Book Two: Resistance and Rebellion  

WARNING: This story is fictional and is not intended to portray any real persons, living or dead, nor is it at all intended to encourage the type of activity portrayed here. It is strictly a fantasy/parody, intended for the personal enjoyment of those who appreciate female costumed characters in fear for their life or the violation of their body. The story describes and/or hints at graphic sexual situations, including bondage, violence, non-consensual sex, and other elements unacceptable in certain communities. It is NOT intended, nor is it at all suitable, for minors. If you are under the age of 18, or if this type of thing offends you, you shouldn't be reading it. If you are a person who does find interesting the material described above, then I invite you to enjoy this story.

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The Conquered Earth

Book Two: Resistance and Rebellion

by Alias the Rat

Part One

Annie Bartlett woke early that morning, and as she had done for months, she rolled over in bed and reached out, hoping to feel her lover by her side. But she wasn't there. It had been ten weeks since Sylvia had been on the beach that fateful day. That was when the alien Garaths arrived on Earth and began their campaign to harvest Earth's beautiful women to serve as sex slaves for their Galactic Empire. The armed forces and costumed heroes of Earth had failed to stop the invaders. The Garath used a pink, sweet-smelling gas to pacify their targets and then took them on their shuttles to be transported up to the huge transport ships in orbit. They had attacked beaches, college campuses, malls and other spots where they found large numbers of young women congregated who could be seized and carried off to slavery. The gaunt, tall humanoids paused and raped their choice of the women as they went along, and under the influence of the gas, women were powerless to resist the attacks. Of greatest interest to the raiders while they gathered their prey were scarlet-haired ladies, as they were a rare, highly desireable commodity to the Garath. Annie had bright red hair and she dreaded what horrid sexual agony would befall her if the Garath got their hands on her.

She and Sylvia had been lovers for four years before that awful day, and Annie never thought their life together would end with her partner suddenly, brutally taken away from her. As Annie was a Granite City policewoman, the lovers had worried about something happening to Annie in the course of her job, but they never expected Sylvia, an assistant chef at a successful downtown restaurant, to be the one that suddenly disappeared. Annie wanted to get over the pain of her loss, but every day she thought about her partner and how much they had been in love. The pain refused to subside.

Annie dressed and went into the station house for her shift. The patrolman she worked the street with, Jack Kahlman, wasn't in today. His wife constantly worried about the invasion and was having a panic attack today. He called Annie and said he would have to take a personal day. So she would be out on patrol alone today. Part of her hoped it would be quiet, but she also wished it would be busy enough to take her mind off her troubles. She was riding the streets when she heard the bulletin on the radio. A Garath shuttle had been tracked to the vicinity of Crossroads Memorial Hospital and dispatch believed the aliens were raiding there. That was the new path of action taken by the aliens. They would land at a medical complex and kidnap doctors and nurses as well as gathering medical supplies and equipment. A batch of army rangers were being dispatched to the scene and a group of costumed heroes were also going to be showing up to confront the attackers. Response would be slowed by the fact that the aliens ruled the air. Garath fighters used their lazers to burn anything out of the sky, while the aliens craft were protected from projectiles and energy weapons by some sort of defensive shield. This meant the attackers usually swooped in, took their prisoners, and were off before earth's defense forces had a chance to do anything. Annie was told to stay positioned at a spot on a circle around the hospital. Other patrol cars would complete the cordon that would try to keep anyone else from stumbling into the area. She stopped people and directed them away from the complex, and wished she could do more. But even the individual Garath riparte {basic soldiers} had shields that repelled bullets. If she went into the battle area, she'd just get herself captured by them.

As she paced back and forth at the intersection she was guarding, she heard something. Looking north, towards the hospital, she saw a door closing on a small grocery store a block up the street. Who ever went in there needed to be warned, so she ran that way and entered the Rodriguez Food Mart. It was a small, crowded family store that stayed in business by stocking a big variety of Hispanic food products the mega-store six blocks away didn't carry. A mom-and-pop shop in a modern world, Annie knew the owners and the owners were the type that knew all their customers by name. Annie choked up a little as she realised Sylvia had always came here for ingredients when she prepared a Mexican dinner. Annie didn't see anybody in the store, and at first was going to call out. But she paused. Some places near Garath raids were being looted during the commotion, and she didn't want to startle some kid with a Saturday night special. She listened, and heard a little noise an aisle over. With gun drawn, she went around the corner and looked... into the eyes of a Garath riparte! Quernasa was also startled, but while he had been collecting a shopping-bag of chocolate bars he had heard someone enter and was waiting to see who it was. Before Annie could react, the alien triggered a spray unit in his hand and a small amount of the pink gas puffed into her face. But neither the alien nor the victim noticed that only a tiny bit of the gas was sprayed before the canister was empty. Annie wanted to pull the trigger of the gun in her hand, but the gas had eliminated her ability to act. Quernasa spoke. "You wear a uniform, red-hair. Are you a soldier?" In a dull, calm voice, she heard herself answer. "No. I am a police woman. Not a soldier. A civilian security person." The riparte nodded. "Interesting. Take off your clothes." She was horrified when she could not resist the command. Her equipment belt and firearm were dropped to the floor, and then she took off her tunic, shoes and pants. She wanted more than anything to stop, to run away. But instead she stood there and slipped off her brassiere and pushed her panties down her legs. She stood there, naked and trembling slightly as the Garath felt her breasts. "Are these correct?" She didn't understand, so she gave him no answer. "Are these natural or corrupted?" She wondered what... oh. "They are real. I have no surgical implants." Quernasa smiled. His hand went to her crotch and fingers entered her and poked sensitive areas. She groaned, and her clit began to lubricate.

