The Origin of a Superheroine

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This story contains material of a sexual nature. It has explicit descriptions of sex, bondage and non-consensual sex. If you are at all offended by this kind of story. DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!!!!!

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The mountains at sunset is easily the most beautiful site in the world; the way the snow gleams, the way the ice deflects the light into wonderful prisms, and the colors that splash across the horizon. I was on vacation, up in the beautiful mountains of my youth. I was raised here, and moved to the city. But, every year, I have to return here. After living in the bustle and noise of the city, I need the peace and serenity of these mountains.

Perhaps I should first describe myself. I am 5'9", with reddish brown hair, which at the time this happened was about shoulder length, with dark brown eyes. I was blessed with a nice body, with a 38C-29-37 frame. I was, and still am, athletically muscular, although the reason I was muscular then was because of my job. I loved being in shape, but I was far too shy to go to a gym. I hated to wear those skimpy workout outfits. The thought of that makes me laugh now, considering what I now wear every day.

I was heading back to the little cabin that my father owned. It was remote, quiet. All I ever heard was the sounds of the icicles falling from tree limbs, and the wind blowing through the ridges. Peace. No radio, no television, just my Cherokee and a shortwave radio in case of emergency.

I was gazing down on the little river that wound its way through the mountains, working its way to the Snake River, and on. I would just stand there, and listen to the sounds of it tinkling its way by. But, it was getting late, and I knew I should get back to the cabin before dark.

So, I hiked back, whistling, listening to my feet crunch into the crisp snow. As I approached my cabin, I heard a tremendous crash, followed by an explosion. From between the trees, I saw a huge column of smoke billow into the sky, from the direction of the cabin.

Instantly I took off at a run. I knew if the generator had blown up and caught the cabin on fire, it could destroy all my food, and perhaps the flames would reach the Cherokee. As these thoughts flew through my head, it caused to me to panic, thinking of being stranded up here, with no food, no shelter...

I was on top of them before I knew it. I saw the cabin burning, and that must have been all I could see. I ran toward it, wanting to move the Cherokee, and maybe get some food out of the cabin. As I ran around the corner, I saw my Cherokee on it's side, burning brightly. Then I saw her.

The first thing I thought when I saw Wonder Woman was "Jesus, she'll freeze". I still don't know why. She was bruised, battered, but still fighting. Three creatures were stalking her, with two others on the ground. She moved fluidly, unlike any person I had ever seen before. I had seen many of the heroes on the television, and even saw the Flash run by my apartment once, but this...I could only stand and watch. I didn't know what else to do.

One got behind her, and leaped. With blinding quickness, she lashed out with her red boot, hitting it flush in it's brutish face. As it crashed back into a tree with a howl, the other two jumped at her. One grabbed her around the waist, tackling her, both falling, twisting in the snow. As she fell, the other creature smashed her in the face, spinning her head around, her raven hair flying across her face.

Reacting instantly, she drove her fist into the chin of the one on top of her, knocking it off, but the other stomped down directly on her chest, so hard I involuntarily held my arms across my breasts in sympathetic pain. She cried out in pain as it ground it's hairy foot into her large, firm breasts. She grabbed it's foot, and with a loud cry, threw it off her. It fell back into the snow, but, as she was getting up, the other dove onto her again, its clawed hands grabbing her around each side of her head, driving her into the ground.

She quickly grabbed it's wrists, seemingly inexhaustable. As Wonder Woman pulled its hands from her face, the first one leaped at her from its knees. She quickly jerked her head aside as it's fist drove into the hard frozen ground.

"Damn you Mongrels!" a voice suddenly shrieked. I spun around to see where the voice was coming from. Walking toward the cabin from amongst the trees, I saw an old man, wearing a large fur coat, huffing and puffing up to the fight. "She's a woman! Take advantage of that!" he screamed at them in a wheezing voice. "Haven't I taught you morons anything?!" I started hating this guy already, and I just seen him!

Wonder Woman twisted, throwing off the creature on her. With a slight lift of her muscular legs, she leaped to her feet straight from her prone position. The creatures looked at this old man for an instant, then leaped at her again. The one on the ground grabbed Wonder Woman around her left leg, causing her to windmill her arms to keep her balance. Swiftly, the other creature jumped at her, grabbing her breasts with its clawed hands, squeezing with all its strength.

Wonder Woman cried out in pain, her hands quickly pulling at the creature's hands. The creature under her clenched a fist, and pounded her between her legs, causing her to cry out again, allowing her to be pulled down to the ground by her breasts onto her back.

The old man rushed over, reaching into a pocket of his coat, digging for something. Again, the creature drove its fist into Wonder Woman's vagina. She grunted, her body jerking into the air, nearly throwing off the creature crushing her breasts. With a cry, she pulled the hands off her breasts. As the one creature sat on her legs, the other immediately went after her again.

"Hold her you fools!" the old man ordered as he pulled out a small metal box. Quickly opening it, he pulled out an odd device. It was flat on one side, with an inch wide, two inch long, rounded white protrusion on the opposite side. Three straps hung from the triangular base. On the flat side of the base was a small box, with a tiny knob in its center.

Wonder Woman punched the creature jumping on her, sending it spinning around, blood gushing from a nasty blow. The creature on her legs lashed out, the back of his fist slamming into her, spinning her head around in an explosion of black hair, causing her to flop back down into the snow. She seemed dazed, her hands on her head, obviously trying to regain her equilibrium.

The old man fell to his knees beside the stunned heroine. The creature grabbed Wonder Woman's wrists, jerking them to the ground. As the stunned heroine struggled to gather her senses, the old man quickly pushed her starry panties aside, and violently drove the rounded end inside the dazed heroine's vagina.

I gaped. What was he doing?? What kind of a villain was this man? I stood rooted to the spot as the old man turned the knob on the bottom of the box.

Wonder Woman's eyes widened, suddenly screaming at the top of her lungs. But, it wasn't a scream of pain. Her fingers dug into the ground, as her legs spread wider, her boots pushing the soft snow aside. The creature held her down as the amazon began to jerk rhythmically, each time letting out a moan.

Her knees bent upwards, her legs spreading farther apart. The creature sat on her belly, now holding her arms down easily. The old man held the box to the amazon's suddenly drenched vagina, and a light on it blinking steadily. Each time the light blinked, Wonder Woman jerked. I watched her face, her mouth wide but silent except for a small moan at each pulse, her eyes half closed, her face enraptured.

The old man reached down to the box. He turned the small knob on the bottom of the box. As he turned it, the light began to blink faster, as Wonder Woman began to moan and squirm faster. He laughed maniacally, enjoying listening to the amazon's cries of pleasure.

Suddenly, Wonder Woman screamed wildly, her body spasming uncontrollably. I must have screamed too, because the old man looked over at me surprisedly.

I froze, watching the scene as if hypnotized. Wonder Woman cried loudly, caught in the throes of her orgasm. He looked at me quizzically, then, smugly, he smiled at me.

