Pheromone Part 1

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Who is Pheromone?

Gotham City Late Sunday Afternoon, Thanksgiving Weekend 1979.

Doctor Benjamin carried a stack of periodicals past the front desk of the city library to a table nearby. Due to budget cuts at Gotham City University the school had eliminated subscriptions to several publications of more specific majors leaving professors like himself and students to seek materials at the city library. Not that it was that big a deal for the students. The city library was closer to the dorms of the inner city school than the university library was, so students had been split on which library to use for their studies for years.

The doctor flashed a smile to the pretty short haired brunette behind the desk as he walked by, right where she was every Sunday afternoon. Barbara Gordon had taken several courses at the school since coming home from college with her degree in Library Sciences, if that were really a major he thought. But the classes she had taken ranged from biology to Egyptology, it was like she couldn't focus on one particular subject. But when your father is the police commissioner and your dating a billionaire who also has an eclectic taste in reading material one doesn't need to be focused.

And when one looks like her one also doesn't need to focus. Mid to late 20s, 5'7" or so and a very fit 125 pounds give or take. And even in the smock she was wearing there was no hiding the young woman was stacked. D cups, give or take he figured.

Barbara gave the man a half hearted grin as he walked by. She knew who he was, she hadn't taken any of his classes, but she had seen him on campus. Dr. Benjamin was the Director of Primate Research and over the years some of his papers had been published in the magazines he carried. But mostly now he picked out articles for his students to come read as periodicals couldn't be checked out.

Barbara thought the black man looked nice and was seemingly fit for a man his age, but he carried himself like a kid that had just been scolded by his mother. The middle aged man was on the slender side and stood about 5'10" when his shoulders weren't slumped. Yet Barbara knew the reason for his bad posture and quiet demeanor, his wife.

Vanessa Benjamin was a former Miss Gotham who still had her looks, but she had a nasty disposition. It seemed everyone on campus knew her on sight and knew to get out of her way when they saw her coming, but the poor professor didn't have the luxury of going the other direction. She would frequently barge into his office just to chastise him, and a couple of times she had barged in on his lectures and berated him in front of a hundred or so students. She was one angry woman Barbara thought.

Barbara looked out at the nearly deserted library, it was Thanksgiving weekend and the students that would normally be studying had no doubt gone home for a few days. Off to the side she could see the professor jotting notes on a pad he kept in his suit jacket's inside pocket. He just about always found something new for his students to read. And he would then leave the magazines on the table for her to put away, but today there were no boys hanging around to watch her as she sometimes used the rolling ladder to put them away. No boys to try and look up her short skirt. Sure she could wear slacks, but why does one have to dress up in skin tight purple leather to get boys to stare at your ass she mused.

Barbara knew after this he would head back to the lab to check in with his research assistant. A perky little blonde that was smart as a whip and working on her PhD with his coaching. Barbara had talked with the girl a few times and helped her find articles she wanted to read. The girl had masters degrees in biology as well as chemistry and her doctoral paper would be on physical attraction and the role of pheromones play in attraction. The girl was working on some chemical cocktail to make an undersized and submissive male chimp more attractive to the female chimps. The lab had a dozen chimps in an isolated enclosure, four males and eight females. All of breading age and her test subject was the smallest of the males who seemingly never got to mate with the females. Very interesting stuff Barbara thought. She would boost the chimp's testosterone level and give him steroids along with a special blend of drugs then she observe his interactions with the other chimps.

Kara smiled as she walked over to the stands where her overly busty blonde friend, Lori Taylor, was sitting with another young woman watching the sometimes overly friendly game of football on the town of Stanhope's high school field. The friend oddly wearing white dress gloves even though it wasn't cold out and she wasn't dressed up. "Hi." Kara said with a musical lilt. Out on the field she could see 18 year old Lori's older boyfriend, the guy was in his mid 20s, issuing the next play to his team. A team which oddly had Lori's younger brother playing. "Isn't Tommy a little young to be playing this game?" Kara asked jokingly as with this group's coed Sunday game could get a little touchy feely.

Lori, two months pregnant, chuckled Linda's joke off as the huddle broke and the sides lined up for the next play. "He's behaving himself." she giggled back. She then introduced Kara to the perky little redhead wearing a leg cast sitting next to her. Linda Danvers, meet Balinda Johnson. Her brother is over there." Lori pointed to the cute redheaded boy lining up on defense on the far side.

"Cutie." Kara giggled as she stepped up onto the bleachers to take a seat next to Lori on the other side from Balinda. A little thin, but the 6 footer had a nice face. "Nice to meet you." she said as she stuck out her right hand.

"OOOOWWWWW!" Lori and Balinda groaned together as Mitch Jacobs, a 220 pound ex-marine, ran around the outside. And right over Belinda's brother.

Balinda grimaced, them stuck out her gloved hand to shake with Linda as her brother got to his feet with assistance from an attractive blonde and brushed himself off again. "Nice to meet you too." She then smiled brightly and loudly taunted her twin brother. "YOU WANTED TO PLAY WITH THE BIG BOYS AND GIRLS." The guys would take it easy on the girls, but not each other.

"How was your weekend?" Lori asked. She hadn't seen Linda since Wednesday morning. Lori had spent the holiday at home, as usual. The only difference this year was her boyfriend, Alan, was invited to attend as well.

"I spent Thanksgiving with mom and dad, then I went to visit Aunt Martha on Saturday and spent the night at the farm." Kara answered. She had just gotten back to town moments before and saw the game going on from overhead.

"OOOOOWWWW." the three girls groaned as Alan had dropped back to pass and was hammered from behind and dropped the ball.

"You should really give him some pointers. I mean he's cute and he tries hard, but he can't throw. Or take a hit." Balinda said half jokingly to Lori. Lori, a former tomboy, could still throw a perfect spiral a good 50 yards. Of course such an effort would garner the attention of every red blooded American boy around as it would set her J-cup boobs into motion.

"How'd your dad handle it now that he knows?" Lori broke the news to him about her pregnancy the weekend before and hadn't said a word to anyone until at least Wednesday as far as Kara knew. It was clear he was steamed and unclear how the holiday feast would go.

"He's calmed down." Lori groaned. And she had to hand it to Alan, with all dad's anger towards him her dad still didn't know the baby wasn't Alan's. Only four people knew the baby wasn't Alan's and was in fact the former Chief of Police's who had coerced her into sex and porn only to get arrested after tangling with Supergirl and her friends. She, Alan, her mom and Linda were the only ones that knew the truth. "Dad's starting softening his stance with the package store opening mid week."

"I can see where killing your landlord might be a bad idea." Kara chuckled, glad things were working out for her busty friend.

"Don't look now, but here comes the town bicycle." Balinda said in a low voice as she gave Lori a nudge and pointed towards the other end of the field.

"Town bicycle?" Kara squeaked as she looked to where Balinda gestured with her chin. It was a fairly warm afternoon and Kara herself like Lori and Belinda was wearing cut offs and a T-shirt. The 5'10" brunette giving flirty waves to the guys playing football wore Daisy Dukes so short she would have had to cut off the front pockets and a tank top with thin straps and was just long enough to cover her very firm and braless D-cup tits and show off her washboard abs. The girl's long black hair was in a pony tail and her flat stomach had even Kara a bit envious. Even with her Kyptonian genes she could only dream of having a body that hot.

"LOOKING GOOD TOMMY." Connie yelled flirtatiously to Lori's little brother who smiled and waved back.

"Town Bike, Community Bike. It means everyone in town gets a ride." Lori said as she stared with daggers when Constance gestured for Alan to come over to her for a moment.

"Ohhh, this won't be good." Balinda commented with wide eyes as Alan trotted over to her. They spoke for a few moments, then Alan nodded and trotted back to the game.

Kara of course with her super hearing was able to hear what they said. Constance's mom's car wouldn't start and she needed to get back to school and it couldn't wait until morning. Alan offered to look at it and see if he could fix whatever was wrong. Being a mechanic he would have an idea what the problem was fairly quickly. Whether he had the parts or not was another issue. To let Lori know what was being said, and to not let Balinda know about her super hearing Kara said "He's a mechanic, maybe her car needs fixing or something."

"I gotta go pee." Lori grumbled loudly.

Kara flinched as Lori stood up and started walking with a determined posture towards the intruder. "She isn't.."

"Don't worry. They're past physical fighting." Balinda chuckled.

"They know each other?"

"Lori didn't tell you?" The way Balinda asked made Kara know there was good gossip to be heard, and even Supergirl couldn't pass up on good gossip.

By the time Lori had walked up to Constance, Balinda told Linda the story. How when Alan came to town both of them were hitting on him, hard. How growing up the two were best friends, almost sisters. That they were actually distant cousins, and very competitive. Even with each other. How they were both tomboys and excelled in sports. Excelled to the point of making the young boys cry. Until they had to stop competing with the boys.

Connie was also going to school on a full athletic scholarship for softball. But she also played soccer and basketball. And when there were days with no softball games she had also ran for the track team. The girl was one of the top 5 scorers in the state on the court and on the soccer field. She held the state record for both the high school girl's mile and two mile. But mostly she was considered one of the best pitchers in the country and had pitched three no hitters her senior year while hitting 417 and smashed 11 home runs in leading the school to it's second straight state title.

"What happened?"

"Errr.They grew boobs." Balinda said jokingly as she held her hands up in front of her own limited assets.

"I mean with Alan." Kara said while rolling her eyes.

"For that you need family history. Lori's mom spotted Connie and Alan sneaking off and followed them to his apartment. She then informed Alan that Connie's mother trapped her husband by getting pregnant, and her grandmother did the same thing. After that Alan left Connie alone and the two of them had a big fight."

"Name calling and hair pulling?"

"Are you kidding? We're talking Connie and Lori. We're talking fists and throwing each other around. Black eyes and a broken noses." Balinda said chuckling. "We're talking Lori getting Connie's shirt pulled up over her head outside the school gym and with blood gushing from her own nose she was repeatedly punching Connie in the head. It was like a hockey fight."

Kara arched her eyebrows as she turned to watch Connie and Lori give each other cold stares. "I promise. I'm not up to anything. I just need to get back to school." she heard Connie state. "And why do you think I'm going to school away from home. I don't want to be what mom wants me to be. I don't want to be like her." she then whined, leaving Kara wondering what she meant by that.

"So Lori says you know Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne and some other important people."

Kara would rather have listened in on Lori and her old friend, but Balinda's words took her attention. She smiled as she looked at the perky redhead and answered. "I'm adopted and Clark is my cousin. So I know people through him like Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen and some others."

"Have you ever met him? Have you ever met Superman? He's friends with Clark Kent, so have you met him?"

Kara sat wondering for a moment how to answer. The way Balinda asked was how a lot of girls talk when dreaming about the Man of Steel. It had been the same since she got to Earth and girls found out who her cousin was, girls loved Superman. Or the idea of bedding him. "I've met him a few times." Kara answered as if she were bored.

"I'm not leaving you two alone." Lori growled.

"I won't even be there. Mom set up a date for me in an hour. The car is in the driveway." Connie grunted as she walked away with a sullen expression. And why would a girl have her mother setting up dates for her Kara wondered.

Dr. Benjamin walked into the lab and stopped dead in his tracks. "What happened!?" he gasped in shock seeing the dead and mutilated chimp on the table and Rachel's blood covered lab coat.

"Don't know, but it was fast. The power went out and it took a minute for the emergency power to come on. There was a lot of screaming and movement and when the lights came back on Junior was like this. And right in front of the door." the cute little blonde replied. Her reply was calm and professional, but it showed on her face that she was desperately trying to picture what exactly happened.

Dr. Benjamin walked up to the exam table to take a better look. Junior was one of the 3 more dominate males in the enclosure, yet here he was beaten to death, his skull crushed and his testicles ripped off. And it happened in the short time the light were out. "Razor?"

The chimp room was a one acre totally enclosed structure with a controlled climate, grass,trees and other natural looking things to make them feel more at home. There were a few windows looking in and the main door. There were also two locked emergency doors located on the other side and only he had the keys. It was set up so the chimps would have access to only what the professor and Rachel would provide for them and thus eliminate any outside materials from contaminating the test.

"Or Zeus. Both are dominate. But neither had done anything like this before." the young research assistant replied as she too looked at the body with shock. They were seemingly tamed enough for her to walk into the room, but she usually had an armed security guard standing by when she did just in case. Usually she would just need to stand at the door and call Caesar to her and the chimp would come running.

Dr. Benjamin looked into the enclosure through the plexi -glass. Caesar, Rachel's test subject that she had helped raise since an infant, sat alone as usual on the other side of the small pond. The others mingled together off to the right. Except for Junior being dead everything looked totally normal. And with the power outage the low light cameras would have been off line as well.

Dr Benjamin stared over at Caesar with suspicion. Maybe it was that Rachel named him after the chimp that led the rebellion in The Planet of the Apes movies. And like Caesar in the movies this chimp seemed a little smarter than the others. But he was the one receiving the drugs. Drugs containing steroids, high doses of testosterone and a formula Rachel prepared to enhance pheromone production. "And Caesar?" Chimps, like humans, were capable of great violence against each other. Tribes of chimps would fight each other to the death in the wild, and ripping the testicles off was a part of their warfare.

"You don't think."

"He is a logical choice. The number of males is limited. He has always been abused by the others and he is the one receiving the test drug. We have to look closely at him. You upped his dosage yesterday and steroids have been linked to aggressive behavior in humans. In a chimp that aggression might be less controlled by their limited intellect." the doctor was quick to answer his student. She was exceedingly bright, but he thought she treated Caesar more like a pet sometimes than a test subject.

"He's put on 5 pounds this week, but he's still too small to have done this." the girl replied with a bit of an attitude. She wasn't as bad as his daughter or his bitchy wife, but Rachel could have her moments. Especially when it came to Caesar.

But it wasn't anything that couldn't wait until morning. "We monitor and I'll ask maintenance to hook up a battery back up to the recording devices. Give him his evening dose and we'll close shop for the day."

The doctor moved the dead chimp into the freezer as he shook his head. Rachel fed the animals their dinner, the vegetation in the enclosure was edible but there just wasn't enough, and she called Caesar to her. Caesar clung to her like a baby clings to it's mother. As she gave him his evening pills which he took eagerly as his left hand was up around the back of her neck and his right was resting on her left tit, a place the professor wouldn't mind having his hands. But he had always been afraid to make a move on her.

Other professors he knew bedded their post grad students and some even bedded their undergrads, but he was always too meek to act with her. And where Rachel had broken up with the boyfriend she had since high school months ago during the summer after she caught him with her little sister, her bed had been empty that long. The perky blonde was ripe for a fucking as his friends would say, but he just couldn't make the move. Something inside him just wouldn't allow it and he knew just what it was. Years of psychological abuse.

When he first started teaching decades before he had no issues in that department. But then he met Vanessa, the girl that would become his wife. A black professor dating a white girl in those days was scandalous enough, but marrying her was so much more of a scandal considering he was just one of three black professors the university had at the time. He had just started teaching a few years before she arrived as a freshman. She sat in the front of his Zoology 101 class that first day back in 1953 wearing a tight button down sweater over a white button down blouse, both opened just enough for him to see the tops of her nicely rounded C-cup tits. Her hair always in a ponytail as not to block his view of her chest. Those tits were now a size bigger, and sagged slightly, but over all she had kept up quite well as he suspected the mail man and milk man both knew.

They were married shortly after she graduated with a degree in political science. After not being able to cut it in a science major she followed the path of many others before her. If you can't cut it in the sciences you move over to business. And if you can't make it there you end up in Political Science or Liberal Arts.

But in the 21 years they've been married her attitude towards him had gone downhill. It started slowly after their first child was born, a kid he had doubts was even his. He himself was 5'10" and 175 pounds. Frank Jr., was a good 6'4" and 220 pounds playing football for Nebraska State where he was attending on a full scholarship and being scouted by several NFL teams.

