Wonder Woman Meets Syphon

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Washington DC: 20 people in three weeks have been found in alleyways and street corners in comas. Doctors have no explanation regarding the cause of the comas. It appears mental, but all patients also displayed physical symptoms. The doctors are not ruling out viral or bacterial causes at this juncture either. All patients fell between the ages of 18- 40, most in prime physical shape before the onset of the coma.

In addition, several of the patients had irregular bruising, and missing personal effects. All patients were found in the early morning hours.

Diana reread the sheet that Steve had given her.

Steve interrupted her thoughts; "Diana, this is an unusual case that may be a medical situation, but given the bruising, may be triggered by malicious acts of violence. Either way, before we have mass hysteria, or additional victims slip into a coma, I'd like you to look into this case, and provide the IADC with some answers".

"I'll get right on it Steve"

"Thanks, Diana- let me know when you turn up any information"

Diana strode out of Steve's office, and started reviewing the file with all information on the coma victims. Each victim seemed to have youth on their side, and all in prime physical shape. In fact, the first thing Diana noticed was that all of the victims, whether male or female seemed to be very fit, all under 40, and most were very attractive. However, each of the hospitalized patients barely had enough strength to keep their heart and lungs working, and most registered abnormally low brain activity.

Diana visited a hospital with 4 of the patients, 2 male and 2 female. She was struck by how pale and frail each patient was, as if a loud noise would be enough to end their fragile existence. Each patient had unusual bruising, but there was no seeming pattern to the bruises. The bruises fell in different areas of the body on each victim, displaying no obvious pattern.

The most worrying aspect of the victim's malady was the lack of brain activity. The patients did not register enough activity to be having any cognitive thoughts, dreams, or any willpower to overcome their condition.

Diana left the hospital, and immediately began visiting family members, friends, and co-workers trying to discern a pattern, a common source of food or chemicals, any similar eating habits, any water shared water sources, any common localities. Several days went by, before she found a common thread. All stricken victims worked out regularly, and all were members of just three gyms. Plotting the locations where the patients were found, they were all in the vicinity of the gyms, and with some additional investigation, she confirmed that most worked out the evening prior to being found on the street. Diana immediately turned her attention away from natural causes, and began to suspect foul play.


Diana decided to monitor the traffic of one of the gyms each evening as Wonder Woman until she found a victim. Staying to the roof tops she would follow any of the later departees of the gym until they reached their destination. While monitoring one of the gyms, a victim turned up near another of the gyms she had noted to watch. After several more days, she finally saw what appeared to be a very large man in a trench coat and hat yank a bodybuilder off of the street and into an alley.

Diana quickly jumped off of the roof and rounded the corner to the alley, to find the large man pinning the bodybuilder to the wall several inches off of the ground by his neck with one hand, and reaching for his forehead with the other. A soft yellow glow surrounded both figures. Diana quickly tossed her tiara at the assailant hitting him forcefully in the side of the head. The force of the blow was enough to knock the hat off of the man, and such that he dropped his victim and staggered back a step or two. The man looked up at Diana and he smiled lasciviously at her. Diana was struck by three things-the enormous size of this man (easily 7'0" tall), how easily he shrugged off the blow of the tiara, and how incredibly good-looking he was. Diana placed her tiara back on her forehead, just as he rushed at her…. faster than she expected for a man his size. She barely was able to sidestep his rush, and then turned to face him. He again charged her and she deflected him into a brick wall. Before he could get up, she kicked him squarely in the chest sending him flying back into the wall. She quickly looped her lasso around his shoulders and orders him to stand up. He obeys.

"Who are you?"

"I am called….Syphon"

"what have you done to your- victims?"

"I have absorbed their….. abilities"

"can they be cured?"

"they will naturally regain their abilities, but it will take some time depending on their inner strength"

"why are you attacking these people?"

Syphon smiles- "to absorb their abilities, of course. The stronger, faster, more beautiful, healthier they are , the more so that I become"

" your parasitic ways are at an end, Syphon- I order you to…"

Just as Diana was issuing another command, Syphon quickly grabbed the lasso and pulled with all of his strength. Diana, momentarily caught off guard, loses her balance and is pulled directly towards Syphon. Still wrapped in the lasso, he quickly head-butts her as she falls forward towards him, catching her directly in the center of her tiara. The blow is staggering and Diana crumples to the ground, losing her grip on her lasso. Dazed she reaches to her forehead to straighten her tiara as she rolls away from her assailant. This gives Syphon all the time he needs to remove the lasso from his shoulders. As Diana awkwardly stands up, shaking off the blow to her forehead, she watches Syphon discard the lasso, and begin to charge her. Although slightly disoriented, even with his augmented speed, she easily steps aside, and watches as he crashes into several trash cans. Spinning around to keep an eye on her combatant she backs up to retrieve her lasso. As she warily bends down to pick up the lasso, she catches movement from the pile of debris, and watches as Syphon launches a trash can top at her like a Frisbee. Her senses beginning to clear, Diana easily deflects the projectile with her bracelets. Syphon hurls another lid at Diana, and as she deflects the lid, she notices that Syphon used it as a distraction, and is charging her again at full speed. His speed is enough to close the gap quickly, but her Amazon training allows her to lean to the side and bring up her knee into his solar plexus. The mighty blow elicits a heavy grunt as the villain expels most of the air in his lungs. Diana reaches over his back, grabbing his trousers and yanks hard enough to send the startled Syphon sprawling into the brick wall behind her. As Syphon falls, she reaches down to pick him up and deliver the coup de gras to his chin. But Syphon again proves quicker than she anticipated, and reaches up to grab her wrist before she can collar him.

