Wonder Woman Loses  

By Brian Kim

Wonder Woman Loses

by Boomer

Charlie was a nerd, and throughout school he was teased, ridiculed, and mostly shunned. Now it was going to be his turn. With newly acquired technical expertise, he would get his revenge on the people, who have picked on him. So systematically he used that new knowledge to hack into sensitive government computers, steal the data, and then sell it to the highest bidder using the code name Iceman. One night his intended target was the IADC, but instead of reaching the department's computer, he hacked into one of their agents computer instead. "Dammit, how did I make such a dumb mistake?" He started to disconnect, when he spotted a woman on the screen. "Wow, she's a real beaut." Scanning the camera around, Charlie was able to keep the woman within range. "Look at those bobs."

Across town, Diana Prince entered her apartment after a long hard week, kicked off those dowdy shoes, unrolled the bun to let the long wavy tresses cascade over her shoulders, and then began removing the uniform as she headed for the bedroom. "Ohhh, it feels sooo good to relax." She slid her skirt off, and stood before the computer, not realizing there was a pair of eyes watching her.

Charlie was entranced at this raven haired beauty, posing in her white cotton panty hose and bra that barely covered her nipples. After removing that uniform, her hour glass figure became visible. "Oh this is going to be fun." His mind shifted from state secrets to the woman he imagined as his sweetheart.

After Diana ate a quickly prepared meal, she went to the computer still attired in nothing but panty hose and a bra. Since she had not activated the camera, Diana had no idea that miles away in the loft of an old walk up, Charlie was salivating over her gorgeous face. Suddenly an alert flashed across the screen, that announced there was a fire in a hotel downtown, and several people were trapped. Fire fighters were helpless to reach them. "This is a job for Wonder Woman." Diana said out loud, as she stood to spin in place.

Charlie was momentarily blinded by the flash of light, but then was astounded by the sight on the screen. An even taller, more beautiful woman stood in the other's place. She was dressed in a gold trimmed red busier, a gold belt and star studded blue thong. "What the....That's Wonder Woman!" He could hardly believe his eyes as the stately, gorgeous female opened the French doors to the balcony and then disappeared into the night sky. "I can't believe what just happened. I know who Wonder Woman is." He quickly researched the site to learn the woman's name address and phone number. "What do I do with this information? Nobody will believe me."

Across town at the scene of the fire, Wonder Woman approached the fire chief. "I heard your men can't reach some of the occupants. Perhaps I can help if you'll point where they are."

"Glad you're here Wonder Woman. We've been hearing calls for help coming from the east side of the third floor, but the fire's too intense for anyone to enter that area." The chief was frustrated that his men, who were well trained and well equipped couldn't help the trapped tenants.

"Don't worry chief, I'll handle things." The intrepid Heroine ran to the east side of the building and leaped to one of the windows. Entering the smoke filled room, she spotted the fire raging in the hallway, and heard voices about halfway down the hall. "This is going to be difficult." She worked her way towards the room that seemed to hold the trapped people. "STAND AWAY FROM THE DOOR!" She yelled and then burst into the room. "Wha..what the..?" The startled Amazon saw a fire fighter standing in the middle of the room, wearing an oxygen mask. "How did you...AAARRGGHHHH!!" She felt a jolt of electricity surge through her body as the tazer leads struck her in the back. "OOHHAAGGGGHHH!!" Wonder Woman fell to her knees, her whole body twitching wildly.

"Got the ether?" The fire fighter holding the tazer asked his partner, who reached for the small tank sitting on the floor next to him.

"Hold on to her, so I can strap the mask over her face." He knelt next to the half conscious Amazon, placed the mask over her nose and mouth, and then turned on the valve. He smiled as his beautiful victim's eyes widened with the sudden realization, that she was being sedated.

Wonder Woman lay on the floor, every nerve on fire. "The pain..unbearable..Ohhh..that smell, not chloroform..ether..c..can't fight it." She knew her body and mind were succumbing to the powerful sedative. "Thish..washh..a..trappp..uhhhhh." Her blue eyes rolled back, and she went limp.

