Wonder Woman: The Real, and Slightly More Embarrassing Origin  

By Brummie

Wonder Woman
Wizards Lair Wonder Woman 2014 Short Story Contest
Wizards Lair Contest Winner

Authors Note : This tale takes place at least a year before Steve Trevor crashed on Paradise Island.

Chapter One - The Fight.

With searing malevolence Malina's black eyes stared across the small dirt floored arena at her young opponent. She could feel the resentment building in the pit of her stomach. The young woman had taken every one of the Amazon Olympic records she once held herself but worse than that she had the effrontery to be beautiful, toned and stacked to boot. 'And to top it all' she thought savagely 'the bitch is a fucking Princess.'

As the Minister Prime of the paradise Island of Themyscira Malina was second only to Queen Hippolyta, at least until the Queens daughter came of age in six months' time.

That daughter faced her now. Diana, Princess of Themyscira.

Both women wore simple white shifts over white knickers and leather sandals. No other bracelets, gloves, helmets or adornment were allowed and certainly no weapons.

The signal was given and they began to circle each other warily. Wrestling was a popular sport on the Island. All Amazons were fiercely competitive and their superior physiology meant they healed remarkably quickly. Bruises disappeared in a couple of hours, sprains and torn ligaments in under twelve hours and even broken bones knitted together in a day. Amazons might get injured but they never got sick.

Malina flexed her arms and shoulders trying to emphasise her greater musculature. Not that Diana gave much away in that department. She'd trained since childhood to run, ride and fight. She was also an expert archer, javelin and discus thrower.

Slowly the gap between the two narrowed until suddenly Malina whipped her foot round trying to sweep Diana's ankles from under her but she skipped lightly over the swinging foot and smirked as the older woman staggered. Malina growled and regained her balance as a snigger from the watching crowd added to her black mood.

Once more they closed. Diana went for the classic neck grip and hip throw but Malina saw her intention and as the young woman turned slammed her fist into her exposed kidney. Diana groaned at the unexpected act of violence and dropped to one knee. Punching was considered bad form in wrestling but there were no actual rules against it and Malina intended to bend the rules a far as she needed to to win this bout. She backed off. Again with her opponent down she would normally wait for her to rise but this wasn't a normal bout for her. Swiftly Malina stepped in behind the downed and vulnerable Princess and grabbing the young woman's shift dragging it down around her waist twisted it hard trapping her arms by her sides.

Brassieres were unknown to the Amazons so the baring of her upper body allowed both of Diana's enormous breasts their freedom. Murmurs of approval emanated from the crowd. Lesbianism was widely practiced amongst the Amazons and many of those observing would have been only too pleased to get their hands and lips on those splendid mammary's.

Diana's magnificent endowments sloshed to and fro as she struggled to free herself. Malina grinned as she seized a fist full of the captive young woman's beautiful big left mound and squeezed. Soft tanned flesh oozed out between her grasping fingers as they dug deeper and deeper into the sensitive flesh. Diana moaned louder as slowly the pressure of Malina's grinding grip increased.

Pain filled her breast as Diana fought to rise to her feet. Still Malina held her by the twisted material of her shift as she relentlessly torture her tit. Slowly Diana gained her feet resisting the agony. To cry out would have been an admission of the searing agony being inflicted on her breast. It was all she could do to hold back an agonised groan but she was determined to deny Malina any small victory.

'So you wish to rise do you Princess. Well so be it' rasped Malina as she twisted her grip and lifted Diana up by her breast. Diana cried out as her torment increased. Still more Malina gripped and twisted Diana's captive tit feeling the warm flesh move in her hand. Diana tried to prize Malina's hand free by gripping her wrist but she was having none of it. She pushed Diana first one way then the other dragging her around the arena by her agonising breast.

Malina would have sworn that Diana's tit was beginning to stretch as she pulled it outwards from the young woman's body when without warning Diana swept her foot backwards whisking Malina's ankles from under her. Thankfully Malina released Diana's tit as she tumbled to the dirt floor and the young woman staggered away from her tormentor.

Rising Malina grinned evilly. Diana slowly moved away from her trying to gain time to recover herself. She first ripped off her shift leaving her in just her small cotton knickers and sandals then she massaged her punished tit. At any other time this would have been a highly sexual act, a half-naked Amazon rubbing her massive boob but Diana was still in great pain. Her tit was red and streaked and small drops of blood appeared where Malina's vicious finger nails had pierced her skin.

The older woman wasn't about to give her any more recovery time and began to quickly approach her. Diana moved to the side retreating and making her chase her. Malina reached out with a venomous talon but she grunted as Diana ducked and moved. Again and again she dodged as Malina tried to come to grips with her. The older woman became more and more exasperated and so even more and more determined to inflict a painful and ignominious defeat on this privileged young Princess.

The game of cat and mouse couldn't last indefinitely. Malina reached out. Once more Diana avoided the grasping claw like grip only for Malina to stamp down hard on her foot. Unable to skip away Diana felt Malina seize her in a bear hug trapping her arms at her sides. The older woman slammed her forehead into Diana's chin for good measure as she began to apply pressure. The buxom young Amazon groaned and writhed as Malina's muscular arms tightened squeezing all the air from her lungs.

Malina watched the younger woman's eyes begin to glaze over as gradually her struggles grew weaker. She had no intention of making this a quick bout. This young upstart was due to replace her in the Island hierarchy by no more than an accident of birth and it made her sick to her stomach. While Diana was the most beautiful of all the Amazons she was also still a child. Her training had concentrated so much on the physical side that she was still as thick as a brick and twice as innocent and naive. This was what burned mostly in Malina's heart. Replaced by a bimbo.

Malina grabbed the back of Diana's knickers and pulled upwards until she cried out as she received a monumental wedgy the material seeming to disappear into her crotch. Malina bounced the youngster up and down grinding the cotton into her abused unused virgin cunt until the material of her underwear ripped asunder and she fell to the ground now stripped naked.

The young Princess appeared dazed and beaten as she sprawled in the dirt. Malina seized her by her luxurious black hair and hauled her to her feet. Time and again the older woman drove her fist into the exposed body of the young Princess. She didn't seem able to protect herself from the relentless onslaught. Diana groaned as each punch smacked into her flesh driving the breath from her lungs. Red marks showed on her brutalised skin. Her ribs were on fire and Malina's fist sank wrist deep into her swinging tits. Each punch to her stomach threatened to make her vomit and flecks of blood appeared on her lips. Malina was determined to make this young upstart pay dearly for her audacity. Diana seemed less and less able to protect herself from the ruthless sustained beating.

Malina swung one last blow deliberately aiming low. Diana went white and uttered an anguished shriek as her tormentor punched her right between her thighs. The pain exploded in her pussy as finally Malina released her and she collapsed retching to the dirt clutching at her tortured cracked ribs and agonisingly painful vagina.

Slowly the malevolent black eyed woman circled her defenceless naked opponent grinning and glorying in her assured victory. She moved forward and viciously pushed Diana face down grinding her injured tit into the dirt then she grabbed her left arm and placing her knee on the shoulder joint bent it upwards.

'Let's see how you fight with a broken arm, bitch' spat Malina.

Agonisingly slowly she began to bend Diana's arm against the joint stretching the ligaments to breaking point as the young princess struggled helplessly. The pressure and pain grew as Malina tortured the captive limb sure that it would dislocate or snap like a twig at any second.

Suddenly bending her back alarmingly Diana's foot whipped up and over in a scorpion kick smashing her sandal's leather soul into Malina's startled face. The tormenter released her arm and staggered back at the shock of being hit by her seemingly beaten foe and Diana desperately crawled free.

A black rage engulfed Malina as she rose. Her young opponent stood in the middle of the arena swaying slightly as if only partly conscious trying to massage some life back into her tortured shoulder. Malina meant to smash the defenceless young woman into oblivion. She started to run full tilt at her not caring if the blow proved fatal in fact all the better if it did. Her brutal fist swung at Diana's head. With barely an inch to spare Diana ducked and as Malina's momentum carried her forwards grabbed the older woman by her waist and lifted. Time seemed to stand still as the Princess of Themyscira held her tormentor over her head her body trembling and her muscles threatening to snap with the supreme effort. Malina screamed as Diana, with her last ounce of strength dropped her tormentor down spearing the flailing older woman head first into the dirt of the arena floor.

All the crowd heard the crack of Malina's head hitting the hard earth. Had her skull caved in or her neck snapped none would have been surprised but Amazons are hardy girls with thick heads. The umpire determined Malina was just unconscious and seizing Diana's undamaged arm held it aloft declaring the stark naked young woman the winner. The crowd exploded into wild cheering as they lauded their new champion.

Ten days after the end of the Amazon Olympics the council of the Island met as usual. The twelve Amazons round the table worked through the usual items that any town council needs to attend to such as 'How to keep the population of Centaurs from ravishing the local brood mares' and 'If we can build invisible aeroplanes why do we still wear toga's and leather sandals'.

Eventually all the usual business was concluded then one present held up a hand.

'Cassandra?' said Queen Hippolyta 'you wish to speak?'

'Yes my Queen' replied Cassandra standing. 'Council members. We all know and revere our Queen' she said bowing to the head of the table 'and we are all aware of the approaching 'coming of age' of Princess Diana.' All around the table nodded there accent. 'However' she continued 'this causes me some concern.'

'Why would that be' demanded the Queen sternly discerning some form of criticism of her daughter.

'We are all aware of the Queens daughter's accomplishments. Winner of every event she entered in the Athletic events and our greatest warrior.'

'So why does this concern you Cassandra?' asked Queen Hippolyta testily.

Cassandra shuffled her feet in embarrassment as she struggled for words that would put over her problem without seeming to commit the most heinous treason.

'Well?' pressed the Queen.

'Your Majesty. The position of second to yourself carries great responsibility. To be a warrior is very important but the post of Prime Minister needs more than the ability to throw a javelin or ride a steed. Harsh words need to be tempered with diplomacy and Mediation. The post requires tact and the ability to negotiate. It needs restraint and discretion. With all due respect I don't believe that any of these traits can yet be attributed to your daughter. I have no doubt that in the future she will stand before this assembly in as just as able manner as you do now but put simply I don't think she, at present, has the required skills to fulfil the role of Minister Prime.'

Cassandra sat down with a blank expression on her face but inside she was smiling. Malina had taken hours to come up with the speech and had made her learn it off by heart.

Malina rose as if angry. 'My Queen. How can you allow such blasphemy, such calumny, such perfidy? (Don't you just love a theasaurus) I demand you put this seditious traitor to death at once.'

Cassandra gasped with genuine shock and fear. Malina hadn't warned her she was going to denounce her to be sure of getting the right reaction on her face but the Queen looked pensive and thoughtful. Malina looked to continue her diatribe until the monarch waved her to silence.

Queen Hippolyta suddenly realised that she'd made a mistake. She'd seen the looks directed at her daughter as she'd turned from a gauche youth into a spectacularly beautiful woman and she understood that in her pathological zeal to protect her she'd only succeeded in creating a naïve even clueless young woman. Diana was not only a physical virgin she was a social and emotional one too who knew nothing of relationships and the hidden devious motivations others may be harbouring.

'Members of the council' she began slowly. 'It is true my daughter has many fine qualities but quickness of thought and tact are not among them. Cassandra is correct we need to see to her education as well as her training before she ascends to high office. Does anyone have any suggestions?'

There was silence around the table until one called Helena raised an arm. 'Your Majesty, it would be difficult educating Princess Diana in so short a time on the Island. I hesitate to suggest it but could she be sent to the World of Men?'

Uproar ensued around the table as everyone seemed to try to object to this at the same time until the Queen called for silence. 'Malina, what are your thoughts'.

The snake in the grass, the black hearted Grand Vizier to the unsuspecting Sultan, rose slowly to snap shut the trap set up by her two accomplices. 'I have given this some thought your Majesty and I am inclined to agree with Helena. In order for Diana to learn the ways of dealing with non-Amazons she must be exposed to their deceit and guile, their deception and duplicity. I recommend we send her to the States that are called United America as this appears to be the seat of all falseness and deception in the Men's World. Here she will learn the fastest and return to us all the sooner.'

Queen Hippolyta appeared to give this some thought then rose and said 'Let it be so. Malina see to it.'

Chapter Two - Have a Nice Flight.

Diana stood before her mother shuffling her feet and feeling pensive. 'But mother why must I leave the island and travel to the heathen land of men?' she asked.

'My daughter' replied the Queen 'you have spent too much time training for the games while neglecting your education and social studies. In other words you are ignorant of the ways of the world. Not everyone is as honest and trusting as you are. You need to be exposed to the underbelly of human relations to enable you to fulfil your designated role as the next Prime and eventually Queen of Themyscira.'

'But mother' whined Diana.

'Enough' said the Queen with the voice of authority. The decision has been made. You will go to the World of Men. Arrangements have been made by Malina for you to be met when you arrive and for you to be given employment to allow you to study and learn of the debased culture of the heathens.'

Diana pouted but resigned herself to going.

'But before you go my daughter I have gifts for you. This is the Golden Rope of Truth. When circled around any part of a person that person can utter no falsehood. Also there are these defensive bracelets. They can stop bullets if you are fast enough to block them. Finally, your Tiara of Ascension.'

'Thank you mother' said Diana bowing.

'One last thing Diana. The land of men have their own laws which you must uphold at all costs. The only men you should trust are their Police Officers, they uphold the law so are above suspicion. Everyone else you should treat with caution, do you understand?'

'Yes Mother.'

'Good. Now go with Malina. She has made arrangements for you to fly to the heathen land. Farewell daughter.'

Malina and Diana left the royal chamber together and headed towards the hanger where the Amazon flying machines were housed. Malina opened the small door embedded in the giant door of the hanger and ushered Diana inside. Ducking her head Diana stepped into the cavernous building. Inside in the dim light she saw two figures. As they stepped forwards she recognised Cassandra and Helena, two members of the council.

'Well met Diana Princess of Themyscira' they chorused.

Diana nodded to them. She didn't really like either woman. She knew they were cohorts of Malina.

Malina spoke. 'May you have a safe flight Princess but before you go there is a little something I have for you.'

Diana turned to see Malina holding out her upturned hand. Seeing nothing obvious in the dimness she inclined her head forwards just as Malina blew hard sending a cloud of white powder into Diana's face. The young Princess reeled backwards coughing and clutching at her face as the powder burnt her eyes and nose.

Malina and her cohorts watched and waited as Diana staggered back moaning and rubbing at her eyes. Slowly she seemed to slow her movements as if the pain was subsiding until eventually she stopped altogether and stood as if comatose. The drug that had quickly seeped into her system was a derivative of Rohypnol which would leave its victim in a drowsy and lethargic state and also remove all memory of events while under its influence.

The vengeful Minister Prime stood in front of Diana who seemed oblivious to her surroundings and just swayed slightly. Malina gripped Diana's chin and forced her head round to look at her but she gave no indication that she recognised her. Her open palm slapped viciously across the young girls face. Diana's head jerked to one side then with nothing more than a touch of her fingers to her stinging cheek she returned as if nothing untoward had occurred.

Grinning evilly Malina gave her henchmen their orders. 'Strip her and put a rope on her.'

Diana offered no resistance as Cassandra and Helena bared her spectacular body removing her robe and skimpy underwear. As her breasts were revealed Diana gave a little giggle as if they were playing a naughty game. Helena then held one of the young Princesses wrists in front of her as Cassandra circled it with thin strong rope. Her other wrist was then laid across the top and again tied until both were firmly tethered together. Diana simply smiled and watched with vague interest as the women bound her. Malina took the opportunity to switch on the hanger lights. Sharp strip lighting illuminated the two women working on the spellbound Princess.

Malina stepped forward and held on to Diana's tied wrists as her accomplice's added rope to each of her ankles. They then tied them off six feet away to the legs of a heavy work bench.

'Lay her down' Malina ordered and the two women urged Diana to her knees and then forward to lie on the ground on her front. Her enormous breasts squished out on either side of her torso as they pressed into the ground. The rope from her wrists was tied to a ratchet device they had installed earlier. Malina turned the handle on the machine. Each click took up the slack in the rope until it became taught.

The malignant Amazon laughed with unrestrained glee at the sight of the breath-taking stretched out body of her hated antagonist. Slowly she pressed down on the ratchet handle until it clicked again. Just once. The rope tightened a little more. One more click. Diana murmured a little as the pressure on her bound wrists increased. Click. Malina smirked through clenched teeth as Diana groaned. She had to put nearly her entire weight on the handle to make it click again. Diana cried out at the pain in her shoulders as the ligaments stretched to their limits.

Malina stopped and let the young woman suffer as she lay tightly drawn out between the bench and the ratchet. This gave her time to strip herself and strap on a device to her own hips.

With revenge in her heart she spat out 'I wish I could say you were going to remember this for the rest of your days Princess but because of the drug you won't. Still you will certainly experience it now so that will have to do.'

