Wonder Woman - An Unexpected Affair  

By BigBoob 58

Wizards Lair Contest Summer 2012 Wonder Woman
Wizards Lair Contest Winner

The following story depicts characters that are property of someone else, placed in situations that are sexual in nature. This is not for the easily offended, If pre marital sex, bondage, forced sex, device based sex or other adult situations upset you, back your way out of this story now. If you find anything enjoyable about what you read, feel free to comment at BigBoob58@Hotmail.com. The characters in this story revert to their normal selves in their usual continuity unharmed and unaffected by this paltry effort-unless of course someone has totally #@&*#ed up their 'normal' in which case I don't know where they go. -BigBoob58 aspiring author 5/2012

A Hardly Working Creation inspired by too many Ho Hos.

Wonder Woman in 'An Unexpected Affair' by BigBoob58

Part A

After a hectic week at work, Diana Prince was only too happy to get home. She was in the middle of a three week suspension from field duty and nothing irritated her more than pushing paper and filing. Her pony tail sagged and her impeccable business suit was covered with the dust from consolidating storage boxes filled with evidence from her case history. The IADC needed to reduce the amount of offsite file space and Diana spent the entire week repacking her files. She faced one more week of torture and the perky brunette decided she needed a drink. As she slipped her key into her door, her neighbor Willy arrived home and greeted her.

"Hey Diana, how's your week going," he asked.

"This has been a tough one Willy," she replied. "I'm upset and I could use a drink." Then it occurred to her she had just invited her neighbor for a drink inadvertently. She usually avoided too much contact with her neighbors since she needed as much privacy as possible. She saw him smile brightly and she realized he was reasonably attractive.

"Would you like to meet at the elevator in five minutes," he asked. "I need to wash the day's dirt from my hands."

Diana agreed and spent the time primping and applying a light spray of perfume. Her desk duty coincided with a remarkably calm period of super villain activity. She had no social engagements for the previous month or so and was off the JLA monitor duty schedule for at least a week and a half. A couple of drinks wouldn't hurt. In the elevator Diana and Willy discussed the local bars. Diana rarely had time for a social life and agreed to Willy's suggestion to go to a sports bar two blocks away.

Willy was as interesting as he was good looking. Her dual identity prevented her from enjoying too much of a social life. Most parties and social occasions were part of an assignment. Simply sitting on a bar stool while 57 channels of sports droned on in the background and having a meaningless conversation was a pleasant change of pace. Willy was obviously smitten with his Plain Jane neighbor and he made it clear that he wanted to get to know his neighbor better. Diana still wore the smart but conservative business suit that concealed the beautiful curves of her body. She was impressed by her neighbor's demeanor and she figured she could use a good roll in the hay. When he suggested going to his apartment she agreed. He settled the tab and the couple walked arm-in-arm back to the apartment building they shared.

Willy lived in an efficiency apartment and the space his apartment lacked was added to Diana's floor space when the IADC set her up in the place. Once inside Willy's place, Diana loosened the hair tie that kept her pony tail in place and allowed her hair to expand. She went over to the bed and placed her purse close to the place she sat down. Willy admitted that he wanted to ask her out or over to his place for a long time but he never caught up to her long enough to ask.

"I'm glad you decided to stay here tonight," he said and colored a bit.

"I don't think I'll stay the entire night," she replied. "While we're here together I hope to enjoy your company and I hope you enjoy mine,"

Willy smiled and he sat next to his guest. She seemed a bit more buxom seated on the edge of his bed and he allowed his excitement to escalate. Her suit coat slid off her shoulders easily and she pulled her arms free as Willy held the garment. He folded it neatly and got up to place it on a free chair. Diana stood up and gently tugged her blouse free from her skirt. Willy wasted no time returning to his guest. He smoothed her blouse with a gentle touch, then he began unbuttoning her top. When he loosened the final button, he pulled the blouse gently, slowly lowering it off Diana's torso. She cooperated by wiggling imperceptibly at the necessary moments. Her bra was white and frilly. The under portion was thicker than any bra Willy ever saw and he realized it was necessary to support Diana's substantial bosom. He flipped the blouse once over and tossed it on the chair on top of her suit coat. He put his hand on one of her straps and she waved a finger at him as if scolding him.

" I think it's your turn to lose your shirt," the usually modest woman said. Willy tugged the tails of his button down dress shirt out of his trousers and stood patiently as she fumbled with his buttons. Her body was close enough for him to feel her warmth without touching. He smiled as she pulled his shirt free and she folded it in half before placing it on the chair next to the one holding her discarded clothing. Willy wanted to see Diana's breasts but when he tried to remove her bra, she suggested they take turns removing each other's shoes. Diana didn't wait and rolled Willy's socks off his feet, then got up and deposited them on the pile of Willy's clothing. Before she returned to her seat on the edge of the bed, she hiked her skirt immodestly and unclipped the plastic devices holding her silk stockings in place. Then she sat down and enjoyed Willy as he slowly rolled her silk stockings down her legs. Willy made sure to mildly rub her legs as he removed the silk stockings and Diana felt a charge from the contact. She smiled and Willy could tell she was enjoying this duet. When Diana wore only her bra and panties and Willy wore only his tee shirt and undershorts, Diana urged him to get up off his bed. She pulled the comforter off and turned the blanket down.

"Which side do you prefer Willy," she asked and her usual demure tone was replaced by the hint of a predator. She was standing on the right side of the bed and Willy at this moment didn't care which side he slept on as long as she was in bed with him. He moved over to the left side and Diana slid into his bed and pulled the covers over her body. Willy wasted little time jumping and pulling the covers up. He looked at his bedmate and allowed himself a moment of puzzlement. He knew Diana was modest, but this was a bit extreme. As he watched the brunette, he saw her fidgeting. Then she pulled her left hand from under the covers and displayed her granny panties.

"You're running out of clothes Ms Prince," Willy chuckled and he displayed his own shorts. They threw their shorts in the general direction of the chairs. Then Diana tugged at Willy's tee shirt. It came off and Diana turned her back to her lover. He unclasped her bra and flung it at the chair. When she flipped back, Willy grabbed her head in back and planted his lips on hers. They smooched for a bit before Willy ran his hands lower on her body. Her breasts felt superb and she was very responsive to his playful massage. She nestled closer and he moved correspondingly towards her. Then he was on top of her and Willy f lt her legs spread open side. He was ready for her and used his left hand to guide himself to the promised land, He teased her briefly before penetrating her slightly. He pushed back and forth without really attempting to enter her. She was into the sawing motion and her moisture built as her breathing shallowed.

Willy pushed into her and found her welcoming his effort. For several minutes he pushed and pulled back and forth as she thrust towards him. She was constantly moving, trying to position herself to make his efforts easier.

'She may be shy and quiet, but she knows what to do in bed," Willy thought as he probed his partner. Before long she was ready and Willy increased the force of his penetrations. He felt a rush of moisture as she screamed and he matched the ferocity of her ejaculation with his own. Then a second spasm seized his organ and he exploded. He never experienced this before. Diana achieved two more orgasms before Willy rolled off her body and passed out.

'Typical male,' Diana thought. 'Good technique, one or two pops and it's off to dreamland.' She turned away from Willy and decided to catch thirty minutes before she left. When Willy woke early the next morning, he was alone and his cell phone had a message from Diana thanking him for an enjoyable evening. During the next week, he tried to call her but she never answered. No matter how early or late, he didn't meet her coming home or leaving for work. It was like Diana vanished without a trace.

Two weeks later, he came home at 6:00 PM and saw the elevator doors abut to close. He shouted for the occupant to hold the doors and to his surprise, the doors opened. He hustled inside and saw Diana Prince standing with her finger on the hold button.

"Hello Diana," He said. "Thanks for waiting."

"No problem Willy," she replied. "How are you this evening?"

"Pretty good, thanks. Would you mind telling me why you didn't return any of my messages,' he asked in a hurt tone.

"I'm sorry," she replied. "I meant to call you Monday but before I made the call, my boss pulled me away from my desk and I went out of town on an emergency assignment. I meant to call you but business was very difficult and I just completed thirty six hours of debriefing. I'm a bit bushed."

"But you have no plans for the evening," he pressed.

"No I don't," was her reply. She tried to figure out what was on his mind.

"Can I treat you to a drink or two?"

"And a thorough fucking after?" she responded and immediately turned several shades of red.

"If that's what it takes, I'm in."

Diana saved the world the previous week in her identity and another two times as Wonder Woman and she really was tired. Willy was a capable lover and she really could use something to reduce her tension so she agreed. After they returned from the bar, they disrobed themselves in Willy's dimly lit apartment. After they crawled under the covers of Willy's bed, Diana removed her underwear in tandem with Willy. Before he touched her he paused.

"Would you mind trying something different tonight?"

"What do you have in mind?'

"I'd like to put this on you," Willy said holding up a sleeping aid that covered the eyes of the wearer completely. "Are you game?"

"If I say yes, do you shoot me?" she replied smiling and both laughed at the old joke. "I guess it can't hurt. OK"

Willy slipped the blinders over Diana's eyes. When he was finished, he realized he was nearly in perfect position so he used his hand to nudge her knee. She immediately spread her legs and he commenced servicing her. This time he pinched her nipples and arms at various moments. She was just as receptive and excited by his lovemaking as she had been two weeks earlier. After they completed their coupling, he passed out. The next morning he awoke alone, again. Damn, he nailed this chick twice and he hadn't seen her boobs yet. The upside was that Diana was an excellent partner. After a cold shower, he called her and left a very modest voice mail asking her to call him back when it was convenient.

Willy didn't hear from Diana or see her for the next two weeks. He realized this was no different than any other time during the years she'd been his neighbor. His job as an inside salesman kept him busy and he knew she was some sort of government agent. Briefly he wondered if fucking her constituted some form of damaging government property, but he dismissed the thought. Eventually they would meet again and he decided that he wanted to try something different if she ever joined him in bed.

Willy was watching a Penn State football game on Saturday afternoon when he noticed Diana Prince walking up to the building. When the elevator reached the floor, he was there to greet her. He had a small bouquet of flowers in his hand. She laughed at him as he handed her the flowers.

"Are these supposed to make me want to fuck you again?" she asked bluntly.

"Actually, I was hoping they would make you say yes to an invitation to dinner."

"In your tiny apartment," she retorted. "I didn't even see a stove."

"Maybe we could dine at your place," Willy replied running his hand nervously through his blonde hair.

Diana didn't hesitate. "Do you expect me to cook too?"

"No," Willy replied. I've got a couple of salmon filets in my ice box and a bit of rice and some frozen veggies. Does that sound good?"

Diana was listening to her body as she listened to her neighbor. She enjoyed Willy's loving skills and he was an adequate conversationalist. If she kept sleeping with him, she risked losing her powers and her careers but she found herself desiring this man's company. She enjoyed herself in his company.

"Why don't you grab your supplies and give me a moment to put these in water," she said. "Dinner sounds lovely."

Willy knocked at her door five minutes later. She opened it to let him in and he was carrying two grocery bags.

"That's quite a bit of food," Diana said. She had an amused smile on her face.

"Only one bag is food." Willy replied. "The other bag is for later if you want."

"Later sounds good," Diana replied. "Do you mind if I shower while you're cooking?"

"Sounds good to me," Willy replied. He busied himself in the kitchen and listened to the bustle and the noise of water in her bathroom. He noted that Diana closed the door to her bedroom but hadn't locked it. He decided to follow his plan rather than be spontaneous. Diana didn't seem to be the type who would like a surprise. When she came back in the kitchen, he nearly had dinner complete. She grabbed plates and utensils and set the small table just outside her cooking area.

"Did you bring wine?" she asked.

"I didn't,' he replied. "I'm not certain what you like to drink with dinner."

"White wine is good," Diana replied. "I have a bottle I've been meaning to try. Would you mind or will you join me?"

"That sounds tasty," Willy replied. "The food is just about done. Does the wine need to breathe?"

He heard the cork pop on the bottle. He turned to see Diana holding the cork but he didn't see a corkscrew. 'No matter,' he thought, 'this evening isn't about wine'.

The wine was excellent and the first bottle was succeeded by a second midway through the meal. Willy's meal was equally succulent. When they finished eating, Diana piled the dished in her dishwasher. She carried her glass which was still half full and sat next to Willy on her couch.

"What would you like to do now?" She asked and surrendered her glass to Willy before he began to kiss her. "I guess that would be an excellent end to the evening."

They continued to kiss and Willy began to caress her over her casual shirt. She was aroused quickly. Willy knew exactly where to touch her and she enjoyed him. Then they broke the lip lock and Willy took her hands in his.

"Would you allow me to try something different tonight?" he asked.

"What do you have in mind," the florid faced damsel asked innocently.

"I would like to try some light bondage with you tonight if that's Ok?" Willy replied.

Diana shrank away. Things like this never went well for her but she really liked Willy. If she refused, would he get mad and go or settle for normal lovemaking like their previous encounters. She decided to keep an open mind. If things went bad, she could always take another shower.

"Just what do you have in mind?" Diana asked.

Willy had moved the second bag to the side of the couch where he sat. He pulled out two pairs of fur lined cuffs. "After we strip, I'll shackle you to the bedpost. Nothing else will change and I think you might enjoy yourself."

"I'll agree only if you leave the key within my reach," Diana said.

"That would lose the excitement factor for both of us," Willy replied. "If it's the only way you will agree, I suppose it's OK, but I hope you know you can trust me."

"Do we need safe words?" Diana asked cattily.

"I've never lasted more than thirty minutes with you," Willy replied. "I promise to unchain you before I pass out."

Diana wanted to rub herself at this moment. The continuous bondage she endured as Wonder Woman and the number of times that she'd been betrayed by men she trusted screamed at her to say no. Willy was gently rubbing her right breast over her shirt and the sensation was not helping her decide.

