Wonder Woman - Broken Inside and Out  

By CrimsonInHumanBlood

Wonder Woman - Broken Inside and Out

by cooteegurl12

The security guard's scream of pain mingled with the cries of shock and horror from the rest of the museum patrons.

"I'm going to keep scratching until I get what I want," Cheetah licked the blood from her claws, "I have no problem in killing all of you…"

"We already told you!" a woman called out, "We don't know where it is!"

With an animalistic growl, Cheetah shot towards the woman, glaring at her almost nose to nose before anyone even saw her move.

The woman's legs shuddered and she nearly collapsed with fright, immediately regretting speaking up, "We… we don't know wh-what you're talking about… pl-please…"

This woman wasn't big and she wasn't small either, but in front of Cheetah she looked tiny. The body of the villainess was lined with cruel muscle that bunched and coiled as she moved, her orange skin marked and spotted like a leopard. A daring blue halter top and hip hugging pants seemed almost misplaced on this semi-human cat, her body curving and framing the outfit in an alluring fashion but taut and jointed in places that were obviously feline. Her eyes were a bright gold, the pupils onyx slits that widened alarmingly as she stared into her prey's face.

Some of the others looked away from the scene, thinking that at any moment Cheetah was going to tear into the woman like an injured gazelle.

Instead, she spoke: "Is that so…?" Cheetah's feline tail flicked playfully, "Do you bleed, then?"

The woman's knees nearly buckled. She trembled, body so stiff with fright she could barely nod.

"Well, then…" Cheetah theatrically drew back one clawed hand to strike, "Maybe I'll carve on you until someone who knows decides to speak up…"

The woman bit her bottom lip hard and looked away, trying not to imagine what it would feel like when those claws slashed across her skin.

Before Cheetah could bring those wicked claws home, a lasso that seemed to glow its own golden energy lashed tightly around her speckled wrist, then jerked her back. Cheetah yowled with anger, falling on her back, but immediately jerked free of the lasso and sprung to her feet, turning to face her long-time adversary.

"That's enough, Cheetah," Wonder Woman's blue eyes stared hard into her face, "You're not going to hurt anyone else,"

A general sigh of relief escaped from some of the hostages as the amazing amazon appeared on the scene. They had been held for at least 20 minutes by the vicious super villainess and had known they were goners unless someone who could match her came to their rescue. Now it seemed they were saved.

Cheetah noticed the relieved murmur and curled her upper lip with disgust to reveal pearly pointed canines. Just because this spandex clad super hottie showed up they thought they were all safe. It angered her no small amount.

She would never admit it, but in a way Cheetah was jealous of Wonder Woman. While Cheetah had a curvaceous body, firm and beautifully turned legs, an ample bust, exotic features, it all seemed wrong somehow. Unnatural. She was a normal woman taking on the spirit and powers of the cheetah goddess; Wonder Woman seemed to be a goddess in her own right.

Everything about Diana seemed to glow with health and purity, clean black hair shone like satin ribbon as it fell in waves down her bare shoulders. She was tall without being skinny, the tone and curves of her figure firm but still soft and girlish. There was no part of her that didn't gleam, from the golden tiara that kept her hair out of her face, to the healthy shine of her bare shoulders and cleavage. Her red bustier gleamed like metal but hugged the gently ridged muscles of her abs and sides like spandex, her impossibly round breasts hugged tightly together by gleaming golden wings melded onto the bustier. A golden belt traced along her slim waist, leaving her hips and crotch hugged by a pair of star spangled briefs, the satin of the fabric darkening and shimmering when in the right light.

Most women who could manage to have such firm, athletically turned legs didn't have such a flaring set of hips as the amazon princess did, nor did women with such sleek, cut arms have such ample breasts… but Wonder Woman wasn't just a mere woman. She was a perfect, statuesque figure molded by the Greek gods themselves to be the epitome of feminine strength and beauty.

And the worst part was, she didn't even think of herself as gorgeous; it was natural for her. It made Cheetah want to do something extremely violent.

"I don't want to hurt anyone else, Wonder Woman," Cheetah's eyes narrowed as she snarled, "No one else besides you, that is…"

Wonder woman had already looped her lasso and hung it from her waist by the time Cheetah turned to face her. Now she was staring the villainess down with clenched fists held strategically by her sides, her reflective silver bracelets ready to defend against Cheetah's lightning quick attacks.

She glanced quickly towards Cheetah's hostages, then back to Cheetah herself. She was concerned by the security guard who was pale and obviously bleeding, but the other hostages were doing basic first aid and he seemed to be in no danger of dying yet. Her first priority would be the hostages… so she wouldn't make the first move.

"What do you want, Cheetah?" Wonder Woman kept her voice calm, "Why are you doing this? Holding hostages isn't your MO…"

Cheetah glared at the amazon, teeth bared, not answering for a few moments. Her tailed slowly waved back and forward.

When she finally spoke, it was in a hungry growl, "The amulet of Chuma. It's here… it calls to me…"

"We don't know what she's talking about, Wonder Woman!" the earlier woman called out, "We don't have anything like that here!"

Wonder Woman frowned at Cheetah with concern, like she was worried about the villainess's sanity. And in fact she was. Meddling with magics of the level that Cheetah did might strain even the strongest mind…

"It's here…" Cheetah merely growled in response, "I want it… and you will not STAND IN MY WAY!"

On these words Cheetah charged towards her with a feline snarl, claws bared.

Cheetah's swipes seemed wild compared to Wonder Woman's more disciplined blocks, throwing herself back as Cheetah leapt forward, turning aside each attack with her bracelets. The claws scratched across the bracelets but never met skin, occasionally throwing sparks off to the sides as the two forces met.

Cheetah's already feline-ish face was now contorted in an animalistic snarl as she slashed in a fury, attacking again and again without respite. Yet, to her frustration, none of her attacks got through.

Finally Wonder Woman caught one of her wrists, stopping the attack in its tracks. Then when Cheetah tried to swing the other claw around to attack, that one was caught as well.

Their eyes met, bodies straining as they tried to overpower one another, just as they stared each other down. Wonder Woman's pretty face, angelic and smooth featured, was hardened with exertion as she trembled to hold Cheetah back, Cheetah's eyes wild and mad with fury, maw wide open and snarling as she did the same.

"Ngh…" Wonder Woman grunted with exertion as Cheetah put in an extra burst of strength, but glanced towards the hostages behind her opponent. They were staring in shock and wonder at the two super humans battling, apparently unsure what to do in such a situation.

If this had been Metropolis, they probably would have had an evacuation plan in case of a super villain attack. If it had been Gotham, everyone would have probably already run screaming for the exits. But in Wonder Woman's city…

She would have sighed if she had a spare breath.