Malina knelt over the back of Diana's thighs and stared at her naked unprotected flesh. Sinking her nails into Diana's shoulders she raked them slowly down the splendid body all the way to the plump buttocks. She laughed as Diana writhed and cried out as she left long red marks on the once unblemished flesh. Tiny spots of blood oozed from the scrapped skin. Hate filled her already malignant mind. The plump buttocks were just too good a target to resist. Diana writhed and cried out as Malina's strong right hand rose and fell. Her plump butt rippled with each spank. The cries turned to whimpers as the searing pain in her ass increased. Each blow now feeling like an explosion. Her ass changed colour to hot scarlet and Malina's breath started to come in gasps as her arm became fatigued as she wailed away on the restrained young girls bare butt cheeks.

Unable to raise her arm any more Malina sat back and drank in the piteous sobbing of the young Princess. Once she'd got her breath back she leant forward and with a palm on each devastated butt cheek spread them apart exposing the button like hole between. The tip of the perfectly aimed dildo entered Diana's anus as Malina pressed down.

The young Princess yelped as the plastic tip entered her nether region. Malina pressed forwards and Diana's sphincter yielded a little more allowing another inch to be inserted.

The dildo was a special one Malina had had made. The tip was only an inch wide but over the eight inch length it increased until the diameter was over four inches.

She pressed more increasing the pressure on Diana's anal opening splitting it wide. The dildo sank into the young woman's backside another inch causing her to cry out. Malina laughed out loud at the sound of her enemy in torment and began bouncing her hips trying to force even more of the dildo into Diana's tortured butt.

Each time she drove her hips down Diana moaned as the plastic tried to stretch her ass beyond it natural maximum limit until it reached a point where no matter how hard Malina tried to force it home the dildo would not go that last couple of inches.

Malina called over Helena who positioned herself behind Malina and put her hands on her hips then at her signal both women bore down with all there might. Malina thought Diana's teeth must crack as they ground together. Only a pitiful moan escaped her lips as the dildo slammed home burying all eight inches of itself inside the bound Princess's Butt. Malina cried out with glee at the torment of her foe.

Slowly Malina withdrew the dildo until just the tip rested inside Diana's ass. With a deep breath she dived forwards again smashing her hips down forcing the plastic dildo to slide all the way back into Diana's reamed anus.

No amount of struggling could save the young Princess from the next ten minutes as Malina took out her spite and revenge on her ass. Her sphincter gradually loosened with each penetration but the pain still exploded through her ass each time Malina impaled her. She varied the speed of each thrust sometimes feeding the dildo in slowly watching intently as Diana's ass expanded to take the agonising plastic implement. Other times she got downright violent leaning forwards, placing her palms on Diana's back and while forcing her breasts harder into the rough concrete of the hanger floor, pistoned her hips punching the dildo in and out as fast as she could move her hips.

Diana had given up struggling or making wretched noises by the time Malina stopped ravishing her ass. The tormenting Minister Prime extracted the dildo from Diana's ass and rose. She nodded to her cohorts as she unstrapped the dildo and sat down to watch the women work.

They untied Diana's wrists from the ratchet and taking the rope threw it over a beam. They hauled on it slowly drawing Diana's pain filled body up from the floor first to her knees then to stand unsteadily. Diana cried out as they dragged her arms upwards until only her tip toes touched the ground and they tied off the rope.

Diana groaned as she swung slowly under the harsh lights. Malina nodded again to the two women as she dipped her own hand beneath her short tunic and dragging her knickers aside started to dreamily play with her pussy.

Cassandra and Helena each held a flogger. 'Aim for the delicate bits' ordered Malina as each drew back their arms and began. Malina felt a flash of exquisite pleasure in her vagina each time one or the other managed to extract an agonised scream from the hanging Diana. Her breasts were on fire as they were a natural target for the heavy leather straps. Time and again one or other or both breasts received a slashing larrup. Diana's flesh quickly turned a harsh red as the leather strips abraded her naked sweat sheened skin. The women sometimes worked in tandem taking a breast or butt cheek each. It didn't take long for Malina to build towards her climax. Her fingers whipped over her clit bringing her to a crashing climax just as Helena managed to land a particularly spiteful blow right on Diana's tender pussy.

Malina called a halt when the dangling Princess had completely stopped reacting to the whipping no matter how hard the blow or how sensitive the body part that was struck and they cut the young Princess down allowing her to slump to the floor.

Their preparations complete they carried Diana into one of the planes. They seated her in the pilot's chair, still naked, clothes weren't required for their plans, and wheeled the plane out onto the runway.

The three women watched as the plane charged down to runway and took to the air. 'The programming of the auto-pilot should make it crash as it reaches the mainland' Malina smirked. 'Just another air accident probably caused by those heathens I shouldn't wonder. But just to be sure contact our agent and have him confirm our young Princess is very very dead.'

Chapter Three - Welcome to America.

The darkness gradually subsided. Diana groaned as she woke. Her head drooped as far forward as the pilots seatbelts would allow. Slowly she raised her head to stare around her. The plane was at a crazy angle. The nose was pointed downwards at over forty five degrees plunging it towards terra firma. The plane was crashing.

Diana struggled against the belts then gaining her senses she reached forward and pulled on the planes joy stick. Nothing happened the stick was immovable. She stared at the console confused then reached forward and flicked off the auto-pilot. Again she strained at the joy-stick but still it resisted her efforts to drag the plane out of its death dive. The auto-pilot light still blinked determinedly. Desperately she released the seatbelts and ripped open a hatch revealing a tool box. A hammer smashed into the planes console again and again driven by her frantic strength. Through the window Diana could see the ground approaching fast. A piece of console burst open and Diana reached in and ripped out the auto-pilot circuit board. The light blinked off. Diving into the pilot's seat she gripped the joy-stick and pulled with all her might.

Agonisingly slowly the planes dive angle began to lessen. The stress might pull the wings off but it was that or smash headlong into the ground. The earth was approaching too quickly. She was going to crash. A small copse of young trees took the first hit. The plane smashed through them breaking them off. Clearing the trees the stricken plane hit the ground at a shallow angle smashing through a field of marijuana plants. The wings parted company with the fuselage and the tail broke off. Eventually after gouging a trough over one hundred yards long the remains of the plane groaned to a stop. There was silence. Luckily for anyone left alive there was no fire.

Suddenly a panel in the side of the plane burst outwards propelled by Diana's super strong legs. The naked young woman clambered out of the wreckage and staggered a few yards clear before collapsing. The wreckage ticked in the quiet clearing as it cooled.

A dry stick cracked behind Diana. She whirled round to find herself facing two figures.

'Hands in the air' shouted one his gun pointing squarely at her.

Slowly the young woman raised her hands. Both cops stared at her naked body with their mouths open. Rarely did they get to see a female form like the one in front of them. A shock of shoulder length jet black hair framed a strong but beautiful face. Her shoulders were wide and her six pack torso narrowed down to a slim waist. Her hips were wide and her legs long and well-muscled. But the main points of interest to the staring men were the black bush between her thighs and her massive shimmering breasts.

'Identify yourself' ordered the larger of the two cops.

'I am Princess Diana of Themyscira, peasant. Who demands to know?'

'Sheriff Vanhorn of Denton County and this is Deputy Manson' replied the lawman stiffly. No one calls Sheriff Vanhorn peasant and gets away with it. 'We've had problems with smugglers in this area, cuff her Manson.'

'Oh. Officers of the Law. Well that's different' said Diana. 'Please accept my apology Sheriff.'

It didn't make any difference. Deputy Manson grabbed Diana's wrist and closed the carbon steel bracelet round it then dragging both wrists behind her completed restraining her.

Together the officers took the naked woman to their squad car As Deputy Manson gripped her upper arm feeling the side of her soft tit rubbing against his fingers Vanhorn followed on behind enjoying the sight of her ample butt undulating as she walked. They put her in the back seat and Deputy Manson started the car and turned it round to head back to the nearest dirt road.

Sheriff Vanhorn turned round in his seat to stare at Diana. As the car drove over the rutted field she bounced around her head nearly hitting the cars roof. The movement of the vehicle was having a more spectacular effect on her chest. With each bump or pot hole her tits would leap upwards hitting her in the face then they dropped back down and slapped together. To Vanhorn it seemed as if the young woman was trying to give herself two black eyes and a round of applause at the same time.

'Stop the car Manson' the Sheriff ordered. He got out and climbed into the back seat. 'Listen Mam. We of the Police service have a legal obligation to protect any person in our custody. Now turn a little and lean back against me.'

Diana confused did as he requested. After all he was a Policeman and could be trusted implicitly.

The young woman jumped as the big thick bodied officer reached round her and clamped both of his hairy hands onto her breasts.

'What the hell. Get your hands off me' she shrieked.

'Sorry Mam, can't do that. You see it is a legal requirement that we do everything we can to stop a person in our care injuring themselves in any way. City Ordnance 1427 sub-section D isn't it Manson?'

'Sub-section D. Yes Sir' replied the smirking Deputy.

Diana thought this over. She could see a certain logic but it was a bit of a cheek. 'Well ... O.K. I suppose' she conceded reluctantly feeling a little foolish with the big cop grasping her soft velvety bosom.

Sheriff Vanhorn nodded to Manson and they started off once again. Diana had to concede that with her tits clamped in his big hands it was a lot more comfortable if a little embarrassing.

'Deputy Manson will take the quickest route back. Won't you Manson' said Vanhorn.

Manson smiled understanding just what the Sheriff meant as he turned off the highway to take the back trails. This would take three times longer than the normal journey. He adjusted his rear view mirror so he could see what was happening in the back seat. As the car bounced on the ruts and pot holes of the little used dirt road Vanhorn's hands began to gently squeeze the soft balloon like mammary's he held captive. Diana didn't seem to notice as he gripped her tits harder. In the front Manson spotted that after five minutes the woman had closed her eyes. The combination of the undulating movement of the car and the massage of her breasts was mesmerising and enthralling her.

Vanhorn slowly massaged the woman's soft pink pillowy mounds. It didn't take long for him to notice her areolas and nipples. As he worked her flesh he watched her areolas become more and more puffy and her nipples erect to a hard thick rubbery tip. He closed his fingers over her nipple. Diana moaned softly as he ever so gently rubbed the peak of each of her tits. Deputy Manson watched entranced as his boss molested their unsuspecting gullible prisoner in the back seat of the patrol car.

The Princess of Themyscira felt an all pervading feeling of wellbeing suffuse her body. The cars gentle motion plus the big strong hands moulding her mammary's was lulling her mind into an erotic haze.

For his part Vanhorn could feel his cock growing until it strained at the front of his Police issue slacks. The woman's breasts were the finest he'd ever seen let alone held allied to the fact that they were sported by one of the finest looking women he'd ever seen. In his giant grasp they felt like the softest velvet pillows. The fact she was also securely handcuffed added, in his depraved mind, an extra frisson to the proceedings.

The captive woman moaned as he gently pulled on her nipples. He smiled to himself. He was sure he could see she was unconsciously pressing her thighs together. Surreptitiously he released one of her tits and pulling down his trouser zipper carefully extracted his turgid cock. With her arms restrained behind her his shaft was bare inches from her hands.

The young Princess fidgeted even more as he returned his hand to her naked tit and renewed his urgent fondling. Suddenly it was his turn to moan as he felt her fist close around his dick as if in some sort of instinctive motion. All he had to do was undulate his hips to make his turgid shaft move in her warm palm. Her movements were becoming more urgent as he attacked her areolas and nipples noting how they'd puffed up and erected in his grasping fingers. They'd both started off as a soft pink but were now a milk chocolate brown. He felt he was nearing the point of no return himself as the undulations of the rocking car forced his hips to move and his cock to thrust in her warm grasp. Stealthily he reached down and gently inserted his middle finger between the top of her thighs and pressed down on her hard button like clit.

He felt her stiffen and groan as her first ever warm liquid orgasm immediately burst within her loins. He in turn groaned and erupted as in her rapture the Amazon's grip on his shaft grew until it felt like a velvet vice was trying to strangle the life from his rock hard cock.

As her body started to relax descending from the peak of exquisite pleasure Vanhorn quickly tucked away his cock and returned his hand to rest on her warm soft tit.

'Everything alright miss?' he asked innocently.

'Wha … oh … err … yes … thank you' she stammered in a post orgasmic fuzz. 'Erm … are we … err … there yet?'

'Not long now miss. You just hang in there. Breasts feeling alright are they miss?' he asked giving them a friendly jiggle as he said it. Hope this little service we offer has been to your satisfaction?' he added archly.

'Erm … yes they're fine thank you' she breathed shyly blushing still feeling his hands on her soft spherical boobs. Had he noticed she wondered. No surely not. How embarrassing if he realised she'd orgasmed and with him holding her breasts in his firm grip as well.

'Good. I only ask because they look a little flushed and sore, you know. Especially these parts' he said gripping her nipples and squeezing them.

Diana shuddered as yet more exquisite pleasure shot through her breasts. 'No, no they're fine thank you' she gasped.

Forty five minutes after they'd started off they pulled into the parking lot of the station. Still naked and cuffed but now with breasts sporting hugely erect and aroused nipples Diana was lead into the station and directed to a straight backed chair.

'Now' began Sheriff Vanhorn 'about that name of yours. A Princess you say?'

'Err ... No, no' Diana stuttered realising that in the World of Men she was better served by not standing out by using her title. 'No I meant Prince, Sheriff, err … Diana Prince. Could I get some clothes do you think?'

'I see' said the Sheriff ignoring her request 'Diana Prince. O.K. Miss Prince. Well we found no contraband in the plane so we have nothing, apart from public nudity to hold you on so we'll overlook it this once. Now why are you here? Do you have somewhere to stay? Do you have a job maybe because you don't seem to have any money? We brought this bag from the aircraft. I assume it's yours but it only has some gold rope and a couple of bracelets and a tiara inside.'

'Yes it's mine' replied Diana 'How about these cuffs and some clothes?'

The Sheriff reluctantly released Diana from the metal handcuffs and leaving her massaging her wrists rummaged in a draw and returned with a couple of garments and a pair of shoes.

Diana stared at the clothes he offered. 'This the best you've got? She enquired indignantly. He only shrugged as if to say take it or leave it. Diana sighed. The first item was a tiny pair of cut-offs. She struggled to pull the tiny shorts up her legs. Sheriff Vanhorn simply sat back watching the show as Diana's breasts swung to and fro beneath her as she worked the jeans around her hips. They were a tight fit. She turned treating him to a view of her bum encased in skin tight denim.

The checked shirt was also a tight fit around her bulging tits. She buttoned it up but the Sheriff told her it was worn a different way and showed her how to knot the material below her tits. This gave her a massive cleavage and left her wonderfully ridged washboard torso exposed. Finally she added short white socks and pink trainers. Sheriff Vanhorn stared at her. 'Fuck me. Daisy Duke on steroids' he thought.

'Now how about the other things, you know, a bed for the night? Gainful employment? If you don't have a place of residence or the means to support yourself I'll be forced to arrest you as a vagrant.'

Diana could only shrug apologetically which was a show all by itself.

'O.K. Well it might just be your lucky day' said Vanhorn. 'How would you like to work for me?

'Doing what' Diana replied suspiciously.

'I need someone to work undercover.'


'Yep. There's a club in town we suspect is being used as the base for a local hoodlum. He's suspected of peddling drugs but we can't get any evidence to put him away. We need eyes and ears inside the club and no one's going to suspect someone who looks like you of working for the Police.'

Diana thought hard. It would solve her money and accommodation problem and working for the Law appealed to her as well. Also there was no better place to observe the base behaviour of the heathens than inside a low dive. Finally she came to her conclusion. 'O.K. I'll do it. What will be required of me?'

'Simple' replied Vanhorn smiling broadly. 'You just go along and apply at the club. The boss'll be there about now. You just have to convince her to employ you then keep your eyes open. Either Manson or myself will drop in every so often and you can let us know if you've found anything out'.

'Sounds easy enough' said Diana.

'Just remember though under no circumstances must anyone know you're working for us so if we meet I may have to treat you a bit mean. That way no one'll suspect see.'

'Right' said Diana hesitantly totally mystified by what he meant.

The Sheriff sent her off with directions to the club. He could still see the face she'd pulled when he'd told her it was called the 'Titty Titty Bum Bum Club'. She'd begun to suspect he hadn't told her the whole truth about what she was getting herself into.

Vanhorn picked up the phone and dialled a local number. 'Hello Sofia listen a girls going to arrive soon. She's perfect for what you want so give her a job. Yes she's been primed you shouldn't have any problem and feel free to have fun with her she won't resign.'

Having phoned the club Vanhorn then uncovered a short wave radio. He carefully turned the dials to the exact frequency and waited for the set to finish warming up. 'QZT44 calling QXX99, QZT44 calling QXX99 over' he recited. The radio crackled with static for a few seconds before a tinny voice replied 'QXX99 receiving over.'

'QZT44 calling. Tell Malina she's still alive. She survived the crash. QZT44 out.'

Chapter Three - Welcome to the Club.

Diana had never seen a Club of any sort so she had no way of knowing just what a low squalid place the 'Titty Titty Bum Bum' was. The frontage was garish with neon lights that flashed proclaiming the delights to be had within but inside the floor was basic wood with booths surrounding a central dance floor with a few free standing tables with chairs here and there. A bar prepared drinks of all types to be served to customers by a fleet of girls. As Diana stood just inside the entrance one of them approached her. Diana could only stare at her in shock. She wore even less than she was wearing herself. The girl had on high cut blue panties with white stars on them which left most of her butt naked and a top that left her tits supported but equally exposed. Her blond hair appeared non to clean and her make-up was plastered on.

