Wonder Woman - Damsel on Danger Island  

By Damselfiend

Wonder Woman

WARNING!: The following work of fiction contains (fantasy) situations involving bondage and peril intended ONLY for mature adult readers who should be at least over the age of eighteen (18). Consequently all characters presented in this work of fiction are over the age of eighteen (18). This story was written for the sole purpose of entertainment not for monetary gain or profit.The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women. Wonder Woman is acopyrighted character under DC Comics.

Chapter 1: Hard Contact

"Sierra Tango One to Overlord: be advised target has been sighted twenty klicks north east of the island's perimeter and closing."

"Acknowledged Sierra Tango… uh maintain over watch and stand by for my command."

Doctor Herman Bogsley placed the radio down nervously, his trembling palms moist with perspiration. Unlike his combat hardened mercenaries Doctor Bogsley was a nervous wreck. Sitting on his swivel chair, Dr. Bogsley eyedanxiouslyat the several flat screen security screens on the wall of his underground command room. He was glad that his target had fallen for the false distress call he had broadcasted; now he only had to wait to strike down his prey.

Herman tried to reassure himself why he took advantage of the Pentagon's black ops military slush funds to construct this vast hi-tech underground facility on Danger Island.Several years ago, Doctor Bogsley proposed several theories on the manipulation of the electromagnetic spectrum to depower the so called "super heroes" of the Justice League, an organization deemed to be a threat by the Pentagon brass. He needed a secret facility to carry out his experiments.

Situated about three hundred miles west off the coast of Panama in the Pacific Ocean, the secluded Danger Island was discovered by Dr. Bogsley's scouting team. They learned the island emitted odd electromagnetic fields, a perfect place to conduct Doctor Bogsley's research.One breakthrough was Dr. Bogsley's pulse disruptor, a device that manipulated Danger Island's electromagnetic fields.

Project Danger Island was eventually abandoned but not forgotten as Dr. Bogsley all along had dreamt of using the island as part of his special pet project in capturing one particular super heroine. Now having returned back to Danger Island, the timid doctor knew the target he sought to lure to was an imposing one: Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman!

"Keep it together Bogs" muttered the doctor to himself as he continued to watch the security screens with apprehension. "She'll soon be yours!" Dr. Bogsley was a secret admirer of the female contingent of the super hero organization known as the Justice League,having an obsession with Wonder Woman. A balding middle aged short man devoted to military research, admittedly Herman's love life was lacking. But utilizing the resources he had, he concocted a plan to change all that.

"Overlord, by advised target has breached the perimeter."

"Er…copy that Sierra Tango!" stammered Herman as he fumbled with the radio. "I'm engaging the pulse disruptor now, fire missile on my mark!"

"Copy that Overlord!"

This was it. Years of planning and billions of dollars that Dr. Bogsley had invested for this moment were manifesting into reality. Should everything go according to plan, Herman expected to have Wonder Woman as his prisoner within the hour.

"That's odd" thought Wonder Woman. The sensors on her Invisible Javelin's holographic heads up display became distorted with static. The space craft she flew was a Justice League Javelin modified with a fully active invisibility cloak; its sophisticated instruments were flawless and for them to abruptly go haywire unsettled Wonder Woman. Diana frowned at her controls and brushed aside a strand of stray hair from her face as she tried to make sense of the situation.

Sitting alone in the spacious cockpit of her Invisible Javelin, the lovely Wonder Woman was garbed in her Amazonian Warrior costume. Her footwear consisted of sexy high-heeled calf high boots sporting a crimson finish highlighted by white stripe running down their front sides. Diana wore ahigh cut star studded blue swimsuit bottom, which she hung her Golden Lasso from and exhibited her beautifully sculpted thighs.

Adorning Diana's curvaceous torso wasa snug fitting red and gold colored bustier that displayed a generous amount of cleavage and accentuated her supple breasts. Crowning her gorgeous wavy black hair was a golden tiara while cladding her forearms were a pair of silver bracelets that were as indestructible as Wonder Woman herself. Clad in her skimpy costume combined with her intense beauty, Wonder Woman was the idyllic specimen of an Amazon warrior princess.

"Perhaps the crew of that ship in distress has encountered this unusual phenomenon as well?" thought Wonder Woman. The distress call she picked up during her routine patrol flight was that of a ship having run aground, its crew having supposedly lost navigational control of their vessel. Diana figured she didn't require assistance from fellow JLA team mates as she presumed rescuing some men from a stranded ship was no problem. She'd pick them up then complete the rest of her patrol in no ti-


Wonder Woman caught glance of a missile plume that shot by her cockpit window followed by a massive explosion. Almost immediately her craft plummeted from the sky. Though slightly stunned by what had just happened, the Amazonian warrior activated her comm channel and sent a distress call to the Justice League command with poise and calmness as she spoke.

"Mayday! Mayday! This is Wonder Woman to Watchtower, I've encountered several systems failures and lost control of my ship. It looks like I won't be completing my flight patrol today." Diana waited several seconds and sent out her call again. She failed to hear a response. "Communications must be down as well" she supposed.

Heaving her controls, Wonder Woman fought to pull her craft up as the nose of her Invisible Javelin continued its downward spiral. Through her viewport, Wonder Woman caught sight of an islanddown below; she aimed her spiraling craft as best as she could towards the island intending to crash-land on it.

"Dammit! I'm going down too fast; I've got to bail out!"

Wonder Woman quickly pulled at the ejection seat latch at her side. "_Goddess!"_cursed Diana when she did not find herself blasting out of the cockpit. _"Everything must be knocked out of commission!"_Hastily, she threw a mighty blow with her fist at the ceiling of her cockpit expecting to knock it off. But instead, her knuckles rang out in pain.

"Hera! That was excruciating!" Gritting her teeth in pain Wonder Woman clutched her aching fist. She should've bashed the roof of her cockpit without a problem. "What's going on? It is as though I have lost my Amazonian strength as I didn't even leave a dent!"

Wonder Woman's craft began to tumbleeven more wildly. As she made her way to the side boarding hatch of her craft, Wonder Woman steadied her arms against her craft's walls to prevent herself from tumbling like a rag doll inside her plummeting ship.

Diana finally reached and opened the side egress hatch. Readying herself to leap, Wonder Woman noted that the Invisible Javelin had also lost its cloaking abilities. She also saw the surface of the Pacific was coming up towards her fast. Leaping out of her doomed craft, Wonder Woman attempted to fly but was terribly shocked to find herself tumbling down to the ocean below.

_"Hera no! It is as though I've been robbed of all my powers!"_a stunned Diana thought as she fell in free fall. But thanks to her warrior spirit she maintained her cool and righted up her body in midair so that she would strike the water feet first.

Hair whipping behind her head, Diana braced herself right before she smashed into the water's surface. She had fallen about over a hundred feet and upon striking the water's surface was akin to being rammed into a concrete wall. The force of the impact of knocked Wonder Woman outinstantaneously and all went black for the Amazonian…

"Roger that Overlord, confirmed missile hit…target was disabled."

"But did you see her?" asked Dr. Bogsley gripping the radio with trepidation.

"Negative Overlord" replied the mercenary on the other end. "Believe me sir, I would've never missed sight of some broad dressed in a patriotic themed swimsuit falling from the sky."

"Fine, fine. Just send out Team Alpha and Bravo to search the beach. Non-lethal force only! I want her alive!"

"Copy that Overlord. You'll have her soon enough. Sierra Tango out."

Herman tapped his chin. He suddenly felt an air of confidence come over him. So far step one worked, perhaps things were unfolding in his favor. He just hoped his pulse disruptor was functioning properly hopefully ridding Wonder Woman's powers and rendering her vulnerable.

Hurriedly, Dr. Bogsley took off his lab coat and donned a tactical vest over his collared shirt. He then grabbed a dart gun and his radio, and thenscrambled out the command room of his bunker hideout making his way to the surface of the island.

Chapter 2: Bound for Peril

The sound of ocean surf combined with the gentle rolling waves washing up all over her curvaceous body woke Wonder Woman up. As she came to, she opened her eyes slowly her vision blurred but clearing. She could make out a jungle ahead of her and at the same time she felt wet sand on the bare skin of her toned thighs and arms.

"Where on Earth am I?"

Laying on her stomach sprawled out on a beach Wonder Woman arched her back and raised her head to survey her surroundings. Diana struggled to stand up, but when she finally did she was a sight to behold to anyone spying on her.

Wonder Woman had one hand on her hips and the other shielding her eyes as she scanned the landscape. Her long toned legs and her red boots were caked in wet sand while her assured stance along with her arched back pronounced her curvaceous boobs. The ocean breeze had dried off her hair a bit and now as her long gorgeous black manewas swaying in the air.

"In my travels throughout Earth I've have yet to be acquainted with this island. Better head inland, should this place be inhabited I could maybe find out just exactly where I am."

Wonder Woman patted off the sand on her legs and arms as she strode toward the jungle line. There was a thick wall of vegetation from palm trees and tropical plants she had to march through.As she walked deeper into the tropical forest, the sounds of the ocean waves washing ashore were overtaken by the music of tropical birds singing and the buzz of insects.

Brushing aside large palm leaves and ferns, Wonder Woman hiked through the island jungle. It was a mountainous island covered completely by thick vegetation. Slogging through a gurgling creek Wonder Woman pushed on deeper into the jungle and unwittingly closer to peril.

Wonder Woman's skimpy outfit and heeled boots did little to protect her from the thick vegetation as she trudged through the jungle. She capered over ferns and felled jungle treesas she marched through the jungle. "These high heeled boots are cute but are really impeding my progress" she thought. Suddenly, Wonder Woman froze and stopped in her tracks sensing she was being watched.

"Goddamn she's even more gorgeous in person!" thought Dr. Bogsley. He had made his way through the jungle, closing into the beach he assumed the currents would've washed Wonder Woman ashore. Now just a few feet away from him behind some ferns stood the warrior demi-goddess herself!

Herman leered lustfully at Wonder Woman; the vivid red and blues of her risqué costume contrasted against the earthy greens and browns of the jungle around her. Wonder Woman's athletically toned body combined with the skimpy outfit she wore aroused the doctor as a bulge swelled in his pants. He gaped at the shapely super heroine; Dr. Bogsley appreciated how her bustier exposed a substantial amount of cleavage and skin of her plump breasts and the how much thigh and leg she had exposed thanks to the high cut of her costume.

"Ah it must be working perfectly!" Dr. Bogsley noted how there were tiny open cuts throughout Wonder Woman's thighs as she must've brushed against some rough vegetation; the fact her skin had been easily wounded indicated that his pulse disruptor truly nullified Wonder Woman's powers through electromagnetism manipulation. Still, the doctor knew Wonder Woman was an exceptional melee fighter, he planned to approach her from behind quietly and-

"Overlord be advised we've found wreckage of the craft but no Wonder Woman" crackled Dr. Bogsley's radio. "I repeat we found the wreckage but no Wonde-"

Dr. Bogsley hastily switched his radio off cringing as he watched Wonder Woman spin around towards the noise she heard, her silver bracelet clad forearms up in a defensive position. She was undoubtedly pissed after hearing what was just announced over Dr. Bogsley's radio.

"Who goes there and what do you want?!" demanded Wonder Woman. Her teeth were clenched and her eyes glowered angrily. As beautiful Wonder Woman could be, it was instances like this in which she was fearsome. Clearing his throat, Dr. Bogsley nervouslystepped out from his hiding spot.

"Eh…hello Wonder Woman, I am…my name is Doctor Herman Bogsley and consider yourself my prisoner" he announced trying to sound assertive. He then unholstered his dart gun from his tactical vest and leveled it at Wonder Woman. "Do as I'll say or else!"

"Hmmph! That's some big threat coming from a small man" scoffed Wonder Woman as she dropped her arms from her defensive position and placed her hands on herbroad hips. "We're you the one responsible for downing my ship?"

"W..why yes! I was the one who shot you down from the sky. Now hands behind your head Wonder Woman! Don't make me tranquilize you needlessly!" stuttered Herman trying to control his wobblyaim at Wonder Woman with his dart gun. The Amazonian superheroine must've weighed a hundred fifty pounds and stood over six feet tall almost a full foot taller than Dr. Bogsley, an intimidating sight for the short balding doctor.

"Well I believe that makes you less off a friend to me little man" growled Wonder Woman.

Dr. Bogsley gulped and began to walk fearfully backwards as Wonder Woman began to stride towards him. He was about to fire his dart gun when she lunged at him and grabbed him by his collar, hoistingthe doctor in the air with one arm.

"So that distress call I received regarding a ship crew in need was but a means to lure me here?! Tell me where am I and why did you shoot me down!" demanded Wonder Woman.

Dr. Bogsley could only blurt out a nervous cry. He glanced at the enraged expression on Wonder Woman's face but then found his eyes glued at the gorgeous bust of Wonder Woman.Seeing that his eyes were not meeting hers Diana glanced down at what was mesmerizing the doctor. Realizing her breasts were responsible for distracting Dr. Bogsley's attention, an infuriated Wonder Woman shook her arm rattling the doctor back to his senses.

"Bastard! Answer me or I'll- Aggghhhh!!!"

Wonder Woman felt a sharp intense pain surge throughout her body. Screaming in agony she released her hold of Dr. Bogsley who stumbled onto the jungle floor.

Several of the wicked doctor's elite mercenaries clad in theirpixelated camouflage uniforms and wielding their combat gear had sprung out of the jungle foliage behind Wonder Woman. One of them had fired his tazer gun which was mounted beneath his assault rifle.

"Argghhhh!" cried Wonder Woman as the mercenary continued to tazer her. In pain, Diana staggered around in her red boots scraping at the muddy jungle floor. She then stumbled onto the ground flailing her legs about as she writhed against the pain. Turning her head around to see the assailant behind her,Diana noticed the long wire running from his tazer to the sharp prongs that had penetrated the skin on the back of her right shoulder.

_"I've got to fight the pain and get this thing off me!"_Grimacing, Wonder Woman fought over the paralyzing electrical currents flowing throughout her body regaining control of her left arm and used her hand to jerk the prongs off her. Having halted the effects of the tazer, Wonder Woman then quickly got to her feet.

"Hold it right there bitch! Don't you move a muscle!" bellowed a mercenary.

"Or what? You'll shoot me with your little toys? I'd like to see you try!" retorted Wonder Woman returning to her defensive stance brining her silver bracelet clad arms up.

"Evidently you've been depowered my dear Wonder Woman" chided Dr. Bogsley having regained confidence knowing he was backed by half a dozen heavily armed mercenaries. "The scratches inflicted upon your lovely skinfrom your little trek through this thick jungle and the fact you've been incapacitated rather easily by a tazer is indicative of your lack of powers."

"Hmm…he may be bluffing but then againhe could be telling the truth" thought Diana. It was making sense now, her attempt to breach a hole in her cockpit, her inability to fly and the ease of how she was wounded. She was still tough but she was no more vulnerable than an average mortal human. The doctor had now taken protective cover behind his men who had their weapons drawn at Diana, slowing inching towards the Amazonian.

"How unsurprising…more men with guns. You males and your reliance on such phallic weapons annoy me to no end!" derided Wonder Woman as the mercenaries closed in around her.

"Last chance Wonder Woman! Surrender now or we'll be forced to subdue you!"

_"I may lack my powers but I am far from being powerless. I am not going to let these men have their way with me!"_Wonder Woman reached for Golden Lasso, intending to grapple one of the mercenaries and use the silver bracelet on her free arm to deflect any incoming rounds from the mercenaries' weapons. She continued eyeing the henchmen, and was about to make her move when she realized she had lost sight of their leader.

"Achh!" yelped Wonder Woman. She felt a sharp sting on her right buttock. Peering down her curvaceous derriere, Wonder Woman saw a hypodermic needle with a feathered tail piece protruding from her right buttock. Looking up she saw a grinning Doctor Bogsley and almost immediately she began to feel woozy.

"Welcome to Danger Island Wonder Woman! Now, take it easy as I've just shot you with a ballistic syringe with a special blend of barbiturates I've concocted just for you to begin your stay here!"

As the drugs took their effect, Wonder Woman swayed about bow legged with her knees together and feet apart. Clutching her forehead, Wonder Woman moaned struggling to keep her eyes open. Dr. Bogsley and his men watched as Wonder Woman fought to stay on her feet.

"She's a tough cookie" remarked one of the mercenaries.

