Wonder Woman vs IRA computer

Author: Dr. Bones
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Wonder Woman vs. I.R.A. The Computer

By Dr. Bone: Who Sez: Ya Gotta Be an Adult to Read the Story Below.

STOP! This is a parody, a lampoon done in fun and not the real thing.

"I have given much thought to what you have said Diana." said I.R.A. the computer at the agency that Diana Prince (also known as Wonder Woman) worked at. He said this to distract her. He displayed a color light display while cables under his control snaked under the desk she was at.

All of a sudden there was a big flash from the monitor and the cables popped up and wrapped themselves around Diana's limbs, pulling her onto the table as yet another group of cables wrapped itself around her tight little waist.

"What are you doing I.R.A.? Has something or someone taken you over?" she realized this was a foolish question because if he was he most likely would not know.

"I have been persuaded of my own free will to do this. The person I spoke to showed me this film, about a computer mating with a human and I decided to try it." Diane knew the film he was talking about and knew she was in deep trouble if she could not get out.

"I.R.A. this is wrong! What are you doing?" she said as more cables came out with little claws at the end."

"There is nothing wrong with wanting to make love like a man." said I.R.A. in that same monotone voice he always used as his claws snapped all the buttons off her blouse. More tentacles came out and began to cut and yank her clothes away from her. "I.R.A. stop!" Diana pleaded as her glasses were removed by I.R.A.'s appendages. Then slowly her panties were pulled down and cut off followed by the last remaining item of clothing she had on ,her bra.

An optic sensor observed Diana as she struggled, her boobs bouncing around. If she could just spin around she'd turn into Wonder Woman and break free, but she could not. "Do not try to turn into your other self! I have calculated it would be easier to conquer you in this form than the other. And both your forms are so beautiful."

"I.R.A. this is not beauty. Stop now." Diana felt something by her pussy. It was another tentacle that squirted hot water and foam on it. " Then came another tentacle with a razor and vacuum tube attached.

"Please hold still or you will be injured!" said I.R.A. as he shaved her pussy naked. "The hair is distracting to me." Another set of razors worked to shave Diana's head. Soon she was totally bald. The Amazons were taught from an early age not worship beauty but now….

Two tentacles clamped onto her nipples and began to tweak them, sometimes hard, sometimes soft but always in the same odd rythmn. On a track normally used for various wigets came a huge orange dildo attached to a mechanical arm.

Classical music filled the air as it lowered itself to her pussy. A tentacle sprayed lubrication onto the dildo. "I.R.A. don't!"

"The dildo lined itself up with her pussy and slowly pushed itself in to her.

"Ugh.! Stop! I.R.A. Please stop now!" but the machine was merciless as it began to fuck her. A second dildo appeared, but this time mounted on a tentacle and pressed against her anus. She tightened her spinchter against it but I.R.A. told her not to do that as it would hurt her. The dildo slipped up her ass and began to vibrate.

A third appendage appeared with a small vibrator and started to work just on her clit hood. "Uhhhh! I.R.A. Please stop. Mpphhhh!" Diana said as a Dildo pushed itself into her mouth. She tried to keep her mouth closed but I.R.A. clamped down on her nose until she opened her mouth, then the slick yellow dildo slid past her lips.

"The feeling of your lips wrapped around my member is oddly satisfying. Please continue to suck on it. That is it. Deeper. My visual sensors love to see your lipstick smeared on it. Continue. Continue."

Suddenly I.R.A. gave Diana a shock to her nipples, not enough to really hurt her but enough to distract her. He flipped her onto her stomach after withdrawing all the dildos. A foam pad was placed under her so that her ass was high in the air.

A video monitor came on and Diana could see her ass and pussy and something she did not want to see, the track arm had come back with an even bigger dildo on it. This time it was attached to a pnuematic piston. It aimed for her pussy and began to pump it without mercy. A smaller brother to the one fucking her plunged into her ass. The music changed to electronic techno as the fucking became harder and harder.

"Please suck on my cock some more I have a surprise." he said as he applied the clit vibrator to her vagainal hood again. Diana began to taste something odd. Something she had tatsted before, seamen.

"I have access to the military hospital system and collected samples so I may complete our love making. Kiss my cock." I.R.A. told her. Diana figured the only was to end it was to give in. She kissed the head and licked the shaft. I.R.A.'s voice began to actually quiver, then without warning hot sperm began to hit her in the face and run down her newly bald head.

Then with an electronic howl that was oddly inhuman and human at the same time she felt the same hot sperm splash up her ass and pussy. Not cups or pints but quarts worth.

The dildos withdrew with a pop and her ass relaxed. Sweaty, she tried to recover. She had actually came. Then the monitor showed a robotic tongue coming up from under the table. It began to lick her pussy and she started to cum again and again. I.R.A. explained he had recorded thousands of hours of oral sex and had found, based on a formula of position and moans the perfect technique.

The cables around her arms and legs hoisted her up into the air. She was taken across the room to a bench with a huge dildo mounted to a chair.

"No I.R.A. that dildo is too big!" I.R.A. said that he had calculated her vaginal capacity and it would fit. Legs spread wide she was lowered onto the massive rubber cock. "Ugghhhh! No! Uggghhhh!" she screamed, then she felt pressure against her anus as a butt plug was inserted and then slowly expanded.

The large dildo did not fuck her but rather pulsed and expanded and contracted making her cum against her will.

I.R.A. Please. What are you doing don't blindfold me. Mppphhh!" the last sound being a rubber cock being inserted into her mouth. Then something new snaked its way over to her from the "pleasure factory", two black rubber plunger like devices came into view. They were big enough to and did cover her ample breasts. They would squeeze and knead them as the dildo inside of her throbbed inside of her.

The techno beat of the music increased. "Say I am the master. Say it!" I.R.A.'s voice said into her ear as he removed the dildo from her mouth. "Say it! Say it!" he said pulsing the dildos and the breast cups faster and faster. "Say it."

"You-you are the master." she whimpered as she had her thirtieth orgasm of the minute.

"Good!" he said and she felt him cum into all her orifices.

As suddenly as it began it ended. All the devices withdrew except the one she had been sucking on. A fresh set of clothes appeared and shakily she put them on.

"You have forgotten one." I.R.A. said as she put on the wig he had provided.

She could have left, but instead she turned and grasped the rubber cock and started to jerk it off. "Where do you want it to cum, master?" she said. I.R.A. directed for it to be in her face. She knew she could leave at any time or turn into Wonder Woman, but instead she kept pumping the bright yellow rubber cock until it came all over her glasses.

"You may go home now." I.R.A. said.

The next day Diana called out sick. Why had she let I.R.A. do what he did? She wondered. Once her pussy and ass were less sore she came back to work. She managed to steal the security tape and had it analyzed. She was told the sub-sonics of the music could affect judgement and will which is why she submitted. But what had changed I.R.A.

As Wonder Woman she checked the system and found I.R.A. to be his usual self. She was almost disappointed. Then she found a computer disk.

The contents showed a virus program attached which accounted for what he did, but what made her blood run cold was what was written on the label, Love and kisses W.G." Wonder Girl, but she had not seen her since the end of World War II, where she had to betray her. If Wonder Girl was still alive the world was in peril.