The Break-Up: Chapter 2

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The sky was red that morning. As the sun came up, its blood-red light shone into the blasted-out lab building on the main mall of the University of Delaware campus. Large sections of the outside wall had been blown away, so that the cool spring morning air gradually made its way through the building. In an hour or so, it would again be crawling with police and investigators, looking for clues in another seemingly random attack following the invasion of Cambodia and the Kent State massacre.

Up on the fourth floor of the building, the form of Wonder Woman stirred. She pushed herself up and though she felt exhausted and dazed, her restored physical strength allowed her to rise to her feet quickly. It was dark, but not totally. The heavy coverings that had created the intense interior darkness the night before had been removed from the windows. Not much light penetrated the small windows, however, because of the stacked crates, which occupied the wall opposite her. ‘I must get back to the motel before Steve gets up. He’s an early riser. The pillows and spare blankets that are stuffed into my bed won’t fool him at all,’ she thought.

She raced down the stairs and out to College Avenue. With the swiftness of Mercury she covered the mile back to the motel. Reaching their headquarters, she twirled back into the aspect of Diana Prince. The boss, watching the screen that had eaten up almost all of his research funds, saw the signal disappear. ‘See you soon, Miss Prince,’ he said, smiling.

As she showered and went through her morning routine, Diana wondered at the aches that she felt. She wondered about the stiffness in her crotch. But most of all, the thing that troubled her most, was what had happened on the fourth floor of the lab? She remembered following the trail of the glowing green substance. She remembered that there had been others moving about on the fourth floor when she got there, more than one or two. And…? then she went blank. She had returned to consciousness sprawled over some cardboard boxes. Had she been knocked out? If so, how? And what had been powerful enough to keep her unconscious for six hours? She was as strong as Hercules. If would have taken a very potent gas or explosive to put her down for that long. And, if she had been gassed, why was there no residue smell in the closed fourth floor to offer a clue? She would go there today, and probably again tonight to find the answers to these questions.

As she emerged from the shower, her hair wrapped in a towel turban, she heard Steve knocking at the adjoining door. ‘Diana, it’s time for breakfast. Are you ready?’

‘Give me five minutes, Steve. I just finished showering. Diana Prince sometimes resented Steve Trevor’s feeling for Wonder Woman. Steve seemed to treat Diana as an inferior, a lackey. There was never any concern beyond what might be regarded as absolutely required of her. No consideration of her wishes or her expectations. Only what was expected of the efficient, hardworking assistant. Certainly there was no affection for the ‘plain Jane’ Diana.

She dressed and met Steve in the parking lot. They drove to the Howard Johnson’s and over breakfast made their plans for the day. Steve had been called during the night, and he would have to leave for the Proving Grounds at Aberdeen, Maryland, about 30 minutes south. He would set up a headquarters there to co-ordinate all of the investigations in the region. There had been about six major incidents at Delaware, the University of Maryland, and three other smaller schools. Diana would continue the investigation of the Delaware incident, which particularly concerned the Pentagon because of the connexion to the Forbin Project. If she needed another agent assigned for additional help, she should let him know tomorrow. Steve would stay through the morning and leave about noon.

Steve worked at the lab that morning. Diana made her way onto the mall to see if there was anything that could be learned on campus. The administration had decided to close the campus at the end of classes that day, sending all students home, so Diana had only a short time to find out anything that she could about radical organisations on campus. But, as she expected, no one knew anything. Nobody had heard of them.

After lunch, Steve left, driving to Interstate 95 for the trip to Aberdeen. Diana entered the laboratory building and, as she expected, the glowing green substance was not visible in daylight. She had to find a way to draw the attention of the investigators to it without arousing their suspicion. She went into the stairwell, and in the privacy of that closed space, twirled herself into the star-spangled form of Wonder Woman. The boss’s receiver again picked up her signal.

Easily leaping the twenty feet to the fixtures lighting the area between the second and third floors, she plunged the area into total blackness. Yes, the green glow was there. Now Diana Prince would send someone here to find it.

When the local policeman reported to the investigators the presence of the strange material in the stairwell, Diana Prince accompanied them. Samples were taken for analysis, and guesses were made as to its nature. Diana would find out later what determination was made.