"Ughhhhmm….what've…you done..to me…" slurred Wonder Woman as she stumbled onto the ground onto her side, using one of her arms to prop up the upper portion of her buxom body. Seeing that the sedatives had only mildly incapacitated Wonder Woman Dr. Bogsley became worried.

"Hmm…there were enough sedatives in that dart to knock out a rhino. Screw it. Sanchez and Mack secure Wonder Woman. I want her restrained before the drugs lose their effect. The rest of you prepare containment shed for Wonder Woman. I want her exposed to the effects of my pulse disruptor so that she would be fully drained of her powers!"

With a nod the two mercenaries shouldered their rifles and knelt down by a writhing Wonder Woman. Sanchez seized Wonder Woman from behind rolled her onto her stomach and grabbed both of her wrists pinning them behind her back. An ex-Marine who was discharged from the Corps for sexual assault, Sanchez sniggered as he restrained Wonder Woman.

"What…are you doing?" moaned Wonder Woman. Her head was spinning and she felt light headed. Wonder Woman felt her hands being held behind her by a gloved mercenary and tried feebly to wrestle her hands free by twisting her torso.

"Be still bitchand let my man Mack tie them pretty hands of yours behind you!" snarled Sanchez nodding at Mack who proceeded to pull a pair of thick tan colored flex cuffs out of his tactical vest."Mm…chica smell very nice!" laughed Sanchez.

"Ughhh…unhand me…you foul fiend…"moaned Diana as Sanchez laughed and continued to restrict Wonder Woman's hands behind her in an iron grip.

"Hold her legs will you?!" barked the bald muscular ex-SEAL Mack as he placed the flex cuffs onto Wonder Woman. Discharged from the US Navy for failing to obey an order on a classified op in Afghanistan Mack fastened the flex cuffs onto Wonder Woman's wrists. Now driven by cynicism, Mack found work as security detail for Dr. Bogsley. He did not however expect to be assisting in the abduction of Wonder Woman.

"Alright chill man, bitch has some serious fight in her."Sanchez then wrapped his leg around Wonder Woman's muddied red boots, fully restraining her legs.

All the while, Dr. Bogsley watched as his henchmen bound Wonder Woman. Licking his lips, his eyes widened as he heard the sound of the flex cuffs zipping securely onto Wonder Woman wrists.

"Ughhhh…what…do…you intend…to do with me?" moaned Wonder Woman in discomfort as she craned her neck to her side trying to roll onto her back. Her hands were now securely bound behind her by the flex cuffs. Mack and Sanchez then sat Wonder Woman up and as they did her head rested on one of her shoulders, her jet black hair drooping all over her face.

"You're gonna be the entertainment for tonight bitch heheheh!" Sanchez snickered as he began to grope Wonder Woman's scrumptious large breasts. "There are thirty horny mother fuckers on this damn island and you're going to be pleasing every one of us. Ain't that right doc?"

"Eh we'll see about that" replied Dr. Bogsley. "Can we just finish trussing up Wonder Woman and take her to the containment shed? Like now I suppose?" He then motioned the two mercenaries to follow him.

"I wanna piece of this puta ya here doc?!" barked Sanchez.

"Hey take it easy Sanchez" said Mack as he hoisted up Wonder Woman and placed her on his shoulders in a fireman carry. "I really hate scum who find enjoyment in violating women."

"Yeah? This bitch deserves to get fucked, she's a man breaker and tonight I'll break her!"

"If you so lay a hand on her somebody's gonna fuck you up!"

The two men were now glaring at each other face to face; the sounds of the jungle filled the tense silence between them. Mack hefted Wonder Woman's flaccid form higher onto his shoulders as Sanchez took a step closer towards the ex-SEAL. An edgy Dr. Bogsley stepped in between the twohenchmen pleading them to return to the task at hand.

"How about we fully secure Wonder Woman in that containment shed before she fucks us all up?! Even without her powers she can still fuck us up if we don't truss her up!"

"Fine Doc, but I got dibs on the Wonder bitch tonight!" snorted Sanchez.

"Ahem I am the head of this operation…and thus I have full privileges on the lovely Wonder Woman" snapped Dr. Bogsley. "Feel free to have the sloppy seconds heheh!"

"Don't bet on it…" muttered Mack. Hefting Wonder Woman's shapely body, he followed behind Sanchez and Dr. Bogsley through the jungle brush with the rest of the mercenaries in tow.

Despite the fact she was losing consciousness; a languidWonder Woman had heard the exchanges between her captors. As she dozed off she made a mental note that Mack, the mercenary who had bound her wrists behind her and was now carrying her limp curvaceous body on his shoulders could have some good in him.

As her head bobbed up and down lightly, Wonder Woman's hair swayed about as she was carried through the dense jungle. Her eyelids had become heavy and finally closed shut. "So…sleepy" thought Wonder Woman as she finally succumbed to the sedatives in her system exhaling with a quite moan and fell into unconsciousness.

Chapter3: A Tight Situation

"Umnnnnhhh…"Wonder Woman moaned as she woke up in discomfort. She felt herself lying against a hard surface, her cheek pressed against what felt like a cement floor. She sensed her hands being restricted behind her back and was unable to move her legs freely. As she fully regained consciousness, Wonder Woman realized she was lying on her side and was in the process of being bound by someone.

"Hey!" cried Wonder Woman as she struggled to sit up "Let me go! Ngghhh! You're hurting me!"

"Take it easy ma'am I'm not going to hurt you. This is just business." whispered a man behind Wonder Woman who was binding her wrists behind her back with rope.

Recognizing the voice, Wonder Woman turned her head to look behind her and wassomewhat relieved to see the man tying her up was Mack; a man she felt carried a sense of morality someone who she thought she might convince him to help her with her predicament. But she was vulnerable in this tight situation as she was dressed in her revealing costume and was being bound by a hired gun she hardly knew.

"Please, just listen to me for one moment" implored Wonder Woman, "I sense you are not like the other men, please untie me now and let me go. You can say I overpowered you and made my escape."

"Not gonna work. I've got my orders ma'am" replied Mack. "Boss says he wants you secured in this shed and that's what's going to happen. Sorry."

Diana turned away from Mack and sighed. She grimaced as the mercenary yanked a length of rope as he tightened a knot. Wonder Woman felt her hands being tied crisscrossed behind her back with industrial grade nylon ropes. Her legs were bound as well with ropes circling around her ankles tightly over her boots causing creases in the red leather and more ropes encircling her legs above her knees.

"Nghh…it looks like you've got me trussed up well…do you intend to hurt me like the other men?" asked ananxious Wonder Woman.

"As in sexually? No. As I said business is business. Now please keep still. I still haven't finished tying you up."

Mack took a bundle of rope from a nearby duffel bag. He then looped the lengths of nylon several times around Wonder Woman's torso just below her well-endowed breasts, pinning Wonder Woman's arms to her body.

As she sat helplessly being bound by Mack, Wonder Woman noted she was inside a shed like structure with cinder block walls and a metal roof. The room and the cement floor she sat on were hot due to the poor ventilation of the shed and the humidity of the dense jungle island itself. Shards of light shining through a boarded up window and a dangling ceiling light bulb provided the shed's only sources of illumination.

The shed was no bigger than the average living room of a modern home. Here and there were some old ammo crates, a rusting fuel drum, and what irked her the most, a filthy aqua blue mattress laying against a wooden support beam. There was a length of chain bolted onto wooden beam near its base. The chain snaked around nasty mattress and at its end was what looked like a collar, an unsettling sight for Wonder Woman.

"Nghh!" grunted Wonder Woman "Please,you've got to help me out I do not wish to be subjected to the whims of those other men" she pleaded as Mack finished binding her hands.

"I cannot assure your safety, these guys including that piece of work Sanchez may be just all talk. I'm sorry but you're on your own babe."

"So you're just going to leave me here tied up inside this shed?" asked Wonder Woman.

"This is only temporary" Answered Mack. "Dr. Bogsley wants you to be confined yet exposed to the electromagnetic effects of his pulse disruptor which has more impact on affecting you on the surface than underground. Once the Doctor is satisfied that you've been completely drained of your powers we'll be set to bring you to the bunker facility."

"And only then I'll be used as entertainment for the men of this island?"

"That and Dr. Bogsley intends to do…um…experimentation on you."

Hearing that sent a chill up Wonder Woman; she began to writhe vigorously against her ropes as her dark black hair waved around. Diana then attempted to distance herself from Mack stretching her bound legs out in her sitting position then digging her heels and pulling her legs inward to try to drag herself away from Mack.

"You're obviously not going anywhere like that" rebuked Mack as he grabbed her by her arms,scooping the bound Amazonian up into a bridal carry.All what the bound Wonder Woman could do was wriggle her voluptuous figure in the arms of Mack. As she struggled, Wonder Woman's breasts jiggled back and forth while a loose strand of rope whipped wildly in the air as she kicked her long toned legs up and down.

"Settle down babe, you're just going to wear yourself out."

"Nghh!!! Get these ropes off me! I do not wish to be a lab subject for a perverted doctor!"

"Hey! Stop struggling or I will-"

Mack stopped himself as he stared at the stunning woman he cradled in his arms. Wonder Woman ceased her thrashing, as her eyes met Mack's.

"Or do what?"she challenged. The fact he checked himself gave Wonder Woman more hope in convincing Mack to help her. Additionally the way her carried her was respectfulas Mack disciplined himself from squeezing her breasts or running his hand up and down her bare thighs. Truly a man of honor she thought.

"Never mind. Anyway here's where you're most likely gonna stay for the rest of the day into tonight." Mack then laid Wonder Woman gently onto the filthy mattress. As he did, Wonder Woman began to fret.

"Ughh! I don't want to know where or what this mattress has been through" she fussed noticing the peculiar stains throughout the raggedy mattress. Diana was a tough woman and didn't mind the mud and blood of battle but the thought of sitting on a mattress drenched with supposed "love stains" repulsed her.

Too preoccupied with trying to position herself in so that the least amount of skin of her bare thighs would touch the mattress that Wonder Woman failed to see Mack pull a rag out of his duffel bag."This is disgusting I hope tha- Gmmmppphhhfff!!!!"

"My apologies, but you need to stay quiet" mentionedMack having snuck a rag behind Diana's head and was now cramming the waddown her mouth.

"Ummpphhhff!" cried Wonder Woman. "Hera no! I'm being gagged!"

"Hold still" ordered Mack as he kept a hand over Wonder Woman's mouth and used his other to reach for a roll of duct tape.Taking the roll and using his teeth, Mack bit down on it and pulled a length. Tearing the length off the roll, Mack then took the tape with his free hand and clamped it over Wonder Woman's luscious red lips.

"Mmmphhh!!" Wonder Woman shook her head trying to wrest free from Mack's iron clasp over her lips as he pressed the duct tape over her mouth. Mack placed several more strips over Wonder Woman's gagged mouth effectively muffling her cries.

"Sorry this is for your own good. A security measure of sorts." reasoned Mack as he placed a final strip of duct tape over her mouth.

"Hmmpphf" retorted Wonder Woman with an annoyed look at her face. She was mad at Mack but knew then man was just following orders. She had to just deal with the fact she was now bound and gagged.

"Lastly this will keep you from wriggling around." Mack picked up the coil of chain bolted to the support beam. He took the brown leather collar at the end of the chain and as he reached for Wonder Woman's neck, the Amazonian jerked her head away clearly upset.

"Mmmpphhhfff!!!" protested Wonder Woman angrily as she glared at the collar then back at Mack. "I will not be chained and shackled like some animal!"

Mack finally grabbed hold of Wonder Woman's neck and strapped the collar onto her. He made sure it was snug but not too tight. Seeing his work was finally done, Mack stood up and walked casually towards the shed's door."Get some rest will ya. You're going to need it."

With that Mack then slammed the metal door shut. Wonder Woman heard the mercenary lock the door from outside and the sounds of his boots marching through a gravel path soon dissipated into the ambient noise of the jungle.

"Mmmphhhff!! Mmmphhhff!!" wailed Wonder Woman through her gag. She began to squirm against her restraints, twisting at her wrists bound behind her and heaving against the ropes wound around her chest. Mack had bound Wonder Woman's wrists right below her silver bracelets, the bonds were so tight that Diana's hands were becoming numb.

"I've got to work my wrists free! Hera give me strength!" Wonder Woman tugged at her hands bound behind her and shook her arms in an effort to loosen the ropes. Arching her back and turning her head over her shoulder, Wonder Woman tried to gain sight of her bonds in the dim light.

Wonder Woman saw that her hands had been tied crisscrossed behind her with horizontal loops of ropelashed fast upon her wrists and a vertical band of rope between her bound hands. She saw what looked like knots and began to pick at them with her manicured fingers nails.

Occasionally Wonder Woman would twirl her head to clear offhair that fell over her face as she looked over her shoulder working on the ropes binding her hands. If she had not been robbed of her full Amazonian strength, Wonder Woman would've snapped free of her rope bonds with ease. However at the moment, the simple nylon ropes keeping her bound were proving most difficult for her to escape from.

Moaning incessantly against her gag, Wonder Woman struggled against the ropes keeping her in bondage. As she did she a dire sense of hopelessness fell upon Wonder Woman. Her bonds held fast, her wrists and ankles were now throbbing in pain due to the tightness of the ropes.

"I've got to get free from these ropes, Goddess knows what do those mercenaries and that perverted doctor intend to do with me!" thought Wonder Woman as she continued grappling with the stubborn ropes keeping her hands behind her back. The bonds held fast; Diana felt as if her wrists had been fused together.

Twisting her bound wrists, Wonder Woman scanned the musty shed's interior for anything sharp or rough enough for rubbing herropes against. Though the industrial grade ropes binding her hands tied behind her were taut, she kept working them. Eventually Wonder Woman discerned the somewhat rough edges of the old ammo crates at the other end of the room may be abrasive enough to cut her bonds.

"If I could get to those metal cases and use their jagged edges to cut away at these ropes I may be able to get myself free" she thought. She slowly got herself off the grimy mattress by curling her bound legs in and out propelling her toward the pile of ammo crates. Slipping off the mattress, Wonder Woman plopped onto the cement floor her breasts and buttocks jiggling delectably as she struck the ground. She continued her way towards the ammo crates, her high cut costume proving detrimental as her thighs scrapped the coarse cement floor.

"Mmmphhf!" yelped Wonder Woman as her chain leash went taut. She had misjudged the length of chain and found the ammo boxes were just an inch or so from the feet. Laying on her back and using her bound hands beneath her to stabilize her body, Wonder Woman tried stretching out her bound legs for the ammo crates.

"Hmmmpphhfff!!!" Wonder Woman twisted her body trying to reach the closet ammunitioncontainer but was a mere inch or so from even touching it. She tried several times to reach for the ammo crates with her legs but eventually grew tired. Defeated, Diana sat up groaning in frustration.

Wonder Woman sat on the floor panting in the stifling heat of the cramped shed as beads of sweat ran down from her face accumulating into her cleavage. Perspiration soaked her skimpy costume darkening her red bustier top to a dark crimson hue. Her shapely thighs were marked with scratches and bruises. With her usual self, Wonder Woman did not need to produce lactic acid in her muscles; but devoid of her powers her leg muscles were burning from overexertion during her struggle.

"Mmmmhhhpf…" moaned an exhaustedWonder Woman as she fell onto her side. She shook her head in annoyance as her jaws were aching due to the huge wad shoved deep inside her duct taped mouth. She heaved against the ropes looped around her body and wriggled her bound hands in exasperation while the chain keeping her collared to the beam clattered as she struggled against the ropes keeping her bound. Her efforts proved fruitless as the ropes held fast and had not loosened not one bit.

Chapter 4: Dinner for a Damsel

"Damn these ropes, I cannot get loose from them…ughh and this heat is killing me." The sweltering heat of the shed's interior was now taking its toll on Wonder Woman. Bound and gagged, laying in a fetal position, her body glistening with perspiration, Wonder Woman sighed as her eye lids became heavy.

Hours passed. Wonder Woman stared at the shafts of light shining through the slits of boarded up window; the vivid orange teal color of the sun's rays was indicative of the time being around sunset. She was feeling groggy and was on the verge of fainting due to the sweltering heat of her prison. "Oh goddess I am going to black out…I've lost too much fluid, I need to hydrate!"

