Wonder Woman vs The Ladykiller  

By DR. Know


Wonder Woman, in her alter-ego of Diana Prince was rapidly scouring files for information regarding two cases she was following. Recently a rash of ancient Greek artifacts had been stolen from museums across the nation over the last few weeks. She was concerned as the Smithsonian was unveiling a high-profile exhibit of Hellenistic treasures this week. In addition, several women were reported as missing over the last couple of days. Diana was unsure which crimes to devote her energies to stopping first. Both series of crimes needed to be halted immediately, and the individual perpetrators both needed to be behind bars. Although she had a natural affinity for the Greek treasures, she decided to devote her time to the missing women as she could not stand the thought of anything happening to "sisters" while she was protecting mere objects.

As if she did not have enough to worry about, her younger sister Drusilla had just arrived from Paradise Island for a visit. She loved Drusilla, and her visits to Man's world always brightened up her week, but Dru was impetuous, and looking after her would be difficult while pursuing the cases. Dru had offered to help her with the cases, but Diana remembered all too well her assistance that led to Paradise Island being overrun by men!

That evening, after Dru retired to bed, Diana changed into her WW costume and slipped out to visit areas of the city where the girls had turned up missing. She had gleaned from the files that the women were all attractive, mostly youthful women in their late teens and early twenties (although a couple of the women were in their early thirties). The women all seemed to be from good families, but were all alone when they disappeared. All disappearances took place at night in good areas of town. Not one case of a reported struggle or seen abduction existed. Diana took to the rooftops in an affluent area of town that had no reported missing women as of yet, in hopes that she would spot an abduction in progress.

In the meantime…..not aware that Diana had snuck out of the apartment, Drusilla snuck out of bed and started rifling through Diana's desk-she wanted to help her big sister and wanted to see if she could piece together a pattern from the files. She came across Diana's notes and began to look through the files. She noticed that the abductions took place from four major areas of town, but that the missing cases seemed to rotate in a pattern from one area to the next. She quickly deduced the neighborhood where the next girl should turn up missing. She knocked on Diana's door-when she received no answer, she decided to investigate on her own-better yet, she would set a trap and change into Wonder Girl and wear outer clothes to hide her uniform, and stroll the streets in hopes of luring the abductors to her.

Both Diana and Drusilla were in opposite areas of Washington in hopes of solving this case on their own. After canvassing the neighborhood she was in and seeing no women on the streets, Diana decided to move to another neighborhood, randomly selecting the same neighborhood in which Dru was walking the streets. Just as Diana landed on a rooftop she spotted a young brunette walking the street (unbeknownst to her it was her own sister!) and decided to follow at a discrete distance. She observed a large black Pontiac pull up next to the girl-the girl initially took a defensive posture, then seemed to freeze in place for a few moments and then opened the car door and got into the automobile as it sped off. Unsure of the situation, Diana jumped off of the rooftop to pursue the vehicle, when she heard a woman yelling at a man-she quickly ran to the woman's aid only to discover that it was a lover's quarrel. Having lost the Pontiac she continued to patrol for most of the evening before heading back to her apartment. The next morning she found Dru missing and a note describing the pattern of abductions, she quickly deduced that Dru probably got in the car willingly to try and capture the entire gang. She was fearful for her sister and began looking for additional clues in the file.

Suddenly there was a knock at her door- she hollered "just a minute" when the door was kicked in by two large men. Diana got up and ran into her bedroom and locked the door. She quickly changed into her Wonder Woman costume and crept out the window ledge to jump in the hall window. As she approached her own apartment from the hall, she heard one of her assailants exclaim, "quickly Mort, knock that door in-if she changes into Wonder Woman she will have all of her powers-and unless you want to go back to jail..". Suddenly Diana ran into the room and disarmed the first assailant. Mort exclaimed " geepers Chuck, I thought you said this Diana chick was Wonder Woman". Chuck threw a punch at Diana, and said "she's supposed to be, now run you idiot". Diana ducked Chuck's punch and quickly dispatched Mort with a kick to the solar plexus that sent him careening off of the door he was trying to open. As Mort slunk to the ground, Chuck ran for the exit but Diana ensnared him in her Magic Lasso-Chuck instantly stopped running. Diana then began questioning Chuck:

" why did you think Diana Prince and I are the same person?" .

" uh..uh ..er.. your sister told the boss that you were"

"where is my sister"

" the abandoned Shipley Warehouse by the docks"

"who is your boss"

" he calls himself the 'Ladykiller'"

"I want you to forget everything about me and my sister and turn yourself in to the proper authorities"

Diana then applied the Golden Lasso of Truth to Mort before heading for the Shipley Warehouse.


Diana was concerned what she would find when she got to the warehouse-Dru would never reveal her secret identity unless she was tortured. Diana was worried and very angry as she approached the warehouse- which did seem to be abandoned.

Diana jumped up to the rooftop and looked into a skylight. The entire warehouse was dark, but she could see faint traces of light seeping around a door to an inner structure. Diana quickly jumped through the skylight-only to find an entire warehouse within a warehouse-the outer shell was only for appearances. As she kicked in the door to the inner warehouse she saw a carpeted foyer area with opulent trimmings. A girl got up to run into the adjacent room, but Diana threw her tiara at the doorwoman and knocked her unconscious. Diana then proceeded to saunter into the next chamber only to be amazed at what she saw- the room was enormous and opulent. To her left were all sorts of giant tubes, machinery, and a pile of Greek artifacts that had been discarded in the corner. In one of the tubes was a pair of bracelets to match her own (surely Drusilla's!). At the far end of the room was a man seated on a dais in a chair akin to a throne. Several woman were kneeling on the floor on either side of the throne, all clad in black lingerie. One woman wearing only a black garter was kneeling between the man's legs bobbing her head up and down.