"Ready doctor." Rachel broke Frank out of his daydream as she tossed her bloody lab coat into the laundry bin. Thank god for loose slacks he said to himself seeing her grab her zippered hoodie to put on over her tight tank top and her equally tight hot pants. She had just B-cups, but on her slender 5'3" 110 pound body they were more than big enough. Her perky tits just begging to be played with.

Rachel flashed the professor a smile before turning and leaving. Why hadn't he made a move on her she wondered. She had made it clear she and her boyfriend were no longer together and wore clothing as revealing as she could get away with depending on the weather. Tank tops and T-shirts, with no bra. Tight fitting shorts that hugged her perky backside or even mini skirts short enough for him to catch glimpses of her lacy panties she wore just hoping someday he'd pin her against a wall and rip them off. She would bend at the waist to pick things up and she knew he was looking, yet he still hadn't done more than that. She had taken to wearing lip stick and eye liner to help make herself look prettier and even wore high heels most of the time. And when he would come into the lab she would take off her wire rimmed glasses to let him see her face better. Her friends had commented that black men had bigger cocks than white men and could satisfy much better, and having been with just one guy in her life she was eager to test that theory with Professor Benjamin.

With her gone the professor looked into the enclosure again. Though Caesar stayed off to the side he seemed to have more confidence. And the few times he had been allowed to mate with one of the females they seemed more willing than just six months ago. Could Rachel's formula be making a difference? Was Caesar's weight gain just because he was fed well or was it the drug? Without the abilities of the human brain a wild animal would be more prone to violence to prove dominance, but why had that violence only manifested when the lights were out? How would a chimp know to react and to do so in a limited time that the lights were out? Could Rachel's formula also improve brain function? Could Junior's body being placed at the door be a way of communicating?

Doctor Benjamin looked at the big clear plastic jar holding thousands of the pills Rachel had made. There was no way he'd get funding or permission for human tests so soon. But the answer was in that jar and by all accounts there was nothing dangerous to a human in the pills, just greater amounts of substances a human body already had.

The doctor looked curiously back into the enclosure where Caesar was seemingly watching him. The chimp sat off to the side by himself but was looking out into the lab instead of paying attention to the other chimps. And is he looking at me or the jar the doctor wondered.

Doctor Benjamin walked to the other side of the lab and the chips gaze followed, but when he stopped Caesar's eyes went back to the jar. Is he wanting more?

Doctor Benjamin pulled the note pad from his jacket pocket and jotted a few things down he wouldn't want in the official logs Rachel was keeping. After putting his notes away he walked back across the lab and sighed as he looked at Caesar and then the jar.

The doctor had always been taught and taught his students himself that there was no scientific gain without risk. Caesar weighed less than 100 pounds, he himself was 175. Nothing had happened until Rachel doubled his dosage from two pills a day to four. To Dr. Benjamin there was only one way to test his theory, he opened the jar and pulled out 8 pills to start with. He looked into the enclosure where he could swear Caesar was smiling back at him and tossed the pills down his throat.

What's the worst that could happen he asked himself. If they were wrong and the pills were dangerous he could die, but at least he'd be away from his shrew of a wife.

Lori stood with her arms folded across her chest, under her over sized boobs, as Alan crawled out from under the car. To Lori it was surprising her dad was there, but he came in handy and was in the car and trying to start it when Alan called out. And true to what she said, Connie wasn't there. It was just her mom and younger sister, Jennifer. Connie's dad died years earlier, as had her first step father. Her second stepfather had been killed more recently. There were four older brothers, Connie's twin brother as well as a younger brother and sister. All of them within a 12 year range. Lori rolled her eyes as the 16 year old was blatantly flirting with Alan, far more than she or Connie ever did.

"So can you fix it? Mom and sissy say your really good with your hands." Lori was rolling her eyes again as the little petite blonde shamelessly twisted from side to side and played with her hair while she asked in a provocative manner. Like mom, like daughter, like little sister Lori thought.

Alan feeling uncomfortable and seeing Lori was too, wiped the grease off his hands on his sweat shirt. He stepped up beside Lori and gave her a quick peck before saying "Love you Honey."

"Can you fix it?" Mrs. St. Cloud asked as she gave Lori's father a quick look when he got out of the car, leaving Lori with more questions she'd never get an answer to.

"In the morning. Starter's fried and I can't get one until after 7. Then another hour or so before I can get it in." Alan calmly replied as he stood next to Lori and tried his best to ignore Jennifer's antics.

"Connie's got a class at 8:30. We have to get her back to school." Mrs. St. Cloud was very concerned. Which seemed odd to Lori because what she had heard was mom wanted Connie to be going to college closer to home so she could live at home. Or not even go to college. With Connie's looks she could catch some rich kid from the boy's school a few miles away. But Connie killed that plan by getting a full athletic scholarship to a school in the city. And away from home and mom.

Lori was actually shocked as her father stated "I have to meet with a distributer in Metropolis at 10. I guess I could leave earlier and take her in before that." Lori was beside herself, and her mother would be even more so she thought. Then again mom probably didn't know Connie's reputation as well as she did or have a suspicion her father had had sex with the town slut just like just about every other man in town. Lori knew that was an exaggeration, but she knew Balinda's dad and uncle had both been with Connie. As had fathers of several other girl's they went to school with. As she grew up and out the other girls shunned her figuring she couldn't be trusted around their guys. Connie on the other hand had proven she couldn't be trusted. Connie had been very busy that past summer.

"YEAH...YEAH..YEAH." Connie threw her sweaty backside against Jim Waters, her former math teacher from middle school and the father of two little girls she used to babysit. His wife was hot in her day, and for a girl with small tits. But now after three kids and several years she was over 200 pounds and sat around the house eating bon bons. Thus creating a profitable situation for a girl like Connie.

In the room at the cheap motel on the edge of town Connie was on knees and elbows on the bed, Mr. Waters playfully slapping her ass to spur her on. Although he was burying himself to the balls in her ass he wasn't hurting her. She had done this with a lot of men and Mr. Waters wasn't that big, he was about average at 6 inches. To Connie the man was easy money.

As she pushed Mr. Water's to his limit she remembered her mother's teachings. There were only three reasons to have sex. One was to snag a husband, which generally require getting pregnant. Which Connie would never allow, at least not now. Men could fuck her ass and do things to her their wives wouldn't let them do, for a price. Or if they wanted her pussy they had to have condoms, to which she had a constant supply in her purse. She was on he pill, but the condoms were the second layer of defense. The second reason was for the money. The third was in trade for something like for grades, but she hadn't had to do that yet. She might not have Lori's brain, but she had managed to get good grades the hard way.

And Connie had rules. First and foremost was no sex with boys. Boys her own age were blabber mouths, she might be the town slut with the men, but how many men she slept with was her business and her mother's. At the time she only slept with men, married men or men old enough to be her dad. They wouldn't spread gossip as much, just amongst their male friends and other potential customers. The last thing a married man wanted was his wife to know he was in a motel room with her. And besides, boys her age just didn't have the money to blow. Especially when they had girlfriends who would do most of what she did for free. A 40 year old man was a lot more willing to pay good money for an 18 year old hottie than a teen boy was.

Connie didn't like being a whore, but it beat holding a real job. In an hour or so she could make as much money as the other girls got working a few nights at one of the burger joints. And not being as smart as Lori she needed as much study time as she could get. And though the scholarship paid for her classes and her room and board there were still other expenses that required money. And after her latest stepfather died any extra money was short at home, and getting shorter. Mom was still fairly good looking, but her value had diminished. But mom said she had a plan.

"OH GOD..OH GOD..JUST..LIKE ...THAAAAAAT." Connie faked her orgasm. Wiggling and jiggling like she was out of control. It was something her mother taught her to do right from the start. If he's close, this would push him over the edge. And as she felt his grip on her hips tighten, and heard his loud grunt, she knew mom was right again. And in well under an hour.

Connie collapsed onto the bed, with the man on top of her. She pretended to be gasping for air, like this bookworm could make her over extend herself she mused. She was in too good of shape for him to wear her out. His cock slipped out as they rolled into a spooning position while laying on their left sides. Connie faked a satisfied smile and moaned as the man's right hand was draped over her and cupping her generous sized right tit. At least an erect nipple wasn't something she had to fake, or could fake. She may not have the huge boobs Lori had, but no man had ever complained hers weren't big enough. She had more than enough tit flesh to squeeze a guy's manhood between them, yet she wasn't too big as to hurt her athletic abilities like Lori.

As Connie let Mr. Water's catch his breath and he nuzzled her neck, she thought of using her share of the money to hit the Victoria's Secret store in the mall downtown in the city. Now that she was a college girl the cotton underwear just wasn't cutting it. And she was quickly finding out she wasn't the only girl around who could be rented. Between girls that needed money for school, to get better grades or to just get out of trouble there were a lot of girls who were just like her. She knew of a good dozen already and another dozen or so that were stripping at night to pay for school. And with money tight there was a lot of competition for a slut, even one as good looking as she. Fancy underwear was required. Going braless could only get you attention. The men wanted the dream girl. She needed some nice lace panties and maybe a few thongs. High heels, make-up and some hot skimpy clothing were all expenses. She was a girl jock, but the men wanted someone soft and dainty. And with her smoking hot body.

Connie kept smiling as her 5'8" former teacher got up off the bed. She watched him dress, then pull out his wallet. He placed her fee on the night stand next to the bed and gave her tit one more feel before going. Her face showed nothing but joy until he walked out saying. "Tell your mother I'll see her soon." Then she was alone.

"Yeah, you'll see mom just because there's no one else around." she grumbled as she finally sat up. She knew the truth, her mother had explained it. A woman is only good to a man as long as her looks lasted and her twat stayed tight. The man's wife was now fat and ugly so he was paying her and her mom for better sex. Connie knew someday she'd grow older too and men wouldn't be as willing to fork over money to sleep with her. In time mom said she would need to snag a husband like her mom did and be satisfied with what she could get on the side.

But not if she could get her way. The world was changing and a woman didn't need to be married to be considered successful. Making extra money with sex would most likely always be part of her short term financial future, but she wasn't about to marry some dumb corn husker like her mom and grandma did just to say she had a man and have a roof over her head. At least that was her way of thinking now.

Connie stood up and walked to the bathroom. Unlike her former teacher she wasn't going to walk home smelling of sex. And besides, on the way home she might run into someone else looking for an easy lay, and they would want her clean and smelling fresh.

Monday Morning:

"Don't forget to put the trash out by the street. And Marie needs money for a dress, leave 50 on the kitchen table."

"50?!" Professor Benjamin shouted in shock as his wife came out of the bathroom already showered and dressed. He knew better than to ask where she was going dressed in a sharp woman's business suit, nylons and high heels at 6 AM. It would just start a big fight over how he doesn't trust her and she should be able to go out without him knowing her every move. But 50 bucks for a dress? For an 18 year old who should have a job and be buying her own stuff? Vanessa kept odd hour as an aerobics instructor, but this morning she wasn't dressed for an early class.

His wife raced out the bedroom door the 52 year old rolled onto his back, sporting what had to be the firmest hard-on he'd had in years. "YOU HEARD ME, 50." she shouted as she walked quickly down the stairs.

Dr. Benjamin lifted the sheet to look at his naked self for a moment to scientifically affirm his suspicions. His normally 7" cock was standing straight upright and seemed a little bigger. He dropped the sheet and noticed he seemed to feel better than he had in years also. And his 44 year old wife's running off to no doubt hook up with some young stud wasn't bothering him in the least. It meant she wasn't there to give him shit.

The Professor grinned as he heard the car start and the water in the hall bath turn on for his daughter's shower. Of the three kids she was the only one at home, and when dad pays for everything why leave? Marie was now 18 and to him she and her twin brother, who was going to school up in Boston, should have part time jobs and be able to buy some things themselves.

The professor reached over to grab the little plastic container on the night stand that held his contacts. He popped them in then reached for his bathrobe draped over the foot of the bed as he sat up. He put it on to go down stairs and have a cup of coffee. The hot water heater wouldn't provide enough hot water for two showers at the same time. At least not when one was his daughter and his wife had already taken as long shower herself. It would be half an hour or so before he would shower himself, plenty of time for a coffee and to put the damn trash out.

He didn't mean to see, but the bathroom door was left open a little. As he walked by still sporting his morning wood he caught a glimpse of his mocha skinned 18 year old daughter shampooing her hair. At 5'4" she was a few inches shorter than her mother, but her boobs were a little bigger than mom had at her age. And she seemed to have no end to boys interested in her, even having brought home a few white boys recently.

Professor Benjamin found himself staring as his young daughter started soaping her toned young body. He seemingly couldn't help himself as he steeped to the side so his daughter would see him, but he could still see her. He couldn't help himself as his little girl took her time soaping her D-cup breasts. And without fully realizing it he had opened the robe and was stroking himself as he watched her.

He knew it was very wrong, but as she soaped her tight, nicely round butt and between her legs he couldn't help but stroke himself harder and faster. He lost track of the time as he watched her, but he was sent scurrying down the stairs unfulfilled when Marie finished rinsing herself off and shut off the water.

As his little girl toweled herself off upstairs he was in the kitchen wondering what the heck he was thinking. Yet part of him was also wondering why he hadn't looked sooner considering she had started leaving the door ajar most of the time with her brothers now gone.

That Monday morning Connie looked to her left at Uncle Richard as they drove away from the house with her suitcase in the back seat of the Toyota Corolla. He wasn't really an uncle, her mom and Lori's mom were third cousins, but they grew up calling each others parents aunt and uncle. It was drizzling outside, but the car was nice and cozy. Connie unzipped her sweatshirt to reveal the skimpy tank top underneath. And her braless and barely covered D-cup tits. She slipped the sweatshirt off and tossed it into the back seat with her suitcase.

Richard tried ignoring the girl's chest as she sat there innocently looking out the side window while her boobs bounced going down the back streets towards the main road. At this time of the morning they'd make better time staying off the interstate for a while and using the back roads. Yet Connie purposely wore the skimpy top and a denim mini skirt with intention. "I really can't thank you enough Uncle Richard for getting me back to school."

"I was going to Metropolis anyway."

"But I'd be willing to do almost anything to say thank you." she squeaked as she turned to face him and placed her left hand on his jeans covered right thigh down near his knee. Lori might have gotten Alan to agree to marry her and be calling her a slut behind her back, yet mom never mentioned there was another reason to have sex and that was revenge.

"It's quite alright." Richard calmly replied as he lifted the girl's hand off his thigh.

"I mean I'll do it for free this time." she cooed as she put her hand back on his thigh, this time a little higher. First she'd get Lori's father hooked on free sex whenever he wanted, then in time she'd woo Alan. After finding out Lori was pregnant it was only a matter of time before she put on a lot of weight and Alan would be looking for a hot toned body to roll around with. That would probably be right around spring break she thought, if not then May and June would be right around the corner and she'd be home from school. Then she would destroy Lori's life.

"It was a mistake." Richard stated firmly as he removed Connie's hand again.

"Once is a mistake. Four times says you might know it's wrong and you don't really care. And I know Aunt Janet has been feeling sick and putting you off. I'm just letting you know I'm here for you Uncle Richard, just like you've always been there for mom and us after dad died. For free." His once a month visits had been helping the family finances for years.

Richard cringed as Connie's hand returned to his lap, this time resting on his hardening shaft. Sure he had spent time with Connie on his trips to Metropolis over the past few months and with Janet too sick to perform or keep tabs on the family finances. But he also knew he had to man up and be strong. Screwing around with Connie could only lead to trouble. Her mom was bad enough, but getting caught with Connie would be so much worse.

