The Humiliation of Lady Supreme

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This is the story so far: The story of Lady Supremes ordeal begins in "Supreme" issue #39. In case you didnt read the issue, Lady Supreme, after learning herself to be the former Starguard member Probe with the female version of her brothers super-powered body and cast into the 20th Century, leaves Earth during the "Extreme Destruction" storyline in search of her father- Supreme. With the help of Enigma she arrives on a planet called Other Earth and discovered not one but TWO men claiming to be Supreme in battle. She managed to get them to stop their fight, and together they faced the true villain behind it all- the Norse god Loki! In order to stop Loki, Lady Supreme attempts to fight him by projecting herself into his mind. Supreme (the fully-powered one, that is) hurls himself into the god of lies. The huge deity is knocked to the ground, but does not acknowledge he has even budged.

"NO SECOND CHANCES THIS TIME, LOKI!" Supreme shouts as his fist smashed into Lokis golden skull.

Lady Supreme, the vision in white and red, has kept her distance from the battle, ready for her own move against the Norse god.

Now! she says to herself. This is my opening! Supreme has him reeling! Finally I can weave through Lokis defenses!"

Lady Supreme plunged her mind inside Lokis. While the battle raged on in the real world, Lady Supreme explored the depths of a god.

While Lady Supreme entered his mind, the battle continued in the real world as the fully-powered Supreme fires blow after blow against Loki, although now he suspects somehow the god is being distracted

Lady Supreme found herself deep inside a maze of images.

"Whoa!" she said to herself. "Thats Supreme duking it out with Loki! Those two must really have a history! And theres Starguard! That was when Supreme first met us! Hed come to the future to escape Loki! Yeah, thats right! Then we went into the past with Supreme to try and finish off Loki. But he was ready for us! He destroyed our ship and wiped out Starguard! I was all that survived"

Then she saw Supreme holding the magical hammer belonging to Thor, god of Thunder. "Supreme had already left.. taken off for Earth, looking for a weapon.. a way to hurt Loki.. and it looks like he found it!"

Then she saw two more images as she walked through this mental labyrinth. One was of the masked leader of Other Earth, the other the bearded version of her father. "Th.. Thats Lord Ardath and the bearded Supreme! Loki must have brought them together! Manipulated the two Supreme HE was the one who trapped my brother Val-En in Lord Ardaths body! IT WAS ALL THE WORK OF LOKI!"

Just then the golden body of Loki appeared before her.

"And what did you expect?!" he asked her. "To just trample through the mind of a GOD without him even KNOWING it?"

Loki reached out to the lovely heroine. Lady Supreme tried to avoid him, but found her feet rooted to the floor she was standing on. Before she could even think about freeing herself, Loki grabbed her by her tattered crimson cape and held her above his huge face.

"Now, behold how ETERNALLY insignificant you are! Discover the consequences of defying a GOD!"

And with that, he dropped her into his gaping jaws

In the real world, Lord Ardaths assistant, Balthazar, lay in a hospital bed, his eyes filled with rage and pain. His legs were severed off by Lady Supreme, although she herself did not realize the full scope of her powers at the time. He swears revenge. Slow, painful revenge

The fully-powered Supreme is knocked back by Lokis counter-attack, while the bearded Supreme looked for more ammunition to power his arsenal, which were his only means of fighting the god. He yearned for his own powers back so he could truly join the fray as the Supreme he believes himself to be.

In the future, a time-lost Enigma meets up with his futuristic counterpart above the headquarters of the Starguard. Unseen below, two members of the Starguard, Probe and Val-En, argue over the events that just transpired. For a brief time they were pulled to the 20th Century to fight two men who claimed to be their father, and a woman who claimed to be a future version of Probe inside Val-Ens body. Although they finally were convinced of the validity of the three Supremes, nonetheless they were shocked at the turn in events that were yet to come. The two versions of Enigma then use their other-worldly powers to erase the events that transpired from all the involved members of the Starguard. Then the future Enigma opened a new portal for his prior counterpart to return to his own time

Lady Supreme braced for the worst, preparing to see the innards of Loki. But instead she found herself inside yet another labyrinth.

"Humph!" she said to herself. "That wasnt so.."

But before she could continue she felt a tentacle circle around her waist. She tried to pry it off, but then two more tentacles wrapped themselves around her wrists, pulling her arms apart. Her golden bracelets literally oozed off her wrists like they were melted butter. More tentacles wrapped around her shapely legs.

