Wonder Woman and the Aryan Breeding Farm  

By Lordgriffin

The Wonder Woman Chronicles

Wonder Woman and the Aryan Breeding Farm


Chapter 1 Disappearances

Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, listened with furrowed brow to the briefing being given by her superior officer. He had ordered her to the meeting to take notes, a job for which Diana was admirably suited since she could keep track of every spoken word without the least bit of difficulty.

“It’s too much of a coincidence,” Captain Steve Trevor was saying. “Dr. Psycho escapes from prison and suddenly young women start disappearing. There has to be a connection.”

“Run that by me again,” Colonel Darnell, Diana’s immediate superior replied. “I’ll need more information before committing any resources. We’re stretched pretty thin.”

“Alright,” Trevor said, “this is what we know so far. A number of young women have recently disappeared and there is a disturbing pattern to them. First of all, every girl was astudent at Holliday College and all were students noted for their beauty and intelligence. As a matter of fact most of the girls were honour students in high school. Also, many of them were of German-American extraction or British Isles.”

“How many girls in all?” Darnell interrupted.

“Let’s see,” Trevor replied, referring to a document in front of him. “Hmmm. Twenty-three so far. Twenty-three in just three weeks.”

“Twenty three!” Diana blurted out, and then immediately apologized. “I’m sorry, sir,” she said to Colonel Darnell. “It’s just that I know many of the girls at the college and hadn’t heard a thing about these disappearances.”

“You’ve a reason to be shocked, Diana,” Darnell replied. “I had no idea anything like this was going on.”

“Well, it’s been hushed up,” Trevor explained. “Even most of the girls at the college don’t know. We didn’t want to cause a panic.”

“But that’s disgraceful,” Diana interjected once again, unable to contain herself. “You are leaving the girls at the college open to predation.”

“Not so, Diana,” Trevor answered. “We have had a guard on the college ever since we began our investigation and there has not been a single kidnapping. Unfortunately, we may have scared Psycho off, leaving little chance of catching him. However, there is a bit more to it than that and that is why I have asked Lieutenant Burns to attend this meeting.”

All eyes went to the third man at the conference table. Burns was a tall, slender officer in his mid- thirties with a pencil-thin moustache adorning his otherwise ordinary features.

“What do you have lieutenant?” Darnell prompted.

“This Dr. Psycho is a very clever operative,” Burns began, “but I think he may have made one error. We managed to capture one of his accomplices, a girl called Gertrude Strudel. She was a student at Holliday College and possibly due to the fact that she was the daughter of German immigrants acted as an agent for Dr. Psycho. We connected her to the college kidnappings after finding her student card in one of the kidnapped girl’s room.”

“Isn’t that a bit too convenient?” Diana asked, arching one elegant eyebrow in surprise. “That hardly seems like a motive. And finding her student identification card seems too obvious.” Her contribution to the conversation seemed to surprise Burns, but when neither Darnell nor Trevor objected the undercover officer spoke to her.

“Perhaps, lieutenant,” Burns replied, “but on her way back to headquarters to be questioned she somehow engineered a car crash and managed to escape. We haven’t been able to find any trace of her.”

“This young woman sounds pretty audacious,” Colonel Darnell added.

“Yes,” Burns agreed. “And there is more. When we searched her room at the college we found evidence that several more students at the college might be involved in subversive activities.”

“Do you know the names of the others?” Diana asked. She could hardly believe that members of Holliday College would betray their country. She was more than familiar with many of the girls at the college due to her friendship with Etta Candy.

“No, but we found a list of code names that indicate as many as a dozen or more girls might be involved.”

“Please elaborate, lieutenant Burns,” Diana prompted. “How do you know any of these girls are connected with Dr. Psycho?”

Burns paused to light a cigarette, a habit that Diana detested, but since neither Trevor nor Darnell objected and Steve was already reaching for his pipe, she said nothing, resigning herself to breathing smoke for the rest of the meeting. “When we searched Strudel’s room, we found letters from Dr. Psycho that clearly implicated her in a plot to commit acts of sabotage and terrorism against the United States. We used a handwriting expert to verify that the letters had indeed been written by Dr, Psycho.”

“This is serious,” Diana said. “If what you say is true the college must be investigated.”

“I agree,” Darnell said. “I’ll put one of my best agents on it.”

“Ahem,” Diana said. “If I may make a suggestion?”

“Yes lieutenant?” Darnell said, waiting.