There were only a few students left on campus now. Many were watching the investigators go about their work from the wide, tree-shrouded mall. Maybe they were hoping to be there when a major break came in the case. Maybe they were hoping another bomb would explode. Anyway, Diana decided to make one more pass through the mall before returning to the motel. Near Delaware Avenue, she saw a group of hulking strong young men, five of them. They seemed to be dividing their time between watching the events in the destroyed wing of the lab, and sharing some dark secret which made them laugh uproariously every once in a while. Diana approached them and asked them if they knew anything about anyone or any group on campus that would want to make a symbolic attack on the government or make a statement against the war.

One of the young men looked Diana over and said, ‘You know what I think? I think it was done, not to make a statement; but to cover up something else.’ As soon as the words were out of his mouth, his friends gasped and looked at him in shock. Two of them bundled up his arms and led him away.

One of the remaining students quickly told Diana, ‘That guy’s amazing. All year he never has anything resembling a thought. Now he develops a full-blown theory.’

As the last two students walked down Delaware Avenue after their friends, Diana looked after them. Something familiar about them stuck in her mind, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. But the kid’s idea was one she hadn’t considered. The government was so determined to see a conspiracy in all these events; maybe this one had nothing to do with anything. But what would it be covering up?

Diana returned to her motel room and began to logically assess everything she and Wonder Woman had learned. It wasn’t much. She would have to go out again tonight and try fill in some gaps-gaps, hell, they were yawning chasms-that remained in this puzzle.

It got dark early. The heavy clouds that began moving in late in the afternoon were very threatening and it was as dark as night well before sundown.

Wonder Woman returned to the lab, again from the theatre roof. If there were something else behind the attack, where to begin looking? Well, maybe the fourth floor held the secret she was looking for. In any case, it was a place to start.

As she entered the hallway to make her way to the stairwell, she heard something in one of the classrooms. It sounded like a couple fighting. She tried the door. It was locked, but her Amazon strength quickly overcame that obstacle. Entering the classroom, she saw one of the students she had talked with earlier that afternoon, and he had pushed a female student up against the blackboard. His voice was low, but Wonder Woman could tell that he was threatening her. In the florescent lighting, the fear on the girl’s face was evident.

‘What are you doing to her?’ the Amazon demanded.

‘This is between the two of us,’ said the powerful-looking male. ‘Why don’t you just go about your own business and let us settle this?’

‘It looks to me like your idea of settling a dispute involves some pretty rough methods. I think you had better let the girl away from the wall and both of you should leave separately. She may have grounds to charge you with assault.’

‘Please, Wonder Woman,’ the girl was near tears. ‘Don’t get involved. Don’t make him mad.’

‘I think I’m already involved. And I think that you-‘ she pointed to the young man-‘had better leave now.’

‘Fuck you, bitch!’ he spat at her.

Wonder Woman’s speed was amazing when displayed. In less than ten seconds, she moved from the door to the wall, had secured the male student in her arms, carried him to the corner of the classroom and secured him by using the metal chalk gutter from the blackboard.

‘You really need to develop some sensitivity about treating and speaking to women,’ she warned him as he struggled.

The teenaged girl had sunk to the floor. Her shoulders were shaking and heaving, as she lost control in the face of what had happened. ‘Oh, Wonder Woman, take me out of here,’ she pleaded.

They went into the hall, Wonder Woman’s arm helping to support the upset student. She fell against the wall and seemed ready to collapse. ‘Can I get you something?’ the Amazon Princess asked.

‘Just help me get to that water fountain. I think, if I get something to drink, I’ll be all right,’ the tall blonde told her.

They made their way to the fountain. The girl took a short drink, and then reached into her pants pocket. ‘I have a pill that will help me, I think,’ she said.

Wonder Woman put her hand on the younger woman’s arm. ‘You don’t need drugs,’ she told the student.

‘But this is soooooooo gooooooooooood,’ the blonde said. ‘You’ll have to try some, too.’

What happened next shocked the Amazon. With one hand the girl pushed the handkerchief she had soaked in the fountain to cover her own nose and mouth, while with the other she pulled a small vial, about the size of a flashbulb, from her pocket. She smashed the vial against Wonder Woman’s bare upper chest, above the eagle of her breastplate, and, having done so, she dropped to the floor.

