Breaking Wonder Woman

Author: Nimrod
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Breaking Wonder Woman

By Nimrod

The glitzy night lights of Las Vegas reflected off the shiny black latex fabric that completely covered the figure that clung precariously to the side of the building. Wedged into a crack along the seam between two sides of thirty-storey hotel, sides covered completely with glass as reflective as the fabric on the figure, it made its way steadily up, using a pipe running down seam to help it scale up to the top of the building.

Anyone who could see the figure would realise that it belonged to a woman, with the very narrow waist, the rounded hips and the bubble-like buttocks that hung out into the air as the figure climbed. As the figure turned to throw one of her long slender arms up to grip the pipe, her torso swung to one side to reveal a pair of semi-spheres on her chest, just above her waist, which seemed impossibly large for even a well-endowed woman. The observer would probably wonder how the woman could climb with such agility and confidence with such a large pair of breasts.

The figure got to the top of the building now. She reached over the railing and pulled herself up and over it, suspending over empty air for a second as she hauled herself in. She squatted for a moment as she paused to catch her breath, to make herself as small a silhouette as possible as she scanned the empty deck of the penthouse suite of the hotel. Her entire head was clad in latex as well, leaving only a pair of eyeholes, through which a pair of green eyes looked out. The heavy black lining, the thick black mascara and the dark blue eye shadows all served to make the eyes looked large, almost cat-like, which complimented the pair of cat-like 'ears' sticking out of the top of her head. Nothing else of her face was visible, although there was a pair of grommets under her nose that allowed her to breathe more easily.

The figure stood up now. She crept on all fours towards the sliding doors, like an oversized cat, allowing her to move quite silently, even though she was wearing a pair of high-heeled boots of black glossy PVC. Again, an observer would wonder how she managed the climb up the building in the impractical footwear. Her buttocks swung behind her sinuously as she moved towards the doors. At the doors, she stretched her body forward for a moment, lowering her hips down to the ground as she placed her face against the glass. Watching and listening for a moment, she ascertained that there was no one in the living room behind the doors. Reaching up, she tested the doors. They slid apart easily. Clearly no one was expecting someone to enter through that way.

The figure crawled into the living room and slid the doors shut again. She drew her body up into a crotch, with her hands resting on the floor, her arms straight between her squatting legs. She heard the sound of someone showering. Stretching her body out onto all fours again, she crawled towards the sleeping room past the Luxe furniture pieces of the living room. The bedroom door was once again unlocked, and she opened it easily, and slipped in.

The sound of showering was now much louder. The occupant was clearly in the attached bathroom. The figure looked around the room, and immediately saw what she had come for. It was a coil of rope that hung from the back of a chair in front of the dressing table. The rope seemed to shine even in the darkness of the bedroom. The figure crawled towards the chair. She glanced sideways at a rack next to the chair, from which a costume hung. It was a strap-less satin garment, so it hung by a pair of ribbons sawn to the inside. The bustier top was red and its top edge was trimmed with gold in the form of two large stylized 'W's, one on top of the other, the stretched out to resemble an eagle with outstretched wings. The bottom piece of the costume was blue with white stars emblazoned on it. It had high leg holes which reached up to the hips of the costume, ending just below the bustier. A gold tiara with a red star as well as a golden belt hung from the rack next to the costume. A pair of red PVC boots, trimmed with white on top, with heels about three-inches high was in front of the rack. Finally, a pair of silvery gauntlets laid on top of the dressing table next to the rack.

The figure ignored the costume and reached for the rope. Just as her latex gloved hand touched it, the lights of the room were turned on. The figure's head snapped around and she saw a tall - indeed, Amazonian- woman standing in the doorway into the bathroom. Her body was dripping wet and uncovered, without even a towel to shield her modesty. Her limbs were long but muscular, not quite as over-pumped as bodybuilders', but certainly powerful like that of a world-class athlete.

The woman had broad-shoulders as well, which added to the sense of power as one looked at her. She had a lengthy torso under those shoulders, which curved in at the trim waist, but flared out again over her wide hips, forming a perfect hour glass figure. Her breasts were large but hung firmly high up on her chest, proudly erect, with her light brown nipples visibly enlarging and hardening in the cool air of the room. The woman's raven-black hair was curly and long, which framed her beautiful face. The face was Grecian in features, with high cheekbones and large dark brown eyes, ending with a strong chin underneath full-bodied lips.

It did not take Sherlock Homes to guess that this was Wonder Woman.

For a moment, the eyes of the two women met.

"Catwoman!" Wonder Woman exclaimed.

The latex clad burglar did not say anything. She bolted up straight and grabbed the lasso. She turned and fled through the bedroom door. Wonder Woman ran after her, her powerful limbs powering after the latex figure. As she ran into the living room, she saw that Catwoman had already gone through the open sliding doors and onto the deck. She turned for a moment to look back, then she leapt over the railing. The naked woman ran up to the railing, her breasts juggling on her chest, and looked over, expecting to see Catwoman falling to her death. Instead, she saw that the burglar had landed on a stack of empty cardboard boxes piled neatly on a rooftop jutting out from the hotel wall a few floors below. She was already up, with the golden lasso coiled across her body over her left shoulder. She reached a taut line tied to the railing on the edge of the roof, a line which stretched all the way down to the road. She grabbed a pair of handle bars fitted to a karabiner hooked over the line, and even as Wonder Woman watched in anger, she stepped off the roof and zipped down the line. As she landed on a street, a black van pulled up and its rear doors opened. Catwoman stepped into the van and it sped off.

Wonder Woman was about to launch herself after the woman, but stopped herself. She looked down, remembering that she was stark naked. She turned and ran into the suite again. She got into the bedroom, and tore the costume off its ribbon suspenders. She unzipped the back of the satin costume, and pulled the garment on. It slid smoothly up her body until the blue bottom clad her buttocks and crotch snugly. As she pulled the zip up, the bustier gathered around her torso, hugging her hips as the front came up and back to fit over her full breasts. The zip came to a stop just below the level of her shoulder blades, and she reached out for the metal belt. Throwing it around her waist, she pulled their ends together and held them in place using the set of hooks and grommets fitted to them. The belt came to rest low over her hips, neatly covering the seam between her red bustier and blue bottom. Wonder Woman bent down and slipped on the pair of boots, zipping them up so that their tops reached her knees. Then she stood up and picked up the pair of gauntlets, and slipped them around her lower arms through the slits on their backs. Closing them around her wrists, they fitted snugly as she flexed arms. Then she turned and ran out of the suite again.

With a leap, Wonder Woman jumped into the air and flew high into the night sky. She looked in the direction where she last saw the van sped away, and it did not take long for her to spot the black vehicle as it turned into another street. She flew after the van. By the time she caught up with it, it was parked in an alley next to a warehouse.

Sensing a trap, Wonder Woman landed warily next to the van. Its doors were open, and it was empty. She turned to the warehouse and approached the door carefully. It was locked, and she was wary that it might have been booby-trapped. Glancing up, she noticed a row of windows high up on the wall. She flew up to the windows and glanced in.

The interior was dark, except for a spot in the centre which was lit by some lights suspended from the roof, but Wonder Woman could not see anything beyond the rows and rows of shelves packed with boxes. She flew up onto the roof, landing lightly on the gravel-covered roof. She crept towards the skylight in the centre of the roof, and looked in.

Wonder Woman gasped at what she saw. In the centre of the warehouse was a space empty of shelves. Instead, there was a rack resting on the floor at an angle. The rack was constructed from heavy wooden beams and planks, and had an almost medieval appearance to it. It was fitted with heavy steel rings at each of its four corners. And spread-eagled tautly on the rack, with her limbs bound by ropes to the rings, was a woman.

"Batgirl!" Wonder Woman muttered under her breath. Batgirl had been missing for almost three months now, and Wonder Woman knew that Batman had been worried sick looking for her. In spite of his detective skills, he had not been able to find her. It seemed as if the earth had opened up and swallowed her whole.

Batgirl was dressed only in the remnants of her costume. The black PVC fabric of the costume had been torn and cut in many places, particularly around her torso, such that there was almost nothing covering her nubile breasts and crotch. Her bat-eared cowl was still in place, but its neck had been pulled up above her nose to gather in a band over her eyes, forming a blindfold. In her mouth was a large black rubber ball, held in place by a thick leather strap threaded through its centre and encircling her cheeks and neck. She still had her yellow boots but her yellow gloves had been stripped away, as was her utility belt.

Wonder Woman could see that Batgirl's breasts, crotch and inner thighs, all naked of any fabric, were covered instead by red welts. She had obviously been horribly abused. Looking closer, Wonder Woman could see two black rubber plugs on her crotch. She realized with a start that these were the ends of rubber dildos that had been inserted into the poor woman. Even as she watched, she could see Batgirl writhing her hips, as much as her bonds would allow, as if tormented by the dildos inserted into her.

A black latex clad figure came into view. It was Catwoman. She sauntered up to the bound Batgirl, and reached up around behind her head. She fiddled with something, and then the leather strap holding the gag in Batgirl's mouth came loose and she pulled the rubber ball from the open orifice.

"Ready to talk yet?" Catwoman purred. She was holding a cat-o-nine tails in her hand, which she swished in the air for effect.

"Never!" Batgirl said, her voice weak but still defiant. Catwoman swung her whip and brought its leather tentacles onto the captive's crotch with a firm thwack. Batgirl screamed and bucked.

"Just tell me who Batman is, and all this will end." Catwoman said in a velvety voice as she circled Batgirl. She swung her whip again, and this time, the tentacles landed on the prisoner's breasts. Batgirl screamed again, twisting her body away from the blow.

"Ne ... never!" Batgirl croaked.

"I know you won't talk, so I brought something better." Catwoman said. She walked out of view. A moment later, she returned, bearing something in her hands. Wonder Woman saw that it was her Lasso of Truth. In an instant, she connected the dots. She knew why Catwoman had stolen the lasso. Having failed to torture the information out of Batgirl, she will now use it to extract the information she wanted.

Wonder Woman stood up and launched herself through the skylight. The glass shattered as she smashed through it. She swooped down towards Catwoman, intent on grabbing her around her waist. But her arms gripped thin air, and she flew through what she thought was Catwoman. Confused, she did not stop in time, and flew through Batgirl and the rack as well before smashing into a steel pillar.

"A hologram!" Wonder Woman gasped as she stood up, getting into a combat stance for this was obviously a trap. The next instant, several canisters were flung out of the darkness surrounding her into pool of light where she was. Even with her super fast reflexes, even though she recognised that they were grenades of some sort, she did not react fast enough as they went off with blinding light and sharp bangs. Instantly, she felt giddy as the images she saw froze into a sort of hazy grey and white photo. Amazon combat trained or not, super-strength or not, Wonder Woman's physiology was still similar to other humans. That meant that she was affected in the same way by the stun grenades. The powerful noise generated by the combined detonation of so many stun grenades overwhelmed her senses, violently disturbing the fluids in her ears, disorienting her.

As the Amazonian princess stood temporarily stunned and blinded by the stun grenades, Catwoman stood out of the shadows. She held Wonder Woman's lasso in her hand, and with one deft motion, she flung the lasso out to encircle Wonder Woman's legs. With a tug, she tightened the lasso around Wonder Woman's ankles. With another tug, she swept the Amazonian warrior off her feet, causing her to fall heavily onto her back.

Catwoman was on top of Wonder Woman in a flash. As the latter lay on the floor, still stunned, she lifted her trapped ankles up and over Wonder Woman's stomach. At the same time, this caused her ankles to become crossed and spread open her thighs in such a way that Wonder Woman's crotch was exposed to view. Holding onto the lasso, Catwoman grabbed each of Wonder Woman's arms and pulled them under the crossed ankles, between her thighs. Moving into a position facing Wonder Woman now, Catwoman rested her knees onto the latter's thighs, forcing them down further, with her knees on either side of her breasts. She lifted up Wonder Woman's wrists, and crossed them over the top of her ankles, such that each of Wonder Woman's arms were hugging her corresponding lower legs. Then, with the lasso, Catwoman bound Wonder Woman's wrists together by coiling the line several times around the wrists, then turning the direction of the running line to coil it several times across the lines now binding her wrists, before tying the line off with a half hitch where Wonder Woman could not reach with her fingers. The entire process took no longer than a skilled cowboy would take to bind a calf.

By the time Wonder Woman recovered from the effects of the stun grenades, she found that she had been quite effectively bound. She could roll her body from side to side, or twist her body, but the way her wrists were crossed and bound over her crossed ankles meant that she could not unfold her legs. Her crossed wrists trapped her legs in a spread position. Wonder Woman realized that she could not break her own Lasso of Truth, that the glowing coils would hold even her amazing strength. With growing despair, she understood that she was now a prisoner.

"What do you want with me, Catwoman?" Wonder Woman demanded as she struggled futilely. Catwoman remained silent as she used the tip of her booted right foot to lift the bound captive onto her right side. She knelt down behind Wonder Woman, and unclasped the hooks holding Wonder Woman's belt in place. She pulled the belt off from around her waist, and flung it aside. She then removed Wonder Woman's tiara and threw it carelessly aside as well.

"Stop that!" Wonder Woman demanded with growing fury and helplessness. Her lasso held her securely and prevented her from doing more. Catwoman ignored her as she pulled the free end of the lasso down from the latter's crossed wrists down to her stomach. She then pull the free end down the Amazon's left flank, the one laying against the floor, and pulled the free end out from under the bound woman. She looped the line over Wonder Woman's right flank, and mated the running portion of the lasso to the portion running down from Wonder Woman's bound wrists to where it disappeared under her. Catwoman knotted the portions together to form a belt around the Amazon's trim waist, before feeding the running end between widely her spread thighs. Catwoman pulled the running end down Wonder Woman's groin, over her crotch.