"OK, I suppose you can chain me up,' Diana said as her mind drilled one word into her consciousness 'Idiot'.

"Your bedroom then," Willy said as he stood up. He extended his hand and helped her up. Her knees were weak and she pulled against him long enough to grab her glass. She drained the half filled beverage in a single gulp, belched softly and giggled as Willy pulled her towards her room. He tossed the cuffs on the bed and turned to Diana. She placed one finger over his lips and began to help him out of his clothes. He expected her to stop and allow him to begin stripping her, but she worked quickly and had him naked. She stood up and stepped back, appraising him and his semi-erect member. Willy looked at her lustful eyes and then he removed her oversized glass frames. He took great care with all of her clothing as he pulled them free from her body. When he pulled her panties down to her ankles, he only had her bra to remove.

"I wish you'd keep your hands at your sides," Willy said. "We've made love before and I've yet to enjoy your breasts completely."

Diana shrugged at the request. When Willy loosened her bra strap, she made no effort to hide her well formed breasts. Willy became fully erect as he looked at his well endowed neighbor. He propelled her backwards towards her bed and she landed softly on her butt. He lifted her legs and positioned her where he wanted her to lay. Then he snapped one of the handcuffs closed on her left wrist and secured it to her brass headboard. He quickly secured her right wrist and then he pulled her leg s towards the foot of her bed. He lifted her fanny high enough to slide a pillow underneath it. Then he joined her in bed. He ran the back of his hands over her hairy mound and felt the moisture that was escaping from her. Then he jumped a foot in the air.

Diana's radio went off loudly and a message boomed its way into the room. Diana recognized the voice as Batman's and he was using the current weeks codes to summon all active and inactive members to New York City immediately. All Diana needed to do was transform to Wonder Woman and text her location to the JLA computer. She would be transported immediately to rendezvous with her teammates and confront what must be a major problem or menace. The alarm snapped her out of her reverie and she said calmly to Willy

"Please let me out of these handcuffs, I'm needed."

Willy moaned. 'We haven't even started yet. I'm kind of in bad shape here."

He moped a bit, and then he remembered his promise. He freed her wrists from the handcuffs and she jumped to her feet. She began to twirl and a lightning bolt formed around her. Suddenly Diana was gone and in her place stood Wonder Woman fully costumed and ignoring the nude man in her bed. She texted the necessary data to the JLA mainframe so fast he couldn't follow her fingers. She turned to face Willy.

"Thank you, Wonder Woman said. "I can't ignore this call. We should speak when I get back. Lock my door when let you yourself out." Then another dazzling light display surrounded Wonder Woman and she disappeared. Willy was stunned and confused. He'd been sleeping with a genuine super heroine. This went a long way towards explaining Diana's frequent absences. At she wasn't gay or weird or something. He dressed slowly and returned to his apartment. He flipped his television on and watched the CNN coverage of the JLA's current fight with something called the Injustice Society. The battle was epic and didn't look like it would end any time soon. When it became late, Willy turned in. He was frustrated and confused by the sudden turn of events. He dreamt of the flashy woman who everyone admired and marveled at the fact that he'd been sleeping with her and more than once.

Part B

Willy returned to his apartment shortly after Wonder Woman departed. He watched live television coverage of the Justice League's battle with some interstellar menace over the next three days and took a bit of pride in the fact that Wonder Woman played a decisive roll on the JLA's victory. Diana didn't return to her apartment until the next Friday evening and Willy was uncertain how to approach his neighbor now that he knew her most important secret. He was trying to decide what to do next when his door bell rang. Diana Prince stood outside his door wearing a plain blue dress and not much else. He realized from the way her body looked that she had no bra on nor did she wear shoes.

"You probably are more aware of the many responsibilities I have now so I don't need to offer an apology for how long it took me to return." Diana said as she walked in the door.

Willy let the door close and he offered Diana a chair. They sat facing each other in silence for a moment each unsure of what to say next. Diana broke the silence.

"I must thank you again for allowing me to fulfill my duty in Patriarch's World," she said and smiled thinly. "I.ve encountered too many men who would satisfy their needs before letting me go."

"I had to let you free sooner or later," Willy replied. "It seemed like the correct thing to do."

"Not everybody is willing to act properly," Diana said.

"I don't understand one thing," Willy confessed. "I didn't think you were allowed to have normal sexual urges."

"That's a myth started by the agents of Ares who prefer that the world looks at Amazons as being deviant as possible. Every century, with the Queen's permission, an Amazon may seek out a lover. After she defeats that man or woman, she can force her foe to vow a promise of Eros."

"And what is a promise of Eros?"

"The defeated man may enjoy a sexual relationship with the warrior who defeated him as long as he understands that his sexual favors are a required service of the victorious Amazon warrior. That promise lasts the rest of the man's life"

"I don't recall making any promise to you like that," Willy said.

"At the moment, I'm not truly an Amazon," Diana replied. "In order to receive Aphrodite's permission to come to Patriarch's World, I was required to spend a portion of my time living as a normal human. The Diana Prince persona was created by my mother during World War Two. She developed a magical spell under Athena, Aphrodite and Eo's guidance. As Diana Prince I am like my mother was during her time in America, a normal woman. She learned and I've confirmed that I must spend at least fifty percent of every month in my Diana Prince identity or my Amazon body will begin to break down"

"As long as you're Diana, the Amazon codes do not apply to you?" Willy asked revealing that he was nearly as confused as ever. "I don't see much difference between you and Wonder Woman now that I know you are one and the same."

"I've always adhered to my people's codes in both identities to avoid confusion within my own mind," Diana replied. "If I ever became too close, I might be tempted into a permanent relationship and lose my Amazon heritage. I am the heir to the throne and I can't take that lightly."

"You're the heir to a throne held by a potentially immortal being and you keep yourself available to take over," Willy murmured. "Will it be necessary for you to lead a coup-de-etat in order to become Queen?"

"I would never do that," replied Diana. "I love my mother and I agree with her in all political and non-political matters. I must admit that I never thought of my place in exactly this manner before."

"Just what is the difference between you and you as Wonder Woman?"

Diana stood up and said "I'll show you."

She unzipped herself and stepped out of her dress. She pulled a small tablet out of a hidden pocket in her dress and demonstrated to Willy how to take her picture. Then she stood casually while he snapped a full length picture.

"Got it?" she asked and he nodded. "Put that thing down for a moment."

When Willy placed the pad on her empty chair, she began to spin. For the second time in a week, she transformed to Wonder Woman in front of Willy. The lightning cleared and Wonder Woman began removing her uniform. In moments she stood naked in front of her astonished neighbor.

"Now take another picture," she instructed as she tried to recreate the posture she held while she was Diana. After Willy snapped the picture, Wonder Woman looked at him and said "I believe it's time we battled."

The words barely registered with Willy when the naked Amazon took the pad out of his hands and flipped it onto his bed. She leaped onto his seated form and rode him and the chair to the floor. She lightly slapped him twice and wrapped her hands around his throat.

"You've been a noble opponent Willy Sanchez but you are in a very bad position," She said following the time honored form of the Amazon race. "Unless you yield, I will snap your neck. Do you yield?"

"I yield," exclaimed the surprised man. "What would you do with me now that you've proven your superiority?"

"Well spoken," Wonder Woman said as she waved her prominent bosom in Willy's face. "I must decide whether to strangle you, chop off your penis and proudly wear it around my neck on a chain when I return home or I may give you the option of swearing the promise of Eros to me. If you decide to swear the promise of Eros, you must do anything I instruct you to do to please me for the remainder of your life. If I offer you this choice and you choose not to swear the promise of Eros, I will immediately kill you"

"Now that's pressure," Willy said.

"I'll decide whether to offer you that chance within twelve hours," Wonder Woman said. She replaced her uniform and after satisfying herself that every component was in place, she spun and the magic lightning reverted her to the naked Diana Prince. Diana helped Willy up from the floor and after grabbing the pad, she took the seat opposite him. She performed quick keystrokes for several moments before showing Willy the result. As Willy shifted his chair to sit closely next to Diana, he made sure his body touched hers. She showed him the pictures side by side. Diana pointed out the obvious differences. Wonder Woman had larger hair, more voluptuous breasts, wider hips and stood slightly taller than Diana Prince. Her skin tone was much more Greek in nature and Diana looked like a typical American girl. Willy draped his right arm over her shoulders and gave her a squeeze.

"Do you ever wish you had her breasts?" he asked.

"I do sometimes," she replied.

"Where do we go from here Diana?"

"Before I answer that, I will say that I must become Wonder Woman before your twelve hours expire so I can pronounce your doom upon you. Custom requires it."

"OK I'm good with that. What do you have in mind to fill the time while we wait?"

"I hoped we might pick up from the point we reached before my other self was required to go elsewhere."

Willy looked at her dumbstruck. He was astounded when the girl he only knew as a normal person agreed to let him shackle her. Now he was sitting next to a full blown super heroine and she was asking him to bind her.

"Is it OK if we do it here?" she asked. She looked down at her nudity and continued, "I don't think I should be wandering the halls dressed like this."

Willy swept her off the chair and she wrapped her arms gently around his neck to provide stability as he carried her to his bed. He set her down and asked her not to move. Then he went to the drawer where he stored the fur padded cuffs. He worked quickly and Diana's wrists were secured to the headboard of his bed.

"If you don't mind, would you struggle just a bit?" he asked. "It makes this a bit more exciting.'

Diana pulled at the cuffs but she couldn't free herself. Willy was sporting a large hard-on and he crawled on top of her and shared it with her….several times. Willy's stamina was incredible and he kept Diana in a state of arousal even during the moments he used to recover. This time when he was done, he didn't fall asleep. He used the key to unlock Diana and she hugged him close as soon as put the handcuffs away. They cuddled for a while. Diana broke the embrace and got out of bed. She spun and was replaced by Wonder Woman.

"I could get used to this," Willy commented to the Amazon Princess who stood by the side of his bed with her hands on her hips. She studied Willy as he reclined and then she gestured for him to get out of bed and kneel in front of her. When he was properly positioned, Wonder Woman placed a hand on his head and spoke.

"I have decided that you will be allowed to swear the promise of Eros. If you agree, you will be bound by the promise for the rest of your life to obey any command I give to you."

"I'll swear the promise of Eros Princess,' Willy said, "But I don't know the words."

"Stand up Willy," Wonder Woman ordered. When he regained his feet, she continued. "Place your hand on my right breast and repeat what I say."

Wonder Woman led Willy through the complete Promise of Eros and he became her servant, She kissed his hand as she removed it from her breast.

"My first order to you is that you do nothing to me or to Diana Prince without explicit permission," Wonder Woman began. "And at any time you are providing pleasure to either of my personae, you are doing so because I instructed you to. Is this clear?"

"Yes Wonder Woman," he replied.

She turned to leave, pausing only to collect Diana's blue dress. Before she made it out the door, Willy said, "May I please make love to you?"

"I think that you've received enough of a reward for your courtesy," Wonder Woman replied. "Remember you're now my servant even if I'm not present. Behave well."

The door closed and she was gone. Willy decided that a cold shower was his best course of action. He didn't see Diana Prince or Wonder Woman for the next three weeks.

Diana explained her absence in simple terms as a top secret mission for the president which came up unexpectedly and she apologized for her inability to make contact. Willy listened attentively and decided she was too honest to lie. When he leaned in to kiss her, she grabbed him around his neck as tightly as she could manage. Several hours of makeup sex followed and Willy understood that his partner was actually afraid he might reject her. Despite her initial uneasiness about their relationship, she now relied upon their trysts as welcome breaks from her daily concerns. The dynamic of their relationship reached a different level. They began meeting every Friday evening and after two months stopped going out for drinks entirely, preferring a quick meal and a night of frolic. One Friday after dinner and before they adjourned to her bed, Willy presented her with a wrapped present. Diana scowled at him and complained.

"It's not my birthday Willy," She said as she fingered the edge of the wrapping paper. "I didn't think we had this type of relationship."

"Actually I can think of a very good reason for you to accept my gift," Willy replied. "I promised Wonder Woman to do things that provided her and you pleasurable experiences. This gift will increase the amount of pleasure you can take from the time we share."

Diana pondered his words for a while. Then her natural curiosity took over and she slowly removed the pink wrapping from the box. She removed the cover and began emptying the contents of the box. Willy gave her three different colored negligees one jet black, one two toned red topped and royal blue bottomed, and a dark tan number that plunged to the wearer's belly button revealing more than it concealed. Just about every time Wonder Woman fell victim to an enemy, she spent a large percentage of her captivity wearing these types of garments. They tended to mean that she'd failed again and the association of loss with this style of clothing meant Diana avoided wearing them like the plague. Since she never had a normal relationship prior to Willy Sanchez, she usually slept in flannel garments or oversized shirts. Whenever she slept with Willy, she usually was naked. She allowed him to cuff her wrists a couple of times and once she had tied him to her headboard, but they usually just play wrestled, copulated and drifted to sleep. Lately they would repeat the process during the night.

"Please don't be angry with me?" Willy pleaded. Whenever Diana fell into one of these silent phases, it meant she was upset or mad or worse. Willy still couldn't read her reactions with any surety. Finally she moved and she began to replace the underwear in the box. After she replaced the lid on the box and set it aside, she got up and walked to where Willy sat. She took his hand and led him to her bed.

Much later and much sorer, Willy slid out from under her blanket and pulled his clothes back on. He looked at the sleeping woman and silently left her apartment. He couldn't help believing he'd blown the best relationship he'd had in a long time. Worse, he had been so close to reaching his lifelong goal that he could taste it. He fell into a deep state of depression and didn't leave his apartment for four days.