Then as if on cue, Wonder Woman perked her head up as she heard the engine of some vehicle rolling up towards the shed. Heavy footsteps followed and to Wonder Woman's relief the door opened revealing Mack holding a large Nalgene bottle in one hand and duffel slung on his shoulder.

"Goddamn, sorry about this babe" apologized as he knelt beside a bound and gagged Wonder Woman who, despite her weakened state, sat up eagerly to receive Mack's attention. She locked her gaze with Mack's as he gently brushed the hair that drooped over her face. Wonder Woman pondered if she was actually falling for this man.

"Here let's get these off of you" reassured Mack as he reached for one end of the duct tapes wrapped over Wonder Woman's mouth.

Wonder Woman shut her eyes, expecting Mack to rip her duct tape gag off roughly. Instead, Mack gingerly peeled the strips of duct tape off Wonder Woman's mouth to reveal her tender red lips. Once free of the duct tape, Wonder Woman coughed out the wad stuffed in her mouth. She shook her head as she tried to rid the tendrils of saliva sticking between her lips and the wad she had spat out onto the floor.

"Ughh…water…please…" rasped Wonder Woman her head hanging low, her dark hair shrouding over her face.

"Sure. This is for you, drink up." Mack unscrewed the liter sized Nalgene bottle and brought it towards Wonder Woman's mouth. Holding her chin, Mack guided Wonder Woman's pursed lipsin so that it could meet the rim of the bottle.She was soon awarded with the most refreshing drink she ever had and guzzled down the ice cold water with much eagerness.

Mack watched as Wonder Woman gulped down the water from the bottle staring at her succulent red lips then eyeing the bulges palpitating on her throat as she swallowed the cool liquid. He took the liberty to caress Wonder Woman's hair as if assuring her she was going to be alright.

Mack's eyes began to wander. His gaze traveled down away from Wonder Woman's throat to her chest noting some water had dripped onto her cleavage. The mercenary then gaped at Wonder Woman's bountiful sized breasts barely sheathed by her tight bustier. His eyes continued to scan the Amazonian's athletically toned body and noted she bore an awesome set of nice and firm legs.

"Ahh…thank you" cooed Wonder Woman as she finished her drink smacking her lips in satisfaction. "I don't think I would've lasted any longer" she added.

"I'll let you finish the rest of this water, for now I brought you dinner. It's not a five course meal…anyways hope you like meat loaf." Mack took out from his duffel a brown MRE (meal ready to eat) bag and opened it and warmed it with the package's flameless heating solution. As her hands were still bound behind her, Wonder Woman was fed by Mack using the MRE's included spoon. Mack cautiously brought the utensil to Wonder Woman lips as she eyed it apprehensively.

"You sure this stuff isn't drugged?" she asked wrinkling her nose her eyes darting between the spoon full of meatloaf dangling in front of her and the not-so-reassuring look on Mack's face.

"No. But since these so called meals ready to eat usually don't taste good it's no surprise why some of us call it meals rejected by everyone. Here, bon appetite."

Wonder Woman smirked at Mack then took the spoon containing the unappetizing globule of meat into her mouth and swallowed. Mack was impressed as Wonder Woman downed more bites of the unsavory meal even licking at the spoon as he took it out of her mouth. For dessert he opened a pack of jelly jam and served Wonder Woman the sweet treat.

As Mack hand fed Wonder Woman, globs of the sweet stuff fell onto Wonder Woman's breast, slipping into her cleavage. Diana blushed as an apologetic Mack took the rag he used to gag Wonder Woman with and began wiping the gelatin off Diana's boobs. As he did, Mack made avoided pulling down Wonder Woman's bustier but nevertheless still inadvertently massaged Wonder Woman'ssucculent titties.

"Aside from tying me up, I would say you're not so bad of a guy" remarked Wonder Woman as Mack finished wiping jelly off her boobs. Wonder Woman eyed the mercenary as he made a visible effort to hold back a smile. He then caressed Wonder Woman's hair.

"You're a gorgeous woman and this island is chocked full of guys who haven't seen a lady in weeks or, for some who spent time in the slammer, years. It's dangerous here and seeing the way you look, I hope they don't get a chance to lay their hands on you."

"Then will you find it in your heart to keep me safe?" asked Wonder Woman in the most innocentvoice she could muster. She was a proud Amazonian warrior and premier superheroine used to not seeking protection from men. But the fact she had been rendered into a hapless damsel resorting to begging one of her captors for protection humbled Diana.She was distressedabout what was in store for her by Dr. Bogsley and his henchmen.

"As I said before, I cannot guarantee your safety." Mack picked up the rag that he had used as the wad he shoved into Wonder Woman's mouth and began twirling it thoughtlessly. "It sucks it had to turn out this way for you…I wish I could do more to help you out."

"You can!" cried Wonder Woman. She began wriggling against her ties. "Please just cut me free from these ropes. They're really tight and this chain collar is really uncomfortable."

"You know I cannot do that. I've got my orders."

Wonder Woman sighed. "Could you at least loosen these?" Leaning to her side, Wonder Woman raised up her arms to show her bound wrists behind her. Mack could see below Wonder Woman's silver bracelets the rope bonds he tied her wrists and saw Wonder Woman'shands were turning purple due to the lack of blood circulation.

"Thanks I appreciate it" purred Wonder Woman as Mack, moved with pity and concern, took Wonder Woman's bound wrists and slackened the ropes binding them. Within moments Wonder Woman could feel her rope bonds, though still snug, become less constricting than before. She shook her hands in an attempt to get some blood flowing.

"There, that's the most I could do. I've got to go now" said Mack.

"Could you just stay a bit longer, maybe we can talk? I am very much lonely tied up by myself here."Wonder Woman looked up at Mack pleadingly.

"Sorry Wonder Woman I was instructed to provide you only hydration and nourishment, not to fraternize with you." Mack then unexpectedly stooped down behind Wonder Woman and wrapped the rag around her mouth effectively cleave gagging the Amazonian babe.

"UMmmpphhff!!!" wailed Wonder Woman. "This is something I can't get used to" she thought as she bit down on the cleave gag. After dragging Wonder Woman back onto her mattress, Mack then made sure Wonder Woman's bonds were secure but not too tight. Hefting his duffel he then made his way to the door.

"Plan is to pick you up sometime tonight and relocate underground. What the doctor will subject you to I do not know. Here's hoping whatever he's got planned for you, you'd be able to handle it."

With that, Mack then shut the door behind him leaving a moaning Wonder Woman bound and gagged writhing on her disgusting mattress kicking her bound legs in the air in annoyance.

"Hmmmpff…despite the circumstances I at least I got dinner served to me by a handsome albeit confused man" thought Wonder Woman. "It was also somewhat nice of him to loosen the ropes binding my wrists." Diana twisted her wrists, the ropes were still snug but were slightly comfortable as they were no longer biting down onto her skin.

Wonder Woman tugged and scratched at the ropes binding her hands behind her. She was intent on escaping; hoping to use the fuel she gained from the meal Mack provided her to make her escape.Wonder Woman rolled around on her dirty mattress, grunting through her cleave gag as she tried to wriggle herself out of her bonds. The collar that kept her chained to the beam behind her inhibited her attempts to squirm free of the ropes binding her.

Soon evening fell, and a worn-out Wonder Woman reluctantly slumped onto her side having been defeated by her rope restraints. Tired, Diana's eye lids fluttered then closed as she then fell fast asleep.

Chapter 5: Night Terrors

The loud rumble of an all-terrain vehicle screeching to a halt woke Wonder Woman up with a start. Lying in a three-quarters proneposition still bound and gagged tight on her filthy mattress, Wonder Woman craned her neck up towards the door expecting Mack to barge in and spirit her away to Dr. Bogsley's underground lair. However, Diana was in for a most unpleasant surprise.

The door swung open and Wonder Woman squinted as the head lights of a jungle buggy flooded the dark shed's interior. She made out a silhouette of a burly man striding slowly into the shed. To her dismay she soon made out the facial features of the man; instead of Mack, Wonder Woman was staring back at a grinning Sanchez!

"Buenos noches senorita!"(good evening miss*)

"Mmmpphhhfff!!!" shrieked Wonder Woman under her cleave gag. "Hera please no!" She was sure Sanchez had other plans than just relocating her from her shed prison. Wonder Woman watched with great anxiety as she spied Sanchez gripping at the swelling hump at his pants crotch. There was a malevolent grin on his face as he leered at the bound and gagged Wonder Woman helpless before him.

After clicking on the shed's lone light bulb on, Sanchez slammed the door behind him and drew a switch blade from a sheath on his tactical vest. Springing the knife open, Sanchez menaced Wonder Woman with the blade.Usually Diana would not be intimated by weapons built by mere mortal humans, but under her current circumstances, the blade was frightening. A bound and gagged Wonder Woman struggled to back away from an advancing Sanchez. She ended up slithering of her mattress and dragged her bound body to a corner of the shed all the while squealing beneath her cleave gag.

"No, no, no chica. We gonna make some love hahaha! Now come over here cunt!"

"Ummhhppff!!" yelped Wonder Woman in pain as Sanchez grabbed her by her hair dragging her back to the mattress. Writhing against her bonds, Wonder Woman was powerless as Sanchez sat behind her and helped himself to her bountiful sized boobs.

"Bueno! You got a great pair bitch" snickered Sanchez into Wonder Woman's ear from behind as he fondled her breasts roughly. The heartless mercenary then yanked the cleave gag off Wonder Woman's mouth and left it hanging around her neck.

"Ughh! Unhand me you ape!" wailed Wonder Woman as Sanchez squeezed hersalacious breasts and jiggled them. He then pulled down Diana's bustier allowing the Amazonian's massive melons to spill out and fondled them with increasing vigor. Sanchez pinched at her pink nipples and clasped her boobs much to a grimacing Wonder Woman's discomfort.

As Sanchez groped Wonder Woman's succulent tits, he kissed and gnawed at her neck and bare shoulders.Wonder Woman yelped and squirmed against the depraved Sanchez's advances to no avail. Then without warning, Sanchez shoved Wonder Woman onto the bed and stood up.

"You're gonna please me now bitch!" bellowed Sanchez who was now unbuckling his tactical trousers. Evidently the foreplay had significantly aroused him and he was ready for more action. "Get on your knees and suck my wet dick dry now!"

Picking her up by her hair, Sanchez forced Wonder Woman onto her knees; it was awkward for her kneeling on the mattress with her ankles and knees still bound tight. Seeing this, Sanchez cut the ropes binding Wonder Woman's knees together. "Now spread them pretty legs apart. I wanna see if you gonna get wet too!" roared the mercenary as he dropped his pants unveiling his fully erect penis.

"Hera no! I won't pleasure you!"

"Suck me or I will stick this knife in you!" demanded Sanchez as he menaced Diana with his blade.

Under duress, Wonder Woman reluctantly obeyed leaning her head closer to Sanchez's throbbing dick.With her hands tied behind her, Diana clutched her hands into fists cringing at what was coming next.

"Ughhh! No!" Wonder Woman wailed as Sanchez grabbed her by her collar chain trying to bring Diana's face closer to his fully erect cock. "Pffhht! Hera! Somebody help me!" she screeched as Sanchez rubbed his raging man hood of a penis on her cheek.

Wonder Woman grimaced and sealed her lips as she felt Sanchez's cock smother her mouth and cheek. Losing patience, Sanchez used a free hand to pinch Wonder Woman's nose. Diana moaned as she began to run out of air in her lungs. She kept her mouth closed for as long as she could but was only delaying the inevitable.

"Goddess! I cannot breath! But should I open my mouth he will force himself into me!" Moments following that thought, Wonder Woman finally gave in. As she gasped for air, she tried to jerk her head to avoid Sanchez's beast of a cock. But the mercenary held Wonder Woman with a firm grip and plunged his penis into her gasping mouth.

"Haha yea bitch, you suck good! No biting now or Sanchez is gonna cut you up bad!" Sanchez let out a callous laugh as he continued to heave Wonder Woman's head back and forth viciously.

"Ugggmmmpphhhff!!!" gagged Wonder Woman tears rolling down her tightly closed eyes as Sanchez's penis penetrated in and out her throat. "Oh Hera make him stop! Please!"

Yanking his cock out of Wonder Woman's mouth, Sanchez pulled down on Diana's hair making her look up at her assailant. Semen dripped from her mouth while wisps of the fluid straddled between her luscious lips and Sanchez's rock hard dick.

"I'm not done yet, here I cum!" Sanchez then ejaculated onto Wonder Woman's face. He then used his cock to lather the semen over her succulentlips. Wonder Woman groaned in disgust, her face and hair smothered in cum and sweat from Sanchez.

"Now that I'm done with the appetizers off to the main course heheh!" snorted Sanchez as he threw Wonder Woman onto her stomach. He then slashed off the ropes binding her ankles but left Wonder Woman's hand's still bound behind her. He then flipped Wonder Woman onto her back and spread her legs apart.

"Been waiting to do this to you chica!" sneered Sanchez as he slowly, teasingly pulled off Wonder Woman's swimsuit bottom.

"Ughh! No, no please hadn't you had your way with me?!" pleaded Wonder Woman sobbing. Her hands still bound behind her and ropes encircling her chest she was helpless as Sanchez grabbed both her legs apart and lifted her at in a supported raisedposition with her back and shoulders in contact with the bed. Wonder Woman tried to wrestle out of this "deep dish" position but it was no use.

"Auughhhh!!! Hera No!!! It's to big!!! Augghhhh!!!" howled Wonder Woman as Sanchez began his assault, ramming his cock deep into her cunt. Wonder Woman screamed in pain; Sanchez's dick was massive, almost nine inches fully erect and solid as a rock it ravaged Wonder Woman's vagina. Diana thought she would not live to see dawn.

"Ah that was fucking awesome. You're a fine cunt!" mocked Sanchez as he pulled up his pants. Wonder Woman lay on the semen soaked mattress on her back moaning and sobbing with her hands still tied tight behind her and the collar chain now untethered by Sanchez. Cum blotted her face while warm vaginal fluids oozed out of Wonder Woman's cunt.

"You'll pay for this…you bastard" sobbed Wonder Woman as she craned her neck to glower at the man who raped her. "You may have broken into me but you have yet to break my spirit!"

"Oh we'll see about that chica. The good doctor has a lot of plans and a lot of toys just for you! Eh, which reminds me, we should get going!"

Hastily Sanchez wiped Wonder Woman's face with the cleave gag around her neck then placed her swimsuit bottom back on her. He also readjusted her bustier covering her exposed boobs. He wanted Wonder Woman to appear presentable to Dr. Bogsley, hoping the doctor would not notice he had already taken first place in ravaging Wonder Woman.

Taking her by her arm he stood her up. Wonder Woman tried to kick at Sanchez but aside from having her hands still bound behind her the brawny mercenary placed her in a choke hold dragging her outside of the shed. Wonder Woman whimpered as she took several dainty steps in her red boots struggling to slip out of the mercenary's grip as they stepped outside of the shed into the night.

The jungle was dark, save for the light coming from Sanchez's four seater jungle buggy its engines still running. Wonder Woman could hear all sorts of wildlife calling out in the darkness and she felt a cool ocean breeze blow against her bare skin. Wonder Woman was then shovedunceremoniously down onto the jungle ground by Sanchez.

"Be still bitch or I'll rape you again!" threatened Sanchez as he opened the rear cargo door of his jungle buggy. He took out several bundles of rope then tossed them next to a writhing Wonder Woman.

"Is this how you regularly treat women? Bind, gag, and rape them at your leisure? You men disgust me to no end!" bayed Diana in defiance as she tried to stand up.

"Shut the fuck up! I treat a woman however I want!" retorted Sanchez slapping Wonder Woman with the back of his hand across her face hard causing her to slam onto the jungle floor on her side.

Sanchez then went to work. After placing her onto her stomach, he took Wonder Woman's ankles together and bound them tight with rope. He then used a length of rope and roped one end of it around Wonder Woman's neck and wound the rest of the rope around her waist, under her crotch and between her buttocks ending with a knot back on her waist.

"Aghhhh!! What are you doing??" lamented Wonder Woman. The crotch rope Sanchez had just tied her in was painful especially over her already sore cunt. She grimaced in pain as Sanchez used the last length of rope to attach Diana's bound wrists to her ankles binding her into a constricting hogtie.

Grabbing her by bridge of rope forming her hogtie, Sanchez then hefted Wonder Woman up and dumped her into the refrigerator sized cargo bin of his jungle buggy. As Wonder Woman squirmed inside the cargo bin, her crotch rope rubbed painfully against her tenderized pussy while the rope around her neck choked her.