As soon as the man spotted Diana, he said " excellent….. welcome, I've been hoping you would come-your timing could have been better, though. Girls, except you Casey of course (referring to the girl between his legs), please detain our guest". As the lingerie clad horde descended on Wonder Woman, she did not notice another silhouette slip behind her. Diana began pirouetting through the mass of women, quickly putting each woman down with single blows or kicks. Suddenly… she sensed a hand grasp for her belt of power from behind!?! Diana quickly rounded on the form with her elbow out, catching the woman on the jaw, but as the woman fell she retained her hold on the belt. As Diana turned to confront her attacker she was shocked to see Drusilla on the ground in front of her wearing black lingerie and her own power belt, while clutching Diana's belt. Diana reached down to grab her belt, but Dru kicked out at her, and even dazed, Dru's strength was enough to send a beltless Diana hurtling.

Diana got up unsteadily, her back to the man in the chair, yelling "Dru-what have they done to you?"

"Nothing that we won't do to you, my dear" came a masculine voice from behind her-

Diana whirled around to face a man in his late thirties, well-built with no shirt on, zipping up his pants (apparently Casey was through).

"We have not been introduced-I am the Ladykiller, and you will provide me with the means to control all of the women on this planet"

" I will do no such thing- Dru give me my belt"

Drusilla obviously fighting an internal battle begins shaking uncontrollably, but cannot move towards Diana.

Diana spins on the Ladykiller- "what did you do to her?"

"Are you familiar with the tale of the Golden Phallus?"

Diana gasps involuntarily. She is familiar with the story as it is an Amazon's nightmare: Jason and the Argonauts sought The Golden Fleece. After finding the fleece, according to historical records it disappeared. But what is not recorded except in very rare Greek tomes is that Jason sought the Fleece at Circe's suggestion in order to weave it into a powerful artifact called "the Golden Phallus". The Phallus was 12 inches long, anatomically correct, and due to the power of the Fleece, was able to make any woman that came in contact with the Phallus to swoon over the holder of the Phallus. In fact, she would become so ensorcelled that she would in essence be a slave to her own lust, willing to do anything to feel the loins of the man possessing the Phallus. Jason uses the Phallus several times before he encounters Aphrodite in the clouds who asks him to relinquish the Phallus to her as it is an abomination that distorts the relationship between man and woman. Jason, enraptured by the beauty of Aphrodite, tries to use the Phallus on Aphrodite. Aphrodite, already a creature of Love and Lust herself is overcome by the Phallus, and begins to make love to Jason. Jason in his ecstacy drops the Phallus, breaking the spell. Aphrodite in her fury turns Jason into a lamb, and asks Zeus to dispatch of the Phallus. Zeus removes all Godly power that is infusing the Phallus, leaving it a stone sculpture, and discards it in the maze of Minos, guarded by the Minotaur. The Phallus was lost to history, impotent and discarded.

Diana said " where did you hear of the Phallus-it doesn't exist-it was only a rumor started by men"

"oh it exists-do you remember the publicized find of the maze of Minos three years ago"

"even if it exists it has no power"

"ironic that you mention that-you have some enemies in high places! Aries gave me a device that transfers Greek Deity power from one object to another. I have been feeding the Phallus with the barest traces of power left existing in the rare objects I can acquire from museums. Unfortunately, the power wanes fairly quickly. However, if I had a constantly renewing source like a battery, I could conquer the world with half of the world as my slaves"

" it would never work, besides, where would you find a so-called battery of the Gods power?"

" well, you see that is why I am so pleased you are here- your belt feeds you with constant power from the gods, and you have also been given life from the gods-you will be my battery!"

"Never!" Diana screams as she runs to the shaking Drusilla and grabs her power belt. She rounds on the Ladykiller and jumps to the Dias in a single bound.

Almost unheard Dru barely can whisper "No Diana, Run away!"

The Lady Killer lifts up his hand from his lap brandishing a statue of a stone Phallus that has a faint golden glow. At its mere sight Diana halts and begins to breathe irregularly. She does not give in to the temptation to disrobe or touch herself…..but she stands motionless before the power of the Phallus and her internal struggle to resist its …….power!

"You see Diana the legend is quite real, your fortitude in it's presence is quite impressive, although this is being powered strictly by your Sister's bracelets. Once you are the source it will be indomitable"

"By the way Diana.." the LadyKiller says as he steps towards her with the Phallus directly in her line of sight, "…are you familiar with the legend of the potency of the Phallus? To see the Phallus is to want the man that holds the Phallus, and to be consumed by lust. To touch the Phallus is to experience Orgasm and to want both the man and the Phallus. To fornicate with the Phallus..is to be owned body and soul by the man forever!"

Diana's breath becomes even more ragged still as she cannot take her eyes off of the approaching Phallus. The Ladykiller's voice is all she can hear over the blood coursing through her veins, the words less important than the melodious rhythmic cadence of his voice. Diana thinks " I can fight this, but …but….it would feel so……can't think about…..he smells so….. what was that woman doing between his legs-I bet it felt ..NO! I am an Amazon…..ooooohhhhh"

"your sister only touched the Phallus in a weakened state before her bracelets provided the latest source of energy. Imagine what will happen to you when I ram this inside your dripping cunt!"

As he approaches even closer, Diana's chest begins to swell up and down with each uneven breath, her hands begin to shake as she fights the urge to caress her own skin, her legs also are almost imperceptibly quivering as they at once are trying to locomote her away from the Dias and clench together to provide some embrace of her inner thighs.

" You are so lovely-I will enjoy every moment of…..well, of the rest of your life!" He stands before Diana now and runs the back of his empty hand along the skin at the top of her bustier, tracing the curve of the exposed upper portion of her breasts. At his touch Diana audibly sighs and allows her right hand to reach down and rest on her upper right thigh.

"I think perhaps I will only allow you to touch the Phallus today-perhaps we will reserve completing your utter ruin for the near future-to give you something to look forward to!"

Diana thinks "maybe there is yet hope-no please give it to me now….Hera Help me…..Zeus but he is a strong well-built ….I can't hold out much longer…"

LadyKiller smiles broadly at Diana, he can hear every breath she takes, he cranes down and kisses Diana on the neck, and then blows ever so gently on the spot he kissed. Diana reacts audibly and begins mewling 'oh, ooooohhhh, no……*GASP*"

LadyKiller then reaches up with his open hand grasps the back of Diana's head, pulls her into his lips for a wet kiss, then bites her lower lip releases her, and grasps the base of the Phallus with both hands, raises it above his head, and as if he is mortally stabbing her with a dagger, he thrusts the dagger into her cleavage down her Bustier.