The instant their skin meets, a bright golden glow surrounds both combatants. Diana gasps as his touch feels so cold, and she can feel an icy sensation running up her arm, just as an equal but opposite heat is flowing down her arm. Her natural reaction is to flinch and withdraw her arm. However, Syphon is prepared for the movement, and holds on to her wrist. Diana's movement actually has enough strength to pull Syphon off the ground, and allow him to catch her balled fist in his other hand. Diana, stunned as if shocked by electricity, instantly feels weaker, and is momentarily caught off-guard. Syphon smiles broadly- the surge of god-given power, speed, beauty, and strength unlike any he has ever felt. Wonder Woman snaps out of her trance, and brings her knee up and into Syphon's genitals. He crumples over but manages to retain his grip on her wrist.

" You Amazon Bitch- I will have every last bit of your power- and I will take your body and soul!"

Diana follows up her knee with an uppercut to his chin. The blow should have been enough to fell an elephant and is strong enough to send Syphon sprawling onto his back. However, Syphon has enough strength to remain conscious. As he starts to get up, Diana kicks him in the chest sending him flailing back into the pile of debris. Diana reaches down and grabs one of his legs to pull him out of the debris, and backhands him across his cheek, snapping his head back and giving him an instant welt on his face. He slumps over onto his face on the pavement without moving. Diana again goes to retrieve her lasso to bind her captive.

As she bends over to pick up the lasso, she catches movement out of the corner of her eye. Syphon had been "playing Possum" and uses the subterfuge to launch himself at her as she bent over. The large man lands on her back wrapping his arms around her in a bearhug, and uses his momentum to carry them both into the wall. With her arms pinned at her side, she has no way to brace for the impact and her head crashes into the wall, absorbing the full momentum of both warriors weight. Syphon, does not let go of her arms as both players fall to the ground. The glow surrounding both figures is intensifying. Syphon quickly gathers his wits, since he is absorbing an Amazon warrior's strength and recuperative powers. Diana, completely in a fog, both dazed from the blow to the head and Syphon's draining powers weakly tries to break his grip to no avail. Gasping, in the back of her mind she realizes she must get away from his grip. Even though she cannot focus, her warrior's spirit wills her to try and elbow her assailant. He maintains his hold and only takes a glancing blow. Diana pushes up on one knee and has enough strength to backwards head-butt Syphon. The blow is enough to force him to relax his bearhug enough for her to spin out of the pinning embrace. However, he has enough presence of mind to grab her arm just below the shoulder as she is spinning away. His grip is like a vice, and the icy sensation only makes it worse.

The Amazon's head-butt was strong enough to keep Diana floating in and out of consciousness as well. Syphon stands up and pulls the Amazing Amazon towards him by the shoulder. He then spins her back around to where she is backed up to him and he wraps her in a bear-hug one more time. This time he laughs….

" it is over- and you have lost. Even now, you know it s true- I am already so much stronger than you, and you are fading fast. Your power is addictive. I have…"

Diana's head is lolling back and forth as he is talking- she cannot focus, and she feels so weak and tired..

"…several surprises in store for you. I think first though, you and I need to get to know one another better…."

Diana in her stupor feels him loosen his hold, as he takes his right arm and wraps her neck in the crook of his elbow- bending her backwards towards him. Syphon takes his left hand and begins to unzip her bustier. Diana does not even realize that she is being disrobed as all she can feel is an icy sensation around her neck. He then takes his left hand up under her arm and begins to fondle her left breast. Diana is almost oblivious to her molestation. Syphon spins her around and pulls her top completely off. He props her up against the wall, and stands back to admire the view of her massive mammaries heaving with each ragged intake of breath. The pert nipples standing proud in the center of each gland surrounded by well proportioned aureoles beckoning like bullseyes. Syphon backs away from her, not wanting to drain too much power at once, and gathers his hat, her lasso and bustier, and tucks them into his jacket.

Diana's head is lolling about, her eyes fluttering, her breasts heaving with each labored breath; it is almost too much for Syphon to contain himself. He walks up to her and gives her a quick kiss on her right nipple, and then throws her over his left shoulder. Diana's arms hang limply to the ground, her fingertips falling below his left buttock. He balances her with his left arm over her waist, and brings his right hand up to squeeze her buttocks through her star-spangled briefs as he carries her to his waiting vehicle.

Syphon opens the side door to his panel van and drops Wonder Woman in a Captain's Chair in the back of the van. Moving to the back of the van he opens a tool box and removes a set of 4" ratchet straps. He closes the back door of the van, and then grabs the bumper and lifts to test his new-found strength absorbed from Diana. He easily picks up the back half of the van, and inwardly gloats at his victory. Moving back to the side door he climbs in and hovers over Diana for a moment admiring the view. Syphon runs a 4" strap under her breasts and around the back of the Captain's Chair. Every time his skin brushes against hers a glow flickers in the van's cabin. He immediately begins ratcheting the strap until it is taut, digging into Diana's skin. Syphon chuckles " after all, you mustn't ride in a moving vehicle without a safety belt." Diana barely registers any of this, but begins to shake her head trying to bring herself back to consciousness. Syphon rounds the chair to look at her futile efforts and is amazed. " Your resiliency is amazing- anyone else would be in a partial coma by now, yet you actually seem to be able to gain some of your strength back before I expend it!" Syphon reaches down and says "just a little squeeze and you'll feel better-at least to me" and he grabs her right breast in his left hand. The flow of power immediately begins and Diana's head perceptibly falls against her chest. Syphon immediately breaks off contact and gets in the driver's seat.

As he pulls off, he hears sirens in the distance. "Someone must've found that bodybuilder in the alley" he muses. Syphon quickly leaves the area. As he drives he frequently looks in the rear-view mirror, drawn by the beauty in the back seat. "Lord what a looker" he thinks- he loves watching her head loll from one side to the other as he turns a corner, her naked breasts jiggling with the movement, mesmerizing him until they come back to rest. Her raven tresses cascading over her shoulders and chest, rising with each labored breath. He can hear her trying to fight her way back to consciousness again?!? Syphon smiles however, as he imagines the heady rush of power transference he experienced in the alley, and hopes that she can continue to provide reserves of strength. "And…." He thinks, "…she has no idea what other little surprises I have in store for her".


