krell shuddered mentally as Nagell activated the link. He always found the experience disturbing and it was the main reason why he had delayed so long in ordering the connection, but once it was done he viewed the two captured specimens with completely different eyes.

If he had possessed lips he would have licked them. The two women spread-eagled for his pleasure were incredibly beautiful. The one who called herself Diana was tall and powerfully built, with shoulder-length raven hair and luscious, rounded breasts. In spite of her muscular build she was incredibly curvaceous with a flat, firm belly, a narrow waist and long legs that seemed to demand that he place himself between them. The dark triangle that framed her vulva was like a target inviting his phallic arrow. The cold air of the room had her copper-pink nipples erect and inviting.

The other was a study in contrasts. Where the one had hair so dark it was almost blue, the other was a radiant golden blonde. Even the area between her beautifully rounded thighs gleamed gold, outlining the pink lips of her vulva. She was built more slightly than the one who called herself an Amazon, but her body was well sculpted, each perfect muscle flowing trimly into the next one. As he watched she strained against the shackles that held her, drawing his gaze to quivering pink-tipped breasts; her incredibly narrow waist and flaring hips; and long beautiful legs.

Both women’s faces were incredibly beautiful, dominated by high cheekbones, and startlingly blue eyes, small noses, and full sensuous lips. And although the women’s emotions were well controlled they could not quite hide the fear of their predicament. It created an instant sensation of arousal that Krell could simply not hide. “I will take the blonde. The brunette is yours.”

Supergirl watched wide-eyed with fear as the glass partition separating her from the two aliens disappeared into the floor. Across from her one of the aliens lifted its body from the pool of water and lurched toward her. Her magnificent chest heaved and she once again made the useless effort of trying to escape her restraints. She had listened to the conversation between Wonder Woman and the alien and knew what was coming. But even if she had not, she would have had not trouble guessing. As the alien rose from the water it revealed what could only be a sexual organ of almost absurd proportions.

“No!” she protested. “It’s too big! It won’t fit!” If the alien heard her he gave no indication. With water streaming for the numerous crevices in his exoskeleton he moved steadily toward her, his enormous phallus swaying in front of him. As frightening as was the rest of the alien’s anatomy it was the two foot ovipositor that got all of her attention. The thing was enormous and more than frightening. Its boney length was ridged with protrusions and dripped some sort of viscous fluid. Supergirl could not hold back a frightened whimper as the huge instrument moved to within a few inches of her trembling vulva.

“No!” she begged. “Please don’t! You’ll hurt me! Don’t do it.”

She was not alone. Just a few feet away she heard Diana cry out in terror. “May Athena protect me! You can’t do this! It will kill me!”

Diana had watched the alien approach in horrified silence. What she faced was horror itself; an ordeal beyond what anyone, even a superheroine could be expected to endure. She was about to be raped by what to her eyes resembled a gargantuan crustacean. Clawed appendages reached for her body, threatening to shred her flawless skin and inflict painful injury even before the monstrous phallus entered her. “I thought you intended me no harm,” she cried, but her protest was ignored. The alien’s clawed tendrils reached out for her, twining around her limbs and breasts with agonizing result.

“NO!” Diana screamed as serrated crab-like claws closed over her nipples and writhing tendrils tightened around her breasts, her arms, and her legs. Her body was bowed out so that the alien was better able to penetrate her and then the terrifying phallus pressed against the entrance to her valley of pleasure.

“Aaaagh!” It was far to large to enter her easily. The alien gripped her body tightly, the cruel tendrils and claws digging into her flesh, clamping her nipples. Her breasts were compressed by encircling tentacles that gripped her like steel cables. The pain was incredible and Diana screamed, but it was as nothing compared to the pain that came next.

“AAAHHHH!” The huge phallus sank home, the pain excruciating as it forced the walls of her vagina apart. Diana shrieked horribly as she was literally split open by the monstrous ovipositor, but she was not alone. A few feet away Supergirl’s screech of agony told that she too was undergoing an unspeakable ordeal.

“Unnhh!” Supergirl grunted in pain as suction-cupped tendrils swallowed both her nipples. They clamped on tenaciously, sinking tiny teeth into her areolas, but the sharp shock of pain was lost as the alien touched his massive shaft to the lips of her vulva. “No! Don’t!” she pleaded uselessly, as the cruel organ entered the outer regions of her love garden. It slid into her as she thrashed in frenzied terror, every millimetre of penetration the cruellest of torments. She tried to hold back her screams, but Diana’s shrieks added to the horror and she lasted only a few seconds before she joined her companion with shrill cries of pain.

The alien meshed with her completely, enfolding her in a maze of tentacles, claws, and feelers. The tentacles latched on to her arms, thighs and breasts crushing them in an encircling grip, their tooth-edged suckers scoring her flesh cruelly. But the massive phallus dominated everything. Two-thirds of a yard long, it penetrated to her cervix, forcing apart her pelvic bones in a sensation very similar to the pain of giving birth. She screamed horribly, begging the alien to stop, but her pleas fell on deaf ears if the alien even had ears.

