Supergirl & Batgirl: Injustice

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One week ago…

“Riddle me this, how do you find a computer powerful enough and quick enough to hack into Batman’s digital information system? Answer; You find the richest man in town and use his!”

The Riddler watched the screen with glee as the Wayne Corporation’s supercomputer broke through Batman’s protective encryption with surprising ease. The intrusion programs his benefactors gave him began a full-scale assault on the Batcomputer. The Riddler watched the file names whiz by. A file on Batman’s secret identity was the first to go. Then his trade secrets, access codes, equipment, communicator frequencies, safe houses, all downloaded. Finally his personal files, notes on all his cases, all his enemies and, best of all, his allies. The Justice League, the Teen Titians, the Doom Patrol and dozens more. All the secrets Batman had learned, all the observations he had made, all the identities he had uncovered. All of it.

The Riddler watched, he waited and when it was done it was almost an anticlimax. He pulled the disk from the computer and held it up.



Supergirl gracefully flew a circuit around the city. Chicago was surprisingly quiet tonight, not even a graffiti tagger or junkie to be seen. It was a welcome relief after recent weeks. Ever since she moved to Chicago it seemed there were villains coming out of the woodwork. First there was that Neo-Nazi with the cosmic powers, then that telepath who tried to control her mind and finally, creepiest of all, that scientist who created a dozen six-inch tall clones of Supergirl. That one still made her shiver, it was like some perverted internet fanfic come to life. So Kara was very happy to have a nice quiet night as college student Linda Lee. She would catch up on her homework, watch some TV, maybe even call back that cute guy she’d met last week. She’d certainly earned the rest.

But somehow she was still uneasy. All day she’d been feeling paranoid, jumping at shadows and constantly tuning her super-senses for trouble. She landed gracefully on top of the Sears tower and leaned back on an antenna. She sighed deeply.

If anyone had been watching they would have seen her breasts shake under her loose blue top, it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. She was wearing her new costume, a loose blouse in the classic Superman blue but cut low to show off her cleavage. The ‘S’ shield was smaller on this costume and located over her right breast. Her belt was the traditional yellow but instead of a skirt she had short red hotpants cut high so that the bottom of her pert butt peeked out. The traditional red boots were gone too, replaced with cute little ballet slippers with laces halfway up her calves.

Lois Lane wrote that the costume made her look like a 70s hooker, but Lois Lane always was a catty little bitch. Supergirl designed the costume herself to replace her first one that looked just like a feminine Superman costume. She was tired of being Superman’s peppy, happy, superfluous little cousin. She was an adult now, her own person and wanted people to recognize that. If she had to dress like a 70s hooker to break her old image then so be it. She was even considering taking a new name, maybe Power Woman or something…

She stretched her long legs. Supergirl wasn’t that busty but she was thin and curvy. She had the sort of body that most women could only get by starving themselves. One could hardly believe that she was the second most powerful person on Earth. Next to her beefy cousin Superman she looked like a waif but appearances were deceptive. Although she lacked his muscular body she shared his almost limitless superpowers.

She ran her delicate fingers through her long blond hair and pursed her pouty lips. She reassured herself Chicago was quiet. She shook her head trying to shake this uneasy feeling and rose quietly into the air. Supergirl was going home.


She winced in pain from the high-frequency signal. It was pitched at just the right frequency to irritate her super-hearing. Only two people used that frequency, one was ‘Superman’s Pal’ (and perennial pest) Jimmy Olsen. The other was Superman’s sometime friend and sometime rival Batman. She hovered over the Sears Tower for a minute, maybe it was a mistake, Batman had never summoned her, he only worked with Superman, not with what he called Superman’s bimbo sidekick. He never called her that to her face of course but it’s hard to talk behind someone’s back when she can hear you half a world away.


Supergirl winced and sighed. So much for having a life. She turned east and headed for Gotham.

Supergirl spotted her from 100 miles away. That was weird.

It wasn’t Batman at all who summoned her.

It was Batgirl.

Batman’s female protégé was waiting on a rooftop clutching a small signal device with intertwined Bat and ‘S’ symbols.

The redhead was pacing back and forth in her grey bodysuit with its yellow bat across her firm round breasts. Her yellow utility belt hung low on her hips and her short blue cape billowed in the wind. Her cowl covered her head but still allowed her long red hair to flow out. Her hands were covered with yellow gloves and her feet with yellow calf-high high-heeled boots. The effect of the costume was as devastatingly sexy as Batman’s was intimidating.

The tight costume enhanced rather than concealed her firm muscles. While Supergirl was built like a waif, Batgirl was built like a gymnast or dancer. She had no superhuman powers to protect her from danger, like all the Bat-family she knew her continued survival depended on endless hours of practice and dedication. Batgirl was actually faster and more agile than an Olympic gymnast. Getting shot at on a weekly basis sharpens the mind and body wonderfully.

The only thing out of place on her toned body were her large round breasts that perfectly filled out the yellow bat. While most gymnasts were small-breasted, Batgirl’s 36” globes stood out proudly. Supergirl wondered if they were real but a quick check with the old x-ray vision showed they were. She felt a bit jealous.

She landed gracefully on the rooftop just as Batgirl hit the signal device again.


“OK Already! I’m here!”

“Supergirl! Thanks for coming, I was wondering if this thing was even working.”

“Well it is, and could you please turn it off now, it’s really annoying.”

“Opps, sorry.”

“What’s up?”

“It’s, um, it’s Batman, I think something happened to him.”

“Batman?” Supergirl rolled her eyes, she couldn’t believe she’d flown all the way to Gotham because some junior heroine missed her mentor. “He’s probably just out of town, or on some space mission with the League.”

“I’ve not heard anything from him in days, then I tried the Justice League and there was nothing.”

“They don’t know?”

“No, I mean nothing, nothing. No replies, no responses, not even a signal from the satellite. Oh Supergirl, I’m really worried.”

“Why not go by the Batcave and check on him? I’m sure he left some note or something.”

The red-headed heroine blushed and looked down. “Well you see, the thing is…”

“You don’t know where it is.”

“Um, yeah.”

“Geeze, Kal, I mean Superman, told me his secret identity right off the bat, and I have my own room at the Fortress of Solitude and everything.”

“Well, Batman’s a little different from Superman. He’s a bit more…”

“Suspicious? Guarded? Insanely paranoid and controlling and domineering?”

Batgirl chuckled. “Something like that.”

“I can sympathize, do you know Superman once erased the memory of a whole town because they saw something they weren’t supposed to?”


“Yeah. Let me tell you, those two aren’t as different as the look.”

“Well I’m still worried. Supergirl, can you please check on your cousin and the rest of the League, I’m serious, I think something’s going on.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…” Supergirl’s eyes turned a more pale shade of blue as her telescopic vision crossed the miles to Clark Kent’s apartment. The modest Metropolis 1 bedroom was as neat and tidy as ever, but empty. She looked up at the Justice League Satellite, and found nothing. There was nothing where it should have been. Supergirl shuddered and suddenly felt very cold.


“Well, um, I don’t see Kal, or the satellite, but that doesn’t mean anything really. They could have cloaked the satellite and Kal could be on a mission or something.”

“Or they could be in trouble.”

“Yeah, I guess they could be in trouble.”

“So now what?”

Supergirl thought about it for a minute. Batman was one of the smartest men on Earth and one of the most experienced heroes. And of course Superman was Superman. Kara wasn’t a kid anymore and wasn’t going to panic just because they missed a few phone calls. She could just imagine the contempt on cousin Kal’s face if she panicked. ‘Oh Kara, you’re so silly, but it was nice of you to worry’ he would say. And Batman, he wouldn’t be so diplomatic, he’d just snarl and say ‘when I need your help I’ll ask for it, and I don’t think I’ll ever need it’. Supergirl decided she didn’t want to risk the embarrassment of assuming the world’s finest team needed her help.

“Well Batgirl, I’m going home, but if we don’t hear back from the big 2 by tomorrow night we’ll meet back here. Deal?”

Batgirl seemed reluctant but realized it was the best offer she was going to get tonight. “Deal.”

From Batman’s personal files – Barbara Gordon grew up admiring cops. First her father, then the handsome detectives he brought home for dinner. In her junior high school diary she writes about touching herself while thinking of Detective Bennett. But soon her desires were steered in a different direction. I saved her once when she was fourteen and Mr. Freeze kidnapped her to blackmail her father. After she saw me Batman was all she cared about. Unlike most fans she had the means and the intelligence to realize what she had to do to be with her idol. She trained for years, showing the same devotion that aspiring ballerinas and gymnasts do, mastering several marshal arts and forensics sciences before finishing high school. She sewed her own Bat-Girl costume and took to the streets, forcing me to acknowledge her. I tried to dissuade her, especially after breaking into her room and reading her diaries, but she would not give up. Finally I took her in and trained her, an ally is an ally after all and don’t think Jim would ever forgive me if something happened to her. Over time she had realized we will never be lovers and has matured into a dependable crime-fighter but I fear her recent liaisons with Dick are a new manifestation of her old obsession.

Batgirl moped around on the rooftop for a while longer. She realized it was silly. Batman had been in a thousand scrapes before and had always gotten out, and the idea of something that could take down both Superman and Batman AND the whole Justice League, that was ludicrous. It was probably just some communications glitch, maybe they updated their system and no one told her? But still doubts nagged at her. What if something was wrong? What should she do? What could she do?

Tired of musing Barbara Gordon threw a Batarang and swung off the building. She decided Supergirl was right, she’d head home and see what tomorrow brings. Besides, something was starting to stink on this rooftop.

She swung and threw the next line, then the next and then…

Her heart could not stop pounding, her arms and legs were made of jello, her breath came in gasps, WHAT AM I DOING UP HERE!

She swung forward and panicked! She let go of the line and went flying into space shooting towards the Soder Cola billboard ahead. She screamed and slammed into it. She bounced off and hit the rooftop moaning in pain.

Trembling she climbed to her feet and stumbled to the edge of the building, she looked down and yelled “Eep!” She sank to her knees and rested her head against the cool brick wall. “W-what am I doing, I could get killed, am I nuts?”

In the back of her mind she remembered her training, she remembered doing this hundreds of times and never having a problem but the cold voice of reason was no match for the panic shooting through the rest of her brain.

From Batman’s personal files – Supergirl is a mystery. The most powerful woman on Earth popped out of a space capsule dressed in a Superman costume and announced that she was yet another last survivor of Krypton and Superman’s cousin as well. Her story is laughable. She claimed an entire city survived the destruction of their planet and drifted through space for years but Superman never got a single distress call. Eventually it was also destroyed and she was the sole survivor. Given the number of times Superman has been fooled by aliens you would think he would have been more diligent. I lost count of how many times people claiming to be his long lost parents, babysitter or brother have shown up. But the farm boy accepted her into his heart and took her on first as his ‘secret weapon’ and then as his partner. So far she seems to be exactly who she claims to be. But in recent years she had been chaffing in her role, acting out of character. Perhaps we are about to learn the real truth. I’ve started carrying Kryptonite again, just in case.

Supergirl growled at herself the whole trip back. Had she made the right call? Had she?

Kara Zor-El had been Supergirl for almost 5 years now. She grew up in Argo City, a Kryptonian colony that survived the destruction of their world. But eventually radiation from the doomed world claimed Argo as well. Like her cousin Kal-El she was rocketed away in an experimental craft to the distant world known as Earth. Like him she was the last survivor, unlike him she was old enough to understand what was happening as she watched the death of her home.

She was just 15.

The rocket landed in a field outside Metropolis where she was met by her cousin Kal-El, better known as Superman. She spent two years in training, living in an orphanage and going out at night to do good deeds under Superman’s tutelage. Those were lonely miserable years for a young teen who had just seen her entire world die. Eventually Superman deemed her worthy and revealed her existence to the rest of the world. Supergirl was honored with parades and celebrations, Earth now had two super-powered protectors! But in the last year or two she began to chaff in her role. She’d been Superman’s sidekick for five years now, doing what he wanted, the way he wanted it, but what did Kara Zor-El really want? What was best for her? So she’d made her new costume and moved to a new city and done her best to move out of her cousin’s massive shadow.

And now he might be missing.

Supergirl was used to Superman disappearing on space missions or traveling through time or to other dimensions. But he always told her. Other times he really was in trouble but he’d always managed to get out of trouble himself.

But what if this was really serious? She decided to swing by Clark Kent’s apartment first thing tomorrow and see if there were any clues.

She landed in the alleyway outside her modest apartment and changed back into Linda Lee. She covered her red hotpants with a drab brown skirt, her blue blouse with a white button-down and rolled her cape and ballet slippers into a tight bundle that fit neatly in Linda’s purse. Last of all came the brown wig over her straight blond hair. Thus the maid of might became plain old Linda Lee. That was another one of Clark’s choices for her, she had to imitate him and be a boring unattractive human to preserve her secret identity. Lately she was wondering if she really needed a secret identity.

