Wonder Woman become influenced by man's world_  

By Barnabus

(M/F, romance, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, first time)

Wonder woman faces a dilemma. Either she must have sex with a man or she
will die.

This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature,
including graphic descriptions of consensual, "vanilla" sex. If you find
such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please
bypass this story for one more suitable for you.

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are copyrighted, trademarked, and owned by DC
Comics. I am simply borrowing them for a while to allow them to have a sex
life. This is a work of fan-fiction. This story is written for enjoyment
and entertainment purposes only, and no commercial profit is expected to be
made from it. It may be copied for personal use or for posting on other
sites, provided the sites are free sites . . . it may NOT be posted on any
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Like most stories of this ilk, at the end of the story, (unless there is a
sequel) the characters are magically returned to their original condition,
undamaged, unharmed, and unchanged in any way with no memory of the events
that have taken place . . . It is as if the story had never happened,
because, after all, it never really did.

The story is set in the 1940's, approximately World War II.

The inspiration for this story came from a request on
http://greyarchive.greyarchive.org/request1.html which read,

"A supervillian gets a hold of some of the original mix of Passion
Fever Dust. This was the creation of an ancient pervert/martial
artist/halfdemon/sorcerer who created it as a way of trying to make women
semi-voluntarily sleep with him. Basically if this golden dust is inhaled,
consumed, or just touched by a woman, she will become increasingly horny,
ultimately dying by sunrise unless she has sex with a man, which will
counteract the dust, mostly.
"Anyway Wonder Women takes a facefull of the dust while capturing a bad
guy, and after he explains what it is and what it does, Steve Trevor
convinces her to spend the night at his place so that if a proper cure can't
be found, and there's signs of terminal effects building, he'll be available
to help her."

I've told the story that I planned to tell. I don't know if there will be
any further chapters. It seems that this story could go in a number of
different directions from here. For the moment, however, I'm content to
leave our two lovers simply being happy and in love.

Condoms or other forms of birth control are not used in this story, indeed,
they cannot be used. But, of course, in 'real life' every reasonable adult
should know that he or she should behave responsibly when participating in
sexual activities and he or she wishes to avoid unwanted conception and the
spread of disease.

Oh, and Vaseline is NOT a good choice for a lubricant! But in the 1950's,
Steve didn't know that.

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Chapter 1 - Wonder Woman's exposure

Steve Trevor turned the key and unlocked the door to his house. He held
the door open and permitted Wonder Woman to enter before him. Nervously,
she entered his home and stood near the door looking around. It was
obviously a bachelors place with a definite masculine feeling, but it was
well kept and organized in a typical military fashion. Locking the door
behind him, Steve pocketed the key and gestured for Wonder woman to sit on
either the over-stuffed chair or the sofa in the living room. He moved to
the thermostat and raised the setting a few degrees. (Wonder Woman never
complained of the cold, but in her abbreviated costume, Steve wanted to be
sure the temperature in his house would be comfortable for her.) Diana
moved to the chair, but walked around it, tracing her fingers over the
material. Then she went to a photograph on the wall and examined it with
unseeing eyes. She wasn't comfortable being here and would rather be
somewhere else.

"Can I get you something? A drink? A snack?" Steve asked solicitously.
Diana shook her head, still examining the picture. Then she changed her

"Yes, maybe." She turned to Steve. "Do you have any whiskey?"

Steve had never seen Diana drink anything alcoholic before, but he chose to
ignore that. "Bourbon?" Steve asked.

"Anything," Diana answered turning to the next picture on the wall. A few
moments later, Steve was at her side with two Bourbons and water. She took
the highball and sipped, making a face as the brownish liquid burned its way
down her throat. It was the first time Steve had ever seen her drink
anything alcoholic.

"Do people really like this stuff?" she asked.

"I guess so," Steve answered, sitting on the sofa. "Some people just like
the way it makes them feel."

Diana took another sip, then moved to the sofa putting the drink on the
coffee table. Steve noticed that her hand was shaking.

That was only to be expected, thought Steve as he reviewed the day's events
in his mind.

Steve and Wonder Woman had started the day at a press conference on 'museum
row' on Fifth Avenue. When the conference was over, they talked for a few
minutes as the crowd disbursed. It was Wonder Woman who noticed the police
cars converging on another museum across the street. When she and Steve
had inquired, they learned that a silent alarm had been tripped in one of
the research cubicles in the basement. The police allowed her to 'take
point', and she found a janitor had entered a store room and broken open a
sarcophagus hoping to find some gold artifacts that he could sell to make a
few extra dollars. When Wonder Woman spoke, he panicked and grabbed the
nearest thing he could find, an old leather sack in the coffin, and threw it
at Wonder Woman as he attempted to escape. The sack hit her squarely in
the chest and burst open, surrounding her with a stale, putrid smelling dust
that had her coughing uncontrollably as she snagged the miscreant trying to
pass her.

