Wonder Woman: Mistaken Identity part 1

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“Diana,” Steve said as agent Prince sauntered into Trevor’s office. “I hope you got a hold of Wonder Woman?”. “Oh it was hard but, I have my ways.” Diana replied with a cheesy grin and a wink. “Now what is it you want me to tell her?” “The Soviets will be handing over their shipment route manifest for their nuclear missile stockpile to the heads of state today. The Soviets are dismantling their nuclear stock pile and need our help to protect the parts as they are shipped to disposal sites in both their country and ours. That manifest contains the routes they will use to ship the parts.” Steve explained. “So, where do I. I mean where does Wonder Woman come in?” Diana asked adjusting her glasses and hoping Steve missed that Freudian slip. “The U.S. Government and the Soviets both want to make this into a huge public deal with media coverage and a big hoop-de-doo about how both governments are standing down and disarming. They want a famous person such as Wonder Woman to receive the manifest in public and deliver it in person to Fort Sumner.” He said. “Oh I see. Wonder Woman, apple pie and all that.” Diana replied with a grin. “I’m sure Wonder Woman will do it. Sounds like a good cause and a good public relations idea.” “Yes, and who better to protect the manifest than Wonder Woman herself.”

The marching band played beautifully on the mid summer afternoon. The crowd seemed happy and exuberant and they milled about laughing and talking. Senator Thomas then stood up and tapped the mic. “Today announces a new day in mankind’s history as the two greatest nations on Earth offer out a hand of hope to one another. I and the Soviet ambassador are here today to take the first step toward a better tomorrow.” The senator’s speech went on and on as the crowd cheered and clapped. Then the Soviet ambassador took the stage to weave his tale of freedom from nuclear terror. “And with great honor, the Soviet peoples hand the manifest over to our new friends the Americans.” The crowd roared and cheered as the book was handed over. “Now, to help this valuable document make it to its new home, America’s greatest heroine, Wonder Woman.” The Senator said doing a Vanna wave toward Wonder Woman. The crowd cheered again as the goddess heroine walked up and took the book and shook the hands of both the senator and the ambassador. “Thank you Mr. Senator, Mr. Ambassador. Such a valuable document must be protected and I’ll do everything in my power to safe guard it. I will fly it personally in my invisible jet to Fort Sumner.” She said grinning and waving to the audience. The crowd continued to cheer as Wonder Woman walked off the podium and jogged through the park, waving and blowing kisses as she passed by the crowd. The amazon jogged for several blocks, leaping buildings and ducking down alleys as best she could. “Even if a person were doing their best to tail me they could never keep up, at least a normal person that is.” Wonder Woman thought as she reached the alley she had picked out a few hours earlier. With a twirl and a ball of light, Wonder Woman was no more and agent Prince stood adjusting her glasses. “Every spy and hoodlum is expecting to find Wonder Woman. No one is looking for Ms. Prince.” Diana smiled as she strutted off through a narrow walkway between two buildings with the manifest in hand. “Ah! There’s the store! And not crowded too.” She said happily as she went inside the small shop.

