Wonder Womans Defeat

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General Alexander Michaels sat in his office overlooking the White House and smiled. He had just sent off an urgent message requesting Wonder Woman's assistance in deciphering some ancient Greek military documents that were discovered in Crete. In his message, he specifically requested that she tells no one about her visit to his office since the documents were 'top secret'. "...the better to eliminate any embarrassing questions later!"

He thought smugly to himself. The General was in his forties, blond, and incredibly handsome in a Germanic kind of way. He was also considered a strong man for his age, Having once carried two of his soldiers to safety in Vietnam. Michaels's charisma was also legendary, almost hypnotic, with both men and women. He could make most people do anything he wants The Pentagon considered him the best in hostage negotiations.

Last year, he was in line to be the Chief of Staff, however, with Wonder Woman's strong backing, the Army promoted one his subordinates, Colonel Debbie Jefferson to the top job. For this he NEVER forgave the Amazon.

Diana, aka Wonder Woman, read the email that she had just received again. It did seem a little...odd that the government would need her for some simple translations. She put the puzzlement aside however and quickly climbed into her invisable jet for the short trip to Washington.

"If the General is requesting it," she mused as she flew in the night air. "Then it must be important. He's a no nonsense guy if I recall." She recalled more about him as well.... That on her recommendation a woman had been promoted over him. Diana had been on a mission once with Debbie and knew that she was well suited for the job. "Glad to see he doesn't hold a grudge..."

Wonder Woman landed the jet silently on a small, flat spot on the roof. As she stood outside the stairwell door, a light breeeze blew her long hair back a little. She quickly found Michaels's office in the deserted corridors and knocked lightly on the door.

Michaels smiled grimly as he watched Wonder Woman on his closed-circuit monitor. His eyes drank in he gorgeous body from her wide, lovely, violet eyes, to her generous breasts, barely contained by her UW insignia, all the way down to her elliptical creamy thighs. "Soon...Soon!" he mused as he straightened up from his chair, walked to the opposite wall, and retrieved a small vial from behind a picture frame. "Well" he thought, smiling "let's see if Dr. Gunther earns his keep!".

The vial contained a highly potent aphrodisiac designed specifically to work with Wonder Woman amazon physiology. It was the result of extensive research, which Wonder Woman herself unwittingly participated in by subjecting herself to medical test. At the time she thought the tests were for a new drug to fight the AIDS epidemic.

"Not that I need a stupid chemical to seduce ANY dumb female!" Michaels thought, chuckling to himself "Just a little insurance, that's all!" With that, he heard Diana's soft knock on the door and strode confidently to welcome Wonder Woman to his office.

"Welcome, Wonder Woman!" he greeted Diana gravely, extending his hand "I am very glad you came!'" He motioned to his desk, "The documents are right there, and with knowledge, this should only take a couple of hours!" Michaels watched appreciatively as Wonder Woman's hips swayed slightly as she walked towards his desk, "The last couple of hours of you Wonder Woman's career, you stupid female!!" He murmured under his breath

"Glad to be of service sir," she said with a smile as she walked over to his desk. "Just what do you think you have that you want me to take a look at? I mean you must have plenty of people who can translate some Greek stuff." Wonder Woman bent over a little and searched for the documents amongst the piles of paper that he had on his desk. She didn't want to go pawing through his things so she carefully looked for what might be the papers.

Michaels's plan was simple but effective. First begin triggering Wonder Woman's Curse by a series of accidental touches and caresses, all the while talking to her to distract her. Then, with her juices going, speak to her of love, further weakening her resolve, and finally sealing her fate by making long passionate love to her till all her powers abandon her once and for all.

The colonel stood behind the bent over Wonder Woman and nonchalantly placed his left hand around her waist. "I did not want just anyone looking at the documents! That's why I called you Wonder Woman. After all you are one of our most important assets!! And allow me to say, a most lovely asset as well!" He almost whispered in her ear as his hand made gentle massaging motions around Wonder Woman's waist, discreetly swooping down to trace her hips.

The very touch of his hand made her shiver a little. She was so sensitive to a man's gentle touch. "Ummm...t..thank you," Wonder Woman said as her hand went down to take hold of his. She had intended to politely slide it off of her but as she grabbed it, Wonder Woman pressed it to her by accident. The feeling of his hard, strong hand felt nice against her chaste body.

She held it there for a second before finally pulling it off and moving away. "We should get going with this since you probably have other places to be." Wonder Woman stood before Michaels and looked at him before going back to the desk. It seemed he had a crush or something on her but that was something she was used with men. No big to her.

Michaels smiled to himself as he felt Diana's hand press his palm closer to her hip, "So it IS true!" he mused "The great Wonder Woman is also Ultra receptive to a strong male advance!" As Diana turned to bend over the desk once more, Michaels stepped sideways to stand fully behind her, this time pressing himself 'accidentally' against her plump behind, encased in her satin panties. He was already hard in anticipation of what was to come, and his rigid cock pressed demandingly between Diana's soft ass-cheeks.

Pressing his advantage, Colonel Michaels leaned forward, as if to point the document out to Wonder Woman, pressing his cock more urgently against her yielding flesh. "Here they are Wonder Woman!" He almost whispered as he smelled the sweet fragrance of her hair. "Please forgive me for saying that, but you are absolutely beautiful, breathtaking, I should say" He whispered again directly into her ear, as he moved his cock ever so gently against her buttocks.

Her eyes closed for a second as she let out a soft gasp at feeling his rigid cock poking between her cheek. She could hear him saying something but she was so distracted at the moment to understand what he was saying. If she could have, Wonder Woman would've moved out of the way but Michaels had her pinned against the desk. Normally, she would've used her super strength to simple shove him back but for some reason she couldn't.

"Um....y....yeah...." she sighed, trying to study the document he was pointing out. It wasn't easy though and Wonder Woman was having trouble concentrating on the job at hand for some reason. She had been touched, but not violated by criminals. Never by a 'good guy' though... Most were too intimadated by to do anything more then lustful glances. Part of Wonder Woman wanted to rub back against his cock but she knew she shoulded. Very tempting though...

Leaning closer still behind the distracted amazon, Michaels used his right hand to point to the Greek document on his large Mahogany table, "You see Wonder Woman, It is a detailed explanation of the Strategies of Alexander the Great!'" He continued to speak softly, very close to her ear, "We believe the data has never been seen before!" The colonel shifted his weight slightly, which had the effect of his cock rubbing up and down the entire length of the crack of Diana's luscious ass-cheeks.

She tried to pick up the document but her fingers were trembling so much that she couldn't get the right paper into them. Wonder Woman instead braced her hands on the table top so that she didn't collapse on top of it. The feeling of his long cock was making it hard to think. Making it hard for her to keep the mound of black fur between her legs not get soaked.

"You know, Wonder Woman, Standing this close to you,...I have never quite realized how beautiful you are!!" he almost breathed into her right ear, "Are...are you b..by any chance seeing anyone??" He whispered in mock shyness, as his left hand moved very slowly, almost imperceptibly, to the bottom half of Diana's left breast.

A tiny whimper came for Diana's lips when Michaels cupped her breast. If her ass was sensitive then her breasts could blow her mind. The nipple hidden under the satin quickly grew hard and finally she grew a little moist between her legs. "N...n..no...." she whispered truthfully. She wasn't suppose to give into a man so therefore she didn't see anybody.

"I...I think...I had better...go," she said moving against him in an attempt to find away out of his grasp. As she did so, she felt his flesh stroking her from her struggles.

"Oh no you don't, my little Amazon" Michaels though to himself as he felt Wonder Woman try to turn to leave. Swiftly, he gripped her bare upper arm with his right hand and drew her close, her back still to him, all the while maintaining his gentle caressing of her left breast. "You look flushed Wonder Woman! Are you all right?" He said softly, pitting as much concern in his voice as possible, as her drew the trembling Diana closer to him. "let's up the ante a little bit!" he chuckled to himself as he felt her nipple hardening under his palm. "I think you should sit down and rest for a while Wonder Woman!" He said outloud, rubbing her left nipple gently but firmly through costume.

With how rubbery her legs suddenly seemed, she knew that if she tried to walk she would fall on her face. Michaels's playing with her hard nipple was send jolts of pleasure up her spine. Making it very hard to think. "S..sit?" she asked slowly. "Uh..yeah....s...sounds okay." She didn't look around for a chair though. She wanted to sit but sort of forgot how....

Releasing his grip on her right upper arm, Michaels reached behind him and pulled his large swivel chair to him. Keeping a steady rhythm of caresses on Wonder Woman's left breast and nipple, he slowly sat down, gently puling Wonder Woman with him so, before she knew it, she was sitting in his lap, with her back pressed against his chest, and his steel-hard cock firmly wedged between her thighs. "How can such a lovely creature like you not have a lover?" he asked softly with a slight pinch of her nipple through her costume, "A real man, who would love and protect you in this world!"

"C...can't give myself to a....man," Diana moaned and panted. When he had pinched her nippled it had almost launched her out the chair. His tight grasp kept her to him however. "No...man..." Feeling his throbbing cock along her ass and pussy made Diana moan even more. Trying to handle this was so diffcult! If he had attacked her or something then she would've been able to steel herself for this. Since it came from no where it fell upon the heroine like an avalance. "P...please stopppp...." she whimpered softly.

"Stop??" Colonel Michaels breathed hotly in Diana's ear "Stop what my dear?? This..." He cupped her entire left breast in his left palm and squeezed softly, making sure to rub the hardening nipple thoroughly. Ï am just trying to comfort you for a little while ..." He continued soothingly, planting a soft kiss on her flushed right cheek.

Her deeper breaths pushed her breast into his strong hand to let him squeeze. "Noooooooo" she whined and shook her head in protest but it was no use. She was too far gone to try and fight him that hard. Only if he stopped now could she really hope to recover.

Slowly, as a snake not wanting to startle its prey, Michaels's right hand slowly traced Diana's creamy thigh with feather light caresses. Finally, his hand rested on the inside of her right thigh, just below her crotch "Why should I stop my dear??" He whispered to her gain, as his right hand patted her inner thigh possessively, and climbed up to rest on her crotch above her satin tight. "Doesn't this make you feel good?" He continued as he began to rub her moistening vagina in steady circular motions above her costume.

With each stroke, Diana pussy got wetter and wetter until the satin became a darker shade of blue from her honey. Her body trembled as the passion she denied built up inside her body. Diana so didn't wish to feel any of this but she couldn't help it. As she grew hotter, her willpower faded and along with it her super strength. Just from the touch of his hands against her.

"Every woman is destined to give herself to a man, Wonder Woman!" Michaels hissed in Diana's ear, with a touch of his real venom creeping through. He checked himself quickly enough though to resume weakening the fading amazon on his lap. His hand on her crotch became more demanding, pushing some of her satin tights into her pussy and occasionally barely touching her clit. With his left hand, still palming Wonder Woman's left breast and nipple, he drew her closer to him still.

"Nooooooo...." she whimpered again and again. Michaels's engorged cock pushing hard against her as it tried to explode from his pants. The feeling of that forbidden object drove Diana wild. Her trembles became more like shaking but it was dampened by his strong arms.

Michaels smiled as Diana's head fell back to rest on his shoulder, "Now for my big act!!" He thought smugly as his right hand began to snake its way under the side of Wonder Woman's panties towards her wet pussy. "Haven't you ever longed for the touch of a man, Wonder Woman?" He breathed with another wet kiss on her cheek, and, not waiting for answer, made direct contact with his index finger with her clit.

Diana arched her body off of him the moment he touched her. "Ahhhhhhh!" she moaned loudly as her movements forced him harder against her. Just as quickly Diana flopped back on to his lap with her head drapped backwards on his shoulder. Her limbs hanging loose as she felt her weakened defenses crumble. With a small gush, Michaels's hand was coated with Diana's sweet smelling honey as she built up an powerful orgasm.

Michaels watched Wonder Woman's body collapse back on his lap with a smirk on his handsome face. As Diana head settled back on his shoulders, he turned his head slightly to nibble on her ear, rolling his tongue around it and biting it slightly. "There, there, Wonder Woman!" He whispered in a calming voice, "This is the destiny of every female! Don't you agree?" He continued, as he softly fished the left breast he was palming out of her costume completely.

She knew he was mumbling something but Diana couldn't understand a word he said. All she could think of was the burst of sensation she felt when her nipple caught on the lip of the bustier as she pulled the breast out. It made her gasp and jump again but much less then before.

"See how hard your nipple has become??" He asked innocently as he lifted Diana's generous, creamy breast for her to see, with the nipple pinched cruelly between his thumb and forefinger. "Would like to feel it for yourself??" He shrugged his shoulder so that Diana's lolling heed looked down at her engorged nipple, "Go on Wonder Woman!" He encouraged her with gentle stokes on her clit with his right hand. "Lick your own nipple! Feel how hard it is!"

The mound was large enough so when Michaels lifted it, the nipple ended at her lips. Ever so slowly Diana reached out with her tongue to lap at the hard nub. Each time making her body jump as she bathed it and his fingers with her pink tongue.

Methodically, Michaels kept on flicking Diana's pink clit. He could feel how extended it has become, even though he could not see it for himself . "Do you like my hand on your clit, Wonder Woman?" He asked her as he took hold of the pink member with two fingers and tugged down gently, pulling Diana's clit out from behind the lips of her vagina.

"AHHHHHhhhhhh! Diana exclaimed again as her hips lifted off of his lap. Those fingers of his made her whole pussy feel like it was on pleasureable fire. She was so wet that trails of her juice began to coat the top of his trousers and made his fingers sopping wet. The clit was so large that it was almost like a miniture cock. One so sensitive that the touch of his fingers was enough to make her insane. Diana gasped and panted harder and harder as climbed up the ladder of ectasy.

Michaels could clearly tell that the woman on his lap, the great Wonder Woman, was rapidly approaching orgasm. Her breathing was deep and ragged, her nipple was rock hard between his fingers, and her clit, lovingly caressed by his fingers was as rigid as his cock. He, however, had other plans. He wanted Wonder Woman to admit her defeat by normal man simply because he WAS male. He wanted her to wallow in her humiliations and offer herself to him, pleading for him to take her.

Keeping her distended clit outside her pussy, he eased down his rhythmic caressing, simply keeping it between his thumb and forefinger. With his left hand, he eased down Diana's bustier, so both her gorgeous breasts were free.

Having her breasts bared made breathing much easier for her. The tight satin had constricted her lucious mounds and forced them together. Freed, they moved apart more but still thrust outwards due to their natural firmness. Not a millimeter did they sag.

Calmly, he collected both breasts in the large right palm with the nipples almost touching. He began to rub Wonder Woman's nipples together ever so gently. "Just to keep you on slow burn,... you dumb female!!" He thought contemptuously.

"Nice...." Diana moaned behind closed eyes. The right nipple became just has hard as its twin under Michaels's fingers. "Oh so nice..." His hand squeezing the breasts as he held them together. Her ass rubbing against his cock more in response.

Michaels lifted the index finder of his left hand to Diana's trembling lips, slowly tracing them, coating her full lips with her own juices. "Go on!" he encouraged. "You know what to do!"

She nodded lazily having done this before back home but never tasting herself. "You taste devine..." she said thinking it was the juice of one of her sisters. "Let me taste you more..." Diana took her finger into her mouth to suck and like the sweet liquid from him.

As the helpless Wonder Woman continued to suck her juices off of Michaels's finger, he finally smiled broadly at her Are you sure this is what the symbol of all womanhood is supposed to be doing?" He asked her, continuing to rub her nipples together with his right hand. "Maybe we should stop now, before things go out of hand!" He suggested with a raised eyebrow, still feeding her her juices.

Diana let his now clean finger leave her mouth as she pulled back. "No...." she whispered. "Don't want to...stop. Can't stop... Feel soooo good! Want itttt......" Her hip moved up and down as she tried to get that feeling back of when he touched her clit. The wet satin didn't do it for her at all. "Want...want it!!"

General Michaels knew that victory was very close. After all, here she was, the invincible Wonder Woman, moaning helplessly on his lap, her breasts bare and in his hands, nipples hard as rock, while her hips blindly moved up an down on his cock, piteously searching for relief. "What Do you want Wonder Woman?" he Grinned as he wrapped his left arm around Diana's waist to steady her, and re-inserted his right hand under her panties to fondle her distended clit once more. He found the little pink member still delightfully hard, peeking out from between Wonder Woman's vagina lips. Holding Wonder Woman's clit between thumb and forefinger, Michaels resumed his rhythmic caressing, tugging at the little member and flicking it repeatedly until it once more stood out entirely outside Wonder Woman's drenched pussy.

Feeling his fingers against her clit again made Diana groan in ectasy. She stopped moving her hip just so that she wouldn't wouldn't lose contact with his fingers again. "I...I...I want...it," she moaned as she licked her lips. Trying to get the last of her juiced on to her tongue. "Want it....." Suddenly her body jerked and she gave a louder moan which was followed by a new gush of her fluids.

Michaels moved his left hand from Diana's waist to cup the back of her head and moved it till he was looking directly into her large violet eyes. "I need to know precisely what you want'" he persisted, turning his head so that his mouth was almost touching Wonder Woman's coral lips, now puffy with her arousal, while his right hand now almost buried in her vaginal flood..

Diana looked back at with eyes that were wild with desire. Her body almost shaking in unreleased passion. She had never felt like this before....Body so aflame with passion and need. "I...I want...need to make love..." she whimpered. Another moan like one of loss erupted when Michaels pulled his hand from her panties. "Oh please! Let...let have it!" she almost pleaded.