Diana instantly screams "Hera help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! OoooooooooOOHHHoOooHHH AAIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!" And cums, and cums and reaches down with both hands thrusting two fingers of one hand under her shorts and in her pussy, while using the middle finger of her other hand to rub her clit. The entire outside world has disappeared, Diana is only receiving sensory input from her loins and her imagination at this point. She cannot hear her own breathing, or see the man grinning in front of her. She sees herself floating endlessly in space intertwined with The LadyKiller… making love for eternity.

The LadyKiller steps behind her, his own manhood fully erect at 9 inches and he presses up against her gyrating buttocks. He reaches around with both hands and grasps her breasts through her Bustier and whispers in her ear "you are mine now, but I choose to leave you a sliver of free will, so that I can continue to enjoy your futility as I break you down daily. You will suck my cock, be my cum-receptacle, and power the device that will enslave the women of the world." Diana does not feel his cock against her buttocks, does not feel his hands caressing her, or hear his speech-although subconsciously she registers every word.

"oooooooohhhhhhhaaaaaagggghhaaaa, oh, oh , oh , aieeeeee"

"Right now you will continue to cum in your trance-like state until you literally pass out from exhaustion and dehydration-this will be interesting to see what the endurance of an Amazon warrior is after all"

"mmmmmmmm, yes, yes, yes, yes"

Diana is nothing but an erotic, pulsating, quivering, spectacle for everyone in the room. She is vigorously massaging her clitoris, running a hand rhythmically in her dripping snatch, as her hips gyrate to the unheard rhythm. Diana is not even aware that her own hands are taking her to further orgasms.

As she screams "yesssssssss, yesss, yes, oooohhh , Zeus and Adonis" she falls to one knee, but manages to not miss a single pulse of her fingers. She registers her breasts swelling and rising, her engorged nipples brushing against the inside of her Bustier, her heart feels like it is going to pound itself through her chest as its pace is more rapid than she can remember, her loins are wetter and looser than they have ever been and feel better than she has ever known. She can all of a sudden feel every square micrometer of her body inside and out. The touch of her fingers feels soooooooooo goooood. She cums again, and rapidfire again, and again, and again. Her fingers register each squirt of juices, and she mentally registers this as well, she mentally thanks Zeus for the Ladykiller- his face and body floating in front of her mental eye-she is now considering all of the ways she can use his body to please herself, and most of all please him so he will want to please her some more. Her other knee buckles and she is on her knees, still massaging herself vigorously.

The Lady killer can take no more and walks down to Drusilla-never taking his eyes off of Diana. He grabs Drusilla by the shoulders, pushes her to her knees, unzips his pants and thrusts his cock in her mouth. Drusilla hungrily starts slurping on his cock as she has been waiting for this opportunity. Ladykiller does not for 1 second take his eyes off of Diana as he watches her masturbate herself, the Phallus firmly lodged in her cleavage, watching the swell of her breasts rise, the rhythmic motion of her hips, the constantly moving outline of the backside of her hands through her star-spangled panties. Oh how he will enjoy unwrapping that present, seeing those breasts in their full glory, putting that body through its paces. He cannot believe how long she has lasted- and that motion of her body, and, and, and, and, he ejaculates his seed directly into Wonder Girl's mouth and continues to pump, grabbing the back of her head with both hands, still greedily soaking in Wonder Woman's erotic plight.

Wonder Woman, constantly moaning unearthly sounds deep and low from the bottom of her chest, begins to yelp and mewl, and then in a mass as she is still rubbing herself falls face forward off of the Dias, passed out, utterly spent, dehydrated.

And then the Ladykiller witnesses the sexiest thing that he has ever seen; Wonder Woman is face down, both hands underneath her- still in her star-spangled pants, her knees on top of the Dias, her head two steps below her at an odd angle, completely passed out , spent, the Phallus still lodged in her Bustier underneath her, with her rump in the air,she begins twitching uncontrollably, spasms starting at her loins spreading outwards, as if her body still has to expend sexual energy. The "aftershocks" last continuously for 30 seconds or more, with minor spasms in her buttocks occurring infrequently for the next five whole minutes.

"Lord what a dynamo! Wonder Girl-if you are lucky, you may join us for a threesome one day!" Drusilla mentally is thrilled at the prospect as an evil grin crosses her face. "However, you and I will have to discuss your minor indecision a couple of hours ago."


Wonder Woman came in and out of consciousness for brief moments over the next 24 hours.

She finally starts to regain her senses, and feels groggy, very weak, disoriented, and utterly spent. As she begins coherent thoughts, she notices that she is strapped to an x-bar inside a glass tube. She struggles mightily to raise her head slowly to further examine her surroundings, and it seems as if she is looking through a fog,-a golden fog. She looks down as far as she can, and notices that her costume and her golden belt (thank Hera!) are still in place- although her costume is slightly askew around her crotch, and needs to be readjusted from where she stretched it earlier while pleasuring herself.

She then remembers all that befell her before she passed out and blushes slightly. She begins to think about the Phallus, and then she cannot help but conjure an image of The Ladykiller standing erect holding the Phallus in his oh so masculine hands above his head, and she begins to get slightly aroused. Diana tries to fend off these thoughts, and realizes that the mesmerizing hold the Phallus has over her is powerful indeed. She wonders if there is any hope that this curse will be lifted. She thinks of the Ladykiller again, and then realizes that she will lose her powers temporarily if she mates with a man. The thought is at once frightening and exciting to her. She grits her teeth and gathers her resolve and tests her bonds- but she does not have the strength to break the bands holding her limbs in place.

She peers through the golden haze and the glass tubule to look out at the room with the dias. The room is vacant at this time, and most of the lights are out. She notices an apparatus with a stone disk at the top of her tube that seems to be pulling the gold haze out of the tube and emitting a golden beam of light that arcs and curves to disappear under a closed door behind the Dias. She cranes to see if her prison has any obvious weaknesses, but cannot find any. It is so hard for her to move at all. The Golden Haze seems to be in a constant state of motion, and her world is like looking through an amber lens. She looks down, and even her red, white, and blue costume has a slightly golden cast. Her skin however, looks an ashen grey in the golden light.

