Wonder Woman versus the Plant Mistress

Author: Dangerguy
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by Dangerguy

WARNING: This story is strictly fictional and is not intended to portray any real persons, living or dead, nor is it at all intended to encourage the type of activity portrayed here. It is not to be sold for profit; Wonder Woman is copyrighted and the property of DC Comics. It is strictly a fantasy, intended for the personal enjoyment of those who appreciate the superheroine in bondage/peril/sexual situations genre. The story depicts graphic sexual situations, including bondage, violence, and non-consensual sex, among a number of other nasty things. It is NOT intended, nor is it at all suitable, for minors. If you are under the age of 18, or if this type of thing offends you, you shouldn't be reading it. So scram. Go and do something wholesome like watching Arnold Schwarzenegger blow up a bunch of people.

This is my first attempt at writing in the genre. I based it on a mish-mash of the old Wonder Woman TV series (Lynda Carter will ALWAYS be Wonder Woman for me) and current comics. The story probably contains some inconsistencies with the original sources, but does anyone really care as long as there's lots of sex? My thanks go out to Mr. X in particular for inspiring this--if I manage to achieve even a fraction of the combination of sexiness and humor he puts into every story and graphic, I'll consider myself lucky.



Wonder Woman's scream of pleasure and pain, muffled only slightly by the plant stalk that filled her mouth, echoed through the empty building as she succumbed to her sixteenth orgasm of the night. An ordinary woman would have lost consciousness long before this, but Wonder Woman's Amazonian constitution, usually a benefit to her, kept her awake and helplessly aware of every sensation.

And what sensations! Every nerve in the Princess of Power's body seemed to be stimulated and on fire. The Plant Mistress had bred her "pets", as she called them, for several purposes, but sexual stimulation seemed to be their forte. Thick, heavy vines surrounded Wonder Woman's bracelets, ankles, and naked waist, holding her in place slightly above the floor of her enemy's greenhouse, her legs spread wide. Countless smaller tendrils surrounded key areas of Wonder Woman's naked body, squeezing her behind and breasts, caressing her lips and thighs, teasing her nipples and clit. Three larger vines penetrated her mouth, vagina, and anus, thrusting in and out of each orifice constantly, causing her large, firm breasts to shake and jiggle despite their leafy bondage. A large, strange flower--pink with a red center--hovered over her lovely but sweat-stained face, spraying her with passion-inducing pheromones whenever her response to the myriad of stimuli flagged. Her belt, lasso, and costume lay on a table a few feet away; they might as well have been on the moon, unreachable as they were.


Wonder Woman could only grunt around the vine that penetrated her ruby-red lips as its two partners continued their work, pumping in and out of her pussy and ass with an alternating, irresistible rhythm. Unlike a human male, the plants would not tire or relent in their rape of the heroine. She could not even form a thought towards escape; the constant physical stimulation, the mind-altering pheromones, the rhythmic thrusting...all kept her from concentrating. She could only ride the waves of pleasure coursing through her body, hoping that her mind would be intact when it ended. IF it ended.

The truth was, she had lost all track of time, could not tell if it was close to morning and the relief she hoped it would bring. Any attempt by her to distinguish the time, or to form any other rational thought for that matter, were pushed from her mind as the plants continued stimulating her erogenous zones. A spindly twig stroked the downy hairs on the back of her neck; she sighed. A branch brushed the back of her knee; she gasped. A large, thick leaf slapped her behind; she grunted. And still the large vines, four inches in diameter at least, plunged in and out of her lower body, the botanist's nightmares mixing their own lubricants with those of her traitorous body.

"Uuuuuuuooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...," Princess Diana moaned into the appendage in her mouth, her voice expressing a mix of pleasure and despair.

Suddenly, Wonder Woman's eyes widened, her pupils dilating in their bright blue irises as she approached climax yet again. The fiendish plants seemed to sense her proximity to orgasm and increased their efforts, as they had done every time before. Thin tendrils began to swat and flick against her hard, erect nipples. A leafy stalk teased and tormented her engorged clitoris like a lover's tongue. Diana's eyes closed tight as she struggled helplessly, hopelessly, against the stimuli.

She abruptly tossed her head back, her thick black hair flying about her face, the thick vine that had been stimulating her mouth dislodged, if only temporarily.

"Herrrrraaaaa...heeeelllp meeeeeee!!!!" she pleaded desperately. But no help, supernatural or otherwise, was forthcoming. The vines inside her pussy and anus seemed to expand and suddenly began thrusting in unison. Diana's eyes rolled back into her head, then shut tight once again.

"AAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHH! UHHHHHHHHH! UHHHHHHHHH! UHHHHHHHH!" Wonder Woman shouted repeatedly as a huge, mind-blowing orgasm ravaged her body. Her perfect female form jerked and shuddered in time with the waves of pleasure, her breasts jiggling erotically as her orgasm rocked the Amazon to her core. Her love juices gushed from her impaled pussy as she discharged.

"Uuuuuuuuuooooooohhhhhhhh," Diana moaned in sexual exhaustion as her head fell forward, her long, dark hair tumbling past her face and covering her bare breasts, abdomen, and pussy. She hung limply in the botanical bondage; sweat flowed down her upper body, over her heaving breasts, to mingle with the human and vegetable lubricants that dripped from the neatly-trimmed dark pubic hair covering her privates. The fluids streamed down her long, shapely legs, some flowing into the one red-and-white high-heeled boot that remained on her left foot, some trickling onto the ground beneath her from the toes of her right foot. The right boot had slipped off during one of her more violent climaxes of the evening, and lay on the rich soil beneath her.

Slowly, the large vines withdrew from her pussy and behind. Wonder Woman grunted softly as each appendage made its exit. The smaller tendrils slowed their stimulation of her body, though they did not release her. The repeated climaxes had ensured that Wonder Woman lacked the strength to escape her bonds.

As her mind hazily recovered from her body's erotic explosions, she realized her respite was temporary. Earlier, after a previous orgasm--her eighth? ninth? she no longer knew, nor cared--the plants had likewise paused briefly, only to renew their sexual efforts a few moments later. She couldn't tell if the plants needed to rest, or if it was part of their insidious design to ensure their victim had enough mental clarity to be aware of the next bout of botanical sex. Or perhaps it was an attempt to crush her spirit, to give her hope that the nightmare was over, only to dash that hope moments later.

In the all-to-brief interlude she now had, Wonder Woman's mind recollected the events that had brought her here...


Six robberies in as many nights, and New York's finest were without any clues. While the targets had little in common--a liquor store, two jewelry shops, two banks, and a high-end women's fashion boutique--the M.O. was the same. The thief or thieves broke in late at night, mysteriously disabled any video surveillance equipment, and quickly made off with the money or goods--in most of the robberies, a mixture of both. The banks had been equipped with infrared sensors as well, yet somehow, the thieves had avoided setting those off.

The most disturbing elements, however, were the way the doors, vaults, and safes in each location had been ripped open. Forensics found no evidence of explosives; the only evidence, in fact, consisted of a mysterious scattering of leaves and twigs. The police finally acknowledged what past experience had proven: they were dealing with something superhuman, and the best way to take down a superhuman was with another superhuman.

"...and that's all we have so far, Wonder Woman," Detective Torelli concluded as he brought the Amazon up to date on the situation. The Detective struggled to maintain eye contact with the vision of female perfection standing, arms akimbo, in the latest crime scene, the retail outlet for Donna Kapon Fashions. Wonder Woman's long, thick, raven-dark tresses shifted slightly around her ivory face as her crystal-blue eyes surveyed the scene. It didn't help that she was over half a foot taller than him; her legendary, considerable cleavage began, for him, just below eye-level.

"And you say the only evidence left behind are these leaves?" Wonder Woman asked, regarding the half-dozen or so leaves on the ground near her red high-heeled boots.

Torelli's eyes took longer than they should have to look at the same area, traveling slowly over Wonder Woman's large, round breasts (barely concealed by her red and gold, eagle-emblazoned bustier), slim waist, star-spangled hips, and strong yet shapely thighs and calves. Now is not the time, the young detective decided, to tell the seemingly ageless heroine that he'd been having very intense sexual fantasies about her since he was an adolescent. He ran his hand through his dark hair, touching the small but unmistakable and slowly-expanding bald spot at the back of his head. Surely she hadn't noticed it...?

Torelli's intense scrutiny did not go unnoticed by Wonder Woman. Since he would have been mortified to discover this was so, the heroine did her best to ignore it. She had grown used to such visual examinations since she had first come to Man's World. Against most male villains, in fact, it had often proved something of an advantage. Still, it puzzled her. On Paradise Island, all the women wore clothing still considered "skimpy" in North America--it was more comfortable, better suited to the warm climate, and was better for...recreational activities. But Princess Diana of the Amazons had wisely decided never to share details of those "activities" with the inhabitants of Man's World. It had been a long time, in fact, since Diana had been back to visit her home and indulge in the ancient rites that paid homage to Aphrodite...

Wonder Woman forced herself to stop woolgathering. She noticed the detective's eyes were taking just as long to return from the floor to her face.

"Do you have any suspects, Detective Torelli?" she asked.

"Huh?" Torelli exclaimed, tearing his eyes from her alluring cleavage to her piercing blue eyes. "Oh. Suspects. Right. Uh, well, all the evidence led us to two possibilities I believe you're familiar with: Jason Woodrue and Poison Ivy."

Wonder Woman's dark, elegantly arched eyebrows furrowed slightly into a frown. "Aren't they both...?"

"Locked up in Gotham's Arkham Asylum? Yeah, they are--we checked immediately. Which makes us think we're dealing with someone new."

"Which is why you called me."


"Very well," Wonder Woman declared confidently. She turned and bent over at the waist, giving Torelli a clear view of her heart-shaped, star-spangled ass. The Detective struggled to control his breathing. "You won't mind if I take some of these for analysis?" Wonder Woman asked, holding three of the leaves in her long, slender fingers.

"N-no, uh, not at all," Detective Torelli responded, struggling to regain his composure as the Amazon straightened, her large breasts shifting in her bustier as she did so.

"Thank you, Detective. I'll be in touch," the heroine said with a friendly, slightly impish grin as she walked towards the door.

Detective Antonio Torelli--along with every other cop present--watched the shapely Amazon walk out the door and then leap into the sky. The Detective then drove home, where he took a very long, very cold shower.

"What do you have for me, Oracle?" Wonder Woman asked over the secure comlink in her Manhattan apartment.

At the other end of the comlink, in Gotham City, Barbara Gordon surveyed her analysis of the leaf sample the Amazon heroine had couriered to her. "Very interesting...a very rare and unusual species of South American vine. It grows exclusively in the Amazon Rain Forest. Not sure if that has any connection for you..."

"Only the most vague and distant," Wonder Woman responded with a slight smile.

"Thought so. Anyway, the vine is characterized by extremely strong, almost unbreakable stalks."

Wonder Woman cocked one of her dark eyebrows. "Interesting. Are they capable of breaking open safes?"

"Unlikely," Oracle responded, "unless they're somehow planted inside one. But I did find something interesting. The growth pattern in the leaf is unusual...it appears to have been accelerated somehow."

Wonder Woman frowned. "In what way?" she asked.

"Beats me," Oracle responded, "That's where my expertise runs out, I'm afraid. I'm more of an amateur botanist than a professional. You might get more information out of one of the latter."

"Any recommendations?"

"Let's see..." Barbara said as she ran a query through one of her many, extensive databases. "Ah. You could try Dr. Rose Austen, of Caledonia University, right in New York. She's probably the closest expert to your location. And she specializes in the Amazonian Rain Forest and its more unusual plants."

"Thanks, Oracle. Wonder Woman out."

Wonder Woman walked into the large greenhouse run by Caledonia University's Biology Department. It was late, and few students were left on campus, but Dr. Austen had agreed to see her that evening after the heroine had explained, over the phone, that it was a matter of some urgency.

The Amazon looked around but didn't see anyone in the greenhouse--that, however, wasn't surprising, given the late hour and considering the amount of foliage present. The variety and size of the various plant species must rival those in the Amazon Rain Forest itself, Wonder Woman speculated. A warm, musky odor permeated the air in the greenhouse; it wasn't entirely unpleasant, but it seemed to make the heroine more aware of how much the warm, humid environment of the greenhouse differed from the cool spring evening outside.

"Wonder Woman," she heard from her left, and turned to see a tall woman with short, elegantly coiffed blonde hair and wearing a white lab coat emerging from behind a large, leafy fern. The lab coat was unbuttoned; underneath, the woman wore a dark green tank top and khaki shorts. The low-cut tank top, stained with perspiration, revealed cleavage that rivaled Wonder Woman's--in fact, the woman's firm but feminine figure would have been much admired on Paradise Island, as it no doubt was here in Man's World.