Instantly, I charged at him. I still don't know why. Maybe it was anger, maybe I knew that Wonder Woman was my only hope. I ran at him, hoping to knock him off the heroine.

He quickly ran a strap over and across her hips, buckling the device on over her vagina, the light still blinking rapidly, Wonder Woman twitching helplessly in time to it. Just as he turned to me, I crashed into him, both of us tumbling to the snowy ground.

I reared back, and hit him squarely in the cheek, knocking the old man backwards. I began to pound on him, beating on him, anger pouring out of me in a rain of blows to the old man's face. I easily outweighed the skinny little man, and I was far stronger and more athletic.

I was filled with rage. Wonder Woman had been a hero of mine for my entire life it seemed. And I was going to help her. So I kept beating the old man, avoiding his weak attempts to push me off or grab my hands.

Suddenly something grabbed my hair, and I was thrown through the air with a cry of pain. I rolled across the snowy ground. I quickly spun around, throwing back my hair from my face.

The creature Wonder Woman had punched was stomping through the snow toward me, blood trickling from its face. I stood up, not knowing what to do.

"I want her alive Mongrel," the old man ordered it.

The creature turned its head slightly as the old man yelled. I saw what might be my only chance, and charged it.

I drove my shoulder into it, with all my strength. It moved only slightly as I bounced off it's strong body, falling heavily to the snow. As I looked up, the back of it's meaty hand slammed into me, hurling me across the ground.

It was like a nightmare. Everything was foggy, and I tried to get to my feet, but I couldn't make my body do what I wanted. I saw the creature coming toward me, but I stumbled, staggered, everything fuzzy.

As it got next to me, I took a swing at it, but it snatched my fist out of the air. Before I could react, it reached across my body for my other wrist, and jerked me into the air, spinning me around.

I pulled with all my strength, and kicked backwards at it, as I dangled in the air. The old man got up, holding his bruised lip, with an evil look in his eyes.

"Get back from me!" I screamed at him, as he walked toward me. "And tell this monster to let me go!"

He laughed; a chilling laugh, of one that could care less about any living creature. He dabbed the blood trickling into his eye from the gash on his brow. "No," he said coldly.

"Bring that amazon slut over here," he ordered the creature holding Wonder Woman down. It reached down, grabbing a fistful of her luxurious black hair. I hoped she would jump up, still fighting, but she hung there by her hair, her hands dangling limply at her side, her body still twitching to the pulses of the device strapped into her vagina. The mongrel threw her tall, powerful body over its shoulder, and plodded over to him. Wonder Woman hung limply over him, her face hidden by her hair, her arms dangling. When he turned, I could see her thighs weren't dangling, but spread unnaturally, her boots hanging from her knees weakly, bouncing as the manbeast walked. Occasionally she would twitch as another wave of pleasure emanated from the device.

"So, you wanted to be a heroine?" the old man asked me sarcastically. "You see what happens to heroines that put themselves in my way?" he asked, as he reached into the bag. He pulled another box out of his bag. Opening it, he took out a duplicate device like the one that disabled Wonder Woman. Calmly, he unwrapped the straps around the device. "They get to wear one of these."

I glanced over again at Wonder Woman, hanging there, the evil device visible between her spread legs, the little light pulsing, her body quaking.

He walked toward me, holding the little box, smiling. "It was a interesting idea I had when I made this. This little gem opens the female organ, sending a small jolt of current into the female clitoris. The pulse passes along the neural pathways to the pleasure centers of the brain. I have yet to see any woman," he said, putting his hand on Wonder Woman's star-covered ass, "that can withstand it for long. That's especially true for this strumpet. Stick something in an amazon, make her cum, and she's helpless."

"And now, we can see how well you can withstand it," he said, stepping toward me.

"NO!!" I screamed, kicking at him wildly, anything to keep him away.

He stood back from my thrashing kicks, my boots swinging wildly. He smiled again coldly. "You WILL be wearing this," he said, holding up the device. "It is entirely up to you whether it is simple, or painful."

I stopped kicking as he stepped back. "I'll never surrender to you, you perverted bastard," I said, spitting the words at him, sounding braver than I felt.

"Drop her," he ordered the creature holding Wonder Woman. "and grab this bitch's tits, and crush them until I tell you to stop."

The creature abruptly let Wonder Woman fall over his shoulder. She landed on the ground in a heap, falling onto her back, her legs still spread out at an angle. The creature came toward me, his cruel hands outstretched.

"No!! Stop!!" I screamed, kicking at it. My boots bounced off it's hard body, as it grabbed my jacket, and shredded it in half, the down feathers flying all about. Then, quickly, it gripped my own healthy breasts within my sweater.

I groaned loudly as it grabbed my entire breasts in it's huge hands, squeezing them in its powerful grip. I gritted my teeth, trying not to let him know the pain, but he knew. I could feel my breasts being crushed under that steel grip, my entire world being the pain emanating from my breasts. I don't know how long I hung up there in that world, but I remember vaguely hearing the old man say stop in the background.

My head lolled down on my chest, and as my blurred vision came back, I could see the gouged holes in my sweater, showing the red skin of my breasts, and the white lace of my bra. The old man was standing in front of me, holding that little box, a perplexed look on his face.

"Dungarees," he murmured. "Mongrel, tear those blasted things off her."

The creature stepped forward, grabbing my jeans, and, with a mighty tug, tore them in half. He continued to tear them until they were hanging in tatters from my knees, my white lace underwear hanging in shreds from my hips, my bare, shaven vagina exposed and steaming in the cold air.

The old man grinned as he looked me over. I could only watch, unable to move from the pain I still felt in my breasts. He put the device up to the lips of my vagina, opening them with the fingers of his other hand. Slowly, he pushed the small white dildo inside me.

I gasped as I felt the object's insertion. It wasn't painful; in fact, a strange thrill of pleasure shot through me. Almost instantly I began to lubricate, despite the fear that I felt. I knew something was happening to me that was out of my control, but I was helpless to resist it.

He ran a strap up and over one side of my waist, and buckling in on, then running the other strap over the other side, and buckling that side on, and finally one more connecting the two across the length of my waist.

He tugged on it to make sure it was secure, then reached down, and turned a small knob.

"OOHHHHMMMMYYGOOODDD!!" I cried out, my head falling backwards, as my body arched outwards, my breasts pressing against my bra. I felt as if I was suddenly thrown into the middle of the most powerful orgasm in my life. My pussy screamed at me, throbbing madly. My legs immediately spread wide as if to let in a man's penis, as I felt my body tense and relax as the waves of pleasure passed through me. Every muscle in my body contracted, as I twisted and bucked, held up high by my hands. I cried out each time I felt the throbbing waves of orgasm pulse through me, moaning and sobbing uncontrollably. "Toss that bitch over your shoulder, and, you, pick up the amazon," the old man ordered. I was put over its shoulder, barely able to think, much less resist, as I hung there, my body screaming, my legs parted as wide as my torn jeans would allow. It started walking after the old man, oblivious to my erotic cries as I twitched in the power of the unending orgasm. Vaguely I could sense Wonder Woman enduring the same wonderfully horrible torture, beside me on the shoulder of the other creature, as we were carried off...

