Wonder Woman versus The Daily Farmer  

By Danielle

Diana Prince parked her car a few miles down the dirt road. Months of careful investigation into a white slavery ring had lead to her to this apparently innocuous cottage farm. Somehow, this farm was a key element, perhaps the controlling element in a diabolical white slavery ring that had supplied young American girls to brothels up and down the Orient.

Quickly she changed into her Wonder Woman costume and took to the air. Flying carefully around the buildings from several feet up, she assured herself that everything was quiet, there was no surveillance.

According to records, the farm was an experimental dairy, with a stock of barely a dozen milk cows. It was composed of a barn, presumably where the cattle were kept, and a house, a couple of cottages and a few accessory buildings. The most sinister touch were the high covered cyclone fences, electrified with barbed wire, which discouraged visitors or spies. Her trained eye noted earthen mounds which suggested that there had been excavations done. She waited carefully, but there was no sign of guards. The only thing she had to worry about then were automatic defences.

Light as a sparrow she descended to the ground near the barn. The largest building, it was the most likely to have a hidden basement concealing kidnapped girls. Her plan was to find the girls, make sure they were safe, and then tear this place apart.

Quietly snapping a lock, she crept within. Waiting for her eyes to adjust to the darkness, she noted that the barn was completely empty, there was no sign of cows. It appeared to be filled with boxes and containers. Warehouse space? Had she been wrong. She opened one of the cases.... Baby food.

Somwhere there was an entrance to the underground complex, she was certain. She prowled stealthily until she found what looked like an entrance shaft. She cautiously descended the ladder. Down below, there was nothing, the shaft base was welded shut. As she touched the floor, the upper lid snapped shut and gas filled the chamber.

Wonder Woman didn't even have time to try to escape. Her muscles went stiff and she toppled off the ladder, falling in a crumpled heap.

Wonder Woman awoke, her temples throbbing. She was in a dark room, nude, tied at her wrists and knees to what seemed to be a steel frame. A bar pressing up against her belly ensured her all fours posture. She was naked, a cold breeze blew against her pubes and the chill made her large nipples taut on her hanging breasts. She carefully tested her bonds, reinforced steel, in her position, it would be impossible to get the leverage to break out.

The light came on, she feigned sleep. A man walked into the room, she tracked his movement by his footsteps. A brief stinging as he pulled tape off her body. Wires? There was the scrape as he pulled up a chair, and sat in front of her.

"Wonder Woman..." He began. She pretended to sleep. "Or should I say, Diana Prince. Oh don't bother pretending, we had telemetry measuring your heart rate and brain patterns that told us when you had woken up."

Wonder Woman opened her eyes and stared levelly at the man. He had no mask, a sign of his arrogance, he clearly didn't expect her to escape.

"Where am I," her voice was an ungentle rasp. The harshness of her throat surprised her and she began coughing. What had they done, she couldn't have been out for more than a few hours.

He took a water bottle and fed some of it to her, allowing her to take small sips, wiping her mouth patiently until the coughing fit passed.

"Who are you?" She demanded. "What's your game?" She memorized his face for his trial, later on.

"One question at a time, Ms Prince. Aren't you surprised that I've discovered your secret identity?"

"You must have found my car," she said. "You aren't the first to discover my identity."

"Oh? And what happened to them?"

She didn't reply, just stared levelly. He laughed.

"All right, well, I suppose I should answer your questions. You may call me the Dairy Farmer, its not taken is it?" He looked curious. "There aren't any supervillains out there going by the name 'Dairy Farmer'?" He chuckled.

"Actually, my family has been in Dairy for seven generations. I was a younger brother so I didn't inherit the farm, and frankly, I had other interests. In the end, its proven quite profitable."

"I don't think what you're doing has anything to do with a Dairy operation. Your wholesome milk business is a cover for something much more sinister!"

"You are melodramatic!" He laughed. "No Wonder Woman, I actually am a Dairy Farmer, and I can't think of anything more wholesome than mothers milk.... as you'll find out." He opened a bag and took out a large hypodermic needle.

A horrible suspicion crept over her mind. "What do you mean?" She cried out.

He held the needle up before her eyes. "My milk is produced by human cattle," he told her. "You see, I use hormones to induce lactation to become good milk producers. The average turnover is several months, although some of my cattle can last for years before their bodies are exhausted. Then it's a quick sell through to the Orient, and new stock." He smiled.