She heard voices inside her apartment, weird, her roommates Becky and Jan were students too, they were usually asleep by now. Linda opened the door.

“And there she is!” Jan said. “Linda we were just talking about you!”

Becky and Jan were sitting around the coffee table with a man. Becky was a 20 year-old brown-haired nursing student from Iowa and Jan was an African American dance student from Harlem. Linda had been rooming with them for a few months. Both were wearing boxer shorts and camisoles and seemed relaxed. The man was a stranger, he was tall and broad shouldered, with a wispy mustache and bright green eyes. For a second there he looked vaguely familiar but Linda couldn’t place him.

“We were just telling your cousin John all about you.”

“Cousin John?”

“Yeah, why didn’t you tell us he was coming, geeze Linda we almost called the cops when he showed up.”

“Yes Linda, weren’t you expecting me?”

Linda’s eyes turned a pale blue again as she surveyed the visitor with her x-ray vision. She gasped, under his realistic plastic skin was a metal body! What was he? Some sort of robot? What would a robot be doing in Linda Lee’s apartment? Did Kal send him? As far as she could tell he was strong but no match for Supergirl and he didn’t seem threatening so she decided to play along. He wasn’t a threat and besides, she couldn’t exactly turn into Supergirl and have a fight with him in front of her roommates.

“Of-of course. Cousin John, I thought you were coming tomorrow?” She improvised quickly. She’d been doing this secret identity thing long enough, the lies came naturally now.

“Change of plans Linda, I guess you didn’t get my email. I can still stay on your floor right?”

Linda frowned, where was this going?

“Um, sure, right. Come on, I’ll show you my room.”

“Great, we can catch up, we have a lot to talk about.”

As the walked down the hall Linda could hear her roommates giggling.

“He’s such a hunk!”

“He can stay in my bed if he wants.”

Cousin John closed the door behind him and smiled. “Alone at last.”

“Right, why don’t you tell me who you really are…” Linda Lee felt her knees get weak and collapsed in to a ball. She moaned softly.

Cousin John picked her up gently and put her on her bed. She tried to look into his eyes but it hurt too much, they were shining with green light now, powerful, painful green light.

“Kryptonite…” She muttered.

Cousin John smiled wider and unbuttoned his shirt. His bare chest was hairless under it. Seams appeared in the chest and two panels swung open. Supergirl jerked with pain and started to cry out but his hand was too fast. It covered her mouth and stifled her cry. “Hush little Supergirl, hush now. Remember your secret identity. Remember your innocent little roommates there in the kitchen. Do you know who I am now?”

Supergirl nodded. METALLO! Metallo was potentially one of Superman’s deadliest foes. He was a cyborg, a human brain in a metal body, a body powered by Kryptonite, the one thing that could kill Superman. Or Supergirl.

These thoughts raced through her brain but were quickly replaced by another one…



Supergirl writhed on her bed as she was exposed to the full force of Metallo’s Kryptonite. It was like hot needles were being driven into every pore of her body, like her blood was replaced with hot lava, like someone was ramming broken glass through her bowels, ALL AT ONCE! She began to twitch, to sweat, to tremble. Her muscles seized up, she could not move! Her vision became a green haze, she could feel it, she was going to die!

And then the pain receded to a dull roar, to a sluggish, helpless feeling with an iron spike being driven into her skull. She looked up, Metallo had closed his chest but those burning green eyes still shined down.

“I think you got the point Linda. You’re helpless and I can kill you if I want. Nod if you understand.”

She nodded.

Barbara was huddled in a fetal position on the roof when she heard the footsteps. Her imagination conjured up visions of what was coming for her. She imagined a gang of rapists with switchblades and chains. She imagined the cannibal Killer Croc licking his lips. She imagined her forth grade teacher with a ruler. She imagined the Joker in a Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts carrying a very large gun. She whimpered and cried because she was too afraid to scream.

But she did scream when the hand landed on her trembling shoulder. Another hand landed on her other shoulder and pulled her to her feet, he turned her around to face him. Barbara was afraid to open her eyes but more afraid to leave them shut. She opened them.

“Hello Barbara.”

It was Batman!

The fear vanished like a bad dream, it was Batman, it was going to be all right! He put his arms around her and hugged her. She hugged him back, squeezing tight. He kissed her check gently, she sighed, it was all going to be OK. “Oh Batman, I was so scared… I don’t know what came over me…”

“Hush now Barbara, it’s OK now, I’m here, I’m here.” Then he kissed her again, on the lips, with the tongue. And Barbara returned it. After the fear, after the panic her heart was already racing, her nerves already on edge, she felt him fumbling for the zipper on her back, she pressed her body into his, almost knocking the larger man down. He found the zipper and it slid down her bare back, her costume had a built in bra, she wore nothing underneath except for a black tong. He pushed her against the billboard, the hot lights illuminated both of them but Barbara didn’t care. He pulled the grey spandex lower and kissed her full breasts. Her utility belt hit the ground, then her gloves, then the grey body glove. His strong hand reached between her legs and tore off the black thong, he shoved her to the ground and thrust, hard!

Batgirl squealed in joy and relief. All the terror was gone, she was in Batman’s arms and safe and he loved her. He mauled her breasts and pounded her hard. “Uh! Not so hard Batman… please…” She never expected him to be so brutal, but then again it was exciting to be completely dominated by the man she loved.

She let out a wild yell and surrendered herself to Batman.

Metallo reached up and pulled off the brown wig. Golden locks spilled out from under it. He ran his unfeeling metal fingers through the long golden hair. He’d never noticed before but she really did have the face of an angel. He’d only seen it in the heat of battle. She was beautiful, the sort of girl who would never have given him a second look even before he became Metallo. The kind of girl he hated.

Her baby blue eyes fluttered.

“Thinking of something Linda?” He punched her right in her cute little button nose. Kryptonian blood spurted out. He ran his finger through it and held them up to his mouth, the piece of plastic that filled in for his tongue extended and licked it. He tasted nothing of course but enjoyed the show he was putting on. “Well don’t.”

He reached lower and started unbuttoning her white shirt. It was thick cotton shirt, thick enough to hide the bright costume underneath. His clumsy fingers had trouble so he just started tearing off the buttons, one-by-one.

“Please… no…” The girl whimpered. But Metallo pulled the shirt open exposing the colorful costume underneath. He ran his fingers along her chest, up over one modest breast then over the other, then down her ribs. She was skinny girl, with no fat or much muscle, he could feel each rib through the thin fabric as he went down to her flat stomach.

“Please…” She whined again.

He raised his arm. And punched her in the gut.

The bed shook. The girl gasped and almost screamed but he covered her mouth again. There was knock on the door.

“Hey guys it’s Pam, you OK in there?”

“Tell her we’re fine, just getting out the sleeping bag.” Metallo hissed.

Supergirl said nothing.


“Tell her, or I’ll have to kill her, her and the blond.” He twisted her hair in his hand, Supergirl winced from the pain. “And I promise you, it will hurt.”

“Uh, we-we’re fine Pam, just dropped something getting out the sleeping bag. Just go to bed.”

“OK Linda, goodnight.”


“Goodnight Pam! See you in the morning!” Cousin John added. They both heard the footsteps walk away.

“Now where were we?”

Barbara panted under Batman as he thrust into her again and again and again. He was strong and powerful and could just go and go and go forever. She reached up for his cowl.

“Oh Batman, I have to see your face, I have to see it, please let me see…” She pulled at the mask, it was wet.

Wet and slimy. She pulled at it and a piece came off, it disintegrated in her hand like mud. Or clay.

The fear came back.

“N-no… NO!” She shrieked at Batman’s body dissolved into a mass of muck on top of her. Clayface! One hand shot forward into her mouth forming itself into a perfect gag. Between her legs she could feel the hot and hard member become cold and soft. It grew, spreading her body like a cancer, intruding into her womb and her stomach, Barbara convulsed from the pain.

“Huhh” It growled. Its voice was like the wind through a deep well. “Hello Barbara? Remember me? Remember the time you froze me with liquid nitrogen? Remember the time you knocked over a water tower and washed me into the sewer? Remember? Because I sure do! And tonight I’m getting my pound of flesh from you.”

A new voice called out. “Funny how similar the body’s responses to fear and passion are. They’re almost two sides of the same coin.” Barbara turned her head, it was thin man dressed in brown rags with a sack over his head and straw hat. The Scarecrow.

And he had a syringe in his hand.

“We’ve both been waiting for this a long time Bat-Babe. It’s one thing to get beaten up by the Big Bad Bat, but getting beaten by some wee-little slip of a girl like you? Now that just makes me mad. I’ll need her buttocks Clayface.”

The slimy monster grunted and reshaped himself a bit, now Barbara’s firm round butt was sticking in the air, held up by Clayface’s monstrous member.

Scarecrow dabbed one cheek with a cotton ball. “Finding you was easy once we had your communicator frequencies. Thanks for using it so many times tonight. And after that it was just a matter of tossing a gas bomb or two in your path. But this concoction, this is a bit more subtle, and requires a direct application.” He jammed the needle into her butt.

“Soon Barbara, you and Bruce and Dick, and all your little super friends work for us.”

“Who?” She said in a daze.

Clayface laughed, it was sound like bubbling mud. “She doesn’t know! Bat-Bimbo doesn’t know!”

The Scarecrow gave a laugh like dry leaves cracking. He leaned in close and whispered. “Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are Batman and Robin, but don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret.”

Their laughter was the last sound she heard before she passed out.

“Ah yes… I remember.” Metallo reached down and pulled off Linda’s brown skirt, Supergirl’s tight red hotpants greeted him under there. “Nice.” He ran his cold hands along the inside of her thighs.

“no! oh rao no! please don’t… no…” She whimpered weakly. Metallo saw the tips of her fingers and edges of her eyes were turning green as Kryptonite poisoning set in. He dimmed his Kryptonite vision a bit, he wasn’t supposed to do any permanent damage. He checked the time, his partner was due soon.

“Don’t worry Superslut, I ain’t gonna take your virtue, I don’t really have the equipment for that anymore. Besides, someone else called dibs on that.” Supergirl’s face became a mask of fear. She could only imagine what that meant! Metallo looked her up and down again. “Course we’re not really done are we? Where’s your cape? Where’s you pretty little ballet slippers? Gotta have you looking your best.”

“guh, go to hell-“ Metallo grabbed her throat and squeezed. “Feel that Superslut? I can kill you, you’re so weak now I can crush you with my mitts, there’s two Kryptonians left and I can kill one of them right now, that what you want?”

She shook her head frantically. Metallo threw her onto the floor. “Well?” Weak and in pain Supergirl gestured towards her purse. Metallo grabbed it and pulled out her proud red cape and cute little ballet slippers.

“OOF!” She grunted. Metallo had kicked her in the ribs.

“Put ‘em on.” He dropped them on top of her.

With trembling fingers Supergirl managed to pull on the red slippers, cape and choker. When she was done she was panting from the effort, her ears were roaring and her vision was turning dark again. Metallo reached for her and pulled her red hot pants down a bit until he could see her tuft of blond pubic hair and pulled her loose blouse up until he could see her pink nipples. Her breasts weren’t that large but were well-formed and rose and fell quickly as Supergirl tried to fight the Kryptonite. He ran his hands along them feeling the layer of perspiration.

“No undies huh Superslut? Bet cousin Clark isn’t too happy.”

“Clark? How…”

“Oh the same way I know about you Linda. I know all about you, and all your super friends, we got plans for you all, big plans.”


“All in good time. Like I said, I’m not ‘equipped’ to treat you like a man should treat a woman, but that’s OK. Since the accident I’m just not interested in that. No when I see a pretty little thing like you I just want one thing…”

He put one hand over her mouth and then punched her in the stomach again. “I want to see you hurt.” He saw bruises forming. “Yeah, you’re pretty weak now.”

He reached inside his pocket and took out a small syringe. He jammed it into her hip, the titanium alloy easily penetrated her weakened skin. Then he crushed the container. Supergirl moaned, she was almost unconscious.

She heard something by the window and saw Metallo walk to it. With his Kryptonite vision no longer shinning on her Supergirl felt a bit better. Her vision cleared, she caught her breath, if he would just stay away for another minute she could escape. She heard the window slide open and someone come in. But they were on the tenth floor!

“Hey Parasite, found us OK?”

“Yeah I still got a bit of x-ray vision from Kent.”

NO! Supergirl recognized the inhuman voice and realized what he was saying. She crawled towards the door as fast as she could. “help me…” she cried weakly. The two villains laughed.

“So that’s her huh? Nice ass. Hope you left her with enough juice for me.” Supergirl was at the door then scratching at it and weakly crying for help. “Don’t worry big guy, I know just how much K-radiation these Supers can take, you might say I know it by heart.” Metallo thumped his metal chest in emphasis.

The Parasite reached down with one deformed purple hand and seized her hair. He painfully pulled the girl of steel upright. Supergirl tried to struggle but the monstrous purple creature yanked harder and wrenched her head up, her lips met his deformed lipless mouth in a crude parody of a kiss.