‘What--?’ The Amazon Princess felt dizzy as the gas swirled up to her mouth and nose. Suddenly she saw all manner of forms of monsters and shapes of obscene colours racing toward her. As she breathed in Forbin’s gas, the hallucinations gripped her mind and her body with a reality not to be denied. She slowed and staggered to the wall, placing her hand there to steady herself. Then she dropped to her knees, putting her hands on the floor to try to slow the swaying of her body. As the gas dissipated, the student rose and watched the Amazon reel, trying to regain a grip on reality.

The blonde smiled. She stooped before the helpless Princess and brushed her face with the backs of her hands, looking deep into the deep blue eyes of the confused and weakened Amazon. ‘Come with me, Wonder Woman. I’ll help you,’ the tall girl offered.

‘Yes. Please, help me. I… I’m… I can’t see,’ Wonder Woman faltered. She reached up and took the hand of her friend, rising from the floor slowly. The student led her to the classroom where they had first met.

There stood the same five men who had watched and abused the Amazon Princess last night, but the boss wasn’t there. The student whom Wonder Woman had wrapped in the metal gutter was free. The strong young men took the paralysed Amazon and carried her unresisting body down to the waiting cars. The blonde girl removed the evidence of the activities in the classroom, then followed the others.

Wonder Woman was returned to the house where she has spent the previous night, and as the group removed her from the car, still bewildered by the hallucinations provided by the gas, it was evident that it was the blonde girl who was angriest with the confused prisoner. As Wonder Woman walked into the building, the girl, whose name was Deborah, seemed in a fury. She spit at the Amazon who could do nothing to defend herself. She slapped and punched at her, and tried to tear the patriotic insignia from her costume. As Wonder Woman returned to the large basement room, Deborah was attempting to kick her star-spangled ass.

Even as they again placed Wonder Woman on the table and secured the chains between her bracelets, Deborah continued to try to attack her. She was screaming insults about how Wonder Woman should be doing more for women, with all her strength and power, instead of working for a man’s government, making war and killing people all over the world.

The boss did not try to stop Deborah, though he was obviously upset about his subject was being treated. It took about an hour for the effects of the gas to wear off, at which point he took the magic lasso from Wonder Woman’s belt and used it to tie the Amazon to a chair, holding one end to maintain control.

‘Welcome back, Wonder Woman,’ he greeted her cheerfully.

‘Welcome back?’ the captive asked, bewildered. ‘I’ve never seen you before, not have I been here before. Who are you? Where am I? What do you want from me?’

‘So many questions. But, like last time, it is you who must answer my questions?’

‘Last time?’ What was this strange man talking about?

‘Well, we really don’t have time for pleasant conversation. We must continue our work. I think you’ll find tonight much more pleasant than our last encounter.’ Every time he made a reference to an earlier meeting, Wonder Woman’s face reflected her incredulity and incomprehension.

The men cleared the room, a young woman, not Deborah, entered carrying a notepad, and she took a seat near the boss. One of the young men returned briefly, carrying a reel-to-reel tape recorder, which he placed near Wonder Woman. The boss turned on the recorder and began asking questions. He asked about the ways in which Amazons reproduced, the courting rituals, the role of sex, the relationships that developed between the women on Paradise Island.

The questions and answers went on for almost two hours. Wonder Woman could not understand the purpose of this. And why was she being recorded, both in notes and on tape? The man seemed to know a lot about her and about Paradise Island. (A sudden fear struck her mind: Did he know her secret identity? Did he know the location of Paradise Island?)

But when he seemed satisfied, he nodded to the secretary, who walked quickly from the room, shaking her long light brown hair from her bun.

‘Now,’ he said. ‘We have to conduct a social experiment. Observation is very much a part of any kind of knowledge. So I’ll be observing what happens next, although I shall try to be… unobtrusive.’ He released the Amazon from her chair, but kept her bound with the magic lasso. ‘Walk over to that table with me,’ he ordered. Though Wonder Woman wished to resist, the tingle conveyed by the lasso around her lower arms and waist, where the lasso was tightly secured, told her she could not.

