The Power of Supergirl 3

Author: Supergirlx
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Chapter 3: Death and Darkness

Supergirl flew high into the air, taking a last look behind her at the penthouse suite. John was in the bedroom now, lighting a fresh cigarette as he began withdrawing the film from one of the cameras. He looked giddy and pleased with himself, like a child about to open a present. Supergirl’s blood boiled at the thought of him with pictures of her in compromising positions, not to mention the fact that he had just used both her Traci for his own gain.

He had used Traci for money and used Supergirl for his pleasure; and without a thought had dismissed them. To call him a murder and rapist would be right on the mark. She watched him for a few seconds longer, amazed at how the self-absorbed boy had no feelings at all except for himself; he had no thoughts about sending them against men who wanted them dead. She remembered the last words he spoke to her, ‘I don’t think you’ll be coming back Supergirl.’ it was a death wish.

Her teeth clenched and her face turned to a sneer.

“You’d better pray I don’t come back, Bastard!” In one motion she turned and flew away fast from the top of the tower. The wind whipped at her hair as she gained speed; zooming around the large glass and steel buildings until she was over the spot she had been earlier that night, right above the square of the city where gleaming neon lights and large billboards filled the streets. Crowds of tourist and locals mingled below in the glittery glow of commercialism at its finest. The scene looked almost futurist. Large four story tall video screens showed models in the latest lingerie from Paris walking from building to building. The boys from the Supergirl fan club were still here also, waiting outside the television studio; they sat waiting patiently for their idol to appear as the crowds and cars passed them by on the noisy street.

‘Traci still hasn’t been interviewed.’ Supergirl thought with a bit of dread, she wondered where her friend was, and then looked down again at the crumpled slip of paper in her hand. The address was for the next street over.

Like riding on invisible waves she glided unnoticed to the street behind the television building where it was much quieter and dark. Supergirl landed at the address on the paper and looked around at an empty lot where a high-rise apartment building was being constructed. She looked down both ends of the muggy night street as a slow and damp fog rolled in from either side.

“Something is defiantly not right here.” She said feeling a chill run down her spine. She watched as the fog closed in on her from both sides in a quick unnatural fashion, moving in closer to her until it covered all around her. She strained to see through the dense clouds, as the streetlights crackled and flickered from the moister. There was suddenly a deafening silence, as she turned to look behind her, she could barely see the glowing lights from the next street. As she sighed, and a cloud of smoke bellowed from her mouth…the temperature had also suddenly dropped. She pulled her cape across her shoulders a little more, but she new it was little help. The tiny skirt she strutted in was little comfort in cold weather, neither was her short silk top that carried the large ‘S’ on her chest, but when she slipped on her costume she felt alive. It was the same feeling Traci had the minute she tried it on. You feel sexy and powerful, like every eye is set upon you. Your body felt alive and tingling as the smooth material hugged every curve, every soft part of your body snuggly and sensuous. It teased and confused villains, causing them to linger at her sexy form, breaking there concentration to catch a glance at her if her skirt should rise just a little more, or she should somehow fall and they would see her hidden assets…this had been the down fall of many villains.

She’d never change her costume; she wanted that edge in fighting.

‘I can’t see anything, better be careful.’ She thought reaching her hands out in front of her as she pushed open the entrance to the gate.

Inside was the massive steel skeleton of a tower rising just as high as the others around it, the top floors disappearing into the fog. The half finished building had several stacks of tools and equipment from the workers who had been there earlier in the day. She stopped suddenly, looking to her right; she thought she heard the low breathing of something big, huffing in the cold air. She looked around in all directions, there was no one…or at least no one she could see.

“This is defiantly starting to feel like a trap.” She heard herself say under her breath, she moved farther into the building, carefully watching for any movement. She stopped at a set of stairs that lead down into a dark room where it seemed they had planned the basement of the building, a massive hole at the foot of the structure.

‘What a day to wear heels.’ She thought, trying to make light of the situation but still watching all around her.

Inside it was completely dark, as hard as she tried she couldn’t see anything. She looked on the wall around her, and found a large metal switch. The lights in the room flickered and stuttered as power billowed in the room.

“Oh my God, Traci!” She screamed.

Her eyes grew wide with horror. On the other side of the room was Traci, still dressed in her Supergirl outfit except for a missing boot. She had been crucified, her hands and legs tied to two massive steel beams by thick rope. The bright red and blue costume had been ripped apart as if attacked by some animal. Her wrist and ankles were red and whelped from the tight ropes that hung her body as blood dripped down her long greasy hair into a puddle at her feet.

“No.” Supergirl raced over. She ripped the ropes at Traci’s feet and hands, the girl slumped on Supergirl’s shoulder as she lowered her to the ground. She laid Traci down on the floor, disgusted with the bruises and beating she must have endured, she took her wrist looking for a pulse….she was still alive!