"Nh!" Wonder Woman grunted, "Go!"

The hostages fortunately took the hint and began hurrying towards the exit, helping their wounded along with them.

Cheetah didn't like that one bit.

"NO!" Cheetah snarled when she saw them beginning running past, distracted for an instant.

When dealing with a warrior of Wonder Woman's caliber, an instant is all it takes.

Wonder Woman planted her foot in Cheetah's stomach then threw herself onto her back, using her backward momentum to sling Cheetah over her and back towards the wall the villainess had been facing a moment before.

"YYEEEEAAAOOWRRR!" Cheetah's cry of fury was cut off when she smashed through the museum wall, just in time for the last of the hostages to escape.

As Cheetah climbed back to her feet, shaking her head, Wonder Woman stepped through the hole Cheetah's body had made, crossing her arms sternly. The room the fight had been taken to was some sort of look at warriors over the years, display cases full of medieval weapons from swords to crossbows and wax figures holding various weapons that had been used through the ages.

"Stop this, Minerva," Wonder Woman said, using her real name, "If the Cheetah is telling you to get this amulet, you don't have to listen. You can fight it, you have the strength,"

"I am the Cheetah," Cheetah snarled, "I'm in control of everything I do! Soon enough, you'll be in my control too, amazon!"

Cheetah stood and grabbed a spear from the wax hand of a cave man, ripping the arm free in the process. Even with the wax arm dangling from the haft, she threw it with unnerving accuracy. The pointed tip might have been driven into Wonder Woman's chest, if she hadn't knocked it aside with a bracelet.

The two then charged towards each other and once again bracelets met claws, metallic scraping ringing out in the otherwise empty room as the vicious attacks were turned aside one after the other.

Cheetah yowled and slashed with undiminished vigor while Wonder Woman protected herself with equal intensity, though she remained calm and quiet throughout. Cheetah tried to slash for Wonder Woman's ribs, but the amazon stepped back just enough to avoid, then her fist found its way to Cheetah's cheek, knocking her head to the side. Cheetah staggered, but immediately came back with another swipe that Wonder Woman ducked under. A breath taking blow to the ribs made Cheetah stagger once more.

Still refusing to be cowed, Cheetah lunged again only for Wonder Woman to side step and grab the attacking arm, then used it to swing Cheetah around. As the feline villainess was left unbalanced, the amazing amazon wrapped one leg around one of Cheetah's, then tripped her up and threw her into the marble floor, hard enough to crack the stone beneath her.

Cheetah grunted in pain. Like it or not, that one had really hurt. She hurried back to her feet, a bit slower than before, but Wonder Woman was waiting for her. The champion of all women spun, then pistoned a side kick into Cheetah's gut, sending the villainess flying off her feet to smash into a display case hanging on the wall behind her, shattering the reinforced plexi-glass.

Diana inwardly winced as Cheetah groaned, sinking down against the wall and obviously in great pain. She felt a little bad about striking before she had fully recovered, but at the same time she couldn't pull her punches with someone like Cheetah.

Coughing as she tried to rise, Cheetah had to turn and use what was left of the display case for support, her claws digging into it as she pushed herself up. For a moment she leaned against it, blinking her eyes quickly in an effort to clear her vision. Why did this amazon always win!? With all her strength and speed, Cheetah had never been able to beat Wonder Woman without help, not in all the times they had fought over the years. Why?!

Her frustration built as Wonder Woman began speaking.

"Surrender, Cheetah," she said cooly, placing her hands on her hips, "You can't win,"

"I… will win…" Cheetah rasped, glaring at Diana over her shoulder, "And you will scream… and beg me for mercy!"

"I am the champion of a warrior people, Minerva," Wonder Woman narrowed her eyes, "Among thousands of amazons who trained since birth, I was chosen as the swiftest, the strongest, and the most skilled. You are an intelligent, strong woman who is trained as an archaeologist. You are no warrior,"

Cheetah's muscles clenched with anger, her grip crushing the base of the display case.

"You can't beat me," Wonder Woman continued, raising her chin slightly, "not in combat. The wisest choice for you is surrender,"

Cheetah ground her teeth, glaring down at the display like it was to blame for her current problems. Like it or not, Wonder Woman was right. Even with all the strength and speed Cheetah had, the amazon was always one step ahead, seeing her attacks coming. It wasn't fair! After all the things she had sacrificed for her power, she shouldn't just be outdone by this sanctimonious underwear model at every turn! She was smart! There was no reason—

Her thoughts stopped in mid stream as she saw the display… really saw it and what it was displaying. There were a row of small vials and herbs, ancient and brittle. The markers underneath each vial no doubt labeled each and described how each of the herbs and poisons were used by various tribes and warriors to hunt… but she didn't need to read them. She was an archaeologist, after all. And more importantly she knew that, just like a fine wine, these poisons only became more potent with time.

A plan was beginning to form in her mind. A plan to bring Wonder Woman to her knees at last. The thought brought a smile to her face but she quickly repressed it, choosing the poison she wanted and palming it quickly.

She turned around to face her, keeping her hands behind her back. A distraction was needed to keep the amazon from seeing what she was doing, and she knew just the thing.

"I'll never surrender," Cheetah snarled, feigning anger and frustration, "Not when the amulet of Chuma is within my grasp… Not when the destruction of your gods is so close to hand…"

Wonder Woman's sea blue eyes narrowed suspiciously. Cheetah had been almost foaming at the mouth with rage moments before, and now she appeared merely angry. And the anger seemed almost forced. Could this be a trick?

"What do you mean, Cheetah?" Wonder Woman scoured Cheetah's eyes for answers, "What is the amulet of Chuma?"

Cheetah's glare turned into a feral grin, "You don't even know. It doesn't surprise me that your gods kept that knowledge from you. They like their pawns pretty and dim, don't they?"

Wonder Woman reached for her lasso and threw it out in the same motion, the golden line dropping over Cheetah's shoulders and drawing tight, hugging her arms to her sides.

"Hssss…!" Cheetah tensed. Being lassoed was part of her plan, but that didn't make the lasso's power any more pleasant. And if Wonder Woman happened to ask the wrong question, the whole thing could unravel.

"The lasso compels you to tell the truth, Cheetah," Wonder Woman growled, glaring at the villainess sternly, "Now tell me what the amulet of Chuma has to do with the destruction of the Greek gods,"

Cheetah couldn't restrain a grin. She had taken the bait.

"The amulet of Chuma is a source of power for the Cheetah god who grants me my powers, Wonder Woman. At the height of their power, your gods separated the Cheetah from her amulet before she could destroy them and rule in their stead. Now, though, your gods have grown weak,"

An evil glint seemed to spark in Cheetah's eyes for a moment, "Just as you are the champion for your gods, I am the champion of mine. If I possess the amulet, my powers will increase, and so will the powers of my goddess. Enough power to destroy Olympus utterly,"

"Then it's fortunate I'm here to stop you," Wonder Woman replied, tightening her grip on the lasso.