Still coughing from the dust she had inhaled, Diana dragged the janitor to
the hallway to turn him over to the police, when the museum curator saw the
dust and asked where it had come from. Wonder woman explained, and suddenly
the curator pulled out a handkerchief which he put over his face and ordered
everyone to back away from Wonder Woman and her prisoner. He then ordered
the doors closed and the area sealed. He produced a special vacuum cleaner
and began vacuuming the dust from the air, the floor, and the dust residue
from Diana's bustier and from her skin. Normally she would have objected,
but the urgency of his actions left her somewhat subdued. His concentration
on vacuuming all of the dust was so complete that he would only respond to
questions with grunts or monosyllabic answers.

When the vacuuming was done to the curator's satisfaction, he sent Wonder
Woman into an employee dressing room instructing her to take a thorough
shower, wash her hair, and thoroughly wash her costume before coming out.
He refused to answer any questions from either Steve or Wonder Woman, but
commanded that his instructions be carried out to the letter. Somehow he
produced a pair of coveralls for Wonder Woman to wear while her uniform was

Dressed in coveralls, Wonder Woman and Steve were ushered into his office,
a small, cramped, messy cubicle where they were met by a younger man who
carried a black bag. Without introductions, the curator quickly briefed
the other man as to the chain of events. Both Steve and Wonder Woman saw
the younger man blanch as he heard that Wonder Woman had inhaled the dust.
Immediately, the younger man opened his bag, a doctor's bag, and pulled out
a few instruments and without asking permission, began a brief but complete
examination of Wonder Woman, listening to her heart, checking her pulse,
checking her blood pressure . . . the works.

Finally, Steve became furious at being ignored, and the treatment of Wonder
Woman. He blew up, demanding an explanation, and ordering Wonder Woman not
to cooperate until an explanation had been given.

Suddenly obsequious, the curator apologized profusely for his rudeness and
became the perfect gentleman, albeit an extremely nervous and frightened
gentlemen. He introduced the younger man, a medical doctor who had
completed medical school at his parents insistence and had even successfully
practiced medicine for several years before giving it up to return to school
to study his true passion: Ancient Egyptology. The opened sarcophagus was
part of his research for his doctoral thesis, more specifically, the
inhabitant of the sepulcher opened by the Janitor.

Chapter 2 - The researcher's explanation.

The Mummy in the opened sepulcher was that of a high priest, sorcerer,
magician, and advisor to his pharaoh, an individual of unrivaled power,
feared by all of Egypt. The writings concerning this sorcerer were so
frightening, that the researcher had decided NOT to open his casket until he
had completely deciphered and translated all of the writings available about
the man.

The sorcerer's greatest weapon seemed to be a powder he had developed the
name of which was 'Passion Fever Dust'.

"It's a terrible translation," the researcher apologized, "but it's as
close as I could come in the English language until I have had more time to
research it." The doctor was warming to his tale.

"The sorcerer would blow some of the dust into his victim's face, usually
an influential woman in pharaoh's court, or the wife of a very important
man, and . . . . " The researcher took a quick glance at Wonder Woman and
faltered, his voice trailing off to nothing.

"Go ahead, doctor," Steve prodded. "What was the effect of the powder on
the victim?"

Self consciously, the researcher cleared his throat as he dropped his eyes.
"She died."

Chapter 3 - An antidote?

The silence in the room was deafening.

"Would you say that again, please?" Wonder Woman whispered.

Afraid to lift his eyes from his nervous hands, the doctor said, "Before
the sun would rise on the next morning, she would be dead.

"However, there seemed to be some exceptions!" he quickly added. "If the
woman was married, she might live for several days, but usually would die
anyway. If she was not married, she would die overnight . . . . unless . .
. . "

". . . . unless . . . " Steve and Wonder Woman said in unison.

"Unless she was treated by the sorcerer. If she received the sorcerer's
treatment, she would be fully recovered the next morning and would live out
a normal life expectancy.

They were all caught up in his story. "What was the difference? Why did
some women recover completely, and others live a few days, and others simply
die?" Wonder Woman demanded.

"I don't know," the doctor replied, his complexion turning red and his
nervousness visibly increasing as he glanced self-consciously at Wonder
Woman, allowing his eyes to pass over her bosom and the rest of her body
before dropping to his hands again. "The texts aren't clear, and I still
need more time to refine the translations. That's part of the reason I
refused to allow the coffin to be opened . . . I didn't want to take any
chances until I was satisfied that I had the answer to those questions."

The curator, who had been silent during the doctor's narrative, cleared his
throat and entered the discussion. "It is true, you do not have all the
answers to your satisfaction yet," the curator inserted. "But you have
developed certain theories, haven't you?"