Michaels waited patiently, smoothing Diana's forehead gently, till the tremors of her body subsided. He did not want her to cum just yet. "Now for the grand move!!" He though amusedly as he shifted Wonder Woman's body in his arms. He scooped her thighs up with his right arm, and caught her under her bare shoulder blades with his left, to cradle her in his strong arms like a mother would a baby. As he lifted the once mighty Wonder Woman in his arms, Michaels marveled at how quickly her legendary powers had faded. Diana's head was laying docilely on his shoulder, eyes looking at him beseechingly. Her body felt heavy and limp in his arms, her left arms dangled on the side of her body, making her naked breasts jut upward as her chest rose and fell in tortured pants, while her right arm was folded over her tummy. She was the picture of female submission. Michaels caressed her creamy thighs with his right hand to find that while still firm and athletic, the were totally limp and yielding to his touch.

"Oh please...." she panted. "I need...need something..." Diana felt so weak that she couldn't even move the hand that rested on her tummy to pleasure herself. Her eyes pleading with him to release her from the pleasurable agony she faced. Feeling his hand again made her body tremble anew. "So nice....."

"Still sensitive enough though!" he mused as he was rewarded by soft moans and whimpers from the helpless Wonder Woman.

The General wrapped his left had around Wonder Woman's troso to cup her left breast as well. He pulled the nipple cruelly up, and used to move the entire breast in a slow cicular movement. Simultaneously he re-inserted his right hand's index finger into Diana's sobbing pussy and began a lazy sawing motion, being careful to rub her clit just enough with every thrust.

"Yessss....." she groaned as she shut her eyes. "R...right there!" Diana didn't know which caused more feelings his finger in her pussy or the stretching of her breast by the nipple. "Ahhhhhh!" Her right hand slide off her body to come to rest on the huge bulge in his now soaked pants. Michaels did just enought to keep her aroused but not enough to tip Diana over the edge.

"Well my dear Wonder Woman!" Michaels smiled at his prize, as she lay cradled in his arms, perspiring and panting, "Don't you think it is time you got out from this silly costume??" He asked with arched eyebrows.

Diana nodded absently. "Y...yeah....too...tight for some...some reason." She tried to reach up with her left hand to pull on the zipper in the back but she couldn't do it. She was just so weak! "H...help me?" she whispered as her right hand brushed his confined cock.

Michaels smiled broadly as he watched the great Wonder Woman try to undress herself and finding herself too weak to do it. "Of course I'll help you Wonder Woman!" He smiled at her, still cradled in his strong arms "If that's what you really need!" He gave her left breast another playful tweak "IS IT?"

Her body wriggled and she gave a low squeel from her breast being molested like that. "Oh yes...oh need to...to be free.... Clothes...so...tight. Dunno know why...."

He gently pushed Diana to a sitting position on his lap and unzipped her costume down. Gently he eased the costume down the ribcage to her waist, then stopped. Inserting his hands underneath her armpits, he cupped both her breasts lovingly and tweaked her hard nipples. "Raise your hips, Wonder Woman!" He breathed into her ear, squeezing her breasts against her chest, "You can ease your silly costume down the rest of the way yourself!"

Nodding and panting Diana lifted her hips and tried to push the cloth down her legs. Her fumbling fingers slipped several times on the slick satin but eventually it landed with a plop on the carpet. The feel of Michaels's hands kneading her breasts both weakened her and encourged her. Just the feel meant he was still there and would end the torment that she was feeling. "All done...." she sighed as she laid back.

As Wonder Woman settled back with a whimper on General Michaels's lap, now naked except for her boots, bracelets and tiara, his cock grew harder than ever, straining against his army trousers as it felt Diana's naked ass cheeks pressed against it. Michaels maneuvered Wonder Woman so that she lay back against him, head thrown back over his shoulders, with her thighs straddling his left knee. He then began a gentle rocking motion designed to rub her clit against the rough fabric of his pants. "Now the boots, Wonder Woman!" He encouraged, hands still tweaking her sensitive nipples, "I like my women barefoot, it makes them more .. submissive!"

Michaels's leg instantly became drenched from her sweet honey that dripped from her opening. The fabric against her making Diana gasp with each rock. "Can't....can't..." she moaned as she tried to reach the zippers on the boots. Her legs swayed and her arms would barely respond to her commands. "Oh help..please..." Diana pleaded but he wouldn't respond except to squeeze her breasts harder. It seemed to take forever finally she got them off but it took everything she had to do the simple task.

"Now for the big finale!" Michaels thought smugly as the exhausted Diana lay back in his arms with a soft whimper and looked at him with wide pleading eyes. The one mighty Wonder Woman was finally his. She was completely naked except for her bracelet and tiara, her juices were gushing out of her vagina, and all her amazon strength seems to have faded completely. Placing his right hand at her vaginal lips, he re-inserted his index fingers into her helplessly drenched cunt "Do you really want me to FUCK you Wonder Woman?" He asked the delirious amazon with a wicked grin.

"F...fuck me?" she asked, not really understanding. The words sounding familar but she didn't really remember what they meant. Diana jumped when his finger dipped into her vagina and neared that thin hyman that told of her virginity. "Oh....oh yes....oh fuck me..please....need it...." She remembered that what Michaels had asked would releave the agnoy. That was all she needed to know.

Still smiling, Michaels scooped the naked Wonder Woman in his arms effortlessly, stood up from the swivel chair and moved towards his wide mahogany desk.

Diana looked up him with passion filled eyes and a smile that told that she knew her pain would be ending soon. "Thank...thank you for being...so nice..." she moaned kissing his lips as he carried her.

"Revenge is the sweetest thing!!" Michaels thought amusedly as the mighty Wonder Woman, naked and flushed in his arms, her wide eyes full of adoration, raised her head weakly to kiss his lips. He bent his head lower to kiss her back possessively, putting all his bent up hatred of her in the kiss. His tongue dueled with hers briefly before dominating it completely.

"Mmmmmmmmmmnnn," she moaned into his mouth as she really kissed a man for the first time. His tongue exploring her mouth until Michaels broke the kiss to leave Diana gasping for air. Her already warped mind blown more by that deep kiss.

The kiss took the last fight out of Diana, her head rolled back over his left arms, long hair cascading almost to the floor, He long exquisite legs dangled limply over his right arm, weak and useless as he carried her effortlessly to his desk. "There there, Wonder Woman!" He smiled at her soothingly, "It will be over soon!"

"Thank you...thank you so much!" she said closing her eyes and letting him do what he will to her. All the fight from her body gone now.

Gently, General Michaels laid Wonder Woman on her back on the hard mahogany surface of his desk. Her creamy buttocks just at the edge, so that her athletic thighs dangled over the edge. He bent over and took both of Diana dainty ankles in his strong hands and raised them so they were almost perpendicular to her body. He then gripped both ankles in his large left fist and bent her legs till her thighs touched her breasts, pressing her nipples and flattening them against her chest.

With her limbs so relaxed, Michaels could've twisted them into a pretzel and she wouldn't have noticed. All Diana did was sigh deeply and roll her head back and forth a little. Making her long, dair hair spread out in a fan on the papers. She did gasp as her so sensitive nipples were bent by her legs. "Ahhhhh...." she panted a little.

"The great Wonder Woman! .. indeed!" He murmured appreciatively as he looked at her pussy, pink and glistening with her sweet smelling juices. With his right hand he felt her hymen guarding the entrance to her vagina and could not help bursting out laughing. "The champion of all womanhood is a virgin!!" He exclaimed, "What a joke!" He roared with laugher as he teased her clit gently.

"Of...course I...am," she groaned as her fingers clentched the edge of the table. "Not...not suppose...to be with a...man. Hav...havan't!" Her clit seemed to know he was watching it and throbbed like the mini-penis it was. Still semi hidden in her tight, wet folds.

Suddenly an inspiration hit Michaels, "Why not drive the cunt totally insane!" He thought wickedly. Still holding Wonder Woman's ankles high in left hand, he bent down, placing his right hand on her naked buttocks, he gently blew on her clit and then ran his rough tongue up the length of her exposed vagina.

Diana nearly screamed as her back arched off the table and pressed her pussy into his face. A sudden, great gush of juice covering Michaels's face and running down his shirt front. "Oh please!" she whined, eyes clentched tightly shut. Please end it! Can't...can't take it! Oh please!!" Her body shaking and trembling in his grasp.

Heedless of Wonder Woman pleas, Michaels continued eating the distraught amazon princess. He gently blew on her clit until it peaked out from her pussy lips, and as it did he caught it with his teeth and nibbled at gently. "How does this feel Wonder Woman?" He asked between bits.

Tears of ectasy that bordered on pain ran from the corners of her eyes. "Oh STOP it!!!!" she sobbed. "Please stop it!!" Feeling his tongue lapping up her fluids that soaked the papers on the table. Diana brought her hands up and ran them through his hair trying to make him end the agony.

"Do you still believe that women are men's equals?" He persisted as he straightened up to unzip his fly.

The torture ended for a moment caused Diana to lay back on the table gasping for air. "D...don't care...don't know...can't..take it. Oh...I can't...take it!!" Her gasps not letting her hear the sound of his zipper going down.

Michaels let his mammoth cock out of his confining pants soundlessly, He gripped with his right hand and guided it to the entrance of Diana's sobbing pussy to rest just between her swollen vaginal lips. "The answer, my dear Wonder Woman, is NO!!" He smiled down at the once mighty Wonder Woman, her ankles still raised high in his strong grip, breasts heaving uncontrollably, arms stretched limply at her sides, face pointing sideways, coral full lips open with a thin line of drool beginning to seep through, "Women are NOT equal to men! Because they cannot do this!!" He continued as he began to rotate the tip of his penis around Diana's vaginal entrance, grazing and nudging her clit softly. "Only men can, you see!! Don't you agree??" He asked amusedly as he pressed his penis more forcefully into her pussy's entrance, bending her hymen inwardly.

Diana's eyes bulged out and she gave a great whoop of a gasp at feeling his cockhead pressing into her. "Wha...ahhhh...what...is that???!" she asked in barely understandable gasps. The throbbing and heat of him was unlike anything she had ever felt before. "Feel....feels...so....good!" Diana panted before flopping back on to the papers with eyes shut.

Wonder Woman's incoherent pleading and babbling was simply music to Michaels's ears, satisfying him that she was beyond the point of no return. "A simple cunt! aren't you Wonder Woman?" he asked, looking down at the lovely female body splayed before him.

Her only reply was mewing like wimpers as her pussy experienced the throbbing of his rock hard cock. Diana's arms went backwards so that they lay above her head.

"Just as I knew you are!" He chuckled, letting go of his cock and giving her left nipple a cruel tweak, "But now it is time for you to fulfill your female function in life!", with that Michaels let go of Wonder Woman's ankles and let them dangle helplessly over the edged of the desk. He gripped Diana's yielding hips firmly with both hands and thrust himself into her drenched pussy, tearing her hymen in one swift motion. "Goodbye Wonder Woman!" He smiled down at her, watching her facial reactions intently "Hello Meek Maid!" He threw back his head and roared with laughter.

"AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" Diana screamed when Michaels took her virginity. Her entire body arched up as all of her muscles tightened at once. The screams faded quickly because Diana was unable to catch her breath to continue them. Her mouth was still open in soundless ones though. His cock forced its way into her well lubricated pussy so that in a single stroke, their pubic hair meshed. Quickly the passion in her body overrode whatever pain she felt at this violation and Diana felt the erotic throbbing of his cock within her.

The victorious General waited patiently until Diana's spasms subsided, and she settled back on the table, whimpering softly. When he felt her body relax in his grip, he began to fuck her in slow steady strokes. Michaels was an expert in making love, and each stroke rubbed Wonder Woman's clit going in and coming out.

She couldn't understand what was happening to her. Instead of the lust being drained from her, Diana felt it growing even more. Higher and higher, consuming her in its fire. "Oh...so...good!" she panted in time with his strokes. Slowly Diana tried to lift her legs around Michaels to pull him in deeper but they felt like lead weights. She opened her tear filled eyes to look up at his grinning face.

Michaels watched the great Wonder Woman trying futilely to wrap her thighs around him, and marveled at how weak she has become. "Poor little amazon!" He cooed at her as if she was a baby, and, gripping her thighs, he pulled them around his waist and locked her feet together behind his buttocks. He leaned over to look directly into Diana's wide pleading eyes, "Is that better, Wonder Woman?" He asked her softly, keeping his rhythm steady. "Do you know what females are for now??"

"So better....much better...." she whined, bringing up a hand to cup the back of his head. The weight of it brought Michaels's lips down to his to share another kiss. The medals on his uniform digging into her breasts like his cock was in her pussy. The muscles there throbbing in time with how his cock throbbed.

Michaels devoured Diana's soft lips with his, his tongue exploring every inch of her mouth. As he leaned over her, he brought his left arm forward to wrap it around her rib cage, right under her swollen breast, while he gripped the nape of his neck to draw her head closer to his. As he deepened his kiss, he could feel Wonder Woman's body throb in time with each of his masterful strokes, he could also hear her making whimpering gurgling noises in the back of her throat.

Diana responded to the kiss with eyes closed. Her tongue licking his but not able to explore his mouth as he did with hers. He just wouldn't let her and she accepted that. She just gave into whatever Michaels wanted. Justed wanted to feel all the feelings that he was creating in her. The hand that still lay against his neck caressed him slowly as they kissed long and hard.

The General finally broke the kiss and straightened up, still holding Diana by her neck, He thrust one more time into her, penetrating her fully, and held still, his throbbing cock filling her completely. Michaels looked into Wonder Woman's glazed eyes almost ...lovingly, and pulled her up a little. As Diana's head began to loll, he held it up by used his grip on her neck to steady her. "Tell me, Wonder Woman" He grinned at her, while making his cock inside her throb into its full immensity, "What do you think of yourself now? What would all the stupid women who look up to you say if they saw you like this?" He smiled as he gave Diana another full thrust.

"D...don't care...bout them..." she moaned as her pussy squeezed him back. A squirt of juice escape her as she did so. "This...so good...want it...want be with...you...you do...this to me...want this..." Diana mumbled incoherently. This felt so good that she didn't want to ever be without it again. "Be...be with you...do...anything...just do....this...to me!"

Satisfied by her admission of defeat, Michaels let go of Wonder Woman's neck and pulled her to him by her narrow waist, and lifted her up, still impaled on his massive cock, Helplessly, she linked her arms around her neck and buried her face against his shoulder. The General handled her as if she was a baby, shifting his hands to cup her yielding buttocks, he bounced her up and down his cock with complete control and abandon.

Each time Michaels thrust up into her, Diana's pussy squeezed down on him creating a wonderful tightness around his cock. She also gave gasp into his shoulder at the same time. Her large breasts pillowed against the rough uniform as he held her tight to him. Michaels's pants clung to him as he was soaked with the her honey. Almost as damp was the area around his shoulder from her drool. The room was filled with the sounds of their bodies rubbing together, of her erotic moans of defeat, and of his grunts of triumph.

"She's done for! Now to get her attention!" Michaels grinned to himself as he gave Wonder Woman's soft, yielding buttocks a cruel squeeze as he bounced her up and down on his massive cock, impaling her firmly, till his balls hit her cervix. He then changed his grip to under her armpits and pushed her upper body away from him, holding her up at arm's length, with his cock still throbbing in her pussy.

The angle he made her body move to force just a little bit more of his cock into her. If that was possible... His very tip poking past her cervex and into her womb making it hard for her to breath. Her muscles squeezing down on him tightly.

"Do you know why you're here .. like that Amazon?" He hissed at the dazed Wonder Woman, by now helpless as a new born kitten.

"Cuz..you...you love me," she guessed absently not really caring. Why else would he want to do this to her?

"Love you??" Michaels roared with laughter, and brought Wonder Woman down to kiss her flushed tearful face till she started to pant with helpless arousal again, he then roughly broke the kiss and "No you dumb female, I do not love you, I despise you and all your weak sniveling gender!" He answered her, simultaneously thrusting upwards into her dripping pussy with his cock.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Diana moaned again as he filled her with that wonderful cock. "Oh give...give it to...me! I need...need you! Need something!" She tried to move, to assist him but she couldn't. All she could do was hang in his arms. "Do it...f..f..fuck me.. fuck me!! Please!!!" she sobbed needing him so bad.

"That's right Wonder Woman! Beg .. Plead!" Michaels thundered at the once mighty Wonder Woman, now held by his grip under her armpits, sobbing, proclaiming her servitude to him and begging him to fuck her after having just told her he despised her. "This is my revenge against you and all the other cunts who think they are man's equals!" With another mighty thrust, Michaels took the last of Diana's will away, he felt her literary melt in his arm, as her fluids coated his cock and seeped around it to drop on the floor.

Her mind was going blank for the assualt her mind and body was taking. She had battled armies and not been this exhasted before. Like her very being was be drained into his cock. Diana still looked into his eyes but the vision was begining to gray out. In moments she would be unconcious in his arms though her pussy would still react to him.

As she was about to faint from exhaustion, Michaels pulled Diana back to him and, wrapping his arms around her, he held her trembling, perspiring body close to him once more. flattening her breasts against his medal covered chest "It was however, a most pleasurable undertaking!" He murmured into her hair as her thighs tried weakly to wrap around his waist and her arms clung blindly to his neck.