She found herself dragged to the side of a wall, where golden hands began ripping and tearing Lady Supremes clothes off her. Her cape was already in tatters, as was the left side of her low-cut bodysuit, which barely exposed her left breast to the world. Both were victims of her last attack with the Keep. But now the mysterious golden hands tore those garments to shreds, exposing her naked and firm breasts and taut stomach. Her red boots literally dissolved like her bracelets did.

"UNGH!" she screamed as one hand reached between her legs and tore her golden panties off from underneath, exposing her curly black pussy hair.

She fought with all her might to try to free herself, but she couldnt budge from its grip.

Then she remembered her Starguard training. She was fighting physically when she should be fighting mentally! Instead of focusing on her physical strength, she needed to use her mental powers to free herself. She concentrated on pushing herself away, to push her away from the tentacles..

With a loud SNAP she was jerked forward to the ground. She was free!

She searched in vain for any remnants of her costume. Any remnants.. parts of her cape, her costume.. anything to cover up her naked body.. but she couldnt find a thing.

"What.. are you afraid Ill see you naked?"

Lokis voice echoed through the cavern.

"You dont have what I havent already seen in millennia," Loki said with a chuckle. "Although I must say you ARE a SUPREME form of beauty.. ever thought of posing for one of those mens magazines?"

Then more tentacles wrapped themselves around her thighs, and around her ample breasts, then as she again tried to free herself, once again around her wrists, pulling them behind her head. Then she could feel smaller tentacles underneath her, probing her pussy-slit.

"UNNGH! NO.. dont!"

Then Loki appeared in front of her. Only he was more demonic in appearance. The wolf-god of lies looked more like a snake, with the smooth face, reptilian eyes, and a huge and drooling tongue that oozed itself onto her bare thighs.

There was a look of fear in the Ladys face. She knew it. So did Loki. This was HIS world. He could do anything he wanted here, and there wasnt a thing she could do. She allowed herself to get sucked into his trap.

"What are you DOING?" she asked, trying to conceal her fear. "This is SICK! Let me GO!"

Loki grinned, as the tongue started to play with her thighs. "Oh, I dont think so, my dear. You see, we gods have gotten used to having our way with the most beautiful women of all time. Weve developed.. certain appetites and so what a shame it would be to just kill you outright when there are so many entertaining ways to build UP to it."

His snake-like tongue moved up to her breasts, leaving a warm trail of ooze over her cleavage.

"Y-you dont scare me," she said bravely. But it was a lie. Her whole body shook in fear of what he can do to her.

He grabbed her beautiful face and brought it closer to his mouth. "Ah, then perhaps youll enjoy the agony! I know I will! Better YET! Why not erase that pesky little mind of yours? Since the goal is obedient submission.."

"N-no!" she said as she struggled to tear herself away from his warm and arousing breath.

The tentacle around her bust-line suddenly retraced, exposing her breasts to Loki. Her nipples were rock hard, and her aureole were a light shade of pink.

Loki smiled. "MMM.. Better still, why not BREAK you first? Shatter your hopes and dreams then make you the universes SUPREME slut! Yes! Thats what Ill do!"

He grabbed her breasts. His hands felt rough, like tree branches. "Yes.. you DO have a perfect body, Lady Supreme! It indeed suits your name!"

"No.." she pleaded. "Let me go now! Or there will be HELL to pay!"

Loki looked into her eyes. "From you? From those clowns you call your fathers? Hardly!"

Then he twirled his tongue around the Ladys nipples. She shuddered as his warm ooze covered her breasts. Then the tongue moved down from her breasts to her belly, slowly tracing her navel before continuing further south to her cunt-mound.

"MMMM yes!" exclaimed the god. "I definitely WILL enjoy this!"

"Oh GOD NO!" she screamed as Lokis tongue began teasing the outsides of her vagina.

She shook her head violently, trying to shut out the feelings of pleasure she was experiencing. She kept saying to herself it was only in her mind, that it wasnt really happening.. it wasnt

Just then Lokis tongue entered deep within her, breaking her hymen and touching her G-spot.