The self-conscious doctor turned an even deeper shade of crimson and stole
another glance at Wonder Woman, as if he was trying to imagine her body
under the coveralls she was wearing. He actually began stammering. "My
theory is that if the woman had sexual intercourse, she would live," he

"You're joking!" Steve burst out. Wonder Woman turned white as she heard
the doctor's opinion.

"No, sir," the doctor replied, meeting Steve's eyes with a steady gaze.
"The reports indicate that some of the women who lived became pregnant and
bore a child shortly afterwards. Since this happened with women that the
sorcerer 'treated', unmarried women, that is, it is my guess that his
treatment must have included . . . something that must have caused their

Wonder Woman, still pale, entered the conversation. "You said some women
lived a few days, some lived a normal lifetime. But apparently all of the
women who were 'treated' by the sorcerer lived full lives. How can you
explain that?"

The doctor glanced at her, but quickly dropped his eyes again. "I can only
give you my best guess, Wonder Woman." His blush became so red that Diana
wondered if he would burst a blood vessel. The doctor continued,
self-conscious and stammering. "It is my guess that there is an enzyme in
semen which slows the action of the dust. Thus, if a victim receives male
semen, the action of the dust is slowed down. My next guess is that there
is a second enzyme in . . . " The doctor's embarrassment was so great he
could barely get out the next words. ". . . It is my guess that a second
enzyme is present in - - - in the fluids generated by a woman during her
orgasm that, acting with the male enzyme, totally counteracts the effect of
the dust."

Chapter 4 - Back in Steve's House

Seated on the sofa next to Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor sipped his bourbon.

He remembered the doctor's disclaimers, suggesting that there was no
assurance that the dust that Wonder Woman had inhaled was in fact 'Passion
Fever Dust'. And even if it was, there was no reason to believe it would
still be effective after all these years. The doctor had promised to spend
the next 24 hours in non-stop translation of the inscriptions in hopes of
learning more. Then both the doctor and the curator had invited Wonder
Woman to spend the night at their homes in case there's as sign of terminal
effects building, someone would be available to help her.

With tears streaming down her face, she had thanked them both for their
considerate offers. Knowing the only 'help' she would need, she had turned
to Steve and asked him to take her home.

Steve had prepared supper for them. A salad was all that Wonder Woman
wanted, but she only picked at her meal. They had watched a beautiful
sunset through the picture window in his living room. As it grew darker
outside, Wonder Woman's discomfort began to increase. She turned to Steve.

"Amazon law forbids me - - - from being - - - ", she had trouble with the
words, "- - - intimate with any man. It is a good law. It's designed to
keep an Amazon from succumbing to the influences of Man's world.

"The penalties for breaking this law are rather severe." Steve had heard
rumors about what would happen if an Amazon willingly gave herself to a man.

"The severity of the penalty is so great that yielding to lustful desires
has never been a consideration to me. If I yield and have sexual
intercourse with ANY man, I will probably never be able to resume my role as
Wonder Woman in the world, and the world needs Wonder Woman. My obligation
to my duty is so strong that I would never willingly consider turning away
from my duties for personal gratification.

"Now, it seems, I have to choose. If I insist on maintaining my chastity,
- - - " she moaned and doubled over as pain raged through her abdomen.
Gasping, she drew herself up again. "If I maintain my chastity, I will
probably die."

She took Steve's hands and raised them to her lips, kissing them gently.
"I love you, Steve. I have loved you since the day I met you. If what the
doctor says is true, and if I have sexual intercourse with you, I may live.
If he is wrong, I will probably die anyway. In either case, I believe my
life as Wonder Woman is over.

"And if I am about to die, I want to have sexual intercourse with you at
least once before I die." She took a deep breath, wincing at the pain she
felt, and she pressed Steve's hands again. Then Princess Diana, Princess of
the Amazons, spoke.

"I offer you my honor, Steve. Please make love to me."

The ritual implications of her last sentence coursed through Steve. Ever
since he had met Wonder Woman, he had wanted to get into her pants. Now he
was acutely aware of the seriousness of what was happening. This was not a
lustful event. It was not simply a passionate moment to be forgotten in the
morning. It wasn't even a marriage commitment. But Steve still felt
commitment creep into his mind. He answered her:

"I honor your offer, Diana."

Chapter 5 - the first step.

Steve went to his dresser and reached for a box of condoms. He actually
had them in his hand before he realized that he couldn't use them tonight.
Leaving the box in the drawer, he picked up the jar of Vaseline and returned
to the bed.

Wonder Woman was lying naked on her back. Steve had gently removed her
belt, bustier and panties and left them on a chair near the bed. There was
fear in her eyes, her hands forming fists, lay palm up beside her shoulders,
trembling ever so slightly. Taking his place beside her, Steve kissed her
and ran his hands over her, caressing her breasts, circling her nipples.
Leaning over her, he took one nipple in his mouth, noticing her gasp as he
began to suckle her. Her back arched into him slightly, but that was her
only physical response. As he sucked, he allowed his hand to move lower,
finding her mound and exploring her nether lips.