Diana's ankles kept slipping as they tried to lock above Michaels's ass. The sweat from her skin and her major weakness made it difficult however. It was more his arms that held her up then anything else. Her gasp for air and moans of pleasure filling his ear as she lay against his uniform.

Arms holding her firmly around her waist, Michaels dipped Wonder Woman down slightly, making her head loll back, He took the opportunity to possess her mouth in another devastating kiss, making her lubricate more around his cock.

He stood in a puddle that soaked the carpet. The smell filling the office with a wonderful sweet smell. Diana's response to the kiss was mostly just holding her mouth open and letting his tongue fill it again.

Smiling contemptuously, he carried the incoherent Wonder Woman, impaled on cock to the wall behind his desk and propped her against it, pinning her in place with his massive cock inside her. He roughly seized both her small wrists in his huge fists and raised them over her head. "Tell me Wonder Woman!" He whispered to her once, bent his head to take her right nipple in his mouth for a playful bit, then looked at her again, "Do you want me to make you cum and take your strength away forever?" He asked sweetly with another upward thrust of his cock into her defenseless pussy.

She was pinned against the paneling by the cock in her ravaged depths. Her delerious eyes buring with passion and fire. Diana didn't care about anything now accept what her body was telling and that was.... "Oh yes!!!" she yelled. "Make me cum!! Have to cum!!"

"Glad to oblige Wonder Woman!" General Michaels grinned at the lust crazed amazon before him. He gracefully switched his grip, holding her wrists high over her head with his large left hand, while his right palm busied itself with Wonder Woman's left breast. Michaels calmly Took her diamond-hard nipple and pinched it cruelly between his thumb and fore finger with all his appreciable strength. At the same time he gave Diana's drenched, aching pussy another upward thrust of his penis that made her creamy thighs jerk uncontrollably around his waist and turned both her body and mind into Jell-O. "But what of your superpowers ...Your mission .. eh?" He leaned over and breathed into her ear with another savage thrust that flattened her gorgeous breasts almost completely against his medal-covered chest and had her violet eyes rolling in their sockets.

If it hadn't been for her Amazon body, Diana would've been bruised and cut by this time. No words other then mummbles and fragments came from her lips. The lust that he had created had finally taken over her mind making her a love doll that breathed.

Her conqueror was preparing her for his final act. He thrust into Wonder Woman's sobbing pussy so hard that he shattered the wood paneling behind her. Her head was thrown back with a whimper like that of a hunted animal as the final spear is driven home, eyes looking at his in a mix of confusion, adoration and pleading. Her thighs spasmed violently in final surrender, small heels digging in his buttocks with the last ounce of her strength. Diana's pussy rewarded his conquering cock with copious juices.

Her head rocked back and forth from the force of his thrusts. her jaw slack from not being able to keep it closed. A steady drip of juice being pumped out by his mammoth cock.

Keeping his prize pinned against the wall with rhythmic thrusts of his cock, with Diana's left breast delightfully filling his right hand, Michaels lifted her chin with his left hand for a final kiss. "It never fails!" He mused, feeling her teeter on egdge of ograsm at the combination of cock, hand and tongue. "Cruelty and gentleness will bring any dumb female down!"

Before his lips could claim her's again, Diana's face looked upwards to the ceiling and gave a great scream of joy as she finally orgasmed. "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" Her pussy clentching his cock almost painfully tight as she arched herself into his body. Actually moving him backwards a little. Michaels was experiencing what few men ever had: an Amazon in full blown orgasm!

General Michaels looked on in delight as Wonder Woman came on his cock. He could not remember ever seeing a lovelier sight. Diana's head was thrown back, long hair disheveled and matted, her long neck exposed and vulnerable. He could barely maintain keep his hand on her left breast as she bucked and spasmed against him. Diana's pussy clenched abound his cock so tightly that he was actually alarmed for second, however he maintained his rough grip on her slender wrists above her head and throbbed her cock to its immense size inside her, and felt her vagina relax around it again in a perfect fit. "Even as you cum Wonder Woman..." He whimpered to Diana, as he throbbed his cock inside her again "...you are ultimately defeated by my manhood!"

While she had cum before when making love to her Amazon sister, Diana had never ever had an orgasm like that before. Her body kept shaking as she had after shocks of the incredble cum roll through her tired body. The throbbing of Michaels's cock made her spine tingle and she could be another orgasm begin to build. No way could she ever get enough of that feeling!

Diana slumped down on his cock, suspended by his grip on her wrists, weak as a kitten after her orgasm, her legs could no longer maintain their position around his hips and dangled down weakly on each side of his masculine body. Michaels looked at her naked, sweaty, panting body with utter contempt "Wonder Woman indeed! How long did it take to fuck you silly? Ten minutes?" he laughed as he let go of her wrists and caught Wonder Woman's crumbling body under the armpits again to hold her up. As he did, his cock plopped out of her pussy, still rigid and menacing, though completely coated with Wonder Woman's Juices.

"Ahhhhh..." she sighed as the cork his cock had been was pulled out. Rivlets of juices rolled down her slack thighs to join the puddle already on the floor. Her chin rested on the slopes of ther plump breasts that retained their firmess even after the abuse he had put them through. They rose and fell with her panting breaths.

Diana's head lolled to rest on her chest and her arms dangled limply on either side of her body. She looked at Michaels with tired, pleading eyes, and made some whimpering noise. He looked at her quizzically for a second, then burst out laughing. "What? You want more?", and the mighty Wonder Woman, held up under her arms, like a baby in her conqueror's hands, could only gyrate her hips weakly in a clear but pleading motion.

"Y...y...y..." she tried to say but couldn't form the word. She so needed the feeling that he had made in her. She would do anything to get that feeling back!

"Well!..." Michaels raised his eyebrows in amusement as he heard Wonder Woman's incoherent plea. Still Holding her under her armpits he extended his mighty arms to raise her higher, so that her crotch was level with his eyes. "...Who am I to deny the mighty Wonder Woman!" He continued as he feasted his eyes on Diana's swollen pussy lips, still gushing her sweet juices uncontrollably.

Wonder Woman threw back her head and whimpered piteously. The combination of his strength, his strong hands under her arms, touching the sides of her plump breasts, his mouth so close to her still aching pussy, and her own helplessness in his hands was more than could bear. She babbled something incoherent, and feebly gyrated her hips again; desperate for her pussy to make contact with his mouth.

Michaels laughed again at her weak struggles in his hands. He peered closer at her pussy and could see her pink, distended clit, erect and throbbing needfully just inside her puffy vaginal lips. "What do we have here?" He exclaimed in mock surprise, and playfully licked the pink member with his coarse tongue, biting it gently and pulling it out of its protective hood with his teeth.

Diana's head went back to let her face look sightlessly towards the ceiling as she moan loudly. Feeling his tongue lap up the juices from her pussy inbetween nibbles on her clit. The lust the Michaels had created in her began to build again and made Diana shake her head in slight protest. Mostly that he was only tantalizing her rather then satisfying her wants.

"That's a good look for you Wonder Woman! You know?" Michaels licked his lips and smiled upward at the distraught Diana. "Naked and flushed, weak as a kitten in the hands of a real man, with your clit hanging out of your cunt begging for your conqueror's attention!..." Still holding her under her arms, he lowered the helpless Wonder Woman down to look directly into her glazed, beseeching eyes "...but I want to hear all about you!" He mocked, bending his head to take her large, erect right nipple in his mouth for a quick nibble.

She was able to get her hands up enough to cup his head and hold it to her breast. Whimpers coming from her as she felt his huge cock throbbing against her leg. She so need that in her depths!

"Tell me about your mission in Man's world, and how you're going to champion Women's cause!" He taunted the moaning Wonder Woman, turning his attention to her left nipple, flicking it repeatedly with his tongue.

"P...please...please fuck...me" she pleaded softly. "Need...need you to...want..to feel...you in...me!" Her body trembled in the desire that she so badly needed at this point.

"What was that?" Michaels looked up from Diana's engorged breast. "Is the mighty Wonder Woman offering her body a man?" He smiled at her torment.

"Y....y....yes!!!" she moaned as her head fell backwards.

"Well, in that case, let's get you to a place where you'll be more comfortable!" Michaels grinned as he once more cradled the once mighty Wonder Woman in his arms, squeezing and fondling her firm but yielding flesh, as he effortlessly carried her.

Diana trembled but otherwise didn't move a muscle as she lay in his arms. So needed everything Michaels offered so wasn't about to do anything to make his angry.

Michaels carried the whimpering amazon to the other side of his large office and pressed a panel on the wall. A hidden door opened silently. "Welcome to your new World Wonder Woman!" He looked at the helplessly aroused amazon cradled in his arms, or shall I say Meek Maid?" He roared with laughter as he carried his prize inside.

The room was amazing. It was a testimony to male ego. The floor was hardwood, covered with a thick Oriental rug. The walls were similarly wood paneled, except they were almost completely covered by General Michaels's trophies. Heads of various animals hung on the walls, side by side with picture of Michaels's hunting expeditions, in Africa, standing over an elephant, India, with his massive leg over a Bengali tiger, amd many many others.

Even as her head snuggled against his shoulder, her nostrals took in the smell of masculinity that filled the room. It became stronger as the door closed behind them. The golden tiara on her brow clicked slightly with one of the medals that covered his chest.

In the center of room, stood a massive four-poster bed. Michaels carried the now seemingly submissive Wonder Woman to it and sat on its edge, with Diana cradled on his lap. "Welcome to my humble abode Wonder Woman!" He looked deeply into her wide violet eyes, and bent his head down to kiss her deeply.

Diana responded to the kiss by giving Michaels one of her own. Just as deep but not as powerful as his. As before, his tongue dominated her's to explore the inside of her mouth. She closed her tired eyes and just let him do as he would to her. "MMmmmmmmmmmm....." she moaned into his mouth as one of her hands stroked his sleeve covered arm.

The kiss lasted until Michaels felt the flushed, helplessly aroused creature in his lap begin to struggle weakly for breath. He pulled back gently, and propped the gasping Wonder Woman up with his left arm behind her back, so she was almost sitting up on his lap, with her head resting weakly on his shoulders. Michaels's cock was still rigidly at attention out of his military pants, and it wedged itself eagerly between Diana's creamy thighs, just between her the puffy lips of her vagina. Michaels looked down to gaze at Diana's wide violet eyes looking imploringly at him.

Feeling that hard shaft throbbing between her legs was beginning to drive her crazy again. Diana knew she needed that thing inside her pussy and this time until it spewed the liquid contained in his fat balls. She wanted...no, needed to be this man for all time now.

He caressed her cheeks soothingly with the fingers of his right hand. "You should not have meddled in my affairs Wonder Woman!" He softly said, rubbing her cheek almost tenderly and wiping away some of her tears. "We could have met under more... pleasant circumstances!" With unexpected gentleness he reached down to take Wonder Woman's small hand in his to plant a number of light kisses her palm. You are, after all a gorgeous, if misguided, female!"

Diana shiver and sighed at the touch of his lips. It was hard not to start crying again because she knew he was right. If only she had been more...submissive then perhaps she would have met Michaels so much earlier and he could have done this to her before. "M...make love....to me," she whispered, using the words for the first time. Her right hand sliding down his uniform to rest on his cock. A gasp coming from her lips at feeling that hot, sticky shaft. "Please?"

General Michaels's stone-cold heart danced with delight in his chest, as her heard the once proud and mighty Wonder Woman plead for him to take her again. Her little, dainty hand on his rigid cock almost made him cum instantly. He was however, because of his military training, a master of self-control. He let go of Diana's left hand, and watched in amusement as it dangled down weakly beside her. "Amazing!" He thought, "She is MUCH weaker than an ordinary female now!" As Diana continued to caress his cock with her hand, he dipped his own right hand into her moist vagina, inserting his index finger deep inside her cunt. "Will you renounce your silly feminist ways then?" He whispered to Diana, his mouth almost touching her hot forehead, just above her Tiara, as his finger began a slow, but steady fucking motion inside her. "Will you accept your destiny as female? And publicly state that women are men's inferiors? " He continued as he found her clit and pressed into gently inward.

"Oh yesssss....." Diana moaned as her head fell backwards and her eyes rolled up into her head. "I...I'll do anything....you want. Just..just make...love to me!" Her pussy squeezed down on his intruding finger while her breath increased to pants again. Diana's right hand still weakly stroked his cock. The throbbing of it was so erotic to her hand.

Michaels ached to take off his military uniform to feel Diana's lush soft body against his flesh. He did not want to do that just yet though. In his evil mind, there was something terribly erotic about making love to the great Wonder Woman, completely naked and barefoot, in his full military regalia, the symbol of his male pride.

He gently took hold of Diana's narrow waist, taking a moment to squeeze it slightly, as if to emphasize his power over her, and gently lifted her over his cock. Slowly, he let her hot drenched pussy slide over his steel-hard cock.

Her hand steadied his cock as she took it inside of her. The thick head parting Diana's lips and making her groan in undenyable pleasure. "Oh godsssssss...." she groaned as her head flopped forwards. Diana's lips landing on Michaels's forehead to trail down his nose until they reached his lips as she was lowered further. Again they kissed and this time Diana wa able to get her tongue into his mouth for a brief moment.

It felt like it took forever but slowly she began to rest on Michaels's lap again. This time with his thick cock deep inside her body. "S....so gooddddd!!!" she moaned into his lips as she squeezed him hard.

The feel of Wonder Woman's pussy squeezing his cock was almost too much for General Michaels to bear. He placed both palms on her ass-cheeks as she helplessly settled down on his cock and kneaded the yielding flesh possessively, reveling in its softness and creamy texture. "So good indeed Wonder Woman!" He breathed back into her mouth, as he deliberately made his mammoth cock throb to its immense size inside her.

Her pussy immediately squeezed him back as she whimpered back into his mouth. They rested together for many seconds, taking the time cool their passions just a little. Michaels finally broke the kiss to nibble on Diana's ear lobe as his hands quided her along his shaft. Diana shift herself a little so that she was kneeling astride him with her knees on the bed.

He wrapped his left arm round Diana's narrow waist and bent her backward slightly, as head was thrown back, her luscious breasts jutted upward invitingly, nipples all pink and hard. Michaels immediately took her right breast in his mouth, biting the nipple gently, while his left hand reached out to cup the yielding flesh of her right breast to fondle and caress her nipple.

One of Diana's hand cupped the back of his head, holding him to her breast, while she moaned "Oh gods..." over and over. SLwoly, Diana lifted her tired body and helped Michaels to move her body up and down his long cock. He did most the work but she helped.

"Do you know who your master is now Wonder Woman?" Michaels hissed at the delirious Diana as his thrusts increased in intensity. "Tell me!" He persisted as he used his left hand to bend her back more over his right arm around her waist.

Not knowing exactly what he wanted, Diana just said the first thing that came to her delerious mind. "Y...you are!!" she groaned as she tried to keep up with his thrust. It wasn't possible and mostly Diana just road his cock, gasping.

Wonder Woman's Whimpers of subjugation were simply music to General Michaels's ears, as was the sight of her voluptuous body bouncing helplessly on his cock with wild abandon. He, however, wanted to feel her flesh pressed against his more than anything. Without skipping a beat, he placed his hands under he buttocks to support her weight, and stood up. Diana was at this point much too weak to even cling to his neck, She simply slumped against him, soft breasts flattening against his medals and whimpered.

The force of gravity dragged her just a little bit more on to his cock making her gasp even more. The tip of him poking into her womb again. The feel of that hard metal digging into her breasts and nipples helped to drive Diana even more crazy then she already felt. "Oh....oh yes!!!" she moaned. "N....Need you...so....bad!!! Give...give it...to me!!"

With his cock stilling pounding her defenseless cunt, Michaels turned them both around and lowered the pleading Wonder Woman to the bed on her back on the bed. As she lay back panting, he gathered both her ankles in his large left hand and held them high in the air. Simultaneously, he tore the buttons of his army jacket with his right hand. He did the same with his shirt and tie, and shrugged them off. The muscles on his bare back rippled with excitement as he delivered one savage thrust after the other to the helpless amazon beneath him.

Diana looked up and saw the hard muscled body of Michaels looming over her. To her eyes, he looked like a god at this moment. And gods were meant to be obeyed she knew. "Oh please....please give it...all to...me! Want..you!!" With extreme effort, Diana was able to get her hands on his iron hard ass. The feel of his moving to thrust into her felt so nice.

Looking down at her, sweaty, pleading and totally vulnerable, her legs held high in the air in his firm grip and bent back slightly so that the roundness of he ass was accentuated, Michaels was somehow reminded of a deer he once hunted and dragged back to his cabin in Pennsylvania. A elated sense of victory filled his mind.

Her breasts rose and fell quickly as she was so hot and ready for him. So needing everything he had to offer her. "Want you!!!!" she cried out.

Michaels head spun with delight as he heard Wonder Woman helpless plea, He simply delighted in the feel of her dainty weak palms on his rock-hard ass. To him this was precisely the difference between males and females, hardness against softness, conqueror and conquered. "I know you want me Wonder Woman!" He chuckled softly as he bent Diana's legs further, making her thighs press against her exquisite breasts, and noted with amusement how the lovely mummeries pillowed around each thigh. "..and I here to five it to you!" He smiled as he delivered another savage thrust that buried his cock to the hilt in her aching pussy.