                The Origin of a Superheroine, Part 2

I must have passed out from the repeated orgasms, because when I woke up, the first thing I sensed was cool air playing across my naked body. Thick metal bands held me tightly. They were all over me; around my ankles, one just below and above my knee, on my upper thigh, around my waist, at my wrist, one on either side of my elbow, and one around my neck.

Then I looked down. My toes were ten feet from a cold concrete floor. The bands were attached to metal rods that came out of a huge bank of machinery that lined the wall a few feet behind me. I was held in a normal standing position, my hands at my sides. Around me was literally tons of machinery and computers. It was behind me, across the huge concrete floor, and, most frightening, it was below me. I tried to move, to pull my hands free, tug my legs upward; I had to get out of the hold of these bands. I had to get loose! I strained, twisted, the panic rising in me...!!!

"Be calm," a woman's voice said placidly.

I immediately froze. I turned my head toward the voice. To my right was Wonder Woman, hanging as I was, except for her wrists which were bolted together behind her back. She was as naked as I, except for her manacled bracelets, her incredible body making me feel suddenly very shameful of mine. I could sense ever imperfection of my body glaring out as I looked upon her; her large breasts protruding from her chest, incredibly firm and unsagging for their size, her hard stomach and abdomen, rippling as she pulled at the bands, and her long lean legs, powerfully muscular.

"Try to remain calm," Wonder Woman said as I took all this in. "We are in trouble, but we must remain calm," she said, with what I felt was unnatural easiness.

"Are you nuts?" I said, still ready to panic. "I'm buck naked, hanging up here god-knows-where..."

"Listen!" she said forcefully. "There's no time for that. We have to try to find a way..."

Suddenly there was a loud clang as a door at the far end of the room slammed shut. Walking toward us was the old man, followed by two of his man-like creatures.

I took a deep breath, ready to call him ever nasty word I could think of, but Wonder Woman spoke first. "What do you want this time, Malus?" she said angrily.

He looks up at her, an evil smile on his face. "That is Professor Malus, my dear princess," he answered in a crackily voice. "Perhaps after today, you will remember it."

Wonder Woman looked over at me. "Let her go Malus. She doesn't belong here with me."

Prof. Malus toward me, standing next to the machines under my bound body. "On the contrary amazon, she is the reason you are here."

"What!?" I blurted out.

"She can't hurt you like me!" Wonder Woman said angrily. "Now let her go!"

"Oh no, my dear princess. She is exactly what I need; a guinea pig."

"A what?" I said in shock.

Malus completely ignored me as if I didn't exist, and he continued talking to Wonder Woman.

"You see, I shall duplicate your powers, amazon, and I'll shall see if I can give those abilities to another woman," he continued. "A woman that I can control. If it works, I will create dozens...nay, hundreds, or super women, that will do my bidding. With them, I will crush anyone who might oppose me!" he said, cackling insanely.

"Are you serious?! This is mad!" Wonder Woman yelled at him. "This can't possibly work!"

"Oh, it can, and will," he said, working at the console beneath her. The rods around her pulled the bands around her knees and ankles apart, spreading her powerful legs wide, bending her knees upward and outward like the other two. Out from the machines below her came out a two inch thick metal rod, glistening, spinning slowly.

"You can't do this to me!!" Wonder Woman screamed. "I'm an amazon princess!"

"You, woman," he said, depressing a button, "are fodder."

She began to descend slowly, her body held immobile in the bands. She tried to move her body, move her hips in any way, but she was held tightly in place by the bands around her upper thighs.

As the tip of the huge rod entered her, a shudder passed through the length of her body, every muscle quivering. She continued to slide down over the rod, her vagina stretching wide to take it in.

"Great Hera!!" she screamed, throwing her head back as the revolving pole remorselessly drilled into her. Her long raven hair dangled over her ass as her hips bent upwards from the pressure of the rod, her fingers clawing at the air, her beautiful blue eyes wide.

Wonder Woman lurched as the rod finally struck the end of her vaginal tract. It backed out about five inches, then drove back in quickly, causing her to let out a cry as her muscular hips jerked. Again, it pulled out, then thrust back into her. It continued to do this, over and over. Wonder Woman's nipples slowly hardened, the rod glistening with her juices, her mouth hanging open in a silent scream, her blue eyes half-open.

Prof. Malus smiled as he watched the tall, muscular amazon quiver, her skin slowly glazing with sweat, her breaths becoming short gasps. The rod pounded into her, then slowly withdrawing a few inches, then drilling back inside her.

Suddenly, Wonder Woman's eyes widened. "...oh...dear gods...." she whimpered in a high pitched voice. She began to buck, held in place by the bands on her powerful body. " gods no...not me...."

"Oh yes, Wonder Woman," Prof. Malus said, "maybe this will show you that you're just a female like any other."

Wonder Woman either ignored him, or was unable to hear him, completely enraptured by her coming orgasm. Her breathes raspy, her body sweating, she closed her eyes tightly, a scream on the tip of her tongue, her face contorted in erotic pain. Abruptly she let out a long scream as the orgasm hit her, washing over her powerful body.

"Yes!!" he shouted triumphantly, as he slammed his hand down on a button. The rod slammed into her vagina with an air of finality, and remained embedded deep between her hips. Along the length of the rod I saw a grey energy stream upward, entering Wonder Woman's pussy, then passing through her tensed body. She twitched and jerked from the orgasm and the strange energy coursing through her, a greyish glow shining out from her vagina.

Her cries quickly died down as the strange grey energy seemed to be sapping her strength. Slowly her head began to slump onto her chest, her dark hair sticking to her sweaty skin. Her blue eyes closed, her fingers going limp, as the orgasm faded.

"Forty-eight percent," Prof. Malus said as he looked down at his machine. "Very good. You must have very hard orgasms, Wonder Woman." he said, laughing.

"Wha...what difference would that make?" I stuttered out, still stunned by what I had seen done to Wonder Woman.

"All the difference, my dear. You see, the stronger the orgasm, all the more my machine can do," he said, pushing a series of buttons.

"What's it going to.." I started, but stopped as my arms were pulled out, my legs were spread, my knees bent upwards, my thighs turned outwards, exposing my vagina. Below me, a rod came up out of the equipment, spinning slowly, the top ten inches of it glistening.

"NO!!!" I screamed, trying to jerk loose. I looked over at Wonder Woman, but she was unconscious like the other two, her head sunken on her chest, her damp hair cascading over her breasts, the rod deep in her pussy, slowly turning inside her.

"I don't have any powers!!" I screamed at him as I was lowered toward the monstrous pole. I stared at it in horror as it got closer and closer.