Diana begins to wonder where the Phallus is, and if HE still has it-she then pictures him caressing her, and slowly inserting the rod into her and she begins to breathe irregularly once again. Quickly, she conjures up an image of her mother as she tries to banish the impure thoughts.


The Door behind the dias suddenly is flung open, and several woman in lingerie enter the room giggling. Dru is one of these women. The Women begin to line the steps on either side of the Dias, except for Dru, who quickly walks over in front of the tube that imprisons Diana. Just as she reaches the tube, HE walks through the door. Immediately noticing Dru, he yells "Wonder Girl-what are you doing?".

"I'm…..I'm……looking at my sister"

Diana can see the internal conflict written all over her sister's face.

"Get over here-NOW"

Drusilla, facing her sister, with her back to the dias, begins to shake and sweat. She does not move, however, and quickly mouths to Diana-"remove the discs—and then run far away-the power-

"I said NOW!"

Dru cannot help herself and reluctantly turns towards the dias with her head down and begins to approach the Ladykiller.

Diana begins frantically studying her surroundings again for "discs". The only disc she sees is at the top of the tube-but how will she remove that in her current predicament? She then notices that the golden light that was flowing under the door, now terminates behind the Ladykiller.

HE begins to smile as Drusilla approaches the Dias. Diana shudders as she is beginning to become horny at the sight of him. It is just so hard for her to move……

HE strolls off of the dias, whispers in Drusillas ear in a sexy voice "…come with me..", and begins walking towards Wonder Woman.

Diana tries to think of anything but HIM, and concentrates on her sister walking meekly behind him-she notices that the trail of golden light follows Him wherever he goes.

As he saunters up in front of Diana, he brandishes an evil grin. Diana can only admire his physique.

HE then says, "you may be wondering about your prison cell- this tube collects the god provided energy that powers your golden belt and amplifies the power before transferring it to The Golden Phallus. Since the belt provides you with power, and the gods provide you with life-that's right, your sister told me how you were sculpted from clay- the life energy and power that is constantly provided to you is constantly siphoned off, providing the Phallus with a never-ending source of energy. You look a little pekid-I believe the constant drain of your life's energy leaves you in a state somewhere between life and a clay statue. I do so hope the experience is just a little painful!"

" Your sister has been very disobedient. Twice in two days she has attempted to help you-so I think it is time to end her disobedience permanently, and put on a little show for you"

Diana, still struggling with her emotions, screams "no-you have what you want-let her go, take me.."

"oh, don't worry, I will take you- eventually!"

With that, he turns to face Drusilla, and rips off her brassiere to reveal a pair of pert, nubile breasts with already erect nipples over rosy pink aureoles. Drusilla is already dripping wet with excitement, and flushed with the prospect of touching HIM. He caresses her breasts while kissing her neck.

Diana only wishes that she were Drusilla, and imagines herself receiving the same attention from him. Both women begin to get weak with the thought of HIM entering their nether regions. Drusilla reaches down, and begins to rub his manhood through the fabric of his pants. Diana is audibly sighing, as Drusilla manages to return a kiss. The Lady Killer pushes Wonder Girl to her knees, and then spins both of them around so that he can gauge Diana's reactions. Wonder Girl unzips his pants and begins to suck on his cock. At the sight of his manhood Diana lets out an involuntary yelp of delight. Drusilla cannot help herself, and takes one hand and begins to masturbate herself. She is rhythmically bobbing her head up and down his shaft while her hips are grinding her clitoris into her hand to the same unheard beat. HE begins to laugh as he reaches behind him and pulls out the Phallus from the waistband of his pants. As soon as both girls see the Phallus it is evident that the power of the Phallus has been amplified many times over. Diana also notices that the golden light from the top of her cage is feeding directly into the base of the Phallus. The Phallus is glowing and both girls instantly start breathing heavily, and dripping juices from their vaginas. Drusilla stops stroking him with a hand and reaches up to grab the Phallus. As soon as she touches the artifact she screams around his cock "oooooooooOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH---oh,oh,oh, yeeeessssssssss!" and nearly passes out from the orgasm that rocks her world. She then forces herself to stand, and grasps his cock, and tries to guide him into her. HE laughs, and bending at the knees, allows her to place his head at her lips. He then drops the Phallus and picks her up by both cheeks and begins impaling her as she wraps her legs around his back.

Diana is transfixed, unable to move. She wants so badly to join the two, or to grab the Phallus and pleasure herself, or even to be able to move her arms to be able to finger-fuck herself. She begins to squirm, trying to get any relief-but all to no avail. All she can do is watch, and get hornier, and hornier, and hornier!

The LadyKiller is bouncing Wonder Girl up and down on his dick allowing him to penetrate deeper and deeper. Drusilla's eyes are rolled back in her head and she is copiously squirting juices all over his cock. HE begins to lose it and floods her womb with his seed-as she feels the warmth coat her inner walls, she screams "oh Aphrodite, yes, yes, yes, deeper, longer, faster….MORE!"

Diana is rotating her hips left and right trying to find any purchase as she licks her lips. Zeus why couldn't that be me? Then she watches HIM pull out his rapidly deflating cock, dripping with both of their juices, and drop her to the floor and command her to lick off the fluids. After a couple of seconds of readjusting, Drusilla begins licking him from the tip of his head to the bottom of his hairy scrotum. He then bends over, grabs the Phallus and gives Diana an evil grin.

Diana is barely registering what he's doing, when he says " now it is time to end this disobedient slut's freewill….forever! And all you will do is wish that I was doing it to you! Wonder Woman my ass!"

With that he takes the rod, pushes Dru over on her back, and touches the head of the Phallus to her Clitoris. Drusilla moans long and low, deeper than the human voice should be able. HE then pushes the Phallus inside her and begins ramming her rhythmically. Her voice is timing his thrusts "oh, oh, oh, oh ooohhh, oh, oh oh, oh, ohhhhh". Suddenly, and violently, he thrusts all twelve inches inside her. Wonder Girl screams and screams and screams, a constant lustful scream for the next 30 seconds as he begins to thrust as deep as possible. With each thrust, her eyes would roll back in their sockets, and she could feel the last vestiges of free will disappear. She begins to cry in pleasure and for the loss of her freewill, until she has no more freewill to cry, and then she cries simply in pleasure. She at once knew she was his tool to be used forevermore as he wished.