"Oh yes!" she heard Loki say as the waves of pleasure enveloped her. "So tasty! So sweet! And just think, you can be a virgin all over again in the real world.. IF I allow you to return, that is"

The Lady could only shake as the waves of pleasure continued to hammer at her. She kept saying it was only in her mind.. it wasnt real it was only in her mind

But Loki knew when he was being ignored, and he didnt particularly care for it. Especially from a trollop like her! And he knew how to get her attention again

Suddenly Lady Supreme found herself back on Other Earth, in the middle of the ruins where she and her fathers fought Loki. Her tattered clothes were back on her body, as though they were never touched.

"Im out!" she exclaimed. "Somehow Im free! The two Supremes must have defeated Loki!"

"Yes," said the fully-powered Supreme as he came around the wreckage. "No thanks to you!"

The Lady stepped back. "W-what do you mean? I was there! I was fighting him from inside his mind."

"Bull!" said the bearded Supreme as he came around from the other end. "You didnt do anything! WE did it all while you simply stood there panting at it all! Like some weak, ineffective girl!"

"No.." she stammered, "I I.. tried to fight him! I really did! Father.. fathers! Please listen!"

Suddenly the powered Supreme pinned her arms from behind. The bearded Supreme cast a leering look in his eyes.

"You? My daughter?" the bearded one said. "HA! No daughter of mine walks around like a two-bit SLUT with her breasts hanging out for the world to see!"

He grabbed the sides of her clothes and ripped them off her in one stroke, exposing her naked body to them.

"Do you want to do the honors, beard?" the Supreme behind her asked.

"Sure," the other Supreme said as he started to remove his costume. "Its the least you could do after giving me THIS powerless body to work with.."

"No.." the Lady said as she struggled. "No, this isnt right.. Father, dont do this!"

But it was too late as the bearded Supreme finished removing all his clothes and stood before her, his muscular body proportioned like a Greek God, and his erect penis standing before her in all its 12 inch glory..

"Dear god NO FATHER!" she screamed as he advanced towards her.

"Youre no daughter," he said as he forced her legs apart and positioned his cock just below her pussy. "Youre a slut. And Ive fucked plenty of sluts in my time!"

Then he shoved his mighty cock into Lady Supremes defenseless pussy. The shock hit her almost like a fist.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!! FATHER NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" she screamed.

"YES!" said the other Supreme behind her. "And when HES done, wait until you see how its done at supreme-speed!"

"UUNNGGHH!!" she cried out. "H-HELP ME! Please God, HELP me!"

"UNGH!" grunted the bearded Supreme as he pistoned inside her. "God wont save you UUNNGGHH!! Youlittle slut! UUNNGGHHH!! Take it all!YEAH!. Oh.. what a.. hot.. cunt you.. have! UUNNGGHH!!"

Beads of sweat poured down her body. She squirmed against her captor and tried to stop being raped by her fathers. But they were too strong. The feelings of lust were too strong. ..

Just then she could momentarily feel the grip of her captor slacken. But before she could act, the other Supreme was holding her down again. This time she could feel the hardness of the other Supremes cock as it rubbed against the small of her back. He was naked too.

"Lets try THIS!" said the powered Supreme as he pushed the tip of his mighty cock into her virgin asshole.

Lady Supreme HOWLED in agony and in ecstasy. She had never had sex before, much less being double-penetrated by two men who claimed to be her father.

From the corner of her teary eyes, she could see more people coming from the distance. Would they help?

Kid Supreme arrived. The 16-year boy stood there in his red and white outfit, eyeing the scene with great interest.

"Whoa!" he said. "Major fucking going on!"

"Danny!" she said as she tried to reach out to him. "UUNNGGHH!!.. Danny.. help me"

"No way bitch," he said with a grin. "You left me in the hands of the Keep. Remember? On your search for dear old daddy instead of being there for us! That Maximage babe rescued me! I think some payback is in order.."

He cut in between the two Supremes and forced his mouth onto hers. Lady Supreme was in shock, not only because of the two Supremes fucking her at the same time, but also now that this kid was going to help them.

Kid Supreme pulled back and began to work on the fastenings to his outfit. "Oh, by the way, I brought over some friends.. you know, the ones who you left on Earth for the Keep? Theyll want to have their way with you as well.. then itll be MY turn!"

"INO Danny!" she said as she watched in horror as Danny Fuller started masturbating in front of them. "OH GOD.. AAAUUGGHHH!!! Im still in Lokis mind!"