“Quickly driver, this book is too valuable to get stolen.” Wonder Woman said as the limo pulled away. The limo was sent by Steve Trevor to escort Wonder Woman to the airport. Since she didn’t want to mess up his schedule and since his security was usually air tight, Diana had decided to turn back into Wonder Woman and take the original route. The limo headed out toward the airport with no escort. “Won’t some criminal be surprised if they stopped this limo to find me waiting” Wonder Woman thought arrogantly as she took in the sites. Suddenly, she started to notice the car was not heading toward the airport. “Driver. DRIVER!” she said tapping on the glass. “Driver we’re heading the wrong way.” “No, you’re heading the wrong way.” Said the driver as she turned around and faced Wonder Woman wearing a bulky gas mask. Instantly, large plumes of billowing white gas poured into the back of the limo. Wonder Woman coughed and panted and tried desperately to open the doors but her strength was already sapped. Soon, the fiery brunette spun and slipped down into the gas, unconscious. “Arrogant cunt.” Grinned the driver. “Now to teach you a good lesson.” The limo sped off and ripped through the city streets like a steel juggernaut. “Hey! Franky!” said one of the I.A.D.C. agents who was tailing the limo. “Where the hell is Wonder Woman going?” “How the hell do I know!” said Franky as he spit out a piece of hotdog and slammed on the gas. “Where ever she’s goin’ she can’t lose us!” Both cars sped through Washington, weaving and side swiping traffic with abandonment. The two agents soon discovered that the limo they were chasing had no ordinary engine. The limo soon made enough turns and twists to temporarily lose its tail. It whipped into an alley and came to a screeching halt. Suddenly, a woman wearing a trench coat and a floppy hat ran from a doorway and slipped into the back of the limo. “Sorry honey buns but I have to borrow a few things.” Said the woman as she righted the sleeping Wonder Woman. The I.A.D.C. car slammed on its brakes and backed up, seeing the limo just sitting like a waiting panther. They turned into the alley and slowly pulled up. “OK! Who ever you are! Out with your hands UP!” screamed Franky as both men hid behind their car doors with guns drawn. The rear limo door opened and Wonder Woman slowly stepped out. “Great work men.” Wonder Woman said boldly as she walked to the back of the limo to address the agents. “I don’t understand Wonder Woman? What’s up?” asked Franky. “A diversionary tactic that Major Trevor and I had planned. You see, if anyone was planning to hijack the limo, they’d be less likely to do so if they thought it was already being hijacked.” She explained with a smile. “Oh! Pretty good idea!” said Doug, the other agent. “Yes, and you men performed admirably.” She added. As the woman in the alley praised the agents’ good work, the limo driver continued to wrap duct tape around Wonder Woman’s wrists in the back of the limo. “Glad to help Wonder Woman.” Franky replied holstering his gun. “There is one thing you guys can do that would help even more.” She said. “If you could drive around with your siren going as though you’re in a hurry, it may distract anybody following. If they follow you, the book is safe.” Wonder Woman explained. “We’re on it Wonder Woman.” Without hesitation, the two men got back into their car and took off. “What a couple of morons.” The woman said as she got back into the car. Wonder Woman lay sleeping, duct tape bound and gagged on the floor of the limo. The evil twin sat back and rested her boots on Wonder Woman’s curvaceous hips and grinned wickedly as the limo sped off.