"Pick her up, I'll carry the tank." One of the men instructed, and they carried the unconscious Amazon out of the building. "HEY CHIEF, WE FOUND WONDER WOMAN TRYING TO REACH THE THIRD FLOOR. OVERCOME WITH SMOKE." The two men carried their victim to a waiting ambulance, placed her inside and then climbed in next to her, as the ambulance then drove away, siren blaring. Within minutes the speeding vehicle had left the city limits, and raced through the surrounding country side.

"Mmmmmm,." Wonder let out a soft moan from under the plastic mask, and one of the firemen, Butch, noticed a small slit developing in the woman's eyelids.

"Dammit, she's waking up." He declared. "Check the tank."

The other fireman reached down to look at the gauge. "It's empty. Didn't you check it before we left?" Roger complained.

"No, I thought you did." Butch responded, just as Wonder Woman reached up to grab his throat. "GGRRRRGGG!!" His hands probed for the woman's arm, but he was tossed out of the ambulance before he could grab it. "YEEOOOWWWWW!" Butch tumbled along the road behind the speeding vehicle.

Roger reached for a syringe laying nearby, but Wonder Woman sent him out the rear door. "AAAHHHHHHHH!!"

"Now for the driver." The Amazon climbed forward to the cab, but the driver leaped from the speeding ambulance, leaving the vehicle careening down the road, towards a large hill. "Got to stop this thing." She jumped behind the wheel, but was too late to apply the brakes, so the ambulance crashed through the railing, and plummeted down the hillside to crash headlong into a large oak tree. "UUNNGGHHH!" Wonder Woman flew through the windshield, rolled down the hill, and transformed back into her alter ego, Diana Prince.

A passing motorist saw the accident and dialed 911 on his cell phone. He then raced down the hill to where Diana lay half submerged in the creek below. "Are you hurt?" The man knelt next to the dazed IADC agent. "Help is coming." He saw her eyes flutter.

"Wh..wha..happened?" Diana mumbled with her head resting in the man's lap. "Wh..who are you?" She whispered to him.

"I'm Dan Spaniel. I was driving towards the city, when I saw you go off the road. What's your name?" He brushed her hair off her pretty face.

"I'm..my name is..ohhh..I don't know what my name is." She was startled by the revelation, and tried to get up.

"No, no..don't get up the medics are here." Dan laid her head down to let the medics take over.

"Why can't I remember who I am...?" She watched the medic insert an IV, and she slowly fell asleep.

Part 2 The Hospital

Later that night an old man with a long flowing gray beard and matching long gray hair, sat in a plush easy chair, sipping a glass of brandy. "Good heavens that's Wonder Woman they're talking about." His eyes widened as the old sage watched the eleven O'clock news, which reported an accident involving an IADC Agent Diana Prince. "She's been taken to the Metro Hospital in unknown condition." He observed. "Those idiots were suppose to be here by now with that woman."

Within a few minutes of the news broadcast the two thugs entered a huge cavern carved out of the mountains a few miles from Metro City, and reported to the Shaman in his posh den. "We lost Wonder Woman." Roger said. "The ether ran out... the woman awoke sooner than planned, and she was too powerful for us." Roger stuttered trying to explain.

"You didn't remove her golden belt?" He chided both of them.

"I didn't know we were suppose to." Butch retorted, and then stepped back at the Shaman's expression.

"Her alter ego is at the hospital, so go get her now." The big man stood up, allowing the hem of his long purple robe to hit the floor. "You're still here?" At that remark, Roger and Butch raced from the den, and out of the cavern.

At the same time Dru Prince, Diana's sister was watching the same news program. "Oh no, Diana's hurt." She fled out the door, spun into her identity as Wonder Girl, and flew across town to the hospital. Changing back to her alter ego, Dru approached the nurses station. "I need to see my sister, Diana Prince." She insisted, while producing her identification.

"Visiting hours are over, but I'll let you see her for a few minutes. However, she doesn't seem to remember who she is." The big nurse cautioned Dru, and then led her to the room.