"Struggle all you want chica, you'll be just hurting yourself" barked Sanchez. He then pulled out a dart gun much like the one Dr. Bogsley had shot Wonder Woman with. Before she could utter another word, Wonder Woman felt a sharp projectile prick her in one of her butt cheeks. The drugs took an almost immediate effect causing Wonder Woman to fall into a dizzying state of stupor.

Sanchez closed the cargo bin door and got into the buggy. He could hear Wonder Woman moan and cry in discomfort as he started the engine and drove off. The ride was a bumpy one for Wonder Woman, she bounced about inside the cargo bin; as she did writhed in uneasiness as she tried to resist the effects of the sedatives flowing through her system. The crotch rope continued to rub against her pussy which discomforted her to no end.

"Ughhhh…le…let me out of here!" groaned a dizzied Wonder Woman as she rolled around inside the metal cargo bin at the rear of the jungle buggy. She was being really irritated by the crotch rope grinding against her ravaged cunt and the sedative flowing through her system were making her even drowsier.

Locked inside the darkened steel cargo bin, Wonder Woman had no sense of direction to which she was being transported to. She did hope that the uncomfortable ride would end soon. A bump on the trail the Sanchez' buggy was traversing on would send Wonder Woman at an awkward position to which she would be forced to strain against both her crotch rope and hogtie.

Finally Wonder Woman yielded to the sedatives and she slipped into unconsciousness. It would be a little matter of time before she would only wake up to another nightmare…

Chapter 6: In The Doctor's Lair

Wonder Woman moaned as she tried to open her eyes. She was getting really annoyed of being bound and knocked out against her will. Groggily, she sat up to find herself on a gurney still dressed in her costume, ungagged but her hands tied behind her and her ankles bound together. She was no longer hogtied as well, but the uncomfortable sensation on between her legs revealed she still sported a tight crotch tie. Thankfully for Diana, her captors had not stripped her of her costume...for the time being.

As her vision cleared Wonder Woman gauged her surroundings. She found herself to be in a brilliantly lit room, itsbleach white wallswere blindingly bright to Wonder Woman's still adjusting eyesight. There were tables and shelving units decked out with microscopes, flasks of chemicals, computers and other scientific equipment. Wonder Woman assumed she was in some sort of hi tech laboratory a complete contrast to the musty shed she was previously held in.

"Hello?" called out Wonder Woman. She twisted at her ropes binding her wrists behind her. "Perhaps amongst all this equipment there may be something I could use to cut my bonds free" thought Diana. She eyed a large empty flask on a table across the room from the gurney she sat on."That looks promising. If I could get to that flask and break it, I could use its fragments to maybe cut at these ropes!"

Carefully, Diana slipped off her gurney, attaining solid footing on the floor before standing freely. Hands tied behind her and ankles bound, Wonder Woman bunny hopped precariously towards the table, her titties jiggled about while the sounds of her high heeled boots clacked loudly on the tiled floor. Wonder Woman's face contorted as her crotch rope dug deep into her cunt at every hop she took.

With one final jump Diana finally reached the table with the flask. Balancing carefully on her bound feet, Wonder Woman slowly gyrated her buxom body turning her back towards the flask. She then bent down and flicked the flask off the table with her bound hands as the vial shattered into a hundred sharp fragments on the floor. Shimmying her way down to a crouching position, Diana cautiously retrieved a shard with her right hand's thumb and index finger.

"Easy Diana, don't rush to fast now. Cut surely and steadily." Wonder Woman's heart began to race as the thought of being free of her rope bonds crossed her mind. Biting down on her lip, Diana concentrated as she scratched the glass fragment against the nylon ropes that bound her wrists behind her. She could feel the ropes fray as the razor sharp shard sliced away at the bonds.

"Oww!!" yelped Diana as her fingers slipped and the shard punctured the skin on the palm of her non-cutting hand. "Push through Diana, don't make a little cut stop you." Wonder Woman ignored the stinging pain and continued cutting away at the ropes keeping her hands tied behind her back while still in her crouching position. Her thighs were beginning to burn, as Wonder Woman struggled to cut away at her ropes. Suddenly there was a sound at the door.

"Well look who's being a busy bee" derided Dr. Bogsley as he stepped into the room accompanied by two beefy masked mercenaries. "Look at the mess you've made. I knew we should've kept you trussed up better but I do find damsels trying to escape their bondage most arousing!"

"Fiendish pervert! Whatever you intend to do with me I will not submit to you!" declared Wonder Woman as she stood up in defiance her hands remaining tied securely behind her and her ankles still bound.

"Ah too bad Wonder Woman. You have no choice but to surrender to my whims, especially since I've removed your new boyfriend Mack from the scene."

"What? What do you mean?" inquired Wonder Woman.

"I observed you two flirting with each other, a sure sign you've won over one of my own men" informed Dr. Bogsley as he turned Wonder Woman's attention to a computer screen atop a nearby table. Diana watched as on screen she saw Mack caressing her hair as he was providing her water back at the shed. There was then a shot of her blushing while a reserved Mack wiped clean her breasts from the spilled dessert.

"You had him there Wonder Woman and now he paid for it" sneered Dr. Bogsley as he switched to a recording of Mack at a pier stepping aboard a small patrol boat. To Diana's horror she watched as the boat suddenly blew up with a terrific explosion.

"Hera noo" cried Wonder Woman. She then saw a squad of mercenaries strafe the burning wreckage with gunfire from aboard another patrol boat. "How could you do such a thing! You savage beast!"

"Umm I ordered it, I didn't carry out the actual act. If it'll make you feel better I've got footage of Senior Sanchez's fate too."

The screen then displayed a pair of mercenaries tossing a bloodied and beaten Sanchez into a pool swarming with sharks. "I had warned that imbecile that I had first dibs on you. Meh, at least he's outta the picture too" remarked Dr. Bogsley.

Wonder Woman was somewhat satisfied to see Sanchez; after all he had raped and humiliated her. But she was most enraged at what had happened to Mack. Enraged she heaved against her rope bonds and unleashed some choice words at the evil doctor.

"You heartless, evil, cowardly fiend!!! Once I'm free I will see to it that you will receive the punishment your wretched being deserves!" bellowed Wonder Woman. She than spat at the shrewd doctor. Diana was so enraged she could've snapped free of the ropes binding her hands behind her.

"Get her on that gurney!" ordered Dr. Bogsley at his henchmen as he wiped his face. He then donned on a pair of latex gloves that he took out of his lab coat. "I'll teach this slut some respect!"

"Nghhh!! Unhand me you apes!" screamed Diana as the two mercenaries dragged her back towards the gurney. One of them noticed Wonder Woman's bloodied fist and pried it open and threw away the shard she was trying to hide. Wonder Woman began to wiggle her bodacious body fiercely as she was being manhandled by the pair of hired guns.

"Pin her down on the bed! I've got something that'll settle her down!" commanded Dr. Bogsley as he opened a medical cabinet hanging on the wall. "Ah, this will work!" the doctor exclaimed gleefully as he took out a fat brown bottle and a thick wad of gauze out of the medical cabinet.

"Nghhhh!!! What are you going to do? What is that?!" a bound and squirming Wonder Woman asked watching nervously as the demented doctor began applying some sort of liquid from the bottle onto the gauze.

"This is chloroform my dear and I intend to use it to place you into a sweet state of slumber" proclaimed Dr. Bogsley as he strode toward Wonder Woman's side, soaking the pad of gauze with chloroform.

"Ughh!!! I am not going to be drugged again!" shrieked Wonder Woman. She was now sitting on the gurney with one henchmen pinning down her legs with his hands and the other sat behind her on the bed having wrapped his arms around her torso to keep her from wiggling.

"That's too bad. Nighty night!" taunted Dr. Bogsley as he clamped the chloroform drenched gauze over Wonder Woman's nose and mouth.

"Mmmmppffhhh!!! Mmmmhhppfff!!!" cried a wide eyed Wonder Woman as she inhaled the intoxicating aroma of the chloroform. She squirmed against her bonds and the henchmen holding her down as the drug's vapors invaded up her nostrils. Diana moaned relentlessly as her eyes rolled and as her eyelids began fall. The chloroform was taking its effect.

"Mmmmmmhhhh…" Wonder Woman moaned, her luscious body going limp while her eyelashes fluttered. "Hera no! Not again! Can't…stay..conscious…"

"Mmmhhhhpphhhff…" Wonder Woman awakened yet again to find herself restrained in bondage. This time as she came to, Diana found herself secured onto the gurney; her wrists were strapped together above her head with thick leather bands. Her crotch rope tie was gone and instead a single thick strap wrapped around her waist and onto the gurney keeping her immobilized. Her ankles were strapped apart at each corner of the gurney's end. Wonder Woman's tried to move her aching jaw only to discover a large hot pink colored ball in her mouth. A black leather strap that ran around her head kept the ball gag shoved deep between her silky lips.

"Ah at last the subject is awake" chortled Dr. Bogsley"shall we begin?"

Peering to her side Wonder Woman eyed the evil doctor donning on mechanical looking gloves. Without warning the gurney she laid bound upon righted itself up onto a forty-five degree angle. As it did, the ceiling slid open as massive robotic arm lowered itself in front of Wonder Woman. On its tip, the robotic arm fielded several mechanical snake-like appendages equipped with devious implements;implements devious enough to cause Wonder Woman's eyes to widen with dread.

"I must say aside from my pulse disruptor, this is one of my finest creations" boasted Dr. Bogsley "you see this unique apparatus is wirelessly controlled by my own hands with these wireless control gloves.They're equipped with sensory detectors, meaning not only can I direct my machine with my hands but whatever it does to you I get to feel for myself!" Motioning his hands in the air, Dr. Bogsley proceeded to manipulate the machines movements.

"UMmmhhhhppfff!!! UMmmphhhff!!!" screamed Wonder Woman under her ball gag. She tugged at the strap restraints binding her hands above her head and wriggled her voluptuous form with trepidation as the mechanical arm trundled toward at her.

"Initiate scanning sequence over subject" commanded Dr. Bogsley waving his hand over Wonder Woman. Immediately the mechanical beast deployed a quartet of analytical scanners which emitted lasersbeams that skimmedall over Diana's body as she writhed about bound on the gurney.

"Scanning…subject…female…heart rate, accelerated at over sixty BPMs, height, six feet two inches, weight, one hundred fifty one pounds, breast size double D." boomed a cold metallic voice overhead.

"Hmm….yummy" noted Dr. Bogsley "very good!" Striking his right hand forward in a clawed gesture he gave his mechanical servant his next command. "Now deploy the electro prod!"

"Mmmmpphhhfff!!!" shrieked Wonder Woman beneath her gag in terror as the mechanical arm inched forward closer retracting its scanning sensors and deployed from one of its metallic tentacle's tip a cattle prod like device. Arcs of blue lighting danced between the prods large pronged tip causing Diana to shudder with upmost dread.

"MMMPPFFFHHHH!!!!" Wonder Woman screamed through her gag as the electrical prodding device zapped the exposed bare skin of one of her boobs barely hidden by her bustier. The shock was much worse than her experience with the tazer when she first arrived on the island. "Mmphhfff!!!" protested Wonder Woman as a pair of robotic arms yanked down her bustier allowing her supple bosoms to pour out. The prod then proceeded to zapDiana's completely exposed jugs.

"I am shocked to see you're not enjoying this!" laughed Dr. Bogsley at his poor excuse for a pun.

As she was being electrocuted, the malicious robotic arms slid down Wonder Woman's swimsuit bottom, revealing her ravaged vulva. Wonder Woman was relieved when the prod halted zapping at her tender breasts but was horrified as she tracked the electrical prod lowering itself to her exposed vagina.

"Mmmmhhhppfff!!! Mmmmmm…." wailed Wonder Woman as the electrical implement fired bolts of electricity at her vulnerable cunt causing her to writhe in pain. "Hera I cannot take any more of this! Make it stop!" thought Wonder Woman grimacing as tears rolled down her cheek from her tightly closed eyes.

"Almost there my dear Wonder Woman" announced Dr. Bogsley over Wonder Woman's cries of agony. "Another minute and this portion of the test will conclude!" The twisted doctor watched with intense gratification as Wonder Woman yanked at her hands strapped down above her and wriggled her bodacious body as she continued receive shock after shock.

Finally, the malevolent prodding tool ceased its electrical torment upon Wonder Woman. Sobbing Wonder Woman felt intense soreness throughout her body. She was about to faint when a robotic arm sporting a syringe poked her in the bicep. Quickly she regained alertness.

"That shot of adrenaline should keep you cognizant for the next stage of testing" informed Dr. Bogsley.A moment later, one of the metallic snakelike appendages sprouting from the mechanical arm produced a large purple colored dildo rippling with hundreds of sensory nodes resembling tiny warts.

"Mmphhhh!!!" Wonder Woman eyed the dildo tipped robotic tentacle as it snaked down toward her defenseless cunt. "Oh Hera now what?" she wondered as she wriggled her waist, trying in vain to avoid the erotic implement as it aligned itself in front of her pussy awaiting the wicked doctor's hand command prompt.

"Initiate vaginal penetration program, level alpha" commanded Dr. Bogsley as he created a circle with one hand and pointed his other hands figure through it.

"Acknowledged" replied a loud deep robotic voice. "Initiating vaginal penetration program…amplifying sensory nodes for maximum effect." The dildo's nodes began to secrete some sort of sticky steaming liquid while the dildo itself bean to vibrate at an alarming rate.

"Mmmmmppphhhfff!!!"Wonder Woman howled as the dildo vibrate to life and buried itself into her pussy. The dildo was almost a foot long, and it penetrated deep into Diana's cunt and was so wide that Wonder Woman's thought her vagina's labium was going to tear apart.

"Ummmpphhhfff!!!!" Wonder Woman moaned as the probe continued ravaging her. But instead of experiencing pain she was awarded with unexpected pleasure. Moaning delightfully, Diana's pussy had become warm and wet. "Oh Goddess Hera and Gaia…this sensation…it's excruciatingly blissful!" thought Wonder Woman who was stimulated beyond her wildest dreams. The inimitable blend of pain and pleasure she was experiencing at the moment drove her to state of utter ecstasy.

"Mmmmmmmmhhh…" moaned Wonder Woman ecstatically. The dildo probe continued its fiendish work, Wonder Woman writhed against her restraints, her hands grasping at the leather straps binding her wrists above her head to the gurney. She arched her back and shimmied her voluptuous physique whining and baying through her gag.

"What a sight!" thought Dr. Bogsley. He was glad the lab cameras were recording every moment of his so-called experiment. He observed a nude Wonder Woman wiggling her breasts and spewing sweet juices from her vulva as the probe proceeded to ravage her. A protuberance grew down in his crotch and sweat ran down his bald head. "Hold it Bogs! The experiment must be completed to ensure you get the right data! You need to carry out successful intercourse with Wonder Woman tomorrow night!"

For Diana, time appeared to become irrelevant as minutes seemed to go by for hours; hours of unparalleled arousal and excitement. Deep inside her love hole, the probe's unrelenting pulsations coursed at her clit, arousing Diana as she howled with pleasure through her ball gag. Drool seeped from her agape lips falling onto her heaving melons.

"Terminate program, that's enough for now" ordered Dr. Bogsley. His mechanized servant powered down the pulsating dildo and yanked it out of Wonder Woman's clit.Wonder Woman was whimpering now under her ball gag and she hung limply from her gurney's strap restraints completely drained and sore. Yet, at the same time she felt euphoric, enraptured by her experience.

"Ohhh Hera, that was exhilarating…so marvelous…if only it would last- what? No! How could be dwelling on such thoughts!?" Wonder Woman couldn't believe she was aroused by an indignant violation of her being. Reacquiring her mental bearings she writhed angrily against her restraints, her protests muted heavily by her huge ball gag.

"Enjoyed it didn't you? Hmm…I thought so" remarked Dr. Bogsley looking up at Wonder Woman. "Well I've got my data here and I'd say were done for the night. It's late and you should be going to bed, but first here's a well-deserved bath to wash all the nasty things you've dealt with today." Dr. Bogsley gestured his hands and the finale of his experiment went underway.

