The World Turned Upside Down  

By Brian Kim

The World Turned Upside Down

By Brian Kim (

Note: There was a short WW fanfiction, which had the same title and premise, which I am making a spin out of. Hope you will enjoy.


Chapter 1

Nobody can clearly remember what happened, why it happened, and by whom. All that is left are the ruins that are strewn across the Earth. Infrastructure is in tatters, and the electronics that run it are useless, destroyed by massive electronic magnetic pulse; in some regions, governments have collapsed. Technological development has taken a giant step back, back to the level of the beginning of the twentieth century. For anyone trying to figure out the source of destruction, it is if a metaphorical brick wall blocks their path. Even though it happened only a decade ago, people cannot recount what it was. It's as if there is big black hole in people's memory. It's as if there is mass amnesia throughout the world. All information of the past fifty years has been edited, censored, and classified. Anybody who seeks information is warned and, if they persist, they are harmed or, worse, disappeared. What people do vaguely remember is that there used to be superheroes before the calamity, and now they are gone. People want to know what happened to them, for their desire for answer is vainly disguised hope. Some said they never existed, that it was all a figment of imagination, while others are too preoccupied in everyday survival.

The truth is, heroes are alive, but their lives are in a perilous state. A cabal of supervillains and secret societies staged a massive attack on the world that overwhelmed the superheroes. After epic battles, nearly all the superheroes were captured by the villains who soon took over governments and other organizations to rule the world. They conduct massive cover-ups, using their powers and influence to a great degree of success. Once assuming power, the supervillains turned their wrath on their archenemies. For too long and too often, their plots had been thwarted by the superheroes. However, death was too easy, too quick, and too merciful for superheroes. No, the heroes must suffer for their vanities, knowing and realizing they are no longer on top.

Captured superheroes are seconded to secret prisons around the globe. A couple of the prisons are well known. Superman's former lair, the Fortress of Solitude, has become cages for Superman and other super-powered heroes. Superman, Supergirl, and Power Girl have become powerless as their prison cells are alight with rays similar to those produced by red suns. At Arkham Asylum, the main premises used to imprison magically empowered superheroes, whose powers are negated by both magic and by medical treatment. Beneath it, fifty stories underground, is the prison for cunning superheroes like Batman and Question. Also, deep in the Amazon rainforest is where the Amazons are kept captive. Ironies are used as a key tool in the torture of the superheroes.


Another irony to be pointed out is that the collapse of technology led to recovery of the planet's ecology. Places like the Amazon rainforest have slowly reclaimed the land taken by humans. Road, houses, and other traces of humanity are now slowly being consumed by the living organism which is the rainforest. The rainforest also makes it a perfect place to hide something big from prying eyes on the ground.

Right in the middle of the Amazon rainforest is a vast clearing on which a plantation stands. Surrounded by cyclone fence to discourage any curious interlopers who are brave enough to hack through jungle, the premises are further enclosed by a concrete wall a dozen feet high and at least two feet thick. Once inside the plantation, the complex is divided into sections. At the center of the plantation are rows of buildings made out of mud bricks and wood; these are the billets of those who live within in the enclosure. Surrounding these building are fields of crops and fields for livestock; some are raised to feed the workers, but most fields are used to raise cash crops such as cotton, tobacco, and mulberry trees. Then, at the northern portion of the plantation, is a large industrial complex. Here, cotton and silk are spun into cloth, silkworms are fed, and livestock are butchered, preserved, and canned. Next to the industrial complex are warehouses and a large airstrip. There is no entrance to the plantation, which makes only way in and out, the airstrip where airships come to pick up wares made by the plantation and drop off any needed supplies. This makes the plantation its own secluded world, and Paula Von Gunther likes it that way. After all, she doesn't want anyone to interfere with her rule over the Amazons.

