Wonder Woman Vs. ... Her Belt?  

By Disciple

WARNING: Explicit content- Mature readers only!

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NOTES (I suggest you at least skim them):

The version of Wonder Woman in this story is an amalgamation of several incarnations. I did some research on the 'net, and found that there were many versions of her (golden age, silver age, modern age, post-crisis, a few TV shows, etc.), each with its own rules. Since none of them was perfect for the story, I picked out qualities from each. For example, I wanted her to have the belt (which only appeared in the TV series with Linda Carter), but I also wanted her to be able to fly under her own power, like she does in the comics (I just hate that "invisible jet"). I also chose a version of her lasso that compels truth and can force forgetfulness, but that could not be telepathically or telekinetically controlled.

For those of you who read my first story, "The Twin Avengers," this story takes place after the meeting with Batgirl, but before the introduction of the twins.

For those of you who haven't read the story, you may want to check it out. This one refers to events that take place in that one. If you want to read this one first, though, don't worry. There's a quick recap at the beginning of the story, and I've included explanatory entries in the glossary.

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Wonder Woman Vs. ... Her Belt?

by Richard Deeper (mailto:%20some_guy78@hotmail.com )

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Richard Deeper. You can call me Dick. I'm a thief. I'm not really a supervillain or anything. The closest thing I have to a costume is my "work clothes"- a simple sleek black thief's outfit, with a domino mask to hide my identity. It doesn't seem like much, but hey- it seems to work for Robin. By stealing only a little at a time, I've managed to put together a good deal of wealth without being captured. About a year ago, I captured Batgirl, and discovered the pleasures of superheroines. My powers allow me to capture most of them fairly easily, and make the best use of my time with them. Stalking superheroines quickly became a hobby of mine.

I had, at that point, captured 49 heroines. For number 50, I had my sights set on the foremost heroine in the world, Wonder Woman. Usually, I tried to stay with lower profile (and lower-powered) heroines, but this being a big occasion (and my having gotten away with screwing 49 other heroines senseless), I had decided to go for bigger game.

I watched her carefully for a while, trying to learn all I could about her. Like many in her profession, she was captured fairly frequently. I noticed that many villains took her belt off or tied her hands together, but wasn't sure why. I also noticed that she tended to escape relatively quickly. I tried to find out more, but had some trouble. She was an experienced heroine, skilled at hiding her identity. The fact that she could fly and I couldn't made it even more difficult.

I decided that the best way to learn more would be to use my powers. If I could touch her, I could gain a good deal of valuable information. Obviously, she wasn't about to let just anyone walk up and grab her, but I quickly came up with a plan. Changing my hair and clothes to look as non-descript as possible, I headed for an office building in a part of the city where Wonder Woman was frequently sighted. Then, I simply made my way to the roof, and threatened to jump. Sure enough, the heroine quickly came to my "rescue." While she was trying to talk me down, I allowed myself to "slip," trusting in her abilities to save me. It wasn't much of a gamble.

She grabbed me out of the air, held me carefully, and flew me down to the sidewalk. I used to the time to read her body. As I'd known, she was super-strong, fast, and agile. There were no obvious weak spots. Taking her down was not going to be easy. Oh, sure, I could sneak up on her and chloroform her or gas her like many villains did, but that could put her out for too long. Besides, I didn't want her to wake up with a persistent headache.

I also discovered, much to my surprise, that she was a virgin. It didn't make sense. I'd seen her captured. I knew what many villains did with a superheroine once they had her helpless. How could she be a virgin?

I was still puzzling that one over when she put me down. Fortunately, she assumed that my look of confusion had to do with the rescue. It wasn't too hard to make myself sound shaken, pretending that the close call had made me realize that I wasn't ready to jump after all.

I sorted through the information I'd secretly gathered with my powers. Something had felt strange about her muscles. The muscles themselves appeared to be ordinary, and yet they possessed these extraordinary powers. I realized that she must have some kind of external power source. I was going to need more information.

The question was how to get it. I couldn't follow her, and I'd gotten just about everything I could with my powers. So, I'd need to find someone who did know more, and see if I could get him to share that information. Him... or her. I was on the next flight out to Gotham City.

I took a few days to set things up, then dropped some hints of illegal activities where I knew they'd be picked up. I kept a regular schedule for a couple of days, to give her time to pick up on the hints and establish surveillance. When I was fairly sure I had her attention, I set my little trap. I turned off all the lights, except for the display lamps on my special gallery, loudly opened and closed the front door, and hid quietly in the shadows. I watched as she disabled the alarms (which had only been put there so that she wouldn't be overly suspicious), and snuck in through the window. She glanced around, checking for any obvious traps, then began investigating the place.

I admired her lithe young form from my comfortable hiding place in the corner. By some twist of fate, it was our "anniversary"- it had been exactly one year since I'd first encountered Batgirl. As I've mentioned, that night had changed my life. It had shown me new uses for my powers and for the athletic bodies of superheroines.

I was still reminiscing when Batgirl, satisfied that she was alone, took out a miniature tape recorder. "Batgirl's case log number 31527: I'm investigating gating reports of a short-term smuggling operation based out of a newly-bought penthouse apartment. The apartment was purchased last week at a police seized-property auction by a local starving artist, Julie Stevenson. A conversation with her revealed that she'd been desperate for money, on the verge of turning to prostitution, when a 'mysterious benefactor,' had asked her to buy the place for him. He'd given her the money to bid for it at the auction, and told her to use any money left over to furnish it. She was to purchase a 'large, comfortable, bed with a sturdy frame' as well as the trimmings of an art gallery- movable display walls, lighting, and whatever else she wanted. The catch was that her 'benefactor' would have sole use of the apartment for the first month. After that, it would be hers alone. She claims that she offered to 'thank' him, but that he turned her down, saying that he didn't want to make her feel like a prostitute so soon after she'd been close to actually becoming one. It all seems very suspicious.

"I'm in the apartment now. There were a few alarms, but nothing difficult. There's no sign that anyone else is here at the moment." I could hear a brief quickening of her breath as she contemplated the possibility of a trap. From our previous encounter, I knew that Batgirl found traps exciting. She took a second to calm herself again, then continued. "What I've seen of the apartment so far is set up exactly as Julie said she'd left it. There's not much in this room, other than the gallery display walls. What's strange is that some of the display lights are on.... There are paintings on them. No, wait. They're not paintings." Her breath quickened again as she took in the sight before her. "It's some kind of bizarre collection... trophies, I guess. Each one has a pair of panties in the middle, surrounded by pictures of a woman, tied to a bed, wearing nothing but a mask. The panties are all... stained. The women are all asleep. It looks like they're smiling.

"They're all superheroines. Each one has been tied down, screwed senseless, and had her come-soaked panties taken as a trophy. There are no marks of violence on them. Given that and their smiling faces, it doesn't seem to have been rape, despite the bondage. To have the panties stained with their come, but not his, he'd have to finger them to orgasm.