“Sending a stranger into Holliday College may be a bit too obvious. She is sure to be noticed and anyone consorting with Dr. Psycho will go to ground. She won’t learn a thing.”

“Surely one girl won’t be noticed,” Darnell replied.

“I think she will stick out like a sore thumb. Holliday college is a small and exclusive institution. Most of the girls know one another. ”

“Then what do we do?” Darnell asked.

“Send me,” Diana answered, leaning forward in her eagerness. “I know several of the girls and they will help me to mix in with the others without being detected. Also I’m not so much older than they are.”

“You’re not?” Colonel Darnell said, his eyebrows rising in surprise.

“No I’m not,” Diana said, pretending to be annoyed. It always amazed Diana that the simple act of wearing up her dark almost blue-black hair in a bun, putting on a regulation blue skirt and jacket, and wearing a pair of thick-lensed spectacles rendered her almost invisible to the average male. However, it was a useful disguise and she was not about to blow her cover by dressing in a more provocative manner. Secretly she was pleased that no one suspected that the bespectacled spinster was in reality the mighty Wonder Woman, but sometime she felt like tearing off her clothes and letting Steve and Darnell have a good look at her Amazon body.

“Wait a minute, Diana,” Steve interjected. “We can’t have you running off by yourself. Dr. Psycho is one of the most evil and dangerous criminals I’ve ever encountered. Rumour has it that he even managed to capture Wonder Woman. I know that you are very bright, but this is out of your league.”

Diana did not have to have Steve tell her about Dr. Psycho. As he had mentioned the bizarre criminal mastermind was one of the most vicious and twisted criminals she had ever encountered. His powerful psychic abilities gave him the power to disguise himself as anyone he chose and for a short time he had managed to maneuver her into a clever trap. Only her Amazon strength of will had enabled her to escape from the psychic restraints he had placed on her. However, she was not about to tolerate Steve’s chauvinistic behaviour. “And it’s not dangerous for you? You seem to think that women should be treated like hothouse flowers.”

“Err, that’s not what I meant, Diana,” Trevor stammered. “I know you don’t lack the courage. It’s just that I don’t want you tackling something you can’t handle.”

You’ll never know if I can handle it or not if I don’t get the chance,” Diana returned. “Besides, can you think of anyone more suited for the job? As I mentioned my friendship with Etta Candy and the other Holliday girls makes me the perfect choice.”

“I guess you have a point,” Trevor conceded.

“Then it’s settled,” Diana said. “I’ll register at the college and find out what connection any of the Holliday girls have with Dr. Psycho if any.”

“Just a minute, lieutenant,” Colonel Darnell interrupted. “I’m in command here and I decide who does what.”

“I’m sorry sir; it was very presumptuous of me.” Diana said contritely. She realized that she had overstepped her mark. Colonel Darnell was more inclined to give a woman the benefit of the doubt, but like most members of the military he was more than conscious of his place in the military hierarchy and would not tolerate anyone, man or woman, trespassing on what he considered his area of authority.

“Well, just so, lieutenant. However, your suggestion does have some merit. But I cannot send you in there alone, it could be incredibly dangerous.”

“But I won’t be alone. Etta Candy will be there. She has shown herself very resourceful on several occasions.” Diana countered.

“Alright,” Darnell said grudgingly. “But I expect you to keep in touch. Any hint of any trouble and you call in the marines.”

“The marines?” Diana asked. “surely you mean Army Intelligence.”

“Just a figure of speech, lieutenant. Now I think you better get started.”

“Yes sir,” Diana said, getting to her feet and heading for the door. As she went Steve Trevor followed her.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing, Diana? I mean, you’ve helped me on cases before, but this Dr. Psycho is a real nut case. I wouldn’t want you falling into his hands.”

“How sweet of you to care, Steve,” Diana said; smiling at the man she loved. It had long been her ambition to see if she could interest him in her as a normal woman and not as the Amazon goddess she really was, but Steve was blind to her charms. He was so besotted with her alter ego that he didn’t even view her as a woman except when his protective male instincts were aroused as they were now. “But don’t worry,” she continued. “I can take care of myself.”

“I guess you can,” Trevor admitted. “You’ve shown that often enough in the past. But just be careful. If you find out anything of importance let us know right away. And remember you’re not just another person in uniform as far as I am concerned.”

Diana looked at Steve in surprise. His last statement was about as close as he had ever come to admitting that her cared about her. Maybe there was a chance for her after all. But a second later her brief optimism was dashed by his next statement.