‘The magic lasso compels me to obey.’

‘Must you say that every time I give you an order?’ the boss asked, obviously flustered.

Wonder Woman looked at him uncomprehendingly.

‘Take off your costume,’ he ordered. Wonder Woman was powerless to resist this command. She had been given it on many other occasions, by criminals intent on sexual conquest, and even to simply humiliate her. It was an order Wonder Woman was always afraid to hear, but this time, since her captor seemed so knowledgeable about her, it was particularly distressing. He also was not like other criminals who her strip, who had done so with sex and abasement in mind. This man seemed not interested in that kind of humiliation. The tingle from the lasso made her obey.

‘Ah-ah-ah,’ the boss cautioned, as she attempted to slide the magic lasso to the floor. ‘Keep the lasso on. Put your hands on it and raise it to your neck.’ The helpless Princess of the Amazons did so. Then she began to shed her uniform.

She pulled off the golden girdle first, releasing the belt from behind and letting it drop to the floor. The girdle had been her mother’s most precious gift to her daughter, made from Hippolyta’s own girdle, which was a symbol of the queen’s own office. As she coolly dropped it to the floor, Hippolyta’s daughter felt a rush of emptiness in the pit of her stomach. The bustier and breastplate came off next, again released from behind. The clinking links of the chain sounded the Princess’ own nervousness about obeying this command. She stood before her captor wearing her tiara, chained bracelets, her blue and white-starred tights, and her red boots.

The boss admired her full perfect breasts, which had now been exposed. He appreciated the muscularity of her chest and the way her body curved to her narrow waist. The star-spangled hip-hugging tights remained in place, but the helpless captive could not resist the order.

The Champion of All Women pulled her tights off, revealing her round perfect hips, her neatly trimmed pitch-black bush, her finely symmetrical and muscular cheeks, and her vagina, now beginning to dampen in the face of her ordeal.

‘Lay down on the table,’ the boss ordered. Wonder Woman moved to the table and stretched herself on its surface. ‘Spread-eagle,’ came the order from her captor. Without a word, the Amazon spread her legs apart and raised her chained arms over her head. Just then, the four strong young men entered the room. Wonder Woman’s eyes first flew wide open, and then she forced them shut, for fear of what was to follow. She could not resist, because the magic lasso compelled her by its power. But the young men only took out leather straps and, passing them through holes in the table’s surface, secured the powerless woman. The straps were wrapped around her legs at the thighs and around her arms above and below the elbows. As the young men left, one moved instead to the head of the table and raised that end to something just short of perpendicular to the floor. Wonder Woman noticed that there were blocks beneath her feet on which she rested her weight.

The boss now waited. After a few moments, his impatience began to show. ‘Where is she?’ he asked the young man. The other just shrugged his shoulders.

Then one of the doors opened, and the young woman who had been serving earlier as secretary entered, wearing a short, classical-type shift. She was graceful as she walked, her legs showing experience as an athlete. Her hair was long, released from the bun she had worn earlier, falling to her waist. Without a word, the boss handed her the magic lasso and left the room.

The woman began to dance before the captive Amazon Princess. She moved with grace and confidence, moving through the unfamiliar steps and rituals of ancient Greek Terpsichore. Wonder Woman recognised it immediately as a close approximation of a mating dance from Paradise Island. She had not seen this in years, and to see it done well sent shivers up the naked Amazon’s spine.

The woman danced closer, finally brushing the naked thigh of Wonder Woman with her dress. As the dancer spun and swayed, the Princess began to move sympathetically with her. The dancer came closer again, pressing her strong young body against the bound Wonder Woman. She began to undo the leather straps securing the captive. The Amazon’s thighs were released first, as the dancer sinuously moved her body and gently moved her hands across the round tan legs of the heroine. When both legs had been freed, the dancer stopped between them and pressed her shapely hips upward against Wonder Woman’s superb crotch.

The dancer ground her hips sensuously into Wonder Woman as she released her right arm from the leather bonds. ‘Free your other arm,’ the dancer told the Princess. Wonder Woman did so, though the awkwardness of the chains made it something less that graceful. Continuing her dance, she took Wonder Woman’s hand. ‘Step down and dance with me,’ she ordered. Wonder Woman tingled about the neck from the power of the lasso, but this was one order she did not wish to resist.