"What are you doing?" Wonder Woman asked again, her voice an octave higher as Catwoman reached out with a gloved hand, and slipped it into the right leg hole of Wonder Woman's costume, running it down until it reached her crotch. She pulled aside the crotch piece of her costume to expose her freshly shaven vulva.

Catwoman remained silent as usual, and slipped the line of the lasso between the lips of Wonder Woman's vulva. She then made a thick knot in the lasso where the line would cross over Wonder Woman's anus, before she pulled the line over Wonder Woman's tailbone and feeding the end under the line around Wonder Woman's waist. Then Catwoman tightened the line viciously, causing the rope belt around Wonder Woman's waist to constrict over her generous hips, before tying it off with a knot to the rope belt around Wonder Woman's waist. This caused the line between her vulva lips to tighten over her clitoris under its hood and was driven deeper into her vagina mouth. The knot over her anus now pressed itself hard against her anus, and caused the puckered mouth to spread a little as it pushed its way into her.

"Urrgh!" Wonder Woman moaned as she felt the line tighten in her sensitive nether region.

"Please stop that!" Wonder Woman pleaded as Catwoman continued to work with a resolute silence. The feline now pulled the free line up from Wonder Woman's waist to a point on her spine, just below her shoulder blades. Catwoman now wrapped the line around Wonder Woman's torso, once, and then a second time, below and above her large breasts. Catwoman then tied these lines together, tightening them tightly above and below Wonder Woman's breasts. Again, the Amazon warrior felt the sensation of a sensitive part of her body being bound, this time her breasts.

Catwoman pulled up on the free end of the lasso again. It seemed to lengthen at her will as she pulled the remaining line up Wonder Woman's back to her neck. Catwoman grabbed the Amazon's long luscious hair and pulled savagely down, forcing Wonder Woman to tilt her head back. Catwoman now wrapped the line twice around her head, over Wonder Woman's cheeks and between her jaws, deep into her mouth. Then she tied the line off between her head. Wonder Woman's head was now tilted back in an uncomfortable angle by the lasso. Not only that, she was now effectively gagged by the rope in her mouth.

"Gaggh! Gggah!"Wonder Woman grunted as she writhed in her bonds. She discovered to her horror that the more she tried to free herself, the more she tried to lift her head to a more comfortable angle, the more the lines of her own lasso would rub her in the most sensitive regions. Her breasts would be kneaded. Her clitoris would be rubbed. The inside of her vagina would be chafed. Her asshole would be stroked.

Worse, to her consternation, Wonder Woman found that her body was beginning to respond to the combined effects of the lines binding her. She could feel herself becoming more and more horny until she began to become wet in her cunt. The effect was quite obvious as whitish foam began to leak out of her vulva lips.

Why was Catwoman doing this to her? Wonder Woman wondered. She glanced out of the corner of her eyes to see Catwoman come around her trussed form. She stopped in front of Wonder Woman, where she could see her. Catwoman reached back around the back of her neck, and began to pull down on the zip running down the back of her costume. The zip came down all the way to the cracks of her buttocks, and she grabbed the sides of the costume, and began to peel the latex off her back, then off her shoulders, before pulling them down, off the front of her body and her arms.

Underneath, Catwoman was wearing a black latex corset that squeezed her waist in to what was probably a trim 24". The corset had severe boning, and Wonder Woman wondered for a moment how the thief had managed to move so easily in that garment. The corset also did not have full cups, only a ledge under her breasts to help lift up them up but otherwise left them uncovered. They seemed unnaturally large to the captive Amazon. She knew that Catwoman was a well-endowed woman, but in her previous encounters with her, her assets had not seemed so enormous. As Catwoman bent down to unzip her boots and take them off one by one, they hung down like ripe melons from her chest.

Catwoman did a half squat as she pulled down the catsuit over her hips and buttocks, to reveal the fact that the corset had a broad strap attached to its hem, on the front and back. The strap ran down Catwoman's groin, over her crotch and up her back, nestling snugly between the generous and firm cheeks of her buttocks. Wonder Woman was startled to see that there were small locks holding the strap to the corset, placed through steel brackets on the hem of the corset which pierced through steel plate reinforced slots on the ends of the straps. Looking up, Wonder Woman saw that the back of the corset was closed by a strong metal zip, and the zipper was locked to the top of the corset by another small lock to rings on the top of the corset.

When the catsuit was fulling off, Catwoman walked over to a near-by trolley that Wonder Woman had not noticed before. She saw Catwoman picked up a pair of heavy boots. These looked strange. They did not have the normal soles of boots. Instead, there were only straight shanks down to a tip-toe, paralleling the very high stiletto heels behind them. The boots had tightly laced up fronts, but also zippers on the sides. Catwoman sat down on her buttocks, and pulled the boots over her feet, zipping them up. Then she locked the zippers in place with small locks to rings on to top of the boots.

Catwoman now reached behind her neck, and pulled up on the zipper of the zip closing her cowl around her head. The back of the molded latex headgear spread open as the zipper went up to the crown of her head, allowing the woman to pull the cowl off. She was wearing another cowl underneath, of thinner latex, which still had cat ears, but had larger eyeholes and did not cover the mouth. Wonder Woman was startled to see that Catwoman's mouth was filled with a large red rubber ball gag which propped her jaws wide open. The drool had gathered during the time Catwoman had spent in the larger cowl now dripped off the sides of her mouth and chin onto her proffered breasts.

Catwoman now got on her knees and reached for the top of the trolley. She took a broad strap of thick leather off the top, and encircled the strap around her throat. It covered her throat completely, and forced her to tilt her head up. She buckled the twin buckles behind up, and then locked them in place with more small locks. She reached for the top of the trolley again and retrieved a pair of leather shackles, which she buckled tightly in pace around her wrists, before locking the buckles in place. The shackles were linked by a thin, foot-long, chain. She took a snap-hook attached to the middle of the chain and lifted it up to the D-ring bolted to the front of her collar, and snapped it in place.

Why has Catwoman locked herself in the costume? Wonder Woman asked herself, forgetting her own troubles for the time being. Catwoman lowered herself onto all fours. As she did so Wonder Woman saw her raised crotch. She saw that the strap had two plastic knobs on them, arranged one on top of the other. She realized that they were in the right position for a dildo inserted into Catwoman's vagina, and a plug inserted into her asshole. This only baffled Wonder Woman even more as Catwoman crawled from the trolley towards her. When she reached a spot next to the trussed Wonder Woman, she stopped and sat back on her ankles, with her folded legs spread open before her. The short chain linking her collar and shackles caused her arms to be lifted up on either side of her formidable rack, almost like a dog raising its arms in a begging position.

"You have done well." Boomed a voice over a hidden loudspeaker.Wonder Woman twisted her head and body around towards the direction of the voice.

"You may pleasure yourself." The voice continued.

Wonder Woman heard a buzzing sound starting and she twisted around to look at Catwoman again. She had dropped onto her hands and knees again, and her head was tilted back and her eyes closed. She was moaning softly into her ball gag. Looking at her crotch, Wonder Woman could see the plastic plugs on her crotch strap vibrating. Looking at the powerful pulses from the plugs, she could only imagine what the dildo and plug inside of Catwoman must be doing.

Catwoman twisted and moaned. She tried to reach down towards her crotch by straining her right hand back, but the chain linking her wrists to her collar was too short, and she could not get past her breasts. She could only sit back on her heels and cup her large breasts with her gloved hands. She began to knead them.

"You may make use of the prisoner." The voice boomed again.

Wonder Woman's eyes became large at saucers at that. She watched Catwoman crawl towards her, her eyes filled with lust. What was she going to do? Wonder Woman asked herself, panicking for a brief moment as her captor turned her buttocks loomed over her face. Then Catwoman sat down on the face of Wonder Woman, pressing her crotch into her jaws.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMPH!" Wonder Woman screamed from under Catwoman's crotch. Catwoman was already juicing nicely, with white liquid coming out from the sides of the strap, and Wonder Woman could smell the mildewed smell of Catwoman's crotch, barely an inch away from her nose, mixed heavily with that of leather and latex. It was a heady bouquet.

Wonder Woman fought, trying to push Catwoman away with her jaws. All she succeeded in doing was to push the plugs deeper into Catwoman. That was exactly what her captor intended. Catwoman began to rock her hips up and and down, riding Wonder Woman's face as the captive fought her from underneath. Wonder Woman could feel the powerful pulses of vibrators on her chin as Catwoman ground down her crotch onto her face. She tried to shake her head to repel the woman, but she could not. After a few minutes, she felt Catwoman shudder on top of her, and a new flood of foam emerged from either side of Catwoman's crotch strap, splattering Wonder Woman's face.

"MMMMMMMPH! MMMMPH!"Wonder Woman screamed into her rope gag in protest.

Catwoman sighed, and finally lifted her crotch off of Wonder Woman's cum smeared face. The superheroine twisted and writhed in her bonds, incensed at the humiliation that had been inflicted upon her.

"How do you like my Catslut's cum all over your face?" the disembodied voice boomed, "Quite a number of johns enjoyed having that done to them, and my little kitty whore here has earned me quite a tidy sum of money."

"Great Hera," Wonder Woman mused, "What has he done to Catwoman?"

Wonder Woman looked up at the latex clad Catwoman, now contentedly lying on her side. She was so unlike the proud and fiercely independent Catwoman that Wonder Woman had dealt with on several occasions. That Catwoman that she knew would never have been reduced to a fetish sex slave like that.

"Enjoyed yourself, slave?" the voice asked. Catwoman immediately got up on her hands and knees again and nodded vigorously, the drool from the corners of her mouth dripping onto the concrete floor with each movement of her head.

"Why don't we introduce our new pet to the pleasures of slavery?" the voice continued. Wonder Woman's eyes widened again at the implications of those words. She twisted around to see Catwoman crawl over to the trolley. When she reached the trolley, she stood up on her knees and picked two objects off the top. When she turned around, Wonder Woman could see what they were. In one hand, Catwoman held a plastic squeeze bottle containing some fluid. In the other was a gleaming black rubber dildo of a size that Wonder Woman had never seen before.

"Ah yes, the largest dildo that we have. I am sure that an Amazonian warrior would have no problem accommodating something like that." Boomed the voice from the loud speaker.

"GGGGAAAH! GGAAAAAH!"Wonder Woman protested as Catwoman crawled with cat like grace over to the captive, clasping the two objects in her hands. She crawled to a point just in front of Wonder Woman's face, and sat back on her heels. Then, with a thumb, she pushed open the snap-cap of the bottle, and holding up the fat dildo, squeezed a large amount of viscous liquid from the bottle onto the black rubber surface of the dildo. Then she held up the wet dildo in her hand so that Wonder Woman could see clearly its girth as well as the hundreds of tiny bristles lining its surface.

"GGGAHHHHH!" Wonder Woman protested again as Catwoman now crawled out of view. She strained to see the feline burglar, but the way she was bound meant that she could not look down at her crotch. She felt a latex gloved hand touch her vulva lips, stroking them, and then a finger was inserted under the lasso cleaving through them. The line was lifted out from between her vulva lips and placed against her crotch to the left. Then, she felt slippery fingers slip pass the vulva lips into her vagina.

"GGGAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed in anger at the penetration, but this only served to advertise her utter helplessness in denying entry to Catwoman's fingers as she smeared the inside of her vagina wall with lubricants. In fact, the ministration of the woman was making Wonder Woman even more horny than she already was from her bondage. She knew that she was beginning to juice below, especially as Catwoman expertly worked her clitoris with her thumb.

Then, to her horror, Wonder Woman felt the blunt rubbery tip of the dildo being placed against her vulva. Her vulva lips parted and the tip entered into her vagina. Immediately, she felt the wall of her tract begin to stretch as the monster entered her, slowly but surely, its bristly sides brushing against the sensitive flesh of her vagina, sending shock waves up her spine, causing her to shudder.

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed into her rope gag. She felt as if the wall of her vagina was being stretched to its limit, as if it would be torn asunder at any moment. She rocked her hips and twisted her body, but she could not fight the continued advance of the monster as it inched its way deeper and deeper into her. The intruder seemed to be filling her up all the way to her stomach, and she wondered for a moment if it was entering her womb.

Finally, the monster stopped, when Wonder Woman felt its broad base touch her vulva, with a bristly knob pressing against her clitoris. Catwoman once again crawled into view, past Wonder Woman, back towards the trolley. Wonder Woman turned a wary eye towards the swaying upraised buttocks of the crawling fetish slave. She stopped at the trolley again, and picked up another object, also made of gleaming black rubber. It was conical in shape for much of its length, before ending with a pinched waist and a flared base. Wonder Woman knew what it was. It was an anal plug. While it did not look quite as large as the dildo now in her, she had never had a butt plug placed in her before. The fear of how it might feel filled her with dread as the Catwoman crawled back towards her, her unnaturally large and firm breasts swinging beneath her.

Catwoman disappeared from view and Wonder Woman heard the pop of the squeeze bottle being opened again, followed by the wheezing of liquid being squeezed out. For a moment, there was silence. Then, she felt the coolness of a lubricant stained latex covered fingers touch the puckered lips of her anus.

"GGAAAH!" Wonder Woman moaned as she felt a single finger penetrate through her asshole, and wriggle around. Then, she felt the tip of a second finger being pressed against her anus. There was some resistance before it too managed to penetrate into her, stretching her sphincter a little wider.

"GGGGAHHH!" Wonder Woman moaned again. The fingers were now turning in her asshole in unison. Then, they began to separate, stretching her sphincter further as they rotated within her anus.

"GGAAHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman moaned at the increased discomfort.