The riparte gave her an order. "Lay on the floor here. Spread your legs, samalan {female slave}." She lay down on her discarded clothes and he came down and entered her, fast and very rough. She lay there and started to cry, breathing heavily as she was assaulted. As she did so, fresh air entered her lungs and her bloodstream. The mild dose of the pacification gas was easing out of her system. She did not realise this, and she thought it was all over for her. But then the alien, as he pumped his cock in and out of her, slapped her face and shouted, "Come on, red-hair. React, show a little passion. You shouldn't just lay there and take it, like you will years from now after the constant gassing burns out your brain." Her mind began to rage. He wanted passion? The love she had for Sylvia had a lot of passion! Weeks of tears over the love they had taken away was passion! A domestic disturbance call three months ago had a woman who had discovered her husband in bed fucking her sister. She blew his brains out. That was passion! If this alien bastard wanted passion... Annie's hand went along the floor to where her service revolver lay. She wrapped her fingers around the grip and brought it up. As the tip of the barrel came under the Garath's chin, she pulled the trigger. The bullet slammed through his chin and blew a large portion of his brains out the top of his head. His lifeless body collapsed, and Annie wiggled out from under him. Still in a rage, she shouted down at the body. "Is that God-damned passionateenough for you!?" She fired her pistol a second time, at the riparte's chest, but was startled to see the bullet stop a few inches from the body. Apparently the creature's shield was still in place, but the gun had been effective when placed right against the target's chin. As she tried to calm down, she realised she would have to get that kind of information passed on to people. It wasn't much, but it meant there was a way to kill these things.

She called in to tell the dispatcher what had happened, and got dressed while she waited for a response. Her uniform had a red-orange, cinnamon-smelling stain where the thing had bled. A number of cars came screeching up, followed by a long procession of experts who wanted to see a dead Garath. The equipment was stripped off and sent to labs to analyze. The body was taken for a complete autopsy and a study of the alien physiology. Army officers, police officials and costumed characters all came to hear the details of what had happened. Growing weary from giving her story over and over, Annie was glad to see one person she knew, Glory Girl. Rebecca Hooper put her arms over Annie's shoulders and asked if she was alright. The Granite City heroine was accompanied by Gotham's Batgirl. They had been part of the response to the hospital raid, but the doctors had been captured and taken off on a shuttle before the team could do anything. Batgirl stared at the pool of alien blood on the floor and spoke. "Good job, Officer Bartlett. You succeeded in doing something a lot of us have really wished we could do. Kill a damned Garath. Some of the high powered heroes like Wonder Woman and the Thing have gotten a few of them, but it's nice to know a simple .38 can do the trick if you get close enough."

And in a parking lot at a medical center near Atlanta, a pair of Garath soldiers stood by their shuttle while the rest of the raiding party were in the nearby hospital, seizing doctors, nurses and equipment. They looked across the parking lot at the buildings nearby. "We could go over there to see if we could get our hands on some sweet samalan pussy, or find a shop with that Earthan food, choca, that everyone on the transports is paying big gerach {unit of currency} for." But the other riparte did not agree. "That would be nice, but we have Yistrate as jedant (squad leader) on this raid, and if he comes back and finds us not guarding the shuttle, he'll feed our balls to a volcka." But as they spoke, a figure came at them. Their reaction was delayed by the shock of what they saw. The tall female was partially clad in golden armor and was weilding a glowing spear. They brought up their lazer pistols, but the beams were stopped by the shield the warrior held on her left arm. Closing quickly, she smashed the shield into the body of one soldier while her spear went into the belly of the other. She pulled it back and did the same to her other opponent. Wonder Woman stood over the bodies, breathing hard, and muttered under her breath, "Two more die to pay for what they did to my sisters and my Mother on Themyscira!" All of Diana's Amazon family had been captured by the Garath and sent off to the transports. Maddening vengeance was all she had left to live for. But as she stood there, the raiders in the hospital returned to the shuttle, and she turned to face them. She fought hard, but while she got three more of the enemy, she was hit by drugged darts in the leg and arm that slowed her. During this, the Garaths loaded what they had seized into the shuttle. They pulled back and got all the remaining Garath soldiers into the shuttle and flew away. A more resourceful squad commander would have realised that this was the best chance to recapture the Amazon, but Yistrate saw the men he'd lost and decided to get out. Diana watched the shuttle leaving, and stood weak-legged in frustration. She had killed some of them, but she saw they had taken the people they wanted. Those poor people had families who would grieve their loss, just like she was doing. Weakened by the strain of the battle and the drugs in her system from the tranquilizer darts, she hung her head and cried.

Part Two

A quintet of super-powered individuals came down the gangplank soon after the attack submarine docked at Cape Canaveral. In the early morning hours they walked over to the vehicles waiting to run them back to their quarters at adjoining Patrick Air Force Base. The unit leader, Granite City's Shady Lady, told her people to get some sleep while she went to post a report to the espionage liason for the Joint Chiefs. He would pass on what her group had found out on their latest trip to the Garath base in San Juan. The aliens had established a planet-side base there after forcing out most of the Earthlings from the city. Only the women who became their sex-slaves were allowed to stay. In order to gather data on the Garath capabilities, a stealth force had been raised to sneak into San Juan at night and gather information and steal samples of the alien technology. The Shady Lady led a group of Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Plastic Man and Nightshade who prowled through the back streets and buildings of the base in the dark. Last night had been another success with the collection of computer files, assorted paperwork and some little trinkets for the lab boys to look at. As Donna Hooper left in a staff car, Nightcrawler yawned. He complained he was so tired that he could not even wait for the drive back. Excusing himself, he concentrated and teleported himself back to his quarters and crawled into bed. The other three piled into the back of the hummer and yawned. They were also beat. Eels O'Brien asked the two young ladies if they wanted to stop for a bite of breakfast when they got to the base. Eve Eden looked at him and laughed. "Plas, are you trying to hit on us?" Kitty Pryde giggled at the suggestion, and the Stretchable Sleuth stammered as his face reddened. "Oh my god, no! Girls, please, I've been chasing crooks since before you two were born, I just needed to stop for a bite before I crash. My stretching burns a lot of energy, and I need a little snack every so often." Kitty smiled at Plastic Man's embarrasement. "Yeah, Stretch, we figured that. But I'm not hungry. I just wanna flop down and sleep. I've never been able to adjust to doing these missions and being up all night every two ro three days." She emphasized this with a long yawn. Eve nodded in agreement. "Sorry, Plas, I'll also pass. Too tired to chew. We could meet you later on for lunch?"

