Wonder Woman - The Power Trap  

By Knyght

Wonder Woman




KJ Pullman

˜ ˜ ˜

Part One

Location: Washington, D.C.; Apartment of Diana Prince

Diana Prince sat at her kitchen table staring at her laptop computer. A half-empty glass of orange juice sat next to a half-eaten bagel. She wore a silken kimono over a black lacy bra-and-panties combination. Her attire was one of the positive side effects of telecommuting.

She had originally signed up to telecommute for her Pentagon job with the idea that it would free up more time for Wonder Woman to patrol the city, fight crime and stop the occasional alien invasion. Instead, she found herself constantly bombarded by requests for memos, new data flows and lots of spam in her inbox.

In fact, she had recently stepped down from the Justice League in order to focus more on a solo crimefighting career, but right now, she was stuck trying to perform her civilian duties in counterterrorism.

_There's just so much,_she thought.

Aside from her attire, the other advantage to telecommuting was occurring inside her vagina. She was currently enjoying an egg vibrator going full-bore inside her pussy, and had already experienced three orgasms since "going to work" today.

An orgasm was usually something one couldn't get away with in the workplace. When you were an amazon princess with incredible super strength, it was impossible. But right now, in the privacy of her own home, she could let wave-after-wave of pleasure overcome her.

As she felt the tension build for a fourth climax, she took her right hand off the keyboard and started massaging her clit. She spread her forefinger and middle finger and started rubbing each side of her love-button. She was still sopping wet from her previous orgasms, so moisture was not a problem.

As she rubbed her quim, she tried to think of a man who could get her off.

She had fantasized about Steve Trevor numerous times already this week, but this time she decided to try something different.

Diana envisioned Superman laying her back on her bed, gently caressing her neck, rubbing her breasts with one hand while stimulating her pussy with the other. She unbuckled his belt, and pulled down his red trunks, exposing his enormous Kryptonian cock.While she fantasized this, her fingers continued to rub her clit while her other hand began pinching her lust-hardened nipples.

She moaned as she imagined his boner-of-steel sliding into her wet cavern, and gasped as the imaginary lover began pumping away at her. She started rubbing her pussy lips with incredible force and speed. Diana's lip curled as her eyelids closed with enough force to crack a walnut. She began panting as the egg vibrator launched her into her fourth orgasm of the day.

Diana cried out, experiencing the most powerful orgasm yet.With a crack and a shudder, she felt the tiny orgasm-inducing egg vibrator get crushed by the force of her cumming.

Seconds later, she lay moaning on her couch, not for the first time regretting that her power was tied so precariously to her pussy. When she left Paradise Island, her mother, Hippolyta warned her that if she ever allowed a penis into her vagina, she would become like any other mortal female, weak and submissive, even in this modern age of enlightenment.

Diana had enjoyed many sexual encounters with other women, and the occasional self-induced orgasm with a dildo, but she had remained "pure" when it came to actual sexual contact with a man. Shortly after she had arrived in the United States, she had tested the extent of the "no penetration" rule. After a particularly difficult battle, Diana had been overcome by lust at the sight of a rock hard penis. Batman had been held hostage by Poison Ivy, and she had used some sort of plant spore to arouse him uncontrollably. Diana sucked off Batman, drinking gouts of cum from his enormous cock. She had actually feared she would lose her powers, but apparently the penis-moratorium was limited to her vagina.

All of her sexual energy disappeared as she fished the shattered remains of the egg vibrator from her still soft pussy. These things weren't cheap, but if she could get four or five orgasms out of one before it got crushed by her muscular spasms, it could be worth it.

After disposing of the destroyed sex toy, she washed her hands and returned to the business at hand. Counterterrorism was no laughing matter. Maybe she could concentrate for a while before desire overcame her again.

Her attention was focused exclusively on the laptop computer and the spending patterns of a suspected sleeper cell in Montana when the her attention was diverted to the radio.

It had been droning on with news, traffic and sports for the better part of the day, but suddenly, she had heard the anchorman say the words "Wonder Woman."

"…several gold and jewelry stores in the greater DC Metro area recently. Several eyewitnesses reported having seen Wonder Woman at the scenes of the crimes, but not to stop the robberies. It appears the Princess of Power has been perpetrating the crimes rather than performing her usual role as a protector."

"What?" Diana was astounded at this report. Obviously some imposter was pretending to be her.

The radio continued.

"In one instance, Wonder Woman used her magic lasso to subdue a police officer after using her magic bracelets to deflect dozens of bullets fired at her," the reporter said. "In a prepared statement, the mayor reported that 'She also displayed feats of incredible physical strength.This clearly is a Wonder Woman gone wrong. We have reached out to the Justice League for some sort of confirmation of the situation.'"

"No," Diana said. She felt a sick twisting despair in her gut. Had she been somehow mind-controlled into being a criminal in her Wonder Woman disguise?

"We go now to the warehouse district where reporter Zach Grendoline is covering a live standoff," the reporter said.

The sound changed to a chaotic cacophony of sirens, static and gunshots.

"Larry, I'm here outside the Eastbrook Gold and Diamond Wholesale Export building, where Wonder Woman has apparently struck again," the reporter virtually screamed into his microphone. "This time, police arrived in time and have the building surrounded. Wonder Woman has been shouting threats from inside for several minutes now, but… wait… there's movement by the door. She appears to have made a human shield around herself by securing a naked man to the front of her body, with a naked woman tied to her back. This clearly is Wonder Woman, Larry. She's stunningly beautiful, easily six feet tall, maybe taller. And she's strong enough to walk around with two full-grown adults tied to her body with her golden rope. She's threatening to harm the two human shields if she is not allowed passage."

Diana stared at her radio before realizing she could probably get a live video feed on her computer. She quickly located a local news website and found a live video stream.

The grainy images were definitely compelling. She was slightly distracted by the naked human shields the woman was using. The man, an older, middle-aged man, had an enormous erection, for reasons that seemed irreconcilable. The woman also seemed aroused.

As for the Wonder Woman lookalike…

The likeness was striking, although Diana recognized some key differences. This Wonder Woman had brown eyes, and she appeared slightly older than Diana.

