Strip Poker Featuring Wonder Woman  

By BigBoob 58

This is an adult themed story featuring characters I did not create in situations they normally avoid. This is not intended to be any part of the usual continuity since continuity is an important facet of comic book characters and protected scrupulously by the actual owners. Without their history, our favorite comic heroes and heroines would be lobotomized. Thankfully this never happens. If bondage, nudity, m/f sex, f/f sexual activity, or body art offend you, go to a different web site. If you enjoy this story let me know at Any feedback is appreciated.

Somewhere in the middle of this tale:

Somehow, the evening just wasn't working out the way that the buxom brunette intended. She stared at the back side of a blue Ace playing card and for a moment she wished she had Clark's vision powers. She sighed audibly and then she blinked twice at the woman seated on her right. The women removed her hand from the base of Diana's right breast and tossed the card face down back to the dealer. He quickly slid a replacement across the blackjack table and her neighbor flipped the card face up to reveal a ruby red four of hearts.

"That doesn't look promising for you," commented the blonde as she resumed gently caressing Diana's exposed breast. "You are the unluckiest card player that ever lived or you are beginning to enjoy yourself." The blonde commented and she gave a firm squeeze to the exposed portion of Diana's nipple. The pressure of her fingers combined with the weight of the recently placed weight that dangled from her nipple clamp made her gasp loudly enough that the gag in her mouth couldn't entirely muffle the sound. The other people seated at the table giggled in amusement and Wonder Woman's skin colored red in response. She still wore her boots and her blue star spangled hot pants and as long as she retained one item she wasn't totally lost. The dealer flipped a card to her opponent who still retained the use of her hands and she bent the corner of the card slightly up. Then she faced Diana and smiled broadly. Despite herself, Diana felt her stomach do an involuntary flip as the card was turned face up.

Strip Poker featuring Wonder Woman by BigBoob58

The entire IADC office buzzed with rumors the day after the election ended. The incumbent having completed two terms was working with the transition team of the newly elected chief executive and this meant that the director of the IADC was busy clearing his desk. Director Jemison was a Watergate era prototype politician. He wore a different suit every day and each one was dark gray. Unless he was in his office, he always wore dark black glasses and he rarely spoke to any of the staff other than his executive assistant Peggy Pure. Ms Pure was about three hundred years old and a civil servant whose employment was rumored to date back to the Johnson presidency (Andrew that is). She was efficient and his memos always reached the office staff and field personnel timely. This made her position relatively permanent. Jemison and his top two associates were political appointees and almost certain to be replaced in January. Diana Prince noticed the slight flurry of activity as she passed the director's office and she felt a sense of loss in advance of the upcoming change. When she wasn't adventuring in her Wonder Woman identity, she acted as a field agent for the IADC under the supervision of Steve Trevor. At first, Trevor and Wonder Woman romanced each other, but the heroine's devotion to duty and Trevor's normal physical needs led him to marry the reigning Miss Maryland and start a family. His oldest son, a senior at George Washington U. had interned in the IADC and would begin a career as a field agent in the fall. Trevor knew her secret identity and covered for her on multiple occasions when her missions or misfortunes kept her out of the office.

Diana sat at a desk in the rear of the office near a secret exit that allowed her to assume her other identity covertly and save the world as required. When she took her chair this morning, she opened her e-mail account and quickly deleted the spam. The two messages that remained came from the director and she opened them. Basically they listed two open cases that the director wanted resolved before his tenure officially ended and a somber farewell to his loyal troops. She returned to the open case e-mail and reread the instructions. The case involved a spy ring that infiltrated the staff of one of the members of the Homeland Security oversight committee. Agent Prince was nearly finished double checking the background of the fifteen members of Congressman Altgeld's staff who were cleared to receive Top secret documents. Most of the congressman's people were obviously clean but there were issues with two of the senior staff. Luis Solarez and Ginna Claremont received clean bills of health from the FBI and the Secret Service but something about the work history of each of them troubled Diana. She reprinted the summary for each individual and contacted the congressman's office to arrange individual meetings with the two questionable staffers. She grabbed her purse (an old black bag that contained small phone books to simulate the weight and shape of a normal purse) and she stuck her head into Steve Trevor's office.

"Going somewhere Diana?" he asked and his eyes twinkled as she smiled in response.

"The director wants me to finish up with the Altgeld investigation," Diana replied. "I'm going to talk to the two people that don't seem right. I'll be done by 1:00 PM and I'll check in then."

"Text or phone," Trevor asked almost absently.

"I'll call you Steve," she replied and then she stopped. "What's wrong?"