The fingers were withdrawn for a moment, but Wonder Woman knew that the respite would not last. Sure enough, in a few moments, she felt the tip of the cone being pressed against her anus. With her sphincter now stretched, her anus offered only limited resistance as the cone was pushed into her. When the circumference of the cone passed the extent that the sphincter had become accustomed to, she felt the discomfort of it being stretched again, and she moaned once more into her gag. The sphincter seem to spread wider and wider until she thought it would snap before, suddenly, the cone seemed to shoot into her rectum, and her sphincter closed around the narrow stem of the butt plug. The plug was now inserted into her.

Wonder Woman felt Catwoman take the lasso over her crotch, and placed it back over her vulva. The line pressed against the base of the dildo and butt plug, driving the rubber objects deeper into the captive.

"GGAHHHHH!" Wonder Woman moaned, shaking from the sensation of the two monsters inside of her.

"Did you enjoy that?" the loudspeaker spoke again. Wonder Woman could only attempt to shake her head in despair as the lines gagging her chafe the sides of her mouth.

"Don'tworry, there are more from where those came from." The voice said gleefully, "Your slavery has only just begun."

Just as the sentence ended, the two rubber objects inside of Wonder Woman suddenly began to vibrate, pulsing powerfully within her lower orifices.

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed and screamed as she was shaken to the core. She had never felt such powerful sensations now sending shock waves up and down her body. Worse still, her body was responding very quickly to the vibrations, particularly to the violent rubbing of her clitoris knob by the base of the dildo. Suddenly, she felt herself cum, an explosion of pleasure mixed with the violence of the vibrations within of her, so powerful that it overwhelmed even the Amazonian warrior's powerful mind, and she fell into the darkness of unconsciousness.


Wonder Woman moaned as she regained consciousness. Her eyes fluttered before snapping open as her mind came together and the memory of her brutal capture and humiliation snapped into focus. She found herself lying alone on the floor of a small room. It was probably about six-feet by six-feet. The walls of the room were of bare concrete, as was the floor and ceiling. It was lit by fluorescent lights shielded by heavy, yellowing plastic covers behind heavy metal mesh in slits along the sides of the ceiling. A heavy steel door closed the only exit out of the room.

After the first cursory examination of her surroundings, Wonder Woman turned her attention to herself, twisting and turning her head to see as much of her body as she could from her supine position.

Wonder Woman saw that she was still bound with her own lasso. However, the bondage they had placed her in had become even more elaborate. Her arms had been pulled behind her back, and placed against one another such that her elbows were touching. The lines of her lasso criss-crossed her arms in a dense matrix from over her shoulders, out under her armpits, and then down her upper arms and lower arms until her wrists. The lines of her lasso not only encircled her wrists, but had also been pulled down under her thumbs and then wound round the back of her hands such that her palms were tightly pressed against one another.

From Wonder Woman's bound hands, the lines of her golden lasso stretched down in two directions, towards her long slender legs. Her legs had been folded, and the golden lines used to bind each of her ankles to their corresponding thighs. Given the length of the lines from her wrists down to her folded legs, her legs were spread open. Her body was also forced to arch such that her breasts were thrust upwards towards the ceiling.

Dull aches in her two lower orifices reminded Wonder Woman of how she had previously been abused by Catwoman when she was first captured, but she could not feel the monster dildos within her anymore. Glancing down past her breasts, she saw that the crotch of her costume had been restored back to their original position. However, her girdle was missing, and the lack of the grip around the crown of her head told her that her tiara had been removed too. Otherwise, the rest of her costume was untouched, a bit to Wonder Woman's surprise.

Just as Wonder Woman completed the inspection of her predicament, there was a heavy crash of metal against metal, and then the grind of metal rubbing against metal as the heavy iron door to her cell opened. She found herself looking up past her legs at a bald man standing at the door, dressed in a dark-suit with white shirt and black tie. He looked shrunken and wasted, and there was something unnaturally bulky about his legs. As he stepped into the room, Wonder Woman realized that they were encased in a steel exo-skeleton. There was a soft whirl of electric motors with every step he took.

Wonder Woman's eyes widened when she saw two glossy black figures entered the room behind the men, crawling on all fours. The figure on the right was Catwoman. Still clad from head to toe in black latex, she was wearing a latex waist clincher that was even more constricting than the corset she had wore when she tormented Wonder Woman. The clincher only helped to emphasised the roundness of Catwoman's buttocks which wriggled behind her, and the size of her breasts that dangled from her chest, the heft of which the thin latex material of her catsuit could only succeed in dampening in their jiggling. Her hands were formed into fists and placed within a pair of short mittens, which kept them in that form. The heavy rubber that the mittens were made from prevented her from even wriggling her fingers. The top of the heavy rubber mittens were fitted with thick cuffs, which were locked around her wrists by means of small locks bolted into place on the rubber.

To further constrict her movements, Catwoman's feet had been placed into boots of glossy black PVC. These boots were ballet boots, which had long seven inch heels and straight shanks which forced her feet to be positioned parallel to the heels in a pointed position. If she stood up, Catwoman would find herself standing at the tips of her toes, like a ballet dancer. It would make any aggressive movement almost impossible.

The boots had been laced tightly up to her knees. Even if Catwoman could somehow get to the laces with her bound hands, additional straps, covered in black PVC, encircled her boots at strategic locations, over the swell of her calves just under her knees, and at her ankles, that were locked in place with small locks similar to the ones keeping her mittens in place. These would make it impossible for her to remove the boots on her own without the necessary keys.

Catwoman was wearing a latex hood over her head, which was moulded so precisely to her face that the eyeholes neatly encompassed her eyes, and the circular mouth hole exposed only her garishly painted lips as her mouth was stretched wide open by a rubber-coated ring gag. The gag was fitted to an elaborate leather harness which encircled her cheeks round to behind her neck, down to her chin, up either side of her nose, around the crown of her head, and finally over the top of her head between the two moulded cat ears on the top of her hood, before coming down the back to meet the straps encircling her cheeks and neck. Finally, Catwoman was wearing a narrow leather collar studded with diamonds, to which a leash had been attached. The other end of the leash was held in the man's left hand.

The other woman was dressed in almost the same way as Catwoman. However, the ears of her hood were higher, and more pointed, like that of a bat's. There was no eyehole on her hood. Instead, there was a circular pattern of pinpricks over where her eyes should be, to allow her vision. She had no mouth hole either. Instead, a barely visible zip ran across where her mouth should be, and Wonder Woman could see the bulge of a ball-gag at that point, pressing against the latex of the hood. A short cape was attached to the back of her costume, but it was just for show, and it was not long enough to cover her upraised buttocks, which twisted and swung with the same energy as that of Catwoman's. Finally, the woman's bondage mittens were longer, extending up to her elbows. Like the ballet boots she wore, these were of a bright yellow.

If there was any doubt who the latex imprisoned woman was in Wonder Woman's mind, this was removed when the man came to a stop in front of Wonder Woman, and the two women halted to either side of him, and sat back on their heels, their hands resting on the floor. This allowed Wonder Woman to see the front of their costumes. While Catwoman's catsuit was plain in front, the other woman's had a window cut into the front, closed by yellowish transparent latex. The window was in the shape of a bat with outstretched wings, and exposed both of the woman's breasts.

"Batgirl!" Wonder Woman gasped, "What have they done to you?"

Like Catwoman, and unlike the Batgirl Wonder Woman knew, the latex clad figure now spotted enormous breasts, probably D or even DD cup-sized mounds of flesh. They seemed to look even larger with the woman's waist pinched in so narrowly by the waist clincher. Her nipples were swelled up and pressing against the latex of the window, and Wonder Woman could see gold rings threaded through them.

"She can't answer you, obviously," the man said, a thin smile appearing on his lips.

"Who are you? What have you done to them?" Wonder Woman demanded. The man knelt down next to her, and slapped her hard across her right cheek.

"Urrgh!" Wonder Woman grunted, surprised at the slap. She had been hit hard, punched, beaten and crushed in her many fights with supervillains before, but this was the first time she had actually been slapped by a mortal man. It was an unsettling experience.

"You will learn to speak only when spoken to, slave." the man said, standing up and walking away from her. Wonder Woman twisted her body around and looked at the man as he walked up to a chest of steel drawers at the corner of the room.

"I am not your slave!" Wonder Woman shouted in defiance, "Let me go this instance or you will regret it!"

The man opened a drawer and took something out. Wonder Woman saw that it was a large black rubber ball, perhaps two and a half inches in diameter, with a thick leather strap threaded through its centre, with a heavy steel buckle on one end, and steel-reinforced grommets punched in a line along the other. He came over to where Wonder Woman laid. She was now lying on her right side as she struggled to see what the man was doing. Bound as she was, she could not prevent the man from planting a foot on the right side of her back, and flipping her flat onto her back. Then she felt the man placed a knee on her back, and a hand grabbed her long luscious black hair.

Strong as she was, Wonder Woman still had a human anatomy, which meant that she was still vulnerable to the use of jujitsu locks or other types of physical control methods. The man yanked back on her hair, forcing her to lift up her head. Her jaws slackened enough for the man to shove the foul tasting rubber ball deep into her mouth. Then the man let go of her hair and quickly grabbed the ends of the leather strap. Pulling back hard, he forced the strap as far back as it would go between her jaws. This curled the corners of the Amazon's mouth far back, like a sort of grotesque smile. When he could not pull the strap back any further, he buckled the strap in place behind her neck. With the thick leather strap at the root of her jaws, Wonder Woman found that no matter how she tried to chomp down on the leather strap, her jaws simply could not get enough leverage to cut through the leather. Worse still, the presence of the rubber ball in her mouth - even now the visible portions its rubber surface was glossy with her saliva - and the way the corners of her mouth had been pulled back meant that she was already beginning to drool.

"MMMMMMMPH!" Wonder Woman screamed into her gag, enraged.

The man, in the meantime, had walked back to the drawers and returned with coils of ropes. These were thick sisal ropes, notorious for their prickly texture. He dropped the ropes onto the floor next to the struggling Amazon princess, who was still unable to break her binds. He pulled her onto her right side such that her breasts were facing him. With an unceremonious move, he grabbed the front of her bustier, and pulled down savagely. The cups of her bustier slipped down, releasing the two globes of flesh they had supported and exposing her brown nipples. They began to elongate, thicken and harden in the cold air of the room.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMPHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed in anger, as she once again jerked at her ropes, again in futility. Worse, it was causing her breasts to juggle before the man's eyes, which lit with ill concealed lust.

"My my, you do have a magnificent body." the man muttered as he put a hand on her large left breast and squeezed it.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPHHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed in protest as she tried to jerk her body away from the man's grasp. She had never been handled like this before by a mere mortal, and it filled her with a sense of humiliation.

The man ignored Wonder Woman's protest and reached into a pocket in his suit jacket. He took out a switch blade knife and flicked the blade open. He put the blade against the centre of the Amazon's bustier, and ripped down. The material parted before the keen blade, peeling away to expose the captive's flat stomach, then her abdomen, and finally, her black curly pubic hair. When he reached this point, the man lifted the blade, and fed it through the left leg hole of Wonder Woman's costume. He then sliced through the top of the crotch piece. The crotch piece fell back to reveal Wonder Woman's crotch. At the same time, the costume fell apart to leave Wonder Woman's torso naked.

"MMMMMMMMMMMPPPPHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman once again made a futile attempt at protesting her treatment but it was clear now that the man would not stop. Not when she was at his mercy. Not when she was so utterly powerless to prevent her own humiliation.

The man now stood up and grabbed her left arm. Pulling up, he lifted Wonder Woman into a sitting position, resting on her lower legs. Bound as she was, she was left with her legs spread open. As she twisted and writhed again to try to break free of her own lasso, her large breasts swung from side to side. The man stepped back and let the Amazon struggle until she finally stopped, panting lightly. A long drop of drool hung from the corner of her mouth, hanging down towards her left breast.

The man now picked up a coil of rope. He had already doubled the rope, which was about seven metres in length. He now passed the rope around Wonder Woman's back, under her bound arms. He then pulled the lines of the ropes forward, and fed the running ends through the elbow formed when the rope was doubled over. He pulled the running ends through the elbow until the lines were taut around Wonder Woman's body, under her breasts. He adjusted the lines upwards such that they slipped under the curves of her breasts, with the mounds folding over the rough lines. Wonder Woman sucked in a breath when she felt the prickly texture of the rope touch the sensitive underside of her breasts. It sent a shock of sensation up her spine that she had never felt before.

The man now pulled up the running ends over the Amazon's left breast. He pulled the twin lines around Wonder Woman's left flank, round her back, under her arms once more and then out from her right flank. He passed the lines above her right breast now, before feeding the running ends under the elbow formed where the lines first rose up from her deep cleavage up her left breast. He tied the lines together here, to form a thick knot in her cleavage and leaving the lines running below and above her breasts in a criss-cross pattern. The man had pulled the lines so taut that the rope was already biting into the smooth skin of the Amazon, and her breasts were squeezed between the lines, both flattening and lifting them at the same time.

"MMMMMMPH! MMMMPH! MMMMMMMPH!"Wonder Woman panted into her gag as she felt the tightening of the rope around her breasts. The rough texture of the rope continued to send a strange combination of signals to her body. While she was obviously being constrained, she was also beginning to feel strangely … aroused? That could not be! Wonder Woman told herself.