Still, this was disturbing news.

Diana rushed to her bedroom, and pulled a small lockbox from under her bed. She quickly keyed the combination and pulled a small porcelain statuette from it. Holding the statuette in her hands, she began chanting the name of Hippolyta, her mother. The statuette, a small portable oracle, began to brighten, lit by an internal source.

Within moments, Hippolyta's face materialized in front of Diana's. The ghostly visage appeared very concerned. Her beauty concealed her advanced age. Hippolyta was thousands of years old, but still looked no older than a fit, beautiful middle-aged woman.

"Yes, my daughter, what has caused you to contact me at this unusual hour?" Hippolyta's rebuke was clear, but still the loving concern of a mother flowed through.

"Mother, has one of the sisterhood come to the land of man?" Diana asked, almost accusingly.

"No, my child, none that I know of," Hippolyta replied. "Is there a problem?"

"I'm not sure, mother," Diana said. "I apologize for waking you."

In an instant, she realized that it was time for action. It was time for the REAL Wonder Woman to stop this criminal.

Her transformation was completed in seconds, and Wonder Woman was soaring over the city in search of an impostor.

˜ ˜ ˜

Location: Washington, D.C.; Warehouse district

Lorana was very pleased with her most recent haul. She stood on a catwalk that overlooked a huge, mostly empty warehouse. Her Wonder Woman costume was slightly different than the current one Diana wore, but that was because Lorana's was more original.

In addition to getting away with several pounds of gold, she had also acquired two more slaves to extrude the gold into the necessary fibers that made up her lengths of magic rope. The sapphires she had stolen would be inserted into the center of the ropes and, when given a small electrical charge, the entire ensemble became what would be kilometers of magic lasso material. Other gold was being melted down for a very special side project.

Her slaves were such wonderful, willing specimens. Whenever they slowed down, she would "rev them up" with a private, sensuous dance, and if they responded positively, an orgasm. Orgasms were very powerful motivators.

Right now she was focused on her overall plans for world-domination. She would soon have enough gold and sapphires to rule this gods-forsaken place that had caused her so much pain and suffering.

She smiled as she looked at the crates full of gold.

Suddenly, there was a flash of gold, and she was bound tight by a golden lasso of amazon design. It cinched her arms against her sides, cutting neatly across her ample breasts. As the rope tightened, her left breast popped out of her corset.

Within seconds, she felt her willpower begin to fade.

"Who are you?" a female voice asked.

"I… I… am Lorana, I am Wonder Woman," she said, pretending to be unable to resist the power of the golden lasso.

"You're delusional," Wonder Woman replied.

"I'm delusional…" she said, wistfully, a smile creeping across her lips.

"What are you doing, parading around as me, stealing?" Wonder Woman asked. "What are your intentions?"

"My intention… Diana… was to discredit you," Lorana began. "To take you…"

˜ ˜ ˜

"My intention… Diana… was to discredit you," the woman started. "To take you…"

What? How does she know my name?Why was she smiling? Nobody could resist the power of the golden lasso.

"Who told you that my name was Diana?" Wonder Woman snapped, feeling very unsure of herself. In fact, she was starting to feel weakened.

"Your… name… is Diana," the pseudo-Wonder Woman replied. "Your mother… Hip… Hippo…"

"FREEZE, WONDER WOMAN!" A male voice shouted, snapping Wonder Woman out of her concentration.

She turned to see a police officer who had just entered her line of sight.

"Officer, I…" Wonder Woman began.

"I mean it! Don't move! Either of you!"

The cop was standing on the catwalk, about 40 yards away. He was tall… taller than her, in fact. He held a service revolver in front of him, securely in both hands.

Then, several things happened simultaneously: Wonder Woman's arch-nemesis, Cheetah, leapt onto the catwalk behind her, raking her razor-sharp claws across the unprepared Wonder Woman's back; the police officer fired several rounds; her captive began laughing.

Wonder Woman deflected the bullets using the Feminum bracelet on her left hand, while continuing to hold the false Wonder Woman at bay with her right.

Cheetah scampered away with lightning-fast speed. She swung over the rail of the gantry and began traveling toward the police officer suspended beneath the catwalk, using her claws to grasp the grated floor.

At about this time, Wonder Woman realized she had been poisoned by Cheetah's claws, a variation of her attack she liked to call "Cat Scratch Fever."

Weakened by the attack, Wonder Woman felt her strength-of-will beginning to fade, just as the other Wonder Woman's confidence began to soar. The fake Wonder Woman slipped from her bonds and quickly reversed her opponent. She tried to slip the golden rope around Wonder Woman, but Diana put up a fight.

She didn't last long, however. Lorana's fists flew at Diana's face with such violent speed that the hapless, compromised Wonder Woman could do little more than take the abuse.

She heard the police officer scream in terror as Cheetah hissed and pounced on him.

Then she heard nothing at all.

˜ ˜ ˜

She heard voices. Cheetah talking to the one called Lorana. Jeering Diana's predicament. Cheetah thought they should kill her, but Lorana said she had other plans. Give the cop the antidote, she said.

Cheetah hissed her disagreement, but Diana heard her slink away.

"Wake up, princess," Lorana cooed.

Diana didn't want to wake up, but she felt herself forced back to consciousness.

˜ ˜ ˜

Diana's beautiful blue eyes fluttered open, but within seconds, they rolled back in her head, which lolled to one side.

"No, you will wake up now," Lorana commanded.

Diana snapped to attention. She quickly realized she was naked. Her modesty was amusing.

Lorana had bound Diana to a support post that hung from the ceiling to the gantry. Using Wonder Woman's own magic lasso, she had slipped the loop over Diana's upper body, cinching it tightly across her buxom breasts, just under her nipples. She was bound at the wrists, and then the rope was used to hold her tightly across the waist. Then it was lashed down her right leg, around the back and up her left leg. The effect created a triangular shape that resembled her star-spangled booty shorts. Another, shorter length of the same type of rope also secured each of her knees and ankles to the metal railing. Her legs were spread apart, revealing her soft pubic region. Wonder Woman kept her pubic hair shaved neatly in a small tuft. Her lips were loose, and she clearly had experienced penetration in her lifetime.