Wonder Woman shakes her head and then gasps "ooooohhhhhhh", as she is thrust back into consciousness. She bats her eyes and continues to fight the grogginess. All her body is telling her is to sleep, but she knows that she must not fall back into a slumber. She slowly becomes aware of bits and pieces of her surroundings. At first she realizes that she cannot move her arms, and then her eyes open enough to focus on details before snapping shut. It is taking an extreme effort of exertion to make the slightest movements of even her eyes. She sees a sparsely furnished bedroom, but no window or natural light. Diana registers some digital equipment to her left with her peripheral vision, and then she notes her more immediate positioning. She is strapped to a metal chair, tilted back at 30 degrees similar to an old dentist's chair with mesh straps around her ankles, thighs, waist, wrists, and biceps holding her in place. She notes that she is not wearing her bustier, her breasts exposed, but still maintains the remainder of her costume including- her Magic Belt! Elated, she thinks back to the sequence of events that landed her here, and remembers the fight with Syphon. She tries to break her bonds, but has no strength to do so. She literally feels weak as a kitten. She wonders how long she has been unconscious.

Suddenly, the door to the room is swung open and a form that takes up most of the door frame bends down to enter the room. Diana is still having to will her eyes to focus. Syphon! He has changed his garb and is in a form-fitting black suit with oddly placed seams, that extends up to his jawline, and is wearing black gloves and boots. He looks at his captive and is grinning from ear to ear. He not so subtly allows his eyes to wander up and down her body, soaking in every curve, admiring her beauty and her helplessness.

Syphon begins to speak "ahhh, back in the land of the living I see…."

Diana is so weak she has to close her eyes to concentrate on every word to understand it's meaning.

"……I hope you had a good nap, Princess. Your recuperative and regenerative prowess is impressive. I think you may prove to be a solution to all of my problems."

"You, no doubt, see me as a malicious villain. However, my 'condition' forces me to do the things I do- I am simply trying to survive and thrive. My body does not create energy for me to use. I must absorb energy from other beings, or I drop into a coma-like state, hibernating until a creature touches my skin and I can absorb their energy. If I were left in that state long enough I would perish. Fortunately, each time I have passed out, a doctor or friend has accidentally touched me trying to revive me. They, of course would revive me by accident, as my body would absorb their energy and strengths. Every time this would happen, I would be hunted down like Frankenstein's Monster, moving from city to city. So you see, Princess, I have to absorb the energies of the people I confront just to survive. I am not a murderer-I simply borrow their energy and traits for a time. All of the energies once expended, eventually return to their owners, and they will fully recuperate from my touch. In fact, our encounter used so much of my strength and speed that I am certain that several of the people I borrowed energy from recently have fully recovered from the process last night alone. I have been absorbing more and more energies recently to make myself stronger and to bank excess energies. Unfortunately, my body also reacts to excess energies, growing proportionately to my stored energies. It then starts a vicious cycle where I require more energy to sustain my larger body. Just two years ago, I barely stood at 6'0", and now, after absorbing your delicious strength, I am almost 7 ½ feet tall"

Diana's eyes flutter open again as she has gained back enough wits to both concentrate on Syphon's diatribe, and to visually reassess her predicament. The first thing she notes, now that she can focus, is how large and solid her captor is. Now that he is wearing skintight black clothing, she can see the contours of his muscles, and the sheer size of Syphon. At over 7 ½ feet tall, proportioned accordingly with the physique of a bodybuilder, he is an imposing sight. A statuesque beauty herself, standing at 6'0" without her high-heeled boots, it is rare to have a man tower over her. She takes in the girth of his neck, and the breadth of his shoulders as he towers over her. She then lowers her eyes to a direct line of sight in her raised chair and notices a more than prominent bulge in his pants. Syphon is clearly more than proportionately built for his large frame below the waist as well. She again wonders about the odd seams and tailoring of his clothing, as his words snap her concentration back to his speech.

"………I feel that if your strength continuously recharges daily at the rate you have been so far, I can feed off of you indefinitely to sustain me. In addition, if I can tap into your knowledge of other superheroines to lure here, perhaps two or three of you held captive would keep me off of the streets. And, perhaps a lot stronger and faster. Then there is another matter that you may be able to help me with….. but I see I am going on and boring you- we'll talk again in another few hours…"

Syphon then reaches over with his gloved hand and cups her right breast, pulling the meat of the breast towards him, he bends over and begins sucking on her nipple.

"ooooooohhh" Diana involuntarily moans - the heady rush of her energy being pulled from her body through her sensitive nipple is strangely, intoxicatingly, erotic. Although she is repulsed by his actions, she cannot deny the sensations. However, in her weakened state, her mind quickly wanders as she fights to retain consciousness. After only a brief few seconds, Syphon has sent her back into a land of slumber.

Syphon chuckles at her reaction, then says to himself " oh yes, I believe you may be the solution to all of my problems". Leaving the room, he checks the electronic equipment on his way out the door.


Wonder Woman comes out of her reverie, trying to shake off the cobwebs in her mind. She has had horrible dreams of a large man molesting her, over and over again. She starts to open her eyes and feels much stronger, as if she could break her bonds. She starts to flex her muscles, but stops before she begins to actually pull at the mesh straps. The machines next to her begin to chirp and hum. She thinks about her situation, and how she arrived here, but does not pull at her straps again. She notes that she now has a mask over her mouth and nose.

Within a few moments Syphon enters the room, still larger than before reaching almost 8'0" in height. "Ahhhh, Princess- I decided it was time we got to know a little bit more about each other, so I have not drained you for several days."

Several days??? Muses Diana- how long have I been out?

" I can see you are a little disoriented- I believe that this would be partially responsible" says Syphon as he holds up the end of the Golden Lasso for Diana to see.