"You bastard," she snarled, and pulled at her bonds with all her strength. The steal groaned, causing the man to blanche momentarily, but it held. He regained his smirk. He strolled around behind Wonder Woman and began to stroke the smoooth round flesh of her ass, sliding his finger up her pubic lips and fondling her clitoris. She squirmed, but could not escape, involuntarily, she began to get wet.

"Don't do this," she ordered. He laughed, and slid a finger inside, making her gasp.

"I'm sorry Wonder Woman, but you shouldn't have intruded on my operation. You've been very costly, and its about time that you started earning your keep." He drew little circles on her round ass with his fingertip, making her shiver.

"You'll never get away with this," she told him. "People know I'm here. Within twelve hours, this place will be crawling with Agents."

"Oh, will they?" he asked. "I suppose you left detailed briefing notes on your desk. Time release files on your computer, just in case your superheroing didn't work out?" He slid two fingers into her wet cunt, making her groan.

"Damn you," she gasped.

"Something like that, I imagine. Wouldn't they be surprised to find you in this position? Do you think they'd take advantage? Take a few pictures? Perhaps slip you a stiff one? That sounds like a good idea."

She tried to turn her head to look, but she knew what he was doing. Every other cheap thug attempted to rape her, few had succeeded, all had regretted the attempt.

"Last chance," she rasped between clenched teeth.

"Before the cavalry bursts in," he laughed. "Afraid not Princess. We're several hundred miles from the farm we captured you in. You see, we realized that we were blown and evacuated immediately."

"But..." She protested.

"We've kept you unconscious a whole five days, Wonder Cunt," he told her. With a hard thrust, his rigid cock invaded her helpless vagina. "Ooohhh god, you feel so good, Wonder Cunt."

Wonder Woman squealed like a pig.

"Or should I say Wonder Cow!" He placed his hypdermic needle into her ass and depressed the plunger, pumping her system full of powerful cattle hormones.

Wonder Woman shrieked!

After he had done his business and left, leaving her gaping cunt oozing semen, he left, shutting off the light.

Wonder Woman seethed in the darkness, outraged at this violation. She promised herself that when she was free, he would be tried and punished according to the savage amazon law. She spent the night struggling against her bonds, finally exhausting herself to sleep. As she passed out, the hormones slowly began to work their changes in her full hanging breasts.

The next day was much the same. He entered, taunted her, and then went behind to fuck her helpless body, enjoying the feel of her smooth wet amazon cunt. Again, she received the needle, another dose of surging hormones.

After he left, she went back to struggling and cursing in the darkness, but was afflicted by cold sweats.... The hormones were doing their work.

The next few days became a blur. Wonder Woman found it more and more difficult to concentrate. She often became drowsy, falling asleep. Her body was afflicted with occasional shivers, and she would sometimes experience hot and cold flashes. She found herself becoming distracted, often vague.

Her breasts became swollen and tender, they began to ache. The farmer inspected them from time to time, handling her body with professional disinterest as if she was a piece of meat. He seemed pleased by her bodies response. He attached suction cups to her breasts which began to pump them on fifteen minute off again on again schedules. The cups made her nipples swollen and sore.

"You are coming along nicely," he told Wonder Cow, as he rubbed ooze from her nipples on his fingers. Lately, her nipples had been discharging a whitish slime. He seemed pleased with the result.

She tried to spit on him. He laughed genially and then twisted her helpless nipple, making her wince with pain.

"You'll probably keep most of your figure," he told her. "Your breasts haven't gotten that much larger, lucky for you. It varies with women, some of them become a lot larger, some of them only grow a little. I bet you're feeling heavier though? Like you have lead weights in your breasts? I'm afraid you won't be as bouyant."

"You bastard," she snarled.

"Oh come on now," he said. "That's no attitude for a cow." He stepped around behind her, she could hear him unzipping his fly for her nightly rape.

He bent over her, putting his cock up against her lips. "Oh Wonder Woman," he whispered in your ear, "why don't you say 'moo'." He shoved his cock into her, bringing a long helpless moan.

"I am impressed with this lassoo," he told her, holding it in front of her. She knew he was taunting her. "Do you have any idea how much easier it has made my business. I've completely replaced all the stock I had to liquidate because of you."

She maintained stony silence.

"Whats it made of? It won't break, it won't burn, it can't be cut, spectrograph reveals nothing."

She didn't reply.

"I could put it on you and make you tell me," he said. "I know it can enslave people and make them docile, make them tell the truth."