But Nightshade wondered if she would be able to get to sleep that day. Tired as she was, the horrors the group saw and heard when they went through the back streets of San Juan really haunted her. Half the time she just lay in bed going over what she had seen or heard. The buildings where the riparte would be going in and out, that had the screams of the sex slaves echoing down the streets. The moaning from the buildings full of captured women who were due to be operated on. The aliens had a loathing of slaves whose bodies had been altered. They hated that having been done to... their property. Anyone they captured with breast implants was sent to San Juan to be corrected. And that meant doctors and nurses who had been seized in raids were forced in poor conditions to cut open the women and remove the implants. The aliens had little patience for the results. Thousands of women whose surgery did not go well enough were destroyed. And the doctors who didn't show satisfactory results in their twelve hour days of assembly-line surgery were also killed. She'd seen and gagged at the smell of the piles of charred bones that were left from the incineration of those poor wretches. Eve sometimes was just overwhelmed with the horror of it and lay in her bed, sobbing. But she kept hoping that one of the trips they made to that god-awful hell would be the one where the unit would bring back the one vital bit of information that would allow Earth to fight back. So she had to go, no matter how much it was destroying her.

Shadowcat was young and impulsive, so even though she was dead tired, Kitty jumped out of the vehicle as soon as it pulled up to the visiting officers' barracks where the unit was quartered. She dashed in the building as Plastic Man and Nightshade got out of the hummer. Eels knew of Eve's mental anguish, and he asked her. "You think you'll be able to get some sleep this morning? Maybe you should try counting sheep." Eve put her hand on her friend's shoulder. "I'll see what happens when my head hits the pillow. And I'll try the sheep bit." Plas turned to go to a vending machine snack area in the back of the building while Eve walked up the stairs to her room. She unlocked the door and stepped in. But as she was going through the door, she sensed something wasn't right. She was a person with powers of darkness, but she sometimes needed the light. Her room had a little blue nightlight she left on all the time because she could not sleep in a room that was totally dark. But the little light was not on as it had been when she left. She paused in the doorway, wondering if it was just a case of the light burning out. Then she sensed a movement in the dark. Before she could react, a sickly sweet gas puffed into her face. Instantly, all her will to do anything left her and she stood, pacified.

A voice spoke. "Come in the room." Nightshade did so, and someone closed and locked the door behind her. The top light came on and Eve saw two men standing there. The brown-haired one looked a little familiar, and she knew she had seen him here at the base in the past. He held a polished chrome metal tube in his hand. She recognized it as one of the gas canisters all the alien soldiers carried to capture slaves. Her unit had picked up a few of them and brought them back for the lab boys to analyze. The brown-haired man walked up close to her and stared into her eyes. "Well, miss high-and-mighty, now I'll have my way with you. And you won't be able to wave me off with an up-turned nose." Eve remembered who he was. Harry Cain, a guy who assisted in one of the labs, and he had spoken to her a few times in the mess hall. He had asked her out a couple of times, but she'd put him off. She didn't think she she'd been rude, he'd just asked her at the wrong times. Once he came up when a mission was readying to go out, and she'd told him she had stuff to do that night. Another time he had approached her she had refused because she was really depressed about the things she'd been encountering and hadn't slept for awhile. He was mad at her over that? Cain spoke. "Strip off all your clothes." Nightshade felt the horror run though her as she found she could not resist any command she was given while under the influence of the alien gas. She could not stop her fingers from loosening her outfit and letting it drop to the floor.

Cain's hands began to run over her body, squeezing her tits and rubbing her crotch. "Oh, baby, I'm gonna enjoy you. We're gona fuck long and slow and over and over." The second man spoke up. "Harry, shouldn't we get her out of here? What if somebody..." Cain turned his head. "Nick, calm down. As long as we keep her gassed, she won't do anything. And nobody's going to bother us here. We can't get her off the base until after ten when Jim will be manning the back gate. Then she'll go to the house and join the rest of the girls." Cain's attention went back to Eve as he told her to lay down on the bed. Her mind kept screaming, "No! No! No!" but she slowly went over and laid down. As soon as he ordered it, Eve spread her legs, and Cain lay down on her and rammed his cock into her. His hands mashed and twisted her breasts as he pumped himself in and out of her pussy. Nick went next to the bed and dropped his pants. "Hey, give me a hand job, lady!" As she was being raped, she put her hand out and started stroking the penis of the other man. She felt it grow erect in her fingers. Harry tensed and he shot a load of semen into her cunt. He got up and walked around the bed to her face. Sticking his fluid stained dick in her face, he ordered her to suck it clean. While she did that, Nick moved over and put his stiff penis into her pussy. She sucked Harry's cock until it became erect again, then shuddered as the dicks in her mouth and cunt both erupted. She felt horrible and wished she could stop, but Harry reached down with the chrome canister and spritzed another tiny dose of the gas into her nostrils. He chuckled. "This stuff is great. We can nail any bitch we want." The men stood and wondered what they would do next to their helpless victim.