“I’d much rather see Wonder Woman doing something like this. Your talents as a secretary are unsurpassed, but you’re not in her league when it comes to dealing with villains like Dr. Psycho.”

“Thanks, Steve,” she replied, trying to keep the sarcasm out of her voice. It would probably be lost on Trevor anyway. “I’ll just phone Etta Candy now and see if I can arrange for me to get into the college as soon as possible.”

Trevor laughed. “That Etta is a real whirlwind. With her on your side along with that gang of girls you should be safe enough. Just make sure you don’t give yourself away.”

“I don’t think there is a problem there,” Diana said. “Etta and the Holliday Girls have been involved in numerous enterprises connected with the war effort. I should be able to mix right in with them.”

Trevor frowned. “I don’t feel comfortable with this, but I guess in this situation I have to admit that a woman is better suited for the job than I am.”

“Finally,” Diana thought. “A compliment that doesn’t include a reference to Wonder Woman. Ridiculous as it seems I am almost beginning to become jealous of myself.” Seating herself behind the desk she crossed her shapely legs where Trevor could get a good view and picked up the phone on her desk. She dialled the number for Holliday College and waited for a connection to Etta Candy while Trevor hovered nearby apparently oblivious to the gorgeous expanse of nylon and firm thigh that was revealed.

“Hrroo,” came a muffled reply from the earpiece of the phone.

“Etta, finish eating and then talk,” Diana said impatiently.

“Shorry Diana,” said the voice at the other end. There was a swallowing sound and then Etta’s voice came in loud and clear. “Just finishing off a box of chocolates.”

“I swear I don’t know how that girl hasn’t lost all her teeth with the amount of sugar she consumes,” Diana thought then she spoke aloud. “I’m coming down to the college tomorrow. I have something to discuss with you and the Holliday Girls.”

“Woo Woo!” Etta exclaimed. “Must be something important if you can’t tell me over the phone.”

“You’ll find out when I get there. Just make sure that you and the girls are there when I arrive.”

“Sure thing, Diana. I’ll get started on it right away.”

“Thanks Etta, I’ll see you soon.” Diana set down the phone and smiled. She could count on Etta Candy to be ready when she arrived at Holliday College. In spite of her appearance, the short chubby girl was a real dynamo when it came to getting things done and she was as brave and adventurous as anyone she had ever known. “It’s all set,” she said, turning to Trevor. “I'm meeting with Etta and the Holliday Girls tomorrow. Is that enough company for you to trust me on this mission?”

I guess you’ll be safe enough,” Trevor conceded.

“I will,” Diana promised. “I suspect this may be very important to the war effort. But now I have to be going. If I am to meet with Etta tomorrow I have to get ready.” With that she slid out from behind her desk and headed for the door. “I trust you and the colonel can look after things here while I’m gone?”

“We’ll try to muddle through,” Trevor grinned. “Take care Diana.”

Diana nodded. She was already halfway out the door. “I’ll get to the bottom of this,” she thought to herself or I’m not Wonder Woman.”

Entering Holliday College as a student was much easier than she had thought it would be. It was a simple matter of changing out of her uniform, adopting the dress of a young upper class woman, and paying a visit to a hair salon where she had her hair styled in the latest fashion. She had little or no problem with her age. Although far older than she appeared, as an Amazon Diana aged very slowly and appeared as little more than a teenager herself with a little bit of appropriate makeup.

Mingling with the students, and especially Etta’s little coterie, Diana moved about the campus, attended classes, and slept in her dormitory room. All the time she kept her eyes and ears open for any evidence of subversion. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any and by the end of the first week she became convinced that she was wasting her time. She was on the point of contacting Colonel Darnell and suggesting that she return to headquarters when Etta burst into her room.

“Woo woo, Diana; I think I’ve found something.”

“What is it Etta?” Diana asked, feigning a level of excitement equal to Etta’s. The short, chubby redhead never did anything by half measures, and in spite of the fact that she stood barely five feet tall, but outweighed Diana by at least fifty pounds, she was a bundle of energy and had a charismatic quality that had made her the leader of her peer group. Diana had always thought of her as a thin person trapped in a fat body, and had tried to get her to lose some weight, but Etta’s addiction to sugary confections made such a notion unlikely.

“I been watching one of the new girls,” Etta explained. “I had my eye on her because she didn’t seem to fit in with the others. She frequently missed classes and seemed to spend a good deal more time wandering about the campus. In addition, she seemed to have no interest in making friends with any of the girls, however, I couldn’t help but notice that she was very interested in watching you whenever she was in your presence.”