A ring of industrial grade shower curtains lowered themselves from the ceiling and surrounded the robotic arm and the gurney holding the bound gagged Wonder Woman. A water jet hose then sprung out of one of the robotic arm's robotic tentacle while two other slithering metal appendages produced rotating spongy buffing pads gurgling with soap suds.

Using his right index finger, Dr. Bogsley directed the jet hose, aiming the stream of hot water at Wonder Woman. He also controlled the soapy buffing pads with his open left waving in the air. The perverted doctor was evidently having too much fun.

"Mmmmppphhhfff!!!" Wonder Woman wailed as the jet hose fired a concentrated cone of hot pressurized water at her face and hair making its way slowly down her struggling shapely frame. The burning hot water blasted away the nasty grime and secretions covering her oily body.

Rotating at a blinding pace, the twin rubbing sponge pads buffed away at Wonder Woman's curvatures, soaping and massaging her tender titties and scrubbing away at her sore pussy and buxom thighs. The jet hose was now hosing down Wonder Woman's nude figure in a zing zagging pattern rinsing off her soap drenched skin.

"This is most humiliating" thought Diana. First she found herself placed into tight bondage, then was raped once by a man then by a devious machine, and now she was being cleaned off as if being rinsed to repeat the process again. She began to sob as her automated bath continued. Exhausted she cried herself to sleep.

"Unnhhhh…" moaned Wonder Woman as she woke up finding herself lying on a bed dressed back in her fresh smelling costume and boots. Leaning against a wall Wonder Woman turned to see her wrists handcuffed behind her to the rungs of the bed's metal head frame. As she tried to move her legs, she glanced down to see her ankles shackled by leg irons to the bed's foot railing. The chains clinked noisily as Wonder Woman pulled at them.

Wonder Woman eyed the room she was in; it was a small prison like cell with flat gray concrete walls and a dark tan colored laminated floor. A single lamp lit the windowless walls of the room, though there was some light coming from the porthole on the metal door across the room from her bed.

Wonder Woman grunted as she yanked at her handcuffs and kicked her chained legs. Her struggling caused the rickety bed she laid on to creak noisily. "Goddesses! I hate being bound like some animal!" exclaimed Wonder Woman loudly in anger "hmmpff at least they didn't gag me this time around."

As if her cry of frustration was his cue, the metal door unlatched andDr. Bogsley strode inaccompanied by a pair of mercenaries; one held a tray containing breakfast while the other brandished a submachine gun. Dr. Bogsley smiled at Wonder Woman and greeted his voluptuous captive.

"Good morning gorgeous."

"Why are you keeping me here on this island?" Wonder Woman asked irately roughly pulling at her handcuffed hands behind her that fettered her to the bed she sat on. "What do you want?!"

"Why, I want every bit of you my dear as my personal love slave!" replied the doctor laughing.

"You're a sick minded bastard! Keeping me as some love slave?! You'll never get away with this; the Justice League will find me!" growled Wonder Woman her shackles held her in place as she tried to lunge at Dr. Bogsley. The sly doctor was now right beside Diana's bed and was leering at her sexy figure thrashing on the bed.

"Please have some breakfast. You must be famished." The doctor gestured the mercenary holding the breakfast tray to come forward; wordlessly the hired gun placed the tray onto the bed right by Wonder Woman's thighs. There was a glass of orange juice, some toast and sunny side up egg. Diana eyed the food then wrinkled her nose as she turned her head away.

"I'm not hungry" she lied turning to face the wall avoiding Doctor Bogsley's leering eyes.

"I insist my dear."

"Go to hell!!" snarled Diana snapping her head back to glare at the doctor.

"Very well then!" The doctor then stood up and motioned his men to leave the room. Dr. Bogsley took one last look at his bound captive and then made his way to the door. Before stepping out he turned one last time at Wonder Woman.

" We'll be gone for the next several hours or so. We have to run a few diagnostics checks to ensure my pulse disruptor in functioning smoothly and ready my yacht for tonight's excursion. If you have any plans to escape don't bother as in case you haven't known yet, you happen to be on the most secure island on the planet."

"Hmmmpff! It doesn't look like I'm going anywhere soon anyway" sneered Diana as she tugged at her handcuffs.

"Ha ha! Well then, I'll be seeing you later my dear!" With that the metal door swung shut behind Dr. Bogsley leaving Diana shackled alone on her bed.

Chapter 7: Damsel On The Loose!

Wonder Woman sighed. Alone cuffed and shackled to a bed in solitary confinement, Diana had little else to do than occasionally turn her head to peer behind her and twist at the handcuffs binding her hands behind her to the bed's head frame. Out of frustration she'd bang her cuffs against the bed's head frame producing clinking sounds that reverberated throughout her lonely cell.

As she continued striking against the bed frame with her handcuffed hands, Wonder Woman pondered the sturdiness of bed's head frame. Maybe she could break free from it?

Twisting her shapely toned back, Diana turned as far as her restrained position would allow her to in so that she can have a better view of the bed frame behind her. Wonder Woman noticed the bed she was cuffed to was slightly rusting in some areas. Most notable was the vertical rungs, one of which her handcuffs chain links were wrapped around, were rusting at their bases.

"Hmm…if I could break this this rung loose I could slip my handcuffed hands off from this bed frame!" thought Wonder Woman excitedly.

Using her hands that were cuffed behind her, Wonder Woman gripped the rung that her cuffs were wound around and began to wobble it violently. After several minutes of heaving, Diana could make out the sound of shearing metal. She kept at it.

Finally with a loud metallic snap, the rung broke loose. With her heart beginning to race, a motivated Wonder Woman shimmied her bodacious body so she can slip her handcuffed wrist free from the loosened rung.

"That's a bit better" remarked Diana as even though her hands were still cuffed behind her tight, they were no longer chaining her to the bed's head frame itself. She then squirmed towards the end of the bed, hoping that the rungs which her leg irons were attached to were also rusting.

"Oh goddess thank you!" Wonder Woman was elated to see that the rungs where her leg irons manacles were shackled to sported signs of rust and decay as well. Quickly Diana went to work to free her shackled legs.

Twisting her back and pulling in her elbows inward from behind, Wonder Woman brought her cuffed hands as far as she could to her side by her ribcage. It was awkward and uncomfortable but she needed to grasp at the chains of her leg irons. One she got a firm hold on her leg irons chains she heaved mightily. As she did, Diana arched her back and her black wavy hair whipped the air.

"Nghhh!!! Hera give me strength!"

Wonder Woman could hear the weaker metal of the rusting rungs whine as they gave way to the biting force of Diana's leg iron manacles. Despite as her palms became bruised and aching from her intense grip on the chains of the leg irons she was pulling at, Wonder Woman pushed on. Her efforts were soon rewarded as the metal rungs snapped free sending Wonder Woman crashing onto her back on the squeaking bed.

Unshackled from her bed, Wonder Woman stood up. Her hands remained cuffed behind her and her leg irons inhibited her movement as the chain linking the two ankle manacles was less than three feet in length. Nevertheless her chances of escaping were increasing. Getting down onto her side, Diana attempted to slip her cuffed hands from behind and bring them up front.

"Hopefully my thighs aren't that huge" thought Wonder Woman as she got into a fetal position and tried to slip her legs through between the arms of her handcuffed wrists. Unfortunately for Diana her buxom thighs and long toned legs proved too much to fit through the gap between her restrained arms behind her. After several more attempts, Diana ditched her efforts and stood back up, deciding to try to escape while still having her hands still cuffed behind her and her legs hobbled by her leg irons.

Walking up towards the metal door, Diana peered through its thin porthole. Outside she could make out another room that had a desk with several computer screens mounted on it, a neatly packed stack of supply crated next to some lockers, and another door that looked like it lead to a hallway.

Satisfied she saw no guards, Wonder Woman turned her back towards the door and using her cuffed hands behind her fumbled with the door's knob. Thankfully for Diana the door was not locked and she slowly opened it to a crack to which she peered through.

"Go for it Diana what are you waiting for?!" Wonder Woman then slid out of her cell door and tip toed across the room in an attempt to soften the clacking footfalls of her high heeled boots. She was about to reach for the next door's knob when she heard heavy boots treading the concrete floor. Someone approaching from the hall outside!

"Hera no! I'm going to get caught!" Wonder Woman quickly observed the room she was in. Noticing her cell door was still open she scurried over to the metal door and shut it closed with a bump from her plump star embroidered swimsuit clad ass.

Wonder Woman then scampered over to the neat stack of supply crates and squat down behind them. Within moments a mercenary strode into the room humming to himself, unaware Diana had snuck out of her cell.

Crouching behind the neat pile of boxes, Wonder Woman watched as the mercenary shut the door and took a seat behind the desk. She was glad the boxes were not placed against the wall or she would've not been able to hide.

"What the hell?!" exclaimed the mercenary as he leaned forward to get a closer look at the security screen on his desk.

Wonder Woman bit her lip in apprehension. It was inevitable for the guard to notice Diana was not in her cell. She watched as the henchman darted up, pistol and radio in hand as he opened the cell door.

"Now Diana!"

Wonder Woman sprung up from behind her hiding spot and threw herself at the steel door trapping the mercenary inside. Pinning herself against the door, Diana then reached out as far as she could with her chained legs to reach for the chair by the security desk. Hooking the seat from the bottom with the tip of her boots, Wonder Woman dragged the chair and leaned it underneath the door's knob jamming the door shut.

"Hey! Hold it right there bitch!" howled the infuriated mercenary as he watched Wonder Woman trotting away hands cuffed behind her and leg irons restricting her gait. "Attention all units, this is the brig! We have a prisoner on the run!"

Wonder Woman scampered frantically throughout the unfamiliar maze of halls of the bunker complex, her boobs sloshed back and forth while her long wavy hair twirled about.The halls were more like concrete tunnels with pipes and power conduits running along their ceilings bathed in an amber hue from the overhead lights. Here and there were some locked doors; Wonder Woman did find a set of elevator doors to which she hoped she could open but to her dismay she noticed they required a security card to slide open.

As she trotted through the labyrinth of hallways, she came across a corridor sporting floor to ceiling high windows several inches thick bordered by caution markings. Peering through the thick bullet proof glass Diana could see a huge cavernous room, saturated in a greenish glowand large enough to fit a football stadium in. Peering closer, Diana could see hundreds or thousands of large glass vats hooked up to medical monitoring computers lined the room's floor; each vat seemed to hold something roughly humanoid within.

"What is this place? Some sort of cloning facility?" Beyond the vast array of vats and the catwalk network hanging above them was what appeared to be an underground harbor with some large and stealthy looking vessel in the distance. A colossal crane carrying a large pod marked 'EMPD' was being lowered to the stealthy ship. Wonder Woman then caught sight of some mercenaries in the distance; alarmed she might be seen she scampered away from the window and continued down the hall.

"I'm running out of time, those guards are going to get a hold of me if I don't find an exit soon!" Wandering through the halls, Wonder Woman tried to step softly as her clacking heels and jingling leg irons were bound to betray her location. Yet at the same time she wanted to be on the move as fast as she can. It was difficult for her to run as she lacked balance with her hands tightly cuffed behind her and the leg irons on her ankles constricted her efforts to break out to a full run.

Scampering around the maze of the tunnel network, Wonder Woman spied a foyer that led to metal stair case. Right by the foyer were large numerals and letter printed upon the wall that read: LEVEL 6. Diana assumed she must be on the six level of this underground facility. She jogged toward the staircase, stopping at the landing peering to look up above to see if anyone was on the flight of steps above her. Seeing no one, Diana tip toed up the metal steps, her curvy thighs tensed as she took each step careful not to trip on her leg irons.

After climbing one flight of steps, Diana heard the unsettling sounds of men rushing down the stair case. Frantically, Wonder Woman darted out of the stair case and onto the next vestibule. She squeezed her sexy full-bosomed body against the wall between a set of pipes that ran down from the foyer's ceiling hoping the mercenaries rapidly descending down the stairs would just go by.

"Thank the goddess!" Diana was relieved as she heard the footfalls of military boots go by, without a doubt the men were converging onto the area where she was last scene. Sneaking back to the staircase, Wonder Woman then bounded up the rest of the flight of steps as quickly as she could despite her shackled legs.

Reaching the top of the stair case found herselfat yet another foyer. But instead of an entrance leading to another network of halls, Diana found herself in a chamber featuring an imposing set of blast doors. Between the armored doors and a set of elevator doors was a security podium manned by a single guard, his back turned to Diana. He was busy flipping through different video screens while he communicated with his comrades through the radio he had in hand.

"Hmm…only one guard, I've got to make this count!" Wonder Woman crept quietly towards the guard. Since her hands were still cuffed behind her and her legs were still shackled by leg irons, Diana intended to throw herself at the unknowing guard and subdue him with one of her "assets".

"Negative Bravo team, no activity on levels two through five, last known visual on Wonder Woman was on level -ughhff!"

Knocking the mercenary off his feet and sending him sprawling onto his stomach, Diana then quickly mounted the fallen guard's back and knelt around his neck. She then beganchoking him with as she squeezed her voluptuously sexy thighs together.

"Tell me how to open those doors now!" growled Wonder Woman as she tightened her thighs causing the guard to gasp for air.

"Urghhhhkk!!! Not gonna…happen…s..slut!" choked the mercenary as he tried reaching out for his radio which was just out of his grasp.

"Suit yourself. Sweet dreams" teased Diana as her thighs constricted the hapless mercenary's throat shutting out his airways.

The mercenary gave one last gasp and finally passed out under Wonder Woman. Diana wasted no time and stood up seeking a means to open the blast doors. Meanwhile the radio beside the unconscious merc she just knocked out crackled to life.

"Hey Johnson do you read?! Sound off dammit! We need to-"

With a crunch, Wonder Woman stomped on the radio; it would only be a matter of time before the search parties would realize she made it to the surface exit. Diana then hobbled over to what looked like a hand scanner pad mounted beside the blast doors.

"Looks like I'd need a helping hand" thought Diana flippantly, becoming more confident in pulling off her escape. Having already evaded detection from the facilities security measures and now just a door away from emerging out of her underground prison, she was getting close to freedom.

Wonder Woman knelt down beside the unconscious henchman and using her hands still cuffed behind her dragged him by the wrist towards the hand scanner. Brining the body right below the hand scanner she hefted the man's arm as high as her restrained hands could and pressed his hand onto the pad. The panel's light turned from red to a green hue as the large piston locks disengaged allowing the massive blast doors to slide open.

Wonder Woman dragged the body back behind the security podium, and hid behind the desk, peering above it to watch the blast doors open. Beyond the doors was what looked like the interior of cavernous steel hangar equipped with ceiling cranes and flood lights and a floor packed with freight boxes.

Nimbly stepping out from the open blast doors, Diana tip toedbetween stacks of boxed freight. Wonder Woman crammed her fulsome figure between the tight spaces between the stacks of crates hoping to avoid detection. She cursed at the clinking noise her leg irons gave off every time she took a step and at the handcuffs still biting down on her wrists behind her.

The sound of a rolling freight door opening up startled Wonder Woman; peaking from behind a load of boxes she observed a pair of jungle buggies carrying mercenaries roll into the hangar. Behind them was a large paved lot bordered by tall barbed wire fences equipped with automated gun turrets. Diana noticed a gate flanked by a pair of watch towers that led to the island's jungle beyond the fence was closing slowly.

"There's my only exit…now if only it wasn't plagued by a gauntlet of the doctor's hired goons and security defenses" thought Wonder Woman. "Hmmph! This isn't going to be easy especially since I'm still chained up like this."

Slinking her buxom form around the cargo crate littered hangar, Wonder Woman got as close as she could to the still open freight door. The mercenaries had now fully disembarked from their vehicles and were heading towards the blast doors. Without warning klaxon's went off followed by the voice of Dr. Bogsley.

"Attention all personnel, prisoner Wonder Woman has escaped her cell and is now at large! The rest of this facility is to be locked down; any unit encountering our lovely captive should only employ non-lethal means to take her down!"

"I intend to no longer be your prisoner perv!" Wonder Woman watched as the disembarked mercenaries then fanned out weapons at the ready, spreading throughout the hangar as if they knew Diana was in their midst. One of them jogged over to a control panel mounted on the wall and struck a button to which the rolling fright door began to close.

_"Get out of here while you still can Diana!"_Glancing around her, Wonder Woman made a break for it. Dashing out of her hiding spot, Diana made an awkward run for the exit. Her high heeled boots clacked loudly and her leg irons jingled noisily.