Wonder Woman’s eyes began to focus and she stared up at the off white stucco ceiling above her. The sounds of passing trucks told her she was close to some sort of highway. After trying to move her arms and legs, she soon realized she was tied spread eagle to a bed. Her belt and lasso were nowhere to be found. The only thing she could see was a Motel 6 advertisement on the nightstand. “Great! They couldn’t even get a Holiday Inn!” she mused trying not to get too distressed at her predicament. With great effort she tried to break the ropes or work them lose but to no avail. Suddenly, the door opened and two women walked in. Wonder Woman stared in shock as Wonder Woman sauntered up to the bed and sat down next to her. “Ah, I see the big chested bimbo has decided to wake up.” Scoffed the impostor as she pulled out Wonder Woman’s gag. The heroine nearly yelled her head off but the other woman who had entered the room waved a shiny 9 mm, holding it up to her lips in a shhhh motion. “Wha. what do you want.” Wonder Woman asked, stammering from her light headedness. “Oh come now,” the other Wonder Woman said leaning over the heroine. “Don’t you recognize me?” Wonder Woman stared for a moment, then her eyes burst wide. “CATWOMAN! How dare you defile my costume and my look!” screamed Wonder Woman as she thrashed about on the bed wanting to rip the she cat’s head off. “Come, come now Wonder Woman. Alls fair in love and profit. or something like that. Besides, I think I make a better Wonder Woman than you.” She said strutting up to the mirror and lifting her breasts in admiration. “Get real! I know football players that would make better Wonder Women!” Wonder Woman laughed. Catwoman leapt on the bed and snarled at the angry brunette. “Ok, so maybe I don’t have as much front real estate as you do,” she said flicking Wonder Woman’s large breast with her finger. “At least I look sexier.” She said purring. “Awww don’t worry Catwoman. At least you have more rear real estates than I do.” Wonder Woman said with a laugh. Her plan was simple. Piss off Catwoman enough so she would make a mistake and hopefully she could get free. Her planned appeared to be working. SMMMACCKK! Wonder Woman’s head rocked to one side as Catwoman landed a huge slap across the heroine’s face. She then grabbed Diana by her long hair and stared like a panther ready to rip her throat out. Suddenly, a wave of calm came over the she cat and the villainess relaxed. “This manifest is garbage. Its the city bus route Xeroxed a hundred and forty seven times. Where’s the real manifest. I doubt they are shipping missile grade plutonium on the 8:30 A bus.” Catwoman said casually, tearing up the manifest and sprinkling the bits on top of Wonder Woman. “Manifest? Uggghh what manifest.. My Wonder-mobile broke down and I have to us the bus.” Wonder Woman said batting her eyes and looking like a doe in the headlights. Catwoman simply grinned and got up. She pulled open one of the drawers on a nearby cabinet and Wonder Woman grinned as her plan worked. Catwoman picked up her magic lasso which was still attached to her belt. Now she knew where they were. Wonder Woman had learned to use her lasso to her advantage in such situations. For some reason, crooks always got off on getting her to talk with her own lasso. Nine times out of ten they always kept the belt and the lasso together and this was no exception. Catwoman slid the lasso under Wonder Woman’s back and tied it in a decorative bow around her chest. Immediately the magical lasso took effect. “Now, tell me where the manifest is.” Catwoman said in superiority, leaning over the teeth gritting, palpitating heroine. “Its.. Its... its. at. the airport.” Wonder Woman spewed out. Her hesitation was really her own act. She just wanted Catwoman to think she was desperately fighting the lasso. The lasso made her tell the truth but she had learned from other criminals and from training herself that, if the questions weren’t precise, they were almost useless. “Airport? Where?” “Hanger. hanger 4.” “What? In a box. A bag. A plane.” “My.. my invisible plane.” “Is anyone there waiting for you?” “No.. errr. yes. Steve Trevor with about a dozen agents. Nobody but me can get in and take my jet. They’d recognize you instantly.” Wonder Woman said. “Oh contrair my dear. If I can fool those two dolts in the alley, I can surely fool that imbecile Trevor.” Catwoman said getting up and opening another drawer. Wonder Woman then gasped in horror. “Oh come now, you didn’t think this wouldn’t happen.” Catwoman said strapping on a huge dildo and sauntering back over to the bed. “Nooo..!! NO!!!” Wonder Woman pleaded. “STOP! I order you to be silent! No screaming. You can resist however. Nothing like raping an uncooperative heroine. You are such good fucks. I should know. I’ve raped my share in my time.” Catwoman said with a grin as she grabbed Wonder Woman’s satin shorts and pulled them off. In a few minutes, Wonder Woman’s boustier was on the floor and Catwoman was busy fondling the heroine’s ample chest. “Mmmmm can’t believe these are 100% real. Very tasty.” Catwoman said purring as she licked and suckled Wonder Woman’s breasts. Her mouth moved about slowly, kissing and sucking the amazon’s perfect body. She then slipped down and buried her face into Wonder Woman’s perfectly trimmed bush. Wonder Woman soared and rocked as the villianess’s tongue drove her wild with irresistible sensation. She moaned and groaned, rolling her hips and panting with each deep licking stroke from Catwoman’s wicked tongue. Catwoman stepped up her onslaught, cupping Wonder Woman’s ass with her soft hands and playing with her buttocks as she bore down on the heroine’s defenseless clit. The amazon was going crazy, surging and bucking and moaning uncontrollably. She was probably one of the strongest women on Earth but she was a sucker for being sexed. The two rolled about in unison, Catwoman adding erotic moans and coos of her own to heighten the circumstance. Suddenly, the she cat stopped leaving Wonder Woman on the edge of disaster. “Wha. why. what are you doing???” Wonder Woman asked panting and sighing, half disappointed that the villainess stopped. “I want to make you suffer CUNT!” Catwoman hissed as she leaned over Wonder Woman and slid the large dildo into place. With a brutal shove, she blasted through Wonder Woman’s weakened virtue and pressed the huge cock inward. Wonder Woman reared back and tried to scream only the lasso’s power kept her silent. Catwoman smiled as she saw the agony and ecstasy in Wonder Woman’s gritting face and she grabbed onto the heroine’s shoulders to gain more ground. Wonder Woman thrust and twisted with Catwoman as the villainess slammed and forced the dildo down deeper and deeper. “You fucking BITCH!!! CUNT!! ARROGANT PRINCESS!!! I hate YOU! You deserve to be RAPED!” Catwoman screamed, pumping her hips into Wonder Woman’s like a wild animal. The amazon was done for. In a surge of uncontrollable spasms, the amazing princess of power exploded in a mind ripping climax. Her faced blared as though she were screaming a thousand screams but only wincing and gasping came from her wet, outstretched mouth. Both women settled down and Catwoman rocked the dildo slowly in and out of a gasping, semi stunned Wonder Woman. She then leaned back and withdrew the rod. The other girl came up and stripped bare. Obviously one of Catwoman’s kittens. Catwoman removed her store bought Wonder Woman costume and handed the strap on to the girl. “Do her real good!” Catwoman said as she climbed on top of Wonder Woman and straddled the heroine’s face with her hips. “Now its your turn whore! Give me your best!” she ordered. Catwoman sank down onto Wonder Woman’s face and reared back as the amazon went unwillingly to work. The kitten slipped in between Wonder Woman’s legs and once more the dildo began slamming in and out of the heroine’s fiery, gyrating hips. Outside the motel room, the only sounds were the muffled whimpers and agonizing moans of a woman being mindlessly raped.