"I never could fool either of you," Trevor said as he made an effort to be cheery. "The incoming director is expected to be General Frond. We never got along when I was in the air force and I don't think he's forgotten that. Since I'm nearly sixty five, I've been thinking of retiring. However, I feel like I'm abandoning you."

"I'll be fine Steve," she replied. "You were going to retire some day and you shouldn't delay that for me. I may need to trust my new boss or it may be time for me to move to the private sector. Wayne Enterprises has a standing offer for me to run their internal security operations."

Diana went to the metro station and rode it to the stop nearest the congressman's office. She arrived fifteen minutes ahead of her interview with Luis Solarez. Five minutes into the interview, she mentally crossed him off the list of suspects. She used the rest of the session to probe for potential future weaknesses and was pleased to find very few.

Ginna Claremont was obviously hiding something. Her employment history included too many private firms that could easily be faked. She was nervous throughout their discussion and nearly ran out of the office at the end of the interview. Diana phoned Trevor to report her conclusions.

"I'll pull Gloria from her desk and we'll meet at four PM. Get Ms Claremont's calendar from the administrative assistant and send it to me. I'm going to send Leon to find out what she does in her down time and then you and Gloria will shadow her."

Diana wanted to conduct the surveillance alone but the IADC required two or more agents nearly all the time lately. If something required Wonder Woman's presence, Trevor devised a code which he would use to keep Agent Sheldon occupied while Diana transformed into her powerful alter ego. Agent Prince held the agency record for being captured and for solving cases. The meeting was brief. Claremont frequented a small club in Virginia near the Marine memorial and Leon determined that she was going there this evening. The club featured adult entertainment and advertised the availability of private rooms for intimate meetings. Gloria and Diana looked at each other. Ginna Claremont was a swinger who frequented unsavory places. This didn't mean she was a foreign agent but it did make her vulnerable to blackmail. Trevor prepared the report for the congressman while Diana and Gloria discussed how to best track their prey. They decided to meet at the club and act as though they were lovers while they observed Claremont.

That night at 8:30 PM, Diana met Gloria in the main room of The Explorers Club and ordered drinks. They used specially designed capsules to neutralize that alcohol in their beverages and allowed them to appear to be drinking while they watched the spy. Claremont came in ten minutes later, accompanied by a nondescript man. They took seats in a booth closer to the stage than the IADC agents but remained in view. The stage show consisted of semi-naked dancers contorting themselves in a manner Diana had learned was consistent with exciting most of the men in the audience. The crowd noise prevented the IADC agents from hearing the conversation in Claremont's booth. Then a man stopped by the booth and invited the pair to follow him to a private room. Diana and Gloria discreetly followed the trio until they disappeared behind a door labeled Playroom Four.

"Diana, I think that guy was Faid," Gloria whispered to her associate. Faid was the number three person on Homeland Security's watch list.

"I'll try to get into the room next door and get a bug in place," Diana said quietly. "Get outside and send a text to Steve to let him know what we've found. We need to get an Action Squad here before Faid slips away again."

Gloria made her way to the exit while Diana tried the door to Playroom Three (locked) and Playroom Five (open and unoccupied). She made certain nobody appeared to be watching before she slipped inside the room and locked the door after her. Diana checked for cameras and used a special device to insure that no electronic recording devices were active in the room. She found the one camera which appeared to be inactive and used a napkin from the table to cover the lens. Then she spun and became Wonder Woman. Her enhanced hearing picked up the conversation in the next room and she learned that Ginna Claremont was being blackmailed. Her lifestyle was a secret to her boss and exposure would cost her the job she wanted all her life. Faid insisted that the secrets she shared would be used to save lives in his home country, not to damage the United States. Wonder Woman had placed a 'sonic' ear against the wall. She checked it to confirm that it recorded enough information to prove Faid's guilt. She transmitted the data to the IADC's mainframe and left the device in place. Thirty minutes after these devices were placed; they decomposed and for all intents and purposes appeared to be a dead insect to anyone that found them. If someone detected their presence earlier, they self destructed non-violently leaving only indeterminate hardware and no trace of their true purpose.