Although Steve had never been married, he had had girlfriends, most of them
before he met Wonder Woman. Since he had met Diana, his experience had been
limited to an occasional one-night-stand, or the use of prostitutes.
Although not a virgin at age 36, he was an adequate, but certainly not a
proficient or experienced lover. Finding that Diana was dry, he liberally
spread Vaseline his limp member, trying unsuccessfully to stimulate himself
to erection as he did so.

His body wouldn't cooperate.

"Can you help me?" he asked with a slight crimson coloring his cheeks.

"What can I do?"

"Touch me." He brought her hand to his limp member. Almost as soon as he
felt her hand, his body responded. She wrapped her fingers around his
growing member, feeling it expand under her touch. Gradually it became
larger than she thought a penis should be.

His hand returned to her mound, separating her lips and finding her
clitoris. She gave almost no response to his ministrations.

He moved over her and she led him to her opening. She was still dry, but
the Vaseline helped. She gasped as he moved slowly to enter her. Wonder
Woman's hymen had been gone for years as a result of her athletic life
style. There was little response from her has he began pumping other than
soft grunts.

"Put your arms around me," he suggested. She raised her arms to his sides
and kept them there.

The knowledge that he was actually inside Wonder Woman, combined with the
anticipation that had been building all day brought Steve quickly to a
climax, filling her with warm fluid. Some of it ran out around his
softening penis. With no response from her, it wasn't a very satisfying

CHAPTER 6 - "How may I serve you?"
A new relationship.

Wonder Woman remained unmoving lying beneath him. When he looked at her,
Steve saw her color was improving.

"Are you all right?" He asked, rolling off of her.

She nodded. "I'm feeling better already. Apparently what the doctor said
was true." She turned her face toward him and asked, "How may I serve you?"

"Serve me?" A little confused at the tenor of the question, Steve
flippantly responded, "Well, you can wash the dishes."

Immediately, Diana rolled out of the bed and headed toward the kitchen.

"Wait! Where are you going? Come back here!" Steve shouted after her.
Steve sat up on the side of the bed. She stopped and turned back to him and
returned, kneeling at his feet with her head bowed.

"Yes, Master," she said humbly.

"Master?" Steve asked incredulously.

"Yes, master," she responded, and explained, "I have willingly given
myself to a man, to you, and we have had sexual intercourse. I am powerless
before you. And I must obey your every command. I am yours now in every

Steve gazed at Diana, jaw hanging open, unable to speak. So it was true
after all! But he still couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"How may I serve you, Master? Do you still want me to wash the dishes?"

His reasoning beginning to return to him, Steve decided it was time that he
fully understood the rules.

"I gave you an order to wash the dishes, correct?"

Diana nodded, her eyes still looking at her knees.

"Am I allowed to countermand that order or change it or cancel it?"

Diana nodded again. "You are the Master. You can do whatever you wish."

"Then forget about the dishes for now."

"As you wish, Master."

"And don't call me Master!" Steve commanded. "You are to address me the
same way that you always have, calling me Steve, or Major, or sir, or
whatever else is appropriate for the occasion."

"As you wish, Steve."

"Get up off your knees and sit beside me here. And look at me, dammit!"

"But this is the proper posture for a slave," Diana responded, not moving,
eyes still down.

Feeling frustrated, Steve paused for a moment to gather his wits. He
needed more information.

"Diana, I have heard rumors about the Amazon rules and laws. But are
they literally true? Can they be changed?

"They are literally true, and cannot be changed. I am absolutely bound by

Steve pondered, and an idea came to him.

"But I am the master?"

"Yes, Steve."

"And you must obey my every wish?

"Yes, Steve."

"Then you are no longer required to kneel before me, and you are no longer
required or expected to drop your eyes before me. Your behavior, both in
public and private is to be the same as what it was before - - - uuhhh - - -
before I became your master."

Still kneeling with downcast eyes, Diana replied, "But that would not be
the proper . . . "


Wonder Woman cringed at his tone of voice. "Yes, Master --- er ----
Steve," she whispered. Steve saw her shoulders relax, and slowly she raised
her eyes to his. Still kneeling, a smile slowly crossed her face. "Thank
you, Steve. It will be as you . . . " Steve raised his eyebrows and Diana
paused. "Your suggestions are noted. And I will comply."

Steve held out his hand. After a moment's hesitation, Diana took it and he
raised her to her feet and she sat beside him on the bed.

Steve decided to cover his bets, just to be on the safe side. "Diana," he
began. "You are never to act like a slave again, in my presence or in
anyone else's presence." Steve's imagination briefly ran wild. In a flash
he amended his instructions, "Unless I, and only I, say the words, 'Steve
Trevor Commands Wonder Woman.' Then and only then will you behave - - - uh
- - - - in the traditional slave fashion. Is that understood?"