The secret to the success of Paula's plantation is the special mind control chips she procured from the Mad Hatter. By implanting the chips on the forehead of all Amazons, Paula has an army of obedient drones; very appropriate, since Paula considers herself the queen ant ruling over her own ant hill. She has divided the Amazons into units, one to tend the fields, one to work at the industrial complex, one to provide support for the others, and a small group, ironically, to monitor the mind control chips so they are in good condition to keep the Amazons at bay. While Paula is ruthless in maintaining the operation, she knows she must not push her minions to the limits. She makes sure her slaves have plenty of rest between shifts. Paula has even supplied opium to break down any resistance as precaution, and the plantation grows its own poppy field. Also, she makes sure all Amazons go to the clinic for routine mind wipes. This way, Paula has content worker drones.

Surrounded by billets, there is an elegant villa covered in shade by trees. Lawns are well trimmed and the garden is well watered. Inside the air-conditioned villa, Paula oversees the plantation with the help of technology. She had the whole place fitted with state of the art security systems against possible intruders or rebellion. Also from the villa, Paula enjoys watching her private entertainment.

Whenever she got tired of looking at papers related to her operation, Paula would swivel her chair from the desk and face a large set of monitors. She would then grab a remote and press a button. The first place she would look was a sweat shop at the complex. Here, rows of Amazons are sitting in front of sewing machines and churning out clothes; clothes to be sold middle men who would ask no questions about the plantation. Then Paula would hit another button, and the security camera would zoom into one particular Amazon. Her name is Diana, once she was known as Wonder Woman, representative of the Amazons to Man's World and Champion of Women. Now Ms. Prince is just another drone who is unquestionably working to fill Paula's quota of clothes. Diana's eyes are dull, but are fixed attentively to her sewing machine; her great mane of hair is fixed in long braid, and she wears a smock which is drenched in sweat and is sticking to her body like second skin. After watching the fallen Amazon for some time, Paula would then press the first button again. This time the monitor would switch to the communal kitchen. Here, the great Queen of Amazon, Hyppolyta, would be tirelessly working to prepare meals for her subjugated subjects. Like Diana, Hyppolyta wears only a smock, and her is tied up and covered in handkerchief. A long time ago, this Amazon had humiliated her mother. Now she debased herself by preparing meals for her former subjects. Paula would press the remote again, this time to monitor the laundry facility where Cassandra Sandmark would be working. Although not an Amazon, this mortal contributed greatly in foiling nefarious plans of Paula's colleagues as well. Then she would switch to the field where Donna Troia would be working. Unlike the others, due to humidity and working conditions, Donna would be nude except for a wide brimmed hat. Finally, Paula would switch to the pig pens, where Artemis is collecting pig droppings to use as fuel for the plantation. After enjoying the scenes of her adversaries working tirelessly for her, Paula would switch off the screen and go back to her paperwork.

Like any other night, the night was very humid. The overhead fan turning on high speed bought no relief to any workers in the sweatshop. Normally they should have stopped working hours ago, but there was last minute order with a short time to deliver it. So the drones had to keep working until the order was finished. Even though they were preoccupied with the work and were of blank minds due to the mind control chips, the subdued Amazons would have noticed the cool breeze, a sign that in the distance a storm is coming. The worker drones were still working at their stations as the rain began splattering on the roof. Then, suddenly, thunder began to streak across the sky. Nobody was paying attention to the lightning in the sky. Then one bolt hit the roof of the shop, and electricity streaked across the nearby wiring and channeled down to a fan right above where Diana sat. The Amazons near to her were also stunned by the blast, but dear Wonder Woman received the full blast. Her teeth chattered, her hair stood up, and, most importantly, the chip on her forehead fried. The factory blacked out for a couple of minutes until a drone reset the circuit breaker. When the light turned on again, Diana and the nearby Amazons laid prone on the floor, while others kept working. Another group of drones came to the fallen Amazons and checked their pulses. Normal humans would have either died or suffered cataclysmic injuries, but these are Amazons, and they were all breathing and needed only brief bed rest before they would be back at work. So they were taken in stretchers to the hospital ward.