Wonder Woman checked her tiara and adjusted her magic girdle like she did before just about every adventure. Then she exited the Playroom Five and silently moved to the door to Playroom Four. She expected it to be locked but the handle twisted open without any extra effort. She stepped into the room and found that it was well lit and completely empty. The room contained a Las Vegas style black jack table shaped like a half moon and featuring green felt. Eight chairs surrounded her side of the table. Several stacks of cards lay at one side of the table and a full rack of chips sat ready for use. There was no obvious exit which perplexed the buxom heroine. Wonder Woman put her hands at her hips and tried to figure out her next move. The best course of action turned out to be pounding on the six men who burst from a door hidden in the floor. She easily defeated the men even though each was a skilled fighter. As she finished fighting her last opponent, the door opened and Faid entered leading Gloria and Ginna on separate leashes. The women were very wobbly and each collapsed into chairs as soon as they came into the room.

"You are everything that your reputation promises Wonder Woman," Faid said as he released the leashes. "Very impressive indeed, I suppose I should be quaking in shoes right now."

"What did you do to these women?" Wonder Woman asked in an escalating tone that betrayed a bit of panic.

"They were accidentally poisoned by some of my associates," Faid replied. "They should be okay for the next two or three minutes before the brain damage starts."

"Which is not enough time for me to save both," Wonder Woman observed.

"You comprehend the situation correctly," Faid replied. "Under the right circumstance, you can save both of them and even compel me to surrender."

Wonder Woman's hand reached for her magic lasso. She stopped when Faid waved his finger at her.

"I don't know where the antidote is," Faid said dryly. "If you use your lasso, I will pop one of the teeth in my mouth and the capsule inside will render me incoherent for several days."

"So how can I make you give these women the antidote?" Wonder Woman asked.

"You will promise to play a game of modified strip poker," replied Faid. "Once you agree, I will summon my operative who has the antidote and he will give it to these rapidly fading women."

"You're endangering lives to see me naked?" Wonder Woman asked incredulously.

"Fucking you is the dream of every man," replied Faid. "But I'm willing to give you a sporting chance. Assuming you wear panties, I count six items of clothing on you. My associate will deal a card to you and to Ms Claremont. The low card loses an article of current clothing and requires you to either put on an item of my choosing or allow my associates to put you into an article of clothing of my choice."

"Why would I do this?' She asked.

"To save the lives of these women," replied Faid. "The other IADC agent must have escaped or perhaps it was you in different clothing. The stakes are simple. Each time you hold the high card, you earn the freedom of one of these women. Your third win will compel me to surrender to you and release you from any constrictive garments you may be wearing. Do you accept these terms?"

"I don't have much choice, do I?" she replied.

"Yes or no and speak clearly," Faid ordered. "These women are beginning to fade."

"I accept the terms," Wonder Woman replied. Faid snapped his cell phone open and in seconds another man entered the room and injected the swooning ladies. They recovered noticeably and Faid's associate pulled a gun and pointed it at Gloria.

"You don't need to do that," Wonder Woman said. "My word is my bond. I'll play this game without any pressure."

"This woman made no such agreement," replied the stooge. "She is a highly trained IADC agent and very dangerous. Your cooperation is guaranteed but I'm no fool."

Gloria was instructed to sit on her hands while the one stooge watched her. Faid instructed Ginna to sit opposite Wonder Woman at the poker table and a second associate arrived carrying a bag full of leather apparel. He took a place at the dealer's position and unsealed a deck of Cards. As he shuffled the cards, Faid instructed his henchmen to honor the terms of the deal, letting them know that Wonder Woman could easily beat the daylights out of everybody in the room. Diana squirmed nervously as the dealer finished with the cards. He offered Wonder Woman the opportunity to cut the deck. She passed and he slid the first card across the felt surface to her and then to Ginna.

"You may look at your card as long as you can do it yourself," instructed Faid. "Should your hands become immobilized, I will provide an impartial second to help you. This woman is a dancer here and not involved in my other operations. As far as she knows, you're an impersonator and this is just another one of the games that The Explorers Club is famous for hosting. In fact, I'll call her now."

Wonder Woman flipped her card face up and revealed an eight of spades. Ginna'ss first card was the six of diamonds and Faid turned to Gloria and told her she was free to leave after the game concluded.

"Of course if Wonder Woman loses, we'll need to revise your memory of the evening," Faid chuckled as the dealer broke open a new deck and shuffled it. Diana looked quizzically at Faid.

"In order to remove any possibility of chance, we'll use a new deck for each round."

"And what happens if we tie?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Then the dealer will provide new cards," replied Faid. Wonder Woman's second card was the queen of clubs. She smiled until Ginna revealed the Ace of hearts.

"Now what," asked Wonder Woman?

"You remove an article of clothing and you put the corresponding item in this bag on in its place," replied Faid. "I've always wanted to see your magnificent breasts so I would appreciate it if you removed your bustier first."