While earlier in the evening, Charlie put a frozen pizza in the oven and then sat down with his lettuce salad to watch the 24 hour cable news channel. He was startled by the announcement about the accident. The anchor announced that a woman identified as Diana Prince was involved in an accident, and had been taken to Metro Hospital in unknown condition. It took him a while to decide on what action to take, and after calling the hospital to find the room number, the young geek put some items together. He arrived at the hospital a little after midnight, sneaked past the nurse's station, and stood out side Diana's room. "She's asleep, but there's someone in there with her." He took a bottle from the bag he brought with him and soaked a large pad with some of the contents. "This will take care of the visitor."

Dru was concentrating on her sister, when suddenly a soft cloth was thrust over her mouth. "WHAMMMPPHHHH!! Great Hera, I'm being chloroformed." She grabbed the wrist holding the smelly cloth, but her surprised gasp had inhaled enough of the vile fumes to make her too weak to pull it away. "Ohhh..nooo..feel sooo dizzzzz..uhhhhh." Her arms dropped along side the chair, and she knew it was over. It had happened so unexpectedly that she was rendered helpless in a matter of seconds, so that now she could only wait for the inevitable. Within a few minutes her eyes rolled back as the beautiful body went limp.

Now Charlie could proceed with his plan. After dressing himself in a volunteer uniform, he took a wheel chair from the storage area, and wheeled it into Diana's room. Awaking the sleeping patient, he told the dazed Diana that she was to have some X-Rays taken.

"What time is it?" Diana was a little confused. "I'm supposed to be released in the morning." She said, while moving into the wheel chair. "Dru are you awaMMMMPPHHH!!" The cold damp pad was clamped over her mouth, Diana smelled the pungent sickly sweet aroma, and thought it strangely familiar. Instinctively the pretty young IADC agent held her breath, and her body tensed, but she gasped when a hand reached down to feel between her legs. The massive dose of chloroform she inhaled immediately filled her lungs and hit her brain like a sledge hammer. "Soooo..sleeeepy." Her eyes glazed over, her arms flopped to the sides of the wheel chair, and the shapely figure slumped back in the chair. It was over in a minute.

"That's it honey, just breath deep and it'll be a pleasant trip into dreamland." Charlie taunted his lovely captive, and after the young man was certain she was completely out, wheeled her out of the room, down to the elevator, and out a side door of the hospital, which led to the parking lot. "Whew, I never thought I'd ever do anything like this." Making sure there was no one watching, the young man rolled the chair across the asphalt to his van. He then picked up the limp body to lift her into the back of the vehicle, and closed the door. "I'd better tie you up." He removed some rope from his bag to begin wrapping it around her slim ankles. "Oh my, you are a gorgeous woman."

Upstairs in the hospital room, Dru stirred. "Ohhh..whoo..was..that?" Her eyes kept fluttering as she tried to focus. Her legs wobbled, while trying to stand up, and she staggered against the wall. "Diana's gone...I've got to find her." Wonder Woman's younger sister hurried to the elevator, and then out the side door to the parking lot. Making sure no one was around, she spun in place, producing a flash of light and transforming into Wonder Girl. She spotted a wheel chair behind a white van, and raced over to investigate.

Just then Roger and Butch arrived at the hospital dressed as interns. "Hey look, it's Wonder Woman." Butch pointed at the female dressed in the skimpy red, white and blue costume. "Let's get her." They pulled along side the van and hopped out.

"Can we help you?" Roger approached Wonder Girl as Butch sneaked behind her, withdrawing his blackjack.

Dru looked at the man, dressed like one of the medical personnel from the hospital, who had climbed out of an ambulance. "No, I just saw this wheel chair, and wondered why it was here." She actually wanted to see inside the van.

Charlie heard the voices outside, so stopped tying up Diana to climb into the driver's seat, and start the engine. "Got to get out of here." He said to himself, putting the vehicle in gear.

"NO..DONUUUNNGGHHH!!" Dru tried desperately to grab the door handle as the van started to move, but the black jack slammed against the back of her skull, causing the young heroine to slump forward. She landed on her stomach, and lifted her arm in a vain attempt at stopping the fleeing vehicle. "Nooo, you don't understand..My sister, Wonder Woman, is in that van."