Diana stared at the ceiling for a long time before she began to ask herself why she was doing that. Wonder Woman had been denied her cognizance because of the chip for so long that now she only slowly realized she was no longer dictated by abstract orders in her head, and that her mind was no longer clouded. Diana turned her head around to be aware of her environment. She didn't recognize the place. She saw that she was in some convalescent room, with two rows of beds facing each other. Then Diana looked at the bed to her left, and looked at the face of the woman lying there. Her mind was blank at first as she looked at her, but as her brain slowly reclaimed its thought process, it dawned on her as to who she was looking at. Then she turned her head to the right, and this time quickly recognized the woman on the bed. These women had been sitting next to her when she was struck by the electric bolt, but Diana was not aware of that; what she was aware of was that they were her fellow Amazons, and that they had metallic squares on their foreheads. Quickly, she touched her own forehead, and Wonder Woman felt the chip on her own forehead. Then a flashback occurred.

Never before had Wonder Woman saw such tidal wave of calamity. Her army of villains had united to face her before, but due to her superior strength and mind, she was able to overpower them. It also helped that many of them were prima donnas, and were not united long enough to be a threat. However, this time it was different. They were coming at her with more force, more ruthlessness, and, to her dismay, with strong discipline. Quality always trumped quantity. That was Wonder Woman's edge whenever she faced overwhelming odds. As a trained warrior, her instinct told her that, when facing overwhelming odds, she had to retreat; but retreat, even with such overwhelming odds, is equally risky. It would boost the morale of her enemies, while causing the loss of faith and morale to her allies and those she strive to protect. When Wonder Woman made her decision, she took it without flinching, she retreated. Recrimination would inevitably come afterward, but Ms. Prince believed she would be justified as soon as she regrouped and rallied her Amazon warriors to come to her aid and save the world. Except that was impossible.

Her enemies, especially Circe, knew where the Amazon sanctuary was, and they made a preemptive strike on her homeland. What Wonder Woman saw before her was horrifying. The palace she had grown up in was aflame. Enemy warriors were roaming the streets of the city. Her only glimmer of hope was that she didn't see any fallen Amazons on the ground, which meant they were still resisting. Then she came upon the amphitheater. The entire Amazon citizens were there in shackles. The surprise attack had been so complete that everybody was taken before they had chance to resist. On the stage stood Cheetah, Circe, Paula, and Doctor Psycho, to name a few; with them, on their knees, were her family, Queen Hyppolita, Donna Troia, and Cassandra Sandmark, all beaten and in shackles.

Circe look up to where Wonder Woman was hovering, and gave her wicked smile to show Wonder Woman that she was beaten. Despite the despair she felt, Wonder Woman was still defiant. Then Circe spoke, "You have a choice, my dear." Wonder Woman did not respond. Circe continued, "You can come down and join you fellow Amazons in lifetime of servitude. Or watch them afar." 'That wasn't a choice,' thought Wonder Woman, 'that was total capitulation.' "I wonder which is more painful for you my dear princess," Circe said, "Choose wisely, choose the one with the least pain." Then Diana noticed she was surrounded by the minions of her adversaries, and that, further, they were also aiming their weapons toward the fallen Amazons to remind her of the consequence of her resistance. Diana bit her lips until they bled, then she reluctantly came down to them and surrendered.

Nude and shackled by man, Wonder Woman led the procession of Amazons to the ship offshore. Once aboard, she was led to a cabin where there was a vast array of electronic machinery with dentist chair in the middle. In the room, overseeing the place was a grinning Barbara Minerva. Diana was led to the chair and strapped into it. Dr. Minerva then approached her with a modified clamp with wiring protruding. She placed the tips of the clamp on Diana's forehead. The last thing the Amazon remembered was receiving high voltage of electro-shock and blacking out.