On Tuesday evening, Willy was draining the remains of his last beer. He'd emailed his boss Monday to request the week off and since it was the slow season for his product line, his request was granted. He crushed the can, checked the clock for the umpteenth time that day, and he reached for the remote. The Nationals were getting trounced again, the Wizards 18 wins hadn't qualified them for the playoffs and the Capitals were allowing a goal on every other shot. He aimed the remote and pointed it like a weapon at his television. The screen went black with a loud click that reverberated through the silence. Willy rose from the chair, folded it closed and leaned it in the usual place against the wall and went into the washroom. He just finished when the door bell rang. Willy hung the towel and moped over to the door. He was deciding whether to ignore the noise, shout go away or answer the door when the bell sounded a second time.

"All right already," he mumbled. "I'm coming.' He cracked the door open and was shocked to see Diana standing there wearing the same gray trench coat she'd worn the night she showed up naked.

"I hope you're not done coming," she snickered and she walked into the small room. Willy let the door close and his eyes followed the swaying of her hips as she entered. She turned and unbuttoned the three buttons of her trench coat and then she slid it off and flipped it onto the one open chair. When she pivoted, Willy fought hard to keep his eyes from bugging out. Diana was wearing the beige negligee, the one with the deep plunging front piece that highlighted her ample bosom. The designer made the garment so that it supported her already firm bosom and her semi excited nipples seemed to be pointing directly at him. The garment plunged to her belly button and the hint of an arrow pointing at her lower entry only served to increase his arousal. Thin straps held the sheer cloth over her breasts. The straps connected to the low back of the garment that stopped covering her rear just above her waist. The garment hugged her body, showing her curves favorably without squeezing tightly. Willy had guessed her size perfectly. Now he was frozen three feet from Diana and unable to decide what to do.

"I was right," Diana said. "Sexy underwear is a bad idea. You used to be a man of action, now you're just a statue with too many legs."

This snapped Willy out of his indecision. He swept Diana into his arms, dropped her on his bed and fell on her. He slipped his hand over her pussy. She was sopping wet. He loosened the garment where it covered her puckering entry and slid inside her welcoming warmth. For the rest of the evening he was hardly a statue but he managed to maintain the extra leg and find a useful purpose for it.

Part C

Neither Willy nor Diana ever spoke about her problem with Willy's gift. They resumed their weekly assignations and life seemed to be in good shape. Diana began to accept additional forms of restraint and spent one night chained to an 'X' cross. Willy never bound her without express permission and he never bought anything they might use in bed without discussing the purchase. Most times, the couple would strip and copulate and take pleasure in each other's company.

Around five months after Diana started sleeping with Willy, she was pulled into her supervisor's office and joined a room full of nervous people.

"Diana, this is a crisis so I'll skip the introductions," her boss began. "The Vice President's daughter Sheila was kidnapped last night. FBI, CIA, and the Annapolis police department have nothing much to go on. Sheila was last seen in the company of one Ruben Sanchez. She's been dating Sanchez for five months. His original background check was clean but it turns out he belongs to a private club with a dubious reputation. The club is known as Click and many of its leading members are known to associate with the B & D crowd. It is long rumored to have its fingers in white slavery, prostitution and lately it seems to be moving towards international terrorism. Like any other large organization every member is not involved in every sin the club commits. We want to locate the club and send in a team to make certain they're not holding Sheila. That's where you come in.'

"Me sir?" Diana was startled and some her fellow agents who were familiar with the office most conservatively dressed person were equally confused. "I want to help any way possible but I don't understand my connection to a sex club."

"Your monthly Form 16 stroke 8C lists one of your friends as a Willy Sanchez. Is this correct?"

"Yes sir ,' she replied.

:Willy is Ruben's brother and both are mid level members of Click. The club moves constantly which is why we can't just get a warrant and make a visit." The administrator continued, "Can you contact Willy and arrange to get into the club tonight? We can't tail you but we will equip you with two 'dead man' contact devices. If you locate Sheila, you pull one of these clear contacts out of your eye and get away from it. They're temperature sensitive and a minimal loss of heat triggers the GPS feature. Put these in just before you make contact with Willy Sanchez. In twelve hours, they activate automatically. Memorize this picture," the administrator said as he slid a photo across his desk to Diana. "Then call Willy and make whatever promises it takes to get into Click. Get back here in ten minutes and we'll finalize the details.'

Diana returned to her cubicle and called Willy. He was at home but was just about to go out for the evening.

"Is there any chance you're going to your club?" Diana asked point blank.

"As a matter of fact I am," Willy replied. "There's a membership meeting tonight that I need to attend. Wait how did you…..?'

His voice trailed off. He knew he was dating a government agent and he wasn't really surprised what she could find out.

"Are you mad?" he asked in a weak voice.

"No," she snapped." I love knowing a man who hangs around with pervos. Besides, I need your connections today. I can be home in twenty minutes. Please wait for me."

"I can't even be ready for the next hour," He replied. "Today's meeting requires a specific dress code. I shouldn't have any problem getting you in as long as you wear something the club considers appropriate."

"I'll be there in less than half an hour," she replied and slammed the receiver into its cradle. Then she returned to the Administrator's office to report.

"He's going and he'll get me in," she stated. "However I may not be able to trigger the devices by hand. Have any suggestions?"

The eight agents in the office pondered the ramifications of her statement. A couple of them snickered behind faked sneezes and most colored at their necks. The Administrator took the lenses back and gave her a set of false nails. He called his secretary to instruct Diana on the application of the cosmetic devices because he wasn't sure how long it might take her to figure it out.

"The thumbs are the devices,' He instructed in his big boy administrator voice. "These have the same twelve hour auto feature and will activate as soon as you snap one. You should be able to do that even if you're wearing a single mitt.'

Each man in the office mentally pictured the plain Diana Prince sporting a single mitt, a racy negligee and other standard B&D garments. The temperature in the closed room increased and the men acted very uncomfortable. Diana ignored them and checked her new nails. She excused herself to go meet Willy.

"Good hunting Agent Prince," several of the men said. When the office door closed, Diana swore she heard the sound of giggling. Diana was home in twelve minutes, courtesy of the government delaying the metro for her and expressing her train direct to her stop. She rang Willy's doorbell eighteen minutes after the end of their phone conversation. Willy opened the door and waved her in. He was fighting his way into tight black leather pants. His tee-shirt was also black leather but was much looser. He wore a Lone Ranger style mask. Finally after a couple of jumps he was in his pants. As he reviewed his appearance in the full length mirror in his bathroom, Diana pulled the laces on his pants tight and tied him in. Willy removed the mask and then he kissed Diana. She broke the embrace much faster than she normally did and began working on her fingernails. She rubbed them furiously and increased their temperature.

"That should be long enough," Diana said. She made room and spun until the lightning bolt appeared and she was replaced by Wonder Woman. Her strength heated the glue which allowed her to reapply them to her own fingers. She asked Willy if he had a jacket or something else full length she could borrow so they could go to her apartment.

"Bring whatever I'll need," she instructed him as she pulled the old sweatshirt and sweat pants he provided over her uniform. "I'm guessing it won't take long for you to dress me and I don't want to leave my working clothes here.'

Willy grabbed a shopping bag off his desk.

"I presumed you might dress at your place," he said. "I just thought it would be Diana getting dressed."

"Don't worry," she said as she started out the door. 'We're fairly close in size. Besides a little tightness will add to my appeal, won't it?"

Inside Diana's apartment, Wonder Woman instructed Willy to empty his bag and promised to return momentarily. When she returned, she was completely naked.

"I will never get used to this," Willy said.

"You better begin getting used to this," Wonder Woman replied. "You promised to do anything to and for me that satisfied me. This will be very satisfactory. I imagine we're running short of time so let's get going.'

Willy held up a green leather camisole and Wonder Woman lifted her arms and moved closer to him. He positioned it under her breasts and smoothed it against her torso. She turned and he closed the garment. He laced her tightly and the garment forced her to push her breasts outward and perfect her posture. Willy handed her a matching green set of panties. She noticed small plastic cylinders sewn into the front and rear of the panties.

"These are called buzzer panties," Willy explained. "Every non dominant woman in the club is required to wear them unless her partner is using her for his pleasure. I promise that I won't use the buzzers outside the club. These devices respond to a universal remote and inside the club any member may activate your buzzers whenever they desire." Diana pulled the panties up and Willy gestured for her to sit. He pulled shiny green boots onto her legs. The boots were thigh high and required lacing to hold them correctly. Wonder Woman's new heels stood five inches high and she was unsteady when she first stood up. Willy helped her learn how to cope with her footwear.

"Lift your hair." Willy ordered.

"No time to say please?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Sorry, I'm getting into character,' he replied. "Don't worry, I know my place and I remember my promise. "

While Wonder Woman kept her hair clear, Willy placed a choker collar around her neck. The collar was matching green and featured shiny brass rings front, back, and a pair that laid one on each shoulder.

"There's more in your bag?" Wonder Woman asked as she looked at herself in her full length mirror. Her body was restrained in a revealing garment that highlighted her best attributes. She looked spectacular and she wished that she had time to take Willy inside her. She was focused on the mission and would address her personal needs later.

"What's left in the bag can't be worn in public at least not without attracting more attention than we need. Where's your trench coat?"

Willy slipped his jogging suit over his costume and Wonder Woman was concealed by the full length trench coat as they went to the building's garage to get into Willy's car. He drove a late model Mocha Chrome Impala that was large enough to be noticed by traffic.

They took the beltway west and turned North towards Baltimore. At 4:45 they exited in far South suburban Baltimore and drove East for ten minutes before turning onto the grounds of a mansion that was set a half mile back from the road. There were at least fifty vehicles parked on the grounds and Willy slid in about one hundred fifty yards from the lit entryway.

"From this point forward, you should act as though I'm your master," Willy said and Wonder Woman nodded her assent. "When we get inside, you should stay within arm's length one step behind me. Do not look anybody in the eyes. We'll stop in a dressing alcove and finish your outfit."

"Fine," she replied. "I think you should know why I needed to get in here. The Vice President's daughter was kidnapped, possibly by a brother of yours that you never mentioned existed. I need to determine if she's on these premises. If she is, stick close to me. There are at least fifteen federal, state and local agencies ready to pounce on my signal. Don't worry, you're not implicated in anything and your brother may not be either.'

"That's a lot to handle,' Willy said. "Is this going to destroy my club?"

"There's no guarantee she is here," replied Wonder Woman. "I promised I would find out and you know how I value promises. "

"Let's go, we're nearly late."

Wonder Woman teetered after her faux master. When they reached the door, Willy introduced her as Diana Clarke, his recently discovered submissive partner. He explained that she was here for her initial medical examination and to complete the necessary paperwork for permission to enter club Click. The man at the door attached a sticker to her collar and waved the duo into the mansion. Several temporary alcoves were set up inside the door and Wonder Woman followed Willy into an empty one. After he removed his jogging suit and her trench coat, a servant came and collected the street ware. He stamped Willy's hand with a number that would allow them to retrieve their clothing.

"Close your eyes," Willy said and Wonder Woman did without hesitation. She felt something leathery pulled over her head and felt the material shift from side to side. Then she felt a jerk and the hood hugged her head tightly. She risked a peek and had no light whatsoever. She closed her eyes and concentrated on what she could learn from her situation.

"OK, open wide," Willy said.

Wonder Woman opened her eyes and had clear vision again. Willy turned her so she could look at the lime green hood that matched her clothing and made her head seem like a small globe. She saw two Velcro patches bunched above the holes where her eyes appeared. Her mouth was also visible behind a slot that was lined top and bottom with zipper teeth. Nothing else about her head was visible. Willy prompted her to turn and she felt him work a glove over her hands. The glove had individual fingers and Willy made certain her fingers were securely in each slot. Then the process of working the kid leather glove along her arms began. Of all the bondage devices she was subjected to, Wonder Woman hated the single mitt most of all. Her arms were side by side inside the soft glove. Her elbows nearly touched and it was far too painful for description. Finally, Willy completed tying her into the mitt.

"Let's go slave Diana," he said and she followed him out of the alcove. They went into the mansion and Willy stopped several times during their walk as he spoke with other club members. Wonder Woman kept her head down but she looked at every woman no matter how cruelly they were restrained. Every nerve in her body screamed at her that she should escape and rescue the apparently helpless captives. Wonder Woman lost count of how often she was groped, fondled, pinched or otherwise mildly molested as she followed Willy to the second floor. He hadn't agreed to help her, but he certainly was giving her the chance to explore every public inch of the mansion. She was so focused on her search that she didn't realize how wet her panties had become. The moisture in her crotch made her realize that her panties hadn't stopped buzzing in nearly an hour. Every where they walked the club members pointed their remote devices at her. Her hips were swaying as she tried to accommodate the sensation. She realized that the buzzers were beginning to win and her knees started to wobble.

"Guys," Willy said to the men around him. "Slave Diana is new. From the looks of things, she's come more than a few times. If you want her available for the after meeting you might want to slow down a bit on her buzzers."

A tall thick man emerged from the crowd and approached Willy. He looked at Wonder Woman, patted her on her breast and smiled.

"Member Sanchez, your brother is on the third floor and would appreciate a moment of your time. Is this one of the gold clearance submissives?"

"No sir," replied Willy. "She's devoted to me and will be committing herself to me within the next two weeks. She can be trusted.'

"Your judgment is excellent as usual," He said. "I suppose you better bring her along. If you leave her anywhere, you may never find her again."

Willy and slave Diana followed the tall man up two more flights of stairs to a back room. The man rapped on the locked door in a staccato knock varying it and then stopping. A key turned loudly, the door opened and he ushered the pair inside a dimly lit room. Willy hugged Ruben for a moment and then he stared at Willy's companion.

"Is this your target?" Ruben asked. "Her dossier didn't begin to hint at this sort of body."

"No bro," Willy replied. 'Diana Prince is too classy in her own mind to come to a sex club. I've made some progress but it will be at least six more months before I will feel comfortable suggesting a visit."

