Ultra Woman vs. Her Greatest Foe

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Ultra Lass struggled but the wall shackles weren't budging. She wasn't afraid. She had been in this position many times before. The villain would capture her and take her to his hideout. Ultra Woman would then find her and defeat her captor. This scenario had become so routine that Ultra Woman had given her a homing beacon. Everything was happening according to plan. Ultra Woman would arrive any minute and rescue her. But, from whom? She couldn't remember much. Female super heroes were disappearing. She was investigating an old warehouse when knockout gas poured from vents in the floor. Now she was here, bound standing up, her arms and legs in shackles. Ultra Lass was a perky, 19 year-old red head with girl-next-door looks. She wore a tight fitting green costume with a yellow skirt, short cape and boots. She thought to herself...

"What am I doing here? I have no super powers. Maybe a super human ability at getting one's self captured." The thought made her laugh to herself. She didn't really need super powers. Her partner and mentor, Ultra Woman was the most powerful meta-human known to exist. Born of another world, she was invulnerable and possessed limitless strength. She had personally witnessed Ultra Woman easily vanquish the most dangerous villains in the world. How could any evil doer think they would fare better than Braino, Metal Master, or Nuclear Woman? Most villains just give up at the sight of Ultra Woman. Who would be so bold as to capture me? She looked around the room. She was still in the warehouse. It was a large, well-lit room with a steel floor. Her thoughts were interrupted by a deep voice that seemed to come from everywhere.

"Comfy Ultra Lass? I've been eager to finally meet you." "You'll be meeting Ultra Woman soon! She'll fix you!", she yelled back. There was a short pause. The voice continued... "Yes that's true. She's outside right now. It's a good thing I let you keep that transmitter." "He planned this? What a fool!", she thought. "He must be mad or he's bluffing." A door in the floor opened and a TV screen arose. Ultra Woman was approaching the front of the warehouse. She was a tall, dark-haired amazon in a red, white, and blue spandex outfit. Boom! From that familiar sound, Ultra Lass knew her rescuer was in the warehouse. Ultra Woman flew into the room. "Don't worry. I'll have you freed in a minute Ultra Lass. Show yourself you coward!" Again, there was a short pause. "Ultra Woman! So glad you could come." A door opened in the wall and a blue ray shot out. It hit Ultra Woman square in the chest but Ultra Woman seemed only slightly phased by it. Then another small door quickly opened next to her feet. A metal arm shot out and clamped around her left foot. "You must be joking! Nothing can hold me...." It was then that Ultra Lass saw something she had never seen before. Ultra Woman was struggling! She couldn't free her foot. But, what sent a chill up her spine was the look on Ultra Woman's face. It was a look of fear. That ray had rendered her powerless!

"What's the matter UltraWoman? If you're wondering about that blue ray, I'll explain. I know of your race. I come from a planet not far from your own. Your powers will return in a few hours, but that won't help you much. You'll soon end up like the others. Let's get a peek at what's under your costume." More arms sprung out of the floor. Ultra Woman awkwardly tried to avoid them. It was a game of cat and mouse and she was losing. "First, let's take your top off." Ultra Woman struggled as the arms grabbed her blue top from the front and back and pulled. It ripped apart. "Next, your skirt." The arms grabbed onto her skirt. She held it at the waist but lost the tug of war. It was pulled to her ankles then cut in two and removed. Ultra Woman looked frantic. She was standing out in the open in a blue bra and panties. "And now it gets interesting... let's see those world famous boobs of yours!" Ultra Woman's large breasts bounced around as she tried to evade the mechanical arms, but there were too many. An arm snuck up from behind and cut her bra strap. She put her arms behind her back to hold the ends together. Another arm grabbed onto her bra from the front and pulled it off of her. Her massive breasts bounced out freely. Ultra Woman was speechless. All Ultra Lass could do was watch with horror. "What a perfect pair! Too bad Ultra Boobs... There is the punishment that all large breasted super heroines receive when they try to defeat me." Another door in the floor opened. Ultra Woman's eyes grew wide as two arms with suction cups slowly arose. "You can't run. Say goodbye to those exquisite breasts of yours. " The cups moved towards their targets. Ultra Woman tried to fight them off. Whenever a cup came close to her breasts she would swat it away. The cups would immediately reorient themselves and try again. This went on for two minutes, then the game was over. Two other arms grabbed onto her wrists and held them above her head. She could only twist and turn as the cups drew in her massive mammeries. FOOMP! FOOMP!! The pressure was enormous. She could feel her nipples being drawn into the hose line. Ultra Woman raised her head defiantly. "Release me from this silly contraption or I swear you'll regret it!" The voice laughed. "Those words would carry alot more weight if you weren't stripped naked with your tits stuck in a high pressure milker. As it has done with many of your girlfriends, that silly contraption is going to milk you dry! Like them, it will also rid you of your arrogance. Your nipples are about to gush any second. Now would be a good time to beg." Those words wiped the stern look off the mighty superheroine's face. She looked down nervously at her breasts and gritted her teeth. "Time's up! You put up a good fight Ultra Tits. Look down at your breasts. That's a good girl." Ultra Woman looked down but threw her head back as the pumps doubled the pressure. The cups tugged and yanked her breasts. Slurp! Slurp! For a few moments, nothing happened, but then Ultra Woman let out a whine. Her breasts began to burn. The clear plastic tubes coming from her nipples filled with milk. It had begun. Ultra Woman moaned as the cups continued to pull and suck her breasts. Minutes went by. She watched as the cones devoured her monstrous bosom. The immense strain was obvious. Her breasts became softer, thinner, and were streaked with veins. Ultra Woman just stared with her mouth agape. Finally, her chest heaved forward as the last drop was sucked out of her once mighty breasts. Slurp!!! Her stretched out breasts were released and slapped against her stomach. The empty sacks swung almost to her waist. Ultra Woman stammered, "My breasts! They're... they're ruined!" She was about to say something else, but knock out gas erupted from the floor. The arms holding her wrists let go and she fell through a trap door in the floor. Ultra Lass was dumbfounded. "I can't believe this is happening. I've got to get out of here and get help."