"There she is! Don't let the bitch get away!" hollered one of the henchmenas he caught sight of the buxom superheroine scampering out of the hangar's doors. She was now trotting over the paved lot outside the hangar, trying to quicken her pace before the fences' gates closed shut. Shots rang out from the fences automated turrets; the unmanned defenses fired tazer darts and even fired in short bursts live rifle rounds.

"Just a few more steps" thought Wonder Woman as she approached the gates darts and bullets whizzing by her. She was no more than twenty feet away from the gate when one tazer dart struck her on one of her curvilinear thighs. Another found its mark on her left breast just above the lining of her form fitting bustier. Gritting her teeth Diana pushed through staggering towards the closing gateway.

"Great Hera!" exclaimed Wonder Woman as a rifle round from one of the gun turrets struck between her feet sending out a small eruption of pulverized pavement. Brushing aside the near miss, Diana hobbled along but found she could move her legs more freely. To her good fortune she saw the round had severed the links of leg irons; Wonder Woman could now sprint freely!

Diana dashed the rest of the distance between her and the closing gate, she slid out of the fenced perimeter just as the gates closed shut. She hurried off into the jungle tree line leaving the sounds of irate mercenaries and blaring alarms behind her.

Wonder Woman scurried through the jungle brush; though the chains of her leg irons were now shattered her hands were still handcuffed behind her. She continued venturing deeper into the jungle at a brisk pace trying to distance herself from the inevitable search parties Dr. Bogsley would deploy.

Hunching over while she made her way through the jungle thicket, Diana tried to stay hidden amongst the jungle vegetation. She was more than aware that the vivid color scheme of her revealing costume and her tall curvilinear figure would easily give away her position should she not attempt to keep a low profile. Creeping around stealthily wasn't exactly an Amazonian's style but Diana was intent on not getting caught and becoming subject of Dr. Bogsley's fiendish experiments.

Maneuvering her sexy statuesque body through the thick jungle foliage, Wonder Woman would pause and kneel quietly to hear is anyone was following her. Satisfied when she heard nothing but the usual ambient noise of tropical wildlife, Diana would then continue to hike through the jungle.

Wonder Woman continued her jungle hike, twisting at her handcuffed wrists behind her occasionally. The cuffs were so tight on her that Diana's hands were becoming numb while the skin on her wrists was ringing with sharp pain. Having her hands restrained behind her made it difficult for Wonder Woman to trek through the jungle's rough terrain.

"I've got to come up with some plan to get off this wretched island" thought Wonder Woman as she brushed through thick grove of jungle plants. "perhaps there's a pier where Dr. Bogsley and his men dock some sort of a boat or ship. All of the men and equipment on this island must've been transported here somehow." Diana then recalled the doctor mentioning something about his yacht. Commandeering the luxury vessel may be her only means of escaping Danger Island…if only she could locate it.

Suddenly Wonder Woman heard the dreadful report of jungle buggy engines roaring. Panicking Wonder Woman burst into a sprint, as she did her exposed thighs and arms brushed roughly against the jungle ferns and plants she ran through.

"Please Hera! I do not wish to be seized again by that bastard doctor and his hired thugs!"

Wonder Woman saw what looked to be a clearing ahead. She continued jogging through the dense vegetation; glancing behind her she saw the awful sight of several jungle buggies laden with armed mercenaries crashing through jungle plants as they closed in behind her. If only her hands weren't cuffed behind her she'd be able to scamper through the jungle faster.

"Oh no…" muttered adisheartened Wonder Woman as she emerged out of the jungle and witnessed the sight before her. She found herself at the edge of a steep cliff, more than two hundred feet high with crashing waves and jagged rocks down below the sheer drop. As the ocean breeze blew against her hair, Wonder Woman stomped her feet and tugged at her cuffed wrists behind her.

"You ain't going anywhere babe! Give it up!" hollered a mercenary over the roar of a jungle buggy. Wonder Woman spun around to see several of the mercenaries all-terrain vehicles roll up stopping just a few yards from where she stood. She watched as the men dismounted and brought their rifles to bear. Dr. Bogsley stepped out from one of the buggies brandishing a tranquilizing pistol.

"You gave us quite a chase Wonder Woman haha!" belittled the doctor at Wonder Woman. "Now please, don't do anything brash; just come towards us nice and easy."

"And what if I don't?" stalled Wonder Woman trying to figure out her next move. Diana felt vulnerable being cornered by Dr. Bogsley and his entire army of hired guns with their eyes ogling over Wonder Woman's gorgeously shaped figure decked out in her skimpy patriot-themed costume. On top of that Diana's wrists were still handcuffed behind her rendering her helpless to defend herself.

"If you don't comply…well- dammit grapple her now!"

Wonder Woman glanced at the mercenary Dr. Bogsley had barked his order at; the hired thug was atop a jungle buggy and aimed what looked like a large grapple gun at Wonder Woman. Not wanting to be recaptured again Diana turned and leapt off the ledge of the cliff. But she was too late.

"Ughhfff!!!" Diana grunted as she slammed back onto the ground as the grapple gun's spooled harpoon cable caught her in a lariat around her torso. Wonder Woman found herself being dragged back as the mercenary rewound the cable. Digging her high heels and clawing into the sunbaked dirt with her handcuffed hands behind her, Wonder Woman fought against the rewinding cable but only in vain as she was brought before the feet of Dr. Bogsley and his minions.

"Since you're playing hard to get at the moment I'll simplify things" remarked Dr. Bogsley. The doctor knelt down next to a panting Diana and injected his dart gun's tranquilizer round into her thigh.

"Ugh! Not again!" lamented Wonder Woman as she felt the needle prick her thigh's skin as her captors laughed callously at her. Diana knew the drill, as she became lethargic and lost consciousness Dr. Bogsley had his men carry her limp body onto the back of a jungle buggy.

Chapter 8: Disciplining a Determined Damsel

Wonder Woman awoke to once again to a familiar state of bondage. In a dark dingy room she could not make out her restraints but felt her body wrapped in tough canvas and some sort of a leathery gag over her mouth. Trying to stand, Wonder Woman realized she could not move her legs as what felt like chains were shackling her ankles together.

"Mmmmmpphhff!!! Mmmphhff!!!" protested Wonder Woman through her muzzle gag. She wriggled her body against the tight straitjacket she was wearing. With her arms were folded behind herand a crotch strap straddling between her legs, Diana was in a most uncomfortable position.

Inside her strait jacket, Wonder Woman could feel her hands were tied behind her with rope. Rolling around her cell in a futile effort to slip off her straitjacket, Dianatried to ignore the fact the floor was grimy...and reeked of some foul stench.

"Ah wonderful you're awake" announced Dr. Bogsley's disembodied voice. From a surveillance camera feed in his command room, the doctor ogled at a bound and gagged Wonder Woman. Undoing his pants he prepared to pleasure himself at the disciplining Diana was about to undergo.

Diana looked around her but could not find the doctor. The room she was in was reminiscent of a dungeon cell with roughly finished stone walls and a coarse floor, most likely a room left uncompleted within Dr. Bogsley's underground lair. She could make out a steel bar door at one end of the dark room. Diana began to sense as though she was not alone in the cell, something or someone was in the room with her.

"You've been a pretty naughty girl Wonder Woman and you've earned yourself some disciplining. Now allow one of my servants to carry out your discipline training!"

"Mmmpphhhfff!!!" Wonder Woman's eyes widened in horror as the dungeon cell's overhead ceiling light flicked on to reveal a beastly humanoid creature standing ominously in a corner. It was much taller than a man and more muscular sporting massive shoulders, arms and a long head.

As it strode toward Diana, the ceiling light revealed more grotesque features of the beast. It bore the body of an upright gorilla and an elongated head with gnashing teeth and a pronounced snout looked like a cross between a man and a bear. Its hairy skin was muddied and rough and it wore nothing but a loincloth. Behind the beast was a table and a tool board outfitted with paddles, whips, dildos and other bondage play paraphernalia.

"I'd like you to meet Lortz, the last survivor of his kind that used to be native on this island before we acquired it" proclaimed Dr. Bogsley. "It took an entire platoon of my men to quell his tribe but I've decided to keep one for future uses."

"Mmmphhh!!! Mmmphhhhfff!!!" cried Wonder Woman as she tried to push herself away from Lortz. Because of the straitjacket she wore and her shackled ankles, Diana was helpless as Lortz eventually grabbed her by the throat and held her up.

"Urgghhh!!! Purdy woman smeelll goodah!" croaked the foul beast as it smothered it's massively slits for nostrils against Diana's hair. "Me likey!"

"Mmmphhhff!!!" Wonder Woman cringed as Lortz continued to smother his face all over Wonder Woman's hair. Diana wanted to puke under her muzzle gag as she took involuntary whiffs of Lortz's nauseating breath and putrid body odor. The huge brute then hefted Wonder Woman into a bridal carry much to Diana's displeasure.

"Lortz weady to obey dah master's ordoors!"

"As you can see he's a smart fella and enthusiastic too!" bragged Dr. Bogsley. "Now Lortz prove Wonder Woman that a few years of intensive training and education can turn a wretched savage beast like yourself to a useful brute!"

"Mmmphhfff!!!" wailed Wonder Woman. " Oh Hera what is this vile thing going to do to me?" She did not appreciate where this situation was going.

"Lortz, I think Wonder Woman deserves a little spanking!" chortled the nasty doctor.

With that, Lortz laid Wonder Woman onto a table on her stomach. Diana wriggled against her straitjacket as Lortz held down and reached for a paddle from the tool board. Turning to see behind her, Diana saw Lortz raising the paddle high in the air and aimed for Diana's plump ass cheeks.


"Mmmmmpphhhhh!!! Mmmmpphh!! Mmmphhff!!!" cried Wonder Woman at each paddle strike that smacked her curvaceous ass. Each slap from the paddle jiggled the outer fringes of Wonder Woman's buttocks violently and left Diana reeling in great discomfort. Diana's costume's swimsuit bottom and the straitjacket's crotch strap provided little protection from Lortz's relentless paddle assault.


Lortz changed the angle of his paddle strikes aiming to spank away at the lower portion of Diana's butt cheeks. By now Diana was thrashing in pain, her ass was reddened from the unyielding paddle strikes from Lortz.

"Okay that's enough for now!" ordered Dr. Bogsley right before Lortz was able to deliver another blow. He reveled in how Diana was moaning in discomfort as drool and tears ran down from her face onto the table. The doctor's penis was fully erect and enraged; but Dr. Bogsley wanted more punishment inflicted upon Wonder Woman before he could get his fix.

"Hang her high Lortz! I want to see this bitch writhe in pain!"

"Yusss mastur!" bellyached Lortz still not feeling he had not inflicted enough paddling onto Diana. He then yanked Wonder Woman roughly off the table by her chained ankles to caring how she slammed roughly onto the hard floor.

"Ughh! Some gentleman this despicable beast is!" thought Wonder Woman writhing in her straitjacket in a hapless attempt to squirm away from Lortz's grip.

Dragging Wonder Woman to the center of the dungeon cell, Lortz then hoisted Diana by her chained ankles and shackled her upside down to a cargo hook that hung from a length of chain attached to the ceiling. Diana's black wavy hair slung down as she found herself hanging upside down.

"Mmmpphhhff!!!" Wonder Woman's nostrils flared and her eyes widened as she watched Lortz retrieve a bullwhip and a machete from the tool board. The chains holding her upside down clinked noisily as Wonder Woman wriggled in tense anticipation as the brute positioned himself behind her.


"MMMMHHHPPFFFF!!!!" screamed Wonder Woman under her gag. The whip struck her already reddened buttocks hard and the pain was just as bad as being tazered. Lortz let out what Diana supposed was a laugh and the beast proceeded to dish out more lashings.



As if reading Diana's mind, Lortz ceased whipping Wonder Woman. The savage creature then wielded his machete into the air.

"HERA NO! It cannot end like this!!!" thought Wonder Woman frantically squirming in her straight jacket as she saw the shadow of Lortz behind her lift his machete into the air. The brute brought down the machete fast; to Wonder Woman's relief the blade sliced only through her straitjacket which fell onto the floor below her. Diana was now free of her straitjacket but her hands remained bound behind her and she still hung upside down with a muzzle gag muffling her cries.

"Ah yes!" bellowed Dr. Bogsley as he continued to masturbate intensely. "Remove her gag and give her some lovin!"

"Mmmppphhh…" moaned Wonder Woman. Seeing Lortz cast aside the bull whip, she was relieved to no longer be subject to further floggings. Her bound hanging form swayed back and forth lightly. Grasping the chain Diana was hanging from to stop her from swaying, Lortz then helped himself to grope away at Wonder Woman's succulent titties. His clawed abrasive hands squeezed roughly at her boobs beneath her tight fitting bustier.

"Mmmmmpfff…" moaned Diana in discomfort as the savage beast groped at her tits roughly.

Hanging upside down, Wonder Woman had to arch her neck up to see what the beast was up to. Lortz was groping at her breasts and was reached to undo her bustier; he had to lift the bustier up to reveal Diana's boobs since she was hung upside down. When he did, Wonder Woman's was almost smothered by her own massive melons as they spilled downward towards her face.

"Damn it Lortz! Enough of his soft crap! Skull fuck her already!"

"Okie boss…" answered the brute lazily. Brusquely ripped off his lion cloth to reveal a massive penis that quickly grew erect more than a foot in length, Lortz then tore off the muzzle gag off Wonder Woman.

"Ughhh! No don't!" coughed Wonder Woman as the gag was ripped off her mouth. "It's too huge you'll choke m- UMghhmmmmppfff!!!"

Lortz was tall enough that he did not need to lower Wonder Woman's overturned hanging body to force a beastly blow job onto her. Diana gagged as the brute's leviathan dick went deep up her throat. Tears ran down from her tightly closed eyes as the beast continued to force Diana to suck off him.

"Raghhhh!!! Lortz love dis!!!" roared the brutish monster in satisfaction. Lortz continued to assault Wonder Woman's throat with his massive cock, pumping her full of unpleasant fluids into her throat with each monstrous thrust. Evidently the beast was excited and most aroused in having head given to him by the hapless Wonder Woman.

"Ughmmpppfff!!! Ughmmppfhhhh!!!" Wonder Woman struggled not to choke as the beast's enormous dick found its way deep into her throat pumping her insides with nasty fluids. She was about to give when suddenly Lortz ceased throbbing his dick into Wonder Woman's mouth.

"HArghhhhhhh!!!" howled Lortz as steam began to emanate from his body. The beast yanked it's cock out of Wonder Woman's mouth and began to stagger around the room as more vapors rose from it's now melting body.

"Ughh!" remarked Wonder Woman as she spat cum and salvia. Diana then watched from her upside down view as Lortz began to melt away his skin and flesh becoming gray ooze. Perplexed at what she was seeing, Diana wondered what she done to him.

"Ah so much for flash cloning island savages" remarked Dr. Bogsley sounding exhausted. "I guess I'll have to make them more robust against sexual-over stimulation. If anything I hope you enjoyed your little discipline training for today Wonder Woman." Lortz was finally no more than a gurgling pile of gray goop that congealed right below Diana.

Wonder Woman knew the creature looked somewhat familiar and recalled the bodies that were encased inside the vats she saw in that massive chamber during her escape attempt. Was Dr. Bogsley making an army of these things? Why and what for?

Wonder Woman thought of these questions but found herself once again physically and emotionally drained. Hanging upside down hands bound behind her, her body swung slightly side to side like a pendulum. Tired beyond belief Wonder Woman slipped into unconsciousness, moaning as drool and semen dripped from her mouth and onto the dungeon cell's floor below.

Chapter 9: A Dolled Up Damsel

Upon waking up, Wonder Woman found herself back in her cell. She was on her back hands handcuffed to the bed frame above her head and her ankles shackled by leg irons to the bed's foot frame; she was no longer manacled to the rusty thin rungs of the bed but to its thick metal railings.Additionally, a strip of duct tape sealed Wonder Woman's lips shut. Looking down Diana saw she was dressed still in her sexy costume and boots albeit it was dirtied with grime and reeked of cum and sweat from her encounter with Dr. Bogsley's abdominal clone creation.

Wonder Woman sighed and yanked at the handcuffs binding her hands to the bed rails above her. She observed how the skin on her wrists were bloodied and bruised from the past few days of being either tightly bound with rough nylon ropes or shackled by cold handcuffs.

