Wonder Woman Sexercise  

By Arson Jack

Wonder Woman Sexercise

The characters Wonder Woman and Guy Gardner are the properties of DC comics.

Wonder woman aka Diana Prince slowly climbed out the shower rubbing the water of her impressive physique. She then walked toward the big mirror to check whether her bruises had completely healed from the battle from last week. Although she was born and bred to be a warrior, Diana was one of the most beautiful woman in the world, her voluptuous figure, her round firm breasts that seemed to defy gravity, her muscular yet soft body, her raven black hair that reached her hips and other qualities made her seem more of an elegant goddess rather than a warrior. Being a princess Diana actually bought and lived in a high tower apartment building in the center of the city, allowing her to be vigilant and to admire the beautiful sunrise, while living alone.

She started to walk towards the window naked to open the curtains fully when she saw they green lantern Guy Gardner floating outside, admiring her nude body with a smirk on his face. Diana quickly covered herself with the curtain and screamed, “What are you doing spying on me Gardner?”

“I came to discuss some League matters but we can do something else if you want” replied Guy as he entered into her room through the window, all the while admiring her naked form.

“Well you could have contacted me via the communicator” said Diana as she started to do some stretching.

“And miss this pretty sight” murmured Gardner to himself.

Diana disliked Guy, as he was the cockiest person that she had ever met and he was known to be flirtatious around the Justice League female members. But he was also one of the gutsiest people she knew, eventhough she was the most beautiful woman, fellow male heroes or men in general seemed to lose confidence when trying to ask her out. This she guessed was one of the side effects in being blessed with the beauty of Aphrodite, but Guy seemed to be immune to this and only cared about bedding her.

Diana started to do some standing toe touches, extending her butt outwards making Guy horny.

“Well what is it that you want to discuss?” she asked, not concerned with him ogling at her.
“Thought I’d see how you look in the morning.” He replied.
“What?” She asked annoyed.
“Never thought you could get any more beautiful!” He continued.

Seeing sweat forming on that sweet body was the last straw for him, as he used his ring to discard his green lantern uniform. Diana saw this from her corner of her eye and was not surprised to see him not wearing any civilian clothes underneath or in his overconfidence in trying, what surprised her was how large his cock was. Guy was not as tall as she was but he was more muscular and buff compared to her athletic body.
“No wonder he was so cocky around woman, his penis is as big as superman’s biceps.” she thought.

“Don’t even think about it" she said as he started to approach her behind. Guy used his hands to caress her butt as she bending, while slowly grinding his cock up and down her ass crack.

“Without your belt you won’t be so tough to resist me Diana, just admit you are just like any other bitch that just needs a good fucking”. With that he started to slowly enter his cock up her cunt.
Diana however was ready for this; she stood up and caught his grabbed his head and flipped him over.

“Like I said the first time. No. The only way you can have me is by beating me in a spar.” she said smiling. She knew Guy might have a chance with his experience as a SEAL but too slim a chance. She could use this opportunity to wipe his overconfidence with that filthy smile.

Guy stood up with a smirk on his face, he wasn’t expecting much this morning but going some round with the hottest superheroine sounds the best way to start a day. He tried to do jab her using his fists, but Diana avoided them gracefully. Diana used her hands to push Guy around whenever he tried to catch her, and fight continued for a while.
Realising that she was much faster than him and he will lose if doesn’t do something unexpected, he quickly jumped on her hoping to tackle her to the carpet. Diana didn’t predict this and her body was now trapped under Guy’s body. He then used his hands to hold her hands down above her head and asked, “Had enough?”

Diana quickly slid her hands to the sides making Guy fall on her and lose control of her hands. Diana used the momentum to throw Guy against the wall.

Before he could realise what just happened Diana was standing above him, her bushy cunt above his chest. She was mocking him showing him the prize he could have won, “Shame that you are the keeper of the green power ring, you don’t deserve it. Even with it you don’t stand had a chance”, she said starting to walk away.
“That’s it" said Guy aloud, stopping midsentence, she really wants to be fucked he realised.

Diana was quickly slapped in the back with a huge green fist and crashed into the wall in front of her, before Diana recovered Guy grabbed her by the hair and threw her onto the floor and jumped onto her stomach.
“This is cheating” said Diana angered “not that it will help you much”.