"Dr. Austen, I presume?" Wonder Woman said with a slight smile, offering her hand to the woman, who was nearly as tall as her.

"Correct," the academic responded, laughing briefly at the joke. "You'll have to excuse my unprofessional attire...the heat and humidity in here get a little overwhelming at times. And I've been moving around some of our larger specimens..." Dr. Austen explained, wiping some of the sweat from her chest. Her voice had a slight huskiness to it, which Wonder Woman found as aesthetically pleasing as the woman's appearance.

"That's quite all right, Doctor," Wonder Woman responded with a smile; her own voice was smooth and almost musical. "Far be it from me to criticize another woman's clothing! Besides, I find the climate in here reminds me of home."

In spite of her words, Dr. Austen noticed a slight glow developing on the Amazon's ample chest, but she politely said nothing about it.

"What was it you wanted to see me about?" Dr. Austen asked, leading Wonder Woman down a garden path towards the center of the greenhouse. "You made it sound quite important."

"The New York City Police have asked for my assistance in solving some mysterious robberies that have occurred recently. Perhaps you've heard...?"

"I really don't pay much attention to the news, Wonder Woman. My work commands most of my attention." Dr. Austen replied as she and Wonder Woman arrived at a central work area in the greenhouse. A large, long wooden worktable, covered with various types of plants and tools, dominated the area. At one end of the table was a desk with a personal computer; next to it stood three bookcases, filled with academic tomes sealed behind glass doors.

"Nonetheless, Doctor, I'd appreciate anything you could tell me about these," Wonder Woman continued as she handed over two of the leaves from the crime scene.

"Hmm. Hadera Amazonia," Dr. Austen responded, providing the Latin-based classification for the plant instantly, "commonly known as Amazonian Ivy. Very rare, though we do have some growing here in the greenhouse."

"Yes, I understand the Amazonian Rain Forest is your specialty," Wonder Woman said, her blue eyes taking in the work area as she and the doctor walked towards the computer desk.

"Indeed it is. But why come to talk to a plant expert about robberies?" Dr. Austen stopped walking, her ice-blue eyes regarding the Amazon quizzically.

"These leaves, and others similar to them, were found at each crime scene," Wonder Woman responded as she leaned on her left elbow against the worktable. The table was obviously constructed to be used while standing--its platform was quite high. Nonetheless, Wonder Woman leaned over slightly as she rested against it; her breasts shifted beneath her bustier, and she noticed Dr. Austen avidly watching her bosom as it moved.

Interesting, Diana thought; perhaps plants aren't the good doctor's only interest. It had been a very long time indeed since she had been back to Paradise Island and had enjoyed the loving caress of another female. Perhaps when this was all over...

Be professional, Diana! Wonder Woman chided herself. It was so unlike her to have such thoughts while on a case. She forced her mind back to the present.

"There's something else," Wonder Woman said.

"Oh?" Dr. Austen responded, her light blue eyes tearing themselves away from the Amazon's incredible body and looking into the heroine's eyes.

"Yes. A preliminary analysis indicated that the growth of this plant was accelerated."

"Really?" Dr. Austen asked rhetorically, studying the leaf more intently. "Yes...I think that's correct...the pattern here IS unusual. Unfortunately, growth acceleration isn't really my area of expertise. I focus mainly on classification and preservation."

"I'd appreciate anything you could tell me, Doctor," Wonder Woman said, her voice silky smooth, her blue eyes earnest. She noticed the academic's breath catch slightly, confirming her suspicions about the woman's sexual preference.

"All right," Dr. Austen answered, her voice a little huskier than usual, as she slowly turned and walked towards the microscope that stood on the worktable a few feet from the computer desk.

A muffled, distant metallic clang caught the heroine's attention.

"What was that?" she asked, more out of curiosity than alarm.

"Just the greenhouse doors locking for the night. Don't worry; I have a pass card to get us out. Not that a locked door would stop you, Wonder Woman," Dr. Austen commented, glancing over the Amazon's muscular but decidedly feminine figure.

The heroine smiled. "I prefer to avoid inflicting property damage if I can avoid it," she said.

While the Doctor returned to her analysis, Wonder Woman wandered over to the bookcases.

"I wouldn't have thought you could keep books in here, what with the humidity," the Amazon commented idly.

"Oh, well, most of my colleagues keep all their research materials on CD-ROM now," Dr. Austen commented, lifting her gaze from the microscope to regard the star-spangled backside a few feet away from her. Wonder Woman's long, black, curly hair nearly covered her naked back. "But I'm just old-fashioned. The books are mine, but the cases are hermetically sealed to keep humidity and insects out." Dr. Austen forced her gaze back to the specimen under the microscope.

"I see," Wonder Woman responded. One of the titles of the books suddenly caught her eye: Increasing and Stabilizing Growth Rates in Genus Hedera, by Dr. Gunther Klimt. The Amazon's lovely features creased into a slight frown as she studied the titles of the academic tomes more closely.

"How interesting," Wonder Woman pronounced after a few moments, a slight tone of suspicion in her voice.

"What's that?" Dr. Austen asked nonchalantly, as her left hand casually reached for a palmtop computer that lay on the worktable nearby.

"You said that plant growth isn't your specialty," Wonder Woman said as she pivoted on her high heels and crossed her slender arms beneath her breasts. "Yet most of the books in these cases are devoted to that very topic."

Dr. Austen lifted her head from the microscope and turned to face the Amazon. She stared blankly at Wonder Woman for a moment, then smiled abashedly and shook her head.

"I don't suppose you'd believe me if I said the books belonged to a colleague..." Dr. Austen said, her left hand still holding the palmtop, the other leaning back on the worktable.

"You did say the books belonged to you, so no," Wonder Woman said firmly, her eyes firmly locked on the Doctor's like blue laser beams. "I think you'd better tell me what's going on, Doctor," Wonder Woman asserted as she placed her hands on her hips and spread her legs slightly on the soft dirt floor of the greenhouse, assuming her intimidating power stance.

"Of course, Wonder Woman," Dr. Austen said agreeably, but with a slight edge to her voice. "But actions speak louder than words, don't you think? A demonstration would explain more than a confession would..."

As she spoke, Dr. Austen's right hand gathered a number of seeds, the size of shelled almonds, off of the worktable and tossed them towards Wonder Woman's red-booted feet. The seeds landed on the rich, loamy soil around the Amazon's boots; in spite of her years of experience and training, Wonder Woman was too perplexed by the woman's strange actions to move at all.

Dr. Austen then quickly tapped in a short series of commands on her palmtop computer, and all hell broke loose.


Wonder Woman stared in stunned amazement at the sudden movement around her feet, where the seeds had been tossed a moment before. The dark soil there churned as if boiling for a second; then, before her Amazonian reflexes could react, a number of vines exploded upwards from the soil. The vines surrounded her, growing in height and thickness alarmingly fast.

"Oh!" Wonder Woman exclaimed as she felt one of the thickening green vines curl around her right wrist, quickly surrounding her bracelet and much of her forearm. Her head spun to the left, her raven tresses tossing, as she felt another vine following suit, encasing her left wrist. The vines then shot upwards, lifting her arms, then her body, so she was abruptly raised a few inches off the ground. Wonder Woman gasped, more in shock than in pain, as her body jerked upwards, then stopped.

Before she could react, more vines moved to restrain her. Two more entwined her ankles, then, once she was firmly in their grasp, began to spread her legs apart. Another wound itself over the tops of her breasts, around her back, then under her breasts and across her taut abdomen. The vines then stopped their growth and movement as suddenly as they had begun. The Amazonian Princess hung immobile, bound and suspended, spread-eagled, six inches above the greenhouse floor.

Wonder Woman gathered her wits and stared angrily at Dr. Austen.

"I don't know what you're trying to prove, Doctor," she said levelly, "but I suggest you stop playing games. I've broken out of countless traps far more cunning and deadly than this one."

Dr. Austen watched in self-assured silence as Wonder Woman began pulling at the vines that bound her. The Amazon could move the vines about a foot or so, but to her astonishment, she couldn't break them. The fact that her suspended state gave her little leverage to work with didn't help, but still, she should have been able to break free!

Wonder Woman's gorgeous features expressed first confusion, then angry frustration, and finally astonishment as she struggled, vainly, to free herself. The exertion and the humidity of the greenhouse made a sheen of sweat appear on her alabaster skin.

"You shouldn't underestimate me, or my pets," Dr. Austen commented, her husky voice taking on a distinctly dangerous edge as she walked towards the helpless Amazon. "Plants such as these ones combine incredible strength with flexibility. They can survive the ravages of tropical storms, or the struggles of beautiful but over-confident Amazons. They will bend, but not break. I suspect even a certain Kryptonian of your acquaintance would have trouble with them."

"You can't keep me here forever, Dr. Austen," Wonder Woman responded angrily, still struggling against her leafy bonds. Her breasts heaved and jiggled as she thrashed about, threatening to escape from behind her bustier but never quite making it.

The academic watched her movements with erotic appreciation. "Now that the formalities are over, Wonder Woman, I'd prefer if you called me...The Plant Mistress."

Wonder Woman stopped struggling for a moment and looked at her adversary with incredulity and a small amount of amusement. "Plant Mistress?" she asked dubiously, her dark eyebrows raised.

The Plant Mistress shrugged as a deprecating half-smile played across her sensuous lips. "What's a girl to do? All the good names--'Poison Ivy', 'Thorn'--were already taken."

Wonder Woman snorted derisively as she resumed her struggles with the vines that bound her. Her muscles flexed and her back arched as she thrashed about erotically. Sweat began to bead on her upper chest and run in tiny streams towards the cleavage between her breasts, which bounced in the bustier with every movement she made.

The Plant Mistress smiled as she enjoyed the spectacle of female struggling, then moved closer to the bound Amazon.

"As I said, Wonder Woman," the Plant Mistress said, her voice a husky whisper as she reached out towards her captive's thigh, "you shouldn't underestimate me."

The villainess's right hand slid around to caress Wonder Woman's behind; the Amazon quickly drew air through her clenched teeth. Under other circumstances, she might have welcomed this...

"After all, I haven't underestimated you," the devious Doctor continued as her hand slipped upwards to the back of Wonder Woman's belt. She deftly undid the clasp and pulled it free of Wonder Woman's slim waist.

"N-no!!" Wonder Woman exclaimed as she felt her augmented strength vanish from her body. She slumped slightly in her leafy bonds. While she still had the strength and stamina of an Amazon, well beyond that of ordinary women, she no longer possessed the superhuman power the magic belt provided.

"There," the Plant Mistress said triumphantly, walking away to lay the belt at the far end of the worktable. "I couldn't take the chance that you would, somehow, eventually break free. It should come as no surprise to you that a scholar like myself has done her homework. I knew one of you costumed lackeys would come after me sooner or later, so I made sure I was prepared. I did research on all of you, uncovering your specific vulnerabilities...such as how removing this magic belt deprives you of much of your strength."

The Plant Mistress removed her lab coat, then pulled the dark green tank top over her head of short blonde hair, and laid these on the work table next to Wonder Woman's belt. The removal of the tank top revealed a black sports bra that did little to hide her large, firm breasts--almost as large as her Amazon captive's. Her actions also revealed her smooth, taut abdomen. In spite of her dire situation, and to her own surprise, Wonder Woman regarded the woman's body with growing appreciation. Dr. Austen obviously took some time away from her research, and whatever other nefarious activities she'd been pursuing, to go to a gym on a regular basis.

"I must confess, however," the Plant Mistress went on as she leisurely sauntered back towards her plant-bound nemesis, "that I didn't expect you so soon. May I ask how you found me?"

"Just lucky, I guess," Wonder Woman answered derisively. If she got out of this, she and Oracle were going to have words...

"No matter," the Plant Mistress said with a shrug as she came to stand directly in front of Wonder Woman, stepping on a broad vine base to raise her body to the same height as the captive heroine's. "In some ways, I'm glad that of all the superheroes, you were the one who found me."

"What do you mean?" Wonder Woman demanded, continuing to struggle in her bonds, but even more futilely than before. Not only could she not break the vines encircling her, she couldn't even bend them now. She was held almost completely immobile; her movements only jiggled the feminine flesh of her breasts and the muscles of her thighs--much to her captor's evident delight. The Plant Mistress smiled appreciatively as Wonder Woman wiggled helplessly.

"I thought of all of the superheroes, you would be the one who would sympathize with what I'm trying to do," the villainess explained as she began to gently caress Wonder Woman's face with her right hand.