“Sweet!” She squeezed her butt cheeks where her short hotpants ended and pushed her slim body against his hulking form. The parasite seemed to glow with power from even this brief contact.



“Linda? What’s going on? Linda? Are you OK?”

“PLEASE! Call the JLA! Get help” She managed to get out with the last of her strength.

“Hang on! We’re coming in!”

Jan’s strong legs kicked the bedroom door open and she ran in with Becky. And froze.

“Linda? Why are you dressed like Supergirl-“ Was all Jan was able to say before Metallo’s steel fist knocked her out. Becky screamed and tried to run but Metallo easily grabbed her hair and raised her off her feet. He fondled a breast. “You’re a pretty one.” Becky screamed again. Linda struggled helplessly in the Parasite’s grasp, but each exercitation just made her weaker and him stronger.

Becky looked up at her roommate and the truth became clear. “Linda? You’re Supergirl?”

“help me… please…“ She rasped weakly. Metallo smiled, “That’s not how it works Linda, you’re the heroine, you’re supposed to save her. So do it. Save her.”

He tossed Becky on the floor and stomped on her back. She yelped in pain. Then he casually reached down and picked up Becky’s ankle. He twisted it 180° and she screamed. “Say it Becky, I know you want to. Say it.”

“Suh-Supergirl, save me!”

Metallo snapped her knee next and was rewarded with another scream. He let Becky crawl another foot towards Supergirl, she reached up and grabbed Supergirl’s ballet slipped and clutched it. “Puh-please…”

Metallo straddled Becky, and landed a steel first on the small of her back snapping her spine below the waist. Becky grabbed Supergirl’s ankle with both hands babbling “savemesavemesaveme”. He grabbed her head and yanked her loose, he swung her around slamming her into the wall. They all heard her neck snap. And that was the end of Becky.

Supergirl’s mouth opened and closed, she was too weak to talk but Metallo could see the words “I’m sorry” forming on her lips.

“Not so good Supergirl. Well maybe you can save the other one.” He reached for Jan.

Tears fell down Supergirl’s cheeks.

Soon, on a rooftop in Gotham…

“Hey Luthor, we got Batgirl.” Clayface tossed the grey-clad girl at the master villain’s feet. “No trouble with her. We stuck to the plan, nothing fancy like we tried with Arrow and Canary.”

“Excellent.” He casually lifted the senseless girl by one arm and examined her, her costume had streaks of clay across it and so did the skin underneath. Dark marks were forming on her neck, hickies. Her eyes fluttered for a second then closed.

“You stuck to the plan huh?”

“Well, uh, mostly.”

“No matter, it will all work out in the end.”

“Yeah boss, thanks.”

Other villains arrived with Commissioner Gordon, Steve Trevor, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Luthor mentally checked them off his list.

“Incredible, the alien really was Clark Kent all along. And these ‘ace’ reporters never even figured it out.”

“Well boss you’re a genius and you didn’t figure it out either.”

Luthor flashed a look of pure rage at Clayface, the inhuman monster flinched and looked away. But then Luthor smiled. “No I suppose not. But it hardly matters anymore. In a little while Superman’s name will be forgotten.”

The Parasite landed next, with Supergirl’s limp body over his shoulder. He tossed her down next to Batgirl.

“Got her boss. Me and Metallo took her down no problem.”

Luthor walked around the slim blonde who had given him so much trouble in the past. He leered at her breasts peaking up from her low-cut blouse, he kicked her over to look at her butt cheeks peaking from the hotpants. He smiled. She was his at last. He would never admit, it but it had always galled him to lose to Supergirl. Superman at least was a champion, a genius almost as smart as Luthor with decades of experience. Being beaten by Superman’s bubble-headed blonde cousin from the sticks was infuriating. Not quite as bad as being beaten by Superman’s dog, but still infuriating. And her skimpy costume, teasing him with her long legs and cleavage, the ultimate unobtainable woman. Now powerless and at his feet. He had special plans for her. He licked his lips.

“Brainiac, we’re ready for teleport now.”

There was a purple glow and they were gone.

Batgirl awoke in a windowless concrete cell lying on the floor. The door was steel and there was only a drain in the corner to serve as a toilet. No bed or other furniture. If there were any lights they were off, she could only see thanks to the crack at the bottom of the door and her trained dark vision. She had no idea if there were any cameras watching her.

Batgirl was still in her grey and yellow costume, gloves, boots and cape but her utility belt was gone. Her hands were cuffed behind her back in a painful arrangement where her left wrist was lashed to her right elbow and her right wrist to her left elbow. Her shoulders already hurt from the bondage and her fingers were numb. She wiggled them to get back some feeling. At least her feet were still free. She got on her back and bent her leg, with some effort she could just about reach one of her heels with her hand. But that was about it.

“Nice to be under estimated…” She muttered and crawled to her feet.

That was a mistake.

Her guts ached from the effort of standing. She wondered if Clayface’s violation had done any internal damage. She leaned against the wall and caught her breath.

Trained as a librarian Barbara Gordon’s first thought was to organize the information she had.

“OK then, what do I know:

Fact – Batman and the Justice League have not replied to their communicators.

Fact – Clayface and Scarecrow said they know the League’s secrets

Fact – They dropped the names of Batman and Robin to show me this.

Fact – They don’t care that I know this.

Conclusion – Clayface and Scarecrow are not working alone, they’re probably working with the League’s foes.

Conclusion – I’m not the main target here.

Conclusion – The JLA are probably in big trouble.

Conclusion – So am I…”

She sank down to her knees in obvious despair.

Supergirl awoke in a palatial bedroom. The room itself was windowless and concrete but it had been decorated with a poster bed, a wardrobe and a vanity. A set of makeup was laid out on top of the vanity. She could see a small toilet, sink and shower behind a screen. The only door was a heavy steel one opposite the bed.

But that was all she could see. Supergirl realized with a start that she had no x-ray vision or super-hearing. After being poisoned by Kryptonite and molested by the Parasite her strength and endurance weren’t much better than that of an ordinary woman. She threw back the covers and walked around, tapping the walls. The tried punching the door but only hurt her hand.

She was still in her costume which surprised her a bit. And worried her. After the Parasite and Metallo’s abuse she half expected never to wake up. But the fact they’d taken her alive meant they had plans for her. Judging from the furnishings of the room these plans were not going to be pleasant. At least not for her. She walked over to the wardrobe and opened it. It was exactly what she expected. Dozens of outfits. All of them revealing. There were variations on her costumes, a schoolgirl uniform (from her old school in Midvale!) even some Kryptonian dresses. Worst of all was the blue and red teddy with the ‘S’ shield on the crotch. Now it was impossible not to see what the villains planned for Supergirl.

Supergirl had never been afraid before. By some measures she was the second most powerful person on Earth, and could always count on a rescue from her overprotective cousin the most powerful person on Earth. Even facing the worst dangers like Mongol’s Warworld or Darkseid she never felt like there was any real threat.

But now Superman was missing and she was a powerless prisoner.

Even in the most desperate battles no one had ever been seriously hurt, somehow they had always managed to win without any sacrifice. But there was nothing she could do for Jan and Becky or any other innocents the villains had killed in their attacks.

She sank down on the bed and curled up in her indestructible cape.

She cried.

“Riddle me this; what’s grey and yellow and lying at my feet?”

After so long in the dark the lights were almost blinding to Batgirl, but there was no mistaking the voice.

“Riddler. You’re not the one behind this.” It was a statement not a question.

“Funny you should ask Batgirl, because I am.” He posed triumphantly with his cane and adjusted his green bowler hat rakishly. “I was the one who got into Batman’s computer, I was the one who copied his secrets, I was the one who found out that the heroic Batgirl” He grabbed her cape, pulled her upright and yanked off her cowl “was just little old Barbara Gordon trying to impress her daddy.”

“This isn’t about me.” Again it was a statement not a question.

“No, no, no, this is much bigger than some fetish-bimbo trying to land her dream man, you’re just a little bonus.” He pushed his lips against her clenched mouth and tried to thrust in his tongue. Luckily for him failed, otherwise she would have bitten it off.

“Oh you’re going to have to be much more cooperative than that Barbara.”

“Fuck you.”

“Yes, we’ll get to that, but for now you should know just how far this goes.” He thumbed a button on his cane and a hologram of Commissioner Gordon, Lois Lane and other friends of the Justice League appeared. “Their health and welfare depends on your cooperation Barbara. You’re a smart girl, you know sometimes you have to give a little to get what you want. And you do want your father to live don’t you? So let’s start with a kiss.”

The Riddler watched Batgirl’s breasts rise and fall a few times and the hesitation and fear war on her face but she soon squeezed her eyes closed and puckered up for him. He kissed her deeply and she had no choice but to respond, their tongues intertwined and the Riddler’s sweaty palms clutched Batgirl’s firm ass and squeezed.

He broke the kiss but was surprised when Batgirl became aggressive, pushing him against the concrete wall and passionately kissing him. He caressed her ass again and felt her hands running through his hair.

Her hands? But weren’t her hands cuffed?

“AH!” He felt a sharp pain in his side. He tried to yell but only a gurgle came out. Her strong legs wrapped around one of his skinny ones and twisted, there was a pop and a snap as the leg broke. The Riddler fell to the ground writhing.

“Oh and in case you’re wondering…” She held up a bloody Batarang and set of lock-picks. “Batarang in the left boot, lock picks in the right boot, what do you think I wear those high heels for anyway?”

The Riddler started to panic. “…your…fuh…father…dead…”

Batgirl kicked him in his good leg.

“Fact – This is a lot bigger than you or me. Conclusion – Your bosses aren’t going to lose their leverage over Batman to punish me. Fact – Luthor didn’t approve of Clayface’s initiative. Conclusion – He doesn’t approve of yours either. I bet you turned off any cameras in here before you came in, didn’t tell anyone what you were planning either. Which means you and me are alone here.” She grabbed his arm and casually broke a finger. The Riddler screamed like a little girl. “Now where’s Batman?”

The Riddler gasped a few times and regained some composure. “Oh Barbara, still chasing after your dream man, Robin’s no substitute you kn-AHH!”

CRACK! Another finger broke.

“Save the psychology Edward, you’ll need it to talk your way past your bosses when I’m done with you. Now where’s Batman?”

“You mean Bruce? Bruce works for us now, he’s killing Superman as we speak.”

“N…no!” She dropped his hand and took a step back. “You’re lying!” She started kicking him.

“he always… was the (cough) smartest, knows a winning team…”

He passed out but Batgirl kept kicking him for another minute. Then she got control again. “He was lying Barbara, get a hold of yourself. Just another stupid mind game. Well who’s the smart one now?”

She picked up his question mark-shaped cane and examined it. She figured it housed the remote control for the cell door. “Shouldn’t take too long to figure out.”

There was a crackling sound and Supergirl looked up. Lex Luthor had just teleported in. “Hello Linda.” She sat up and tried to hide her red and puffy eyes. Luthor was wearing some sort of high-tech costume; a purple suit with two green straps crossing his chest and a high green collar.

“It’s so nice to see you again. I hope you’re enjoying my hospitality.”

“Where’s Superman?”

“Gone. Do you think we would bother with you if he was still alive? The Parasite, Solomon Grundy, Metallo and Bizzaro beat him to death in an alleyway two nights ago. He died screamed for someone, anyone to help him. It was pathetic. I always knew that without your god-like powers your kind were just frightened children.”

“You-you’re lying!”

“Am I? They why didn’t he save you? And think about it, I know cousin Clark’s identity, I know yours, you’ve seen the villains I have serving me, why would I bother with you until after Superman was dead?”

Supergirl lowered her head and sobbed, in her heart she feared it was true. Clark would never have let this happen if he was able to help, but that didn’t mean he was dead... Did it?

“So let’s talk about you and your role in the new order.”

“I’ll never serve you…” She hissed.

“Never say never Linda, I think in a day or two you’ll be all too happy to serve me however I want.”

“NEVER!” She howled and launched herself off the bed. Supergirl was weak from the Kryptonite and the Parasite’s draining but she was still stronger and faster than any ordinary woman.

But Luthor had been fighting Kryptonians since he was a teenager. He backhanded the girl with his power glove and sent her flying across the room into the hard concrete wall. Before Supergirl could recover he grabbed her hair and dragged her to the middle of the floor. A red beam shot out of one of his devices, hitting her left wrist, she felt it get pinned to the floor. Another beam hit her right wrist, then her left ankle then her right one. She was spread-eagled and immobilized on the floor. Even with her strength she couldn’t raise her arms. It was like they were held with steel chains.

“Let me go! When Superman…“ she started to say reflexively. “Ah!” Luthor kicked her in the head.