Just then the bearded Supreme began to convulse. He was going to cum, and cum hard. "YEAH! TAKE.. IT.. ALL YOU SLUT!!!! ARRRRRUUUUUGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

At the same time the other Supreme began to piston faster in and out of her asshole, building up tremendous speed which the Lady could feel a thousand times over.


Her whole body wracked in pleasure as Supremes cock pulsed in and out of her asshole. She shook violently, not able to tell if the sensations she was feeling was pain, pleasure, bliss, guilt, or humiliation.. or all of them together..

Meanwhile in the real world, the bearded Supreme returned to the scene of the battle with more power for his arsenal. He was about to take aim at Loki when he noticed their female ally on the sidelines, in a daze and shaking like a leaf.

"Lady S is in trouble!" exclaimed the non-powered Supreme. "Somethings paralyzed her!"

"H-HELP ME!" she screamed as her body began to mimic the mental rape going on. "Please God, HELP me!"

Just then Enigma returned to his time, already aware of the ordeal Lady Supreme was enduring at the hands of Loki. "Hurry!" he said. "We must join forces to FREE the Lady of Lokis hold! NOW!"

Lady Supreme could feel Supreme as he convulsed inside her. His sperm shot through her ass and up into her stomach. She felt nauseous as she tried desperately to prevent the sperm from being forced up her throat. She bent over to cough, only to find the rock hard cock of Battlestone go down her throat.

"You left us," the reborn leader of Youngblood said as he began to fuck her face. "You left us at the hands of the Keep! It cost me the life of my brother for you to search for your daddy! I hope youre satisfied bitch!"

"MMMMMMMMMM GGGGGHHHH!!" said Lady Supreme as she tried not to gag.

Supreme pulled his cock out of her ass as Riptide walked up behind her. Naked, she was every bit beautiful, right down to the blue curls of her cunt-mound.

"I think she needs a good pussy-cleaning," she said.

Instantly the moisture in the area concentrated on one spot, Lady Supremes sore and wet pussy and asshole. Lady Supreme hummed in surprise as the cold water shot up those two orifices, cleaning them out of Supreme-sperm.

Then it was Knightsabres turn. The nu-gene Australian stood behind her, fully dressed, but with a sinister look in his eyes. "I think the Mickster needs to vent some frustration at this little cunt!" he said.

THOMP! Knightsabres staff plunged inside her pussy. The cold metal staff shot chills up Lady Supremes spine. Then she felt the staff rotate in and out like a cock.

"Yeah.." said Kid Supreme as he continued to jerk off. "UUNNGGHHH!!.. Yeah!.. Fuck her good Knightsabre! Get her ready for me!"

Then without warning, Lady Supreme could feel a sharp explosion wrack inside her. Knightsabre vented his frustrations through the staff, and into an explosive charge inside her womb. It wouldnt harm her, but the shock was like a quick orgasm surging through her body.

"UUMMPPHH!!" she gagged as Battlestone continued to fuck her face.

"Yeah," Battlestone said. "UUNNGGHH!!.. keep doing that Mick.. UUNNGGHH!.. shes gonna make meUUNNGGHHH!!.. CUM!!!"

"MMMMMMMPHHHHH!!!" screamed Lady Supreme as another bolt hit her. And another.. and another.. and another..

Finally Battlestone grabbed the Lady by both hands and convulsed, spewing his sperm deep into her throat. She started to gag, but swallowed as much sperm as she could take, her body shaking like a leaf from the multiple explosions and orgasms she endured.

As Col. Stones cock slid out of her mouth, she could see out of the corner of her eyes that Shaft and Diehard were doing a two-way with Vogue. Likewise, Riptide and Masada were getting serviced by both Supremes.

"AWW.. Cmon!" said Kid Supreme as he continued to jerk off. "Whos next? Get some more cocks into her!"

Just then a huge stone phallus of more than a foot in length and almost half that in thickness stuck in her face.

"I hope THIS will do!" exclaimed Badrock.

For a boy barely 18, his cock was infinitely much larger than most young men his age. Not to mention much HARDER. His stone hand grabbed Lady Supreme by the cheekbones and threw her backwards so that she lay exposed, her legs spread and her wet pussy ready.

"Oohh YEAH!" the youngest member of Youngblood said. "This is going to be FUN!"