"We really could use something incriminating to turn that dame," Ruben said. "She's a top agent and sooner or later the feds will figure out the other activities beyond sex that Click is into. Do what you can to speed the process will you?"

Willy was glad that Wonder Woman was keeping her eyes averted. He was afraid that the shame he felt would show on his face if she looked at him.

"I'll see what I can do," Willy replied. "I've never failed before and I don't intend to start."

"Does this Clarke woman know anything about what's going on?"

"No and I'm not sure I do either," Willy replied.

"Well let's put her on the side for a moment so we can talk, Ruben said. He turned to someone standing out of Wonder Woman's line of vision and asked, "Is the second poser set up yet?"

Wonder Woman heard a muffled reply and her arm was grabbed. She didn't resist as she was led a short distance. Then she saw Sheila Taylor impaled on what Ruben Sanchez referred to as a posing stand. Sheila was an above average looking red head with nice sized breasts and hips and straight red hair that fell midway between her neck and waist. A mask concealed her eyes and her breasts were crushed in a tightly screwed breast press. Her ankles were manacled to the bottom of what might have been a gentleman's clothes horse without the modification that replaced the formed suit coat holder with a saddle. In the middle of the saddle where Sheila's pubic hair touched the saddle, Wonder Woman saw a thick phallus, or she saw the base of the thick cylinder. It was buried inside the Vice Presidents daughter and the only reason she wasn't screaming or moaning in pleasure was the thick gag in her mouth. A lot of drool was leaking out the side of the gag. Her waist was squirming but she had no way to extract the tube as long as her ankles were shackled.

"Put a large on the open saddle," said the man who was guiding Wonder Woman towards the Vice President's child. She was working her fingers in the mitt trying to break either of her thumb nails. As she watched, one of the servants screwed another cylinder onto the saddle of the open poser. Hands reached under her arms tickling her armpits and she was lifted until her pussy was positioned above the thick large sized phallus on the open poser. Somebody ripped her panties off and she was lowered onto the inanimate stuffer. She was so wet from the effects of the buzzer shorts that she slid down the seven inch pole easily. Straps were attached to hold her legs in place and she felt the cold steel enclose her ankles even though her boots were fine leather.

"She's not gagged," observed one of the men. "Did Ruben give any special instructions?'

"I'm not aware of any," replied a second unseen voice.

"Get the new style gag," was the instruction. "You know, the ones with those ones with the testicle shaped reservoirs."

"Good call."

Diana was still working on her thumbnail when a soft plastic tube presented itself at her lips.

"Open up," she was instructed and she did. The tube was pushed in her mouth. A strap was placed around the back of her neck and she had another device she couldn't eject from her body. She saw two fingers squeeze the testicle shaped reservoirs and felt a trickle of fluid begin to seep down her throat. Unsure of the purpose of this new debasement, she increased her efforts to break one of those thumb nails.

Wonder Woman was gyrating in response to the invader in her pussy. She was keeping perfect time with the Vice President's daughter. One of the observers remarked that the duo looked like they were dancing. Other people in the room laughed at the remark. The phallus was simultaneously painful and sensual. Wonder Woman realized that she enjoyed the attention she was receiving. Every other time she'd been forced, she lost herself in the unfamiliar sensations and passed out. The previous months with Willy e.ven in her magically generated alter ego's body showed her how to derive satisfaction from sexual arousal. She managed to keep enough of a stream of coherent thought to continue making a valid effort to escape. As Wonder Woman neared her third orgasm, she finally succeeded in snapping her thumb nail.

'Hurry' she thought as she felt the broken part slip into the loose end of the single mitt. The sexual attack continued without any break. The device was changing speeds, rotating the direction, adjusting the speed of its vibrations and working her body in every way imaginable. Wonder Woman even though she was more sexually aware, was very near the danger zone that occurred when her participation became willing

'I'm nearly finished' Wonder Woman thought as the process continued. 'Where is Willy?"

In response, her temporary master returned to the room with Ruben.

"So you'll move her out tonight?" he asked his brother.

"That's the plan," Ruben replied. He looked at the vibrating form of Willy's green clad companion and exploded in curse words. "What the fuck are you idiots doing? My brother said this is a novice level submissive. Are you assholes trying to kill her?"

Ruben lapsed into a Spanish dialect that Wonder Woman did not recognize. She felt the phallus slow to a very low speed and her body correspondingly stopped its excessive shaking.

"Maybe we should get the doc up here to examine your little slave Diana now," Ruben said. "I didn't intend for the guys to ruin her on you."

"I think you might be surprised at what she can tolerate," Willy replied.

Then all hell broke loose and the loud mansion became ten times as loud. Helicopter noise filled the air, multiple sirens went off and spotlights lit the grounds. Ruben ran to the window to see what was happening.

"Oh fuck me!" he exclaimed. "I think every fed within fifty miles is on the front lawn."

The door burst open and a group of armed men led by Administrator James Q. Sicking burst into the room. Orders started flying but fortuna tely no bullets did.

"Get those women off those things. Everybody in this room on your faces. Hands grasped together behind your backs. NOW!"
It ended quickly and Wonder Woman was lifted off the poser by many hands. She waited until everybody's attention was diverted then she ducked behind a corner out of sight and spun. She worked quickly to get the green camisole back on. She carried the remainder of the bondage gear as she moved through the crowd to report to Administrator Sicking.

"Agent Prince reporting," she stammered to the nonplussed Administrator. "I've located the target. Thank you for coming to my rescue."

Sicking took one look at his nearly naked subordinate and screamed, "Blanket! Here! NOW!"

When Diana was covered, the other agents began removing men from the room. Sicking dealt with several reports while Diana tried to recover. When they pulled Willy to his feet, Diana shouted to the agent holding him, "Leave that one with me."

"But Agent Prince…"began the protest from the other Agent.

Sicking stared at the man and without a word he propelled Willy Sanchez towards the recovering Agent Prince.

"Is this man known to you Agent Prince?" asked Sicking. "Is he innocent?"

Before Diana could speak, Willy replied. "I'm not completely innocent sir. I had no idea that there was a plot to kidnap Ms Taylor. My brother spoke about it but I didn't believe he would go this far."

"Sir," Diana began. "Would you please release Mr Sanchez into my custody?" she pleaded. "I promise to deliver him to booking on Monday.'

"Monday, Agent Prince?" Sicking said and his eyebrow arched slightly.

"Yes, I need a little time to interrogate him and help him formulate his confession. I expect it will take days."

"I see," Administrator Sicking said and he rubbed his chin. "Well I believe the higher ups owe you a little latitude and the Vice President will be in a good mood. Make sure you're not late. Have him in booking by ten…oh let's say noon. No later."

"Thank you sir."

"Dismissed Agent Prince," Sicking said. "By the way, Excellent work today."

"Thank you sir."

She grabbed Willy's arm and led him out of the room. She leaned close and said, "We really need to get my trench coat back."

Willy laughed and replied, "That should be no problem."

Part D

Willy wasn't sure why Diana had spirited him from the scene but he wasn't complaining either. As they returned to the storage room near the main entrance, they noticed that most of the club members wore plastic ties around their wrists and milled about waiting for paddy wagons to arrive and take them to be booked. Willy put a second mask on to conceal himself as he and Diana exited the mansion. She got outside in the empty parking lot and dropped the towel and the loose camisole on the ground. She slipped her trench coat over her shoulders as she slipped the heels off.

"No need for these anymore," she said and she tossed the heels into Willy's bag. Her clothing followed except the buzzing shorts which were somewhere in the mansion. She buckled the coat closed as they walked. When they reached Willy's car she snapped "Take me home." Then the silence began.

Diana sat comfortably in the passenger seat of Willy's car dressed only in her trench coat. The rest of her outfit and the impossibly high heels were in the bag on the back seat of the Impala. Diana sat barefoot and listened to the oldies station Willy played. Willy still wore his outfit except for his mask and he was speeding along at a brisk pace. He didn't want to be caught by any other stragglers fleeing the evening's festivities and it seemed as if every police officer in the area was at the mansion. Before long they were parked in the basement of their apartment building. Neither moved from their car seat and nothing was said between them.

Diana opened her door and got out before Willy could act the gentleman. He followed her miserably into the elevator. Fortunately, no one else got in and they traveled to the fourth floor quickly. When the door opened, Diana said, "You better get to your place and collect as much stuff as you can. Don't turn your lights on, use a flash light or just bump everything. I expect you in my apartment in five minutes. Don't make me chase after you."

She'd spoken fast and in an authoritative tone and Willy didn't even try to get a word into her mild rant. He handed her the bag containing her outfit and went into his place. He used a navy style duffle bag to collect his clothing. With plenty of room left, he dropped a few of the toys that Diana had grown accustomed to using just in case she was open to a little fun. Then he locked his door and rang her bell.

"Come in," she shouted from the back of her apartment. "Why don't you watch the television while I clean up?"

Willy set his duffle just inside the door and made himself comfortable on Diana's couch. He turned on the Nationals game and was dismayed to find them losing by 8 runs in the third inning to the stinking San Diego Padres. This evening was a complete loss. Then Diana emerged from her boudoir, freshly showered and naked as the day she was born. No matter how often Willy saw her, she still aroused him. After eighty minutes of the silent treatment, he didn't expect this at all.

"You need to prepare a confession for my bosses," she began. "Document everything you can about Click your brother and any additional criminal activity you know about. You'll do that Thursday. Tomorrow we're relocating to a safe house a friend of mine owns. I think that you can call the shots tomorrow within reason. Friday, you'll settle what affairs you need to. Give up that apartment and a short interview with witness protection. What we do Saturday and Sunday depends on how much progress you make by Friday."

"Okay," Willy replied still staggered by his naked companion. "What do you want to do tonight?"

"That machine your brother's men used on me has me a bit needy. You seem to be talented at filling my particular needs."

She grabbed his left hand and pulled him to his feet. He didn't resist being led to her bed. When she stopped by the bedside, he swept her into his arms and his lips found her welcoming mouth. They kissed for several moments before he set her on her satin sheets.

"No more toys tonight," she said firmly. "Do whatever you with what your god gave you."

They made love for hours. Exhausted the couple passed out. She woke him after two hours of rest and coaxed him to action. Again they passed out sleeping until he pinched her nipples gently. She rolled onto her back, spread her legs and welcomed his skillful entry. After he finished, he captured her in his arms and lay behind her and nuzzling her neck.

"No more for now," he pleaded. "I need my strength to travel tomorrow."

"Wimp!" she replied to his suddenly unconscious form. "Mother was right. Men never are there when you need them and they never last long enough to be really useful." She closed her eyes and drifted away.

When they woke the next time it was with a jarring start. The noise of gunfire nearby filled the room. Diana wasted no time. She pulled the drawer to her nightstand open and pulled out a red phone. She handed it to Willy and said "Dial *34. Say nothing. Toss the phone under the floor. Get some clothes and get into my washroom. Lock the door. Don't open it for any reason until you hear my voice say "I really need a drink. Go!"

While Willy grabbed his shirt and pants off the floor and headed for safety, Diana positioned herself clear of her furniture and spun until the lightning changed her. Wonder Woman checked her magic girdle, adjusted her tiara and exited the apartment. She played bullets and bracelets with Willy's uninvited guests and when she easily subdued them, she wrapped them in her lasso.

"How many of you are here?" she asked. The bound villains couldn't resist and confessed that they were the only members of the first phase of the attack. No reinforcements would arrive until they sent an initial report on their progress. Willy was condemned by the higher echelon of Click because he knew too much and because he was blamed for the previous evening's raid. Diana knew Willy could hear the questions and answers and she hoped it would convince Willy about how much danger he was in and spur him to reveal everything he knew.

"You will not remember my presence," she ordered her captives. "You were subdued single handedly by Agent Diana Prince. You overheard her tell her prisoner that they were going to a safe house. He was in handcuffs and unable to resist her as she forced him into the elevator. Now go to sleep for an hour.'

The assassins were comatose and Wonder Woman resumed her Diana Prince identity. Of course she was still naked and dripping love goo at inconvenient places.

"Shit," Diana said and she raced into her apartment. The door to her bathroom was locked and Willy still inside. Diana momentarily forgot the safe phrase and she pounded on the door screaming "Open up, it's me!"

"Not the correct words Di," Willy shouted back at her.

'Smug son of a bitch!" she thought to herself and then she remembered the safe phrase. "I could really use a drink of hot sticky cum!"

The door opened and Willy stared at his lover. He was amazed at the amount of his seed clinging to her curvy body. Her hair badly needed a shampoo and she probably could use an hour in the shower. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the bathroom. While he was cowering, he noticed that Diana had a four legged above ground tub, a sunk in floor tub with hot tub accessories and a shower head above it and a walk in shower enclosed with clear glass.

"I haven't been in here before," he said. "I wasn't aware of what a clean freak you are." Diana smiled at him and rubbed his chest softly with her right hand .

"We should hurry," she said. IADC agents will be here in fifteen minutes and I need a quick shower." She looked at her paramour and held her nose. "You could use one too. Let's go."

For eight minutes, they soaped and rinsed each other in her glass walk in shower. Then they quickly dressed. It was warm enough that there was no need to dry their hair. Diana led Willy to her secret exit and they climbed to the roof. On the roof, they watched the arrival of three IADC cruisers and a local DC patrol unit.

"Arms around my waist," instructed Diana and Willy grabbed her waist tightly. She began to climb and he couldn't see what she was climbing. When they were about fifteen feet above the roof, his vision changed.

"You're in the invisibility field now," Diana said. "We can't be seen by anybody other than another Amazon. Three more steps and we're there."

Suddenly Willy was in a barely visible chamber. Even though he couldn't see the floor, he felt how solid it was. Diana positioned him at a chair and pushed him into the seat. The seat belts were invisible to him also.