Supergirl felt a glimmer of hope as she pulled the messy hair away from the girl’s bruised purple face. The villains had beaten her badly, she seemed cold and pale, and her eyes were dead and lifeless and strangely dark.

“S-S-Supergirl.” She said in low deep tones. Her teeth were stained in blood and Athena could only think of the internal bleeding inside. If she didn’t go to a hospital soon it would be too late.

“Don’t speak Traci, hold on.”

“No…have to tell you…” She whispered begging Supergirl closer.

Supergirl leaned in closer, turning her ear to Traci’s mouth to hear her weak voice better.


The voice suddenly had changed from a raspy whisper to a stronger tone, smacked with clever satisfaction as the woman grabbed Supergirl’s wrist.

Supergirl felt her stomach turn; a sickness had taken over her as if she were dying herself. Her head was spinning, all around her the walls were closing in, she felt as if she were going to vomit; a cold sweat covered her body, she began to tremble all over. Supergirl looked down at Traci and saw something truly amazing. Traci’s face was changing, contorting, her bones were moving and cracking beneath her skin freakishly, her hair suddenly went white and then a golden blond, flowing down the side of her face, the blood on her face receded into her pores and her eyes narrowed into two sky blue orbs. Her Supergirl costume changed into a tight fitted satin black cat suit that shimmered and hugged her sexy body perfectly. Silver spikes lined the arm and of the costume, spikes that ran down from the sides of her neck to her hands. The girl’s large breast accentuated her curvy figure, the top of her costume was cut low, showing her firm creamy breast as they disappeared into the shiny satin of the costume. Supergirl looked up at the woman; Traci’s face had been replaced by another; a beautiful woman with ruby red lipstick and perfect pearl teeth that gleamed brightly into a devilish smile. Her eyes were bluer than Supergirl had ever seen. The woman who was once the double of her nerdy friend Tracy looked now like a gorgeous supermodel, even sexier than the heroine in front of her.

She was like a perfect statue created by a master artist, but there was something extremely evil about her also.

“OOOOogggggggg.” Supergirl curled over, feeling sick and nauseous, she felt as if she would throw up any minute, she struggled to pull her wrist free from the woman, but to her surprise the woman was as strong as she was. And then she noticed something even stranger, a smoky white substance coming from her body, flowing down into the woman who seemed to be taking it in with vigor.

Supergirl tried to pull free but the girl held her tight, getting stronger and stronger each second.

“So you’re the mighty Supergirl?” she said looking over Supergirl in her skimpy outfit with an unimpressive look on her face.

Supergirl felt weak, as if she were dying, she felt a pain that she had never experienced before. Was this what it was like to die?

“No.” the woman answered to Supergirl’s surprise, it was as if she had read Supergirl’s thoughts, her eyes narrow and evil, a great darkness blanketed her face.

“This is what it’s like when I take everything you’ve ever had in your life from you.” She hissed.

“G-get away from me!!!!!” Supergirl pushed away hard with her legs. She broke the woman’s hold, hurling herself all the way back to the steps of the room. “Cough, cough. Nnnngggg…” Spit drooled from her mouth, she began feeling better, much better the farther away she got from the strange woman.

‘What the hell is she?’ Supergirl turned to look at the woman in black. She did not rise like a human, but better her entire body rose up as if lifted by invisible servants and righted her upwards to look upon the fallen heroine.

“Ha-ha, so you’re the Real Supergirl? Funny, I thought you’d be taller.” She stood in a masterful pose; her hands on her hips made the spikes stand out on either side of the satiny costume. She started over to Supergirl. With each step, Supergirl could feel her insides turning again, her body began to shiver.

A darkness flowed behind the woman, the mist dimmed in her wake and Athena could immediately tell that it was her responsible for the fog. Supergirl steadied herself and got on her feet; she clenched her fist and charged at the woman, ignoring the sickness inside of her.

“You bet I’m the Real Supergirl! If you want to fight …Bring it on!” she said leaping at the smirking girl. She drew her hand back and rammed her fist forward with enough power to stop an elephant.

There was a loud slapping sound… the woman had caught her fist in her hand.

Supergirl looked stunned. No one had ever stopped one of her punches before. She tried to hit her with her other fist, but the woman was just as fast as she was. In a blur of movement the girl’s arms made contact with Supergirl’s other fist, stopping her again. It was like fighting herself, except the woman knew her every move before she made it.

“Silly girl.” The beautiful blonde smiled and to Supergirl’s amazement the woman stretched Supergirl’s arms out and pulled her into her, kissing her. Supergirl’s eyes went wide with shock, she felt the weakness again, her body, her powers seemed to be draining, she felt her legs began to buckle.