Catwoman hummed softly in the back of the limo as they headed for the airport. They had just finished banging the hell out of Wonder Woman for the last three hours and Catwoman sat with a satisfied grin. “Too bad I didn’t have my whole gang of kittens to help me. I wonder how she would have done against five of us.” The she cat chuckled thinking about how humiliating it must have been for the great Wonder Woman to be so debased. The limo pulled through the back entrance to the airport and rolled along the tarmac, past rows of hangers. “Kitten! Pull over and hide the limo. I want to reconnoiter the area before trying to get the book.” Catwoman ordered. The limo pulled into a hanger and Catwoman got out wearing Wonder Woman’s original outfit including the belt. She had decided not to leave anything to chance and didn’t want a fake Halloween costume to screw up her plan. The lasso had to remain on Wonder Woman, however, since she wanted the amazon to suffer from her forced commands. She sported the fake lasso that came with the original outfit she got from the costume shop. The villainess slinked like a true cat burglar down along the buildings till she saw hanger 4. Sure enough, Trevor was there with a dozen or so agents. “Looks easy enough. All I got to do is show a lot of cleavage and don’t say much and they won’t know a thing.” Catwoman grinned as she got up and walked toward the hanger. Suddenly, a gloved arm reached out of a doorway behind the over confident cat burglar and brought a blackjack hard across the back of her neck. Catwoman collapsed to her knees clutching her head in agony. Two more loud, “WHAP” blows nailed her curvaceous body to the ground unconscious.

Wonder Woman’s hips exploded upward again as yet another mind numbing climax ripped through her. It had been nearly three hours since her little lesbian gang rape with Catwoman and her kitten. The nefarious she-cat had left her gagged and spread eagle to the bed with one of villianess’s insidious cat dildo toys stuffed deep in her virtue. Worse yet, her own lasso was magically inducing her to cum at a frantic rate. “Can’t take much more. got to do something.” Wonder Woman thought, covered in sweat and panting through her nose from exhaustion. “If I could just get my hand free.” She had been working her right hand through its noose, letting her sweat lubricate the ropes. With one, final tug, the amazon yanked her hand free. Moments later, a wheezing, nearly defeated Wonder Woman dropped the nine inch dildo to the floor and staggered, holding her pelvis, to the dresser. “DAMN! She took my belt! At least she didn’t order me not to try and escape.” Wonder Woman cursed searching the cabinet. All she could find was Catwoman’s costume. Suddenly, she grinned with inspiration holding up the skimpy, swimsuit like cat outfit.

“Now Wonder Woman. Tell me where the book is!” screamed the large, red bearded man standing in front of Catwoman. Catwoman swung from her arms, which were bound over her head and tied to a hook from a chain running from the roof of the hanger. Her long legs were also bound tightly together with rope. Over her mouth, a large swath of duct tape kept her mumbling but quiet. She cursed and groaned under her gag as the Cossack and his men stared at her vulnerable, shapely body. The large Russian walked up and ran his rough hand slowly over Catwoman’s bare thigh. The villianess’s eyes burst open in horror at his lusting stare.