"Time for me to fly," she chuckled and he groaned. The invisible plane accelerated and they were on the West Coast in under ten minutes.

Diana wore a halter top that barely hid her assets and a short skirt with the same deficiency. Willy watched his girlfriend/pilot maneuver the invisible plane over one of several indistinguishable rooftops and the plane hovered motionless. Willy heard a noise that sounded like chains crashing but he couldn't determine where the noise originated. As he moved to meet Diana, she yelled, "Stop, don't move."

Willy froze.

"One more step and you're on the roof early," Diana said. She walked to his side and placed his hands around her neck.

"Hold tight," she instructed. She stepped in front of where he'd frozen and the duo dropped until Diana caught what must have been a ladder rung. The she descended slowly to the roof top. Touching her forehead, she spoke too softly for Willy to hear. He did hear the noise of chains rolling into a container, then the faint hint of a jet engine as it departed.

"Let's go down to our hideaway," Diana said and she grabbed Willy's wrist. She knew the code to open the roof access door and they descended several flights to the sixth floor. Again she provided the correct pass code and they were in the hallway. The hallway was freshly painted in matte green with white trim. Each of the six doors had a distinct color, perhaps selected by the owner. The pair walked to the door which led to the corner apartment. Inside, Diana left Willy loose and walked directly to the corner window. The building was on a hill and the view from the corner window looked over the harbor and out towards Alcatraz and the Presidio.

"We're in San Francisco?" Willy asked and Diana nodded. "Is this some government safe house?"

"Better," replied Diana. "It belongs to one of my fellow Justice Leaguers. She travels extensively but considers this her home. She's kind enough to allow me to use it whenever I need to. Right now her alter ego is on business in Hong Kong for the next two weeks and traveling west from there. She won't be back for three months or more."

"Very convenient of her to be out of town right now," Willy said.

"It's also helpful that she has tastes similar to yours although her interest is more in the line of escaping." Diana replied, "And she has several toys we may be able to try out, if you get your paperwork finished."

"Oh that," moaned Willy. The flight in the invisible plane and the fantastic apartment allowed him to forget why they were here. Diana showed him a PC he could use and got him logged in using her password. She instructed him to document whatever he knew about the structure of Click, the names of members and any information about them the IADC and FBI could use to shut them down, or at least excise the criminal elements from the organization,

"While you get to work, I'm going to get groceries," Diana said. "Since your friends know you were last seen with a brunette, I need a disguise." Diana opened a closet and pulled some useful things out. Willy watched in fascination as Diana wove her unruly hair into tightly curled braids that clung close to her scalp. Then she used a bald wig to conceal her natural hair. She was extraordinarily hot without hair on her head and was an attractive red head. The wig had bangs and fell to her shoulders. It was straight and shiny and she looked nothing like herself. She lifted her top exposing her breasts and destroying Willy's concentration. Then she wrapped her bosom tightly reducing herself to merely well stacked and replaced her revealing top with a dark black tee shirt. She selected a pair of fashion jeans and pink Reeboks and completed the casual look with a San Francisco Giants hat.

"If you hadn't gone to such trouble, I'd be over there peeling you out of that get-up," Willy said lasciviously .

"Get back to work,' she replied in her school mistress tone. "Do you want anything in particular. The fish here is outstanding."

"Bring some beer if you don't mind," he replied. "You know my favorites."

"I'll see you in a while," she said. "Don't watch TV, don't leave, just get to work."

Diana shopped for two hours before returning with food for the rest of the week. Willy stopped long enough to help her store the foodstuffs. Afterwards, he showed her what he completed during her absence. Diana was pleased with his progress and rewarded him with a kiss. When he grabbed her and pulled her close, she pushed him away.

"Not until you get finished," she said.

Ms Prince was enough inspiration for Willy. He revealed quite a bit more than he intended and finished the documentation Diana needed by 5:30 PM. She monitored his progress through the advanced shared drive Zatanna purchased from Wayne Tech. Certain facts were time sensitive and she used her cell phone to forward the particulars to Administrator Sicking. As she monitored Willy's progress, she cooked a large meal. When he emerged from the room he'd been sequestered in, she told him to sit down. Diana was dressed in a French Maid's outfit and she served a fancy meal to her mentally spent companion. While he feasted, she placed a remote device next to his hand. He looked at the remote and then at her.

"I found one of your special pairs of panties in your bag," Diana said. "Your clothes are in the bedroom on the left side of that beautiful window. So are a lot of things that I fear I have no idea what purpose they might serve." She affected a Southern drawl as she spoke. Willy lifted the remote and pointed it at her. He pressed three keys and Diana sprang off the floor in response.

"Ooooh," was all she said. She tried to clear some empty dishes but Willy continued to finger the remote and she finally conceded. She set the small pile down and turned towards Willy. He was wiping his chin clean with his right hand and pressing buttons with his right. She spread her legs and placed her hands on her hips just above the frills on the high cut leggings of her outfit. She tried to stare at him with an angry face, but the stimulation from the panties rendered her incapable of anything so serious. She was nearly giggling. Then Willy set the remote down and got up. Diana was wavering and he caught her as her knees failed. Willy lifted her up and sat her on the edge of the dining table pushing a pile of dished towards the center of the table. He parted her legs and tugged at the panties. When he pulled them down her legs, the musky smell she generated filled the dining alcove. Her panties were thoroughly soaked with her love juices. She was too stubborn to admit how aroused she was or to ask for help. Maybe she just enjoyed herself.

"I can get a good deal on these," Willy said. "If you move near the prison, I can entertain you whenever you want."

Diana recovered quickly and slid off the table and ignored Willy's witty remark. She tested her legs and then she grabbed the plates. She carried them into the kitchen and Willy followed with the rest of the dishes. Once the dishwasher was packed and started, Willy looked at his new French maid.

"Don't you get to eat?" he asked. "I don't want you t to go hungry.'

"I finished eating while you were working," she replied. 'I think you did an excellent job and I want to thank you for being so honest."

"How much do you want to thank me?" he asked.

"Enough to let you decide what we do until 6:00 AM tomorrow." She replied. "Then I think we'll accelerate your schedule. You need to set up a power of attorney s your real world responsibilities are handled. You need to lose your apartment in DC and I'm afraid I need to move out of mine too. And we need to discuss things. We'll let that go until tomorrow after 6:00 AM. Until then, you would please me if you showed me how you usually treat your female companions. The double life you've been leading must be hard for you."

"It's too bad you took off that red wig Diana,"

"Should I be jealous?"

"Never," he replied. When we go out tomorrow will I get to play dress up?"

"Only if you want to live," Diana replied. "Two of the people you identified in your document are stone killers. They won't look kindly upon the man who unraveled their scheme."

"Diana, you need to realize that it was my scheme as much as it was their scheme," Willy said. "I'm very skilled at what I do. If you weren't two people, you would be completely in my power at this very minute. That's my gift.'

"Are you some sort of satyr?" she asked.

"Nothing like that," he replied. "I've always had a low level mutation that makes me irresistible to women. I turned a lot of women in agents for Click. We know a lot of top secret information thanks to my sex slaves. We are very wealthy. OF course I never met a girl like you. You retained way too much independence despite the fact that I used my A game on you every time. Until you revealed your secret, I thought I lost my only unique ability. Then you revealed your secret and I later understood that as long as there were two of you, you were largely immune to me. "

"Enough of this," she gasped for air with every syllable. "Did you talk your companions to death?"

"Not that I'm aware," Willy replied. "I think that you're being a bit too cheeky for someone who wanted to see how an experienced bondage master treats his companions. Besides, if my memory serves correctly, you don't have anything on under that short skirt."

Diana blushed as Willy worked his large hands under her armpits and lifted her onto the counter. He placed a hand on each of her knees and separated them as wide as he needed. Then he loosened his sweat pants and stepped clear of the loose fitting pants. Diana snuck a peek at his sizable erection and a bit of drool appeared at the corner of her mouth. Willy pulled her towards him slid into her moist channel. She relaxed and allowed him to impale her. She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his neck. He cradled her fanny and slowly walked her into his bedroom. Some time while she had cooked his meal and read his confession, Diana had turned down his bed. Willy slid her off his engorged cock and gently laid her on the sheets. Then he followed her, reentering her and ultimately satisfying her urgent needs.

Somehow during the evening and the three additional bouts of heavy screwing, Willy managed to strip Diana completely. When 6:00 AM arrived, they were cuddling and enjoying the afterglow of the previous night.

A bell sounded somewhere in the house. Willy lifted his head groggily and mumbled "Huh?"

"The stove lover," Diana replied. "I needed to be sure we didn't oversleep. Let's get going, we have a lot to do."

They showered in different bathrooms, dressed in business conservative and Diana put the red wig back on. Then she trimmed Willy's hair, fit a bald wig over his attractive locks, and placed a hair piece on him that gave him the appearance of a partially bald male of indeterminate middle age.

"Mighty attractive," Willy said when he checked his new appearance in the mirror. "At least I look better than Fred Mertz."

This time they only flew to Southern Maryland and Diana set them down a few blocks from the Metro station. They rode to the management office and separately cancelled their leases. Willy argued about going back to his place to get a few things until Diana reminded him of the shooting gallery it was the last time they were in the building.

"Besides, anything you really need will be provided when you're set up in the program. They visited an IADC attorney and Willy granted her contingent power of attorney. His list of assets was considerably larger than Diana believed possible. Willy was prepared to go to prison or at least into a protection program pending a trial. Diana added his assets to the number of questions she intended to ask when they discussed their relationship on Sunday. For now, she was satisfied that he fulfilled every requirement she laid out. Administrator Sicking would be pleased. Diana purchased a paperback book and waited for three hours while Willy was interrogated by the US Marshals who would integrate him in witness protection. Willy wanted to visit a favorite restaurant one final time. Diana snapped.

"Do you want to die?" she yelled, "Don't you think that the Click members who haven't been taken into custody won't be looking for a couple in one of your usual haunts. They probably believe we're working together."

"Aren't we?' Willy asked.

"Not in the sense of agents assigned to solve a crime," she replied. "We need to be careful and I need you alive."

"I understand," Willy said. "I knew what I was giving up. Will we return to San Francisco?"

"For the evening," she replied. "I really don't think I experienced a true sense of how you treat your sexual partners last night. Don't misunderstand, you were great."

"Are you asking to be tied up?" He said and his voice broke as he spoke.

"If that's what you normally do, I suppose I am."

'Let's get back," Willy said. "Can we make one stop before we return to the apartment?"

"Tell me where and I'll decide on the way."

They returned to Zatanna's apartment ninety minutes later. This time they climbed the seven flights of stairs from the basement and slipped unnoticed into the safety of the magician's home. Diana looked warily at the three bags Willy toted into his bedroom. She'd tried on several garments over her clothing, most of which featured mechanisms to enhance her bosom, restrain her limbs and other wise render her unable to resist whatever Willy wanted to do.

He emerged from his room after unpacking his purchases-actually Diana's purchases because he had no cash and she barely managed to stop him from adding his selections to his account. For a moment she debated whether he wanted to get caught or if he had a death wish. Willy endured her silence and anger as they trudged to the apartment.

"How will this work?" he asked Diana as she began selecting courses for their dinner.

"After we clean up, you're in charge,' she replied. "Until you untie me tomorrow, you will please me if you treat me like any other companion you've had. We need to leave by 9:00 AM. I want to look into something you mentioned in your confession. I need to arrange backup with the Administrator, then I'll cook dinner."

"And then…"

"Then Willy's driving."

Willy did some minor chopping and dicing but he gave up when she kept correcting his efforts. He turned on the giant television and surfed for a ball game or a movie. He settled on Angels in the Outfield which was on a classic movie channel. As the movie ended, Diana called him to eat. This time they sat side by side, toying with her delicious meal and each other's delicious lips. The moment dinner was finished, Will turned into a pit crew with the dishes. Diana barely got out of her chair before the last dish was rinsed and in the dishwasher. Willy faced her and smiled.

"When do we leave tomorrow?" he asked/

"9:00," she replied.

"Good, Then until 8:00 AM, you don't wear anything I don't provide. See how sensuously you can strip out of your clothes. When you're done we'll shower, but just like this morning, separately. And keep the shower head above your waist."

Diana grimaced at the reference. She tried to imagine the famous stripper music as she slowly escaped from her full sleeve top. She spun the garment over her head and flipped it into the television area. She toyed with her pant legs and the elastic waist band before shimmying them off herself. She turned slowly to allow Willy to watch every angle. She grabbed his tie and led him to the television room. After clearing her dress pants off the couch he preferred, she pushed him into the seat. Then she placed her stocking foot on his knee and slowly unrolled her left stocking and then her right stocking. She rolled each stocking to her ankle, then she dangled her foot in front of Willy's face. He grabbed each foot in turn and finished removing her stockings. As he did so, he made sure to run his finger across the bottom of her bare foot and she giggled as he did.

"Diana Prince is ticklish?" he mused aloud.

"Don't be so coy….Master Willy," she said adding the formal address just in case. Diana was experienced in being a bottom to a vicious top and she already worried how much trouble she may have created by placing her feet so close to his nose. "By now you should be aware of my greatest weakness."

Willy said nothing. He sat and smiled and watched the show Diana performed for him. She slid a thumb under each bra strap and played with the thick elastic bands. Diana's bra was strictly functional and perfectly useless at the same time. Willy imagined the nearly naked woman standing at the underwear counter at K-Mart elbowing old ladies to get the most conservative plain white bras. Then he focused on Diana. She'd removed her bra straps from her shoulders and accidentally tangled her arms in the dangling elastic. He laughed at her discomfort and fought the urge to help her. I want to see what she makes out of this. Diana was frustrated and finally she decided to sacrifice the garment. She twisted her arms and split the garment in several pieces. Her breasts exploded into view but remained as firm as he remembered. Her embarrassment carried to the newly red tips of her nipples that jutted straight out from her large bosom. She recovered and started working the waist band on her granny panties for all it was worth and then she was naked and sweating.