The voice returned. "I'm sure you're wondering what's happened to all the other super heroines. Ultra Woman is about to share their fate. First, her panties will be added to my collection." The TV screen clicked on. Ultra Woman was on a slow moving conveyor belt. The motion stopped. A camera from above watched as two robot hands pinched the sides of her panties. "Time for the unveiling." The arms pulled down revealing a thick triangle of black public hair. Her legs were slowly spread and the forward motion continued. The camera angle changed. Ultra Woman was now heading toward the camera with her legs spread. The motion stopped. The camera was poised right in front of her vagina. She was peering between her thighs at her fate before her. The screen went black. "Please excuse me while Ultra Woman and I share a special moment together."

It seemed like an eternity went by, then the TV screen came back on. Ultra Lass couldn't believe her eyes. The image showed an exhausted Ultra Woman seated in a chair. Her feet were in stirrups. She was pregnant and holding her swollen belly! The voice returned, "Take a look at your girlfriend. Right now the egg that's growing inside of her womb is absorbing her essence. Soon, she'll watch as all her powers and abilities squeeze out of her vagina. After she lays that egg, she'll be like all the rest... another washed up slut with stretch marks and a sore cunt!... It's time for you to join her!" "No! You can't!" Ultra Lass gasped as she was sprayed with knock out gas. When she awoke she was lying on the same conveyor belt she had seen before. The forward motion began. "Let's begin with our tour of the Hall of Panties. You will soon be contributing yours to my collection." Ultra Lass was amazed. On each side of her were dozens of photos of well-known female crime fighters. A pair a panties was suspended below each photo. The Super Sorority, Fluffy the Vampire Slayer, Shela of the Jungle, Harly's Angels and others had all fallen victim and ended up yielding their panties as trophies to this fiend. As she progressed, Ultra Lass's clothes were removed. Her bra came off revealing her perky, little breasts with pink nipples. Finally, she had but one item of clothing remaining. She looked over and saw her photo next to Ultra Woman's. Her idol's blue panties were hanging behind the glass. She watched as her white cotton panties slid down her legs. "Think! Silly! Think! How can I get out of this!", she thought. Arms slowly spread her legs revealing the soft pink lips of her vulva. A small tuft of red pubic hair topped her pussy. She found herself in the same position as Ultra Woman. She was peering between her quivering thighs to see what was about to happen next. "It's time I got to know you better Ultra Lass." The conveyor dumped the girl onto a circular slide. She slid around and around wondering when this ride would end. The slide ended and Ultra Lass felled ten feet onto what she thought was a trampoline. She held her breasts as she bounced up and down awkwardly. She finally settled into the middle of the oily bed beneath her. She felt her bottom and looked around. This was no trampoline. This was a living organism! "Yes, Ultra Lass. You've probably realized now that your cute little bottom is sitting in the middle of one of my flowers." Tendrils curled around the frightened girl's arms and legs. "Don't worry dear, I've got inseminator vines that are just for virgins like you." A thin tendril worked its way up between the girl's kicking legs and entered her vagina. "You're pussy is quivering. Fear not. I'm about to give it what it craves." The helpless girl winced as the thin member inside of her began to swell larger and larger. Her hips gyrated as her pussy was stretched tight around the throbbing vine. "It's time. Look down at your pussy. You'll soon feel it filling with cum." Ultra Lass's mind raced. She could only think of one thing to say... "alright you win! I quit! Please don't do this! I give you anything you want!" Then came her reply. "Thanks, but I've already got what I want." With that, Ultra Lass let out a pathetic whimper as she felt a warm gush of alien semen shoot deep into her vagina. SPLURSH!!! The vine continued to piston back and forth. The only words Ultra Lass could muster were "Ooooo! Ooooo! No... Ooooo!". She didn't even notice another vine approaching her mouth. Its head pushed past her lips. It enlarged with her lips wrapped tightly around it. "Mmmmph! Mmmmm!" It surged and gave her a mouthful of cum then retracted. It was then she saw the spherical lump in the vine that was moving towards her vagina. "Oh no! Not the egg!" It pushed up against the lips of her pussy. "Must fight it!", she thought. Her vagina was being stretched open as the egg slowly worked its way into her. "No!! It's going in! I can't stop it!" She heard the voice say, "Time for you to open wide!". The tendrils spread her legs wide apart and egg disappeared inside of her. SPLORT!!! Her insides were tingling. It was growing inside of her. "Say thank you.", the voice echoed.