"It is… for me,"

Cheetah's claws suddenly snapped up and grabbed the lasso, clutching it tightly then yanked with all of Cheetah's considerable strength, trying to pull Wonder Woman towards her. Wonder Woman skidded a few paces and Cheetah abruptly charged.

"YOOWRL!" Cheetah leapt at her, claws outstretched to pounce.

Fortunately for Wonder Woman, the lasso was still in play. As it loosened it fell down around Cheetah's knees and all the superheroine had to do was yank the loop tight once more.

"ROWR—UNGH!" Cheetah's knees were jerked together and she abruptly fell on her face, bashing her chin hard on the floor.

As much as that no doubt hurt and dazed her, Cheetah almost immediately began climbing to her feet, but just as immediately Wonder Woman pounced on her, driving a knee into her back and driving her back down.

"RAAAWR!" Cheetah snarled in indignation as Wonder Woman began looping the lasso around her wrists, binding her hands behind her back.

"Submit, Cheetah!" Wonder Woman snapped, jerking the lasso tight, "You are beaten!"

Cheetah tried to arch up to squirm free, but Wonder Woman drove an elbow down between her shoulder blades pinning her.

"Stop struggling!" the amazon demanded, "It's over!"

"It's over…" Cheetah snarled, "When I say it is!"

Cheetah didn't have much room to maneuver with the amazon leaning down on her, but with her so close Cheetah didn't need to reach far for bare skin. She bucked her hips and reached as high with her bound hands as she could, managing to scratch Wonder Woman's inner thigh.

The scratch was minor and Wonder Woman barely felt it at first. She grabbed Cheetah by the hair and with that hauled the bound villainess to her feet. Once standing, she kept a grip on one of Cheetah's arms, the other hand gripping a handful of mane of orange hair and pulling it back, keeping her off balance.

Restrained and hurt, Wonder Woman expected Cheetah to be furious. Cheetah wasn't furious, though. She was grinning wildly.

The grin became broader as Wonder Woman looked on, golden eyes dancing with cruel mirth. Cheetah got an extra delight in seeing Wonder Woman's cheeks flush, angered at the feeling of being mocked.

"You have nothing to laugh about, Cheetah," Wonder Woman growled, "Soon you'll be back on your way to…"

Wonder Woman paused, looking away as if troubled. Something was wrong. There was a small scratch on her inner thigh and it was beginning to burn uncomfortably. She had ignored it at first, but it was getting worse as the seconds ticked by.

"Oh, but I have one good reason to laugh, princess," Cheetah sneered, "And that is… that I've just won this little scuffle…"

Wonder Woman's head whipped back around towards her, tossing her hair, "What!?"

"Just a little something I found in that display," Cheetah glared right back at the heroine, teeth bared, "I'm not exactly sure what it's going to do to you, but soon it's going to be the least of your problems…"

Wonder Woman's eyes widened as she realized what had happened. When Cheetah had her back to her, distracting her with the stuff about the amulet… Cheetah had wanted for Diana to get her close, where she could give her a dose of poison which she had spread on her claws.

Cheetah immediately snapped a kick into Wonder Woman's stomach, not enough to do serious damage, but enough to startle her so she could jerk free of the heroine's grip. Without the amazon to hold the lasso tight Cheetah immediately yanked herself free from its bindings with a snarl of triumph.

Before Cheetah could take advantage of her freedom Wonder Woman shot forward, driving into the villainess's stomach with her shoulder.

"YAAWRL!" Cheetah howled in surprise as Wonder Woman used her power of flight, shooting them both towards the far wall. The pair smashed through it, Cheetah taking the brunt of the impact.

In the next room Cheetah groaned, head spinning as she climbed back to her feet. It would have been the ideal time for Wonder Woman to finish her off, but the renowned superheroine staggered with a hand to her head, her world spinning as well.

She felt suddenly hot and flushed. Dizzy, sick. The scratch on her leg was throbbing now. For a moment she felt faint, her body weak.

Climbing to all fours, it didn't take Cheetah but a moment to recognize dazed look on the amazon's face. Pausing only to grin with triumph, Cheetah spun then whipped her leg around to sweep Wonder Woman's feet out from under her.

This time, there was no clever counter or dodge.

"UNGH!" Diana grunted as she suddenly hit the ground on her back, some of her air knocked out of her. The fall made her world spin even worse, made it more difficult to get back up.

Before she could even sit up all the way, Cheetah pounced on her, jumping on top and trying to bury her claws in Wonder Woman's ribs. Diana caught her wrists just in time.

This close, Cheetah could see that her prey was shining with sweat, her hair becoming soiled and sticking to her neck and shoulders. Cheetah bared her teeth and pushed down with her claws, reaching towards any bare skin she could.

"Not… feeling well?" Cheetah taunted as she struggled, "That's… too bad…"

Wonder Woman gritted her teeth, arms trembling as she desperately tried to hold Cheetah's claws back… but she was losing ground. Try as she might, she could only watch with wide eyes as the wicked talons drew closer and closer.

"Aww…" Cheetah growled, "Maybe a little more… medicine will… help!"

The claws were reaching towards Diana's bare shoulders. Closer and closer, Wonder Woman's powerful arms buckling, Cheetah's grin growing broader, until…

"NGH!" Wonder Woman bit back a cry of pain as Cheetah's claws dug into her arms, sinking all the way in. She could have ripped away and tore Diana's arms to shreds, but she just held them where they were, grinning with her sharp, pearly teeth.

"That's it…" Cheetah growled, "Take your medicine… let's get it all off my claws and into you…"

Wonder Woman clenched her teeth and glared furiously at Cheetah. She was a warrior, an amazon! She would NOT let this woman toy with her like a child!

Managing to work a leg up, Diana coiled it against her chest, placing her foot against Cheetah's stomach. Then, she shoved with all her might.

"ROWR!" Cheetah snarled as she was thrown off, sent flying to crash into an ancient sarcophagus, crushing the ancient stone under her body.

Wonder Woman hurried back to her feet, gasping for air. The poison was flowing freely through her system now, making her feel feverish and dizzy. She looked tired as she rose, her proud demeanor faded to one of slumped shoulders, unsteady legs, heaving breasts as she gulped in precious air. Blood shone from the punctures in her shoulders, not deep wounds but enough to bleed, making her more tired yet.

