Wonder Woman - The Failed Mission  

By Big Red

The Failed Mission

By Big Red

Wonder Woman is given a mission to check ob a rogue middle east country. This mission brings her back into the hands of a WW2foe and his new found friends.

It was a rainy cool day in D.C. as the two men watched out the windo of the federal building. General Blackfield groweled. Dam bitch is making us wait. The C.I.A. cheif Hearold Watts smiled. She just does this so you get worked up you know. Blackfield waved his hand in the air an poured a drink . Looking ut they seen the woman walking up the steps. Bout dam time the general growled.

Mr. Watts opened the door for the tall dark haired woman. Wonderwoman come in please , we are so glad you could come to meet us so quick. She looked at the two men smiled took the seat offered. So what problem have you gotten into this time she ask.

The General handed Wonder Woman a folder. As she opened it the General told her the problem. Im sure you have heard of the recent events in the middle east Wonder Woman. We have sent two agents into Irania to see what they could find out on there newfound weapon advancements. Both where cought an tryed as spies. As you see in the pictures there they where both crucified. We need someone with special talents like you to get in and see what they have and destroy it if possable or disable it.

As WonderWoman looked threw the files her mind reeled at seeing one picture. She said this cant be he died yrs ago. Who they both ask. She laid the picture on the desk an pointed to a man that ooked to be in his 50,s with gray hair. This man is Dr. Heinzdroff, a nazi in Hilters special forces. I thought he died in a fire back then. But it is him and he hasnt aged a day. He was working on making the hitler youth and some other secert age reducing methods.

Mr. Watts ask isnt he the one that made the formula to make you docil and weak even with your belt of strenght. Wonder Woman nodded slowly remembering what she was put threw all those yrs ago when captured by the nazis. Well if it is him i understand if you dont want to take this mission . No Wonder Woman said i have to find out what he is up to and see what weapons the irania's are up to and try to stop it.I will leave today i dont want this threat to linger anymore than it has allready.

If your sure Wonder Woman both men said. If your cought there is nothing we can do. This is a undercover opp the army wont be coming to the rescue. I understand she said. I dont expect you to. And dont worry i wont be cought. With that she stands turns an walks out. Both men staring at her firm round ass as she walks out. I wonder how she gets in that outfit General the Watts ask. I dont know for sure but id love to be there to watch when she does dress. Both men lauf as Wonder Woman walks down the walk and over to he car.You think she can get in there an find out what s up Watts ask. Well the General says i think it a 50 50 deal if they get her we will be hearing about it for sure . It will be on the bews for months . Both men nodded and sat in thought.

Wonder Woman gets in her jet having thought of nothing but the picture of the evil doctor since seeing it. Fireing up the invisable jet she points it down the runway an heads off thinking of payback her grip on the joy stick more intense than usual. The jet takes flight she points it to the east and as soon as she clears US air space kicks in the afterburners taking the jet to mack 2 and heads to irania.

Four hours later Wonder Woman backs the throttle down an dives the jet low to the ground at tree top height. She is trying to sneak under there radar.The scanners show no sign of agression towards her jet as Wonder Woman slides over trees an sanddunes. According to the maps she seen the base was in the middle of the country in the desert. WonderWoman started to look for a place to land when an alarm went off. Some sort of reacking device had locked onto her jet. WonderWoman tryed to bank the jet to the left but it didnt respond the controls where being dirscted from somplace her thoughts where the military base a few miles ahead.Wonder Woman hit the button for her to eject. Nothing happened. She tryed manuel nothing . Traped in her own jet she thought. All she could do was sit and wait to see where the controled jet took her.

Wonder Woman's wait wasnt long the landing gear droped and the jet made a smooth landing on a hard sand packed runway. The jet rolled to a stop. A tow sled drove out to the jet hooked to the nose gear an towed it to a hanger on the side of the runway. Wonder Woman tryed to open the canapoy but the locks wouldnt open frozen by whatever guided her there. Thinking she needed check into this system once she got out an moving.

