The Break-Up: Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

When Wonder Woman recovered consciousness, she was lying on her stomach, her right arm under her head. She had no idea where she was. The classroom lighting was too bright, the tile floor under her was too cold, and the painted cinderblock wall she lay against was too unnerving. As she pulled her head up, supporting her upper body with her arms stretched beneath her shoulders, it suddenly felt like a dozen dwarfs with hammers were pounding against the inside of her skull.

‘This must be what it is like to have a hangover,’ she thought. ‘What happened to me?’ I can’t remember anything.’ As she sat upright on the floor, her head fell forward toward her knees, her raven locks covering her chest and the upper part of her costume. ‘Something must have happened. I don’t lose two consecutive nights, just utterly have them drop out of my life, like this. There’s something going on here.’

As she stood, she felt a sharp pain in her ass and crotch. ‘Wh--… what is this?’ she thought again. She held a nearby desk to steady herself. Her mind raced through the possibilities by which she might call up the lost memory.

With that she walked to the window, and looked onto the wet streets and gentle drizzle falling on the police scene. This would not help the investigation. Still, she needed to show up in an hour or so to continue her official role in the case. With that, she raced to her motel. The boss’s receiver showed her movement. When she spun herself back into Diana Prince in the motel room, he lost her signal.

There were almost no students on campus now. Almost all the undergraduates had gone home, and many of the graduate students as well. A few of the locals hung around the laboratory, but as the day wore on, the weather and the lack of apparent activity sent them away. Around noon, Diana phoned her report to Steve, now at Aberdeen.

‘There’s really very little to go on until we get the lab report back on that glowing substance, Steve. Also, Wonder Woman took a look around the scene and she is starting to believe that there’s more here than meets the eye. We’re looking into the idea that the bomb may have been used to cover up some other activity.’

‘Wonder Woman’s there?’ Steve asked. Diana fumed, why is that your first question? What about the dead student? What about the possible cover-up? Do you have any interest about why I’m actually here? ‘What might they be covering up?’ Steve continued.

‘We’re not sure, but we don’t think it has anything to do with protesting government policies or the War. Nor are we very clear as to who they are,’ Diana reported. ‘This is a pretty conservative campus, and any hard-core radicals would stick out. No one on campus is talking about who the perpetrator might be.’

‘Well, get after the administration and faculty then. They probably know something. They certainly would be able to report any names of students they know might threaten their government and defense research grants. By the way, I’ll be back up there the day after tomorrow,’ Steve said coolly.

‘Why? Don’t you think I can handle it?’ Diana was only barely containing the fury she felt.

‘No, no, not at all. I just, well, I want to spend some time with Wonder Woman. That’s all. It looks like I’m going to be working on these attacks for some time to come. I don’t know when I’ll have time to call my own,’ Steve replied.

‘All right, Steve. But don’t forget why they named you honcho for this area. Your love life sometimes has to be put on hold,’ Diana reminded him.

‘Thanks, Mom,’ Steve concluded, and hung up.

The more Diana thought about this exchange, the angrier and more frustrated she became. Steve was driving here, away from where he was able to be an effective coordinator of the several investigations, just to ‘spend some time with Wonder Woman.’ Sometimes, Diana wished away her alter ego. Steve rushes off to set up a regional headquarters, leaving Diana in charge on the site, but he rushes back for Wonder Woman when doing so places the entire project in jeopardy. How can he feel that way about Wonder Woman, and yet show no concern or consideration for Diana? What did he mean, ‘spend some time with her?’ Was his interest in Wonder Woman only physical? Steve had certainly never indicated that he had a sexual interest in Wonder Woman, and she had certainly not heard of any such interest from anywhere else. Diana shook such thoughts from her head.