Wonder Woman considered her position. Keeping Faid happy would help when she needed to take him in to custody and it was entirely possible that she wouldn't win the next two cards in a row. She hoped he wouldn't play rough so she decided to play along. She found the hidden catch and released it. Then she unzipped her bustier and placed it on her left. Her breasts barely sagged despite the lack of support. Both Faid and the dealer stared at her bare assets and it took Faid a while before he reached into the bag and retrieved a red and gold leather camisole.

"Have you ever worn one of these garments?" asked Faid.

"No but I think I know where it goes," she replied and she accepted it from him. She fumbled a bit before situating the semi-cups under her breasts. Then she smoothed the fabric against her skin and pulled the garment tight against her skin. The top easily snapped in place, but she struggled with the laces.

"Allow me to assist you," Faid said. "After all, part of the game is properly wearing anything you're given each time you lose. Sit still and I'll finish this."

Faid made slight adjustments to Wonder Woman's new top and he tugged at the laces until the garment was a second skin to the heroine. She noticed that his hands touched her several times but she didn't complain. She'd had enough misadventures in her time to tolerate his minor infractions. Faid sat down and Diana noticed that her breasts now pointed straight at the dealer. She sensed that her nipples were slightly erect but she made no effort to cover herself. When she won, she would use her lasso to remove the memories from everybody in the room. The door opened and a petite blonde entered the room and sat on Diana's right. Seeing Diana's excited nipples, the blonde reached for them and began fondling her nubs. Wonder Woman's body responded and her nipples were fully erect in moments. She started to speak but stopped when the blonde attached a clamp to each nipple.

"Why did you do that?" asked the startled heroine.

"These go with the outfit dearie," replied the blonde. 'Besides they look good on you."

The pinching hurt and the pain increased when the blonde added small weights to the end of each clamp. Even with the additional stress, Wonder Woman's breasts remained pointed straight and didn't sag a bit.

The next card arrived and it was a two of hearts so Diana discarded it. The replacement was a five of clubs and it lost to Ginna's seven of clubs. Wonder Woman removed her tiara and placed it on top of her bustier. Faid gently grabbed her wrists and pulled them together behind her back. He instructed Wonder Woman to hold the position while he pulled a red leather single mitt from the bag. The blonde woman steadied her arms while Faid worked her hands into the end of the mitt. Then he slowly rolled the garment up her arms pausing to tie a series of laces at intermittent points along the mitt. As more of her arms were enclosed, he retied a number of the laces pulling her arms together. The mitt completely covered her arms about a foot and a half below her shoulders. A long lace dangled from the end of the mitt. Faid draped her arms over the back of the chair and took his seat. Wonder Woman was in pain from the tight arm binding but she decided to focus on the next card instead of the pain. The blonde caressed the tops of her breasts until Diana politely asked her to stop. Then the next card arrived and Wonder Woman needed to decide to exchange it for another card. That card proved to be the six of spades and not as good as Ginna's Jack of diamonds.

"Would you please remove my magic girdle?" Wonder Woman said to the blonde woman and she tried to do so but she couldn't find the hidden fastener. After a few moments, Diana managed to shimmy the girdle over her hips and it fell to the floor. The blonde picked it up and added it to the pile of her uniform. Faid presented a penis shaped gag and Wonder Woman scowled at him.

"You agreed to wear anything I presented," Faid reminded her.

"How will I indicate the next item to remove if I lose again?" asked Wonder Woman.

"Simple," replied Faid. "Tell us now and when the time comes, your friend will do as you ask."

"And how do I let her know if I want a different card?"

"If you blink twice, you will get a different card," offered Faid. "Now open wide."

Wonder Woman sighed but the sound was muffled by Faid inserting the gag in her mouth. He pushed it deep into her jaws and then he secured the strap behind her head. The blonde woman held her hair clear. After the gag was secured, Wonder Woman's hair hid the strap. A casual observer might never notice the clear plastic device.

"This is called a breather gag," Faid told Wonder Woman. "It is designed for long term wear. Most importantly it won't block your capacity to breathe. Wonder Woman tried to respond but the gag made her sound incoherent. The blonde slid her hand inside Wonder Woman's waist band and her fingers moved directly to Wonder Woman's snatch. The woman smiled as she felt the evidence of moisture that was on her mound.

"You're pretty hairy down there," the blonde said. "Most dancers keep themselves trimmed. I'll be happy to trim you if you want."

In Amazon culture, the larger and bushier an Amazon's mound was, the stronger and more important the woman was. The blonde remover her hand before the next card was dealt. Without waiting, the blonde flipped over Diana's king of Spades. Ginna's nine of hearts was no competition. Faid told Gloria that she was free to leave t the end of the game.