The man now picked up the second coil of rope and came back to Wonder Woman. He doubled the rope like the first, and oiled the rough lines around her slender waist, just above the swells of her hips. He twisted the loop end under the lines, before feeding the running ends through the loop. As he pulled the lines taut, a knot was formed, holding the lines around her waist together in a tight belt. He then stretched the lines down her abdomen to her crotch. Here, he expertly made two knots. When he pulled the lines between Wonder Woman's legs, she found that the knots came up and tightened against her vulva. One of the knots pressed against her clitoris hood, while the other pressed against her anus. As the man pulled up the lines between the cheeks of her buttocks, a shock wave ran up her spine as the knots pressed deep into her.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmph…" Wonder Woman moaned into her gag.

"Do you enjoy that, slave?" The man asked laughing as he tucked the running ends under the rope belt around Wonder Woman's slender waist, over her spine, and knot the lines tightly in place. Then he pulled up the running ends again, and pulled together the lines running around her torso. He tucked the running ends under these lines and then made another knot to hold the lines together. This put more pressure on Wonder Woman's breasts.

"Mmmmmmph … mmmmmph …" Wonder Woman moaned. She had never felt like this. She was being put into bondage and yet she was feeling more and more aroused. Any move she made would cause the rough sisal rope binding her torso to chafe her sensitive parts, particularly her clitoris, where the knot in the crotch rope was now grinding away at the knob with even the slightest move she make.

The man now pulled the running ends of the sisal rope up between Wonder Woman's bound elbows, between her upper arms. He reached up and fed the running ends into a hook suspended from the ceiling by a chain. Then he began pulling down on the lines

"MMMMMMMMMMPHHHH!" Wonder Woman screamed into her gag as she felt the rough sisal ropes suddenly constrict around her body. She felt her torso being lifted up a bit with each pull made by the man. Then her lower legs were lifted off the floor until she was standing on her knee-caps. Finally, even her knee-caps were lifted off the floor. At this point, all the weight of her body was concentrated on the lines around her breasts and her crotch, causing them to bite deep into her soft flesh.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman protested into her gag. The drools flowing out from the corners of her mouth were sent flying as she shook her hair, flailing her black hair about here. The man ignored her as he continued pulling until her head was at the same level as his. Then he pulled the ends of the rope to a near-by wall and tied it to a hook embedded in it.

Wonder Woman had endured many kinds of torture before, even bondage in chains, but she had never been so expertly bound in this way before. Everything the man did to bind her seemed to be calculated to cause her to become more and more aroused. Even through the pain in her crotch her and her breasts, she could feel the building tension in her lower body. She wanted to deny that feeling, but she could not ignore it.

The man now came to Wonder Woman's right side. He took hold of the end of the lasso binding her right leg. The line began to elongate as he began to pull on it, obeying the wish of whoever wielded the line to lengthen. When it was of sufficient length, the man tucked the running end of the golden line under the lines running around the right flank of Wonder Woman's torso, just behind her squeezed breasts. He pulled down on the line once it came up over the top lines, and fed it a second time under the lines from below. When the line once again came up over the top, he pulled it down. This caused the golden line to pull the lines on her right flank to come together, squeezing her right breast further until it was like a bun bulging out from her chest. This also had the effect of forcing Wonder Woman to lift up her right leg, spreading her legs apart further. The man made a hitch to hold the line in place once her leg was about forty-five degrees from the horizontal. He then moved to her left side and repeated the process.

When the man was done, Wonder Woman was left in a most uncomfortable predicament. Any attempt to close her legs meant further pressure on her already abused breasts. However, leaving her legs spread open meant that the man could have easy access to her lower orifices. It was a horribly humiliating position to be put in.

"Comfortable now, slave?" The man asked.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…" Wonder Woman moaned, almost pleadingly.

"We're not done yet." the man said, smiling. He went over to the drawers and came back with a large black dildo. The man went up to Wonder Woman, and hunched down so that he looked up at her exposed crotch. He reached up to touch the point where the lines of the sisal rope disappeared under the Amazon's vaginal lips. Parting the lips, he hooked down the lines to clear the entrance into the vagina.

"My my, you're already so wet." the man said, laughing.

Wonder Woman felt the hot flashes of humiliation on her cheeks, but she could only struggle weakly in protest as any aggressive movement on her part meant that her sensitive parts would be put under even more pressure. She felt the blunt tip of the dildo touch her vagina mouth. Then, it began to force its way into her, and up her tract.

"MMMMMMMMPH! MMMMMMMMPH!"Wonder Woman screamed into her gag as the intruder advanced deep into her. Then it stopped. For a moment, she hung in her suspension, panting, trying to adjust to the sensation of the intruder within her. Then she felt the man pull the lines of her crotch rope back into place under the dildo. When the man released the lines, they pushed up into her crotch again, pushing the dildo even deeper into her.

"MMMMMMMPH!" Wonder Woman grunted into her gag again.

"One last thing." the man said as he walked.

Great Hera! What else is he going to do to me? Wonder Woman moaned as she tried to follow him with her eyes. When the man came back, she saw that he was holding a black latex object in his hands. When he spread it open, she saw that it was a hood, like the sort that now covered Catwoman's and Batgirl's heads, except that this one covered only the top part of the head and had a chin-strap to hold it in place. There were also no eye holes on this hood. The man pulled the opening of the hood wider and placed it over Wonder Woman's head. She felt the heavy aroma of rubber as the hood came down over her eyes. Then, it was snapped in place over her eyes, cutting off any light from her eyes. She felt the chin-strap being pulled down and snapped over her chin. There was now no way the hood would come off her head, leaving the captive in complete darkness. Not only that, Wonder Woman found that she had also been plunged into complete silence. The thickness of the rubber over her ears was enough to keep out any sound.

The total darkness and silence had an insidious effect. Having most of her senses cut-off, Wonder Woman's mind became focused upon the sensations of the ropes binding her, kneading her breasts and her crotch. It makeher even more aware of how her body was responding to her bondage, to the huge dildo now residing within her. Then, without warning, the dildo began to vibrate within, sending powerful pulses up her body. It also sent the vibrations up the rope binding her crotch. She could feel the knot pressing against her clitoris begin to quake in synchronisation with the dildo.

Great Hera! Wonder Woman screamed in her mind as she felt her body beginning to climax.


Wonder Woman did not know how long she was kept in her bondage. She was kept isolated within the bondage hood from any sound or sight that could tell her the passage of time. The only events that marked the passage of time were when the dildo inserted into her suddenly spring to life. But there was no regular interval for this. The dildo would spring to life at completely random points in time, sometimes at such regular intervals that she was forced to cum and cum until she lose consciousness from mental and physical exhaustion. On others, there were long periods of quiet that left her alone with only the chafing of the ropes and her thoughts.

Wonder Woman's mind at first focused on trying to find a way to escape. However, it soon became obvious that there was no way for her to fight her way out of her bondage, bound as she was by her own unbreakable lasso. That thought soon turned to despair as her captivity in darkness and silence stretched. Then, as she began to grow hungry and thirsty, her despair turned to desperation as those bodily needs added to the other torments she had been placed in.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity in darkness and silence, Wonder Woman felt a new sensation. She felt a hand touch her bare buttock and squeezed it. Then another hand touched her right breast, and kneaded it. She would have been angered by such an affront a long time ago, but her mind, dulled and muddled by the long sensory deprivation she had been put in, wrapped itself around the new sensations. A soft moan escaped her gagged lips.

"Do you like that, slave?" came a disembodied voice in her ears. If Wonder Woman had been more clear minded, she would have realized that a pair of headphones had been implanted in her bondage helmet for her enslaver to speak to her, but her mind was far too addled by physical and mental exhaustion to fully comprehend this. Before she can stop herself, she found herself nodding.

A hand inserted itself under the lines running down her abdomen. It ran down the lines until it reached her pubic hair, then pulled the lines down and aside. The pressure of the knots on her clitoris and anus, which Wonder Woman had become so used to, was gone for the moment. The dildo began to slip out, pulled by gravity and sliding along her lubricated tract, but something caught it. Then it began to move up and down her tract. At the same time, fingers probed her clitoris hood, spreading it away from her engorged knob, and began to manipulate it.

Wonder Woman moaned as the fingers and dildo worked on her. She threshed in the ropes suspending her as pleasure rose up from underneath her. She tilted her head back and shook it from side to side, the tail of black hair running out from the back of her bondage helmet shaking like the ponytail of a horse.

Then, without warning, the fingers probing her were withdrawn. The dildo was pulled out, leaving Wonder Woman feeling empty, and the lines were not restored to their original position, pressing against her clitoris and anus. There was nothing to pressure her now, except for the bite of the rope on her breasts. After having built up a full head of steam, there was nothing to let her cum. She shook in frustration, but there was no response. She was left in darkness and isolation once more.

The next stretch of sensory deprivation was even more unbearable than before. Wonder Woman lacked even the dildo within her, or the knots grinding into her clit and anus, to provide her with the intense pleasure of bondage sex. The kneading of her breasts by the rough rope could not make up for the emptiness inside of her loin. The darkness and silence became even more empty and time seemed to stretch on and on forever. Her mind became even more incoherent. It was like the withdrawal symptoms felt by drug addicts having to go without their drugs.


The pain shot up Wonder Woman's spine from her buttocks. The Amazon was jarred awake from her stupor.


A second shot of pain landed on her buttocks, a thin lash landing across both her firm round buttocks. Dully, she realized that she was being whipped. She rolled her head at that sensation. It was pain, yes, but she was savouring it like fine wine as a new sensation.

Then, she felt the blunt tip of a dildo at the gates of her vagina. It entered the cave and moved steadily up into her. It felt bigger and longer than the one that had been put in her before, and it advanced deep into her loin. She moaned at the sensation of her vagina wall being stretched painfully by the girth of the monster and the pleasure of the ribbed surface of the dildo gliding over her sensory starved vagina wall. Then the lines were replaced over her crotch, restoring the knots once more onto her clitoris and her anus. These added to her heightened pleasure as she felt herself being rubbed once more in those spots. Then, finally, the dildo jumped to life in powerful pulses, sending her into a frenzy of threshing and writhing in her rope harness.

"MMMMMMMPH!" Wonder Woman moaned into her ball gag as a third strike landed on her buttocks, followed closely by a fourth, a fifth, a sixth…

Wonder Woman lost count as she felt herself cum. She moaned, threw her head back and shook her head as she felt the intoxicating brew of pain and pleasure mixed together. It's like feeding wine to a hungry man. It instantly made her mind drunk.

"That's it slut, that's what you are. You're nothing but a pain whore." a disembodied voice in her ears told Wonder Woman as she shook with pressure as yet more blows landed on her buttocks.

No! No! No! Wonder Woman screamed into her head for a moment when her mind cleared to realize in horror as to how her body was responding to the treatment, to the abuse. She was a bound and gagged slave being forced to cum against her will, being forced to be pleasured by her bondage and humiliation, enjoying her pain. She felt a powerful surge of humiliation at the thought of how she must looked to her captors.

YES! YESSS! YEEESSSSS! Wonder Woman thought the next instant as she felt another surge of pleasure whelm up from her nether regions up to her mind as another powerful orgasm shook her, even as more blows landed on her buttocks. She could no longer tell them apart any more, the pleasure and the pain. They were all intermixed, and she was savouring both of them together. She had never felt anything like this before. Her Amazon existence had been an austere one, almost like a nunnery. When she went into the world of men, and was first exposed to the corruption of sex, she had resisted it mightily, never giving in to her lust even though she had felt herself powerfully attracted to men like Superman and Batman. But now … now she was a slave being forced to enjoy herself, and something deep within herself was responding to it.

"That's it slave. Enjoy it. Let go of yourself. You know you like this." the voice in her head kept repeating itself as Wonder Woman shook once more with pressure. Then, she lost consciousness from the intoxicating mixture of pleasure and the pain.

Worse for Wonder Woman, this treatment became a routine for … Wonder Woman did not know how long it lasted. Her blindfolded existence denied her any knowledge of passing time. Only the whipping and cumming sessions she was forced to subject to come to mark the passage of time. Otherwise, there was nothing but darkness and silence - and hunger and thirst.

Wonder Woman was soon suffering mightily from the latter. As an Amazon and as Wonder Woman endowed with the powers of the gods, she had prodigious endurance and stamina, but her prolonged captivity and torments were pushing even her high limits. She was becoming weaker and weaker as she became increasingly dehydrated and exhausted from her own juicing sessions. This weakening, in turn, added to her increasing delirium, further unhinging her mind from her former reality towards one oriented around the intense sensations of pleasure of pain, given to her so intermittently. Finally, Wonder Woman reached a stage in which she could barely struggle against her captors or even respond with rapture to her own abuse.

Wonder Woman awoke after having fallen unconscious for the umpteenth time to a slackening of the pressures around her breasts and crotch. These were unfamiliar feelings to her now, after her prolonged bondage session. She realized dimly that she had now been lowered to the floor, such that she was kneeling. The lines tying her folded legs to her bound breasts were stretched taut, squeezing her breasts, and forcing her to bend over submissively, with her head bow. In any case, she was too weakened to lift her head up.

Wonder Woman felt a hand pull the chin strap of her latex bondage helmet, and pull it down before lifting it forward and up. The latex helmet stuck to her head for a brief moment before it was ripped off. Cool air blasted against her face, as beads of perspiration that had accumulated on her forehead and eye sockets during her prolonged captivity began to flow down her cheeks. The part of her black hair that had been under the helmet was wet and flattened against her head.

"Look at me, slave!" came a distant command. It sounded strange to Wonder Woman after having been used to hearing commands from the earphones in her helmet. She found herself responding automatically to the command, her eyes having some difficulty focusing on the man after having spent so long in darkness. She also had to lift her head up, which was difficult in her weakened condition. She found herself looking at the man in the leg brace. He was wearing another sharp dark suit, and he was looking down at her. He was carrying a large stainless steel bowl in his hand.

"Do you want some water?" the man asked.