Together with another woman with athlete’s body and the grace of a trained dancer, the Princess from Paradise Island entered into the ritual dance. The two women moved, complementing one another, the chained Amazon doffing her tiara and boots at appropriate points in the ritual. They swirled around the room, the dancers closing together and pulling apart in a dance of courtship, love, and mutual affection. Never farther than the few feet of the golden lasso, they finally fell into one another’s arms on the floor.

Without an order, Wonder Woman began removing the white shift from her partner. The woman did not resist, but maintained her hold on the lasso. The two naked women sank together, holding one another tightly. The Princess was the first to move. She eased her partner backward onto the carpet, slid down her front placing her head between the dancer’s strong legs. Her tongue reached out and parted her, enjoying dampness that was already there, the result of both exertion and excitement. Reaching further and turning her head slightly, the Amazon Princess found the sheath of her partner’s vagina and, using her tongue, pulled it between her lips. She pulled her head back, carrying the skin with it, and released. For three or four minutes, she proceeded no deeper into the other sex than this, as her partner groaned and began sweating in the face of the Amazon’s ministrations.

Then the Amazon pressed her tongue deeper into her lover’s sex. With the familiarity of experience welling up in her memory, Wonder Woman navigated the geography of her lover’s inside expertly. The dancer’s groaning and breathing soothed the lovely Amazon Maid, as she enjoyed the experience of her role in this sex act and how it contributed to the pleasure of her partner.

Meanwhile, the free hand of Wonder Woman’s sex partner moved delicately over her back. ‘Swing around,’ she ordered the Amazon. ‘Show me your clit.’ Wonder Woman came out from between her partner’s legs and moved to place her knees on both sides of the dancer’s head. She settled her vagina into the prone woman’s mouth and resumed her own oral explorations of the clit of her lover. With sure hands, Diana held the breasts of the dancer below her, gently rubbing dark brown rings and nipples. At the same time, the dancer, with her free right hand, did the same to the pink aureoles of the superheroine.

When both reached orgasm, it was with a gush, and their ready mouths absorbed the love they generated in each other. Then, spent, they just lay on the floor, Wonder Woman atop her beautiful partner.

Wonder Woman’s respite was too short. Not more than a few minutes had passed when she felt the noose of the golden lasso tighten around her neck. Her head was pulled sharply upward. ‘Stand up,’ came the order from another female voice.

The captive Princess felt the familiar electricity of the compelling power of the lasso urge her to her feet, as she stepped over the supine figure of her naked lover. Wonder Woman looked down on this figure and a tear formed in the corner of her eye, as she briefly recalled the sense of love she was giving up. As she moved away, the dancer stood up, gathered up her shift and the star-spangled costume of the Amazon, and gently left the room.

She was now in the control of the tall blonde, Deborah. Deborah was dressed in black leather. A patent leather cap set off her blonde hair, a short black leather jacket with metal studs barely covered her breasts, her cleavage well defined through the open top of the jacket. Black leather panties covered her hips, and black leather thighboots completed the ensemble.

‘On your knees, superheroine,’ she ordered. Powerless to resist, the Princess of the Amazons slowly sank to her knees, reddening at the thought of being called ‘superheroine.’ The chain between her wrists gave the lie to that title. ‘Now,’ the blonde continued, ‘on all fours.’ Wonder Woman did as she was ordered.

‘Heel!’ was the next command, and the Princess obediently followed the girl across the room, then turned around with her and followed her back. In the center of the room again, Deborah reached down, tousled Wonder Woman’s long black hair, and said, ‘Good girl.’

She then kicked the Amazon’s right arm out from under her. Wonder Woman fell heavily on her face. ‘Knees and elbows, superheroine!’ she was told. There was that word again.

‘You enjoyed your sex with that dyke. Let’s see if you like my version as well,’ Deborah scolded. And with that, in front of Wonder Woman’s face, she produced a dildo. ‘Are you ready for this, ‘superheroine? We’ll see how your ass can take this sixteen inches.’