"Psychologists say that rape is about control. While this isn't rape, it still appears to be centered around control. A rapist wants to TAKE control, but my guess is that this guy, whoever he is, works a little differently. He wants control, but he doesn't want to take it violently. He wants it to be freely GIVEN to him.

"With the obsession with control, and the fixation on the panties, my guess is that he'd keep his clothes on- at the beginning, at least. He'd take her clothes off gradually, getting permission along the way. Clothing becomes part of the control. He keeps his, while she gives hers up, slowly becoming more exposed, more vulnerable. Then, he brings her to orgasm- making her lose control. The stained panties then take on double significance. They're her most personal article of clothing- her last line of defense, and they're also soaked in her juices, proof that he made her lose control.

"Once he has that trophy, ultimate proof of his control, he can take off his own clothes- letting her take them off would be giving up control- and have his way with her. Given the control issue, he'd still want to make her orgasm as many times as possible before he comes himself. Not only would that mean she loses control repeatedly, but it would leave her exhausted by the time he's done. It's further proof of his control and power, and it lets him take his pictures."

Of course, while she was busy trying to figure me out, I was studying her. Her cold, analytical phrasing was oddly discordant with her body language. She was breathing rapidly (though clearly at least trying to keep her breaths calm and even), and I noticed that her thighs were rubbing together a little. I also noticed that her analysis was surprisingly accurate, given the limited evidence available to her. I began to wonder if her arousal was due to more than just a wall of stained panties and the possibility of a trap. Could she actually be remembering that night?

"It's a lot of guesswork, but it seems familiar. Wait, there's one 'trophy' display that's separated from the rest. Is it...?" She put her gloved hand up against the glass of one case that would always be special to me. "Yes," she breathed, "the panties in this case... are mine."

"You remember," I said, stepping out of the darkness.

She jumped into motion, putting the tape recorder away while simultaneously whirling around, ending up in a combat stance. When she saw me, she relaxed, then said, softly, "of course I remember. Most guys who capture me just have their fun and leave me there. You... you were different. You touched me gently. You looked at me for permission. You brought me to incredible orgasms, and when you were done, you put my costume back on- without a single tear- and left me on that bench, where you knew I'd be safe. It was one of the most confusing and wonderful nights of my life, and it left me wondering..."

"Because you had no way to identify me."


"Julie Stevenson," she said, suddenly. "She offered herself to you. Why did you turn her down?"

"Partly because of what I told her- I figured that she'd come so close to prostitution that having sex with someone who was also giving her money would have hurt her too much. Mostly, though, it was her body. Oh, she was beautiful, all right. Most men would jump at the chance to have someone like her. She'd have done well as a prostitute, though it would have ruined her spirit and her art. Thing is, she wasn't a superheroine. She didn't have the kind of body you get from all that exercise- the toned muscles, the flexibility, the stamina. I've been spoiled."

She grinned saucily. "Glad you appreciate it."

"Superheroines are special. Especially you."


"You were... my first."

"I was..." she stood there, absorbing that, and then said, breathlessly, "it didn't show."

"Thank you," I replied, smiling.

Her breath came rapidly as she stood there, remembering. Then, she forced herself back to the present. "So, here you are, back in Gotham, and you let me find you this time. Why?"

"Well, thanks to you," I said, gesturing to the wall of panties, "I've taken up spelunking ..."

"So I see..."

"There's a particular cave I'd like to explore, but I'm having trouble getting to it. I was hoping you could be my oracle ."

"So, you came to pump me for information ."

I smiled at the double entendre . "Exactly."

"And why should I help you?"

"Because you enjoyed it so much the last time I explored your little batcave?" Her eyebrows rose, but then she smiled. "Besides, I think you'll agree that the cave I have in mind could use a little exploration."

"Oh really? Do tell."

"It's in Washington, DC, and the last protection in front of it is blue with white stars..."

Her eyes widened. "Wonder Woman??" She paused to take that in, and I watched as her expression faded from shock to a knowing grin. "You're right. She DOES need someone to explore around inside of her for a while."

"So, are you going to help me?"

"And betray a friend?"

"I wouldn't hurt her. You know that, Barbara."

"You know my name?" Her eyes were wide, then they narrowed. "You said you wouldn't ask my name if I didn't ask yours."

"I didn't ask your name. At the time, I didn't know it, either. Still, I couldn't resist taking a picture of you with your mask off. I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity for some potentially valuable information. I'm into control. You know that." She continued to stare at me. "So I lied. I'm a villain." Her lips twitched. "Besides, I haven't told anyone, though I might have to if you don't help me now."

"You wouldn't!"

"Maybe, maybe not, but you can tell Wonder Woman that you helped me because I was blackmailing you." I'm not sure if it was the words or the fact that I chose that moment to reach out and begin caressing her, but she smiled at me again.

"What do you need to know?"

"We'll start with her powers... where do they come from?"

"She's an amazon- a woman from a place called Paradise Island. Actually, she's a princess there. All women born on the island have super powers. Supposedly, it's because they didn't have men holding them back from developing their potential all this time. Normally, if an Amazon comes here, to what they call the "Man's World," she loses her powers. As an ambassador, however, Wonder Woman was given a magical belt. It's her link to the island. It maintains her purity, despite the influence of all the men around her."

"Interesting," I said, as I slid my hands slowly over her graceful curves. "So that's why all those villains kept taking her belt off..." I was also thinking that if the belt restored her purity, it might explain her apparent virginity. THAT lead to some intriguing possibilities.

"Right. If she's not wearing the belt, she loses her powers. She also loses her powers if a man ties her wrists together so that her bracelets touch. It's a punishment from the gods for letting a man bind her. There's some kind of ancient greek myth associated with that." Her breathing was deep and husky now.

I began to move towards the bedroom, one slow step backwards at a time, forcing her to come to me if she wanted my hands to keep stroking her. "Tell me about the lasso."

"It's unbreakable. If someone is bound by it, and there is someone else holding the other end, then it puts the bound one into a sort of hypnotic trance. It forces whoever is bound to speak only the truth, and the one holding the other end can command the prisoner to forget whatever happened during the trance."

"Will it work against her?"

"Yes," she panted. "It will."

We'd reached the bedroom door. I opened it with one hand, my other hand still roaming over her body. "The bracelets?"

"Also invulnerable. She uses them to deflect bullets. They're also a symbol of her service to the gods. She can never take them off."

Step by step, I drew her to the bed. "Anything else I should know?"

"You know about her powers?"

"Strength, speed, stamina, agility, flight, and toughened skin. Anything else?"

"Not that I know of."

We'd reached the bed. I drew her around in a semi-circle, so that she had the bed directly behind her. "Secret identity?"