Wonder Woman's eyes lit up at the mention of water, and she started to nod vigorously. She stopped suddenly as horror filled her as to how she was responding. She had become such a submissive. Almost … a slave. There was brief moment of indecision as she wrestled with herself before her pride finally won. She felt a flicker of the flame of defiance within herself, and she looked up again in anger at the moment.

The man smiled thinly.

"I am impressed, slave," the man said, "Other slaves would have broken a long time ago. No matter. You'll break soon too. But obviously, it is time to take more extreme measures."

The man walked away from the kneeling Wonder Woman, who began to struggle weakly with her bonds, even though she understood that there was no way she could break her bondage. She could only wait, exhausted and weakened as the man returned with a large rubber rubber object in his hand. He walked around Wonder Woman to her back, and unbuckled the leather strap keeping the ball gag in her mouth. He then pulled the rubber ball out of her mouth. A trail of drool followed the ball as it departed. He dropped the ball-gag unceremoniously on the floor.

Before Wonder Woman could rest her jaws for a moment, he grabbed her hair once more, and yanked it back. Once again her jaws slacked. The man now lifted up the black latex object in his hand. Wonder Woman looked up to see the inside of the object. It was another latex helmet. Unlike the previous one she had been wearing, this one was a full helmet that would cover her entire head. The upper portion was skin-toned in colour, while the lower was glossy black.

There were eyeholes in this mask, as well as grommets where her nostrils would be. Where her mouth would be, she saw a thick and short hard rubber knob, moulded into the shape of a penis. It was an unrealistically large penis at least two-and-a-half inches in diameter. The tip of the penis was in fact slightly wider than that. The penis gag was shoved into her mouth unceremoniously, and the helmet pulled over her face. She felt the rubber stretch tight over her face as the man pulled the helmet together behind the back of her head. Then, there was the sound of a zip being pulled, and she felt the rubber became even more taut over her face, squeezing her flesh and pushing her jaws tight together over the penis gag in her mouth.

The man came around in front of Wonder Woman, and held up a mirror for her to see. She found herself looking at a doll face, with exaggerated black eye-lining around the eyeholes and engorged red rubber lips where her mouth should be.

"Your suspension has been altogether too comfortable," the man spoke again, "It is time to make things a little more interesting."

The man went away for the moment again, and came back with a new coil of rope, which he doubled in front of Wonder Woman. He then produced a large chromed object. It looked like a large fish hook, but the end of the hook had a large black rubber coated cone with short blisters. The man fed the looped end of the rope through the eye at the top of the hook, and used a figure of eight knot to hold it in place. He then disappeared from view again. He returned with a large bottle of clear liquid, which he squeezed over the tip of the cone with melodramatic gestures, like a magician. He then rubbed the viscous liquid over the cone. When he was done, he disappeared from view again. He seemed to reach up with the line, and feed it through an eyebolt in the ceiling of the cell, just behind the point where Wonder Woman had been suspended from for so long.

Wonder Woman tried to twist her head to see what was happening. Before she could turn her head around, she felt the man stood astride her behind her back, and leaned forward to pull up her bound arms behind her, using the ropes binding her arms as a handle. As he did so, she felt her bound body tilt forward, then downwards until she was resting on her upper chest, with her knee caps resting on the floor, propping her bound legs up. This left her buttocks raised high up into the air. The man now loosened the lines running up her spine from the small of her back, then loosened the knot binding the crotch lines to the waist lines. She felt the pressure being relieved on her clitoris and her anus. The dildo inside of her slid out partly, but was restrained from falling out of her vagina by the lines.

In a flash, Wonder Woman knew what was about to happen. She knew what a butt-plug was, and she clinched her asshole in a vain attempt to resist the intruder. She felt the slippery tip of the cone touch her sphincter. Then, the tip penetrated her.

"MMMMMMPPPH!" Wonder Woman moaned as the pain went up her body, shaking her. She felt the cone being withdrawn a bit, then it was thrust in again, this time a bit deeper. She shuddered as she felt the blisters of the cone rubbed against the ring of her asshole. The cone was withdrawn once more, and after a moment's pause, it was rammed home all the way.

"MMMMMMMMMMPH!!!" Wonder Woman screamed into her gag as she felt as if her sphincter was being torn apart. But the asshole closed over the base of the cone, drawing the hook deep into her rectum, and the pain began to subside, leaving her panting.

There was another moment's pause, and then Wonder Woman felt the lines around her breasts begin to tighten again. Then she felt herself hauled up bodily until she was standing on her knee-caps, her big breasts squashed by the lines binding her torso. Then, she felt move movement behind her, and began to feel a drag on her asshole. She realized that the hook inside of her was being lifted up. She moaned as she felt her sphincter being stretched again, but there was nothing she could do as her butt was being dragged back as the man pulled down on the other end of the rope tied to the hook.

"MMMMMMMMPHHH!" Wonder Woman moaned again as the dreaded moment her legs were lifted off the ground came, and her weight came to rest on the lines binding her torso and - now - the hook in her butt. Her butt kept being pulled upwards, like a fish on a hook until her torso was horizontal to the ground, with her frog-tied legs pointing downwards and sideways on either side of her hips. The man tied the rope off at this point, leaving Wonder Woman in this most uncomfortable position. Then, as if this was not enough, she felt movement in the lines binding her waist. The man was re-arranging the knots on the lines. Then, she felt the crotch lines being tightened against her vulva gain, and once again, the pressure on her clitoris was restored. The other knot now rested on the base of the dildo, and it forced the rubber object deep into her vagina tract. She could only emit an almost inaudible moan at the sensation. The man split the lines now and fed them under the waist lines, one each over her hips. Then he tied the lines to the waist lines at her hips to secure the lines in place. When he came around before her again, she found that her head was now roughly at his crotch level. She guessed that this arrangement was probably intentional.

The man now knelt down next to her. He pulled up the black portion of the helmet over the sides and back of her head, and Wonder Woman realized that the black portion was not the neck of the helmet. Instead, it constituted a second layer of the helmet over her head. The man began to pull up on a zip that started at her chin, and the black portion began to tighten over her head. As the zip ran up the point of her chin, over her mouth and then her nose, it closed over her eyes, and once again plunged her into silence and darkness. The zip ended only at the top of her head, and Wonder Woman felt even more isolated, if this was possible, then before, suspended in an even more fiendish suspension.

There was a moment's pause, and then, the dildo inserted into Wonder Woman roared to life again, sending the captive once again into spasms.


"How are we today?"

Wonder Woman's mind swam up from its stupor at the voice. It had now deteriorated so badly that she could barely focus on the voice. Since the man altered the arrangement of her bondage, she had been subjected to another prolonged period of sensory deprivation, broken only by even more abusive treatments. She was now not only whipped on her buttocks, but on her breasts, now dangling below her. Each time she was whipped, the dildo inside of her would come to life in powerful pulses, ending her to ecstasy. With the hook embedded deep in her, the dildo seemed to be an even larger presence inside of her and its vibrations seemed to shake her even more. It did not help that her hunger and thirst was even worse now, and they weakened her will and body even more.

Wonder Woman felt the zip being pulled down and the black rubber petals of the second layer of her bondage helmet parted to allow her sight again. She found herself looking down at the floor. A hand cupped her chin, and lifted up her head.

It was the man again. He was holding a bottle in his hand. Water! Her eyes widened at the sight of the content in the bottle.

"Do you want a drink?" the man asked. Wonder Woman nodded vigorously, no hesitation this time. The man smiled as he put aside the bottle. He knelt down and parted the rubber lips on the rubber helmet on Wonder Woman's head. This reviewed the round base of the gag. It had checker knurling around its base. He gripped the base and began to turn. Wonder Woman felt the penis gag turn in her mouth, and then it was withdrawn from her aching jaws. The man disappeared from view for a while, then he returned with a new object. Wonder Woman looked up to see that it was a large ring, coated with rubber, from which two leather straps sprung.

"Open your mouth!" the man barked a command. Wonder Woman opened her mouth and the man placed the rings between her jaws. This propped them open. He pulled the straps around her head, and then buckled them together behind her head. Now he stood up in front of Wonder Woman, and unbuckled his belt. He unzipped his pants and pulled down his briefs. His penis was already erecting, a long and hard pole of flesh pointing its tip at her mouth.

"Give me a blow job." the man said simply.

Wonder Woman was stunned. She felt a flicker of defiance inside of her again. The act the man commanded of her repulsed her. She did not want to have the man's cock in her mouth. But her eyes darted to the bottle of water now resting on top of the chest of drawers at the corner, and she felt her will wilt away. Reluctantly, she stretched her neck such that her head moved towards the mna's penis.

The man grabbed Wonder Woman's head, and shoved his penis into her mouth. It tasted salty in her mouth and tentatively she flicker her tongue against it.

"Get on with it, slave!" the man commanded.

Wonder Woman began to lick the penis with a vengeance. She felt the warm flash throb inside of her mouth, against her tongue as she worked the tongue. The man began to thrust his hips, pumping his penis into her mouth, rocking her in her suspended bondage as well. The dildo within her suddenly came to life, sending her own body into a frenzy.

Wonder Woman worked harder and harder with her tongue as she felt her own body begin to respond to the vibrations of the dildo. Then, suddenly, the man ejaculated, spraying sperm deep into her mouth. At almost the next instant, Wonder Woman felt her own body spasm as she reached a dry climax.

"Good. I have no idea you're so good at this, slave." the man said smiling as he withdrew his limp penis from Wonder Woman's mouth. He pulled up his pants again, before unbuckling the ring-gag from Wonder Woman's mouth.

"What do you say to the gift that I've given you?" the man asked.

"Th … thank you…"

The man gave Wonder Woman a sharp slap across her mouth. The slap stung and stunned her.

"Thank you, WHAT?" the man roared.

"Thank you … master." Wonder Woman said, thenhung her head in shame.

"Good." the man said as he went over to the drawers. He returned with the bottle. It was shaped like a baby bottle, with a rubber nipple at the other end. He placed the nipple against her lips and squeezed. A jet of sweet tasting liquid entered her mouth, and she began to drink eagerly.

"That's it slave, drink it all in. It's not only drink but also water." the man said as Wonder Woman drink eagerly, drawing mouthfuls of the liquid, which mixed with the sperm in her mouth before entering into her growling stomach. Very quickly, the bottle was emptied. The man put the bottle aside, and took the dildo gag again, and returned it into her mouth. Wonder Woman did not even resist as he pushed into place and screwed it back into place between the rubber lips of her mouth. Then the second layer of her helmet was zipped up again, returning her once more into sensory deprivation.

Over the next few days - at least, Wonder Woman thought it was days, her sense of time being completely non-existent by now - the man would return, and feed her. Always, he would demand that she gave him a blow-job, which she did with less and less reluctance now. The liquid was never enough to satisfy her hunger, but at least it reduced the growling and emptiness. But it soon brought a new edge to her humiliation. Soon, her bladder began to feel and she had to pee. At first she tried to hold it in, but soon, she had no choice but to beg the man to let her pee. The man laughed at this. He untied the lines binding her crotch, and then told her to pee from where she was. She would not be allowed any respite from her suspension for this.

Wonder Woman was at first too embarrassed to do anything, but soon, she had no choice but to pee from where she was, her urine dripping down from her crotch onto the concrete floor. Then the man wiped her off, before tying the lines taut in place again.

Wonder Woman's captivity stretched.

There was a new variation to the routine after a while. The penis gag in her mouth was replaced by a new one that had a tube running through its centre. This tube was inserted through a hole in the second layer of the helmet. Now, a bottle could be hooked up to the penis gag in her mouth even without the second layer being opened. She could feed even within her sensory deprivation.

When she was hooked up to the bottle, she had to work the penis gag with her tongue and mouth, sucking on it to force the liquid into her mouth. She knew that she was being trained to suck a cock properly, but there was nothing she could do about it. And when she sucked on the cock, Wonder Woman would always be fucked from behind. She did not know by whom, but there would always be a real penis penetrating her vagina from behind as she sucked and fed.

Somewhere deep in the back of her mind, Wonder Woman knew that she was slowly but surely being turned into nothing more than a sex slave, but that thought became less and less relevant to her, and soon disappeared altogether as any notion of free will was forgotten in the emptiness of her sensory deprivation and the intense fulfilment to be found in her sexual abuse.

Wonder Woman had faced many enemies before in her former life as Wonder Woman. She had been beaten up, burnt, shot, amongst other forms of physical abuse, but this was something different. Her captor was attacking her psyche. And he has found the weak link in her armour. In truth, even before her capture and captivity in darkness and silence, she had been isolated. She might save the world time and time again, and be the subject of adulation and respect, but that only came as a heavy responsibility as she had to maintain and uphold an ideal image as a representative of the Amazon race.

Her own rigid warrior code had made it impossible for her to be intimate with men, any men, even those she dimmed worthy of her. But Wonder Woman has also human emotions, and that rigidity had meant a loneliness that left a deep and unsuspected craving within of her.

Her slaver had tapped into that carving within her, that yearning to belong to someone. Her sensory deprivation, captivity and merciless sexual abuse had only make her even more hungry to be owned, to become nothing more than a sex object, with no responsibility to save the world and no responsibility to be a noble warriors.

But as a slave, she could be a nobody, a no one, only valued for her body, for the pleasures she could provide. She was valued for what she truly was, a sex object, with no responsibility for her to meet any expectations, maintain any image. She could just be a toy.

In a topsy-turvy sense, her slavery had become her liberation.

Wonder Woman moaned again as this realization struck her, this time a moan of contentment as yet another wave of orgasm hit her.