"No.." she pleaded. "Dont do this"

"Hey babe," he said with his trademarked stone smile, "you didnt mind ducking out on us, so why should we give a rats ass about your pretty ass? Besides, I wasnt kidding when I said you had one HOT little bod!"

He put the tip of his stone cock up against the lips of her pussy. It would seem almost impossible for it to stick inside her!

He looked up and smiled. "Yabba-Dabba DUUUUUNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"


Somehow, whether it was her supreme body or because of some sick fantasy of Loki, Badrocks huge cock rammed itself inside the Ladys smaller pussy.

"OOOHHH YEAH!" he grunted as he began to build a rhythm. "This.. is unbelievable!.. UUNNGGHHHH!!!!!"

"OWWWWWWWW!!!! FFFUUCCCKKKK!!!" she screamed. "IT HURTS!!!!. IEEEEEEE!!!!! IT HURTS!!!"

The scene was making Kid Supreme jerk off even faster. "Yeah UUNNGHH fuck her rock! OHHHH YEAH break her in for me!"

"UUNNGGHH!!!.." the boy of stone said with a blissful look on his face. "YEAH! Ive never.. Ive never. UUNNGGHH!! OHH!. UUNNNGGHH!!!! I.I UUUNNNGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Lady Supreme felt him spasm above her, then the swell of thick sperm as Badrock climaxed inside her. Yes, he was in EVERY way still a boy.

"Ugh!" he said as he finally finished. "Gee, I guess I dont live up to the reputation.."

"Well thats what you get when you send a BOY to do a MANS job!"

Lady Supreme turned only to find the diminutive Bartholomew Troll standing beside the beautiful amazon Glory. Former allies with Brigade.. now apparent enemies.

"Glory," she said. "Youre a woman cant you see this is wrong?"

Princess Gloriana smiled as she looked down at the naked and spent woman. "You dont understand, do you?" She unfastened the straps on her red costume. "I grew up on an island of women. We consider all men to be weak an ineffective. Didnt you think that with all that man-hatred that we wouldnt at least have some lesbian feelings?"

As Troll coaxed the spent Badrock off Lady Supreme, Glory finished undressing to reveal her own flawless nude body.

"YEAH!" screamed Kid Supreme as he began to cum yet again. "Fuck her good Glory! Im next! Im next!"

Glory knelt down and began licking Lady Supremes wet cunt. The Lady began to pant as Glory moved with a practiced hand onto her clit.

"MMMM" moaned Lady Supreme. "Glory.. dont do thisOOHH! OOOOH!"

Glory picked herself up from between the Ladys thighs. "Yes, I think youre ready for this," she said with a satisfied smile.

Out of the ether, a golden double-sided dildo appeared in Glorys hand. "I havent used this in decades," she said. "Consider yourself blessed!"

"No Glory.." Lady pleaded, "we were teammates once.. members of Brigade.. you cant do this to MEEEEEEEE!!"

Glory slid the golden dildo inside her swollen pussy. Instantly Lady Supreme felt tremendous waves of orgasmic bliss sweep her. Seconds later Glory gasped in joy as she impaled herself on the other end of the dildo.

"OH! Oh God!" the Lady exclaimed. "OOHHHHH!!! This is.. so.. wonderful!!"

Troll then positioned his naked body on top of Lady Supremes chest. His cock was thick, but it wasnt terribly long in proportion to his diminutive body. "And now I want you to mash your tits together for this little pal o mine," he said with a chuckle.

Lady Supreme complied, instantly feeling joy as she touched her breasts. Troll then slid his cock in between her tits and began pumping them. The effect magnified her pleasure, making her climax over and over.

"Yeah," Troll said as he pistoned himself between her tits. "Keep it up baby! AAHHH! Yeah! I havent had.. this.. much.. FUN.. in ages! Not since WW2.. huh Glory?"

"Oh.. yes Bartholomew," Glory said as she climaxed yet again. "Only now Im not.. the one.. getting.. your cumOOHHH!! on my neck!!"

The trio pumped and humped and bumped for what it seemed to be hours. Lady Supreme didnt know how many time she came, or how many times Glory came. She only knew that with every pump that Glory made and every thrust Troll made on her tits made her pump back just as hard. She was tired, and she feared she would die of exhaustion.

Finally it was Troll that broke this exchange. "OOHH yeah UNGH!.. baby.. here it COMES! UUNNGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

Troll shuddered, then silver cum spewed from between Lady Supremes tits and up around her neck. Not just some cum, but pints of magical troll sperm flowed from his cock. It gushed all around her chest, and up her neck, and down on her black hair.