“For a Kryptonian who can hear gnats farting in China you don’t listen well. He’s dead. What to see the video?” Luthor clicked another button on his wrist and hologram appeared. It was even worse than Supergirl had imagined. There was Superman, still wearing the tattered remains of Clark Kent’s suit and shattered glasses. There was Bizarro and Solomon Grundy savagely beating him. There was the Parasite sucking away his power. There was Metallo poisoning him with his radioactive vision. Supergirl squeezed her eyes shut. “T-turn it off Luthor, turn it off. I believe you. I believe you. He’s, he’s dead…” She sobbed.

“Yes he is, now you’re Earth’s greatest hero. And I’m going to fuck you.”

Supergirl bit her lip to keep quiet and squeezed her eyes shut. “I won’t give him the satisfaction” she swore.

Luthor knelt down next to her and undid her yellow belt. He pulled her blue blouse loose from her waistband and drew the silky blue fabric up.

“Nice. I usually like my women with a bit more meat on their bones like your buddy Wonder Girl but there’s something to be said for a skinny 70s girl like you.”

He felt her modest round breasts and tweaked her pink nipples. “No bra? So the Parasite wasn’t lying after all.” He peeled down the red hotpants. “No panties either, you really are a party girl.” He ran his gloved hand through her downy blond bush and lightly rubbed the closed lips of her labia. For Supergirl the humiliation was too much.

“Please! Luthor, not like this, please, free me and we can do this right, over there on the bed, I’ll do anything you want me to, please.” The shameful words had burst from her mouth before she could think. The thought of sex with Lex Luthor was horrifying enough but being forced to lie there, powerless while he raped her was even worse. The master villain seemed to consider her offer.

“Hmm, intriguing. But can I trust you?”

“Luthor, I give you my word, you know I’ll keep it!” He rubbed her pussy again, it was still dry and closed. “I have no desire to rape an unready woman so I’ll make you another offer.” He gently rubbed her breasts with his other hand. His gloves were smooth and cold, she felt her nipples get stiff.

“We’ll play a while. Use this time, think of whatever or whoever you have to, get yourself nice and wet for Uncle Lex and we can do it your way. But if you’re not ready when I am…”

“Okay!” She shouted before he could finish the thought. Then sobbed. How could she? How could she volunteer to humiliate herself for this villain? But how could she face the alternative? And besides maybe, just maybe he’d make a mistake and give her a chance.

His gentle strokes persuaded her labia to unfold a bit. She gasped as a gloved finger slipped inside the crack. It wiggled around and she sighed at the sensation.

“I’m surprised, and a bit disappointed. You’re no virgin Linda. So who was the first to enter your golden gates? Did you play ‘doctor’ with the other orphans? Maybe a torrid affair with one of the Justice League? Or did you and cousin Clark decide to restart the Kryptonian race one romantic evening? Hmm? HMM!” Luthor pinched her clitoris between his thumb and forefinger to get an answer.

“Buh-Brainy!” She yelled to stop the pain.

“Brainiac? I didn’t think that android had it in him.”

“Buh, Brainiac Fuh-Five” she panted.

“Ah yell, Brainiac Five, that little green boy from the future. Claimed to be descended from my partner, I always wondered how a robot could have decedents. How was he Linda? Was he a good lover? Did he fulfill your every desire?”

Lying there in pain and humiliation Supergirl thought back to that sweaty evening in the Legion Of Super-Heroes headquarters where, under a red sun lamp, she and her boyfriend first made love. They were both virgins, both shy and awkward, it was short, a bit painful and embarrassing. They never tried again.

“He was great! Nothing like you!”

“Well then try and imagine him Linda, because your time is running out. And tell me about your next lover.”

“No one! AH!” “Now, now, I don’t want to hurt you Linda but if you’re going to lie to me…”

“It was… it was… in Kandor. But it wasn’t-“

“So you had a fling with a microscopic beau right under cousin Clark’s nose. You are the little minx aren’t you?”

Supergirl shook her head and remembered. A renegade Kandorian scientist named Lesla-Lar kidnapped and brainwashed Supergirl. Lesla took her place on Earth while Supergirl was trapped in Kandor believing she was really Lesla. She had an affair with another scientist in Lesla’s lab and slept with him several times before Lesla’s plot was uncovered and they were restored. Because her memories were erased Supergirl didn’t even know about her own affair until years later. But during that time her loins ached every time she walked by Kandor.

Desperately she tried to remember those nights, to find some erotic memory to grab on to and replace the horrible truth of what was about to happen. She thought of all the men she’d had crushes on, all the men she’d kissed, all the men she’d wanted to kiss…

Her hips bucked a bit. “That’s better.” Luthor muttered and bent down, he sucked on one firm breast, then the other, Supergirl moaned a bit. She felt another finger slip in and a bit of fluid trickle down her inner thigh. Then the powerful forces holding her wrists and ankles disappeared, her hands and legs were free!

But only for an instant. Luthor grabbed her and threw the weakened Supergirl over his shoulder and carried her like a sack of flour to the bed. He unceremoniously dumped her on the silk sheets. Her short red cape billowed out becoming a sheet for her lay on. He reached down and opened his fly.

“If you would be so kind? He pointed at her red hotpants.

Supergirl hesitated, but only for a second, she did not dare anger the archvillain.

At least that’s what she told herself.

She pulled the hotpants down and drew up her long smooth legs. She started to drop them to the floor but Luthor stopped her, he left them dangling from one ankle like a sexy trophy of his conquest.

Then he pulled the mightiest legs on Earth apart, ran his finger up their sensitive interiors, and plunged his hard cock right between them.

Supergirl gasped as he entered. It was nothing like her limited experience. It was so violent, but so sensual! It was like a lightning bolt up her spine right into her brain. Luthor plowed into her up to the hilt a few times, feeling the Girl of Steel’s hips thrust back at him. He couldn’t believe how tight she was! The arch-villain had taken his share of women, even a few superheroines but none of them matched this. The thrill of raping his archenemy’s cousin mixed with her sheer beauty almost pushed him over the edge. He paused.

The girl continued to buck for a few seconds longer. Then she opened her eyes and looked. “Lex?” She simply said.

It was all he needed. Supergirl was his, of her own free will she had invited him to keep going. He rammed her again and she squeezed her eyes shut. He clutched the bottoms of her breasts and pushed them upwards, she moaned and pushed back against him. He pinched her nipples and she gasped with pleasure. She pounded her in an irregular rhythm, not letting her mind and body get accustomed to it. Finally she came, moaning and crying and gasping ‘Lex, Lex, Lex…” It was music to his ears. “Oh Linda, your everything I dreamed you would be, you’re perfect my perfect little-“

That’s when the gold cane slammed down on his bald head and knocked him out.

Supergirl opened her eyes and saw Batgirl wielding the Riddler’s cane. Batgirl extended a yellow-gloved hand.

“I think it’s time we checked out of here don’t you?”

Supergirl looked at the unconscious Luthor sprawled on the floor and hesitated a second.

“Supergirl I’m leaving with or without you.”

“Right!” She pulled up her hotpants. “Let’s go.”

The two heroines jogged through the windowless corridors looking for anything that resembled an exit. “Come on Linda.”


“Sorry, that’s what he called you right? Linda. I guessed that was your real name.”

Supergirl leaned against the wall and gasped for breath. “No, not really, I mean it’s my secret ID but it’s just something Superman made up. You should call me by my real name; Kara, Kara Zor-El.”

“Pretty name.”


“Well come on Kara, we have to keep going.”

They moved a few steps but Supergirl staggered.

“Sorry Batgirl” the blond heroine panted as she shank to the floor. “Just so weak…”

“I know it’s hard but we can’t stop now.” She wrapped an arm around Supergirl’s slim waist “Put your arm around my neck I’ll help you.” Batgirl was surprised how light Supergirl was. While barrel-chested Superman always looked so brawny, his cousin was so frail and ethereal. It was hard to believe she was the second most powerful person on Earth. Of course she wasn’t so powerful now, after being drained by Kryptonite, the Parasite and her mistreatment at Luthor’s hands she could barely walk.

“How much further?”

“Not far, Kara, not far.” Batgirl lied. This place was the size of a city! She had no idea when or how they would get out. Her only hope was to evade detection until Kara recovered a bit more. Once Supergirl was back they could easily get out.

They staggered through a few more corridors before Supergirl spoke again. “Luthor said Superman is dead. Said they beat him to death in alley.”

“Did he? The Riddler said he was working for them and was going to kill Superman. Oh Kara, don’t you see? They’re lying! They lied about Superman being dead, they probably lied about everything!”

“But… but if Superman is alive… why didn’t he save us?”

“I… I don’t know Kara, I don’t know. But once we’re free we’ll find out, I promise you.”

The next corridor took them to a bank of windows and for the first time Batgirl saw where they were. They were in a huge spherical ship floating miles over the Earth’s surface. She could see clouds under them. “Oh crap. Maybe we can find a hanger or a teleporter or something.”

But Supergirl already felt stronger. The direct sunlight through the windows was already reenergizing the young heroine. Batgirl looked over, Supergirl was smiling and stretching in front the window, arching her back like she was greeting a long-lost lover. “Don’t worry, I’ll be able to fly us out in a few minutes.” Her voice was already more confident.

“Well, well, well, Flasher what do we have here?”

“Looks like some kind of Bat-Bimbo and Super-Tramp.”

Batgirl turned, the voices were coming from two colorful figures at the end of the hall. The two men walked forward.

“Robin? Kid Flash? Is that you? You escaped too?” Supergirl called out.

“Um Kara I’m not sure they’re-“ Batgirl began to whisper.

“Yeah Bat-Bimbo, we didn’t need to escape. We’re not prisoners, we’re members. Luthor is going to save the world, with or without the Justice League. And we’re with him.”


“Don’t bother arguing Kara, they’re mind-controlled.”

“Oh. Right.”

By then the two Teen Titans were upon them. Robin threw a smoke bomb and attacked Batgirl. Kid Flash charged Supergirl. Kara was stronger but still nowhere near her normal strength and speed. To her Kid Flash was just a blur as he ran by she took a step and tripped. Kid Flash had pulled down her red hotpants around her ankles. She tried to free them.

“Always wanted to do that. Miss High-and-Mighty Supergirl, too good for the Teen Titans huh? Too powerful to hang out with us ‘kid partners’. Well now who’s powerful? Now who’s special you dumb whore?”

Batgirl soon found herself on the defensive. Like Supergirl she’d been mistreated and abused and wasn’t at her peak, but that wasn’t all. Barbara Gordon had been training in martial arts for a few years and was good. Dick Grayson had been training in acrobatics and martial arts with the best teachers in the world all his life. Batgirl was nowhere near his level. She blocked a kick with the Riddler’s cane and swung it back at Robin but the Teen Wonder easily dodged. He punched and kicked again and Batgirl lost ground. She knew it was only a matter of time before Robin connected and put her out. “Hey Batgirl want to know why we never invited you to join the Teen Titans? Cause it’s for partners, real heroes. You were never Batman’s partner, you were just a hot chick he let hang around cause I was banging you. No room for Robin’s fuck-toy in the Titans.” Batgirl tried to screen out what he was saying, she knew they were just lies the villains were making him say. But they still hurt.

Supergirl got back to her feet when Kid Flash charged again. This time he wrapped her in her own indestrictable cape, tied a neat knot and knocked her down again. She fell on the floor, cocooned in her cape but with her bare legs and bottom exposed. He stood over and leered. “Let’s see you get out of that one Super-Tramp.” With two high-speed kicks he spread her legs and stood between them. “I bet you’re as tight as Wonder Girl down there.”

Nearby, Robin finally connected and sent Batgirl to the floor on top of the struggling Supergirl. A plan occurred to her. “Supergirl… switch!” she whispered and pulled the knot undone. The Girl of Steel got the idea and jumped up, and rushed Robin. Kid Flash turned to react but Batgirl kicked him in the head and knocked him over. She was thankful that the mind-control made them slower than usual. Kid Flash jumped to his feet and charged Batgirl but she was ready. She lowered the Riddler’s cane and hit a button. A dazzling blast of holograms, colors and sounds blinded Kid Flash. He skidded right past her and into a wall. He collapsed unconscious.

Robin’s skills meant little to the Girl of Steel, even at a fraction of her strength and invulnerability she was far stronger than anything he could handle. He kicked, he punched, he karate chopped, and accomplished nothing. She punched him out and retrieved her hotpants. “Wow. They’re really under Luthor’s control.”

“Yeah.” Batgirl reached down and pulled off Robin’s utility belt. “And who knows who else they have. We have to get out of here, can you fly us out of here?”

Supergirl closed her eyes a second and concentrated. “No, not yet.”

“We should move, they may have raised an alarm.”

The two heroines huddled together in a narrow utility tunnel. There was barely room for the two of them, they were scrunched up in fetal positions next to each other, their legs and shoulders touching. It wasn’t comfortable but it was isolated. It didn’t have any sunlight so Supergirl would recover more slowly but there did not seem to be any cameras or alarms. Supergirl had a bit of her x-ray vision back and said the tunnel was lined with lead, proof against other people’s x-ray vision. So they sat and they waited.