Wonder Woman hung in her suspension for a long period of time, enduring her enforced solitude and sensory deprivation. Only her frequent rapes and whippings on her breasts and buttocks broke her captivity, and she relished the mixtures of pain and pleasure like a man lost in the desert would relish drinks of water.

After what seemed like months to Wonder Woman, there was finally a change in her situation. The outer layer of her latex bondage helmet was unzipped, and lowered, allowing her sight for the first time in a long while. When she could finally focus her eyes, she once again saw her captor standing before her. But she also saw a woman kneeling on the floor next to him. It was Catwoman again. Her costume had changed again. She was now wearing a skin-tone translucent latex catsuit that covered her nude body underneath. A tight latex under-bust corset girdled her slim waist, crushing it into an hour-glass figure, while at the same time lifting up her surgically enhanced breasts. Wonder Woman could see that Catwoman's nipples, like those of Batgirl, had been pierced and ringed too.

Wonder Woman could also see Catwoman's crotch. This was uncovered by a slit in the translucent catsuit. Her crotch had been shaved of any pubic hair. There was a ring hanging down between her long spread legs, roughly where her clitoris hood would be. It was quite a large ring and looked heavy. A leash had been clipped to that ring, and it ran up to the man's hands.

Catwoman's head was covered entirely by a latex bondage helmet, complete with small pointy ears, which covered her face entirely. Two brass grommets pierced the glossy black surface. This surface had been polished to such a degree that reflected the objects in the cell. A circular pattern of tiny holes on the surface where her eyes should be allowed her vision without Wonder Woman being able to look in at her eyes. Where her lips should be, there were a pair of thick wine-red rubber lips. The lips were slightly parted, and Wonder Woman could just see the red rubber ball gag the former cat burglar must be wearing underneath.

The man squatted down and unclipped the leash from Catwoman's crotch ring.

"Get up Pussy." the man ordered as he stood up and coiled the leash. Catwoman stood up gradually, and gingerly. Wonder Woman now saw that she was wearing a pair of knee-high black PVC boots. The heels were so high - perhaps as much as six inches - that they forced her to walk on a severe tip-toed posture. Wonder Woman could also have a better look at her hands now. She was wearing an elbow-length black PVC opera gloves, but these had no fingers, only a thumb. She could grip things but she could not spread her fingers, or use them for any delegate work, such as untying knots. To complete her outfit, she was wearing a tall collar made from hard black rubber polished to a glossy shine, which forced her to keep her head at a certain posture.

"Take off that helmet." the man ordered. Catwoman tip-toed over to where Wonder Woman hung, and unzipped her helmet. She then pulled the helmet off the enslaved Amazon's head. This removed the gag at the same time from Wonder Woman's mouth. Catwoman let the helmet flopped onto the ground, heavy with moisture.

"Put the dental gag in her."

Catwoman went over to the drawers. As she walked away, Wonder Woman could not help but look at her rounded buttocks swaying behind her. It looked even more round with the corset pinching her waist, and the roll of her buttocks were enhanced by the heels she wore. She retrieved a gadget from one of the drawers. It consisted of two semi-circular halves made from surgical steel, hinged at their ends. Catwoman turned and came back to Wonder Woman, treating the captive to the view of her lightly juggling breast. Catwoman grasped the wet hair of the captive, and pulled. Wonder Woman offered no resistance as she opened her slack jaws, and the other woman slipped the steel contraption into her mouth. She then grasped the winged nuts on the hinges of the contraption, and turned, producing a series of ratchet clicks. Wonder Woman felt pressure on her jaws as the two halves of the gag began to spread open, forcing her to open her mouth wider and wider. She only stopped when Wonder Woman's mouth could not open any wider.

Catwoman now went back to the drawers and came back with two long rubber tourniquets. She tied one to each end of the dental gag. Then she pulled the tourniquets back one by one, and tied their other ends to the top lines of the golden lasso binding Wonder Woman's arms. This kept Wonder Woman's head lifted up, held to the back.

"It is time to give you a shave, slave." the man explained as Catwoman now retrieved an electric shears from the drawers. Wonder Woman's eyes opened at this, but she could do little to resist as the other slave came up to her and switched on the razor. It did not take long for Catwoman to cut the long raven black locks of Wonder Woman's hair, leaving a short black buzz-cut behind as the captive writhed weakly in her suspension.

The next items Catwoman retrieved from the drawers were a shaving razor and a spray can of shaving foam. Placing the razor on Wonder Woman's back for the moment, she squeezed a lump of foam onto her hand, before spreading the white foam onto Wonder Woman's scalp. Then she took the razor, and began to systematically shave the short buzz off her head.

When she was done, Catwoman took the can of foam and the razor and disappeared from view. She felt the lines binding her loins loosen, and then fall away. Then Wonder Woman felt something wet being slapped onto her crotch, and she realized that she was being shaved in her nether regions too. This filled her with a renewed sense of humiliation, that she was being touched and shaved below, and there was nothing she could do about it. But, once again, there was little she could do as she felt the razor scrap against her crotch.

"Good. Now hose her down." the man ordered.

Wonder Woman could hear the clicks of Catwoman's heels behind her as she walked over to the side of the cell. She heard a wheel being turned, and suddenly, icy cold water hit her crotch. She bucked at the chilliness and piercing blow of the water.

"GGGGGAAAHHH!" Wonder Woman moaned into her gag. Catwoman began to spray Wonder Woman's body, playing the jet of water over her, like a man would spray water over his car. As she did so, the accumulated grime of perspiration on her body, and the dried cum and sperm on her crotch was washed away. The cut and shaved hair were also sprayed off her.

When Catwoman was done, she turned off the water, and came around to the man. She turned her back to him and crossed her wrists behind her back. The man then took out a pair of handcuffs, and placed its manacles around her wrists. Then he went around to the front, and attached the leash to her crotch ring once more, before he looped the end of the leash over a hook on the wall.

"Kneel." the man said simply. Catwoman dropped onto her knees, thensat back on her heels as the man walked to the drawers. He came back with a chromed steel piercing gun, a strip of paper sealed alcohol swabs, and a small box. He placed the gun on Wonder Woman's back, using it like a suspended table top. He opened the box and showed it to Wonder Woman.

"Here are your slave rings, slave." the man said, smiling. Wonder Woman glanced down at the rings. There were at least a dozen rings there, and they were gold-coloured and about an inch in diameter. He then placed the box on top of Wonder Woman's back before untying the tourniquets that had been holding her head up, allowing her head to drop down so that she could look back at her body.

The man tore off one of the packet of alcohol swabs, and opened it. The small of medicinal alcohol filled the cell. He bent down and brushed Wonder Woman's nipples with the swab. She watched helplessly as he took a ring and the piercing gun and held them to her right nipple. There was a sharp report, and Wonder Woman felt a dull ache in her right nipple. When the man stood up to take a second ring, Wonder Woman could see the lone gold ring on her right nipple. The sight filled her with yet more humiliation. Like the bracelets she wore as an Amazon, it was a symbol of her slavery.

When the man had ringed Wonder Woman's left nipple, he stood up and walked around to behind her crotch. She could not see what he was doing now, but he still held the piercing gun.

"You may be wondering what I'm going to do, slave. Pussy, show her your crotch." the man ordered. Catwoman obeyed, and got on all fours. She twisted and raised her buttocks until Wonder Woman could see her crotch. With a shock, she could see that both of her vagina lips had been pierced with a row of silvery rings. The large ring she had seen earlier was not actually threaded into her clitoris hood. Instead, it dangled from the end of a steel shank. This was fed through the rings on her vagina lips, pulling them into a row, one after the other, to seal the lips together. The other end of the shank had an eyehole, and a small lock dangled from it. With this arrangement, the vagina track was effectively lock shut.

Wonder Woman felt the chill of alcohol being applied over her vagina lips. Then, there was a series of cracks as the man worked on her vagina lips, ringing them like Catwoman's vulva. When he was done, the man retrieved a steel shank from the drawers like that on Catwoman, except that this was gold. He slipped it up through the rings on Wonder Woman's cunt. The dildo she had been wearing was still inserted within her, so he had to stretch her vagina lips over its base to seal it in place. When he was done, he took a small lock and fed its shank into the eyehole at its end, then clicked the lock shut.

The man now came round to the front. He took something out from his jacket pocket. It was a leather tag, like that they used to mark luggage. It had a small snap hook on one end. He attached the hook to the ring on Wonder Woman's right nipple. When he released it, she could read the print on the paper inserted behind the plastic window.

It had the printed lines, "Property of…" followed by a name. Nothing that had been done to her over the period of her captivity had shaken her somuch as the sight of that label. She was no longer the mighty Amazon warrior, the princess of Paradise Island, the superheroine. She was nothing more than property. A slave.

Involuntarily, Wonder Woman felt tears well up in her eyes.


After she had been shaved and ringed, the bondage helmet was once again placed on her head, and Wonder Woman was put through another period of sensory deprivation, whipping and fucking. Her mind became more and more disoriented. Wonder Woman - in one of the increasingly rare moments of lucidity - realized that this could not just be the effect of the sensory isolation, or her prolonged captivity, or her physical and mental exhaustion. She was most probably being drugged, each time through the liquid diet she fed on. Not only did her mind became more and more disoriented, she could feel her body become hornier and hornier as days go by. Even the mere touch of a latex covered hand on her buttock now would make her moan and juice. Unfortunately, she did not have a choice but to partake of the tainted drink, for each time she was watered and fed, she was desperate for the liquid and the nourishment the drink provided.

The regime of drug, sensory deprivation, sexual torment and humiliation carried on for a long period of time until Wonder Woman could barely recall her previous identity as Wonder Woman. She was literally nothing more than a fuck slave now, as her existence was oriented around her cunt and mouth being used, and her sensitive regions being whipped and tormented. There was nothing for her to look forward to, nothing to provide her with meaning, except for these pains and pleasures.

Finally one day, Wonder Woman's bondage helmet was opened and removed again, together with the penis gag. Her mouth did not remain empty for long though as a ball-gag was shoved into her slack mouth in its place. She looked up, expecting to see the man again. Instead, she was amazed to see another man, dressed in the field gray uniform of a Second World War German SS foot soldier standing in front of her, complete with kraut helmet, SS rune collar tabs and highly polished jackboots. Her drugged mind attempted to comprehend this image but failed.

Wonder Woman could felt a pair of hands reach forward from behind and untied the lines binding her legs. They unfolded under their own weight and dangled from her body, the tip of her red and white boots touching the floor. Wonder Woman moaned as she felt the weight of her redistributed, causing the lines binding her crotch and the butt hook in her ass to dig deeper into her. She looked back to see what was happening, and saw a second guard dressed like a SS soldier standing behind her. She did not struggle as the lines of her lasso that had previously bound her legs in a frog-tie were now gathered together by the guard and used to bind her thighs together.

The guard went away for a moment, and he returned with a pair of blue panties in his hands. He knelt down behind Wonder Woman, and fed each of her booted foot into each of the leg-holes of the garment. Then he pulled the garment up her long legs up to her knees, just below where she was bound. The first guard now came around. He untied Wonder Woman's thighs, being careful to keep to her side, in case she was inclined to resistance even now. The garment was now pulled up above her long thighs to her crotch, before the lines were tied back in place around her thighs, just above her knees.

The guards loosened the rope lifting the butt hook in Wonder Woman's asshole. This allowed the captive to now stand up on her feet for the first time in a long while. Wonder Woman sucked in her breath as she felt the heavy dildo within her cunt slip down and pressed against the metal sealed lips of her vagina. The guards held her for a while as she regained her sense of balance. As they did so, one of them reached down and yanked the butt-hook unceremoniously out of her asshole. As she had not produced any shit with her liquid diet, the hook was clean.

The guards next untied the sisal rope binding her waist and crotch, relieving the familiar pressure on her crotch. Then they pulled the panties up all the way to her waist. Looking down, Wonder Woman saw that the panties resembled the bottom of her Wonder Woman costume. It was made of blue PVC and the stars on its surface were smaller and denser. The most important difference, however, was the fact that the crotch had a slit through its centre through which her naked vulva was left exposed.

After the suspension rope was untied from the sisal rope binding her breasts, the latter was untied and removed as well, leaving red welts criss-crossing Wonder Woman's body. One of the guards came up to her, and placed a red corset around her waist. Again, this resembled her bustier, but was also made of red PVC. Instead of a back zip, this one had an open-ended zip running up the front. The corset also lacked cups for her full breasts. The golden twin Ws, instead of running above her breasts, now traced the undersides of her breasts, with the centre point rising high up into her cleavage between her breasts, while the wings wrapped around up the sides of the two mounds. This arrangement proffered up her breasts, making them looked more prominent.

Finally, one of the guards took a black wig and placed it on her head. This wig had a tiara sewn to the front, with a red star in its centre. Again, this was a facsimile of a component of her costume.

The guards now attached a chain leash to the large ring at Wonder Woman's crotch, and tugged it.

"MMMMMMMPH!" Wonder Woman moaned as she took a step in the direction of the guard's pull to relieve the pressure on the rings on her vagina lips. She followed meekly as the guards led her out of her cell for the first time in what seemed like months. She found herself in a corridor with cell doors on either side. She was led down the corridor until they came to a door. The door opened and Wonder Woman found herself in another surreal environment. She saw a vanity top with a large mirror lined with bright electric bulbs.

A chair had been placed in front of the vanity top. On a closer look, Wonder Woman saw that it was bolted to the floor. It had an uncomfortable looking straight high back with a slot down its centre. It also had two arm rests that stretched high from the back to the front, where they bent down to form the front legs of the chair.