The deed was done. The inseminator vine suddenly stopped and yanked out of her. The wide-eyed girl, her mouth awash in cum, stared at her now bulging belly. Her open slit oozed cum. The voice spoke one final time. "Well, this has been fun, but you've got an egg to lay and I've got more cunts to fill.

Goodbye Ultra Lass!"


Ultra Lass was soon rejoined with her idol. She sat in a chair similar to Ultra Woman's. Her legs were spread with her tiny feet in stirrups. Ultra Woman was unrecognizable. The once ravishing beauty sat makeup-less and sweat covered in a chair across from her. Her belly was enormous. Her firm, round breasts now looked like a pair of deflated balloons hanging from her chest. Her vagina oozed green cum. The contractions had begun. Ultra Woman was grunting like an animal. A voice from a speaker taunted, " This is the best part. It's no use trying to fight the involuntary contractions. Right now, you can feel the egg forcing its way down your birth canal. It's neutralized all of your super powers. Once it pops out your cunt, your powers will be gone for good! Have fun giving birth!" Ultra Woman sneered. She wanted desperately to press her thighs together, but the chair held her legs wide apart. She could feel the egg stretching her vagina larger and larger with each contraction. Soon, it would force its way out of her. Ultra Lass watched with horror. The egg was the size of a small melon. It was halfway out, with Ultra Woman's poor vagina stretched tight around it. With a final deep grunt, followed by a sob, SPLUB! the egg fell to the floor. Ultra Woman stared down at her now cavernous vagina. Ultra Lass squirmed in her chair. Her stomach was huge. The voice returned, "You're probably wondering why I added you to my collection. Why would one bother with a one who is already powerless? Did your mentor tell you that she found you orphaned on her home planet, Ultrite? Your powers, like Ultra Woman's, were due to surface in your 20's. Of course, that was until you got an egg of absorption shoved up your cunt. Too bad. Have your contractions started yet? " The shocking realization hit home. No wonder Ultra Woman never feared for her safety. She was an Ultran like her. "Is it true?", she asked. Ultra Woman didn't meet her eyes. "Just hang in there. Don't end up like me. Whatever you do, don't let that egg come out!" Just then, Ultra Lass let out a grunt. "No! It's starting!", she cried. Ultra Lass fought a losing battle. Soon, she stared at the enormous egg protruding from her elastic vagina. "Just one more push and you're done for!", the voice laughed. Ultra Lass's eyes rolled back into her head. "I tried my best! Ugghh!!", she cried. SPLUB! The egg hit the floor. "No!!!"

The two defeated heroines sat dumbfounded. Only hours ago, they were the two most powerful metahumans on the planet. As predicted, all they now possessed were stretch marks and large, sore pussies.

The End.