"Why would I sympathize with a bank robber?" Wonder Woman asked, turning her face away from her captor's soft touch.

The Plant Mistress shook her head sadly as she moved her hand from Wonder Woman's face to her right shoulder.

"The robberies were experiments, to test the capabilities of the plant varieties I've been breeding. But I also did it for the money. Do you know how much academic funding has dried up in the last decade? Unless, of course, you want to sell your soul to do research for some corporation..."

Wonder Woman cut off the Plant Mistress' impending rant. "...And the fashion store?"

The Plant Mistress regarded her blankly for a moment. "Oh, that. Hey, a girl's gotta dress, right?" The villainess' ice-blue eyes lit up with delight as a mischievous smile came to her lips. "Wait until you see the super-villainess outfit I'm putting together. It is to DIE for. Very tight, very low-cut, very sexy..."

Wonder Woman sighed, exasperated. Amateurs, she thought. "All right, 'Plant Mistress', what's your big plan?" she demanded.

The villainess regarded her blankly for a moment, then shook her head apologetically. "Sorry. I'm usually very focused. It's just that this a new thing for me, and it's going so well so far." Her index finger slowly traveled over Wonder Woman's full red lips before returning to her shoulder. "I mean, six robberies went off without a hitch, and now I've got one of the world's greatest heroines, helpless in my lair."

"Your 'lair'?" Wonder Woman asked dubiously.

"Well, it'll do until I get a real one. Anyway, as I said, I thought that you'd be sympathetic," the Plant Mistress continued as she began stroking Wonder Woman's right shoulder and upper arm.

"Oh, yes, I'm very sympathetic to people who tie me up and attempt to render me helpless," the Amazon responded sarcastically.

The Plant Mistress stopped stroking and regarded her captive with slight annoyance. "Do you want to hear this or not?"

Wonder Woman stifled a sigh and nodded reluctantly.

"Good," the Plant Mistress resumed her speech and her stroking. Wonder Woman was surprised to find that the caressing of her shoulder felt...pleasant. "Surely you know what it's like," the Plant Mistress went on, "...I mean, we're both attractive women, both good at our jobs...well, you are normally, but anyone can have an off day..."

Wonder Woman glared at her adversary silently.

"Anyway," the Plant Mistress continued, "in spite of how many times you've proven yourself, don't you find that the men who dominate your profession don't take you seriously?"

"Never," Wonder Woman asserted, thrusting her chin out slightly.

"Oh, come on. Never? Doesn't Superman make you hang back in a fight sometimes?" The Plant Mistress began to brush her fingertips lightly over the top of Wonder Woman's breasts. "Or Batman. He doesn't have any powers like yours, but at best he treats you as an equal rather than a superior."

Wonder Woman frowned. She had endeavored for a long time to put such concerns out of her mind. But the woman was right, and it did bother her. Nevertheless...

"Even if what you say is true," the Amazon declared, trying to ignore the gentle caressing of her bosom, "it doesn't justify what you've done." Why was this woman's touch arousing her so?

"Oh, this I'm not some feminazi out to wreak vengeance on men...as much as they deserve it," the Plant Mistress continued. She brought her other hand into play, her fingertips slowly tracing back and forth along the top of Wonder Woman's bustier, then down the sides of her breasts. Wonder Woman could feel her nipples beginning to stiffen behind the red and gold chestplate.

"Men's arrogance is destroying our planet," the Plant Mistress went on, "especially the rain forest that's been my life's work. I've discovered certain ultra-sonic harmonics that can encourage and direct plant growth in spectacular ways, as you've seen. The palmtop controls various devices around the greenhouse that emit the harmonics and control the plants. I've even constructed a portable model, which I used for the robberies. Don't you understand? I could use this discovery not just to halt the destruction of the Amazon, but to restore it!"

The Plant Mistress' hands had came to rest Wonder Woman's waist, encircling it, her fingertips pausing at the top of the Amazon's round, shapely derriere. Even though she had stopped her exertions against her bondage, Wonder Woman's breath was heavier and more ragged than usual. Her opponent wore some sort of musky, exotic perfume; its scent filled and tickled Wonder Woman's nostrils. It was similar to the earthy aroma that permeated the greenhouse--an aroma she'd noticed since she first entered the place.

"I should have thought...such a discovery...would be welcomed," the Amazon Princess said, breathing heavily, before she swallowed hard. Damn, she thought, it had been far too long since she had taken a lover, or surely these mere caresses would never have affected her so.

"That's what I thought," the Plant Mistress said in a throaty whisper as her hands cupped Wonder Woman's behind. "But certain interests...some big corporations...are opposed to my research. My research funding has been cut drastically." The academic began to gently knead the heroine's cheeks with her fingers; both women were covered in a sheen of sweat, and their breathing was deepening and accelerating.

"I...do sympathize," Wonder Woman breathed, "but...what you're doing...is wrong..."

"Is it?" the Plant Mistress asked as her right hand slid around the front of Wonder Woman's star-spangled briefs. "Is what I'm doing wrong? Don't you like it?" she asked as her forefinger began to lightly, deftly rub the Amazon's clitoris through the thin blue material.

"Uuuuuhhh..." Wonder Woman moaned softly at the gently erotic stimulation. This can't be happening, she thought; I can't be getting excited at the hands of a villainess...it's never happened before... "That's...not what I was talking about..."

"Forget the big evil plan stuff," the Plant Mistress whispered, moving her lips close to Wonder Woman's face, "it's boring." The Amazon could feel the woman's warm breath on her neck and chest; her nostrils were overwhelmed by the intensity of that strange perfume. "I thought you and I could share other things...besides a common cause..."

"What...are you talking about?" Wonder Woman asked with false innocence. The Plant Mistress pressed her body against the Amazon's, wrapping her arms around the heroine in imitation of the embrace of her plants. Diana became acutely aware of the warmth of the woman's body, especially where her breasts and crotch pressed against her own.

"Don't be naïve, Princess," the Plant Mistress murmured as her hands wandered over the immobile heroine's body, roughly caressing her ass, thighs, and breasts through her uniform. "You want me...you have since you walked in here. Admit it."

"N-no...I...," The blonde woman's face lingered mere millimeters before the Amazon's, her lips parted sensuously. Her tongue darted out, licking her upper lip. "Oh, gods..." Diana breathed in helpless supplication just before the Plant Mistresses's lips met her own.

The kiss seemed to last forever. The villainess's lips gently, wetly slid over Wonder Woman's, tenderly prying her mouth open. After all the stimulation she had received, Diana nearly came when the Plant Mistress's tongue found her own. Wonder Woman responded with a surprised, erotic groan; her back arched as she pressed her body against the other woman's. Their lips and tongues danced a hot, wet, erotic tango as each woman breathed heavily. Finally the kiss ended as their lips parted; the Plant Mistress playfully nibbled Wonder Woman's pouting lower lip and smiled.

"I knew you had to be a lesbian," the Plant Mistress whispered as her hand slipped down to rub Wonder Woman's sex once again, "or at least bi. I mean, growing up on an island full of beautiful women...sounds like paradise, indeed."

Wonder Woman regarded her with half-lidded eyes. "This isn't...this can't be happening...I've never felt this way about an adversary..." It was a testament to the Amazon's will power that she could still resist the pleasurable sensations coursing through her body.

"Ah, well, I cheated...a little. Pheromones." The Plant Mistress slipped her fingers beneath Wonder Woman's uniform to stimulate the heroine's clit directly.

"Huh? Ah...oh...oooooh..." Wonder Woman moaned erotically as the villainess expertly worked her rapidly lubricating mound.

The Plant Mistress smiled at the effect her fingers' ministrations were having. "Pheromones. Airborne chemicals that stimulate certain areas of the brain, similar to how my fingers are stimulating your pussy." The villainess pressed against Wonder Woman's clit a little harder and was rewarded with a sharp gasp. "I found a species in the rain forest that produces pheromones with a particularly strong effect on the female libido, and bred it to be even more powerful. I ordered the plants to pump the air full in here full of these pheromones from the moment you arrived; I also used it in my perfume. Long exposure has given me some resistance...but only some..." The Plant Mistress punctuated her remarks by gently biting Wonder Woman's neck.

"You...you fiend! You wicked fiend...uuuuuhhhhhh..."

The Plant Mistress laughed as she began rubbing her naked thigh against Wonder Woman's. "Oh, don't be so offended. The pheromones work like hypnotism; they can't make you do something you don't want to do. They just bring out feelings that are already there...just below the surface...waiting to erupt..."

Wonder Woman began to pant rapidly as the Plant Mistress accelerated her rubbing of the heroine's clit. She didn't even notice as the villainess undid the clasps at the back of her bustier and pulled it down to reveal her nipples, which were erect and hard. Wonder Woman finally noticed, however, when the Plan Mistress clamped her lips over the Amazon's right nipple and sucked it, hard, while teasing it with her tongue.

"Uuuuuuunnnnnggggghhhh...no...don't..." Wonder Woman pleaded; her sensitive nipples, she knew from her sexual sessions with her sisters on Paradise Island, were her weak point. She couldn't resist having them stimulated; it always pushed her over the edge.

"Don't resist!" the Plant Mistress ordered as she released Wonder Woman's nipple from her mouth. "You know you want this!" She began to rub the heroine's clitoris even harder and faster than before. Wonder Woman's fingers clenched into fists and her eyes tightened as an inner struggle raged between her Amazonian libido and her Amazonian dignity.

"Don't you find me attractive?" the Plant Mistress demanded, grabbing Wonder Woman's hair with her free hand and pulling the Amazon's face close to her own. Diana stared helplessly into her icy blue eyes. "Don't you want me?" the blonde asked as she released Diana's hair and pulled down her sports bra, revealing her own breasts with nipples as hard and erect as the Amazon's.

"I...must...resist..." Wonder Woman insisted through clenched teeth.

"No!" her adversary and would-be lover ordered. "Don't tell me you haven't fantasized about this. You have, haven't you? You've dreamed about being held captive and helpless, then ravaged against your will...over and over again..."

Wonder Woman didn't want to admit it, but it was true. Being bound like this, at the mercy of this attractive and formidable woman...it excited her. Aroused her. Even without the pheromones, she would have been wet. With the combined effect of the chemicals in her system, the bondage, and the beautiful woman stimulating her erogenous zones, her resistance began to wear dangerously thin. All it would take, Diana knew, was one more blow against her diminishing armor...

Sensing her opponent's growing weakness, the Plant Mistress playfully circled her tongue around Wonder Woman's previously neglected left nipple. She continued her assault on the heroine's clit with her right hand.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah..." Wonder Woman panted, her mouth open wide, as her will crumbled before the erotic onslaught. The blonde villainess rubbed the Amazon's pussy harder and faster; the heroine's hips began thrusting against her captor's hand, seemingly of their own volition.

The Plant Mistress suddenly moved her left hand across Wonder Woman's rear and underneath her star-spangled panties; her forefinger quickly found the heroine's anus and plunged inside.

The wall had been breached; the Amazon's resistance fell. Wonder Woman tossed her head back, dark hair flying, her entire body tense, and screamed.

"OOOOHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDSSSSSSSS!!!!!!" The heroine's cry of erotic climax and capitulation echoed through the empty greenhouse. Her limbs and torso trembled in their bonds; her blue eyes, wide open, stared unseeing at the night sky visible through the panes of glass above her. Finally, the wave of pleasure passed, and she slumped as much as her verdant bonds allowed her, her head still hanging back, her long dark hair hanging down her back and touching her behind. Her magnificent, naked breasts rose and fell as her lungs gulped for air.

The Plant Mistress removed her hands from Wonder Woman's nether regions and moved up to cradle the heroine's head. She pressed her mouth over the Amazon's, kissing her passionately. The villainess' tongue danced erotically in Wonder Woman's mouth, and the Amazon's tongue languidly responded to its partner.

"You were...incredible," the Plant Mistress declared when she ended the kiss. "Magnificent. Beautiful. And now you're MINE," she said as she closed her lips on Wonder Woman's again.

If the villainess thought Wonder Woman was defeated, however, she was mistaken. Once the climax passed, Wonder Woman's Amazonian will power began to reassert itself, looking for a way out of this trap--no matter how pleasurable it might be.

"It's...not fair," Wonder Woman murmured when the Plant Mistress released her mouth again. "You should...experience the pleasure...I did..."

The Plant Mistress caressed Wonder Woman's cheek. "How sweet. And exactly what I had in mind."

Wonder Woman forced a smile to her full, ravaged lips. "If you release me," she offered, her eyes erotically half-lidded but firmly locked on the blonde woman's, "I'll raise you to heights of pleasure that only Amazons know how to reach."