Wonder Woman's next card was a six of diamonds and Ginna pulled a queen. Diana struggled to stand and then was forced to endure the blonde lowering her hot pants. After the blonde pulled Wonder Woman's thong off, and after the men looked at her moistened entry, the blonde pulled the blue and white hot pants back in place. Faid handed the blonde a three inch wide belt and she placed it above Diana's hips. Then the blonde tightened it in place and helped Diana sit back down.

Faid stared at the nearly helpless woman and he enjoyed watching her fidget in her seat. The blonde woman began stroking Diana's breast just as we found her in the opening paragraph of this story. The card Ginna showed was an Ace of Spades and Diana lost her boots. She winced when she saw the shackles Faid presented to the blonde woman. The shackles snapped loudly around her ankles. They were welded to a thick black bar. Without being asked, the blonde demonstrated the bars' capacity to expand from its original two foot length. Wonder Woman began to sweat; she needed to win the final card to escape from Faid.

The dealer took an inordinately long amount of time to prepare the final deck. The blonde woman cut the deck when it was offered to her and the dealer dealt the top card to Wonder Woman. The blonde flipped the card to display a queen of clubs. Behind her gag, Diana smiled. This was the best card she received in several hands. Then Ginna displayed the queen of hearts. The women were tied. The dealer collected the cards and slid another to Wonder Woman. She tried to signal the blonde to dump the card, but the woman flipped it face up and displayed a two of diamonds. Beads of sweat formed on Diana's brow and she cursed herself for putting herself in such jeopardy. Then Ginna flipped her card and showed a two of spades. Faid had his hand deep in his toy bag when he noticed the second tie. The next card decided the matter. Diana's ten of hearts fell to Ginna's king of hearts. The blonde woman was on her knees tugging at Wonder Woman's hot pants as soon as the result registered. The dealer moved around the table and placed his hands under her armpits. He lifted her slightly to allow the blonde to pull Wonder Woman's last piece of clothing off. She flipped it onto the pile. The dealer released her arms for a moment before placing his hands on top of her shoulders. The blonde expanded the bar to move Diana's legs nearly three feet apart. She took the jar that Faid handed to her and unscrewed the lid. Using two fingers, she extracted a dollop of clear cream and began to rub it onto Diana's hairy mound. As the blonde rubbed, the foam turned white and began to expand. Faid provided a towel to the blonde and she removed the cream from Diana's pussy. When she finished wiping, Diana was completely bald. Then Faid presented the final piece of Diana's new wardrobe to the kneeling blonde. Wonder Woman groaned when she saw the appliance. It was a plastic-rubber hybrid stuffer which would fill her front and back. The blonde applied Vaseline to her bald pussy and took her time rubbing it into Diana's vulnerable entries and then placing the tips at each entry. The device slid inside Wonder Woman impaling her deeper than she ever remembered being probed before. Straps on the device attached to her belt guaranteeing that she couldn't expel the invader. The blonde retracted the bar and the dealer pulled her to her feet.

"We'll continue our business after I finish my duties at the club," Faid told her. "Richard and Ellie will escort you to my chambers. Now Ms Claremont, if you would sit next to agent Sheldon, we can conclude your portion of tonight's business."

Faid removed the magic lasso from Wonder Woman's girdle and he wrapped the two women in its coils several times. Then he put his cell on the desk in front of the seated women.

"While you're held by the lasso, you are compelled to tell the truth and to obey any orders you receive," Faid said. "I promised the owner I would release you after revising your memories of the evening. I will keep my promise. First, Ms Claremont, recite the troop strengths of all military units which you have access to. Include any locations you are aware of. Second disclose any plans to attack my country in as much detail as possible."

While Ginna Claremont began reciting the information, Faid repositioned Gloria Sheldon and instructed her to reveal her access codes and other top secret data which Gloria was privy to. He provided her with a separate cell with which to record her thoughts. Then he sat back as the woman revealed top secret information non-stop for an hour. When they finished talking, Faid confirmed that the information was recorded and he transmitted the files to a secure account he maintained in the Caribbean. He confined both women within the magic lasso and implanted a new memory of a one night lesbian fling between the two. Gloria's partner departed the club after determining Ginna Claremont to be innocent. She was supposed to check in with Steve Trevor.

At this point, Richard returned to the room. He escorted the ladies to a limousine and rode with the to a nearby hotel. After checking them into a room, he injected them with a date rape drug and he piled Gloria on top of Ginna. Then he handcuffed the unconscious ladies together. Before he departed, he placed a cell phone just out of reach. Then he returned to the check in desk and paid for the room for three days.

