Xena: Callisto's Triumph?

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Summary: Aphrodite tricks Ares into giving her an evil-purged Callisto to further a secret agenda; an agenda that involves Xena, Gabrielle, and Callisto finally admitting their true love for one another. This story is rated NC-17 for explicit f/f and f/f/f sex, bdsm, waterworks, potentially non-consensual sex, and sexual violence. DISCLAIMER: The characters belong to MCA/Universal and were used without permission. No copyright infringement was intended and no money was made.

This story contains bdsm, waterworks, potentially non-consensual sex, and sexual violence. DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU FIND THIS OFFENSIVE

Chapter 1

Ares sat on his throne looking disgusted as the beautiful nude woman in chains knelt in the center of his throne room. Ares was angry as usual. His latest plot against Xena had failed. The only bright spot about this failure was that the woman in bondage, the infamous Callisto, had managed to avoid being killed again. This saved Ares the task of wasting his own power to resurrect her or the displeasure of making deals with Hades to bring her back.

Ares had been ranting at Callisto for over an hour. At one point he had ordered two of his female slaves to whip her. Ares had ordered 100 lashes, but had stopped after only 15 when Callisto orgasmed three times. This angered Ares even more.

Callisto shamefully bit her lower lip as she knelt in servitude. Naked, save for the chains on her wrists and ankles, palms flat on the cold floor, head lowered, she awaited her fate.

"Why have you failed again, Callisto? Unlike the others I have used you are not incompetent," Ares said. "In fact you are the only one of my minions that has even come close to defeating Xena." Ares roared, "I have made you stronger and faster than she is. I have given you powers. Yet still, still you cannot beat Xena. Your lips have said you crave oblivion, your body says otherwise. Why, then, can you not succeed?"

Any human warlord would have been eating his own testicles by this time even with her in chains. But this was Ares who could destroy her completely. Callisto now knew that she had lied, even to herself. She did want to live. She wanted to tell Xena and Gabrielle both that she loved them. She wanted to make love to them, both tenderly and violently.

Just as Ares was about to deliver yet another verbal barrage, the air was filled with a soft melodious feminine laughter. Ares and Callisto knew who belonged to that sweet voice. The Goddess of Love, Aphrodite.

"I can tell you why dear brother," Aphrodite's voice laughed. "Would you like to know it?"

"Aphrodite! Show yourself, sister," Ares ordered.

Aphrodite appeared in the center of the room, just in front of Callisto. Wearing only her sandals, a minimum of jewelry, and a shear see-thru gown that hid nothing. 'She shaves her pussy as hairless as I do,' Callisto thought. Callisto's nipples grew hard and her cunt grew wet as she stared at the beautiful Goddess.

"I am in no mood for your games sister," Ares said. "State your business or leave."

"Now, now, dear brother," Aphrodite replied. "Is that any way to talk to me when I can tell you why Callisto always fails to defeat Xena? And how she can totally defeat Xena? For a price, of course."

"Oh really, my sister. And why would you help me all of a sudden? You are always interfering with my plans along with Xena and my hated half-brother Hercules," Ares said.

"Because this time, dear brother, our goals are the same." Aphrodite smiled.

"And what is your price sister? To be rid of Xena I will be generous." Ares glowered.

"Callisto! Purge her of evil and give her to me permanently," Aphrodite said. "As my servant she can defeat Xena."

"Is that all? Done then," Ares laughed. "I would have given you a dozen kingdoms! Callisto is a small price to pay to be rid of Xena. Now, what is your plan?"

"You forget, dear brother, that I am the Goddess of love and SEX! As your creature Callisto was my enemy just as Xena is yours," Aphrodite explained. "Callisto can't win because she pulls her punches. She is in love with Xena and that little bard Gabrielle and can't bear to hurt them no matter how hard she fights. She would rather die than hurt them and has. Yes! Callisto is a 100% lesbian!"

"Is this true? I suspected it, but...," Ares trailed off. "Callisto?"

"I-it's true," Callisto sobbed meekly for the first time since she'd been a child. "I-I am a lesbian and I love both of them."

"You will be surprised to know that Xena and Gabrielle are also lesbians and that they are in love with each other. You will be even more surprised to know that both of them also secretly love you as well," Aphrodite continued. "The reason they can fight with full force is because you have always fought for evil. If you would have won they feared what you would do to them."