"Ahhhhhh!!" she gasped in pleasure/pain as he pushed against the end of her vagina, stimulating nerves she never thought she had. Michaels's fat balls bounced off of her ass with each of his thrusts. To Diana they felt like huge, hard stones but they were filled with a liquid she craved even if she didn't know it. Her hands moved together as his ass cheeks pushed together with his thrust.

The General finally let go of Wonder Woman's slender ankle and leaned over to rest his immense weight directly on top of hers. Her reached behind him and took hold of her slender wrists in a gentle but firm grip, and stretched her arms over her head.

As he released her legs, the moved back to lay along his back. The heels of her feet resting on his ass. His heavy weight drove his cock so hard into her soft body as he thrust hard. Her pussy grabbing at him as he did so. The feeling drove Diana wild in abandon. "Ohhhhhhssssiiiiirrrrrrr!!!" she yelled.

As Wonder Woman's Shrieked in helpless passion, Michaels pressed his mouth to her neck, nibbling and kissing it softly, "My Wonder Woman!" He murmured as he thrust into her in a gentle rhythmic fashion, "My ultimate female conquest!"

Diana's fingers entwined with his as her bracelets rubbed against his wrists. Her body trying to thrust and move with him but unable to keep up. "Oh...yes....oh YES!!!!"

General Michaels raised his lips from Wonder Woman's head and looked at her intently. He stopped his pounding of her cunt to admire his handi-work. Diana was completely stretched-out beneath him, arms raised high above her head, which revealed he gorgeous breasts, and large pink nipples in all their glory to his appreciative gaze. Her mouth was open, coral lips coated with her drool, while her eyes, wide and filled with tears, were looking at him in total adoration, as she panted and made futile, bucking movements with her hips as if to match the thrust of his mighty cock. Michaels looked at her with something akin to.. sadness.

Feeling him stopped made her look at him with blurry eyes. She used the time to try and catch her breath so as to slow her gasping for air. Feeling his hard body against hers felt very nice and proper. It was something she wished would never end. "Feels...soooo.....gooooodddd...." she sighed.

"The Great Wonder Woman!" Michaels sighed in resignation as he resumed his thrusts. He could not however, shake the odd feeling of sadness that gripped him suddenly. He had built up Wonder Woman in his mind as the ultimate adversary, a worthy opponent to be taken down. Yet there she was, on her back in his bed, her pussy flooded with juices, and more significantly, stretched lovingly around his cock, begging for him to take her, just like numerous women he seduced before. "Hell, I didn't even buy her dinner!" Michaels mused to himself ironically. It has actually taken him far less to seduce the mighty Wonder Woman than many other conquests he had before.

She bucked her hips up slightly, wanting him to continue. Not to let up on making her feel all of these wonderful things.

It was her innocence of men's ways that sealed her doom, Michaels realized, as he let go of her wrists and placed both his palms on her soft breasts to knead them forcefully, making sure to rub the nipples vigorously in the process. "Well.. she brought it upon her self!" He smiled at his momentary weakness, as he thrust into her more forcefully, raising the hips off the screaming Wonder Woman off the bed completely.

"UhUhUhUhUhuhuhUhUH!!!" Diana grunted and moaned in time with his thrusts. Her hands moving to cup Michaels's shoulder blades as she pushed her breasts into his strong hands.. Her body quivering under his erotic torment to make the orgasm inside grow and grow again.

Michaels felt Wonder Woman's breast push up pleadingly into his hands, and smirked at her helplessness. "A dumb female, Just like the others!" He mused, as he obliged her by taking each of her nipples between thumb and forefinger and lifting both luscious breasts up, stretching them as far as her yielding flesh allowed, till Diana's large, soft breasts resembled two quivering cones in his grip. "..All pride and feminist clichés, until you take her panties off and then .." He began a slow circular motion with each breast, pinching the engorged nipples in the process "She turns into this!!"

"AHHHHHHH!!" she shrieked as he pulled on her so sensitive breasts like that. The pain, and pleasure, making Diana clentch her eyes shut and see star bursts behind her eyelids. Her pussy squeezing him very tight as shook in his grasp. "Oh! Please! No!" she panted. "Just...wanna....wanna...cum!!!"

He shrieks and pleas excited him beyond his wildest dreams. The General knew he was close to cumming, he could feel his penis throb painfully inside Wonder Woman's begging pussy. However, he wanted Wonder Woman to cum before he did. He wanted to be in full control as her second orgasm claim her and take away all her cursed amazon powers.

Each time his cock throbbed, Diana's tight pussy squeezed him back just as hard. That one part of her body seemed to have retained her Amazon strength as she milked him.

Letting go of her aching breasts, he reached to the sides and grabbed Wonder Woman's slender legs, lifting them to rest on his massive shoulders. Michaels leaned forward, bending her thighs down cruelly, until once more they flattened her aching breasts. On impulse, he placed each of his large palms on Diana's tear stained cheeks, immobilizing her head in his grip. He forced her too look directly into his cold blue eyes "Look at me Wonder Woman!" He hissed at her, burring his cock to its hilt in her exposed and vulnerable pussy. "Look at me in your last moments as Wonder Woman!"

Victory is sweet, he thought again.

At Michaels's command, Diana looked into his eyes. Her pussy on fire with him so deeply inside with his heavy body on top of hers. Feeling one last hard throb of his cock drove Diana over the edge. She couldn't hold back anymore. "OHYESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!" she screamed as she arched her back and actually lift Michaels up for a moment as she came hard. Her pussy squeezing him in almost a vice like grip.

Michaels saw Wonder Woman's back arch, and immediately gripped Diana's naked waist to plant her firmly on his cock. He felt her pussy squeeze his cock and bath in honey as the helpless Wonder Woman experienced her second orgasm of the day. Michaels held her forcefully by the waist, firmly impaled on his cock, as the tremors of the orgasm rocked her naked, sweaty body. "Yes female, cum on you master's cock!" He smiled as he gazed at her bouncing beasts, and her lovely features contoured in passion, and could not hold back any longer. With a victorious cry he shot his burning-hot semen into her defenseless pussy.

Feeling his thick, creamy seed being shot into her womb with firehose pressure made Diana's orgasm last all the longer. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!" her voice cried to join Michaels's roar. Their bodies almost one by the sheer force of their movements against the other. Diana's hand dropped down to grab his ass to hold him in her as she milked his cock for all it was worth. His fat balls throbbing against her ass as he filled her up. With each rope like strand that shot into Diana, her orgasm lasted as long. Her body was his totally now.

The General held on to Wonder Woman's narrow waist till her orgasm finally subsided, and she settled back weakly on the bed with a final whimper of surrender. With his cock still inside her now flooded vagina, he leaned foreword to once again lay on top of her. He planted a number of soft kisses on her feverish brow, calming her down and gently smoothed her silken hair with his large hand. His attitude with more like a horse trainer calming a distraught mare. "There, there, little amazon..!" he whispered in her ear, nibbling at her lobe playfully, "..the worst is over now!!"

Diana's trembling and gasps for air slowly faded under his gentle administrations. Her legs moved back down around his waist while her hands remained on his ass. The weight of Michaels's body felt very nice against her own and helped to calm her down. Diana's muscles throbbed around his cock in time with her slowing heart beat. "T...that was so w...wonderful..." she sighed into his ear with eyes still closed. "So perfect....I...I want to do it again."

Upon hearing Wonder Woman plead to be taken again, Michaels's cock became instantly hard again. As it throbbed in anticipation inside her conquered pussy, he cupped Diana's chin with his left palm and turned her flushed face to him for a deep, passionate kiss.

"Mmmmmmmmmm....." Diana moaned in her throat from both the kiss and feeling his cock inside her. She responded just as passionatly and freely with her kiss to him. For a change, Michaels's tongue didn't push her's aside but allowed Diana's to exam his.

It was with difficulty that Michaels finally disengaged his mouth from Diana's. He patted her cheeks gently to revive her from the erotic stupor his kiss had left in, and sat back on his heels, pulling his softening cock out of flooded pussy in the process.

The beaten Amazon gave a gasp as his massive cock slide out of her tight pussy with an audable 'pop'. It was followed by a mixture of his seed and her honey that flowed down her thighs. A small whimper coming from Diana's mouth in disappointment that they can't keep on from where they were.

"Curses!!" He mused looking down at the juices that flowed freely from Diana's near liquid pussy, "If it was not for the damned meeting of the 'Association' and what I promised them, I'd fuck her all night long".

Diana lifted a hand to gently stroke his thigh up towards his still throbbing cock. She cupped the sticky organ in her hand and just let it throb there. The power in it feeling so erotic.

"Come on little amazon!" With his hands behind her back, he helped the groggy Diana to a sitting position on the bed, "It's time to get cleaned up! We are going to a party!"

Kneeling before him, Diana kept hold of his cock as she looked into his face. "A p..party?" she wondered. "Don't want a party... Just want to stay here and fuck...." She tried to lay back down and pulled on his cock to try and encourage him to join her.

"Don't worry my helpless little amazon!" Michaels laughed at her feeble effort to lay back, "Where you are going there will certainly be lots of fucking!!" He informed the befuddled Wonder Woman as he gently but firmly took a hold of her delightfully round right upper arms and pulled her up again. Her hand on his cock was driving him crazy, to the point where he wanted to forget about the 'Associates" meeting.

"But I want do it now..." she protested as her hand squeezed his cock harder and began stroking it. For some reason Diana thought that she should be fighting or at least protesting but she didn't know why she thought that. She dismissed such thought from her passion addicted brain. She had to have this man and do whatever he said.

"Come on!" he persisted. Gently grabbing her wrist with he his left hand and pulling her hand away from his throbbing penis. He climbed down from the poster bed, bulling Diana with him by the grip of her upper arm, "I'll give a nice hot bath, then we are going to meet some friends of mine, they'll simply LOVE you!" He added.

Diana slid across the satin sheet as Michaels pulled her. "Just as long as you're there," she said as her toes sank into the thick carpet. As she began to stand, her leg went out from under her and Diana fell to her knees. "Ow..." she protested as she looked up at him. Diana leaned against his legs with the side of her breasts pressing into his knees.

"OOPS .. I forgot how weak she is!" Michaels heart danced with delight in his chest, as the mighty Wonder Woman, unable to support her own weight, leaned weakly against him with an alarmed, helpless gasp. An erotic jolt went thought his body as her naked flesh came into contact with his. He could feel every curve of her voluptuous naked body crying out for him, needing him ..

"Should I carry the mighty Wonder Woman to her bath then?" He smiled down as the naked female looking imploringly at him.

"Would you please?" she asked as her hands stroked his upper thighs. Diana's eyes fell upon the huge cock that jutted from Michaels's crotch. "So pretty..." she murmered as her head dipped down to place a kiss at the very tip.

General Michaels almost came again as Diana mouth touched and caressed the tip of his penis. He groaned softly as his right hand tangled itself in her jet-black mane and -for an instant- pushed her head lower on his cock. At the same instant, his reached around her to once more caress her breasts possessively, squeezing the soft flesh of the tits and palming and rolling the nipples in turn.

Her lips spread to take the wide, purple head into her mouth. The taste of both her and him was very erotic and made her pussy wet again. Michaels's playing with her breasts made Diana suckle harder on the end that was in her mouth. Her tongue just started licking it when she heard her master's voice again...

"I think that is enough for now!" Michaels -somewhat huskily-told the love-sick female worshipping his rigid cock with her mouth. He let go of her breasts, and, using his grip on her, hair he pulled her head off his cock and bent it back to gaze at her lust-filled eyes.

Being denied his cock to suck on made Diana almost ready to cry. She so wanted to please him and in doing so make her own body feel so nice. "Please let me have it..." she said whimpered as she stroked his inner thigh.

He smiled at her reaction and gently traced her mouth with his finger feeling the mixture of drool and his own semen on the plump puffy lips, "You have to learn to obey Wonder Woman!" He admonished her in a half-serious tone, as he inserted his digit into her mouth, and arched his eyebrows as the once mighty Wonder Woman began to suck it noisily.

Diana's left hand took hold of his wrist to hold his hand steady as she sucked on him. The light shining of the grey metal of her bracelet. She used her tongue to lick the digit like she had started to him his cock. Meantime, her right hand cupped his balls and gently stroked them.

General Michaels stared down as the Amazon slumped against his thigh, sucking hungrily on his finger, and smiled to himself. Diana was bathing his finger in her hot saliva and caressing it lovingly with her tongue, all the while gazing adoringly at him with desperate need. It was hard to reconcile this sniveling heap of female flesh -caressing his balls in an obvious plea to get fucked again- with the great and superpowered Wonder Woman whose exploits filled DC papers.

"You'll make such a good pet Wonder Woman!" He murmured to her, patting her head affectionately, as she continued to suck his finger. His attitude was like a trainer with a performing animal. "But we really have to go!" In a swift movement that left the helpless Wonder Women breathless, Michaels leaned down slightly, and his strong right hands scooped her long slender legs up, just behind her dimpled knees, while his left arm wrapped itself around her shoulder blades. Once again, the great champion of all women -the princess of Paradise Island, whose mission was to change man's ways- was cradled like a baby in her conqueror's arms, whimpering piteously, as female juices and male cum gushed freely from her raised pussy to stain the Oriental rug.

Diana's arms wrapped around his neck as she gazed lovingly into his face. Feeling his hard muscled body against hers felt so nice. She wished that they didn't have to go to this 'party' and that they could just stay here so she could pleasure him.

Michaels held her Diana close to his chest, delighting in the feel of her burning flesh against his, as he carried her to the giant marble bathtub in the corner of the room. "My friends will absolutely LOVE you!" He sighed in his captive's hair, as his rigid cock pointed painfully upward, its tip grazing seductively against Diana's naked hip.

"Do we have to go?" she whined. "Can't we just stay here and make love?" Diana reached down to find his cock again with her hand. "Please?" she said as she stroked it firmly. "Just want to make love to you!"

"Yes! We absolutely have to go!" Alexander Michaels snapped at her whining, as he set the naked Wonder Woman unceremoniously down in the gigantic black marble tub and turned the water on. He laughed heartily as she flopped around weakly in the tub as the hot water hit her lovely body. As the water soaked her aching flesh, she looked stunning, creamy flesh glistened invitingly, her wet hair shimmered alluringly and her large, pink nipples seemed to get even harder.

Quickly Diana settled down and let the heat of the water soak into her battered bosy. "Ahhhhhhh..." she sighed happily as rested against the marble. She could feel his gaze and looked up at him with a smile. "Join me," Diana asked as she held up a braceleted wrist. "Please?"

Michaels sat himself down behind Diana, and extended his massive legs on either side of her lush body. "You must look your best for the Associates!" He said as he began to wash her back with soft circular movements, easing the tension out her muscles. He lathered up his hands and washed her elegant long neck, then her shoulder blades, and leaned forward slightly to give her a light kiss at the nape of her neck.

"Who...who are these people we are going to meet?" she asked as she rested against his back. His log of a cock nestled between her ass cheeks. Diana ran both of her hands along his legs as she let him wash her.

"So there is still a spark of curiosity left in her after all!!" Michaels noted, as he continued to run his large hands over the satiny flesh of Wonder Woman as she settled back against his massive chest. He washed Diana's sides, moving upwards till, inevitably he cupped each breast in a loving but firm grip. "The 'Associates' my dear.." he began as he squeezed the soft, pliant flesh of her tits in his strong hands ".. are my own private secret weapon! They are small group of patriotic men and women dedicated to the overthrow of the current corrupt system of government in America!" Michaels noted, with delight, that Diana's nipples hardened immediately to his touch, and her breath stared coming in short gasps as he thoroughly lathered each of her breasts.

She mewed softly as she only half listened to his words. The kneading of her breasts by his strong hands was making it very hard to concentrate on anything. Her hands took hold of his knees and squeezed them as she trembled in renewed need. "O...overthrow/" she murmered with her eyes shut. "Don't...don't..do...that....oh so nice...."

".. Why, your good friend Dr. Paula Gunther is one of our founding members! In fact.." Michaels smiled, taking Wonder Woman's large nipples between his fingers and pulling outwards, distending her exquisitely soft breasts, and noting with the great satisfaction how what little strength returned to Diana ebbed away like water at his touch ".. bringing you under our control was her idea!!" he whispered into her ear, licking it playfully. "You, my little amazon! .." he bit her earlobe gently and kneaded both her aching breasts into her chests, making then pillow-out delightfully around his hands "...will help us restore the natural order of ruling in America!"

As she squirmed on his lap, his cock was rubbed between her ass cheeks. "Ohhhhh....so good..." Her head turned to find his lips and kiss him with a hunger. Her tongue pushing in Michaels's mouth as she moved on his cock more.

Michaels allowed her the kiss. He even allowed her tongue to hungrily explore his mouth. His right hand kept the exquisite torture of her right nipple, while his left went downward to rest on her soft tummy, and pull her back closer to his chest.. and his predatory penis.

As she slid backwards, his cock began to appear between her legs so that it lay there throbbing. Diana's left hand cupped his and their fingers entwined as she held him to her. Finally their kiss broke apart and Diana rested her on his shoulder to look up at him. "So very good...."

"Yes.. Wonder Woman!" He smiled down at her dreamy eyes, "so good indeed.." He whispered as he began a slow circular motion with his hips, designed to bring the tip of his penis into feather-like contact with the puffy lips of Diana's vagina. " .. and will get much better with my associates!" He smiled as she jerked up eyes wide open as his cock touched her clit, "They will fuck you too, you know!!" He added, tightening his hold on her soft tummy. "Then, you'll help us with the coup d'etat!"