“Watching me?” Diana said. “That is suspicious. Where is she?”

“I followed her to a USO club. She went in the back way, but it wasn’t a normal entrance.”

“What do you mean?”

“Instead of just going in she knocked three times and a lookout door opened and someone inside checked her out before she was admitted. That’s not like any USO club that I know.”

“You’re right,” Diana said. “Did you learn the girl’s name?”

“Hmmpph!” Etta snorted. “She registered as Jane Smith. What do you want to bet that is as phoney as a wooden nickel?”

Diana nodded her agreement. “I think it might be a good idea for us and a few of the Holliday Girls to pay the club a visit tonight. ”

“Woo woo,” Etta exclaimed, clapping her plump hands. I’ll get the girls. We can have a good time and look around at the same time.”

“Hmm,” Diana thought. “That means I will have to find something enticing to wear. Perhaps I can borrow something from one of Etta’s inner circle.”

Five hours later Diana, accompanied by Etta and a dozen of the Holliday Girls, entered the USO club. They were immediately the centre of a knot of young men in uniform who swept them all, even Etta, out onto the dance floor.

It was the first time Diana had ever danced with anyone other than another Amazon, but she had no difficulty adjusting her body to the big band dance number. In spite of the rather serious persona she had adopted as Diana Prince, she very much enjoyed a good party and had attended a number of the Holliday Girls’ celebrations. This, however, was the first time she had mixed in with anyone other than Steve Trevor, but she adapted quickly, matching her Amazon body to the music and that of her dance partners.

At the same time, she kept an eye out for any suspicious activities in spite of the fact that the USO club seemed the least likely of places to conceal an enemy plot. It was, however, difficult to see much of anything in the dimly lit, smoke-filled, and crowded interior of the club. Diana, however, kept to her role as a member of Holliday College and danced with an enthusiasm that wore out partner after partner. It wasn’t long before her performance began to attract some attention and a circle of dancers formed around her and the young man who had been the last one to ask her to dance.

Diana grinned widely as she whirled before the crowd. If she had known USO gatherings were this much fun she would have attended them more often. It then occurred to her, however, that her performance was attracting a bit too much attention. The show she was putting on was hardly one that would be expected of the demure secretary that she pretended to be. Putting her hand to her bosom she pretended to be short of breath and staggered over to the non-alcoholic bar. “Phew,” she said. “I need a Coke.”

Etta joined her. “Woo woo, Diana,” you’re a real Wonder Woman. I had no idea you were such a good dancer.”

“Just one of my little secrets,” Diana said. “She upended the bottle of Coke and drained it in three gulps.” Another, please,” she said.

Etta stood beside her, her body sweating profusely. Diana was not the least bit tired, but she feigned exhaustion. “I’m a little bit hot,” she said, pretending to wipe her brow. “I think I’ll go outside for some fresh air.”

“I’ll come with you,” Etta said.

Outside Diana sighed. It was good to get away from the foul stench of tobacco smoke. She was, however, disappointed in her visit to the USO club in spite of the fun she had had dancing. “I think this whole thing was a waste of time,” she said to Etta. “There is not the faintest sign of enemy activity.”

“Perhaps we’re looking in the wrong place,” Etta said. “You can’t expect the enemy to put it in plain sight.”

“Let’s check around the back,” Diana suggested. “There just might be a clue there.”

The back of the building was as disappointing as the interior of the club. All that was visible was a single door that led to the kitchens. Diana and Etta had already checked it out earlier before they entered the club and knew that there was nothing special beyond the door.

At that moment several of the Holliday Girls piled out of the club. “What are you two up to?” asked one of the girls, a tall redhead called Rebecca. “Trying to catch the spies without us?”

Almost as if her words were a signal the back door opened and a man stepped out. He grinned suggestively at the gathering of attractive females. “What are you babes up to? Looking for some excitement?”

Diana stared at the man. He wasn’t wearing a uniform and not being female was not a member of the USO. But he was of military age and spoke with slight accent. “Who are you?” She demanded, taking a step toward him.

“I’ll ask the questions, toots,” the man answered. His American slang was very good, but again, Diana’s sensitive hearing picked up the trace of his foreign accent. There was also something about his body language that warned of danger. Instinctively she stepped in front of Etta, shielding her with her body.