Weakened as she was, Diana knew she couldn't leave while the amulet was still here. The wisest course of action would be to flee and recover, but Cheetah would no doubt find the amulet… and it would all be over. She had to stay, defeat Cheetah, and destroy that amulet. It was a desperate plan, but the only one her feverish mind could concoct.

Cheetah sprang free of the shattered sarcophagus with a ferocious snarl. Even poisoned the amazon could still hurt her, and that made her furious. She was going to enjoy punishing this stuck up princess…

Wonder Woman raised her bracers as Cheetah charged towards her, years of training making such a defense second nature. Cheetah's claws lashed out and were deflected, sparks leaping as Diana blocked swipe after swipe. But they were coming so fast, and the amazon felt so slow… she couldn't keep up.

Finally, she raised her bracelet but miscalculated. Instead of glancing off the silver bracer, Cheetah's claws raked across Wonder Woman's forearm.

"AAGH!" she cried out, staggering back and clutching her wounded arm. Four bloody red lines were scratched across her elbow.

Cheetah grinned, relishing the moment, then leapt forward. Her fist smashed into Diana's face before she could bring her bracelets up to defend herself.

"UNGH!" Wonder Woman's head whipped to the side and she staggered, but wasn't allowed to recover before another blow jerked her head in the opposite direction, "NGH!"

The tiring amazon nearly tripped over her own feet as she staggered back, managing with heroic determination to remain standing. However, her only reward for this was more blows from Cheetah.

The cruel villainess darted in close, ducking low and releasing a hammered Wonder Woman's stomach with a flurry of punches. The blows were short and lightning fast, the machine gun blows making her jerk back and forward like she was being electrocuted.

Once the barrage ended, Wonder Woman doubled over, only to have her head whipped up in the opposite direction as Cheetah threw herself into a powerful uppercut. It was the last straw to the super heroine's unsteady balance.

Wonder Woman's firm body landed with a smack on the marble floor.

"You're right, Wonder Woman," Cheetah purred, "I could never beat a warrior like you…"

Diana lay still for a moment, shining breasts gleaming as she blinked at the ceiling. She lunged over with a grunt, trying to roll over to her hands and knees.

"Not a little archaeologist like me…" Cheetah continued, casually strutting to the side of the struggling super heroine, "What could wits and intelligence POSSIBLY do to help me in a fight?"

Wonder Woman managed to get to all fours, stars speckling her rounded rump, the briefs shifting with the protruding swells as the heroine tried to get her legs beneath her. Cheetah leaned back to admire the sight of Wonder Woman's comely bottom, before hauling back and kicking her in the ribs.

"ULF!" Wonder Woman grunted, bucked up by the blow and barely able to remain on her hands and knees. Her hindquarters swayed unsteadily.

"Except show me the right little poison in that display…" Cheetah grinned wickedly, "Let me outsmart and play you… then… take you apart…"

Cheetah planted her foot on Wonder Woman's back then leaned on it, making the amazon's arms tremble to hold with weight.

Wonder Woman surprised Cheetah by managing to push up despite the weight pressing down on her then lunge back to her feet. She staggered forward from the effort but it was still an impressive feet, letting Cheetah know that the poison hadn't weakened the amazon as much as she might have thought.

She whirled around to face the villainess panting and slumped with exhaustion, but determination burning in her eyes.

"A successful… trick doesn't… make you a warrior…" Wonder Woman's voice grated, "It's heart… the will to go… on… and that… eludes you, Cheetah…"

Cheetah's upper lip curled in a snarl of distaste, "Oh really…"

"I am the princess… of the amazons…" Wonder Woman snarled, pretty face now strained and hard, "and I will… never surrender… to you… or an underhanded ploy…"

Cheetah growled and leapt forward, slashing for Wonder Woman's face in an attempt to shut her up. But even as tired as she was, the heroine managed to lift her bracer and deflect the blow with a bell-like chime. Wonder Woman offered a silent prayer to Athena as she countered, a kick thundering into Cheetah's ribs.

"URGH!" Cheetah grunted in pain and shock, her face quickly becoming a mask of rage. This was impossible! That poison would have killed a bull elephant and she's somehow fighting through it!

Cheetah countered with a kick of her own that stabbed into Wonder Woman's stomach. The heroine staggered and Cheetah leapt in for the kill, but Wonder Woman still managed to turn and grab her, redirecting Cheetah's forward momentum to smash her into a glass display surrounding an ancient Egyptian tablet.

The villainess yowled in anger and whirled around to slash at her again, but Wonder Woman crossed her bracelets to deflect the blow.

Attack, counter, dodge, defend, move, attack… those were the only thoughts in Diana's head as the fight continued. Her whole world was this fight, defeating Cheetah, saving the world like she had done so many times before. She was confident. She knew she would win. She always won… there could be no defeat when there was so much at stake.

But a blow landed. And another… and again, more frequently. Cheetah countered Diana's attack then landed a blow of her own, to which the heroine had no response. She lashed out only for Cheetah to easily avoid and strike her back twice with thunderous impact, and she couldn't counter. Something was wrong. She wasn't seeing the blows coming… she wasn't fast enough to stop them, strong enough to turn them aside. Her will urged her on, but her body lagged behind.

Finally, Cheetah caught Diana with a hard kick to the jaw that spun her around, leaving her facing the wrong direction. Wonder Woman swayed on her feet, her dazed face made almost comical by a confused frown, as if wondering why she couldn't see where Cheetah was. This was all wrong… this wasn't the way it was supposed to be… she had to dig deep and find reserves… some strength she needed to turn the tide… she had to…

Searing pain behind her legs cut off those thoughts.

"AAAAAGH!" Wonder Woman threw her head back and cried out in agony and despair as Cheetah slashed her behind the knees. Diana's chest thrust out as she cried, body stiffening as if in indignation at the attack… then she simply collapsed.

Wonder Woman dropped to her knees, "HNH!" she grunted when her round backside plopped onto her heels.

Her arms wouldn't move. Her shoulders slumped down, arms dangling from them and hands resting palms up beside her legs. Her upper body slouched forward, barely having the strength to breathe, every breath causing her head to bob up and down.

"Come on, Wonder Woman," Cheetah growled from behind the amazon, "Is that it? Is this that warrior spirit you were going on about?"

Cheetah paused, looking the heroine over from behind… then abruptly slashed Wonder Woman across the shoulder blades, claws leaving four red cuts.

"AUH-AGH!" Wonder Woman all but wailed, her body stiffening and bucking from the pain, but unable to even lift an arm to defend itself.

"Hmph," Cheetah grunted, tangling her fingers in Diana's soft hair, "Maybe you should make another speech about heart and never surrendering…"

"NAH!" Wonder Woman cried out when Cheetah jerked her head back by her hair, straining her neck.