After lunch, she made the rounds of the administrators and what faculty she could find. There were a few left-wing groups on campus: Students for a Democratic Society, another group called Links; there were groups and individuals who focused on the War; but none of these seemed appropriate for this kind of attack. She was at a dead end. She wasn’t even sure that another nocturnal investigation would turn up anything, given the zero she had from the two most recent visits. What she needed to do was to get back to the motel and see what the pieces of the puzzle looked like. Maybe there was something in that lab report, due at the end of the day.

When she arrived at her motel door, all seemed normal. She let herself into the room, and, as she closed the door, she was grabbed from behind. Whoever it was, there were more than one of them, and they were very strong. Diana tried using the self-defense measures she had been taught, but her elbows and forearms just met hard muscle. A few bruises, perhaps, but no effect. A pillowcase was pulled over her head, her arms were tied behind her, and she was hustled out of the room to a waiting car. Diana was pushed, prone, onto the floor of the back seat. Two of her abductors followed her into the car, and they sat with their feet on the military intelligence agent as the car pulled away from the motel.

The ride did not take long at all. But then, in a town like Newark, it wasn’t very far to anywhere. Once the car stopped moving, Diana was roughly pulled from the back seat and taken into a house, down some stairs, and into a room. There, the pillowcase was removed and her hands were untied. Her abductors were three strong young men. They looked like some of the students she had questioned yesterday, but she wasn’t entirely sure.

‘Stay here,’ one of them said. ‘We’ll be back shortly.’

As soon as they left, Diana examined her prison. The walls were of stone and brick, with several doors. The floor had a thin carpet. Wandering around the room, she found a full-length mirror in one corner. Trying the doors, all of them were locked. Except for a few chairs and a table, there was no furniture in the room.

‘They’re certainly in for a surprise when they get back,’ Diana thought to herself. And with that thought, she twirled herself into her superheroine persona. But as soon as she had done so, soft explosions signaled the introduction of gas into the room. Four small vials released their insidious contents directly in front of her, no more than three feet away. The yellow-green cloud billowed up into her face, choking her. Suddenly, monsters and colours, bright lights, snakes and insects attacked her. At the same time that her mind saw these hallucinations, her body relaxed totally. She could barely hold up her arms in a defensive posture, as Forbin’s gas took away her ability to fight.

Then two young men, looking like more monsters but actually wearing gas masks tackled her, driving her to the carpeted floor. One of them immediately grabbed her golden lasso and tied it around her naked shoulders.

Once the gas was cleared from the room, it took the Amazon only about an hour to regain her senses. As she looked at the men who had captured her, she also saw the three-foot chain linking her bracelets, robbing her of her Amazon strength. She was seated in a chair, and before her was a balding, bespectacled man, somewhat older than the others. Scattered around the room were five very muscular young men and two female students, one blonde, the other with her hair in a bun. The latter was sitting with a notepad near the man who held her lasso.

‘It’s time you got the full story, Wonder Woman,’ he began. ‘You don’t remember it, but this is the third time we have bound you in this way.’

‘What is he talking about?’ the bound Princess from Paradise Island asked herself. ‘I’ve never seen these people before, not like this.’ But what really pained her and hurt her pride was the idea that she might have been captured and bound three times by this group.

‘You are well aware of the powers of your magic lasso, Princess,’ he continued. ‘How is it, can you imagine, that you have lost two consecutive nights of your life without a trace? Can you imagine that being done without the aid of its magic?’

Wonder Woman sat quietly, as she realised that his claim must be true. How else could he know about the two lost nights if he were not responsible for them? Her capture seemed to indicate that these people knew her secret identity. The two lost nights would explain that, as well.

‘I believe that the first night you did figure out that my project was my dissertation, and that I needed your knowledge of the Amazons as part of my research. I suspect that you would have been less than willing to provide the information that I uncovered last night, about ritual and sexual practices, were it not for the magic lasso. And, I am equally sure,’ he said as he rose, ‘that you would rather not make the information I seek tonight public knowledge. In addition, we have another experiment later. But, for now, you will,’ he placed the lasso over her head and around her upper arms and pulled it taut, ‘answer truthfully.’