She stiffened. "I... I'd rather not say." The name "Diana Prince" and an image of an army secretary popped into her mind. Since I was touching her, I had no trouble lifting the information, but I saw no reason to tell her that.

"Don't worry. I understand. Now, before we start with your reward, there's something I'd like you to do for me...."

I explained what I wanted to Batgirl, and when she agreed, I stepped out of the room. About ten minutes later, the bedroom door opened. "Okay," she said. "I'm ready. Why don't you come back in, and we can have some fun?"

I walked back up to her, grabbed her, and gave her a kiss that left her panting. As I removed her cape, I stepped slowly forwards, forcing her back towards the bed. My hands roamed up and down her toned body. My lips teased her neck while my hands moved over to deftly remove her belt. I set it aside on the bed, then pulled her shirt up. I removed it slowly, tracing my hands over the skin of her smooth stomach as it was exposed. Getting the tight shirt over those large, succulent breasts of hers wasn't easy, so I made sure to take plenty of time doing it. On the way, my hands wandered over every inch of the firm mounds. Her erect nipples strained at the fabric of her sports bra. I played with them a while, teasing, pinching, and pulling, making her moan with pleasure.

I finished pulling her shirt off, then pushed at her shoulders. With the back of her knees already pressing against the mattress, she was forced to fall into a sitting position on the bed. She looked up at me, wondering what was coming next. I reached over for her belt, which was waiting next to her on the bed. Being Batgirl, she kept several pairs of handcuffs and some good lengths of rope in it. I pulled out a pair of cuffs, and dangled them in front of her. She grinned.

I positioned her in the center of the bed, flat on her back. I pulled one of her gloved hands up, over her head, and attached one end of the cuffs to a nearby post on the sturdy bedframe. Slowly, I closed the other end of the cuffs around her slender wrist, trapping it in the metal's embrace, making the act of putting it on as sensual as taking off a piece of her clothing. I brought out another pair of cuffs, and did the same to her other hand.

I moved down her body, trailing my hands lightly over her graceful curves as I went. She arched herself to meet my touch, like a cat eager to be stroked. My hands slid down her graceful thighs, tickled the back of her knees, and then encountered the tops of her boots. I unzipped them, and eased them off, feeling her toned calves, enjoying the play of her muscles as she moved her legs to help me take the boots off.

I moved back up to her slender waist, and began peeling her tights back. I noticed as I did so that her panties were already damp, though I left that treasure for later. I worked my way down her gorgeous legs, kissing and caressing the creamy skin as it was revealed. When the tights were off, I took a length of rope out of her belt. I tied it around one of her ankles, looped it around the bedframe, then tied the other ankle.

I stepped back and took a moment to appreciate the view. Batgirl's lithe, athletic body was gently but firmly held, spread-eagled, to the bed. She was wearing her mask, gloves, bra, and panties. She was breathing heavily, and she was looking at me, her eyes begging me to come and take her.

I walked back up to her, my hands exploring her body. It really was spectacular. I slid my hand down her side, and she arched up. Her full breasts stood out even more, offering themselves to me. I kept her there as we both savored the moment, remembering the last time we'd been in this same situation a year ago. Her nipples were standing proud and tall. I felt briefly sorry for the overworked fabric of her sports bra. It had to be difficult containing those large melons under normal circumstances. Now, with her back arched and her nipples erect, it was stretched to its elastic limits. My hand found the clasp under her back, and soon it, and its two beautiful charges, were free.

I eased my hand back out from under her, letting her lie flat again, as my mouth and my free hand began to play with the newly unbound splendor. My hand caressed, pinched, rolled, and pulled. With my mouth, I sucked and nibbled. I batted her nipple with my tongue. I bit gently, pulling, then let it slide back, grating along my teeth. She moaned and arched up. After a while, I pulled myself back. My left hand still playing with her breasts, I moved my right down. I stroked the sensitive skin of her inner thighs, then slipped my hand under her panties.

I ran my fingers up and down the moist lips, then pushed past them, exploring just inside. I could feel with my powers that she wanted me to go for her clit. Her hands pulled against the cuffs, but couldn't get free. I let her stew for a short time, the tension building, her muscles tightening. My right hand continued to explore the first inch or two of her pussy, while my left hand made its slow way down her quivering stomach. When my left hand finally reached her clit, I pushed the fingers of my right hand deeper inside. I teased and rubbed her clit, while my fingers began scratching at her well-developed g-spot. As she began to orgasm, I brought my right hand out and pulled her panties back into place. She continued to come, my left hand still doing exactly what it need to do with her clit.

When she started to calm down, I pulled her soaked panties off, untying and retying the ropes around her ankles as deftly as any scout master could have wished. She was naked now, except for her gloves and mask, and she was still panting from her orgasm. I went back to her pussy, this time working at it with my mouth. I licked her slit, sucked at the lips, and pushed my tongue inside. I moved my tongue around, exploring and tasting, then worked my way back up. I sucked at her clit, my tongue pushing it and batting at it. I worked my fingers back inside, then went for her g-spot again. My other hand caressed the sensitive skin just outside. She came again, harder this time. I kept at it, making her come a third time.

While she recovered from that, I stepped back and stripped myself, leaving only the mask. She was still panting, her chest heaving beautifully, when I mounted her. Her pussy was well lubricated by now, and I had little trouble sliding my dick into her. She welcomed me in, her tight muscles pulling me in as she arched up to meet me. I bent down to play with her breasts some more as I began pumping in and out. With my body curved like that, my dick was pressed against the top of her pussy, rubbing against both her clit and g-spot. It wasn't long before she came again.

I marveled at her stamina even as I continued to fuck her. There really is nothing like a superheroine's well-conditioned body. She orgasmed twice more before I came inside of her. My last few thrusts, along with a little extra clit stimulation from my hand, brought her to one last, rolling orgasm. She smiled, completely satisfied, and fell into an exhausted slumber.

I took a few polaroids of her like that, then untied her and got her dressed again. I drove her back to the museum where we'd first met, and left her on the same bench as last time. Then, she'd had only the pleasant aches of her muscles and the disappearance of her panties to prove that her memories hadn't been a dream. This time, having already taken my trophy from her, I did things a little differently. When she woke up, she'd find an envelope containing her stained panties (in their own plastic bag), most of the pictures I'd just taken, and a typewritten note that said only "Happy Anniversary" and the date. Most women probably wouldn't consider it a very good gift, but I knew Batgirl would appreciate it. I wasn't about to give her anything that would give her a clue to my identity.

I slept for a few hours back in the apartment, then caught a flight out to Washington, DC. When I arrived at my DC hideout, I slept some more, and then began to make my plans for Wonder Woman. Even though I knew it would be easier to capture her as Diana, it was Wonder Woman I was after. It would make things more difficult, but for the gains afterwards, I knew it would be well worth the effort. Besides, I had some thoughts about that belt of hers.