“Mmmm, I would love to just eat you up.” The woman whispered as Supergirl tried to push her away, noticing the certain lesbian tones in her voice. Her hands glided along Supergirl’s snug silk top, smiling devilishly and then without warning her face went hard, and she drew back her arm. Supergirl’s mouth dropped open at the speed of he woman, she hand no chance to block her as the girl slammed her fist hard against Supergirl’s chest.

“OOOOOhhhhhhh!!!” Supergirl had never been hit so hard in her life. Her chest burned with the impact. She felt as if someone had jerked her from behind as she went crashing backwards into the top portion of the lot. She landed in a large mound of dirt, her chest searing with pain and fire, she gasped hard for breath.

“Merciful Gods!” She said in a panic, looking down at the stairway, waiting for the girl to come after her.

“See you’ve met the witch eh?” A deep low voice with a strong foreign accent said from behind her. She turned to see a large mountain of a man also dressed in black with an assassin’s mask covering his face. “You’d do good to steer clear of her, she likes to toy with her prey before she devours them…but as for me …I just go for the kill.”

Supergirl moved just in time, a large fist struck the ground where she had just been. She turned and saw a massive man with tattoos covering his bare chest and arms. He jumped on top of her. His large body was heavy and almost completely covered her small frame. His chest was as hard as chiseled stone and sweat quickly dripped down her brow as she strained to put some room between them. The man grinned broadly; a long tongue licked his own chops, pushing his weight down on her.

Supergirl’s arms burned, but she was able to plant her feet in his chest and flung his huge body over, crashing him into one of the massive support beams. She got to her feet just as something large and furry attacked her from behind.

She felt a sudden sharp pain as razor sharp claws slashed at her back, ripping her cape in half and tearing into her flesh.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGNNNNNNNNNNNN!!” Supergirl screamed, turning to see the attacker but could only see some large animal like thing disappearing into the fog. She looked at her torn cape and then at her back. There were three slash marks that had ripped right through her costume, and beneath that three long red gashes in her back that stained her costume in blood.

Just then she heard it again, but it was too late. The thing appeared from the fog again, slashing at her stomach. Supergirl turned again just to see the furry body disappear into the fog.

“Nnnnggggggg….” She grasped her stomach in pain as similar slash marks were now ripped through her costume at the front. She gripped the spot with her hand, blood dripped through her fingers. She looked up, the blonde woman in the leather outfit had come up the stairs behind her. She looked to her left. The tall giant of a man appeared from the fog. She heard paws on dirt to her left and A large half wolf half man creature appeared with glowing eyes and long threatening teeth. Her head whipped around at the villains circling her. Another appeared, tall and thin, he circled around to her right, cutting off her escape. She looked at him hard, but couldn’t tell what powers the man possessed, but she guessed this was the ‘rubber man’ John had mentioned. This was confirmed as she watched the tips of his fingers contort to form razor like tips. Then to her front she saw a glowing presence in the fog. Another man appeared in a similar black outfit as the others, his face covered in an assassin’s mask, his fist crackling with electricity that snapped and crackled all over his body. She looked down at her wounded stomach again, her hands stained in her own blood, then back at the five killers surrounding her…and for the first time ever….Supergirl felt afraid.

“She’s smalla’ that I thought” Said the large man with the heavy accent.

Supergirl threw a mean glare at him.

“Don’t be fooled.” The woman spoke, never taking her eyes off the superheroine. “She’s strong, very powerful and cunning. I’ve seen it inside of her.”

“She has weaknesses.” A throaty crass voice said from the beast like creature.

“Look at her, she’s already wounded.” The glowing man said from behind her, Supergirl didn’t turn to face him, but continued to watch all around her at once. “We could finish her easily. The stories about her, Supergirl are a fake, she’s just another…” His eyes took in her body from behind. His eyes gleamed as he traced her sexy red boots up to her shapely, firm legs, her shimmering stockings reflecting the lights from his beams. His eyes danced as he looked at the short-short skirt Supergirl wore, so short that he could almost see her luscious cheeks peeking just below. He noticed her silky sky blue costume that reflected the dim light and made her seem satin and shiny all over as it snuggled tightly against her sexy body.

“…vigilante.” He said finally.

“Then why don’t you come over here and find out.” Supergirl dared him; her heart was pounding with excitement, ready for the fight. “You think the five of you have a chance against me? Don’t make me laugh, I’m not a fake in a stolen costume…I’m the real thing!”

“So happy to hear that!” the arrogant one in front of her lashed out first, sending streams of electrical energy at her. But Supergirl was too fast, she jumped just in time, flying upward, allowing the bolts of lightning to hit the blond behind her.

“Shocker you idiot!” She shouted as the bolts hit her, sending her falling backwards.