Cheetah stared into Wonder Woman's beautiful, now vulnerable face for a moment. Eyes so blue and glassy, pretty face slack with exhaustion, mouth yawning open as she gasped for air. Those breasts heaving up and down as if begging for attention, the shadowy plunge of her cleavage on display from this aerial vantage point.

"Hm?" Cheetah teased the amazon by tracing a claw along her tender throat, "Nothing else to say? Ok, then. My turn to talk,"

With that deceptively gentle remark, she threw Diana forward with all her might, banging her forehead off the marble with a crack. Wonder Woman grunted but remained where she lay, like a discarded doll. The champion of all women was left in a very humiliating position, her upper body thrown forward with her knees tucked under her, round, star spangled rump pointed towards the ceiling. She was too exhausted to get up from this position, looking like she was purposefully presenting her bottom to the room.

"You're right, the 'never say die' attitude is important…" Cheetah smirked, giving Diana's booty a sharp slap, "but it doesn't do much good if your little bottom can't keep up… does it?"

Wonder Woman grunted, cringing as she struggled to place her hands on the ground, to push herself up. She managed to shift slightly and push in her determination to prove Cheetah wrong, but she couldn't even raise her head from the floor.

"Your little 'warrior's heart' philosophy ignores a few important things…" Cheetah continued, the tip of her tail flicking from side to side, "things like strategy… deception…"

Cheetah paused beside Wonder Woman, smirking down at the exhausted heroine. She daintily lifted one bare, feline foot and placed it on the back of her enemy's head. She let it rest there a moment before pushing down, causing Wonder Woman to wince in discomfort.

"I don't have all your fighting skills, amazon," Cheetah traced a claw on Diana's presented rump, "I'm an archaeologist, I know history. And I know that some of the biggest military victories in the world were won by less skilled, less motivated troops with a superior strategy,"

Wonder Woman glared, but was unable to see anything other than Cheetah's leg, "So… that's… what you're… calling… cheating…? A… strategy?"

Cheetah just grinned, unfazed by the comment, "I call it results…"

With those words, Cheetah stepped back then reached under Diana's body to get a good grip on the bustier. She dragged the amazon back up to eye level, Wonder Woman dangling from Cheetah's grasp like a puppet.

"And results are what matters…" Cheetah was forced to cup behind the amazon's head to support it, so they could meet eyes, "You can tell everyone who will listen that I cheated when I beat you… but what will matter is that when the chips were down…"

Cheetah leaned in close, baring sharp teeth. For a moment Wonder Woman thought she was going to be bitten, but instead Cheetah whispered.

"… I was your better…" she hissed.

Wonder Woman's blue eyes flashed with anger and defiance, mouth opening to respond. But nothing came to her. Dread began to build in her heart, her eyes softening as she considered… was Cheetah right?

Cheetah giggled upon seeing Diana's reaction, "The truth hurts, darling… but don't you worry your perfect little head…" her teeth bared in a fierce grin, "I've got just the thing to take your mind off it…"

Diana was so troubled by her thoughts, she didn't even see the blow coming. It snapped her head back and she was still dizzy when Cheetah hit her again.

"You have… had this…" Cheetah hit her again, "For a… long…" a blow to the stomach, "time, my prey!"

Wonder Woman was hit again and again, helpless to defend herself. Blows smashed her to and fro then she was thrown, smashing through a statue of Anubis. Cheetah roared with exhilaration and triumph as she pounced on the heroine again. More blows landed and Wonder Woman passed in and out of consciousness, blackness closing in only for a sharp pain to draw her back awake.

"No no…" Diana heard a voice taunt, not remembering who it belonged to, "It's not nap time yet, amazon!"

There was more pain, punches and kicks rained down on her, beating her vulnerable form. The only solace was that Wonder Woman was only semi conscious throughout the whole thing, unable to hear Cheetah's taunts or her own unabashed cries of defeat and agony.

Finally a blow threw Wonder Woman through and she smashed through a wall, her momentum causing her to skip and tumble across the floor before finally landing in a painful heap on her stomach. The walls of the room had tarps hung over it like it was being renovated, left dim and out of use, cloths draped over the exhibits to protect them.

"Ohhh Diaannaaaa!" Cheetah's voice sang out from the other room, "I hope we aren't sleeping, because auntie Cheetah still has so much more pain to put you through…"

Wonder Woman's heart clenched in fear and somehow her battered body managed to climb shakily to hands and knees. To her shame, her thoughts were on escape. She couldn't beat Cheetah, not while she could barely move. She had to regroup, find allies.

As she heard Cheetah's clawed feet patting closer in the other room, Wonder Woman desperately grabbed for something to help pull her to her feet, something to anchor her. Her hand closed on the cloth covering the nearest exhibit and she pulled, inadvertently drawing the cloth away to reveal what was underneath.

A light shone in Diana's eyes and she winced, for a moment thinking she was hallucinating until she realized that the glow was coming from the exhibit. A stone obelisk stood bared and seated at the very top of it was a glowing jewel shaped like the eye of a cat. The eye was golden with a pitch black sliver in the center, looking like Cheetah's eye without a lid.

Even in a daze Wonder Woman knew what it was. The amulet of Chuma. What Cheetah was after. What could destroy Olympus if it fell into her hands.

"You've already screamed plenty, star butt," Cheetah's voice was closer now, "I want to hear you beg…"

Wonder Woman grunted, struggling to rise, blue eyes locked desperately on the amulet. She had to reach it, destroy it, then this would all be over! At least some measure of victory could be hers. Hope swelled in Diana's heart, giving her a boost of strength.

It was tall and Wonder Woman would have to stand on her toes to reach it, but she had to crawl to it first… she crawled closer, each pace she made causing her arms to tremble and threaten to give out.

"Well well well…" Cheetah's voice rang out in the room, "Look what we have here…"

Wonder Woman's star adorned backside slowly waved back and forward as she crawled closer and closer, gasping with exertion. She reached for the obelisk, panting, face tight with pain. She could hear Cheetah's footsteps approaching, slow, unhurried.

"ngh…" Wonder Woman grunted then crawled a bit closer. She trembled and to her horror nearly collapsed, arms shaking like leaves. The exhaustion was pulling down on her like a weight, her breath coming out in ragged gasps. She reached again and nearly collapsed, having to quickly put her hand back down.

Cheetah was right behind her now, watching her struggle with a smug grin. She had fantasized about this for years, bringing Wonder Woman low, watching her crawl. It was turning out to be more delicious than in her wildest dreams. The villainess paused to watch her long time foe. Strange that she was so close to the object of her desire… but she couldn't take her eyes off the beaten form of the amazon princess.

Wonder Woman gulped air then reached again, gritting her teeth as her body trembled, threatening to crumble at any moment. She strained and grasped, reaching as high as she could, but not nearly far enough to touch the amulet.