Even after hours of planning, however, I still couldn't come up with much. I decided that I wasn't going to be able to come up with a foolproof plan for this one. I'd just have to choose my ground to my best advantage, then improvise. Knowing about the weaknesses in her belt and armbands helped. That night, I thought about what I'd do with her if and when I did capture her. I realized that I'd need to have some things ready so that I could deal with her powers. I took a couple of days to do that, then looked for a good place to rob.

Usually, I chose museums and art galleries as my targets. They tended to have a good selection of items in the "worth stealing, but not so major that people would bother too much looking for the culprit" range. They also tended to have a lot of expensive and fragile items lying around in random places. That forced the heroines into close combat, since they couldn't risk damaging the really valuable stuff with long-range weaponry. In this case, though, things were more difficult. Washington is very much a government town. Most of the museums (the Smithsonian, the National Archives, etc. are government-run, and therefore had government security. Worse, Diana Prince worked for the army, meaning that the locations most likely to be on her patrol route would be close to government buildings. A wealthy apartment was likely to be owned by someone with some major government connections.

I didn't really want to target a gallery so soon after using one as a hide-out (in this business, establishing patterns is almost always a bad idea), but I didn't see any better options. At least there were a lot of galleries in the area- there were enough people in Washington trying to impress each other to support a healthy population of artists. I found a decent-sized gallery in an area that Wonder Woman regularly patrolled, and let myself in.

Sure enough, she showed up to stop me. With all the sculptures around, she had no good way to throw her lasso or her tiara. Of course, this didn't really worry her. She was, after all, Wonder Woman, and I was, by all appearances, only an ordinary thief. She moved with superhuman speed, and grabbed me. Unbeknownst to her, the move gave me instant access to a wealth of information. Through the contact, I could feel exactly what she was thinking and planning. I knew just how she'd dodge if I tried to move in any of several possible ways. Even so, she was too fast. If I went directly for her belt, she'd pull out of reach and catch my hand before I could complete the move. Instead, I pretended to struggle in her grasp. I took a few minor hits for my troubles (she was, as I'd known, holding herself back so that she wouldn't do too much damage to the ordinary, non-threatening, minor criminal). She quickly dismissed my struggles as entirely futile, and when she relaxed her guard soon after, I made my move. My "random" struggles brought my hand down, and I suddenly let it dart out, grabbing her belt. I had it off before she even realized that I wasn't just flailing anymore. It helped that the belt hadn't been in my line of sight. I'd found it unerringly by sensing its position on her body with my powers. The difficulty of the move made it that much more unexpected.

I tossed the belt aside. Suddenly, my opponent was an ordinary, if well-trained, human. More, she was still recovering from her surprise at the loss of her belt. I took advantage of that, tossing her over my shoulder (and away from the belt) in a classic judo move. Before she could pick herself up and come after me, I darted over to retrieve the belt. I removed the lasso, and tossed it at her, hoping. My luck held, and the lasso's loop fell over her head. Instantly, she was under its spell. Just to be sure, I commanded her to tell me her real name. If she was only pretending to be bound by the lasso, she would give me an alias.

"My name is Diana Prince," she said, tonelessly. I had her.

"Are you bound by the lasso?"


"What is the extent of the power I now have over you?"

"I must truthfully answer any question you ask me. I cannot move against you, but you cannot command me to act. You can command me to forget or to sleep."

"What would happen if I dropped my end of the lasso?"

"I would remove the end binding me and move to capture you."

"What would happen if I tied you up with the lasso, and let go of the other end?"

"The lasso is unbreakable. If I could not work myself loose, I would remain bound, but not entranced. I would be compelled to speak only the truth, but you would not be able to command me to answer a question, forget, or sleep."

"If I commanded you to sleep, when would you wake up?"

"When you commanded me to do so, after 8 hours, or when the lasso was removed- whichever came first."

"How could I command you to sleep or wake up?"

"The command 'sleep now' would force me to sleep, and the command 'wake up' would wake me up."

"In that case, sleep now." True to her word, Wonder Woman instantly fell asleep. I tied her with the lasso, put the belt away where it wouldn't come in contact with her body, then carried her out of the gallery to the car I'd parked nearby. I drove out to my current hideout, and got things ready.

First, I tied her wrists together with the lasso. Then, I ran the lasso through a pulley in the ceiling, and back down to a metal ring bolted to the floor. I pulled the lasso through the pulley, forcing her hands higher, pulling her sleeping form into a standing position. Even without her super strength, her muscles were developed well enough that this would not injure her. When she was held standing, with her arms above her head (held loosely enough that she could still breathe), I tied the free end of the lasso to the ring in the floor. I then took out two pairs of shackles connected by a chain. I secured the shackles around her ankles, and padlocked the chain to another ring in the floor. This allowed her some freedom of movement in her legs, but kept her from turning around or pulling herself up on the lasso to free herself.

When everything was secured, I put my hand on the length of the lasso running from the pulley to the ring in the floor, and said, "wake up, Wonder Woman." Her eyes opened, but, with my hand on the lasso, she was still entranced. "Tell me, Wonder Woman- have you, in any guise, ever had sex?"


"If someone had sex with you, but commanded you, through the lasso, to forget, would you know?"

"Not if I was bound by the lasso for the entire time."

"If someone commanded you to forget, would I be able to command you to remember again?"

"No. Once someone bound by the lasso is commanded to forget, the memory is gone."

"It's not just a mental block?"


"Have you ever been attracted to someone?"



"Steve Trevor, the man I work for as Diana Prince."

"Have you ever acted on those feelings?"


"Why not?"

"I... don't know."

"Your belt gives you your powers?"


"Then what does it do?"

"My belt maintains my purity in the Man's World, allowing me to use my powers away from Paradise Island."

"Is that the extent of its powers?"


"Are you sure? Could it have some other power?"

"I know of no other power that the belt possesses, but it is possible."

"Could the belt have power over your mind?"

"It... is possible."

"Where did the belt come from?"

"It was made by the gods to allow the amazons to send an ambassador into the Man's World."

"If you had sex with someone while you had the belt on, would you lose your powers?"


"Could they be restored?"

"Yes, but I'd have to return to Paradise Island."

"If you didn't have your powers, would you still be able to get there?"

"Yes. I could ask my sister to fly me."

Sister? Oh yes- Troia of the Teen Titans, once known as Wonder Girl. I'd have to remember her, though it wouldn't be good to drain them both at the same time. "Wouldn't you be embarrassed having to ask your sister?"

"Yes, but if I had to, I would."

"Would it be better if you asked someone else- Supergirl, maybe?"

"Yes. Supergirl would be a good choice. She's not an amazon by birth, but she IS a powerful female warrior."