"I see you're no stranger to penetration," Lorana cooed gently in to Diana's ear, stroking a fingernail across her captive's clit. "Based on your strength, it's obvious you've never had a nice, hard cock in there."

She slipped her middle finger into the warm, moist depths of Diana's twat while she rubbed the clit with her thumb.

"Feels nice, doesn't it?"

"Mmmmm… MMhhh!" Diana moaned. "Yes."

"You want me to slip two fingers in there, don't you?"

"Yes," Diana whispered.

"Have you ever been finger-fucked by another amazon?" Lorana asked.

"N… n… Yes," Diana said finally. "Yes, many times back on Paradise Island."

"I'll reward your honesty with two fingers," Lorana said, slipping her forefinger into Diana's hot quim."So tell me, does anybody but you and Hippolyta wear a belt of Hera?"

Diana's lips trembled. She obviously didn't want to answer the question, but she couldn't resist the combination of the magic lasso, Cat-Scratch Fever and the sexual pleasure.

"No, I wear one to enhance my amazon strength, Uhhhhnnnnghh," Diana grunted the reply. "And my mother wears one to main- uhhhhffff- main… tain her superior strength."

"For that truth, I will pinch your clit and suck your nipple," Lorana replied, doing as she said.

Diana cooed.

"Oh, no, you don't get to cum until I tell you to," Lorana said. "Right now, you must feel the sexual energy build… do you feel it building? Like a tidal wave of ecstasy… it's pounding at your gates, but you don't get to cum yet."

Diana began moaning, whimpering and grinding her pussy against Lorana's hand. Lorana was impressed with Diana's physical strength and her force-of-will.

"Do you know why your mother needs the belt of Hera to maintain her Amazonian strength?" Lorana asked.

"Uhnnnnhhh, no… I never asked… and mmmmmfff… she never volunteered the inf… unnhunnfunnh…" Diana started to ride the waves of passion.

Lorana extracted her fingers from Diana's pussy.

"NO," Lorana said. "You do not get to cum."

Diana began whining.

"Your mother has no remaining Amazonian power," Lorana said. "Did she ever tell you about your sister?"

"Unnnh… do you mean D… Donna?" Diana asked the question in reference to her sister who used to be called Wonder Girl. More recently, Donna Troy had taken on the persona Troia.

Diana's eyes looked pleadingly from Lorana's eyes to her fingers, which glistened with Diana's pussy juice.

Lorana put her sopping-wet fingers into Diana's mouth.

"Suck that juice off my fingers," Lorana said.

Diana began sucking greedily, cleaning her own love-juice off of Lorana's fingers. Lorana had to admit, the feeling of Diana sucking her fingers was very tittilating.

"So, Diana, do you know why your mother wears the belt of Hera?"

Diana shook her head, but kept sucking greedily.

"Let me tell you a little story," Lorana said, reaching down with her available hand and tweaking a nipple. "Once there was an Amazonian woman who ran with the gods. She was more than a mere mortal but less than a goddess. But she was beautiful beyond compare. All the goddesses were jealous of her beauty, and all the gods craved her loins. She never let a god bed her, however, because she knew she would lose her Amazonian strength.

"One day, Hera offered her a trade: She could sleep with all the horny gods, and in exchange, Hera would bless her with a belt that would allow her to retain her Amazonian strength. Well, let me tell you, that amazon woman went fucking berserk, fucking and sucking all the gods she could get her hands or pussy wrapped around. Greek gods, Roman gods, Norse gods… there was no stopping her fuck-a-thon."

Diana kept sucking. Lorana withdrew her fingers from Diana's mouth and returned it to her pubic mound.

"You're doing a good job of listening, sister," she said, rubbing Diana's clit again. "Anyway, this Amazonian woman soon was with child. I mean, what could you expect? She was like a fucking whore, just taking as much godly cock as she could fit into her virgin cunt. In case you haven't figured it out, yet, Diana, the Amazonian slut was named Hippolyta, and she named her god-child Lorana."

Diana's eyes opened in shock, but soon, the overwhelming force of sexual energy caused them to close again.

"You see, Wond-Whore Woman, I am your sister… well, your half-sister at any rate," Lorana sneered. " But while mother made you from clay and blood, and breathed life into you, I have the blood of gods flowing in me. And the really funny part is, I don't even know who my father is. You see, our mother was giving it up so much, it was like a fucking orgy in her pussy, in her ass, in her mouth. She couldn't get enough god-cock. She was covered in godly jizz for so long, she probably looked like a fucking used condom!"

Diana couldn't resist the continual onslaught of sexual pleasure, no matter how disturbing the news.

"You pathetic, simple-minded Island girls, you have no idea what power is at your command," Lorana said, continually grinding her hand against Diana's swollen pussy. "These magic lassos are more than just truth detector, you know. These golden ropes are charged with minute amounts of psychic energy, focused through a sapphire in the center. Sapphic energy. Think about it. You used to always say Sufferin' Sappho, for crying out loud. These ropes are tools of lustful energy, and once you tap into a person's pleasure centers, you can make them do anything."

Diana whimpered.

"Pl… please… please let me cum…"

"Soon enough, my love," Lorana said, grinding harder. Diana moaned louder.

"For instance, the reason you're not cumming right now is because I won't allow it," Lorana said. "These ropes have that much power. Now, you're about to experience something you've never done before. You are about to experience a forced orgasm at the hands of your own sister. Cum. Now."

Diana's body began bucking wildly, pulling against the ropes that held her suspended over the gantry. She howled in a sexual fury as her every muscle in her body quivered with horny excitement. Her face turned a bright red color as she continued to spasm uncontrollably in the wave of the most massive orgasm she had ever experienced.

Lorana laughed as she felt Diana's pussy contract violently against her hand.

"You've got some powerful loins there, sister," Lorana said. "Mighty powerful."

Lorana reached for the next tool in her arsenal of lust-control.