‘The magic lasso---,’ the captive began.

‘---compels you to obey, I know, I know. Jeez,’ he said, complainingly.

Once again, the tape recorder was brought in, the dancer from last night took notes on Wonder Woman’s answers, and for over two hours this time, she responded to questions about physical training on Paradise Island, the kinds of physical demands placed upon Amazon warriors, and the tests she had to pass to enter Man’s world. Interspersed among these questions were anecdotal bits about things Wonder Woman couldn’t remember, but which her interrogator assured her she had revealed in earlier sessions. She was questioned intensively about her philosophy, her standard of ethics, her decisions about when to use violence and how much.

At the end of the marathon session, the man rose from the chair. ‘Now, stand up,’ he ordered. The powerless Princess did so. ‘This gave us a bit of an advantage over you, Wonder Woman. A small radio transmitter was attached to the inside of your golden belt the first night. We needed to replace the power cell last night, but it did give us the information to be able to observe you. With that information, and your secret identity, we were able to observe your change from government agent to superheroine.’ With that he reached into her belt and pulled out a small object no larger than a shirt button. ‘Hello, what’s this?’ So saying, he reached in a second time, and pulled out a folded piece of paper.

Opening it, he read, ‘”I’ll help you.”’ Looking up and staring directly at the young lady who took dictation, he finished, ‘Signed, “Penelope.”’ As soon as the name was spoken, the dancer tried to dash toward the superheroine, but she was seized immediately by two of the young men.

“It’s all right. We’ll be finished tonight. Once we’ve finished the last of our experiments, she can leave with the rest of you. We’ll just use the magic lasso on her memory, as well as that of the Princess there,’ he said, indicating Wonder Woman. ‘Truth to tell, Penelope, I am very disappointed.’

The two men who held her released Penelope, and she slowly walked over to the boss. ‘Kane,’ she said. ‘I have a favour to ask.’ Then she closed to the one she called Kane, and began whispering urgently to him. Kane smiled as he heard what she said, as if she had reached a certain sensibility that he found touching.

‘Of course you can. In the joust which we will see tonight, why shouldn’t one of the champions carry the handkerchief of her lady into battle?’

Penelope walked to Wonder Woman and, gingerly reaching into her handbag, she pulled out a blue and yellow handkerchief. Using her right hand, she intertwined it among the links of the chain at Wonder Woman’s bracelet on her left wrist. Having completed the intricate work with her fingertips, she squeezed the cloth, and walked back to Kane, her eyes never leaving the brightly coloured fabric. ‘Thank you,’ she told him.

Wonder Woman, focusing on Kane, asked directly, ‘You said something about a “joust.” Just what have you got in mind?’

‘What I need information on, very briefly, is your strength under bondage,’ he told her. ‘So, you will be pitted against Brad there.’ He indicated the most heavily muscled of the young men, the single exception to the gang rape of two nights ago. ‘You will meet in one-on-one combat.’ The magic lasso was removed from her upper body. ‘You will be under no constraints and will win or lose this contest on your own. In fact, I want you to make the utmost effort to win. Brad, I’m sure, would want it no other way. He’s used to tough competition. He’s a lineman on the football team.’

With that, Brad stepped forward and, smiling, he stripped to the waist. The smooth muscles of his chest were well defined, and his arms had the look of many hours lifting weights. ‘Now, Wonder Woman, you will engage him in a wrestling match, a series of falls, and the winner will be determined when one cannot continue. After each fall, the loser of the fall will have ten seconds to recover and the match will continue.’

‘What was the significance of the note Penelope left me?’ Wonder Woman asked. ‘Obviously, it’s something that you wiped from my memory.’

Kane filled her in on the courting ritual and dance from the previous night. As he did so, Wonder Woman’s eyes sought out the athletic girl, now seated in one of the chairs scattered around the room.