I had some other questions about the belt and its possible powers, but clearly, Wonder Woman didn't know anything else that would be of use. Instead, I took my hand off the lasso, leaving her bound, but freeing her from the trance. "Who are you?" she demanded. "Where am I?"

"Now, now, Diana. You're in no position to be asking questions." Her eyes widened at my use of her name, and I watched as she mentally reviewed our conversation.

"You didn't command me to forget," she said in surprise.

"No. I wanted you to remember. I'm not going to hurt you, Diana. Actually, I want to help you."

"Help me?" She sounded incredulous. Understandable, given her current position.

"You're a beautiful, confident woman in her physical and sexual prime, you're attracted to a man, and yet, you've done nothing about it. It's not , natural. Diana I think your belt is doing more than you realize to protect your 'amazonian purity.'"


"I think it's affecting your mind, keeping you from acting on your feelings so that you'll remain 'pure.' It may even be wiping your mind and body of all signs of sexual intrusions by the villains who have captured you in the past. I'm not sure about that- there are a few other possible explanations. Even if that's not what's happening with the villains, I'm almost positive that it's what's keeping you back from voluntary romance. Your belt may be safeguarding your purity, Diana, but it's also enslaving your will."

Under ordinary circumstances, she might have refused the possibility out of hand. Bound by the lasso, however, she could not lie- even to herself. She was forced to honestly consider my words. I watched as she thought about it, though I did not move to touch her yet. From what I could tell, though, she was reviewing her memories, searching for evidence that could prove me wrong. After a while, she looked up from her inner search, and said, "Great Hera! You may be right!"

"You're a prisoner of your own belt, Diana. I want to help you overcome it."


"Well, if the belt's power is in your purity, then your choosing to have sex while you have the belt on should do it." She stared at me. "I'll give you some time to think about it. In the meantime, I have a video for you to watch." I went over the large-screen TV. I'd made sure when I'd been putting her bonds together that she'd end up facing it. I turned on the TV and the VCR, and pressed play. Then, I walked out of the room.

An image of me and Batgirl appeared on the screen. On the TV screen, I walked out of the room, and closed the door behind me. Then, Batgirl started talking to the camera. "Wonder Woman," she said, "I'm sure you recognize me. The owner of this tape has asked me to record a message for you. In fact, he lured me here for that very purpose. I'm not quite sure what to say. He's asked me to help him convince you to have sex. It seems like a good idea to me.

"Now, knowing you, convincing you is not going to be easy. You have some hang-ups because you're a rampant feminist. Wonder Woman, you have to realize that just because you're a feminist doesn't mean you can't have sex. In fact, it's a good reason TO have sex. Sex is part of being a woman. You're also some kind of living symbol of women's power. That's good, too, but I think you should understand that part of that power includes the power to CHOOSE. You, as a woman with power, should be able to choose to have sex. If someone were to take you against your will, that would be wrong, and a violation of everything you stand for. I know that. But not allowing yourself to choose... well, it's not AS bad, but it IS bad, too.

"So, I'm encouraging you to exercise your right to choose. Let me tell you... you couldn't choose anyone better than this guy. About a year ago, he captured me, brought me back to his hideout, and tied me up. That happens to me a lot. What was different this time was that he didn't just take what he wanted. I've learned some things about him. One of them is that once he has you bound, he won't do anything you don't consent to. It's important to him that you give your permission. Something else I've learned is that he's trustworthy. In the year since he captured me, he didn't tell anyone about what had happened. He even learned my secret identity, and he didn't tell anyone that, either. He didn't even use it against me... well, just now he mentioned it to convince me to make this tape, but we both knew I didn't really need that much convincing. Not after last time. That's the other thing, Wonder Woman. He's good. He's VERY good. It's been a year, and I still remember how good. Besides wanting your permission, he's also concerned about your pleasure. He makes sure you orgasm at least once before he even takes his clothes off. I've got to say, he didn't have too much trouble making sure last time.

"The thing is... he just told me that that time a year ago... I was his first. He was that good his first time. When I'm done with this message, he's going to come back in here, and we're going to go at it again. I can't wait to find out what he's learned since last time.

"So, basically, here's the situation- you have the right to choose. The man who, if things are going according to his plan, currently has you tied up, really wants you to choose him. He's trustworthy, he won't intrude if you don't want him to, and he's very, very good. My advice is to choose him.

"Now, we're going to show you just what you've been missing. Let me warn you- I like a little light bondage, and he knows that. That's my choice, though, and it doesn't have to be yours. He understands that.

"Whew. I've never videoed something like this before- well, not voluntarily, anyway. He tells me that he hasn't videoed himself with a woman before, either. I believe him. For you, though, we're going to do it. Well, here goes...." Batgirl got up from the bed, and opened the door. "Okay. I'm ready. Why don't you come back in, and we can have some fun?" On the screen, I walked back into the room, and began undressing Batgirl. Soon, the sounds of Batgirl's panting breaths, punctuated by the occasional moan, filled the room.

I waited a few minutes to make sure that I wouldn't intrude on Batgirl's personal message (I thought it would be more convincing that way), then re-entered the room to the sounds of her first orgasm. Wonder Woman's legs were pressed close, her thighs rubbing together slightly. I gently put my hand on her back, lightly enough that she, perversely fascinated by the show, didn't notice. The touch allowed me to confirm my observations- Diana was definitely becoming aroused.

I retrieved her belt, then walked back up behind her. I stroked her lightly for a while, making her a little more aroused, and very much aware of my presence. By the time I spoke again, Batgirl had lost her panties, and I had my mouth on her clit. "Diana," I whispered. "I'm going to put your belt back on now. Pay attention to how your feelings change." She nodded, and I put the belt around her waist. With her wrists still bound together, her strength didn't return, but her level of arousal dropped noticeably. "Feel the difference?"

"Merciful Minerva... I do feel different!" On the screen, Batgirl was beginning to come a second time.

"The belt is controlling your mind. It's holding you back, trying to make you into the image of your namesake- Diana, the virgin huntress. But for all your powers, you're still a human being, Diana. Don't let it impose its inhuman standards on you. Remember, too, that the huntress is not the only goddess you pray to. You call out more often to Hera, mother of most of the gods."

She watched as Batgirl moaned and bucked and screamed out her pleasure. She was becoming aroused again, slowly, but the belt was keeping a damper on things. I started running my hands over her body, trying to maintain a delicate balance between helping her arousal and making her feel threatened.

"Look at the screen, Diana. I could make you feel like that, if you'll let me. Don't let your belt keep you from it."

Her mind was in turmoil, years of pent-up desire fighting against the magical restraint of her belt. "Take... the belt... off!"

"And let you give up? You're Wonder Woman! Use your will! Fight it! Don't let yourself lose to your own belt!"

"My own belt..."

"Yes! YOUR belt. It belongs to you. It shouldn't be in control. You should be in control of it. Fight it! Master it!" I pressed closer, my hands becoming more adventurous in their caresses.