"Mmmphhh…" lamented Wonder Woman with a dejected moan under her duct tape gag. She had never felt so humiliated and defeated.Suddenly Diana's cell door unlocked and swung open. Escorted by a pair of guards, Dr. Bogsley strode dressed in a neat suit and tie into Wonder Woman's cell holding a large heart shape box.

"Nice to see you've awaken my dear" said Dr. Bogsley as he set the heart shaped box beside Wonder Woman. The perverted doctor then ripped off Diana's duct tape gag much to the Amazonian princesses' irritation.

"Please leave me alone, do what you want with me but please give me rest for Hera's sake…" pleaded a fatigued Wonder Woman.

"Oh don't worry Wonder Woman" reassured Dr. Bogsley as he settled down next to Diana. "I've gotten you some presents as I think after all your trials and tribulations you've earned them!"

"You're a perverted freak of nature" sneered Wonder Woman as she strained against her handcuffs.

"Please don't speak that way or I'll gag that pretty mouth of yours" teased the doctor as he took Diana's chin into his hand. Wonder Woman jerked her head away and glared at her captor and gritted her teeth. She was getting aggravated.

"Anyways here's what I wanted to present you" said Dr. Bogsley as he opened the large heart shaped gift box. Wonder Woman watched as the doctor held up a black lacey thong in one hand and a lacey bra with his other; both tiny pieces of the black lingerie were accentuated by hot pink linings.

"You want me to wear that?" inquired Wonder Woman eyeing the lingerie set Dr. Bogsley held before her with uneasiness.

"Why yes!" replied Dr. Bogsley. "But it'll be all underneath this wonderful little dress I got for you to wear tonight!"

Wonder Woman observed the doctor pull out a skimpy little black dress from out of the heart shaped container and unfolded in before her. It was a black halter type mini skirted one piece dress. It appeared to be several sizes too small for Diana's buxom figure.

"And am I supposed to fit into that little black dress?" inquired Wonder Woman dubiously. The doctor only chuckled and continued to display the dress to Diana which she noted the meager garment had a choker studded with diamonds and a backless rear.

"I'll let you freshen up before letting you put these on" remarked Dr. Bogsley as he gave a nod to one of his mercenaries to unlock Wonder Woman's cuffs. "we've set up everything you need to do in preparation for our date tonight in the next cell room."

"Date?!" exclaimed Wonder Woman as she was being uncuffed. She quickly sat up but found her arms pinned roughly behind her by the hired gun as he handcuffed her wrists behind her.

"I know you're excited but please refrain from doing anything stupid" stated Dr. Bogsley. The mercenaries then unshackled Wonder Woman leg irons and grabbing her by her arms they marched her out of the cell with Dr. Bogsley trailing behind gift box in hand.

"Nghhh! Must you men handle me so roughly?!" protested Wonder Woman at the pair of burly mercenaries jostling her into the hall and towards the room next door. Though her hands were cuffed behind her, Diana attempted to stomp and kick at her handlers. As she struggled, the sounds of her high heels clacked loudly, and registered as sweet music to Dr. Bogsley ears.

Dr. Bogsley stepped ahead of Wonder Woman and her handlers as they reached a windowless steel door. The doctor unlocked the door allowing his mercenaries to shove Wonder Woman inside.

Stumbling inside, Wonder Woman regained her footing and observed her surroundings. A small leather couch sat in front of a glass walled showering room with marble floors. Next to the showering unit was a mirror dresser adorned with a plethora of cosmetic paraphernalia. Lastly a stand next to the entrance of the shower's glass door held a basket containing towels and bottles of body soap and shampoo.

"Take those cuffs off her, she'll need her hands to be free" ordered Dr. Bogsley. His men obeyed as one cautiously approached Wonder Woman while the other took out a tazer gun and aimed it at Diana.

"Easy girl, I'm just gonna get these off ya."

Wonder Woman scowled at the mercenary and held her chin high. Though intimidated, the mercenary eventually got behind Diana and unlocked her handcuffs. He backed away quickly as Diana brought her hands in front and gratefully massaged her aching wrists.

"Well get to it!" exclaimed Dr. Bogsley as he took a seat on the couch while his two body guards stood behind him their tazer weapons at hand.

Seeing she had no other choice and secretly eager to rinse the disgusting grime off her body, Wonder Woman turned her back towards the doctor and his men and began to slip off her costume.

"Face us Wonder Woman or you'll get a tazer up your ass!"

Sighing, Wonder Woman turned around. She then undid her bustier and slid it off revealing her munificent breasts. As she stripped her costume off, Wonder Woman glared boldly at her staring captors, her eyebrows furrowed and her nostrils flared in defiance as she slipped off her costume's swim suit bottom off allowing it to flop onto the floor. She then kicked off her calf-high boots and removed her tiara.

Nude with only her silver bracelets on her, Wonder Woman then strode into the shower grabbing a bottle of shampoo and soap as discourteously as she could. She turned the shower's faucet knob on and allowed the rain of hot water to wash away the grime off her curvaceous figure. Taking the bottles of soap and shampoo and squeezing their contents out onto her hands, Diana lathered them onto her long black hair and toned buxom figure.

Dr. Bogsley and his mercenaries gawked at a nude Wonder Woman as she lathered her sexy body with bubbly suds working her way from head to toe. Standing straight with her back arched, Diana placed her hands behind her head and sensually massaged her hair with shampoo. She then rinsed her hair off dipping her dark mane underneath into the cone shaped stream of hot water of the overhead shower head. Diana then proceeded to massage her luscious tits and ran her hands up and down her toned legs with bubbly soap suds.

"Alright Wonder Woman you've been there for almost half an hour now" informed Dr. Bogsley. "I don't mind watching you bathe with such allure but I do mind I have a schedule to keep."

"What's the big rush? You've got me captive here with no means to escape anytime soon" rebutted Wonder Woman as she turned the shower knob and shut off the stream of water cascading onto her voluptuous glimmeringly clean figure. She stepped out of the glass shower room and grabbed a towel to dry and cover her body to maintain some decency.

"Just hurry up will you? Once you're down drying yourself up please put these on." Dr. Bogsley dangled gleefully the tiny black dress and lingerie set at Diana. "And when you're dressed up please slap on some make up. I want my gorgeous Amazonian princess all dolled up for tonight!"

Diana frowned and dried her hair off, wringing large locks of her black wavy mane and rubbing it off with a towel. As she was purposely took her time bending down to rub her legs dry, an impatient Dr. Bogsley threw the dark black dress at her feet. Annoyed, Wonder Woman looked up and saw the doctor dangling the black lingerie set.

"Faster Wonder Woman…don't make me have you gang raped here by my two goons with me."

Sucking her teeth in displeasure Wonder Woman snatched the lingerie set from Dr. Bogsley and stood up. Relinquishing the cover of her bath towel onto the floor, Diana the slipped on the lacey thong first riding up the thong's strings all the way high above her broad hips. She then snapped the lacey bra over her enormous boobs, the bra stretched taut over her massive melons. Stooping down, Diana then picked up the little black dress.

"How is this supposed to fit me?" inquired Wonder Woman eyeing Dr. Bogsley skeptically as she held the petite sized outfit between her thumb and index finger as if she was holding something gruesome.

"I'm sure it'll be a most flattering fit. Now put it on" said Dr. Bogsley eagerly.

Wonder Woman sighed and rolled her eyes and slipped into the tiny outfit; she had to shimmy her buxom body into the small black halter dress. Diana gyrated and wiggled her voluptuous figure in an attempt to squeeze herself in a dress that was easily several sizes too small for her Amazonian build. Luckily the black halter one piece dress was made of some stretchy high quality spandex material.

"Ugh! This dress is too small" whined Wonder Woman as she struggled to hook the dress's halter top around her neck. Once Diana secured the halter around her neck she desperately tried to yank down her skirt which rode so high it practically failed to keep her lacey thong underwear hidden.

Dr. Bogsley laughed at Diana's wardrobe woes. "Never mind that; now get some make up on that gorgeous face of yours and fix your hair into a bun. In the meantime I'll get one of my men here to fetch you some shoes."

Turning reluctantly to the mirror dresser, Wonder Woman went on to reapply make up that she had faded in the past few days of her captivity. She reapplied dark crimson lipstick onto her pouty lips and reapplied eyeliner and mascara onto her eyes. Diana then hastily tied her hair into a French bun making her even more elegant in appearance.

Finally one of the mercenaries arrived carrying a shoe box to which Dr. Bogsley revealed to be transparent stiletto heeled pumps.

"Are you enjoying this doctor? Playing dress up with me?" A vexed Wonder Woman stared at Doctor Bogsley as she finished slipping her high heels shoes on.

"Off course! Now bind her hands behind her and blindfold her."

Quickly Dr. Bogsley's hired guns seized Wonder Woman, one of them grabbed her wrists and restrained them behind her back. He then pulled out some nylon rope and tightly bound her hands in a reverse prayer position behind her.

"Is it really necessary that I be bound all the time?" complained Diana as the mercenary bound her wrists fast behind her.

While Wonder Woman stomped one of her high heels in frustration,the other mercenary took out a thick dark bandana and wrapped it around her head covering Diana's eyes. Jerking her head around, Wonder Woman tried to throw of the blindfold but it was no use. Once she was bound and blindfolded, Diana was marched her out of the room; herstiletto heeled shoes clacking loudly on the floor.

"Nghhh! Where are you taking me?!" asked Wonder Woman as she wrestled in vain to escape the mercenaries iron grasp they had on her restrained arms.

"We're going to have a wonderful evening together Wonder Woman…or should I start calling you Diana?"

The doctor snickered slyly as he led his men and the bound Wonder Woman towards the sliding doors of an elevator. The lift then spirited Diana and her captors to the surface where a jungle buggy and a security detail awaited them.

Chapter 10: Date with a Damsel

Spinning its wheels into the dirt trail, the jungle buggy rumbled through the darkened tropical island forest as its head lamps pierced the jungle night darkness. Wonder Woman tugged at the ropes binding her hands behind her while she squirmed against the petite black halter dress she wore. Blindfolded, Diana sat on what she believed was the rear seat of a jungle buggy next to her perverted date whom she felt caressingher bare shoulders and sniffing her hair causing her to cringe in disgust.

"I everything ready at the lagoon? I'd like to impress my date tonight!" barked Dr. Bogsley at his mercenary driver at the wheel of the all-terrain buggy.

"Don't worry sir we got this. You and miss Wonder Woman shouldn't be disappointed."

"Ughh…please spare me your indulgences" moaned Wonder Woman as she felt Dr. Bogsley begin to grope vigorously at her breasts. A bump jolted Diana off her seat causing her to fall onto the doctor's lap. Snickering with glee, Dr. Bogsley continued to grope Wonder Woman's fantastically portioned breasts as she writhed haplessly on his lap.

"Don't worry Diana, I've got a wonderful surprise for you waiting on a secret lagoon on this island" boasted the doctor as he continued kneadingat Wonder Woman's breasts. "It's something I'm sure you'll enjoy…or at least impress you hahaha!"

"Enjoy your time with me for now" warned Wonder Woman tersely as she strained her head against her blindfold. "You're going to get what you truly deserve from what you've done to me!"

"Hmm… defiant even after subjected to some of the most dastardly things inflicted upon you…I love it!" Dr. Bogsley laughed as he began to rub his hand up and down Wonder Woman's long muscularly toned legs bringing his hand to rest on her thong beneath her dress's super short skirt.

"Ughh! Pig!" Wonder Woman fretted at Dr. Bogsley with her with teeth clenched as she continued to strain against her blindfold.

"Oh this night is going to be one to remember!" exclaimed Dr. Bogsley as the jungle buggy screeched to a stop, skidding over the loosened soil of the dirt trail having finally reached its destination. The doctor scrambled out of his seat, giddy as a boy on his first date, while his driver dismounted the buggy and proceeded to assist a bound and blindfolded Diana out of the vehicle, grasping her by her arm.

Wonder Woman jerked her head around, annoyed at how she was still blindfolded. She struggled to maintain her footing over the coarse ground while wearing her stiletto heels and being shoved by Dr. Bogsley's rude driver. Eventually she felt the rough ground give way to smooth marble steps that she precariously made her way down leading to what she detected was wooden flooring.

"Keep her hands bound but remove her blindfold…" ordered Dr. Bogsley. "I'd like her to enjoy the magnificent view."

With that Dr. Bogsley's mercenary removed Wonder Woman's blindfold; blinking her eyes Diana gaped at the sight before her seeingshe stood inside a luxurious tropical lodge situated on a cliff overlooking a lagoon. The lodge was outfitted with laminated wooden floors, a large divan bed sporting fine silk sheets, and a table set with a candle light dinner on a balcony outside. The balcony hung over the cliff edge and had a view of the lagoon below beneath the clear starry night.

"Shall we?" Dr. Bogsley beckoned Wonder Woman to take a seat at the dining table on the balcony. He ogled at his stunning date, sporting a lovely French bun hairdo the Amazon beauty was clad in her backless halter mini skirt dress with hugged tightly to her voluptuous figure. Her long toned legs stood daintily atop the transparent stiletto heeled pumps. Indeed a stunning looking date.

The mercenary released his grip on Wonder Woman's arm and shoved her towards where the doctor stood.Taking several dainty steps in her high heels, Diana stopped and tried to used her bound hands behind her to try to pull down at her high riding skirt of her halter dress.When she felt the skirt was low enough, though it still barely covered the lowest portions of her thong underwear. Shethen reluctantly walked over to the seat Dr. Bogsley pulled out for her.

"My you're a gentleman" Diana quipped sarcastically as she sat down causing her skirt to ride up again "while you're at it, mind untying my hands as well?"

"Please don't be rude my dearest Diana, I could still have you locked away in that cell of yours… so please enjoy yourself with the generous accommodations at hand."

Wonder Woman turned her head towards the lagoon and the Pacific Ocean beyond lit up by the clear night's full moon. Diana intended to avoid looking at her perverted host and was so focused on doing so she even ignored the appetizing steak and wine dinner they were being served by Dr. Bogsley's henchman. Once they were alone, the doctor went ahead helping himself to the salacious sirloin steak while Diana continued staring off to the sea.

"Hey!" exclaimed Wonder Woman as suddenly her waiter came back with bundles of rope and began looping them around her torso tying her to her chair. "Come on! Is this really necessary?"

"A precautionary measure of course" answered Dr. Bogsley biting down onto a morsel of juicy steak. "Aren't you going to eat my dear?"

"No. If anything you need more meat on your bones little man" rebutted Wonder Woman grunting as the mercenary bound the ropes around her stomach tighter to the bamboo constructed chair.

"Fine then, let's get on with tonight's entertainment then?" Dr. Bogsley nodded at his henchman who just finished tying Diana to her chair. The mercenary then tapped his ear piece communicator.

"Attention all units, commence the show…nice and easy guys."

With that the lagoon's waters were suddenly illuminated by powerful flood lights mounted on cliffs surrounding the lagoon. In the distance Wonder Woman heard what sounded like rumbling thunder and saw the portions of the cliffs on the other end of the lagoon appear to collapse; but to her surprise the crumbling walls of the cliff were actually retracting portions of a massive gate leading to a hidden dock inside.

As the gates opened, a large sleek amphibious assault ship steamed out onto the lagoon. Wonder Woman figure it was the same vessel she spied during her escape attempt from DR. Bogsley's underground lair. Thousands of humanoid looking creatures clad in armor and shouldering what looked like heavy assault guns lined the flight deck of the vessel.

"Goddess no…" muttered Wonder Woman. She realized that the creatures were actually clones of Lortz!there was easily more than a thousand of them each larger and more powerfully built than a man; each beast wore what appeared to be an exo battle suit bristling with weapons from 50 cal. Machine guns to 30mm grenade launchers. What would Dr. Bogsley want to do with an army of such savage brutes augmented by sophisticated military tech?

"Magnificent sight isn't it? This vessel and the army it carries is the tip of the spear for my invasion" boasted Dr. Bogsley. "An invasion that will solidify my place as a god and you as my goddess love slave!"

"What do you mean?" implored Wonder Woman. She was now tugging at her bonds restlessly. Was he going to invade the mainland? Make himself ruler of a conquered Earth?

"I intend to invade your home of Themyscira, Wonder Woman" revealed Dr. Bogsley. "I intend to enslave the Amazonian's of that island paradise and make them part of my glorious harem with you as its gorgeous centerpiece!"