The match began. Brad was taller than the Amazon, standing a good 6’5” in the sneakers he was wearing. He bent at the waist and faced the chained Amazon squarely, his arms spread wide. Wonder Woman, the chain between her bracelets hanging down in front of her, adopted a defensive stance, facing Brad with her left arm and leg forward. It wasn’t long before the contest took on the aspect of a sporting event rather than an experiment, with the other men cheering their hero on.

Though Wonder Woman’s strength was gone, she was still faster than the football player. For the first few minutes of the contest, she was able to stay out of his reach or dodge aside when he came at her. Finally, however, he made a lunging grab for the beautiful warrior princess and, though he missed again, his closed fist struck her on the left temple, just behind the eye. Dazed, she spun away from him and tried to get her bearings. But before she could, Brad grabbed her around the waist from behind, lifting her high off the floor, all the while squeezing tightly, driving the air out of her insides. Wonder Woman kicked her legs about wildly, trying to free herself, but it was useless in the strong man’s grip. Then, suddenly, he jerked his arms sharply toward his body, and Wonder Woman’s deep blue eyes went wide, her mouth flew open as she gasped soundlessly for air. Her legs stopped kicking and she fell forward, doubled over his muscular forearms. Her dark hair almost reached the floor.

Brad just let the defeated Amazon drop to the floor. She rose to her knees, breathing deeply through her mouth, trying to focus her eyes and recognise the rushing sound in her ears. Faintly she heard Kane counting, ‘…5 …6 …7 ….’ It would have taken minutes for her regain her composure and control to continue the match against the young man. But the Amazon was not given that much time. After a count of ten, he was on her again, this time seizing her hair and dragging her to her feet. Wonder Woman could barely see her attacker when he wrapped his arms around her again.

This time his forearms pressed against the back of her diaphragm, and again she fought for breath. All she saw were explosions of light as the room began to grow dark around her. Her arms stretched out across his shoulders, the chain hanging down behind her attacker. If she could breathe, if she had a breath of air in her body, the powerless Wonder Woman would have screamed in pain. But all that came from her dry red lips was a hiss of air from her throat. Her head fell back and her body grew limp.

It was an act of desperation that saved her. Drawing on the last bit of strength within her, feeling Brad’s head against her chest, she drew her arms toward her and brought her Amazon bracelets together on both sides of his head simultaneously. Brad cried out in pain, as the Amazon drew first blood. She fell straight down as his grip on her was released and the lineman stumbled backwards grabbing his head.

The cheering in the room was suddenly silenced, almost as if a switch had been pulled. While Brad regained his senses, Wonder Woman was able to find her breath. The roaring in her ears lessened and she slowly rose to her feet, albeit unsteadily. Brad, she noticed, was still on his hands and knees, trying to shake out the cobwebs.

By the time the next round started, both of those engaged were sweating heavily. The smooth muscles of Brad’s torso gleamed in the light as if he had greased for a bodybuilding competition. The blood streaming from his left temple covered one side of his face, as he occasionally shook his head to try to keep it out of his eyes and mouth. He was breathing heavily now. In this condition, Wonder Woman believed, she might be able to beat him with speed.

But she was also hurt. Though not bleeding, she felt a constant pain in her lungs, as she breathed deeply to fill them with each breath. Her body likewise shone with perspiration. And, after the difficult beginning she had, the chains on her wrists weighed much more heavily on her. That blue-and-yellow handkerchief, wound into the links of the chain, was a distraction.

The two figures circled one another more slowly now. Brad remained the aggressor, occasionally darting out like a wrestler to try to grab an arm or leg of his opponent. Wonder Woman was just fast enough to stay out of his reach. From the corner, one of the other male students continued to urge Brad on, and, as Brad failed to seize the Princess, he became more and more fanatical.