˜ ˜ ˜

Wonder Woman was completely overwhelmed by the combination of bizarre news and the mind-blowing orgasm she had just experienced. It was the most horrifyingly wonderful experience she had ever had. Forced against her will to have the most powerful orgasm of her life was frustrating. She had no way to control her bodily functions. She suddenly realized that Lorana's ability to use the mind-controlling features of the magic lassos was the most dangerous that Diana had ever heard of. She could tell someone's heart to stop beating. She could force someone to do anything she wanted that person to do. Given enough rope, she could effectively control the entire world.

She felt a cold object enter her pussy. She tried to resist, but could not. It was contoured, covered in ridges. Within seconds, it warmed up.

"I have just inserted a golden dildo into your pussy, sister," Lorana hissed in delight. "It is infused with the same powers as the golden lassos, and as long as it remains inside of you, you will be forced to do my bidding. Cum."

Diana experienced a second brain-blowing orgasm.

It was over within seconds, but the effect was devastating. It was addictive.

"You enjoy the feeling of that in your pussy," Lorana said. "It's patterned after the cock of that cop over there. See him over there? He's got a pretty big cock for a normal human. Probably not as big and hard as Superman's, probably not as tasty as Batmans. Oh yes. I know all your dirty little secrets. Your mind is an open book to me, sister."

Diana felt her will weakening by the second. She felt deflated knowing that her deepest, darkest fantasies were laid bare before this fiendish… no… this beautiful, fiendish woman.

Great Hera, she's beautiful, Diana thought. I would love to taste that pussy.

"Oh, you will, sister," Lorana laughed. "Mine, Cheetah's, Giganta's. You're going to lick us all clean. Maybe Giganta will use you like a dildo. She's done that to a few people. Some survive. Aquaman said he enjoyed it."

Diana was shocked again at Lorana's mind-reading ability.

"Part Goddess, remember?" Lorana said, slapping Diana's ass with superhuman strength. "I'm going to untie you now, but you will remain in my control, slut. Once you're on the floor, you'll drop to your hands and knees and eat me out. You'll eat me until I cum all over your beautiful face."

Diana couldn't resist. Within seconds, she was untied and doing exactly what her sister told her to do. Lorana had left the rope tied around her huge, sore tits and also left the v-shaped mockery of her booty-shorts on her. Diana lapped at her sister's pussy greedily. She had never tasted the pussy of a goddess, but it was heavenly. Instead of the usual tartness she had discovered within the loins of some of the other superheroines (Batgirl and PowerGirl to name a few) Lorana's pussy was sweet to her tongue. Like nectar, or honey, or syrup.

She reached around her sister and grabbed her ass, pulling her cunt tightly against her face as she lapped furiously. Before too long her tongue became sore, her jaw ached, but she kept eating away at this beautiful, delectable twat. Slowly she slid a finger into her sister's asshole.

Lorana hissed with pleasure as she was simultaneously ass-fucked by Diana's finger and hasdher pussy and clit bombarded with a superpowerful tongue.

After what seemed like an eternity, Lorana began moaning, and then howling in ecstasy. She ground her pubic mound against her sister's face as she came.

"That was amazing, Diana, my super slut," Lorana cooed, dropping to her hands and knees to kiss her sister. "Your strength brings something special to that. Now it's your turn to eat Cheetah."

Diana was reviled at the thought of intimate contact with her arch-nemesis, but she couldn't resist.

Cheetah played the part of the enemy as well, hissing and swiping at Wonder Woman with her claws. Diana noticed that Cheetah had a length of golden lasso around her neck like a necklace.

"Cheetah, you will allow Diana here to disrobe you and ravish you," Lorana commanded.

Immediately, Cheetah turned docile.

"You will enjoy it, believe me," Lorana said. "I don't even need to command that. You will enjoy it."

˜ ˜ ˜

Diana and Cheetah circled each other for a moment, causing Lorana to wonder if somehow they might overcome the mind-controlling nature of the magic ropes. Could their hatred for each other be enough to do that?

"You'll find my pussy a little more difficult to lap up, Wond-Whore Woman," Cheetah hissed, unzipping her leopard-print unitard.

Lorana almost laughed. She had forgotten how she had bound Cheetah. The lasso had looped around the feline femme-fatale's neck and then the rope traveled down her chest, between her breasts. It continued down, and was tugged tightly into the cat-lady's pussy, up the back, splitting her ass cheeks and meeting the neck-rope in back.As a practical bondage tool it would be useless, aside from the rope-through-vagina bit, but with the magical components, it was a formidable tool.

Cheetah was slender where Diana was meaty. Lithe and sinewy, the only fatty tissue on the felonious feline were Cheetah's breasts, which were beautifully round, with the nipples pointing slightly upward, looking like tiny erect penises.

"Diana, you cannot cum until Cheetah has," Lorana said. "And when you do, it will be so overwhelmingly powerful, you'll piss all over Cheetah's face."

"Cheetah, you will eat Diana's pussy, piss and all," Lorana giggled. "Every time your tongue touches the golden dildo, you'll have yet another orgasm."

"I live to serve," Cheetah hissed.

She and Diana grappled, the mighty amazon quickly pulled her nemesis into a deep kiss. Their tongues interlocked. The nipples on Diana's beautifully huge breasts became thick and hard as they kissed each other deeper. Both of them moaned and groaned until finally, they broke apart and curled up in an intense sixty-nine position, each eating the other's beautiful twat with reckless abandon. Cheetah growled sensuously while Diana moaned passionately.

Diana plunged her plump tongue deeply into Cheetah's pussy while the cat-like criminal lapped the Princess of Power's labes ceaselessly.

The combination of magic rope and Diana's tongue brought Cheetah to a rapid, sudden climax, as she suddenly roared throatily like a lion before digging her tongue back into her new lover's cunt. Cheetah began to bite lightly on Diana's pussy lips, purring and cooing as she plunged semi-sharpened teeth into the amazon's tender petals. And suddenly, Diana cried out, her body spasmed, and a stream of golden fluid shot into Cheetah's open, waiting mouth. The cat-lady lapped thirstily at the shower of fluid, plunging her tongue deeper and deeper into Diana's plump pussy. This action caused Wonder Woman to cum again, but rather than cry out, she refocused her energy on Cheetah's cunt, sliding her tongue past the rope into the cat-lady's loins.