Diana nodded, then she looked at him sideways with a playful look on her

"Yes, Master," she teased. Steve turned to her, ready to chastise her but
paused as he saw the teasing in her eyes. Diana, seeing his expression,
dropped here eyes and raised a hand to forestall his chastisement.

"You said my behavior was to be the same as it was before. I used to tease
you sometimes. Is that still allowed, or . . . "

"Yes," he interrupted. Your behavior is to be the same as before.
Including the teasing." Steve broke into a smile and took her into his
arms. She responded in kind.

"May I ask a question?" Wonder Woman whispered in his ear. He nodded
without releasing his embrace.

"You said, our relationship is to be as it was before. Our relationship
before tonight never included sexual intercourse."

Oops, thought Steve. He'll have to keep in mind that apparently she will
respond literally to anything she believes is an 'order' from her 'master'.

"You were right to ask that question. Thank you." Steve knew he'd better
encourage this type of questions. Then he went on to answer.

"Relationships can grow, change. Our relationship, yours and mine, has
grown to include sex, at least for tonight."

Steve rose and went to the closet, returning with two bathrobes. Handing
one to Diana, he said, "Here. Put this on."

Stopping short, he asked: "Do you still have your Amazon strength and

"I never have Amazon powers without my magic belt." She stood and put on
the bathrobe, tying it around her waist.

Steve found her belt lying over the back of a chair. He handed it to her.
"Put it on." Putting on his bathrobe, Steve looked around the room. He saw
a set of weights that he used to work out. He took the weights off of the
bar and handed the bar to Wonder Woman. "Can you bend this?" She flexed
her muscles and bent the bar with the same ease one would have with a coat

"Look at that!" she exclaimed. "I always thought I would lose my Amazon
powers if I had sexual intercourse with a man. Apparently that's not

CHAPTER 7 - Redefinition of a relationship

Steve took the bent bar from her and continued his instructions as he
returned the bent bar to it's place. "We will be together tonight. In the
morning, you are to return to your old life, as if there has been no change.
You will resume your duties as Wonder Woman, continuing to protect the
country and upholding the law. If I give you any orders that are not
proper, or are inappropriate, you are to call them to my attention, just as
you always have."

Wonder Woman dropped her eyes. She was obviously uncomfortable whenever
she had to point out things to Steve that might not be in accordance with my
wishes. "Uuuhh, Steve, it is not proper for a slave to dress the way
Wonder Woman does. And it is not proper for a slave to act as she does.
And it is also not proper for a slave to defeat men in battle."

Steve sighed. "That may be true for slaves in general. However, YOUR
master will decide what is proper for you and how you are to behave."

Steve paused as he sat beside Diana. "Is there any way to change this
'master/slave' relationship?"

Wonder woman dropped her eyes. "It cannot change. It became permanent
when we made love."
A sudden awareness flooded over Steve.

" --- Uh - - - Wonder Woman - - - Diana - - -" He whispered the next
questions. "Can you get pregnant?" Steve had never heard of a pregnant
Amazon, but that wasn't surprising since Amazons kept away from men.

"Of course. I can get pregnant just like any other girl."

"We had sex a little while ago. Are you likely to be pregnant now?"

Diana shook her head. "This is not my fertile period." Raising her eyes
to him she asked, "Do you want me to be pregnant?"

"No, no! At least not right now." Her matter of fact response reminded
Steve that regardless of how they might act as a result of his instructions
to her, he still held enormous power over her and her life. He would have
to learn to be extremely cautious about what he said to her . . . lest he
might inadvertently give her an order without realizing it.

"But, in the event we are about to engage in sex, and it is - - - your
'fertile period', . . . " Steve was embarrassed to have to put these
thought into a set of instructions, "you are to tell me. THIS master, your
master, does not wish you to become pregnant without his knowledge
beforehand. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Steve." Steve was getting annoyed with this constant 'Yes, Steve!'

Steve remembered that to completely counteract the effects of the 'Passion
Fever Dust', both of them would have to orgasm, possibly together. At
minimum, Diana would need to orgasm by herself, and possibly the sperm that
was still lingering within her would combine with her - - - fluids - - - .

"When we had sex before, you didn't climax, did you?"

Diana shook her head.

"Did you enjoy it when I touched you?"

Diana blushed and dropped her eyes with a smile.

"But you didn't respond to my touch. Why not?"

Diana lowered her eyes and her head tipped in a subservient fashion.

"Steve, your instructions have placed me in a difficult position. I'm
supposed to behave the same as before, but to answer that question, I have
to be a slave responding to her master. I don't know how to be both at the
same time." She began trembling at the conflict she was experiencing.

"Diana, relax." Steve ordered. She immediately did so, and Steve
remembered the awesome power he held over her. He thought for a moment.