"Just as long as you fuck me..." she sighed closing her eyes and snuggling into him. Her trembles deadened by his firm body against her. "that's all that I want, to be with you." Diana's other hand went downt to stroke his thigh.

"Oh, you don't have to worry, little amazon!" Michaels told her softly, stroking her breast and tummy softly, "You'll find my associates very.. satisfying!!" His penis poked menacingly at the opening of her vagina as Diana flopped helplessly in his grip, head thrown back over his shoulder. With her hips grinding blindly on his cock. "You may even like them more than me!" He teased as he tightened his grip on her soft tummy, and pushed the tip of his penis just past her puffy vaginal lips. "Ï need you to cum for me one more time before we go! To make sure your powers completely nullified!" He told the frantic amazon on his lap in an almost clinical fashion "Will you do this for me little amazon?" He laughed as he pushed his mighty penis up into her welcoming pussy.

Diana arched her back and groaned in relief as Michaels pulled her on to his lap and slid his cock into her again. "Oh yesssss!" she moaned as she quickly slid down him with her soaked walls. "Wanna...wanna cum! You c..cum too!!" Her wall throbbed around his cock tightly and she moved her hips in circles on his lap. It didn't take long for Michaels to get all the way inside given her wetness and the way Diana wanted him. She sat gasping on his lap as their hands rested on her tummy. They could almost feel the throbbing of his cock inside her.

General Michaels moved his cock up and down Wonder Woman's highly receptive pussy in slow, controlled thrusts. He kept his left palm spread wide over her soft tummy, feeling with great delight the delicate bulges that rippled through her creamy flesh every time he rigid pole filled her cunt. "Cum for me then, little amazon!" He whispered in her ear as her head was thrown back over his shoulder. Michaels clearly remembered Dr. Gunther's instructions about milking a final orgasm out of the amazon princess, "..to make her juices flush her powers right out of her pussy!!" she had said coldly. Paula Gunther was the Pentagon's top specialist on aboriginal species, and as such, she conducted extensive research, mostly with Wonder Woman's unwitting help, on the amazons, their history and their powers. "Paula sure had you figured-out for the slut you are!" Michaels smiled, thrusting upwards into her again, this time bringing his right hand lower to flick her clit playfully.

As she gasped for air, Diana moved her hands to the sides of the tub in order to brace herself better. Her movements weren't as powerful as Michaels's thrusts but they helped to slide him even more through her pussy. The touch by him on her clit made Diana moan even louder and move just a bit more. The soapy water in the tub made waves that splashed back and forth. "Ohhhhhyeessssss!!" she said as she squeezed down on his cock very hard. "C...cum with...me!!!!"

With a groan of triumph, Michaels shot his burning semen high into Wonder Woman's pussy, making her body jerk uncontrollably on his lap. He squeezed her soft tummy harder, drawing her feverish flesh closer to him, holding her firmly impaled on his firing cock. His hand gripping Diana's soft, unresisting tummy could feel his red-hot seed simply conquer its way up her helpless cunt, to go deep into her womb its way up and uterus, coating her walls and washing out the last of her amazon strength. "Do you feel my male seed stripping you of your powers, little amazon?" He hissed in Diana's ear, as he took her distended clit in the fingers of his right hand and pinched it cruelly.

Feeling his thick load filling her again drove Diana over the edge and into a monster orgasm again. "Awwwwwwwww!" she groaned loudly into his ear in a mix of pleasure and defeat. Her body shuddering as Michaels lifted them both up as he came. Diana's pussy squeezing and milking his cock to get every bit of his seed into her. The weakened Amazon fell back against his body even as she continued to cum around him. The words coming from her lips were mumbles of pleasure.

Michaels roared with laughter as Wonder Woman collapsed back breathlessly against his chest. "Was that too much for you, little princess!" He teased the naked, swooning female on his lap, as he patted her soft tummy affectionately, and made his mammoth cock throb inside her drenched pussy one final time. "I am afraid we do not have time to rest though!" He continued, in a conversational tone, as wrapped his muscular arm around Diana's narrow waist and rose to his feet, with her still helplessly impaled on his cock. As Wonder Woman, bent at the waist, dangled limply from his arm, Michaels reached out to the portable shower head , and turned it on full blast.

The hard spray of water made Diana gasp as it pounded against her sensitive body. Her limbs going this way and that depending on how the water hit her. She also was gasping from Michaels's cock that still lay within her pussy. Each time one of them moved it made Diana gasp in total pleasure. The suds from the bath were quickly blasted away by the water. Suddenly he pulled out of her which was followed by another stream of her juices.

"My associates are dying to meet you! .." He chattered on, as he laid her down in the tub, on her hands and knees, and began rinsing her body thoroughly with the portable shower-head. ".. and I do not want them disappointed!'" He smiled secretively at her reaction as the water jets hit her pink nipples, and moved down to her puffy vaginal lips.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!" Diana gasped and nearly fell over on to her face. The water created a feeling that was unbelieveable as it pounded against her tender pussy. The water washed away all the juices and also cleaned the inside of her out a little. She just lay there groaning and unable to say anything from what he was doing.

Genreal Michaels finally turned the water off and knelt down in the tub next to the panting Wonder Woman, who was stretched on her belly, whimpering softly her legs spread widely, as the water continued to flush their mixed juices out of her pussy. In an almost clinical manner, Michaels placed his left palm on her plump behind, and used the fingers of her right hand to open her vaginal lips. He quickly inserted his index finger deep inside the helpless Diana, and rotated it slowly, touching the tender walls of her vagina, and feeling her clit.

Diana threw her wet haired head back as she groaned in ectasy. The muscles squeezing Michaels's finger tightly as he probed her. His finger started to get wet from the new juices that Diana was beginning to make. Michaels pulled out before she could get too far however. The feeling left her panting and moaning as she laid in the tub.

"All clean, I see!" He laughed and gave her creamy behind a squeeze before slapping it playfully, enjoying the feeling of the firm flesh. "Now to get you dressed for the party!" He chuckled as he placed a strong hand under each of Diana's armpits and hauled her to feet. As she slumped weakly against him, he lifted her chin to look at her face, "So innocent.." He marveled as he looked into her violet eyes, "..so strong, yet so weak!" His fingers traced her flushed cheek and moved on to her trembling lips "You are too.. Feminine to a Superhroine.." He cupped her left breast as if to emphasize his point "..and we will take care of that!"

She took those fingers that were against her lips into her mouth and began to suckle on them. At the same time her breast seemed to swell in his firm grasp. Diana's hands stroked his sides gently as she looked up at him. Her eyes pleading for another round of love making on the bed.

General Michaels looked at those pleading violet eyes and sneered sardonically, "What an insatiable slut!!" he thought to himself, as he tweaked her nipples a little, just to increase her arousal level. "I am afraid not, little Princess, It is time for our little part!" he chuckled at Wonder Woman reaction to the gentle caress, ".. and you are our guest of honor!"

Pouting and disappointed, she allowed Michaels to pull his fingers from her mouth while still trembling from the touch. "Just as long as you're there..." she said softly as one of her hands carressed his hard chest. Michaels grinned knowingly as he picked her up to cradle her in his arms again.

He carried the limp, unresisting amazon back to his office, where it all started, and sat her down on his large swivel chair, "I KNOW that rubbing your bracelets together would produce another costume!" He told her sternly, ".. but that is not what I want!" He held her stained costume to her, "Here, put this on, and be quick about it!" He ordered her as she scrambled to obey.

Diana did as she was told and first slipped the blue and red boots one. After that, she slipped the one piece outfit outfit on and slid it up her long legs. She had to stand up on slightly unsteady legs to pull the cloth up over her torso. The satin made her gasp softly as it rubbed agains the sensitive breasts and pussy. Diana turned away from Michaels as she held the bustier over her breasts. "Zip me up please?" she asked, letting him drink in the sight of her bare back. The zipper ending midway down her ass cheeks.

General Michaels's cock hardened instantly, as he took in the sight of Diana's pink, femmine flesh encased in the soft satin of her costume. He silently drew the zipper up, standing so close to Wonder Woman that she could feel his breath on her neck, and the tip of his rigid cock -once more confined in his pants- grazing her ass. Michaels bent his head to plant a series of soft kisses on the swooning Wonder Woman's neck, and allowed his cock to press more demandingly against her firm ass-cheeks.

She rubbed her satin covered ass back against his throbbing cock as she adjusted how the cups fitted around her breasts. Diana's left hand then moved down to stroke the side of Michaels's hip and she sighed softly. "I can't wait to make love you to again... Can't we do it now?" she asked knowing they couldn't, her body rubbing against his. "I just want to feel what you do to me again...."

"No little Amazon, the next time I fuck you, it'll be as a superman!" He laughed at her weak wiggles and pleas. As Diana continued to gasp in helpless arousal and leaned back more against him in anticipation, Michaels produced a soft leather collar and leash from his trousers' pocket. Deftly, he put the collar around Wonder Woman's long, graceful neck, and fastened its buckles tightly. "The first step in your new capacity, my little amazon pet!" He told the surprised amazon vivaciously as he tugged at the leash to turn her around, looking at her in amusement as her little hands flew to her neck as she finally began to comprehend his evil designs, and her helplessness to prevent them.

Diana's hands felt the collar but couldn't really understand what was going on. She knew it was wrong but somehow, she also knew she liked it. Things seemed so confusing now... Like she wanted to fight Michaels but she also wanted to make love to him. Her fingers tugged at the collar as she looked at him with a huge questioning look in her eyes. "Why?" she asked simply.

"Why?!" Michaels hissed at Wonder Woman, looking coldly into her wide, pleading eyes. "Because you are a tamed animal now, nothing more, and animals should be kept on a leash!" He tugged at the soft leather leash again, making Diana stumble closer to him, and reached down to cup her mound possessively with his right hand, "A tamed animal in heat too!" he continued, feeling the dampness between her thighs.

Diana nearly fainted at feeling both his strong hand and the satin against her private area. It took all her effort to stay on her feet and not collapse. "Ohhhhhhhpleasssseeeee....." she moaned, leaning up against him.

"Come!" Her ordered, "We are out of time!", turning around and walking briskly, "If you cannot walk, then crawl!" He said airily, with barely a glimpse at her as he headed towards the door.

She nearly stumbled to the floor many times but she was able to keep up with him. She panted from the exhertion of effort though.

The room was very large, with an exquisite, thick Oriental rug covering its hardwood floor. It was, however, sparsely furnished with a large sofa, two leather armchairs, and what looked like a wide rectangular ottoman.

She stood there panting for several seconds before she was able to do more then just look at the furniture. The sight of the people who where there made Diana gasp softly in surprise.

Wonder Woman stared with amazement at the three people, sitting on the sofa and armchair, sipping white wine, and looking at her with mild amusement. She recognized them all. Admiral Daralan of the Navy, a heavy set sunburnt figure, Gloria Van Doren, the famous right wing socialite, looking as stunningly blond as she does in the papres, and Dr. Paula Gunther, the scientist she herself had collaborated with on the Amazon Research Project.

"Welcome to our little gathering Wonder Woman!" Michaels announced gesturing towards the group, "Meet those who will inherit your amazon powers!"

Diana just stared at him and then them. "That's impossible..." she said softly, still trying to understand what he meant. "You c...can't do that!" Her words lacked the usual forcefulness they would've had before meeting Michaels. With her will broken, they sounded....weak.

"OH can't we?" Michaels mocked her stunned reaction as he pulled her by the leash to the center of the room to stand alone, looking small, helpless and frightened, in the middle of the three 'Associates' who continued to look at her condescendingly. "And who is going to stop us?" He smiled as she stood shivering before him, "You?" and with that he slapped Diana hard on her cheek.

The blow almost knocked Diana to her feet but somehow she remained standing. One of her hands cupping the red mark Michaels had made while the other slapped him back. It had all the force of a small child's slap however. "Y...y...yes..." Diana said, trying to summon her former courage. "I'll stop you!"

Suddenly she grabbed at the leash trying to pull it from his hands while moving towards the door in an escape attempt.

Michaels and his associates burst into laughter, first at Wonder Woman's baby-like slap, then at her feeble tugging at the leash, piteously trying to pull it out of his hands. "Really? And how will you manage that Wonder Woman??" Michaels taunted her as he simply held on to the leash with his left hand, watching in delight as Diana's beautiful, round arms stretched and flexed as she tugged at the leash with all her strength, which at the moment, was next to nothing. After a moment or two, Michaels suddenly touched her wrist with his right hand, and began to move it up her naked arm in soft, feather-like caresses, all the while still holding the leash in his left hand. "Don't you want to make love anymore?" He asked in a mocking 'hurt' voice as his caresses on his arms grew more forceful, with his arm now around her waist, drawing her close, caressing, arousing, and bringing back to her defenseless brain the memory of what he did to her in his office.

She shook her head to try and get rid of the images and feelings that were rolling through her body but it didn't work. Michaels's very touch was defeating what willpower Diana had been able to build up so far. She struggled a little but eventually gave a moan of defeat and lay against his strong body. "Y...you won't win.." she moaned softly, shaking her head. "never..."

"But it seems I have already won Wonder Woman!" General Michaels laughed as Diana collapsed against him to lay her head weakly on his chest. He held her close to him with right palm spread across her naked back above her costume, and turned around slightly so the two of them would be in full view of his three associates. Letting go of the leash, he cupped her quivering chin to raise her face to his, while his right hand traveled downward to caress her buttocks lovingly over her satin tights. "You can no longer act as free person!" He told the sobbing Wonder Woman squeezing the yielding flesh of her buttocks possessively "You are ours now!"

Michaels's hand pulled her into his body so that she felt his huge cock throbbing inside his pant. "Y...you don't...can't c...control me...." Diana moaned, not really knowing what she should say. The feeling of both his hand and cock making it so hard to think. She wanted to fight but at the same time wanted him to make love to her for hours.

Laughing at her weak protests and the confusion in her eyes, Michaels continued to massage her the firm flesh of her ass. "Do you like my hand on your ass Wonder Woman?" He smiled down at her agonized face as he inserted his hand under the elastic leg of her costume to cup her naked ass-cheek.

"N..n...noooooooo......" Diana moaned as he squeezed the soft flesh. She tried to get away but all her weak struggles did was to drive her ass more on to his hand. Also to rub her tummy against the bulge in his pants.

"No?" He sounded shocked, as his index finger traced the warm yielding crack of her ass, further encouraging the betrayal of he weak protests by her helpless passion. "You don't want me to kiss you then?" He asked innocently, bringing his face dangerously close to hers, while his finger pressed into her tiny anus.

Diana squeeled and jumped at the insertion of his finger. In doing so, her lips pressed against his for a second. That second lasted a lot longer as she kissed him wildly without realizing it until she was past the point of no return.

"That's right, Wonder Bitch!.." Michaels thought wickedly as Diana's melted in his arms, kissing him both passionately and miserably. "..show my friends what a weak female you are!" The General's tongue devoured Wonder Woman's, making her gasp and mewl pleadingly into his domineering mouth. As her helpless passion was re-ignited, his index finger sank to the second digit into her yielding anus, inflaming her desire more till her large nipples dug painfully into her costume, aching for his attention, and her tanned creamy thighs began to twitch uncontrollably.

"Mmmmnnmmmmmnnnooooooo...." she moaned into his mouth as her ass squeezed around his finger. Her arms went around his body to rub the rough uniform fabric while they kissed harder and even more deeply. Diana's desire melted any of the fight that she had left at the moment. One of her hands pulled around to cup his cock and stroke firmly.

"That's enough Alexander!" Paula Gaunter ordered firmly, as got up from her chair, gripped Michaels's wrist and pulled his finger out of Diana's anus. "You'll turn her into a mindless cunt before we steal her powers!!" She continued, as she stood behind Diana, grabbed both her naked shoulders and pulled her away from Michaels's embrace with a power that belied her slender figure.

Diana nearly fell against Paula as she was pulled back. The other woman's breasts might have been a little smaller then Diana's but they were equally soft and pressed into the bare skin above the uniform. With a moan of desire and defeat, Diana sagged in Paula's arms.

"Remember our plan?" Dr. Gunther chided General Michaels gently, as Wonder Woman collapsed back in her arms, panting and moaning, with her head thrown back over Paula's slender shoulder. "We have to prepare her so she actually has some power for us to absorb!" She continued in a clinical fashion as she wrapped her thin left arm around the limp Diana to hold her steady.

"Oh Paula, you are such a fuss-budget!" Michaels laughed "I did my part, didn't I?" He continued as he reached out to cup the helpless Wonder Woman's mound playfully, "You wanted her juices running..." He said as he squeezed the sobbing Diana's pussy, his fingers closing on her swollen pussy lips to rub them together gently "..Well look at that!"

Rie's eyes opened for a moment as she gasped loudly. Michaels's fingers quickly became covered in the Amazon honey that gushed from her slit. The blue of her panties becoming very dark in color as the liquid soaked through them. Diana went limp again with her head drapped over Paula's shoulder. She had been captured several times but never had she been exploited like them. Beaten, yes but not having her own body made to turn against her. IF Michaels had just whipped her that she could've taken but not that wonderful fuck he had done.

"I think you overdid your job, Alexander!" Paula told him acidly as she pulled the panting Diana away from his probing hand. She took Wonder Woman's limp wrist in her hand and checked it for pulse for a moment. "But I fear your little pet here is weakening at an incredible rate!" She let go of Diana's wrist to let it dangle weakly at her side, and - with her left hand around the swooning amazon's waist, effortlessly dragged Wonder Woman to the armchair.