"Ooohhh, tempting," the Plant Mistress responded with a sensuous smile. Then she frowned playfully and began to play with Wonder Woman's still erect nipples. "But wait a moment...you wouldn't be trying to trick me, would you, lover?"

"Trick you?" Wonder Woman asked, feigning innocence, trying to ignore the stimulation of her breasts' engorged tips.

"Into freeing you, so you can capture me," the villainess declared, seeing right through Wonder Woman's ruse.

"No," the Amazon declared earnestly, shaking her head and tossing her dark locks gently.

The Plant Mistress laughed evilly. "Your mouth says no, but your eyes say yes," she joked. "I told you I haven't underestimated you. But I have an idea..."

Wonder Woman frowned. Well, I should have known that wouldn't work, she told herself, watching the Plant Mistress retrieve her palm computer from her khaki shorts' hip pocket. What is she going to do now? Diana wondered as her adversary typed commands into the unit.

Her mental question was immediately answered as the vines holding her in place suddenly shifted and she began to bend over backwards. The vines around her arms pulled back and downwards, while the vine encircling her torso lowered and bent slightly. Her back arched, thrusting her breasts forwards, then upwards as her position shifted, then came to rest. She was still held off the ground, but was effectively on her back, her limbs held down, her long dark hair just sweeping the soil that was now underneath her.

The Plant Mistress tapped in another command, and Wonder Woman felt her head raised and supported as some sort of plant with large, strong leaves grew up and pressed against the back of it. The Amazon turned her head to watch the Plant Mistress; the villainess, her sports bra still on but pulled down to expose her nipples, began to undo the belt of her shorts. Wonder Woman suddenly realized, with some trepidation, the woman's intentions.

The Plant Mistress undid her belt and zipper, letting the shorts fall to the ground and pulling them over her boots. She wore high-cut black panties; she pulled these off as well, revealing a finely-trimmed triangle of blonde pubic hair. She then sauntered casually over to the prone heroine, her palm computer still in her left hand.

"My turn," the blonde villainess declared. "But don't worry. You won't be without stimulation," she said as she tapped a few more commands into her palmtop.

The vines holding Wonder Woman trembled slightly, then began to produce thin tendrils. The tendrils grew quickly, stretching across the heroine's body. They began to spiral around her exposed breasts, and wind around her thighs. Wonder Woman began to squirm in response to the growing stimulation as the pheromones, still in her system, renewed their struggle against her will power. So soon after such a powerful climax, Wonder Woman realized, she had little hope that her Amazonian will would prevail. All hope of resistance to the erotic stimuli was dashed when two new shoots emerged to hover over her exposed breasts. The ends of the two tendrils changed and blossomed into small, bright red flowers with quivering stamens in their centre. The flowers lowered over her nipples and Wonder Woman gasped as the flowers revealed themselves to be adept at pinching and sucking. Then the stamen inside the flower began to teasingly flick over her erect nipples, further exciting them, and Wonder Woman bit her lower lip in response.

"Now for the piece de resistance," the Plant Mistress declared as she tapped a final command into the palmtop.

Wonder Woman, nearly overwhelmed by the squeezing and sucking the plants were performing on her sensitive breasts, became vaguely aware of something creeping beneath her shorts. Her eyes went wide as she felt another flower, similar to the ones arousing her nipples, enclosed her clitoris and began to work it masterfully.

The Plant Mistress watched as her pets stimulated her captive. She tossed the palmtop to the ground, on top of her discarded shorts, and began to rub her exposed pussy and breasts as Wonder Woman quivered in her bondage. The Amazon's breath came in ragged gasps and erotic moans while the plants did their work. After a few minutes, the villainess decided that Wonder Woman was sufficiently stimulated and her resistance nullified. She walked over to the helpless, trembling Amazon, enjoying the stimulation of her own clitoris as she walked. Then she lifted one leg and straddled Wonder Woman's face.

"Eat me," the Plant Mistress commanded.

The broad leaves supporting her head held Wonder Woman at the perfect height to reach her adversary's pussy. The Plant Mistress bent her knees just slightly, lowering her trimmed slit directly over Wonder Woman's open, gasping mouth. The deviant doctor felt the heroine's warm breath on her clit as Wonder Woman hesitated. Then her resistance buckled; the pheromones, the bondage, the erotic stimulation of her nipples and clit, the scent of a beautiful woman's excited vagina--they all combined to overwhelm the heroine. Her tongue and lips reached out and captured the Plant Mistress' hot, wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssss," the blonde woman moaned as Wonder Woman slowly ran her tongue along the woman's pussy lips. "Lick me...lick me, you Amazonian slut! You magnificent whore! Oh, God, yes!" The Plant Mistress grabbed her own tits and squeezed them, then rubbed her nipples with her thumbs as her lips pursed and she sucked in air rapidly.

Wonder Woman should have been enraged by the position she was in and the pejorative names the villainess called her, but her mind was awash with pleasure. Erotic stimulation was her only concern, and the plants provided it in spades. She lapped and sucked thirstily at the Plant Mistress' clit while she moaned at the stimulation of her own erogenous zones.

"Fuck...me...fuck...me...fuck...me," the Plant Mistress panted in response to Wonder Woman's expert oral dance on her privates. She felt herself approaching climax quickly, no real surprise given the erotic stimulation of the evening.

Wonder Woman herself was also approaching climax. Some tiny part of her, the last vestige of her Amazonian will power, cried out deep in her mind to resist. But it was overwhelmed by the maddening sensations of the suckers on her nipples and clit, and the intoxicating scent of an excited pussy in her nostrils.

"Mmmmph...mmmph...mmmph...," Wonder Woman groaned as she neared her second climax and continued licking and sucking her opponent's pussy.

"Oh...I'm...cumming...Wonder...Whore..." the Plant Mistress grunted through clenched teeth in time with her breath. Then her eyes and mouth suddenly opened as the wave hit her.

"OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! YES! YES!" the villainess shouted as she tossed her head back and thrust her chest forward. Her fingers clawed at her breasts, squeezing them hard as she came. She ejaculated as well, her hot pussy juice spilling into and over Wonder Woman's gaping mouth.

"MMMMMMPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Wonder Woman's cry was muffled by the Plant Mistress' pussy as she came as well, in response to her lover's orgasm. Her open mouth caught much of her partner's love juices; the rest trickled down the sides of her face, dripping into her hair and onto her neck. Wonder Woman whimpered helplessly as the vines continued to stimulate her magnificent body.

The Plant Mistress shakily lifted one leg over the Amazon and leaned against a nearby tree trunk. She reached down and picked up her palm computer, slowly tapping in commands.

The tendrils gradually ceased their continuing stimulation of Wonder Woman's erogenous zones. Then the larger vines holding her immobile shifted, returning her to her previous, upright, spread-eagled position.

The Plant Mistress walked over to her captive lover. Wonder Woman's eyes were heavy-lidded, almost closed. Her lips were even fuller and lusher than usual from the exercise of arousing her captor's pussy; female love juice and saliva dripped from those beautiful lips, down her chin, and onto her chest. The Plant Mistress reached out and smeared the remnants of her own pussy juice over Wonder Woman's exposed, rigid nipples; the heroine closed her eyes and groaned in erotically exhausted response.

"What do you say, my sweet?" the villainess asked. "Will you join me? Think what we could do together! We could save the rain forest during the day...and give each other such pleasure every night."

Wonder Woman opened her eyes and regarded the beautiful blonde woman standing naked before her. The Plant Mistress would not have looked out of place on Paradise Island; she was as gorgeous as any Amazon, indeed, more gorgeous than some, Diana had to admit. And she knew how to make love; Gods, Diana thought, she couldn't remember the last time she had known such intense and overwhelming pleasure. The woman's eyes shone as Wonder Woman's often did, with confidence in the justice of her cause. They did, indeed, have much in common.

But somehow, the woman's purpose had become twisted and perverted. She had broken the law, and even her loving ministrations of Wonder Woman tonight could not claim motivations that were pure. Diana was still an Amazon, still a heroine, and knew she could never give in to such an offer, no matter how temptingly it was packaged.

"No..." Wonder Woman breathed through her sexual exhaustion. "I could never join you. Your cause is noble, but your means are corrupt. I can help you...release me, and give yourself up. I will speak for you at your trial. Your cause will not be lost."

The Plant Mistress regarded the heroine with shock, then with disgust. "That's quite a speech," she said with a sneer. "But the pussy juice dripping from your chin kind of ruins the effect."

Wonder Woman, still trying to recover her strength, said nothing in response.

The villainess' features softened slightly. She reached out and caressed Wonder Woman's face with her hand.

"Does what we just did...does it mean nothing to you?" The Plant Mistress asked.

Wonder Woman, overwhelmed by sexual fatigue and focused on summoning her strength, failed to notice the vulnerability in the woman's question.

"No," she responded defiantly, "nothing. You forced me, raped me. It was... animalistic rutting, nothing more."

The sharp crack of the Plant Mistress slapping Wonder Woman's face rang out through the quiet, abandoned greenhouse like a gunshot. Wonder Woman's head spun to one side, her dark hair flying about her face. The Amazon had been hit harder, but rarely with as much venom. Diana felt a slight trickle of blood from her freshly cut lip joining the other fluids that covered her chin.

The Plant Mistress' eyes were twin braziers of cold fire. "You BITCH!" she shouted. "You fucking bitch! So you reject me, and my cause? Fine. If you're not with me, you're against me."

Wonder Woman suddenly realized the seriousness of her mistake. Dr. Austen was treading a fine line between sanity and its opposite; she may have just pushed her over that line. Hell hath no fury, the heroine thought ruefully...

The Plant Mistress raised her left hand, which held her palmtop, and tapped in a brief command. Wonder Woman's eyes darted around her, trying to anticipate what the villainess had ordered her plants to do. Suddenly, a thick vine snaked through her hair from behind her and encircled her delicate throat. It then began to squeeze, cutting off Wonder Woman's airway. The heroine's eyes opened wide as she desperately, but futilely, tried to force air into her lungs. Her mouth opened and closed soundlessly as she felt her life slipping away...


Wonder Woman's crystal blue eyes, opened wide in horror, gazed in supplication at the woman who had given her such pleasure only moments before. But the Plant Mistress returned the Amazon's desperate stare with one of contempt. She made no motion to stop the vine she controlled from choking the helpless heroine. It can't end like this, Wonder Woman thought, but she could not free herself from the vines that held her in bondage.

"I could kill you," the Plant Mistress said matter-of-factly. "I really should." Wonder Woman's eyes began to roll up into her head. She could feel consciousness, as well as her life, slipping away. "But death is far too fast, and far too easy, for you," the Plant Mistress declared malevolently, suddenly tapping more commands into her palmtop.

The vine around Wonder Woman's throat loosened and the heroine desperately and painfully inhaled. She had escaped certain death, not through her own cleverness or perseverance, but only because her enemy did not wish to kill her. The alternatives did not seem very appealing, especially in light of the Plant Mistress's words. Wonder Woman had no idea what the villainess had in store for her--but she was certain it would be slow and painful.

The Plant Mistress tapped a series of commands into her palm computer. "This will be tricky, but I think my pets are up to it..." she murmured.

Wonder Woman felt the vine around her torso begin to shift. The segment of the vine below her breasts began to move downwards, dragging her bustier with it. It continued to pull downwards, loosening Wonder Woman's uniform from around her hips.

"Wh...what are you doing?" Wonder Woman asked with more courage than she felt.

"Isn't it obvious? I'm stripping you," the Plant Mistress answered, her eyes filled with malevolent mirth.

"You can't!" Wonder Woman exclaimed, shocked.

"Just watch me," her nemesis responded.

The vine around Wonder Woman's torso stopped pulling and returned to its previous position, below her now completely naked breasts. Wonder Woman briefly thought that would be as far as her uniform would go, but then noticed the vines around her calves and ankles shifting, bringing her legs closer together. The tendril that had previously stimulated her clit now wrapped itself around the crotch of her star-spangled briefs and began pulling downwards.

"No!" Wonder Woman cried as her uniform slipped over her shapely hips and began sliding down her thighs. As the uniform sank, like a mockery of a flag lowering at the end of the day, it exposed a neatly-trimmed patch of black pubic hair, sodden with the juices from her previous stimulation. The vines around her ankles briefly released her shapely legs, one at a time, so the uniform could be pulled down over her boots. Wonder Woman tried to take advantage of the brief freedom afforded each limb, but the other vines held her arms, torso, and other leg firmly in position. Shortly, she was completely naked, except for her bracelets, tiara, and boots. The vines around her ankles then shifted back to their original positions, spreading her tanned legs, as well as opening and exposing her pussy.