"First, let's change the word from slave to servant, and when we're talking
about the 'master/slave' relationship, let's call it the - - - " Steve
thought for a moment, " - - - the 'servant/employer' relationship.

"When you have to explain something to me about - - - the
'servant/employer' relationship, say something like 'it's a servant's
tale', and then explain to me what I need to know just the same as you have
always explained things to me. Can you do that?"

Diana smiled at him, and nodded her head. "Of course, Steve. And thank
you again!"

She continued, "To answer your question, 'it is a servant's tale'. A
servant exists only to please her master. Her feelings are unimportant."
Steve frowned at what he was hearing. Diana continued, "In order to please
the master, the servant's response is insignificant. There is no need for
her to respond, unless that is her master's wish. There is no necessity for
her to experience or display pleasure, since that might distract the master
from his pleasure. It is only necessary for the master to be pleased."

Worry suddenly crossed her face. "I DID please you, didn't I?"

"Yes, very much!" Steve was quick to answer. Relief flooded over Wonder
Woman's face.

Questioning further, Steve asked, "If it pleased a master, me, to know that
his servant, you, was enjoying something, and if I gave you permission to
respond as you felt, could you do it?"

"I think so."

Taking her face between my hands, I gently kissed her lips. "Diana,
nothing would please me more than knowing that you enjoyed having sex with
me. It would please me to see and feel and hear you being stimulated in
your own right, enjoying being touched, touching me back. Knowing that you
were experiencing pleasure would give me the greatest pleasure of all."

"My pleasure would give YOU pleasure?" she asked, somewhat confused by
what appeared to be a non sequitur.

"It would give me enormous pleasure!"

"How strange!" she answered. "I'll do my best, but as you know, I've never
done this before. It may take me a while to learn. Are you willing to
teach me?"

"I am extremely willing!"

She gazed into my eyes, as if trying to discern some hidden truth. "Are
you REALLY interested in ME experiencing pleasure?"

"I am!" Steve said folding her in his arms. Her warmth and submission was
intoxicating. "And now, I think I'd like to make love with you again."

She sat upright, her hand moving to the fastening of her magic power belt.
"It will be as you . . . ."

"Stop it!" She froze looking at Steve with a blank expression. She tried

"Steve, you know I will do whatever you. . . "

"Stop it!"

Diana was having trouble speaking.

"Wonder Woman - - - Diana - - - I'm just not comfortable with this, uuuhhh,
master/slave thing." Steve stammered, hoping the words would come out the
way he wanted them to. "Let's see if I've got this straight. You MUST obey
any order I give you, is that correct?

Diana nodded.

"And there is no way to change that?"

"No, Steve. That relationship cannot be changed for as long as we both are

"Then, I'm going to give you a 'general order' that will always remain in
place until I change it. Can I do that?"

"Yes, a - - - an 'employer' can do whatever he wants."

CHAPTER 8 - Steve issues his 'general order'

"And this 'general order' will establish a framework for all orders or
suggestions I give you. Can I do that?"

She thought for a few moments, then nodded her head.

"Then this is my first 'general order'. As your master, I command that
whenever I specify that I am giving you an **order** or a **command**, you
will treat it as such. Do you understand?

"Yes, of course."

"If I do not specify that it is an order or command, then you are not to
consider it an ORDER that you are obligated to obey, but rather a request
made between friends. You are not obligated to 'obey' a request, but may do
so if you wish. You are permitted to question a request, if you feel that
is appropriate. You are always encouraged to think independently and share
your opinions in an appropriate manner - - - that is a manner that is
appropriate between friends, and not as is appropriate between a master and
slave. Can you do that?"

She pondered for a long time, apparently integrating this 'general order'
into her thought process. Finally, she nodded. Her smile grew, and she
caressed his cheek with her fingers.

"That is the end of my first 'general order'," Steve concluded.

Steve pondered. Had he covered everything? No, he knew he had to deal
with her literal response to everything he said.

"My second 'general order' authorizes you to request clarification if you
feel there may be a conflict within my orders, or if you find some confusion
between various orders I gave you.

"Do you have any questions?" Wonder Woman shook her head.

"And now, I have several requests."

Diana listened attentively.

"I want to know what you are thinking. I want to know what you're feeling,
what pleases you, what you want to do, what you like or don't like, what
you would prefer not to do. That is a request of course."

Wonder Woman nodded.

"And when I said a few minutes ago that I would like to make love with you
again, that was a request, not an order."

"And you've given me permission to either accept or reject a request?"
asked Wonder Woman

Ouch, Steve thought. But he knew this was a moment of truth. Either he
meant what he had just said, and he would accept Wonder Woman as an
independent personality, or he would make her his slave. As much as he
wanted to f__k Wonder Woman, he had to give her free will.

"That is correct," Steve replied.