With a heavy plop, Diana sat back into the chair and tried to catch her breath. Her arms dangled limply over the sides so the bracelets rubs on the fabric. "N...no....c...can't...can't...gotta...go...." she murmered from behind closed eyes. She was trying to rebuild her will power but all the things Michaels hand done made it so hard.

"Come! Gather around!" Dr. Gunther motioned to her three friends as she sat down and lifted Diana's luscious body to sit her on her bony knees. As Diana slumped against her, Paula spread her right palm across her back to prop her up a little bit so the gathered associates can admire her swollen, heaving breasts, and the large nipples all but visible under the strain of her uniform. "It is time for your lesson in Amazon Psycho-sexuality!"

Her thick, long hair cascaded backwards from her head being tilted back. Diana's eyes were still closed as her lips moved in unheard words. The golden tiara on her brow reflected the faces of all the evil people standing around her. Her heavy breasts threatened to explode from the bustier from the angle of her body and her heavy breaths.

"First of all you have to understand that amazons are primitive creatures!" Paula began, holding Diana effortlessly on her lap with her right hand gently caressing her naked back. "In their minds sex and conquest are practically the same thing!" He left hand rested absently on Diana's belly, feeling its soft rise and fall with Wonder Woman's heavy breathing. "This one is very sensual in particular!" Dr. Gunther continued her soft caresses on Diana's back, kneading her creamy flesh, while her left hand moved upwards to rest suggestively just under soft swell of her heaving breasts. "Observe her reaction to the tiniest caress!"

Paula's hand stroking the upper part of her back that wasn't covered by the uniform made Diana tremble. Feeling the other hand move up to the point that she could feel the warmth of Paula's hand through the bustier made Diana moan softly. Her body felt like one big nerve ending at the moment. One of her booted legs started rubbing against the other as she shifted on Paula's lap.

Paula noted Diana's thighs rubbing against each other with grim satisfaction. "It was her super-sensuality, if you'll excuse the pun, that made her extremely vulnerable to General Michaels's sexual charisma.." She continued. ".. and now will make her our slave! Observe!" She held Diana tightly to her with her right hand arm now wrapped around her naked shoulders, and smiled as the mighty Wonder Woman's head lolled helplessly to bury her face in Paula's neck. Then, she cupped Diana's swollen right breast in her left hand, simply moving it up and down in slow circular movement, as if weighing it.

She mewed helplessly from the feeling her breast were giving her. The mound was too big for Paula's hand to encompass but the woman tried to gather as much as possible. As the fingers dug into the flesh, Diana trembled more until her body seemed to vibrate and threatened to tumble her off Paula's lap. The stained panties glistened with more of juices.

"Poor Wonder Woman!" Paula cooed at the helplessly moaning amazon on her lap, and tightened her grip around her naked shoulder to steady her trembling, at the same time fingering her large erect nipple through the satin of her costume. She was handling Diana as scientist would a lab animal. "Your powers are a curse to you! Aren't they?" Paula hissed as she cruelly pinched the inflamed nipple. "You almost want them removed, no?"

"Nnnnnnoooooooooo....." Diana squeeled and tried to shake her head. Her hips pushing up as she panted from the pinch. "Nnnn....nnneedd....themmmmmmm....th...they....are mine...." The smell of new juices she made was arousing the onlookers quite a bit. Like they actually needed help. "Noooooooooo..." she repeated in a near whimper.

"No? Are you cerian?" Puala pulled harder on the nipple, enjoying her power over the once mighty Wonder Woman. The three associates laughed at Wonder Woman's protests and moans of defeat and desire, as well as her helpless squirming in Paula's grip. "Her breasts are her second most sensitive parts!" She smiled up at her friends still holding Diana's nipple and using it to pull her entire breast away from Wonder Woman's heaving chest, untill the soft flesh resemble an distended cone.

It was only that the satin like fabric restrained the breast that prevented Paula from pulling the breast out like Michaels had done. To Diana, it was more pleasure then pain. From the tugging on the nipple to the rubbing of the fabric on her skin. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....." she panted in need.

"But I don't want her fidgeting while I prepare her!" Paula sneered, looking down at Diana's soaked mound. "So now I'll show you her greatest weakness!" She smirked wickedly as she let go of Diana's nipple and began tracing it down her exquisite body towards her pussy.

The breast rebounded almost like jello before settleing in plump glory on her shest. Diana's body trembled even more as Paula's fingers slowly walked their way down the shivering tummy. Her violet eyes opened a little to watch in pleasure and horror as the evil woman came closer to that most vulnerable of spots.

"Watch as I show you something never seen since antiquity! The claiming of an amazon" Paula proudly lectured her friends as hand left slowly worked its way down Wonder Woman's trembling body, "Oh, do you want to see too!!" She laughed as she saw Diana's wide open, frightened, violet eyes. "Well by all means, after all.." She whispered softly to the helpless amazon in her arms, as she changed her grip to hold the nape of Diana's neck helping her to look down at her gushing pussy, "..it is something I learned from you!"

She didn't want to look but Diana didn't have the strength to look away. Paula's final words sent a chill up he back as she remembered telling her that deepest of Amazon secrets. The night they had shared wine and nearly shared each other. The other woman had begun to touch her in pleasureable ways but an emergency called Diana away even before they had kissed. She hadn't gotten together with her again to continue the session. Now Diana could see why, Paula had been saving it all up for this!

With a confident movement, Paula's fingers pushed the elastic of Diana's soaked costume to the side, as her finger immediately pushed between the flower petals of her vaginal lips to sink into her liquid pussy.

Diana's eyes closed for a second as she gasped in pure pleasure. They quickly reopened to look at Paula triumph pair. She had never felt so much fear before as she did now. This woman knew so much and Diana couldn't defend herself at all now.

Dr. Gunther looked directly into Wonder Woman's terrified, pleading eyes as her fingers sought her engorged clit. "Yes, my dear, I am going to claim you as mine in the ancient way!!"

"P...ple...please...noooooo!' she whined, moving her hips in trying to stop the evil woman from find the center of her pleasure. "Don't....don't do...this..." The movement of her fingers was driving Diana to new heights of pleasure and making more Amazon honey. "Oh...please....don't!!!"

Laughing at her pleas for mercy, Paula's hunting fingers finally found Diana's erect clit and held it firmly between her thumb and forefinger. She then leaned closer to Diana's face and spoke solemnly to her in ancient Greek {Diana of Paradise Island, Your clit is in my hand, Your body is mine, I have conquered you. Submit to your destiny, and acknowledge your masters!}

With strenth she didn't know she had, Diana shook her head in answer to Paula. The woman's response was to tug ever so gently on the engorged clit. Diana's eyes bulged and she groaned in a pleasurably cry as she learned who was the real boss. "Nnnnnnnaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooo!!!!!"

Paula held on to Diana's clit and neck firmly as Wonder Woman's body convulsed on last time in a final futile attempt at resistance. "I could have used her lariat" She smiled up at her gaping friends, "but this is far mire humiliating to her!"

Her body keep on shaking as Paula stroked the mini-penis. If the satin hadn't been so strong, the seams would've split apart from the way Diana moved. Especially the area around her breasts. The glands seemed like they wanted to burst from the bustier into the air.

"Easy, little Amazon, easy now!" Paula whispered to soothingly to the trembling Wonder Woman, stroking her clit in steady, rhythmic movements, and leaned over to press her lips gently on Diana's flushed cheeks reassuringly, "You have been claimed, There is nothing you can do!" She nibbled playfully at her ear, "Your powers have left you till I decide you can have them back!"

Paula was right, there wasn't anything she could do now. Michaels had broken her will to such a degree that all Paula had to do was nudge her over the edge. Diana settled more into her lap and arms not because her firey need was depleted. It was because she had now strength to even make simple movements such as a shiver. Tears ran down Diana's cheeks as she felt weak for the for time in her entire life.

As Wonder Woman trembling finally subsided, she sagged weakly in Dr. Paula's arms whimpering and sobbing. To be 'claimed' was the ultimate defeat. She was helpless as a newborn kitten in the hands of merciless adversaries who were going to steal her powers to achieve their evil goals.

Her eyes closed as she tried to find some source of strength that hadn't been taken from her. There was that of an 'ordinary' woman but with her spirit in turmoil such as it was, she couldn't even touch that yet. All she could do was lay helpless among these evil people.

A small round of applause greeted Wonder Woman's collapse in Dr. Gunther's arms as Paula finally removed her hand from Diana's pussy and held her fingers up for her associates to see and smell the captive amazon juices. "That was superb" Admiral Darlan congratulated her moving closer and cupping Diana's cheeks firmly to turn her head to him, "But does she have any power left to steal?"

The rough hand turned her sweat covered face towards him but she kept her eyes closed. The expression was like that of a child who was dozing. She wasn't but that didn't matter. It was such a turn on to them to see such an angelic like face under their control.

"Oh yes, she has all her powers, but they are 'inside'. I have nullified them by the 'claiming' for use on the 'outside' only!" Paula reassured him, "Now we have to undress her!" She continued as she stood up and dumped the swooning Wonder Woman on the sofa to land heavily on her stomach.

"Uhhhhhhhh...." Diana breathed as the air was force from her lungs. She lay limply on the sofa with her right leg and arm hanging off of it. Her plump ass in the air a bit and showing a little of the stain of juice that extended from her pussy. Those wonderfully soft breasts pillowed under her.

"OOOH, Let me!" Dina Van Dorn, the stunning blond socialite stepped closer to the sofa eagerly and knelt beside the sprawled Wonder Woman " I have always wanted to do this!" She giggled, as she traced her hand appreciatively over Wonder Woman's sensitive body. She traced Diana's elegant neck with the fingers of her right, down over the muscles of her shoulders and back, down further over the satin costume to rest on Diana's small, plumb behind. "Heaven knows I undressed her many times with my eyes when we met at functions for her honor!" She spoke smilingly as she patted Diana's ass cheeks though the satin, delighting in the way the yielded to her touch. "She seemed so unapproachable then .." Dina brought her other hand over to knead both of Diana's buttocks, ecstatic at the way the quivered submissively before her.

Soft moans came from Diana's lips as she felt the the hands knead her cheeks. The rough surface of the zipper dug into the sensitive flesh. The tiny shivers of he body was teh most she could move at the moment but that was from lack of effort. Dina's touch felt even nicer then Paula's which made it worse for Diana because it stimulated her even more!

"Well get on with it then!" Admiral Darlan said impatiently as he sat down at the bottom of the sofa, next to Diana' sprawled legs. He promptly reached down to take her left calf in his meaty hand, unzipped her red boot, and pulled it roughly off. " I have waited such a long time to get even with miss high and mighty here!" He held Wonder Woman's bare foot in front of him foe a moment, admiring its daintiness, then let it go to flop weakly back to the sofa.

The sweat on her leg hitting the room air gave Diana a bit of chill that was repeated when he pulled the boot off. She felt him stroke the silk smoothness of her leg up the lower part of her thigh. Darlan seemed to like the muscled tone of her leg and how it kept it even in her weakened condition. Diana may not have had her strength but they couldn't steal her Amazon body nor the gifts that came with it.

"Temper, temper Admiral!" Dina looked at him crossly, as gave Diana's exquisite behind another squeeze, noting with delight the juices that began seeping down Wonder Woman's creamy inner thighs as a result, "What's the hurry! She's not going anywhere!" She smiled as her hand reached for the zipper at the top of Wonder Woman's costume.

The quiet sound of small zipper being pulled slowly down its track filled the room. Diana felt the uniform get looser as Dina ever so slowly worked on the sipper. She seemed to be taking her time which made it all the worse for the beaten Amazon. Her bare back appearing more the fabric parted.

Dina pulled Wonder Woman's costume's zipper almost all the way down to the small of her back, and used her hands to pull the two sides wide open, exposing Diana's lithe back in all its athletic nakedness to the gathered Associates. "Would you look at that!" She whispered with a small intake of her breath as she caressed the muscles on Wonder Woman's shoulder blades, her hands kneading the satiny flesh. "She is quite a prize, I must admit!" She leaned closer, still reveling in the feel of Diana's unresisting flesh beneath her hands, firm, yet soft and extremely feminine at the same time. "Don't you agree Admiral?"

"Mmmmmm......" Diana sighed as Dini massaged her sore muscles a little. The costume was not totally unzipped yet. The zipper lay a few inchs above the end of the track in the middle of her ass. She was able to pull an arm under her chin so that the metallic bracelet pressed against her cheek. Diana almost felt like take a long nap but another touch stopped that.

Meanwhile, Admiral Daraln reached down to grab Wonder Woman right leg, which was dangling limply over the sofa's edge. "Yes, but that is all she is.. A prize! .." He hissed viciously as he pulled the red boot of and threw it contemptuously to the side. Still holding her bare foot high in the air with a vice-like grip on her ankle with his left hand, he allowed his right hand to roam over her calf, and the back of her knee, until it rested possessively on the her creamy thigh. ".. Like a wild animal that has been finally bagged!"

He could feel the sticky trails of the dried juice that run down her leg. In pulling it up, Darlan exposed the soaked panties and gave them all another new blast of the smell of Amazon in heat. The muscles under his hand shivered a little as she began to recover a little strength of being a mear woman.

Dina smiled as she gently pulled Diana's mane of silky black hair in her left hand and lifted it to side to expose the back of her elegant neck. "You're right, but now she looks so small and vulnerable!" She leaned closer to plant a wet kiss in the middle of Diana's back, just below her neck.

"Ohhh..." she sighed softly at feeling those soft lips.

"Is that what you are Wonder Woman?" Dina whispered in Diana's ear, inserting both her hands under the costume to explore the sides of her generous breasts, pillowing out under her weigh, "Are you an animal?" She whispered seductively agin as she grazed the sensitive flesh with the palm of her hands.

"N...n...no..." Diana whispered as Dini stroked the sides of her breast. "N..not an...animal..." She shivered a little more and that push the bustier down a little. More of her breasts were exposed but the rock hard nipples caught on the fabric to prevent more of it from sliding off.

"No??" Dina said in mock concern, "But being a prized animal is not so bad.." She giggled as she her hands wedged themselves stealthily between Diana's breasts and her costume to cup the yielding flesh. "People like to pet and fondle pet their animals!!" She whispered in Diana's ear seductively as she tweaked her tortured nipples gently. "But only if they a good, obedient animals though!" Dina licked Diana's ear playfully as she pressed the creamy breasts to her heaving chest and lifted her torso off the sofa slightly, so that the hungry hands gripping her submissive tits supported her entire weight. Dina was thrilled to hold the Great Wonder Woman's entire body in her two little hands.

Diana let out a pleasurable moan as her sensitive breasts dug into Dini's squeezing hands. "G...g..good," she whimpered softly. It felt so nice what she was feeling. So hard not to give into it again even though Diana knew what it meant. "I...I...be...good..."

"Ms. Van Horn; are going to take all day?" Admiral Darlan snapped at her from the other end of the sofa. He was still holding Diana's right leg high in the air by her delicate ankle, exposing her soaked panties for the Associates amusement. His other hand, however, was now roaming freely over the back of Diana's athletic, firm, yet limp thighs.. Caressing .. Squeezing. "This is not a social engagement!!" he continued gruffly as he reached out to pinch Diana's swollen pussy lips through her costume, pressing the hidden pink petals together and squeezing more juice out of her in the process, "Let's get the animal prepared!"

"Ahhhh...." she moaned again, throwing her head back a little to press the breasts into the hands more. Another gush of juice pumped out on to Darlan's fingers. Her muscles relaxed but still toned under his hard caresses. "S....so...good...." she panted in a whisper. "C...can't givveee...in...."

"All right Admiral!!" Dina sighed resignedly, still supporting Wonder Woman's delightful weight on the palms of her hands over Diana's soft breasts, and paying absolutely no attention to her helpless pleas. "Her costume's zipper is almost all way down .." She said with a careless nod, as she lifted Diana slightly off the sofa continuing to palm her responsive nipples. ".. just pull it over her legs!"

She knew what that meant in that whatever protection her uniform gave would be gone. Her whole body would be exposed to them then. "P..please....don't...." she moaned as Dini moved her breasts in circles so that the nipples rubbed on her palms. "Don't..."

"Glad to oblige!" James Darlan eagerly complied. He began tugging Wonder Woman's costume over her hips and legs. As the small of her back was revealed to his lustful gaze, he could not help bending down to kiss the soft swell of her behind lovingly, running his tongue over the satiny flesh.

As the form fitting fabric moved over the swell of her hips, the zipped loosened even more so the Admiral had an easier time. The feeling of his tongue licking up the salt that had coated her skin from her sweat made Diana mewed in a defeated moan. Her hands flopping uselessly as she tried to push them away. She couldn't even get them up to do it though. All she could do was moan in defeat even more.

"What is the matter pet!" Dina murmured to the whining, trembling Wonder Woman in her hands. "Don't you like getting naked for us!" She tightened her grip on Diana's quivering breasts to increase her misery. "Paula said you run around naked all the time on your home Island!" She laughed outloud as Diana body collapsed back to rest on her hands. "No?"

"B...but that's d..different!" she whimpered. As it was. She may have stayed nude and even allowled her sister to touch her like this back home. The difference was that there, she wanted it and that she loved her sisters. Not like with these evil people who made her feel these things. "S..so diffeent...." she whimpered more.