Both of them orgasmed simultaneously before finally slumping to the metal grating, spent.

Lorana stood over her sister and Cheetah and laughed.

˜ ˜ ˜

Wonder Woman lay on the metal grate, breathless. Her mind was reeling with lust and sorrow.

"Stand, sister," Lorana commanded.

Diana stood, continuing to pant.

Lorana reached down and pulled the golden dildo out of Wonder Woman's pussy.

"Now, my sister, I give you a choice," Lorana said. "You can crawl over there to that mortal man with the huge cock, and you can willingly let him fuck you like a dog would fuck a bitch, or you can join me in my plans for world domination."

Diana stood motionless. Tears formed in her eyes. She couldn't allow Lorana to continue on this treacherous path, but she didn't want to give up her powers, either.

She dropped to her hands and knees and began crawling toward the police officer, whose erection was still full and beautiful.

As she crawled past the police officer, he whispered an apology, knowing he would not be able to resist Lorana's commands.

Diana crawled up to the railing just past the cop. The metal from the grated floor bit into her knees. Normally she wouldn't have noticed, but right now… now with her Amazonian strength about to be lost forever, she was keenly aware of every physical sensation.

"Very well, fuck slave…" Lorana said.

Diana took up a position on her hands and knees. She grasped a rail and waited for what came next.

From behind her came the sounds of motion.

"Well wellwell, Diana, I never would have thought you'd choose this," Lorana cooed. "You're much stronger than I realized."

"Fuck slave, you need to fuck this luscious pussy right now!"

Diana began weeping as she felt the head of the man's cock probe her pussy lips. It disappeared for a moment and then…

"NO!" She cried. "I've changed my…"

…then a warm, hard cock plunged into her cunt.

Lorana laughed raucously as the cock pumped Diana furiously. She knew her powers were gone immediately, based on the force of the fuck. No normal human could cause her such sensations.

She cried harder.

˜ ˜ ˜

Lorana really was enjoying this. Her body-temperature strap-on dildo was busily fucking Diana's brains out while Cheetah was enjoying the cop's rock-hard cock in her own pussy. To top it all off, Cheetah was occasionally lapping at Lorana's pussy. It was a wild fuck-train. This was glorious. Diana was bawling, thinking she had lost her power, and Lorana was enjoying the chaos of it all.

"Great He…He…Hera, give me strength," Diana moaned pitifully.

"Shut the fuck up, slut, I own you now," Lorana bellowed. She stopped fucking her sister's cunt and forced her to turn around to sit face to face, the rock-hard dildo still plunged deep into her pussy. She kissed Wonder Woman deeply and then forcefully pulled her sister's head down to one of her hard nipples. "Suck on that, bitch!"

Diana sucked her tit greedily, causing it to harden and grow more inside her mouth. Before long, Lorana felt drips of nectar trickling out of her ducts. As soon as Diana tasted that, she sucked harder.

"You are now completely in my control, sister," Lorana cooed into Diana's ear. "Once you drink the honey of the gods, you lose all strength of will.

Lorana pulled Cheetah's face to her other breast, and both women began sucking on her huge tits heartily. Both got mouthfuls of the sticky nectar, and both sucked harder yet.

Her laughter filled the warehouse.

˜ ˜ ˜

So evil… but so beautiful… so tempting… so delicious…irresistible, Wonder Woman thought as she sucked on her half-sister's breast. Why didn't mother tell me? Why… wh… it doesn't matter now. All that matters is satisfying Lorana… mmmmm so delicious. Can't resist. So beautiful.

Without a word, her mouth began to kiss down Lorana's belly, licking a trail toward her beautiful vagina. Diana's tongue probed her sister's clitoris, licking tiny circles around Lorana's love button. Eventually, Wonder Woman's probing tongue found its way to the other Wonder Woman's fount, slowly licking the lips before gently penetrating the depths of her warm, moist quim.

Diana couldn't control her desire, and what's more, she didn't want to anymore. Her only desire was to please her sister, and hopefully experience pleasure of her own. Right now, just licking the nectar from Lorana's beautiful pussy was satisfaction enough. She licked and sucked, lapped and slurped, taking all the precious golden fluid that seeped from her sister's loins. It was the same precious stuff that had trickled out of her voluminous tits.

So delicious…

…so delicious…

She heard Lorana's laughter, and for the first time, it made Diana happy as well…

˜ ˜ ˜

Part Two

Location: New York City

Donna Troy had refused to believe the reports that Diana had turned evil, but her own eyes told her otherwise, now. She stared through her binoculars at the scene almost a mile away. Wonder Woman… well, Wonder Wom_en_and Cheetah were ransacking Coastal Gold Exchange. Each had large bags of gold and some gems. From the look of it, they were skipping some very valuable gems, going only for specific ones.

"Nightwing, is everyone in position?" She spoke into a small communicator.

Dick Grayson responded with two clicks. Meaning that the members of the Titans had taken up positions for a surprise attack.

"I'm going to fly down there and talk some sense into Diana," Donna said. "If I don't respond in three minutes, come in shooting to disable."

Two clicks.

Donna leapt from her position atop a nearby building and glided on the air currents down to her sister's location.

˜ ˜ ˜

Diana hated what she had become. On the surface, she reveled in the chaos and destruction, but deep inside her, in her innermost being, where Lorana had not yet touched her, Diana was reviled by what she was doing. But like a helpless child, her deepest subconscious could do no more than watch as all the destruction unfolded around her.

On the outside, her face bore a smile. It was like there were two personalities running around inside her. A Dark Wonder Woman on the outside, with a Pure Wonder Woman on the inside. Every time the inner pure Diana tried to take over, that accursed golden dildo would start exerting total control over her… like right now. Oh gods it felt so good. Oh Hera, why must it feel so good?

Not that good, really, the Pure Wonder Woman thought from the deep, dark corner of the subconscious. Those orgasms are mind-blowing, but they're nothing like the one I achieved earlier when I was fantasizing about Kal-El. These orgasms are more like… like a mental overload than an actual climax.