"Oh, but you will my dear..."

I looked down at the metal pole inching up towards me, as I was being slowly brought down to meet it. It turned slowly, rhythmically, as a glistening fluid oozed out of tiny holes in the top ten inches of its surface. I tried to move, twist, bend; anything to avoid the two inch thick shaft. But the metal bands around my upper thighs kept my hips in place, and the bands on either side of my knees and the band on my ankles spread my legs wide apart.

Nearing panic as it was a foot from me, I glanced over at Wonder Woman. She was atop the machine below her, pulled down onto the thick rod. It was deep inside her tall, beautiful amazon body, slowly turning, a mixture of her cum and the lubricant oozing down its sides. Her head was down on her chest, her eyes closed, her hands dangling weakly, her long dark hair lying wet and limp across her face, back, and breasts.

Suddenly I jerked as I felt the hard rod touch the lips of my vagina. A tingle passed the length of my body, like a current flowing from the rod. My body seemed to open up to receive it, as a small moan passed from my lips. As it began to slide inside me, the bands, from my upper thighs to my ankles, pulled gently outward, stretching me wider to accept the rod.

Spinning as it entered, the rod remorselessly drilled its way into me. The electric tingle grew stronger as the pain in my womanhood increased. I threw my head back and cried out in erotic agony as it went further and further into me, as I was pulled down onto it. My hips spread wider as it went deeper, and deeper. The pain gradually disappeared as the tingling between my thighs seemed to overwhelm any pain from the thick shaft. I could feel the warm lubricant on it, mixing with my forming juices as my body began to react. My nipples became quickly erect as my overstretched vagina engulfed the huge rod.

I let out a small cry as it ground into the end of my vaginal tract. I felt myself being locked into place, my entire body quivering, tingling as it completely filled me. I hung there on, and over, the huge metal rod, unable to keep my fingers from twitching. Suddenly, with a loud hydraulic hiss, it pulled down, almost entirely out of me. It stayed there for a second, all my senses concentrated on it, and what it would do next.

Abruptly it drove into me. "Oohhh...Jeeeesus...." was all I could gasp out as an incredible wave of pleasure inundated every pore of my being. It quickly jerked back down, then impaled my helpless body again. This time all I could do was let out a little squeal of erotic ecstasy. Down it went again, then back into me, and back down; rhythmically ramming into my pussy, as I helplessly thrashed on top of it. I jerked my head back, my auburn hair flying wildly, then I would drop my head down to my chest at the next thrust. The room seemed to disappear around me, as my entire existence seemed to be to ride this building orgasm.

Each time the rod slid down I could vaguely hear the suction sound as it twisted its way down from the depths of my tight pussy. As it screwed its way back inside me, I felt the warm juices run down my burning, silky thighs and dripping off my knees. Wave after wave of pleasure washed through the length of my body, exploding from my clit and deep inside my vagina, and going through me like a tidal wave, until its ended at my extremities, causing my fingers and toes to twitch uncontrollably.

"Jeeee..." I moaned as I felt myself on the precipice of orgasm. "Suuuuuuuuu....." My clit began to swell, my body suddenly becoming very still, my brown eyes wide but unseeing, my mouth open wide. "Ssssss!!!!" I screamed as ecstasy exploded inside me.

The rod drove inside my helpless body with a finality that pushed me upwards, as I thrashed in the throes of orgasm. I screamed over and over as each pulse of orgasm passed through me.

Suddenly my entire world turned gray. Through my tautly stretched vagina I felt the strange gray energy engulf me, and shoot through my orgasm-wracked body. Every muscle in my body contracted at the same time as the most sublime orgasm of my life inundated my being. I became very still as my head rolled back, my wild auburn hair dangling down, an open-mouthed smile on my lips, my eyes gently closed.

Suddenly I heard an explosion in the background. A grayish-blue light filled my eyes, as another orgasm, more powerful than all the other combined, utterly overwhelmed me. I could feel my heart crashing in my chest. I thought I was dying...

I smelled formaldehyde. The horrible stench filled my nostrils, jerking me completely to consciousness. My dark brown eyes blinked in the complete darkness that was around me. I was lying back on a table, thick metal bands across my ankles, hands, waist and neck. I was still naked, but thankfully the horrid rod was gone. I looked around through the impenetrable darkness, straining my ears and eyes to find out where I was. The silence, like the darkness, was complete.

I wasn't sure what to do. I wanted to yell, scream for help, but I was too afraid of attracting the wrong kind of attention. The smell of the formaldehyde was overpowering, making me nauseous. Slowly, panic started to take control of me. With a jerk, I pulled my left arm from the metal band like it was thin paper. I gasped. I laid there for a few seconds, stunned. I turned my hand in the air, then reached back down to the torn and twisted metal. It was cold, hard to the touch. But my hand was free.

I reached up to my neck, grabbed the collar holding me to the table, and tugged. A screech of bending, tearing metal grated in my ears and the collar parted easily.

My mind reeled. I had just torn a thick band of metal like it was tissue! With an easy jerk, I tore my other wrist free. My legs pulled the bands around my ankles out of the table. With both hands I pulled the thickest band from my waist, and kept hold of it. I could feel the strength in the metal, but it bent and tore easily in my hands!

Suddenly I heard a noise. I could distinctly hear the door to the room being opened. I stood there, not knowing if I should duck, jump back on the table, run...

As a thin shaft of light entered the room from the hallway beyond, a hairy hand reached in and turned on the light to the room. I blinked in the sudden light, slowly making out the outline of a mongrel, one of the manbeasts of Professor Malus.

It looked at me in surprise as I blinked. I only stared back, frozen in indecision, as the twisted metal band dropped to the floor. It made a small turn as if to run off to raise a warning, then, seeing the fright on my face, it turned back to me. It's beady eyes looked over my naked body, a lascivious grin on it's bestial, doglike face.

I flushed as its eyes passed over my body, but then I began to get angry. The torture they had subjected me to when they brought me here, what they had done to Wonder Woman, and raping me with their damned machine; all of this came to the forefront of my mind.

"You bastards!!" I screamed furiously, and charged it.

Before I could blink, even before I could raise my fists, I rammed into it. It crashed back into the wall across the hall, as I fell to the floor, unhurt, but stunned by the quickness with which I had gotten to the mongrel. I sat there on my bare ass, dazed at the burst of speed. The mongrel got to its feet, looking at me, full of fright. It turned, and took off down the hall.

I immediately knew I had to stop it. Leaping up, I flew after it. Within seconds, my fists, doubled together, smashed into its head. Blood, chips of bone, and small specks of gray jelly splashed out from under my joined fists. The mongrel crashed to the floor, blood seeping from its crushed skull, its eyes wide but unseeing.

I looked down at it agape. I parted my hands, and looked at the blood and brains on them, as they began to shake. I had just hit it! That's all! I hadn't meant to kill it!! How...