"H-hera…" Wonder Woman's voice was high pitched and strained, "guh… give… me… STRENGTH!"

She finished her prayer with a desperate cry.

But despite her prayer, she strained a moment longer… then had to drop plant her hand back down to keep from collapsing to the floor. She didn't have the strength to reach again.

While Wonder Woman panted and struggled to keep from sobbing, Cheetah lightly placed a foot on her back.

"Your prayer goes unanswered, precious…" Cheetah hissed with pleasure, "Hera can't help you…"

Cheetah put just a bit of weight on the foot and Wonder Woman collapsed to her stomach with a mewl of despair. Leaving her foot planted on the amazon's back, Cheetah grinned down at her prey a moment longer, posing like an explorer claiming a new land as her own. Only after a few moments of this, did she look up to regard the amulet. It was a bit higher than she could reach on her toes, but no problem getting down. She started to hop up and grab it… but an idea struck her.

The foot on Diana's back slipped under her stomach then flipped the amazon overrolling her onto her back.

Cheetah grinned down at Wonder Woman's face, those pretty blue eyes lidded with exhaustion, breasts heaving, lips pursed and angelic features soft and spent. She hoped the woman was awake enough to realize what was happening.

"These ta ta's of yours are about to come in handy, Wonder Woman," Cheetah sneered.

With that, she stepped up on Wonder Woman's chest, planting one foot on her soft breasts, then the other.

"Ohhh…" Wonder Woman groaned in anguish, arms twitching slightly as she tried to lift them to protect herself.

Cheetah ignored her, instead reaching up for the amulet. Just as she thought, standing on Wonder Woman's chest gave her just enough height to reach it. She plucked it easily out of its holder, feeling its power in her clawed hands. A chain dangled free from the gem as she picked it up, obviously meant to hang around the owner's neck.

Golden eyes widened as she stared at the amulet, stepping down from Wonder Woman's body without bothering to look at her, completely engrossed by the beauty of the gem.

"The power…" she purred, the light gleaming off her fangs. A wild giggle began building in the back of her throat. All she had to do was put it on, and all that power would be hers.

She started to lift the chain over her head, when she remembered… the amazon.

Turning back to Wonder Woman, Cheetah grinned. Cruel, triumphant, hungry, and savage.

"Don't pass out, princess," Cheetah growled, "I want you to see this…"

Nothing happened until Cheetah lowered the chain against her skin, but the second the metal touched her neck a thrill of power ran through her. Cheetah arched, gasping at the sudden rush, lifted up onto her toes. As Wonder Woman watched there was a bright, blinding flash that forced her to close her eyes.

When the light had faded, a slightly different figure loomed over Diana's champion body, staring down at her with glee. Wonder Woman wearily stared back, her vision becoming murky as unconsciousness beckoned. She heard an amused chuckle, someone leaning close.

"Time for your last appearance for your adoring public…" the voice purred, "before your permanent career change…"

A hand reached to Diana's hair, tangling in the sweaty locks. The unknown figure lifted her head by her hair then turned to walk back the way they came in, dragging Wonder Woman's limp body behind her.

One of the last things Wonder Woman noticed before losing consciousness was the sound of her own body scraping along the dirty marble floor.

* * * *

Outside police had cordoned off the scene with squad cars covering the base of the steps that led up to the museum, but scoop-hungry news crews and civilians alike were undeterred, crowding around the police cordon brandishing cameras. Lots of people wore Wonder Woman t shirts, tiaras, and bracelets, proudly proclaiming themselves as Wonder Woman fans, while others wanted to see a super hero, any super hero. And still others wanted to see the beautiful amazon in person. Even some of the hostages had stayed behind to see how the situation ended, including the woman Cheetah had threatened.

For a good while the crowd had heard loud crashes and bangs from inside the museum then ten minutes ago it had suddenly gone quiet. The police kept everyone back, reminding them that there still could be more trouble inside, but the crowd became more excited, sure that at any second Wonder Woman would push open the museum doors and wave, dragging a trussed up Cheetah behind her.

They couldn't have been more shocked when their amazon idol burst through the doors head first, skidded across the concrete entrance way and stopped right at the edge, her head dangling down the first step.

She was obviously hurt, bruised and exhausted, dried blood smattered over various parts of her gorgeous body. The magnificent glow she had upon entering the museum was gone, the gleaming gold and silver of her armor tarnished and scratched, hair tangled and matted with sweat. She gasped for air, chest heaving deeply, but otherwise was too tired to move.

"Oh my god!" someone called out.

"Wonder Woman!" someone wailed, a fan no doubt.

The crowd surged and suddenly the police found themselves struggling to keep them back, some desperate to help their fallen heroine, others yearning to steal a close up picture or a souvenir from her helpless body. Voices rang out, creating a din, the crowd looking like it was close to rioting.

Then, she stepped out of the doors and there was a general gasp of shock before everyone went silent.

It was Cheetah, but a very different, very beautiful Cheetah. Her body seemed to have stolen the divine glow Wonder Woman's had possessed, the feline arches of her ankles had become the supple and graceful curves of a super model's. Her skin tone was a fainter orange, her spots strategically placed to look exotic, rather than speckled and feline. In the same way the broad shape of her feline nose had narrowed and become more delicate, her taloned hands now softer… human.

She enjoyed the gawking from the crowd, casually cocking her hips to the side and brushing her shining red hair behind an ear. She could get used to this… The villainess raised her chin at the crowd so she could look down her nose, lips drawn in a sour smile that reeked of self satisfaction.

Cheetah swaggered across the entrance way, her golden eyes dancing with amusement as she sized up each face that stared in her direction. She was a bit annoyed that none of them were snapping pictures, but she figured she would have to give them time to get used to her gorgeousness.

The silence was finally broken when a woman, the hostage she had threatened, called out: "Who are you?! What have you done to Wonder Woman!?"

Cheetah's pleased smirk became an ugly snarl.

"I beat her until she cried like a baby, you tiny speck of insignificance!" Cheetah snapped.

The crowd immediately erupted, the Wonder Woman fans becoming rabid, lunging and decrying Cheetah, begging Wonder Woman to get up and defeat her. The news crews yelled into their mic's as they reported on the scene, raising their voices to be heard over the throng.

Cheetah's demeanor darkened. Even as beautiful and superior as she was, even with Wonder Woman broken and sprawled out like shabby doll, the crowd still idolized the amazon princess. Cheetah decided right then that she would show them. She would shatter this ideal they had of their super heroine and the whole world would see.