The interrogation had been going on for about a half hour with Catwoman refusing to talk and the Cossack slapping her this way and that. Now, the huge Russian was changing his tactics. With a brutal yank, the Cossack yanked down Catwoman’s boustier with one sweep of his hand, pulling the whole costume, including the shorts, all the way to her ankles. “Ah, so the great Wonder Woman. I’ve been waiting to gaze upon your pristine American body.” The Cossack blared with a grin as he reached up and harshly cupped Catwoman’s breasts. Callously, he molested and groped Catwoman’s tits like a madman. He then grabbed the struggling villainess and pulled her close. His mouth sucked in a ripe nipple and he went to town doing what every man would dream of doing to a nice set of huge tits. “Talk Wonder Woman. Tell Cossack where book is and your virtue stays intact.” The Russian sneered. He then slapped his huge hand on Catwoman’s plump ass and squeezed her butt cheeks as tight as he could sending the she bitch arching back in pain. Then, with a harsh yank, he tore the duct tape from her mouth. “You idiot! I’m not Wo...” Catwoman wanted to tell this jerk how much of a moron he was but she instantly remembered one of the biggest rules of criminals; useless people are expendable people. Can’t have them figure out she’s just a cat burglar. “.worried.” She finished turning her head upward and pouting. “Da, you will be.” The huge man said as he unzipped his pants and pulled out a penis the size of a bull’s “NOOOO!!! OHH!!! NO. mmmmblllmmm.” Catwoman’s cries were muffled as one of the Cossack’s henchmen silenced her with a towel gag. The Cossack untied her ankles and grabbed her flailing legs. He pulled Catwoman’s wriggling hips into his and aimed. “Ahhh to rape the great Wonder Woman.” the Cossack said with a sigh as he slammed his bull-dork home. Catwoman reared back and began hissing like a cat in heat. Her body gyrated frantically but the Russian was way too strong. Ironically, her undulations were giving him the fuck of a lifetime and he pulled her snake like body even closer, burying his face in her tan breasts. Instinctively, one of the Cossack’s henchmen walked up behind the frantic and wildly writhing Catwoman and grabbed her ass. He pressed his penis into her anus and plunged forward. Catwoman went ballistic, kicking and bucking as she was sandwiched and brutally entered from both ends. Catwoman screamed in horror as the rest of the Cossack’s five men moved in. Outside, staring in a window, a super shapely figure watched on. “Wow! Glad they didn’t catch me. Sometimes it pays to be the bad girl.” Wonder Woman thought, grinning at the working over Catwoman was getting. She had taken Catwoman’s car to the airport, bagging and tying up her kitten in the limo.

“All I have to do is get to Steve and tell him what happened.” Wonder Woman thought as she snuck along the rows of hangers toward the one where Steve was waiting. “YOU THERE! HALT!” screamed a voice. Wonder Woman turned to see two agents racing toward her with pistols drawn. “Don’t worry gentlemen,” Wonder Woman began to say. “I’m Wonder.” BLAM BLAM The bullets barely missed her, bouncing off of some crates behind her. “GREAT HERA! They think I’m Catwoman!!!” Wonder Woman gasped as the men ran towards her, guns ablaze. She turned and ran for her life, ducking around the corner of a hanger. As she ran past some crates, a rifle butt shot out and landed a blow across the back of her head. Wonder Woman shot forward and staggered, then dropped unconscious. “Men, grab Catwoman and cuff her. Put her in a paddy wagon and wait for my orders.” Steve Trevor barked as the agents came up and grabbed the slumped over, bikini clad heroine. “She may have more of her kittens around and I want to interrogate her when she wakes.” Wonder Woman was cuffed and carried to a police paddy wagon where her limp body was set on a wooden bench in the back. The two agents climbed in back with her and shut the door.