Ares roared in laughter. Waving his hand he purged Callisto of all evil. This made her a good, if still slightly psychotic, warrior of love. It was too delicious. After all his war plans, to be rid of an enemy with her own love.

Aphrodite smiled. 'That buffoon played right into my hands,' she thought.

Unknown to Ares she had been studying how sex affected her power for years. The results had been startling. Aphrodite had learned that lesbian sex increased her power far more than normal male/female sex; and that male homosexuality actually weakened her. Aphrodite's ambitions were as great as those of Ares. She wanted to rule Olympus! Aphrodite was far more clever though. Everyone watched Ares while she put on a dumb blond act. No one would know her plans until it was too late.

The 2 female slaves re-entered the room and released Callisto from bondage. Callisto knelt and kissed Aphrodite's feet. She felt as if a 1000 pound boulder had been lifted off of her as she was now free of even her personal evil.

"But how do I defeat Xena even now? I'm no longer evil, still a little crazy, but I still can't bring myself to hurt them," Callisto said. "I love them."

"Leave that to me," Aphrodite said. "They have strong wills, but I know everyone's desires and fantasies. Your desire is for Xena and Gabrielle to rape you. Their secret desire is for you to rape them. I also know that all three of you have a passion for the whip. As Ares discovered no doubt, judging by those few red marks on you. And of course I intend to fix the fight."

"So, if I had used men," Ares said.

"I would have ripped their lungs out. I love being whipped, but only by women," Callisto stated with some of her usual defiance. "But how can I break their spirits, though?"

"I have made even that surprisingly easy. I have a special lesbian dungeon fully stocked with all types of whips and dildos I got on a time trip to the year you mortals call 1999, "Aphrodite said. "I call it the Dungeon of Truth because inside it you can't lie with your lips, your body, or even your mind. In addition I have made these." Out of thin air Aphrodite produced three glowing gold necklaces. She placed two in a box marked with her seal and sent them elsewhere. "I made 1000 of these by cutting up a lasso that had been forged from the girdle of Hippolyta," Aphrodite said.

"The queen of the Amazons of Themyscira, better known as Paradise Island." Callisto gasped in rare amazement.

"The same. In 1999 she has a daughter named Diana, called Wonder Woman by some. Outside of Paradise Island she has super-powers. Last night I stole her powers and the lasso after her lover, another Amazon named Artemis, and Diana fucked each other unconscious," Aphrodite said. "The lasso has the power to burn away untruth. As a side effect of chopping it up, any woman who wears one of these necklaces will become my servant and a lesbian. If they already are lesbians they will be more so by a factor of 100."

"Ho ho my sister! I never knew you were so into deviant sex," Ares laughed. "And what do you get out of this scheme of yours?"

"I desire to have an honor guard of female warriors as my most devoted sex slaves. With Xena and Callisto under my banner the finest and most beautiful warrior women will beg to join my cause. In return I shall grant my followers immunity from age and disease allowing them to be young and beautiful forever, barring accidents and battle of course," Aphrodite said.

And with that she offered Callisto the necklace. She quickly donned it and then the Goddess and mortal were gone. Ares was laughing so hard his sides ached. 'A richly brilliant plan,' he thought. He paid little attention as his sister's voice was heard one last time. "By the way, dear brother, I'll be stopping by with some friends later on."

Chapter 2

On the island of Lesbos. Gabrielle was skinny-dipping in a crystal clear lake. Xena was on the bank lying on a blanket, also naked, sunbathing.

Stretched out, she unconvincingly pretended to be asleep and was watching Gabrielle's nude frolic. Their thoughts were about each other, as was becoming more overwhelming each day.

Gabrielle blushed as her fantasies filled her mind. The strawberry blond was having her favorite fantasy, that of Xena taking her by force. In her wildest fantasies she imagined Xena overpowering her, stripping her, chaining her, whipping her to orgasm after orgasm, tying her to a bed and raping her pussy and asshole with fingers and dildos. In this fantasy Xena would then make her lick her feet, tits, ass, and cunt before chaining her up for another whipping.

And yet, as much as she loved Xena an even darker fantasy excited her even more. A fantasy in which Xena and that psycho Callisto both gave her sexual pain. 'If only she wasn't evil,' Gabrielle thought.

On the bank Xena was having a similar fantasy.