“Get her!”

Supergirl went into action. The rubber man stretched out to grab her but she pulled him forward, grabbing his extended arms and taking him off his feet. She whirled him around and slammed him into the shocker. The large man charged her, hitting her hard from behind. Supergirl felt his powerful blow crash against her back as the pain shot through her body. She fell forward on her hands. Behind her she could see him coming for her and she swept his legs sending him to the ground.

As she rose she ran quickly into the fog, getting away from the rest, using the fog as cover.

‘Got to pick them off one at a time, keep away from the girl until I can figure out how to beat her.’

She heard the quick steps of the animal behind her, getting closer and closer. He would be on her in a second. She turned just in time to see the beast emerge from the fog. Its yellow eyes and large teeth gleaming as it attacked her. It snapped at her, biting into Supergirl’s shoulder.

“AAAAAIIIIIII!” She screamed as the pain shot through her body, its teeth drenched in her blood.

Supergirl dug her fingers into the head of the wolf, grabbing hard on its fur. She pulled him away and flung him to the ground.

“You cant hide from me Supergirl…I can smell you! I can smell you.” He growled circling her again. Supergirl circled back, keeping the thing in front of her. He lunged at her, his razor claws just missing her. Again he charged, this time ripping at her shoulder, and again drawing blood.

“NNnngggg” Supergirl retreated, waiting for her moment when he suddenly charged, mouth full open, baring his sharp teeth. But Supergirl caught him by the jaws, pushing him backwards she took him off his clawed feet landing on top of him, she drove her elbow hard into its body. She wanted to finish this; she couldn’t allow him to attack her again. She climbed on top of him and hit him again and again, drawing its own blood from the beast. The creature went berserk, snapping at her, its claws ripping at her costume, tearing it away in shreds as its massive jaws snapped, lunging at her throat.

“I’ll kill you…I’ll kill you.” He sneered, his paws ripping across her legs. “Just like I killed that bitch friend of yours….I ate her liver and ripped her throat apart!’

Supergirl wrestled with the growling beast, trying to ignore the gouging pain as its razor sharp claws ripped into her. Each time feeling like a hot knife cutting at her, but she didn’t stop pounding at the thing, almost like an animal itself, ignoring the pain and blood that stained her costume, until finally she slammed her fist downward against the beast face, cracking the concrete below it. The beast whimpered as blood poured from its snout

Supergirl slowly rose above the still animal, her breathing was fast and she could feel her heart pumping at a rapid pace. She looked down at the front of her costume, it was ripped in several places, and blood smeared on her body from the numerous wounds and stained her skirt and top. She looked at her hands, trembling, and she took several breaths to calm herself but stopped suddenly. She saw something moving through the fog, the glow of the shocker coming towards her. She turned to wait for him but then saw something else.

“What’s going on here? Is anyone here?”

It was a fat police officer. He swept the area with his flash light, looking for the source of the fighting.

“Get out of here!” She shouted his way. The policeman turned his flashlight towards her area, straining to see through the fog.

“Who’s there? Come out right now!”

Supergirl’s mouth open to warn him again but now she could see the silhouette of the towering man behind the cop emerge from the fog. His face was twisted with a smile, grinning and evil he crept up behind the cop.

“NO, look out!!” Supergirl shouted.

The cop withdrew his gun, but it was too late. The giant slammed his fist on either side of the cop’s head, exploding it in a gush of blood and skull. His headless body twitched and shuttered to the ground. Supergirl looked at the hulking man behind the dead body, washed in blood, he stared her direction with a psychotic grin on his face.

Supergirl sneered with anger and charged towards him but was hit suddenly with a flash of energy. The shock coursed through her body, stinging every pore of her body, the hairs on the back of her neck stood straight up. It was the shocker, she had forgotten about him. Smoke simmered off of her but before he could attack again she caught him and drove her knee into his groin. The villain’s eyes boggled and then fell as she caught him with a thundering slap across his chest. She turned just in time to see the thin man coming behind her. He wrapped his arms around her, looping her body with his stretched arms. She pulled against him but it was like fighting rubber…

“AAAAiiiiii!” Supergirl screamed as he slammed his fist beneath her skirt, striking her mound hard. Pain streaked through her body as she clutched between her legs.

“I hope that hurts!” His stretched neck put his head directly at her.

His fist formed a concrete block and slammed hard into her stomach, again and again. Supergirl doubled over in pain, still wrapped in his body. His hand turned into a sharp knife and he drove it deep into Supergirl shoulder.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” The pain struck her hard as he twisted it into her. Her blood spilled down her costume staining the sky blue satin in a deep hue of red. . She grabbed at his rubbery form, pulling the knife from her shoulder, stretching him, trying to pull him away but he clung to her hard, pushing his sharp hands towards her throat. Supergirl trembled, sweat poured down her face, as she pulled closed around his wrist, pulling him away slowly. She spotted a long piece of pipe and grabbed it with her free hand.