'Help ya honey' she enquired her jaws working industriously on some chewing gum.

'Err ... yes. I'm here to apply for a job. Is the boss in?'

The girl looked Diana up and down. 'Wow Hon Sofia's gonna love you. She's in back, through there.'

As Diana approached the indicated door she spotted one of the girls taking a drinks order. As she watched the customers hand rested on the back of her thigh and slowly stoked upward to grip her butt. The girl only giggled as the customer molested her and only moved away when he released her.

Diana knocked and entered into a small office. Behind a desk Sofia looked up. Vanhorn had been right. The girl was spectacular and far better than any of the other hostesses currently working in the club. She'd cause a sensation when word got round.

The heavily made up hard faced club owner spoke with a slight accent that had Diana known would have indicated Eastern European descent. Her hair was an un-natural blond and she was thick set and buxom. She was the archetypal ex-hostess slightly gone to seed. She wouldn't have been out of place running a brothel.

The interview was perfunctory as Diana already had the job. Finally Sofia said 'O.K. Miss Prince if you'd care to place your clothes on the chair please.'

'What' said Diana surprised.

'The clothes dear, on the chair please. I need to check you out before you start.'

'Err ... well O.K. I suppose' replied Diana reluctantly.

Sofia watched as the black haired heavenly bodied woman disrobed. Diana slipped the knot and opened her shirt. Sofia gaped at the monstrous mammary glands revealed. As Diana moved both breasts swung and shimmied. Her tiny shorts followed until she stood anxiously before the strange woman in just pink trainers.

'No, no, no' said Sofia this won't do.

'What?' exclaimed Diana?

'All that hair. Look under your arms and down there.'

Amazons were pretty basic creatures with little vanity so trimming underarm and pubic hair wasn't practiced on Paradise Island.

'We'll have to do something about it before you can start. Look lie down on that cot and I'll get the necessary.'

Diana lay down and waited her nerves jumping unsure what was going to happen.'

Soon the club owner returned with a bowl of water, a brush, a straight razor and two tubes of cream.

She soaped up the brush then lifting Diana's arm soaped her arm pit. Diana watched fascinated as Sofia carefully used the razor to totally remove all the black hair from beneath her arm. Then she used a towel to dry her before she finally ran her fingers over the area. 'See smooth as a baby's bottom.'

Diana ran her own fingers under her arm feeling the unnatural smoothness.

Sofia did her other armpit then told the naïve young woman to place her arms over her head. Diana did as she was told as Sofia twisted the top off one of the tubes. Squeezing out a dollop onto her finger she slowly massaged the goo into Diana's newly depleted underarms explaining that 'razor rash is very sore and this cream will sooth the area.'

When she finished Diana put her arms down only for the club boss to instruct her in a sterner voice to leave them where they were so the cream could do its work. Sofia smiled as the young Amazon complied obediently.

'Now bring your ankles up as far as you can. That's it. Now drop your knees right down to the sides.'

Diana did as she was told but immediately became aware that her entire pubic region was now open and more importantly stretched out under the hot gaze of the older woman. She flushed and felt incredibly self-conscious with her genitalia fully exposed particularly as she was sure her labia had parted displaying a tiny part of her pink inner lips.

The club boss gazed at the beautiful sight laid out before her for a few seconds then charging the brush with fresh soap suds she applied them to Diana's pubic area. The young woman squealed as the coldness hit her nether region but Sofia carried on applying the soap working it in well to the hair covered area. Having fun Sofia slowly stroked brush up and down the length of Diana's spread pussy. The young Amazon could only lie there trembling slightly as the brush sent waves a pleasure through her groin. Sofia took the razor and unhurriedly began removing the great mat of black hair from Diana's pubis. The razor scratched across her soft tender skin removing soap and hair. Sofia washed the razor then renewed her ministrations. Her fingers stretched Diana's skin this way and that as she worked the razor around each nook and cranny until the last vestige of hair was gone. Diana could feel the woman's hot breath on her pussy. Sofia applied the towel slowly dragging the rough material over the young woman's newly naked flesh.

'Now just the cream.' This time she opened the second tube and squeezed out a copious amount of the clear gel inside. Slowly and sensuously she began smoothing the goo on to Diana's naked flesh. She made sure to apply the cream to every bit of the area she'd cleared. Diana laid back with her arms still above her head as the woman worked on her feeling the cooling sensation of the gel seeping into her skin. Sofia squeezed out another line of gel and gently applied her fingers this time directly above Diana's unprotected bare pussy. Slowly and deliberately she stroked downwards spreading the cream over the soft exposed fleshy lips. Her middle finger sank inside the young Amazons pussy applying gel to the moist inner flesh.

'Err ... Thank you' said Diana quickly rising pushing the woman's fingers away from her pussy lips. The brush and razor had felt amazing and her pussy felt energised and aroused so she didn't want this woman fondling her down there as well.

Sofia was disappointed but kept a straight face as she'd hoped the aphrodisiac cream she rubbed into the young woman's pussy area would have reduced her resistance enough to allow her to have her way with her.

'Here's your uniform. You can start with the drinks and there will be other jobs for you later on. If you want to work here you do whatever the customer wants. Also we sometimes put on little shows. The punters love 'em. You'll be required to take any parts we think you're suitable for. You can stay in one of the rooms at the back. We'll get you a few things, toiletries and so on later.

Diana pulled on the blue panties. They were very tight as well as being miniscule. At the back the thong disappeared between her plump butt cheeks while at the front the strip of material was so narrow it only just covered her modesty. She could appreciate why Sofia had removed all her pussy hair.

The top was even worse. Sofia had to explain how to join the clasp of the bra and how to fit her arms through the straps and position the cups under her breasts. As with the other girls her tits were left almost naked. The tight top gripped her boobs and crushed them together giving her a monumental pink fleshy cleavage. The cups were so small that the upper edge of Diana's areolas were evident peaking over the top. She felt even more naked than when she'd actually been naked. Sofia obviously felt the effect of her sexuality as she hardly missed a chance to cop a feel as she fitted the bra on her new hostess.

'Right now don't forget the name of the game is sell, sell, sell. It's up to you to push the drinks. The more expensive the drinks you sell the more you get paid. If a customer touches you you giggle and let him. The more touching the more tips you get. You only mention it to the barman if a customer gets violent or abusive. O.K.?'

Diana nodded miserably. This exciting adventure was rapidly turning into a tarnished nightmare.

'Oh and here's one of the tricks of the trade. The punters love it if they can see your nips so before you go to take an order give em' a tweak like this.' Sofia reached out and seized Diana's nipples through the thin material of her minuscule top and twisted them firmly. Diana could only stand there mesmerised as the club boss manipulated her tits turgid peaks to hardness. When she eventually released them they stuck prominently through her bra. 'There. See? Perfect. '

Her face flushed she left the office and collected a tray, notebook and pencil and began her shift.

Inside the office Sofia watched the pulchritudinous swaying of the young woman's hips. As she left the office she thought 'yes I'll be seeing you don't you worry. You may have escaped me today but one day soon you'll be mine. Even' she added 'if I have to use the ropes on you, you'll be mine.'

It was as bad as Diana had feared. Every table she waited on resulted in a wandering hand stroking her thighs or ass. All the customers were friendly, overly so, and very pleased to see her. At one table she was taking a man's order when she felt the usual hand grasp her butt. She looked down to find the man's female companion was the owner of the hand. The woman smiled at Diana and squeezed her ass harder. It was going to be a very long shift.

She found that she hadn't needed to tweak her nipples as Sofia had recommended as they'd stayed erect and tingly ever since she'd left the office. The maddening itch in her nether regions didn't help either.

A little later Diana passed one of the other servers, a girl called Dee Dee who directed her over to a table needing drinks. As Diana moved between tables towards the indicated customers Dee Dee watched her and smirked. She was attracting too much attention and getting the best tips. The sisters would sort her out.

Diana licked the end of her pencil ready to take the orders. At the table sat three very prim and proper ladies. They looked demure in simple cotton dresses and scrubbed faces devoid of make-up. 'Hello dear' they chorused in a very creepy way 'you're new.'

'Yes ladies what can I do for you.'

As one they said 'we'd like drinks please' then one at a time as if rehearsed with perfect timing 'Orange, lemonade, sarsaparilla' and all three again 'please.' It seemed to Diana that they were one customer with three heads.

The women giggled then the nearest one stood up and faced Diana. 'But first my dear we have little welcoming surprise for you.'

Not realising what she intended Diana didn't resist as she held her upper arms turned her back to the table and gently pushed her backwards. Diana felt the edge of the table hit the back of her thighs then she overbalanced and tipped back onto the table top. Before she could react one of the sisters grabbed her head and kissed her working her lips over Diana's then forcing her tongue between her lips. The second sister with practiced ease slipped Diana's top down freeing her tits. Seizing them in strong hands she forced the nearest already erect nipple into her mouth and started to suck like a vacuum. The sister who had pushed Diana over the table stepped smartly between her legs, dragged aside the front of her panties and plunged her mouth down over Diana's newly shaved slit.

Diana would have struggled to free herself more if the first touch on her cunt hadn't spread blessed relief through her loins. The cream had done its insidious work. The sisters were experts as many of the girls in the club had discovered and successfully held the Amazon in check with surprisingly strong farm hardened hands.

Slowly Diana's token struggles lessened as the sisters worked on her erogenous zones sending wave after wave of erotic pleasure through her tits and pussy. Strong fingers spread her pussy lips. A tongue speared into her newly naked womanhood again and again then lips fastened onto her clit and sucked and licked it.

It only took a few minutes for Diana to feel the start of her climax building in her loins. The sisters attacked her body even more voraciously. The sister tonguing her pussy began circling Diana's clit. Round and round she licked as the heat built and juices flowed within the captive young girl until with a giant lurch the she spread herself across the table and erupted in a mind blowing orgasm.

'Welcome to the Club' Dee Dee said to her as she staggered away from the sisters table.

Chapter Four - Send in the Clowns.

Later that evening Sofia called Diana over. 'O.K. babe we've got a little skit arranged and you're just what we need for the lead part.'

'But I can't act or sing' she complained.

'No worries. You just have to be there. You're don't have anything to do or say just let the others do their stuff. Let's get you into costume.'

Sofia led Diana into a changing room. 'Right dear strip off.'

Diana sighed once more before removing her top and panties. From dressed to stripped wasn't a big leap as only about ten percent of her was covered when she was clothed. But what a ten percent.

'Put these on' said Sofia handing her a pair of shear white stockings.

Diana looked at them blankly. She'd never seen such items. Amazons didn't were nylons.

Sofia saw her confusion. 'Look, like this' she said kneeling down. Slowly the clubs boss put the soft stocking over Diana's foot and drew it slowly up her leg. She gently smoothed the nylon over the Amazon's thigh appearing mesmerised by the feel and the proximity to her naked pussy. Diana coughed. Sofia shook herself from her reverie and added the other stocking. Next she clipped a white suspender belt around Diana's waist and clipped it to the tops of the nylons.

Diana stared at herself in a long mirror. What strange people these men were. How could such items be practical? They wouldn't last for a second on a horse or fighting or fishing. They must be mad. Conversely Sofia was feeling decidedly horny. Diana stood naked save for the shear white stockings emphasising her magnificently muscled legs and the suspenders framing her beautiful plump butt.

Next Sofia took a pure white baby doll nightie from a hanger. It was made of the finest lace and trimmed with white fluff. She slipped it over the Amazons head and down over her torso were it stretched over her more prominent features. The bottom hem just covered Diana's ass leaving her stocking tops exposed. With the lingerie pulled down it hugged her seeming to emphasise every ridge of her washboard stomach and flared out over her wide hips. From the front Sofia noted with satisfaction that all but the most careful movement caused Diana's naked pussy to peep out.

The next item Sofia produced was a pair of high heeled strappy pumps. Diana's legs looked amazing as she stood in the unfamiliar foot ware. Her calves and thighs seemed to extend making her legs even longer. However she was used to flat sandals and had never worn heels so when she tried to walk on them she nearly went base over apex. Sofia caught her as she fell. She realised Diana wasn't going to be able to master heels so she managed to find another pair only half as high. Diana still found it difficult but at least managed to stay upright although she still tottered delightfully when she walked.

'Nearly done, just these last accessories.' The 'accessories' proved to be leather cuffs which Sofia strapped tightly round both Diana's wrists and ankles. Each was about three inches wide and included thick steel rings hanging from them.

The young Amazon Princess studied herself in a mirror. 'I look bloody ridiculous' she thought 'although this material feels nice.' As she thought it she ran her hands up her flat stomach feeling the soft lace under her fingertips.

Behind her Sofia was having different thoughts. 'Wow she looks amazing. How can someone dressed in pure innocent virginal white look so sexually provocative. She looks like a new bride on her wedding night just begging to be deflowered by her husband's rampant cock. It was all Sofia could do to stop herself from grabbing the young woman and ravishing her herself because as she watched her Diana's hands had flowed upward and were now cupping and gently massaging her bountiful lace encased tits.

'Right now all you have to do' began Sofia shaking herself from her sexual reverie 'is to walk out and stand in the middle of the dance floor. The other guys will then do their act around you. At some point you'll be involved but you don't have to do anything except follow their instructions. Alright?'

Diana nodded and Sofia led her out towards the dance floor. Before pushing her out into the lighted area she announced over the tannoy 'And now Ladies and Gentlemen for your erudite and sophisticated edification tonight we present, featuring the outstanding talents of debutant Diana, Bepo and his performing Troupe.'

Blinking under the harsh spotlights Diana tottered out to stand alone in the centre of the dance floor. Murmurs followed by applause broke out in the unseen audience as the pulchritudinous black haired beauty stood mesmerised under the lights. Within seconds a pair of figures ran out into the arena. Both were dressed in clothing Diana had never seen before. Baggy trousers with huge braces, tail coat jackets and massive shoes that flapped as they walked. If this wasn't bad enough both had their faces made up into grotesque masks. Had Diana known she would have recognised them as circus clowns.

The two clowns capered around the dance floor waving at the crowd and ignoring Diana until one of them declared loudly to the other 'Do you like my flower Mr Fluffles?'

Mr Fluffles replied 'Why yes Mr Snuffles it's a very fine flower' looking at the huge brightly coloured bloom Mr Snuffles was wearing on his lapel.

'Would you like to smell my flower Mr Fluffles?' enquired Mr Snuffles winking hugely to the audience.

'Why yes I would Mr Snuffles thank you so much' and with that Mr Fluffles bent forward to smell the flower.

The audience exploded into fits of giggles as a jet of water hit Mr Fluffles full in the face fired from the very centre of Mr Snuffles fake flower. Diana giggled as well making various parts of her wobble delightfully.

The two clowns split apart with Mr Snuffles taking the plaudits from the audience. Mr Fluffles meanwhile snook over to the side of the arena and grabbed a plastic bucket that had been placed there. Diana watched mesmerised by the two clowns as she found their simple uncomplicated comedy much to her liking. Mr Fluffles sneaked up behind Mr Snuffles with the bucket primed. It looked like Mr Fluffles was going to get his revenge on Mr Snuffles for soaking him with his flower. Diana held her breath as Mr Fluffles swung the bucket back and forth behind the unsuspecting clown until with a great heave he sent the buckets contents towards his target.

At the last instant Mr Snuffles ducked and the contents of the bucket headed towards the audience who much to their relief found themselves covered with multi coloured confetti.

Diana laughed at the clowns antics then became engrossed again as Mr Snuffles grabbed another bucket and began to chase Mr Fluffles around the dance floor. After a couple of circuits Mr Fluffles stopped directly in front of Diana as Mr Snuffles closed in. Slowly he started to swing the bucket teasing the crowd. Diana waited gleefully with baited breath eager to see what comical activity would come next. Mr Snuffles swung the bucket back then launched the contents at his intended target.

The young Amazon didn't realise though that his intended target wasn't Mr Fluffles. It was her. Just like before the clown dodged aside and Diana received the bucketful of ice cold water full in the face.

The audience went bonkers as the poor young Princess stood there dripping wet. They cheered even louder when it became apparent that the water was having an alarming effect on the lingerie she was wearing. Under the lights it had turned translucent revealing her bulging breasts and large brown areolas. Her nipples had also reacted to the freezing water and were trying now to push their way through the lace bodice.

The clowns didn't hesitate now they both grabbed buckets and began stalking each other until inevitably they were either side of Diana. She was wiping her face to clear the water and didn't see the clowns until simultaneously both threw their buckets contents. Diana shrieked out loud as a double load of cold water crashed into her soaking her front even more and her back as well.

Loud cheering greeted the clowns as they bowed to the audience. Diana meanwhile was shivering as the water cascaded over her body. Her nipples were pointed now and plainly visible to everyone.

As fast as they could Mr Fluffles and Mr Snuffles seized another pair of buckets. The crowd began to quiet down then murmurs started as they spotted two more clowns entering the arena. They stood either side of the soaking young Amazon as once more the two bucket wielding clowns approached her front and back.