Two men approched the jet with a hose . they opened a door on the side an conected it. Wonder Woman wondered how they knew where the door even was . Instantly she smelled it Gas. Wonder Woman tryed again to get out pulling on the latches but the gas was fast and very powerfull she could feel her strenght die off and her head was light. After a minute she slumped down out cold.

Two other men approched the jet now. One was the head of the irania militart the other the man Wonder Woman knew as Dr. Heinzdroff or better known as Dr. Doom.The first two men use a hand held controlor and open the hatch. They reach in and pull the limp form of WonderWoman from the seat and lay her on the floor. The Doctor kneels down pulls out a pair of handcuffs an binds Wonder Womans hands behind her. Then places a air tube over her nose. The other end is attached to a tank. The doctor turns on the tank and hands it to the first two on the sceen. When she wakes up bring her to the office im sure she will be pleased to hear of our advances in taming amazons the doctor chuckles.

After a half hour Wonder Woman stirs. Trying to sit up she reliazes she is bound. Wonder Woman tugs hard on the cuffs but nothing happens. Bound by a man she thinks.The two guards grab Wonder Woman and hoist her up. Wonder Womans legs woble weak from the gas. Wonder Woman then notices the air tube on her face and the tank. Bound an gassed not good she thinks. On unsteady feet she is led to a office. Once inside she is placed on a seat the tank at her sode and the air hose pumping in whatever was in the tank .It didnt smell like any gas she had before was sort of nice to breath.With doppy eyes she stares at the Dr. and the man beside him.

Wonder Woman it has been a long time hasnt it. Last time i saw you the building was on fire and you was running out leaving me to die. But i didnt as you can see. All the better for me but really bad for you.You destroyed my lab once but i learned a lot and have been planing this day for decades. You look puzzled. Let me explain. You see the breast milk we took from you back then was used in the youth expermints. I drank some of the formula to test it. It worked perfectly. I age very slowly now. But in your hurry to leave you destroyed the rest of it. But i have made advancements. I dont need your tit milk now i can make it on my own. Have broken your dna codes threw the years. From my files i saved and from memory. My partner here GrandMarshell Mohamand has helped me greatly. And i have returned it by helping him devolope some powerfull weapons. Ones noone else has dreamed of. Getting you here is the iceing on the cake as the americans say. You wont escape this time.

Wonder Woman listened not believing this happened so fast. You wont get away with this Doom. Oh but i have dear. Your in that chair breathing in the toxic mixture of amazon tamer. even with your belt you wont be able to stop what is happening. You see the gas that u take in is being deleviered to your blood stream which in turn goes to things like the nerves your brain an everything else. The gas kills the amazon will makes it docil. When that tank is empty Wonder Woman you wont be able to hurt a fly. Just as it should be. You can keep your belt it wont have nothing to power up just a woman. A woman with a body to fuck.But the Irania's dont want to fuck they need some info from you then when you tell all and you will you will be crucified like any other spy. And good riddens to. You been a pain in my side for years.

The self appointed Grand Marshell steps forward griping Wonder Womans hair firmly making her look out a window . She sees two men on crosses lifeless the birds picking at there skin. That where you will be before long Wonderless Woman.As soon as you sing out what i want to know. You will join your fellow american spys. I believe in old fashion punishments. so the crucifuction of you will be a pleasure.The Irania leader Drags Wonder Woman over to a wooden block laying her face down on it. a steal clap is placed around her neck holding the famous head down. Each ankle is then cuffed to the side of the block. hands bound behind her back the deadly gass pumping in her system. Groogy from its effects and feeling the weak. Wonder Woman pants as she is held on the block wondering what his plan is and what information this tyrant wanted.