Looking at Gabrielle's nude wet body was making Xena even hornier than usual. It was taking all her willpower to resist grabbing the little bard and raping her right there. Thanks to Xena's training, Gabrielle had become a real hardbodied little slut and lately was always teasing Xena and flirting with other women in an attempt to get Xena to rape her.

Xena also had desires to be dominated. But Xena knew she could only yield to an equal woman. There was only one woman Xena knew to be her equal, Callisto. 'I'd love to tie that big titted psycho blond up, strip her naked, and whip her to orgasm,' Xena thought.

Xena looked across the water at the girl she loved. Gabrielle had brought her to Lesbos to attend a gathering of Amazon Queens. As queen of her own tribe of Amazons, Gabrielle had eagerly accepted the invitation. The rumor was that even Hippolyta was supposed to come, and the reclusive queen almost never left Paradise Island.

With hundreds of allied Amazon warriors already on Lesbos, an attack was unlikely, so the two of them had decided to take a break at this lake. Even now though, Xena never got more than a few feet from her weapons. Callisto was out there somewhere and Velasca had also returned from the dead. 'Strange how my female enemies don't stay dead,' Xena thought.

Xena had given up her pretense of being asleep and was watching Gabrielle intensely now.

'I love Gabrielle, but she's 100% submissive. I love being lesbian whipped too, and I bet that psycho is as good with a whip as I am,' Xena thought. 'It would be great if we could take turns. But no, she's evil. Callisto wouldn't give us sexual whippings, she would mutilate us and torture us horribly.'

Gabrielle saw that Xena was watching her and swam to a shallow part of the lake close to her. In only two feet of water now she began showing off her body while feigning innocence. 'How much can she take before I can get her to rape me? I'm going to tease her unmercifully until she does,' Gabrielle thought.

Gabrielle's teasing was having the desired effect. Xena's nipples were as hard as pebbles and her pussy was almost dripping.

'You just keep it up honey and I'm going to whip you raw,' Xena thought.

Fantasies of Gabrielle and Callisto at her mercy had made Xena extremely horny. Gabrielle laughed, spun around and abruptly tripped and fell face first into the clear water. Sputtering and coughing, but unhurt, she came back up trying to wipe the hair from her eyes. Xena was desperately trying to keep from laughing at her friend's misfortune.

Searching for what she had tripped on, a gleam of gold caught Gabrielle's eye. Reaching down she cautiously picked up a a small golden box. Gabrielle breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the image and seal of Aphrodite on the lid. More than once her curiousity had gotten her and Xena into trouble, but one of the rules of the Gods was that no God could forge the seal of another.

Excited, Gabrielle ran to shore and the 20 feet between the two women. "Xena! Look! Look what I found," Gabrielle cried. "It's a gift! A gift from Aphrodite."

"Be careful Gabrielle," Xena cautioned. "The Gods are not known for giving gifts. It could be a trap."

But Gabrielle had already opened the box. Inside were two glowing golden necklaces and a note. Gabrielle quickly read the note aloud. "To my friends Xena and Gabrielle. Please accept this gift from me in honor of your service to my cause of love. Wear them and all your dreams will come true. Your friend among the Gods, Aphrodite."

"The seal of Aphrodite. I don't think she's anywhere near as big an airhead as she seems," Xena mused. "But Ares can't forge her seal. Yes, I will wear it, but I shall remain cautious."

Both women donned the necklaces. Xena blinked twice as she looked at Gabrielle's wet nude body. All the love and lust she had felt minutes before were now multiplied 100 times. Gabrielle was feeling the exact same. What neither could understand was why their mutual feelings also included Callisto.

Tormented by their overwhelming desire for each other they rushed into each others arms. Passionately they kissed, tounges searching each other then dueling. Xena's hand grabbed Gabrielle's buttocks, spreading them for her searching fingers. Their breasts were mashed together nipples against nipples. Cunts shaved as hairless as a child's, pressed against each other. Xena's fingers found Gabrielle's asshole and she began finger fucking her anus.

Gabrielle grew bold and broke the kiss finally revealing her most secret desire. "Tie me up Xena," Gabrielle moaned. "Tie me up and whip me. Make me your sex slave. Punish me for my desires. A slave must be whipped."

"Naughty slave. As you wish little slave," Xena smiled. "I shall whip you to orgasm."