Richard looked at the speedometer to see he was doing 50 in a 30 zone as Connie unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his fly. As he got the car better under control, Connie moved to get on her knees in the passenger seat. And as they drove past the marker saying they were leaving town he felt Connie's talented and familiar lips wrap around his 8" piece of meat as she leaned over the emergency brake with her tight ass high in the air. "God help me." he groaned. It was completely wrong, but Connie was that good.

Richard steered with his left hand as he reached out with his right. Connie's ponytail hung off to her right as Richard started caressing her back. 'Just focus on the road.' he told himself as for the first time in over 20 years he was getting road head. He rubbed Connie's back as she totally engulfed his cock in her mouth and throat. In that regard she was actually better than Janet, or even her mom. Connie was as good as any pro when it came to sucking cock.

As they drove along Richard had pulled up Connie's top and he had moved his hand below her to fondle her firm round tits. Connie moaned her approval as she expertly worked his cock, and within minutes she had swallowed his load.

Connie wiped the drool from her chin with her hand as she moved to sit back in the passenger seat. "Remember. Anytime you want until the baby comes and Aunt Janet is feeling better." Connie cooed as she smiled. She left her top pulled up and her tits free to bounce in front of Uncle Richard on the long drive. And she would do just what she said, even after the baby came if it worked into her plans.

"We can't. It's wrong." he argued weakly.

"Well if Lori were a caring and loving daughter then maybe she'd step up and fill your needs. But since she's not loving enough or if she's too sick being pregnant too then I'm more than willing to help you out Uncle Richard."

Richard Taylor swallowed hard as he glanced to the side and at Connie's bouncing exposed breasts. God help him for he couldn't pass on her offer easily. And though he didn't want to admit it, he had more than once pictured himself with Lori and her humungous tits fooling around as well. Her and her friends, like Balinda or that well built Danvers girl. Linda was no Connie, but she was hot just the same.

Rachel took off her glasses when looked up from the notes she was writing at one of the lab's work stations as the professor walked in. No, he was almost strutting in she thought. There was something very different, but she couldn't quite make it out. "Good morning."

"Good morning Rachel." Frank replied as he walked over to look through the window into the chimp enclosure. Just as normal Caesar was off to the side alone while the others were grouped together, Razor and Zeus each humping one of the females. "I see everything is normal after yesterday's incident."

"Not quite professor. Checking the tapes it seems Caesar mated with three of the females last night." Rachel replied. She turned to see the professor arching his eyes. Normally Caesar was lucky to get laid once a month. Three times in one night was well out of the ordinary. And she didn't want to mention it yet as she didn't quite know how to bring it up, but Caesar's nuts seemed a little bigger than before.

"Record it, but I wouldn't make anything of it yet. Let's see what happens over the next few days." Frank stated as he walked over to stand looking over Rachel's shoulder as she wrote her notes. It had been a great morning thus far, at least it was after his wife left the house. The only other thing was his pants seemed a little shorter, showing more of his dark socks than he thought they usually did. But he hadn't felt this vibrant and strong in years, and even the department secretary smiled and gave him a warm good morning as he walked in. Heck, she hadn't been nice to him in the 7 years she'd been in the department.

Rachel couldn't quite put a finger on it, but as the professor stood very close to her she felt her desires were growing stronger. For some time she had been wanting to have sex with him, even wearing revealing clothing in hopes of spurring him into action. But her desires were based on scientific curiosity and sympathy. The man was black and black men were supposed to have big cocks and be able to satisfy a woman more. She hadn't been with a man in months and his wife was a total demeaning bitch. It was all perfectly logical.

Rachel felt him pressed against her back. She leaned further forward, pressing her backside against him. Wearing high heels and being short placed butt was pushed up against his crotch. As she continued to write her notes she could feel his breath on her neck and his erection nestled between her butt cheeks. Slowly she started rocking her hips. Her smile grew as she felt his right hand resting on her hip.

Rachel continued to write her notes as her movements became more obvious. She bit her lip and wore a big smile as his left hand grabbed her other hip and he gently pulled her back into him. She looked up to the front and left at the door. It was always locked to keep anyone who didn't belong out, but there was a small window. To see in someone would have to stop and look in to the side. She could hear and see students walking past the door and the thought of being caught crossed her mind, but she wasn't about to stop. Not after this long.

Her dry fucking became more forceful as she rocked up onto her toes. "huh?" She made a questioning gasp as he released her hips and stepped back. She absolutely beamed though as she started to turn around, but a strong hand between her shoulder blades bent her at the waist over the table.

Rachel looked straight at the door with a big smile as she heard the jingle of his belt, then his metal zipper. There was a rustle of clothing and the shuffle of shoes on the floor. She swallowed hard and waited eagerly as her respiration grew deeper and faster. Her heart raced as the back of her lab coat and her denim mini skirt were raised. She trembled with anticipation as her lace panties were slid down to her quivering knees. She was already wet, wetter than she had ever been to start with her ex-boyfriend.

She fought the urge to turn and look at him, instead playing totally subservient. She bit her lip and stared at the door as she felt him start pushing into her warm and very wet vagina. "Oh.GOD.YEAH." She stated loudly with great relief. After so long it felt so good as his cock slid in to her warm, welcoming hole. And she could swear he was significantly bigger than the 6" of cock she had known for the past few years.

"Don't let anyone hear." he quietly scolded at her loud outburst. Fucking her was one thing, being caught doing it was another. There were rules against faculty and students engaging in sexual relations. It happened all the time, but it was still supposed to be kept under wraps.

"Oh god yes doctor." Rachel answered in a more moderate volume. As Frank took a firm grip on her hips neither would know until checking the tapes later, if they checked the tapes, that Caesar was going nuts. The chimp was screaming at the top of his lungs and jumping up and down in a violent display as Frank started fucking Rachel like a wild animal.

Rachel gritted her teeth and winced. She had never been fucked this hard in her life, and by a cock as big as the professor's Her legs trembled and her breath became raged as the sound of slapping flesh covered Caesar's temper tantrum. "Oh god!" she grunted loudly with the thought she bit off more than she could chew. She was young and relatively inexperienced having been with just one guy. She questioned her sexual maturity as Doctor Benjamin's hands slid up under her lab coat and under her tank top. "" she grunted.

As the professor roughly pounded her pussy Rachel wondered if in some way being with just her high school sweetheart they had gotten into not fucking with true passion, like they were kids just playing grown up. Was this how more mature people have sex? Is this how mom and dad do it? If so, why wouldn't she have heard them?

Frank was grinning like never before. He had wanted to do this for so long, and if he had realized how wild Rachel was and how willing she was he probably would have sooner. He repeatedly rammed his rock hard cock into her very tight and extremely wet snatch as he massaged her firm set of tits. His wife's tits were bigger, but they were a long time past feeling this good he mused.

Rachel's head shot up with each thrust. Frank rocked his hips harder and faster than he had ever fucked anyone. Vanessa had never let him go wild like this, not in all their years. Frank beamed with pride and self satisfaction as Rachel trembled all over with a strong orgasm. He held tightly to her tits and hard fucked her through her quivering, hopefully extending her pleasure and heightening his own.

When she was done shaking, Doctor Benjamin gritted his teeth and picked up the pace and increased his forcefulness. Rachel's back arched and she reached out to grab the other side of the table. She held on with a white knuckle grip to brace herself as he pounded her sex mercilessly.

"Oh god.don't stop." Rachel gasped as another orgasm neared. Her boyfriend had given her orgasms before, but never so quickly. And never more than two in one session. Here the professor was about to give her a second one in just a few minutes. It seemed her girlfriends were right about black men.

"Don't stop.Just like that..Just like that.." He was actually causing her physical pain, but she was also experiencing more pleasure than ever before. Unable to contain herself she screamed out as her eyes rolled back and everything went white. "OOOHHH..MMMYYYY...GGGOOODDDDD."

Frank was a bit shocked as the girl ejaculated heavily, spewing gusher after gusher out around his pounding cock. At least he had a change of clothes in his office across the hall. He had to release Rachel's awesome tits this time and forcibly hold her by the hips as her body shook violently like someone having a seizure. But through her whole violent orgasm he never let up. His heart was racing and his dress shirt was soaked as he pounded his little willing student. Her 110 pound body went nearly limp as she gasped for air after cumming so hard.

'Oh my god. This is better than I ever expected.' Rachel thought to herself as her mind started to clear. Her whole body was being shaken like a rag doll as the surprisingly strong professor continued to decimate her sexually. The pussy juice from her somewhat embarrassing eruption had soaked her lab coat, skirt and shoes. Her thighs were soaked with it and her tank top and hair were soaked with sweat.

Rachel had a spare pair of panties in her purse and a T-shirt and a slightly longer skirt in a storage drawer here in the lab incase her girlfriends wanted to go out and she didn't have time to go back to her apartment. Or just in case something happened to her clothes from the animals. The real problem she thought of though was that as the heat from her next orgasm started to climb she knew she was going to need a shower, and badly. And there was no way she was leaving the lab without getting cleaned up first. She would just be too embarrassed to walk through the halls.

An hour later Rachel was barely awake after countless orgasms, she couldn't remember ever being that exhausted. Or sexually satisfied. The petite blonde was naked and sitting in a big sink used to bath test subjects. The used the hose to wash herself off as the professor waited and grinned with satisfaction. How could a man of his age, and not being that physically active, have fucked her so hard and for so long? Heck, her groin was bruised and probably would be for days. But in the back of her mind she knew if in an hour he made a move on her she wouldn't stop him.

Professor Benjamin chuckled at the sight of the 5'3" young woman sitting in the big sink and showering. After finishing he had snuck across the hall during the class period when less students would be in the hallway. After she was done washing it would be his turn, but he doubted it would be as pretty a sight. Her perky B-cups topped with one inch light brown areolas with water running off them and her neatly trimmed blonde bush had him just about ready for round 2. But he had a budget meeting in an hour so if there was going to be a round 2 it would need to wait.

The professor looked into the chimp enclosure where everything seemed normal. With him not doing anything with Rachel, Caesar was now relaxed and calm. There was no indication of his violent outburst as he sat in his usual spot and stared back at the professor.

With Rachel occupied, the professor moved over to the lab table containing the jar with the test drug. It might be his imagination that what happened with Rachel and how the secretary acted to him that morning, but he hadn't felt that good in years. Even before the sex. He snuck 4 more pills from the jar with intention to use double the relative dosage Caesar was getting to see what would happen. He would take 4 now and 4 at supper time. Rachel would notice the pills missing sooner or later so in the next couple of days he'd use her notes to make more of the pills. He'd have his own supply and he could replace what he took from the jar and Rachel would never know.

"Oh, your 8:30 is cancelled. Professor James was in a car accident over the weekend and she won't be in 'til tomorrow." Connie's roommate quickly stated as she raced out the door in an effort to get breakfast before her 8:30 class.

Connie smiled standing at the door of her vacated dorm room with Uncle Richard standing behind her, holding her suitcase. He was such a gentleman. So old school she mused. And so easily manipulated, just like most men when confronted with a girl with her looks.

She walked into the room and pointed to a spot on the floor at the foot of her bed, if you called it a bed. It was more of a cot with a thin 4inch mattress. "There would be fine Uncle Richard." she stated as she closed the door behind them and locked it. He was such the gentleman she mused, insisting on carrying her suitcase in and up three flights of stares. Through a dorm where scantily clad teen girls would shout "MAN ON THE FLOOR." as the dove into their dorm rooms or the bathroom.

Richard put the bag down and smiled as he stepped towards the door with Connie standing in front of it, dressed in her denim mini skirt and a tiny tank top. He had never seen so many half dressed teen girls in such a short period in his life. Times had changed since he was Connie's age. A few of the girls didn't even seem to mind he was there and walked about with a smile and their nicely shaped teen boobs fully exposed. And he was sure that one purposely dropped her towel she had wrapped around her, giving him a smile and a nice look at her neatly trimmed dark bush. "I guess I'll head over to Chuck's Diner for a coffee before my meeting."

There was no way she was letting him off that easy. She now didn't have a class until 10:30 and her roommate was booked solid until after noon time. It was time to put a little more pressure on good old Uncle Rick. "We have a nice fresh pot of coffee right there." she commented as she pointed to her roommate's dresser with the full 4 cup coffee maker on top and the small refrigerator off to the side. She then smiled brightly before pulling her tank top up over her head. She tossed it away like it was a piece of trash to be discarded, then smiled as she looked at her own tits. "I bet Chuck's doesn't have any thing like these on the menu." She playfully commented.

"I really should.."

"You really should loosen up." and get those pants off she thought as she stepped up close to him and reached for his belt as she knelt down.

Richard grimaced with his self struggle. It was so wrong, but Connie's firm round D-cups had almost no sag and were topped with three quarter inch pink areolas, her nipples already hard and erect. Her stomach was as flat as the floor and her butt was round, yet compact. If she were laying on her stomach he could probably bounce quarters of her butt he joked to himself.

Richard stood helpless as Connie slid his slacks and underwear down to his knees. After the first time he was putty in her hands, and in her mouth. Her tongue and lips had him fully erect and standing at full attention in a minute.

Moments later he was naked, except for his navy blue socks, laying across her dorm bed. Connie slid her panties down until they fell to the floor. She lifted her right foot out, then used her right to toss them onto her roommate's unmade bed. Connie smiled brightly as she knelt between his wide spread legs. She moved in as close as she could and used her hands to squeeze her tits together around Uncle Richard's better than average 8" cock.

"God help me." Richard commented as he fully laid back, his head hanging off the other side of the bed. Only four girls in his life had tit fucked him. His wife, his girlfriend before Janet, Connie and her mother. As Connie's tits rubbed his shaft he had no question as to who did the best job. The others did it because he wanted it, but Connie seemed to fully enjoy the feel of a big piece of man meat between her impressive tits. He loved his wife and didn't want to enjoy it. But Connie was good and he had been feeling neglected for months. He really needed a fuck slut for a while and Connie was just that. And she was more than willing to be just that.

Connie wondered what Alan's cock would feel like as she worked on Uncle Richard. Banging Lori's dad was just icing on the cake. Lori would hate her for breaking up her mom and dad. But Connie wanted more. She wanted to break up Lori and Alan. She didn't care any longer about Alan, but between what Aunt Janet did and what Lori had been calling her behind her back she wanted to destroy their whole family.

Connie also wanted to get off herself. Tit fucking was fun, but she really wanted an orgasm. After a few minutes she reached for her purse, and grabbed one of the Trojans inside. After putting it on his cock she slowly stood up and turned around. Connie reached between her legs and gripped Uncle Richard's cock with her right hand as she slowly sat down. "Oh god yeah." she commented as she fully sheathed his rod. Revenge was one thing, but there was no rule about not enjoying the work.

Connie wiggled her butt playfully a little, before laying down on top of her uncle. His big strong arms came up and wrapped around her. He had his arms crossed over her chest, each hand gripping one of her tits. Connie smiled when Uncle Richard moaned loudly as she wiggled her hips from side to side, his hands massaging her breasts.

At 5'10" Connie was a tall girl, but Uncle Rick was 6'2" and 230 pounds. He was a big man. She remembered as little girls how he'd stand with his arms flexed like a body builder and she and Lori would climb him like he was a jungle gym. His back might not be what it once was, but he was still a strong man. And his balding head made him look distinguished.

The tiny bed creaked and squeaked loudly as Connie used her toned body. "You like this?" she playfully asked. This was the first time they had done this particular position with Uncle Rick. But she had done it with other men. Some liked it, some not so much. But all of them had their hands in the same position, doing almost the same thing.

"Oh god yeah." Connie was glad he was enjoying it, it would make him cum faster. But she also wanted an actual orgasm and not have to fake it. Her right hand was on her stomach with her fingers feverishly rubbing her clit. She bit her lip and thought of Dick Murdock, the Metropolis City quarterback, as the man inside her. The big stud was about Uncle Rick's size, though in better shape. And she had pictures of him on her wall like many other girls at school. Just the sight of the shirtless handsome big time womanizer made her wet.