"Shower time," Willy said firmly almost like an order. "Be in my room wearing only your towel in twenty minutes. If you're late, there are consequences."

"What might those be?" Diana asked as she bent to collect her clothing.

"Leave your clothing," Willy said. "You now have only nineteen minutes and you need to know that your next question earns you a spanking."

Diana raced to the stairwell and hurried to Zatanna's second level to take her shower. Willy watched her curves and marveled at the stability of her breasts. Her ass was amazing too. He took his own shower within five minutes and was ready for her ten minutes before she was due. He selected a few items from the shopping bag and laid them on his bed. He used a clean hand towel to cover the sex toys. Diana arrived a minute early and smelling great.

"Take off your towel, fold it in four and place it by the foot of the bed," Willy instructed. "Until tomorrow morning, you will kneel on this towel with your knees spread unless I give you other instructions. Please demonstrate your understanding."

Diana removed the towel. Making certain not to block his view of her body, she folded the towel, bent over to set it so it touched the footboard. Careful not to turn her back on him, she bent over and knelt on the towel. She spread her knees as wide as possible while allowing herself to retain her balance. She averted her eyes, another standard behavior she'd been forced to assume in the darker parts of her career.

"You have many natural talents," Willy complimented her. "It is my pleasure for the next twelve hours to help you understand your needs better."

Diana didn't react but her insides were churning. She hated two standard bondage toys more than anything, nipple clamps and single mitts. Willy purchased both items along with many painful looking things she didn't even know the names for. She told herself that she only needed to endure this for twelve hours. Willy reached under the towel on his bed and grabbed the first item. It was a leather belt which he rubbed against her nipples before slipping it under her arms and around her waist. She remembered trying this on and how tight it felt over her clothes. Nude, the belt hugged her belly and sat perfectly atop her hips. Willy snapped the belt closed and opened a compartment at the rear of the belt.

"I'm going to demonstrate this for you, but I don't want to injure you," he said and she could tell he was tugging something. It turned out to be a thin string and Willy threaded the string between her legs, His practiced hand spread her lower lips and he made certain the string invaded her opening. He attached the string to the front of her belt and told her to stand up. When she did, the pain was immediate. The string was coarse and rubbed her intimately. Within a minute, Willy untied the string and let it recoil into its case.

"That's a punishment feature," he noted. "I'm not interested in punishment tonight, just a basic demonstration of my hobby."

Willy gently grabbed her nipples and began tugging at them. Diana tried to concentrate on anything else but the euphoric feeling sucked her brain and felt the moisture collecting near her pussy . Willy stopped when her nipples were rock hard and then he applied adjustable nipple clamps to each bud. The clamps were firmly in place but not as tight as she'd experienced other times. Willy placed adjustable metal shackles on her wrists. The shackles sat exactly where her bracelets of submission appeared when she was in her alter-ego. He snapped chains on each shackle and connected the chains to her belt.

"Pull your arms away from your body."

She tried but the chains held her arms close. He picked her up and placed her on the bed. He pulled her legs apart and proceeded to fuck her firmly. She responded warmly like she always did and both enjoyed the experience. When he recovered, he removed the chains but left the shackles in place. He played with her nipples for a while bringing her to the brink before stopping. While she cooled down, he placed shackles on her ankles. He rolled Diana on her belly and attached chains to her shackles. Then he attached the chains to the headboard of the bed. He pushed a lover's pillow under her belly to raise her openings, enough to give him access to either. Then he applied a dollop of Vaseline to her asshole and plunged inside. Diana's ass wasn't virgin in either of her identities. Her hips drew men's attention and the baser villains who abused her during her career usually took a turn in her rear. This was the first time Willy entered her rear and she screamed in pain as he thrust repeatedly. Like many previous times, the pain converted to a pleasurable sensation and she came again. This earned her another respite although she spent most of her recovery time face down and inches from the headboard.

Willy freed her ankles, dropped the chains quietly on the floor next to the bed and began rummaging for the next toy he wanted her to experience.

"I know I can trust you," he said. "But that's not always true. Open wide and hold it"

Willy fitted a jaw spreader in her mouth and snapped an 'O' ring in place. He molested himself enough to push his semi-hard cock into the 'O' ring.

"Pleasure me." was all he said.

Diana found herself drawing on previous bad experiences to pleasure her companion. She knew when he was close to an eruption and she formed a question with her eyes that he understood despite the absence of words.

"Okay," he sighed and he pulled out of her mouth. As his cock erupted, he directed the flow to her chest. Then he massaged his output into her skin and she moaned in pleasure. He pushed her on her back and took her again. Now he was aching. He grabbed the ankle chains and secured her ankles to her belt. Then he secured her wrists to her belt bowing her. H e rubbed her belly working from the top to the bottom of her abdomen. He slipped several times into her furry mound and flicked her clit at least once. Diana was shaking in response and moaned as pleasurable ecstasy spread from her sexual organs throughout her body. Willy had a perfect sense of how far he could go and he stopped before she could achieve her next orgasm. This caused her to moan in pain.

Diana was virtually unaware that her wrists were free again. Willy now pushed her hands into the bottom of the single mitt he made her buy. The mitt held her arms straight along her backside. Some single mitts were more painful, bending her arms, including odious attachments that tortured her entries and other malicious forms of punishment contained in a single sewn piece of leather. This mitt confined her arms but didn't add pain as part of its construction. Still she hated the loss of control. She noticed a thick strap attached to the base of the mitt that she didn't see earlier in the store.

"You've worn me out Diana," Willy said and he sounded tired. "I don't want you disappointed so I prepared you for the rest of your evening. "

He put one of the shopping bags directly in front of her and made sure she watched him pull a thick dildo out of it. He displayed the device for her. On the side of the smooth green tube was the BitchTamer logo she learned to hate. Willy rubbed her with the phallus and then he placed it at her lower lips. She was quivering when he began to force the stuffer in her. She was so lick that the stuffer went in without resistance or noticeable pain. Next, Willy threaded the thick strap between her knees. He pulled the strap tight against her lower body making certain it would keep the dildo in place. Then he threaded the strap through an imbedded loop on the front of her belt. The real fun began for Diana when the standard pulse program initiated and the plastic tube began making electric love to her. Willy slipped beside her, pulled the covers over both of them and wrapped his arms around her. He held her close and was snoring within moments. Diana was compelled to respond to her invader and couldn't rest. She vibrated at a constant rate for a long time before passing out. Her stuffer entered a pause mode while she slept. When she woke, so did her invader. The device kept her awake for a long time while it used her.

When the next morning arrived, Diana awoke completely unrestrained. Her toys were in a bag next to the bed and Willy was nowhere in sight. She stretched and got out of bed. After cleaning herself in a leisurely shower, she went to look for Willy in the two story apartment. She was certain he wouldn't leave and she wanted their plans for Friday. She found him on the balcony staring at the bay.

"Oh, you're already awake?" he said. Willy spent the early morning hours watching the bay and was surprised by her appearance. She kissed him and sat in the chair next to him.


"A little," she replied and smiled thinly.

"Mad at me?"

"Not at all," Diana said. "You did what I asked. I needed to know more about you. I learned that you know how to keep a promise."

"Did you enjoy yourself?"

Diana didn't reply, instead she said "I thought we should discuss my plan for today,"

Part E

"According to your information," Diana began. "The internationally infamous Paulus Gordon is holed up in San Diego."

"I didn't realize I included that tidbit," Willy said thoughtfully. "By now the IADC has collected him."

"They probably would have if they had the address you included," she replied.

"Why wouldn't they have his address?" Willy asked. "You little mynx!"

Diana flashed her brightest smile. "Gordon is tremendously dangerous and even trained IADC agents would have trouble taking him down. I thought I might handle it myself or with your help if you're game."

"What would I need to do?"

"I think that I might pursue you into that Adult Entertainment store you indicate is a subsidiary of Gordon's. If you meet any of the Click members or Gordon, just tell them that I tried to turn you. Tell them you escaped and gave me the slip. While you distract the goons, I'll collect Gordon. Once we're clear, I'll contact Sicking and we can resume our long weekend."

"Not too complicated." Willy murmured. "You're too smart to underestimate Paul Gordon. His reputation is deserved."

"So is mine," she replied. They went to the roof and Diana carried Willy into the invisible plane. In five minutes, they were setting down two blocks from the store where Paul Gordon was holed up in San Diego. Willy went ahead to set up the diversion and Diana broke down and reassembled three of the specialized mercy guns she preferred. Because of his reputation, Paulus Gordon was a confident man and Diana expected this would keep Willy from getting shot on sight. After a few questions she believed Gordon would assign a subordinate or two to torture Willy to discover what he revealed.

By this time, she was outside the store with a bulletproof vest strapped on, eye black covering her exposed skin and one of her weapons drawn. As she crept by an open window she heard threatening voices and Willy's voice pleading for mercy. She slid the window up and entered the store. She was in a stockroom and the mid morning lighting reflected off several bondage devices in the room. Diana tried the door and it opened easily. She left it slightly ajar so she could watch what was happening on the sales floor. A man she identified as Paulus Gordon was slapping Willy repeatedly and he wasn't answering the questions Gordon kept repeating.

Finally, Gordon instructed the two men restraining Willy to take him downstairs to the playroom. When Gordon stalked past the stockroom, she slipped out and quietly pursued him. In her left hand she carried a syringe containing an incapacitating agent. Four seconds after the injection, Gordon would be immobile. She intended to stash him in her plane and return to rescue Willy. She was nearly close enough to jab Gordon when she felt an electric charge pulse through her body and she fell to the floor. As she rolled to her side, she saw a large bald man with a dark greasy tee shirt and nondescript jeans holding a long stick that must have been a cattle prod or like device. For the second time in twenty four hours she lay shaking uncontrollably. This time it was a brutal attack. Wonder Woman was helpless and in severe danger.

"That must be Agent Prince who our 'friend' gave the slip to before he came here," Gordon said to his bodyguard. "Get a couple of the fellows. Clean the crap off her face, make her more comfortable and then uncomfortable. Let me know when she's ready to talk."

Diana found herself draped across the broad shoulder of the bald security guard who'd shocked her and he carried her down a stairwell to a brightly lit basement. He didn't stop until he reached a half-bath and he dumped her on the toilet. Using paper towels, he roughly removed most of her eye-black. As he rubbed, he filled the sink. When he stopped making progress, he rubbed hand soap over her face then he dunked her into the sink. He held her in place for almost a minute before pulling her clear of the now murky water. More paper towels restored most of her makeup free face. He pulled a cell out of his pocket and snapped a picture of her face. He uploaded the pixels to Click's facial recognition software and in moments her identity was confirmed at over ninety eight percent.

"Time to see what you're concealing Agent Prince," the bodyguard said and he grabbed her blouse. He tugged it over her head, tossed it in the corner then he removed her shoes. Next he pulled at her pants. To save time he pulled both pants and panties off in one motion and he discarded these also. He pulled a razor sharp knife and slit the front of her bra and the straps on her shoulders. He yanked it and she nearly toppled forward.

"Still no muscle control?" he asked the limp brunette as he pushed her back to a sitting posture. "Oh well, you don't really weigh too much." Once again Diana was hefted onto his shoulder and carried from the bath to a different part of the basement. She was roughly flung against a cross shaped restraining device. The bodyguard pressed his forearm against her belly and worked her wrists to the higher shackles and her ankles to the lower shackles. Then her tightened the straps. He tugged at her limbs until he was sure she couldn't slip the shackles off. Then he applied a stinky white cream to her nipples, her ears, and after he expertly located it, her clit. He applied sharp toothed metal clamps over the cream dollops and then he picked up a phone.

"Do you want to watch the whole show or just come down when the confession starts? Uh huh. Uh huh. I'll see you in five." He placed the phone in the cradle and turned back to look at his handiwork.

"You really don't need my name," he said. "But I like it when my bitches shout my name as work their hot bodies and you certainly have a four star chassis. I'm Eddie and I'm going to help you tell Mr. Gordon everything he wants to know. Then you'll get to meet his staff or perhaps the people who work for him"

The large man chuckled at his own joke. Diana finally felt some of the pain in her arms and legs and began to pull at the confining shackles.

"Looks like you're ready for the first cycle," Eddie observed.

"Cycle?" she asked in a low voice.

"In the old days somebody would pass several hundred volts through the body of whoever was where you are. If he didn't pay attention, he undercharged the captive and the screaming would fool him. Other times, the charges were too generous and nobody got to fuck anybody afterwards except Dickie."


"He's a bit more open minded. Necrophilia doesn't bother him."

"Anyway, you will get five cycles. Then Mr. Gordon will ask you a few questions. If you satisfy him, you get a few minutes to clean up before your rape. Course you being a dangerous government agent, you may go straight to the lime pit after I snap your pretty little neck."

Diana could see a box situated at the same height as her eyes and on the box was an LED which read '0'. Then the pain started. Electricity at different levels flowed throughout her body. She arched her back, twisted and turned and struggled against the painful flow. After what seemed like eternity, she noticed the LED now registered '1". The pain continued and her futile struggle lessened. A door opened and Paulus Gordon entered the room.

"Where is Agent Prince at?" he asked.

"Almost done with the first cycle," replied Eddie. "I'm using the five part cycles. Is that okay? Did you want the ten part cycles."

"Five will do for now," Gordon said. He watched the tears flowing from Diana's eyes. Her buds and ear lobes were slightly blackened from the electrical abuse. When the electricity concluded, Gordon slapped her face, twice on each cheek.

"Unless you want to experience that again, you need to tell me everything that the scumbag Willy Sanchez shared with you and your IADC overseers. Don't leave anything out."