Wonder Woman was led to the chair, before she was turned and shoved into the seat. She found that the bound arms behind her back fit neatly into the slot in the back of the chair. A pair of broad leather straps bolted to the back of the chair were now pulled over her body, under her breasts, and buckled in place, pinning her into the chair. Another pair of leather straps bolted higher up to the back of the chair were pulled around her throat, and similarly buckled in place, rendering her head motionless. Finally, one of the guards reached down, and snapped a hook attached to the front edge of the seat of the chair to her crotch ring. She was very effectively bound to the chair.

When the guards were done, they stood aside. A figure now approached the bound Amazon. She was covered from head to toe in glossy black latex. Only a pair of eyeholes punctured the blackness of her body, showing a pair of dark brown eyes and just a hint of ebony skin. Over the latex catsuit that she wore, the figure wore a latex French maid's costume, with white latex ruffles on the hem of the flair skirt, the top of the scooped neckline, and the edge of the puffed sleeves. She reached out with latex covered hands to the make-up kit spread on the top of the vanity top, and set to work.

Wonder Woman watched helplessly as the latex covered woman worked. She expertly applied a heavy layer of foundation over her face, before lining her eyes thickly with black eye liners. Bright pink rogue was then applied to her cheeks, before her gagged lips were coloured with bright wine red. When she was done, Wonder Woman looked at herself. A garishly painted whore looked back at her.

This impression was reinforced when Wonder Woman was released from the chair by the guards and turned around to face a full-length mirror standing at a corner of the room. She was shocked as she looked at herself. She could hardly recognise the figure looking back at her. The costume she wore exposed all her naughty bits to public view, making her look more like a whore than an Amazon princess. Together with her make-up, she looked like a cheap street walker you could find at some seedy street corner.

The guards only let her look at herself for a moment, before she was once again led by the leash out of the room. She was now led through a set of double-doors. She found herself in a rather large room. It was set up as a studio, with black painted walls. Lights were mounted high up in the tall ceiling. Cameras were arranged in a semi-circle around a set occupying one half of the room. It looked like the interior of a dungeon, with stone walls, a small barred window high up. There was a large wooden desk to one side, and a heavy wooden chair bolted to the floor in the centre, like the one she had been placed in for her make-up.

There were several latex clad feminine figures walking around. They were all women, dressed in latex catsuits and bondage helmets, tottering on impossibly high heels. They seemed to be making some final arrangements. Some latex clad figures had already taken up position behind the cameras.

"All right, everybody get ready!" came a male voice. Wonder Woman turned to see the man who had been tormenting her sit on a high director's chair. He had a bull-horn in his hand. He turned and smiled at the captive Amazon as she was brought up to him.

"Well now, is the latest bondage porn star ready for her debut?" the man asked. Wonder Woman opened her eyes wide and she struggled a little bit, but she had become so weak that the guards easily held her.

"Don't worry, now, my dear," the man said, "You'll be working with a seasoned pro."

As he said that, Wonder Woman could hear the click of high heels behind her. Turning her head, she saw a tall woman stepped into the set. She was wearing a black suit over a white shirt with black tie. The jacket was adorned with SS rune collar tabs and cut to fit very closely to her buxom figure and slender waist. Her skirt reached down to below her knees and she wore black stockings underneath the skirt, with a black inseam aligned meticulously down her sleek calves. On her feet, she wore a pair of pumps with heels that were so high that she was walking on tip-toes. The woman had a head full of shiny blonde hair. When she turned around, Wonder Woman could see her face. It was as brightly made-up as her own and she did not recognise the features at first.

"Pussy slave, are you ready?" the man asked.

It was Catwoman! Wonder Woman thought with a start.

"Yes master." the woman said.

"Good, everybody get ready now. Let's begin."

A fetish slave now stepped in front of a camera, with a clapper, with the title of the film, the number of takes and time scribbled on it with chalk. Wonder Woman glanced at the title, and it read "Baroness Fausta's Amazonian Slave".

"Scene one, take one." the fetish slave said. Wonder Woman noticed now that she was the only fetish slave that was not gagged. Her thick engorged red painted lips could be seen through a hole in her mask.

"Action!" the man said into his bull-horn.

"Bring in the prisoner!" Catwoman shouted with a faux German accent. She stood with her arms akimbo in front of the wooden desk. The guards now tugged on Wonder Woman's crotch ring, and forced her to follow them into the set. She felt a hot flush of humiliation as she realized that she was now being filmed.

"So, this is the famous Wonder Whore." Catwoman continued as she looked at Wonder Woman. With her high-heels, she was actually slightly taller, and she looked down at the captive. Wonder Woman looked up and saw that she wore a pair of blue contact lenses over her green eyes, which made her looked suitably Aryan. Catwoman took Wonder Woman's left breast in her hand, and squeezed hard.

"MMMMMPH!" Wonder Woman moaned. Instantly, she felt her loins respond to the touch. She had been so conditioned that she could feel herself starting to become hot.

"Put the shackles on her ankles." Catwoman ordered. One of the guards picked up a heavy set of iron shackles from the floor and approached the bound Amazon. He knelt down beside her, and placed the shackles around her ankles, then used heavy locks to lock them in place. The shackles were thick affairs, at least an inch thick and two-inches high. They were linked by a heavy chain that was barely half a foot in length. They weighed heavily and uncomfortably on her ankle joints.

"Untie her thighs and then put her in the bondage sleeve." Catwoman ordered.

The guards now took a triangular shaped piece of thick leather garment off the floor. They wrapped this garment around Wonder Woman's bound arms. A pair of leather straps was bolted to the top of the garment, and these were now pulled over her shoulders, and pulled out under her arms, then secured to buckles bolted to the top of the garment, between her shoulder blades. This kept the garment in place as the guards pulled the ends of the garment together around Wonder Woman's arms. There were grommets running up the side of the garment. The guards now fed a thick lace through the grommets, criss-crossing them. When they were done, the garment wrapped Wonder Woman's arms tightly together. The lines of the lasso emerged from the tip of the bondage sleeve and dangled down to the floor.

"String up the captive." Catwoman said.

The guards now took the dangling lines of the lasso and pulled them up to a pulley suspended from the ceiling by a chain. They fed the lines through the pulley and pulled downwards. Wonder Woman's arms were tilted up bit by bit as the guards pulled, forcing Wonder Woman to bend forward at the waist and raise her buttocks. They kept pulling until her arms were raised almost vertically upwards, forcing her to bend over such that her body was horizontal to the ground, her heavy and unsupported breasts swinging beneath her. Her buttocks were raised up now, such that her exposed crotch was apparent for all to see.

"Excellent." Catwoman said, smiling as she picked up a riding crop from the desk top. She came over to Wonder Woman and cupped the chin of the prisoner. She pulled the head up and looked down at the eyes of the slave.

"Will you talk now?" Catwoman asked.

What did she mean? Wonder Woman wondered, then realized that it didn't quite matter. It was all part of a script in which she was not expected to speak.

"No?" Catwoman asked, smiling. She walked around to behind Wonder Woman's upraised buttocks, and lifted up her arms. With a loud swoosh,she brought the riding down, neatly across Wonder Woman's upraised buttocks.

"MMMMMMMMPH!" Wonder Woman moaned as the crop struck her. Immediately, she could feel herself becoming wet.


Wonder Woman moaned again as the crop struck her. She closed her eyes as she felt a rush of sexual excitement rise within her.

I'm such a slut! Wonder Woman dimly thought as yet another crop struck her, and causing her body to respond even more lustily. Her months of training was forcing an automatic Pavlovian response in her body, leading it to start juicing whenever she was whipped in the buttocks.

Catwoman continued swinging the crop until beads of perspiration appeared on her forehead. She turned and walked around to the front, and lifted Wonder Woman's head again.

"So, will you talk? No? Then it is time for something else."

Catwoman placed the riding crop on the table, and then turned towards a camera. She then slowly began to unbutton her black uniform jacket. She pulled it open to reveal a white silk blouse, with her heavy breasts straining against the front. She dropped the jacket onto the floor. Then she reached back, and unzipped her skirt, swinging her hips sensuously as she did so. The skirt dropped to the floor to reveal that she was wearing garters that lifted up her black stockings almost to her crotch, and the fact that she was wearing a frilly black satin panties underneath. She now reached up to the front of her blouse, gripped it, and pulled it apart, revealing that she was wearing a tight black satin corset underneath.

Catwoman turned to the desk and picked up a black leather harness. She pulled the harness around her waist, and buckled the harness over her right hip. This left a triangular panel dangling down from the centre, over her stomach. She pulled this panel down until it covered her abdomen and pubic region. A strap ran from the tip of this panel back between her legs and up her buttocks. She mated the top of this strap to a buckle suspended from the belt around her waist. She buckled this strap tightly so that the harness now fitted firmly around her loins.

Catwoman walked around the desk and opened a drawer. She took out two large black rubber dildos. One was longer than the other, although the latter was thicker in girth. She picked up the shorter and thicker dildo first, and proceeded to screw its base into a steel ring on the triangular panel of the harness. Then she picked up the other dildo, and fitted it to a second ring on the panel, just below the first one. When she was done, the two dildos projected out of her pubic region like two rigid penises, ready to penetrate any rear orifices.

Catwoman walked over to where Wonder Woman was, and cupped her chin.

"These are going into your holes, whether you like it or not, whore." Catwoman said, as she unbuckled the strap of the ball-gag in Wonder Woman's mouth, "So you better start wetting them the best you can."

Wonder Woman's eyes opened wide at the size of the two rubber dildos pointing straight at her. As the ball gag was removed from her mouth, she realized that she had no choice but to cooperate and wet those dildos, or she would have a very rough time as they enter her from behind. Without a word, she cupped her mouth over the top dildo first, and began to use her tongue to wet its rubber surface.

"Good. That's it Wonder Whore, lick it good." Catwoman cooed as she stroked the fake hair of the wig on Wonder Woman's head, "Now the other one."

When Wonder Woman was done, the two dildos were a glossy black in the bright lights of the studio. Catwoman walked around the bound Wonder Woman, and came to a stop behind her upraised buttocks. She knelt down as she took a key suspended by a necklace around her neck and inserted it into the lock on the crotch shank sealing Wonder Woman's crotch. With a turn, the lock came undone, and she took it out. Then she withdrew the shank upwards to open Wonder Woman's cunt. She reached in and pulled out the dildo currently residing within the Amazon slave and pulled it out. It was still wet with lubricant and Wonder Woman's juice, and Catwoman let it drop onto the floor.

Catwoman now stood up and gripped Wonder Woman's hips. She began to ease the dildos forward.

"Nooooo…" Wonder Woman moaned as she felt the tip of the longer dildo touch the lips of her cunt. It felt larger than the dildo that had been placed in her for so long. As it entered her, she felt the walls of her vagina began to stretch. She threw her head back as this happened, gritting her teeth. Then, the tip of the second dildo touched her asshole, slackened by her prolonged suspension with a butt-hook. It spread open the asshole and slipped deep into her rectum.

"Arggh…" Wonder Woman moaned softly. She was becoming very very horny with the monsters now inside of her. Slowly, Catwoman began to pump her, as her fingers went to her clitoris, and began to stroke it.

"No…no…" Wonder Woman protested half-heartedly as she began to pant. It felt so good! Great Hera! She was being raped by Catwoman, being filmed, and actually enjoying it. The feeling of shame was mixed with that of the pleasure building up within her.

Catwoman kept working on her, occasionally leaning forward to cup her firm breasts, and knead them. Wonder Woman moaned, perspiration appearing on her forehead, her eyes half-closed as the pleasure built within her. Then, suddenly she felt her inside exploding.

"Ahhhhh!" Wonder Woman moaned as she climaxed, then her head fell forward, exhausted.

"Did you enjoy that, whore?" Catwoman asked, laughing. Wonder Woman could only lift her head and nod, utterly defeated.

Catwoman withdrew the dildos from within Wonder Woman. She now stepped aside and signalled to the guards, who were standing apart up to now. The guards now came forward and unzipped their pants. Their penises were already erecting as they stepped forward.

"You may use the cunt." Catwoman said with a flourish before she went around to Wonder Woman's face.

"Lick the dildos clean, slut." Catwoman ordered. Wonder Woman obediently opened her mouth and began to lick the two rubber dicks before her face. Just as she did so, she felt the first guard penetrate her cunt from behind. She could only close her eyes in a combination of humiliation and ecstasy.


Wonder Woman's life as a slave improved slightly. She was no longer kept in suspension, but was allowed to lie down on a dirty foul-smelling mattress in a new cell. This cell was smaller than the first, being barely four feet across. It had no ceiling to allow guards patrolling above to keep a watch over the Amazon.

The arrangement of her bondage had also changed. She was now wearing a full set of steel manacles binding her wrists and ankles. A foot long chain was attached with heavy locks to heavy-duty eyebolts welded to the manacles binding her ankles. The same went for her wrist manacles. Another two foot-long chains linked her ankle chain to her wrist chain, and her wrist chain to the steel collar around her neck. These were all heavy and thick, with the manacles and collar being at least an inch thick and three inches in height, and had other eyebolts welded to them to provide extra attachment points for various arrangement of bondage. With the chains on her, she could not stand up fully, but had to crawl around on all fours most of the time.

Wonder Woman was also kept nude most of the time. Even her boots and bracelets had been removed. There was nothing now to remind her of her former identity as Wonder Woman. Only a barcode tattooed to the top of her head gave her an identity.

Wonder Woman was allowed some solid food now, usually some mashed up stew of unidentifiable meat products which would be slipped through a hatch at the bottom of the heavy steel door to her little cell. She had to lean forward like a dog and eat directly from the bowl on the floor.