Calling on her new powers, Cheetah raised a palm then thrust it down. A golden energy mashed down on the tops of all the squad cars, crushing them and sending bits of glass and metal flying into the crowd and the nearby policemen. The yells of the crowd became screams of pain and fright, many of them scattering and trying to flee. Cheetah wouldn't allow that. She raked her arm in a wide arc and as she did that same golden energy ripped up the pavement behind the crowd in a semi circle, cutting off anyone who wanted to escape.

"SHUT UP!" Cheetah roared, her beautiful face now a fierce mask of anger.

The crowd quickly became silent, punctuated only by whimpers of fear.

"You want the amazon?" Cheetah snarled at them, "You want the great and beautiful Wonder Woman?"

No one responded, only low murmurs of fright.

"Well, here she is!" Cheetah roared.

The golden energy shaped around Wonder Woman, drawing the pained heroine up from her back. Wonder Woman blinked blearily as she was lifted off her feet, left dangling, her back and hind quarters now soaked with gray dust she had picked up as she was drug through the museum. The crowd winced upon seeing the cruel cuts Cheetah had left on the otherwise flawless skin of her shoulder blades.

Cheetah let the crowd see the marks of her claws behind Wonder Woman's thighs, where she had struck and put the amazon on her knees, the formerly gleaming satin of her briefs now dirty and frayed. She twirled a finger and Wonder Woman was turned around in mid air to face the crowd, her powerful arms now dangling from heavy shoulders, the expression on her strong, beautiful face now slack and beaten, smattered with small cuts and bruises, a dark circle under one eye.

Some of the crowd began to look away from the vision of utter defeat before them, not wanting to see their heroine like this.

"Look at her!" Cheetah sneered, "Isn't she wonderful!? The epitome of perfection, is she not!?"

The energy reshaped again, this time manipulating Wonder Woman like a toy. She was lowered to her feet and held up, legs made to spread wide, her hands guided to her hips. Her back was forced to arch, chest thrust out and head tossed back, manipulated into a mockery of the heroic stance the heroine often used. Giggling to herself, Cheetah even forced Wonder Woman's lips to turn up in a ghastly perversion of the proud smile she sometimes wore.

"The amazing amazon!" Cheetah continued her taunting, "The champion of all women! The greatest super heroine in the world!"

The energy holding Wonder Woman up suddenly vanished and the heroine immediately collapsed to her knees, her breasts bouncing from the short drop. She began to fall forward, about to plop face first to the concrete, but Cheetah grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back so she could present the poor heroine to the crowd.

"Behold, your champion!" Cheetah crowed, "Go on and cheer for her! Sing her theme song! Go on! Let's hear about how great she is!"

"Ch… Cheetah…" Diana croaked, "They— ANH!"

Wonder Woman's desperate plea was cut off when Cheetah abruptly backhanded the heroine, causing a gasp of horror to come from the crowd of fans. The heroine started to fall onto her side, but the golden energy snatched her back up and rested her on her knees, head raised so she was forced to look at the crowd with her sad blue eyes.

Cheetah swaggered around in front of Wonder Woman, leaning down to examine her face, that beautiful face now soft and exhausted, staring plaintively at her, begging her to stop.

"Hmph," Cheetah grunted, unimpressed then brushed some of Wonder Woman's black hair away, revealing the golden tiara on her forehead. It was tarnished and scraped, but the gold still twinkled faintly with a hint of its former perfection.

Cheetah slid her fingers under Wonder Woman's tangled locks, gliding along her temples until she found the back of the tiara. Getting a good grip, she gently drew back, slipping the tiara from Wonder Woman's head.

"No…" Diana breathed, on the verge of tears, "D-don't…"

Cheetah removed the tiara, Wonder Woman's symbol of royalty, from her head. She held it up for a moment almost reverentially, examining its beauty. Crafted by the gods, beyond perfect, almost indestructible and gleaming.

Cheetah sniffed dismissively then tossed it over her shoulder. The golden tiara rang out like a small bell as it skipped down one step after another, bouncing and jumping as it fell down the stairs. It finally clattered to a stop at the bottom, still and dead.

Ignoring the horrified looks from both Wonder Woman and the crowd, Cheetah took the amazon's wrist and lifted it high, her silver bracer gleaming in the sun.

"The bracelets of submission!" Cheetah called out with a sardonic grin, "For those of you who don't know, these bracelets are put on amazon girls with magic! No two of them are exactly the same, and they are impossible to take off, a symbol of their warriorhood! Legend says that only upon complete and utter defeat can an amazon's bracelets be removed!"

Wonder Woman's heart leapt and her blue eyes flicked towards Cheetah, wide with horror. Cheetah gave her a glance then took her lower on the arm so she could handle the bracelet.

Cheetah grasped the bracelet tightly, thinking she might have to tug to get it off as it looked quite snug. Instead the bracer slipped up and off her arm with ease.

Cheetah's grin was broad and cruel, revealing she still had pointed canines, "Well… whadda ya know…"

Turning to face the crowd, Cheetah lightly tossed the silver item underhand, letting it bounce and flip down the steps. Wonder Woman closed her eyes, her heart breaking with each clang of her bracer as it met the stone steps of the museum.

Once the bracelet had joined Wonder Woman's tiara at the bottom of the steps, Cheetah let the heroine's arm drop then moved around behind her to repeat the same procedure with the opposite bracelet. Cheetah tossed it down the steps with much less to do than the first, discarding the silver bracer like it was a used candy wrapper.

Wonder Woman hung her head in defeat as Cheetah's power lifted her back into the air, leaving her feet dangling. Her famous red and white boots were slipped off by Cheetah's magic, the amazon's bare feet and toes exposed to the air. The boots plopped to the ground and a moment later Wonder Woman was lowered back to her feet.

This time Cheetah let Diana sink until she was no longer fully upright, letting the crushed super heroine hang her head, her firm legs knock-kneed and awkward.

"The beautiful, powerful, perfect Wonder Woman," Cheetah mused aloud as she walked behind the heroine, "Is about to go viral on the internet… get your cameras ready, boys…"

Wonder Woman didn't try to stop Cheetah or even lift her head as she felt the villainess undoing the catch on her golden belt, then the catches of her bustier. Diana's body jerked as Cheetah roughly undid the last few straps then the bustier and the belt came down as one piece, slipping down just under Wonder Woman's perfect breasts before Cheetah simply let it clatter to the ground at her feet.

Most of the super heroine's fans were in tears at this point, watching their idol be dismantled before them. Her breasts were creamy and perfectly round, standing proudly on her chest without any support at all, nipples capping the soft, bountiful orbs.

"Come on, princess!" Cheetah called out, mockingly, "No need to be bashful! Your fans want to see those wonder ta ta's!"