Brad made another lunge for the Amazon, who remained just out of his reach, and as he rushed past her, the beautiful captive from Paradise Island, like a matador, struck him across the back with her chains with all the strength she could muster. The blow drove the football player to his knees. When he turned on her again, there were fury and fierceness in his eyes and face. His supporter along the wall became almost rabid.

Blinded by his rage, Brad raced at Wonder Woman, who stepped aside and brought her boot against the back of his thigh. Brad stumbled and rolled toward his supporter. Brad looked up into the face of his new ally and together they now came out after the Amazon, Brad rising to his feet clumsily, the other athletic young man taking off his shirt, revealing a body that was only a miniature of Brad’s.

Kane immediately raced between the combatants, shouting that if it became a contest of two-against-one, the results would be invalid.

‘Well, you can take your experiment, and your results, and shove them up your ass, Kane,’ the new gladiator told him. ‘I came into this to give some payback to this Wondercunt. I’ve seen her throw men around. I’ve seen her embarrass us. I want her to hurt. Like two nights ago. I want her to feel completely powerless in my hands. Like two nights ago. I want her to strip her of her costume and of her oh-so-high-and-mighty self-righteousness. I want everybody to see her hurt and crying and shamed. I want her to get payback. I want her to remember what she looked like then. Stripped, beaten, humiliated, fucked. And I’ve got the photo to remind her.’ With that he grabbed Kane and shoved him aside. Kane fell against the wall, and then sank to the floor.

The two young men separated, moving in opposite directions against the Amazon Princess. She watched first one, then the other. But she couldn’t consistently guard against an attack from behind. Brad, moving quickly for a big man, caught her concentrating on her other opponent and threw himself against the back of the Amazon’s legs. She fell over backwards, landing on the floor. Before she could recover, the other man locked her elbows with his forearms, the chain linking her bracelets hanging down in front of Wonder Woman’s legs. Then he drove his knee into the back of her knee, forcing the woman to the floor.

Breathing heavily, he whispered harshly into her ear, ‘All right, Wondercunt, you’re about to show us what that mouth of yours can do.’

Wonder Woman flailed her body right and left, trying to throw the man off, but with her bracelets chained, she couldn’t do it. Brad pulled his pants down and, massaging his rising cock, moved toward the helpless heroine. He approached her from the side, rubbing his erect penis against the side of the Amazon’s face. As he moved it toward her mouth he grabbed her hair and, forcing her head upward so she could not bite down, he entered her.

With her head forced all the way back, Wonder Woman could only feel the cock pressing in and out of her mouth, sometimes touching the back of her throat. Her arms were pinned back and her bracelets were chained. Nothing, it seemed, would be impossible for her attackers now.

‘Hey, Bob,’ the man holding her arms called across the room. ‘Get out your camera. We want a regular portrait taken.’

One of the men, uninvolved until now, briefly left the room, and returned carrying his Polaroid. Brad continued massaging his cock with the inside of Wonder Woman’s mouth, holding his erection. Bob joined the two men, when a female voice was heard.

‘Can I get a piece of this, too?’ Deborah asked. She was dressed in her black leather. She entered the room through the same door through which Bob had just passed. ‘I like what you’ve done with her. But when you boys are through, leave her to me.’

Bob maneuvered himself to get the group in the viewfinder. ‘Make sure that uniform of hers is plainly visible,’ Deborah instructed. ‘The National Enquirer would pay a lot for this one. And when everyone sees the great Wonder Woman doing her thing, she’ll be finished. How about it, doll?’ she asked. ‘How’s that for ending your career: The Great Wonder Woman. On the front page of a scandal sheet giving head. The powerful Amazon Princess. Blowing a football player. Yeah. That’ll look good for the Champion of All Women. And she’ll take down all of the patriots with her. She’ll be nothing. Nothing but a slut, and the country’ll be nothing but a brothel.’ She smiled.