“NNNNgggggg!!!!” She slammed the pipe against his face, the villain staggered. Quickly she began undoing his rubbery form from her, but he clung on hard. She slammed his face again with her fist and with great strength flung him away, but the villain reached, grabbing at her, his hands grabbed her costume and ripped away the front. Supergirl’s round right pink breast popped out as the villain tore away the front of her costume. Her face went red with shame as her now luscious body was exposed to the world.

“Not bad!” The giant didn’t give her a chance to recover; he was on top of her again. He grabbed her from behind, wrapping his massive arms around her.

“UUUNnggggg…let go of me, murderer!” Supergirl’s breath rushed out of her lungs, she felt as if her body was in a vice as he took her off her feet with his steel grip, then slamming her to the ground again. Supergirl grimaced in pain as the hard street made contact with her body, her wounds stung as her sweat mingled with her blood. She steadied herself, getting up again she was hit suddenly with an electric energy blast.

“AAAAIIIi…” She was knocked off balance and fell to her right where the ghostly woman appeared with her shimmering blond hair.

“This is for killing my pet!” She slammed her fist into Supergirl, the spikes on her knuckles cutting into the superheroine, spurting blood. The beautiful assassin climbed on top of the heroine’s chest, pinning her to the ground as the milky white essence began to drain from Supergirl again. The woman punches were getting harder and harder, Supergirl grimaced with the sting and power of the blows.

“No, get away from me!” She fought back grabbing the woman with her legs in a clenched scissor hold.

“AAAaggggggggghhhhh” The woman screamed as Supergirl’s vice like grip crushed her and then whipped her backwards, smashing her into the ground.

‘Too many powerful villains…can’t…can’t fight them together.’

She fell face down into the wet gutter, her body hurt and bloodied; her fingers pushed against the slimly dirty street and got to her feet again. The giant was in front of her, she curled her fingers into a fist and swung hard at him but he caught her hand, pulling her into him he trapped her arm beneath his own powerful arm. He twisted her arm hard towards him, bending her elbow inward painfully. He smiled, giddy with the tortured look on her face, he twisted it again harder, his breat becoming hot and fast and Supergirl could see his enjoyment of her pain He was a true sadist, he enjoyed killing and enjoyed watching the pain on her face, she looked down at his tight pants, his cock throbbed and grew. He was sexually excited at her pain.

“Come on, scream for me baby.” He tortured her trapped arm.

Supergirl’s mouth fell open in a silent scream, her face twisted in horror but she refused to scream. Her arm felt as if it were being torn from her, tears erupted in her eyes as the large man twisted the captured limb again. Her teeth gritted together, the pain was unbearable.

“Come on superhero.” He wiped one of her tears with his finger and licked it with his tongue. His breathing was quick and hot, almost on the verge of something pleasurable.

Supergirl’s lip trembled, she refused, trying to pull herself free of him. The man sneered in a rage, he pulled her arm hard and then in a quick move… she heard a snap.

“AAAaiiiiiggggggggggg!” Her eyes went wide with terror as the shock gave way to burning, throbbing pain. Her arm felt swollen and dead, useless.

Tears streamed down her eyes as the vicious villain grinned, twisting it again. Supergirl’s knees buckled, her teeth clenched tight as her face became washed in tears.

“AAAAgggggggggggg” She gasped for breath, her only thoughts of escaping.

‘G-got to….’ She willed herself up, trying to see through the tears in her eyes; she swung her free hand at the sadistic villain. Weak and unable to concentrate she missed, he took her second hand by the wrist, trapping her. He spun her around, pinning both her hands behind her. Supergirl trembled in pain as the other three villains closed in on her together. They moved in closer for the kill.

“Fucking slut, you’ve caused enough trouble tonight.”

The blond woman grabbed the remainder of Supergirl’s torn top and ripped the front completely open. Supergirl could only watch as now both of her firm creamy breast bounded out, she could feel the cool air brushing against her naked nipples. She squirmed in the giants grip, her body twisting to his delight, watching her round breast bounce seductively. He eyed her sexy body as he pinned her hands behind her, giving his friends an open target.

“OOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” She cried as the woman’s steel spikes struck her below her skirt, ramming them into her silken mound. The points raked upward, tearing the top of her panties. A bushel of pubic hair peeked out from the ripped portion as the top flapped open. At the same time the shocker placed his hands on her breast. Bolt of electricity flickered from his palms as he massaged her naked tits.