Reluctantly breaking their embrace, Xena walked over to her saddlebags. Xena removed a pair of manacles, several lengths of rope, and to Gabrielle's surprise and delight, half a dozen Amazon sex whips. Each one was designed to equal amounts of pain and pleasure to another woman's body. As an Amazon queen herself, Gabrielle knew that all Amazons loved lesbian whipping. Gabrielle had watched many Amazon ceremonies and rituals all of them ending in frenzied lesbian sex and pain orgies. Even the Amazons who liked men would become 100% lesbians during these almost nightly whip parties. Gabrielle had even seen Ephiny become the most depraved lesbian during these orgies.

Silently Xena cuffed Gabrielle's wrists together and strung her up to the branch of a tree so high that Gabrielle was forced to stand on her tiptoes. Taking another length of rope Xena lifted her left leg high up and tied it off to the same branch. Gabrielle was now spread open and completely vulnerable. Her breasts, ass, and pussy were all easy targets. Gabrielle giggled as she awaited her fate.

"Would you like me to gag you darling?" Xena asked.

"No, Mistress. I want to beg for more," Gabrielle replied.

With that Xena began to expertly whip the little bard. She varied her targets so that Gabrielle never knew where she would strike. Her tits, her ass, her pussy even the soles of her feet were whipped. As her punishment continued, Gabrielle understood why the Amazons loved lesbian whipping so much. Pleasure, far greater than any she'd ever gotten from the one or two men she'd known swept through her body. She loved every lash. She was truly a slave now. A slave to be whipped and lesbian raped at the whim of her mistress.

Xena loved seeing Gabrielle squirm and writhe in pleasure. 'If only there was a woman strong enough to do me without wanting to skin me alive,' Xena thought. 'I like getting it as much as I like dishing it out.'

In their mutual lust neither woman noticed a flash of light behind them.

"Whip me, Xena! More." Gabrielle begged.

"Beg for it slave," Xena ordered. "Beg me to whip you."

"Whip me! Aaahhhh! Whip me," Gabrielle pleaded. "Whip me please! Aaahhhh! I'm cumming!"

Gabrielle's body shook in orgasm. Xena stopped lashing her while she gasped for breath. Nothing had ever made her cum like that. No man had ever given her an orgasm and she had only ever cum by her own fingers. After this her fingers would never be enough. Gabrielle now needed pain to get off.

Moving closer Xena kissed her forcefully. Still holding the kiss, Xena began to knead and slap Gabrielle pretty tits. Xena then pressed her hairless pussy against Gabrielle's hairless pussy. Gabrielle hoped for a pussyfuck, but Xena was now the teaser and pulled away.

"Are you ready for round two, my sweet little slave? I won't be as gentle this time," Xena asked.

"Oh yes, Xena! Take me! Punish me please," Gabrielle panted lustily.

"Is this a private party or can I join in?" a familiar female voice behind them said.

Xena spun around and saw a tall blond woman, nude save for sandals and a glowing golden necklace. Fresh from Aphrodite's bath, and a quick grooming from her female servants, was the blond psycho that both women secretly loved and feared.

"Callisto," Xena and Gabrielle said in unison.

Chapter 3

'There's something missing in her eyes.' Xena thought. Madness was still there, but she seemed softer somehow, like something was missing.

Xena dove for her weapons, but using the power of telekinesis, temporarily granted to her by Aphrodite, Xena's swords, daggers, and chakram flew to Callisto. Undaunted, Xena charged, did a mid-air somersault trying to get close enough to land her paralyzing nerve strikes.

Callisto used her new power to stop her in mid-leap, then hurled Xena 50 feet into the middle of the lake. Before Xena could even rise from the water Callisto sent two of the unused lengths of rope at Xena and hog-tied her before yanking Xena back to shore. Between the sudden dunking and the impact, when she landed in front of Callisto Xena was barely conscious. In less than a minute Xena had been beaten for the first time by another woman.

"Stop it! Stop it Callisto! Please," Gabrielle cried as she struggled futilely in her bonds. "I'll do anything you want! Please! I'll be your slave just please don't hurt her."

"Anything?" Callisto asked.

"Yes, anything! I know you want me, Callisto. I'll kiss your feet, lick your ass, suck your tits, eat your pussy! Please," Gabrielle cried tearfully. "I'll even drink your piss if you'll let her go. Please, Callisto."

"Sorry, I want both of you," Callisto laughed maniacally. "By the way, nice necklace, same as mine."

Gabrielle stared at the shining gold necklace around Callisto's lovely throat. She had no time to question it as, with a flash of light, the three women were elsewhere.