Cheetah pushed an arm into Diana's back, forcing her back to arch and thrusting out her ample breasts. While most of Wonder Woman's fans looked away, a few began covertly recording the moment on their phones. Even if youtube would take down all these videos in a week, this footage would have quite a few other purposes…

Cheetah reached around and cupped her fingers around Diana's left breast, molding it in her palm then squeezing for the benefit of the crowd. A few members of the crowd snickered faintly to themselves and one of the less ethical news crews zoomed in on the action.

After a moment of groping, Wonder Woman (if she could be called that any longer) was pulled back upright and turned around to face Cheetah, her back to the crowd. Now clad in only her star spangled panties, Diana stared at her conquerer with tear filled eyes, expression weak and pleading.

"Pl—please…" she whimpered, "No… no more… just… just kill me…"

Cheetah smiled to herself as she looked down the former Wonder Woman's body. Even bruised, scraped, and spattered with blood, it was impossibly perfect. Molded and turned with muscle and swelling girlishly everywhere hungry eyes looked. Shoulders firm and toned, arms sleek but breasts ample and soft. The faint ridges and indentations of her abs framed her abdomen, waist slimming down before flaring out dramatically into wide hips. How those full, firm thighs hugged the soft mound between her legs…

"No…" Cheetah purred so only Diana could hear, "Lots more…"

Tears began spilling from Diana's face as Cheetah leaned in closer, stroking the backs of her fingers down the heroine's shoulders affectionately, then drawing back to trace along the side of her breast in such a way that it sent a thrill up her spine.

"I don't think I'll ever let you die, precious…" Cheetah slid a hand down Diana's hip as she nuzzled the woman's neck, "You have so much to answer for… all my plans ruined… being so damned self righteous and perfect…"

Cheetah pressed her lips to Diana's neck, "All those times you beat me and humiliated me… you owe me… and you're going to pay me back, if it takes you a billion years…"

Finally, Cheetah punctuated this by sticking out her tongue and dragging it up her prey's neck, over her jaw, her cheek… before drawing back with a grin.

Wonder Woman… no, no longer worthy of the title… Diana… hung her head, not even having the strength to cry as she thought on all the different ways she'd failed. All the hope she'd tried to give humanity, everything she'd worked towards was being destroyed. All the times she'd saved Olympus and the world were now meaningless because of this defeat. Because of her own arrogance and weakness Cheetah would destroy the gods and hold the world in an icy grip of fear. Her message of peace, her mission to man's world, had ended in failure. She couldn't help but think she deserved her fate, being Cheetah's toy and amusement for all eternity…

Cheetah licked her lips, relishing the amazon's taste then reached down to hook her thumbs in Diana's star briefs, preparing for the coup de grace. She could have taken down this last bit of clothing, this last bit of dignity, with her magic… but this would be so much more satisfying.

Lowering to a crouch, Cheetah slowly drew Diana's briefs down, exposing a faint shadow then the top of the crack that separated the firm swells of the amazon's bottom. The panties had to be wiggled down the flared hips, Cheetah taking pleasure in making her new pet's rump wave back and forward, then the shimmering fabric slipped down her thighs, knees, and plopped around her feet.

The heart shape of Diana's backside protruded from the tops of her thighs, swelling out intently, but even so Cheetah used her magic to make the beaten woman bend over a bit, arching her back and standing on her toes to poke her luscious butt out even further.

Once Cheetah was certain the crowd had gotten their fill of the wonder butt, she turned Diana back around to face the crowd once more, still bent forward with her rump stuck out.

Diana clenched her eyes shut, not wanting to see the heartbroken look on the faces of all those people who looked up to her, while Cheetah leaned back to admire the plump cheeks poking out so generously. Cheetah grinned as she smoothed a palm over one cheek, giving it a squeeze then tickled across the cleft between them to the other cheek, giving the round shape a pat that made it ripple.

Diana kept her eyes closed, hanging her head as low as she could with shame. This kept her from having any warning before Cheetah's hand drew back, then smacked her across the backside with a clap.

"YAA-AAH!" Diana's blue eyes snapped wide open and she cried out before she could stop herself.

Cheetah was grinning furiously when she drew back and spanked Diana once more, the heroine's head jerking up as the stinging pain shot through her body.

"NAAAAH!" the former super heroine cried, gulping and gasping, too tired and broken hearted to restrain her embarassingly girlish screams of pain.

The crowd winced as blow after blow landed on the heroine's bare bottom, the claps of palm to tender flesh almost drowned out by Diana's pathetic cries. Tears ran down Diana's cheeks, sobbing and mewling between each blow. The crowd watched in horror as their heroine was torn down, crying out like a child.

"Stop!" the woman Cheetah had threatened finally called out, "Stop it! Please! She's no match for you! Please stop! Stop torturing her!"

Cheetah stopped just before bringing her palm back down on Diana's reddened rump once more. Diana was mewling like a punished infant and the crowd was begging her to have mercy. It couldn't get any better than that.

With a snap of Cheetah's fingers, the naked woman who was once Wonder Woman collapsed to the ground in a miserable heap, her peach plump bottom now glowing an angry red.

"I hope you've all learned a valuable lesson today," Cheetah held out an open hand, "Don't mess with me… if I can do this to your perfect little champion, imagine what I can do to you…"

Cheetah's outstretched hand glowed a bright gold and after a moment all of Wonder Woman's amazon artifacts and costume began glowing as well. There was a bright flash that forced the crowd to turn away… when they looked back, Diana and Cheetah had both changed.

Cheetah was wearing the armor of Wonder Woman, but altered to match its new owner. Instead of golden wings on the chest there were tiger claws, the star spangled briefs were now a regal purple decorated with the golden eyes of the cheetah, as the golden tiara also bore that same eye in the center of its gleaming band.

Diana had been brought to all fours and was now dressed in an intricately designed slave bikini that had been fashioned from the golden lasso and the silver of her bracelets. Decorative silver shackles had been attached to her wrists and ankles, binding them together, the back of the bikini bottoms covering only a bit more of her cheeks than a thong would and locking in the front, leaving only Cheetah with access to those intimate parts. The golden brassiere seemed to have grown over Diana's breasts like vines over two smooth stones, and last but not least there was a golden collar about her throat, attached to a leash Cheetah held in one hand.

Without a word, Cheetah turned and slashed her fingers through the air, her powers cutting open the fabric of reality to create a glowing portal to the villainess's intended destination.

"Say good bye to your heroine, you pitiful wretches," Cheetah called out, "You'll not see her again outside my throne room on Olympus…"

Cheetah stepped into the portal and gave a tug on the leash. Hanging her head, the once proud princess crawled after her obediently.

Cheetah was true to her word, conquering Olympus and ruling from Zeus's vacant throne. The last most mortals saw of Wonder Woman was her round butt shifting back and forward as she crawled after her mistress, following her into the portal.

The End