Diana's eyes go wide as she sees the lasso and then visually follows the end from his hand downwards to see it circling her waist.

Syphon reaches over and removes the mask from her mouth, the elastic bands allowing it to settle around her neck. " you see, I have given you orders to not speak or try to escape your bonds. I also have been feeding you constant doses of chloroform through the tubing to keep you unconscious even though you were rapidly gaining back your strength. If you have been wondering how long you have been my prisoner, I would say a couple of months at the least. At first, I was keeping you unconscious by draining you daily, and increasing my power at the same time. Oh, I would say I am at least 50-75% stronger than you were in your prime, making me one of the most powerful individuals on the planet. As your belt replenishes your power, I drain it off- adding to the sum total. Whereas you always maintain a certain power level, you provide me with constant additional strength, until I expend it."

" Now…. you may talk- what is Supergirl's secret identity, and her weaknesses?"

NOOOOOO thinks Diana, even as her mouth begins to speak ''L-L-Linda D-D-Danvers, and Kryptonite and Magic are her weaknesses"

Syphon grills Wonder Woman for hours on all manner of inquiries- from the Justice League, to the IADC, to her sexual preferences, to Paradise Island. He then commands her to forget all of the questions he has asked her. Syphon then raises the mask back up to her mouth, making certain it is snug around her nose, and opens up the valve on the Chloroform gas.

Diana tries not to inhale, but after a couple of minutes she inhales quickly enough to give her a head rush, and her baby blues begin to flutter. She vainly tries to keep from taking another breath, even though she knows it is a losing effort. The next breath is deeper, and her vision begins to lack focus, her eyes start to water over, and she struggles to keep her eyelids from closing. She doesn't even acknowledge her next breath as she inhales enough to send her over the edge. Diana's eyes fully close as her head rocks limply to the side. Her breathing is laborious at first, chest heaving up and down with each gasp, but rapidly settling into the slow, even breathing of a deep slumber.

Syphon laughs thinking that he will not ever get tired of watching her succumb to the fumes. He leaves the room anticipating their next encounter.


When Diana next regains consciousness, she immediately becomes aware that she is no longer strapped to the chair. She is lying on the four-poster bed, each limb tied to a post with cloth straps. She flexes her muscles and feels the strength of the gods coursing through her body, but she does not pull at her restraints. She raises her head and peaks over the swell of her exposed breasts, to see that her belt is still in place, as are her star-spangled briefs, but that her golden lasso is tied around her waist as well. At least she knows why she can't tug on her bonds. The immense Syphon enters the room in his black suit but now it is complete with a full head mask. Diana starts to open her mouth but, again cannot speak.

"I do so love that golden toy of yours- or should I say mine! As usual you are resplendent in all of your god-given glory. I have to tell you this curse of mine has turned into a blessing with you as my captive and source of power. I have a third task for you that is going to make my day if all goes as planned"

Syphon then moves to the bed and sits next to his prone victim. Wonder Woman keeps trying to tug at her bonds, even to voice a protest to no avail. As he continues his diatribe, Syphon idly begins to trace the swell of her left breast with his gloved hand.

"You see, not only have my draining abilities forced me to live a nomadic existence, but intimacy has escaped me as well. Every time I have started to make-out with a woman, they pass out as I drain their abilities. I woman has never been able to bring me to completion because of my curse. However, it takes me a good deal of time to drain you to unconsciousness when you are at full strength-as you are now"

Diana visibly shudders, as she is aware where he is heading with this. It is forbidden for Amazons to mate with a man of their own choosing, and she certainly does not want her first encounter to be forced upon her!

"So you see, it is time for us to get to know one another a little better. Don't you think?"

Diana's eyes are as big as saucers, and she mutely pleads for him to reconsider, shaking her head back and forth and closing her eyes.

"there, there, don't fret- this could be the biggest thing to happen to you, or more accurately your vagina! Ha, Ha, Ha! What's amatter princess? Don't like my sense of humor?"

Syphon grabs the end of the magic lasso and then says: " now, let's see- first, you may utter sounds, or single words, but may not form a sentence- do you understand?"

"y-y-y-yes", answers Wonder Woman feebly.

"Next, I am going to untie your feet, but you may not try to escape, or to harm me in any way, or to prevent me from doing anything that I would like with your body- do you understand?"

Nooooooooo screams Diana in her head, but her lips part and she utters "y-yes"

"excellent, you are such a willing partner- now I think it's time for a little foreplay…."

Diana, released to say single words just says "….don't"

Syphon smiles, and reaches under the bed and produces a vibrator, and a handful of odd little items that look like old plastic coin purses made out of a gel-like substance. He continues to trace the outline of her bust, but begins circling inward to the aureole. Diana seems immune to his early ministrations but shows obvious discomfort at the sight of the vibrator. Syphon stops for a moment and unties her feet. Diana instantly crosses her legs.

Syphon simply laughs, and just to show her how futile the effort is he begins running his hand from the top of her boot up her leg towards her inner thigh. Diana, under the influence of his commands through the magic lasso instantly uncrosses her legs, and turns them slightly outward, giving him access to the fleshy portion of her inner thighs. Syphon gives a hearty belly chuckle at this, and Diana actually reddens her cheeks in embarrassment. She again finds a single word with much fragile emotion utters "p-please".

This time Syphon smiles, and removes his hand from her leg, reaches up and begins to kiss her on the lips passionately and deeply. She cannot resist his advance and parts her lips for his invading tongue. A glow instantly surrounds her and she can feel power transferring to him. He enjoys the kiss for a few moments before pulling away. Diana has never felt so completely helpless before. She manages to say "..no", just before Syphon places one of the gel-like objects on her left nipple. The device feels warm and moist- and suddenly begins to slide one opening over the other in a state of constant motion. Diana notes that the sensation is pleasant but tries to concentrate on ignoring these emotions. Syphon then bends over and hungrily sucks on her right nipple. Instantly she begins to glow, and the sensation of power flowing through her right nipple, as her other nipple is molested by his toy elicits a "**GASP**" from the Amazon. He quickly pulls away and places another of the gel items on her right nipple. He can see just see the edge of her aureoles under his devices, with the tell-tale ridges suggesting that her body is responding to the movement of his toys. He places two more on either side of her neck, one on each earlobe, and one on each inner thigh.