While he spoke, Eddie removed each clamp, applied additional white cream to each location before reapplying the clamps. Diana realized the clamps were adjustable because Eddie made them tighter this time. She was shaking.

"No answer?" Gordon asked. "You're a good soldier. Eddie set up six cycles this time. Increase the time by fifteen seconds per application and get Ms Prince started. I think you better plug her mouth this time."

"No," Diana screamed. "You haven't given me enough time to sort my thoughts. Pleease …."

Eddie jammed a rubber gag between her lips. The gag was attached to strap that held it in place once Eddie placed it behind her head. Then he started the second cycle and Diana went into continuous spasms. She watched the LED gain numbers but each one seemed to stay in place forever. Finally the second assault concluded.

"Get those clamps ready for the next series Eddie," Gordon ordered. "Increase time by five seconds and turn the LED around so she can't read it. I think she's using it to manage the ordeal and I don't want her to have any help at all."

Diana shook her head desperate to talk and get the heinous devices off of her most vulnerable areas. Gordon didn't even look at her. Eddie had her prepared quickly and the pain resumed. She was really quivering as the constant painful flow tortured her body. Her kidneys finally unloaded and the rush of her elimination pulled the lower clamp off her clit. The remaining devices were painful enough.

"That's a fucking mess Agent Prince," Eddie said calmly. "Who the hell is going to clean that. You should have told me you needed a restroom break."

Her eyes looked at him and asked yet another unspoken question.

"Okay, I'm just pulling your leg. Well maybe I'll do that when you're safe to touch again."

The torture continued and Diana knew she was beaten. She was desperate to tell Gordon enough to get away from the pain. Finally the third series ended and Gordon motioned to Eddie to remove her gag. Before he could say anything, she spoke.

"Please give me a moment to think," she begged. "I'll tell you everything. Please don't' do that again"

Eddie had replenished each of the sharp toothed clamps while she begged. Gordon motioned for him to replace her gag.

"One cycle this time Eddie," he instructed. "And let's increase the power level to 55%. She seems bored at half juice."

This time the cycle passed quickly feeling almost like a quick jolt rather than an unbearable sequence. Eddie removed the clamps and wiped the blackened cream off her body.

"Throw a sheet over her," Gordon instructed. "I need to pay attention to what she says so I can clean up the mess Willy made."

Eddie tossed a dirty sheet over her body and started to pack the torture mechanism. Gordon moved a chair to a point where he sat between her spread legs. Diana's breathing was finally slowing to a normal speed as Gordon picked up a phone and order and additional recording device in this part of the basement to be activated.

"Where did you two hide?"

"There's an off the books safe house in suburban Tempe and we've been there for the last three days."

"Then who was in Washington DC yesterday closing the son of a bitch's business and canceling his lease?"

"Well except for that time, we were in Tempe," Diana replied mortally fearful of what a lie might cause Gordon to do to her.

"What information did he provide?"

"Basically 25 to 30 locations owned or leased by Click, the names of the upper echelon of management and a list of the dirty things you're involved in."

"So he completely revealed the North American set up?"

"That's correct." Diana replied and she realized from the way Gordon's question was phrased that Click was not limited to the United States. Willy hadn't revealed this in his extensive confession. Maybe he didn't know. She stopped herself, determined not to give him the benefit of the doubt any longer.

"Why are you here?"

"To take you into custody."

"Who else knows where I am?"

"Nobody. I wanted to take you down myself."


"You abused my friend Wonder Woman a few years back."

"I remember that," he replied and smiled. "That was the best lay of my life." Gordon was a handsome man in his late thirties or early forties and probably didn't need to work too hard to hook up whenever he wanted. Because of his access to unfortunate women who were en route to a life of white slavery, he enjoyed additional access to women. If Diana were a typical female, she might have received the statement as a compliment. Instead her blood boiled.

"So you decided to avenge your poor friend?"

"It seemed proper."

"Yet you know how dangerous I am?"

"I felt that I was capable of the task."


"Eddie, unchain our guest and take her to the bathroom," Gordon ordered. "Give her some towels and soap. She stinks and I don't want my people thinking I would send them a filthy trollop."

Eddie had a firm grip on her arm as he half dragged her to the bathroom. He provided some linen and a bar of soap.

"Can I get a little privacy here?" Diana pleaded/

"You got nothing I haven't already seen or touched," Eddie replied. "The boys would be very upset if they didn't get their turn with you and you're the first person I ever got to take before the rest of the crew.'

"And how many men will I be entertaining tonight?" Diana asked.

"Other than Mr. Gordon, ten men are here."

Diana was already washing her sweat off her body. It felt good to be a little cleaner. She noticed that her earlobes and nipples were blackened by the torture but decided to focus on that later. She finished and lazily dropped the towels onto the pile of her clothing which remained in one corner of the half-bath. She turned and leaned against the sink. Eddie watched her every move so she knew that if she had any chance she needed to act now. She ran her tongue slowly over her dry lips and allowed her left hand to slide to her pussy and slightly part her lower lips.

"Eddie, do you want to take me here?" she asked in as husky as tone as she could manufacture.

Eddie thought 'This bitch has no idea how to be sexy. Yet she has a great rack.' He began to loosen his belt and stepped into the bath room and moved close to Diana. She moved faster than he imagined she would be capable of moving and wrapped her legs around his neck. With a jerking motion she pulled him over her body which she balanced on the sink and she rammed him head first into the mirror. She repeated this twice before loosening her leg grip. Eddie sank to the floor oblivious to anything,

Gordon must have gone upstairs because Eddie was the only other person in the basement. She checked for security cameras and when she found a spot that was blind to the constant observation, Diana Prince began to spin.

A flash of magic lightening heralded the arrival of Wonder Woman who was fully powered not exhausted by Diana's ordeal and ready to take her belated revenge on Paulus Gordon. Eddie was no threat at the moment so she left him in the pile of unconscious thug that he currently occupied. She made her way to the stairwell and ascended to the first floor. A single guardian was waking the hall and she easily snared him with her magic lasso.

"Is Willy Sanchez still alive?"

"Yes" replied the bound guardian.

"Where is he being kept?"

"Second basement,where the cool toys are kept."

"How do I get there?"

The man provided directions. Wonder Woman was about to untie him when she realized she needed a little more information.

"Where is Paulus Gordon?"

"He's out back in the garage planning transportation to Central America."

"Now sleep." Wonder Woman said and the guardian passed out.

'Two down, eight or nine to go,' thought Wonder Woman as she made her way to the garage. She was determined to bring Gordon to justice. She entered the garage tentatively and checked the path between her and Paulus Gordon for anything that might give her away. She saw nothing so she proceeded to close ground on Gordon as he focused his attention on a map or something like it. He didn't realize he wasn't alone until her golden lasso settled over his shoulders. As was her habit, she gave the lasso a jerk and pulled Paulus off his feet for a moment. Wonder Woman coiled her lasso as she approached her new captive.

"My lasso forces you to tell me the truth," she said as stood two feet from him. "Tell me what you were trying to do?"

"I was finalizing my exit strategy," he replied.

"Is that all?" she asked.

"I was also wondering what the contents of this syringe would do to you," he added and he pushed the self injecting syringe into her exposed arm. Wonder Woman's grip loosened on her golden rope and she tried to pull the syringe out of her arm before too much of the paralyzing agent got n her. Gordon used the lasso to pull her against his body and he reached behind her. He unfastened her magic girdle and tossed it on the floor, then he pulled her away from the golden source of her extra abilities. Wonder Woman realized she was fading but she still tried to extract the syringe. Gordon placed his hand over hers and pushed gently down, making sure that the needle finished injecting it's payload into the Amazon's body. Wonder Woman was awake but unable to move at all.

At that moment Eddie burst into the garage and screamed "That Prince bitch got away boss."

"She probably called her friend here," replied Gordon as he removed the lasso from his body. "Get this bitch inside and take her to cellar two. I hated to leave here before I had a chance to test out the new toy the techies geeks just installed down there. Wonder Woman is the perfect Beta test. Oh Eddie, just carry her there, don't strip her. I'll do that myself."

Before long, Wonder Woman found herself in another basement in Gordon's house of horrors. Eddie laid her next to a three foot high pommel horse. The horse's body was just three feet long and less than a foot wide. Wonder Woman tried to imagine its purpose but couldn't. She only knew that she would not enjoy the experience. The pommel horse sat anchored in a five foot wide alcove. On each wall and the ceiling were mirrors. Whoever was secured to the gymnastic device would be able to watch every part of their debasement.

Still not moving?" asked Gordon.

"No boss," replied Eddie. "I have the remote for the gas just in case. He held up a remote device with a deadman trigger that would fill this basement with knockout gas when triggered. Wonder Woman wasn't going anywhere for the next six hours. The paralytic would wear off in that time. Until then, nothing on earth would allow her to move her own body. She retained her flexibility which she learned as Gordon completed the task of removing her uniform. She was naked for the second time in two hours and in her second identity. This was different though because when Diana Prince was naked, she could hope for an opportunity to become Wonder Woman and effect her escape. Wonder Woman had no such safety net. While Gordon disrobed her, her tiara slipped off and rolled behind the pommel horse device out of Gordon's line of vision. Gordon threw her uniform, her lasso and her magic girdle in a bag. Then he helped Eddie lay her face down on the pommel horse. She was positioned so the body of the horse supported her up to her larynx. Her head would have dangled loosely, but Gordon placed a bondage hood over it and the top of the hood had a ring attached. Rope was threaded through the loop and a knot tied. Then the rope was worked through another loop or hook placed above her and her head was suspended in a fashion that held her lips up like she was standing. The back of her neck hurt even though she couldn't move it. Three straps located under her arms, around her waist and just below her breasts fixed her to the pommel horse. Then the most terrible thing happened. Her wrists were shackled in thick stainless steel cuffs. The cuffs were attached to metal rods that extended from the front of the pommel horse. Her legs dangled straight down from the other end of the pommel horse and her ankles were shackled by cuffs attached to a spreader bar that was further attached to the base of the horse.

Wonder Woman was completely powerless and totally immobile. The worst remained in front of her (and behind her too as we shall learn). Gordon left her alone and used the time to prepare for his escape. Eddie was trusted to watch her despite his failure with Agent Prince. Gordon already decided to eliminate him and decided to let him finish one final assignment before he was liquidated. After what seemed like an eternity, Wonder Woman recovered her motor skills and Eddie called Paulus on his cell. Eddie began working out of Wonder Woman's direct vision but the mirrors revealed the next step in her captivity. Eddie attached an articulated tube that must have been at least eight inches thick. At the end of the tube, Eddie bolted a wheel contraption. The wheel was circular but didn't have rim to connect its spokes. In fact each of the eight spokes featured a different sized dildo. Eddie tested the devices range of motion and when he was satisfied, he moved directly in front of her line of sight. He inserted another articulated tube in a slot next to the tube that supported her manacles. Wonder Woman flexed her arms and pulled for all she was worth without any result beyond the fact that her arms remained confined. At the end of the tube that rose in front of her face was a second wheel. This wheel was equipped with three spokes. Each spoke was a different style gag. Wonder Woman was surprised because she didn't recognize one of the devices. She had so much experience with gags she really thought she'd seen everything.

She did notice that each of the gags and each of the dildos featured small testicle shaped attachments. This was something different and she wondered if the new accessories were ornamental or another form of torture. Then Paulus Gordon arrived. He ran his hand over her prone body rubbing the exposed upper surface of her back. He traced the outline of her ass with one finger and then he stopped.

"Eddie, let's start this up," he instructed. "Set the levels at seventy percent. If she's still breathing after a half hour, raise the intensity. She's not walking away this time but we do need around thirty minutes more of film to create a salable DVD."

'Shit,' Wonder Woman thought. "Another thing I have to worry about."

The rear wheel spun and then it closed on her spread legs. She felt the spreader bar pulling her legs further apart and opening her rear end up. Then she felt the stuffer insert itself into her pussy. It was vibrating significantly and it was joined shortly by a second stuffer that forced its way past her anal lips and surged into her rectum. She squealed involuntarily as she endured the unwanted invaders. Then her situation worsened. The forward wheel spun and a thick phallus moved towards her mouth. She clenched her jaw and Gordon reacted by reaching under her body and pinching her nipples. When she gasped in response to this attention, Eddie pushed the phallus into her mouth. Almost immediately she felt the drip of fluid working its way down her throat.

"Eddie, did you program the device to escalate every thirty minutes?"

"Yes boss," Eddie replied. Then he noticed the weapon in Paulus Gordon's hand. Before he registered the danger level, Paulus squeezed the trigger twice and Eddie fell to the floor.

"You're already laboring Wonder Woman and you can't last very long." Gordon said to the pulsing captive woman. "I need to make my get away now. Based on Agent Prince's information, I still have a two day lead on the IADC and I don't intend to waste it."

Gordon departed and Wonder Woman felt the machine escalate it's attack. She saw the rear wheel spin again and then the arm moved it closer to her body. One of the empty spokes attached itself to the stuffer jammed in her rear ad extracted it. A wider dildo replaced it and her pain and excitement also increased. The other stuffer was replaced and her body continued to respond to the stimuli. Wonder Woman had no idea how long she endured the attack and then she saw Willy enter the mirrored area. He reacted to her situation quickly going to the keyboard Eddie used and punching in several commands. The dildos and gag were withdrawn from her and her body finally was able to settle down.

"I may need to ask Agent Prince if I can take this machine back to the apartment," Willy said. "I think she would love it."

Wonder Woman was still struggling to regain her equilibrium. She managed to stammer the word "Tiara" which confused Willy until he saw he adornment just hidden under the pommel.

"What do you need?" he asked. "I'm not strong enough to get you out of those shackles and I think that any minute someone will notice I'm missing. I did jam the door, but we're not clear yet."