Catwoman’s body was now literally buried under a pile of the Cossack’s blood thirsty men. Over and over they raped her, banging and molesting her like animals. The penis gagged she-cat could only hiss and moan in futility as she went through degradation after degradation. The Cossack stood over the groaning villainess and grinned. “Tell me what I want to know and you will be spared. Tell me Wonder Woman.” He said as her lifted her head, removed his penis from her mouth and ran his thumb over her dull, cum soaked lower lip. Catwoman gazed back with a glazed dull look. “Fuuuckkk.. youuu.” she stammered. The Cossack stroked his penis into eruption and let the jism squirt all over her face. He then pushed his member back into her unwilling mouth so she could once more drink from his fountain of seed.

Ten minutes went by and Doug and Franky sat staring at the voluptuous female form laying so helpless in front of them. “Ya think we oughta at least search her?” Doug said in a squeaky voice. “Yeah. good idea.” Franky replied jumping at any excuse to put his hands on those smooth thighs. Both men went to work search Wonder Woman. Doug grabbed the amazon’s huge breasts and kneaded them slowly, making sure no knives, grenades or thermonuclear missiles might be stashed in those massive watermelons. Franky stayed to the southern regions, running his hands over her thigh booted legs and under her bikini bottom. Finally, after another ten minutes of “thorough” searching, Doug thought to look in the small bag that Wonder Woman still had over her shoulder. “Hey, Franky. Isn’t this Wonder Woman’s lasso?” Doug said holding up the golden rope. “Sure looks that way. I’d say the Cat bagged Wonder Woman and stole her rope.” “Maybe we oughta tell Trevor.” Doug added. “Wait! She won’t talk to Trevor. He’s too much of a goody two shoes. Why don’t we work the information out of her ourselves and score some points with the boss. Besides, we won’t get another chance at such a snatch.” Franky said with a grin. Doug smiled back and they both went to work.

“OK Cat-Bitch! Time to wake up!” Doug said slapping Wonder Woman’s face. Wonder Woman’s eyes slowly blinked to life and the amazon began to wiggle and moan. “What happened? Where am I.” she started to ask. “We’ll ask the questions Cat Whore!” barked Franky. Immediately, an overwhelming force came over Wonder Woman and she instantly realized her arms were tied behind her back with her own lasso. The amazon instantly shut up and awaited orders from her new rope bearers. “Now, you’re gonna tell us what your plan is and where Wonder Woman is.” Ordered Franky as he grabbed Wonder Woman’s beautiful face. “I am Wonder...” Suddenly, the amazon began to fight the lasso. “I’m too much out of costume. If I tell them I’m Wonder Woman, they may piece together that I’m also Diana Prince.” She thought. With monumentous effort, Wonder Woman blurted out her answer.

“My plan is to deliver the book. Wonder Woman is. is. bound and helpless with two really stupid jerks..” The amazon gasped, telling the truth. “She’s probably got a buyer. I bet Wonder Woman’s all trussed up somewhere.” Doug said to Franky. “Well, we’ll just have to soften her up a bit.” Franky replied with a grin as he unzipped his pants and exposed his penis. Wonder Woman gasped in horror as she knelt helplessly in front of the I.A.D.C. agent. “Yeah.” Added Doug as he grabbed the g-string on Catwoman’s outfit and pulled it down, pulling out his own cock in the process. “NO! NO! you can’t do this! This is illeg.MMMMBLLLMMM!!!” Wonder Woman’s complaining mouth went down on Franky’s rock hard cock. The agent bounced the heroine’s head up and down, shafting her mouth and making her moan and gasp in the process. Almost immediately, agent Doug grabbed Wonder Woman’s shifting rear and plunged his solid penis deep inside her. Kneeling like a dog and whimpering as well, Wonder Woman played the sex bitch for her two rapists. Each agent was rewarded with a bevy of erotic hip thrust, desperate, sucking lips and moans of helplessness. The sensations were too much and the men sank, reeling in the waves of pleasure the amazon was so unwilling issuing. Wonder Woman pulled at the golden lasso behind her, trying to loosen it before they gave anymore orders. She was not ordered to remove it so the lasso was fair game. “Almost got. it. Too loosely wrapped. They didn’t knot it.” Suddenly, Franky’s back arched and he seized in sexual tension. His hands grabbed Wonder Woman’s head and held it firmly in place. Wonder Woman began to squeal in disgust and horror at the inevitable. Her hands were coming lose but she was still too late. With a male cry of intense relief, agent Franky erupted and blasted his seed down the heroine’s unwilling throat. Wonder Woman could do nothing but gasp and swallow in humiliation. At the same time, agent Doug sounded his excitement and burst inside Wonder Woman’s writhing hips. The heroine’s ass thrust from his pounding then slowed as he allowed his member to pump its load deep inside her. The three sat for a long, silent moment, both men breathing heavily in ecstasy as they continued to relieve themselves. Suddenly, Wonder Woman sprang forward and plowed an unsuspecting agent Franky into the front of the van. At the same time, her shapely, muscular leg let out a massive side kick that sent agent Doug against the van doors. She immediately wrapped her lasso around Franky and ordered him to stay. Then, in the same motion, she lunged at agent Doug and slammed half a dozen knee blows to his groin and gut, dropping him unconscious.