In her frustration, she tore open a vault and was rewarded with a crippling orgasm. She stumbled to her knees and began writhing on the floor, her whole body awash in sexual ecstasy.

"Diana, stop what you're doing! This is insane!" The voice was Donna's. Wonder Woman turned to see her sister, dressed in her shimmering black starscape costume. Donna wasn't looking her way, however, she was looking at the other Wonder Woman… Lorana.

"Donna," Lorana said, not turning to face their sister. "I wondered how long I would have to play in your playground before you'd show up."

Cheetah sprang from the darkness, lashing out at Donna, tearing a slash of blood and torn costume as she dragged her claws across Troia's back. Troia reached behind her with lightning speed, capturing Cheetah by the throat, holding her aloft.

The felonious feline hissed and scratched at Donna, who apparently noticed the glimmer of golden lasso around Cheetah's neck.

"Who's in league with whom, here?" Donna asked. "Who controls who?"

"I control everyone," Lorana said.

Diana stood and was slinking behind her sister. Cheetah's slash down Donna's back had exposed her all the way down to the crack of her ass. This should be easy.

Cheetah renewed her attempts at slashing at Donna, keeping her distracted.

Diana held a golden dildo in her right hand. With faster-than-the-eye speed, she tore the remaining cloth, then quickly bending Donna over, she rammed the golden dildo into her sister's cunt.

"AAAHH! I… You… I… mmmm," Donna said.

"On your knees, wench," Lorana said.

Donna dropped to her knees.

"I own you now," Lorana gloated. "Cum."

Donna began writhing as a massive orgasm overtook her.

"Ti…tit…MMMMMWAAAH… UHHHnnnHH… The Titans… they'll be here in two minutes if I don't report," Donna panted.

"Then we'd best be gone," Lorana said.

˜ ˜ ˜

Location: Washington, D.C.

Lorana laid back in her bathtub soaking in the hot water and bath oils. Donna was massaging her clitoris while Diana massaged her breasts. Cheetah was licking her toes. There were definitely worse ways for a demi-goddess to spend her time. Right now, she was working on whom to bring next into her little fold. Supergirl was a possibility, as was Power Girl. Batgirl was also a favorite, but she had no powers to speak of. Same with Huntress.

Her original plan was to subjugate the Amazonian whores on Paradise Island and then use them to take over the world. Now she wasn't sure of that. Using an army of superheroes to do her bidding had a certain sexiness to it. Turning all those "good-girls" into evil-doers was very erotic. She imagined being tongued by each one of them as they bowed down to worship her.

On the same note, she had always wanted Hippolyta to bow before her too. The gods knew how much sex that woman had enjoyed. Lorana wanted to feel her mother's tongue on her loins, to hear her mother moan with passion and envy.

She began laying out a new plan as Donna brought her to an orgasm.

˜ ˜ ˜

Location: Metropolis

Power Girl continued her lonely patrol of the city at night. So far she had stopped two petty criminals from robbing a 7-Eleven store, stopped an arsonist from burning down a tenement, and prevented a rape.

That particular escapade had resulted in her taking out a little sexual frustration on the man. After she had pulled him away from the woman, she confirmed that the lady was alright. The woman, a stripper the man had followed away from a strip club, said she was, thanked Power Girl and then scampered into the night.

Power Girl had held the man at arm's length over her body. He had gotten his pants down before she had yanked him away from his intended victim. Apparently he had enough of his faculties that he was enjoying the view of her cleavage in the cut-out of her costume.

"You like that?" She asked.

"I… I'm sorry to stare," he said. His cock said otherwise, as it got even harder than it was for the woman he'd tried to rape.

"If you're lucky, I'll suck you off before I turn you over to the police," Power Girl said.

The man gulped audibly.

"If I'm not lucky?"

"If you're unlucky, I'll bite your dick off before turning you over to the police," she said as she swallowed his rock-hard schlong.

In the end, she didn't bite his dick off, but she made him fuck her mouth, her pussy and her ass before she surrendered him to the police. He came each time and seemed exhausted at the end. She hoped that would be a lesson for him.

Soaring over the city at night was incredibly satisfying for a creature as sensually inclined as she was. Her X-ray vision and super hearing allowed her to be the ultimate voyeur, watching thousands of sex acts each night. The problem was that her super strength and invulnerability made it impossible for her to get off with a normal human.

And you better believe, she tried and tried. She tried it with normal people, with athletes, with superheroes. The only one she wouldn't try with was Superman because he was a blood relative. (Sometimes.)

A scream broke her from her reverie.

Within seconds, she flew down an alley where a young woman was being harassed by Cheetah, who usually didn't work in these parts.

The ferocious feline had the woman cornered against a fence. The lady looked somewhat familiar, but Power Girl wasn't worried about that right now. She had to contain Cheetah quickly. The cat-lady had venom in her claws that would render a normal human lifeless in short order.

She landed between the predator and its prey.

"Not so fast, Cheetah," Power Girl announced. "Try picking on someone your own size."

"We talking bra size, or brain size?" Cheetah hissed. "B'cuz your tits are waaay bigger than mine. I mean, look at these."

Cheetah pulled down the cat-suit she was wearing, revealing her round, pointed breasts.

"S-s-s-see, you've got curves where I've got sinew, babycakes," Cheetah said, stripping further out of her suit. "Do you shave your pussy? I do. Look at that freshly-shaved twat."

Her hands slid down her body sensuously, arriving at her hairless pubic mound. Her fingers danced lightly against her pussy lips.

Power Girl did look at Cheetah's freshly-shaved twat. She stared at it. She licked her lips.

This didn't make sense. Power Girl was one hundred percent heterosexual, but right now, she was feeling flushed. She was very horny. Cheetah's costume was completely off now, except for the cat-ears at the top. There was a golden rope-like necklace around her neck that ran down the front of her, and was pulled tautly into her … into her freshly-shaved twat.

Great Rao that's a beautiful pussy, she thought, feverishly. And those tits, so firm and round. Beautiful. I wanna just suck on them.