Suddenly I realized I wasn't touching the ground. In fact, I had just flew through the air to catch up to it. "Sweet Jesus..." I murmured to myself, looking down at the floor a foot below my feet. Now I knew how I had hit the mongrel on the head, when it is eight feet tall, and I but a little under six feet. What had happened to me...?

As I looked down, I began to notice that my body looked a little different. I had no signs of the freckles that had plagued me, and, although I was in good shape, my muscles were incredibly well defined, with no sign of any fat on me. My breasts seemed to be sitting high on my chest, incredibly firm. They had sagged a little before, but now...

Then it hit me. My breasts looked very much like Wonder Woman's; high and firm. All the things Malus had said came flooding back to me. He had said something about taking a part of the powers from the heroine, and that I would soon have some superpowers.

I had to find them! They had to help me! Maybe Wonder Woman could reverse the process... I moved quickly, my thoughts crystallizing. I had to move fast before Malus found out what had happened. I floated over, and picked up the dead mongrel by the waist, and carried its 500 pound body effortlessly into the room I had come out of.

As I went in, I nearly gagged. I hadn't had a chance to look around before. The back of the room was filled with large tubes, each one filled with brown formaldehyde. Inside the tubes were men and mongrels. Here was where Malus made his mongrels that served him! Men were in the ten tubes, each in some stage of being made into a mongrel. I gagged, the bile rising in me and a wave of nausea arose from within.

'There's no time for this!' I told myself. I threw the dead mongrel inside the room, and quickly darted back into the hall, shutting the door behind me. I took a very deep breath of air, pausing to get over what I had seen.

Gathering myself, I looked up and down the empty hall. I knew I had to find Wonder Woman...she would know what to do...

                The Origin of a Superheroine, Part 3

I let myself fall slowly to the floor. I wasn't yet comfortable with the idea of flying, so it seemed best that I just walk. I was completely naked, my slim, tall, athletically muscular body flexing with each step. I strained my ears, listening carefully for anyone who might be approaching.

I was in a hallway, about forty feet long, with three doors on each side, and one at the far end. None of the door were labeled. I went over to the door across the hall, and listened. Hearing nothing, I started to open the door.

The door was locked. I pondered for a moment what exactly I was going to do, until I remembered I was superstrong! Shrugging my shoulder, I easily snapped the doorknob off, and pushed on the door. Still the door didn't give, as I quickly realized I hadn't unlatched it, I'd just removed the only way to open it! Exasperatedly, I just decided to push.

Suddenly, I was up to my elbow in door! I felt so stupid, so awkward. As long as my arm was inside, I reached down and unlocked the door, and opened it.

As I stepped into the room, I suddenly felt as if I had been transported to the most luxurious hotel I'd ever seen in my life! The room was huge, with tapestries on every wall, and a four poster bed in the center. To one side of the bed was a well stocked liquor cabinet, its doors ajar. Behind the bed appeared to be a large dresser. I was tempted to destroy Malus' bedroom, but I knew that wouldn't get me anywhere, so I quickly returned to the hallway.

The next door was unlocked, so I opened it and flipped the lights on. The room was filled with mannequins, all of whom were held up by steel poles driven up between their legs. The first mannequin was small, short, and lithe, with a blonde wig on its head. On its body was Supergirl's blue and red uniform. Under the edges of the little red skirt hung the tatters of the blue panties she wore. Behind it was a brunette mannequin wearing Mary Marvel's uniform with matching tattered underwear hanging from the steel pole that impaled it, and beyond it a raven-haired mannequin wore Wonder Woman's uniform. Also in the room were costumes of Batgirl, Black Canary, and various police officer uniforms from around the country and world. In the back was an older uniform of Wonder Woman, with the eagle on the bustier.

I walked through the room, more than a little overawed, and greatly disgusted by Malus' trophies. Had he taken all these outfits from the heroines? As I walked through, I noticed that Wonder Woman's uniform had her lasso hanging from the belt. With a quick glance, I saw that the other uniform had no lasso. This must have been her actual golden lasso! I snatched it quickly, turned, and went back to the door.

With a quick peek to make sure the hallway was empty, I stepped out of Malus' trophy room. With a quick trot, I got to the next door, put the lasso in my left hand, and stepped in.

Immediately, two mongrels looked up from their beds. Two other mongrels laid on mats, sleeping. I had just walked into the barracks! I felt so stupid!

Immediately the two mongrels jumped to their clawed feet, grunting and laughing as they looked over my naked body. As the eight foot beasts walked toward me, one nudged a sleeping buddy, pointing at me. The sleeping mongrel looked up at me, bleary-eyed, grinned, and propped himself up on an elbow to watch.

As they came up to me, a vision of the dead mongrel popped into my head. I could see its blood still under my fingernails, its lifeless body on the floor, its brains...

I was abruptly brought out of my trance as one of the mongrels reached out, two clawed hands wrapping themselves around my breasts. As I let out a gasp, the other grabbed a handful of my wild auburn hair, pulling my head back. They chuckled at each other as I was bent backwards.

"No!!!" I screamed at them, my anger boiling over. I'd die before they had their way with me!! I lashed out with my foot, smashing into the leg of the mongrel holding my breasts. As I heard the sickening sound of bone shattering, I cursed myself again for using too much of my new strength. The mongrel howled in pure agony, falling back to the floor, holding on to the bone protruding from its leg. Moving with my new-found speed, I rammed my fist into the jaw of the mongrel gripping my hair, trying to hold back just enough to keep from seriously harming it. Its head snapped up and back, its feet leaving the ground as it slammed into the wall and slumped to the floor, dazed and shaking its head.

The smiles disappeared from the other two mongrels on the mats. I looked over at the mongrel screaming on the floor, and the other one stunned and lying in a heap against the wall, and grinned evilly at the two mongrels. I reached down, grabbing the furry hair of the mongrel at my feet, and slammed its head against the wall. Its eyes rolled back in its head, as the light of consciousness left its eyes.

The two mongrels jumped up, their faces a mixture of fear and anger. I stepped into the room, and closed the door. I knew I couldn't leave until these two were taken out, so Malus' wouldn't be warned. As I approached them, I felt a little sorry for the poor beasts. I knew they had once been normal men, and had been twisted by Malus.

With a blurring burst of speed, I flew at the first, and drove my forearm into its temple, dropping it to the floor. As the other reached for me, I drove my elbow into the back of its head.

I was quickly back out in the hall. I had just taken out four mongrels with ease! These powers were incredible! I smiled from ear to ear, already thinking about what I was going to do to Malus when I caught him.

I looked down the hall. Only three more doors here before the one at the end of the hall. I went across the hall, and listened carefully this time, having learned my lesson.

I listened intently at the door, but caught only silence. As I turned the knob, I realized the door was locked; but, with a twist of my now incredibly strong wrist, accompanied by a quick groan of the metal, the door opened. As the light from the hall spilled over my auburn locks and into the room, I could see that this must be the dining room. The gagging stench of tainted flesh filled the air. I could see in what must have been the kitchen slabs of aged, putrid meat hanging from hooks. Without another thought, I closed the door.