"Don't," she begged, feeling a kernel of will.

"Or would it work that way?" He asked. "If you were on one end of this rope, whose will would dominate?" Her face remained immobile, but mentally she cursed. He'd figured it out. Through her career, villains putting the rope on her had always been their fatal mistake, giving her subliminal access to their psyches.

He grinned. "I don't think we'll try and find out." He pulled out his hypodermic needle.

"Time for your next shot," he grinned. He stood up and unzipped his fly.

After that, she stopped eating. He simply chloroformed her, and when she awoke, there was a feeding tube down her throat.

He left her that way for five days, as her breasts finally began giving milk. When he took the tube out, her throat felt like it had been scraped. She ate when she was supposed to after that.

Finally, he released her for exercise. She had spent time demanding, cursing, pleading and eventually begging. Nothing had worked. Now, she only offered stony silence.

The opportunity for release was too good. As her bonds removed she stood slowly, shaking out the soreness from her muscles. She glanced at him, trickles of milk oozing from her nipples. Her breasts felt heavy, she was hyperconscious of every movement.

He carried a cattle prod, but there had to be concealed weapons or hidden defenses. Obviously, he wouldn't be so cavalier unless he had something in reserve. So, despite the urge to immediately go on the attack, she waited. She followed him outdoors, almost docile.

He lead her into a corral where other women were waiting. Wonder Woman didn't recognize any of them from her missing persons file. New stock? The woman all had a dull shellshocked look to them, their breasts noticeably swollen and heavy, nipples shiny with milk.

She looked around, but a high fence, much like the one in the compound she had invaded, obscured her view. She had no idea where she was. A second glance told her there were no guards in sight. Time to act.

Wonder Woman grabbed the Dairy Farmer intending to throw him through a building. She was shocked when he easily broke her grip and threw her to the ground. Did he have superhuman strength.

He laughed as she rolled, and shoved his cattle prod into her crotch. Wonder Woman screamed and rolled further. Laughing, he tossed his cattle prod at her, it bounced off her tender breasts.

"Quite a surprise, Wonder Cow?" he asked her. "I admire your spirit. Tell you what, pick it up."

Carefully, she reached for the cattle prod, but somehow, she couldn't pick it up. Her hands worked, but somehow, it kept slipping through her fingers. Gently, he bent down and took it.

"Neurotoxin," he told her. "I've injected your hands with neurotoxins. I'm afraid they're now useless. Oh you can feel and touch, you can even move your fingers, it feels perfectly normal. But I'm afraid your hands don't have the strength to pick up a penny."

He laughed as her fist slid off his chin like wet kleenex, her blows were completely ineffective. She tried a kick, but couldn't lift her leg enough.

"I've injected lesser quantities into selected muscle groups." He told her. "Your calves, biceps, etc. Oh don't worry, the effect will wear off in a few months."

"Of course," he laughed, "you'll have to be careful your muscles don't attrophy."

"You'll never get away with this," she tried to snarl at him. Tried to. All that came out was a low moan. Wonder Woman pursed her lips, looking shocked.

"Oh that," he grinned. "Well, I also injected neurotoxin into your larynx, just in case you decided to call for help. It's not as if a cow like you has anything interesting to say."

Tears rolled down her eyes as he forced her to her knees and unzipped his fly. She tried to keep her mouth shut, but neurotoxin had weakened her jaw muscles.

After that, she was kept with the other cattle. Mostly, they were kept in stocks on all fours, their heads chained to an iron railing to prevent movement. Their efforts to communicate resulted only in pathetic lowing. They do had received small doses of neurotoxin in selected muscle groups.

She and the other cows were regularly injected with hormones, and milked several times a day. She gained weight, they put her on an exercise regime. She and the other cows jogging around the corale their heavy breasts flopping.

Wonder Woman lost all sense of time. Other girls appeared, their eyes frightened and terrified. But as their breasts swelled and the hormones took effect, their brightness faded to dull acceptance. The changing of cows was the only sign to her that months were passing.

For Wonder Woman, her breasts became her life. Their weight pulled at her constantly. Every shift made them swing, reminding her of her presence. Her life was a cycle of milkings. She could feel the milk accumulating, she felt aching soreness when she was too full, and blessed relief when the milking machine was attached to her. She, like the other cows, learned to moo when she needed to be milked.