The two men froze as there suddenly came a tap on the door. They heard a man's voice. "Eve, are you still awake? I thought you..." Eve, totally pacified, answered the question. "Yes, I am awake." Outside, Plastic Man thought Eve's voice sounded a little odd. "Well, if you can't sleep Eve, Maybe you'd like to sit and talk for a while, to help unwind..." Cain bent down to Eve and whispered in her ear. "Tell him... tell him you want to be alone and... you will talk to him later." Eve's face stayed expressionless, but her mind was begging and pleading for her friend to come in and save her. "Plastic Man. I want to be alone. I will talk to you later." On the other side of the door, Eels O'Brien felt that he was sorry he couldn't get Eve out of her depression. And she sounded... weird. Eels sighed, and turned to leave, But he suddenly caught something in the air by the door. He bent close to it and took a sniff. And he recognized the faint scent of the Garath pacification gas. His body twisted and thinned. As flat as a piece of paper, his form slipped under the door into the room. Reforming, he saw the two men standing over the nude form of his friend. Harry Cain was bringing the canister up to spray the gas at the Stretchable Sleuth when the hero extended his arms and his long flingers stretched forth to wrap themselves around the rapists. The entangled foes were picked up and smashed into a wall. The bundles whipped back and smacked into the other wall. Plas made sure the pair were knocked out, then dropped them, seized the gas cylinder away from Harry and went over to Eve. She was still laying there, eyes open but totally entranced.

Eels unlocked the door, then got her to stand. He wrapped a blanket around her, and walked her out into the corridor. He ordered her, "Eve, breath in and out. Deep breaths!" She did that for a minute, and then her face showed the horror and relief she felt. "Oh, Eels, thank god you showed up. They... they..." Plas held her tight. His neck and one arm stretched out and ducked back into the room. He made sure the two bastards were still out, and grabbed the phone. He dialed a special number he had for Donna Hooper's cell phone. When she answered, Eels was brief. "Donna, something's happened. Could you get over to Eve Eden's quarters right away." Then he called the base commander. "General Lawson, a situation has come up that needs your personal attention. I'd like you to come over to the visiting officer's quarters and bring every damn security person you can find. It's really bad, General." General Alex Lawson arrived at the building just four minutes later, accompanied by his head of security, Colonel Geofrey Thorne, and a dozen MPs. Just inside the entrance, the Shady Lady was sitting with Eve, holding the girl as she sobbed and cried. Plastic Man went up to the General and spoke. "There are two assholes laying on the floor up in Eve's room. They sprayed Garath pacification gas in her face and were raping her." The rage was apparent on the officer's face as he heard this. Four MPs were sent up to drag out the unconscious perpatrators. The General bent down and spoke to Eve. "Young lady, I am very sorry this happened to you. I know a little about what you and you friends have been doing on your missions, and that you have been under a lot of strain. The one thing I should have done for you was to provide a place you could come back to and feel safe. I failed at that." Eve looked at the officer. "Thank you, General. You should know... they said they were going to take me to a house where... I would join the other girls..." The commander's face revealed the further shock he felt at hearing this. He stood up and spun around. "COLONEL THORNE! Get the personnel files on these two. Access the records from their cell phones and their bank records. Someplace they seem to have other women as prisoners. Co-ordinate with the local authorities. I want this place found... at once! Have we any ongoing investigations that deal with missing women?" The Colonel replied. "There are two outstanding investigations, and I've been working on them myself. A few weeks ago, a Hollie Shelton disappeared from her job at the post exchange. She left a note saying she had a family crisis and had to go home. But a week later the family contacted us and said there had been no family crisis and that they had not heard from their daughter since she vanished. A few days after that an airman, Frieda Garth, who worked in the motor pool office disappeared the same way, with a similar note in her handwriting left behind. This time we contacted her family at once and they knew nothing about it. The civilian authorities haven't found any trace of either one since they vanished."

The General didn't like the sound of this. "Were there any connections between the two women? Anyone they both knew or worked with?" The Colonel shook his head. "No, sir. They may have known each other, but they weren't friends and they didn't socialize in the same circles. The only connection I ran across was that both of them disappeared after going out the back gate. They were signed out by security, so we know they left and whatever happened to them happened out there someplace..." Eve looked over at the security chief and asked a question. "Colonel, who signed them out?" The man looked at her in puzzlement. "Let me think... both of them were signed out by Corporal James Entemann, but he had no other connection we found to either woman. Why do you ask?" Eve took a minute to catch her breath. "One of them was in a hurry to get me off the base, but the other said they had to wait until 'after ten when Jim will be manning the back gate.' Which probably means..." The General picked up at once what she was leading up to. "Colonel, it looks like we have evidence of a third man in on the scheme. Make sure you get him, and put him in a cell in the stockade with his buddies. I want each of these scum under heavy guard at all times. I never want them watched by less than four men." The Colonel had a puzzled look at this statement. "Sir?" The General clarified his order. "Every man and woman on this base is waiting for a crack at hunting and killing those damn aliens who are kidnapping and raping Earth's women. I don't think all of them will be able to hold their rage in when they find out a few men here on the base were doing the same god-damn thing. If you left me in a room alone with one of these men, I can't say I would be able to keep my hands off him. I don't want any of them going to trial after being mishandled in custody. We don't work that way, no matter how tempting it may be in this case."