Roger took a hard look at the prone woman, struggling to stay conscious. "This isn't Wonder Woman...She must be in that van."

Butch stood over Wonder Girl, stunned by what Roger said. "I'll put this one in the ambulance, and we'll go after that van." He picked up the nearly unconscious heroine, tossed her in the back of the ambulance, while Roger climbed behind the wheel. "UNNNN!" Butch was thrown to the side by the dazed Wonder Girl.

"You're not doctors." Dru stated, and went to give the man a knock out punch, but his hand came up holding a stun gun. "AAAGGHHHH!!" Her body was instantly paralyzed, and fell to the floor of the vehicle, where she lay moaning. "Uhhhhhhh."

Butch reached into one of the drawers, pulled out a syringe, and inserted the needle in the woman's arm. He saw her pleading eyes stare up at him as they glazed over. The thug bent over to lift the unconscious beauty onto the guernsey, and then strapped her down. "You may not be Wonder Woman, but you sure do make a good substitute."

Roger finally spotted the van and followed it across town to where it turned into an alley, and then parked behind an apartment building. While Butch was attending to the Wonder Woman wanna-be, he watched Charlie lift Diana Prince's limp unconscious body from the back of the van, and carry her into the building. "Come on Butch, let's follow him."

Charlie entered the loft and placed the lovely burden on the sofa, unaware that he was being followed. His full attention was on the task at hand, so he prepared for his experiment by lining up a tazer, a stun gun, a tranquilizer pistol, a chloroform soaked rag, and a billy club. "Hope I don't have to use the club." He waited for Diana to stir, and then he swabbed her forehead with a cold damp cloth. "Wake up."

Diana's eyes fluttered as she attempted to open the heavy eyelids. Through the haze she finally focused on a strange face, and jerked backwards. "Who are you, and where am I?" She looked around to make certain she was not in the hospital. "You..you chloroformed me..Why?"

"I need you to do something." He spoke tremulously. "I want you to stand up and spin in place." The young man watched in awe as the woman spun. There was a flash of light and then the figure of Wonder Woman finished the spin.

"What happened?" The Amazon looked down at her luscious figure. "I feel taller." She said still oblivious of her real identity.

Charlie stared at the spectacular figure standing in front of him, unable to move for a few moments, and then he spoke. "Oh I almost forgot this." He picked up the special tiara he had fashioned for this occasion and substituted it for her other one. "Now, that looks much better."

The two men had followed Charlie into the apartment building, and noticed the elevator had climbed to the top floor, so they retrieved it and went to the top floor also, but when the doors reopened they were faced with wonder Woman standing in the middle of the loft. "UH OH!" Roger pulled out a tranquilizer pistol and fired. However, the Amazon instinctively deflected the projectile away with her bracelet.

"They're trying to harm us." Wonder Woman observed as she charged at Roger, who frantically fired another dart. It flew wildly past the charging heroine and hit Charlie, who staggered a few feet, before collapsing. "Why are you doing this?" Wonder Woman asked, while grabbing the stunned Thug by the throat and lifting him off the floor. "You know who I am Don't you..AAAGGHHHH!!" The dull thud of a black jack smashed against Wonder Woman's skull.

Butch stood behind the stricken ed Heroine, as she dropped Roger, and fell to her knees. "Take that B...." He watched the woman struggle with the pain, reaching for her head with both hands. "Here, let me help you with that." Butch offered, picking up the tranquilizer gun and firing it into Wonder Woman's back.

"Uuuhhhh." She grunted, and then collapsed forward onto her cheek, staring across the room at the fallen Charlie. "Myyy..friennnd...helllp..meeee." Her plea went unheeded, since Charlie was already unconscious. Her deep blue eyes reverted to nothing but white, and her eyelids slowly closed over them.

Part 2 Enter the Shaman

Much, much later, "Ohhh..myy..head." The intrepid Amazon slowly awoke with a splitting head ache as well as her memory back. However, there was no awareness of the time from the accident to the present. "What is this place?" She scanned the area, which seemed to be a cave of some sort. Sitting in a wooden arm chair, Wonder Woman discovered she was bound tightly to the chair, her arms and ankles strapped to the arms and legs of the chair. It became obvious that her magic golden belt had been removed, since she hadn't the strength to break the bonds.