Both buckets freezing contents smashed into Diana's already drenched body. With her distracted the other two clowns grabbed the shoulder straps of her baby doll nightie and pulled. The especially weakened seams ripped down the middle as they whipped the lacy garment from her body. The crowd went ape shit as the Amazons spectacular body was exposed in just stockings and suspender belt. The harsh lights gleamed off her sopping body highlighting every bulging muscle and intriguing indentation.

Diana was still shivering and hadn't yet realised that her tits were now naked until suddenly she felt the draft on her naked pussy. Looking down she realised she was totally exposed except for the stockings and suspender belt. She tried ineffectually to cover herself but the clowns were having none of that. As well as Mr Fluffles and Mr Snuffles more clowns appeared all carrying what looked like huge meringue pies. They were actually made of cold custard and cream.

As Diana tottered trying to run as best she could from the dance floor she staggered to a halt as a pie hit her full in the face. The crowd cheered. She tried to wipe away the sticky custard revealing her full body in all its wet glory when another clown swooped in and smacked a pie directly on her ass covering her butt in custard and cream. No matter which way the poor young woman turned a clown was waiting with a pie. Another hit her in the chest. Another on the back. Time and again pies hit her gradually covering her until hardly an inch of skin was not covered in custard. More smacked into her face until she was totally blind. Cream dripped from her hair which was plastered to her head as the final pies were applied.

Mr Fluffles held a pie. He watched carefully waiting his chance. As Diana's hands raised to try to clear custard from her eyes he struck. His aim was true as cold custard and cream slapped directly into the young Amazon's naked crotch. The crowd cheered like crazy. She screamed as the cold sticky custard squished between her thighs covering her pussy.

There was nothing she could do except stand still waiting nervously for what was to happen next. A voice in her ear said 'O.K. dear well done you're a big hit, they love you. Now come this way a little. That's it just there.'

Being blinded by custard Diana couldn't see the contraption that had been brought out into the middle of the dance floor. Currently it was positioned directly behind her. The device looked like a vaulting horse with stout three foot long legs and a short three foot padded top. At the bottom of each leg there was a strong steel clip.

Slowly Mr Fluffles, for it was he who was leading Diana, pushed her back until she felt the top of the horse at the back of her thighs. She felt herself falling backwards until she lay along the padded top. Swiftly clowns at each corner grabbed each of Diana's limbs and before she could stop them forced them down and attached the rings on her leather cuffs to the clips at the bottom of each leg.

Stepping back the audience could see Diana's custard covered body restrained and stretched over the horse. No matter how hard she tugged she couldn't free herself. Entranced the audience watched as the young woman's custard covered chest swung and shimmied as she struggled to free herself.

Sofia came over the tannoy once more 'Well ladies and gentlemen I think we should clean the young lady up a little, don't you.' Choruses of cheers greeted her announcement. 'O.K. boys clean 'er up.'

Each clown then rolled up their sleeves and stepping forwards began to slowly massage Diana's custard and cream covered body. A dozen hands wiped the oozing sludge over her skin moving it this way and that. Soon the young Princess began to react to all the slick hands that were stroking her body. She squirmed under their ministrations especially as at least four of the hands were concentrating on her mammoth breasts kneading and moulding each of them sensuously. Fingers gripped her nipples and pulled and twirled them outwards stretching her tits high above her chest each time drawing a groan from her still custard encased head.

A hand delved between her splayed open thighs massaging the sticky custard into Diana's exposed cunt. Her hips wriggled and writhed as fingers delved deep inside her defenceless pussy.

For the enlightened cultural edification of the appreciative audience of social connoisseurs the gang of wicked clowns massaged and molested the restrained custard covered young woman driving her insane with lust.

The tannoy burst into life again 'And now Ladies and Gentlemen, the star of our show, please welcome BEPO.'

The crowd erupted as out into the light emerged Bepo. The leader of the troupe. All three foot six of him.

Bepo was a dwarf, dressed much as the other were with a particularly evil face. All white with bright yellow eyes surrounded by black rings, a red wig and bright red lips. Waving to the crowd he moved to stand at the end of the horse where Diana's legs were spread apart. He stared at the confluence between her thighs and slowly licked his lips.

He held up his hand calling for quiet and waited until he had complete silence.

The woman's hips were at just the right height as he stepped forward. Diana groaned out load as Bepo plunged his tongue deep into her hot moist cunt and began to energetically slurp away at her wide open pussy tasting her already flowing juices mixed with the vanilla flavoured custard and smooth cream. The other clowns joined in using their tongues to lick every inch of Diana's skin. Six tongues plus Bepo attacked the helplessly pinioned young woman. Two of the clowns concentrated on her breasts sucking and slurping and massaging them then sucking her nipples as hard as they could.

Bepo played a tune on Diana's clit batting it this way and that with his tongue. It took precisely thirty six seconds for Diana's orgasm to explode in her loins. Her body bounced on the padded horse as the clowns licked and sucked on her flesh and Bepo chewed and licked on her erect clit.

A small wooden block was brought out and placed at the base of the horse. Bepo dropped his baggy trousers revealing a very respectable cock for his size and skipped up unto the block. Mr Fluffles wiped the custard from Diana's eyes and took hold of a fistful of her hair. On the signal he lifted her head so she could stare down her body between her breasts which were still being sucked on by the clowns. She saw the scary clown apparition staring back at her gripping his rapidly hardening cock in his stubby fingers.

Realising the dwarf's ultimate intention she frantically tugged at her bindings. He positioned the head of his hard shaft at the entrance to her womanhood and smirked down at her. Diana opened her mouth to beg for mercy when he lunged forwards plunging his cock deep inside her. She moaned and bucked as for the very first time a male cock invaded her womanhood and if not technically taking her maidenhood, which her vigorous lifestyle had removed many moons ago, at least taking her virginity.

(Can't understand why DC didn't want this version to be published just because Princess Diana of Themyscira had her virtue taken by a three foot six circus dwarf dressed like a clown in a low down sex club in Denton County, go figure)

The young Princess gasped and tugged vainly at the restraints holding her fixed to the horse as Bepo began slowly thrusting his hard cock into the soft warm tunnel of her pussy. He groaned himself as he felt her hot moist cunt gripping his member. Gradually he built his speed pounding his sturdy hips forward and back making her feel his shaft filling her vagina. The other two clowns renewed their attack on her breasts using both hands to massage her shimmering mounds while their mouths slurped and sucked in huge mouthfuls of flesh. Teeth bit softly into her puffy areolas sending electric bolts of pleasure through her tits.

Gradually Diana's breathing became more and more urgent as the pressure in her loins built. Bepo could feel the heat growing in her as he pummelled her. He luxuriated in the feel of her soft moist insides as the muscles of her vagina seemed to massage his shaft. The crowd were clapping in time with his thrusts. His hips began to speed up. The clapping sped up. With a loud triumphal shout Bepo ejaculated into the bound young woman's hot cunt. Diana feeling the hot wetness inside her erupted. Her body stiffened. Her back bent and she cried out as the boiling orgasm rolled over her.

The crowd cheered as Bepo slid his spent cock out of Diana's devastated gaping hole and turned to take his bows. On the horse Diana was lying almost comatose the two orgasms had taken their toll and she slumped back drained.

The clowns unclipped her and hoisting her in their arms carried her semi-conscious limp body on a lap of honour round the dance floor giving the crowd a close up view of her well fucked body then on into her room at the back of the club. They laid her out on the large bed giving her spectacular body a last lingering look before leaving her to sleep alone.

Chapter Five - Cletus.

The following day Diana awoke early and dressed herself in jeans, a chequered shirt and boots. She was determined to find the wreckage of her downed plane. She couldn't understand why it had crashed as the auto-pilot had been engaged and the engines were still running so it hadn't just run out of fuel. Why had she been naked? And why had she absolutely no memory of having boarded or taken off?

She'd studied a map and determined that the site wasn't too far out of town so she set off walking.

The dirt roads were easily followed until she neared the area then she had to veer off into a small coppice of young trees. Soon the trees gave way to a huge field of bushes similar to the ones she remembered the plane had ploughed into.

At the edge of the coppice she climbed a tree to try to spot her plane or evidence of where it had crashed. Spotting an area of bushes that looked to have been flattened she descended.

'Mornin' missy' said a voice.

She turned to see a whiskery old timer with a shot-gun over the crook of his arm currently pointed down at the ground.

'Err … good morning' replied Diana.

'You lost or lookin' fer summat missy?' he enquired.

'I thought I saw a plane come down near here' she replied carefully 'I thought I'd go see it if I could.'

'Recon it's over yonder' he pointed 'I'll mosey on over show you the way.'

'Thank you but I'm sure I'd be fine on my own. Don't trouble yourself.'

'No trouble, missy, no trouble.'

Unable to deter the old man the two of them set off to the crash site. The plane was in a million pieces and no matter how hard she searched she'd couldn't find any evidence as to why it crashed although her memory of having to destroy the auto-pilot pointed to some form of interference.

Eventually she gave up looking. 'Well than … err.'

'Cletus missy, just Cletus.'

'Cletus. I'll be on my way then.'

'Right you are missy.'

As Diana wandered back through the foliage with Cletus showing her the way she asked 'What are these bushes Cletus?'

The old man stiffened and the barrel of his shotgun began to rise. 'Don't rightly know mam' he replied carefully.

'Strange' she said 'it looks like they're being cultivated all being in neat rows like this and they have a very interesting smell. I'll have to ask around town to see if they know what they are.'

'Listen Miss' said Cletus changing the subject quickly 'how's about some vittles?'

'Err … thank you Cletus. I could do with a cool drink at least.'

The gun barrel lowered. 'This way missy.' He led her off until they came upon a small clear area. The shack was tiny and looked like it could fall down any minute. Diana sat down on a rock outside while Cletus fetched her a drink. Round the back of the shack was a big metal drum and some complicated pipework. The old man held an old jam jar under a tap and half filled it with a clear liquid chuckling as he did it.

Diana thanked him as she took the jar. 'What's this' she asked 'Water?'

'We calls it Shine missy. A local favourite. Best chug it down for the best effect' he advised the young woman.

There was no real smell coming from the jar so taking his advice she took a huge swallow of the innocent looking drink. She dissolved into a paroxysm of coughing as the hundred proof liquid burnt its way down her throat. Cletus looked on as she leapt up still retching.

Her voice only came out in a pained rasp 'What the hell was that. You trying to poison me?'

'Just the local brew missy. Don't you fret none you'll start feelin' it doin' you a power of good any time soon'

Diana stood up and staggered as her head began to swim. She'd never drunk alcohol so the spirit was devastating to her system. Desperately she tried to head away from the old man but the hooch was having more and more of an effect and she quickly lost her balance and fell sprawling on the ground.

Cletus watched her as she crawled on her hands and knees going slower and slower until she gently fell over sideways and lay on the ground semi-conscious and utterly pie-eyed.

She tried to stop the old man as he dragged her towards the shack but she had no co-ordination in her arms and he was surprisingly strong for his age. Inside he lifted her up and threw her back on to the unmade single bed. She lay there breathing hard her chest rising and falling. He stared down at her sprawled across his bed.

From a draw he took out a radio, a police issue radio, and spoke in to it. Within seconds Sheriff Vanhorn answered. The old man told his story 'Big girl, black hair, huge fun bags.'

'Yer … I know her' answered Vanhorn.

'Well she came lookin' for the crashed flyin' machine.'

'That's O.K. there's nothin' there to find. Why you got a problem.'

'She started gettin' nosey about the crop so I dosed her with Shine. She's passed out in ma shack.'

'O.K.' said Vanhorn 'Ya did good. I'll be out in a couple of hours to pick her up. Keep her on ice till then.'

The old man put the radio away then turned back to the comatose young woman. 'Hmmm. A couple of hours' he mused thoughtfully.

Her buttons parted under his bent old fingers. His breath shortened and he licked his lips as he flipped the two sides of the shirt apart exposing her upper body. 'Wowser' he breathed 'ain't you just prettier than a fifty dollar whore.' She made no sound as he worked her arms out of the sleeves then he started on her jeans. He huffed and puffed as he pulled them off her legs revealing she was going commando underneath.

Once again he goggled at her wide eyed. He'd never seen such a sight. A grown woman with a pussy naked as a little girl. He knelt beside her on the bed and slowly ran his hands over her soft tanned skin. He stared entranced as he filled his blue veined work hardened old hands with her great big soft breasts. After kneading them for a minute he lowered his gaze to her pussy. His fingertips stroked her hairless gash. He detected the small bump near the top of her opening and flicked it. He felt it grow and become hard as he stroked it and her pussy showed some moisture.

'Amazin' he thought 'even half asleep you're a whore.'

Diana moaned and moved her head.

Quickly he took some rope and pushing her so she lay across the bed tied her left wrist and left ankle to the head of the bed and her right wrist and ankle to the foot end. As she was across the bed the ropes forced both her arms and legs out sideways. He tied a rag round her head pushing it between her teeth then dripped some Shine on to it being careful to ensure she could still breathe. The Shine evaporated slowly and as she breathed she sucked in the fumes keeping her under its malignant influence.

The old geezer dropped his breeches and long johns and pumped his aged cock.

'Well Missy. That's you nicely tethered, now to get you mounted ready for the long ride.' (He spent quite a lot of time with horses).

Diana's body rocked back and forth as the old man used her. The ancient bed springs creaked and twanged almost as much as he did. His flabby old ass wobbled as he had his way with her. Quickly his breathing changed to harsh gasps as he thrust his penis into her warm depths and his hips slapped against her wide open thighs. Diana began to moan and grunt each time he bottomed out inside her. To him it even seemed that her semi-conscious body was responding to his pounding. He could have sworn that she was moving to meet his every thrust but maybe it was just the movement of her tits that sloshed and shimmied as he relished fucking her.

Suddenly he gasped and stiffened ejecting his gism into her pussy then collapsed across her bound body.

When he recovered he poured a little more Shine onto her gag then sat back and sipped some himself.

Diana lay quiescent under the influence of the spirit until the old man felt ready again.

Once more her naked bound body rocked under his weight.

Sheriff Vanhorn pulled up near to Cletus' shack. He could see no-one about as he approached the wooden hut. The door was closed so he peered in through the one dirty window. Inside he could see the back of the old man who appeared to be trying to roger his own bed. It was only when he made out the arms and legs that he guessed what was going on.

He pushed through the door just as Cletus gasped and for the fourth time shot his, now quite small, load into the still unresponsive body of Diana.

'Put some pants on Cletus fer Christ's sake' muttered the Sheriff as he stared down at Diana's body bound in such an undignified obscene position on the bed or more particularly at the part of her that had been filling his dreams ever since they'd met.

'Cletus. Wait for me outside. And Cletus close the door after you.'

The old man left tucking his shirt into his pants and smirking.

Once he was alone with her Vanhorn removed the gag from her mouth and waited. Soon Diana began to wake. She groaned. Her head throbbed like a marching band was holding a parade and felt like it was wrapped in cotton wool. Her mouth was dry and tasted funny. She opened her eyes and studied the wooden ceiling.

She tried to move. Something was holding her wrists and ankles. Confused she studied her wrist. She tugged at it but the rope held her firm. Looking round some more her eyes spotted Vanhorn.

'Hello' she slurred at him 'I stuck.' She giggled still totally drunk.

'Don't you worry my dear you'll be free soon enough' he replied as he began to remove his trousers 'but first let's play a little game shall we.'

'O.K.' she replied in a sing song voice as if floating on a cloud in happy land.

Vanhorn wanted to fuck the young woman but he also wanted he responsive which was why he'd removed her gag. He was pretty sure that even awake she wasn't going to remember much in the morning. Shine had that effect on most people and especially those exposed to it for the first time.

He knelt on the bed between he spread legs and lay forward over her body. His face was immediately above hers. '

'Oh hello' she slurred again as he leant down and kissed her.

Diana murmured as the funny man placed his lips on hers. She tried ineffectually to move her head but couldn't. Soon she began to feel the effect and slowly her lips opened and she began to return his kiss. She uttered a muffled moan as he seized her breasts in his giant hands and moulded them gripping her nipples and twisting them gently.

They kissed for ten minutes saliva mingling and tongues duelling while he played with her tits until they were hard and aroused. He disengaged from her lips much to her disappointment and lowered his mouth to her tit. Softly he sucked on the peak of her mound running his tongue round and round feeling the small bumps on her areolas. Her thick nipple erected and he nibbled on it with his sharp front teeth making her jerk and moan.

Finally his cock was at full mast so with no hesitation he slammed it deep into her moist pussy.

She groaned and stiffened as he entered her then grunted each time he thrust with his hips sliding his shaft all the way inside her. He delighted in the warm silken feel of her insides on his cock. She for her part felt the exquisite pleasure of his hardness penetrating her and did her best, given the ropes, to rock her body to meet his thrusts. Together the two of them moaned and grunted as they rutted like a couple on prom night until his pistoning turned into jerks and he erupted inside her. As he finished unloading his semen she felt herself reach her peak and she exploded in an epic climax.