With three quick steps, I stood before the next door. Pressing my ear to the door, I could hear nothing from within. Turning the doorknob, I slowly looked in.

Against the back wall was two mongrels; they seemed to be fighting over something. As they saw me, they dropped the black, fuzzy ball, and turned to face me. Lascivious, drooling grins spread over their faces as they leered at my naked body.

'Here we go again...' I thought to myself as they approached me. I stepped in and closed the door. The two mongrels walked up to me, utterly confident. The first one reached its furry claws out toward my firm breasts, as the second grabbed for my hair. I grabbed the wrists of the monster reaching for my breasts, spun, and hurled it at the wall behind me, all in one blinding fast motion. Before it had even hit the wall, I spun back and sent my right fist into the other's cheek, sending it flying back and crashing into the back wall. In less than three seconds, it was all over. The two furry, animal-men slid down each wall, and slumping to the floor.

I looked at the two mongrels to make sure they were out, then looked the room over. Along the back wall was a set of three cells, with manacles along each wall. A table sat in the middle of the room. Each cell seemed to have small pieces of machinery. The black, fuzzy ball the two mongrels had been fighting over was lying on the floor.

I stepped back into the hall. Only one door left. I gathered myself, and opened it.

The room beyond was completely dark. What little light escaped past me from the hall seemed to shine on a large, tall room. Equipment glittered in the faint light.

"Now," a creaky voice uttered from inside the darkness. Something slammed into the side of my head, sending me flying across the floor. As I slid across the smooth floor and slammed into the wall, I heard numerous feet running toward me in the darkness. As I shook my head, all I could see was the lasso on the floor, glowing with its inherent magic, and huge male forms rushing towards me, silhouetted against the light pouring form the hallway. A hand grabbed my hair, as another grabbed my arm. I kicked out, hearing with satisfaction a howl of pain. But more hands grabbed at me; dozens seemed to be all around me, grabbing and pulling me in all directions. I lashed out, flailing wildly in the darkness, hearing sounds of howling agony and shrieks of pain from the mongrels on me. Four hands grabbed each arm, pulling out to my sides. With a mighty effort, I threw my left arm forward, sending the two mongrels flying across the dark room, hearing them crash into the machinery.

Suddenly the lights in the room burst into life. I blinked in the sudden brightness, still fighting the mongrels around me.

"Stop!" an old voice shouted, sounding like an creaky hinge. The mongrels backed off. I saw that there were still five left, and I had dropped four of them in the struggle. I was back in the room where I had been raped by the machine. Across the floor, in the center of the room, stood Professor Malus. On either side of him stood a mongrel, and, on her knees in front of him, was Wonder Woman. Her dark hair cut short against her head, she kneeled before him, her hands bound behind her back, a defiant expression on her face. In his hand he held a large, serrated knife, the blade pressed against the bare neck of the Amazon. A mongrel on either side of her held her by her shoulders.

"Surrender woman, or this bitch shall die!" he spat at me, holding the knife against the tender skin of her throat, his other hand twisted in her hair, a malicious sneer on his face.

I looked at Wonder Woman, not sure what to do. Her blue eyes met my dark brown eyes, and she shook her head slightly.

I was about to launch myself at him, when he suddenly spoke again. "Listen to me woman. You cannot reach me before I kill this amazon," he said in warning. "And I do not bluff."

I paused. The five mongrels were still close enough to hinder me from getting to Malus. He could kill Wonder Woman long before I could stop him.

"All right Malus, you win," I said, in anger and defiance.

"No, don't! Get out UGNNH!!" Wonder Woman shouted out, as Malus slammed the hilt of the knife into the back of her head. She slumped, her beautiful body help up only by the two mongrels.

"You bastard!" I screamed as I moved toward him. As I threw the first mongrel aside, he grabbed Wonder Woman by her bare forehead, and pulled her face back to him, and placed the knife just above her larynx. "Surrender now bitch!" he screamed.

I realized he was serious. I couldn't let Wonder Woman be killed. She had always been my hero, and now her life was in my hands. I just couldn't...

"What do you want...?" I asked, glaring at him.

"That's better," he said smugly. "Tie her up!" he ordered his slavish mongrels.

As they brought out a rope, I laughed a little inward chuckle. My hands were twisted behind my back, my left hand cupped around my right forearm, my right hand cupped around my left forearm. Once Malus had left Wonder Woman, I would easily snap these ropes, and crush his tiny little skull.

I kept my eyes on him, smiling evilly as the rope was wound around my arms. As they were pulled tight, I suddenly began to feel weaker. Malus grinned as a felt my strength returning to normal.

"What's happening?!" I said to no one in particular as I began to struggle against the mongrels, who easily overpowered me now.

"I guess you didn't know," Malus said, "that amazons lose their strength when their wrists are bound by a male."

"No!" I said in disbelief, thrashing helplessly against the five mongrels. Malus nodded to the two mongrels by him. They released the unconscious Wonder Woman, who dropped to the floor, her arms bound behind her back just as mine were, a small gash in the back of her head.

Malus walked over to me slowly, smiling. "As I said before, you are just the first in my army of female slaves, powered by the heroine who sought to stop me. Combine that with the raw, bestial strength of my mongrels, I shall be unstoppable!" he cackled. He took my chin in his hand, looking into my eyes. "Surely you don't think I am a fool. My alarms told me you were loose. Like the fool of a woman you are, you fell easily into my trap."

Before he could react, I lashed out with my foot. An evil smile spread over my face as he doubled over, holding his groin. He looked up at me with tear-filled eyes, full of hate.

He looked around at the seven mongrels around us. "I think my mongrels deserve a treat now. You are still fresh meat," he said, gathering himself.

Malus walked over to his machine, as I realized what he meant. "Mongrels, this new slut is all yours," he said as he went down the hall.

"NOOO!!!" I screamed as I was groped by the hands of the mongrels. Clawed hands gripped and squeezed my firm breasts, as furry lips mashed into my red lips. Claws scrambled inside my vagina and grasped my tight ass. I thrashed and struggled, flailing kicks at the mongrels. Soon, my legs were caught, and I was pulled into the air, my muscular, trim legs spread wide.

The group of mongrels seemed to begin to work together. I was held parallel to the floor, about four feet off it. My legs were pulled far apart by two mongrels. As I watched, one walked between my legs, jerking its naked penis erect and thick.

"OH GOD NO!!" I screamed as the eight foot tall beast placed its monstrous cock against the lips of my vagina. I thrashed and bucked, trying to get loose, but claws held my waist and shoulder on either side, as a claw gripped and kneaded my breasts. I watched helplessly as it slowly slid its penis inside me.