He could see that she not hurt by the attack, Diana rolled over pushing Guy over, but this time he was ready he found his balance and used the ring to construct a giant hand that grabbed Diana and pulled her back to him. He grabbed Diana around the neck using his left arm to choke her, while the ring construct tied her hands behind her back and holding her legs making her immobile. Diana tried struggling but it was useless she didn’t have enough leverage and it was only causing her to choke herself even more on Guy’s arm “I may not be a great warrior like you princess, but I am a green lantern we are known for our willpower. My will to fuck you is stronger than your skills”. Watching her futile struggle he was himself pleased, not only would he teach the bitch a lesson but she was starting to breathe heavily.

Her heavy breathing was causing her large, firm breasts to jiggle, Guy grabbed on her nipple and started to pinch her.

Diana herself was enjoying this, and started to finally lose herself to the lust. “Oh yes” she screamed, “that’s it”.

Guy decided to humiliate Diana today, make her remember that she was just a slut walking around in that swimsuit of hers. Although she stood a head taller than him, it looked like Guy was playing some sort of instrument with her body that made animalistic yells. “Good thing it’s just you living here in this building, otherwise the whole world would know how much of a slut you are.” he mocked her, “now where was I”.
He once again began to push his penis into her cunt, the cock was expanding the muscles and forcing its way in, “oh Guy, it’s so big” she screamed. Guy decided to let her hands go as she was too weak to fight back, but still held his arm around her neck choking her to show who the boss was.

Diana grabbed onto his arm with both hands, as Guy started to push his rod up into her body.
Guy felt a surge of adrenaline he never got even when facing intergalactic villains, he had conquered some of the most beautiful models and athletes on Earth but conquering a superheroine was a first for him. The fact that it was the most beautiful woman in all of the sectors only made it all the more awesome.

The great wonder woman was now acting like a whore, not knowing whether she should be repulsed or thankful for being treated like this. Guy’s will to dominate Diana was somehow giving him strength that matched even Wonder Woman’s. Each thrust from his cock into her was like a jackhammer drilling into her at a constant speed. This was a first time experience for her; Diana was embarrassed on how she was being treated on her first defeat.

“How bout it, bitch beg for mercy and I might go easy, if it’s too much for the warrior princess that is.”

“Please Guy, go a bit slow its my first time”, said Diana.

This surprised him, “You mean I’m the first person ever to pop your cherry” asked him confused.
“Don’t tell the princess is scared of this.” Guy kept on pushing his cock into her cunt slowly and enjoying it, he went where no man has ever been before but wanted to. Diana kept silent.
“But you like it don’t you I know a whore when I see one.” Guy used his ring to construct a hand to get the golden lasso that was on the wall. He then tied it tied around her neck, Diana being distracted with the cock only realised it too late.

“What are you doing Guy. Remove it at once” she exclaimed.
“Sorry princess, not until I use it to conquer you. Now tell me, do you like being dominated?”
“Yes, I like being helpless and dominated” she screamed.

“Here I thought this would be our last date. Well I aim to please, you like doing your exercise in the morning don’t you, start doing some toe touches and I will swap intensity for humiliation”.

Guy released his arm from her neck and now held his head in both his hands, smiling widely and standing still. Diana stretched her hands above her head and slowly started to bend, pushing her ass onto his cock, Diana was now the one controlling the pace of her own fucking. Guy was happy to feel the tightness of her muscles around his cock. Diana started to get up, to stretch her hand above her head again. Guy took his hands from around his head and started to fondle her ass. She once again started to bend over, causing her sweaty hair to fall over her and touch the ground.

“You seem to enjoying your exercise more now” Guy joked.
“Please Guy, stop this” Diana said.
“Play with your breasts and hair.” said Guy ignoring her.

Diana started to push her hair back with her hands, and then started to tweak her own nipples all the while bending her body up and down on Guy’s cock.
“Oh, Hera…UHHHHH” Diana moaned as she started to have a long orgasm.

“I am bored just watching you do all the work Diana, now here’s another exercise pose it’s called the “downward dog”. “ Guy then pushed Diana on the ground. “ Stand on all fours and push your ass up, straight your knees and elbows.” he commanded. Guy then lied on top on Diana’s back and pushed his cock straight up her ass, “AIIEEE…” moaned Diana, “stop it Guy, not there”.