“Thanks back there, I-I really thought Kid Flash was going to… was going to…” Supergirl couldn’t say it. “You don’t think he would have? Do you?”

“It’s OK Kara, it’s OK. They’re not themselves, it’s not their fault. Once we free them I’m sure he’ll apologize. And honestly, I don’t think he would have, no matter what control they have over him there’s no way they could make him do something totally against his nature.”

“Yeah, I hope so.”

“I wonder why they didn’t use it on us?”

“Maybe they were going to but didn’t have time?”

“Yeah, maybe. Or maybe they just liked the idea of keeping us prisoner with our minds free. Luthor said something about liking me better that way.”


Then they were quiet. Supergirl decided to change the subject.

“So what’s your name?”

Batgirl hesitated, like all the Bat-family she was paranoid. But at this point… “Barbara. Barbara Gordon.”

“Commissioner Gordon’s daughter?”

“Yeah. That’s me.”

“And no one ever figured it out?”

“Well Batman did, but no one else, not even my dad.”

“You must be pretty good.”

“I like to think so.”

Supergirl turned serious. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“If I’d listened to you last night we wouldn’t be here now.”

“That’s nonsense. They were watching us. They could have grabbed us then and there.”

“Oh. But still… you were right, I was wrong.”

“It happens. Just forget it OK Kara, forget it. It wouldn’t have made any difference in the end.” Batgirl chocked back a tear, she hated this feeling of powerlessness. She’d been right, but it didn’t matter.

Kara put her arm around her friend and giggled to break the serious mood.

“What about Robin?”

“What about him?”

“Nice breifs.” She giggled. “A bit short on him.”

Batgirl blushed. “You should talk!”

“Nice legs too. Did you really sleep with him?”


“Come on.”

“Yeah.” Batgirl blushed. “A couple of times. But it got kind of awkward y’know, hiding it from Batman.”

“He doesn’t know?”

“I hope not! Cause, y’know…”


“Well… I sort of had a crush on him for a long time. I hate to admit it but that was the main reason I put on this costume. Sometimes… y’know, I hope.”

“And you think the world’s greatest detective never noticed.”

“Yeah, I guess I’m a bit optimistic.”

“I think naïve might be the word.”

“Hey!” Batgirl playfully slapped the blond and Supergirl laughed. Batgirl’s voice turned serious. “That’s how they got me you know, the villains.”

“What happened?”

“Clayface and Scarecrow. Scarecrow drugged me and then Clayface showed up looking just like Batman, and by then I was so out of it, I didn’t even think about it. So, we uh, we did it.”


“Yeah. Christ. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner, they know, how else would Clayface know to impersonate Batman? And if they figured it out then Batman must know too. He’s probably been laughing at me all these years, a love-struck little girl imitating her idol. I’m such an idiot…”

Then they were quiet for a while.

“What about you?” Batgirl finally asked.

“What about me?”

“You ever get involved?”

“It’s kind of hard for me y’know, woman of steel, man of tissue paper. There’s ways around the problem with red sun lamps and stuff but it takes some work.”

“Hmm, I can see that. Hard to be spontaneous huh?”

“Plus I’ve got an overprotective cousin who can see and hear anything on Earth.”

“Yeah, that would suck. I guess he’s really-“

“Oh you don’t know the half of it. Before I went public if I broke on of his stupid rules he’d exile me to asteroids or take away my powers all kinds of stuff. If he caught me with a guy he’d probably hit me with gold kryptonite. As far as I can tell he’s never even tried to have sex.”

“So you never-“

“Me? Yeah.” Now she blushed. “Well even Superman can’t always be watching, not when I can travel through space, time and alternate dimensions.”

“That’s a bit inconvenient.”


“But if you could?”

“Hal Jordon. “

“What? He’s like ancient!”

“He’s a bit older but I remember the first time I saw him in that tight costume. I was like wow! Who needs x-ray vision!”

“I guess…”

They were silent for a while, Supergirl put her head on Batgirl’s shoulder.

“You scared?”

“Yeah. Pretty much. You?”

“Yeah. But let me tell you, I’ve worked with Superman, Wonder Woman, even the Legion of Super-Heroes and there’s no one I’d rather be with than you.”

“Thanks Kara. That means a lot.”

“Except maybe Green Lantern.”

They both laughed.

The hatch opened and Supergirl crawled out. While the lead-lined tunnel hid them from Bizzaro and the Parasite it also left her blind. But the coast was clear.

“OK Batgirl, let’s get out of here.”

The redhead crawled out behind her partner. “We’ll head for the Fortress of Solitude, no where’s safer than that. If they’re not there we’ll take the Supermobile and head for space, maybe the Green Lantern Corps can help us.”

“You think it’s that bad Supergirl?”

“If they could mind control the Teen Titans they can get anyone, even the Justice League. We might be the last free heroes on Earth.”

“Damn. Well let’s going then.”

“Where are you going Kara Zor-El?” A cold mechanical voice interrupted.

“Brainiac!” Batgirl turned towards him reached for a smoke bomb. But there was a blur and suddenly Supergirl was in front of Batgirl, protecting her friend. “Run Batgirl! Run!” Supergirl’s eyes glowed red and Brainiac’s white lab coat began to smolder. He waved a hand and force field sprang up to protect him.

“Do not run Barbara Gordon.”

Batgirl found her feet were rooted to the floor.

“Cease your resistance Kara Zor-El.”

Supergirl found herself paralyzed as well.

“To answer your earlier question, you have both already been placed under my control. Your every action, every word was monitored. I did not exercise full control at my colleagues’ request. As Kara Zor-El stated, they preferred you both free. I believe they were quite entertained by your conversations.”

“No…” Supergirl muttered, tears came to her eyes involuntarily. Behind her Batgirl fumed impotently.

“Now to end this charade of freedom.”

Brainiac waved his hand again and, for a minute, it seemed nothing happened. But inside unwelcome feelings were stirring. Batgirl shifted her hips and moaned. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to resist. She gasped. What were they doing to her? Supergirl staggered and grabbed Batgirl’s shoulder, they both stumbled. Supergirl fell to the floor first her body convulsing and jerking wildly. Her toes curled and her back arched and she screamed “YES!” Loud enough to shake the windows.

Then Batgirl fell over too clutching her stomach and rubbing her legs frantically. “oh please, please, please… please… OH!” she muttered before she too passed out.

“That was quite a show.”

“Greetings Lex Luthor.”

“So Brainiac was that really the only way to activate the nanites in them?”

“It is necessary to overwhelm the conscious mind.”

“With multiple orgasms?”

“It was an efficient method.”

“Oh Brainiac, under all those circuits you’re just as much of lecherous swine as the rest of us.”

“That is illogical.”

“Right Brainy, whatever.” Luthor laughed.

Supergirl slowly regained consciousness. Her whole body ached. She was so cold. But when she tried to pull her arms and legs in but they wouldn’t move. She opened her eyes a crack and looked.

She was hanging like a piece of meat. Her arms and legs were held spread-eagled by metallic tentacles. She was naked.

She sighed. So this was how it ended. The great and glorious career of Supergirl. She looked around, she wasn’t surprised to find her x-ray vision and super-hearing weren’t working either. All she could see was the small metal-walled room she was imprisoned in. In front of her was a large video screen but other than that there was nothing, no door, no controls, nothing.

The video screen crackled to life.

Batgirl slowly regained consciousness. Her whole body ached. She was so cold. But when she tried to pull her arms and legs in they wouldn’t move. She opened her eyes a crack and looked.

She was lying on her side on the floor in an abandoned warehouse. Naked. Her arms were tied behind her back, in painful and humiliating wrist to elbow ties. Her ankles were also lashed together and tied to the same rope that held her arms. Another rope snaked under her breasts and then back and around her neck forcing her to arch her back just to breath. The ropes were rough and painful against her bare skin. She writhed and squirmed trying to get loose but the ropes offered no give, her escape skills were useless. She strained her neck to look around, in front of her was a large window but around her she could only see the shadows of crates. It was pitch dark outside but it suddenly became light.

Luthor smiled. “Arise slaves.”

Eyes blank, Supergirl and Batgirl stood up.

“And bow to your master.”

They both bowed at the waist and rose mechanically.

“Very nice. I see you’re both ready and eager to take up your new duties as the Legion of Doom’s morale officers.”

“Yes Master Luthor.” They said in unison.

“No, no, no, oh Brainiac that won’t do at all. If I wanted heroine robots I would have made some myself. They need more personality, more life.”

Behind him the green-skinned android adjusted a control.

Supergirl writhed in the grip of the metal tentacles. In the vid screen she saw Luthor talking to Brainiac and Batgirl standing next to her acting like some kind of robot.

She struggled again and an electric shock shot through her body. She screamed and another tentacle descended from the ceiling and latched on her head. She could feel tendrils drilling into her brain but was powerless to stop them.

Batgirl struggled with the ropes but could not move. Through the windows she could see huge forms of Luthor and Brainiac standing in a room. She could just make out Supergirl standing in the same room standing ramrod straight and acting like a President at Disney World.

“This isn’t real!” Batgirl suddenly said. “This warehouse is just some kind of metal illusion, my body, my real body is out there!”

But the realization didn’t help her at all. How could she escape when her prison was just an illusion in her mind?

Behind her another rope snaked towards her head.


Supergirl walked up and rubbed Luthor’s bald head. “Mmm” she cooed and kissed him. He returned it. “Thanks Uncle Lex, I feel so much better now” she whispered in a low voice. Batgirl walked behind him and wrapped her arms around his chest, she pushed her breasts into his back. “Mmm, Luthor I never knew you had such big muscles. You must spend a lot of time working out.” She kissed the back of his neck and ran her fingers down his chest.

“That’s better.” He raised a hand and knocked on Supergirl’s skull. “She’s still in there right Brainiac?”

“Yes. As you requested their original personalities are still intact and fully aware of what is happening. They are contributing on a subconscious level. This is a wasteful procedure. We should overwrite and erase the original personas.”

“Now, now my robotic friend, you’re overlooking the human element. Zombie girls are nice, but knowing that somewhere in there they know what we’re doing to them, that makes it all the sweeter. Isn’t that right Linda?”

“Hee-hee” Supergirl heard herself giggle. “I love you Uncle Lex.”

The next few hours were a blur for the helpless Supergirl.

First she sat down on Luthor’s lap and allowed him to caress her body while she giggled and made out with him. He started asking her questions between kisses, about the location of the Fortress of Solitude, how to enter it, its security systems, the powerful weapons in its arsenal, everything. Then he got information about Superman’s other safe-houses hidden elsewhere on Earth and throughout the solar system. Supergirl’s super-memory was flawless, and Luthor’s control was total. It took several hours, pleasant for him, agony for her, but in the end Luthor knew all of Superman’s secrets.

Then she watched impotently as her body walked the corridors the Legion of Doom’s Headquarters. She passed Batgirl walking arm-in-arm with the Riddler and whispering about the secrets of the Batcave.

Then, in a windowless room, she was forced to submit herself to the Parasite again, allowing the grotesque villain to fondle her breasts and pussy and to ram his deformed tongue down her throat. Worse yet the nanites in her body forced her to respond, rubbing up against his rubbery flesh and returning the kiss. Then things went dark. Her body collapsed as the Parasite drained too much energy.

When she could see again Luthor was leering over her. A small red laser shot out of his glove, he lowered it to her chest. Supergirl screamed inside her mind but outside her face was still set in a bimbo’s grin. The laser stung slightly but did not hurt her skin. However it did cut through her costume. Supergirl’s costume was woven from Kryptonian cloth, it was nearly as indestructible as she was but Luthor’s laser cut through it like paper. His first incision was right down the center of the blouse bisecting it and exposing her entire chest. Supergirl had already been raped and degraded by these villains but still felt a flush of outrage at this new humiliation! The next cut went around her back, turning the full blouse into a crop top that ended around the bottom of her breasts. Then he tied it tightly under her breasts, forcing them up and separating them. He smiled and, against her will, Supergirl felt her face smile back. Luthor reached down and snapped the waistband of her hotpants. “I figured as long as you’re going to wear those Daisy Dukes you should have a matching top.” He pulled one breast free and teased her nipple. He leaned down and sucked on it for a second, Supergirl felt some of the sexual energy flow to the free part of her brain. “Easy access too. Look everyone! Supergirl, the trailer trash from Krypton!”

Several villains laughed. Supergirl’s body smiled and giggled like a bimbo. Inside, Supergirl wept.

Supergirl next saw Batgirl in a large banquet room. Dozens of villains had assembled there for Luthor’s victory speech. Supergirl was humiliated to have these foul fiends look at her. But poor Batgirl had it even worse. Her costume had been almost completely replaced. Her cape and cowl were left on, so were her gloves and boots. But her concealing grey bodysuit was gone. Instead she wore a loose grey spaghetti-strap camisole decorated with a yellow bat and a yellow micro-miniskirt that barely reached the bottom of her crotch. When she walked Supergirl could see she wasn’t wearing anything under it. She wanted to reach out and hold her friend, protect her from his humiliation but she couldn’t do a thing.