"What is she mumbling about?" Admiral Darlan laughed as he finally rolled the crumpled costume over Diana's undulating hips to gather it at the top of her creamy thighs. "Look at the cute ass on the animal!" he exclaimed as Diana's quivering behind was revealed to the gathered Associates. Darlan reached to cup both pliant cheeks in his meaty hands and pulled them roughly apart, exposing Diana's glistening pussy lips and her tiny puckered anus. "And look at all the honey she's produced!" He laughed as he dipped two fingers in the drenched pussy and wiggled them around her vagina walls, scarping large quantities of Diana's juices. "Why, we can bottle it and sell it!"

Diana's eyes bulged outward and she gave a great moan that filled the room. "Noooooooooo!!" she moaned at feeling his thick fingers inside of her. Her body jumping and the muscles squeezing him as she gushed more juice on to his hand. Diana's body quivering even more as the two worked on making her even more hot then she already was.

"Yes, Admiral!" Paula smiled at him, coming to stand by the side of the sofa, holding a hypodermic syringe in her hand. "I know, our guest is very generous with her juices!" She tapped the syringe professionally, and then applied a swap of cotton-dipped in alcohol to Diana's quivering pussy lips.

"Nughhhhh ..!!" The helpless Wonder Woman gasped, and started to wiggle weakly, still held tightly by her -now naked- breasts in the palms of Dina's fondling hands.

"Please hold her steady Dina!! Give her nipples another squeeze if you have to!" Paula ordered briskly holding the syringe up. "And you, Admiral please extend her right vaginal lip a little!!"

Both Associated were eager to comply, as Dina tweaked Rie's nipple painfully, pushing her into her submissive sexual reverie again. "Nuhhh ... p .. please!!" Wonder Woman looked at her tormentor with pleading tearful eyes. "Haven't ...SOB.. y ..you done ...SOB.. enough to meee!!" The once mighty Wonder Woman wailed as she felt Daraln's hand spreading her right pussy lip, smoothing it and flattening it gently.

Ignoring Wonder Woman's piteous pleas, Paula spoke to her friends "The solution in the syringe will heighten her sexual metabolism, allowing her blocked amazon powers to convert themselves into sexual energy that we can absorb as we stimulate her!" Paula again lectured the associates as she brought the needle closer to Diana's pussy lips, now clasped firmly between Darlan's fingers.

"Nooooooooooo!' she cried when she felt the tip of the needle graze the pink flesh of her lips. The feeling making her buck her hips until Darlan's other arm pressed down to her hold still. With her strength gone, she could budge him at all. "AHHHHHHHH!!!!" she yelled as the needle went in.

"Poor baby!!" Dina cooed at the tortured amazon whose breasts she held in her hands, as Dr. Paula Gunther emptied the content of the syringe into her puffy pussy lip. "And you used to be able to move mountains with your bare hands!!" She withdrew her right hand from underneath Diana's heaving breast to grip her hair painfully and lifted her tear-stained face to her "There is no point in calling you Wonder Woman now, so what is your real name darling??"

"R...r...Diana..." she whimpered as Paula moved the neeple to the other side to give the lip there an injection. "P..pl..please let me go...oh please." More tears rolling down her cheeks as she whined.

The Associates burst out laughing at Wonder Woman's mumbling, as Paula withdrew the needle and Daralan massaged her pink pussy lips in his hand to ensure the drug's circulation in her body, stimulating her sensitive cunt in the process.

With each movement, a squirt of juice covered his fingers and was responded to with a moan from her lips. Even after such a short time she was beginning to feel the effects of the drug. Firstly in a almost burning like sensation in her pussy. "Noo.." she moaned trying in vain to fight it. Her sweat covered body sliding a little in their grasp.

"That should it!" Paula said, patting Diana's plumb behind gently. "Now could you two carry our naked guest to the armchair please?" She looked on with amusement as Darlan and Dina each took one of Diana's arms and legs, glistening with sweat, and lifted her between them, placing Wonder Woman's unresisting arms over their shoulders and catching her legs underneath her dimpled knees.

The burning feeling extended more throughout Diana's body as she was lifted up. "Stop...please...." she moaned. "I...I...beg you..." The desire that the drug was causing her was making things so hazy. It was so hard to think or fight them. All Diana could do was moan pitiful pleas for mercy.

As they carried the naked, protesting Wonder Woman, slumped helplessly between them, Dina looked mischievously at Daraln and winked at him. He understood immediately. While their arms supported Wonder Woman's naked back, they raised her knees higher, exposing her flooded cunt to the cool air of the room, and laughed merrily as her juices dripped on the floor.

She left a clear trail of juices from the sofa to the chair. If she had been any hotter, her pussy would've been steaming in the air. Suddenly Diana caught sight of where they were going. Even her passion drugged mind recognized what was there. "Noooooooooo!" she whimpered.

Paula, meanwhile, was busy strapping a black phallic object on the large armchairs. It had a square base encrypted with Greek Letters. "Another object our helpful guest donated!!" motioning theatrically to the chair. "Once inside her, It'll sap all her will forever!" She laughed at Diana's terrified face and her weak wiggling in Dina and Darlan's hands. "Come on, place our princess on her throne!"

Even though there was no hope, Diana fought them to try and get away. She knew what that object was, all Amazon's did. She had dealed her fate when she had described the details of the device to Paula those months ago. What it was made from, constructed, and used. It sent shivers up Diana's spine to know that she had brough this upon herself this way.

"Oh Look!! I see the animal has finally recognized its fate!!" Darlan laughed as Diana struggled with last bit of her remaining strength to wiggle away from him and Dina. He actually loved the way her struggles made her flushed cheeks face rub against his, and the way her creamy thigh quivered delightfully in his hand. It might as well have the struggles of baby in an adult's grip.

"Nonononononono!!!!" Diana yelled as she struggled to avoid the fate that awaited. Their strong grasp easily defeated her weak struggles. Even the sweat that made her body slick didn't help her to move this time. The jerking of her hips did help to spray some of her juices over the room. To the delight of the members, a few were splattered with the scented liquided.

"Easy, little filly!!" He smiled as caressed her back, and the side of her gorgeous breast soothingly with the hand that was wrapped around her. Because of the drug, the caress had an instant effect on the already helplessly aroused Wonder Woman.

She arched her back to press the breast into his hand. Her struggles quickly ceasing from the new wave of passion that roared through her body. "Y...you...tricked....me!" she cried out to them all in a defeated voice. People that she had trusted with her secrets had turned them against her. That very fact was defeating enough to her overwhelmed mind.

"Yes Dear!! We DID trick you!!" Dina whispered in her -answering her pitiful protest- ear as her last bit of strength faded and she collapsed back whimpering in their arms, producing another delicious spurt of amazon honey form her exposed count. "But you are just too delicate to be a Superheroine!!" She nibbled gently on Diana's ear. "From now on, you'll leave to us!!"

"D....don't....please...." Diana moaned again as her head flopped forward. Her sweaty hair nearly hiding her face. The two evil people carrying her adjusted their position so that Diana was in a sitting position with her legs spread. "D...don't...."

Slowly, Dina and Daraln began to lower Diana on the tip of "Power Stealer".

The instant the tip touched her, Diana let out a great moan of defeated pleasure. The so sensitive lips of her pussy reacted to the object by letting out a great gush of honey to lubricate it. Ever so slowly she was lowered on to the long, thick dildo. "Ahhhh....nnnnnooooo......ssttttoopppppp!" she moaned.

"A typical reaction!!' Paula noted as she slide her hand under Wonder Woman's descending pussy and rubbed her juices over the magic phallus. "She herself described it to me in our session!" She laughed as she straightened up to smear the leftover juices on her hands over Diana's breasts, palming her nipples and pushing the resilient flesh into her heaving chest.

"Stop!" she panted, forcing the breast more into her hand. "Its...not...g...ahhhhhh.." Diana cried out again from both the sensation of pleasure and from one of....helplessness? The feeling of something much worse then what she had been feeling before was beginning to occur. "Its evillll....." she finally sobbed. More tears running down her cheeks. Just like the rivlets of juices running down the phallus.

"No no honey, it is not evil, don't cry!! You look good enough to eat with your breast all glistening like that! ' Dina laughed at Wonder Woman's misery as she and Darlan kept their hands wrapped around Diana torso as they slowly impaled her on the magic phallus. It was partly to guide her pussy down the shaft, and partly to support her weight as they felt all resistance leave her body. To make her point, Dina bent over and ran her tongue all over Diana's quivering left breast, biting the left nipple gently,

Without realizing it, Diana's hand came up to partially cup the back of Dina's hand to try and hold her there. She didn't want to admit it to even herself but those lips felt so good. When the girl pulled away however, Diana's hand couldn't stop her. All she got was a grin and a wink from the socialite.

As the shaft made her way deep into Wonder Woman's defenseless pussy, Dina and Darlan let go of her to let gravity do its work. The four Associates gathered around the huge armchair to watch gleefully as Diana's helpless body descended slowly on shaft. Her moans and whimpers music to their ears.

With a soft thump, Diana's ass landed on the soaked cushions of the chair. "Nnnnnnnnooooooo...." she moaned as she felt both the pleasure and the magic of the dildo that filled her fully. She tried not to move so as not to make the pleasure feel even worse. Her eyes were squeezed shut while her lips mumbled words too soft to hear.

"A historic spectacle!" Alexander whispered as her reached out to pat Diana's soft tummy gently, feeling her womb bulge slowly as the shaft filed her entirely. "Don't you agree Diana!!" He asked the once mighty Wonder Woman, impaled in front of them like a collected butterfly.

A small gasp came from her lips when Alexander patted her like that. "Nooo...yess..." she said with eyes still shut. She wanted to say what she really felt but somehow, couldn't!

"Is it yes or no??" Michaels laughed at Diana's confusion as he patted her naked tummy again, tracing the bulge the magic phallus made inside her with his left hand, while he pushed down on her shoulders roughly to get the last inch of the phallus into her pussy, until Diana' slumped back in the chair, her sweaty back resting against it, while her head rolled weakly forward. Her hands dangled uselessly at her sides, and her thighs were wide open over the magic phallus.

"Yesssssss....." Diana moaned defeatedly. The phallus somehow draining her of the last vestiges of her willpower, this time for good. It almost seemed to be throbbing like a live cock with her pussy responding in kind. He chin rested on the sweaty slopes of her still wonderfully firm and out thrust breasts.

"All right, everything is in place now!" Dr. Gunther said as she distributed what looked like skin-tight surgical gloves to the four Associates. "Now put these on and run them over her skin gently!!" She instructed them as she put hers on and lifted Diana's limp upper-arm in her hands, she began to run her gloved hand up and down the muscular, yet totally unresisting flesh of her upper arm and shoulder, and the four Associates gaped as the creamy skin began to glow faintly. "I am beginning to siphon off her powers!!' Pual cried excitedly!

"Don't......" she moaned tiredly as she began to glow more and more. It felt like their rubs were physically pulling something from her as they drained her Amazon strength. The glow traveled up their hands and started to make them glow as well. She felt so exhasted that it seemed hard to even breath at the moment. She had to strain to take a breath.

"Keep going! It won't be long now!" Dr. Gunther instructed her friends as the gathered around the nakedly aroused, helpless Wonder Woman like hyenas around a wounded deer. Dina stood behind the chair with her gloved hand on Diana's flushed cheeks. Admiral Darlan stood on the opposite of Paula, with his gloves softly caressing the creamy globes of Wonder Woman's heaving breasts. While General Michaels stood directly in front of the Impaled Amazon, his hands on the soft well of her hips as she writhed helplessly on the Magic Phallus.

"Sooo.....weakkkk...." she moaned as they all glowed softly. "C...c..can't...fight....it." Her eyes weren't open because she lacked the strength to do even that. The feeling of their hands all over her body felt so nice and helped to divert and effort to fight the draining. "Oh...please....stopppp...."

"Yes Diana's, you're feeling much weaker now because all your amazon powers are being transferred to us!" Paula replied acidly to her piteous plea, moving one of her hands to grip the back of Diana's neck, "And NO, we will not stop till we've drained every ounce from you luscious body!" She tightened her grip on Diana's neck to emphasize her point.

The grip last only for a second or two but it seemed like forever to Diana's mind. She gasped for breath the moment Paula let go. "Ccan't...res..resit it.... Don't...don't do this..." The glow that Diana made slowly faded while the others grew brighter as her strength faded for good.

"Oh we know you can't fight us anymore sweetie!" Dina answered her begging from behind, gently massaging her cheeks with her glowing hands. "But it is much more fun to deplete you totally!" She bent down to kiss Diana's sweaty brow. "This way your experience will have more meaning!"

"W...what...what are you going...to...do??" Diana moaned as she wriggled slowly, the effort taking so much to do. Her mind getting dimmer as she was drained of her energy. It was so hard to stay awake. Her eyes lids so heavy.

"The experience my dear .." Darlan replied to her whimpered question, his hands on her breasts stimulating her to higher ecstasy while drawing out her more power at the same time ".. is the ultimate in female submission .." He lifted her breasts for her to look at her engorged nipples. ".. as the great Wonder Woman is taken, weak as a new born baby, by four Superbeings!"

Even though they drained her of her strength, they couldn't take how her body was. The trim voluptuousness she had was the same as when she had arrived. Darlan's words echoing in her battered mind as she fell into a deep sleep that bordered on unconciousness. The draining taking there toll on her body at last.

"OK, that does it!!" Paula announced as she saw Diana collapse on chair, her body nearly doubled over on the Magic Phallus inside her. The four Associates took their gloved hands off Wonder Woman's drained body and straightened up, feeling her raw powers coursing in their veins. Dina, standing behind the slumped over former Wonder Woman too a fistful of the unconscious Diana's hair and lifted her off the Phallus and in the air with one hand.

"Ahhhhhhhhh...." Diana moaned in pain from her unconciousness. SHe was so drained that the pain didn't even begin to awaken her. The moment the phallus left her body there was a 'pop' as it left her tight depths.

"Amazing!!" Dina exclaimed holding the naked Wonder Woman by the hair to let her dangle limply in front of her friends, "That hardly required any effort at all!" She shook the swooning amazon over a couple of times, and giggled as juices started dripping out of her cunt. "So what do we do with the former Wonder Woman now?" She asked.

A thick, heavy mixture of honey ran down her long legs to drip on to the carpeted floor. Her heavy breasts still nicely outthrust to the others.

"Oh we'll keep her here!!" Paula said absently "In a cage or something!!" She walked over to Diana and shone a medical light in her eye. "She'll be our battery generator!!"

The only reaction from the former heroine was that her pupil contracted when hit with the light.

"Drop her down Dina!" Paula turned off her flashlight and smiled at her friend, "She is not going anywhere!!"

Wonder Woman collapsed on the floor on her stomach- in heap, moaning piteously as Dina let go of her hair. Paula knelt down beside her and lifted her head up by the chin. "You know Diana .." She said, running her hand over Wonder Woman's flushed, tear stained face, ".. this was far easier than I thought!!"

Her eyes slowly fluttered open but still barely saw anything. It seemed like it took forever for a thought to form and be processed within her battered mind. "Sooooo weak....." she moaned as she tried to find something that they hadn't taken away from her but couldn't. "N...nothing....left....Let me...go...please..beg you."

"Oh yes sweetie I KNOW we have taken everything from you, but we are far from finished yet!!" She replied acidly to Diana's begging as she wrapped her arm around her waist and lifted her effortlessly off the floor, doubled over her forearm limply.

Diana's head and arms flopped forwards while her legs hung over the other side of the arm. Her breasts shaking like mounds of jello as she moaned softly. Her body totally limp.

Paula swaggered to the sofa, carrying Wonder Woman on her arm as if she weighed a feather and swung her arm to throw the limp girl on it.

Diana bounced up and down a couple of times on the soft surface until she laid sprawled out in a tangle of legs and arms. She was on her back panting up sightlessly towards the ceiling. Her breasts rising and falling quickly with each breath.

"Oh please let me go first!!" Dina Van Dorn giggled as she sauntered over to the sofa and sat beside the powerless Diana's head, looking down hungrily at her heaving breasts. "I have always wanted to show miss high and mighty here what it really feels like to be a weak female in a man's world!!" She leaned down and ran her tongue over Diana's right nipple, bathing it in her saliva and biting it gently, while she placed her left palm on top of Diana's plumb left breast and pushed down on the nipple it slightly, but with her newly acquired super-strength, the effect on the helpless Wonder Woman was devastating.

"Ahhhhhhhh!!" Diana cried out from a combination of pain and pleasue. "It hurtssssssssssssss!" That it did but at the same time a new gush of honey came from her pussy to show that she also liked it. Her lips produced a breathless moans to the delight of the others.

"That's right darling, VERY confusing things pain and pleasure!!" She laughed at Diana's pathetic pleas and whimpers, even as her nipples hardened again between her teeth and under her palm. "We have seduced you, stripped you of your powers, but here you are like a whimpering puppy wanting more attention from its master!!" She straightened up to hold both of Diana's large nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and rubbed them with super-strength, "Do you understand now why women should be submissive to men??"

She trembled from the nipple torture and arched her back into the hand. "Its.....its evil!" she moaned. "Can't...can't give into it!!"

"Evil??" Dina threw back her head and laughed heartily, still gripping rubbing the helpless, "Then why are your breasts getting so large you dumb cow??" She looked down curiously at her fingers on Wonder Woman's beasts as she suddenly felt something sticky spill over them. "Look James!! the cow is giving up her milk!!"