Faid texted a close associate in his home country and gave him directions to the newly posted files. The associate would listen to the recitals while a stenographer recorded the words. After translating the files to specific languages, the information would be shared with any affiliated terrorist organizations. Faid turned his attention to the biggest thorn in the side of every terrorist group, Wonder Woman. He went upstairs and after leaving a 'do not disturb' order with his second in command, he went to his quarters. He locked the door and began to removing his apparel. In his sleeping area, he saw the Amazon bound to his bed. Ellie had expanded the ankle spreader to position Wonder woman's ankles in shackles welded to the lower bed posts. Her ankles were doubly confined. There was a low hum from the stuffers as they pulsed within the bound woman. Wonder Woman's arms were bound to the brass head post and spread wide. The single mitt lay on top of the pile of her uniform. A sleeper blindfold covered her eyes. Richard or Ellie had filled the breather gag with a synthesized version of Spanish Fly. Faid noticed the gags reservoir was only half full. The dosage that his captive had swallowed was enough to make her horny as hell. A trickle of female fluids dribbled around the front stuffer. Faid turned the device off and Wonder Woman wiggled in response. As he extracted the phalluses, she began to move her hips up and down as if seeking relief or any form of attention. Faid discarded his underwear and climbed onto his bed. He was erect and ready to properly repay his captive for the grief she caused to his people and their world view. He positioned his member at the space between her thighs. Using his thumbs, he parted her lower lips and he rolled the soft flesh until he saw the inner pink. He pushed closer to her moistened entry and allowed her to feel the presence of his increasingly rock hard tool. She tried to move forward to bring him inside her but her chains were too tight for her to move enough to capture the pulsing rod. Faid smiled and then he began to tweak her left nipple with his right hand. He removed the small weight and roughly unsnapped the nipple clamp. As he flipped the metal toy away he observed her reddened bud grow slightly. The surface of her nipple covered the bottom of her large breast. He pinched the bud and blood rushed in response to the new attention. Her nipple was rock hard within moments. Then he played with her other nipple until it equally turgid. Wonder Woman's muffled moans grew louder as Faid played with her body.

Her bald pussy was wet now and her hips bucked to display her need. Faid shifted his weight and managed to slow her movement enough to start penetrating her with his thick tool. As he started to slide inside, he checked the reservoir in her gag. The reservoir was completely empty and the aphrodisiac obviously was working. As Faid sawed in and out of Wonder Woman's defenseless body, he worked the strap holding her gag open and he pulled it out of her mouth. Finding her voice, Diana began screaming "More more plase fuck me.."

Being a polite host, Faid buried his full length inside the heroine's opening. Wonder Woman responded loudly to the invasion and continued to beg for more. Faid worked her with his member for a long time before he felt a fresh spray of female juices ejaculate. He couldn't remember a more enthusiastic response to his practiced lovemaking. Her muscles milked his cock and he struggled to avoid coming faster than he wanted to. Wonder Woman's defenses were completely erased and her juices flowed almost constantly with intermittent explosions as Faid penetrated her. Finally, he lost control and he filled the bound beauty with his seed. Wonder Woman exploded in her strongest orgasm yet. Then she stopped moving completely. Faid removed the blindfold and confirmed that Wonder Woman was unconscious. He pulled out of her and repositioned his cock as her upper lips. He gave his member a few strokes and a small stream of male juices landed on Wonder Woman's lips. Faid used a finger to push the white liquid in her mouth. Satisfied that he demeaned the heroine enough for the moment, he got off his bed and went to where he'd left her magic lasso. He looped the lasso around her neck three times and then he gagged the golden rope down the front of her body. At her breasts, he wrapped each individually with three loops before looping the pair an additional three times. Then her pulled the golden rope down to her left ankle and after three more loops, he confined her right ankle also.

Faid summoned drinks from his concierge, an American soft drink for himself and mineral water for his bound companion. Diana woke about forty minutes later and she drank the water that Faid presented to her.

"How long will this continue?" Diana asked after finishing the bottle.

"I will use you again," replied Faid. "I believe your body demands it." Wonder Woman knew he was right. Her pussy was already throbbing in expectation of some male attention.

"Then I will remove the articles you won at cards tonight and our agreement will be fulfilled," he continued. "You will be free to resume your normal life as if this never happened."

"If that's true, why am I wrapped in my lasso?" Wonder Woman asked.

"You realize that I must remove this memory from you," was his reply. "You already are too close to capturing me. I don't want to give you extra incentive."