"This is...undignified! I'm an Amazon Princess!" Wonder Woman protested.

The Plant Mistress laughed as she replaced her shorts and tugged her sports bra over her breasts. "A woman who was lapping at my pussy like it was her favorite flavour of lollipop a few minutes ago shouldn't be lecturing me about 'dignity'," she replied. The blonde walked back to her worktable to deposit Wonder Woman's uniform there, beside the magic belt. She retrieved some more seeds, then walked back towards the captive Amazon.

"I have a couple of other interesting specimens I'd like to acquaint you with," the blonde declared coolly. "One you're already indirectly familiar with, the other...well, you'll become intimately familiar with it shortly."

Wonder Woman didn't like the sound of that at all. "What do you mean?" she demanded.

"Oh, I wouldn't dream of spoiling the surprise," her adversary replied, then continued as if she hadn't been interrupted. "The first specimen is the plant that produces the pheromones I exposed you to earlier." The Plant Mistress deftly tossed a small seed, the size of a pebble, into the ground near the base of the vines that held the heroine in place, spread-eagled, above the ground of the greenhouse. As the villainess tapped more commands into her palm computer, the seed sprouted and grew. A thin green stalk rose up on Wonder Woman's right hand side; she watched anxiously as it grew level with her face, then sprouted a large, exotic flower with four symmetrical petals, hot pink at the edges, red at the centre, surrounding a long, spindly, blood-red stamen.

"If the pheromones were powerful before, floating loose in the air, imagine what they'll do when blown directly into your lovely face," the villainess taunted her captive. Wonder Woman instinctively turned her face away from the threatening flower and held her breath.

The Plant Mistress gave a short derisive laugh. "God, you're pathetic, Wonder Whore. When that flower shoots its wad, holding your breath won't help you."

"What you're doing won't help YOU, Dr. Austen. Listen to reason..."

"THE SECOND SPECIMEN," the Plant Mistress continued loudly, shouting down the heroine, "is a special creation of mine. A fortunate accident. I was trying to create the vines that I eventually used to break open the safes and vaults of the businesses you've prostituted yourself to protect. Along the way, I created this," the cold-eyed blonde concluded as she casually tossed three seeds, the size of small chestnuts, to the ground beneath Wonder Woman's feet.

The by-now familiar tapping on the palm computer urged the rapid growth of three rather squat shrubs with broad leaves and a long, thick stalk that grew upwards from the center of each plant. As Wonder Woman watched with growing trepidation, the stalks grew thicker, reaching a diameter of two, then three, then four inches. One of the stalks stretched upwards between her legs, its tip slightly bulbous and secreting some sort of oily substance as it grew.

"Great Hera," Wonder Woman murmured in a horrified whisper, watching the stocky vine extend itself towards her exposed vagina. The Amazon glanced at her captor in shock. "You can't possibly..."

"Oh, yes I can," the Plant Mistress responded smugly as the thick stalk reached the heroine's pussy and began to quiver and undulate at its entrance. "It seems to take a few moments for the plant to...take the plunge, so to speak. I'm not sure why; maybe it just needs to lubricate itself. In any event, the result is inevitable, although it does give the victim time to anticipate its intentions."

"You've...experimented with this thing?" Wonder Woman asked as she desperately renewed her struggles, trying to keep the obscenely trembling stalk from her pussy. The other vines continued to hold her fast, however; the thick one encircling her torso, in particular, ensured that its cousin would easily penetrate the Amazon's vagina.

"Oh, not on myself, of course!" the Plant Mistress responded, watching Wonder Woman's struggles with growing amusement and excitement. "But you won't be the first to experience the pleasures of this particular species. No, a particularly annoying grad student assigned to me had that honor when I discovered that she was spying on me. After a couple of hours of exposure to these specimens, she was a mindless, fucked-out sex zombie. As you should be too, I imagine, by morning."

Wonder Woman stared at her captor, genuine fear eclipsing her lovely features for the first time. "Morning?" she asked, her voice pitched higher than she had intended.

"Mmm-hmm. Eight, maybe nine hours from now. I wouldn't allow any less for the complete sexual domination of an Amazon."

"This...this is insane, Dr. Austen!" Wonder Woman argued, panic beginning to creep into her voice. "You must stop this at once!"

The Plant Mistress laughed cruelly. "What, and miss the show? Speaking of which..." The villainess walked back to her worktable and opened a cupboard underneath it while Wonder Woman anxiously watched the undulating stalk between her legs. Its rhythmic movements seemed to be slowing, yet growing stronger, as if it was gathering confidence and strength. Its obscene coating of vegetable lubricant glistened in the harsh, bright lights of the greenhouse.

Wonder Woman shifted her apprehensive gaze from the plant aimed at her pussy back to the Plant Mistress, only to see what was the final indignity: the villainess was setting up a video camera!

"What are you doing!?" Wonder Woman exclaimed.

"I should have thought that was obvious," the Plant Mistress said with a malicious grin as she aimed the video camera, focused, and began recording. "I'm recording the rape of the supposedly invulnerable Wonder Woman by a houseplant, for posterity. Oh, and for fund-raising; I imagine these will sell like hotcakes on the Internet. People will forget all about Pamela and Tommy after they see this!"

"You can't be serious..."

Wonder Woman's pleas halted as the plant beneath her made a strange, low, rumbling sound, stiffened, and retracted slightly.

"It's show time!" the Plant Mistress declared, tapping a few more commands into her palmtop.

"Hera help me..." Wonder Woman whispered in quiet supplication as her eyes widened in terror.

The slick, stocky vine below her suddenly surged upwards, bursting into her pussy with startling speed and power. Wonder Woman's perfect body jerked upwards, her breasts bouncing despite her bonds; stale sweat sprayed from her body, and she gasped loudly. At the same time, the flower next to her fired its first load of pheromones directly at her face; her deep inhalation as she was penetrated ensured that the lust-inducing chemicals entered her lungs, and from there, her bloodstream. The exotic, musky scent, much, much stronger than before, filled her nostrils and overwhelmed her senses.

"N-no..." Wonder Woman said shakily as she felt a powerful, burning need growing in her body. The thick stalk in her vagina began to move, slowly, tauntingly, and all she wanted to do was welcome its presence and stimulation. Almost against her will, her vaginal muscles clamped around the bulbous head of the stalk when it was deep within her, then relaxed to allow it re-entry when it pulled out. She began to lubricate, her pussy juices mingling with the oils of her insentient rapist.

"Musn't...give in..." Wonder Woman insisted through clenched teeth. She inhaled sharply as the vine thrust into her pussy, then slowly withdrew. "I'm...an...Amazon!"

The Plant Mistress watched, admiring the willpower of her opponent, but knowing that it had to be crushed. She decided to up the ante. She tapped a few more commands into her palmtop.

The many small tendrils that had excited Wonder Woman during her earlier love-making session with the Plant Mistress leapt back to life with a vengeance. They twined around her breasts once again, alternately squeezing and releasing the sensitive mammaries. The suckers latched on to the tips of her breasts again, the tiny stamens resuming their stimulation of Wonder Woman's painfully erect nipples as the heroine cried out in shock, humiliation, and excitement. Another sucker attached itself to her clitoris, and fiendishly synchronized its movements over the sensitive nub with those of its larger, thicker cousin, which was slowly, almost imperceptibly, accelerating its tempo inside the helpless heroine's pussy. Every movement forced moans and gasps from the Amazon's lovely lips.

In addition, new tendrils and shoots joined the fray, stimulating more innocuous but no less sensitive areas of the Amazon's gorgeous body. Tender stalks with a soft, downy covering began to brush teasingly over the insides of Wonder Woman's thighs and the backs of her knees and calves. A thick branch used its large, broad leaves to playfully spank her ripe, quivering bottom. Long, thin tendrils grazed over the skin on her back and shoulders. Soft leaves stroked up and down the underside of her forearms, her triceps, and her armpits. The pale green tip of a long, thin vine began to tickle and tease her ruby-red lips; Wonder Woman swung her head from side to side, the only body movement she could manage, trying to avoid the mischievous caress of the tiny vine, but found no respite.

And still the broad, slick stalk in her pussy continued to plunge in and out relentlessly. Each thrust seemed to knock another brick from the wall of her resistance; she was being assaulted on too many fronts to mount an effective defense. And the pheromones roared through her system, making it cry out for satisfaction.

"Hunhaa...hunhaa...hunhaa...hunhaa..." Wonder Woman panted as she was savagely raped and ravished by the Plant Mistress' horrific creations.

Yet the amazing Amazon continued to resist, denying herself the release her body craved, even though she knew that when she did come, as she inevitably would, her defiance would only make the orgasm more powerful and devastating. But she could not give in. She was an Amazon. To climax at the hands of a sister--even one as twisted and perverted as the Plant Mistress--was one thing; but to be raped to a forced orgasm by PLANTS?!? Unthinkable!

The Plant Mistress couldn't tear her eyes from the erotic spectacle before her. Wonder Woman's incredible body, covered now in a glowing sheen of perspiration, trembled beneath the botanical assault on her senses. Her large breasts, despite the thin vines that entwined them, shook with every thrust of the thick stalk that penetrated her vagina. The Amazon's eyes were closed tight, her teeth clenched, her contorted face revealing the titanic struggle that raged within her. Moans and gasps alternately escaped from her beautiful mouth while her lovely head tossed and rolled as her inner turmoil grew. The Plant Mistress herself was aroused by the sight, and began to squeeze her breasts with one hand while massaging her clit with the other as she watched the gyrations of her helpless captive.

Several minutes later, the Amazon still hadn't come! Melanie, that pathetic excuse for a lab assistant, the Plant Mistress remembered, had had four climaxes in the same amount of time. And she'd been well on her way, at that point, to becoming a mindless vegetable, uh, zombie, the villainess corrected herself mentally, out of respect for her precious plants. But Wonder Woman somehow managed to hold out, despite the stimulation of just about every erogenous zone the Plant Mistress could think of.

"Wait a minute," the villainess muttered as she stopped caressing herself and reached for her palmtop, "I've forgotten a couple, haven't I?"

"Ahhh...ahhh...ahhh..." Wonder Woman's eyes were shut tight, her mouth now hanging open as she breathed raggedly, each exhalation in time with another pelvic thrust from the vine inside her. Suddenly, one of the other, forgotten vines of the same species forced itself into her open mouth.

"MMMMPPPHHHHHH!!!!!!" the Amazon shouted in shock and protest, eyes wide open now, her cry muffled by the leafy appendage forcing its way inside her mouth and down her throat. Diana hadn't noticed, what with everything else going on, as the stalk had grown in front of her until it had reached the level of her mouth, then entered it. She attempted to shake it loose, but found she couldn't; the vine restricted the movement of her head too much. But the worst was yet to come.

Beneath her, one more plant of the same variety, also unnoticed by the Amazon, undulated below its target, covering itself with lubricant, preparing to strike.

"Yes, my pet! Finish her!" The Plant Mistress watched in anticipation, her hands once again rubbing her clit and clutching at her breasts, her own breath coming short and ragged.

Suddenly, the third stalk thrust upwards, forcing its three-inch diameter powerfully and violently into Wonder Woman's as-yet untouched anus. The heroine's eyes opened wider still as her entire body froze in shock.

"GNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" the Amazon screamed around her oral rapist as her ass was reamed by its brother.

"OOHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!" the Plant Mistress screamed as she came, her eyes wide and riveted to her anguished captive. "FUCK HER! FUCK HER! FUCK HER!" the villainess shouted as cascading waves of pleasure rocked her body, jiggling her enormous breasts.

Wonder Woman hung in her bondage, her mind all but shattered by the triple penetration of her bodily orifices. Her blue eyes stared widely and blankly into empty space. Her body began to spasm, then shake as the stalks in her pussy and anus accelerated their thrusts in an alternating rhythm. The other plants stimulating her body similarly stepped up their pace and intensity. All thought of resistance--all thoughts at all, for that matter--left Wonder Woman's mind as she succumbed to the insidious power of the pheromones and the relentless stimulation of the plants. Diana could feel the huge, powerful orgasm growing inside her; if her earlier climaxes were waves, THIS was a tsunami!

"Unh, unh, unh, unh," the Amazon panted rapidly as her arousal grew to its breaking point.

"Yes! Yes! You can't resist, slut!" the Plant Mistress declared triumphantly as she watched her enemy on the verge of defeat.

"Hunh! Hunh! Hunh! Hunh!" Wonder Woman grunted rapidly as one stalk thrust into her pussy, then the other plunged into her anus as its partner withdrew. With each tortured breath, her eyes gradually shut tight. "HUNH! HUNH! HUNH! HUNH!"