Wonder Woman flushed as she listened to Deborah. The anger was focused on the blonde. But her humiliation at her helplessness was stronger. She struggled to throw Brad’s penis out of her mouth, but his grip on her hair was too tight. She struggled to free herself from the double chicken wing, but the man was too strong for her in her chains. She tried to rise from her knees, but his weight was placed across the back of her calves. There was nothing that she could do except burn with humiliation as the photo was taken.

Just then, Penelope bowled into the group and sent them scattering like ninepins. Wonder Woman first felt pain, as her arms were pulled sharply back, then freedom, as she was released from the grip of the young man behind her. The two of them rolled across the floor their separate ways under the impact of Penelope’s athletic body. Brad and Deborah, also knocked off their feet, could be heard swearing, Brad because of the pain in his cock, Deborah because she had lost her hat.

Wonder Woman made it to her feet first. The men, trying to determine what had happened, were slower. Bob, the photographer, was first. He was reluctantly joined by another well-muscled young man, the one who had thus far been watching from the sidelines. The latter’s eyes kept darting back and forth between the Amazon Princess and the photographer, as if looking for a sign or a cue about what to do.

Suddenly Bob rushed the Amazon at full bore, yelling a screeching ‘AAAHHHhhggghhh!’ as he raced toward her. Wonder Woman never took her eyes off him and, like a practiced matador, she stepped aside at the last moment and, with the same movement, she swung her chains down sharply upon him as he rushed past. Without fully intending to, she struck him sharply on the back of the head. The blood ran freely instantly. He stumbled, but kept moving forward until he struck the stone-and-brick wall at full speed. There was a sickening thud and he dropped hard to the floor. His body kicked once, and he was dead. The other young man’s eyes opened wide and his sharp intake of breath was evident for all to hear. As Wonder Woman now turned to face him, he turned and ran from the room, slamming the door behind him.

‘Get that Amazon bitch!’ Wonder Woman heard Deborah shout. When she turned toward the voice, she saw Brad, the blonde Deborah, her tormentor from behind, and one more strong young man moving about the room, to surround and take her. The three men were spread out in a semicircle in front of her. Wonder Woman gripped her chains, recognising that they may be the cause of her present weakness, they were also a potent weapon, and would give her attackers something else to think about. The first young man who attacked her received the blow from these links directly into his chest.

As Brad prepared to take on the Amazon Maid, a shout filled the room. ‘Hold it, Wonder Woman!’ Deborah yelled. ‘If you want your dyke girlfriend to stay safe, you’ll bring this to an end. NOW!’ When the dark-haired avenger looked to the leather-clad lesbian, she saw that Penelope was captured and being held.

‘Whaddya say, Wondercunt?’ sneered that same male student as he rushed to grab the pained dancer. ‘Gonna let something happen to your girlfriend?’ With that he pulled Penelope’s right arm up painfully behind her back.

The Princess looked into the eyes of the girl she only knew had left her a note promising to help, and had tried to release her from the grip of her tormentors. Penelope was strong, but the Amazon saw the fear in her eyes. ‘Don’t give up, Wonder Woman,’ she said, though the pain was evident in her voice. ‘You’re too important to lose everything over someone like me.’

Indecisive, Wonder Woman watched as the young man who held Penelope reached around with his free arm, placed it under her chin and began to pull upward. Penelope tried not to scream in pain, but the sounds that did issue forth convinced the Amazon that, for her friend’s safety, she must now surrender. She released her chains from her hands and dropped her arms to her sides. ‘You win,’ she said. ‘Just don’t hurt her.’

Brad walked across the room and approached the defeated Princess of Paradise Island from behind. Drawing back his powerful right arm, he drove his fist into the heroine’s naked back, right at the level of the kidney. Wonder Woman screamed and dropped to her knees. Dazed by the treacherous blow, she reached down to steady herself, placing her hand on the floor. The young man who had been holding Penelope tossed the dancer to the floor in front of Deborah and walked quickly to where the Amazon Princess swayed on her knees. Taking her beautiful face full in his right hand, he pushed her hard to her back.