Her hands slid down her own body, pressing against her own pubic region.

"I… uh… I don't shave… well, not like that…" she stammered. Why am I sweating?

Two hands reached around her from behind and groped her enormous Kryptonian breasts.

"Thank you for protecting me," a voice cooed. It was familiar.


The hands pulled Power Girl back into a warm embrace. Suddenly Donna Troy's chin was resting on Power Girl's shoulder. She continued squeezing. Eventually Donna's right hand slid down Power Girl's pelvis and slid inside the suit from Power Girl's right leg.

To her credit, Power Girl did nothing to stop this behavior. Even when Cheetah walked directly toward her and grabbed her head, pulling the tall heroine down to kiss her.

Cheetah's tongue was warm and soft as it twisted around in Power Girl's mouth. The Kryptonian woman groaned as passion overtook her fully. Before she realized it, Donna had unzipped her suit, and she was now completely naked. Cheetah was rubbing Power Girl's legs (which she could hardly feel.) Donna, however, would be strong enough for her to feel. Troia continued kneading Power Girl's breasts, tugging on her love-hardened nipples.

"I have something for you, Karen," Donna said, pressing against Power Girl's back, bending her over. "Cheetah, moisten that Kryptonian cunt for me."

Cheetah scrambled around behind Power Girl and began licking her pussy rapidly, although Power Girl couldn't feel it. Seconds later, Cheetah scrambled to the front of Power Girl and began chewing on her granite-hard tits. Believe it or not, she could actually start to feel that.

She suddenly realized what was going on.

"You… you have… mmmmmmm you have Kryptonite," she purred, trying to resist the growing tide of sexual energy.

"Red Kryptonite, actually," Donna whispered huskily. "Although the effects are unpredictable, it's always effective. Just as this…"

Power Girl felt something cold and rock-hard jam into her soft, moist pussy.

"…is," Donna concluded.

Suddenly, Power Girl didn't care about anything other than the most wonderful feeling she was experiencing in her loins.

She heard a vicious laughter from nearby, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was…

…oh yes, yes…Oh RAO yes!

˜ ˜ ˜

Location: Metropolis; Three stories up from Power Girl's location

Lorana stood in the shadows next to her sister. They watched as Donna and Cheetah had their ways with a now sexually-helpless Power Girl.

Lorana laughed. Diana laughed on the outside. On the inside, Pure Wonder Woman cringed. She hated what she saw, but she didn't know what she could do.

Lorana, who had been absently stroking her own pubic region, handed a package to Diana.

"Inside this box is a sliver of Red Kryptonite in a small lead case," she said. "There is also a Golden Dildo with it. Go fetch me another Kryptonian slave."

Suddenly, a plan hatched in Pure Wonder Woman's corner of Diana's subconscious.

˜ ˜ ˜

Location: Metropolis

Superman had responded to Diana's call almost immediately. She was standing high atop MetroTower, the tallest building in Metropolis.

As he landed on the rooftop, he was prepared for an attack. Troia had disappeared when she confronted Wonder Woman. He didn't want to take any chances, but he knew he had to respond to this. Even if it was a trap, he felt confident he could survive it.

"Kal, thank you so much for coming," she said, tearfully. "I didn't know where else to turn."

She was so beautiful. Even though he was a married man, he always had a strong affinity for Diana. There was desperation in her eyes.

"Diana, I will listen to what you have to say, but please understand, there are warrants for your arrest with every law enforcement agency in the country," he said.

She broke open a small box.

She really was beautiful. So alluring. Even through her red-and-gold top, he could see her nipples protruding.

Wait, he thought.

"What's in the box, Diana?"

"Red K," she said. "I'm not trying to defeat you, I just want you … to want me."

And boy-oh-boy did he ever. He took in her statuesque body. She was beautiful.

"Kal," she projected telepathically. "I'm being held against my will. I cannot directly disobey my captor, my sister, Lorana. She was the original Wonder Woman in the 1940s. She has placed a diabolical dildo inside of my pussy. It's made of the same material as my lasso. It's controlling almost every one of my moves. I need your help to remove it."

"Anything, Diana," he replied.

"I've been instructed to resist any attempt at removing it," she said. "But I also have been instructed to capture another Kryptonian. Lorana meant Supergirl, but I contacted you, obeying the letter of the law. I can't ask you to betray Lois by having sex with me…"

"I would even do that to help you," Superman replied, sounding relieved. "What can I do?"

"Let me get off on you," Diana begged.

˜ ˜ ˜

It was even bigger and harder than she imagined. Diana began grinding her twat against his rock-hard cock. They both remained fully clothed, as she dry-humped his Kryptonian cock-of-steel.

She was so horny, she knew it wouldn't take long.

She rubbed herself along his pole, which continued to get harder as she continued to get wetter.

Any time now.

She felt the orgasm building within her loins. It was going to be even bigger than the one she'd had in her apartment a few days ago. Her last orgasm before her enslavement.



OooooooHHH! Great Hera, give me strength!

Pure and Dark Wonder Woman both shrieked in agonized ecstasy. She felt her muscles contract violently. Still she kept grinding away furiously, her teeth gritted, her eyes slammed shut. Sweat drops formed on her forehead, the back of her neck, her chest.

A second and third orgasm piled on to the first one, creating a continuous stream of explosive energy.

And then she felt it.

˜ ˜ ˜

Location: Metropolis

Lorana watched with envy as Donna and Cheetah kept raping Power Girl viciously, and loved the irony that Power Girl kept begging for more.

The door opened behind her, revealing Diana and SuperMAN?

"Hello, sister, I've brought you another Kryptonian," Wonder Woman said. "I was looking for Supergirl, but I found him instead. He is willing to serve you. I couldn't let him into my pussy, for obvious reasons. He still wants to fuck. He would love to make love with you."

Lorana couldn't believe her luck. Superman was the biggest catch of all!Owning him would make her unstoppable. Lorana caught herself staring. She couldn't help it. He was incredibly handsome, and judging by the bulge in his red shorts, he was incredibly well-hung.