Supergirl grimaced in pain as the sting of electricity made her entire body jump and convulse, she felt a slight wetness between her legs, cool and throbbing, she tighten her legs, resisting. She struggled in the massive man’s grip as he twisted her aching arm.

Shots of pain ran through her body. Both the woman and the shocker now took turns pounding into her. The thin man approached her, his hands shaped into large knives; he sliced at her, ripping her tiny miniskirt open. Only her bright yellow belt held the material to her now as he slapped her hard across the face drawing blood from her lip.

“Looks like the mighty Supergirl is finished.” He said watching her. Her entire naked front was now fully exposed; her silky blue panties only hid a portion of her soft billowy mound.

“Lets finish it then.”

The blond spiked woman and the shocker joined in pounding into her soft belly. The superheroine shuttered with each punch, then was forced back up by the giant to absorb more punishment.

Again and again they pounded into the helpless heroine, her body wet with sweat, bruised and bloodied, her legs felt awkward beneath her, twisting on her heels to stay up. She felt her body weakening with each blow, the pain becoming overwhelming. The large man holding her turned her suddenly, he slammed his fist hard into her stomach.

“NNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!” His blow was twice that of the others, she doubled over in pain, her muscles in her midsection shook, she felt a sudden release and then a warm feeling between her legs. A hot liquid filling, between her legs, warm and wet, it soaked into her panties causing them to turn a deep blue hue as it dripped from her soaked clit, running down her legs and into her red leather boots. Streams of urine stained her legs as the musky smell filled the air.

“Oh my God!” she cried, realizing that she could no long hold back the flood between her legs.

“She’s pee’d her panties, ha-ha!” The shocker laughed at the shamed superheroine, her face blushed in red, she couldn’t believe what was happening…it had to be a bad dream….

The blonde woman grabbed her hurt arm pushing her down to a small puddle of her own urine that had settled on the floor.

“Ha-ha Supergirl, you cant hold your water, hahaaaaaa…!”

“Get off me you psycho!” Supergirl screamed embarrassed and humiliated, she turned quickly, slapping the woman hard across her perfect face sending her falling face first into puddle.

“NNNaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!” She screamed. Her face twisted in anger and disgust as she spat out a combination of spit and urine from her mouth. Dirty yellow streaks trickled down her smooth face as she screamed again, enraged.

‘Have to escape….’ Supergirl thought as she tried to rise taking only a step before the giant kicked her hard on her broken arm sending her to her knees. The woman, now not looking very pretty at all, came over and joined him, slamming her foot into Supergirl’s pussy.

“You fucking whore!!” she screamed, the drops still falling from her chin.

“OOOHhhhaaaa.” Supergirl moaned, feeling the tip of the woman’s heel pushing the cold wet silk of her panties inside her clit. She squirmed, trying to fight off their kicks as the villains stomped her harder, kicking her over onto her back.

“You want to play, you fucking slut?”

The woman grabbed her by her hair; pulling her to he feet she took Supergirl’s wrist and crossed them above her head. The pain from her arm shot through her again making her grimace in pain.

Supergirl screamed in pain as the woman grabbed both her arms and crossed her wrist above her head, pinning them above her.

“What are you doing? Let me go.” The once mighty Supergirl struggled to break free, her ripped and bloodied costume gave them a full view of her firm naked body, from top to bottom, her tits bouncing as she squirmed, the male villains watched silently, admiring her tight waist and soft tan curves.

“Well boys,” the woman said pinning Supergirl’s wrist, “any takers?”

The men smiled at each other as they quickly took hold of her legs.

“No…oh God, NO!” Supergirl begged as her legs were forced apart, the shocker stood over her, his smiling face glowed with excitement.

“I love this part.” He giggled as he leaned in closer to her, his hand pressed over her pouting mouth.

“ssshhhhhhh” He laughed running his fingers down her lips and over her chin. Supergirl’s heart raced as she watched in her prone position, spread eagle as the man’s finger traced between her breasts. Goosebumps shivered on her body as he parted her stomach and rolled over her belly button.

“Gasp!” She watched as his fingers found the top of her torn panties, she tried to pull away as he pushed through her curly pubic hair and down into the sky blue superheoine panties. He stopped as he reached the parting of her mound, his fingers resting on her soft tender lower lips. Supergirl looked up at him, her eyes wide, her breathing heavy and fast as he looked her in the eye.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Her mouth was wide open, her red lipstick made a perfect circle as she screamed so hard her lungs pained. The sparks from the shocker’s fingers crackled and flashed inside her panties as his electrified fingers probed her.

“It’s a new sensation for you isn’t it hero.” His fingers hummed with power as he parted his fingers, sliding down her mound.

“OOOHhhhh…..OOOOOHHH…..OOOOOOHHHHHHHH” She screamed as the energy pulsed in short burst causing her clit to vibrate madly, her vulva pumping and quivering. Supergirl’s thighs trembled, she squirmed trying to kick away but the men held her open.