Uncle Rick worked her tits as she worked her clit and thought of fucking the quarterback. She could feel Uncle Rick's deep rapid breaths on her neck as she neared her own climax. Connie grinned as she heard the faint shouts of the girl down the hall. At this time of the morning it was doubtful her boyfriend was here, but Connie knew Erika had a very nice 10" vibrating dildo. And Connie wasn't exclusively into men. Erika was a hot, tall, skinny B-cup blonde. And as she heard one of her girl crushes scream out with pleasure it was enough to send her over the edge herself.

"OOOHHHH..MMMMYYYYY..GGGGOOOODDDD...YYYYEEESSSS.YYYYEEEESSSS..YYYYEEEESSSS!" Rick held on with everything he had as the very strong girl in his embrace shimmied and shook violently. He wore a big smile after giving Connie such a good orgasm. But as she gasped for air after a long 30 seconds, he muscled them over into a position he preferred more.

Connie wore a stupid grin as she took gasping breath after gasping breath, what she wouldn't give to actually crawl into bed with Erika. She was still grinning as she looked over her right shoulder and back at Uncle Rick. He positioned her on the floor on her knees and bent over her bed. He grabbed her ponytail in his right hand and held her head up as he started riding her hard.

Connie grabbed two fistfuls of bed sheet and gritted her teeth. "Yeah.Yeah.Fuck me hard as you want. Fuck me harder than Auntie Janet will let you." This was unexpected, but good for her plan. She was a tough girl and enjoyed a vigorous fucking. He just might get her off again if he could keep up this pace without coming too soon himself. And she will show she's really willing to do whatever he wanted to keep him happy.

Connie's heavy tits bounce vigorously beneath her and the sound of sweaty flesh slapping together could probably be heard over the normal morning noise of dozens of girls chattering and getting ready for school. But then it wasn't like she was the first girl to have a guy in her room. Or an older guy at that. A lot of girls had what they call 'uncles' visit them over the past few months since the semester started. Some girls had several uncles visit.

Connie could feel the heat quickly coming to a boil. She gritted her teeth harder and clenched her eyes shut. And in seconds her whole body was trembling once more. "OOHH.MMYYYY..FUCKINGGG.GODDD!" she screamed.

Richard held her back to himself by her hair and pinning her thighs against her cheap bed. As she shook violently again it was more than he could take. As she wheezed and shock more he pulled out, stood up and physically threw her on her back on her bed. He hastily removed the condom and started stroking himself.

Connie was only half aware of what he was doing. She gasped for air and enjoyed the after glow as Uncle Richard straddled her body, half sitting on her stomach. As her eyes focused she smiled brightly and in another few seconds the first of several streamers of hot jizz splattered onto her tits and face. She hated jizz on her face, but it that's what Uncle Rick wanted that's what he was going to get. Connie herself though prefered a man cum on her tits, but she was also used to fucking men for cash and the customer gets what they want. That's what keeps them coming back.

Rachel was daydreaming about what she and the professor had done. After them both getting cleaned up and him going to his meeting she opened the door to the enclosure and called Caesar to her. As normal he came running without delay and shrieked happily as he jumped into her arms.

But this time as she gave him his pills he leapt from her arms and went after the jar. "NO CAESAR!" she shouted like am angry mother would to a disobeying child.

"NO.NO." she shouted again as the chimp ran around the lab and away from her as he tried to open it, knocking papers off counters and sending other items flying. Rachel stopped chasing and went to the far work station as she heard the lid hit the floor. She pulled out the gun with the tranquilizer dart that was always ready and shot Caesar in the ass. But not before he gobbled down a handful of the pills.

Caesar screamed angrily. He turned and started charging, but got only half way to her before the drug knocked him out. "Great.Just great." she grumbled as she put the gun down. This was going to screw up everything. Now she'd have to wait until such time as the drugs were out of his system and then start over. But before that she'd stick him in an isolation cage for a few days and count the pills to try and figure out how many he ingested.

Rachel took a deep breath knowing she should have known better. The professor had chided her about coddling Caesar, no mater how tame he seemed to be with her. And he was right. Tears streaked her cheeks as she walked over and opened the door to the cage not knowing how much time Caesar would be out. The dart held enough to knock out an angry gorilla, but Caesar was drugged up and when those pills he ingested hit his system there was no telling what he'd do. She could take him to the medical lab and have his stomach pumped, but that was on the other side of campus and the gel caps would have been dissolved long before she could get him there and anything done for him. And the pills weren't toxic in anyway, he would just be totally hopped up until such time as the drug was out of his system.

Rachel grunted as she picked up Caesar's dead weight, then she placed him in the cage as carefully as she could. She was a very petite girl and he had to weigh a good 80 pounds or so now. She sighed and arched her back as she closed the cage door, then locked it with a pad lock.

Rachel went over and started picking up the pills that had ended up on the floor and put them back in the jar. She looked at the locked door knowing Frank was going to be pissed with her when he got back from his meeting. Even after they just had sex. And this could delay her doctoral paper. The school could require an investigation before letting her continue. But hopefully it wouldn't get that far. No one got hurt and Caesar would most likely be just fine in a few days, when the drugs in his system wore off she kept telling herself.

It was around noon and Kara smirked as she looked across the table in the group study section of the school library. Lori hadn't said a word after her good morning and she sat down. It was clear something was bothering her and she had an idea what that was. "So you used to make boy cry?"

"Can we not talk about her?"

Kara smirked as Lori never looked up from her homework. Papers were strewn all over the table in front of both of them, but Lori no mater how much she was looking at them hadn't written a single thing down for a good half hour. "I asked about boys, not Connie." Kara said calmly.

Lori grumbled to her self then looked up with a sullen expression. "Look, she probably just had sex with my dad." Lori stated hatefully.

"Isn't that pushing it a little?" Kara suggested thinking it was a far stretch. Just because he was driving her back to school doesn't mean they're having sex.

Lori leaned across the table with a deadly serious expression. She looked around, then in a low voice stated "I know that after what we went through a few months ago I shouldn't talk about her this way. But she's trouble. She's slept with at least a dozen fathers of kids I went to high school with. She even had sex with her prom date's father from what I heard."

"And your worried about your dad. First, he's a grown man who loves you and your mom. He wouldn't. And if you are related like Balinda said then he should have an idea what she does. And from what you said first thing this morning, when you went to her house yesterday she wasn't even there when your father was. Your families are related and he was just helping out. And you really need to get over the fact both of you wanted Alan. You should be happy he loves you and is marrying you. You're the one that won his love. You're the one who shouldn't be angry."


"I mean it." Kara said in her best serious tone. "It's not good for you or the baby. Let it go. It happened years ago and you two had a fight, which I hear you won. But your both grown up now. It's time to put that bad stuff in the past where it belongs."

Lori was clenching her jaw as Linda basically scolded her. "Fine. I'll be nice to her...But if I find out she did it I'll rip her hair out and make her choke on it." she begrudgingly said back.

"Great.I think we made a break through. But if you need more I know a good doctor who helped me through what happened to me at the beginning of the summer. But until then I want to hear about you making boys cry."

Lori's face softened a little. She even cracked a half hearted smile as Linda sat there and smiled at her. "That's easy. Boys don't like to loose to girls at sports. Connie and I were always a team. We were better than the boys at baseball, basketball and even wrestling. And we'd win most of the time. We were even faster. And when they'd loose the other boys would make fun of them, so they'd cry."

Kara had her theory as to why that was. According to the Jor-El program at the Fortress of Solitude, Lori was somehow related. And then maybe so was Connie. After generations their Kryptonian genes would have been diluted, yet maybe there was enough remaining to explain why Connie, Lori and even Lori's brother Tommy excel in sports. They might not have super powers, but they might have inherited enough to give them a competitive edge. At least until Lori's boobs had a major growth spurt. Now she couldn't even ride a bike fast without her knees slamming into her tits.

That evening the professor sat down to watch MASH, just like every Monday night. He sat in the middle of the sofa in his pajamas with his daughter on his left and his bitchy wife to his right. Though the evening had gone pretty well with Vanessa so far. After he came home she seemed awfully sweet to him and even cooked him a steak dinner, which usually meant she wanted something. But she hadn't brought up anything yet.

Marie was also in her pajamas and was snuggled up to him like she did when she wanted something. And oddly Vanessa was also snuggled up to him where she would usually be leaning away from him on the arm of the sofa or even sitting alone in her bentwood rocker.

He was wondering if any of it had to do with the pills. He had taken more before coming home and was feeling like a teenager. He felt like he could run and play like he did as a kid. Though he did have to write a report and give Rachel a stern lecture about safety protocols involving the animals. He would do his best to keep everything under wraps considering no one got hurt. And the hot little blonde would owe him big time. He should have given her a few days away as punishment, but then he would have had to tend to the animals himself. Now who would that be punishing?

He had had locked the pill jar in his office and copied Rachel's formula for the test drug, he would go in early in the morning to make his first batch. He'd replace the pills he took after she had counted them, her thinking Caesar ate the 16 he had already taken. By his calculations Caesar had downed an extra two dozen or so. Not the 42 Rachel was thinking.

Caesar on the other hand was going through periods of calmness and rage. He would sit and watch them for a while. Then in an instant, like a light switch being turned on, he'd fiercely be shaking the 6 foot cube structure made from the same materials as a chain link fence. Then in a few minutes he'd be sitting calmly again. It was all very odd and one of the security cameras had been turned towards his cage to monitor his outbursts through the evening.

As the show went to commercial Frank was thinking he might keep taking these pills forever. His bitchy wife was purring like a kitten with him having his right arm around her and massaging her tit. But the real shocker was his daughter. With her he'd taken him a good 10 minutes to get his hand on her tit. He started with his arm around her, but unlike going straight for her tit like he did with Vanessa he moved more cautiously.

As Marie knelt on the sofa and snuggled into him, her head on his shoulder, he had wrapped his arm around her. He started by slowly and gently stroking her arm. He stroked faster and with more pressure as her breathing hastened. Then she fidgeted slightly as he slid his hand under her arm. He gently rubbed her side, moving forward. At first just his finger tips brushed the sides of her tit. Then he was contacting more. Finally his hand had a full grip on her breast and he was squeezing and kneading her tit just like he was Vanessa's.

Emboldened by his success so far he turned his head and in a demanding whisper told Vanessa. "Give me a hand job." He was nearly beside himself as his wife first gave a questioning "Huh?" like she hadn't heard him. But in the next few seconds she had reached through the fly of his pajamas and pulled out his rock hard black 10" cock, a look of astonishment appearing on her face. He was even bigger than he was back in his prime.

It felt damn good to finally have Vanessa obey one of his demands, and stroking his cock like she had done when she was Marie's age. And it was even better as Marie saw, yet didn't move away. There was no "EWWW." or other negative utterance. His daughter instead licked her lips and just stared at his throbbing manhood.

There was definitely something to the drug Rachel concocted. Rachel, his wife and his daughter were all acting strangely around him. Even others like the secretary and the cute teenaged cashier at the corner store looked at him differently. He felt better and stronger than he had since he was a teenager. His cock was bigger, it was starting to live up to the black man reputation. He had put on a few pounds, his muscles seeming less flabby than before. And he could swear he was a few inches taller. And for purely scientific study he felt he needed to pursue the drugs effect for a longer term. Purely for the sake of science he would need to make sure the drug was safe.

He watched his daughter's stunned reaction as he placed a hand on the back of Vanessa's head and she offered no resistance as he pulled her down into his lap. He leaned slightly towards his daughter and in a whisper asked "Are you a virgin?" Marie's jaw dropped as she watched her mom suck off her dad. She slowly shook her head no, too stunned to speak. Frank massaged her left tit with more gusto, squeezing and kneading her firm braless tit through her flannel pajama top, as he next asked "Do you suck cock?"

No sooner had Marie nodded had his hand been on the back of her head. "Show me." Frank placed his arms over the back of the sofa and sighed with satisfaction as the show came back from commercial. As Major Winchester went on about something stupid, his wife and daughter were each licking one side of his big dick. His wife was stroking his shaft while his daughter fondled the balls that made her. This was far better than anything he had expected when he came home.

Frank was In pure heaven moments later as Vanessa had her face buried in his crotch, licking his balls, and Marie had nearly half his cock in her mouth. It seemed Marie wasn't lying she knew how to suck cock. Her lips and tongue felt awesome and she was taking too much into her mouth for her to have been innocent. In his mind she had sucked more than a few. A situation that he would need to look into, later.

Frank was content to sit there and watch the rest of the show while his wife and daughter took turns sucking him off and licking his now also bigger nut sack. As the show ended he picked up the remote to channel surf. He grabbed Marie by her long black hair and pulled her face up to his. He pressed his lips to hers, then slipped his tongue into her mouth, all as her mom sucked him off.

One might think it couldn't get better, but he was going to push it for all he could get. He gently pulled Marie's face a few inches away from his and told her. "Get undressed and sit on daddy's lap." Both his wife and daughter seemed to wear the same expressions as if they were wondering why they were doing these things, but they both seemed to just as soon forget their own thoughts and do what ever he wanted.

A Marie stood in front of him facing the other way and tossed her pajama tops onto the bentwood rocker he could see shock and a reaching for answers in Vanessa's eyes as she dutifully stroked his cock and sucked his balls.

As Marie bent over and slid her bottoms and her cotton panties down her toned legs Frank was thinking she had quite a large circle of friends. Some of which were even prettier than her. There was Bridget McCloud, a 5 foot nothing blonde blue eyed little cutie. There was Amy Patterson, the 5'10" Miss Gotham hopeful with her nice set of DDS. He couldn't forget about Belinda Thompson. After seeing her in a bathing suit over the summer he was just about to bust a nut thinking about her tits. She was a hot little 5'5" mocha skinned girl like his daughter, but Belinda was blessed with the curves that would turn everyman's head when she walked into a room. 38Gs at least with a slim 24" waist and 34" hips. She was simply a bombshell. And then there was little Violet Harris. The state gymnastics champion on the balance beam was just 4'10 and 85 pounds soaking wet, but she was like a little fuckable porcelain doll. She wasn't Olympic material, but she was just as hot as any of the American team he had seen.

The professor could see the concern in Vanessa's as she moved away when their fully naked teen daughter was ready. Frank sat with his arms up on the back of the sofa as Marie backed up between his wide open legs. There was genuine shock in his wife's eyes as Marie bent forward slightly and reached for his cock between her legs. "Sit facing me."

Marie shyly covered her breasts with her right arm as she slowly turned around, giving him a view of her trimmed bush that looked like a Hitler mustache and her tight little camel toe pussy. She didn't look very happy as she leaned over him and placed her left hand on the back of the sofa. She grimaced , to the professor she was having an internal struggle with his commands. She put her right knee on the sofa first, then brought up her left leg.

Marie knelt over him, her big boobs right in his face. As she reached down with her left hand, keeping her right over her tits, he stopped her. "Your mom will put it in there. You just hold on to the sofa with both hands."

From the looks on their faces neither wanted to do what he was telling them to do, and he knew it had to be the effects of the drug. But the scientist in him wanted to know how long the effects would last after he was no longer with them. And how would they react. He anticipated Vanessa to be furious, but he doubted her vanity and pride would allow her to make public what the three of them were doing.

Marie on the other hand could prove to be a wild card. She could be submissive and do or say nothing. Or she could react violently. Or she could run away to one of her friends houses. But either way it would be interesting to find out.