Two huge guards entered the room an walked over to the block holding the champion. One of them grabed Wonder Womans star panties pulling them down to her knees with a harsh jerk. The Grand Marshell steps behind the bound herion reaching down unclasp her power belt and pulls it from Wonder Woman. You wont need this now and the doctor does. Walking over to his desk he lays the belt an lasso down. Opens a drawer and pulls out two leather covered paddels. Huge steel studs around the edges. Walks back to Wonder Woman showing her the long toture toys. These will have u singing like a bird soom bitch. There special made a flex steel inner core covered in cammel skin with stainless stell studs. I believe you will feel there efects for the rest of your short life. Wonder Womans eyes widened at the site of the two paddels. The self proclaimed leader hands the two guards a paddle . They take a place on each side of the block holding Wonder Woman. The Grand Marshell slides a chair in front of the tied doomed woman an sits . Singlals the two Guards to begin.

Wonder Woman hears a woosh then a sharp sting on her bare ass followed by another from the other guard then another from the first guard. this woosh and the sharp sting gets into a hythm as Wonder Woman stares ahead at the leader. Now Wonder Hog tell me how can i pump the gas that your breathing into the dome hiding your island home. The paddles swat steadly on her ass. The Grand Marshell waits for an answer. This is all i need to know bitch as soon as i find out the spanking will stop. I have all the time in the world. And a entire army to swat your ass with. I will switch guards every hour so you will not be given a break.

Wonder Woman doesnt say a word her mouth tight. She takes the paddleing for forty minutes before she starts to squeal from the beating. Each swat makes her suck in more air which in turn draws in more of the gas that weakens her more. An hour in the guards change and two fresh arms start to swing the deadly paddles. Grunts are heard as Wonder Woman takes each hit. One hour thenty minutes in she cant stand it. Ok ill tell you. Not that easy Wonder hog tell me as you get your ass runied, then we stop. The swats seem to get harder in Wonder Womans mind her heart pounds. She starts to explain where they ca pump the gas into the dome.

Wonder tells the evil leader to go to the western side of the island. There he would find a largs pips leading from the ocean surface under water and to the island it is an emergency air vent installed after WW2. The gas could be pushed threw the dome there without anyone seeing if done under water.

Good good the Grand Marshell states. Paddle her for the rest of the day men switch every hour. I will go an get arrangements ready to end this amazon race for good. Make them all weaker than normal females. No powers can save them then. The grand Marshell picks up Wonder Womans belt to take to the evil doctor and heads out. Leaving Wonder Woman there to be beaten. Tears flow down the not so mighty hero as the spanking continues threw the day. Noone caring as she pleads for mercy.

After the guard had spanked Wonder Woman for 8 grueling hours she was released from the block an draged to a cell. Chained by the neck to the ceiling, ankles bound to the floor. hands cuffed and the gas pumping in her still. Sleep would not come to the fallen amazon that nite as her ass was burning so bad an her mind was all fuzzy as the gas worked its wonders on her. streched out in the chains she swayed in place crying and blubering wildly.

The next Day A guard came in the cell holding Wonder Woman releasing her chains except for the handcuffs an led a numb amazon to the hanger again. The Grand Marshell walks over to the dazed champ an tugs her panties back up as they where still down to her knees. Wonder Woman winces as they are pulled up without a care riding up in her destroyed ass. The welts an open cuts ozzing the skin loose . The mighty ass now pummled meat.The Grand Marshell swats the now raw ass with his crop geting a scream from the defeated herion. A smirk crosses his face. Today we watch and see if you told the truth for your sake i hope so. Death by paddleing is a slow painfull way to die. The doctor walks in eyeing Wonder Woman . To much anal sex Wonder Woman. I told you that wold happen. All those men pounding that ass he chuckels.The doctor checkes the gas tank , only a pound and half to go then you be nothing the amazon be nomore. Thow i think you have enough allready but to be sure we get the rest in you only be a hour or so.

Wonder Woman is draged over to a moniter and sees a submurine. It is deploying a team of divers to a place that is known to the amazon. Wonder Woman Watches as they work on the vent attachin lines to it from the tank that sits on top of the sub. A huge tank holding 10 tons of the deadly gas. The doctor explains that the gas there is much more potant an mixes with air to work a lot faster than the gas Wonder Woman is breathing. In a day all the amazons will be useless . We will go in and take over without a fight . The island will make a good base from which he can strike. Hidden so noone will find us. And thanks to you Wonder Woman it is all how coming to be.