Mutually impaled, both heroines writhed in torment, but the alien rape went on for what seemed like hours, even though it was probably just a few minutes. Then the huge ovipositors that penetrated to the depths of their wombs began to pulse like overstressed garden hoses. Through the miasma of torment that surrounded both heroines they noticed that each gigantic organ had begun to undulate like a snake swallowing its prey as some sort of object passed through it. “No!” Diana screamed. “They’re laying eggs!

Both heroines renewed their attempts to escape, but the objects pushed steadily toward them. There was an additional surge of agony as their birth canals were further widened in order to accommodate the objects. For a few seconds Supergirl, overcome by the pain, lost consciousness, but Wonder Woman suffered through the entire ordeal, clearly feeling each of the two dozen objects that were deposited in her womb. It was only then that the aliens released them, mercifully withdrawing from their thoroughly traumatized victims.

Supergirl hovered on the edge of consciousness while Wonder Woman’s senses swam. The alien violation was over, but it had left her wracked with pain and bleeding from dozens of wounds inflicted by the claws and tentacles of the alien. Supergirl was in the same condition, her perfect body bleeding from dozens of lacerations.

However, the no matter what their external appearance it was what had been done to them internally that really mattered. Wonder Woman stared in horror at her swollen belly. She appeared six months pregnant and a gooey fluid dripped from the lips of her vulva. “The gods have mercy,” she groaned. A few feet away Supergirl woke up.

“Oh god, what has been done to me?” the blonde heroine gasped. “I’m pregnant.”

Gazing at her own distended belly Wonder Woman could think of no encouraging words to cheer up her companion. Instead she turned her gaze to the two aliens who had once again retreated behind their glass screen and immersed themselves in water. From somewhere she found the strength to speak, although her voice was stained with exhaustion. “By what right have you perpetrated such an atrocity?” she demanded.

By the right of survival. Only desperation would force us to commit so disgusting an act as to mate with two such genetically inferior specimens. But we have no choice. Our species must survive. In a few days the eggs will hatch and you will give birth to our larvae. You will be well cared for until then.

“And after that?” Supergirl demanded, having recovered enough to voice her concern.

And then if the larvae are healthy you will be seeded again.

“You can’t do this,” Supergirl protested. “You can’t keep us here forever.”

And where do you think here is? We are no longer anywhere near your planet and have not been for quite some time. I doubt you could find your way back even if we released you.

The heroines exchanged a horrified glance. They had been kidnapped, subjected to interspecies rape, and impregnated. Now it seemed they were doomed never to return to earth. As if to signal that the conversation was at an end the lights dimmed leaving them in semidarkness. Their bellies throbbed with the life within them. “Oh god, Diana,” Supergirl sobbed, “what are we going to do?”

Chapter 5

As it turned out, they waited. Waited and watched their bellies swell. They were fed through tubes that fed some sort of fluid into their veins. Whatever it was it seemed to stimulate the growth of the things that had been implanted in their wombs at a tremendous rate. At times Supergirl could almost swear that she could see her abdomen increasing in size. Inside of two days both heroines were swollen to the size of beach balls.

“We’re getting too big,” moaned Wonder Woman. “No normal pregnancy ever swells a woman to this size. We’ll never return to our normal shape.”

“Oh God,” Supergirl gasped. “I wonder if I’ll ever see my toes again.”

“Great Aphrodite!” Wonder Woman whimpered. “My body is as tight as a drum and there is something moving inside me!”

Supergirl gave a small whimper. “It hurts. Something is happening to me.”

“Me too,” Wonder Woman gasped, through clenched teeth. “I think the birthing process has started.” Ripples travelled up and down her abdomen and inside painful contractions signalled the beginning of something that promised to be truly agonizing. She looked across to Supergirl and saw a truly horrifying site. Supergirl’s medicine ball abdomen was convulsing as great ripples ran through it. It was like no normal birth process Wonder Woman had ever seen and it proved to be even more painful that the rape that had impregnated them.

“Nnnngghh!” Supergirl clenched her teeth so tight she thought they would break. Something was working its way down her birth canal and whatever it was her hips were far too narrow to accommodate it. Next to her, Wonder Woman with her bigger frame was not faring much better. She could hear the Amazonian heroine gasping and grunting in pain in between pleas to her many gods to help her survive the ordeal.

“Aaaahhh!” Wonder woman screamed and then her scream was followed by a painful grunt and then a gasp of disbelief. “By father Zeus, I’ve given birth to a watermelon.”

Supergirl turned her head. Sliding slowly from between Wonder Woman’s legs, and coated with a yellowish slime was indeed something that resembled a watermelon, but even as she looked the oblong greenish object sprouted vine-like legs, and latching on to wonder woman’s body, began to drag itself upward. “Oh Aphrodite,” the Amazon moaned, “what is it doing?”