As she regained her sense Xena quickly studied her new surroundings. It was a dungeon, but a type of dungeon she'd never seen before. In the first place it was far too clean, with a rich soft carpeting that felt stangely erotic to her bare feet. This dungeon looked like it came straight out of a lesbian's wet dream, with rows of whips and dildos, of a quality far superior to even Amazon crafts, lining the four walls. There were numerous devices like an x-cross and a triangle horse with detachable pussy, and anal dildos, different styles of stocks, and numerous ceiling chains designed solely for tying up women. A huge soft bed big enough for a dozen women dominated one corner of the room with attached cuffs strategically placed.

Xena took stock of her own situation. Xena was now standing on her tiptoes, arms high above her head. She was wearing strange cuffs on her wrists and ankles, that had a soft inner lining, and were shackled together. Xena was also wearing a small set of toecuffs. Looking over she saw Gabrielle suspended spread-eagled. For some reason Gabrielle didn't seem to be afraid of what was about to happen. All of this was exiting both of them. The dungeon devices, the sight of each other in nude bondage, the feeling of being helpless at another woman's mercy. Xena fought down her growing excitement with the fear of what Callisto might do to them.

'Strange though that everything here is for lesbian sex, not torture,' Xena thought. 'Let Callisto do her worst to me. I shall not beg her for my own life, but please Aphrodite, if we are truly favored by you then spare sweet Gabrielle the horror that Callisto will inflict on her. Even if it be only a quick death.'

"Welcome to the dungeon of truth, ladies. I know you will enjoy your stay. You won't want to leave even if I let you go," Callisto said.

Xena noticed that Callisto had removed her sandals and was now wearing only the same gold chain that Xena and Gabrielle wore. Despite herself Xena felt a thrill at being naked and helpless by the beautiful psycho. Xena had an overwhelming urge to kiss and lick Callisto's feet. A part of her wanted to dominate Callisto, another to have sex as equals, and the third was to be her total sex slave.

Looking over at Gabrielle, Xena saw that the bard was obviously aroused as well.

Callisto gently cupped Xena's hairless mound, then teasingly rubbed her finger up and down her slit, surprised at how wet she was already. Xena moaned as her body betrayed her. None of them knew that the necklaces and the dungeon spells only made them admit to their true feelings. Already their usually iron wills were almost non-existent, from nothing more than the truth.

"What's your game, Callisto? Is it revenge? If it is then take it out on me, but let Gabrielle go," Xena said mustering up what little will she had left.

"I don't think you get it, my dear. I am in charge this time." Callisto lustfully smiled. "Why do you think I was able to beat you this time? A woman wearing one of these cannot lie with her lips, her body, or even her mind. The same is true in this room. I have been purged of evil and now serve Aphrodite, not Ares. I've had powers before and you've always beaten me. But now, now I am finally free. Free to love and admit to love. I am a lesbian and I swear that I love both of you. You know in your heart that you are also lesbians and that you love each other and that you even love me too."

"You're mad! You are insane," Xena said, then added," You're also right. What???"

"Xena! Its true! She's using the two weapons we can't defeat, the truth and love," Gabrielle cried. "Look at her eyes Xena! She's still crazy, but there is no evil there anymore."

With a sinking heart and her will being sapped more by the second, Xena knew that Gabrielle was right. At the beach she had hesitated and then wasted time going for her weapons when she had clearly seen that Callisto was unarmed. If she had felt that Callisto was trying to kill them she would have done a foot sweep followed by a nerve strike.

Callisto walked over to Gabrielle with a whip in her hand. Callisto teased Gabrielle's breasts with the multi-tailed whip, yet not striking her. Gabrielle's terror was gone along with her will. Replacing these things were lust and love. Gabrielle's body, mind, and soul wanted Callisto to give her a lesbian whipping.

"Leave her alone Callisto," Xena ordered, still trying to fight her own lust. "Whip me if you must, but leave her alone!"

"Oh really, Xena. I think the little slut wants it. Don't you slut? Tell us, Gabrielle, what is your ultimate fantasy?"

Gabrielle had no will left to fight the truth. "I-I want you and Xena both to dominate me. I want to be whipped and raped as much as you want to give me," Gabrielle blushed in both shame and excitement. "I am a little lesbian whip bitch who wants only to give pleasure to my Mistress. I live only for sex and pain."