The Sheriff looked down on the bound girl. 'Thanks babe, you were great. Just a shame you'll not remember it but don't worry I'll remember for the both of us.'

Vanhorn put his trousers back on then took the jam jar and held it to Diana's lips. She took a sip then tried to avoid swallowing anymore but he held her nose and forcible poured it down her throat until with a sigh she once more passed out.

Releasing her he took her in his arms and placed her on the back seat of his patrol car. The trip back to the club didn't take long. He explained what had occurred to Sofia and together they smuggled the naked girl back to her room and put her to bed. She'd awake in the morning with a thumping headache and little more than dream like memories of the day's events.

Chapter Six - The Rope Room.

The next morning Sofia quietly entered Diana's room. She stared down at the still form of the sleeping Amazon. At some time during the night she'd dragged a sheet over her body but her breasts were still exposed. Unable to resist Sofia slowly reached out and rested her hand on Diana's breast feeling the warm velvet softness beneath her fingers. The brown rubbery peak pressed into her palm as Diana shifted and murmured something unintelligible.

Slowly she opened her eyes to look at the club boss standing by her bed and winced.

'Hiya sleeping beauty' greeted the club boss 'hope you've recovered we've got a busy day ahead. Got some big customers coming in and they'll wanna see you. Words got round after your little escapade with Bepo.'

'Escapade? Oh my head. That little bastard raped me. They soaked me with water, stripped me naked, covered me with custard, strapped me down and while six of them molested me Bepo committed the most disgusting acts on me.'

'Oh. Well in that case you'll want to leave. Shame really as you weren't exactly objecting at the time, in fact it looked to me like you enjoyed the experience. Twice to be precise.'

'Err ... well ... err ... I didn't say I wanted to go exactly' replied Diana sheepishly rubbing her temples.

'No? You'd be amazed at the amount of pussy Bepo gets. The ladies seem to love the little guy fucking them. I'm not surprised he and his boys rang your bell. Now get up, get showered and get out there. We're expecting one of our biggest customers and you're just the sort he likes. I'll direct you to him when he gets here. You just do like he asks and its big bucks all round.'

Diana let the warm water cascade over her as she washed herself with the warm suds. Then dressing in her club uniform she started her shift serving drinks. She felt a twinge of excitement. Perhaps this big customer was the drug dealer she'd been looking out for.

After an hour of the usual wandering hands Diana noticed a man enter the club. She studied him confused until she realised it was Sheriff Vanhorn. She failed to recognise him out of uniform and the bright Hawaiian shirt and shorts made him look completely different. He sat at a table and beckoned her over.

Diana walked over feeling his hard eyes perusing her nearly naked body. 'Hi babe' he greeted her 'nice uniform. It really brings out the colour of your eyes.'

'Hello Sir. Welcome to the Titty Titty Bum Bum Club.' Diana said slightly too loudly over acting. She always felt a bit embarrassed every time she said the standard greeting. 'What can I do for you? A drink?'

Vanhorn crooked his finger beckoning her closer. When she bent down he whispered 'Sorry babe but I've got to make it look like we're strangers. O.K.?'

Diana nodded just as his big meaty hand slapped her ass. The sound echoed round the club and one or two people looked up at the sound then seeing it was just a customer getting familiar with one of the girls turned back to study their drinks.

The slap hurt and Diana felt her butt start to get warm especially as Vanhorn's hand stayed on her ass and began to vigorously massage her plump cheek.

'So babe' Vanhorn announced 'you want me to buy a big bottle of the good stuff eh. Well if I do I want a little sugar on account. How about it?'

'Err' said Diana confused.

'Get on your knees' Vanhorn whispered urgently.

Not sure why Diana bent down until she was kneeling beside the seated lawman.

Again in an urgent whisper Vanhorn said 'I've got some information for you about our man but there's too many people near. I'll let you know when it's safe to talk.' Then in a loud voice again he demanded 'O.K. babe let's see you earn your commission. Suck this' and with a quick flick he flipped his cock out of his shorts.

'What?' Diana whispered.

Suddenly Vanhorn grabbed a fist full of hair at the back of her head and forced her down until the tip of his cock poked at her lips.

'Suck it bitch' he ordered loudly. No one else paid much attention as this wasn't an unusual sight in the club.

Again in an urgent whisper Vanhorn said 'Suck it. Then no one'll be in any doubt that we don't work together. When it's safe I'll give you the info. Now open wide.'

Reluctantly Diana opened her soft pink lips and Vanhorn shoved her head down burying his cock in her mouth. Not knowing what to do she just let his semi-hard dick lay there on her tongue. She could feel the interesting shape and texture of his big purple helmet and the slightly bitter taste of him. Vanhorn realised she wasn't moving so he used his grip on her hair to slowly raise her head until just the tip of his cock remained between her lips then shoved her down again until a good four inches of prick had glided over her tongue. Diana felt his cock going deeper and deeper inside her hot wet mouth. She realised that he was growing in length, hardness and circumference the more he used her.

'Suck Baby' he ordered. It sounded like a demand but was really an instruction because Diana had never had a cock in her mouth before. The Sheriff was taking her oral cherry.

She did her best as he drove his rampant meat between her lips sucking him as best she could. It was a new experience for her and she began to realise that apart from the shame of servicing a customer in front of the other patrons it wasn't that bad an experience.

The young princess began to concentrate on his cock feeling the contours of his helmet with her tongue, the veins of his shaft. She began to savour a new taste, a sweetness on her tongue not understanding he was releasing small amounts of pre-cum.

She looked up into his eyes as if to say 'new info' but he just kept pumping her head up and down.

'Not yet, babe' he gasped 'still too many people near. Keep going you're doin' great.'

Diana sucked harder while running her tongue over the hills and valleys of his straining cock. Slowly his member began to swell. She felt his hips begin to move then he let out a gasp as a stream of cum jetted over her tongue. She would have spat him out if he'd not had a firm grasp on her hair. As he erupted into her hot mouth he pushed her head down rasping 'Swallow it babe, swallow it.'

Feeling disgusted she did as he ordered as a second then a third stream of cum filled her mouth. His rasping breath slowly receded as his orgasm finished and his grip on her head relaxed allowing her to slip his cock out of her mouth. She sat back relishing the sweet taste of his semen mixed with her own saliva.

Looking around she saw that there wasn't another person within ten feet of them. If that was the case why hadn't he started to give her the info he'd received. It was as if he'd lost track as she'd sucked his cock. She stared at him slumped back in his chair with his withering cock still poking out of his shorts.

Eventually he seemed to rouse himself 'Nice job babe' he complimented her in whispers. 'You're doin' a fantastic job as an undercover cop, you're a natural.'

'What about the info' Diana prompted.

'Oh yer. Well we've discovered that the joey we're after is a big black guy and when I say big I mean massive. He's three hundred pounds and ugly with it so keep an eye out. If he comes in try to pump him for any stuff you can. It might mean playing his little game but it's a small price to pay if we can nail the bastard. Just think of all the kids we can protect from his evil trade.'

Diana nodded filled with renewed fervour (and semen) as she knelt at the Sheriffs feet the taste of his cum still on her tongue. 'Err ... what little game' she asked innocently.

'Hmmm ... oh he likes to tie girls up.'

'Why' she asked quizzically.

'Well it's his thing. Y'know. He just gets off on bondage and the prettier the girl the better he likes it. Don't worry there's always a chaperone to make sure his victim, sorry model, is safe and he doesn't go too far.'

'Oh. O.K. I'll keep an eye open for him. If I spot him I'll let you know as soon as I can.'

Smiling Sheriff Vanhorn replied 'Don't worry either Deputy Manson or I will be in each day so you can report on your progress.' (In your own inimitable fashion he thought).

Mr Big, as Diana had come to think of him appeared three days later. It was late evening and she'd just finished giving her progress report. Deputy Manson had come in and seated himself before calling her over. His cock was longer than Vanhorn's but not so thick and his cum not so sweet. She had flat spots on her knees as it had taken twenty minutes before he'd exploded in her hot sucking mouth. He was impressed. Since his first visit a couple of days previously she'd picked up a few tricks and he'd had to give it his full concentration to stop himself coming too soon. He was amazed she was still so naive but he wasn't going to pass up a free blow job from one of the most spectacularly beautiful women he'd ever laid eyes on.

Sofia approached Diana and in a low whisper told her a customer had requested her services. 'This is one of our best patrons' Sofia explained 'so we allow him special err ... use ... of our facilities and personnel. He's heard about you and specifically asked for your presence.'

'Really' said Diana feeling a little pleased that someone had requested her services forgetting just what it was the fat man's request was going to involve.

'Come with me. I'll stay while he works on you. Just in case.'

Suddenly Diana remembered just what Mr Big liked to do with girls. Her initial feeling of anxiety and disquiet was followed to her surprise by a flush of excitement deep in her belly. Sofia took her arm and guided her towards the back of the club. 'He's waiting for you in the Rope Room' she said ominously.

'R ... R ... Rope Room?' queried Diana a nervous stammer in her voice.

'Yep. Just a name for a room where we keep loads of props we use for the stage shows like the Clown show you were in that time.'

Diana remembered what the Clowns and Bepo in particular had done to her and it didn't settle her stomach if anything it made it even worse.

Sofia ushered her through a door into a room packed with a cornucopia of devices, appliances, contraptions and pieces of equipment. It smelled of leather, rubber, latex and plastic. A couple of cabinets occupied one wall while other areas were piled with machines and mechanisms, some with seats others with cuffs attached. No matter where she looked there was another piece of apparatus that made her guts tighten with fear and a touch of excitement and intrigue. One of the cabinets was open and she could see inside various items of clothing, many with straps and buckles that look positively medieval although there was a beautiful red and gold basque and a pair of red leather boots.

Then her gaze fell for the first time on Mr Big. 'By the Goddess Hera he's ugly' she thought.

Mr Big was monstrous. Only five foot eight every part of him seemed to have been inflated. His body was round with a massive bulging stomach. His arms were huge and couldn't hang straight down as the fat of his chest and upper arms prevented them touching his sides. His belt must have been under massive pressure holding his trousers up and his stomach in. His legs were short for his height as if the great weight above them had compressed them into thick columns holding up his body. He wore a black suit and white shirt open at the neck revealing rolls of sweating fat around his neck. His head was devoid of hair and sheened with perspiration. He had a bulbous nose, thick lips and more chins than the Chinese telephone directory. His facial features combined in such a way as to make him a little grotesque. His skin was as black as the Ace of Spades.

The only thing about him that was small were his piggy eyes that were currently staring lasciviously up and down Diana's magnificently curvaceous body. They looked as ravenous as a starving vampire in a blood bank.

Very slowly his long pink tongue poked out and slicked his thick lips with saliva.

He held out his hand. She took it and shivered at his damp touch. His great big mitt enveloped her own hand as they shook. 'Hello my dear. You don't know how happy it makes me that you agreed to allow me to exercise my little peccadillo'

Diana looked confused, she hadn't seen him with a parrot, until Sofia explained 'his predilection err ... fondness for tying people with rope.'

'Shall we get started?' his question really an order.

Sofia sat down to watch and as she'd told Diana, act as a chaperone.

Big looked around the room trying to decide which piece of equipment he'd use. Finally he dragged a simple device into the centre of the room. It consisted of a thick base board into which two thick four foot tubular steel columns had been driven about three feet apart. On top a 'U' shaped piece was placed across the gap and each end slid into one of the columns forming a larger upside-down 'U' of metal. Small holes had been drilled through each column holding pegs. The top bar could be raised or lowered and kept in place by inserting a peg into the required hole.

Satisfied with his choice Big rummaged in one of the cabinets. He obviously knew where what he required was kept as he went straight to the right cabinet. Finding his prize he turned. Diana's eyes widened in alarm. His great fist held more than a dozen lengths of inch wide leather straps.

Like a deer caught in car headlights Diana stood transfixed as the black man wound a length of leather four times around her wrist then secured it. A ball of tension began to grow in her loins as he worked, his knowing fingers tying knots with practiced expertise. From the side-lines Sofia watched closely. She studied not Big tying his knots but the look in Diana's eyes as he added each length of leather. With the first knot secured he turned Diana round and firmly pulled her leather wreathed wrist across her back and wound the rest of the length of leather round her opposite bicep. He knew his business. As he gave the knot a last tightening tug Diana couldn't feel the slightest bit of slack but Sofia did note her reaction.

Just as the knot secured Diana's wrist Sofia saw her eyes close and her tongue poke out between her lips as if in pleasure. She could also swear that there'd been a tiny gasp. Could one so physically strong and lithe be so submissive?

Big secured Diana's other wrist across to her other bicep. Again Sofia watched as the binding secured her arm in an unbreakable restraint. Sofia noted Diana appear to react as the leather bit into her skin. She was sure she saw a shiver pass through her bound body.

Happy with his work so far Mr Big urged Diana back until she stood on the base board of the metal device with her pinioned arms resting on the top bar. The buxom black haired young Amazon was a little taken aback as he had done this by placing his big hands squarely on her breasts and slowly manoeuvred her backward. Diana looked at Sofia who simply shrugged. Obviously he was going to be given a bit of leeway in the 'going too far' department.

Diana could see Mr Big was enjoying himself by the sweat beading his top lip. He shifted her this way and that by pushing or pulling on her tits until he was satisfied with her position. She was pretty sure he was just copping a feel because she ended up back in the original position she'd been in at the start. With a broad smile he gave her mounds a long last squeeze before releasing her tits from his giant grasp.

Big removed his jacket. Underneath sweat stained his armpits and back. He mopped his greasy brow with a once white but now none to clean handkerchief. His breath wheezed between his teeth.

With some difficulty he knelt down on one knee by her left leg. His hand gripped the inside of her thigh and pulled her to the side until her ankle rested against the shiny column of steel. Then he wound a strip of leather round and round securing her to the post. He took great care to tie the knot very tightly giving it an extra tug. Diana realised she was about to be bound in such a way that she'd eventually be completely secured to the implacable steel device and at his mercy with no way to avoid any obscene act Sofia allowed him to perpetrate on her restrained body. The ball of leaden excitement grew inside her.

Struggling to rise he crossed to the other side. Again his hand gripped the soft inside of her thigh and pulled her leg across while fondling her warm flesh. He secured that ankle so Diana was tied with her ankles three feet apart. From his kneeling position his little piggy eyes and salivating mouth were inches from the stretched front of her dark blue panties. A mere strip of thin gauze stood between him and Diana's aroused pussy. Maybe it was his imagination but it looked like the material of her knickers was pulled so tight he could make out the outline of her slit. Was that a bump near the top of her erect clit? Was there a slight damp patch?

Placing his hands on her hips Big pulled himself upwards until he stood with his fat belly pressed hard against Diana's. She could smell his fetid breath as his hands slipped round to grasp her butt. He stared into her eyes for a few seconds as he squeezed her ass then as she turned her head away he released her with a frown.

Moving behind her bound body he took another strip of leather and wound it round her already leather bound arms and the top bar fixing her even more securely to the metal frame. Again as he tugged on the leather Sofia saw the secret flash of arousal in her eyes. 'Interesting' she thought.

Inside her the growing ball of fear and excitement grew as she felt the final leather straps complete their work leaving her immovably secured to the metal frame. No amount of wriggling would free her from the grip of the implacable leather and steel.

Just as the last knot was tied the door opened and a girl stuck her head inside. 'Phone Boss, something about a problem with the drinks license.'

Sofia looked concerned. No club could last without being able to serve alcohol so this was serious. 'O.K. Big no taking liberties. Diana if he gets fresh scream the place down. I'll be back as soon as I can.'

Diana watched anxiously as Sofia left closing the door behind her.

Suddenly Big grabbed a fistful of Diana's hair dragging her head back. 'Comfortable My dear' he rasped in her ear. As she opened her mouth to scream he jammed a ball gag between her teeth. In a second he had the strap buckled trapping a disgusting rubber ball in her mouth silencing her cries. Even so she tried to scream but the ball was so big she only managed a muffled cry that wasn't going to alert anyone to her predicament. Then totally unexpectedly she felt him slip an elasticated blindfold over her eyes.

Diana went mental struggling, wrenching at her bonds, at the metal frame she was bound to shrieking into the sound deadening rubber gag but all to no avail. She only succeeded in tightening the leather straps and forcing them to cut deeper into her flesh.

Big watched her tits swing as she writhed satisfied his handiwork would hold her. 'Now perhaps we can get better acquainted.' His ominous words were followed by his hands wrapping round her from behind and settling on her ridged stomach. 'How does it feel my proud beauty when I touch you? If I was some sort of pretty boy would you be aroused as I caress your skin or because I'm as ugly as sin do you just feel disgust?'

Slowly his big black hands flowed upwards until they covered her bulging mammary glands. With a tug he dragged the cups of her bra down freeing both of her tits. He filled his hands with her soft pillowy breasts slowly massaging her naked tits.

Diana tried to struggle but the leather straps held her immobile and no amount of shaking her shoulders or muffled entreaties could free her exposed mounds from his grasping black fingers. Her body shuddered as he seized both of her nipples between thick stubby thumbs and first fingers and squeezed hard. Smirking he tormented her nipples dragging them upwards stretching her mammoth bosom to its maximum extent.