“OOOH…OOOOOOOOHHHHH…OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH….” Her body glistened in sweat; she could hear her own heart beating rapidly and then faster as his other hand ran over her tender breast.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHH….OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” her entire body shook madly, again and again he pulsed her, the sharp pain of the shock between her legs was making her crazy. He wouldn’t let her relax, he shocked her again and again her entire pussy vibrated, quivering as her temperature rose, her legs shook madly, her muscles constricted as she felt the unmistaken welling of wetness between her legs.

“I think she all wet for you now, mate. How about showing her a good time, ha-ha.” The shocker smiled at the thin man as they switched places. The shocker took Supergirl’s booted ankle, pinning her, spreading her as the thin man kneeled between her legs. He took hold of her ripped panties and tore them open violently. Her curly black bush was now completely exposed as he climbed on top of her, withdrawing his cock.

“I’m going to ruin you for other men sweetheart.” He laughed as the others did.

Supergirl saw the smiling face of the blond above her, the pain from her arm burning and shooting through her. She looked at the lanky thin man in front of her with a sneer.

. He grabbed Supergirl’s hips and rammed his cock inside her.


His cock slipped easily inside her wet pussy, pumping her faster and faster.

“OOOOhhhhh….OOOOOHHHHHHH…” she screamed, her eyes wide, she could feel him getting bigger and bigger inside her, pushing in harder and harder, filling her up completely.

“OOOHHhhmy god…..OOOHHHH…my…gggodddd…” she moaned, her entire body moving with his thrust. She felt as if she would tear in half as he continued to go deeper, sliding and slamming against her most sensitive areas.

“NNNnnoo…nnnnoooooo…..” She said through clenched teeth, she didn’t want to cum, she refused. She didn’t stiffened her body, trying to pull away from him, but he was too deep in.

“Fuck you!” she spat in his face.

The man trembled with anger as he wiped the glob from his face. His hands wrapped around and around her throat.

“nnnggg..cough…cough…..” Supergirl felt him strangling her, constricting around her throat, her breath being cut off, all the while still pumping his cock inside her faster and faster. She struggled harder, trying to pull her hands free from the woman, kicking her trapped legs madly as she felt her lungs burn.

“You’re killing her!” the woman shouted.

“uuuffffffff….uuuuuufgggggg……” she gasped for air, her body hot and tingling, a dam of passion building between her legs, darkness clouding her eyes as the villain came faster still, his cock completely filling her insides, sliding in and out.

“Damn it, you’re killing her!!!!” The woman screamed but the thin man coiled his hands tighter around the heroine’s neck, his face twisted in pleasure, unaware of anything except the massive orgasm building inside of him, unaware that Supergirl was now completely still, her eyes withering.

Supergirl gasped for breath, her eyes fluttering, she could hear her own heart racing, darkness filing her eyes, she couldn’t pull free, she couldn’t get away, and she couldn’t stop them, as the darkness took her completely.

“OOOHhhhhhh….OOOOOHHHHHHHH……” the thin man’s thick cock throbbed inside her, filling her with his sticky white cum.

Supergirl lay still, not breathing, a blank look on her face, her eyes staring into nothingness as the man pulled his expanded cock from her, her own juices poured from her mound, leaking down below her dewy pubic hair. She could no longer see anything, there was only blackness, her own heartbeat had faded away and she could feel herself drifting away somewhere. Free of her body, her pain and all worries.


………………………………….again, damn it! ……………………………….

……………………………......”YYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAiiiiiii……cough, cough……………….Supergirl’s lungs burned, her eyes were blured with tears, but she could make out the form of the man standing above her. The shocker, his hands inches away from her chest, buzzing with power. He had revived her.

“You stupid fucking idiot!!!!!” He shouted at the thin man behind him. “You and your fucking temper…you almost cost up a fortune!”

Supergirl coughed repeatedly, she wiped the tears from her eyes as she saw the villains arguing among themselves.

“Boss Lu wants her alive, we get nothing if she’s dead, do you understand that?” The woman shouted. “Tie her up, the car’s here.”

Supergirl felt weak as a kitten, she didn’t resist as the men pulled her sore arms together and wrapped them with strong white rope, binding the beaten superheroine. Next they crossed her ankles, wrapping white cord around her red leather boots tightly, pulling a center rope between her ankles.

“Bring her along.”

The large tattooed man grabbed the excess of the rope biding her feet, lifting them he pulled Supergirl through the dirt of the open lot. They dragged her to the curb where a long black limo was parked. A man the size of the giant waited at the back door.

Supergirl was dragged to the back side of the car where the man dropped her bound feet.