Quickly surmising that she had been in servitude, Diana realized she is still in danger and she must escape to avoid been caught. Despite her aching body, slowly Wonder Woman slipped from the bed, careful to avoid raising any suspicion by the nurse drone. Luckily the drone was distracted in paperwork; Diana came behind her and gave a karate chop on the neck to knock the drone into unconsciousness. While feeling sorry for her fellow Amazon, Wonder Woman knew this was the best solution until she found the means to free all of them. Then she checked the hall to see if there was anyone else, and, when she found the coast is clear, she went toward the nearby window. Luckily the window was not alarmed, and Diana managed to open it without making any sound. With some strain, she managed to lift her legs out of the window, and then the rest of her torso followed. It was still night out, and it was dark since Paula felt it was waste of power to keep the plantation alight at night; so many of the drones tread the premises in darkness. Slowly Wonder Woman leaned out of the window frame, and, in a leap of faith, jumped.

She fell for a few seconds; Diana thought for a moment she would fall to the ground. The fear proved unjustified, as she slowly gained altitude and eventually was flying above the plantation. Not to raise alarm, Diana quickly flew over the wall and into the jungle. After flying some distance away, Diana felt it safe to land. Despite the tall trees and brushes, Wonder Woman quickly found a brook of water and landed near there. It was near morning, no doubt Paula realized that she was missing; she would order search parties, and Diana knew she must maintain time and distance away from Paula before she could strategize. Just as she about to fly away, she saw a movement in corner of her eye, and heard brushing of the bushes and a slight whooshing sound. Instinctively, Wonder Woman raised her arm to block the projectile, before realizing she didn't have her silver bracelet. She felt sting of a dart, a dart from blowpipe, and slowly the world turned pitch-dark.

Slowly, the haze cleared from her vision. Diana noticed she was sprawled across a grass mat with a linen blanket covering her nude body. She tried to rise, but her body did not respond. The poison on the dart was composed of two types; one to cause loss of consciousness, and another to cause paralysis. Even though she had regained her consciousness, Wonder Woman was groggy, and the urge to go to sleep was great. However, she knew she might be in danger, so she scanned her environment, which was difficult since she couldn't move her head. She was inside a small hut made of leaves and straw with an entrance covered with same type of mat she was lying on. On the other side of the mat, Diana heard voices as if they were arguing over something. Then the voices died down and the mat parted; entering the hut was a tall caudillo.

Unbeknown to her, the man who is looking at Wonder Woman was the most powerful mafia don in Rio de Janeiro. He came up the Amazon River looking for young Amazon natives for his brothels. When he came to the village of Native Americans, the chief offered an alternative to his village girls. They said they had found her wondering around in the jungle nude. The caudillo was skeptical about chief's claim, but when he saw her, he knew he must have her. Diana was still paralyzed when caudillo finished the negotiation with the chief. He was still going to take the young women from the village as well the tribute he saw before him, but first he wanted to taste the fruit of the gain.

The Amazon's eyes went big when caudillo stripped his clothes off and yanked the sheet covering her body from her. He had an erection as he saw the beautiful body of the warrior woman. Kneeling on one knee, the caudillo reached out to her clitoris and rubbed it slowly and strongly. While her body wouldn't respond to her command, she could feel the arousal this man was forcing from her, and she was outraged. As soon as she was wet from his rubbing, the caudillo lifted her from the mat and raised her legs over his shoulders. His hands were kneading her breasts while her back was rested on his crossed legs. He positioned his penis right into her vagina. What Wonder Woman was experiencing was beyond any feeling—the rage, the anger, and the hopelessness. As he thrust into her, Diana automatically grunted and she realized she was going to climax soon. She wanted to escape; she wanted this to be nothing but a nightmare to wake up from. However, she knew it was not an illusion, but a reality; a harsh reality which she had just woke up to from years of mindlessness. Tears slowly built up in her eyes as she finally climaxed, and the caudillo soon ejaculated.

After catching his breath, the caudillo slowly dressed himself as he looked down on the Amazon. He didn't know who she was and he didn't care. All he saw was that this woman would fetch a large number of customers to his fanciest bordello. As he stepped out of the hut, he snapped orders to his men; it was going to be a long journey back home to Rio de Janeiro where he wanted to show off his latest catch.