“Nnnghh!” Supergirl did not answer as at that moment she was seized by a pain so intense it made her senses reel. “Oh,” she whimpered, “please make it stop.” Something seemed to tear loose inside her and there was a sound like the end of a sump hose sucking up water and something slid down between her legs. By bending her head at an extreme angle Supergirl could see that she too had delivered what appeared to be a watermelon. Turning her head she saw that Wonder Woman’s watermelon had climbed to where it could reach her engorged breasts. Wide eyed, the dark-haired heroine was regarding the invading alien with obvious fear. One of the vines curled upward seeking her left breast, and finding it, wrapped around it and pulled itself higher, until it had reached the level of her nipple and then a sucker-like object attached latched on to the Amazon’s nipple.

“Aahhh!” Wonder Woman gasped. The sucker was studded with sharp spines that dug into her areola even as the melon-like pod began to draw milk from her distended breast. At the same time the tentacle encircling her breast contracted sharply digging into the firm flesh and increasing the pressure of the milk within her engorged organ. She watched in horror as the thing she had given birth to began to extract milk from her bulging breast. It was painful, but nothing like the birth process had been. However, at that moment another painful contraction hit her. A few feet away she heard Supergirl gasp and guessed that the same thing was happening to her. Another watermelon creature was on the way.

Chapter 6

Both heroines moaned as contractions took them once again. In the space of just a few hours they had given birth to more than three dozen watermelon offspring and in spite of the continued lubrication of their birth canals they were incredibly sore. Their breasts were badly inflamed as well, having been squeezed, pumped, and suckled incessantly since the birth of the first monstrous organism. In each case the birth was the same. The creature sprouted viney legs and tentacles, dragged itself to one or the other of the heroine’s breasts, sucked milk until it was satiated and then slithered back to the floor and crawled off somewhere beyond their range of vision.

Both heroines were so exhausted they could barely moan. Their sweat streaked bodies hung limply, all signs of resistance gone. Wonder Woman winced and Supergirl groaned as once more a heavy object slid out of each of them. As the things crawled upward to once more attach themselves to their breasts they both gasped in relief.

“I think that’s the last of them,” Wonder Woman said weakly. “I can see my toes again.” Supergirl’s only reply was a sigh of relief; then she whimpered as the last pod’s sucker sank its spines into her breast.

For another fifteen minutes they endured the last of the creatures and then they too were gone, dropping to the floor and dragging themselves off to the gods-knew-where. At that moment one of the strange aliens materialized in front of them, its feelers waving excitedly.

Well done. You have exceeded our expectations. The one who calls herself Supergirl gave birth to 36 larvae and one calling herself Wonder Woman produced 37. It is far more than we hoped for.

Supergirl felt a strange twinge of jealously that Wonder Woman had beaten her by one larvae, but she was not about to say so. Instead she voiced a hopeful plea. “Does that mean we can go now?”

Oh no. We could not possibly let you go. You were the first successful implantations in a century. We have much catching up to do. We will have to implant you with thousands to once again revive our population.

“Thousands!” Wonder Woman raged. “You can’t do that. It would mean keeping us here for…”

Yes. We estimate that it will take about three hundred of your Earth years to completely restore our numbers.

“But we’ll be dead by then!” Supergirl wailed. “You can’t be serious.”

Oh no. You will be very much alive. In this chamber you are surrounded by a stasis field that prevents aging and restores your vitality. As you can see, you have been completely restored.

Wonder Woman and Supergirl looked and saw that it was true. Outside of the fact that their perfect bodies were covered with sweat and their thighs were stained with blood, their perfect bodies were once again restored to their Barbie Doll proportions.

Do not worry about your health and appearance. It is in our interest to keep you healthy. You will be cleaned and exercised before your next session.

The heroines exchanged despairing glances. But there was a glimmer of hope. Perhaps when they were released to be allowed to exercise there might be some chance of escape. They watched as the alien motioned with one of his appendages and suddenly the frame holding them lifted and moved. It very slowly turned in a complete circle without releasing them and as it did so both heroines felt a strange sensation as if thousands of tiny needles were being jabbed into them. It was painful and yet stimulating at the same time, and lasted about fifteen minutes. When it was finished they found that they had returned to their original starting point and the rack returned to its forty-five degree slope.

“What was that?” Supergirl asked. “I thought we were to be allowed to bathe and exercise.”

Oh, but you have been. Your bodies were cleaned ultrasonically and you were exercised by means of an ultrasonic massage. Every muscle in your bodies has been stimulated. You are now once again ready for implantation.

“No,” Supergirl wailed. “You can’t do this! We’ll go mad!” As she spoke she noticed that the second alien had once more appeared. It was already moving toward her.

“Now,” the alien thoughts echoed in the mind of each heroine, “Shall we begin?” At almost the same time, both heroines screamed.