The man moved so quickly that even Diana was unprepared. She had not expected him to produce a gun and fire into a group of women, but that is exactly what he did. Diana moved even quicker, however, catching the bullet on one of the Amazon bracelets concealed beneath the long sleeves of her dress. Surprisingly the man did not wait to see the results of his murderous attack. Instead he turned and fled, leaving Diana to explain how she had managed to survive the attack.

Diana immediately went to her knees, clutching her chest. Etta was beside her instantly. “Diana,” the plump redhead screamed. “Are you alright?”

It was a stupid question to ask a women who had just been shot, but Diana was glad of it. She gasped in pretended pain. “Hit me in the chest,” she moaned. “But I seem to be alright.”

“How can that be?” another girl asked. It was a voluptuous blonde called Priscilla. Diana knew her as one of Etta’s best friends.

Diana lifted up the gold locket she was wearing. The brief interval had given her the chance to bend the metal with her fingers making it look as if the bullet had struck the locket.

“You’re lucky to be alive!” Etta exclaimed.

“Yes,” Diana said getting shakily to her feet. “Look, this is a job for Wonder Woman. Don’t try anything foolish. Just wait here while I get to a phone.” Without waiting to see if the girls paid her any attention she took off for the front of the building where she had seen a pay phone, but she didn’t stop at the phone. Instead she dashed across the street at more than human speed as soon as she was sure that no one was observing her. In an alley on the other side she stripped off her borrowed party dress and stood revealed in the scanty skin-tight bustier and shorts of Wonder Woman. Then she dashed back to the place where she had left Etta and the girls. To her consternation she was just in time to see the last of them disappearing into the open door at the back of the USO building.

“I told them to wait,” she muttered. “What are they doing?”

She dashed after them, bursting through the doorway and expecting to find herself in the kitchens at the rear of the USO. Instead she almost fell down a full-length staircase that descended steeply below the building. “Off course,” she said aloud, “a secret entrance.”

At the bottom of staircase she could just make out the last of the Holliday Girls disappearing into the darkness. She descended the staircase in a single leap and found herself in the middle of the Holliday Girls who were milling about aimlessly in a dim low-ceilinged room that appeared to have no exit. She pushed her way through the girls to where Etta Candy was staring bemusedly at the wall.

“I thought I told… I mean Diana told you to wait,” Wonder Woman scolded.

“Wonder Woman,” Etta exclaimed. “Woo woo, you got here fast.”

“Etta, what you did could have been very dangerous,” Wonder Woman insisted.

“We didn’t want that drygulcher to get away,” Etta drawled in her best Texas accent. The accent was not altogether feigned, Etta having grown up on a ranch in west Texas.

“Anyway,” the girl continued, “he seems to have gotten away.” She was still staring at the wall.

“I wonder,” Wonder Woman said, stepping forward. She placed her hand on the wall and pushed. The hidden panel gave way with a crash, revealing a long dark passageway with a light at the far end. “Can I count on you not to follow?” she asked Etta. “This could be very dangerous.”

“We’ll stay here and be the rear guard, Wonder Woman,” said Etta contritely.

“Good. Send for the police and the military authorities if I’m not back in ten minutes.” She headed into the tunnel, sprinting toward the light. In a few seconds she burst into a small concrete room. Like the first it appeared to have no exit, but Wonder Woman spotted a metal hatch in the floor. She wrenched it open with a scream of iron hinges and let it fall back to the floor with a clang. Below her was what appeared to be an elevator shaft without an elevator, but she sensed that there was probably one down there somewhere. She listened and her Amazon hearing detected the faint hum of machinery.

“Hmm, this might be a risk, but it shouldn’t be anything I can’t handle.” With that optimistic thought in mind Wonder Woman stepped over the edge and let herself drop.

As she had surmised she did not fall far, at least by Amazon standards. She landed lightly on top of what she supposed was the elevator. It should be a simple matter of opening the access hatch and dropping through to the cabin. What she was not prepared for was the sudden slamming of the iron hatch above her. “By Hera,” she muttered. “They’re trickier than I thought.” However, the mighty heroine was not the least bit concerned. Confident that her Amazon strength would soon have her out of the trap she bent her legs and felt for the access hatch. To her chagrin there wasn’t one.

“It will take more than this to stop me,” she muttered. She drew back her arm, her fist clenched. It would be a simple matter to punch through the thin metal of the elevator cabin. Suddenly a wave of dizziness swept over her.

“Wha… what?” Wonder Woman gasped. She tried to stand up, but her legs would not support her. A wave of nausea swept over her just as she realized what was happening. “Gas,” she muttered, and then everything went dark.