“I think that will take care of those two. Diana Prince will definitely have to write up something about them when we’re back at headquarters.” Wonder Woman said as she pulled up her arm glove and quietly shut the van door. “I had to use the lasso and order them to believe Catwoman escaped. I can’t report the rape since it was really me they banged and not Catwoman. I just had to order them to forget it.” Wonder Woman said to herself in her usual, super uptight manner as she strutted off back toward the hanger where she first saw Catwoman. She stared back in the window and gasped. “How long have they been doing her? Its been nearly two hours.” Wonder Woman thought watching a bare female leg or gnarled hand reach out from the pile in desperation. With the stealth of a true amazon, Wonder Woman snuck in and grabbed her costume, which was strewn on the floor on the otherside of the hanger. The Cossack’s men were far too busy enjoying themselves to notice. Wonder Woman could see that Catwoman was waning. She knew the woman would talk from over stimulation any moment. “She’ll probably tell them where the book is first. If she told them she wasn’t Wonder Woman they’d kill her instantly and she knows it.” Wonder Woman thought. Suddenly, the heroine sprouted a wicked grin.

The Cossack’s men rushed the hanger that Steve Trevor was guarding, firing AR15s like firemen hosing a fire. The IADC agents ran from the hanger, firing back but, more importantly, they ducked and covered themselves trying not to get shot. The goons rushed in, grabbed the book from Wonder Woman’s invisible jet and ran down the tarmac firing back at will. Soon, a large, black truck exploded from the hanger across the way and the Cossack, with his men, barreled through the airport gates and away from Steve Trevor and his agents. “Great idea! Only you could have thought of that.” Steve said. “Well, it was inspired. I can’t take all the credit. Catwoman helped.” Wonder Woman said, stepping out from behind some crates wearing her full outfit. “Now how did you know Catwoman would help the Cossack and lead him here?” Steve replied pulling bullets from his flack jacket. “Oh, you know, criminals always party together. She probably just used her feminine charms on him and he melted like putty.” Wonder Woman replied with a grin. “At least the book is safe.” “Yes, the book. I know that thing they took was the flight log off someone’s airplane but what happened to the real book.” Steve asked. At that moment, a young UPS delivery boy walked in with an overnight package. “Delivery for a Ms. Wonder Woman.” The boy yelled. Wonder Woman signed for the large envelope and opened it. “There, all safe and sound. It would have gotten her much sooner IF UPS WASN’T ON STRIKE!!!” she blared, staring at the UPS guy. The boy grinned and shied away embarrassed at who was chewing his butt out. Wonder Woman handed the manifest to Steve who handed it to another agent for delivery. “Definitely a brilliant plan Wonder Woman. Get the two most likely villains who might steal the book to work together so they steal the wrong one, leaving us free to deliver the right one.” Steve said smiling. “Too bad their contacts will be extremely angry for getting the wrong book.” “Yes, too bad for them.” Wonder Woman added. They both broke into laughter.

“So, Wonder Woman. I now have the book and your lovely body. I will be glad when I can part with both. You will fetch quite a sum on the white slavery market while the book will tell me of my mother country’s missile locations. I will take back what is ours from the decadent western pigs and restore mother Russia to its old glory.” The Cossack proclaimed, sitting in the back of the van and staring down at a bound, gagged and naked Catwoman. “But first, we must taste of your pleasures once more.” The men formed in on the struggling villainess and the van drove off into the night. End.