"Hello my dear, I've been planning for this moment a long time." A formidable figure in a white robe stepped from the shadows. His long flowing gray beard as well as long gray hair hid most of the man's facial features. "You will become part of my little band." This man deduced a sense of fear that Wonder Woman had never felt before. Something in those dark eyes evoked terror in the heroine, and that gorgeous body tingled all over.

"What are you going to do?" She flinched as he produced a syringe, squeezed a little serum from the end of the needle and approached her.

"You and your sister will become infamous, Invincible bandits, who will terrorize the country.....Hahahaha!" The vicious laugh echoed throughout the cavern.

"What do you mean, bandits? My sister.Where is she?" Wonder Woman strained at the ropes.

"Don't worry my dear, she is sleeping peacefully in another room." The Shaman approached the helpless heroine. "This will prepare your body for the procedure." He watched with amusement, when his celebrity captive turned her head away as he inserted the needle in her arm. Then as the serum began entering her vein, she tilted her head upwards to stare blankly at the ceiling.

"Feel so strange...what's happening?" Her mind was going blank, and the Heroine became unaware that the Shaman would then fill that blank with his thoughts.

"There, that will do for now." The evil sage declared. "You and Roger take our subject into the chamber." He watched the two big men carry the gorgeous figure of a woman into the other room, place her inside a round glass cylinder, bind her wrists to a hook at the top, so that her feet dangled slightly off the floor, and then sealed it up. The Shaman took pleasure in beginning the next phase by turning on the flashing lights, and the speakers that kept repeating his instructions.

Wonder Woman could feel herself losing the ability to think straight. "Those lights..c..can't stand those lights. Her mind was becoming confused, drifting in and out of consciousness, and it felt like that voice was taking control of her mind. She thought about her sister. "Where is Dru..what are they doing tooo her? Hera pleeeeze..heppp..meeee" That was Wonder Woman's last lucid thought.

Meanwhile Charlie stirred. "Ugh..What happened?" He looked around the loft, and everyone was gone. "Wonder Woman..oh no, they took her." The young man struggled to his feet, and looked for the GPS unit. "Ah good, there's a signal." He had placed a tracking unit in Wonder Woman's tiara. "I have to save her." Charlie phoned his best friend, Willie. "Hey girlie, want an adventure? Pick you up in five."

Willie was a Young freckle faced computer expert, who worked as a repairman for one of the big retail chains. She and Charlie had been friends since kindergarten. Small and wiry with a red haired pony tail, the young woman looked like a old comic book character. "What's up pal?" Charlie started explaining as soon Willie jumped into the passenger seat. "You're not serious?" Willie's eyes nearly popped out.

"You and I are going to rescue her, so keep an eye on the GPS signal and direct me to her." Charlie was speeding way over the limit, careening along the two lane road. "Where are we going?" He wondered, as there was nothing in the area of the signal, it was in the middle of nowhere.

Finally Willie announced. "We're here,"

Charlie looked around. "This is the middle of the woods, and we're at the bottom of a mountain. This can't be it." He was sure the GPS malfunctioned.

"We need to go a little further." Willie pointed up the mountain. "I don't know what you've gotten us into, but let's find out." The young red head started up the incline. She led the way into the cavern, holding the GPS tightly in her hand. "There are no guards. I would expect there to be guards." Willie seemed spooked.

While inside the huge cavern, Wonder Girl's senses began to return. "Ohhh..my..head." Quickly the heroine discovered she was bound to a chair, but was still too weak from the chemical sedation to break free. At first she thought the men had taken her belt, but found that it was still in tact. "A few more minutes and I'll be free." She said confidently.

Willie led the way down a hall to a door. "This is the place." She carefully turned the knob, pushed the door open and gasped out loud. "Look over there." Willie pointed to a large glass tube that contained the figure of Wonder Woman.

"Is that her?" Charlie exclaimed. "How do we get her out of there?" They both circled the glass enclosure, looking for an opening of some kind. "Maybe we have to break it." He proposed, while searching for something heavy enough to crack the glass.