I flexed my muscles, trying to prevent its entrance. Suddenly, a hand gripped my auburn hair, and pulled my head back. As I let out a cry of surprise, another huge penis slammed into my open mouth, muffling my cries. It drove deep down my throat, causing me to gag.

My concentration destroyed, my muscles relaxed for a moment. With a howl of victory, the mongrel drove deep inside my tight vagina. I screamed a muffled cry that echoed along the cock deep inside my mouth and throat. My body arched upwards, sending my breasts stretching skyward. Slowly, the cock between my hips slid out, then back in, as the mongrel holding my hair began to gyrate his hips, plunging his cock into my mouth over and over. I closed my eyes as it changed its grip to hold my head on both sides, my lips stretched completely around its large member as it slid its penis in and out of my warm mouth. With every push into my face, its testicles slapped me between the eyes, reminding me that my head was pulled backwards. I could feel my throat stretch at each full thrust.

As the penis slid in and out of my moistening vagina, a tingling passed through me. The mongrel gripped my tight ass, and pulled itself ever deeper into me, its huge cock filling me completely, my taut vagina engulfing it. Clawed hands began to squeeze and tweak my hardening nipples, heightening the erotic pain spreading throughout my body.

My mind reeled as shocks of pleasure shot through my body. I couldn't be enjoying this! How could my body want these monsters?!?

In the distance, I could hear Malus laughing. "Problems, my little slave? I suppose you didn't know that Amazons, no matter how much they hate men, are helpless against them when one of you tramps is penetrated. Yes, I've discovered that if I put something inside them, they are helpless. Wonder Woman told me that one time I had her in her lasso," he said with another coughing cackle. "Has something to do with those goddesses of hers, so she wouldn't be tempted by a man. But, as I see it, it's just another weakness for me to exploit!"

I struggled angrily against the mongrels as Malus mocked me, but, weakened with my wrists bound and the two inside me, I was helpless. Malus laughed again, set his knife on a counter, and turned away from me to work on his fiendish machine.

The two mongrels started to work together, each thrusting simultaneously, pressing their cocks deeper into my sweating, lurching body. I was pressed between them, their thrust working in unison as they both began to breath in short gasps. My own body began to tremor as I felt myself giving in to the pleasure that screamed in my vagina. I moaned with each thrust, feeling my body tighten. Higher and higher I went, as they pumped in and out of my squirming, writhing body, hanging in the air, their helpless plaything.

The hands on my head began to squeeze tighter, and I could taste the precum oozing out into my mouth. The hands on my ass gripped tightly, pulling my cheeks apart as a clawed finger probed in my anus. Both mongrels panted short breaths. As they both let out howls of victory, I screamed in defeat. As the cum fired into my taut vagina, every nerve screamed in pleasure from my helpless body. I moaned into the penis in my mouth, gulping down the warm cum shooting down my throat. The mongrel between my legs continued to pump into me, getting every last drop inside my muscular body. Cum oozed from my mouth, trickling down the sides of my lips into my eyes.

As they both pulled out, satiated, I was let down to the floor. I laid there for a few moments, my body quaking from the overwhelming orgasm. I couldn't do anything more than writhe slowly on the floor, my long, athletic legs moving slowly in the aftershock of the orgasm. Finally, two other mongrels rolled me over, laughing and pointing at the wet spot left behind from the cum of me and the mongrel. I tried to get up, run, do anything, but I was easily pushed back down to the ground. One reached down, put its hands on either side of my hips, and pulled me up into a kneeling position, with my knees lifted off the ground, so that only my feet were on the floor. He spread my legs apart, and kneeled down behind me.

As he did that, another mongrel kneeled in front of me. Again my head was pulled up by my damp hair. I was still dazed, and before I could react, its penis was thrust between my red, glistening lips. Behind me, I felt the tip of the mongrels penis touch my tender vagina. I let out a long moan as he gripped my hips, and slowly pushed inside me.

The mongrel in my mouth gripped both sides of my head, its fingers deeply intertwined in my red hair, as it moved it hips back and forth, sliding its enormous penis around my mouth, and down my throat. As the mongrel behind me sank its member deep inside me, I was pushed forward over the penis in my mouth, forced to take it deeper. I closed my eyes, and, to my surprise, I began so suck on it. I couldn't resist. My mind and body was completely overwhelmed. I groaned as the cock behind me thrust far into my belly, sending erotic explosions bursting through me. The mongrel in front of me began to grunt, as it picked up speed, plunging in and out of my mouth with increasing speed.

Suddenly one of the mongrels threw a leg across my waist. I could feel its heavy cock resting on my back, as it leaned down, reached around my chest, and roughly gripped by hanging breasts. I screamed into the penis as its squeezed my already hard nipples, pulling at them with its clawed fingers.

As the mongrel behind me continued to slowly pump my tender vagina, the other drove into my face with intense force, its balls slapping the underside of my chin. It breaths became short grunts for air, as the penis swelled even larger. Abruptly it jerked me completely over its huge member, crushing my face against its furry skin. With a howl, he came. I gulped and choked, swallowing hard as the cum fired down my throat.

The mongrel behind me quickly started to breathe harshly, picking up the tempo, burying its cock deep inside my womb with each monstrous thrust of its huge member. He began to brutally ram the penis between my legs, a growl leaving its lips as his hilt hit my ass. As the organ in my mouth was withdrawn, I began to cry out, the loud moans echoing around the huge lab. The sexual sensations raced around my body, as I bucked and fought to stave off the enormous climax about to shred me.

My eyes shot open wide as the climax slowly came over me. With a howl of success, the mongrel behind me rammed into me one last time. I screamed a horrible cry of release as I quivered and shook as it began to fill me with its bestial seed. Every muscle in my powerful body contracted as I screamed, over and over, the climax tearing me apart. As it drove maniacally into me from behind, I screamed wildly as I repeatedly swelled to a new and higher climax. It continued to pump inside me until it was completely satiated.

Finally, after an eternity of repeated climaxes, it pulled out of me, and dropped me to the floor. I laid there, legs spread far apart, oozing their seed, moaning helplessly. The room seemed to spin around me as I was utterly overwhelmed by the sexual experience. Unmoving, I felt only the cold floor under my slack body, drool and cum dripping from the side of my mouth.

As I lay there, I could vaguely make out Wonder Woman. The three other mongrels were on her beautiful body, violently using her semi-conscious form as they has used me.

Suddenly, a clawed hand grabbed me around the neck, and pulled me up. I hung high in the air, my toes dangling three feet off the ground, my pert, firm breast at eye level to the drooling mongrel. With a lascivious grin, it engulfed my left breasts in its mouth, sucking and pulling at my sore, tender nipple. I let out a cry as it strove to suck me dry.