Wonder Woman was seized by two of the men now, one holding her by each arm as they dragged her roughly to her feet. Brad stood directly in front of the helpless Amazon Princess. He drew back his right arm again and slapped her sharply across the face. Her raven hair, sweaty and covered by bits of debris from the struggle on the floor, splayed out in all directions.

‘Hogtie her,’ Brad said. With that, the two men holding Wonder Woman took her to her knees, then wrapped the chain from her wrists around her red leather boots, at her ankles. Then they wound the links in and around and between her wrists and ankles, so that, when they were finished, Wonder Woman lay on her stomach. Her arms went painfully back from her shoulders behind her, her wrists meeting her ankles. Her legs were bent fully at the knees.

‘One more thing.’ It was the young man who had leaped to Brad’s aid during the ‘joust.’ He approached the helpless superheroine and kicked her in the side, brutally. As Wonder Woman fought to recover her senses, she felt his hands on her. First he removed her golden belt, undoing it at her back and letting it fall open on the floor. He pushed her out of the way and took it up. Then he undid the bustier and breastplate and pulled that from the Amazon’s body.

‘Souvenirs,’ he called back to her as he walked away, carrying the trophies.

‘What about her?’ Brad asked, indicating Penelope.

‘Kane said she should leave with the rest of us, but I don’t think that’s going to happen,’ Deborah replied.

‘Well. We boys may as well enjoy her,’ the young man said. ‘You’ve already done so, haven’t you, Deborah?’

‘She’s not really my style,’ the leather-clad blonde noted. ‘But Wonder Woman sure seemed to enjoy her way of doing things. Maybe it would do the bitch good to watch while you boys show her friend a whole new way of doing things.’

When she said this, Deborah shoved Penelope, whom she had been holding, to Brad. Brad held her arms in his powerful hands. At the same moment, Wonder Woman began to thrash about in her bondage, straining at her chains. ‘No!! NO!!! Do what you want to me, but leave her alone! LET HER GO!!!’

Brad pressed Penelope to the floor, directly in front of the bound Wonder Woman, and held her there. Deborah walked up to the Amazon and knelt down next to her left shoulder. Softly running her hands over her bare back, shoulders, and neck, she cooed softly in her ear, ‘Ooooohhh, how noble of you, Wonder Woman. But then you are the embodiment of nobility and virtue. Just relax. You’ll get your turn soon enough.’

Then the rape of Penelope began. Brad had his way first, tearing off her clothes and scattering them around the room. Seeing Penelope now naked, Wonder Woman struggled all the harder to rescue the athletic and muscular young girl. She admired Penelope’s resolve in the face of the much more powerful Brad, as her muscular legs kicked and tried to throw off the much stronger man. Brad held her down by the wrists, though his hands covered a good portion of her forearms. Her head flew wildly right and left and she screamed, ‘NO!! NO!! NNNnnnnooooh!!!’ Brad moved slowly and rhythmically, up and down, on her pelvis, driving his cock home again and again into her unwilling vagina.

Once, in the throes of his own reverie, Brad drifted too close to her face, and Penelope bit his cheek, drawing a free flow of blood. ‘You no-good cunt!’ he shrieked. He released her left hand and she immediately began to flail at him with it, but it did no good, for very quickly he brought his right hand hard against her face, with a crack that filled the room.

Wonder Woman continued to strain against her bonds. She screamed at Penelope’s attacker to end his assault, she buried her face in the thin carpeting on the floor and fought back tears. But nothing she could do could change what was happening to this woman whom the powerless Amazon only faintly knew, but realised that for a moment she had loved.