Faid looked at her pussy lips and saw the signs that she was ready for the next fucking. He positioned himself at her lips and slowly teased her with his powerful tool.

"Would you please just take me?" wailed the bound brunette.

"In good time," replied Faid as he rubbed her groin with his member. Then he positioned himself again and thrust into her. She gasped in reply and she shouted, "More, More Please..More"

Faid began probing her in earnest. He noticed that her muscles were not squeezing him quite as hard so he slowed his motion.

"You aren't cooperating as well this time Wonder Woman," he said. "If you don't put a little more effort into enjoying this experience, I'll stop now."

Diana responded by attempting to crush his cock but she only provided enough pressure to inspire Faid to saw into and out of her at a more rapid rate. Wonder Woman was truly enjoying this despite herself. Her body nearly neutralized the narcotics Faid had put in her but the man's sexual prowess was stimulating her by itself. It wasn't often she encountered a capable lover. She nearly regretted the fact that she would have to arrest this man once she was free. She responded to his technique freely but every time she neared climax, Faid slowed down or adjusted his pace to deny her the relief she sought. Faid played with her breasts a lot and stopped probing her for a while so he could suckle at her reddened nipples. When this started to stimulate her, he stopped and returned to penetrating her pussy lips. Finally, her body was so charged that a single slow stroke of his cock caused her to explode in a cascade of mind shattering orgasms. Her body quaked for a number of minutes. Faid pulled out of her pussy and pushed his member into her mouth.

"Make me come." He instructed. Because he had his hand on her magic lasso, Wonder Woman did so enthusiastically. For a moment, Faid was afraid she would pull his cock clear off his body. Then he experienced the best blow job of his life. He filled her throat so fast she had to swallow and she barely kept up with his ejaculate. A small amount of white fluid was on either of her cheeks, but she swallowed the majority. Then both of them collapsed into unconsciousness.

Wonder Woman woke a long time later. She felt reasonably normal considering she still wore the sexy camisole on her midriff and her wrists and ankles were still chained. She heard a shower somewhere close by and she noticed the sun was well above the horizon. Her golden lasso still wrapped her neck, breasts, and limbs so she assumed that Faid hadn't wiped her memory yet. Her pussy ached. To her surprise it was almost pleasant. She was confused by this reaction, Had she enjoyed the evening that much? She felt sweaty and a bit cheap as she lay immobile on the bed. Then the shower stopped and she heard the sounds of Faid toweling himself dry. When he returned, Faid wore only a pair of clean shorts over whatever underwear he preferred. She looked at his broad chest and felt a tiny pang of lust at the sight.

"Good morning agent of the great Satan," he said in greeting. "It is time for me to remove your remaining garments. I remind you that you are not free until I remove the last item."

Faid unlocked her wrists and she sat up as he started to unfetter her ankles. Wonder Woman rubbed her wrists while she waited. When her ankles were free, she tried to rub those also. Faid removed the leather belt and tossed it on top of the pile of Wonder Woman's other clothes.

She looked expectantly at Faid and he stood patiently without making any attempt to remove her camisole.

"You must be bound a lot Wonder Woman," Faid observed. "Do you burn these items?"

"I usually store anything I'm bound in," Diana replied. "When I have spare time, I study the more interesting devices and try to develop strategies to escape on my own terms."

"You must have a large warehouse for all these things," Faid said and Diana turned red in shame. "If you will kindly lay face down, I'll unlace your nightie and finish this affair."

Diana rolled onto her belly and propped herself up on her elbows. Faid climbed on the bed in back of her and slowly unlaced the leather garment. As he completed the final lace, he grabbed the loose end of Wonder Woman's lasso and tugged it sharply. Wonder Woman found herself hog tied by her own rope. Her ankles nearly reached her neck and her arms draped over her legs keeping them confined and forming herself into a nearly round ball. Faid looped her wrists a few times and tied the lasso. Then he hopped off the bed and moved to a position where Wonder Woman could see him.

"Our agreement is concluded," Faid said with a smile. "I forfeit my right to adjust your memory. You have ten minutes to leave the premises. If you don't leave, I cannot make any promises about your future. If you stay, I think that last night proved your talents belong in a harem where you will make some sheik a lucky man."

Faid left the room and Wonder Woman heard the apartment doors close. She pulled at her bonds but she made no headway whatsoever. Whatever method he used to put her in this hog tie, it was both effective and inescapable. She struggled and as she pulled and squirmed, she felt herself getting wet again.