The tidal wave crashed. Wonder Woman's eyes popped open as her body froze tight.

"HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" the Amazon shrieked as she climaxed more powerfully than she ever had in her life. "HUUUUUNNHHHH!!! HUUUUNNHHHH!!! HUUUUNNHHHH!!!" she continued to scream as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her. The Amazon's gorgeous figure gyrated in its bonds, her huge breasts shaking violently as erotic explosions racked her body. Her lithe arms and legs spasmed involuntarily. The Plant Mistress feared for a moment that the Amazon's violent climax might actually break her out of her restraints, but the vines held.

"Huuunnhhh...Huuunnhhh...Huuunnhhh..." Wonder Woman groaned wearily as the last aftershocks of her orgasm shook her body.

"That was...remarkable," the Plant Mistress commented in admiration. "I've never seen anyone experience such a powerful orgasm before. I'm amazed you're still alive, Wonder Woman."

The Amazon regarded her tormentor silently, lacking the strength or clarity of mind to muster a response. Even if she had, the thick vine that remained in her mouth would have rendered it illegible anyway. Instead, Wonder Woman stared at the villainess from between the thick, dark lashes of her heavily-lidded eyes.

"In some ways, I envy you, Wonder Woman," the Plant Mistress continued. "To experience such a powerful orgasm...and it's only the first of many," she concluded with an evil grin as she pulled her palmtop computer from her hip pocket.

Wonder Woman's eyes widened slowly as the villainess' words reminded her of her earlier promise, that the plants would be raping her to a state of mindless ecstasy for the rest of the night. The Amazon groaned in despair as the beautiful blonde rogue tapped more commands into the small computer, and the leafy tendrils and vines slowly began to move around and inside her once again.

"There. I've put the plants into a sort of sexual auto-pilot. They'll pleasure you for hours, until I tell them to stop," the Plant Mistress explained, clearly enjoying the plight of her captive. "I bred the pheromone flowers, by the way, to sense sexual desire in humans and to respond accordingly. As your desire flags, it will replenish the pheromones in your system."

Wonder Woman could only twitch in response as the vines slowly escalated their assault on her body and she felt the chemically-induced craving stirring deep in her ravaged loins.

"Oh, there's one other interesting little factoid I should share with you. The pheromones...accumulate in the bloodstream. Repeated doses, especially over short periods of time, increase their effectiveness." The Plant Mistress' voice became cold and hard. "Long before morning, Wonder Slut, you'll be BEGGING my pets to fuck your brains out."

Wonder Woman stared at her adversary in horror. She actually whimpered pleadingly, if in vain.

"Well," the villainess said with a casual shrug as she approached the captive, quivering Amazon, "that's assuming that you're still capable of forming coherent sentences at that point, and that the vine in your mouth will give you leeway to deliver them...neither of which is likely."

The Plant Mistress caressed Wonder Woman's face, then clasped the Amazon's huge breasts with her hands, her thumbs playfully flicking the erect nipples.

"I wish I could stay and watch," she said regretfully, "but I'm wiped. I just don't have your stamina. Of course, by dawn, you won't have it either. Fortunately, the video camera has a ten-hour tape; I'll be able to watch your sexual devastation once I'm rested."

Wonder Woman closed her eyes and groaned softly as the villainous vixen tortured her over-stimulated nipples. The Plant Mistress gave a long, malevolent laugh, released the heroine's breasts, and walked away, out of the greenhouse, leaving Wonder Woman to suffer through a long, hot night of sexual agony and ecstasy.

And that, Wonder Woman reflected groggily in the brief respite between sexual bouts that followed her sixteenth orgasm--well, she thought it was her sixteenth, but she really wasn't sure--was how she had arrived at her sorry fate.

In spite of the helplessness of her situation, however, the Amazon still clung to hope that she would prevail. After all, in spite of the repeated climaxes and lust-inducing pheromones, her mind was still intact and able to review the sequence of events that had brought her here, even if it couldn't find a way out. She had escaped from far deadlier traps before. And she was an Amazon! She WOULD prevail! She would...

Wonder Woman's attention was pulled back to the situation at hand by a low rumbling from the plants beneath her, the very ones that had been penetrating her bodily orifices. Earlier, the sound had heralded their violent infiltration of her body; she dreaded what it meant now, but could not pull her eyes away.

Wonder Woman watched in horrified fascination as two of the three thick stalks that had been raping her suddenly split open. Their dark green epidermis peeled away, revealing a fresh, bright green core. The new growth began to increase in diameter, rapidly exceeding two, then three, then four inches, and continuing to expand until the stalks were no less than six inches thick. Wonder Woman shuddered as she noticed not only the thickness of the vines, but the many ridges and studs that fiendishly lined each long, green shaft. The vines began to vibrate obscenely as they lubricated, preparing to impale their helpless victim.

"Great Hera preserve me," the Amazon Princess whispered, her confidence vanishing. Soon, she knew, those monstrous phalluses would be inside her, pumping away mercilessly; they would destroy her, shatter her sanity, unless...

Wonder Woman's attention was suddenly drawn away from the bitch-tamers beneath her by two stalks that grew from behind her back, curled around her torso, and pointed towards her large breasts. A flower bud appeared at the tip of each stalk and grew, then blossomed, revealing a much larger version of the flower that had so maddeningly aroused her nipples during previous sessions. Each of the new, bright red flowers was large enough to encapsulate one of her breasts. A long, rigid stamen in the middle of each flower, she perceived apprehensively, would provide the stimulation to her nipples. The demonic flowers hovered, almost hungrily, in front of the Amazon's mammaries. Her breathing quickened as the huge flowers moved slowly forward.

"No...no...please, no...," Wonder Woman begged as her breasts disappeared inside the petals of her botanical tormentors. The flowers began a slow, torturous kneading of the massive mammaries inside them. Wonder Woman gave a low moan, then inhaled sharply through clenched teeth as the stamens began to flick against her erect, rock-hard nipples. One stamen then began to leisurely circle her left nipple; Wonder Woman bit her lower lip and moaned in response.

The Amazon groggily noticed another flower, a pretty pink and red one, quivering slightly to the right of her face. It made a short, sharp hissing sound as it shot yet another salvo of sexually-loaded pheromones at the heroine. Wonder Woman, startled out of her reverie, gasped. Her inhalation allowed the devious chemicals immediate access to her body. The pheromones quickly entered her blood stream for delivery to her nervous system, adding themselves to the remnants of previous doses.

Wonder Woman felt whatever control she had over her libidinous desires slip away as the accumulated pheromones in her body finally overwhelmed her. She tossed her head backwards, her dark hair spilling across her face and down her naked back, as she gave a long, lusty groan. Slowly, she raised her head, her breathing slow but heavy. Her blue eyes had a glazed, wanton look; she gradually lowered them to gaze longingly at the thick, bulbous stalks that undulated beneath her crotch.

"Fuck me...," she breathed, her voice a barely audible whisper. "Fuck me," she repeated, more loudly. "FUCK ME!" she commanded the quivering stalks as her eyes blazed with licentious desire.

As if in response, the first of the huge vines shot upwards, ramming into her exposed, wet pussy. Wonder Woman's perfect body lurched in its bonds, her breasts heaved, and her head tossed backwards yet again as she let out a lusty, appreciative yell.

"YEEESSSS!!!!!!" the Amazon shouted to the rafters of the greenhouse, all regal dignity abandoned, as the thick shaft began to move inside her. "OH, GODS, YES! FUCK MY CUNT! FUCK IT! UH! UH! UH! UH!" she cried vigorously as her body willingly received each impact. A deviant, pleasure-loving smile spread across her face as her botanical lover screwed her with an accelerating tempo.

But something was missing. Her head flopped forward as she regarded the vine's equally thick and imposing partner, still preparing itself beneath her.

"Come ON," she insisted, lust blazing in her eyes, "fuck my ass. Fuck my ripe Amazonian ass. Fuck it! Fuck it! FUCK IT!" Her fellow members of the superhero community would have been shocked to hear such language from the seemingly untouchable, unattainable Amazon; but she didn't give a damn. All she wanted was satisfaction of the crudest and basest form.

The second vine reached slowly towards her waiting anus. It paused, caressing the Amazon's tight sphincter.

"Oh, you TEASE!" Wonder Woman lustily admonished the plant. She forced her ass muscles to relax.

The plant seemed to sense her welcoming actions and began to slowly press into her behind. Two leaves that had been slapping her butt-cheeks stopped to assist, spreading her round cheeks wider for the thick, oily shaft.

"Hunhunhunhunh..." Wonder Woman gave a trembling moan as she felt the gradual penetration of her rear love canal. The two lower shafts began to slowly pump in and out of the Amazon, each alternating its entry and exit with its partner.

"Ooh...ooh...ooh...yesss..." Wonder Woman panted appreciatively as the thick shafts fucked her. Her breasts bounced inside their floral envelopes; the Amazon arched, then straightened her back repeatedly to increase the kneading sensation on her mammaries. She gasped excitedly whenever one of the rigid stamens brushed against her sensitive nipples.

"Faster...harder...come ON...," she commanded through clenched teeth; "I need MORE!!!"

As if in answer to her wanton demand, the third phallic vine, smoother than its brothers, grew level with her face.

"Oooh...yesss...closer," the lust-crazed Amazon begged. As the vine moved towards her ripe, luscious lips, she leaned forward to lick it with her tongue. Then it entered her mouth, and she began to suck it eagerly.

"Mmmmphhh...mmmuugghh...nnnnummpphh..." she groaned around the shaft as it fucked her mouth and its brothers reamed her ass and pussy. Anyone who knew the heroine would have been incredulous at her behavior. She had cast aside all notion of restraint, modesty, and dignity; she was no longer a heroine, no longer a princess, no longer an Amazon, no longer Wonder Woman...she was no more than a sex-crazed slut, lustily fucking a bunch of plants. The video camera, long forgotten by the Amazon, continued to record her depraved abasement, guaranteeing that all her colleagues, all her enemies, indeed, the entire world would witness how low she had sunk.

Wonder Woman began thrusting her hips up and down to meet the impact of the huge phalluses penetrating her. Her movements caused the petals surrounding her breasts to grip tighter, exciting her further. The heroine's lithe form spasmed rhythmically as it was fucked. Her blue eyes, normally clear as crystal but now hazed by lust, stared straight ahead as she focused on forcing herself to yet another orgasm.

"Nngh, nngh, nngh, nngh," she grunted shamelessly as she felt the climax building inside her. She had resisted all the previous orgasms; this one she welcomed...no, craved, with all her being. It would be explosive.

"Unnh, unnh, unnh, UNNH, UNNH," Wonder Woman began to squeal, her voice climbing higher and higher as her passion began to crest, "UNH! UNH! UNH!"

The stalks pumping her loins reached their maximum velocity, thrusting like green pistons as human and vegetable lubricant gushed around them.

"MM! MM! MM! MMMMMM!!!!"

Her eyes shut tight. Her body froze, then trembled violently. A low moan began in her belly and rose through her chest.

"mmmmmmmMMMMMMMAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed as she tossed her head back, forcing the vine from her mouth, and yelled in welcome ecstasy. "YES! YES! YES! YES!" the Amazon exclaimed as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her. "OH GODS! OH GODS! OOOHHHHH!!!" Her tall, athletic body was racked by brutal tremors as multiple orgasms swept through it. Her right breast escaped from the petals that surrounded it and bounced in counterpoint to her spasming body.

"OHHH!...OHH...ohh...ohh...ohhhhhhhhhhh...," she finally moaned as she sagged into the vines that bound her. The plants ceased their movement as their captive rode down the declining slope of her orgasm.

Wonder Woman breathed heavily, her breasts, now both loose of their floral casing, rising and falling with each breath. Her strong, shapely thighs quivered. Her glassy eyes looked aimlessly around the greenhouse that had been her prison, but was now her pleasure palace.

After a few moments, Wonder Woman looked pleadingly at the immobile plants around her.

"Mmuhhh," she groaned, trying to form a sound, a word; "mrrrhh... morrre... MORRRRE!"

The plants seemed to slowly respond to her primitive command, and stirred themselves to action once again, much to the sex-crazed Amazon's delight. It appeared Wonder Woman was well on her way to the fate the Plant Mistress had intended; by morning, she would be a fucked-out, sex-bombed, mindless erotic automaton.