Xena was silent as Callisto smiled insanely. But then her features softened with the look of a woman in love.

"I love you, Gabrielle. You must believe that I will not hurt you," Callisto softly said. "I know what you want and will give you only pleasure. The pleasure of the whip."

"Forgive me Xena! I love you," Gabrielle cried.

With expert skill Callisto began whipping Gabrielle who moaned in pleasure right from the start. The sight of her beautiful Gabrielle being whipped was driving Xena mad with desire. Xena craved the whip as much as Gabrielle did. Despite herself Xena began trying to rub herself off as she enjoyed seeing Gabrielle get whipped and longed for a taste of the lash herself. 'I shouldn't be feeling this way as my poor darling is being punished,' Xena thought guiltily. 'And yet, I love seeing her get whipped and can hardly wait for my turn.'

Gabrielle shuddered in orgasm, but Callisto continued whipping her and soon Gabrielle felt an even bigger orgasm coming. Gabrielle had truly become a whip slut.

Xena still tried to be strong even though she realized that the only way to win was to surrender. "No! No, no, no! Please, Callisto! Let her go! I'll do anything you want," Xena pleaded.

"It's no use, Xena." Callisto smiled in triumph. "Even if I let her go she wouldn't leave. If her hands were free and I whipped you, the little slut would frig herself senseless."

With a cry of raw pleasure Gabrielle came a second time from being whipped. Callisto ceased and began advancing on Xena.

With her last bit of defiance, Xena whipped her body up and attempted to kick Callisto with both feet. Callisto had anticipated that move and cracked her whip across the soles of both of Xena's feet. Xena nearly orgasmed just from that. Hanging her head in shame, Xena offered no further resistance.

"Beg me to rape you, Xena. Admit that you're a lesbian," Callisto ordered. "Xena, I love you. I want to be your lover as Mistress, slave, and equal. I want to marry you and Gabrielle both." Again Callisto cupped Xena's pubic mound that was even wetter now, teasing her excited clit.

Xena bit her lower lip still trying to fight herself. It was useless. Against the twin powers of love and truth Xena could not hope to win.

Callisto yanked Xena's hair forcing her head back and passionately kissed her. At first Xena tried to resist, but soon found herself responding and hungrily returned the kiss. Callisto pulled back and rubbed the Xena's large shapely breasts with the whip.

"Do you want me to whip you?" Callisto asked softly.

"Yes, Callisto. Please. Please whip me," Xena whispered.

Somewhere in the back of her mind a tiny voice said 'no.' It was too late. Callisto began whipping Xena, and Xena was loving every lash. Callisto whipped Xena close to orgasm and then stopped. Xena was truly at Callisto's mercy as her body cried for release. Callisto repeated the process, whipping Xena to the brink of orgasm again before stopping. Callisto then did it a third time without allowing Xena to cum. Xena was nearly insane with her need to cum. Callisto walked over to Gabrielle and released her from her present state of bondage. Callisto then placed Gabrielle in a loose hog-tie state of bondage that allowed her to play with her pussy and finger fuck her own asshole. Gabrielle's eyes were glazed over with lust as she had a ringside seat to watch Callisto's triumph.

Gabrielle couldn't wait until it was her turn to get whipped again. "Please whip me, Callisto," Gabrielle begged.

"That's up to Xena." Callisto smiled. "If she wasn't so stubborn and would just beg me to rape her I'd let her cum and then we could both whip you and rape you as much as you wanted us to."

Callisto dangled the whip in front of Xena's face. With a cry of surrender in Xena's mind she meekly bowed her head. At last her will was broken.

"Please rape me, Callisto," Xena begged.

"Are you a lesbian, Xena? Are you a lesbian whip lover?" Callisto asked.

"I am a lesbian whip lover. I am a lesbian whip whore. I am a lesbian whip bitch," Xena softly said.

"Beg me again to rape you," Callisto ordered.

"Please, Callisto. Please rape me," Xena pleaded. "I'll do anything you want. Rape me. Let me cum."

"How do you want to cum Xena?" Callisto asked.

"From pain. I want to cum from pain. Please, Callisto."

"Would you like a lesbian whipping?" Callisto asked. "Do you want me to whip you to orgasm?"

"Yes! Yes! Whip me! Whip me til I cum," Xena cried.