The three men involved in the scheme were all put in the stockade and Eve Eden spent a few days in the hospital for a through checkup. The house the criminals had bought was found in nearby Cocoa Beach and four women were rescued from where they were manacled to the basement walls. When Nightshade was released from the hospital, the unit had a little party to celebrate her return. At that time, Eve went over and gave Eels a big kiss. He turned red as his uniform and stammered. "Hey, I told you I'm too old for you!" Eve smiled. "I don't think so!"

Part Three

In the city of San Juan, a thousand women suffered misery, pain, and even death. And the suffering was not limited to those of Earth origin. One of the luxurious hotels that stood on the beach had been taken over to house the Garath commanders, and the penthouse suites were the residence of the Maganite and his harem slaves. Laying in the soft bed on satin sheets was a beautiful young woman in pain. The red haired slave lay face down on the bed, and on her back were two massive wings that grew from her shoulder blades. Shayera Hol, captive slave from the planet Thanagar, had been roughly fucked by her master a few days beforehand. But the more sophisticated member of the Garath upper caste did not expect his slaves to just lay on their back and provide pleasure. A conquerer of status maintained a harem of diverse female types who were proficient in different sexual prositions and activities. When he decided to use her body that time, he had her kneel facing away and he came up behind her and fucked her in the pussy and in the ass from behind. When he did this he reached out and grabbed hold of her wings, pulling and twisting. The strain on the wings and their attachment to her shoulders was excrutiatingly painful, and she had to bite her lip to keep from crying out. She held her agony in, for there was a saying on Thanagar that you should never reveal to a Garath when he finds your pain. If you did, he would forever go there to make you suffer. She had been waiting for days as the pain eased off and her wings once again felt normal. But this afternoon she'd laid on her back on the bed while he had his way with her once again. His weight had been on her, grinding her wings into the mattress. The pain came back, and she tried to withstand it.

She worried that the damage to her wings would mean she could not fly. But she knew this was a stupid fear. She had not flown since she left Thanagar many years ago. Her wings, like her red hair, only existed to arouse the lust of her owner. He showed off his money and power by demonstrating he could own a slave like her. She looked at the glass door that led to the balcony outside. Beyond that she could see the white birds soaring through the sky. The local women had called them gulls. Those birds flew free in the sky. Shayera missed the freedom of flight. Back on Thanagar, she could soar through the air and close her eyes, forgetting for a moment that she was growing up to be a slave. She wished she could go out on the balcony and take off, feeling the air in her wings and the wind in her face. But there were two riparte on the balcony. If she tried to fly, their handguns would burn her out of the sky. If she was braver, she would try it. Maybe one minute of flight was better than a life of servitude. But she was afraid. Not brave enough to die for a taste of freedom.

On Thanagar her parents had four daughters. This was common, as the Garath had used gases in the atmosphere and chemicals in the ground water to change the planet's ecology. Eighty percent of the children born were girls, who grew up to be slaves for the empire. Her father had cried as he looked at his four girls. They were all so beautiful, he knew he would lose them. The oldest girls, Nayada and Shayera, were both red haired, so they would most certainly be taken in the next harvesting. When the Garath transport appeared at Thanagar, all four girls were selected. But Nayada panicked, and when the collection officer touched her, she struggled and her fingers clawed at his face. For injuring a Garath, she was sentenced to death. She had pain modules strapped to not one, but both of her arms. She was chained to a post in the city square and a third pain module was stuffed up her cunt, then the orifaice was sewn shut. The city had to listen to her screams for days, it took her almost a week before she died. Her parents were executed, and her three sisters were each forced to wear a pain module for a week as they were taken away from Thanagar to serve the Empire. The three were sent to Garath-Prime where they were auctioned off. Shayera had no idea what happened to her younger sisters, and she was sold to the Maganite, who was preparing even then to lead the next big Garath expeditionary force to a new target called Earth. Now she watched as the Maganite read and looked at his reports. She saw much of the material and understood it. She could not believe the Earthans were resisting their conquest. Centuries ago, the Thanagarians had tried to resist. Back then they had brave warriors who fought to keep Thanagar free. But those heroes all died and now everyone who was left was a slave. The Earthans would surely learn this lesson.

Part Four

Major Rhianna Taggert was at the Greater London Defence Headquarters where the military controlled the units patrolling the area while standing ready to repel any Garath attacks. England had not been hit as hard as the areas in Europe, the Pacific, and America. The original attacks had been aimed at the women on the beaches, and when the first Garath attacks came to Earth, England was blessed by a spell of her famous dreadful weather that kept people indoors. There had been some alien raids into shopping centers and hospitals lately, but the British forces faced the same problem the rest of the world saw -- when the attacks came in, the response was delayed by the time it took to reach the scene. All the past training the military had about getting to a hot spot quickly using RAF transports or choppers went out the window as the shielded Garath fighters blew anything out of the sky. Even England's defender, Wonder Lady, had been too late on a couple of attempts to stop the raids. Next time, vowed Rhianna, she'll get there in time. Units of defenders had been stationed all over the city and the suburbs, poised to respond to any incursion. Sure enough, a message came in from the radar station that two Garath shuttles were detected landing at Charing Cross Hospital. The nearby soldiers were alerted and sent to stop the raid. And the Major turned to her assistant and shouted, "Take over my console, Captain. I have to go." The Major stood up, and she felt the spirit of the long dead Queen-Priestess of the Ancient Iceni, Boudicca, merge with her. Her uniform dissolved and changed to a red skirt and blue top. A mask appeared to cover part of her face. She had been transformed into Wonder Lady, defender of Britain. She turned to the base commander and gave a salute. "Sir, I am needed at the hospital." He nodded, and she was off.