Diana watched Drusilla's eyes roll back in her head for the final time and registered that her sister was lost to her, but envied her experience! She wanted HIM, wanted the Phallus, wanted his tongue, his cock, his hands, her hands, his buttocks, his cock, the Phallus. She was whimpering pitifully to their rhythm "mmmm, mmmm, mmm, oh, oh" but could find no release.

Ladykiller pulls the dripping Stone from Drusilla, who passes out on the floor. He walks up to the tube and eyes Diana through the Golden Haze, as she squirmed and panted, and looked at him with lustful eyes. HE reaches down and drags his cock along the front of the tube, leaving a faint trace of jism. He then presses a button on the floor lifting the tube. Golden vapors still swirl around Diana before evaporating upwards, generally directed towards the amplifier.

Lady Killer holds his fingers to Diana's mouth and let her suck on them. He then holds the Phallus over her head-she looks upward, never taking her eyes off of the artifact, still getting hornier.

"Since you have not disobeyed me, I will allow you to still keep your final shred of your own mind, and I will grant you a release you so desperately need" as he reaches down and felt how sopping wet her panties and vagina had become.

"This is your gift for being a good girl.." and he takes the Phallus and inserts it into her mouth.

Diana eagerly opens her mouth, and as soon as she makes contact with the Phallus she reaches orgasm. She moans around the Phallus as he thrusts it in and out of her mouth. She continues to lick the Phallus while firing off rapid-fire orgasms. LadyKiller can feel the orgasms in his hand as she quivers and rocks. He then tries to play a game with her and pulls the Phallus out of her mouth, and whispers to her-I will allow you to touch it again if you will cum everytime I ask you to". The Phallus' glow starts to gain in intensity rapidly-holding Diana in complete thrall.

He rams two fingers in her cunt and then touches the Phallus to her neck- she instantly squirts juices all over his hand, and moans in delight. He removes the Phallus, and puts his thumb on her clit-he then applies pressure and whispers "cum, bitch"-but she doesn't, as she is still overtaxed from her last climax. He then rubs the clit back and forth for a few seconds, and says "I said- Cum, bitch!" to which she spills all over his hand. He laughs, and gives her a touch of the artifact on her right thigh.


He removes the rod, strokes some more and whispers quietly "cum"

"ohh Zeus"

HE just smiled, and allowed her another touch of the rod. The rod was glowing so brightly that it was difficult to stare at it any longer.

Twice more, he induced orgasms, before he took the rod, and rammed it upside down in her cleavage again. As her costume and ample bosom held the rod in place, he walked away laughing as she screamed and moaned, and…. came, and came, and came, and……. came, and….came, and….passed out!


Diana begins to regain consciousness, and is sore all over-she is more than sore-she is stiff, and it is so very hard to think straight. She finds it so difficult to even open her eyes. She realizes it must be the middle of the night as the entire room appears empty, although it is so hard for her to focus, or even penetrate the golden haze that is swirling in her glass chamber. She strains to look down, and it is so very difficult to move her head-not from the bonds-her neck is just so ….stiff. She manages a glance downward, and can only see the top of her bosom, but her skin is …GREY! Diana quickly realizes that the Phallus is draining more than her belt and her powers, it is actually draining her life force, and she is starting to revert back to clay. Diana begins to panic and hyperventilate as this is a recurring nightmare that she has had every since Clayface stole her energy years ago.

<No! I am an Amazon warrior-I will not panic, or yield! Diana contemplates her situation again. Dru said to remove the discs. I only see 1, but she indicated plural discs. And why has he not taken me (at this thought, she begins to get horny again)?

Breathing is so difficult, I must find a way out of this predicament…… >

Diana briefly loses consciousness, before she hears muffled sounds coming from outside her tube. She tries to focus her sight but everything is a grey blur. She can register motion, but cannot make out any details. She begins to think she may have been drugged. She cannot hear any distinct sounds just intermittent sources of vibration.

< OOOh where is HE, where is the Phallus? So tired, so stiff and sore. Hard to concentrate….>


The Ladykiller is sitting on his dias enjoying the attentions of his harem, when he allows himself a glance across the vast room towards Diana. Instantly he jumps up, grabs the Phallus and runs to the glass tube. The Golden Mists have faded to a barely perceptible golden-grey haze, and the beam of light emitting from the top of the amplification device is barely discernible. He gasps as he looks at Diana- she is completely Ashen, and even her retinas do not display any color. Her Uniform looks more brilliantly Red and Blue as it is the only color coming from her form. He is afraid he has killed her by draining all of her lifeforce as he has drained all of the God's light out of so many artifacts before. Quickly he raises the tube, and checks her for a pulse. He cannot find a pulse but fortunately, the surface of the statue-like Diana is still warm to the touch. He rapidly grabs the amplification disk from the top of her cell and puts it and the Phallus in a lined stone box. He then tries to reach around her waist, but cannot get his hands behind her as she is a motionless statue pressed against the x-bar.

Wonder Woman registers nothing but faint vibrations.

The Ladykiller is afraid that he has made a drastic mistake, as he will never have another opportunity like this short of capturing one of the gods themselves-and he cannot imagine that that would even be possible.


The Ladykiller is staring at Diana through the tube. She is in a state somewhere between statue and life. He can see that she has some pigment in her skin returning, and can see slight swells in her breast periodically, indicating some level of breathing. However, her eyes are open and staring blankly forward, she still is mostly Ashen, and when he touches her skin it is not pliable.