“Hey sweetie! Looking good there!” Supergirl said in a high voice. As she spoke she bobbed her head like a bimbo.

“Mmm” Replied Batgirl licking her lips. “You too Buns of Steel. You’re delicious. I want to lick you up and down.” She walked up and hugged Supergirl, pressing her breasts against Kara’s and kissing her neck. Supergirl sighed.

“Now, now, enough of that” Luthor interrupted. “You two have work to do.”

“Yes Uncle Lex!” They cried out in unison. He held out his arms and each girl took one. Hips swaying and breasts bouncing he led them into the banquet hall.

Barbara Gordon tried hard not to watch what came next but the prison in her mind didn’t give her a choice. She rolled her bound body away from the windows. But the ropes became a web holding her suspended in midair facing the windows.

She saw herself, sighing and pursing her lips like a movie minx. She was serving drinks to the Riddler, Killer Croc and King Tut. The Riddler pinched her bare butt and pulled her into his lap, sending her tray of drinks onto the floor. He kissed her and she slipped him her tongue. “Mmm, you and me got unfinished business Bat-Babe.”

In her mind Barbara Gordon turned her whole head away and squeezed her eyes shut. But thin cords fell from the ceiling of the warehouse, cords that ended in sharp hooks. They slipped into her mask and forced her to turn her head back. Others slipped into her eyes painfully forcing them open. She felt thin trails of blood run down her cheeks. The agony was unbearable. “OK!” She shouted, “I’LL WATCH! Just please don’t do this. Please…” The hooks slipped free and Batgirl kept watching.

In the real world her body never even noticed. “After the floorshow Riddy, I’m all yours.” She kissed him again, slipped off his lap and bounced back to the bar for more drinks.

Inside Batgirl wondered what the floorshow would be.

“WHERE THE HELL AM I!?” Yelled Donna Troy, better known as Wonder Girl. “Let me go!”

She struggled again in total darkness. Her wrists and neck were in some kind of wooden stock that locked tightly around them. She was on her knees bent over some kind of wooden box. She could feel a strap around her hourglass waist and other straps around her thighs holding her firmly in place. The whole apparatus was bolted to the floor, it didn’t wiggle an inch.

Wonder Girl could feel that she was wearing her costume. It was a simple red spandex bodysuit that covered her body and legs but left her arms bare. It was cut low around her breasts and on her back and decorated with yellow stars. She moved her toes and could feel her black leather boots on her feet. She shifted her wrists and felt her silver bracelets on them. She wiggled her body a bit and could even feel her golden belt. Whomever imprisoned her wanted her fully outfitted for action. The only thing missing was her glowing lasso, a copy of her sister’s. But if she had that then she would have light and obviously her unknown captor wanted to keep her in the dark. She chuckled at the bad pun.

Normally she could shatter this wooden bondage apparatus like matchsticks but her limbs were heavy and weak. She knew the reason. It was Hera’s Curse. The Queen of the Gods had made the Amazon’s stronger than any man, but with the curse that if any man ever bound an Amazon she would lose her strength. Normally Donna Troy could lift a truck with one hand, but now she was no stronger than an ordinary woman.

She wondered who had dressed her in her costume, and then it hit her, they’d captured her in her civilian identity. That meant they knew her secret identity!

Just a few hours ago she had been working in her darkroom developing some pictures. As she mixed the chemicals a strange sweet smell filled her nostrils, she began to feel dizzy. “Puh-poison!” She gasped. Someone had switched the chemicals, she had mixed herself a batch of chloroform! She covered her face with a cloth and headed for the door. Her legs became rubbery and she collapsed halfway there. Her Amazon stamina and strength kept her awake. She crawled the last few feet and managed to reach the doorknob. Fresh air was waiting just on the other side! After three tries she grabbed it with the last of her strength and the door fell open. She gasped at the good, clean air a few times and blinked her eyes free of tears.

Then she saw the black leather boots.

“Hello Donna” Said the Terminator. Then he kicked her in the face.

And she woke up here.

She thought she could hear voices nearby but muffled, maybe in the next room.

“HELP ME!” She cried again. But no one answered.

Supergirl’s sensitive hearing picked up the cries from a new captive but could do nothing about it. The nanites injected in her blood were a more powerful prison than any physical bonds.

“Hee-hee, you’re so funny Toyman!” She giggled as the Toyman made a Supergirl action figure hump a Superman figure. She kissed his sweaty neck and whispered to him how she’d always wanted to fuck her cousin. He muttered something about building her a robot.

“NO!” She screamed inside and tried to twist free from the metal tentacles that held her. But she knew it was pointless, that they were just a metaphor for the bonds holding her conscious mind. At least she was only talking to them. Across the room Scarecrow was fucking Batgirl in his lap.

The curtain rose. Wonder Girl blinked in the sudden light. She was on a stage facing a banquet hall filled with the worst villains in the world! She immediately recognized minor villains she’d fought with the Teen Titans like Dr. Light and the Terminator but also spotted world-class villains like Gorilla Grodd, Black Manta, Sinestro and… “oh no” she whispered.

Lex Luthor bounded on stage to the applause of the assembled villains. He waved for them to be silent and they immediately obeyed. “Gentleman and ladies, I welcome you tonight, to the Legion of Doom.”

They applauded again.

“As you all know this fraternity of ours was not created to destroy the world, but to save it. Even now technology developed by myself, Captain Cold, the Toyman, Poison Ivy, Brainiac and others is being used to end hunger and suffering across the world. We are united, not to cause doom, but to avert it. Meanwhile the Justice League, so-called heroes who never found the time to solve the world’s real problems, have been vanquished.”

There were cheers.

“Wonder Woman? Diana?” Wonder Girl whispered. It couldn’t be true could it? “WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SISTER!?” She yelled. Everyone ignored her.

“And tonight we introduce the newest member of our fraternity, Dick Grayson, but you all know him better as Robin.”

Wonder Girl felt a chill go up her back as she heard light footsteps behind her.

“And he has a very special show for all of you.”

Robin’s bare leg and green pixie boot appeared in her vision. The villains were wildly applauding his appearance. He knelt down and ran a gloved hand through her silky dark hair. Robin and Wonder Girl had been friends ever since she arrived in the Man’s World. They’d founded the Teen Titans together, he’d been her guide and her mentor, just like a big brother. And if she knew one thing it was that Robin always had a plan. He whispered in her ear. “Donna, just play along, whatever happens just try to be brave. I will all work out.” She nodded slightly and he stood up.

The Amazing Amazon tried to think of something brave and defiant to say when bound before the greatest villains in the world, but nothing came to mind. Her eyes darted wildly looking for some hope but saw none. These villains were bold and fearless, they had even dressed two whores as Batgirl and Supergirl to serve them.

“Let me go!” She finally shouted.

They laughed.

Robin hit a spotlight over Wonder Girl and turned on some monitors for close-ups. She finally got a good view of what was holding her. It was a wooden stock holding her neck and arms forcing her to bend over a wooden box. Her waist and legs were strapped to it effectively pinning her on all fours. Under her head there was a wicker basket. Now she could see what was over her head, two wooden rails and a very heavy blade. It was a guillotine! The rope was tied to the floor so she was safe for the moment.

Robin knelt down and undid the knot, the blade slipped a few inches. Wonder Girl cried out. Robin tested the heft of the rope and the weight of the blade a few times. It slid easily. Then he knelt beside Wonder Girl’s head. “Donna, listen, open your mouth and put this inside. Nothing’s going to happen to you I promise but you have to do this.”

“OK Robin, but… I’m scared… I’m really, r-really scared.”

“Hush Wonder Girl, I have a plan.” He put the coarse rope in her mouth and made sure she had a good grip. Then he let go. Wonder Girl bit down as tightly as she could and squeezed her eyes shut. She felt the rope jump in her mouth but she kept a tight grip on it. She was safe. As long as she didn’t cry out.

‘Great Hera!’ She thought. ‘Whatever Robin is planning he’d better do it soon!’

Behind her, Robin started the next phase of his plan. He admired Wonder Girl’ perfect ass as he had so many times before. Her costume was so tight that wne she was bent over like this he could make out the lines of her pussy. It was incredible. But not enough. He took out a razor-sharp Batarang and slashed across the top of Wonder Girl’s firm tight ass.

“MMPH!” Wonder Girl almost let go of the rope from the pain and surprise. Sweat began to roll down her forehead. What was he doing?

Robin slashed again, and again and pulled off a handful of red spandex. He tossed it to the roaring crowd. Wonder Girl could feel her bare bottom, feel cold air on her clitoris and anus. She moaned under her rope-gag.

Robin slapped a butt cheek and watched her butt wiggle for a second. There was almost no fat, just enough flesh to make it pleasantly rounded. He licked the fingers of his hand and carefully felt the closed pedals of her mound of Venus. He stimulated them lightly and began to speak.

“As some of you know Amazons are pretty formidable. They’re stronger and tougher than us and live forever.”

Wonder Girl could feel her body starting to respond. She bit her lip and tried to focus on something, anything else.

“And of course they’re all just stunningly beautiful with the roundest, firmest tits you can imagine.” He bent over her and straddled her from behind grinding his crotch into her pussy. Reaching down he popped one tit and then the other out of her costume. He teased her nipples until they stood up, perky and firm.

“Of course this comes with some disadvantages too.”

He slapped both her breasts. Wonder Girl once again cried out under the gag but kept a firm grip on the rope.

“For one thing when a man, any man, ties then up they lose all that strength. Which is why Wonder Gams here can’t break loose.”

Wonder Girl started to worry. Was this the plan? Was Robin just playing along or was he serious? She tried to call out to him under the rope.

He must have heard because he knelt down next to her again making a big show of running his finger through her hair.

For the audience Robin tsked a few times. “Sure must suck having all those powers and being trapped by a piece of wood.” But for her he whispered “I know Donna, I know it’s hard, but I have to convince them before they let us go.”

He got up and walked behind her again, rubbing her pussy with his gloved fingers again. “And there’s one more weakness.”

Wonder Girl’s eyes went wide. That was a secret! She’d only told Robin! He couldn’t share it! He couldn’t!

“Virginity!” He rammed his finger up her pussy all the way to her hymen. Wonder Girl squirmed in fear, her eyes wild above the gag, she screamed, ‘NO!’ through the rope again and again.

“To keep their powers Amazons have to be virgins. Once they’ve been ‘sullied’ by a man they lose it all. Which means if, like me, you spend a while hanging out with a half naked Amazon chick then you’ve had your cock teased by an expert!”

The villains laughed.

“You get a little frustrated!”

The villains laughed harder.

“But today, I’m getting mine!”

The crowd roared in approval.

He walked behind her and lowered his green jockey shorts. Supergirl and Batgirl froze in place transfixed, would he really do it. He put his hands on Wonder Girl’s waist, getting a good grip.

“Say goodbye to Paradise Island baby!”

“AH!” Wonder Girl cried out loud as her virginity was taken with a sharp stab of pain. The blade whooshed down but she quickly jammed her mouth shut. The blade slipped a foot but stopped with a jerk. Wonder Girl sighed. She was still alive.

“Feel that? Feel it? That’s you being fucked! That’s me fucking away all your magic powers, that’s me getting what I’ve wanted for years. Holy paradise! This was worth the wait!”

She could hear and feel Robin’s cock slipping in and out of her, she started to hyperventilate, it was too much, it couldn’t be real, it just couldn’t be!

Then he suddenly stopped. Wonder Girl held her breath, was there still hope?

He crossed in front of her, holding his dick pinched between two fingers. He let go.

Her face was covered in sticky slimy cum.

“Robin WHY-“ she started to yell.

Robin agilely jumped aside as the blade fell and a shower of blood shot from Donna Troy’s neck.

Everyone froze in shock.

“Ain’t that just like a woman? Never knows when to keep her mouth shut!”

The villains exploded in laughter. Robin retrieved Wonder Girl’s head from the basket and tossed it to Felix Faust. “See if you can’t make something with this.” The necromancer smiled and thanked him.

Inside Batgirl and Supergirl despaired. If they could make Robin do that, what would the villains make them do?

Outside they seemed unconcerned. Supergirl continued serving drinks and Batgirl continued making out with Black Manta.

“That was a waste of a nice piece of ass.” The Terminator said.

“Not really. First of all it gets us Robin, after this he’s ours, nanites or no. Did you know he came up with this himself? Seems it’s been a fantasy of his for years. That kid had a lot of pent-up frustrations, and we’re letting them out. Second of all Amazons are magical, created by the gods and all that jazz. Grodd and I weren’t 100% sure the nanites would work on her, even depowered.”

The Terminator grunted affirmatively. “Magic sucks.”

“Besides there’s gonna be more than enough fine ass to go around.” He tugged on Supergirl’s cape and pulled her over. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed Luthor’s cheek.