I don't know how long I hung there, my breasts violently attacked by the monstrous beast. Eventually, tiring of me, it threw me aside. I landed in a heap in the corner, softly moaning. At least I hadn't been raped again, and as my breasts had been attacked I had regained some of my willpower. I was still in shock at what had happened, but I was trying desperately to overcome that. The other mongrels had grown bored of me, and were all toying with Wonder Woman. As I lay there, working hard to regain my senses, I seethed, watching them assault the helpless amazon. She had been my heroine since childhood, now there she was, raped by these manbeasts, her long lustrous hair cut off, her muscular body their plaything.

I was ignored for around five minutes, as the mongrels raped and punished Wonder Woman. I stroke to recapture my equilibrium, although I couldn't get rid of the buzzing in my head from the multiple orgasms that had been extracted from me. I pressed my chin to the floor as leverage, and got up to my knees. Slowly, one foot at a time, I got to my feet. My knees trembled under me, but I was standing. Finally noticing me, one of the mongrels glanced over, and, seeing me on my feet, loped toward me. I knew my amazonian strength was gone, but perhaps some of the powers I had discovered were still working?

As I got within ten feet of me, I concentrated, and launched myself into the air. It let out a hoot of surprise, then called to its brethren, pointing at me as I flew high into the air of the cavernous lab. It grabbed a chair, and hurled it at me.

I quickly flew aside, as the chair shattered into the wall. The other mongrels, sensing a new sport, forcefully slammed Wonder Woman into the floor, and also began to throw things at me.

As I dodged a table, a wrench slammed into my shoulder, spinning me slightly as it ricocheted wildly into the wall. I flew in an erratic pattern, dodging all the hurtling objects zipping around me. I glanced down to see Wonder Woman lying on her belly on the floor, looking up at me hopefully.

An idea leaped into my head. Although all my strength was gone as I had acquired Wonder Woman's amazonian weaknesses, perhaps I had gained other powers too...

The lasso was still lying on the floor where I had dropped it. I had heard that Wonder Woman could command it by force of will...I concentrated, while flying as erratically as possible. Malus watched me fly around the debris, his hands on his hips, looking very amused at my struggles. As my anger flooded through me, I concentrated on the lasso thirty feet behind him. Slowly, like a golden snake, it started to move. Small beads of sweat broke out on my forehead as I forced the lasso to crawl across the floor, it's movements oblivious to the man and monsters busy looking up at my naked, flying form.

I had the lasso arch upwards behind Malus. My first intention was to use it against him, but I realized now how weak my hold over the lasso was still. Then I caught a glimpse of the knife behind him. Ignoring all the things bouncing off my impenetrable skin, I mentally forced the lasso to wrap around the hilt of the knife, and, with a flick, toss it across the floor.

With chairs, tools, and all other kinds of items flying at me and scattering across the lab, the sound of the knife skittering across the floor was lost. As I watched the knife slide across the hard concrete, a huge motor suddenly slammed into my head, driving me back into the wall. Stars exploded in my vision as I fell back to the floor in a pile of legs and hair.

The first thing I saw was the huge motor, collapsed like an accordion. Then a huge, furry hand reached down and wrapped itself around my face and lifted me off the ground. I kicked out, but, with my strength only that of a normal, athletic person, it harmlessly bounced off, to the accompaniment of rough, growling laughs.

The stench of the beast's hand filled my nostrils, as its hand completely cut off my vision. I could feel it, or another's, hand reaching down my body to grip one of my high, firm breasts again. Suddenly I began to hear cries; growling, mewling cries of pain. Without warning, I was abruptly dropped to the ground.

Looking up, I saw Wonder Woman! The knife had reached her! Grabbing my shoulders, she quickly jerked me to my feet. With a easy tug of her powerful hands, she snapped the ropes that bound my wrists. "Now, let's take care of these things," she said with a calm, possessed smile.

I grinned at her nonchalant confidence. As the ropes fell to the floor, I felt my Amazonian strength flow back into my limbs. "All right!"

The seven mongrels has initially rushed toward us, but, seeing us slowly walking toward them, they lost confidence, backing away. As we leaped, they panicked.

It was over in minutes. I took out five of the manbeasts, Wonder Woman handling the other two. In fact, she seemed a little sluggish compared to how I had seen her fight before. I had to help her with the last mongrel, as it was slowly overpowering her.

As we walked to the door of the lab, I looked over at her with concern. "Wonder Woman? Are you okay?"

She smiled calmly. "It is nothing to worry about. I think I've lost some of my power to that machine," she said nonchalantly, with a gesture at the equipment filling the room. "But don't worry; we'll make it out of here. I always have before."

Before? my mind repeated as she reached out to open the door. How many times had something like this happened to her?? I thought supervillains just captured the heroes, and maybe put them in some kind of deathtrap. She acted like being gang-raped was just an occupational hazard!

As we opened the door, three mongrels were about to come into the lab to investigate the noises of our battle. Within seconds, all three laid prone and unconscious as my rage was released on them. Wonder Woman only watched as I battered the poor beasts.

"How...?!?" Malus shouted in stunned disbelief. "You two," he said, pushing his two mongrel bodyguards forward, "get them!"

As the first one charged, Wonder Woman ducked, tripping it. As it fell, my fist crashed into its face, sending it hurtling aside into the wall, falling to the floor senseless.

The second mongrel grabbed Wonder Woman around the waist before she could react. I flew around it, and pulled its clawed hands as wide apart as I could. With two swift chops, Wonder Woman sent it too reeling to the floor. "We're a good team," she said with a grin.

"Ach.." Malus muttered as his last two mongrels fell. "Ah well," he said prosaically, "you wenches have won this battle. But there shall be more," he said, threatening and resigned to his surrender simultaneously.

"More?!" I screamed at him, boiling over with rage, my face as red as my hair. "More!? Never!!"

I stalked towards him, fists in tight balls. The vision of the mongrel I had accidentally killed flashed into my mind, but I quickly swept it aside as I bore down on the aged man.

"You'll never do this to anyone again you bastard!" I screamed. I reached out, putting my hands around his wrinkled throat. I slowly squeezed, easily ignoring his feeble resistance. His eyes began to bulge, as I slowly tightened my powerful grip.

"Stop!!" Wonder Woman shouted at me, running up beside me. I ignored her, completely wrapped inside my anger. Her hands pulled at mine, but my strength was now far greater than hers, and I continued to squeeze.

"This is not how a heroine handles men like this!" she shouted at me. I heard her, but dug my nails into his windpipe, his blue, oxygen-deprived tongue gaping from his mouth.

"You'll be no better than this male scum!!" she screamed in my ear. "If you kill him, you're no better than he is!"

I blinked, as tears formed in the corners of my eyes. She was right. If I killed this bastard, it would mean little but revenge. There were more of him, and I couldn't kill them all. Slowly, my grip loosened. With a quick jerk, I pulled my hands from around his bleeding throat, letting him drop to the floor as he gasped for air.

I turned, and held Wonder Woman, crying in release from all that had happened. I sobbed uncontrollably, my bosom heaving. We had finally won, and we were free.

However, I knew everything in my life would be different now that I had these powers...