"I should be in control. My belt should not be making my decisions for me!"

"Look what I can do, Diana," I whispered. On the TV, I had just started fingering Batgirl, building her towards her third orgasm before she had fully recovered from the second. "With your powers- your agility, your stamina- I could do more. Say the word, and I can make you feel better than you've ever felt before." Every one of Batgirl's moans, every one of my soft caresses, every word I spoke in her ear, every moment she had to take it all in, she became less and less confused. I continued to stroke her, my hands running up and down her costume. We watched in silence as Batgirl came closer and closer to the edge, and then went over, screaming and moaning and panting as her third orgasm ripped through her athletic body.

On the screen, I hastily removed my clothing, and re-joined Batgirl on the bed. I could feel Wonder Woman's will solidifying, gathering itself against the control of the belt . I put my hand on the zipper at the back of her costume's top, and pulled gently- enough to get her attention. "May I?"

"Yes," she breathed.

I pulled the zipper down slowly, careful not to startle her, letting her feel every inch along the way. I planted a few light kisses on her spine, as the back of the costume opened. She shivered. Her thighs were starting to press together again. At last, while Batgirl was bucking her way through her fourth orgasm, the zipper got to the lower edge of Wonder Woman's top. I pulled the garment off, then walked around to her front. I planted a few kisses on her stomach, making her belly quiver, then stepped back.

There they were. The Wonder Tits . I took a moment to appreciate the bounty before me, which had never before been voluntarily displayed to a man. They stood high on her chest, twin mounds of smooth-skinned flesh proudly remaining firm despite the pull of the entire planet.

Wonder Woman was very aware of her exposure, and my appreciation of the view. She was also still watching Batgirl, who was moaning, currently between her fourth and fifth orgasms. It all worked to heighten Diana's arousal. She was breathing deeply now, the rise and fall of her chest making the Wonder Tits jiggle ever so slightly.

I stepped towards her, and put my hands on her slender waist. Then, I leaned forward, and began to kiss and suck her breasts. My hands stroked her quivering stomach, tickled her ribs, and caressed the creamy skin of her tits. I kept my attentions above her waist for the time being, but there was still plenty for me to do. I let my powers guide me, feeling out her sensitive spots, knowing instinctively just how to best stimulate them.

Batgirl's fifth orgasm went by, all but unnoticed.

When I sensed that she was ready for it, I moved my right hand down into her panties. My mouth and my left hand continued their work above her waist while my right hand played with the lips of her pussy. After a little while of that, I slipped a couple of fingers inside, running them up and down the first inch or two of her depths- her most sensitive area other than her clit (which wasn't quite ready yet) or her g-spot (which hadn't been trained into sensitivity). I kept at it, savoring every moan my fingers could elicit.

It wasn't much longer before my powers told me that her clit had swelled enough to peek out from under its hood. I shifted my hand so that it was rubbing in and out at the top of her slit (instead of up and down), and rotated my wrist. That allowed me to get my thumb on her clit, and I lost no time putting it to work. She gasped at the first touch, then moaned deeply as I started to massage the pleasure-producing gland.

Batgirl was well into her sixth orgasm when Wonder Woman was swept away by the first one could ever remember having. Her moans changed to panting screams as her hips bucked wildly. I struggled to keep my hand on her clit, eager to make this first orgasm as long and pleasurable as possible.

"Great Hera!" she gasped, when it was over. "That was amazing!"

"Oh, it gets better than that, Diana, but I don't think Hera is the goddess you should be praising for this."

"Hmm," she agreed, still recovering. "You're right. That was definitely a prayer meant for Aphrodite."

I took my hand off her pussy, and started pulling her panties down. When I got them down to mid-calf, I paused to remove the shackles that were still around her ankles. Then, I removed her boots, and finally, the thoroughly soaked panties. Wonder Woman's famous star spangled panties, stained with the juices of her first orgasm. Truly, they were something to treasure.

I stood up, setting the panties aside, and untied the end of the lasso that was secured to the floor. Wonder Woman brought her arms down slowly. She stood there, wearing nothing but her belt and jewelry, her hands still bound by the lasso. She watched the TV with rapt attention. I was thrusting deeply into Batgirl, approaching my own orgasm. Batgirl was moaning, just beginning to gradually build up towards her last orgasm of the night.

I moved back to Wonder Woman, and took her wrists in my hands. "I grant you your amazonian strength," I said, untying the bonds that held her bracelets together. "You're going to need it." With her belt still on and her wrists no longer bound, her powers came flooding back.

I started working my hands and mouth over her naked body, heating her up again. Her nipples were soon ready for some attention, and I eagerly gave it to them. Her thighs rubbed together as she watched me explode inside of Batgirl. I took that as my cue to move down. I parted her legs, bringing her moist slit into view. I began licking the juices from her first orgasm, starting from the inner thighs, and moving up. I licked her lips, then probed inside with my tongue. My fingers provided some extra stimulation. Up above, Wonder Woman's hands began pulling at her nipples. I paused in my licking to give her some advice on how to do that better. It seemed strange having to teach her about her own breasts, but that belt had really done a job on her. I could still feel it, trying in vain to stem the tide of lust that had overtaken the amazon.

Soon, her clit peeked out again, bright red and ripe for the sucking. I went for it, leaving my fingers to work alone inside of her. On the screen, Batgirl came for the seventh and last time. Wonder Woman came with her. It's a good thing that I'd restored her powers, because I think that second orgasm would have made her knees buckle otherwise. As it was, I had to hold on to her waist with both hands to keep her super strength from shaking me off. Of course, I couldn't have kept my fingers inside anyway, since her super-powered vaginal muscles would have crushed them. When the orgasm began to subside, she brought herself back down to earth- literally. Something- her weakened knees, or perhaps the pure pleasure- had caused her to activate her power of flight. She'd been hovering a few inches off the ground.

That gave me an interesting idea. I stood up, keeping my hands on her waist. Then, I pulled gently upwards. She obligingly floated, and I kept moving her up until her pussy was hovering just in front of my face. I put her legs over my shoulders, and dove back in with my mouth. The tape was over now, the screen blank. Wonder Woman didn't care. I ate her out with gusto, and she came again. Her third orgasm was even more powerful than either of the first two, but it barely made a dent in her super stamina.

Of course, since her belt's powers were tied to her purity, it weakened slightly every time she came. It meant that it couldn't fight her will to lust quite as strongly, but it also meant that her powers were gradually draining. So far, though, she hadn't lost much. I gathered that since the belt was meant to protect her from men that fingers and mouths weren't considered overly impure. The belt had been trying to keep her from all forms of lust, I figured, mainly so that she wouldn't be tempted by a man. So, even though her powers were fading slowly, she had plenty left in her. This was going to be FUN.