As Marie leaned over him, pushing her boobs into his face as she reached out for the back of the sofa, Vanessa moved to kneel behind her daughter between his spread legs. Mom took a hold of his big shaft and held it straight up as Marie lowed herself onto it. Frank grinned before chuckling. He looked around the trembling body of his daughter and said "And mom will lick my balls and your ass as you fuck me."

"eeerrrrfff.uuuhhh.eeerrrkkk." Marie grimaced and groaned and her legs and tight butt quivered as she slowly lowered herself onto his 10" long and 2 " wide cock. He took a bit of pride in the fact his little girl might not be a virgin, but she also wasn't a slut like her mom seemingly was. His size was pushing her well beyond her limits, she had probably only fucked white guys he mused as he felt his wife's tongue start licking his nut sack. To him that was one of the best parts of this. After they were married their sex life had gone to hell. He was lucky if she let him fuck her once a month now. Never mind the fact she wouldn't give him head. And she hadn't sucked his balls or his ass since she became pregnant with Frank Jr. Over 20 years is a long time for a man to go without a satisfying sexual experience. And he was going to have one now with Marie and cut into the heart of Vanessa's pride all at the same time.

Frank moved his arms from the back of the sofa and took Marie's big knockers into his hands as she worked all of him into her tight little hole. As he enjoyed Marie's tits and she slowly started to bounce on his lap Frank couldn't resist giving his wife a dig. "These are much better than your moms, even when she was your age." It wasn't completely true. Maries were slightly bigger, but they both had firm and nicely shaped tits. But his words would cut Vanessa like a knife given her vanity.

Vanessa stopped licking his balls, and a few seconds later Marie let out a loud gasp. Frank grinned as he held onto Marie's tits as her head shot back and her body shook all over. He looked around Marie's body to see Vanessa with her face buried in Marie's tight ass. 'If I have my way she'll be licking a lot more ass.' he mused. Licking ass would teach her a lesson about being such a bitch.

As Marie's orgasm went on a little longer than expected Frank started suckling her 1" diameter and fully erect brown left areola. Marie let out a loud moan, he knew it was just the drug, but he didn't care. And as she started to bounce on his lap some more he was wondering what higher doses could do for him. And were some of the effects permanent. Like his weight gain and being taller. And what about his now bigger cock? Yet as Marie fucked him he knew he wasn't about to stop taking the drug to find out. He was going to be using it for the rest of his life. If he could fuck his daughter with his wife helping, then he could probably fuck any woman. Maybe even Wonder Woman. He had always had the hots for her, even as a young man.

Frank moved his hands to Marie's ass, kneading her butt and opening her cheeks wide for Vanessa to get in there even better. "Stick that tongue right in there." he commanded. He laughed as Marie gasped and her head shot back again. Marie's tight butt quivered as she had an orgasm again. After she finished he asked "Anyone done that to you before?"

"Oh god, no." she replied breathlessly in a tone that more than suggested she like the feeling. Frank smiled with a bit of satisfaction as Marie stopped riding him for a moment, her mouth hanging wide open. Her body trembling as mom gave her a pleasure she never experienced before.

Frank let Marie have her minute of pleasure, then wanted more of his own. "That's enough Vanessa. Now kiss her neck and play with her tits." Frank massaged Marie's backside as Vanessa stood up and moved Marie's hair out of the way. Her hands reached around their daughter and massaged her breasts as she passionately kissed her neck in such a way that made Frank think Vanessa hadn't just been with men.

With his new power over his wife and daughter Frank was discovering he had some things to check into. Like just which boys had been fucking his little girl. And who had Vanessa been screwing around with behind his back. Not only had the drug done something to him to make women obey his desires, but it seemingly also made them tell him the truth. And truth can be very powerful. And so was this drug. It was too powerful to share with the rest of the world, but he could make good use of it himself.

Frank wore a bit of a scowl as he looked angrily at Vanessa. "And where did you go this morning so early?" he asked.

"To see Jack Bradley. He's opening a new gym in town and I want a job there." his wife answered vaguely. Very vaguely considering Jack was her self made millionaire ex boyfriend from high school. The skinny geek from her youth was now a rich successful and well built man. And a married man with kids. But he also didn't live in Metropolis.

"Where did you meet him?"

Vanessa's struggle not to answer was evident on her face, but in a moment she stopped kissing Marie's neck long enough to say "In his hotel room."

"And you had sex?"

"Yes." Vanessa grimaced as she answered. Marie stopped bouncing and sat with a look of shock as her mother admitted committing adultery.

Frank felt nearly uncontrollable rage. He picked his daughter up off his lap and sat her beside him as she looked at her parents slack jawed. He then looked angrily at his wife as she looked up at him with a face of horror. "Did you suck his cock? Did you let him fuck your ass? Tell me exactly what you did with him." He already could see the answers etched on her face, but he wanted her to state it aloud. And for his daughter to know just what her mother was. He didn't know if the drug would let them remember, and he was torn whether he wanted them to remember. If they didn't that would be more awesome for he could keep making do things. On the other hand he wanted Marie to know what a total skank her mother was and how great he was as her father. Not counting what he was doing that night.

"I sucked his cock and he fucked my vagina and butt. I tit fucked him and he licked my pussy. And I let him cum in my mouth and I swallowed it." Marie's shock was delightful, the look of terror in his wife's eyes was priceless.

Frank stood up and looked down at his somewhat bitchy daughter and his abusive and slut wife. "I wonder who else you fucked, but first." He looked at Marie who's eyes shot wide open with fear. "Who popped your cherry?" he asked bluntly. If they were compelled to tell him the truth then he might as well make them tell him.

"Amy's dad when I slept over." Marie sadly answered.

Frank was steaming and it was all he could do to contain his rage. He now had a bit of conformation his theory that Caesar killed Junior was correct. If he were a mindless animal his wife and daughter would probably be dead now. But he figured having a human brain he could control it. Heck, for years his wife had been sleeping around and treating him like shit and he hadn't killed anyone. And Amy had slept over several times and he never so much had said something overly suggestive to her, yet her dad fucked his little girl. "Any other dads you had sex with?" he asked sarcastically.

"Violet's and Bridget's dads." Marie winced as she answered. Both from seeing the rage in her dad's eyes, but also the shock on her mother's face. Mom knew she wasn't a virgin, but mom though she had only had sex with a couple of her boyfriends. Mom had no clue until now that she had slept with men old enough to be her dad. But then those experiences were much better than with boys her own age. That's why after the first time she found it easier to say yes to her friends' dads. If she was going to fuck she wanted orgasms to enjoy.

"And boys?"

"Connor, Luke, Bobby Wentworth and Bobby Williams." Marie answered.

Frank shook his head in disgust as his rod slowly went limp. He then turned back to his slut of a wife. "And you? Who took your virginity? And who have you been with? But let's just limit your list to the past two months, we don't have all night."

"Vanessa swallowed hard and sweat was dripping from her forehead. Her body trembled as she fought not to answer. She had spent a life time keeping her secrets and she was going to resist telling Frank things she wouldn't have told her mom or any of her girl friends. But the urge to speak was just too strong. "Mr. Roberts, Debby's dad, took my virginity when he raped me. Besides Jack I've been with Bill the milk man, Rodger the UPS driver ..."

Marie's eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped as her mom's list grew. And included names of her friends' fathers and boys she had dated. "What the fuck mom?" Marie whined with the mention of her date to the senior prom back in the spring. But even as Marie took on an expression of total shock her mom continued to add names in a list that had to top 100 boys and men, and a handful of women of which one was Bridget's mom. And another was her middle school math teacher.

Frank too stood in shock, his jaw hanging. He more than suspected Vanessa was fooling around and a bit of a slut. But even he was shocked by the length of the list his 44 year old wife was giving him.

Vanessa looked at the stunned faces when her list was done, she was stunned herself having no idea why she was telling her deepest and darkest secrets to her wimp of a husband and her daughter. And why her husband wasn't seeming like a wimp now. He seemed very manly at the moment. If he was like this from the beginning she wouldn't have fooled around as much she told herself.

Her mom had encouraged her to marry for money and for a girl from the lower east side of Gotham growing up in near poverty the money a college professor earned was very good. And her mother freaked when she found out Frank was a 'negro', but after meeting him and concurring he was easily controlled they thanked god her father was killed in the war and then she and Frank were married. He wasn't quite on par with what a doctor or a lawyer make, but Frank was easily manipulated. Let him play with the tits, suck his cock and let him fuck once in a while and he was putty in her hands. Sure there were a few other girls that would fool around with him back then, but none were looking for a serious relationship with him or had her body. She had played him and won, until now. Until now it was keep him hanging on while she sought sexual gratification anywhere she could find it. Just like she was going to teach Marie to do. But she had seemed to learn more than expected on her own.

She had already taught her to give head to a guy first to check his size. Fuck him to gauge his prowess in bed, remembering boys will get better as they get older and do it more. But don't marry the poor one from the slums. Marry the upper middle class one or a rich one and keep the best fuckers on the side. Heck, if Marie married rich he'd be screwing around behind her back anyway was her thinking. Men were dogs, but if a woman does the same thing they call her a slut.

Frank's face twitched as he fought to control his temper. He reached down and grabbed the front of Vanessa's pajamas with both hands and ripped them open, sending a few buttons flying through the air. Vanessa gasped, then her eyes lit up as she stared up at him in total astonishment. Marie looked on, totally stunned, as he next roughly grabbed the front of Vanessa's big cotton support bra and ripped it apart like it was made of paper.

Frank knew his wife well enough to know when she wasn't faking. She was looking up at him with the same stunned and happy face she had when she got her first A on a test as a college freshman. Her slightly saggy D-cup tits were now on the menu. Frank looked at his daughter and asked "Has anyone tit fucked you yet?" Marie's quizzical expression as she shook her head no made him actually smile. There was something about his daughter that was still pure, but first he'd have to teach her. Or have mom teach her. But tit fucking Marie would be put off for now. First he had a lesson for Vanessa to learn.

Frank had Vanessa lay on her back on the wall to wall beige shag carpet, god he hated beige. He had Marie kneel right above her mom's head as Vanessa held her tits together with her forearms. Frank Stood over Vanessa and looked at his daughter's stunned face with his semi erect cock inches from her lips. A big smile formed on his face as his daughter grabbed him by the hips and did what he wanted without him having to tell her. In a minute her lips and tongue had him back to his full 10" of hardness.

Marie's eyes arched as he knelt down and slid his cock between Vanessa's big tits. He started slowly, then fucked her faster and harder. He made her whole body rock as he leaned towards Marie and tilted his head to the side, Marie doing the same. Frank put his left hand on the back of her head as he played with her tits with the other. He stuck his tongue out and Marie's mouth opened slightly to accept him inside. His wife and daughter both moaned from his efforts.

In a few minutes he was sure his pretty bright daughter got the idea. He glared down at his slut wife and through gritted teeth as he fought to control his temper which for some reason, probably the drug, was more easily set off now. "Kneel on the floor and bend over the sofa." he ordered.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!" Vanessa screamed out moments later. Frank held a fistful Vanessa's long dark hair as he held her down. After Marie slobbered up his cock he knelt down behind his hopefully soon to be much more faithful wife and gritted his teeth before lunging forward. Vanessa's head shot up and her scream was loud, but not loud enough as he rammed his now bigger cock deep into her rectum. He could tell she had done this before, but not with a cock as big as his was now.

Marie knelt beside him, her eyes wide open in shock. This was something else she hadn't done yet, but unlike tit fucking he had no intentions of teaching this to his little girl. Vanessa on the other hand gripped the sofa cushions and her every muscle in her body was tensed. Her tight ass and her legs trembled, but her mediocre scream and the look of determination on her face as she gritted her teeth and flared her nostrils told him this wasn't her first ass fucking.

Meanwhile in Midvalle Diana Prince hung up the phone with a smile, it was good hearing from the girls every now and then. Mae Carver, a friend of hers and a very good friend of Kara's had just called to chat. It was fun hearing about the 18 year olds adventure across the universe, but hearing her talk about the Swarm sent shivers up the spine of even someone as old and experienced as herself.

Diana sat down to watch The Tonight Show thinking how much she missed having Mae living with her like she did for a while just before and after the girl's father died. She was only there for a few short months, but it made Diana realize just how lonely it was for her in the man's world. She had family back home, but it just wasn't the same as when she was younger.

As picked up another essay from one of her students she sighed. She shook her head and reached for the VCR remote. She had just received another tape of the children's Japanese show with Mae's sweet little sisters. The paternal twins were quite funny together, if you understood Japanese, but Mae was having reservations about them not able to spend as much time on their school work. Even though they were living with their aunt after the death of their father over the summer, and their mother dying years earlier, Mae was their legal guardian. And Mae had just let slip the twins had taken acting and dancing lessons for years before moving to town. And that they had even dabbled in modeling, having modeled children's fashions in a few department store ads over the years.

Diana smiled as the comedy and variety show began. Mae's reservations were aimed more at her younger sister, Yoshi. As Mae put it "It's like the bigger her you know whats get, the smaller her brain gets." Diana liked hearing Mae laugh when she reminded her men have the same issue with a certain part of their own anatomy.

But to Diana the real issue was Yoshi really wasn't as determined to be in show business as her sister. Since a very young age it seemed Yuna wanted nothing more than to be a fashion model and actress and Yoshi, though having fun, was just more in it to be with her sister. And according to Mae, even when they lived in the city and the twins were taking modeling, dance and acting lessons Yoshi wasn't as serious as her sister.

Diana's thoughts went back to her own issues quickly. The year before she took a teaching assignment at the requests of Bruce and Kal to keep an eye on Kara who was close to a rogue heroine, which turned out to be Mae. Before, when working for the government, she was in Washington and near a lot of action. Now she was in a small town and surrounded by young girls most of the time.

She quickly quashed the idea that her current funk was purely boredom. If she were a young mortal she might be able to lie to herself. But decades spent in the mans world had given her insight most don't get. For over 37 years she'd barely aged a day, she still had the body of a woman in her early to mid 20s. And the sex drive that went with it. Adventure and danger could help keep one's mind on track, but it was hard to come by in a small town.

Diana loved teaching at the school just for girls, molding their young minds and encouraging them to push the limits of their success. The world had changed a lot since the Amazons relocated to the isolation of Paradise Island. Back when her mother was young women were oppressed everywhere in the world, now in countries like the United States women had nearly as much ability to succeed as men. And she was sure some day in the not to distant future there would be a woman president. Or even a black or Hispanic president. It was a delight to her to see the girls do well, but she was still lonely. Though there were those that would help her loneliness.

The Tuesday before was parent teacher night and Diana found herself staring a lot at the father of one of the girls, one of just 3 men that came that night. Late 30s or early 40s, tall and athletic. The well built and handsome man raced in triathlons. Diana was totally embarrassed to find out the man caught her looking and called her the next night to see if she were busy for Friday night. And she was a bit appalled given he was the father of 3 girls, one in college. And he was still married to their mother, who had also been there. And who also had called her the next night to see if she were busy for Friday night.

Diana also was old enough and experienced enough to know her little bout of depression could also be because she spent Saturday at a funeral in Paris. An acquaintance from the war had passed and she felt the need to be there. The man's children and grand children having no idea the true importance of the man. To them he spent the war in a prison camp, Diana let them know the truth. He was part of the underground working from the prison camp. Everything about the operation was still top secret, but Wonder Woman had never taken an oath of secrecy and felt his family needed the truth.

In the years since she came to the man's world she had made several friends as Diana Prince and as Wonder Woman, but it was the persona of Diana Prince which made the closest connections. General Blankenship, Etta Candy and several others she had known were all dead now. And Steve, though still looking good, wasn't the spry man she knew decades before. Someday he too would be gone. As would Kara, Barbara, Mae and Gigi. It was the way of things, in the man's world people grow old and die.