"I think there has never been a 'servant' who has had as good an
'employer' as I have!" sighed Diana.

"When I first met you, Steve, I was uncomfortable being near you because I
was so attracted to you. My attraction was so strong, I almost refused the
assignment to get away from you. I even talked with my mother about it."

"And . . . . "

Diana sighed and continued. "She told me that I was an Amazon Champion,
and I had to control my feelings and emotions. I was forbidden from
allowing my feelings toward you to interfere with my duties, and I was to
simply ignore my feelings of attraction toward you.

"And I did just that.

"But somewhere, in the dark recesses of my mind, I knew that I continued
lusting after you, a lust that I was sure would never be fulfilled.

"Now you have become my - - - 'employer'. And you are 'requesting' me to
acknowledge my feelings, to let them go, even to express them."

Steve nodded.

"More than anything, Steve, I want very much to make love with you. I've
wanted that from almost as soon as I met you. I want to make love with your
right now!"

Steve released a deep sigh of relief.

CHAPTER 9 - Completing the cure

She moved her hand to the fastener on the Magic Belt. "I must remove this
belt. Otherwise my Amazon strength might injure you." Steve nodded, and
she removed the belt dropping it to the floor beside the bed. "Would you
like me to take off the bathrobe, also?"

"No," Steve answered. "I'll do it."

Wonder Woman smiled up at Steve. "I'm looking forward to this! I've
wanted to do this ever since we met. It will be my pleasure to serve under

Smiling at her pun, Steve drew her into an embrace and kissed her forehead,
eyebrows, cheeks, cheekbones, nose, eyes. As their lips finally met, their
arms encircled each other as they sank back on the bed, both of them began
to breathe faster. Steve slipped his hand inside her bathrobe to cup her
breast, and she faltered, feeling guilty at the pleasure she was

"Does that please you?" Steve asked.

A puzzled look crossed her face. " I don't know. It's something that . .
. . oh!!!!!!" Steve had gently gripped her nipple between his thumb and
forefinger. "Oooohhh! Oohhh, my! Mmmmm ...mmmm. Mmmmyy --- - " Steve
was rolling her nipple between his fingers. Diana was so distracted she
couldn't put words together.

She began squirming, and suddenly placed her hand over his. When he
continued to roll her nipple between his fingers, she gasped and her fingers
closed over his, stopping his action. "Please, Master, wait!" She gasped
out, sitting bolt upright in the bed, panting and she crossed her legs.

"I'm - - - I'm sorry, Master, - - -but"

"Steve," he corrected sitting up beside her.

She looked at him, looking for an indication of disapproval. Seeing none,
she pressed her face into his shoulder while pressing the palm of his hand
against her breast. "I'm sorry, Steve. The stimulation was so great! I've
never felt anything like that before. You were only touching my breast, but
I felt it all over. I'm sorry, Steve! It won't happen again!"

"I hope it DOES!" was his whispered reply. What a great sense of
responsibility lay on Steve's shoulders. Diana was even more of a virgin
that he had realized. She was as delicate and dainty as a butterfly's wing,
and his wanted to help her learn to spread those wings - - - and other
things, perhaps - - - as she learned to fly.

"I hope it does," he repeated, noting her unmoving posture as she waited
for his explanation.

"If you become stimulated as we make love, I want to know it. I want to
feel it, hear it, touch it. If you enjoy something, I want to know. If you
don't like something, I want to know - - - "

She raised her face, "But Steve, my feelings - - - "

"Ssshhh!" he quieted her. "Your feelings are important to me and I want to
know them. If you don't like something, I want to know it." She started to
say something, but he cut her off. "THAT is what I want!"

She contemplated, working hard to integrate what he was saying into her
thoughts. "I'll do my best, Steve."

Steve lay her back on the bed, and, their eyes locked, his hand moved to
the knot on her belt. He knew that introducing this butterfly to the joys
of love would take time and probably a lot of time. But there was no hurry.

Apparently the doctor had been right so far. If he was right in everything
he said, Steve knew that Wonder Woman had to experience an orgasm as they
made love together to completely neutralize the effects of the 'Passion
Fever Dust'. But suddenly, she had become so sensitive to stimulation, he
wasn't sure how to proceed.

The bathrobe knot came lose in his hand and he gently pushed the robe
aside. Steve looked down, surveying her glorious body. Steve wanted to
tell her how much he enjoyed looking at her body, but if he did, he was
afraid she would parade around nude before him, possibly at inappropriate

His hand traced its way to her mons, and he began a gentle, rhythmic
manipulation. She responded immediately, closing her eyes and moaning
slightly, apparently enjoying the sensation. He continued his caresses,
allowing his fingers to move lower, but stopping before he moved between her
labia. Breathing faster, she uncrossed her legs and began moving her hips
in time with his touch. Steve kissed her breasts and she gasped and started
panting. Her hip action increased. She trembled when he took her nipple
into his mouth and as he began to suck, she cried out, thrashing her hips as
a wild orgasm engulfed her. Steve continued his stimulation hoping to
prolong her climax as long as possible.