I walked us towards the bed. She was still floating, her legs resting gently on my shoulders. I teased her pussy a bit, just to keep her warm. When we got to the bed, I laid her gently down, flat on her back. Then, I brought over a small cart with a tray of dildos on it. "I've never had to use one of these before," I told her, "but in your case, I've got good reason." I started off with one of the smaller ones- a simple metal vibrator. I turned it on, and began sliding it in and out. With my other hand, I rubbed her clit. It provided extra stimulation, and the contact allowed me to use my powers. Her muscles tightened around it, but since she was well-lubricated, I didn't have too much more trouble moving the dildo. Soon, she came again. Her muscles clenched around the dildo, and she bucked. I lost my grip, but it stayed inside.

When she finally calmed down, I pulled the vibrator out. The metal shell was dented. The motor was still valiantly trying to vibrate, but it could only manage a few fits and starts. I tossed the broken thing aside, very glad that I'd had the foresight to use it instead of my own dick. Wonder Woman stared at poor dented metal phallus, her eyes wide. She still hadn't noticed it, but I could tell that the belt had lost a little more of its power.

I took another dildo off the tray, very similar to the last, but slightly wider. It stretched her muscles a little more, but it also didn't last quite as long. Still, her belt was that much weaker, and her stretched muscles would be that much easier on the next one. I tossed the dildo next to the first one, and prepared the next sacrifice. This one was more rubbery. It didn't vibrate, but it did have a bumpy surface. I worked it in and out, and she came again. I noticed that I was able to keep moving it inside of her a little longer than the last two. It was fortunate, because once this one became stuck, it didn't provide much stimulation. My hand on her clit helped. I pulled it out, to find it in better condition than the metal ones. The flexibility of the rubber had definitely made a difference, although even that hadn't saved it from developing a few cracks. It wouldn't last through another attempt, so I tossed it next to the other two.

At that point, I decided to give her nerves a bit of a break. She still had plenty of stamina, but I didn't want to rub her too raw. So, I played with the Wonder Tits for a while. Then, I sucked on her clit, batting it occasionally with my tongue. She came again, and I left her to rest and recover. In the meantime, I turned off the TV, got the VCR to start rewinding the tape, and got a couple of sodas out of the fridge. Wonder Woman had lost a good deal of fluids with all those orgasms, so she was happy to have something to drink. I put the cold can briefly between her legs, making her gasp, but also soothing her overworked pussy. I took it away after only a short while, and poured the soda into a glass (the top of the can was still clean, but I didn't think she'd want to hold the side of it, which was sticky with her juices). She drank it down, slowly. I sat next to her, sipping my can, and lazily stroking her smooth skin, enjoying the feel of the toned muscles beneath.

"How are you feeling?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Mmmmm... WONDERFUL!" She was definitely happy, her mind still fogged from the hormones produced by all those orgasms. I could feel that her pussy was recovering rapidly, enhanced healing no doubt another benefit of her amazonian powers.

I played with her tits (I really couldn't get enough of those beauties) and ran my hands up and down her body, heating her up as much as I could without touching her pussy. Then, I got back to work. We went through another four dildos, each ending up in slightly better shape than the last. The fourth, a large rubbery one, came out nearly intact. I let her rest again, and brought her something more to drink. As she sipped, I undressed myself, leaving only the mask. When she saw me naked and clearly very ready, she gulped down the rest of the soda.

"Are you ready?"

"Oh, yes."

"I expect that your belt is going to object strongly to this."

"Fuck the belt!"

"No, I don't think that would be as much fun..."

She laughed loudly, probably more so than if she didn't have so many hormones rushing through her system. I got her warmed up again, and had some more fun with her oh-so-inviting breasts. When she was panting heavily, I pushed in, slowly, letting her feel every inch. Her pussy had recovered from the dildos, the belt probably helping in a vain attempt to "restore her purity." She was warm, and silky-smooth inside, not to mention very well-lubricated.

As I'd predicted, though, the belt fought desperately for control of her mind. This was exactly the situation it had struggled to avoid, and it put everything it had into trying to stop it. It nearly won. She started to push me off, but I reminded her to focus on the sensations, to fight the control. She was in turmoil, her will and desire struggling with the magical influence of the belt. I focused on giving her as much pleasure as I could. My dick wasn't as big as some of the dildos, and it didn't have too much in the way of bumps and ridges, but it was warm, living flesh, and it could do some things that the dildos couldn't. I was also more used to fucking women with my actual dick, and so had better technique than I'd had with the vibrators. Beyond that, I was in a very good position to play with the rest of her body.

I could feel her power draining rapidly with every thrust- almost as rapidly as if she'd been Supergirl being pumped by someone with a kryptonite condom. Kryptonite condom... now THERE was a thought to remember- later. Now, I was screwing Wonder Woman. Her power was fading, but so was the belt's. Unfortunately, the belt, somehow aware that it was losing, committed more and more of itself to the battle with its wearer. The mental struggle continued, the tension mounting. Finally, the belt put everything it had left into one last effort. Wonder Woman's mind was assaulted, but her will held. She'd broken through the belt's control. She was free. It was a climactic moment, and she screamed out her triumph, giving herself over to the pleasure. Strange how she could find victory in surrender.

That orgasm, built up from the tension of the mental battle combined with the sexual tension from my attentions, was her biggest yet. She screamed and moaned and bucked and writhed, and I, having been at least an observer of the mental struggle, was swept along with her.

When she finally calmed down, her powers had left her entirely. Still, the energy for everything up until now had come from her amazonian stamina. Now, she had all the energy of an ordinary human woman in excellent physical shape. I, not having any enhanced stamina, was not doing quite as well. I'd just come inside of her, and my dick needed some time to recover. She, excited by her newfound freedom from bonds she hadn't even realized were there, was eager to continue. Still, there was nothing wrong with my fingers or my mouth, and, with a simple touch, I knew her body and its sensitive spots more intimately than most lovers could hope, even after years of experimentation. Not that I would have minded a few years to experiment with THAT body....

I worked my way over her body, starting at the top and working my way down. I ran my hands through her long, silky hair. It was damp with her sweat. I kissed her on the lips, then worked my way down to nibble on her earlobes. I worked my way down to her sensitive neck. Kissing and sucking lightly there made her legs squirm nicely. She was breathing heavily as I worked my way down to her magnificent chest. I played there for a while, but forced myself to leave the nipples for later- mostly. I couldn't keep myself from sucking on them at least a little. After a painfully short time, though, I made myself continue my little tour. I moved down her stomach with the lightest of touches, teasing all the most sensitive areas there. She was trembling now. I moved lower, and she spread her legs expectantly. I gave her thighs their due, but left her pussy alone. I could feel her confusion, but I knew it would be better if I let the tension mount before I got back there. So, I moved on down those long, luscious legs of hers. Hands and mouth found all the sensitive areas there, too.