A new layer of humiliation was now added to her captivity. With solid food, Wonder Woman would have to shit now, but even this was under the control of her captors. A steel cone butt-plug had been placed in her that prevented her from defecating in the narrow slit at a corner of the cell that served as the toilet. This butt-plug was kept in place by the shank that also sealed her cunt. The tip of this shank had an eyehole, which allowed her captors to lock the flanged base of the plug - with an eyebolt at its centre - to the shank. She could only shit when she was allowed to, and often, she had to beg to be allowed to do so. She would then have to endure the shame of having her slavers wipe her clean after she was done.

Just as fiendishly, this was repeated for her urethral opening as well. A narrow stainless steel plug had been inserted into the tiny opening, plugging it up. This plug was a narrow pointed shank with a ring at its base. The same steel shank that sealed her cunt hole went through this ring and kept the plug in place. Like the butt-plug, it would only be removed at the discretion of her slavers, and Wonder Woman was made to beg her captors to remove that plug to allow her to urinate.

In this way, every aspect of Wonder Woman's life as a sex slave was controlled. She became more and more dependent on her slavers for everything. And even though she was no longer kept in a bondage helmet, her solitary confinement in an empty cell meant that only her captors offered her any company. As such, she became dependent on her slavers for even companionship. She did not resist at all if any of the guard opened her cell door and came in to make use of her.

Indeed, Wonder Woman welcomed such diversions as the only source of stimulation in her sterile solitary confinement. She could not masturbate herself, with her cunt hole blocked by the steel shank and vaginal lip rings. Her clitoris was also shielded from her own touch by the cold steel of the shank. She could only feel the pleasure of sex if she was made used of like a whore and a slave. She became even more dependent, even more submissive as time passed.

In time, Wonder Woman also became a willing participant in the porn movies she was made to star in. The movie with Catwoman was completed after many sessions of humiliation, bondage and hard-core sado-masochism. She then proceeded to 'star' in several other films. She always played the submissive, dressed in some slutty costume, subjected to endless bondage and abuse. Again, she welcomed these sessions as the only diversions from the dreaded solitude of her confinement in the small cell.

Many more months into this new phase of her captivity, Wonder Woman was startled awake one morning by the loud clang of the steel bolt on her cell door being pulled back. She roused herself from her foetal sleeping on her right side as the man who had enslaved her came into the cell with a chain leash in his hands. She quickly got up onto her knees, and looked at the man's feet in submission. She did not see the man smile at how quickly and automatically the former superheroine did this. He knelt down and clipped the hook of the leash to her crotch steel shank. Then he pulled the other end of the leash, where there was a stout leather loop attached, through the large ring on the front of her steel collar, and stood up. He tugged at the end of the leash. As he did so, the chain tightened, and pulled at the steel shank on her crotch. She moaned at this, but made no further sound. She knew that she was forbidden to speak unless spoken to.

The man took two small bells out of his suit pocket and attached them to the nipple rings on Wonder Woman's breasts. As he clipped them in place, he gave her large breasts a light slap, causing them to juggle and the bells on the nipple rings to ring. She sucked in a breath but did not complain.

"Move it whore." the man said, pulling on the leash in his hand. Wonder Woman dropped onto all fours and began to crawl behind the man. The man led the Amazon slave out of her cell and down the corridor. With every move she made as she crawled, her large breasts juggled beneath her, causing the bells on her nipple rings to ring constantly. She had to crawl fast to keep up with the man, and this only made the bells sing even more frequently.

The man first brought Wonder Woman to the usual shower room, where she was given a thorough spray and soaping by latex clad bondage maids. Then, the dildo, urethral plug and butt-plug that had been in her for some time were replaced with new ones. When she was dried, she was once again led by the leash out into corridor. She was brought to a set of doors she had never been through before, and brought through them into an unfamiliar large room. It was almost entirely empty with the exception of a large circular frame constructed from sections of steel beams bolted and welded together. It was at least six-feet in diameter and stood on a pedestal in the middle. Thick chains dangled from within the rings through holes on the inner circumference of the circle. Heavy-duty snap-hooks were attached to the ends of these chains.

The man led Wonder Woman up to the frame. He bent down, and took a chain that emerged from a hole near the bottom of the frame, to the right, and hooked the snap-hook at its end to the-eyebolt welded to the side of Wonder Woman's right ankle manacle. He went to the left of the frame, and took a similar chain and hook, and did the same with her left ankle manacle.

The man now reached up, and took the chain dangling from the top of the frame, and pulled it down, and snapped its hook to the eyebolt at the back of Wonder Woman's steel collar. Then he took chains from the middle of the left side and right side of the frame, and attached them to the corresponding manacles binding Wonder Woman's wrists. It was only when she had been secured to the frame that the man unlocked the chains binding her collar and manacles together.

When the man was done, he made a signal to someone that Wonder Woman could not see, probably a guard watching the scene on a CCTV. The chains attaching her to the frame began to be withdrawn into their holes. She felt them drag her towards the frame, and she had to struggle to her feet to relieve the tension on her neck. She felt her limbs being drawn away from her torso, stretching her until she was in a rigid spread-eagle. She could only touch the floor with her toes, and the chain pulling the collar up forced her to tilt her head up and back. She could only glance down at the man from her position as she walked around her to inspect her new bondage arrangement.

"Good." the man muttered. He made another signal, and the doors to the room opened. Four latex fetish maids, dressed in latex from head to toe and wearing latex French maid uniforms tottered into the room on six-inch heels. They climbed the steps up to the pedestal awkwardly, and lined up in front of the spread-eagled Wonder Woman. Glancing down, the Amazon slave could see that they were carrying latex garments in their hands.

"It is time to dress you up in something more suitable for your new role as a fuck doll, Wonder Whore." the man said as he nodded to the women. One of them came forward, holding up two sleeves made of blue latex. Throwing one over her left shoulder, the maid took the other and went up to the taut right arm of Wonder Woman, who was following the maid's actions out of the corner of her eyes. She watched as the maid draped the latex sleeve over her arm, and pulled the sides of the sleeves together. These were lined with an open-ended zip. The maid mated up the ends of the zip at Wonder Woman's wrist, and then pulled the small zipper forward under her arm. As the zipper progressed towards her armpit, she could feel the latex material stretch taut over her arm, gripping it tightly. When the zip was fully done up, it reached to her armpit, and a triangular panel of the sleeve flapped over her right shoulder. The maid now took the other sleeve, and placed it over Wonder Woman's left arm, and repeated the process.

When the first maid was done, the second came forward. She was carrying two latex stockings of the same colour as the sleeves. These had the same design as the sleeves, with a small concealed open-ended zipper running up the stockings. The maid placed the first stocking around Wonder Woman's long slim right leg, and pulled their sides together before fitting the ends of the zipper together at her ankle. She pulled the zipper up the inside of the Amazon slave's leg until it reached her crotch. The stocking gripped her leg tightly, adhering to every contour of the slim leg. A triangular panel flapped down at the top of the stocking, away from the swell of Wonder Woman's right hip.

After the second maid did up the other stocking on Wonder Woman's left leg, the third maid now stepped forward. She unfolded and held up a bodysuit, also made of blue latex, for Wonder Woman to see. The front and the back of the bodysuit were attached at the crotch, so the opened garment stretched down. The first maid went around to her back and the third maid passed her the back of the bodysuit. Together, the two maids held up the front and back, and mated the right shoulder of the bodysuit over Wonder Woman's shoulder. They fitted the open ends of a zip running along the shoulder up the high collar of the bodysuit together at the tip of the shoulder. Then they pulled the zipper up until it reached the top of Wonder Woman's neck. They repeated the process with the left shoulder of the costume, before going down to Wonder Woman's left hip.

Here, they fitted the open ends of the zip on the bodysuit that ran down its left flank. They pulled up the zipper until it came to her left armpit. When they have repeated the process with the right flank of the costume, the bodysuit gripped Wonder Woman's torso, with her large breasts and buttocks, firmly, adhering to every curve.

The first three maids now mated up the edges of the bodysuit with the triangular panels on the sleeves and stockings. The edges of all these concealed open-ended zips, which they fitted together and zipped up.When they were done, all the parts formed together into a blue catsuit. The front of the latex garment had a sprinkling of golden stars, just below the neck. There was also a band of gold above a band of red at the base of the collar.

The last fetish maid now stepped up. She held up a latex bondage helmet for Wonder Woman to see. It was like the helmet she had been placed in before, with a skin-toned face with thick rubber lips, fake black eyebrows and eye-linings. Other than the face, however, the other parts of the helmet were blue in colour, from the forehead back over the crown of the head, and from behind the cheeks to the back of the head. A pair of golden rainbows had been printed on the edge of the face, with a large red rubber star on the crest of the forehead.

The helmet was opened in the back, with a zipper running down on either side of the opening. The maid now turned the helmet around and fitted it over Wonder Woman's head. The rubber stretched over her entire face and head, gripping them tightly as the zip was pulled shut. The other maids now unlocked the steel collar holding Wonder Woman's head up. This allowed the fourth maid to pull the zip further down. The collar of the helmet now spread down over the collar of the body suit, reaching down to the slave's shoulders.

When the helmet was in place, the collar was once again placed around Wonder Woman's throat, and locked in place. The maids then disappeared from view for a while, and then returned with more pieces of garment. They took a pair of blue latex mittens, and placed them over her hands. These covered her hands entirely and gripped her thumbs and fingers together tightly into useless paddles. Then, one of the maids took Wonder Woman's right hand, while another unhooked the chain from the manacle around her right wrist. The first maid then quickly turned Wonder Woman's hand to place her arm in a wrist lock. This allowed the other maids to zip up the top of the glove, which reached up all the way to the base of her arms, then secured the manacle over Wonder Woman's wrist again. Then they reattached the hook of the chain from the circular frame to the manacle, once again placing Wonder Woman in a complete spread-eagle. The maids now repeated the process with Wonder Woman's left arm.

The maids now took chains that came out from the sides of the circular frame, to the right and left of Wonder Woman's legs, and wrapped them around her thighs, just above her ankles. Once these additional points of attachments were in place, the maids unattached Wonder Woman's right ankle manacle from the chain linking it to the frame. One of them now stepped forward with a red and white PVC boot. The design resembled that of her old Wonder Woman costume boots. With the other maids pulling up Wonder Woman's lower right leg, she slipped the boot over the right leg, thenzipped it up. The shoe had a heel of six inches, with no platform sole. This forced Wonder Woman's right foot to assume a permanent tip-toe stance. The top of the boot came up to Wonder Woman's knee, just below where her right thigh was chained. When the boot was fully zipped up, the ankle manacle was restored and her right ankle was secured to the frame again. This process was then repeated with Wonder Woman's left leg.

The maids were still not done yet. They disappeared from view for a while, then returned with a gold-coloured metal girdle. It looked like that that she wore as a superheroine, but it was structured more like a waist clincher. It was hinged behind, with several leather straps and buckles closing the opening on the front. It also had rings bolted along its circumference. The girdle was placed around her narrow waist, above her hips, and then tightly buckled in place. It gripped her waist tightly, clinching it in like a corset.

The maids now attached heavy-duty double-ended snap-hooks to rings on the sides of the girdle, one on each side. They now released Wonder Woman's right wrist, and twisted her arm behind her back, with her right arm horizontal to the ground. One of the maids attached the double-ended hook dangling over her left hip to an eyebolt on the manacle on Wonder Woman's right wrist, holding the arm in place. When this was done, the maid did the same with her left arm. Her lower arms were now secured horizontally, parallel to one another, with her wrists secured over the hip of the opposing side. This also caused Wonder Woman to thrust her chest forward.

The man now came forward. He held Wonder Woman's lasso in his hand. Her slavers had stopped using it to bind her now, given that in her weakened state, steel served just as well as the magical qualities of the lasso to bind her. He did not use it to reinforce her bondage, but looped it around her neck like a choke chain and leash. When he tightened the lasso, the maids unlocked the collar holding Wonder Woman's head up, and then her ankle manacles. The man now gave a tug on the lasso, forcing Wonder Woman to take a tentative step forward. She found the height of her high heels disconcerting. She could only walk on tip toes, and this forced her to take small dainty steps. It was impossible to make any aggressive moves in those killer heels.

The man led her down from the platform round to the back of the room. A large mirror had been placed against a wall for her to look at herself. She saw a rubberised creature looking back at her. The way the bodysuit was structured forced her heavy breasts up into perky mounds. The girdle around her waist clinched it in to form a perfect hour figure. The latex that covered her from head to toe gripped her like a second skin, and shone in the light of the room. She looked every bit the perfect fuck doll.

"Like what you see? That's what you are from now on, slut. Nothing more than a rubber sex doll." the man said, laughing.

Looking at herself, Wonder Woman felt tears of defeat well up in her eyes. She followed meekly as the man led her away from the mirror towards a corner of the room. She saw a long pine box lean against the wall. It looked vaguely like a coffin, except that it had a large block of white foam fitted into it. The centre of the foam had an opening cut into it, shaped and sized to fit a slave - to fit her. Wonder Woman was led up to the box, and then turned around. The man now pulled the leash end of the lasso down to her torso, and coiled the lines several times around her arms and body, above and below her breasts. He bound the lines together in her cleavage, before stretching the lines down to her thighs, where he coiled the lines around them again, securing her thighs together. Finally, he tied the lines together just above her knees in a large golden bow.

The maids now came forward and lifted up the bound figure of Wonder Woman. She was shoved and fitted into the hole in the centre of the foam. She fitted snugly into the hole, and the material added its own tight embrace to her bondage.

"There, you're now perfectly packaged for delivery, like a new fuck toy." the man said, smiling, "Don't worry, you're only rented out for a couple of weeks to a filthy rich Russian oil tycoon. You'll be back in no time."

The man's laughter was the last thing Wonder Woman heard before the lid of the box was fitted into place and nailed shut.