At about 7:30 Tuesday morning, Kara walked up to the study table in the library where Lori was already sitting. The overly busty blonde had her books and notes spread out, yet she was sitting upright, just staring onto space. "A little early to be brain fried from studying too much, isn't it?" the young Kryptonian joked as she plopped her backpack down and grabbed the seat across the table from her friend.

"It's weird." Lori commented. She had a look like she had seen a ghost as she looked across the table at Kara.

"Something wrong? Is the baby."

"I'm fine and the baby's fine. It's mom. She and dad have been acting weird the last few days. They act a little weird every year about this time, but this year it's been even weirder." Lori commented with a scrunched up face.

Kara smirked at her friend who seemingly had a problem she just couldn't fathom. Every kid knows all parents are weird. They all have their quirks and given it was just after Thanksgiving and the start of Christmas shopping season a little weirdness was to be expected. But being the friend required she listen. "Weird? Like how?"

Lori leaned over the table and in a low voice answered "Mom was in the cemetery this morning in the pouring rain weird."

"Cemetery?" There was no cemetery on the way from Lori's house to the school.

"There was an accident so I went up Tinnerson Road and came in the back way past the cemetery. And there was mom with dad's car with the trunk open. In the rain. But she didn't see me. I only have a grandfather left, but dad and his dad never talk. And none of the others is buried in town?"

Lori looked bewildered and worried at the same time. And there was only one way to get an answer. Actually there were two ways, Lori could just ask her mom. But they were teens and it was the other option that would come to mind. Besides, if Lori's mom wanted her to know something she probably would have said something by now.

Kara sat back in her chair and looked towards the west, the direction the rain storm was coming from. And neither of them had a class until 9 anyway. "It's letting up a little and there'll be a short break for a half hour or so. I saw we go investigate."

Standing in the drizzle 20 minutes later Lori was looking down at the freshly planted flowers. More than a little odd considering the time of year she thought. The rain was supposed to turn to snow later in the day and the flowers wouldn't last long.

Kara drew a heavy sigh as she looked at the big marble statue of an angel with her arms and wings spread wide, standing guard over the small field of markers. Not the usual upright head stones, but the small flat ones in the grass. The one with the flowers marked Alison Jane Sinclair and dated November 28th 1954.

Tears formed in Lori's eyes as Kara wrapped her arms around her friend. "Mom was 19." Lori whined. "Why didn't she ever tell me I had an older sister?"

"Pain can make people do strange things. But there's only one place you can get answers now." Kara commented as she held Lori in a warm embrace. For all her strength there was just some things she had to do the human way. And it still wasn't clear if the marker was for a sister or another member of the family.

"There's another way. But I'll ask mom first."

7:15 Tuesday morning out in Gotham, Professor Benjamin strutted through the Gotham City Library towards the archive section on the 8th floor to look up some old articles published years before by a Doctor Brehnin on the subject of pheromones. There had been references to his work in Rachel's notes and Frank wanted to see what the man had discovered or theorized.

With the library used so much by the college kids the city opened the library up at 7 on week days during the school year. At this time of day there would just be a few kids down on the main floor of the 8 story building preparing for exams. But on the 8th floor it was just him and the police commissioner's daughter at the moment. By his reckoning there was probably no one except for a few librarians above the 3rd floor this early in the morning.

Frank wore a pair of slacks he had sitting in the closet that he had meant to take to a tailor and have the lags shortened. It seemed nothing he had to wear was fitting right any more. It was raining out so he had his trench coat over his left arm and his morning coffee in his right hand. He was wearing an old stretched out and worn out pair of sneakers as even his shoes were too tight now. He was now a good two inches taller, and he had put on a good 15 pounds of muscle. If he marketed Rachel's drug he figured he could make a fortune, even after the college took a majority of the money because he was one of their employees.

But his strutting wasn't because of any of that. He was strutting because he woke up snuggled between his still hot wife and his daughter. He crawled out of bed leaving them sleeping, worn out and sated after fucking both of them until the early hours of the morning. Yet he seemed to have even more energy than he had in his youth. A quick few hours sleep and he was raring to go.

Frank walked by Barbara Gordon who didn't see him pass by with her back to him and her nose buried in some Egyptology book that was usually on a display stand on the counter. In the news there were reports of King Tut causing some kind of trouble so in seemed natural the subject of the day would be Egypt.

Frank noticed something odd as he walked by the cute little brunette with her back towards him, and it wasn't her tight little ass or her very short mini skirt that gave him a nice little peak of her lace panties. No, it was a scent. He turned to look back as he sniffed the air. The air flow in this part of the library was carrying her scent right to him, and hidden underneath the Au De Paris perfume was another scent. Frank realized as he walked away he had been having a similar sensation in other places that morning. The girl at the drive through at the donut shop who handed him his morning coffee, and one of his daughter's classmates from high school was waiting for the bus downtown in the pouring rain. Being the nice guy he was he pulled over and offered Charlie Weatherman a ride. For the next two miles into the heart of the city it was all he could do not to pull over and take the 5'2" perky little blonde right then and there. But with both of them it was the same, but different. A barely there background aroma that was a little different with each girl.

A little over an hour later Frank was walking tall down the hallway to his office and lab, at this time of the morning the classroom buildings were relatively empty. It seemed every one of his female students, or even former students, that he passed on his way in from the parking lot had a big warm smile for him. And those that he hadn't had for students he could swear were checking him out. Though he did find it disturbing that it seemed some of the boys were also looking at him strangely.

Frank turned right into his office first to grab his morning pills. He had intended to come in earlier and make his own batch, but things ran longer than expected with his wife and daughter. But then figured he had plenty of time to make his own anyway. It would be weeks before Rachel would be able to start her experiments again. And with the success he had found with them already he figured to up his dosage, maybe 10 or even 12 of the pills at a time. The thought came to him to up the strength of the pills when he produced his own supply.

As he exited the office area and started across the hallway the loud commotion to his right took his attention. "BITCH FIGHT.BITCH FIGHT." Someone shouted.

Frank sighed and rolled his eyes. These kids weren't in high school anymore and shouldn't need a babysitter. Through the dozens of students standing around and enjoying the big to do he spotted the two combatants, neither of which were his students.

"MIKE LOVES ME, BITCH. STAY AWAY FROM HIM." The average sized blonde, her long hair in a ponytail, shouted at her slightly taller, leaner and somewhat bustier opponent as the both stood staring each other down. Both taking deep gasping breaths from the what had transpired already.

"MAYBE IF YOU DID MORE THAN JUST TEASED HE WOULDN'T BE LOOKING AROUND." the brunette with long curly hair shouted back.

Frank walked slowly, noticing the blondes blouse had been ripped wide open. And she wasn't wearing a bra, her perky B cups being enjoyed by every boy cheering them on. The blonde dove head first into the taller girls gut, tackling her to the floor. There was a flurry of slaps, there were screams and there was a lot of hair pulling. But a few seconds later the brunette twisted and pulled herself free leaving the grinning blonde slowly standing up holding her prize.

Frank chuckled as the shocked dark haired girl crossed her arms across her bared D cups and ran off as the hallway filled with laughter. The smug blonde holding her blouse closed with one hand and holding the other girl's knit top high in the air with the other as she shouted "STAY AWAY FROM MY GUY YOU SLUT!"

With the issue resolved without him having to get involved, Frank turned and headed back towards the lab. As he turned he almost bumped into an old high school friend. Brad was a 22 year army vet who Frank helped get a security job at the school after he got out of the military.

As the security guard watched the disturbance break up he groaned. Tours in Korea and Vietnam and now he had to babysit 18 to 22 year olds. Then the 6'6" bald headed black man chuckled. He arched his eyes as he looked at his old pal, who he hadn't seen in a few months with him being on the night shift. He was only there at the time because someone called in sick. "Your looking better than you have in years!" he commented. Heck, it had been decades since Frank hadn't walked around with slumped shoulders. "You working out or somethin'?"

"Or some." the loud crashes coming from the lab could no be heard with the shouting from the fight gone.

"NOOOOO...NNNOOOO." Frank heard Rachel scream. He and Brad raced to the door. Frank had the key ready when they got there, but neither man was fully prepared for what the saw when the door was opened and they both burst through.

The lab was ransacked. Paper and broken glass everywhere. The cage that held Caesar was ripped open from the inside. And in the middle of the room Rachel lay bloodied on her stomach on the floor, Caesar fucking her from behind.

As the now larger and more muscular ape released Rachel he turned and bared his teeth in an aggressive manner, his cock noticeably much bigger than before as well. As he lunged at them, 3 shots were fired. Caesar stood stunned for a moment, examining the bleeding holes in his chest. The chimp was in a state of shock as the 4th shot rang out, hitting him right between his eyes.

Two hours later Frank sat on a chair outside Rachel's ICU room. Her skull, left collar bone and several ribs in the back were all fractured from Caesar beating her into submission. The doctors figured she'd wake up soon after the drugs they gave her to quiet her down wore off. Her head was bandaged, her ribs were taped up and her collar bone had been set. Along with that she had stitches on her forehead, back, arms and legs. Caesar had done a job on her. And beyond the physical injuries was the fact she have to deal with having been raped by a chimp. A chimp she thought more as a pet than a test subject. And a chimp she raised since birth.

The fact Rachel would be physically okay was the good news. There was a whole slew of bad news. The Gotham City PD had already questioned him about the incident and he was informed his wife had been to the emergency room complaining she had been drugged and raped by him. A search warrant was being executed as he sat there at the lab and his office, as well as his home and his car. They were bringing up some drug that had been going around during the spring and summer that would make women sexually wild and leave them with no memory, but they wouldn't find anything like that.

However they did lock him out of his office and the supply of the experimental drug. Even with what happened with Caesar he figured he could handle it where the chimp couldn't. He was a rational human with a deep understanding of what was happening. And he wasn't about to give up on something that made Vanessa obey him like she did. Even if the effects only lasted as long as they were together. If the drug worked on her and his daughter then it would work on any woman he figured, especially with the way the nurses walking by were giving him the eye. He figured he could get any of them in a supply closet and enjoy himself.

Frank sat there in support of his lab assistant, or more like ex lab assistant. He had also been informed that due to recent events like what had happened earlier and the fact he helped hide the incident the day before he could no longer be employed by the school. The union rep. was already pleading his case, he had tenure after all. But with Rachel almost being killed, her being raped by a drugged up ape and worst of all was the fact several students had been behind he and Brad as they burst into the room and knew what happened, his future at the school looked bleak. The TV in the waiting room had already had the news come on and report the incident, that's why he was sitting in the hallway. "Breaking news. Girl raped by chimp at local college." Like anything surprised the people of Gotham.

Rachel's parents had already been informed. Her father was catching a flight from Seattle and mom was catching the next flight from Huston. Even though they were divorced and hated each other's guts Frank was sure at the moment they would be out for his blood before each other's.

A little after 6 PM Barbara Gordon sat down on the sofa with a nice hot bowl of American chop suey and put on the news. When one lives alone the formalities go out the window. For her, dinner in front of the boob tube was the norm. And it was a good way to kill two birds with one stone. She could eat and get the news at the same time. With Bruce up in Canada on business and Dick taking a vacation up in the mountains with his latest girlfriend the city was hers to protect. And with King Tut on the loose again Batgirl was sure to have a busy night.

"Breaking news. Jack Bradley, of Bradley Fitness Centers, has been found dead in his hotel room. Mr. Bradley was reportedly in the city to research opening a center in the downtown area." Doesn't sound like anything King Tut would have a hand in Barbara thought as the anchorman went on. Not unless the fat pharaoh had something against people in shape. Not that it ever showed against her, the fat fuck seemed to enjoy himself the two times he had her in his clutches. He might be a fat slob, but he liked slim and toned women.

The news was quite odd that night. Barbara arched her eyebrows when the picture of blonde researcher that was raped by a chimpanzee was showed on the screen. Again, nothing to do with King Tut but she would stop in and check on the girl. A break in and robbery at a science equipment supply house, again more likely nothing to do with the pharaoh. Tut would have no use for Bunsen burners, test tubes or the bizarre list of chemicals that were taken.

Then the story of an ancient scarab being stolen from billionaire Rodger Phillips III was reported. Now that sounds like the fat bastard Barbara thought. And something she'd have to move quickly on. Like most super criminals Tut liked to taunt police and Batman as well as herself by leaving obvious clues. At least obvious to the highly intelligent like Bruce and herself.

Barbara watched the sports and the weather as she finished eating. Then it was put the dirty dish in the sink for cleaning later and off to the bedroom and her Batgirl gear. Her first stop would be to see if she could find anything the police overlooked at the scene of the crime. She'd call and ask her dad what he knew, then she'd head to the hospital to check in on the injured grad student. After that it would be off to the bat cave to use the bat computer in an effort to stop Tut before he caused too much havoc.

Professor Benjamin grinned smugly as he worked. This batch of the drug he was making would be 10 times as potent as Rachel's formula. He had set up shop in an old college friend's booty call condo. Brendon Michelson had gone off on an around the would tour with his wife that would last another 2 months. The condo was a place he would take his mistresses for a little fun when he could get away from his bitch. Caroline was no Vanessa, but she was a close second on the shrew meter he figured.

It had always been easy for Brendon to find willing young women. He was big, standing around 6'5" and strong. He had been the running back when they went to school, he could have gone pro if he hadn't blown out his knee, and the 240 pounder had stayed in good shape. Add that to the fact he was worth a few million and girls were practically throwing themselves at him.

After Rachel woke up he had a few moments to talk with her. The poor girl was extremely upset and had to be sedated , but in time she'd be fine. Her mom and dad would be there in the next few hours, something that had Rachel even more upset. She didn't want to answer any questions, especially from her parents, as to what happened with Caesar. And the news media hounding the hospital administrators as to her condition and asking to talk to her had her even more upset. It had quickly gotten to the point where a police officer had been placed outside her door to make sure no one bothered her.

And Vanessa had been very busy that day. Apparently among the long list of guys Vanessa had been screwing were some lawyers. She had a restraining order against him and he had already been locked out of their joint bank accounts. Fortunately he had a place to stay, but he still needed some supplies.

Frank hummed as he worked. The robbery at the warehouse went even better than he had ever expected. One punch and the 5'10 175 pound guy at the counter dropped like a rock. And the two in the back room weren't any trouble at all either. This drug Rachel came up with had made him stronger than he ever was, and did the same for Caesar. The ape able to rip apart the cage holding him, but his brain unable to process anything beyond his base instincts. And the dumbasses at the supply house didn't even have security cameras.

After that he had to confront Jack. With the ease he took care of three men at the supply house he had to test himself against the man Vanessa was always throwing in his face. How handsome, how successful. How dead Frank mused. A sucker punch to the nose as he opened the door, then grip his head and turn abruptly. A few seconds and the world was rid of one more dumb jock.

Frank chuckled as he thought of how Vanessa would have no clue where he was. Only a handful of Brendon's friends knew of this place, and the women ne brought here. But certainly his wife wouldn't have been one of them. At least he knew Vanessa wasn't Brendon's type. She might still be hot, but she was still way too old, and used up, for Brendon. And Marie, though the right age, was too busty. Brendon liked them skinny and with small tits. He liked it when they dressed up like school girls and he got to be the principal who was about to call their parents. It was a silly game, but it was amazing how many young women he found who were more than willing to play.

Across town Vanessa sat curled up on her sofa, alone. Marie was over a friend's house, too afraid to come home. Vanessa watched something on TV, not registering what it was. She was racked with conflicting emotions. The whole house had been turned upside down in one night. For over 20 years she was the queen bee and he was her obedient drone. Now, somehow, things were different.

The police had already questioned her about Jack's death, seeing she was known to have visited him early the morning before. Although she didn't say anything to the cops, she felt it had to be Frank. But Frank was always a wimp and easily controlled, that's the main reason she married him. That and the fact he had a good steady income. How could Frank have killed Jack was a mystery, but deep inside she knew it was Frank.