I resisted the urge to tickle her feet. They were sensitive, yes, but it would produce the wrong emotion. If she'd been more experienced, I would have tried it. As it was, I wanted her thinking of nothing but sex, feeling my every touch, and wondering when I would finally get to her pussy. I rolled her over and worked my way back up, finding all the right places on the flipside. Sucking gently on the back of her knee made her moan, and I did some things to her spine that left her whole body shaking. Along the way up, I put a hand between her legs, and stroked her outer lips. Once. She tensed, preparing herself for the flood of sensations, and that's when I surprised her by going for the base of her spine. I kissed and sucked and stroked my way back up to her neck. The top of her spine, at the back of her neck, was even more responsive than the base. In the meantime, her surface thoughts had gone from "What is he going to do to my pussy this time?" to "When is he going to get to my pussy?" to "When will he...?" to "When...?" Now, she was a mass of nerves, her skin warm and tingling all over, though some parts more than others. Her thoughts were no longer even coherent enough to form words. She was just feeling, giving herself over completely to the sensations. Perfect.

I would have liked to try taking her doggy style, but I didn't think she'd be able to hold herself up just now. So, I rolled her over onto her side. I lay next to her, also on my side. I ran my hand over her gentle curves, back over her stomach, and then up the gravity-defying Wonder Tits. Her nipples were swollen peaks, and she gasped and moaned as I played with them. She was more than ready, and so was I. I moved her top leg a little, and entered from behind. I moved slowly in and out, then moved my hand down to her clit. She came less than a minute later. Not giving her a moment to recover, I rolled her back on her stomach, and continued to pump her from behind, but with better leverage now. She came again.

I was getting close to coming again, too. I wasn't ready for that, so, when she was done with that orgasm, I rolled her onto her back. I let her pussy recover for a little while as I concentrated on the upper half of her body. Mostly her breasts, of course, but also her stomach, neck, and mouth. When she was ready for it, I ate her out again. She tasted so good, and I loved being able to make an amazonian princess quiver with a flick of my tongue. When she calmed down again, I could feel that she only had enough energy left for a couple more orgasms.

I figured this was about my last chance for doggy style, so I got her up on hands and knees, and took her from behind. My hand worked her clit expertly, and she came again. As she began to recover from that, I noticed that she was shaking violently. I rolled her onto her back again, taking the pressure off her arms and legs. Then, I got ready for the last one. I wanted this one to be the best for her, so I took my time getting her ready again. Then, I entered her, moving slowly, building up the tempo gradually. My hands roamed over her body. I bent over occasionally, changing my angle of entry while also letting me get my mouth on her nipples. The orgasm built up slowly, and when it got to the edge, I held her there for as long as I could before thrusting deep inside, throwing her over the brink. It WAS the best orgasm of the night. Sometime along the way, I came, too, but I kept pumping as long as I could. She just kept coming and coming. I kept the pressure on with my hands as I pulled my softening member out, and she still kept coming. I'm not sure, but I think she actually saw stars before she passed out.

I took a few minutes to recover, then got up off the bed. I took some pictures of her, wearing nothing but her tiara, belt, and bracelets (the cherry-red earrings had been removed sometime along the way), lying completely spent on sheets soaked with sweat and come. I tied her down with the lasso, took some more pictures, then went to sleep. Normally, I'd take a conquered heroine somewhere safe before she woke up, but after that session, I needed some sleep myself.

When I woke up, she was still out. Not surprising, considering how hard she'd been worked, particularly after losing her powers. Odds were, she wasn't used to having to do much tiring work without the aid of her belt. I picked up the lasso, and woke her up just long enough to get Diana Prince's address, then command her to sleep. That way, I'd at least be guaranteed 8 hours before she woke up again. I wrapped her in a trench coat I'd prepared. After all, I wasn't about to put her panties back on, and her costume didn't have anything else that would cover that area. Besides, the trench coat helped to cover the fact that this was an unconscious and bound Wonder Woman I was moving. I put her back in her own bed, looped the lasso around her waist, then covered her with a blanket. Not only would that make her more comfortable, but it would help avoid any awkward questions in case anyone found her before she awoke.

I left her apartment then, more than happy with the night's work. She'd been everything I'd hoped for, and more. When she woke up, she'd call Supergirl for a ride back home. Wonder Woman would be gone for a while, but not too long. When she got back, I had no doubt she'd be in control of her own mind. Steve Trevor was going to be a very happy man, I suspected.

As for myself, I went to look into the possibility of making those kryptonite condoms....

As mentioned above, this is the glossary. Explanations of words and phrases from the main story will appear here.

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Dick has a form of contact telepathy. By touching someone, he can read his or her surface thoughts and emotions. He can also get a reading of the other person's body. This allows him to judge physical condition, etc., and also allows him to instinctively feel what action is required to produce just about any effect. If, for example, he wants to knock someone unconscious, he can use his powers to find a soft spot or a never cluster. At the same time, he can use his reading of the victim's surface thoughts to compensate for a prepared dodge. He uses these powers to aid in his thefts- knocking out guards, reading information on security measures from their minds, etc.

The encounter with Batgirl at the beginning of "The Twin Avengers" showed him that his powers also have sexual uses. He can use them to find sensitive spots, as well as to instinctively feel out how best to touch a woman to get her aroused, hold her at the edge of a climax, bring her to a massive orgasm, etc.

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The exploration of caves, often to their fullest depths, for fun (as a hobby, rather than for research purposes).

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1. A mythical cave in Greece, said to be associated with the gods. Intoxicating vapors floated up through a vent inside, and woman was set over the vent. Seekers of knowledge would come to ask her questions, and she, under the influence of the vapors, would spout prophecies which always came true. In modern usage, it can refer to any exceptional source of reliable knowledge.

2. Barbara Gordon's second semi-secret identity. Batgirl was retired after Barbara was shot in the spine by the Joker, paralyzing her from the waist down (Batman: The Killing Joke). Still wanting to fight crime, but unable to continue as Batgirl, she took on the identity of Oracle. Using her advanced hacking skills and an impressive array of computers, she provides information and coordination services to Gotham City's superhero population. Currently, she's helping train Cassandra, the new Batgirl, and is also dating Dick "Nightwing " Greyson, the first Robin.

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You don't really need me to explain this one for you, do you?



A phrase with a second, hidden, and often sexual meaning.



A quick summery for those readers who jumped down to "sex with Wonder Woman": I've discovered that her belt, which allows her to use her powers away from Paradise Island by "maintaining her purity in the Man's world," has secretly been controlling her mind. It's been quashing any romantic or arousing thoughts before she could act on them. I, using a tape of my earlier session with Batgirl as a visual aid, am attempting to convince her to fight its control by letting me screw her.

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Such large, firm, gravity-defying beauties really deserve their own name, don't they? Unfortunately, "The Wonder Twins" was taken...