The Plant Mistress strode cheerfully back towards the center of the greenhouse. She had decided to wear her new outfit, a modified Donna Kapon original. A single dark green silk strap plunged over her left shoulder, joining a broader swath of fabric that plunged across her chest just over the tops of her breasts, revealing the villainess' ample cleavage. The silk dress wrapped around her back and behind then around her front again. The left hem of the dress rode almost to the top of her hip, revealing all of her shapely leg, while the right side plunged toward the tops of the spike-heeled, brown leather boots she wore. A dark green mask surrounded her eyes, while long, dark brown gloves covered her arms all the way to her slender biceps.

The villainess walked with a noticeable spring in her step; she felt absolutely great, wonderful...TRIUMPHANT. She had found a way to bend plants to her will, had pulled off six robberies without a hitch, and had captured, defeated, and sexually humiliated the most powerful superheroine on the planet.

"And I look SPECTACULAR in this outfit!" the blonde bombshell exclaimed, rubbing her hands sensually down the sides of her breasts, across her taught tummy and over the tops of her shapely legs. "Thank you, Thigh-Master!"

It was no real surprise, she reflected, that she had so thoroughly defeated that Amazon bimbo. After all, she had two Ph.D.'s, while Wonder Woman had, at best, a... classical education.

"Yeah, I'll bet being able to read Homer in the original Greek came in REAL handy last night," she chuckled as she entered the central clearing containing her work table, computer, bookshelves, and one sexually-exhausted superheroine.

"Hrrrmmm...hrrrmmm...hrrrmmm...," Wonder Woman was moaning, her voice hoarse and weak, as her untiring, insentient rapists continued to violate her. Her dark hair hung limply over her naked body, matted with her own sweat and the plants' lubricants, which had apparently sprayed and covered much of her body during the night. A mixture of fiendish flowers and teasing tendrils continued to assault the Amazon's erogenous zones; her breasts, thighs, stomach, and limbs quivered in fatigued response. Her tanned, usually perfect skin dripped with sweat and plant jism, and much of it was pink or even red where it had been rubbed or slapped raw by the pernicious plants.

The Plant Mistress walked over to her pathetic captive to examine her more closely. It seemed her charges had done their work quite well. Wonder Woman's jaw hung open, mindless groans and drool escaping from her puffy lips, and her eyes, under half-shut lids, were vacant, void of all awareness. Wonder Woman, the Plant Mistress thought in triumph, now knew nothing, felt nothing, wanted nothing, except the constant sexual stimulation of her still-magnificent body.

The Plant Mistress placed her hand under Wonder Woman's chin and turned the heroine's face towards her. The Amazon's blank expression did not change.

"Lights on, no one home," the villainess concluded. The vines binding Wonder Woman, she noted with satisfaction, had held. The thick stalks still encircled the Amazon's bare wrists--the bracelets, the Plant Mistress noticed idly, had slid down her forearms, no doubt aided by the sweat and oil that covered them--and both the heroine's boots had fallen off, but her bare ankles were still entwined.

"Well, Wonder Whore, I guess you've had enough," the Plant Mistress said with a satisfied smirk. She picked up her palmtop computer and ordered the plants to stop their stimulation of the Amazon. The tendrils and flowers retreated from Wonder Woman's body, and the two thick stalks idly pumping her loins stopped and pulled out. Wonder Woman's only response was a mindless grunt that sounded mildly disappointed. The vines around her ankles and wrists, however, maintained their hold on her, keeping her spent body suspended in a spread-eagled position.

"I'm still disappointed that you wouldn't join me," the Plant Mistress declared with a sigh. "But you've been punished for that mistake. And at least I'll have this tape to entertain me...," she said, turning towards the video camera she'd left running.

As the villainess turned away from her, the Amazon's heavy-lidded eyes suddenly took on a razor's sharpness. When the Plant Mistress popped open the video camera, Wonder Woman easily slipped her ankles from the vines around them with a quiet SLURP, aided by the lubricants coating her skin. She then folded her body in half at her mid-section, pointing her naked legs up and pressing her feet against the vines surrounding her wrists. This gave her the leverage, and the oils on her skin the leeway, to slip her arms out of bondage. She flipped in the air as she was released, like a supple cat correcting its fall, and landed in the deep, loose soil silently.

"The good news, Wonder Slut, is that I don't think I'll have to rob any more banks for awhile," the Plant Mistress bragged to her supposedly-catatonic captive as she placed the video tape in the cabinet of her workbench. "Selling this video of your fuck-a-thon on e-Bay should generate enough cash to..."

The villainess stopped speaking as her peripheral vision caught a tawny blur approaching the far end of the work bench, where she had left Wonder Woman's stripped uniform last night. The Plant Mistress turned to see Wonder Woman retrieve her magic belt and fasten it around her waist.

"W-w-what...?" the villainess stuttered, stunned to see the heroine mobile. "Y-you should be a...a...fucked-out vegetable! I mean, zombie!"

Wonder Woman drew a deep, satisfying breath as she felt the magic strength of the belt surge through her naked body. She balled her hands into fists and placed them on her nude hips, her feet shoulder-width apart, her chin and huge, firm breasts jutting forward proudly...her power stance. The Amazon looked more magnificent in that pose nude than she did clothed, even covered with the sweat of her night-long sexual exertions. She looked down her nose at the shocked villainess who stood, frozen, a few feet from her.

"You said you hadn't underestimated me, but you did," Wonder Woman declared regally. "You were correct; the Amazons on Paradise Island do partake of the pleasures of our sisters' flesh. Sometimes those sessions can last for days, and involve scores of Amazons. We even make a tournament out of it sometimes, seeing who can last the longest and achieve the most orgasms." Wonder Woman smiled proudly and shamelessly. Her voice seductively dropped an octave. "Guess who won the last of those tournaments?" she asked through a wicked grin.

"...but the vines held you...," the Plant Mistress insisted as she struggled to regain her composure.

"Ha! The sweat of my body and your plants' own lubricants allowed me to slip their bonds. But you won't escape the bonds of justice, Plant Mistress!" Wonder Woman concluded, pointing an accusatory finger at her adversary.

"No? Well, you're not out of the woods yet, Wonder Woman!"

The two women suddenly looked at each other apologetically.

"Ouch," the villainess said, "that was a really lame line, wasn't it?"

"That's okay," Wonder Woman replied, "mine was worse."

The adversaries quickly resumed their battle poses. The Plant Mistress moved first, beginning to tap commands into her palmtop computer.

"Oh, no you don't!" Wonder Woman declared. She removed her tiara and expertly flung it at the villainess, knocking the palmtop from her hand before the first command sequence could be completed. Wonder Woman then charged her opponent, her huge breasts bouncing as she ran.

The Amazon collided with the villainess and threw her to the ground, intending to pin the blonde woman beneath her. The Plant Mistress recovered quickly, however, and managed to deliver a blow to Wonder Woman's jaw. The punch, though weak, knocked the naked heroine off her opponent. The Plant Mistress quickly realized that Wonder Woman's bravado might be covering more fatigue than the heroine cared to admit.

"I can still win!" the Plant Mistress shouted as she leapt on top of Wonder Woman.

Fear gripped Wonder Woman's heart as she realized the truth of her opponent's words. She had indeed won the last sexual tournament on Paradise Island...but that was many years ago, and she hadn't enjoyed the embrace of a lover, male or female, since coming to Man's World. The innumerable, devastating climaxes of the previous evening, tapping a deep well of long-denied desire, had nearly destroyed her, as the Plant Mistress had intended. In the midst of her botanical rape, however, Wonder Woman had realized that each climax diminished the effectiveness of the pheromones. She had given in to her lust so as to purge the chemicals from her system, while simultaneously persuading the plant that delivered them that she needed no further doses. The ruse--a huge gamble--had worked, but it had depleted her resources. It took the last reserves of her normal strength just to reach her belt; in her weakened state, the magic girdle only made her an even match for a normal woman, such as the one now atop her. And her adversary was well-rested; Wonder Woman was not. Without her magic belt, she would have collapsed from exhaustion.

The Plant Mistress tried to claw at Wonder Woman's face as the Amazon tightly gripped her wrists to hold off her attack. Both women gave feminine grunts of exertion and determination as they struggled. The Plant Mistress slipped a hand free, but Wonder Woman deflected it from her face. The villainess's hand instead contacted the Amazon's naked and vulnerable breast. That'll do, the villainess thought, and clamped down, clawing at the tender flesh.

"AAAAAAHHH!!!" Wonder Woman yelled in agony as her tit, still sensitive from the evening's rape, was mutilated. She gripped her opponent's wrist and tried to remove her hand, but Plant Mistress' firm grip made that just as painful.

Deciding on a different tactic, Wonder Woman drew back her hand, formed a fist, and punched the blonde botanist across the face. That worked. The blow threw the Plant Mistress off of Wonder Woman, onto her back, and forced her to release the Amazon's savaged breast.

Diana wasted no time. She pushed herself up and flung herself onto her opponent, pressing her advantage. She grabbed the Plant Mistress' shoulders. The villainess shoved hard into Wonder Woman's breasts, pushing her away. Diana clung to the Plant Mistress' shoulder strap, pulling and tearing it as she was thrown backwards, revealing her opponent's large, jiggling breasts.

"You bitch!" the Plant Mistress screamed as she pushed herself up on her elbows. "You ruined my outfit!"

"Yeah, like you paid a lot for it," Wonder Woman responded unsympathetically as she pushed herself up from between the Plant Mistress' shapely legs. "You're nothing more than a pathetic thief."

"I'll show you who's pathetic!"

The Plant Mistress delivered a roundhouse kick to Wonder Woman's face. The Amazon's dark hair flew across her face as her head snapped sideways. She fell onto one elbow. The villainess kicked her again, straight into her belly.

"UGGFFF!!!" Wonder Woman exhaled painfully.

The Plant Mistress drew her leg back one more time. It snapped forward, her foot aimed at Wonder Woman's open crotch, then hitting it with a sharp CRACK!

"AAAAAAUUUUUGGGHHH!!!" Wonder Woman bellowed in pain as her hands plunged to her pulverized pussy. She lay gasping for air on the ground as she curled into a fetal position.

"Not so tough, are you, Princess," the Plant Mistress sneered as Wonder Woman writhed in agony. The villainess pushed herself to her feet and grabbed two handfuls of the Amazon's dark, curly hair.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman screamed as the Plant Mistress dragged her by her hair, back towards the vines that had bound and tormented her all night.

"I think you need another training session, Wonder Whore," the Plant Mistress declared. "A much longer one. In case you weren't aware, it's Spring Break. That's why the campus is so deserted. Only the janitors are around, and I can easily keep them out of here while I have my plants fuck you ALL WEEK LONG!!!"

"N-n-no!!" Wonder Woman stammered in horror. She had barely survived one night of sexual battle with the Plant Mistress' creations; in her weakened state, at the end of a week, she would truly be a mindless sex zombie.

The Plant Mistress gingerly touched her jaw where Wonder Woman had punched her, then drew her foot back and angrily kicked Wonder Woman in the side. The heroine cried out and curled up once again, trembling helplessly in the dirt of the greenhouse floor.

"This time, I'm not just going to videotape the proceedings...I'm gonna sell TICKETS! I'll let every supervillian who's ever wanted to see you defeated--and there must be a LOT of them--line up to watch you get raped! Hell, if they want to pay for it, I'll even let them take a poke at you themselves!"

"N-no...you...can't..." Wonder Woman gasped. Could this be it? Could she possibly, finally, meet ultimate defeat at this woman's hands?

"And I'll sell off your clothes, too...starting with this fancy belt..." The Plant Mistress bent down to remove Wonder Woman's magic belt.

Deep in Wonder Woman's mind, something dark and angry stirred, screamed, and came rushing to the surface. What her heroism and dignity could not achieve, her Amazonian warrior's anger would. She would NEVER be the plaything and whore of her enemies! NEVER!

Perceiving that her opponent was suddenly off-balance, the Amazon grabbed the Plant Mistress' wrists and pulled, flipping the blond botanist on to her back.

"HOUGHFFF!!" the villainess exhaled as the fall knocked the wind out of her. Then, suddenly, her adversary was upon her.

"RARRGGGGGGHHH!!!!" the Amazon snarled, her eyes bright and feral, as she leapt onto the prone villainess. She rolled and landed between the Plant Mistress' legs. Wonder Woman reared up, her teeth clenched tight, and began to rain blows down onto the suddenly defenseless Plant Mistress. She pounded the blonde's bare breasts, face, shoulders, and stomach with punch after punch. She had no strategy, no plan...just blind rage.

"My God...she's gone insane!" the Plant Mistress thought, between blows. "She'll kill me!"

Desperately, the villainess raised her legs around the furious heroine, locked her ankles, and squeezed her thighs around the Amazon's rib cage.

"NNNRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman growled as her opponent squeezed her tightly. She struck at the blonde's stomach and breasts, but could not loosen her deadly grip. The villainess grunted and clenched her teeth in determination. The Amazon could only take short, shallow breaths at best.

Wonder Woman's vision began to blacken and fade as lack of oxygen began to overcome her. Then she noticed something bright and red, striking against the dark earth around it. She recognized one of her boots, laying just within arm's reach, and grabbed it. With the last ounce of her strength, she desperately swung the boot at the Plant Mistress' head.

CRACK! The hard high heel of the boot made contact with the blonde villainess' temple. Her grip loosened slightly, and the Amazon gratefully took a breath and swung again.

SMACK! The heel hit the villainess' temple again. Her legs dropped.

WHACK! Her eyes rolled upwards. WHACK! Her ankles unlocked. WHACK! She lost consciousness.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! In her blind, angry rage, the Amazon continued to hit the helpless villainess with the heel of her boot. Finally she stopped.

Wonder Woman rolled over the Plant Mistress' unmoving legs and onto her back. There she laid for several minutes, gulping in air, her large breasts, stained with dirt and sweat, heaving with each painful breath.

Eventually she pushed herself onto her elbows, then into a kneeling position, and finally to her feet. She shakily made her way to the middle of the work bench, where she'd seen a sink earlier. She turned on the water and greedily drank from the faucet. Cold water ran down her face, over her neck, and across her breasts, dripping from her swollen nipples into the large work sink.

Wonder Woman then took handfuls of water and splashed it on her nude body. As best she could, she washed the dirt, sweat, and plant jism from her magnificent form, occasionally gasping as she rubbed her hands over a particularly tender spot.

When she was done, she retrieved her uniform and slowly put it back on. She nearly collapsed into unconsciousness when she had to remove the magic belt to pull the bustier over her mid-section, but recovered. She inhaled sharply through clenched teeth when the bustier pressed against her tender breasts and nipples.

Finally she was dressed, and turned a cold, angry eye to the still-unconscious form of her opponent. She bound the Plant Mistress with her golden lasso, although she was still unlikely to regain consciousness for some time. Then she looked around the greenhouse, coldly forming a plan...

A cold splash of water in the face revived the defeated villainess. Through gradually clearing vision and a monster of a headache, the Plant Mistress took in her surroundings, or, to describe it more accurately, her predicament.

She was bound, she quickly gathered, spread-eagled a few inches above the greenhouse floor, held in place by her own magnificent Amazonian Ivy specimens. She was also completely nude. Cold water streamed down her face and over her large breasts; her nipples began to pucker and rise in response to the chilly liquid dripping from them.

On the ground before her stood Wonder Woman, back in her full uniform, holding a now-empty watering can and the Plant Mistress' palmtop computer.

"Wh-what..." the villainess stammered.

"Rise and shine, Plant Mistress," Wonder Woman coldly taunted her opponent. "I told you that you wouldn't escape justice, and you won't, as you can see."

"Uh...I suppose...the police...are on their way...," the naked blonde groggily responded.

"The police? No, I haven't called them"

The Plant Mistress regarded the raven-tressed heroine in confusion. "B-but you said..."

"...that you wouldn't escape justice. And you won't. But you'll first feel the wrath of Amazonian justice before you feel the tender mercies of Man's World's equivalent."

The Plant Mistress regarded Wonder Woman with a growing sense of dread. "What do you mean..."

The Amazon bestowed a coldly bemused smile on her opponent. It was decidedly not a comforting sight. "I intend to give you...what is the Man's World expression?...a taste of your own medicine." Wonder Woman glanced at the palmtop computer. "I really must compliment you on your work. Even the user interface is remarkably simple to master once..."

"YOU CAN'T DO THIS!!!" the villainess screamed in terror, her eyes wild, her naked limbs thrashing wildly in their bondage. Her large breasts bounced and her muscles flexed as she attempted to escape--vainly, of course.

"On the contrary," Wonder Woman said, her voice sharp and icy, like cold steel, "I can and I will."

"But...but...you're a HEROINE!"

Wonder Woman cocked one dark eyebrow. "Perhaps. But before I am that, before I am a princess, before I am even a woman, I am an Amazon Warrior. And nobody, but NOBODY, fucks with us. Not literally, and not figuratively."

Wonder Woman then began tapping a sequence of commands into the palmtop, and the plants around the helpless blonde sprang to life. As the Plant Mistress watched in horror, thin vines wrapped around her large breasts, tightening then releasing, as the villainess gasped in response.

A long, wet vine swung horizontally, hitting the Plant Mistress' quivering bottom with a loud SMACK!


Wonder Woman couldn't help smiling as the Plant Mistress began to suffer the fate intended for her. She punched in some more commands.

The flower growing next to the Plant Mistress hissed and sprayed a fine mist in her face. The villainess held her breath, but eventually had to inhale, and the insidious pheromones invaded her system.

"Oh...oh God..." the blonde whimpered as she fought, in vain, to resist the desire burning within her. The tugging of her breasts felt better and better with each passing moment. Her pussy began to lubricate.

A low rumbling noise sounded from the ground below the Plant Mistress' spread legs. The blonde's pale blue eyes looked desperately at Wonder Woman's; both women knew what would happen next.

"Please..." the villainess pleaded.

"Well, if you insist," Wonder Woman replied and tapped a short command into the palmtop.


The six-inch wide vine exploded into the villainess' pussy. Her body lurched in pain and pleasure, her large breasts jiggling, in reaction to the impact. She tossed back her blonde head screamed to the glass ceiling of the greenhouse as her own creation penetrated her.


The vine assumed a quick rhythm, propelling itself in and out of the helpless botanist's pussy with accelerating alacrity.

"Oh! God! Oh! God! Oh! God!" the Plant Mistress panted. The stalk's vigorous pumping increased her heart rate, saturating her system with the pheromones. She didn't have Wonder Woman's superhuman resistance; an orgasm would claim her soon, she knew, then another, then another, on and on until all conscious thought vanished beneath a tidal wave of sexual pleasure.

Beneath her, two other large vines were humming and lubricating, preparing to enter her ass and mouth, the villainess imagined. The Plant Mistress looked desperately towards Wonder Woman--her only hope of salvation--and saw that the heroine was setting up her video camera!

"Tit for tat, Plant Mistress," Wonder Woman declared coldly, then frowned. "Quaint expression, that, but apt..." she muttered as the video camera began recording.

"Wonder WomaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!" the Plant Mistress yelled as a four-inch wide stalk suddenly invaded her anus.

One final gesture remained. As the Plant Mistress watched in horror, Wonder Woman held up the palmtop computer used to control the plants...and used her Amazonian strength to crush it to smithereens.

"NOOOOOOMMMMMPPPPPHHHHHH!!!" the Plant Mistress screamed as the third vine entered her mouth, effectively gagging her. Without the palmtop, there would be no way to stop the plants from raping her indefinitely, short of destroying them!

"Goodbye, Plant Mistress," Wonder Woman said as she turned on her heel and began to walk out of the greenhouse.

Two flower stalks emerged from behind the Plant Mistress' back and hovered over her large, jiggling breasts. The pink flowers opened, then suddenly clamped down on the helpless villainess' erect nipples, tweaking and pulling them. The Plant Mistress could resist no more. The pheromones and the plants did their work and overwhelmed her.

"MMPPHH! MMPPHH! MMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman heard the villainess' muffled cry of orgasm as she reached the door of the greenhouse. A sly, slight smile crossed her lips as she left, clasping a video tape in her right hand.


Later that week, Diana Prince idly read through the morning paper as she sipped her morning coffee.

The top story on page three was about some sort of botany experiment gone horribly awry at the Caledonia University experimental greenhouse. Dr. Rose Austen was in hospital, suffering from acute exhaustion and trauma; doctors didn't think she'd recover from her zombie-like state.

"My heart just bleeds," the Amazonian warrior declared.

The university had refused to divulge any information on the experiment, except to say that Dr. Austen had undertaken some unauthorized research. A video of the incident, however, had turned up on the Internet site www.allsortsofweirdfreakysex.com and had become enormously popular despite the $50-per-minute price. The site was expected to IPO any day...

Several pages later, Diana read in an apparently unrelated story that Harry Bickenwald, chief custodian of Caledonia University's Faculty of Biology, had announced his retirement after forty years of service. Mr. Bickenwald had apparently come into a large amount of money, since he was retiring to a tropical island he'd bought just off the coast of Bermuda...

Diana tossed the paper aside and sighed. Her lovely blue eyes wandered over to the videotape she'd left beside her television, "WW Rape" scrawled on its spine in the Plant Mistress' handwriting. Her delicate jaw line suddenly hardened as she made her decision. She reached for her phone and dialed a number.

"Hello, Linda? It's Diana..."


Supergirl, laying on her back with her legs spread on the bed in Diana's New York apartment, couldn't help screaming as she came. Her blue top was gathered in folds around her shoulders, exposing her firm, perky breasts, which jiggled slightly as her back arched in pleasure. Her red skirt was bunched around her waist, allowing Wonder Woman's luscious mouth easy access to the younger heroine's pussy. Diana had, much earlier, discarded her bustier and star-spangled bottom, but had kept her boots, tiara, and bracelets on. Diana had suggested that they do it "in costume", thinking it much sexier, and Kara had eagerly agreed.

On the television in the bedroom, the videotape from Wonder Woman's night of plant-based sex was playing, showing the Amazon princess succumbing to yet another botanically-induced orgasm. Diana had also suggested they watch the video "to turn us on", which it had done...in spades. Both Diana and Kara had orgasmed at least a half-dozen times at one another's' hands; their super-powered bodies shone with sweat.

Supergirl's body relaxed and she collapsed onto the bed. Diana slowly pushed her curvaceous form from between her new lover's legs and sensuously slithered over Kara's body. Diana's large breasts grazed Kara's slightly smaller mammaries.

"Uhhhhhhnnngg," Supergirl moaned in exhausted pleasure. "I think that's more effective than kryptonite..."

Diana and Kara giggled at the joke, until Diana's mouth came down on Kara's, parting the Maid of Might's lips so their tongues could entwine erotically. Kara could taste her juices on Diana's lips and tongue, just as her new lover could taste her own love-honey on her Kryptonian mouth. Kara quietly moaned with pleasure. Then the kiss ended, and Kara looked at her older colleague and lover more seriously.

"I'm...surprised you kept that tape, Diana."

"Oh?" Wonder Woman responded nonchalantly. Would her new lover disapprove...? It seemed a little late for that, considering how much the tape had turned her on...

"Don't get me wrong, it's very sexy. But if it fell into the wrong hands..."

"I think I can keep it safe," Diana responded gently

"I hope so. But..."

"But what?" Diana asked, running a finger over Kara's luscious lips.

Kara sighed. "I guess it bothered me a little. That you were...you know...forced."

"Only to an extent, lover. The Plant Mistress said the pheromones simply brought out feelings I had buried. And she was right. Since coming to man's world, I've denied my personal feelings, my personal needs. That's why she nearly defeated me. It had been so long since I allowed myself any sexual gratification that even being raped by plants was...exciting."

"Is that why you called me? So I could help you...I don't know..." the younger woman paused as she grasped for a polite way to express what she was thinking.

Diana smiled wickedly. "...build up my sexual resistance by exercising my sexual muscles?"

Kara laughed lightly. "Something like that, yeah..."

Wonder Woman regarded her young lover thoughtfully. Supergirl was invulnerable--physically. But right now, Diana sensed that Kara was very vulnerable... emotionally.

"Kara, my sweet, that is only one of the reasons I asked you to share my body and my bed, and probably the least important. The truth is, I've had my eye on you for a long time now...but I was afraid of letting you know my feelings. In case you didn't share them..."

Supergirl stroked Diana's cheek. "I can't imagine you being afraid of anything."

Wonder Woman smiled briefly. "I am. You scare me. Or rather, the way I feel about you does."

Kara pulled Diana on top of her and lovingly caressed her naked back and buttocks. "So you're saying...that you don't want this to be a one-night stand?"

Diana breathed deeply as she felt her desire rising within her once again. "Definitely not," she whispered as her lips met Supergirl's with a brief, soft kiss.

Kara sensuously shifted her body beneath Wonder Woman's, causing their breasts to rub together, and their thighs to massage each other's warm, wet pussies. Both women felt the blood rush to their nether regions as their bodies prepared for yet another bout of super-powered love making.

"So you want to do this again sometime?" Supergirl whispered as her breath quickened.

"Not sometime. Now. Again and again and again..." Wonder Woman responded, her hand sliding down to caress Supergirl's rapidly lubricating pussy.

"Ohhh....Diana...," Supergirl moaned, "I think...this is the start...of a beautiful friendship..."