Wonder Woman was still struggling with the lasso when Faid and Ellie returned. Faid carried a large box and he placed it on the floor next to the bed. Ellie jumped into the bed and turned Wonder Woman over so she had access to her bald pussy. Ellie's fingers began manipulating Wonder Woman. She was proficient and Diana found herself on the edge of another orgasm when Faid instructed the blonde woman to stop. He grabbed the lasso and said, "I'm going to hand Ellie the lasso. You will get out of the bed after I release the hog tie and lay on the floor where I position you. You will make no attempt to move until I specifically tell you to do so."

Faid pulled a small corner of the lasso and Diana's limbs exploded free. She was laying flat on her back when Faid handed Ellie the lasso. She got off the bed and saw that Faid had laid a metallic frame on the floor. He directed her to the spot her wanted and she laid herself as instructed. Faid and Ellie began snapping metal circles at strategic points on her body. She had metal cuffs at her wrists, above and below her elbows, at her shoulders, at her waist, at her upper thighs, above and below her knees and at her ankles. Ellie put a thick red leather collar around her throat and secured it tightly. The pair connected several bars to the bands and Wonder Woman was restrained by an exo-skeleton. While Faid finished connecting the bars and the shackles, Ellie teased Diana's nipples with her lips.

"You may move Wonder Woman," Faid said.

Wonder Woman tried to sit up but the exo-skeleton held her flat on the ground. Faid held up a pad and made a few keystrokes. Wonder Woman sat up, then she stood up. She tried to move but the frame held her immobile. Faid grabbed her lasso.

"One other thing that bothered me," he said. "Are you agent Prince in your other identity?"

"Yes," she replied. Tears formed as her most important secret evaporated.

"Then you need to sit down and when I set up this cell phone, you need to share every high priority secret you know. Please focus on any plans related to my homeland or any spies in place in any of the allied countries or what you describe as terrorist organizations. If the phone stops, you will stop and resume when the next device is in place. Also please include any proposed or active Justice League operations. Ellie will call me when you're done."

For three hours, Wonder Woman revealed every secret she knew into a succession of cell phones. Faid came back hourly and uploaded her information while she continued with the next phone. Finally she stopped. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks as Faid finished securing her revelations on his web site. Faid picked up his land line and after connecting his call, he said "Bring it," and hung up. Then Wonder Woman found herself standing up. While they waited, Ellie fondled her breasts and Faid took several pictures.

The door opened and Richard returned carrying a branding iron in an asbestos glove. The end of the iron featured a stylized "F". Faid gestured and Richard pressed the iron against her right butt cheek. The pain was intense and the smell of burnt flesh was disgusting. Wonder Woman didn't scream in an effort to deprive her captor of that satisfaction. Faid walked around her, inspecting his captive.

"You should have left when you had the chance," he taunted. "Early next year, you will be auctioned off and whoever wins will add you to his or her harem. This mission is so successful, that I'm no longer needed in North America. You will accompany me on my leave of absence and your future sale will fund my retirement."

Wonder Woman sobbed as Faid spoke. "You lied!" she accused.

"No I kept my word," he replied. "I can't help it if you enjoyed yourself so much that you decided to hang around. Ellie, we must have a spare chador somewhere around that will fit this infidel. Go get it and help her get dressed properly."

Ellie and Richard left. Faid grabbed the lasso again.

"If I give you a command, do I need to keep you confined in this rope in order to make you obey?" Faid asked.

"No," Wonder Woman replied. "If you specify a behavior or modify a memory, it is permanent."

"Marvelous," Faid exclaimed. "From this moment forward, your name is Kay. Other than the moments you call in your resignation, you will no longer consider yourself an IADC agent, an Amazon warrior, or a Super Heroine. You'll need to resign from that too but it can wait until I get you to a secure line. You are devoted to me and will do anything I ask. Your physical problems require you to wear the exo-skeleton which I invented. You know that you will be sold a year from today and you are looking forward to that. Any time you are sold, you will transfer your affection to the purchaser. You will never harm any person who is making love to you or using your body for any carnal purpose. Tell me that you understand these terms."

"I understand your terms," Kay replied.

"What is your name?"


"What is your purpose in life?"

"To please men in every way especially you." She replied.

"Good," Faid said. He handed a phone to his captive and instructed her to use her former civilian name for the final time. Call your boss and resign."

Kay obeyed her master. When she completed the call, Ellie helped her into the chador. Her entire body was covered and she followed the now dressed Faid out the door and into a limousine. At the airport, Faid presented diplomatic passports. The couple boarded a plane destined for the Middle East where Wonder Woman's career concluded and Kay's new life began.