Supergirl looked at herself in the mirror and carefully applied her makeup. Uncle Lex told her to look ‘extra slutty’ and she was doing her best to comply. She hummed to herself happily. She loved Uncle Lex, he was so smart and wonderful.

NO! She hated Lex Luthor! She had to keep reminding herself of this. But the free part of her mind was getting weaker and weaker. She kept hearing her own mouth say she loved being Luthor’s bitch. She kept feeling her own body rubbing up against him. It was easy to forget this wasn’t her, this wasn’t what she wanted.

Supergirl struggled again against the silver tentacles that held her in iron grip. She knew they weren’t real, nor were the computer monitors in front of her or even the aching body hanging spread-eagled in this lab. But it felt so real.

She heard her own voice again. “Mmm, come quickly Uncle Lex, I’m waiting.” She saw her own hand pick up a framed picture of him and kiss it. She felt the cold glass against her lips and the warm feeling of seeing her beloved’s face.

Supergirl wondered if she was going insane.

The door opened and Supergirl rushed forward and jumped on Luthor showering his bald head with kisses and pulling him to the bed. He pulled at the knot under her breasts and her crop-top fell open. He gently kissed her breasts and rubbed his leg against her pussy, it was already warm and wet. “Oh Luthor, I want you, I want you now!” She grabbed him with both arms and pulled him in, they kissed again.

Luthor broke it off and rolled away from her.

“Luthor? Sweetie? What’s wrong?”

Luthor sat brooding for a few minutes while Supergirl kissed his neck and ran her delicate fingers up and down his chest. Then he seemed to make a decision. He touched a button on his glove… and Supergirl was free.

“AH!” She screamed, flinched, pulled away from him and fell off the bed. Luthor laughed and walked around to face her on the floor.

Kara started to get up but Luthor’s boot slammed into her chest, right between her breasts. Thanks to the Parasite, she was still as weak as a normal woman. Luthor pushed down pinning her to the floor and knocking the breath out of her. Luthor cracked his knuckles.

“You were saying?”

“I…” He took his foot off her chest.

“Get on the bed.” Supergirl complied.

“You were saying how much you loved me. Continue.”

Superman was born to be a hero. With or without his powers he was brave, strong and resourceful. But, as she liked to remind everyone, Supergirl was not Superman.

“Oh… um, Lex, you’re so strong, so… great… please, take me, please? I…I want you. I’ve uh, wanted you for years.”

“Take off the hotpants.”

Supergirl pulled them down, Luthor kneeled and put his fingers in “Mmm, nice and wet. Now where were we Linda?”

“You were going to fuck me.”


“I…” She looked away, she squeezed her eyes shut. “I can’t wait.”

Luthor didn’t make her wait. He thrust his 12” dick up to the hilt and pounded her hard. Whatever her mind’s feelings Supergirl’s body responded enthusiastically. She came twice before Luthor did. Then the evil genius lay with her on her cape on the bed.

“Luthor, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah.” He said absently.

“Luthor, before Brainiac said something about erasing our minds.”


“Luthor, please, please do it. I can’t go on like this, just erase my mind and I’ll do whatever you want. I just can’t stand having to watch it all and remember.”

Luthor looked at her in astonishment then laughed. “You’re serious?”

Supergirl kissed his neck and ran her fingers along his bald plate. “Yes Lex, yes. Please, just erase my mind, then I can be yours forever, all the time. I mean that’s what you want right? Me and Superman dead, that’s why you did this, so just get it over with.”

Luthor laughed, big booming laughs that shook the room. “Oh Linda, Linda, Linda, Linda, you’re just too much! This is exactly why I didn’t erase your mind, a zombie would never give me this much entertainment. Sure, maybe the Toyman would be happy with some mindless sex slave, but I’m Lex Luthor. You know I could have killed you and your cousin years ago. I had Kryptonite missiles aimed at your fortress, satellites with red sun rays to hit you in space, even a sniper rifle with enchanted bullets. But killing you would be too easy. I don’t just want you gone, I want the world to recognize that Lex Luthor always was the better man. I want everyone to see that your cousin was just an alien glory-hound who was lucky enough to get superpowers. That’s what it’s always been about.”

Supergirl put her head on his shoulder and cried. “What about me? What do you want from me? Why are you doing this? You captured Lois Lane dozens of times and never touched her. Why me? Why?”

Luthor thought for a minute, deciding whether or not to tell her the truth. He turned and kissed her on the lips, she returned it. He hit a button on his belt and his shirt and gloves dissolved, flowing into his belt. He lay back and moved Supergirl’s head over his hairless chest. “Kiss it, lick it. And I’ll tell you a little story I call: The Secret Origin of Supergirl.”

Supergirl complied. With her top undone her breasts hung down like ripe fruit capped with her engorged nipples like two pink strawberries. She lowered her ruby lips and they caressed Luthor’s muscular chest, tasting the smooth skin. Her long blond hair trailed along his bare chest, lightly tickling it. Luthor sighed.

“Before you came to Earth that little retard Jimmy Olsen got a hold of a mystic artifact that grated wishes. Instead of wishing for power, or wealth or even world peace the little shit decided to wish for a female partner for his pal Superman. The magic created a skinny blond girl dressed in a blue minidress. Sound familiar?”

Supergirl stopped.

“Keep going.” Luthor commanded and continued with his story. “Of course things did not go well and Olsen ended the spell. But then, just a few months later, you show up, with the same powers, the same outfit and a preposterous story about a Kryptonian city that survived.”


Luthor wrenched her hair and jammed Supergirl’s face into his abs. She started kissing and licking again.

“When I heard your story I looked for ‘Argo City’ there’s nothing out there. No dead city floating in space, no trace of evidence to support your absurd story. So I scanned you. You’re a Kryptonian all right, but with some strange trace radiation I can’t identify. But it perfectly matches the radiation Olsen’s little toy put out.”

“But-“ Luthor growled, Supergirl kissed his nipples. Luthor heard her sob.

“You’re not real Supergirl. Somehow the spell that created Olsen’s Supergirl created you as well. You’re right of course, I would never treat a woman like this, I’m Lex Luthor, not some perverted Bat-Villain. But you Linda, you’re not real, just a bit of wish fulfilment. Why do you think you were so quick to take up the role Superman assigned you, why do you think you are so quick to take up your role as my fuck toy. Linda, Kara, Supergirl, you’re just an empty vessel waiting for a purpose, a wish to fulfill.”

He moved a hand down and opened his fly, his dick was rock hard again.

“Now suck my dick Super-Skank, and make me cum.”

Tears in her eyes, Supergirl complied.

Batgirl felt a blast of the Riddler’s hot cum shoot down her throat, she reared up like a horse and yelled “OH YEAH!” as she swallowed it in one gulp. Behind her Captain Cold thrust into her pussy a few more times and came himself. Batgirl kissed the Riddler letting him taste his own cum on her lips while Captain Cold fingered her from behind. He raised his fingers and she licked them clean.

Trapped inside her own head Barbara Gordon felt it all. The dick in her mouth, the dick in her pussy, the cum inside her, the taste of it on her tongue… worst of all were the orgasms. She’s cum three times during this gang-bang, and felt it each time. In the prison in her mind, her body was covered in a film of sweat, her lions ached for more. She was still suspended in a spider web of rough ropes, forced to watch every second. Despite her bonds she tried to rub her legs together, she could feel her clitoris was still gorged, she was still so horny!

“It’s just the mind control… just the fucking mind control, it’s not me” she muttered to herself but it made little difference. The feelings were real. When Captain Cold’s fingers slipped in again she gave a heartfelt sigh. She licked his fingers again. And then they were done.

The Riddler and Captain Cold high-fived and Cold left. Exhaused Batgirl lay on the floor. She was still wearing that obsence mockery of her costume; a yellow micro-miniskirt and grey crop-top, along with her own cape and cowl. Her abused body cried out for food, water and rest but the nanites drove her on. “Mmm, Riddler, more…”

The Riddler opened a chest and took out some equipment. He lightly tossed Batgirl a leather collar. She sat up and looked at it, it was bright red leather reinforced with metal bands and a nylon cord inside it. The cord was connected to a ring on the outside, when she pulled the ring the cord tightened, it was obviously meant as a disciplinary device. She giggled “Ooo, kinky!” and put in around her neck, over her cowl. The clasp clicked and it was locked on her neck. It was very snug, she couldn’t even fit a finger under it, it must have been made to fit her perfectly.

Then he took her firm arms and pulled them behind her back. He pulled until she gasped from the pain and cuffed her left wrist to her right elbow and her right wrist to her left elbow. Now her arms were once again completely immobilized and pulled back painfully. This bondage also forced her chest to arc back, thrusting out her breasts.

Inside Barbara Gordon moaned in despair.

Outside she giggled. “I luv it when you tie me up! Hee-hee!”

The Riddler came up behind her and mauled her breasts through the thin top.

Inside and outside Barbara Gordon involuntarily moaned in pleasure.

He pushed lightly on her shoulders and Batgirl sank to her knees. She giggled “Ooo, ready for more? I sure am!” She giggled again and wiggled her butt.

Inside Barbara Gordon screamed curses at her disobedient body but hearing her own voice talking to the Riddler like that, feeling the pleasure of his fingers on her breasts, she couldn’t help feeling a bit of pleasure. Barbara realized she might be going mad.

The Riddler bent her over a crate on the floor. He pushed on the back on her neck until her nose was an inch from the cold concrete floor. Her ass rose into the air and the loose micro-miniskirt fell down leaving her ass and pussy completely exposed. He clipped the loop on her collar to a hook on the floor trapping her in that pose.

“Riddy? What are you-”

He grabbed her hair and raised her head. Through her cowl Batgirl felt the nylon cord constrict and cut off her air. He pulled until she was choking and then let go. She gasped for air.

While she was gasping he fastened leather loops around her ankles and just below her knees. The cuffs were far apart and she had to spread her legs almost three feet apart. Now the crime-fighter was forced to kneel with her head to the ground, her ass in the air and her legs spread wide. Even if her mind was free Batgirl would be helpless. The Riddler rearranged her cape to cover her back and hang down over her wet pussy, giving the girl a bit of temporary privacy.

“This is so kinky!” She giggled in her high voice. “Mmm, let’s get it on lover-man.” She wiggled her butt some more.

“Sorry Bat-Babe, I’m tapped out for now, but you’ll have a new partner soon. I just gotta take care of one last detail.” He hit a button on his cane and Batgirl gasped. Every muscle spasmed at once and she almost chocked from her collar.

Inside her mind Barbara Gordon felt the walls of the prison explode and she was shot forward, back in control of her body!

She gasped a few times and spat. “Riddler you fucking bastard when I get loose I’m going to-“ She was cut off again when the Riddler grabbed her hair and cut off her air.

“Well that’s a change of tune Barbara. I think I like you better as a brainwashed bimbo. But this isn’t my idea.” He let her go and she once again panted for air. She heard the cell door open and close. “She’s all yours” she heard the Riddler say.

Batgirl heard foot steps behind her but the collar did not allow to see who it was. He flipped up her cape, exposing her backside and obscuring her vision. While she was blinded by it he slipped something under her nose. She gagged at the smell. He pulled back the cape and she could see. It was a dish of dog food. Batgirl wrinkled her nose but her stomach rumbled and her mouth watered. She hadn’t eaten since she was captured and needed something in her stomach. But this…

Without the nanites controlling her Batgirl felt weak, she needed food, her mind and body screamed it. Hesitantly, she lowered her mouth and tried a bit. It was cold and slimy and tasted like garbage but it was food. She wolfed down the rest of it letting the grey slime trail down her chin. She heard foot steps again and a hand lowered to take the dish. She saw a green glove and pair of green pixie boots. Robin?

“N-no…” She muttered in fear. “Not you…”

A hand ran along her strong back massaging sore muscles. The touch was so familiar it was horrifying.

“Dick… please, you have to fight them.” He kneeled in front of her and smiled.

“Oh Babs, you got it all wrong. The Legion of Doom, they’re the good guys, they’re trying to save the world. They’re not controlling me anymore, I’ve seen the light, I’ve joined them.” Batgirl looked at his face, Dick Grayson’s handsome features were haggard and worn and he had a strange twitch on his cheek. But his eyes, his eyes were focused and alive. Nothing like the mind-controlled heroes. She feared he was telling the truth.

“No Robin, you’re lying, they’re just controlling you! Like they did with Donna!”

His face softened for a second. “Barbra, you don’t understand, what they had me do to Donna, they were going to do it anyway. If I didn’t do it some villain would, at least this way if I’d seen a chance…” He shook his head and now he was smiling again. “Besides she was such a tight fuck it was totally worth it. Mr. Luthor says I did such a good job he’s going to make him his heroine tamer!”

“Oh Dick… please, this isn’t you, I know you’d never hurt Donna, I know you’d never hurt me.”