Syphon says " really a simple little invention that I uncovered from a doctor whom I drained some time ago. It duplicates wet kisses- which prevents me from draining you any more prior to the main event!"

"NO!" shouts a breathy Diana.

"Oh don't be such a prude- it's going to happen, so why don't you make the most of it"-and Syphon switches on the vibrator to an audible hum. He then grabs the end of the lasso and commands her to suck on the vibrator as he pushes it in and out of her mouth.

Diana thinks "he is perverted, and his fake lips feel nice, but if he thinks any of this is going to turn me on, or that I am going to make this pleasurable for him he has another think coming"

Syphon then leaves the vibrator in Diana's mouth and descends to her crotch. He starts to massage her mound through the star-spangled panties. Diana almost chokes over the vibrator when she inhales sharply at this first incursion on her womanhood. Syphon chuckles and moves the thin piece of fabric that guards her womanly treasures to the side, and begins massaging her clitoris. Diana, although assaulted on several fronts, maintains her composure, and refuses to give Syphon a reaction. Although she must allow him to have access, she does not have to make it pleasurable for either one of them.

After several moments of massaging her clit, Syphon can see that she is defending her virtue as best as she can. He moves in and kisses her clit and sucks on her pleasure nub. A glow instantly forms and she feels both the power transfer and the heat transfer more acutely than ever before. Diana inhales sharply, almost gagging on the vibrator, but continues to suck on the disgusting device. Syphon smiles inwardly as he can begin to literally taste his impending victory. He breaks contact and carefully places the smallest of his devices on her clitoris. He then grabs her panties at the waistline and begins to slowly pull them down. She ruefully, but obediently, wiggles her hips to allow Syphon to move the tight fitting garment down to her thighs. He unzips her boots and removes them before continuing the journey of her panties. Wonder Woman points her toes to allow the panties to be pulled off , and dropped to the floor in a wad.

Syphon begins to ascend back up her legs with a malicious grin and grabs her hips to pull him further up her magnificent body. He cups both breasts in his hands and then he is eye level with the princess, still sucking on the vibrator that serves no purpose save abasing her. Syphon reaches down and puts one gloved finger in her mouth to feel how adept the Amazon is at sucking off a plastic device. He then extracts his hand with the device, and immediately descends to her waist.

Diana again pleads the single word "please!" , but Syphon will show no mercy this day. He begins running the vibrator along the edges of her lips. Diana, unused to the sensation, lets her guard down for a moment and involuntarily moans as the vibrator hits the gel-lips sending a jolt of pleasure through her suddenly-rigid clitoris. He continues to probe her lips and clitoris, and slowly he begins to see the womanhood part, begging to be explored. He slowly begins to thrust the vibe in and out a couple of inches. Diana steels herself for the worst, and concentrates on tightening both her resolve and her vagina, to keep this most impersonal of objects from gaining any additional access. Syphon, continues to play with Diana, but is noticing that she is beginning to fight the intrusion with renewed vigor. He decides that it is time to break out the "big gun" as it is already feeling too much pressure in his costume. He rises to his knees and works his way up to the Amazon's face, kneeling above her.

He grabs ahold of a Velcro seam below his waist, and unfastens the fabric allowing his member to spill out. The member falls out, heavy with blood coursing through the veins, and accidently hits Diana across the bridge of the nose. A glow instantly forms before Syphon leans back. Diana looks at the man above her, a towering 8 feet tall covered in black except his eyes, mouth, and now his manhood and testicles. Her jaw involuntarily drops at the sight of his penis, easily 12-14 inches in length, and maybe a fifth as large in girth. The sight even more imposing as it is the only visible skin on his frame and it is at eye-level. Clearly, she thinks, he grows in size here as well when he absorbs the strength of others. Without thinking she blurts out "Hera!"

Syphon looks down at her, past his member, at her blue eyes and sees fear for the first time. He then works his way between her legs and allows the tip of his head to touch her nether-lips. Once the contact is made the glow forms anew. He begins to push the head into her snatch, relishing the tightness as she strives to prevent entry mentally, even though the lasso compels her to allow access. The power-transfer coursing into his penis is heightening his pleasure as it does hers. Suddenly, after a few thrusts, he gains several inches. Diana cannot believe how large he is, not realizing that she is only accommodating 6 inches-less than half his length!

Syphon fights for every inch of depth he discovers, but every inch is a mild peace of heaven. However, Diana's fierce glare and obvious distaste for him is a damper on his rising libido. She refuses to give him the satisfaction of showing any signs of pleasure, nor would she give him easy access. The fight was arousing of it's own accord, but this was not how he had imagined this encounter. As he was fighting for a seventh inch, he had a wicked idea- but it was just a little soon to put into motion.

For her part, Diana thought that he would soon thrust so deeply that she could not stand the pleasure nor the pain of his invasion. She could feel him sapping her power quickly, and although it took her breath away and fed his strength, perhaps she would pass out again before she would give him any pleasure. As Diana's thoughts wandered, her concentration slipped, and she began breathing hard to the combined exertions in rhythm to his thrusts "uh, uh, oh, uh, uh, oh, oh".

The slight lapse in concentration also allowed Syphon to gain a full inch, and her moans were turning up the intensity of his desire to dominate her right away. He tried to gauge her remaining strength and could see that the timing was working against him-it was time to end her resistance!

Grabbing the end of her lasso, he drew her out of her reverie with a question "Princess, this Lasso is the lasso of truth- correct?"