Then came the words that froze her blood as Big said conversationally 'I arranged it you know, that phone call. I knew she'd have to respond to something that important and she'd leave you alone with me. I reckon we've got about twenty minutes so let's not waste it eh.'

Behind her he extracted the pegs and grasping the top bar lifted it eight inches then re-inserted the pegs locking it in its new higher position. This dragged Diana's bounds arms upwards forcing her to bend at the waist to relieve the pressure. From his position Big checked out her plump ass cheeks now poking out between the columns.

Diana squirmed as he filled his hands with her ass cheeks then jerked and moaned behind the ball gag as he dragged her bikini bottoms half way down her leather bound legs. The first spank elicited a surprised yelp. His big black hands slapped into her soft flesh sending ripples across her butt. Each hard blow was accompanied by a muffled squeal, then a screech, a grunt, a moan then only a whimper as her ass turned pink then red then scarlet.

Sweat dripped from his forehead as he laid into her beautiful plump Amazon ass. His palm hurt so he changed hands renewing his spanking until he had to stop to catch his breath.

Behind Big the door of the Rope Room quietly opened and Sofia slipped inside. Closing the door silently she crept forward.

Mr Big felt his breath returning as he leant on the bar restraining Diana's snivelling body. He moved round her to regard her breasts. Suddenly he saw Sofia.

He winked at her as she silently resumed her seat. Diana knew nothing of her presence. Big perused the Amazons position. With her bent forwards her big naked breasts swung gently beneath her. Sofia sat only six feet directly in front of Diana. She nodded to Big.

Seizing a fistful of her black hair in his left hand he used his right to slap her hanging right tit. Sofia watched entranced as the young woman jerked and tried to move but nothing was going to free her from her bindings. Her shriek yet again came out only as a muffled groan. Sofia nodded again and Big slapped her tit once more leaving a pink hand print on her abused tit. Diana jerked and writhed as Big thrashed her giant swaying tit until it was hot to the touch.

With a nod from Sofia he switched sides and began spanking her other tit. He slapped her swinging mound five times then stopped letting the Amazon hang from her bonds whimpering then resumed torturing her massive mounds.

Sofia watched as Big tormented the young girl slapping her most sensitive mammary's. Diana cried out as Big switched back and slapped her already crimson tit once more. This seemed to hurt even more after the initial assault had left it sensitive and sore.

Slowly letting the tension build Big waked round behind the whimpering Amazon. She jerked as he gently laid his hefty hand on her scarlet plump ass cheek. He tenderly stroked her flesh feeling the heat emanating from her abused butt. Once more her body jerked as he spanked her. The piteous moan was deadened by the ball gag and her body trembled as fresh agony suffused her ass. Sofia nodded and Big renewed his assault showing no mercy as he spanked and spanked and spanked her.

Finally Big stopped abusing her ass. The quiet of the room only disturbed by Diana's pathetic sobbing.

She fell silent as he whispered obscenely in her ear 'Just time left to fuck your nasty cunt.'

Diana had no will left to struggle. She felt him behind her. Resigned now to her fate she could only steel herself for the inevitable. With a wink to Sofia Big shoved two fingers deep inside Diana's pussy. She moaned and writhed pulling against her bonds as he slammed his thick stubby fingers into her hot wet vagina. Slick slippery noises filled the room as he pistoned his fingers into her soft velvet liquid depths.

Suddenly as per their plan Sofia leapt up and shouted 'What the fuck do you think you're doing you bastard. Get away from her.'

Diana could only listen as commotion filled the room with crashes and bangs. To her it sounded like someone was beating the crap out of the other. In fact Sofia and Big were upsetting bits of equipment or smacking bits of pipe into leather padding.

Big winked at her as she shouted 'And stay out. I never want to see you again' and slammed the door shut.

Hanging from her bonds Diana waited. The top bar moved down allowing her to stand up straight. A great relief as she'd been held in the bent over position for twenty minutes. She expected to be released but instead she felt Sofia beside her.

'Wow' she said 'he really did a number on your ass and those tits sure look sore. I've got some cream that will relieve the pain.' All Diana wanted was for Sofia to untie the leather straps binding her to the metal frame then she could get rid of the disgusting rubber ball jammed between her teeth. A cold shock hit her throbbing ass as Sofia lathered Diana's butt with a cooling balm. Softly she massaged the cream into the young woman's butt cheeks. Diana was torn between the soothing effect of the cream and being released.

The pain soon receded and the stroking hands became quite pleasant on her butt.

Suddenly the cold shock hit her breasts. Diana threw back her head as Sofia's hands caressed the soothing cream into her excruciatingly tormented bosom. Gently she circled her hands round and round massaging Diana's tits. Like her butt the blazing agony started to turn to relief then bliss. She seemed to have forgotten that she was still strapped to a metal frame with her eyes covered and her mouth securely gagged.

Sofia luxuriated in the feel of Diana's breasts. She'd handled a few in her time but these were phenomenal. Huge but still firm with areolas and nipples that reacted like nothing she'd ever seen. Diana's head dipped as the feelings in her tits filled her mind. Sofia gently pinched her nipples drawing a muffled moan from the still deliberately restrained young woman.

Sofia caressed Diana until she gauged she was ready for the next stage of her seduction. She stopped fondling Diana's giant tits and reached round and unbuckled the rubber ball gag. Slowly she slipped it out and Diana worked her jaw to relieve her aching muscles.

'Thank you' she said gratefully.

'You're welcome' said Sofia still standing pressed against the young woman's bound body. 'I'm so sorry for what he did to you. I never expected he'd be so mean. I thought you'd be able to scream but I see he came prepared. You can be sure he'll never get the chance again, not in this club anyway.'

There wasn't much Diana could say except for 'can you untie me now please.'

'In a moment' replied Sofia 'but first answer me a question. When he was tying you up with the leather straps what was going through your mind. Was it confusion, concern, disgust or was there may be just a hint of excitement?'

Diana thought about this for a few seconds then truthfully answered in a quiet shy voice 'a bit of them all really I suppose.'

'I only ask' continued Sofia 'because I couldn't help noticing that your pussy appears ... well ... moist.' As she said this her hand gently cupped Diana's pussy mound and softly stroked her partly open lips. 'It's as if once you'd got over the fear the eroticism took over and you actually began to relish each knot as it tightened. You may not like to admit it to yourself but each leather strap that cinched your flesh gave you a lustful buzz of pleasure.' With each word Sofia moved her mouth nearer and nearer to Diana's.

The Amazon remained silent not wanting to concede that she had felt turned on by the leather straps even if it was a fat ugly black man who was binding her.

Sofia ran her finger up the length of Diana's pussy and flicked her clit. Already it was firm and erect.

Diana jumped as she felt the finger touch her sensitive clit. 'Don't, please.'

'No?' breathed Sofia as their lips touched. She flicked Diana's clit again.

'Oh god' gasped the still bound girl as Sofia joined their lips and softly kissed her. Diana's feelings of relief, gratitude and lust overwhelmed her and she kissed Sofia back.

The club Boss smiled to herself as her plan came to fruition. Her lips mashed with Diana's their saliva mingling. Her tongue slid between Diana's lips. The silence in the room as broken only by slick slurping sounds as both women luxuriated in the feel of the others sucking lips. Both women salivated as their tongues duelled until it spilled out dripping down to cover the young Amazon's breasts.

Diana felt her pussy ignite as Sofia kissed her while manipulating her right tit kneading the big fleshy orb and twisting her turgid thick rubbery nipple. Muffled moans broke from both women as their ardour built.

Sofia released Diana's captive lips. Do you want me to untie you?'

'No' Diana gasped 'Do me, by Hera, do me quickly please.'

'Do what?' Sofia teased.

'Goddess Hera. Finish me off, now, please.'

Grinning Sofia grasped both of the moaning young woman's tits forcing them upward. Her wide open mouth descended to cover the peak of one. The erect nipple felt like a small penis in her mouth. She wriggled the tip of her tongue in the centre milk duct then gripped the thick rubbery tip between her teeth and gently bit it.

Diana jerked and groaned as the sharp pain shot through her sensitive nipple. Sofia sucked the nipple and stretched it out still gripped by her front teeth.

Sofia tormented both of the writhing young girl's breasts then knelt down between her bound legs and stared at her aroused puffy pussy lips. She used her fingers to spread the labia apart revealing the moist deep pink insides then diving forward speared her tongue deep inside the bound young Amazon's cunt penetrating her again and again.

Diana writhed against the leather straps as Sofia voraciously ate her out. She was merciless as she devoured Diana's cunt like a starving anorexic. Suddenly she sucked Diana's clit between her teeth and slashed her tongue across it. Two stiff fingers plunged inside her slick pussy scrapping across her g-spot. It only took bare seconds for the young Amazons hips to begin trembling and jerking as the pressure began to build within her abused loins.

The bound young woman was so turned on by the bondage and the club boss's ravenous attentions that she rapidly reached her peak and her climax burst within her. Her internal muscles gripped Sofia's penetrating fingers as spraying pussy juice erupted over her lips and chin. Diana's orgasm made it feel like her insides were clenching and exploding at the same time.

Sofia kept relentlessly sucking and licking. Each touch on the Amazons aroused clit sent a spasm through Diana's whole body as her orgasm kept mushrooming blooming out to encompass her entire body. The leather straps strained to hold her as her muscles locked and she wrenched at her bindings.

After more than thirty seconds Sofia stood up. Diana hung almost insensate from her leather bonds her chest heaving and her breath rasping through her teeth.

Sofia untied each strap gradually releasing the satiated young girl from the metal frame. She had to hold her upright as she released her bound arms. Diana groaned as she eased the ache in shoulder muscles. Her arms had been pinioned behind her for over half an hour.

When she regained her full awareness Sofia in a commanding voice said 'You owe me' and brooking no argument took Diana's arm and resolutely lead her towards the door. 'Wait' said Sofia and she returned and picked up something. A whole new blossom of fear and excitement flared in Diana's loins as she saw the Boss lady held half a dozen of the leather straps.

The night was one Diana would never forget. They played a game where Sofia captured the young Amazon and forcibly spread-eagled her on her big bed her limbs tightly bound to the corners with the leather straps. Sofia molested her defenceless body for nearly an hour bringing Diana to within a whisker of orgasm before relenting then once more building her up.

With relish Sofia showed the bound Amazon her most favourite toy. Diana felt the fear grip her stomach at the sight. Right on the hour Sofia used her biggest blackest most diabolically ribbed dildo strapped round her broad powerful hips to bring Diana to an orgasm that nearly blew her head right off. Luckily the club was empty or the Amazon would have woken everyone with her screams of wanton ecstasy.

When Diana recovered Sofia crawled up her body then holding her head by two fistfuls of black hair she lowered her wet aroused pussy down to cover the Amazon's mouth. Then it was her turn to scream as the captive young Princess licked her delicate pussy and clit until she seized and climaxed. The night was a long one. Both women were exhausted by the morning as they traded orgasm after orgasm.

Chapter Seven - The Race.

Sheriff Vanhorn's semen squirted three times over Diana's tongue hitting the back of her throat. Slowly with relish she gripped his shaft and swallowed the sweet liquid. Vanhorn was amazed. In only a few days the beautiful big titted woman had learnt all the tricks of giving the best blow jobs. She even seemed to enjoy the experience. Manson agreed with him that her sucking mouth was as good as any they'd had. He'd even gotten her used to flipping her tits out before she started so they shimmied and swung as she worked on him giving him extra stimulation as if any were needed. To ensure the experience lasted for as long as possible Manson had even taken to masturbating prior to entering the club.

Her innocent well fucked face looked up at him with big soft eyes and flushed cheeks. He gazed round and nodded to indicate it was safe for her to give him her report.

'Mr Big is gone' she told him in an urgent whisper still kneeling at his feet.

Vanhorn delivered the bad news 'That wasn't our man. Our guy travels with body guards so you'll have to keep looking.'

Diana sighed as she tucked Vanhorn's soft cock back into his shorts and stood up then jumped as behind her Sofia said 'Hello Sheriff enjoying the facilities I see.'

The Amazon Blushed as Sofia used a finger to swipe a blob of semen from the corner of Diana's mouth. 'You missed a bit' the club boss said as she pushed her finger between the embarrassed young amazons lips so she could suck it clean.

'Listen Sheriff' said Sofia 'how about a wager?'

The big bluff law officer smiled 'What'd you have in mind?'

'A race. You, Manson and Dee Dee against me, Bepo and ... Diana'.

'What?' exclaimed Diana.

Vanhorn piped up 'Diana? You think she could outdo Dee Dee. Come on you've seen how good she is. This one wouldn't stand a chance against her. It'd be no contest, a walkover.'

Diana bridled at the comments as her competitive instinct kicked in at Vanhorn's disparaging words. Also it had been Dee Dee who had fed her to the Three Sisters on her first day so she badly wanted to get back at her.

Vanhorn rubbed it in further 'I mean Dee Dee's seen off every one who's challenged her. She's the best and this young bint ain't gonna beat her in a month of Sunday's.'

Anger blooming inside her Diana spat back 'Not good enough eh. Well let's see shall we. We accept the bet' and flounced off.

Sofia watched her bare ass as the young girl stalked away and smiled. How could one so fit be so naive?

'Later Sheriff.'

'Later Sofia' smirked Vanhorn.

Later it was when the club's tannoy burst into life. 'Ladies and Gentlemen it's race night so place your bets. On the left we have Sheriff Vanhorn and Deputy Manson and the Champion Dee Dee.'

Vanhorn and Manson each held up the arm of a big brassy blond with tits nearly matching Diana's. The crowd cheered.

'And on the right we have your host Sofia, Bepo and the challenger ... Diana.' The crowd went bonkers cheering even louder than they had for Dee Dee. The blond looked daggers and muttered at the newcomer. 'Please fit the contestants with the probes.'

Sofia held up two suckers attached by wires to a small box. In turn the box was connected by Wi-Fi to a score board. She applied each sucker to the side of Diana's Temples.

'What's this then' the Amazon enquired 'I thought this was a race. Where do we start and how far do we run?'

'Sofia laughed it's not a running race deary, it's an orgasm race.'

'What?' exclaimed Diana.

'It's a race to see who can have the most orgasms in half an hour' Sofia explained to the bemused girl.

'Orgasms? I'm not doing it. I'm not. No way.'

'Oh well in that case I'll let everyone know you've changed your mind and that Dee Dee is the best and you're not good enough to beat her shall I?' replied the arch club boss knowing just what buttons to press playing on Diana's pride and competitiveness.

'Err ... well ... I don't know. I'm not happy about this. I don't want that trashy slut Dee Dee to win but I'm not having that lawn ornament having me in front of everyone again.'

Bepo looked up at the beautiful young woman. 'Lawn ornament? Bitch. You'll regret that, you see if you don't.'

'Look' urged Sofia 'what if I guarantee that Bepo will not fuck you during the race. How about that.'

'Well' pouted Diana 'O.K. I suppose. What's the race involve?'

'Simple. Sheriff Vanhorn and Deputy Manson have half an hour to make Dee Dee have as many orgasms as they can in any way they can. The machine registers each climax and it appears on the score board. There's also a dial on the box that registers just how aroused each contestant is at any point in time.'

'And what about me?'

'Bepo and I will try to make you have more orgasms than Dee Dee. If we do you are the winner.'

'But no fucking.'

'I guarantee that Bepo will not stick his cock into your vagina at any point. O.K.?'

'Oh alright' relented Diana.

The tannoy burst into life once more 'Five minutes warm up contestants. Go.'

Bepo trotted off to get the gear he and Sofia had agreed on while she turned to Diana. We need to get you ready for the start, just close your eyes and think happy thoughts. If you get into it you'll enjoy it no end. Bepo and I have a few tricks up our sleeves. We'll need them. That Dee Dee is a nympho who comes at the drop of a hat. She's not normal that one.

Diana frowned when she noticed that Bepo had returned with the same horse that he and the clowns had used when they'd molested her and he'd fucked her last time.

There was other stuff in a sports bag she'd couldn't make out.

Sofia slipped the catch on Diana's top. She felt it loosen and caught it pressing it to her tits.

'Come on now. You don't think you were going to keep your clothes on did you?'

Diana hadn't thought that far ahead but now realised that she was going to be stripped naked once more in front of the teeming baying crowd. She sighed 'Hera protect me' and reluctantly surrendering to her fate let the bra drop from her chest.

The audience cheered as her monumental tits once more swung into view. She hardly reacted when Bepo dragged her blue starred knickers down her legs. Again the crowd cheered at the sight of her nakedness.

Sofia turned Diana round giving them a view of the young woman's plump butt and pointed at the box. 'Look' she pointed. 'That needle indicates your state of arousal' and so saying she pinched Diana's nipple and the pointer jumped. 'See?'

'Hmmm' said Diana distracted. She'd looked over to see Dee Dee squatting before Sheriff Vanhorn. His cock was buried in her mouth as she prepared him for the start of the contest. They'd selected a simple but sturdy bed as their main prop.

'Ladies and Gentlemen let the contest begin' blared the tannoy.