"GREAT HERA! You dare?!" A furious Wonder Woman heaved violently against the ropes securing her to her chair and twisted her hands bound behind her vigorously.Diana was enraged at the plot Dr. Bogsley had concocted; he planned to invade her peaceful home and enslave her sister Amazons. She attempted to lunge at Dr. Bogsley from across the table but the ropes binding her to the chair and a heavy set of hands pressing down on her bare shoulders from the doctor's bodyguard kept her in place.

"Nothing can stop me now" continued Dr. Bogsley. "The ship you see before you is outfitted with the very same device which emits the same unique electromagnetic field that has rendered your powers inert over a one thousand mile radius. Not even the Justice League can challenge me now; perhaps I can snag a few more superheroine captives?"

"You won't get away with this!" Wonder Woman was now squirming relentlessly against her rope bonds and the mercenaries burly arms wrapped around her."The combined power of Justice League and the world's armed forces will overwhelm your lone ship and its small army!"

"You're wrong my dear, my pulse disruptor not only renders you superhero types devoid of your abilities and strengths, but it allows Danger Island, my base, and this vessel and its crew to be cloaked. It is because of this our invasion of Themyscira would remain undetected. And even If I must deal with a counter attack my electromagnetic pulse disruptor would disable any super powered beings and wreak havoc on unprotected attacking craft or machine…"

Gritting her teeth Wonder Woman kicked at the table flipping it onto its side and knocking its contents all over the laminated floor. Her handler quickly placed her in a choke hold to subdue her.

"You're going to have to just get accustomed to me being your lord and master" avowed Dr. Bogsley as she swept aside the spilled dinner and wine with one foot and stomped out a burning candle stick with another. "Trust me through time you'll love me ha-ha!"

"Nghh…you…sick bastard!" gasped Wonder Woman under the choke hold of the mercenary.

"Untie her from her chair…then place her on the bed" commanded Dr. Bogsley as he loosened his tie and took out a syringe from his suit jacket's pocket. Untying Diana's bonds, the hired goon then hefted a fidgety Wonder Woman into his arms and walked back inside to the lodge's interior. He then brusquely dumped her onto her the divan.

Thrashing about on the divan's silky sheets, Wonder Woman struggled to back away from an approaching Dr. Bogsley. Her hands still tied behind her back rendered Wonder Woman helpless as the doctor grabbed and restrained both her ankles and menaced the Amazon with the syringe in his hand.

"I was hoping not needing to do this but you've left me no choice Diana." With that the doctor lifted up Wonder Woman's halter dress skirt and stabbed the needle onto one of butt cheeks.

"Achh!" Wonder Woman yelped in discomfort and tried kicking the doctor away but surprisingly he held her ankles in an iron grip. Diana began to feel an overwhelming sensation of lethargy and her struggling subsided as the doctor crawled onto the divan lying next to her.

"Leave us!" bellowed Dr. Bogsley to his personal bodyguard. The mercenary nodded his head and briskly made his way to the steps leading upstairs and outside of the tropical lodge. Alone with Wonder Woman, Dr. Bogsley unraveled the canopy curtains hanging around the divan where he and Diana laid upon.The curtains dropped and surrounded the two in a semitransparent veil of privacy.

"Ughhhh…" moaned Wonder Woman as she felt Dr. Bogsley grope at her breasts; he enjoyed the feeling of Diana's boobs sheathed beneath the velvety spandex material of her tiny halter dress under his squeezing hands. He then worked his way down to stroke her cunt behind her lacey thong and ran his hands up and down her athletically sculpted legs.

"Hush my dear," whispered Dr. Bogsley. "Allow me to make things more comfortable for you." The doctor proceeded to undo Wonder Woman's halter dress slipping it off her without needing to untie her hands. All the while Diana moaned and writhed slowly as the sedatives kept her doped up.

"W..what…are….you doing?" rasped Wonder Woman sounding confused and tired.

"We're going to make love Diana!" replied the doctor gleefully. "I thought it would be fitting for me to get laid on the eve of my conquest of Themyscira.I'd like to invade you first before I invade that paradise babe island you call home."

Dr. Bogsley then took out a pair of leg irons from beneath the divan and went on to shackle Wonder Woman's ankles to the divan's legs. Kneeling atop Wonder Woman's legs, he then unbuckled his dress pants and gawked at the bound Amazon beneath him; Diana still sporting her French bun hairdo was virtually nude save for the tiny lacey bra and thong she wore.

"Now here we go!" exclaimed the doctor. Pulling out another syringe from his pocket he then took aim for the base of his erect penis. "Here goes noth-"

"Sir! We got trouble!" exclaimed Dr. Bogsley's bodyguard. The alarmed looking mercenary had his hand on his ear piece communicator and his assault rifle at his side.

"GAHH!!! WHAT IS IT?!!" bawled Dr. Bogsley in great annoyance nearly stabbing the syringe onto the shaft of his erect cock.

"It seems like we have a situation…someone just blew up the cloning lab, I've got reports we have some missing weapons and several security detail personnel were found incapacitated. We have reason to believe whoever this intends to sabotage our invasion plans."

"No shit Sherlock! Dammit…get Wonder Woman on my ship now! She's sedated at the moment, I want her bound and gagged and placed in my quarters!"

"You got it sir!" The mercenary rapidly unshackled Wonder Woman's leg irons while an embarrassed Dr. Bogsley zipped up his pants. He wondered who or what might be behind this sudden attack.

As the sedatives continued to cloud her mind and render her subdued, Wonder Woman gave no resistance as she felt herself scooped up by the mercenary who carried her on his shoulders. She soon passed out.

Chapter 11: Rescue on the High Seas

"Mmmphhhh…"Wonder Woman awoke once more to the now routine state of bondage. As she slowly opened her eyelids she moaned against the duct tape keeping her gagged. Coming around, Diana slowly found herself dressed back in her signature superheroine costume bound lying on her side on a cream colored leather couch. Diana was glad to be back dressed in her costume; the slutty halter dress she wore earlier was most uncomfortable…and slutty.

Wonder Woman's hands were tied behind her back and her ankles and knees with lashed togetherby nylon rope. More rope encircled her torso while a tight crotch tie dug at her pussy. As her black curly hair was no longer in a bun, Wonder Woman twirled her head to rid the locks of hair drooping over her face and craned her neck up to gaze at her surroundings.

She noted she appeared to be in what looked like a luxurious suite complete with modern vaulted ceilings, futuristic chandeliers, and a sleek silver coffee table alongside the couch she laid on. Around the room were many sculptures of all sizes of ancient goddesses and even modern day superheroines.

Looking to her side, Wonder Woman found perpendicular to her couch was a vestibule leading to a balcony with a view of the night sea. Noticing what looked like the parade deck she saw earlier lined with Lortz clone troops below, Diana deduced she must be aboard Dr. Bogsley ship.

"Mpphhff!" Wonder Woman grunted through her duct tape gag. Heaving her buxom body around she squirmed against her ropes and tried gettingherself onto a sitting position on the couch."Nghh! These ropes are extra tight! I've got to get loose and make my escape or Themyscira and my sister Amazons will be doomed!"

Wriggling her curvy body with increasing intensity, Wonder Woman eventually was able to prop herself up to a sitting position on the couch. She grimaced as the crotch tie dug deep into her cunt, but ignoring the discomfort she looked around to see if she could use something to free herself with.

Gingerly, Wonder Woman stood up onto her feet, her boot's soles imprinted themselves against the velvety rug that the couch rested on. She then bunny hopped her way to the sculptures of women; her boot's high heels clackedloudly as she left the rug and bounded over the smooth marble flooring of the room.

Wonder Woman eyed a granite statue of the goddess Athena; the life size sculpture of the goddess who was the protector of man and Athens happened to be wielding a sword. Wonder Woman inched her way toward the statue and once she was within arm's reach of itturned her back at the sculptures sword.

"Thank you Athena" thought Wonder Woman as she rubbed the ropes binding her hands behind her back against the statue's sword. The sculpted blade's edge was rough enough that Diana was sure she could shred her ropes off. She just had to rub her ropes hard enough on the abrasive edge allowing her bonds to begin to fray.

"Well, what do you know? My dear Diana is being a naughty girl again?"

"Oh hell…" thought a dismayed Wonder Woman. Looking up she saw Dr. Bogsley stroll in wearing a smoking robe clasping a shot glass in his hand and a smirk on his face.

"Looks like we'll need to bypass the Panama Canal and circumvent the tip of South America instead" noted Dr. Bogsley. "But thanks to my ship's advanced fusion powered engines, we should arrive at Themyscira within the next several days. Plenty of time for you to get truly acquainted with me hahah!"

"Mpphhhhffff!!!" cried Wonder Woman through her duct tape gag. She tried to hobble away from an approaching Dr. Bogsley but her bound body obviously prevented her from evading the doctor.

Dr. Bogsley then caught Wonder Woman by her hair and dragged her bound form over to the couch. Shoving her down onto the sofa the doctor then laid beside his Amazonian captive and gleefully groped Wonder Woman's fulsome breasts and stroked her buxom thighs.

"Mmmmphhhh…" moaned Wonder Woman as her captor molested her, she was growing weary of the unwanted touching and grasping. At least for the time being she wasn't being violated in any other way she thought. As the doctor continued to grope her, Wonder Woman herself groped at the ropes binding her hands behind her; sensing the bonds were frayed she then began to scratch away at them.

"Ah, I'd say we should have a toast" remarked Dr. Bogsley as he took out a bottle of wine stowed in a hidden compartment beneath the sleek coffee table. Wonder Woman watched as the doctor placed aside his shot glass poured two glasses of the fine wine for the two of them. "To the conquest of Themyscira!"exclaimed the doctor holding a glass of wine in the air as he ripped off the strip of duct tape off Wonder Woman's mouth.

"Ughh!" coughed Diana as her duct tape gag was yanked off her lips."Why not keep me and spare my sisters of Themyscira! Surely I can satisfy your needs and desires?" Wonder Woman loathed and dreaded the notion of seeing herself as Dr. Bogsley personal sex slave but she would rather sacrifice her being to save her Amazon sisters. Wonder Woman continued picking at her bound wrist's frayed ropes with the nails of her fingers.

"You know that goes against several components of my plan my dear Diana" answered Dr. Bogsley. "For instance, my men need some sort of compensation which will be fulfilled with the wealth of women on your precious island home and conquering Themyscira would bolster my chances to tackle the Justice League and the world!"

Dr. Bogsley now was on top of Wonder Woman lying bound and helpless on the couch. With her mind full of terrible thoughts of the fate that awaited her sisters on Themyscira, Diana cursed at herself for her folly that brought her to Danger Island and onto the clutches of this mad doctor. Angered Wonder Woman then tried to shove the doctor and his groping hands off of her.

"Themyscira won't give in without a valiant stand as I intend to take now!" bellowed Diana as she kicked the doctor of with her bound legs. As the doctor stumbled off the sofa, Wonder Woman sat up and wriggled her bound wrists behind her madly; she could feel the ropes were on the verge of tearing up but still bound her hands fast behind her.

"Your defiance is becoming most annoying" noted the doctor tossing aside the spilled glass of wine as he got onto his feet. "But admittedly I do see myself growing tired of administering instances of discipline onto you Diana heheh!"

As she struggled on the couch, Wonder Woman eyed Dr. Bogsley as the mad doctor took out a syringe from his robe's pocket before taking off his robe. Only in his boxer briefs, Dr. Bogsley, with careful aim, injected the syringe's contents at his groin.

"Arghhh!!! All my research and tests on you leads to this!" bellowed the doctor as a massive swelling then developed beneath his underwear. To Wonder Woman's shock, the doctor hollered in agony as his boxer briefs ripped apart leaving him fully nude and wielding a throbbing monster penis that continued to grow and swell in size.

"GREAT HERA!!! Please don't let him rape me with that!" Wonder Woman's eyes were agape with horror as she watched the sight before her. Dr. Bogsley staggered about, clutching his monstrous cock which was now not only fully erect but was almost over five feet in length and was thick as a tree trunk. It still was also growing rapidly. She also noticed the short balding doctor's previously unimpressive physique was transforming as well; he had grown in height by at least a foot and began to sprout bulging muscles particularly with his upper body and arms.

"WHO'S THE LITTLE MAN NOW? AT LAST I WILL BREAK YOU WONDER WOMAN!" bellowed the enraged and aroused doctor.

"Sorry doc I won't let you do that!"

Wonder Woman turned toward the balcony foyer and was elated to see Mack! The bloodied ex-Navy SEAL was outfitted in diving gear draped with bandoliers of ammo and explosives. He leveled his assault rifle carbine at the monstrous man that was once Dr. Bogsley.

"Thank the goddess he's alive!"

"IMPOSSBILE! I WATCHED YOU DIE!" roared Dr. Bogsley. The monster sized doctor then placed Wonder Woman in front of him arms around her neck and torso while her legs straddled atop his leviathan sized thrashing cock. "IDIOT! THE ODDS ARE AGIANST YOU! YOU CANNOT SAVE HER OR STOP ME!"

"I'm sure Wonder Woman can save the day provided she gets her powers back" scoffed Mack as he held up a detonator. "All I gotta do is blow that precious pulse disruptor of yours and it'll even up the odds for Wonder Woman and I against your ship and it's army of clone freaks."


Without wasting another second Mack pressed his detonator switch down; a deafening boom rattled the ship as a fiery explosion erupted from the ship's flight deck. The ship rocked and began to list sideways, evidently the explosion must have ripped apart it's hull allowing the sea to flow in.

"THANK HERA! I can feel my strength along with my powers returning!" Wonder woman then head butted Doctor Bogsley sending him careening onto the floor. Landing on her feet, Wonder Woman smiled at Mack; twisting her body a bit she then snapped off the ropes binding her wrists behind her and broke off the ropes encircling her torso, legs, and ankles. The loosened bonds fell onto the floor as a repowered Wonder Woman turned to face her captor.

"Surrender Doctor Bogsley!" cried Wonder Woman standing defiantly above her fallen captor, hands on her hips. The ship deck was titling more noticeably now. Mack tried to maintain his footing but fell, sliding down towards the balcony, but fortunately Wonder Woman with her Amazon strength and speed quickly caught Mack with one arm and carried her weary rescuer by her side.

"Damn you Wonder Woman!" growled Dr. Bogsley.

"Give it up now doctor! Your ship is taking in water and will soon find itself at the bottom of the Pacific; do you want go down with your ship and your doomed army?"

"I'd rather do just that wonder broad!" roared the doctor as he thrashed his cock at Wonder woman almost knocking her off her feet; luckily the Amazon used her speed to swiftly block the monstrous dick from bashing her and Mack. She then parried the move and smashed her fist into the doctor's face sending him across the room.

"Last chance Doctor or I'll leave you to die!"

"You incorruptible wench! Come here and I'll share my demise with you!" Dr. Bogsley unleashed a savage roar as he lunged at Wonder Woman attempting to wrap his monstrous cock around her leg. As she held Mack in one arm, Diana was forced to use her free arm to peel off the doctor's mutated penis and kicked it off. Howling in pain Dr. Bogsley stumbled back onto the floor.

"Wonder Woman…we've got to get off this ship!" rasped Mack. "The sea water mixing in with the ship's experimental reactor…it's going to blow this boat up before it sinks!"

Wonder Woman hesitated, looking at Mack then at Dr. Bogsley. Heeding Mack's warning, Wonder Woman leapt up into the air and gave a mighty blow against the ceiling bashing the roof off. Hovering in the air she took one last look at Dr. Bogsley as he struggled to get up, water was now flooding the room.

"Good riddance Doctor!" cried Wonder Woman. With Mack in her arms, Diana bounded into the air and ascended into the night sky just in time to leave the stricken vessel as it exploded intoa fiery mushroom cloud.

High above the evening clouds Wonder woman cradled Mack in her arms, the man must've sustained a great deal of injury, for him to pull of this high seas rescue impressed the Amazon.

'I'm sorry Wonder Woman…I should've acted sooner…please forgive me" croaked Mack hiseyes met Diana's as they flew together under the moonlit evening sky.

"You did the right thing Mack. Don't worry I'll get you the medical attention you need. I'll see to it that you'll be fine." cooed Wonder Woman. With that she let Mack to slip into unconsciousness in her arms. As he did, Diana went on flying towards the mainland leaving behind her harrowingly perilous experience as a damsel on Danger Island behind.