"yuh-yuh-yuesss" she breathily answered, still being mercilessly pounded as he asked the question.

"Good- I compel you to recognize the truth of the sensations your body is receiving from me, and do not deny your body it's true natural reactions"

And with that one statement, Syphon was rewarded beyond measure- Wonder Woman could no longer shut out the pleasure and screamed in an animalistic voice "oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhh HERA heelllllllllppppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, AIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!" and her back arched, her chest thrust forward, she balanced herself on her buttocks, shoulders and the back of her head, and she clamped down on his penis with her vagina. Then as if she were a 'Toon who gets punched and whose eyes ring up "NO SALE", her baby blues rolled up under her upper eyelids. She held this position for several long seconds before relaxing her vaginal muscles and beginning to move her hips in time to his thrusts. No longer aware of the glow, her personal morays, Amazon laws, or anything else, she moaned deeply and sexily with every thrust. The pleasure center in her brain was overloaded with sensations from the pleasure center between her legs.

Syphon almost lost it the instant this transpired, and was doing his best to ride the unbroken filly he had mounted. Where he was clearly in control prior to his command, now he was holding on for the ride of his life. She was coaxing every thrust out of him, her vagina suddenly open to all intrusions, as moist and warm as possible. He suddenly was plunging 10-11 inches in with each thrust, only pulling back 6-7 inches before thrusting in as far as was possible. He struck paydirt and was rewarded with screams, pants, locked hips, and copious amounts of juices flowing across his member. The latest amount of juices sent him over the edge and he grabbed her buttocks, and rammed everything he had deep into her cunt. She stopped moving altogether as he shot his load into her as he penetrated her several more times. It was not until he could actually inhale for a moment that he realized that she was totally passed out…. he had drained too much of her energy! He quickly jumped off of her as he was afraid he had drained more than she was capable of giving. As he jumped off, a trail of sticky jism flowed from her snatch back to his penis before the strand eventually broke.

Syphon reached down with his gloved hand and mercifully found a weak pulse. He looked at his captive and admired the beauty he had just fucked- unmercifully! He then left to clean up and plan his next move.


Diana comes to several days later to find herself strapped to two makeshift pillars in the adjacent room. Syphon has cleared out all of the furnishings except the two pillars and four pedestals- one in each corner. Diana looks down to find that she has no remnant of her costume left except the belt, tiara, and bracelets. Although Syphon has clearly cleaned her up somewhat, she still reeks of musky sex and her inner thighs feel sticky. The Golden Lasso is still looped around her waist, the end trailing off behind her somewhere. Diana is furious and slightly embarrassed when she recounts her coupling with Syphon. Diana prays to Aphrodite that she has not become impregnated. She silently vows that there will be an accounting for this!

Syphon enters the room, ducking beneath the door header- clearly larger than before. He is whistling softly to himself, when he notices that Diana is again conscious. He walks over to her and with his gloved hand, cups the mound between her legs. "You enjoyed our last encounter, didn't you Princess?"

Defiantly, she stares him in the eyes and says "absolutely not!"

"I think we both know otherwise"- he takes his other hand and slips a couple of fingers between the loop of golden lasso and her waist. "One more time- did you enjoy our sexual bonding?"

"No!.....Yes…..NO!......YES!.....Hera help me… YES, Yes…..and No you fiend!" The lasso coaxing the truth out of our heroine.

"Well clearly your body enjoyed the experience- I suspect more of you than you are admitting to yourself. Don't worry, I caught it all on video so we can replay the experience for posterity, and we can let the audience be the judge…….."

Diana reddens at the thought of her interaction on view for others to see.

"As much as I enjoy our banter, it is time to take a little edge off of your attitude- you see I have invited a guest over, and I don't want much interference from you. Your friend Miss Danvers should be paying us a visit shortly. I'm sure she will make a grand entrance in her costume as well…" And Syphon takes off his glove and begins rolling her left nipple in his right hand. That all-too-familiar glow instantly surrounds Diana as what little strength she has begins to fade, and she quickly begins to slump in her bonds. Syphon breaks contact just as Wonder Woman begins to lose consciousness. He enjoys watching her struggle to stay awake. Her chin bouncing off of her chest as she uses her last strength to try and hold her head up, the eyes fluttering with the same efforts, and again more labored breathing. "You truly are a 'wonder' princess, I'm so glad you managed to find me"

Diana doesn't even register the words as she continues to fight the drift into unconsciousness.

Suddenly, a blue and red streak crashes through the ceiling, slamming into Syphon sending him sprawling into the far wall.

Supergirl gracefully lands in front of Wonder Woman and surveys the room that she already spied from above with her x-ray vision, careful to keep an eye on the giant against the far wall.

Syphon, caught totally unaware by the ferocity of the attack, is breathless, gasping for air. He turns to look at his assailant and smiles. She is also a vision, albeit totally different from his current captive. She is more petite, slenderer, and less endowed at either the bustline or the hips. She is a blonde to contrast with Diana's brunette locks, and her costume is less revealing on the top half. She has a more athletic appearance than the amazon, and he loves the way her short skirt rides on top of her obviously firm buttocks, hiking up the useless garment to just give a glimpse of the red hot pants underneath. He muses to himself what a treat it will be to enjoy the taste of both her power and her body!

Syphon begins to stand up when he realizes how hard she hit him. He is somewhat dizzy, and still gasping for air. He quickly removes his left glove as well. Supergirl ignores Diana for a moment, and launches herself once again at Syphon. He tries to grasp her hair, or her head in vain as he is flung back into the wall. He registers a great deal of pain as he hits the wall back first and slumps to the ground. With her acute hearing, Supergirl can just hear Diana mumble "Linda……..don' mak ……con—tak…wif….." when she is distracted by Syphon getting up again. She is astounded! There are only a few beings on the planet that can withstand a couple of Kryptonian blows. Syphon is tapping into a great deal of the power he has been draining from Diana just to get back up.