<How long have I been unconscious? Why is it so hard to breathe? Where is He? I must get out of here. I must have the Phallus….>


"OOOOoohhhhh, gasp". Wonder Woman sucks in a huge lungful of oxygen. Stiff and sore, she blinks her eyes. It is still dark, but she can start to move and register her surroundings. < I want him so badly, but I must escape. Must pretend to be immobile as long as possible to regain my strength>


Ladykiller looks in on Diana, and is pleased to note that her skin color has almost reverted to normal. Her eyes are closed indicating conscious movement on her part. She is clearly breathing less sporadically. He decides to wait until tomorrow to remove the Phallus from the box. He will not use the amplifier for a few days yet. Pleased that all is not lost, he decides to indulge in an orgy for the next few hours.

Diana smiles inwardly. Controlling her breathing probably bought her an extra 24 hours of recuperation. She will have to make her play this evening.

The Ladykiller finishes his orgy, pretty well spent, and decides to head back for a quick nap. He glances over at Diana and decides that she looks much more normally colored, and he would be remiss if she recovered and broke out of her tube. Reaching under his chair he grabs the stone box imprinted with a seal of Ares. Opening the box, a golden glow immediately radiates outward from the box, and even though her eyes are closed, Diana can feel her energy and attention drawn towards the dias. Ladykiller reaches in the box and grabs the Phallus, boldened to have it in his grasp for the first time in several days. He decides against removing the amplification disc out of the box, and closes the lid, replacing the box under his chair. As he turns around the Phallus in his grasp, the intake of breath from all of the women in the room is morbidly loud, and enticingly erotic. Their libidos ramping up upon sight of the glowing rod. Ladykiller smiles and heads back to his private chambers, followed by his entourage.

After several moments of quiet, Diana risks a glance to find an empty room. She is suddenly feeling somewhat weaker again. Deciding that this is her last best opportunity she breaks her bonds, shatters the tube, and bolts for the door. Diana hears noise coming from the chambers, and although she wants nothing more to join the women in his chambers, her willpower is sufficient to propel her out the door.


Diana knew she had not a moment to spare. She was convinced that the Ladykiller would either move his base of operations, or worse begin his master plan for the Phallus as soon as he discovers she has escaped. Fortunately, she had many hours of time to plan her next move while confined in the tube. She still could not push her desire to be with him out of her mind, but this also spurred her to action to begin gathering the items she would need to confront him.

Meanwhile……. at the lair of the Ladykiller, other preparations were underway. The Ladykiller knew that she would be back -and rapidly- as she was born an Amazon, and he still enslaved her sister. He did not want to forgo his plan to use her as a permanent battery to power the Phallus, but he also recognized the need to put his plan into motion quickly prior to being overrun by her superhero friends.

The Ladykiller quickly gives out instructions to his slave harem to begin preparations to broadcast his message. The women quickly are able to set the lighting, cameras, and sound equipment up around the dias. He is disappointed that he could not time the broadcast to interrupt at a more opportune time- Oprah's final episode, the Super bowl, etc. but better to reach several millions than none at all. He operates the software that allows him to simultaneously pirate transmissions to all major networks, and several independent cable stations, and begins his transmission.

Across town…. Diana is still making her final preparations, when she notices several people trying to adjust the television sets in public places. She looks at a nearby monitor and sees the Ladykiller holding the Phallus for a close-up to the television camera. A split screen reveals him holding the Phallus and smiling, beckoning all women to join his cause. She begins to moisten at the image of the Phallus, and cannot help but inhale sharply as she wants nothing more to take this man. Using every last vestige of willpower she has, she turns from the screen and dons the equipment she has gathered. She then allows her feet to carry her as fast as they surely want to, to meet the Ladykiller.


Diana slips into the warehouse amid all of the production surrounding the transmission. Instantly she cuts the power to the equipment.

It is at this point that the Ladykiller first notes he has an intruder. He looks up to see an obviously female form, clad in black nomex, wearing a helmet with goggles. She is quickly knocking out each member of his harem, dispensing sleeping gas to each. He quickly instructs the remaining conscious members to reactivate the equipment, and stop the intruder. He motions for Drusilla to accompany him on the Dias.

He calls out: "Diana, so good to see you again-nice outfit- with some tailoring it will make an interesting bondage costume! Please come join me".

Wonder Woman continues to dispatch his retinue, but does not move as quickly or as decisively as she normally does. She does not acknowledge his comment in any way.

"Diana- stop or I will kill your sister"

Still no acknowledgement.

"You clever bitch-you can't hear me inside that helmet, so my voice does not hold sway over you. Girls- stop her and remove that helmet!"

Wonder Woman has some difficulty with the harem but is finally taking out the last of the women. Diana is pleased with her plan. She knows she is not at full strength, her strength continuously fading, she also cannot look directly at the Ladykiller or the Phallus or she will be lost. So Diana gathered these goggles with infrared motion detection so that she could see only forms, not details, and the helmet included sound suppression devices to keep her from hearing him. She decided to dispatch of his pawns so that no harm would befall these unfortunate women, and hoped she would be able to spare them all including Drusilla. She had already notified the authorities of this location on her way, and asked them to send only male reinforcements. Now for the Coup de Gras.

Diana removes her Tiara which is attached to a belt at her waist, and tosses it at the Ladykiller, knocking the Phallus from his hand. She then leaps on the Dias prepared to deliver a blow to his neck when an infrared form steps from behind his chair with a gun to her head. The Ladykiller is pointing at the girl and indicating that she should remove her helmet. Diana clearly understands the situation, but stands motionless. Time seems to stop for a moment as both parties stare each other down. The Ladykiller slowly gets up and reaches for the Phallus. Diana does not move to stop him. He grabs the Phallus, and then reaches up to remove her goggles. The goggles come off, and Diana is nearly blinded by the glow from the Phallus. She starts to breathe raggedly….. and she knows he has her! Diana barely notes that the woman with the gun to her head is Drusilla. Ladykiller then takes off her helmet and she can hear once again.

"very, very clever strategy- but it still gets you nowhere! And…I have my human battery back. I think it is time for some punishment….and some fun!"

"lets get rid of that silly black outfit shall we? And, Drusilla- please start the cameras rolling again!" With that he reaches down to Diana's waist grabbing the black turtleneck, and starts lifting it up. Diana is in total thrall in this close proximity to the Phallus, and almost cannot move- but like a statue in a trance she slowly lifts her arms up to allow him to pull the top over her head. Underneath is her famous gold and red bustier.