Willie found a hammer. "Will this do?" She asked, handing it to her friend.

"Stand back." Charlie cautioned, as he swung the hammer. "It cracked." He declared, and swung again, but this time the glass shattered with the pieces falling straight down around the base. "She's unconscious.." He observed and while Willie lifted the limp body, Charlie untied her wrists from the hook, allowing the heroine to lump over Willie's shoulder. "Put her on the floor, and I'll untie her wrists and ankles."

"Not so fast." Declared Roger, who entered the room holding a gun. "What have you done?" He stared at the mess on the floor. "The Shaman will have your heads for this."

"I don't think so." Wonder Girl suddenly appeared behind Roger, and gave the thug a karate chop to the neck, knocking him out. "Is that really my sistAAGGHHHHH!!" Suddenly a surge of electricity went through the heroine's neck and stunned her entire body. She staggered forward shaking uncontrollably until stumbling over the prone figure of Roger. Everyone stared at the moaning Wonder Girl, and then Willie grabbed the hammer, rushed at the startled Butch, and cracked him on the forehead. Standing over the fallen thug with a grin on her freckled face, Willie didn't notice the imposing figure in a robe standing in the hall, but she certainly felt the man's presence, when he raised his hand to send an energy blast at her. "YEEEIIIIIII!!" The young red head was sent flying across the room to smash against the wall. "UUNNnnnnnn." Within a few seconds she lay sprawled out on the stone floor, unconscious.

The robed figure entered the room, and motioned for Charlie to place the unconscious Wonder Woman on one of the padded tables. "You have caused me a great deal of trouble young man." Proclaimed the Shaman."

A little while later Wonder Girl was strapped to one of the tables in the laboratory area next to her sister, while Willie and Charlie were tied up in another part of the cavern. Wonder Girl moaned as her eyes began to flutter. She tried desperately to open her heavy eyelids, and when they finally focused on the surroundings, she saw Wonder Woman lying beside her on one of the tables. "Diana, are you alright?"

"Welcome back , my lovely." The strange looking man stared down at the dazed heroine.

Wonder Girl jerked at the restraints, "What have you done to Wonder Woman?"

"You will find out very shortly." The Shaman, holding a syringe, approached Wonder Girl. "This will render you more compliant." He said as the needle neared the heroine's arm.

"OH NO YOU DON'T1" Wonder Girl suddenly broke the straps, leaped from the table, and smacked the syringe out of the Shaman's hand.

He stood there, stunned by her actions, and then for the first time he noticed she was still wearing the golden belt. "Those stupid incompetents. They didn't remove the belt." He was lifted into the air and flung against the wall. "UUNNGGHHHH!!"

"There, that will take care of you." Wonder Girl remarked as she then turned to where her sister had lain. "Good heavens, you're awake." She raced to give Wonder Woman a hug, but was rudely greeted with two hands smashing against her ears. "AARRGGHH!!" The pain was unbearable, as the young heroine grabbed for the side of the table to steady herself. However, her legs buckled, and she slid down to her knees. "Why?..WhaMMMMMPPHH!" A chloroform soaked rag covered Dru's mouth. "What are you doing...Sis?" She tried to hold her breath, but was too weak to resist, and all the young heroine could do now was to inhale the vile evil smelling fumes, and wait for the inevitable. Within a minute, Wonder Girl's arms were dangling at her sides, and her deep blue eyes had closed.

Wonder Woman released her sister's limp body, which slid slowly to the floor. "Master, are you alright?" The Amazon Princess knelt beside the Shaman.

"I will be now." The old man peered up at his newest conquest. "Place the other woman on the table." He then watched with some satisfaction as Wonder Woman lifted the limp unconscious body of her sister to then place it on the table.

It was three days later, when the Shaman ushered the two Amazons, and Charlie and Willie to the cavern's entrance. "You four will remember nothing of what happened here, but when the phone rings and the voice says 'The Phoenix rises.' you will do whatever it commands." The old man watched the four go down the mountain side to return to their normal lives, until he commands them otherwise.