The hormones dulled her thoughts, and anyway, there was nothing to do. She couldn't escape, couldn't communicate. The only breaks in the rhythm of her life was when the Dairy Farmer chose to play with her cunt, fingering her clit and cunt, and eventually shoving his cock into her wet slit.

She fought it as best as she could, but one day, playing with her carefully, she came, her orgasm forcing a long moo out of her as her cunt gripped his throbbing rod and milked its semen.

After he left she cried, the tears falling on the bare floor as the automatic machines began to pump, extracting the milk from her body.

Wonder Woman was lead away from the other cows into a small building. There, she was forced to her knees, her head locked into stocks, immobile. Helpless, she watched as he heated a long thick curving rod. She screamed as he brought it to her face, but all her formerly superhuman strength was useless. She shut her eyes tight, fearing he would blind her.

He shoved the hot rod through her septum, punching a large hole and cauterizing the tissue. Her nostrils were filled with the smell of pork, of her own flesh burning. She gagged and vomited.

Indifferently, he cleaned her up, wiping away the foulness and washing out her mouth with warm water.

Then he picked up a heavy ring and passed it through the hole through her septum. With huge clamps, he closed the ends together and then quickly brazed it shut, making it permanent.

Then he dried her tears, wiped her nose, released her head and lead her back out to the exercise corral. Dully she noticed that several of the cows had already been ringed.....

More time passed. She was moved into a larger room. More girls appeared. The numbers of her companions in bondage proliferated.

Then he had an assistant. And then another. Then another. The Dairy Farmer seldom appeared any more. If she had been able to think much anymore, she would have realized he was continually expanding his evil operation.

She did not think much any more. She lowed plaintively when she needed to be milked, she ate the flavourless baby food that was provided for her, and when one of the assistants walked by, she always rolled her hips in hopes that he might stop and fuck or at least finger her.

Once in a while, she would remember who she had been and would feel unutterably sad. That person seemed so different, full of colour and vibrancy. She could no longer truly imagine being Wonder Woman any more. It seemed like years ago. She would have been surprised, but not shocked to know that years had actually passed, that out in the world, Wonder Woman had been forgotten.

Sometimes, she hatched elaborate plans to escape. In her dreams, she broke free and lead the other cows into a rebellion that swept the enemy away. In other dreams, the Justice League tore the roof off the building, liberating everyone. But she didn't like the latter dreams, because then, they would see what had become of her. Her failure and her transformation would be exposed to the world.

Once, when she and the other cows were let out for exercise, one of the assistants left the fence gate open. She could see down the road, she could see a paved highway, power lines, cars of the assistants parked outside. She used to be able to hotwire a car. She could walk through the gate, steal a car, be on the road. In ten minutes she would be free. In half an hour she would be safe. In an hour the combined might of law enforcement would come and tear this place to pieces.

But... But the car was frightening, in its strange coloured hardness. It was no longer familiar to her. What if things went wrong? So many things could go wrong. What if she succeeded? Her blood froze. What if she did escape? What was out there? Strange men, former friends and allies? They'd see her swollen breasts, her leaking milk, they'd hear her involuntary lowing, and the way her hips rolled when she needed fucking. They'd look at her and see how far she'd fallen, how irrevocably far. She couldn't stand their pity.

Half an hour later, when the Assistant finally noticed the gate was open and came and closed it, she felt a strange loss, as if her last chance had just flown away. But she also felt a profound relief as if finally freed of the illusion of freedom. She never thought about escaping after that.

The Dairy Farmer occasionally came by to inspect her. He liked to visit once in a while to check out the cattle, examine his favourite cows. When he shoved his hard cock into her, she mooed with pleasure.

She was a good cow.

"All right," the handsome young man told the supermodel, "you've got to try this."

He pulled a bottle of white fluid from his refrigerator, and poured a glass for himself and for her.

"Milk?" she said, incredulously. "You've got to be kidding."

"Not just any milk," he assured her. He mixed a couple of ounces of fine scotch in, to add to the potency. "This is specialty milk, you wouldn't believe how much it costs, or how hard it is to obtain."

He handed her a glass, they clinked it in salute.

"This is silly," she laughed. Then she tasted it. The sensation, like and unlike anything she'd ever had, took her breath away. The fullness, the sweetness, she could spend the rest of her life drinking this stuff....

He sipped his own milk, watching the shock and elation pass over her face. It never failed. He parted her thighs slightly with his knee. He could tell by the easy way her legs opened that it was going to be a good night. A very good night.

"Not just any milk," he told her.

"Wonder milk."