“Let’s play a game, make me cum before you fall on the ground and we will stop, but if you fall first then I get to go on”. Diana went with the game but odds were stacked against her as he was driving into her ass with never before seen energy and power, and was laying on top of her. He seemed to have high endurance while she was acting like a dog in heat.

Without further ado Guy started to drill deep into her ass, this sex position was having a whole new effect on her. The pain and pleasure combined to give a whole new level of excitement, sweat started to pour from her body. Diana dropped her head down; her breasts were jiggling while her hair kept dragging on the ground. While she was trying to hold herself up from the crushing blows in her ass, he was busy licking and biting Diana’s ear. Each thrust started to get stronger from before, the area around Diana’s hands and legs started to crack, she couldn’t keep this up any longer and dropped her hands. Guy strong fucking caused the floor to collapse and they both fell to the floor below. Diana was on the ground completely but Guy kept on thrusting into her.

Diana was amazed at how long he had held on, despite showing no signs of fatigue Guy himself was tired but his willpower helped him to hold on for much longer. He then flipped Diana onto her back and said this next exercise is the “plow pose”, with that he lifted both her legs and bend them over and pushed causing her feet to touch the floor while her back was crushed into the ground by her own body and by Guy’s body on top of her. Her legs were pushed into her breasts while Guy started to bite and kiss her lips. This went on for a while but Guy still didn’t release his load even when she came for the hundredth time.

“No sleeping Diana” he said as he picked her up from the ground with her hair and pushed her towards the glass window. Diana was now supporting her body by leaning on the glass window, her whole was tired from the whole ordeal. Guy was now kneeling on the ground, he was staring at the bushy cunt of Wonder Woman, “Ohhh Diana, how I dreamt of this day”, he said and started to lick her cunt. Her cum juice tasted like honey, which made Guy to dig his tongue deeper into her vagina. Diana started to moan and scream, as more and more orgasm came upon her. However all this sound was not going unnoticed people living in adjacent buildings started to see what was going on there and tried to record it on their mobiles. Guy noticing this would not let this opportunity pass up, he turned Diana onto her breasts, her breasts, hands and face now squashed against the window facing outward for people in the opposite building to see what a whore she was, unfortunately Diana had her eyes closed from the overload of the pleasure.

Guy still holding the lasso asked her, “Do you want to be fucked in the public, your highness?” Guy asked mockingly.

“YES! YES” she screamed at the top of her voice not really hearing the question, with this Guy now started to thrust into her asshole once again all of his might

“Then smile for the cameras” he replied laughing.

“What?” Diana asked confused opening her eyes. To her amazement lots of people were facing her gobsmacked taking pictures.

“You are going to be famous tomorrow, the first superheroine with her own sex tape” Guy said pulling on the lasso, pulling her head back and choking her.

“No please stop, AHHH” Diana orgasmed as Guy started to thrust faster and stronger like before causing the window to crack. “UH UH UH” Diana kept moaning, as his long dick kept entering deep into her, while she was kept on being squashed more and more into the window. Guy finally summoned all of his strength and shoved deep into her ready to unload his load into her which caused the window to break and caused them to fall about 1000 ft to the ground into the city below where people were in for a huge surprise..

Later that Day
Diana was at her apartment practising with her sword with the TV on, the video of her and Guy having wild sex now being broadcasted on all major TV channels. The video spread like wildfire through the media, everybody saying what they thought about it.
Fortunately none of the Justice League members tried to contact her probably because they found the situation awkward. Good thing there aren’t any tv in Paradise Island, or her mother would have been outraged by this. Guy left the same day claiming he had some serious space to take care off, but Diana knew he just wanted to avoid the pressure leaving her all alone to answer for the spectacle.
News reporters where still outside her building trying to ask her some questions, but Diana didn’t tell anyone how she was raped against her will. She looked up at the TV to see the channel playing the scene where Guy was fucking her against the window, “the quality luckily was poor, …. but the sex was exciting”, she thought.
Guy had opened a new side of her, a naughty side that liked being dominated against her will “Maybe I will try to lose more often” she thought as she started rubbing her left nipple and headed into the shower.