Vanessa sat there dreading her hasty report she made to the police. If the labs showed something then the cops would be all over them. If Frank went to jail she'd loose the house and her somewhat comfortable life. But then if what happened the night before continued she would have lost control and it would be impossible to find gratification elsewhere. Then again, if his cock stayed that size and his stamina were always that good she really wouldn't need to be looking elsewhere.

Vanessa wondered why things with her and Frank couldn't have been more like with his friend Brendon and his wife. She was free to screw any man she wanted and he even had a condo somewhere in town to take girls he picked up. Sure the guy was at a disadvantage in that set up, but things would have been so much simpler. And Frank would be free to boink that hot little grad student he had working with him. Right after the chimp she mused. The little slut was always going around half naked and for the rest of her life she would have to live that event down.

It was a little after !0 PM as Barbara walked out of the hospital stairwell and down the hall towards the police officer standing guard outside Rachel Martel's room. It was well after visiting hours, meaning Batgirl wouldn't be mobbed with people wishing to meet her and she could conduct her business more quickly and get back to tracking down King Tut.

Officer James' eyes popped open wide as he spotted the purple and gold clad beauty walking towards him. About 5'8" give or take he figured. Her skin tight leather costume hugged every curve like a second skin, especially the crotch and over those firm round D-cup tits. Her red lips even brighter than her fiery red hair protruding from under her cowl.

Barbara laughed inside as she neared the young rookie officer. The kid had to be no more than 20 years old with a boyish freckled face to go with his short curly red hair. She knew the kid had orders not to let anyone in, and to Barbara that meant there was one way to play this. "Hello Officer James." she said flirtatiously while reading the name tag on his uniform. Barbara forced herself not to smirk as the lad snapped to attention as she got close. She stood with most of her weight on her right foot, her left leg bent with just the toe of her high heel boot on the floor. Her hands were folded behind her back with her D-cup braless chest thrust out as she slowly twisted from side to side.

Barbara nearly burst out with a fit of laughter as the boy cop had to clear his throat and his normally pasty white face turned crimson. Heroines seemed to have that effect on young men and Barbara wasn't above enjoying it, or using it to her advantage. The male wandering eye and the lack of focus when confronted by a hot female form was always a welcome advantage she was willing to use. "Do you think I might speak with Miss Martel for a few moments, please?"

The boy nearly fainted with her face just a few inches from his, yet his eyes were still on her chest. Barbara let the boy get a good whiff if her perfume and bit her lower lip as she twisted from side to side flirtatiously. Her gaze lowered too as the bulge started forming in the young man's trousers.

"The chief says no one gets in, Ma'am." the boy managed to blurt out.

Barbara giggled first, then pouted. "Do I look old enough to be a Ma'am?" she whined. She stepped back a few steps and turned around. She looked over her shoulder at him, then down towards her own perky backside just below her waist long cape. "Does that look like the butt of a Ma'am officer?"

"Err.ahhh.errr.No ma'am.Errr..aahhh.I mean...ahhh.."

Barbara enjoyed the boy's reaction, but she didn't have all night. And she was sure by morning the boy would be telling all the other officers how cool he played it and he was close to getting a date with her. With her ego gratification completed she put on a more serious face. She still smiled at the boy officer now clutching his cap with both hands in front of his now raging hard on. "I could just call my .the commissioner. But I don't think he'd be happy. He's kind of an early to bed early to rise kind of guy. But if you leave me no choice there's a pay phone right there. I'll call and ask. Maybe I'll hand you the phone so he can tell you himself if you want." Barbara looked at the payphone on the wall just a few feet away and arched her eyebrows under her cowl.

The boy looked like he was ready to shit his pants, or jump her but just couldn't make up his mind. He cringed as he looked up and down the short hallway to see if anyone was watching. There was a nurse at the station 30 feet away, but she had her nose down doing something and not paying attention. "Okay, but just for a minute or two."

"Thank you officer." Barbara said sweetly as the cop opened the door and gestured for her to enter quickly before the nurse not so far away noticed.

"Batgirl?" Rachel squeaked as she turned from her TV towards the door when it opened, never expecting to see Batgirl walking in. The girl's condition had been upgraded and she had been moved to a private room with a nice city view.

Barbara looked around the room she had been moved to after her condition had been changed to stable. She'd be kept for another day or so for observation, but she'd be physically okay to leave then. There were flowers everywhere, and cards on the windowsill.

Rachel was propped up on her pillow with the head of the bed raised. Her head heavily bandaged. The girl wore a hospital robe that was open in the back, but Barbara could still make out the heavy tape job holding her ribs and shoulders in place. The girl had stitches on the side of her face as well.

"I see your doing better than a few hours ago." Barbara said breaking the ice as she stepped up to the bed with a warm smile.

Rachel liked having such a high profile visitor, but she had to make the most of this visit as well. Since she woke up she had been visited by both her mom and dad, and was deeply embarrassed that they knew what happened. She was embarrassed the whole world knew what happened to her. But there had also been a lot of alone time. Alone time she spent thinking. "I need your help Batgirl." she said softly with a look towards the door. Batgirl was perfect. If she told the police her concerns there would be a public record, and more of a scandal. But after she woke up she heard some cops questioning Professor Benjamin just outside her door. And what she heard gave her a great deal of fear.

"My help?"

"I don't think Caesar is the only one taking my test drug. I think Professor Benjamin is too. But I can't prove it and if I say something.."

"To the police there would always be a record of it." Barbara finished. "What makes you think he's taking this drug?"

"Somethings I heard. The news linking the murder if an old friend of his wife's that's been in the news all night. He's been more assertive and I swear he's a few inches taller than just a few days ago. Both would be effects of high doses of the test drug. Human's and chimps are very closely related, the effects on both would be similar. It's designed to take a small less attractive male and make him more sexually desirable. It boosts testosterone to build muscle mass and reactivates the growth cycle in an effort to make the subject taller. Which would also make a male more attractive. It is also designed to boost pheromone production to increase attractiveness to a perspective mate." It would explain why Frank suddenly jumped at the chance to fuck her, why his clothes suddenly aren't fitting him right and why every woman getting near him is suddenly looking at him differently.

Barbara was trying her best to process what she was being told, but she was no expert in biochemistry, but the batcomputer was an expert in pretty much everything. The police had the lab, and everything in it under lock and key during the investigation, but Barbara needed something for the computer to analyze. "Do you have any notes at home or."

"Pill bottle in my purse." Rachel said as she gestured painfully with her chin. "I kept a few to be sent to an independent lab if something went wrong." Like something just did. Or worse yet, someone tried to steal her ideas and claim them as their own.

Barbara stepped over to the windowsill and opened the small hand bag up. She saw amongst several other things a small plastic medication bottle with half a dozen small gel caps inside. "This one?" she asked holding it up for Rachel to see.

Frank opened the door wearing just his underwear and a terrycloth bathrobe. It was a good thing Brendon was a bigger man than he was and there were clothes at the condo for him to wear. "Well hello." Frank said happily as to his surprise it was a cute young woman delivering his large pepperoni pizza. Since he starting taking the drug he had also noticed another side effect. He was famished. His logical mind attributing his appetite increase to his now growing body. He could swear he was hungrier than he was as a teen, and more than his young sons.

"Hi there." the girl said flirtatiously. The 5'2" skinny little pasty white blonde had her ponytail sticking out from the back of the stupid visor that went with her ugly brown chain store polyester uniform. But there was no hiding the fact the girl was hot, even with just A-cup boobs. The name tag on her left tit read Bambi. The petite darling had an angelic face as she looked up at him with a hunger in her eyes. A hunger Frank was more than willing to satisfy at the moment. In seconds her posture had changed from simply being flirtatious to get a bigger tip to the that of a bar slut looking for someone to buy her drinks then take her home and fuck her later.

"Please come in and I'll get the money." Frank wore an ear to ear grin as the girl bit her lower lip and walked in. Frank took a quick look up and down the hall to make sure no one saw before closing the door. There were no black condo owners in this building. There were visitors, but they were always looked on with suspicion and Bambi was an innocent looking little white girl.

Frank walked into the bedroom where he left his clothes when he took a shower, the other bedroom with the closed door was where he set up his lab. The girl put the pizza down on the dining table just off to her left and arched her eyebrows as she looked what she could see of the condo over. The place had nice leather sofa and chair. The wood pieces were done in cherry. There was a gas fireplace across from the sofa and an old fashioned console TV off in the corner that was off at the moment. The kitchen area was small, but that was to be expected in a condo. The curtains were drawn, but if they weren't she was sure being on the 12th floor and facing south there would be an awesome view of the Gotham skyline. "This place could be very romantic she thought.

Bambi's eyebrows arched again as classical music filled the air at a low volume, Frank enjoying the young girl's quizzical expression as he walked out of the bedroom holding a 10 dollar bill. He walked over to the girl that was barely up to his chin and held out the money as he gave her a more obvious look over, the girl smiling and twisting as if to showcase herself for him. "Keep the change." Frank said with a bit of a chuckle. Being so tall and the girl so short he could see down her button down top that had the top three buttons open. And he knew she knew he was looking and she didn't seem to mind. In fact she wasn't even wearing a bra and as she leaned forward slightly to put the money in her pocket she kept her head up to give him a quick peak of nipple. The girl knew how to use her small tits to get bigger tips he thought to himself.

Frank grinned as the girl innocently asked in a near whisper "Is it true what they say?" Her gaze slowly lowering to his crotch area. Frank had let the bathrobe open a bit to show some if his now more muscular body, but his 11" fully erect cock was still hidden from her view.

"There's only one way to find out and you'll have to pay the piper for that." he joked as he placed his right hand on the top of the little blonde's head and gently pushed her down onto her knees as a way of telling her how she'd be paying the piper.

The young girl swallowed hard, her face showing a mixture of anticipation and fear as he opened his robe and the big bulge showed in his in his shorts and a few inches of his cock sticking up past his waistband. "My step dad would kill me with you know."

"Black?" the professor chuckled. Heck, Vanessa had said the same thing the first time they fooled around years before. Except with her it was her mother who would have been upset. And to this day he knew the bitch didn't like him. The thought of paying the witch a visit and using his new found power against her quickly crossed his mind, which he shook out of his head just as quick as just the image of the crone with no clothes in his head was a major turn off.

"Yeah." Bambi whimpered.

Frank wasn't upset though, and even if he was he wasn't about to send this little hottie away. Heck, she could call him the N word and he'd still bang the living shit out of her. To him it must be another side effect of the drug, but along with always being hungry he was always horny too. But unlike the need for food he could control his urges.

"OH.MY GOD!" The girl gasped loudly as he pulled his shorts down and his big black anaconda sprung free. The girl's face first showed a mixture of fear and admiration as she studied the tree just a few inchers in front of her face. Then an ear to ear smile formed on her face along with astonishment just before she commented "Melanie was right."

Frank stood with his hands on his hips as the tiny blonde wrapped her little hands around his throbbing cock, her fingers not even close to being able to reach all the way around. As she started to stroke him he could tell she wasn't unaccustomed to handling man meat, but by the look on her face she hadn't yet encountered a cock as big as his was now. To Frank, Rachel and his concoction was the greatest thing ever invented. This young beauty on her knees before him had come to make a few bucks by delivering pizza, instead she was going to get the ride of her young life.

"Oh yeah sweetie." Frank moaned as Bambi stretched her lips around his two and a half inch thick cock. He looked to the right at the open bedroom door, and the king sized bed. The room had nice furniture, but it also had a mirrored ceiling and hidden cameras. Cameras he had activated when he went into the room to get the money. Everything that happened in that room would be recorded for him to enjoy later. And in a way he would let Brendon have the tape as sort of a payment for the use of his condo.

Frank reached down and grabbed the girl under her arms. He chuckled a little as she groaned with disappointment as she was pulled away from the object of her admiration. Frank was stronger than ever before and easily lifted her so her face was in front of his. The girl quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. As they kissed Frank carried her into the bedroom like she was no heavier than a pillow.

Frank's hands slipped down to explore Bambi's tight little ass through her polyester slacks as their tongues intertwined. Frank enjoyed the girl's moans of hunger as she aggressively made out with him, the back of his mind asking if he was about to take her or was she about to take him. But in the end it really didn't matter, he was going to bed this hot little chick either way.

When they got to the bed Frank slid his hand back up under her arms and just about had to peel her off. He tossed her onto the bed, her feet up in the air. As Frank caught her feet and pulled off her running shoes he chuckled as she hastily flipped off her visor and started unbuttoning her top.

As the shoes hit the floor, Frank reached for the elastic waistband of her uniform slacks. He gripped the slacks and her cotton panties at the same time and quickly yanked them off, leaving her with just her cute little white ankle socks. As Frank tossed the slacks and panties away Bambi threw her top away and was almost instantly on her knees and elbows. Frank sighed with satisfaction as the girl attacked his cock like a hungry wolf attacks a dead deer. She could barely get a few inches of his cock in her mouth and her fingers didn't make it all the way around as she pumped his shaft with both hands, yet she was going after it with everything she had. Her tight little pearly white ass was even wiggling from side to side as she worked his cock.

Frank rubbed the girl's back with his big hands, and elicited loud pleasurable moans as he reached out to massage and squeeze her cute butt. His hands then wandered to her small breasts, definitely not a handful he thought to himself. Yet he wasn't about to complain.

Frank took hold of her ponytail with his right hand. He started pulling her towards him on her down stroke, stuffing a little more of his cock down her throat. After the first few times Bambi's hands were on his hips as she tried in vain to hold herself back. "KKKKRRRKKKK..KKKKRRRKKKK." Bambi's hands started to flail about and her face became beet red as gagged. The girl started to panic as she desperately needed air.

Frank chuckled as the girl took several loud gasping breaths when he released her hair and threw her onto her back. He teary eyed girl looked up at him in shock, and then down at his huge black cock as she lay before him on the bed with her legs spread wide apart. "It's too big. I only had sex twice and they weren't that big together." she whined.

Frank stood grinning and stroking himself as he looked down at her. Even as she whined about him being too big she made no effort to move away, or even close her legs. She lay on her back giving him a good look at her naked body. He gazed down at her pretty little camel toe pussy and her tiny little blonde Hitler mustache. She was still taking deep gasping breaths as he studied her tiny tits. Little A-cups topped with pink areola's no more than half an inch across, and her nipples were fully erect.

Frank climbed on the bed and straddled the girl's body, letting his big black monster fall on her sternum. She knew what he wanted, but had difficulty providing. Frank smiled down at her as she did her best to press her tits against his cock. He had to give the 85 pound girl an A for effort at least he thought to himself as he rocked his hips and the girl looked up at him adoringly. These pills are the best thing ever he thought, no girl could say no to him. And what he wouldn't give to test that theory on Batgirl or Wonder Woman.

Batgirl always running around in that skin tight leather outfit, showcasing her big boobs. The bat bimbo was just asking to be fucked. And what about Wonder Whore? Since he was a kid he had seen pictures of her in the news. Her running around in what was essentially a strapless bathing suit, and her even bigger boobs always threatening to pop out. She was another one begging to be used as a cum dumpster. And then there was Supergirl, but after what happened to her earlier in the year the luster was missing from her. He'd still like to fuck the Kryptonian shit out of her, but he'd rather put his efforts into banging a girl who the whole world hadn't seen getting fucked. And then there was that still nameless one that had been in the news over the last several months. The one in the white mini dress and with the lightning bolt across her chest. She'd be on his list too.

After tiring of Bambi's feeble attempt at a tit fuck, Frank moved down to kneel between Bambi's still spread legs. She cringed and showed fear as she placed both her hands over her dripping wet snatch. "Please? Your too big." she whined. Yet again she didn't try to move away. But it seemed there was a limit as to what a girl would do for him, even with the drug. The power of attraction could only push her so far. He could see fear and apprehension in her eyes and a face showing her mind was struggling with what was happening. But the scientist in him just had to see how far he could push her.