Brad was not finished with Penelope. He rolled her over and began to fuck her in the ass, while Deborah got on with her own designs. She looked at the helpless captive. Wonder Woman’s black hair cascaded down her back, over her arms, and over her shoulders. Her bare, muscular arms stretched from her shoulders and ran in a straight line to her ankles, covered by her red boots. Connecting her wrists and the red leather was the chain, wrapped tightly around wrists and ankles. Her bare torso glistened with sweat and was covered with dirt, her blue and white-starred tights the only trace of her uniform left to her.

‘We have plans for you, dear superheroine,’ Deborah whispered in her ear. ‘You don’t remember your treatment the last couple of nights; but believe me, you don’t want to remember. We have home movies. And I want to make them public. And when that happens, the glorious star-spangled superheroine is dead. And, before we finish with you, you’ll get a chance to relive some of those moments. As she whispered this promise to the bound struggling Amazon, Deborah lightly ran her fingers and fingernails up and down Wonder Woman’s back. Goosebumps formed involuntarily. ‘OOOooooohhh, so you like that, do you? Well, there’s a lot more where that came from. But before you get that, we’ll see to it that you regret ever taking up the title of superheroine. We will humiliate you. We will degrade you. We will shatter you and your high-and-mighty image. By the time we finish with you-and with her, don’t think she’ll escape with only the treatment you’ve seen so far-the Champion of All Women will be no more. Oh, we won’t kill you. But everyone will have seen you as a slut. The mighty Princess of Paradise Island, the legendary Amazon Wonder Woman will be splattered over an entire issue of the cheapest scandal rag and skin magazine that’s willing to pay for it. They will love to publish the pictures we have. And we have tried to get your oh-so-patriotic costume into as many of those pictures as we could, so that there will be no doubt. You will never again want to wear the costume, which will have shamed you. Tonight, your career is coming to an end. We know your secret identity. We have photos of your beaten, barely able to hold your own head up. We have you being degraded, sucking cock, covered with cum, laying in filth. That uniform, which you’ve always said symbolises America will be dragged through the muck. And once I inject you with this drug that worked so well the other night, you won’t be able to do anything about it.’

Wonder Woman heard Penelope scream as Brad entered her again. She felt one of the young men directly behind her, pressing the skin of her thigh, preparing the injection.

‘NNOOO!!’ she screamed. ‘NNNOOOOOOOOOHHH!!!’ And she strained with all the poor strength she had.

And the chain broke.

Wonder Woman’s powerful legs, now restored to their full strength, drove into the young athlete holding the hypodermic needle, driving him across the room. When he finally hit the wall, the needle and drug entered his abdomen. His eyes flew wide open as he realised that he had been injected with an Amazon-potent dose of the very dangerous drug. Then he started convulsing. White flecks of foam flew from his mouth as he jumped about uncontrollably, beating his head against the wall, his legs against the floor. Gradually his movements slowed, then he stopped altogether.

The chain had broken at Wonder Woman’s left wrist, at the point where Penelope’s blue-and-yellow handkerchief had intertwined the links. That handkerchief now lay on the floor. As Wonder Woman rose, despite the dirt and debris on her body, the sweat-glistened legs and torso seemed the fullest perfection of the female anatomy. She stepped out of the chain that no longer bound her, grabbed the fetter, which still hung from her right bracelet, and pulled it off.

Wonder Woman now stood, fully armed and ready to come to the aid of her friend, whom she heard whimpering to her left. She stood erect, her tiara nestled in her raven-black hair, which hung down her back and over her bare shoulders, upper arms, and both of her naked breasts, only partially obscuring them. She was naked to her hips, where her satin tights, blue with the white star pattern, remained. Her arms were bare except for her Amazon bracelets. Her body, tanned, perfect in its proportions, gleamed with the sweat of her ordeal. Her round, magnificent thighs showed muscles well defined above her knee-high boots. She stood with her feet spread about shoulder width apart, her knuckles resting on her hips on the top of her tights. She was an Amazon warrior ready for combat.