Dee Dee immediately threw herself down on her back and Sheriff Vanhorn slammed his hard cock inside her at began fucking her like a demented woodpecker.

Sofia directed Diana to the horse laying her down on her back on the padded top. At a nod Bepo dived between Diana's spread thighs and stuck his face into her pussy. Diana yelped as for the second time she felt the dwarf tonguing and sucking on her labia and vagina.

Dee Dee's scoreboard clicked over. It had taken her less than a minute to achieve her first climax. Vanhorn kept going like a steam train grunting each time he slammed his hips forward burying his cock as far into the big wobbly titted blond as he could.

Diana moaned as Bepo applied himself to the task in hand. His tongue speared inside her wet pussy and his lips sucked heartily on her labia. Diana groaned. Bepo's tongue felt like a large rough worm wriggling inside her. The needle on the little box showed her arousal level rising.

Dee Dee came again. Her legs wound round Sheriff Vanhorn's hips urging him to fuck her even harder. Deputy Manson moved in and slipped his cock into the blond's mouth. She sucked on him getting him ready to take over when Vanhorn finally climaxed.

Diana writhed on the padded horse as Bepo worked on her. He sucked on her clit, biting it softly and slashing across it with his tongue. The young Amazon's breathing started to come in gasps and her hips started to bounce as Bepo attacked her dripping pussy. With an agonised shout Diana climaxed her fists beating out a rhythm on the padded top.

Sheriff Vanhorn bellowed like a wounded buffalo and spurted his gism into Dee Dee's pussy. Feeling his warm wet cum inside her she orgasmed again. The score was Three to One.

Deputy Manson took over using his longer cock and youthful exuberance to bring Dee Dee to yet another peak.

Bepo carried on using his mouth and tongue on Diana's dripping pussy. Sofia joined in by planting her lips on Diana's and using her hands to stimulate her giant boobs. Diana was in heaven as the dwarf sucked on her clit and Sofia molested her tits but no matter how hard they worked Dee Dee continued to pull ahead. She was leading Seven to Three when Sofia told Bepo 'O.K. stage two.'

Bepo nodded and opening a sports bag extracted a long plastic vibrator. He rubbed it up and down Diana's wet pussy covering it in her juices then aiming the narrow head slid it slowly inside Diana's slick cunt. The young woman groaned as the long thick plastic toy spread her pussy and forged its way deep inside her. Bepo pumped the toy a couple of times then flicked the switch on its bottom. The young Amazon had never felt anything like it as the toy burst into life deep inside her body. Buzzing like a frenzied hive of bumble bees the vibrator sent shivers through Diana's pussy and in less than a minute she moaned and ground her teeth as the plastic extracted a boiling orgasm from her loins.

Still Dee Dee forged ahead. She seemed fine but Sheriff Vanhorn and Deputy Manson were suffering. They were doing all the work and both had sweat sheening their foreheads and their breath came in short gasps. The blond nympho realised what was happening so she pushed Vanhorn down to take her place then leapt aboard him planting her pussy on his hard cock. She rode him like a Derby winner. Nine to Four.

Bepo worked the vibrator backwards and forwards burying it as deep as he could inside the trembling body of the young Amazon. Sofia worked her tits moulding and kneading them and tweaking her nipples.

Looking up at the score Bepo grimaced. Ten to Four. Reaching down he grasped a second vibrator and holding both plastic toys together as best he could with his stubby fingers jammed both inside Diana's hot cunt. He flicked both switches and watched in wonder as Diana went bonkers. She nearly fell off the horse as she flung her arms about and writhed uncontrollably. Sofia held on to her tits as the Amazons loins erupted. Pussy juice sprayed out all over Bepo as the pressure of her orgasm forced her bodily fluids out. Ten to Five. Eleven to Five.

Sofia looked over. They had five minutes left and Dee Dee and the lawmen had moved into their finishing position. Vanhorn on the bottom his cock buried in the blonds pussy and his giant hairy hands grasping her hanging tits and Manson standing behind her his penis pounding into Dee Dee's ass. Twelve to Five.

'Stage three Bepo' urged Sofia.

'You sure?' asked the dwarf concerned.

'Yer ... she can take it. Let's get her ready.'

Sofia had thought it would come to this and had made her plans and readied all the gear they'd need.

She and the dwarf each grabbed a length of leather and seizing Diana's arms bound them tightly to the horse's legs. The little box registered an increase in Diana's arousal level as the straps were applied. Then they tied her legs in the same way until the black haired Amazon was securely restrained and couldn't move. Even without either of them touching her she began to tremble the utter helplessness filling her with anticipation.

Bepo used a box a hop up on to the horse's padded top. He carefully placed his feet on either side of Diana's ribs then reaching down took each of her elongated nipples in his fists and stood up stretching Diana's tits upwards. She moaned out loud and the box clicked over. Twelve to six.

Sofia took the last strip of leather and passed it around the base of Diana's two painfully extended tits. She tied a slip knot and then began tugging on it tightening the circle of leather. Diana's tits were squeezed together harder and harder until it seemed as if she had two giant beach balls pressed together on her chest.

Bepo leapt off and returned to his place between Diana's spread legs.

Sofia nodded 'Ready?'

The dwarf nodded back in acknowledgment. Inside his own excitement grew at the thought of what they were planning to do to the restrained young woman's body.

Sofia brought a three foot stiff leather paddle down hard across Diana's upturned tits right across both of her erect nipples. Bepo watched the leather slap down and as it did pointed his fingers and speared them straight into Diana's wide open dripping cunt. It offered little resistance as his entire fist disappeared inside the writhing young woman. He kept pressing and more and more or his forearm surged into her hot wet cunt.

Diana surged upwards straining against the leather holding her limbs as an explosion of sensations filled her abused tits and cruelly stretched cunt. Another orgasm ripped through her. Twelve to Seven.

Sofia raised the paddle and brought it slashing down just as Bepo slowly withdrew his hand. Diana shuddered as another climax ripped through her. Bepo pushed forwards, Sofia slapped Diana's reddening tits. The leather paddle hitting flesh sent a loud slapping sound echoing round the club. The crowd Oo'd and Aah'd each time she attacked Diana's beautiful leather bound breasts.

Sofia once more signalled to Bepo who having buried his short sturdy arm nearly to the elbow inside the bound Amazon changed tack. He withdrew it a couple of inches then pushed it back. Two inches out then back, faster and faster he pistoned his arm inside the hot wet tunnel of Diana's cunt as Sofia raised her paddle again and again thrashing Diana's agonised tits. Her nipples were turning purple under the onslaught and blue veins stood out on the two sloshing balloons of flesh on her chest. Bepo pressed one of the buzzing vibrators down onto Diana's rock hard clit.

The little box seemed to go nuts as the overwhelming sensations filling Diana's tortured tits and cunt triggered that most elusive of conditions. Orgasm followed orgasm each quicker than the last as Diana's body submitted to her tormented and hyper-sensitized nerve endings. The seldom seen machine gun orgasm sent the box into overdrive.

Suddenly the klaxon signalled the end of the contest. Sofia breathing heavily stopped spanking Diana's sore and reddened tits. Bepo slowly extracted his juice slicked fist from her spasming vagina. Even with his fist removed her pussy gaped open showing the glistening red insides of her womanhood. For fully sixty seconds the young woman's body trembled, jerked, shivered and writhed as gradually she came down from the highest peak of pleasure she'd ever felt in her short life. Pleasure was probably the wrong term, it had been more like exquisite agony as each orgasm was ripped from her bound body.

They released her arms and legs from the horse and helped her stand. Together they looked up at the score board. Through heavy lidded eyes Diana saw the score. Fifteen to Twenty Two. She'd won although she felt like a wet dishcloth. The crowd went bonkers and cheered the new champion. Dee Dee could only grind her teeth.

Chapter Eight - The Torture of a Princess.

They'd helped her across the dance floor into her room and she flopped down flat on the bed. Sofia looked down at the young woman. The leather strap round her tits was still in place so Diana was a very strange sight. Sofia felt the desire to bury her head between Diana's thighs or jump on the bed and plant her pussy over the Amazons open mouth but resisted. Diana had had all she could take in fact she was almost asleep already.

Gently she removed the leather strap. Diana's tits flopped down back to their natural shape. Covering her with the bedclothes Sofia silently left closing the door behind her leaving the young woman to her erotic dreams. Dreams of dwarfs, horse sized cocks and leather and more leather and helplessness.

In the morning Diana rose. Under the shower she remembered. 'Oh Hera why did I let them talk me into it. How could I have been so foolish? She manipulated me. Made a fool of me. Used me.' She felt the anger grow in her.

She dressed quickly determined to find Sofia and have it out with her. The club was not open yet so empty save for one group at a table across the dance floor. Diana approach. In the dim light she could make out Sofia seated with Sheriff Vanhorn and Deputy Manson. The final person had their back to Diana.

Suddenly she turned. 'Hello Diana' said Malina 'I've come a long way to see you. I have some bad news.'

Diana who had been just about to denounce Sofia stopped non-plussed at the sight of her hated rival. 'Bad news?'

'Yes. I'm sorry to have to tell you that your mother, Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira is dead.'

The young Amazon was stunned. All thoughts of complaining to Sofia forgotten. 'It can't be true' she cried.

'Let us talk in private' said Malina as she led the dumbfounded Amazon back into her room.

Once inside questions tumbled out of Diana. 'When, How?'

'Two days ago, she fell from her horse and landed badly. Her neck was broken. She didn't suffer thank Hera.'

Diana staggered round the room. Her dear Mother gone. Remorse overwhelmed her. But something niggled at her. Surely not. Surely Malina wouldn't lie about such an important thing. No, but it was Malina. Malina the snake, Malina the backstabber.

Diana pondered. 'So I am Queen, is that not so?' she asked.

'Ah' began Malina 'No. The Council of Themyscira convened a special meeting and it was decided that because of your age and inexperience your ascension to the thrown must be delayed at least until they decide you are ready.'

'So who is to be Queen' Diana demanded suspiciously.

'Why I am of course. I am your Queen' announced Malina with a savage smile.

Every cell of Diana's body screamed liar. There was no way the council would have made a non-royal Queen. The most they would have done was made her Regent until Diana's coming of age. Milena was not of royal blood. Competence was never a block to ascension only age. Malina was lying she was absolutely sure of it. And she had a fool proof method of proving it.

Her bag lay in the corner of the room. From within it she took out the Golden Rope of Truth. Turning she showed the rope to Malina. The big woman's face turned to stone at the sight.

Slowly Malina said 'You would accuse your Queen of deceit? Do you really wish to commit to this course? Have you thought of the consequences? The risk?'

Diana understood the meaning behind Malina's words. If she was lying then all was well but if she was speaking the truth then Diana would have committed the most heinous crime. Accusing your Queen of deception was punishable by death. If Malina was telling the truth Diana would have committed treason against the Royal line and her fate would be sealed.

She stood chewing her lip trapped in indecision. Finally she stiffened and said 'I must know for sure.'

Malina stared at the young girl then nodded and held out her arm. With her arm in a loop of the rope and the end held by Diana it would be impossible for her to lie. The Rope of Truth was infallible. No one was able to resist its power. No one.'

Diana took a deep breath then wrapped the rope around Malina's wrist. Holding the other end tightly she nervously asked her first question. 'Is Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira deceased?'

Malina who seemed to be held in thrall by the rope answered in a clear unequivocal voice 'Queen Hippolyta is dead.'

Diana slumped. Her mother was no more. The rope couldn't be denied. Malina must be telling the absolute truth.

She persisted 'Did she die falling from her horse?'

'She fell from her mount and cracked her neck.' Malina intoned as if in a trance.

'Did the Council of Themyscira decree that you Malina should be Queen in my place?'

'The council have made me Queen in your stead until I decide you are ready to replace me.'

All her worst fears crowded in on her at once. Her mother dead, Malina Queen and now she had committed treason. Her life was forfeit.'

Diana removed the rope then bowed slowly 'My Queen' she said quietly a quake in her voice.

Malina seemed to awake as the rope was removed. Her black eyes stared at the bowed head of the young Amazon. Slowly she walked round the room taking her time looking at the meagre furniture and fittings. Then her eyes alighted on Diana's bag. Inside she found the Royal Tiara. Returning to stand before the cowed woman she ordered 'Put this on' and held out the Tiara.

Diana slipped the Tiara on so it covered her forehead.

'Diana Princess of Themyscira' began the new Queen 'your life is forfeit but I am a merciful monarch so I will spare your life.'

Diana felt a wave of relief break over her but she wasn't dumb enough to believe Malina would simply forget her crime and she was right.

'However such treachery cannot go unpunished. I hereby declare that your Royal line is dissolved. Your family will be extinguished from the history books. Your black infamy will be expunged and concealed. Remove the last remnant of your lineage.

Slowly Diana took off the Tiara. The sign of her Royal assent.

Malina continued 'I may have spared your worthless life but punishment is still warranted. Follow.'

Marching stiffly Malina led the beaten and penitent Diana from her room and into the hated Rope Room.

The new Queen stared about her the smile of a kid on Christmas morning playing about her lips.

'Strip yourself naked' she ordered imperiously. 'Remove the heathen garments'

Diana, head still bowed slowly unclipped her top and slid her blue panties down her legs removing the little she was wearing until she stood naked and shivering with fear and apprehension.

Malina noted Diana's shaven pubis. 'Is there no end to your hypocrisy? You even deny your Amazon heritage by removing your Goddess given hair. Your sluttish behaviour is your downfall.'

Diana could only cower before her new Queen's corrosive censure.

There were two rings screwed into the floor a couple of feet apart. 'Secure your ankles to those' she ordered pointing.

Diana felt sick. Malina meant to rub her face into the dirt by forcing her to restrain herself. She might as well have ordered her to dig her own grave.

Looking around she saw some more of the lengths of leather. It only took her a minute to wind the first strap around her ankle and then tie it off to the first ring. A second strap secured her other ankle. This time there was no thought of eroticism.

Malina checked the bonds pulling the knots tighter until she was satisfied. Then she took a strap herself and wrapped it round Diana's left wrist and pulling her arm upwards tied it off to the end of a three foot bar hanging down above the naked Amazon. Her other wrist was tied to the other end. Content with her handiwork Malina took the end of the chain attached to the bar and began winding it upwards until the slack was taken up and Diana was fully stretched and spread-eagled.

The malevolent Queen spent ten minutes wandering round the room looking in draws and the cabinets humming happily to herself while gathering various items ready for use before she returned to stand in front of the hanging sweating Diana.

The ball of fear in the pit of Diana's stomach blazed as Malina bent to look hard into her eyes. She whispered slowly 'I may have spared your life my dear but very shortly you may wish I hadn't and that death would have been a preferable option. Now shall we begin?'

Malina held up the Golden Rope of Truth for Diana to see then started to wind it around each of the young Amazons magnificent tits until Diana's breasts bulged like beach balls. Malina cruelly used her Amazon strength to pull the knots tight until she could see Diana holding back a gasp of pain. 'I hear you even gave your body to the mutant, the stunted freak, the Halfling. I'll wager you took pleasure as he molested your slutish body, as his deformed member spent his repugnant seed inside your soiled womanhood. Admit it you loved it as the runt ravished and violated you. Admit it you whore.'

'No, no' Diana cried. 'No I didn't.'

'No matter' rasped Malina as she tugged on the Golden rope one last time drawing a grunt from Diana as it bit into her soft breast flesh. 'Now where shall we begin?'

A bucket of cold water slammed into Diana's suspended body. The freezing liquid dripped down her torso soaking most of her front and wetting the rope. Under the lights Diana's magnificently body gleamed every muscle defined from her sturdy shoulders to her narrow waist, her broad hips and mile long legs with her strong thighs. Then Malina wheeled forward a small trolley. Diana looked down with horror at the cruel crocodile clips and the slim red wires but it was the sight of the dull black car battery that filled her with dread.

Out in the club Sofia and the lawmen winced as the first scream rent the air.

Two hours later a van pulled up at the back door of the club. From inside two burley men in medical scrubs got out and opened the back doors. 'We're here Jon-Jon' said one jovially. From inside his words were met with only feral growls as the truck rocked alarmingly.

Harmeson the driver banged on the club's back door until it opened. 'He's here. Are you ready?' He received an affirmative then joined his colleague.

Ryker climbed inside the van 'Now let's not have any trouble' he said revealing a three foot cattle prod. The creature only whimpered and cowered back at the sight of the fearsome implement. Heavy chains attached to a steel collar allowed the men to drag there charge out.

Inside the club Sofia shuddered as the creature was dragged across the dance floor. The door to Diana's room was open and undoing the chains the men used the threat of the cattle prod to usher him inside.

Malina watched her eyes sparkling with vindictive spite. On the bed Diana watched in trepidation. Yet again she was spread-eagle each limb secured to a corner of the beds sturdy metal frame.

With relish Malina quickly gave Diana the bad news 'This is Jon-Jon he's escaped from a local Mental Asylum, at least that's the story that'll be given by the Police to the Press. He's a very unfortunate guy. The goddess Hera has seen fit to give him the body of Adonis but the mind of an imbecile coupled with the temperament of a Pit-Bull. The slightest little thing just sets him off. So far he's killed fourteen people in the most horrific ways.