She ran from the building and soared into the air. Rhianna heard the voice of the spirit that was with her. "These vile invaders will be stopped this time. They will not continue to harm the citizens of the land!" The spirit had first learned to merge with one of her descendants during the Great War, had returned to fight during the blitz in WW2 and appeared a couple of times since then. Their merged persona wielded powerful druidic magic to battle anyone who meant to harm the British people. Charing Cross was close to the Defense HQ, so Wonder Lady arrived within minutes to see part of the Garath party entering the hospital building. She sensed a fast moving aircraft above her and dropped as a garath fighter came at her, shooting powerful lazer beams to burn her from the sky. She dodged, and felt the heat come very close. On the ground, she rushed towards the soldiers that were still at the shuttle. They fired at her, but she used the druidic magic to form a shield on her left arm and a sword in her right hand. The shield stopped the beams of the hand lazers, but she felt a numbing sensation on her left arm. The blasts were affecting her shield. When she got close to one of the enemy, she prepared to strike. The Garath soldiers were equipted with personal energy shields that protected them from being hit by energy or projectile weapons, but she was sure her mystic blade would cut through them like summer wheat! But when the sword swung at her first target, the energy shield stopped the stroke and the weapon was covered by blue and white sparks momentarily, then it disappeared! The shield also began to flicker, and was gone. Bereft of her weapon, Rhianna lashed out with her fists and legs, knocking down the Garath around her. She bought herself a minute, but knew she had to get away before they used their lazers or darts on her. She lept into the air and felt a dart hit her leg. She felt numbness creep over that leg and a fog start to take over her mind. She flew a ways, then remembered she had to get out of the air before one of the Garath fighters spotted her. She landed by the river, and wished she'd gotten further from the hospital. She murmured, "Queen Boudicca, what happened to us? The sword and shield..." The long-dead spirit of the Iceni Queen replied. "The energy that surrounds and protects these vile creatures is somehow similar and related to the energy my magic uses to create them. When brought together, my magic is disappated. Modern science and ancient magic may not be so different after all." Suddenly a Garath riparte came around a corner and held out a small canister of gas that he sprayed in Wonder Lady's face. Rhianna held her breath and dove at the soldier's feet. She crashed into him and knocked him to the ground. She struggled to get up, her one leg still feeling numb. He also moved, and she chopped her elbow into his crotch. He screamed and rolled away, and she got up to run. But he followed her and grabbed at her top, ripping part of it away. The gas canister had been knocked out of his hands and skittered away, but she saw him reach to his holster for his lazer weapon. She swiveled her body and grabbed at him. Locked together, she pushed him into the Thames with her, and when they hit the water she let go and dove under a pier. She surfaced and looked back. There was no sign of the Garath soldier, perhaps he didn't know how to swim. She had no regrets about that. Climbing back out of the river, she felt the spirit of Boudicca leave her body, and Rhianna resumed her own personna. Her tattered costume became a tattered British Army uniform, and she reeked of the river water. She heard the Garath shuttles roar past, and knew that they had gotten away with another raid.

In Fawcette City, a Garath raid group was entering City of Mercy Hospital when three figures, two clad in red, one in blue, flew down to attack. The Marvel Family meant to defend the citizens and stop the alien threat and landed close to the attackers. The lazers and tranq darts fired at the heroes were useless, Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Junior ignored these as if they were nothing. Cap swooped to one of the Garth riparte and swung a fist out to punch the fellow. But as his fist came within an inch of the target, sparks and a flash of light appeared, and the mighty red-clad hero suddenly was replaced by the young man, Billy Batson. Billy staggered, and fell at the feet of the soldier. He cried out,"Holey Moley!... SHAZAM!" But nothing happened. No magic lightning appeared to change Billy back into his powerful alternate. The riparte swung his lazer pistol down and pointed it directly at the helpless lad, and prepared to pull the trigger. Mary Marvel swooped over and crashed into the soldier before he could fire. But as soon as she came into contact wth the soldier's force field, she too was covered with sparks and energy and changed to powerless Mary Bromfield. The riparte reached over and grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her up. She screamed as his other hand tore away her blouse and skirt. He snarled. "So little troublemaker. You will pay for your resistance. And your first payment will be right now!" Abject terror made Mary cringe as she realised the horrible fate the alien meant for her. But the third Marvel, the blue-clad Captain Marvel Junior threw himself at the soldier, again knocking him to one side. His magic was also shorted out and the crippled figure of Freddy Freeman ended up on the ground near the soldier. Billy Batson ran over to help Freddy up, and he shouted over to Mary. "Sis, get up! We have to get out of here." Junior's crash into the soldier had been hard enough to stun the invader, and the three young people were able to scamper away to cover. But they cowered there, terrified until the Garath raiders took off. Mary sat there, tears in her eyes as she contemplated her close call with rape and enslavement. Billy put his arms around her and tried to calm her down, but he also wondered what had happened to their magic. Only hours later were they able to get any response from the utterings of their magic words..

In many other locations, heros and heroines discovered that the alien force fields used an energy frequency that short circuited and eliminated magic that it came into contact with. Many of them died or were severely hurt when their magic vanished as they closed to fight the invaders. In Portland, Zatanna went to fight the Garath soldiers and was a helpless captive after her magical skills vanished. In separate battles, Doctor Strange and Ibis the Invincible were left powerless in their fights and were forced to flee. They found that only after long periods of time did the magic cancelling effects of the Garath force fields wear off. Word spread and mages and magicians were forced to avoid the invaders to stay alive.