Diana gave a almost gurlge like sound as she began to lactate from her wonderful breasts. THe sweet milk joining the honey that her pussy was making by the quart.

"Is she really giving milk?" Paula said interestedly as she leaned over to insect Diana's engorged nipples, held between Diana's super-powerful fingers. "That is extremely rare for amazons, you know!" She extended her finger to the tip of the pink nipple of Diana's right breast as Dina gave the pliant flesh another helpful squeeze.

"Ahhhhhh!" Diana gasped as it felt like a bag with a small hole being squeezed out. Her breasts lost none of there tone and firmness. It seemed like with her pussy, there was an inexhastable supply of milk from her. This was just another humiliation to add to all the others she had had to endure so far.

As more amazon milk squirted out helplessly, Paula raised her finger to her mouth to taste it. "Mmmm!!" She exclaimed appreciatively "Grade A, no less!!" She laughed at Diana's deeply blushing face and patted her cheek gently! "You know what this means my dear don't you?" She winked wickedly at the humiliated former Wonder Woman. "Having lost her amazon powers, our naked friend's body is preparing itself to be impregnated, like any ordinary female in heat!" She explained to her delighted friends. "Is that right dear?" She lifted Diana's reddened face to look at her, "Would you like a little baby in your tummy?" She laughed as she patted Wonder Woman's soft tummy.

"NO!" she cried. Never would she want to bear the child of one of these evil men. However, she feared that she might not have a choice in the matter. That fact made the tears start all over again at her helplessness.

"No?? Are you certain??" Paula asked the sobbing, naked Wonder Woman with an arched eyebrow and a cruel super-powered squeeze of her engorged breast, letting her milk flow helplessly out of her large nipple. "Well at any rate we should not let your sweet milk go to waist! Dina, lift her up please!"

A small puddle of the warm liquid began to pool on her stomach and in her belly button as it leaked from her breasts.

"Come on little cow, it's milking time!" Dina was more than happy to comply, as she hooked her hands underneath Diana's armpits from behind to prop her up to a sitting position.

As the former Superheroine slumped forward weakly, held in place by Dina's hands under her arms, Paula held a crystal champagne flute under each of her gushing nipples and looked up at Alexander, "General Michaels, could you be so kind as to give our little friend some encouragement?" She asked sweetly, "I want those glasses filled!"

Diana gasped at the glass edges pressed against the brown spots surrounding her nipples. The milk already beging to fill the glass.

General Michaels walked to the propped -up Diana and placed his hands gently around her large milky breasts. "Are your breasts getting too heavy with milk for you little Amazon!!" He asked the helplessly lactating Wonder Woman as his hands began a steady rhythmic massaging of the full tits. Michaels could feel the creamy breasts respond eagerly to his touch, relieved to surrender their sweet milk to their conqueror.

Her eyes crossed at feeling his squeezing hand miling her. The tears ran down her cheeks more from the embaressment of this. Being fucked and stripped of her powers was bad, but to be treated like a cow was even worse. The sounds of the milk splashing into the glasses was horrible to her ears.

Dina watched spellbound from behind the powerless Superheroine, it was the most erotic sight she had ever seen. The great Wonder Woman was moaning helplessly as Alexander literary was milking her dry, while Paula was holding two glasses to the gushing nipples as she licked her lips in anticipation. Dina was getting very turned on as she let go of Diana's underarms, letting her slump forward in Alexander hands -still-milking her gently as moved her hands between the former Wonder Woman's thighs.

"P...please....no..." Diana whimpered at feeling Dina's touch. She tried to close her thighs but the other girl wouldn't let her. A gush of her honey splattered on to Dina's hand as Diana moaned in defeat. All of this was too much... She was trying to fight but it was so hard...

Dina grinned in amusement at Diana weak attempt to close her thighs to her groping hand, but with her newly acquired super-strength, the former Wonder Woman's struggles were like a baby who was wiggling in an adult's arms. "What's the matter little cow?" Dina whispered in Diana's ear as she effortlessly parted her satiny thighs to insert her index finger into her dripping pussy. "Are getting shy all of a sudden?". She easily located Diana's large hard clit and flicked it suggestively with her long slender finger, fanning the flames that still burned brightly within the defeated Amazon.

"Ah!!! Ahhhhh!! Ahhhhhh!!!" Diana panted with each flick of Dina's finger. Gushs of juice followed to show just how turned on Diana was even though she didn't want to be. All she wanted to do at the moment was crawl in a hole and die. She didn't want to be here and be their toy.

"I think that's it!" General Michaels said as he finally milked the last drop of Diana's milk out of her creamy tits. The sweet nectar had overflowed over the side of the champagne glasses that Paula was holding up each engorged nipples. He took Diana's chin in his hand to raise her face to his, patting her cheek affectionately "Good job little cow!" He smiled at her pleading eyes, wide and beseeching as she was getting helplessly aroused again by Dina's expert fingers flicking her clit playfully, and bent down to suckle her right breast lovingly, drawing the last droplets of milk into his hungry mouth.

Diana's breast were still the lovely plump shape they had been before. The milking hadn't done a thing to them. She pushed her head back and moaned some more at the suckling of his lips. That was something she could've gotten used to if she had been with a man who cared about her. Not these evil creatures. "Noooo...." she moaned again as she fell back against Dina.

"Behold .." Paula raised the two full glasses in the air theatrically, "Wonder Woman's final gift to us poor mortals!" She moved closer to Diana, who was now slumped back against Dina's chest, her flaring hips undulating helplessly around the long finger in her pussy. "I think our naked friend here deserves a taste before we sample the merchandise, don't you Dina?" As Dina nodded with amusement, increasing her fingers speed inside the writhing former champion of justice Paula laughed and raised the glass to Diana's open, panting mouth.

The sweet milk poured down into her mouth without Diana being able to stop it. Instinctivly she swallow and let the milk feel like lead in her stomach. Her face contoured with sobs as they humiliated her this way even as they pleasured her.

"Paula, can we stop this ridicules charade now!" Admiral Darlan snapped at Dr. Gunther as he walked over to stand by her side, "I have been itching to sample this bitch's body ever since Alexander dragged her here!"

"By all means James!" Paula answered sweetly, emptying the last drops of milk into Diana's slack mouth, delighting in the amazon's sobs of shame and humiliation. "She is all yours!" Paula said as she stepped back.

"Come!" Darlan simply said, wrapping his arm around Diana's naked waist and lifting her effortlessly from Dina's lap to hold her upright in front of him, her naked feet not quite touching the thick rug. He squeezed her tightly against the thick wool of his military uniform, as her bent his head to kiss her deeply, thrilled by the feel of her naked body against him and her utter helplessness in his super-powered hands.

Diana's lips parted to let his tongue push its way into her mouth without resistance. Her hands limp at her sides while her breasts rubbed against the fabric. Darlan's uniform got stained from the milk on her chest and tummy and from the juice that dripped from her pussy. The drug that paula had injected her with made Diana almost faint in pleasure from all of the touchs Darlan made on her.

"The great Wonder Woman!" He thought, feeling her melt in his grasp as he moved his hands cup the round cheeks of her ass, "What a joke!"

As she bent backwards, Darlan bent forwards so that their kiss didn't end. Her breasts forcing themselves agains this chest more and her pussy feeling the throbbing of his hidden cock. "MMmmmmmmmmm......" she moaned.

Admiral James Darlan was an 'old school' officer. He firmly believed that women were little more that trophies for the victorious army. These feeling were now strongly Diananforced by his utter dominance over the former Wonder Woman in his arms, as her ran her hands over the firm globes of her ass, parting and squeezing the pliant cheeks in a move calculated to rub her puffy pussy lips together to inflame her helpless body. Pulling the delirious amazon closer to him, while deepening his kiss, he pressed his cock forward -straining behind his army trousers- to lodge it at the entrance of Diana's flooded cunt.

She gasped harder as they continued the kiss. It seemed like Darlan didn't need to come up for air as he bent her further and further back. Her body was again on fire with passions that needed to be released. All the shame she had felt was shoved aside for the moment by the raw lust the drug caused.

Darlan broke the kiss and cupped both her ass cheeks with his left hand, while he unzipped his trousers with his right hand. As his cock sprang free, angry and rock-hard, he took Diana's wrist in a vise like grip and placed on the enormous shaft. "Feel this you cunt!!" He hissed at her viciously. "This is what real men are like!"

Weakly, Diana squeezed it and moaned in desire. "Oh gods...." Her pussy flooded instantly at feeling his throbbing cock. "B...better.. then...Michaels's..." she moaned as she stroked him. Her arms and legs hanging loose back behind her.

"Really! Why thank you for the compliment Wonder Woman!!" James Daraln laughed at her moans, as he extended his mighty right hand to grip the underside of her creamy left thigh and raise it up so it hung limply level with his waist. "Go on!" He hissed at the helpless Woman he held in his arms, as he pushed his hard penis forward slightly -with Diana's hand still stroking it worshipfully- tracing the lips of her helplessly aroused cunt "You know what to do!"

She weakly nodded and aimmed his cockhead at her lips while pulling on it a little. Diana threw back her head and moand deeply as he began to spread her and fill her soaked depths. THe juice making it so easy for him to slide in.

Admiral Daraln threw back his head and roared with victory laughter as his cock began to sink easily into the former Wonder Woman's hot vagina, guided by her own weak hand. He let go of her left thigh to once again cup both her exquisitely rounded ass cheeks and lifted her bodily in his hands, creamy thighs rubbing against the sides of his military uniform.. "Do you know now what it feels to be a female in man's world Wonder Woman?" He smiled at her as he began a slow rocking motion with his cock inside her willing vagina.

With each rock, Darlan pushed more of his cock inside of her. It left her gasping in pleasure as she squeezed him with her tight walls. "Ohhhhyesssss...." she moaned as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Admiral Daraln felt Diana's collapse against him, her hands around his neck, her head slumped forward on his broad shoulder and smiled evilly. He stopped rocking her voluptuous body on his cock and stood completely still, holding her body tightly to his chest with his left arm, and supporting her quivering ass with his large right palm. "Do you remember when I saw you at the Admiralty Dinner and you snubbed me because of my views on women?" He whispered hotly in her ear, allowing his magnificent cock to throb to its mammoth -superpowerd- size to fill very inch of her dripping cunt. "I told you then that we'll meet again .." He contiued, squeeazing her pliant creamy ass with his hand. "Well, Wonder Woman, we have!! I am fucking you and you're loving it!!"

"Oh....yesssssssss...." she moaned as she squeezed back with his throbs. Her belly pulsed with the movements of his cock within her. The end poking all the way up into her womb. The feeling of that made Diana gasp in pleasure. "Sooorrrryyyy...." she moaned in apology for her earlier snub.

With a delighted laugh, Daraln resumed his rocking motion, burying his giant cock to the hilt in Diana's defenseless pussy with each thrust. He shifted his grip from her back to hold the nap of her neck from behind, allowing her head to dangle helplessly backwards, exposing her long vulnerable neck him. "What do you think of yourself now Wonder Woman?" He hissed at her in mid-thrust, leaning forward to kiss her neck passionately.

"Ahhh....ahhh...ahhh...ahhhh!!" Diana gasped with his thrusts. The force of his super cock driving the air out of her lungs with each thrust. Darlan's rock hard balls almost painfully slapping at her ass while her hands clawed at his neck as she tried to hang on.

"Yes Wonder Woman, not quite so superior now!!" Admiral Darlan kept a steady pace of Super-thrusts into Diana's voluptuous body. He smiled to himself as he could distinctly feel the former Wonder Woman's drenched pussy try to squeeze in a helpless attempt to please him, only to be overwhelmed by the raw power of his super cock. He could also tell that sex with a super-being was taking its toll on the Diana -now much weaker than an ordinary woman. Her naked body was completely in sweat, staining his military uniform, and as her head dangled backwards, supported by his vise like grip on the nape of her neck, he could see her eyes begin to roll in her head, her moans were turning into tiny helpless whimpers.

She loved the feelings she was having but Diana didn't know ow much longer she could last. It felt like his cock was trying to split her in two from the force of the thrusts. It was only due to her Amazon body that she was being injured. Just pleasured beyond belief as she tried to keep up with him!

"Do you want to cum, little cow?" Admiral Darlan asked the almost fatally weakened Diana as his pleasure reached its peak as he thrust forcefully into the helpless female in his hands, feeling her toned, sweaty body against melt against his, while her long gorgeous legs tried desperately to keep their position around his waist.

"Yesssss!" she cried. "Oh gods yesss!" Darlan's hips were almost a blur as he fucked her hard. Diana's pussy was so tight that suction on his cock almost gave the impression that she still had her powers. Her hands fell away and she began to fall backwards from exhastion.

"Alexander!" He motioned to General Michaels Walking towards him with the former Wonder Woman still helplessly impaled on his massive cock. "Hold her for me for a second, will you!" Daraln lowered The unresisting Diana into Alexander's arm, so that Michaels was holding her around the shoulder in an almost horizontal position, with Darlan penis still ramming her helpless pussy with super strength. "Do you think our naked friend is ready for double dose!"

Diana's battered mind realized what Darlan was talking about as her head rests against the bulge in Michaels's pants. Each of Darlan's thrusts forcing her against him more. She could barely handle one of them let alone two? Her body shook as she knew that it was about to happen.

Michaels laughed heartily and tightened his grip around the weakly struggling Diana's shoulder "What's the matter little amazon?" He said, moving a hands to rub her nipples roughly and looking directly into her terrified eyes, "Is the great Wonder Woman too weak to handle two men?"

The hard fucking by Darlan made it impossible for Diana to say anything but her eyes told him that the answer was yes. Each time Michaels rubbed her nipples, he was rewarded with drops of milk that was letover from her earlier milking.

Alexander Michaels laughed delightedly as his rough caresses produced small squirts of milk from Diana's helplessly sexually overcharged body. "Have youi been holding out on us little amazon?" He asked her with mock anger as he supported her weight easily on one arm awhile the other went to her nipples, squeezing each engorged one in turn to egg her on to lactate more. "Paula .."He called to Dr. Gunther. "You must come and see this!!"

Diana closed her eyes in shame as the others gathered around her to watch her like they would a lab rat. Her breathless gasps from Darlan's brutal fucking turning them on ever more. Slight squish sounds could also be heard as he pumped her juices from her depth with each thrust. The squeezes from Michaels's fingers making her squeel and making it so hard to catch her breath. Much more and she would pass out!

"I think our naked friend is mostly done for!!" Paula laughed at Michaels as she t over to open Diana's rolling eyes and shine a small medical flashlight into them. "Let's give her an orgasm to liven things up a little!!" She nodded to Michaels , who was busy milking the former Wonder Woman's luscious breasts with his mouth and free hand, "Stretch her out a little, gently!" She warned and turned to Admiral Daraln who was ramming the helpless Amazon brutally, "And you Superman!" She scolded him, "Slow down to steady pace, let's simmer her a little!!"

Her eyes barely registered the light that had shined in them. The hard fucking had just about drove Diana sensless. A line of drool escaped from the corner of her mouth as she moaned in utter defeat. Michaels's head was almost next to her's from her being pushed up against his body. Things started to change however....

Michaels hooked his hands underneath each of Diana's armpits and took a step backward, so that Diana's sweaty, voluptuous body as almost horizontal to the floor. However, he kept her head propped up against his chest so she could see what was happening to her helpless body. Her creamy thighs were still desperately trying to keep their position behind Darlan's ass, as he now fell into a deliciously slow and steady thrusting pace into her overheated cunt. Paula and Dina immediately took positions on either side of the unresisting Wonder Woman, each taking possession of one upturned, proud, creamy breast to squeeze and fondle.

New squirts of milk erupted from Diana's breasts as the woman milked her firmly. Diana's eyes were open but it was clear that she was out of it. Her muscles squeezed Darlan's cock and she made noises of pleasure but any fight had been pounded out of her. What movements she made were erotic rather then struggles.

"A fitting tableau, don't you agree Wonder Woman!" Paula teased the drained, swooning amazon in their strong arms, "Our Ultimate victory, and your final defeat!!"

"Mmmmnnnnn....." she moaned as she sagged into their grasp. A bundle oversexed, wonderfully built flesh.

Daraln picked up his pace steadily, his lust inflamed by the sight of the great Wonder Woman limp as a rag doll in the grip of his friends. He tightened his grip on her ass-cheeks and pounded her mercilessly. "Are you ready to receive the seed of you master, Wonder Cunt!" He hissed at the almost fainting Diana as he felt his climax approaching.

"Y...yessssss!" she cried out on a whisper as that was all the voice she could find. Her orgasm erupting and blowing the last shreds of her mind in the process. Darlan's cock forcing its way so deeply into her battered womb.

Alexander held her effortlessly close to his chest, stretching her back in an almost straight line, laughing at her baby-like struggles. "It is too late little amazon!" He grinned as her felt her body quiver as she began to orgasm helplessly in his arms. "You fate has already been sealed!"

Her eyes rolled back up into her head as she climaxed and felt Darlan begin to. The hammer like bursts of his seed forcing her against Michaels while Darlan pulled her back just as hard. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!" she cried as she felt him fill her like nobody had ever before.

Daraln finally pulled out of Diana's defeated body. He held on to her ass long enough to wipe his cock on her inner thigh, smearing his cum around the creamy flesh. "Well, that was pleasant enough!" He smiled at his friends, now holding the former Wonder Woman completely limp and unresisting in their super-powered arms. "Throw her in the cage we prepared for her, and let's get on with our plans!" He told then, zipping his pants up.