Diana knows she must hold out for as long as possible, but the heat is building from her inner womanhood outward and is starting to consume her willpower. She loves the fact that the Ladykiller actually removed the black turtleneck. She begins to develop a glow of perspiration all over as she feebly tries to resist the power of the Phallus. However, she is craving the glow and to feel the man holding it inside her. She wants so badly to have him forcibly take her.

The Ladykiller bends over and whispers in her ear-"you have been a very bad girl. I liked this facility, and now I am going to have to abandon it. You will be punished. However, while you can still register some of what I am saying, know that you have epically failed. You fell to the power of the Phallus easily when it was barely powered up- now it's power is twentyfold what you experienced- all thanks to you! My broadcast reached over 4 million women as a conservative estimate- all willing to march in my army of concubines. In addition, even if I am captured, these women will do whatever I suggest to try to free me. I have yet to even touch you with the Phallus, and already I can see you are rapidly building towards an orgasm. I will punish you, break you, and use you to power the Phallus to enslave other women. I may start with your Amazon sisters on Paradise Island- Dru was so good to provide me with details. I may have you capture the island for me. Or, now that I know that I can find additional sources of power on Paradise Island, if you turn out to be a lousy lay, I may just drain all of your lifeforce and leave you a statue. Maybe an erotic statue- a nude fingering herself-I can see you would like that. First, however, I will humiliate you- your own sister is filming you live at this moment. I will show the world Wonder Woman debasing herself. By the way, have you been feeling a little weaker? I permanently affixed a small disc to your power belt- it has been draining the extra energy your belt provides you. I tell you all of this because you will not be free from me ever again- it is time for me to remove all shreds of your willpower.

With that he backs away from her ear, and starts working the black trousers over her hips. Diana assists, by wriggling her hips erotically before stepping out of the pants. She is now standing before him in all of her glory in her complete Wonder Woman costume. He stands back, admires the view, and watches as she slowly begins to run her hands downward along her hips. She stares directly at the Phallus, and the camera can even pick up a golden reflection in her eyes.

<mmmmust hold out a little longer, uh, I can can can't give him the satisfaction… I oh it would be so right to.. NO! I am an Amazon…can't let him…. When will the police respond….. oh, oh can he be any finer…. So masculine……>

"Amazon- kneel before me if you would like to feel the pleasure only Gods may know"

The extra power of the Phallus coupled with his forceful command send an immediate involuntary jolt to her system- she registers the command as if it were her own thought and falls to her knees. The Ladykiller can see the internal struggle written on her face and in the labored movements. He brings the Phallus close above her head, and she starts to reach for it. He quickly lifts it up and commands her to remove her Bustier. Diana fights with all of her remaining willpower and stands motionless- he reissues the command and allows the Phallus to just brush against her thigh. The barest touch gives her a mindblowing orgasm that rocks her to the core- she moans deep and low for several seconds and actually staggers and falls back on one knee. Not caring about the camera, she reaches with one hand and cups her mound and begins gyrating against herself.

The Ladykiller laughs, and again asks her to remove her bustier. This time, Diana is happy to comply and reaches behind her with both hands and begins to unzip her top. Now it is the Ladykiller's turn to be mesmerized (as well as much of the public watching the broadcast). He stares at her heaving bosom as she is still breathing heavily from her induced orgasm. He marvels at her skin complexion and the contrast of the vivid Red and Gold Bustier. As she starts to unzip the top, he watches as her melons start to jiggle and push outward at the fabric that has kept them prisoner for so long. He watches as a wave starts to ripple and slosh across the top of her bosom now that the top is not constricting. She finishes unzipping the top, and it hangs in place for a brief moment, refusing to give up its spoils without a struggle. Diana brings her hands to the front and grabs the top from the cups and slowly lowers the top for all to see. Her breasts spill out in all of their glory and Drusilla is capturing it all for the world to see. The Ladykiller, eyes big as saucers involuntary inhales and then takes in the view- enormous breasts that seem to defy gravity, yet ripple with every movement. The pink areoles obviously revealing Diana's arousal capped off by large nipples begging for attention. Diana herself begins to fondle her own breasts, letting out an occasional sigh.

The Ladykiller walks behind her and reaches under her arms and begins fondling her breasts. The groping is broadcast for all the world to see. He rolls her nipples between his fingers, then squeezes the massive jugs before releasing them to ripple, jiggle, and gyrate as they find their way back to their natural state. He spins her around and grasps her left breast and brings it to his greedy mouth. First he sucks in a massive amount of teat flesh surrounding the areole then he slowly expels the breast until he is clamping down on only the nipple. His tongue flits around each nipple, and he is pleased to find that the nipples were not fully erect, and have become further engorged due to his ministrations. Diana lets out several sighs and again begins bucking her hips. He whispers to her "you are mine Amazon slut for now and all time- it is time to BLOW YOUR MIND!"

With that he reaches for the Phallus. He grabs her hand and wraps it around the shaft of the Phallus and she instantly screams and begins to buck out of control. He quickly wrests the Phallus back out of her grip, and reaches for the star-spangled briefs that all of America has wanted to claim. He begins to pull them down her thighs as she wriggles to help him discard the shorts and….. yells???? "you Bitch- take this thing off!"

He discovers that Diana made additional use of her time away, and is wearing an ultra-high-tech chastity belt. A thin layer of protective yet flexible metal is covering her womanhood and is welded around her hips to prevent removal.

"I said take it off!" Diana does not even react as she is in a pleasure induced trance. He reaches over and slaps her three times before her pupils begin to focus. " Take this contraption off!"

"I, I, I can't ….. This is an…oooh…uh….extraterestriallllllllll material that ……..*gasp* … cannot be removed… without a …. Crylonian surgical laser…..please….. I….."

"You cunt-well we'll get this off of you at some point- in the meantime there are other ways to humiliate you….open your mouth bitch—" and he begins to unzip his pants letting his cock, heavy with arousal, fall out of his pants.