Part Five

Lord Derahor watched as the shuttle craft brought the new samalan down from the fast scout cutter orbiting Garath-Prime. Maganite Korevetar had been sending amazing reports back on this expedition, but the Garath noble had been reserving judgement until he saw the merchandise. He wasn't sure if the reports were accurate, they seemed to be too good to be true. But the individual on Korevetar's staff who was also secretly sending separate reports for Lord Derahor was also promising amazing things. That source also reported that Kryptonians had been found, something the Maganite had been holding back. Since the Family of Derahor was financing this expedition, the lord was glad he would finally see something of what was being produced by this back-water planet called Earth. The shuttle landed and Lord Derathor watched the hatch open. A riparte came out leading a tall, very well built blond samalan. This must be the Queen of Earth he was told was being sent for the Emperor's harem. He saw a dull, pained expression in her face and worried she would be a poor gift for the Emperor. This samalan was exceptionally good looking, but the Royal Family preferred something more than just looks. The noble suddenly noticed the pain module strapped on Hippolyta's arm. "Riparte! What is that doing there? No wonder she looked so miserable. Get that off!" The soldier hurried to do so, and meekly explained that Maganite Korevetar had ordered the module placed on the samalan while she was back on Earth. Lord Derahor swore. "May Great Degarku consume the balls of that huge pillar of volcka crap! I can't see how this slave can even walk, after being subjected to such treatment for that long. Slave... can you understand me?" Hippolyta was gasping for breath and blinking after the pain-inducing bracelet had been taken off her. For the first time in a month, she could form a thought without the pressure pounding in her temples. She lifted an arm and felt the bliss of not receiving a burst of excruciating pain in every joint. She looked at the well dressed Garath in front of her, and spoke. "Yes, I understand you." Lord Derahor was relieved. That idiot might have burned out the slave's brain with such treatment. The Royal Family would not have enjoyed the gift of a beautiful vegetable! "Remove your clothes," stated the Garath, but the Queen made no move to comply. She did not want to follow such a vulgar order, but in her mind ran the memories of all the pain the enemy had put her through. Lord Derahor did not realise she was contemplating defiance, instead he thought her lack of movement was due to the aftermath of the pain treatment. So he reached out and pulled the dress she had off her shoulders, then yanked at it until it dropped to the floor. Queen Hippolyta winced in disgust as the Garath's hands ran over her nude body. He cupped her breasts, ran fingers over her shoulders, down her back, and squeezed the cheeks of her ass. Then his fingers went to her cunt and roughly went inside her to judge her like a piece of meat. Once she would have protested loudly and struck out in fury at anyone who would have given her even a hint of such a treatment, but now she stood and accepted it. Through her mind ran the horrible memories of months of tortuous pain, and she was ashamed at her passive acceptance of the assault on her body.

The riparte that had brought her down in the shuttle carried a case and held it out to Lord Derahor. "Sire, here is some material that I was ordered to deliver to you." The noble let the soldier place the case in front of him, them pulled a small transparent blue cube from near the handle. He took a reader unit from his belt and popped the cube into it. On the screen a report from his secret spy in the Maganite's staff displayed. The first paragraph went over the contents of the case. It held a sampling of an Earth food called choca, a special treat that seemed to be causing problems with addiction in the expedition. Derahor sighed. The was not the first time this had happened. He would send the samples for analysis. Introduction of a new addictive substance could be useful, if it was controlled and carefully handled. Many noble families had built their wealth on such an opportunity. There was also a cryogenic storage unit that held some of the Kryptonian sperm. Excellent! This Amazon sample did show wonderful qualities. That idiot Korevatar may have had a good idea in breeding the women with the sperm. As soon as the first Earth transports arrived, he would set up a similar program here on Garath-Prime with some of the Amazons. He then scanned the record of Queen Hippolyta's capture. He was stunned to find this beautiful, ravishing woman had been a warrior! He looked over the visuals of the Amazon women and the clothes they wore. He would have the garment-maker at his residence make up some clothes in the toga kind of look. A gift to the Imperial Family would go over best if presented in some kind of native garments. But he thought he would have them fix it up a little. It would look better if the front of the skirt was shortened to barely cover her crotch and show off her legs. And the front of her top would be left open to allow people to see her wonderful mammaries!

Part Six

Two shuttlecraft landed in the parking lot across from the front entrance to St. Sebastian Hospital in Gotham City. A pair of Garath infantry squads disembarked. The twenty alien soldiers stormed out and fifteen of them went into the hospital to seize doctors, nurses, and medical supplies and equipment. The need for such material in San Juan was huge. It seemed more and more of the samalans going through processing were found to be infected with corrupted mammaries and needed to be repaired. While most went in to collect the needed material, five were assigned the task of spreading out to hold the area from any human intervention. At least that was the official order. But this was almost never what really happened anymore. These soldiers would spread out to find any good-looking young women who could be enslaved and to scrounge for anything valuable, especially choca. Usually any sevalach {officer} who bothered to know what was going on was only interested in getting a share of the pussy or profits of what was collected.