"Put ….the ….Tiara…on …my …forehead…" Wonder Woman said as she struggled with the hyper sexual withdrawal her body was experiencing. Willy placed the mini-crown on her head. "Press the star and turn it clockwise one half turn," She instructed and he did as directed.

"Diana?" a voice boomed in the room. In the background, they heard pounding at the doorway to the basement.

"Batman, we're on an open channel and I was lucky to get this."

"Roger that. What do you need?"

"I need as many of you as possible transported to my location and I need it yesterday.' She said and then screamed as she experienced another after spasm.

"We're on our way."

The door burst open and four armed men raced down the stairs. They lined up and leveled their weapons at the couple. Willy was working a lock pick into Wonder Woman's shackles but not successfully. He didn't stop despite the threat. Behind them, Gordon's voice screamed "Shoot!" and the men squeezed their triggers. The bullets were intercepted by a familiar red 'S' and the men were dropped by an unseen force that suddenly coalesced into the Flash. A large green hand delivered four more of Gordon's stooges into the basement and Batman hurried down the stairs pushing Paulus Gordon in front of him. Gordon wore the latest style of Bat-cuffs.

"Did you lose your uniform Diana?" the Flash asked the naked woman. Superman walked over and motioned Willy to get out of the way. He used his vision power to surgically extract Diana's wrists from the shackles and repeated the process on her ankles. Batman tossed the bag containing her uniform at her feet and he and Superman spread their capes out allowing Wonder Woman a little modesty while she put her uniform back on.

"Is this one with you Wonder Woman?" asked Batman as he pointed at Willy.

"Yes Br…Batman,' she replied. He was trying to help me escape."

"Actually he nearly had your wrists free," Superman said. He shook Willy's hand and thanked him. By now the police were present as were several IADC agents from the local field office. Batman explained how to remove the Bat-cuffs and assured the IADC agents that nobody could escape the cuffs other than Superman and himself.

"When he's in a cell, text this message to that address and the cuffs will be released," Batman instructed. "Send the cuffs to the JLA Hall of Justice."

"Thank you Batman," replied the agent. He showed a picture of Willy Sanchez to the detective. "Have you seen this man?"

"Not today," replied the Caped Crusader.

The Justice Leaguers departed and the police escorted their new captives to the local jail.

From her invisible plane, Wonder Woman and Willy observed the proceedings. The mission was complete and they returned to their hideaway in Zatanna's apartment. Willy told her it was Saturday afternoon and they had only one day left before he was required to surrender.

"That will need to be enough," Wonder Woman replied. They entered Zatanna's building from the roof, accessed her apartment and each enjoyed a lengthy shower-separately.

When Wonder Woman emerged from the shower, she found Willy sitting and staring at a blank Television screen.

"Is it broke?" she asked.

"No I was just thinking about the last eight months," Willy replied. "You're right, we need to talk."

"Well that will wait." Wonder Woman replied. "I'm clean but Diana Prince is still a cum stained mess. I need another forty minutes or so to recover."

"That's okay," Willy said. "I didn't think you would cook so I ordered home delivery if you can stomach a supreme pizza from the best Italian restaurant in town."

"Do I have forty minutes or so?" she asked.

"You probably have an hour at least," Willy said. "Their food is excellent. Their delivery is slow as snails."

Wonder Woman spun and when the lightning vanished, she was dressed in her uniform complete with magic girdle and golden lasso at her hip. Then she spun again and this time a thoroughly abused Diana Prince remained when the magic light dissipated.

"My God, Diana!" Willy nearly screamed, "You look terrible."

"I know," she replied. "I just remembered how bad I felt. This will spoil tomorrow for us."

She looked crestfallen and Wily wasn't too happy himself. Then she brightened.

"When the pizza comes, save me a few slices and go ahead and eat." She said with a new sense of determination. "I need to make a quick trip. I can salvage tomorrow at least. See you in three hours or so."

Diana transformed to Wonder Woman, gave Willy a peck on his cheek and raced out the door. He called the pizzeria and canceled the order with the stipulation that he would reorder in two hours or so. Then Willy turned Zatanna's sixty inch television on and found a broadcast of the Nationals game. He dozed off as he watched the Nationals lose another game. He woke briefly to order dinner and resumed his nap.

The door to Zatanna's apartment burst open like a thunderclap and Willy jumped to his feet. He wondered what new menace was on hand and it turned out to be the worst possible danger. Diana Prince was back and she was openly pissed off. Willy held up his hands and prepared to be thrashed by the irate woman. She slammed the door in the face of the delivery man, realized what she'd done, opened the door and rewarded the poor soul with a large tip.

"Is this place that slow? Diana asked as she toted the box to the dining table. "With service like this, this pizza better be good."

"Why are you so angry?" Willy asked even though he easily could list multiple reasons.

"We'll eat this while it's warm," Diana replied. "Then we need to talk about my anger and about us in general."

Willy turned to the cabinet he was previously cowering against and pulled out two dinner plates. He grabbed napkins, two forks and two knives and set them on the table.

"Eat is a good idea," he said and they sat down to dinner. After dinner, he cleared the table and they went into the television room taking seats facing each other.

"Why did you take that tiny apartment?" Diana began and Willy fidgeted in his chair.

"You were identified as a possible sleeper in the IADC." He responded, "And with my talent, I decided to try and seduce you. I moved there specifically to compromise you and force you to act as a double agent for Click"

"You lived there over two years before we ever talked."

"You are not easy to catch up to," he said. "The night you started talking to me about your bad week stunned me. I was making plans to move on to a new target. I've never needed more than a month to complete an assignment. My superiors decided to direct my talents more productively."

"If I wasn't an IADC agent would you even look twice at me?"

"Not the way you dress and comport yourself." he said. "You offer nothing to a man that might make him look twice at you, at least you didn't before we started seeing each other. As we spent more time together, my feelings changed. I can't imagine thinking of you as a potential spy or a sex slave in some foreign harem."

Diana fumed. "So that's how you looked at me before we started fucking. Why chase after a plain Jane when you could do better?"

"You've spent a lot of time cultivating that image. Even as the Plain Jane Diana Prince, you are extremely attractive. If you wanted, you could attract any man that you set your sights on. Plus you have clearance, inside knowledge and access to a lot of things that concern Click. Turning you would have been a great accomplishment. I still can't believe I failed."

"You didn't."

"What do you mean? After I fuck a woman twice, she will do whatever I instruct her to do. As long as I nail her every two months or so, I retain control. Usually they've done something serious enough that the threat of exposure keeps them in line. You were showed any of the usual signs that my sex puppets exhibit.'

"You really are blind. Is it because we're sp close lately" When I flew to Themyscira to get healed, I discovered my injuries were far more serious than I realized. One of my sisters used our Purple Healing Ray on me and if I choose to show you, you will not see any burn marks or bruises. The healing process revealed that I was suffering under a limited form of mind control. You didn't ask the right questions. I would have been susceptible to any direction you gave."

"But now you're healed?"

"Completely except for the emotional scars that I need to cope with on my own."

"Does this mean we're through?"

"We definitely are through Willy. If I continue to fuck you as often as I have, you will be in complete control. My responsibilities as Diana Prince and Wonder Woman are important to me. There are too many things I know and too many situations that require my unique contributions for me to abandon either career. I think you should consider a more middle of the road lifestyle, a wife, kids, less sex toys."

"So that's it, we're through, so long, farewell thanks for the bananas."

"As sex partners on a weekly basis, we are done," Diana replied. "I can't control myself around you. It's no a good idea to abuse the healing ray. As of this moment, we have no idea where witness protection will place you and if I was to go with you, even with different hair, different names and soul eating jobs, we would stick out like sore thumbs."

"I'll really miss you Diana," Willy said. They both rose from their seats and embraced warmly. The kiss they shared expressed the feelings each was fighting to control."

"Once you're settled in to your new life in witness protection, we'll meet and discuss what we can safely do. Don't forget, you swore a e promise of Eros to Wonder Woman. That never expires until one of you die."

"Speaking of Wonder Woman, you know I want to fuck her," Willy said without real feeling. "Is that ever going to be possible?"

"Not in my current state of confusion," Diana replied. "Tonight I think we can cuddle but my body is still recovering from that bastard Gordon. I hope you can be patient until tomorrow.."

"What do you have in mind tomorrow?"

"I plan to thank you for saving me today and for the other things we've shared in the past year. Besides you may be on your way to prison. I can't let you go without a proper sendoff.'

"Is it safe for us to make love? Aren't you scared of my natural abilities?"

"Haven't you listened to me?" Diana asked. "I was completely healed on Themyscira. Tomorrow will be like our first time."

"How much like a first time will it be?" asked Willy. "Just how fast did the healing process go?"

"As far as you're imagining it did," Diana responded. "You will be the tenth or eleventh man to take my virginity."

"Now that must really be confusing," Willy said with a grin.

"Yes but it is also memorable even after several repetitions."

They both smiled and Willy got up and joined Diana on the love seat. They cuddled for a while in the dark before going to bed. The next night proved to be one of the best deflowerings that Diana ever experienced and she was in a great mood when she escorted Willy into Administrator Sicking's office on Monday.

"Mr. Sanchez and Agent Prince," the director said to them as they entered. "Good news for you Sanchez. When you leave my office you go straight to the witness protection program. No jail time in consideration for your assistance. Agent Prince will escort you before you two say your goodbyes.

"Sir, I'll need to know how to contact Mr. Sanchez in case I need to do some follow up investigation."

I suppose there's no problem with that as long as you complete the special agency training course," Sicking said. He never knew Diana Prince to be so head over heels about anyone. "Prince, is Mr. Sanchez fully debriefed?"

"Yes sir, I completely de-briefed him yesterday evening."


The door bell rang and the bald man practically tripped over his own feet trying to answer the summons. After eight months, she finally called.

He opened the door and smiled a broad smile as Diana Prince stood waiting for him. She wore a dark gray trench coat the covered her to her knees and hid her fabulous body.

"Come in," he said holding the door for his guest. "I was getting worried Di."

"I stopped at my hotel and prepared a little surprise for you," she responded and her smile was nearly as wide as his.

"Just what is that?" he asked. "Have you changed your mind and decided to accept my proposal?"

"You know why I can't," she replied. "However since you did swear to do anything for me when I defeated you in battle, I intend to hold you to that and that's part of your surprise."

"Where is this surprise?"

"Well you can start by taking off my coat," she replied.

Willy unbuttoned the trench coat as Diana stood passively. He slid it off her shoulders and down her arms and was certainly surprised by what he saw. Diana wore what appeared to be an oversized Ace bandage that covered her from her underarms to just below her waist. Without the trench coat she would be barely legal in public. He set the coat on a hook just inside the door and when he was sure she wasn't going to move, he walked around in front of her. Just below her neck was a sale tag like one she wore at Gordon's penthouse. He steadied it and read the message.

'Open me only and pleasure me for the next 24 hours-you promised.'

Willy smiled. He removed the tag and placed it on his coffee table. Then he found the Velcro fastener on the large bandage and slowly began to peel it open.

"Willy," she said. "This will work a lot better if you pull the bandage with all the strength you can manage."

He stared at her quizzically and she smiled a bit wider than before. The Velcro was free so he grabbed two fistfuls and gave the bandage a strong yank. Diana immediately raised her arm to allow the bandage to unravel freely and she was spun in a tight circle. Then a flash of lightning appeared and Diana Prince transformed to her alter ego. Then Willy realized what his prize was and why it was so important to Diana to remind him of his promise of servitude. Wonder Woman lay on the where Diana stood moments earlier and she appeared to be panting heavily. The gag in her mouth muffled any noise she might have made. A thick metal collar encircled her neck and her wrists were shackled to it tightly. Her hands could not move more than a foot from her neck. Her torso was tightly enclosed by a red and gold boustier knock off of her usual uniform. This boustier did not cover her breasts but did push them up and out from her body. The blue undergarment she wore held two dildos in place, one in front and one in back. The dildos featured the pair of reservoirs that Gordon favored and only the reservoirs were visible from under her abbreviated shorts. A gold leather belt circled her waist and held her ankles in place about a foot and a half below her belly button. Chains connected her ankles to the gold belt and the only magic in this belt was the speed with which it caused Willy to have a raging hard-on. Her hair was knotted into a slave loop which almost begged to be attached to a posing device. Willy thought she was smiling but the O-ring frame that held the gag between her lips prevented her from having a facial expression with her mouth. Her eyes were slightly teary and her breathing was ragged. She was squirming uncontrollably as Willy finished studying her. A small tag was taped to the gag and instructed him to pull the gag out of her mouth. After a moment he did so.

"Now this is a surprise," Willy said. "Who did this to you?"

"I managed it myself," Wonder Woman replied between breathy panting. "You were helpful at least two times and I thought you deserved a reward."

"Well this is quite a reward you're offering," Willy replied. He bent over to replace the gag but Wonder Woman shook her head negatively. She struggled with the sexual sensations for a moment then regained her voice.

"Please remember that you are providing me with the pleasure I ordered you to give and I only requested you to do so for the next twenty four hours. Then you need to locate the keys I've hidden in my hair and unchain me so I can return home."

"So for twenty four hours, you're mine to do with as I please."


"And if pleases me to unlock you earlier or inflict other bondage toys on you, I can do that for the next day?"


"Well that's enough out of you," Willy said and he slid the gag back into the O-ring until it snapped. He pulled Wonder Woman's shorts away from the base of the vibrators and said "These are only running at fifty percent. I need a shower and you need to be a bit more eager for me."

Willy lifted the pulsing woman off the floor and carried her into his bedroom. He placed her on his bed, turned her invaders up to ninety percent power and whistled as he went to clean himself before taking advantage of Diana's surprise. Wonder Woman listened to the muffled sound of water splashing on Willy and hoped he would get done and come soon since she certainly was cuming now.