Glory pulled herself off the dildo. Troll, after having the last of the cum fall, got himself off Lady Supreme, then kissed her on the lips. "That was great darling," he said with a snicker. "Weve got to do it again sometime"

"Troll!" Glory said as she pulled the little magic man off her by the ear. "Its HIS turn now.."

Lady Supreme laid there, cum and sweat dripping from her body. She has already been raped numerous times, and forced to climax a dozen times. And all the while Kid Supreme was nearby, jerking off.

Now Kid Supreme stood there, his hard cock standing out. "Like Glory-babe said," he said with a grin, "now its MY turn!"

"Of course Loki!" Lady Supreme responded. "I figured you would be the last one."

Kid Supreme smiled. "Aw.. you guessed."

"Its not hard," she said. "You were here all this time encouraging the others, getting me ready for you. The real Kid Supreme- if he was as immoral as you painted him to be- wouldnt have waited in turn to fuck me!"

The boy frowned. "Hmm I guess I need to work on that.. No matter!"

Lady Supreme steeled herself on the ground, as well as steeled her resolve. "Well if youre going to do it, get it over with!"

Loki smiled a demonic grin. "Oooh! I WILL enjoy this after all!"

But before he could advance any closer their world was shocked by a huge quake

In the real world, the powered Supreme decked Loki with all his might.

"THIS ought to rattle his concentration!" he exclaimed. "Comin YOUR way, beard!"

"This.." said Loki as he hurtled towards the non-powered Supreme, "this is useless resistance."

The bearded Supreme in return hit Loki with the full force of his weapons while his counterpart hit the god with the full power of his flash-vision.

"Then youll just have to humor us!" he replied.

The mental world reeled by the power of the assault in the real world. The image of the Other Earth battleground was quickly replaced by the gray labyrinth Lady Supreme first saw. Likewise, the nude forms of the Youngblood and Brigade members disappeared, leaving only Lady Supremes nude body and the golden body of the god of lies.

"NO!" Loki screamed. "Not now! Im so close!"

Lady Supreme didnt know what was going to happen next. Would she be trapped inside Lokis mind for all eternity? Would Loki even let her return to her body?

In the real world, Loki was hit again by another burst of energy. But this time it was from above him.

"Thats it!" said the voice above him. "Anything to break his concentration!"

"ENIGMA!" Loki shouted. "NNRG! This.. this is YOUR doing.."

Then the bearded Supreme opened up his weapons again at Lokis back. "Give us some credit, too, pal!"

The powered Supreme then wrapped himself around Lokis neck and put all his Herculean strength into strangling the god. "Come on! Come on, someone HIT him! I cant hold him forever!"

"Y-youll suffer for this!" gasped the god.

Loki charged at the naked form of Lady Supreme. She was just THAT close to breaking. If he could break her before their link can be severed.. Yes! Hell have her broken before then.

But knowing that his grip on her was failing, Lady Supreme scrambled to get away from him. She was sore, sticky, and tired, but she needed desperately to get away from Loki long enough to..

"Thats it!" exclaimed Enigma. "His grip on the Lady is crumbling!" His hands charged with otherworldly energy, which he unleashed on Lokis eyes. "And THIS should destroy it!"


"What?" Lady Supreme found herself back in her body. In front of the real battleground. "I.. Im OUT! Ive made it back!"

Her body was whole, and aside from her tattered costume, relatively unmolested. "It feels like.. like Ive been trapped in that cesspool for an ETERNITY!" she said shakily.

But even Lady Supremes power wasnt enough to stop Loki from killing the non-powered Supreme. However, her power was more than enough to help turn the tide and give Loki his first real defeat in millennia. Like the coward he was, Loki retreated, vowing revenge, only to find himself exiled by the Norse god Odin for his treacheries.

Supreme and Lady Supreme had won, but at a price only Lady Supreme and Enigma were aware of. Lady Supreme couldnt bear the fact that she indeed deserted Earth in search for her father. And even though the people who raped her were figments of Lokis twisted imagination, nonetheless the images remained in her mind. She couldnt bear to return to Earth.. not now anyways. Instead, she must be content with this Other Earth until she could sort out the consequences of her actions.

Loki would never know had indeed won.