Gradually, her heartbeat slowed and she began to relax. She was staring
glassy eyed at the ceiling, transfixed.

A look of concern crossed her face. With a worried expression, she looked
at Steve. "But I must satisfy you! You have not yet been satisfied!"

"Ssshhh, little one," Steve whispered, placing his fingers over her lips.
"It pleases me to see you being pleasured."

"But I have not served . . ."

"Hush, Diana. Watching you has given me great pleasure. My time will come
soon. Please don't deny me the joy of watching you!"

"But, how - - - "

"Your pleasure gives me pleasure. Remember?"

Wonder Woman was puzzled. She looked at Steve. "You're sure?"

"I'm sure!"

She watched him carefully, looking for any indication that he wasn't
telling the truth. Finding none, she relaxed and lay back.

"I'm not sure I'll ever understand." She sighed.

"You don't HAVE to understand, Little One," Steve cajoled. "Just take my
word for it."

"I'll try, - - - mmmmmmmmmm!" She closed her eyes as Steve resumed his
ministrations. "Again?" she asked.

Steve smiled. "More!" and again, his touch began to raise her toward a
climax. As her body was moving toward orgasm, her mind was struggling,
trying to gain control over her reflexes.

"Let it go, Diana. Relax. Let your body take you where it wants. Don't
fight it. Don't try to control it.

"But I should be doing more for you - - - "

"I want you to let it go, to let your body do what it wants to do."

Relaxing and letting her head drop back bed, she relaxed, allowing her hips
to begin moving reflexively in time with his touch. She began to moan, and
Steve shifted to reposition himself between her legs. Still caressing her
he slid his knees under hers, raising her knees and opening her as he nudged
himself between her lips. She was still shifting her hips in time to his
touch and he gradually withdrew his hand as he moved into her, synchronizing
his moves with the shifting of her hips.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" she purred. "Is that you?"

"That's me," Steve murmured, and he moved to fully possess her. Her hips
rose to meet his movements as she sighed deeply as their hips met each
other. The dance of love began between the two long time lovers who were
just now bringing their love to full fruition. Her arms pulled him against
her and she brought her heels together behind his thighs, pulling him deeper
into her with every movement.

Steve may not have been the most proficient lover who ever lived, but he
had learned the technique of stimulating a woman's clitoris as they made
love. He made love with her carefully, looking forward to his own orgasm
but knowing that it was essential for her to orgasm also. Wonder Woman's
eyes were closed, but she had an angelic smile of contentment on her face.
The perspiration began to bead on her forehead and her grunting increased
and her movements became less coordinated, more instinctive and demanding.

Diana faltered. "Uuuhhh - - - Steve - - - - uuuhhh - - - "

Panting himself, Steve gasped out the words, "Let it go! Let your body do
what it wants to do."

Immediately reassured, she responded, "Yes, Steve!" Their rhythm grew in
intensity. Diana locked her legs behind his back and their rhythms fell
completely into synch. She found her flesh caressing and squeezing him as
she felt him growing even larger inside her. "Steevvveeee!!!" she screamed,
as she climaxed. He roared as his semen exploded into her body, filling her
with his seed. Gasping and moaning, their mutual climaxes locked them in
each other's arms and they struggled to extend their orgasms, and then to
maintain contact with each other as long as possible afterwards.

Epilog: Back to 'the real world'.

Diana acknowledged that the effects of the 'Passion Fever Dust' were
completely gone after this session of lovemaking.

However, they made love twice again, in keeping with the sayings of the
old Scotsman: "To be sure, to be sure!" With a satiated smile, Diana
advised Steve that she felt even better. But she quickly admitted that the
way she felt had nothing to do with the 'Passion Fever Dust'. Then the two
lovers slipped into an exhausted slumber which lasted until 5:00 in the
morning when Steve's alarm clock went off. They made love once more,
quickly. Then after making a date 'for dinner' at Steve's the following
weekend, Steve prepared to send Diana home, after reminding her that their
relationship, both in public and private was to appear to be the same as
what it was before.

"May I ask a question?" Diana asked, feeling very bold to request a
clarification of his instructions. "You said, our relationship is to be as
it was before. Our relationship before tonight never included sexual

"Relationships can grow, change. Our relationship, yours and mine, has
grown to include sex. And for the time being, even though our relationship
to every one else will appear the same, when we are together alone, sex is
permitted as part of our relationship."

Wonder woman accepted this clarification. "I'm glad. I think I like sex,
so, I'm looking forward to our new relationship, even though it is to appear
the same to 'outsiders'."

After a long kiss, Wonder Woman left. Steve headed to the bathroom to
prepare for another day at the office where everything would be 'the same as

The End.