Callisto began. Once more the whip landed on the dark haired warrior princess. Xena felt her orgasm build once again as Callisto lashed her. Gabrielle was playing with her pussy and had three fingers in her ass as she watched Xena writhe in pleasure. This time Callisto continued and with a desperate cry Xena finally felt the joy of release as orgasm after orgasm sent her to heavenly bliss.

Xena was spent for the moment as she hung limp in her bonds. Xena had never been whipped like that before, and now that she knew how great it was, she wanted more and more.

"No fair. I want some too," Gabrielle pouted.

"Don't worry about that little girl. You'll get your share before the night is over," a familiar voice called from the bed.

Sitting totally nude on the bed was Aphrodite holding a whip across her lap.

Chapter 4

With whip in hand Aphrodite walked over to Callisto, who immediately knelt and began kissing the feet of the Goddess. Aphrodite offered her ass to Callisto who wasted no time in kissing and licking her anus. Xena was unchained and she began kissing Aphrodite's feet. Aphrodite then offered Xena her ass. Xena licked Aphrodite's asshole while Callisto untied Gabrielle. Aphrodite offered her feet to Gabrielle next and the little bard eagerly kissed them. Gabrielle also licked Aphrodite's asshole.

Stringing Xena back up to her previous bondage position, Callisto once again whipped the pain loving woman. Under the expert skill of Callisto, Xena was soon close to yet another orgasm. Gabrielle was in the same position and was being whipped by Aphrodite.

"Whip me Callisto! Please! Whip me," Xena begged. "Aaaahhhh! I'm cumming!"

"Whip me! Whip meeeee! Ooooooo! It feels so gooooodddd," Gabrielle cried. "Whip me! Aaaaaaa!"

The most intense orgasm Xena had ever had racked the raven haired woman.

Gabrielle also was soaring as she too came.

Hands cuffed behind her back Xena was led to the triangle horse by Callisto and Aphrodite. Slowly they lowered Xena on to the lubricated ten inch pussy dildo and the thinner ten inch anal dildo. Xena moaned in pleasure/pain as she was impaled. Once fully on the horse her arms were chained over her head and her legs were chained far back forcing her even further on the dildos.

Callisto and Aphrodite got on opposite sides and began whipping her front and back forcing her to fuck herself on the torture horse. Xena was now as psychotic as Callisto as the pain was now raw pleasure in her now twisted brain. A thunderous climax shattered whatever mind she had left. Xena was now a lesbian pain slut as she collapsed barely conscious still impaled on the dildos.

When Xena regained her senses she saw that Callisto was now in the same bondage position she had been in. Wrists and ankles chained together, arms high forcing her on tiptoes and she now wore toe cuffs.

Xena discovered that she was free as Gabrielle and Aphrodite helped her off the torture horse. Aphrodite offered Xena a glass of wine which she quickly drank and immediately felt her strength returning. Xena knew what kind of wine it was. Ambrosia.

Aphrodite handed Xena a whip and silently led Gabrielle to the bed. The two touched each other and giggled as Xena advanced on Callisto.

"Now I am your slave, Xena. Show me no mercy," Callisto asked. "Take me! Take me anyway you want to. Whip me raw if you wish. Just know that I love you and Gabrielle."

"I love you too. It's different than my love for Gabrielle, but the same. For I can love you as a Mistress and an equal," Xena said. "I could not bear to lose either of you."

"Oh, Xena," Callisto happily cried.

"All our dreams have come true," Gabrielle dreamily said as she licked and sucked Aphrodite's big tits. "We three are now one."

Callisto was in ecstasy as Xena began whipping her tits, ass, and pussy. Callisto was as big a lesbian pain slut as they were. "Whip me Xena! Whip me," Callisto begged.

Xena whipped Callisto to the brink of orgasm and then pulled back getting a little revenge on Callisto's earlier tactics. Callisto looked pleadingly at Xena for release and Xena showed compassion by whipping the psycho blond and making her cum. The two women then kissed deeply their breasts and bare cunts pressed together.

Xena unchained Callisto and they walked hand in hand smiling and kissing over to the bed joining Gabrielle and Aphrodite.

"Aphrodite, we want to get married to each other. Will you marry us?" Gabrielle asked.

"Do you feel the same Xena, and you Callisto?" Aphrodite asked.