Diana's eyes go wide at the sight of his manhood, and a slight lascivious smile crosses her lips. She greedily reaches up and grabs his pulsing penis. She gently moves her hand to his scrotum and begins fondling his testicles while involuntarily licking her lips. She cranes her neck to bring her head level with his crotch. She begins kissing his member at the base of his shaft, and working slowly towards the head. Her tongue moistening the kisses as she progresses northward. Drusilla brings the camera in for a close-up, easily focusing on the red lips pleasuring the Ladykiller. Diana's eyes slightly glazed over, his shaft glistening with her saliva, her left hand gently fondling his testes, but the camera's eye is drawn to the ruby-red lips working their magic. Diana's work is producing major gains, as the cock continues to throb and pulse it's way to more girth and length. She reaches the head and grabs the shaft with her right hand, still caressing his scrotum with the left. She spirals her tongue around the base of the head as she works outward ever so slowly.

He begins to twitch ever so slightly, as his breaths become more ragged. Her ministrations coupled with the beauty he beholds are working magic upon him. Like Diana, he begins a mental struggle- but his is to keep from losing it prematurely.

Diana, still spiraling the tongue outward, sees a drip of pre-cum, and greedily licks it up. She then begins feeding the monster cock into her mouth. Red lips stretched around his impressive girth. She takes in several inches, and then slowly allows her mouth to slide back towards the head. His fingers begin to twitch, he gasps for air, and then violently takes his free hand behind her head and pulls her towards him, impaling her mouth with his cock. She starts to gag, but quickly adjusts the angle of her head, allowing him to penetrate her throat. He allows her to slide off, still grasping her ebony locks . Without his guidance she suddenly plunges towards him, taking in his full manhood, her nose buried in his pubic hair. Then a slow withdrawal, followed by powerful sucking near the head- so powerful that despite the amount of flesh in her mouth, her cheeks become concave with the effort. She is also secreting saliva along the entire length of the shaft and produces a large wad of saliva as she pulls off of his member. Without giving him a moment to catch his breath, she assaults the penis again. She has whipped herself into a near frenzy. She can feel his member twitch and pulse, ready to explode , and she is imagining that it is occurring inside her well-lubricated vagina. <Down the shaft, and back…… down the shaft, and slooooowwwwly back…….. fondle the testicles…….. let him feel the tongue flit as I go.>

< she's so gooood, so beautiful, look at those beautiful red lips parted around my cock. She's loving giving me head-look at her she is about to cum. Look at her breasts bouncing and heaving as she takes me down…….I can't hold ….out…much..longer>

And the Ladykiller yanks Diana off of his member by her hair and begins to explode all over her chin, catching her neck and down to the top of her heaving bosom. Diana squeals with delight and flushes with the onset of a powerful orgasm that creates a deep, low moan that lasts for twenty seconds or longer. She then rolls onto her back heaving from her exertion.

The Ladykiller begins to compose himself, and then takes the Phallus and walks over and straddles Diana. He looks her in the eye, then holds up the Phallus in front of her. He smiles and grabs her by the cheeks, compressing them to open her jaw and slides the Phallus in her mouth. She instantly cums, screaming around the shaft. He backs away and watches her grab the end of the Phallus and begin deep-throating the inanimate object. She is losing it completely, with one orgasm feeding the next. She twists and turns on the floor, alternately rubbing her legs together, and bucking her hips towards the ceiling as another orgasmic wave claims her.

"Don't move-put your hands in the air. You are under arrest"

The voice over the bullhorn, pulls the Ladykiller out of his reverie, slightly mesmerized by the erotic flailings of Wonder Woman. He looks around to see 30 swat team members with guns leveled at him. He never even heard them enter the building. Ladykiller offers his arms up for the handcuffs and is dragged away from the Dias. The lead officer steps up, and asks Drusilla to stop broadcasting. She does not, still under the thrall of her last command from the Ladykiller.

Diana hears none of this, still putting on a show for the entire world to see. She is almost completely spent, still sucking on her Golden lollipop, mewling and panting. She smells of musky sex, her body covered in a thick sheen of perspiration. One hand constantly fondling her nipples.

The lead officer reaches down and pulls the Phallus from Wonder Woman's mouth dripping with her saliva. She continues to buck and scream erotically. She has reached a heightened state in her trance, and cannot come out of her orgasmic fog. Eventually (after giving all of the Swat team members hard-ons), she passes out from her exertions.


Wonder Woman was an instant internet porn sensation, her tribulations replayed millions of times a day.

Two days later, Wonder Woman mustered as much pride as she could and met the police chief to acquire the stone box, the Phallus, and the medallions. He assured her that they were all in the box- she could not even risk a glance to confirm that they were there. She then stopped by the mental hospital to gather her sister, who was in a trance-like coma. Normally acquiring the evidence and taking a patient would require much red-tape, but the Justice League had interceded for her.

Diana packed Drusilla into the Invisible Jet, along with the stone box containing the artifacts. It took all of her willpower not to open the lid and impale herself on the Phallus. She flew to Paradise Island, and instantly visited Transformation Island with her sister. Drusilla was placed under the Purple Ray continuously for 72 hours before even uttering a syllable, and she still requires a day weekly to prevent a relapse into her coma.

Diana's mother found the second disc on her power belt and removed it. The disc, along with the box were buried in a royal vault on Paradise Island.

Diana spent a week under the healing effects of the Purple Ray, and used her own Lasso to try and help erase memories of the Ladykiller. She recuperated well, although she still occasionally fantasized about him, and would find her own fingers playing with her pussy every time his image would be broadcast on the television during the trial. She wondered how many thousands of women had the same reaction.

Wonder Woman, being the Amazon warrior that she is, ignored any comments regarding her sexual prowess, and continued to fight for the cause of justice.

Everyone wanted a piece of the Ladykiller one way or another. Women who watched the broadcast fantasized about him. Feminists and the moral majority wanted him behind bars for years. Even without the Phallus, the lingering effects lasted a lifetime for some. Diana's lifeforce so enervated the Phallus that taped video of the broadcast still converted women for months.

Months later: The Ladykiller eventually was able to have his lawyer contact some of the women that were his concubines, and presented an audio recording of his voice instructing them on how to break him out of prison. He disappeared shortly thereafter, plotting his revenge………..