The fearless leader singles to a guard who nods and leaves the room. The evil leader looks at WonderWoman. Lets see if the gas has worked shale we. Hit me as hard as you can,Wonder Woman swings hiting him in the chestand she squeals. Her hand bouncing off no strenght at all in the punch. The room comes alive with laufter at the site of the champion holding her sore hand. The doctor hands Wonder Woman her belt put this on an try again the doctor tells her. Wonder Woman takes the belt snaping it in place around her waist. She feels no surge of power but takes a swing at the Leader. Again she squeals as her fist stings from the punch she tyred. More laufing from the men in the room. The Grand Marshell looks down at the now powerless WonderWoman. See your days are over and it is time to end them.

The guard that had left returns with a huge six by six piece of wood and two odd looking spikes. The spikes where threaded wirh a cuff on the big end. A nut threaded loosely on the ends. The guard drops the huge piece of wood at Wonder Womans feet. The Leader loks at two other guards place her on the beam an do it he tells them. Wonder Woman is shoved down on the floor her arm grabed an streched out along the beam. another guard takes a spike unthreads the nut from it an places the pointed end on Wonder Womans bracelete. She watches as a hammer is brought out. Knowing nothing can damage the braceletes she knows they will be mad when they fail. The large hammer ie raised and swings at the head of the spike. There is a dull thud an a scream pieceres the room. WonderWomans eyes are wide as she looks at her bracelete. One swing had drove the spike threw the bracelete and started in the beam. More rappid strikes on the head of the spike are given till the cuff on the end of it cover the bracelete. Wonder Womans one arm is nailed to the beam. Her other arm is pulled roughly streching her out taunt on the beam.The other spike is placed on the other bracelete an is driven threw it an threw the beam. Wonder Woman squeals crys as the pain in her wrist is unbearable. She is left on the floor as the Grand Marshell and the doctor look down at the once powerfull woman.

You see Wonderless Cunt we have devolped a steel stronger than that of your gods. You are no match anymore for us.The guards bring in a bigger beam with a grove in it. The beam WonderWoman is nailed to is fitted in the groove. Her booted feet are placed on the new beam feet flat on the top of the rough wood. knees pointing out her legs pulled back a bit . nother spike is placed on the foot. The hammer swings and again Wonder Woman screams as the large spike is driven threw the foot into the wood.Another spike nails her other foot the same way. Both spikes driven in till Wonder Womans feef are firmly held down by the sharp spikes. Without warning the cross is lifted on its side the Nuts are threaded onto the pointed ends and tightened down till they suck into the wood. To make sure noone backs them off metal cups are placed over the nuts and welded in place to the nuts and spikes. A wimpering Wonder Woman is hoisted and carried out to where the other to CIA spys are hanging. The cross is placed in a perpeared cement slot. A few pictures are taken by some of the guards and Wonder Woman is left to her fate.

The proud amazon warriow hangs there threw the nite and into the next day. She has her full outfit on including power belt. Thro the belt dont give her strengh back it dose heal her wounds slowly. After a second day on the cross she is healed but can not get off the cross. The Grand Marshell and the doctor check her over as she hangs. Well doctor Wonder Cunt has no strenght but the belt did heal her. Mabey we should just shoot her. No the doctor says. She is powerless and isnt going anywhere. The dogwood she is nailed to will last thousands of years. Leave here there She will have nothing to do but think. The more she thinks the more mad she will go. Both lauf looking at the now depowered woman. And we have the island. Let here here to rot very slowly.The amazons live for thousands of years. We dont need do much for the Wonderless Cunt Feed her now an then mabey .

With that both men gove Wonder Woman a salute turn an leave. Impaled on the cross Wonder Woman can do nothing. She hangs head down beaten. Now just a casuality of a failed mission