She looked up, still feeling pain each time she took a breath as the back door opened. A skinny man with round glasses stepped out.

“Boss Lu, thanks you.” He said to the villains.

“Thanks? Just make sure the money’s here, we lost one tonight.”

‘Was this the mighty boss of the underground that wanted her dead? No, this man would never command the type of respect needed for organized crime.’

“I want to see her.”

Just then someone else emerged from the back seat. An old woman with graying white hair, dressed in traditional Japanese robes, she stepped out in delicate white sandals, looking down at Supergirl.

“So this is the mighty Supergirl, Princess of Power, Maiden of Might? The one who took my son from me?” The woman looked down at the torn and bloodied superheroine at her clean white feet. Supergirl was dirty and covered in her own sweat; her costume had been ripped completely in the front, showing her most secretive shame. Her hair was dripping with mud and clotted with blood, her fingernails were dirty and disgusting as she tried to cover her large round breast with her bound hands. Her triangle bush was also in full view her ripped panties did little to cover her. She had been through a war and had come out the loser.

“Boss Lu.” Supergirl spoke in a whisper.

“That’s very perceptive of you Supergirl.” She said. “Most think of Boss Lu as some hulking man with an Armani suit, but to be a true boss one must have brains,” she pointed to her head. “And be beyond reproach and suspicion.”

She spoke in well educated tones.

“Where…where is my friend?” Supergirl asked, looking up at the woman.

“Your friend?” Boss Lu smiled to herself. “It was easy to find out the true Supergirl once we reviewed the tapes from the bank. It was you who put my son in prison. My only son!” She glared at Supergirl.

“Traci, what did you do with her?”

See for yourself.” The old woman motioned to the car and to Supergirl’s shock Traci stepped from the back seat.

“Did you get her? Oh my god I can’t believe it took this long, I’m hours late for my interview!”

Traci was still dressed in her costume except now she had replaced the boots with tall red open toed heels that strapped at the ankles and she still wore her large black glasses on her face, making her look nerdy.


“And you are going to be able to do this right?” Traci ignored Supergirl, asking Boss Lu.

Boss Lu looked at the blond woman who smiled and nodded.

“Yes, her powers will be yours.”

“Oh goodie!” Traci jumped with joy. “Now if you will excuse me, I have an interview!” She took off her glasses and shook her long flowing hair. Then in the short miniskirt she turned and strutted across the street to where the television station building was.

The old woman looked down at Supergirl.

“That’s right Supergirl, we’re going to take all of your powers away from you and give to her. She has agreed not to disrupt or interfere with any of my activities, in return for your powers. And as you may have guessed,” she motioned to the blond woman. “Isis has the power to drain your powers as well as transfer them, along with your memories, your thoughts and every feeling in your body, all with just a touch of her fingers.”

“Yes, and the first time I touched you I saw a tasty little treat…I think his name was Paul?”

“No, No I won’t let you!”

“Fool, you have no choice. Get her into the car.” The old woman commanded the hulking men behind her as they lifted Supergirl and threw her inside on the black leather seats, her skirt flipping over exposing her tan ass to them.

“No, let go of me…mmmmffffffffffff…..” A piece of tape was torn from the roll and pushed onto her mouth. The kidnapped Supergirl was pushed to the corner of the car as she recognized a voice outside.

“Well you’ve got her, now where is my finders fee?” The form of Traci’s boyfriend John had emerged from the fog.

“Don’t look at me like that; I brought her right to you. I gave her all the info for your trap, I delivered her here!” He said in his smart tones. Supergirl could just see out the open door.

“Yes, my boy. Yes you did.” The old woman smiled at him. “And what have you there?” she pointed at he envelope in John’s hands.

“Some photographs I’m selling to a private collector. Very provocative stuff, getting top dollar for them.” He smiled.

“Yes, yes I bet you will.” The old woman turned and entered the car with her bodyguard and closed the door. Supergirl watched as she flipped a button on the door and the window lowered.

“Shocker, would you please give this gentleman his finders fee.” She said as the car started. The window closed as the old woman smiled putting on dark shades as she stared at the half naked captured Supergirl across from her. Supergirl’s eyes darted above the gag from the woman to John on the curb with the super powered villains. The car began to drive away, Supergirl watched as the shocker handed something to John.

“MMMMMFFFFFFFFF” She shouted, her gagged mouth silenced as she watched John’s body go ridged, convulsing and shaking as mega watts coursed through him. The envelope of pictures in his hand exploded into flames, his eyes exploded from there sockets and his skin melted from his bones.

Supergirl watched in horror through the back window as suddenly his form exploded into a raging inferno and then he was gone. The shocker stood by himself. The wind blew away the soot and ash that was once John.

“Don’t worry Supergirl; we have different plans for you.”