He regains enough of his wits to charge the heroine in front of him and manages to make contact with her bare leg when a glow bright enough to light the room surrounds them both. Supergirl, only momentarily stunned by his cold touch, quickly knocks away his hands and kicks him in the chest.

Syphon is amazed by the vast amount of power he was able to briefly touch. His eyes are burning, but he feels lighter on his feet. Realizing he cannot withstand many more of her blows, he vows to make one more stab at direct contact before trying alternate methods.

Diana begins to regain full consciousness as she is beginning to reacquire the massive amounts of energy being expended by Syphon. She is able to shout to Linda- "he can drain your powers"- but the warning is actually more of a distraction, as Syphon uses the timing to relaunch himself at the Maid of Steel. He is able to tackle her with an expenditure of more of Diana's strength, but slides his hands once more down to her exposed legs as she tries to extract herself from from his grasp. The vivid light is almost blinding, and Syphon is euphoric with the rush of power. Supergirl backhands him in the face, but he does not let go! She then raises both hands over her head, clasps them together, and clouts him on the top of the head. The mighty blow knocks him face-first into the floor, cracking the cement.

Syphon is overwhelmed by her power, and cannot see how he will be able to best her- as quickly as he absorbs her power, he expends Diana's. He looks up at Supergirl, and is amazed- her costume looks almost sheer, and he can also see items in the next room over. He squints to get a better look, and twin beams of red light shoot out and strike Supergirl in the chest. Supergirl gasps, not from the heat, but from the realization that he has drained a portion of her abilities.

Supergirl decides to end this quickly, flying directly at Syphon, and punching him square in the jaw. Syphon slides across the floor, barely conscious. He looks up and as he taps into his strength reserves he notices that her costume is darkening up, and he cannot see into the next room any longer. He realizes that he is rapidly using all of his strength just to stay conscious.

Diana can feel all of her prodigious strength, and smiles as she knows that Syphon has surely lost this contest. She still cannot break her bonds, however, as Syphon has instructed her not to with the Magic Lasso.

Syphon looks up and realizes this is a contest he cannot win, both women smiling mischievously (as only women can when they know they have the upper hand). He resigns himself to this fact and decides to resort to other measures. He reaches into his pocket and grabs a remote control with a single red button, and laughing, he depresses the button. Instantly the tops of all four of the pedestals in the corners spring open, each box emitting a green glow. Supergirl begins to visibly swoon, she then gasps and falls to one knee. At the same time Syphon stands up and looks at the small rocks in each corner, thanking his good foresight that he spent a good deal of his fortune acquiring the Kryptonite for just this contingency.

Supergirl, her face a mask of pain, slowly crawls on hands and knees towards Diana in the center of the room as the radiation from each corner will be less in the center. Syphon saunters over to the Kryptonian beauty, "you know that really hurt when you slammed into me….", and he viciously kicks her in the side, flipping her over and sending her skidding into one of the columns at Wonder Woman's feet. She is propped up by the column and slowly raises her head in defiance, despite the pain. Syphon walks up to her, reaches down with his left hand and grabs a fistful of her costume just below where the cape attaches at the neck line. He lifts her up off of the ground and and then continues to lift her until her feet no longer reach the floor. She tries to push him away, but her arms have no strength at all. He raises her another inch until they are eye level, and he proceeds to headbutt her. Unprepared for the quick and powerful blow, she is momentarily dazed and cannot focus her sight or her thoughts. Syphon then leans in and bites her upper lip. The transfer of power begins anew, and he is heady with the influx of power. Despite her condition, he is absorbing her abilities under a yellow sun. She continues to fade and he breaks contact after just a few moments. He looks to his right and can see into the next room through the walls. He looks down and can see Supergirl's nipples through her costume. He then takes both hands at the neckline of her costume and stretches the top and the cape and pulls both items down over her arms and below her bust. In one quick movement he has freed her pert breasts and pinned her arms to her body. Syphon stops for a moment to stare at her creamy breasts, conical with clearly defined pink aureoles just begging to receive some attention. He lets her fall face down in a heap on the floor, red cape landing over her head. He glances briefly at Diana to see a scowl on her face, and he just smiles back at her. "Now to give you a show- and you can imagine what a threesome we will make!"

Syphon edges behind the red and blue heap on the floor and lifts her from the waist to where she is balanced on her knees and her face, her arms pinned to her sides. He flips up the mini-skirt, and rudely shoves his middle finger into her hot pants instantly transferring power with a glow. She tries to pull away with her hips but has nowhere to go, and no energy to get there. He starts feeling around for her lips and her clit but she is doing her best to prevent intrusion.

To amuse himself as he is absorbing her powers and searching for her pleasure button, he looks up at Diana, and blows frosty breath all over her upper body. The water molecules in the air begin to condensate and freeze on her body, and the tanned goddess is riddled with goose bumps, her nipples erect at attention, and shivering slightly. Syphon chuckles, and then trains his eyesight on her snatch and fires twin beams of red light at his captive. Diana gasps and again vows to make him pay.

Syphon thinks how rewarding these new abilities will be, but is frustrated as he is not able to get a rise out of the slumping Supergirl. He removes his hand, breaking contact, and stands up suddenly flush with heat. He stops the heat vision surmising that he does not have adequate control of his abilities. He then grabs the end of the Magic Lasso that trails off Diana's back and loops it quickly around Supergirls neck, giving a quick tie, and retaining hold of the loose end. He then commands her " you are suddenly as horny as you have ever been, and want nothing more than to have me enter you", and he can see the side of her face flush as she inhales deeply and begins gently swaying her hips. But he also hears a huge gasp from Diana, and notices that she is attempting in vain to rub her thighs together. Syphon smiles a huge grin as he realizes that with the lasso looped around both women, that every command is affecting them both. A Superheroine ménage a trois cannot be far behind.