“Oh Babs, are you really that dumb?” He stood up, walked to her side and let loose a vicious chop on her back, Batgirl felt like her spine had just been cut in two, she jerked upwards and almost chocked herself again. If he had wanted to Robin could have crippled her for life. By the time she got over the pain she’d missed some of Robin’s speech.

“…always were a big cock-tease with that tight costume. And don’t think I don’t know who you really wanted to land. Did you know you talk in your sleep Babs? ‘Oh Batman, I love you Batman’ how many times did I hear that while we were in bed?” He took her head in his hand, pulled it back and slammed it sideways into the concrete floor. “Did you think of him while you were fucking me? Huh?!” He slammed her head twice more.

“I heard you with those villains, that’s the real you. The nanites didn’t make you a whore, they just made you honest.

“Oh Dick, please, I love you, I really love-“

“Lying bitch! You’re just like the rest of them, you only want Batman, Batman, Batman, well Batman’s dead now bitch, so you’re getting me!” He kidney punched her. He walked behind her and fingered her pussy, it was still damp from Captain Cold. “Sloppy seconds? Robin don’t play that.” His gloved finger traced a line around her backside to anus. He traced the rim with a smooth glove. Batgirl started to pant in fear. “Dick, please, not there, please Dick…”

“What’s that bitch? Please put my dick there?”

“Dick please…”

“Whatever you say Bat-Bitch!”

He rammed it in with no lubrication or attempt at relaxing her. Batgirl clenched as hard as she could to keep him out but it was a loosing battle. The weakened heroine had no chance against her ex-lover’s strength. “Ugh!” Robin grunted from the effort. “You’re gonna be a whole lot friendlier once I take that stick out of your ass. I’m gonna break you in and make you Robin’s Bat-bitch! That’s all you ever where y’know!” He grabbed her bucking hips and used them as leverage to pull himself in more. Batgirl squealed like a pig from the pain. Robin kept up his stream of insults. “Back when you first started up we laughed at you. Bruce was all like ‘that dumb-ass bitch only good for one thing’ and y’know he was fucking Catwoman so he was all like ‘Dick why don’t you tap that fine piece of ass’, I showed him pictures after.”

Barbara Gordon was almost out of her mind with fear. She’d been captured a dozen times over the years and always feared being sodomized more than anything else, more than torture, more than death. She’d had nightmares about it. And now her best friend, her lover was doing it. “Guh-go to hell! You’re lying! You’re fucking lying!”

“Oh yeah, you’re tight, tighter than our first time together. Nice, real nice. Even Alfred always said you had a fine ass. Oh yeahhhhh…”

Batgirl felt hot cum up her ass and felt Robin’s dick withdrawing. He walked around and wiped his dick on her hair a few times. The beaten heroine did not object. He unclipped her collar and raised her head. Tears, cum and dog food stained her cheeks and chin. He held his limp dick in front on her full lips. “Now suck it bitch!” He shoved it against her closed mouth but she clenched her jaw shut.

He pinched her cheeks and squeezed forcing her mouth open bit by bit. His dick got closer and closer, Barbara could see and smell her own blood and feces on it. So she did the only thing she could. She puked over his dick, his red tunic and his green pixie boots.


She reared up, her legs and arms were still bound but at least her head was free. She head-butted him in the balls and the Teen Wonder collapsed backwards with a gasp.

“YEAH Robin! I was thinking of Batman the whole fucking time! Why else would I be interested in a fucking runt like you!” She spat.

“Yuh… yuh BITCH! I’ll fucking kuh-kill you!” Robin reached for her throat and pulled the loop on her collar. Batgirl felt the loop tighten around her slender throat. She fought back with every bit of desperate strength she had, pulling backwards and forwards and trying to shake him loose but she could not break his strong grip and each struggle just tightened the noose. Her vision grew dim. She coughed once, then twice.

Then she passed out.

“Mister Grayson, what are you doing?”

“Huh?!” Robin let go of Batgirl’s throat, she fell helplessly on her face. “Nuh-Nothing Mister Luthor, nothing. I wasn’t gonna hurt her or nuh-nothing.” His mouth twitched several times and his voice broke. “I wasn’t really gonna kill her…”

“I expect not. You may go now. Black Adam has just brought in Mary Marvel, perhaps he needs your assistance.”

“OK Mister Luthor, right away Mister Luthor!”

“And pull your pants up!”

“Yes Mister Luthor! Thank you Mister Luthor!” He pulled up his jockey shorts and ran out.

Luthor shook his head as Robin passed. Supergirl just watched the fallen hero in dismay. Luthor pushed Supergirl inside the cell.

“Your friend is being stubborn. See if you can get her to understand, to play along willingly OK? Because if not, well we’ll need a floorshow tomorrow too.” Supergirl nodded mutely and he slammed the door shut behind her. Kara saw Batgirl bent over and unconscious on the floor. She ran over and, with some effort, undid the tight straps on her legs, knees and hands. The redhead was covered with cum, filth and bruises. Supergirl held her friend and sank to the floor. “Oh Barbara, what did they do to you?”

After a while Batgirl came around again. She screamed once but when she saw Supergirl’s face she just started to cry. Supergirl cried too.

Batgirl whispered her story to Supergirl. “Oh Barbara you fought back, you tried, that’s the important thing… I… I just did everything Luthor told me. I didn’t even try… maybe Luthor’s right maybe I’m just some guy’s fantasy woman come to life…” She whispered her story to Batgirl.

“No Kara, no, Luthor is the smartest man in the world. He knows what lies to tell you, he knows how to twist and manipulate you. You can’t listen to anything he says.”

“Oh Barbara, what are we going to do now? I can’t face another day as a puppet, but I can’t stand myself when I’m free… What can we do?”

Batgirl thought and formed the beginning of a plan.

“Kara, how long has it been since the Parasite drained you? Have any of your powers returned?”

“A little bit, but it’s taking longer and longer each time. I really can’t do much. I can’t rip out that door if that’s what you’re asking.”

“I didn’t think so, but do you think you could muster a bit of super-hypnosis?”

“Super-hypnosis? Maybe, but it only works on willing subjects, I couldn’t control one of the guards or anything like that.”

“Don’t worry, I have a plan.”

The Scarecrow popped another viagra on his way to the cell. The Toyman trailed behind him muttering to himself and playing with a Batgirl Barbie doll in his hands, rearranging her hair and even kissing the forehead. The Scarecrow shook his head, generally the Bat-Villains were a pretty fucked up bunch but the Toyman with his obsession with children’s games and the young children who play them was a whole other kind of crazy. But it was their turn in the rotation. High demand for time with Batgirl required doubling up and there was no way Scarecrow was missing his session just because he had to let Toyman tag along. He checked the remote control in his pocket. Luthor said Supergirl was cooperative and Batgirl was practically beaten but he was taking no chances, he’s reactivate the nanites as soon as he got in.

He opened the cell, they would have to move Supergirl back to her room first. Luthor made it clear the Maid of Might was off-limits to everyone else. “Come on girls, up and at-‘em! Time for some real fun!”

The two heroines were sprawled out on the floor, not moving.

“HOLY SHIT! They’re dead!”

“Huh?” The Toyman muttered, looking at them for the first time.

The Scarecrow knelt down and felt for a pulse. Nothing. “Jesus Christ! Luthor will kill us!”

“But we didn’t touch them.”

The Scarecrow grabbed the short fat toymaker but his lapels and screamed in his face. “Yeah and Lex Fucking Luthor is going to give us a nice fair hearing when he finds out-UGH!” Behind him the two heroines stirred from their death-like hypnotic trance. Batgirl jumped up and wrapped her chains around the Scarecrow’s skinny neck and pulled them tight. Supergirl cold-clocked the Toyman and kicked him in the balls when he down. Batgirl finished off Scarecrow and proceeded to smother the Toyman with her cape. Supergirl stood by. “Do you really-“

Batgirl finished off the Toyman and looked at Kara. “You know what they were going to do to us. Besides they’d raise the alarm.”

“But Brainiac can track us anywhere-“

“So we have to move fast. Follow me!”

The two girls ran through the corridors of the Legion of Doom’s headquarters until they found a door marked with an elaborate triangle. “Good! I knew I saw it before! Let’s go!”

Supergirl took a deep breath, raised one leg and kicked down the metal door.”

“What the fuck!” A man in a gaudy green and yellow costume was waiting on the other side. He reached for something on his night table but Batgirl was already on him, she snapped his neck with desperate strength. Then she grabbed the item off his table.

“Angle Man, an old Wonder Woman villain. Pretty useless except for this thing.” She held up what looked like an ordinary triangle but as she waved it, it twisted at impossible angles like some MC Escher drawing. “This is his Angler, it exists in a dozen dimensions at once and can twist and open them.”

“Do you know how to use it?”

“No, but it’s our best bet!”

“There they are!” Someone shouted in the corridor. Supergirl heard the sound of running boots. Captain Cold’s head appeared in the doorway but Supergirl blew him back with a burst of super-breath. “Hurry up! I don’t have enough power to do that again!”

Batgirl twisted the Angler violently and a white line appeared in air, it began to open into a gateway and air rushed into it. “Come on! This is our ticket out of here.” Batgirl jumped in and Supergirl followed.

Luthor arrived on the scene a minute later and there was nothing left. With Angle Man dead there wasn’t even a way to trace the two heroines. “Damn.” He muttered.

“DAMN!” He punched the wall. Then he took a deep breath and composed himself. He’d lost his beloved Supergirl but life would go on. She’d been too distracting anyway.

Batgirl landed face first in a puddle of mud, Supergirl landed on top of her. The two heroines untangled themselves and got up. “Damn.” Batgirl muttered. The Angler was there but it had a hard landing, it had smashed against a rock. “Guess we’re not going home that way.”

“Do we want to?”

They were in an idyllic meadow, with a stream running through it and a herd of sheep in the distance. The sky was clear and the air was beautiful and clean.

Batgirl looked around. “I wonder where we are.”

Her powers returning under the open sun, Supergirl looked around with her super-senses amazed at what she saw. “Oh Barbara, it’s so beautiful! We’re on another world, just like Earth but with no people. It’s like human beings never evolved here! We’re here alone, just us, just us…”

Batgirl hugged her and Supergirl returned the hug. They were safe here, safe and alone.

And free.


Captain Boomerang popped another viagra on his way to the cell. Dr. Polaris trailed behind him with a flock of metal dildos floating behind him. Boomerang shook his head, generally the Flash-Villains were a pretty normal lot, just high-tech criminals looking to rob a few banks and mess with the Flash. But the Wonder-Villains like Polaris were a bunch of perverts and sex-fiends. It must come from getting beaten up by the hottest woman in the world on a regular basis. But it was their turn in the rotation. High demand for time with Batgirl required doubling up and there was no way Boomerang was missing his session just because he had to let Polaris tag along. He checked the remote control in his pocket. Luthor said Supergirl was cooperative and Batgirl was practically beaten but he was taking no chances, he’s reactivate the nanites as soon as he got in.

He opened the cell, they would have to move Supergirl back to her room first. Luthor made it clear the maid of might was off-limits to everyone else. “Come on girls, up and at-‘em! Time for some real fun!”

The two heroines were sprawled out on the floor, not moving.

“STREWTH! They’re dead!”

“Huh?” Polaris almost jumped.

“Jesus Christ! Luthor will kill us!”

Polaris knelt down and felt for a pulse. “Don’t worry, they’re fine. Look you can see them breathing.”

“Oh thank God.” Boomerang mopped his brow with his silk scarf. “But what’s wrong with them, they were supposed to be free. He looked into Supergirl’s wide blue eyes and snapped his fingers a few times. No reaction.

Polaris slapped Batgirl but there was nothing from her either.

“What do you think?”

Boomerang shrugged. “I think time’s a wasting, we want them mind-controlled anyway.” He hit the remote and both girls stirred and smiled. They looked at the hovering dildos. “Mmm, Dr. P, are all those for me?” Batgirl giggled.

“Ooo I want the big one!” Supergirl said enthusiastically.

“Sorry Super-Slut, Luthor wants you back in your room.”

“Oh poo.” She pouted but complied. Once the door was closed Boomerang pulled Batgirl by the hair and mauled her breasts.

“But you Bat-Bitch, you’re all ours.”

Batgirl licked Boomerang’s neck. “Well then, what are you waiting for?”

Deep inside their minds Supergirl and Batgirl frolicked in virgin woods free from their responsibilities, free from the villains. Deep inside they both knew it was a lie, an illusion created by Supergirl’s hypnosis and Batgirl’s vivid descriptions but they didn’t care. Their conscious minds had retreated from the real world down to a level where even Brainiac’s nanites and Grodd’s telepathy could not touch them. They were free. They were safe. Forever.


I’d like to thank the writers and artists at DC who inspired this story and created such wonderful characters and to the Wizard for a great contest idea.

Please send comments, suggests and criticism to Writing is hard work and this is the only reward I get, so please let me know how you like it.

Marcus Lycus

December 2006