Frank grinned at the girl and stroked himself as they looked each other over. "So, who was your first. You said you had sex twice, who popped your cherry?" he asked as he hovered over the tiny teen. Being more mature he knew he needed to relax her a bit. At least that's what advice he gave his boys when they asked. "Be nice and sympathetic. And show an interest in them." is what he told them.

Bambi winced and hesitated, refusing to tell. Frank smiled and chuckled as the girl struggled, but was able to not tell him. "Okay. Let me guess..Was it a boy from school?" She didn't answer, but her face showed little change so he moved on. "A teacher?" again she didn't give a reaction that was worth a yes. "The dad of one of your friends?"

Frank's eyes lit up as she cringed, but not enough for him to have gotten the right answer yet. And she had said she had sex twice, the father of one of her friends had to be the second. Frank smiled knowingly at the girl and asked "Your father?"

The girl gritted her teeth and turned beet red. As Frank laughed she corrected him by whining "My step dad. But he made me give him blow jobs a couple of times first. And he held my head and jammed his cock down my throat like you did saying I had to get used to it because a lot of guys were going to do that. Then mom found out and booted him out of the house. They're going to counseling now."

Frank nodded with a smirk. He laid down on the bed next to her and wrapped his right arm around her and pulled her close, show interest he said to himself. As her right hand grabbed his huge cock and started stroking him she rested her head on his chest. "Now tell me about the dad of your friend."

"It was Melanie's dad. I had a crush on him since junior high. Last month I was sleeping over her house and I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Her mom was supposed to be home but had to work late so it was just Melanie and her dad. Before going back to bed I heard music from the sun room and went to look. Mr. Erving was in the hot tub. When he saw me he smiled and invited me in."

Frank was ready to shoot his load as the girl stroked him and told her story. In his mind he went over baseball and football statistics to delay his release. It was all he could do to contain himself as the girl told him about how she was seduced.

"I was in my pajamas with just my underwear, I didn't even bring a swimsuit. That's when he explained only children were bathing suits in a hot tub. Grown ups get in naked and that I was a grown up now."

"Well, he was right on that one." Frank commented. Who was he to contradict what the girl had been told, especially if it worked into his plan to fuck her himself.

Melanie squirmed a little and continued. "It took a few moments, but he convinced me it was okay. He turned around while I got undressed and got in. At first he was on the other side. I had my legs crossed and my arms over my chest, but I could see his cock. It was hard and erect. Before I knew it he was sitting next to me with an arm around my shoulders. He took one of my hands and put it on his cock and told me this is what grownups do in a hot tub. Which made sense after Melanie told me about seeing her mom and dad with Mr. and Mrs. LaBeau a few weeks earlier when they didn't know she had come home. Next thing I knew it he was under the water and kissing me, down there."

Frank rubbed her girl all over to comfort her, but he was getting anxious. "And then you blew him and fucked him."


"I tell you what. I'll just lay here and you get on top. You only take as much as you can." at least at first he thought. "You can't go tell your friends about having a chance with a cock like this and say you were to scared to at least try it."

Bambi cringed at the idea, but from what he could see of her face in the mirrored ceiling he could tell he struck a cord. He could see the wheels turning in her head. "You could tell your friends all about it. How they're still little girls and you're a woman and can handle the big cocks. Are you a grown up? Or still a little girl?" His daughter hated him referring to her as a little girl. And from the look on Bambi's face in the mirror overhead, so did she. It was an age old fact of life, when kids get to be a certain age they feel a need to prove they are mature.

Bambi rolled away and sat on her heels beside him. Her hands were on her knees as she bit her lip and thought it over. Frank laid there smugly knowing there was no way he would have even gotten this girl's shirt off if it weren't for the drug he and Rachel developed. He knew she was turned on. Her little pink nipples were hard and she was extremely wet between the legs, but would it all be enough to overcome her apprehension. She was a very small and fairly inexperienced girl looking down at a cock bigger than her forearm.

"I'd be on top? And I can stop if it hurts too much?"

Frank was just about jumping for joy as the girl asked. "I'd be disappointed, but I guess if you want to be a little girl a while longer you could just give me a blow job." Frank sounded like he'd be very disappointed as he spoke and Bambi strongly thought it over. He could see by the look on her face she desperately wanted to be considered an adult and the need to prove it was there. He had her, all she needed to do now was say yes.

Bambi grimaced as she gave the big black pussy stretcher one long look, then whined. "I guess I could try."

Moments later Frank was laying there holding his dick up with both hands. Bambi had her hands on the wall above his head as she squatted over him and lowered her pussy down onto his cock. "Oh my god." The girl was frozen in place and gritting her teeth with four inches of his anaconda inside her. Her whole body quivered and she was struggling to breath. Frank grinned as he watched her cute little perky tits juggle. "It hurts."

"Are you still mommy and daddy's baby or are you a grown woman?" Frank calmly asked. He had her weakness pegged. He would focus on her maturity. Or her desire to prove her maturity.

"I'm grown up. I'm 18." the girl replied insistently. Frank removed his left hand out of the way as the Bambi growled and her face showed determination. Her cheeks puffed out as she took deep ragged breathes and lowered herself a few more painful inches.

Frank slowly swiveled his hips as Bambi paused again with half his cock inside her. Even if she couldn't do this it was worth the effort. He was enjoying her just trying so hard. Her face was beet red, her eyes were clenched shut and droplets of spit were flying as she struggled to prove she was a woman and not a little girl.

Frank rubbed her thigh with his left hand. When he was younger he never got teen pussy. He had never even gotten laid until he was a grad student and teaching an under grad course. He was 23 and Jasmine Johnson was an 18 year old slightly overweight freshman with average looks and struggling in class. Up until now he could count the number of 18 and 19 year olds he'd fucked on his fingers, with some to spare. To him that was about to change.

"OH GODDD!" Bambi screamed out. And thank god for concrete construction Frank thought. Brendon had picked a good place in this high rise. The thick concrete walls were good for blocking sound between the units.

"You're a sexy young woman. You can do it." Frank coached. But in his head he was thinking back to his high school days and all the girls that would have nothing to do with him. While the girls were bopping the football players and other sports guys, or guy that were just better looking than him, he was left on the sidelines by himself and his left hand. But things were about to change.

A few tears were running down Bambi's cheeks as she grunted loudly again and took another few inches inside her extremely tight white girl pussy. Her dripping wet and stretched to the max and beyond little white girl pussy felt better than he'd ever had before. "OH MY FUCKING GOD YOUR BIG!" she screamed.

Frank removed his right hand from holding up his cock. As Bambi shifted to a kneeling position he reached up to massage her limited assets. "We got all night. You can do it. Have faith in yourself." Frank was laughing inside as he used the same old bullshit that he was told growing up. He was just leaving out his old hated high school gym teacher's growl of "No pain, no gain." Bambi was a sweet and fairly innocent teen. She seemingly needed tenderness, not a gruff gym teacher.

Bambi placed her hands on his chest to support herself as she slowly started to move up and down his thick throbbing third leg. She had worked about three quarters of him into her love canal and he could feel the obstruction. The question was should he grab onto her hips and thrust through her cervix? Or should he see if she does it herself? Or could he convince her to do it? Were the effects of the drug strong enough to make her do something like that? But his questions became mute in a heart beat.

A shocked expression came to the girl's face, then her eyes shot wide open as her head snapped back. Frank smiled as he held on to her waist and her whole body started shaking. "OH MYY GODDD." she screamed. As she orgasmed she lost control, causing her body weight to force the rest of his cock into her tight and wet confines. The girl took a deep gasping breath of shock and surprise as her cervix was penetrated, and another orgasm overtook her. A much more intense orgasm. "WHAT... THE... FUUUCK?!"

Frank rubbed his hand over Bambi's quivering chest. As her orgasm subsided she wore a look of confusion, but Frank had seen that look before. It had been a long time since he gad seen that particular expression, a mixture of confusion, shock and enjoyment. It was before Vanessa came along and he had bedded a few other students, ones that weren't very experienced. "That was an orgasm sweetie. That's what it's all about." he told the girl as she sat on him, gasping for air with a quizzical expression. That was her first orgasm.

Frank caressed her body as she came down from her high, her face showing a mixture of pain and pleasure as she became aware of what was happening. She bit her lip and grimaced as she realized she was firmly seated on the big black man, his foot long cock fully inside her. "Was that your first orgasm?" Frank knew her answer, and he chuckled as she nodded while still breathing heavily. "If you want more it will be uncomfortable and will take effort, but we have all night." Uncomfortable to say the least Frank thought, his cock was now huge and the hard breathing blonde on top of him was a tiny girl being stretched for the first time. And after tonight she'd probably never want another white guy.

Frank grinned as Bambi's expression turned to total shock as she became more aware. The girl's eyes were wide open as she looked down and realized the big black snake was fully inside her. Frank could see the pain in her eyes, and the enjoyment. The girl was confused by the conflict within her own body. Frank slowly started to rotate his hips causing Bambi to gasp, then smile as she bit her lip. "It hurts, but it feels too good to stop. Huh?"

Bambi closed her eyes and moaned loudly as she nodded. His hands began their exploration of her body again. He caressed her soft skin, massaging her small tits and her small butt. Even her ass cheeks were barely a handful he mused.

"Thanks Alfred." Barbara barely raised her head as Bruce's butler placed a sandwich and a glass of milk on the table next to her and started walking away. Normally she would have just gone home with Bruce out of town, but she needed the use of the bat computer.

"My pleasure ma'am." the proper old man replied. He then walked away as usual, probably to go to bed Barbara figured. It was quite late by that point

As the bat computer analyzed the pills Rachel gave her she was flipping through an old tome from Bruce's private library on ancient Egypt trying to find something that would help her find the wacky college professor who thought he was the long dead pharaoh. And did so every time he got conked on the head it seemed.

Barbara still had her batgirl costume on, but her wig and cowl were sitting on the table beside her. She was just about to reach for the sandwich when the computer gave off the tell tall series of beeps indicating it had at least part of the answers she was seeking.

Unlike the old bat computer that had a lot of flashing lights and printed out 3x5 cards, the new much more powerful computer had a video screen. It was secretly tied in to the Gotham police computer and the State police as well. It also had access the computers of the city's 14 universities too.

Barbara's eyes shot open and a chill flowed through her body as she read the results. A man taking small amounts of the drug would see little effect, but past a certain point and the effects would be seen by everyone. The subject would see better muscle tone and greater concentration. The human growth hormones would be reactivated for some time, then the body would adjust and shut down again after growing 2 to 4 inches. Barbara chuckled slightly when reading the male penis would also increase in size some 20 to 30 percent Pheromone production would increase making all women in close proximity more interested in the subject. That attraction would increase at an exponential rate, the more drug the more powerful the attraction. Women's desires would grow, and they'd be more honest in responses to questioning. "They could make a fortune off this." she mumbled to herself in awe. Men everywhere would be taking this stuff.

But then she was overtaken by concern reading the list of negative side effects. Psychosis, and the drug would be highly addictive. The user would want more and more. Their sex drive would also increase to a point they'd want sex constantly and would be driven beyond reason to achieve satisfaction.

Barbara scrolled down as the computer beeped again to find action under the heading of 'Effects in Men With a Dormant Meta Human Gene.' "Oh crap." Although the subject would stop growing taller and heavier after a longer period of time, his strength would keep increasing with higher doses, and his unit would grow to an incredible size. The meta gene would lock on to the drug and strengthen it's effects.

"King Tut might have to wait a few days." Barbara said to herself. Like most of Gotham's whack jobs, most of the crimes Tut perpetrated were relatively harmless. Tut, Penguin, Catwoman and even the Joker tended to enjoy taunting and matching wits with Batman more than the actual crimes. But something told Barbara this guy was different. Driven by the drug he was going to be interested in just two things. Sex and more of the drug. And if he had that mutated gene he could be real trouble.

Barbara typed in commands for the computer to access the Gotham Police files on the chemical supply house robbery and everything it could find on the professor, including known associates. That last part would be a test for the new computer, the computer was designed to track criminals and the professor had no record to her knowledge.

Back in Stanhope Lori was on the phone with Linda sitting by as support. After getting nowhere with her mom, Lori Taylor was opting for another direction. With Linda sleeping over they had waited until everyone else was in bed before using the phone in the basement to make a long distance call up to Kansas State.

"Do have any idea what time it is?" Balinda Johnson asked with a groan as she was handed the payphone in the hallway.

Lori looked concerned as she looked to Linda, who at least didn't have to sit next to her to hear both sides of the conversation. "I had to wait for mom and dad to go to sleep. Besides, it's not that late." Lori replied. Balinda lived in the dorms and it was barely after 1. If their dorm was anything like Linda's at Stanhope then the evening was still in motion. "I need you to do it for me."

"You know better than to ask Lori. You know I don't like it." the girl on the other end of the phone whined.

"Please? I need to find out what happened."

To Kara Lori sounded almost desperate. But the reason her mom was in that cemetery had been bugging her all day and wasn't about to go away soon. "You want me to find out what."

Kara could hear Balinda's teeth gnashing as Lori told her about her mom in the cemetery and the child's grave and how her mother wouldn't tell her what happened back then. But when Lori finished Balinda snapped at Lori. "Are you kidding? You want me to do that? Are you outta your flipping head?"

Kara cringed with Lori as Lori pulled the phone away from her ear while her friend yelled at her. "Do you have any idea what your asking? You wouldn't just know, you'd feel it. If what happened is what you think happened you'd feel the pain your mom felt. Your pregnant for god's sake."

Tears started running down Lori's cheeks as she struggled not to start bawling. "I need to know. I need to know if it's part of why mom and grandma never got along." the busty blonde sobbed.

Balinda sighed deeply on the other end. "I'm sorry I screamed at you. But we can't. Not while your pregnant. We just couldn't."

"But I really need to know." Lori sobbed.

"Then ask someone else who was around. Ask your aunt. Ask Connie's mother. If anyone else would know it would be her." Balinda said in a softer and calmer tone. "Besides. After Mary and Sara I don't want to find him again."

"He's just a story."

"No he's not. Mary and Sara were both half awake. They saw him even if they couldn't remember. The Dream Weaver is real and I doubt any of us made it out of school or through the summer without a visit from that pervert."

Lori heard something in Balinda's tone as she spoke and it clicked in her head, even over what she was going through herself. "You did it for them. You saw him, didn't you? You know who he is."

"It's Mr. Manchester." Balinda sounded scared as she answered and the click on the other end after that told Lori the conversation was over.

"Who's Mr. Manchester and who is this Dream Weaver?" Kara asked with concern equal to Lori's as Lori hung up the phone.

"I thought he was just a myth. Just a story meant to frighten little girls." Lori looked confused as she looked at Linda.

"I think you better tell me about this Dream Weaver guy and why he's so frightening." Kara stated as she stared at Lori. From the tones of both Lori and Balinda, this might be a job for Supergirl.

"The Dream Weaver visits you in the night and ravages you. You go to bed in your pajamas and wake up nak..ed."

Kara squinted as she watched Lori mulling something over in her head. "When?"

"Last Friday night.This time." Lori said slowly. It was a nice evening and they rarely locked the back door. "And back at the end of August when we were up at the campground.And Mr. Manchester, his wife and the kids and grandkids were there too." She remembered she slept with the windows open. Not a problem at home, with the house having a walkout basement it was like her room was on the second floor. But at the cabin her room was at ground level. To Lori it was time to start locking the doors at night.

"Calm down and tell me everything." Kara said with concern as Lori stood up with her fists clenched and anger in her eyes. "Who is this Mr. Manchester?"