But first things first, he thinks. I shall take all of this Kryptonian's powers, and her body, and we will enjoy a Superheroine sandwich at a later date. He feels a slight flush at the thought, again warm all over. He then gets between Supergirl's legs and rips off her panties. He un-Velcro's his huge member, and puts the tip against her nether lips and is rewarded with a glow, and a squeal of delight. She is now moist and inviting. He can hear the labored breathing of Diana as she is watching this spectacle. He begins to penetrate the Maid of Might and can feel the copious juices flowing across his member. All he can see is an ass and a red cape as he begins to thrust and slowly she slides across the floor with his mighty thrusts. He is getting hotter and hotter, and thinks the thermostat must have been broken when Supergirl flew through the ceiling. He pounds her again and again and her head wedges against the column holding Diana captive. Supergirls's head starts banging against the column with each thrust. He can hear both Diana and Linda moaning in delight, Diana's breathing deep and raspy as she watches her friend being fucked mercilessly.

He reaches under Supergirl with his right hand and fondles her right breast, and grabs Diana's thigh with his left hand, both balancing himself and reabsorbing her powers. The influx feels great but he is getting so tired with all of the heat. He continues to drain abilities, but is not feeling any stronger. He is being rewarded with timed hip movements from Supergirl that feel astounding, and the amount of juices washing over his cock are about to send him, about to make him, about to……..

"uh, uh, uh , yesssssssss!" and he explodes inside the Kryptonian, he continues to pump but feels more tired with each thrust. Supergirl has used all of her strength trying to hold on for release and suddenly she cums and cums all across his member, and she passes out from the combination of the Kryptonite and the draining touch of Syphon. Syphon suddenly collapses across her back, still deep inside her.

Wonder Woman looks down, still desperately trying to get off, and then realizes neither Supergirl or Syphon is moving, a glow surrounding them both. Although all she can concentrate on is Syphon's stiff cock due to the lasso, she realizes that he will kill Supergirl if the contact is not broken, and she is removed from the Kryptonite. Suddenly she breaks her bonds, leaps down and pulls Supergirl out from under Syphon. She quickly takes her into an adjoining room where the Kryptonite will not affect her. Then, dressed only in her Tiara, boots, power belt, and with the Magic Lasso still looped around her waist, she returns to Syphon. She flips the unconscious villain on his back and then she begins to stroke his member trying to make it erect.?!? She can feel her power draining as she makes contact. She partially succeeds in arousing him as her strength barely sustains him in a state of semi-consciousness, but she also notes that his skin has developed a green cast. She then squats over him and begins to feed the monster cock into her vagina, panting as she goes- she has still not been released from the Lasso's command. She leans down and places her hands on his shoulders and balances her upper body with her forearms upon his chest. She begins to work him over with graceful and timely lower body calisthenics. Her breasts swinging like pendulums just above his chest, her raven locks cascading across his neck and chin. Groggily he begins to breathe heavily, and she is moaning in delight, getting off with every deep push as she swallows his penis deep inside her womb. She is taking it slow and gives a high-pitched squeal when she impales herself as far as she can. Her power fading quickly, he momentarily gains enough strength to focus and looks up to see her giving him everything she has. He has enough wits to appreciate his good fortune just before passing out again. Wonder Woman is now moaning every time she descends upon his rod, and is making enough noise to rouse Supergirl in the next room. She continues to rhythmically and slowly slide up and down the giant cock, when all of sudden she passes out and drops the few inches to Syphon's chest. She is limp atop the giant, his swollen cock still deep inside her vagina, and surrounded by a weakly fading golden light. Syphon is still in a state of semi-consciousness, laying prostrate (except his member) underneath the nude princess.

Suddenly, a red and gold blur speeds through the room, pulling Diana off of Syphon, and dragging her into the next room with Supergirl.


Ten days later, Diana wakes up in a hospital bed feeling very weak. She is wearing a hospital gown but notes her entire costume is folded on a chair in the room. Supergirl is sitting in another chair dozing off, waiting for the princess to awaken.

After several long conversations, Diana learns that Supergirl, while nearly powerless, gained enough strength while out of the range of the Kryptonite to contact the Justice League. Flash was dispatched because of his speed and his invulnerability to kryptonite, and pulled Wonder Woman away from the draining powers of Syphon before he absorbed enough energy to kill her. It was evident that Syphon drained not only Supergirl's powers but her weakness to Kryptonite as well, so Flash left him in range of the Kryptonite until an appropriate cell could be constructed. He also used the magic lasso to free both Diana and Supergirl from all of Syphon's commands.

Supergirl asks Diana " how did you get free to pull me away from him (and save my life) when he had commanded you not to escape?"

Diana replied " he did command me not to escape, which prevented me from breaking my bonds earlier as all I could think about was manners to escape. When I saw that he was killing you, I didn't even think about escaping, I only wanted to help you survive. But unfortunately, that is also why I never removed the lasso, and went right back into the room to….., um….., well…., well-you know what happened."

As far Syphon, he was placed in a large cell with smaller amounts of Kryptonite in each corner to weaken but not debilitate him. The cell also featured extremely heavy toilet lids, and plumbing fixtures torqued to require great strength to operate. This forced Syphon to expend energy daily that would eventually transfer back to his victims. There were also future plans to use as a punishment for unruly prisoners to be forced to shake hands with Syphon forcing them to transfer their strength to keep him alive once the energies of the two superheroines were no longer coursing through him.

However- one loose end escaped everyone's notice- Syphon had used the Golden Lasso to extract secrets from Wonder Woman and commanded her to forget that she had given him the information. He knew enough about the world's greatest heroes and vilest villains, and he would use that to his advantage to escape eventually. Syphon thought "….and it is only a matter of time before Diana Prince and Linda Danvers get a visit in the middle of the night. And I will be certain to have that Superheroine sandwich that will feed me over and over again!"