Harmeson and Ryker released the chains from their patient's collar and quickly exited the room followed by Malina who slammed the door and locked it.

Inside Diana remained as still and quiet as she could. She knew from already having tested them that her bindings were tight and not going to unravel but it didn't stop her trying once more to tug on them. Jon-Jon meanwhile was squatting in a corner unsure of his new surroundings. At present he seemed preoccupied with tracing the pattern on the carpet with one finger. Suddenly he looked up.

Diana gasped as their eyes met. The creature had long matted hair and beard but under all that his face was beautiful, almost angelic at the moment. If Malina had been telling the truth the angel could become a murderous fiend at the drop of a hat.

Slowly he stood up allowing her to see his body. He looked like Adonis or a Greek God. He was over six foot six and his whole body was muscle. A massive neck sat on wide shoulders. Long arms hung down to giant hands that could strangle a gorilla. His stomach was ridged with muscle. Shorts covered his hips but his legs were long and bulging with more muscle. For all his fabulous body it was his eyes that held her gaze. They were hard and dark, feral but vacant and gave no indication of the slightest intelligence.

She desperately looked away trying not to draw his attention but it was too late. His eyes darted around the room looking for danger. As he moved he snatched glances back at the door checking that no one came in behind him. Especially no one with a cattle prod. Diana felt the bed sink as he placed one knee on it and his head swam into her view looking down at her.

She tried to move away as his hand reached for her face but her bonds gave her no slack. Trembling she could only wait for his giant paw to close around her throat.

A finger gently brushed aside a wisp of her hair and his fingertips stroked her cheek. 'Purdy lady' he whispered entranced by her beauty.

Diana let out the breath she realised she'd been holding as the giant caressed her cheek. His finger played about her soft lips as he stared at her face. Suddenly she stiffened. His gaze had shifted from her face to the giant pillow like mounds on her chest that were slowly rising and falling. His finger poked her left tit and he laughed as it wobbled delightfully. He brushed it harder staring wondrously as her flesh sloshed and settled back. He noticed her darker peak. Diana jerked as his finger flicked her nipple. Like a child with a new toy he played with her tit gently slapping it watching enraptured as it sloshed and jiggled.

With his finger he quickly flicked her nipple from side to side chuckling to himself until amazed he noticed the thick nub begin to grow. He teased it more urgently until it seemed to reach its maximum. Diana could do nothing as he amused himself with the sensitive peak of her breast.

Somewhere in his messed up brain a memory of his mother swam to the surface slowly he lay down beside her and much to her consternation slipped her aroused nipple into his mouth and began to feed. Obviously no milk erupted from her teat but what did erupt was the surge of pleasure that filled her breast. The combination of fear and eroticism filled her belly as the beast sucked her tit.

The memory of his mother feeding him must have included when she swapped sides as after ten minutes sucking on her teat he gripped her other breast and sucked that nipple into his mouth. Diana could only lie there as the man child suckled on her mammary's.

It wasn't clear just when his maternal instinct changed to a sensual one but it was inevitable that her superbly sexy body would inflame his libido. His gaze dropped to her naked pussy. Her nipple slipped from his mouth leaving her peaks red and aroused, her breathing laboured as he moved down to stare at her pink slit.

His finger stroked her labia and he took a simple pleasure as she jerked at his touch. Should she risk it? If she said anything would it set him off on a vicious rampage? She had to try 'Jon-Jon. No' she said in an authoritative voice as if talking to a dog that was scratching the furniture.

His eyes darkened as she spoke. Defiantly he poked her harder. His black mood disappeared as if it had never been there as his finger un-expectantly slid inside her. Delighted he gently slid his finger deeper. The warm wetness caressed his finger. Diana wriggled as he stroked the sensitive inner flesh of her pussy. Withdrawing he lifted it to his nose and sniffed. Whether it was her pheromones or just his pleasure at finding this hidden cave of pleasure she didn't know but it was having a devastating effect on the front of his shorts. He noticed himself and with a deft flick he slipped them off.

Diana gasped as his manhood was revealed in all its glory. His magnificent body was easily matched by his masculine appendage. Currently only semi-hard it measured eight inches and appeared to be growing and rising toward its full majesty each second.

Whether it was the connection between shaft and hole or hole and shaft or some sort of racial memory to aid procreation didn't matter as the man mountain threw himself across Diana's bound body and with a little fumbling managed to position the plum sized head of his cock at the entrance to her grotto of heavenly delights.

She tried to scrabble away but the straps holding her still prevented it as he lunged forward. His giant cock now fully erect and ten inches long and sturdy forced its way inside her. She moaned as he stretched her pussy. Her arousal had produced copious amounts of pussy juice so her natural lubrication made his job a lot easier. With one giant thrust he buried his cock all the way in her bound body.

Grunting like a steam train he began pounding his hips in and out sliding his huge dick into her cunt. His grunts were matched by her gasps. He might be a mindless killing machine but he seemed to know by instinct alone just what to do. He didn't bother with all that tit sucking or kissing or any of that extraneous stuff he concentrated on nothing but burying his meat deep inside her. Their hips slapped together each time he plunged his shaft into her writhing body. She tried to resist but his masculinity as well as his endowment soon broke through her resolve and her hips began to move to meet his thrusts. Their grunts of effort and pleasure synchronised as he pistoned his shaft into her again and again. The leather straps holding her down strained to hold their urgently rocking bodies.

He was never going to last long. He'd not had a woman ever in his short benighted life so the feel of her hot wet womanhood on his cock caused his balls to erupt sending streams and streams of semen surging up his prodigious shaft to explode into the young Amazons soft pink vagina. The hot wetness inside her cunt combined with the relief that he hadn't just strangled her as she lay helpless pushed Diana over the edge and she felt the familiar warm explosion in her pussy as the pleasure of her orgasm spread like a warm tide through her loins.

Jon-Jon grunted one last time and rolled off her. Within a minute he was asleep beside her. 'Bloody men' she thought. 'Homicidal maniac but still a typical bloke.'

Chapter Nine - Birth of a Super heroine.

Over the next three hours he woke four times and immediately molested and used her restrained body then fell back into a sound sleep. Each time he seemed to learn how her body responded until at the end he was actually watching her and waiting for her to climax before he filled her with his seed.

Between bouts of frantic sex Diana found herself musing over something. At the back of her mind she had an inkling that something important had happened. Something she needed to know. Something that had a huge bearing on the situation but she just couldn't force it to the front of her brain.

Diana had also noticed that the murderous look in Jon-Jon's eyes had disappeared. Was sexual frustration the answer to his uncontrollable rages? Could all of his murderous rampages have been prevented by just getting him laid?

It was during her musings on this that a thought suddenly forced its way into her mind. During her time with Malina in the Rope Room she'd tied her tits with the Golden Rope of Truth. At the time Malina had accused her of enjoying her rape by Bepo the clown. She'd denied it but if she was truthful with herself she had to admit that actually she'd loved it as the little man had raped her. His sturdy hips had pistoned his cock into her filling her with pleasure until they'd climaxed together. Therefore she'd been bound by the Rope of Truth while Malina held the end and she'd lied. She'd lied while tied with the Rope of Truth but that wasn't possible. No one could resist the power of the rope therefore there was only one conclusion.

The Rope of Truth was fake. It was just an ordinary rope.

The realisation exploded in Diana's brain. This meant that when she'd interrogated Malina with the same rope she was under no compulsion to tell the truth. She could have faked it and lied to fool Diana. Her mother might still be alive and Malina was not the Queen of Themyscira.

She had to get free. But how. Reluctantly she concluded there was only one way.

Diana nudged Jon-Jon with her hip until he woke. With a smile he made to climb over her once more but she spoke to him. 'Jon-Jon. Stop. Please.'

He hesitated looking at her confused.

'Jon-Jon please release me, untie my wrist' she begged indicating her bound hand.

He frowned looking uncertain. He may have been a psychotic nutter but he knew when he was on to a good thing. The men with the cattle prod could be back anytime soon so he was not going to give up his prize before he had to. He was having too much fun with this new found pastime and with his new playmate.

Diana realised just what he was thinking when he slowly shook his head. 'Bloody men thinking with their dicks as usual' she thought. She needed to persuade him. But how she only had one thing to offer.

'Jon-Jon will you release me if I show you something even better than making love?'

Better than fucking? She'd got his attention. His vacant brain thought this through then he nodded happily.

'O.K.' she began 'squooch up here, now slip your cock into my mouth.

He reacted jerking back and covering his member with both his hands. She was as nutty as him if she thought he was going to let his dick come anywhere near her pearly white teeth.

'Jon-Jon trust me. You'll be amazed I promise.'

It took another five minutes of cajoling to persuade him to tentatively present his cock to her soft lips. Her pink tongue emerged and licked his cock head. He giggled as the sandpaper texture sent shivers through his dick. He watched carefully as slowly he fed his big purple head into her wide open mouth. He groaned as she closed her lips on him and sucked softly. Pleasure flowed through his shaft as the young Amazon sucked on his cock. Slowly his hips began to undulate sliding his cock over her tongue and deeper into her hot wet mouth. His giant hands gripped her head and he slid his cock into her mouth faster and faster, fucking her face. Diana groaned as his cockhead hit the back of her throat. More and more saliva slicked his dick making it slid easier. He'd cum four times in the last three hours so he was able to hold out for twenty minutes before his balls signalled they were ready to deliver the small amount of sperm still left in them.

Diana felt him begin to swell in her mouth just as he jerked and shot his load into the back of her throat. He gripped her head and jerked again. His semen slid down her gullet as he emptied his balls into the young Princess once more.

She waited while he recovered unsure whether he'd keep his promise and she heaved a sigh when he used his thick fingers to untie the leather strap from her wrist. He untied her ankles while she freed her other wrist and she was free. 'Thank you Jon-Jon' she said as she kissed him on the cheek. He felt inordinately pleased with himself all thoughts of violence now gone.

Diana found her blue starred panties and pulled them on then from her bag she took her tiara and placed that on her head. She next slipped the metal bracelets onto her wrists and grabbed the fake golden rope.

She listened at the door but could hear no sound. The door was still locked but she was an Amazon with an attitude. With a grunt she simply ripped the handle off splintering the wood and ruining the lock. 'Jon-Jon you stay here' she urged the man mountain and then slipped out. Quietly she padded in bare feet to the Rope Room. Inside she searched in one of the cabinets until she found the red and white leather calf length boots. Putting them on she continued searching until she found her last target. The red and gold trimmed basque. Slipping this on she nestled her breasts into place in its firm embrace then added the rope at her hip.

In a long mirror she studied her reflection for a minute. With her hands on her hips she admired herself and trying to bolster her confidence thought to herself 'you look wonderful woman' then with renewed resolve she headed back into the club.

Suddenly as she was halfway across the dance floor a single light flickered on. She stood transfixed in its beam as a hated voice spoke. 'So Diana you resist all my efforts to give you an interesting death. We'll have to try harder.'

All the clubs other lights flicked on and Diana was confronted by Malina, Sheriff Vanhorn and Deputy Manson.

'Well, well, if it isn't Queen Malina and her trained dogs' goaded Diana in a mocking voice. 'Still unable to do your own dirty work you've sunk to employing men.' She virtually spat the last word making the eyes of the Sheriff and Deputy narrow at the insult.

'Well Malina at least one part of your plan worked.'

'Which part's that' asked Malina confused.

'The part to show me the ways of the man's world. The part that was supposed to teach me how to deal with duplicity and to recognise fraud and deceit in others. I've only been here for a few days and I've been lied to, molested and generally taken for an innocent abroad. Well that's over now. You've succeeded in curing me of my innocence and naivety. Because of that you're all under arrest.'

Vanhorn guffawed at the cheek of this young woman. 'And just what are you arresting me and Manson for?' he demanded.

'Drug running you bastard. It took a while but I eventually worked out that there isn't a Mr Big drug peddler due to visit the club, well at least there is but it's you and your henchman Manson. The field I crashed into is yours and it supplies you with the drugs you push in the town.'

'And me?' asked Malina in a sweet voice interested to see if the young Amazon had guessed her ultimate plan.

'You Malina are under arrest for treason against the Royal line of Themyscira and the Amazon nation. The Rope of Truth is a fake. You lied about the death of my mother the true Queen so you could firstly rid yourself of me and my claim to the throne and then presumably remove my mother and claim the throne for yourself.'

'All true' conceded Malina 'but as usual you think too small. Why do you think I have allied myself with these gentlemen? Hmmm.'

Diana hesitated.

'No? Drugs you stupid Bimbo, drugs. They have the distribution network while I will have a beautiful tropical Island that no-one from the world of Men knows exists that could grow every known drug in perfect safety under my protection. We then have the perfect delivery system in our invisible planes. The States of United America won't know what hit them when I and my confederates get going. You see you're so small so insignificant but still you must be dealt with. Gentlemen if you please.'

Vanhorn and Manson smiled as they slid out their Police issue Colt 45's and taking careful aim fired. Diana seemed to be moving even before each shot was fired. It was as if the two men were firing directly at the metal bracelets on the Amazons wrists. Her speed of movement made her a blur. Bullets zinged about the club ricocheting from the bracelets to bury themselves into the walls and floor.

The guns clicked as each man emptied the revolving cylinders of all six of their bullets. 'Use your nightsticks' urged Malina desperately. Extracting the three feet of heavy ebony wood each man carried Vanhorn charged at the young woman. Diana waited as the bull of a man rushed at her. The stick swished through the air just missing her head as she ducked. Her Amazon trained muscular arm slammed her metal bracelet down on his head sending him tumbling to the floor unconscious even before he reached it.

Manson approached more slowly. The Amazon watched him turning as he slowly walked crabwise round her. He poked at her with his stick trying to make her trip or unbalance herself. A fast as a snake she grabbed the nightstick and pulled. Manson stumbled forward and met her avenging fist coming the other way. His nose almost met the back of his head and he fell to the floor.

Malina watched the men fail and shaking her head rose to face the young Amazon. 'So Princess it comes full circle back to you and me. You won't sucker me again you know, this time I'll take my time and rip you to pieces bit by bit.'

'Go for it' rasped Diana standing poised to meet the challenge.

The two circled each other as once before both fainting looking for an opening. Malina moved in but Diana slipped to the side but not before she'd given the older woman a resounding slap. Malina growled but kept her temper in check. To rush in uncontrollably was to give her opponent the advantage so she calmed herself and waited for an opening.

It came when Diana got the upper hand Malina slipped on a puddle of Manson's blood. Diana moved in and grabbing fistfuls of hair threw Malina to crash into the tables surrounding the dance floor. Malina crashed hard amongst the splintered wood. She thought quickly to grab for a broken shard of wooden chair leg but then saw an alternative.

She rose stiffly appearing to be injured and as Diana moved in raised her hand as if to beg for mercy. 'Wait please' she pleaded but Diana had learnt her lesson and determined not to give the traitor the slightest chance.

She grabbed the outstretched arm meaning to throw the older woman over her shoulder to slam her once more into the hard wooden dance floor. Suddenly Malina raised her other hand and threw the contents of a pepper pot that she'd palmed. Salt and pepper had been on one of the tables scrunched under her weight and she'd spotted it amongst the wreckage.

The young Amazon reeled backwards blinded. She tried to rub her tearful eyes as she staggered back. Malina followed her stooping down to retrieve Vanhorn's nightstick from the floor. Smirking Malina raised the stick and smashed it across Diana's shoulders driving her to the floor. Unable to see her Diana could do nothing but throw up her arm to try to ward off the next unseen attack.

Malina took careful aim at Diana's unprotected head and with all her strength brought the nightstick down.

'The heavy wooden club hit with a meaty smack ... right into Jon-Jon's big right palm. He gripped the stick as Malina tried to pull it free but it felt as if it was set in concrete. She shouted out in frustration as the mental patient wrapped his giant arm round her body trapping her arms. Even with her Amazon strength she couldn't break his hold.

Diana managed to use her own tears to clear her vision then she found a napkin and wiped her eyes free of the stinging pepper. Still red rimmed she saw Jon-Jon easily holding the struggling Malina.

With a broad smile he stroked Malina's face and said 'Purdy Lady. Jon-Jon play?'

Diana grinned evilly 'Yes. Jon-Jon play.'

With a heave he dragged the frantic Malina towards the bedroom. The last thing that Diana heard was Malina's despairing cry 'By the Goddess Hera would you look at the size of that thing.'

Many hours later some new Police turned up to take Sheriff Vanhorn and Deputy Manson into custody. Diana had found Malina's plane and used its communicator to contact Themyscira to confirm her mother was still alive. She in turn had contacted the American authorities and they'd sent the Police.

A young officer accompanied Diana as she escorted Malina, who seemed to be walking a little like John Wayne back to the plane. Apparently Jon-Jon had found a new hole to play with. She would face trial on the Island for her crimes. As Diana turned to say goodbye he looked up at the vision of feminine strength and wholesomeness dressed in her red, blue and gold uniform and said 'Tell me miss what is your name what do we call you.'

Diana thought then replied proudly 'my name is unimportant but you can call me Wonderful … no, you can call me … WONDER WOMAN.'