His eyes looked glazed-over. She giggled at the thought of the golden magic dildo inside his ass.

"Sister, Superman told me his innermost darkest secrets," Diana said. "He has had a longtime desire to bed Wonder Woman. He knew I wouldn't let him, because of the rules binding my vagina. But those rules don't apply to you. You could control him completely if you gave him the kind of sexual satisfaction you've given to me, and Cheetah and Donna."

A scream came from the alley.

"…and Power Girl," Diana appended.

Lorana stepped over to the Slave-of-Steel and ran her fingernails up and down his body. He was the most muscular, perfect human she had ever seen. The effects of the Red Kryptonite would make him a willing sex slave, especially coupled with that dildo.

"Disrobe, Superslave," she said.

Superman dutifully obeyed. He had his super suit off within seconds, revealing an incredibly-toned body of rock-hard muscles. Adonis would perish with envy. His muscles weren't the only thing that was rock hard.

The Kryptonian's cock was enormous. It was long, it was thick, it was beautiful. The knob glistened with alien pre-cum.

Lorana reached out and pinched the head of his cock, drawing out a trail of ooze. She wiped the pre-cum on his lips.

"Lick that off your lips," she cooed.

He did.

"Diana, help me take off my costume," Lorana commanded.Diana undressed her sister, caressing her breast tenderly. She kissed Lorana's ear as she pulled down the star-spangled briefs.

"Superman, you need to come over here and lick my pussy until it's nice and moist," she cooed.

The enormous man of steel walked up behind her and knelt. He buried his tongue in her cunt, lapping up her juices, getting her even wetter.

"Mmmmm… now, stick that huge shaft of yours into my pussy and fuck me hard," she ordered.

She felt him stand up behind her. Her pussy lips parted…

…an enormous shaft penetrated her pussy and started fucking her hard.

"You can feel his cock penetrating you and fucking you," another male voice said.

"Mmmm I can feel his cock penetrating and fucking me," she murmured.

"You've never felt a cock this good, and you'll never resist it," the voice said.

"I'd never resist this cock… it feels so good," she said as her will melted away.

"You are about to cum, and after you do, you will fall into a deep sleep," the male voice said.

"I'm about … uhhhhnnnh… about… oooohhhh," she couldn't talk as she felt a massive orgasm building in her. "C…cum… cum…ooohh…cumming."

Lorana fell to the floor, blissfully unconscious.

˜ ˜ ˜

Green Lantern stood in the room staring at what he had just done.

Diana's sister had collapsed after she finished the orgasm he'd ordered her to have.

"Thank you, Hal," Wonder Woman said. "And you, too, Kal-El."

Superman was wiping pussy juice from his lips. He seemed very embarrassed.

"I'm not much of an actor," he said shyly. "But I'm glad I could help."

Lorana was on the floor with an enormous golden dildo inserted into her vagina. The end of the dildo had a black cap on it to hold in the sapphire and the power source. Green Lantern had used his power ring to control the dildo, and his indomitable will power to overcome Lorana's own formidable will.

"Well, I have to admit, this is one of the more unusual cases for the Justice League," Hal said. "Flash should be extracting the dildos from Troia, Cheetah and Power Girl any second now."

"Thank you all," Wonder Woman said. "We just saved the world again."

Superman had put his costume on in short order.

"You're welcome Diana," he said. "I'd do anything for you."

"Anything?" She asked.

˜ ˜ ˜

Location: Metropolis

High atop the MetroTower, Superman stood naked, holding an almost-naked Wonder Woman in his powerful embrace. Wonder Woman still wore her star-spangled booty shorts.

"Diana, I promise you, Lois will understand," he said, laying her down on his cape, which was stretched out on the rooftop.

"Are you sure?" She asked, a tear in her eye.

"I can't make love with Lois without risking her very life," he said, whispering in her ear. He kissed the nape of her neck. "At least with you… it won't be deadly."

"Oh, Kal, please, please let me feel…"

Before she could finish the sentence, an enormous Kryptonian penis pressed against her clitoris. He wouldn't penetrate her and rob her of her powers. But he would let her get off on his rod.

"I didn't know what you … you were doing …unnnnh… before," he said. "How did you know you could have an orgasm powerful enough to crush that dildo?"

"Practice," she said, smiling as she ground her twat against his cock.It felt so good. And now there was no shame… no mission… there was just desire, lust, passion… and the feeling of his granite-hard cock against her clit. It felt good. Better than before. Better than she could have imagined.

She ground her cunt against his tool, rubbing it furiously. He grunted against her strength. It was apparent he had never encountered a female capable of matching him might-for-might. He kissed her lips, nibbling at her ear, he kept grinding the whole time. He seemed to become mesmerized at watching her Amazonian tits bouncing in rhythm to their dry-fuck.

Moments later, she experienced the most beautiful orgasm of her life, and it was compounded by Superman jizzingKryptonian cum all over her stomach and tits.

She smiled as she writhed under his body. She wiped the cum all over her tits, licking it off her fingers. It tasted delicious, the most wonderful thing ever.

They kissed deeply. Wonder Woman began kissing down his neck, licking his nipples. She kissed her way down his taut abs, until she reached his still-erect cock. It glistened with all the leftover cum. She took his cock into her mouth, sucking desperately to drain it of all its fluids. It tasted so good.

So fucking good.

A part of her on the inside smiled.

When she had destroyed the golden dildo inside her, the Pure Wonder Woman had come to the forefront again. However, the so-called Dark Wonder Woman, the one with impure desires created by (or more specifically, cultivated by) Lorana hadn't been destroyed. Instead, that was the side of Diana that hid in the darkness now. Right now, she was enjoying every second of this, every glistening drop of Superman's semen.

She sucked harder, causing the man of steel to ejaculate for a second time, this time deep in her throat. She swallowed every last drop of his super cum.

This action was repeated many times that night.

Several hours later, both of them spent, they went their separate ways, ready to team up to fight crime another day. Or… if Dark Wonder Woman had her way, more of what they had shared tonight.

Dark Diana smiled. Perhaps Lorananeedn't be incarcerated for all time…

It was kind of fun being a bad girl from time to time…