Wonder Woman lowered her head and placed it on her forearms, which were lying crosswise on the floor. She always feared the loss of her magic lasso. Now she would pay the price of losing control over her own greatest weapon.

The leather-garbed antagonist kneeled behind the Amazon’s elevated ass. She grabbed Wonder Woman’s hips with her cutout leather gloves. Then, with her right hand, she pushed the dildo hard into the Amazon. Wonder Woman screamed at the sharp pain, but she could not resist her tormentor. Deborah reached up and sharply smacked her captive on the back of her head. ‘Quiet, superheroine. You’re supposed to be powerful, the Champion of All Women. If you’re my Champion, I want you to be able to take a good bugging. ‘ She maneuvered the dildo up and down, back and forth, in and out, inside the Amazon. When Wonder Woman would groan or scream the black-attired predator would punish her.

After many minutes, the girl yanked back on Wonder Woman’s lasso. ‘Sit!’ she ordered. Wonder Woman rose from her prone position to her knees. Then, she lowered her torso onto the dildo, pushing it further into her anus. ‘Move around on it, Wonder Woman,’ Deborah commanded, pronouncing the syllables of her name with a sneer. The Amazon began writhing her hips left and right, the dildo causing continuous pain in her.

‘On your knees.’ Wonder Woman was grateful for the end of the pain. But the blonde walked around behind her, placed the sole of her patent leather boot against the Amazon’s naked back and pushed her, hard, to the floor. She then ripped the dildo from within her. She walked to her captive’s shoulders, placed a gloved hand under her chin, and said, ‘Up.’ When Wonder Woman was again on her knees, the dom ordered, ‘Lick it,’ handing her the sex toy recently retrieved from her ass.

Wonder Woman’s stomach revolted at the thought, but the tingling of the golden rope at her throat told her she would have to obey. Her tongue emerged and she passed it up and down the phallic instrument. ‘Swallow,’ she was told. And she obeyed.

Then, the blonde removed her leather panties and took a seat on the floor in front of the helpless Amazon. ‘Now. Love me, she told her captive, spreading her legs to reveal her pussy. With that, she yanked the lasso, burying the Amazon’s face in her. Wonder Woman’s tongue snaked through her partner’s insides, and the occasional yanks on her leash forced her to dig deeper into Deborah’s sex.

When the orgasm finally came, Wonder Woman rebelled, at least in her mind. She could not stop the dominatrix from ordering her to accept it, but much of the rush would end up on the Amazon’s shoulders and neck.

‘YOU BITCH!’ Deborah screamed. She kicked Wonder Woman in the stomach. Then when the Amazon fell to her back, she kicked her in the side. Wonder Woman rolled over completely, lying again on her back, her legs spread. The leather girl used the pointed toe of her boot to spread the legs further and then delivered one well-aimed kick right into the Amazon’s vagina.

Wonder Woman’s eyes rolled up in her head as the pain seared through her. She didn’t know what happened next, but there was a rush of shouting, as the men ran into the room and grabbed the dom and carried her out.

When Wonder Woman’s senses returned, the golden lasso was once again in the hands of the boss. ‘I must apologise for Deborah,’ he said. ‘I believe she was disappointed.’

Wonder Woman was ordered to dress herself. The tenderness of her vagina made that a slower process than usual. The dancer assisted her, particularly with her tights and golden belt.

The boss now revealed his plans for the rest of the evening. ‘We’re going to be sending you out on your own again shortly. Before you go, your memory of what has happened will again be erased.’

‘What do you mean, when you keep saying “again”?’ Wonder Woman asked. ‘We’ve never met. I don’t know either of the women I’ve seen tonight.’

‘Eventually, all of that will be made clear. In the meantime, continue to live your life as you will.’

The bound Princess could not fathom that final remark. Nevertheless, the power of the golden lasso was used to make the Princess of the Amazons forget the events of her second night as a captive. She was ordered to forget everything after she took Deborah into the hall for a drink of water. Then she was injected with the same sedative that was used on her the first night. While unconscious, the chain was removed, to be replaced by the temporary expedient of manacles, she was transported to the classroom where she had first encountered Deborah, and abandoned.