Both women nodded as they sat on either side of Gabrielle and they began hugging and lightly kissing. Aphrodite performed a short ceremony and the trio were married according to Amazon law. Aphrodite was getting very horny, but Xena, Gabrielle and Callisto were so lost in love for each other that they barely knew she was still in the room. 'Oh well, its time to pay my brother a little visit with my friends anyway,' Aphrodite thought.

As horny as a 14 year old in the Playboy mansion, Aphrodite blinked out.

Xena was sucking Gabrielle's tits as Callisto licked Gabrielle's pussy. Gabrielle then lay back and Xena lowered her pussy to her face. Gabrielle licked Xena's pussy, running her tounge down to lick Xena's asshole, then moving up to her clit. Callisto spread the bard's legs and positioned her own pussy to Gabrielle's cunt and began to pussy fuck her. Xena then repositioned so that she and Callisto faced each other. The two women kissed deeply and roughly kneaded each others big tits. Gabrielle continued to eat Xena's pussy as Callisto pussy fucked her. Incredibly, all three women came at the same time.

Forming a triangle, Xena licked Callisto's pussy and anus, while Callisto licked Gabrielle's cunt and asshole, and Gabrielle licked Xena's pussy and asshole. Xena then began finger fucking Callisto in both holes. Callisto returned the favor to Gabrielle who joined in by finger fucking Xena.

For hours the three women fucked and sucked and whipped each other. They licked each others feet and drank each others piss. Each one got fucked with strap-ons and with double dongs. They fisted each others cunts and assholes. No normal woman could take what they did to each other; and especially since these three loved every minute of it. Touched by madness and magic, they had super human endurance as well as warped minds.

New legends would be formed about three women who would fight evil and yet would seduce young women into being s/m lesbians. Other women warriors would join and they too would add to the legend of Xena, Warrior Princess and her lieutenant Callisto, Psycho Princess. Together with the bard Gabrielle, their courage would change the world. A army of lesbians would form a new alliance with the 99.9% lesbian Amazons thus insuring a powerful force to be dealt with. This was only the beginning.


Ares was absolutely furious. Aphrodite had double-crossed him. Not only was Xena still a thorn in his side, but he had lost Callisto, his best agent as well. Ares had his most powerful magic sword in his hand and knocked over a vase with it causing it to shatter. Aphrodite's laughter filled the room.

"Aphrodite! Show yourself, sister," Ares demanded.

Aphrodite appeared along with five men. She was dressed slightly more conservatively than before, but not by much. Actually 'men' was also inaccurate. Ares had never met them before , but he knew who four of them were. The biggest one was Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, to his right was Hachiman, the Japanese God of War. The next one was Lord Raiden, the Japanese God of Thunder, and the last one was Yuan Ti the Chinese God of War.

The other one was slightly in front of them, a mortal whose identity was concealed by an oversized black robe. Ares immediately discounted him as no threat.

Ares snorted at Aphrodite's choice of company. Ares thought he hated Hachiman and Yuan Ti the most. Hachiman for his bushido code of honor that advocated protecting innocents, bloodless duels and war only between warriors. Yuan Ti who also believed in honorable combat and was for war only in self defense. Although also War Gods, those two and the two thunderers were considered 'good' and all four of them actually cared about mortals, often helping and protecting them from 'evil' Gods like Ares.

Ares looked at humans as sheep and cattle to be slaughtered or toyed with as he willed.

"What do you want now sister, that you need so much backup?" Ares snorted, unafraid.

"Your head, brother dear." Aphrodite laughed.

"I know these men, dear sister, and your power cannot affect them. No spell or seduction you could do could cause them to gang up on me because of their (snort) honor," Ares derisively said.

"They're not your problem, I am," said the robed mortal.

Ares almost laughed. A mortal challenging him on his own ground? And if the Gods helped him he could simply teleport away.

Then the once loose robe was suddenly too small and then shredded as the mortal was now as big as Thor. Looking at him, Ares for the first time began to feel fear. The mortal's features were a combination of the best of Scandinavian and oriental, his body was that of the finest martial artist and gymnast. But his skin looked like solid gold. He carried no weapon, he needed none.

With a roar of hate fueled by fear, Ares attacked. The battle was as brief as it was one-sided. Despite his magic sword, his super-powers, and his own great battle skill, the mortal disarmed him, and paralyzed him in seconds with a dazzling display of oriental martial arts. Ares was on his knees unable to escape as he saw the golden man prepare the final blow.

"Tell Hades he's next," the hero who fought all evil said.

And then Ares saw no more.

The End ???