One of the riparte, a fellow called Fegandek, moved south down the street looking for any kind of store that might be looted or any females stumbling around here who didn't know about the raid. A young blonde-haired woman came out of a door nearby and screamed when she saw the soldier. He sprayed her in the face with his canister of gas before she could run, and reached over and tore the front of her dress away. Hmm, very nice! He told her to walk back towards where the shuttle was parked, and to get on board it. "Yes, Master," she muttered and walked off in that direction. He stuck his head into the door she'd appeared in, but there didn't seem to be anyone else in there and it didn't look like a shop that might have the choca. So Fegadek moved down the street, keeping an eye out for more treasures. He was surprised to see a extremely well built red-haired woman step into the street from around a corner. She stood close to him, and wore only a sheer white top and red skirt slit up the side to the waist. He was about to spray her with the gas when she spoke. "What are your orders, Master?" Fegandek was startled at this. She was already pacified? One of the others must have caught her and told her to go back to the shuttle. But whoever had done so was a fool. This was a prime samalan and would be snapped up by the officers as soon as they saw her. Her body was trim, athletic and perfectly built. "Are your mammaries natural?" He asked as he ripped away at the top and caressed them. "Yes, master, they are." The alien smiled. This was the best samalan he had seen on the expedition so far. He had a little time. Before she went back to service the sevalach, he was going to have a go at her! "Strip and get down on the ground with your legs apart, slave!" She removed her clothes and got on the ground. As soon as Fegandek saw that neatly trimmed patch of auburn pubic hair on her, his dick was hard and he dropped to get inside her. Her put his hands on her breasts and pumped his cock in her sweet, tight cunt. He felt the sweet bliss of an exceptional rape and his head went back as he arched his back to push his cock into the pussy of the slave as far as he could. As he did so, Barbara reached her hand to the back of her neck, under her hair, where the snub-nosed .38 had been taped in place. She pulled it loose and just like Officer Bartlett had done, put the tip of the barrel against the chin of the Garath. Then she pulled the trigger and blew his brains out. She softly murmured, "That's one for you, Kara!"

While Barbara Gordon stared down at the body of the riparte she had just killed, another young woman famed for her masked exploits in Gotham City was on a street just north of St. Sebastian Hospital. Catwoman had been monitoring the police radio and knew when they evacuated the area around the hospital during the raid. Only a block north of the hospital was a major jewelry exchange. During the raid, she snuck into the area, shorted out the security system, and entered the building to fill a satchel with a huge assortment of expensive gems and jewelry. When Batman had died, Selina had been miserable. She cried at the loss of the man who had been her enemy, her friend and her lover. She had briefly thought about going out and attacking the aliens, killing them for taking Bruce away from her. But then cold reason came over her, and she suspected that would be suicide. The world's most powerful heroes had been failing against the Garath. They were dying or being captured or just not doing any good. Selina had heard that Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy had decided to fight alongside the good guys. Ivy was caught, Harley was in the hospital. Clearly now was not the time to fight. Selina decided survival was going to depend on finding a place to hide. And that took money. This robbery would provide her with a lot of cash to hide out with.

Selina enjoyed the weight of the heavy satchel as she exited the back of the jewelry exchange. But as she came out of the alley and turned to go down the street, a tall, gaunt figure suddenly appeared in front of her. Before she could react, the pink, sweet-smelling gas was sprayed into her face. Her mind reeled as she wanted to strike out, or run away, but she could not move. The riparte who had stumbled into her grabbed the front of her costume and ripped it away. "Ahh... an excellent looking body, slave. Are your mammaries natural?" Selina was terrified by her plight, but it was a calm peaceful voice that replied, "Yes, master." He reached over and took the bag from her hand and looked inside. "Shiny baubles? Are you primitive creatures fascinated by such as this?" He snorted, and tossed the bag aside. It fell open and the contents, worth a small fortune, scattered in the gutter of the street. He pulled the rest of her costume off, ran his hand over her ass and the lips of her cunt, and then ordered her to follow him back to the shuttle. As she walked off into abject slavery Selina glanced down at the prize she briefly had. From wealth to slavery in the space of minutes. She had avoided fighting these creatures because she was too cowardly to act. Now she would be their prisoner anyway.

And on that other street, after Batgirl was very sure her victim was dead, she looked around to check the area was deserted. Barbara dragged the body into the alley where she wiped the blood off herself, retrieved her costume and donned it. She took the gear off the soldier and got on her bike. Fifteen minutes later she was back at the Defense Headquarters. She sat at a table with Glory Girl, drinking a coffee as she told Becky exactly what she had done. Rebecca Hooper stared at her friend and got angry. "Babs, that is by far the stupidist thing I have ever heard of! What if he had sprayed you with gas anyway? What if two soldiers had shown up instead of one? You would have been captured! What made you do something so dumb!" Barbara took another sip of her coffee, and Becky saw that her friend's hand shook a little as she did so. "Yeah... you're right, Beck. It was a stupid stunt. I just felt so desperate to do something!I kept thinking back to the fight at the mall when I was laying there, drugged on the ground, and I had to watch them pick up Kara and take her away. It was driving me crazy... I wanted to do something..."

Several days later, a briefing was held for personnel who were based at the Gotham Defense Headquarters. Some science geeks wanted to talk to the people about some new breakthroughs the labs had to show off. Dr. Phillip Brannigan got up in front of them and spoke first. "Gee, it's a real pleasure to have a chance to speak to you folks. We know you've been having a really hard time out there and we've been trying to find some way to beat any of the tech that the Garaths have been using against us. Well, we have been able to crack a few problems, and what we have here to show you will make it a little easier for you. First off, we have these lozenges." At this, the scientist began handing out to the people in the hall rolled.tubes of clear red lozenges. The Black Hood pulled a roll open and stared at the contents. "What will these do? They look like cough drops." Brannigan smiled, "Yes, they do. But they are a combination of ingredients that will counteract the pacification gas. If you have one of these in your mouth, the gas will no longer bother you." Batgirl spoke up. "Doctor, that's fantastic! When we used gas masks, it always interfered with breathing and visibility. How did you figure this out?" Brannigan scratched his temple and explained. "Back when the aliens first attacked, there were reports of people on the beaches who ignored the gas and tryed to fight the Garaths. In every case... they ended up dead. But we tried to track down who they were, and examined their medical records, where we could find them, to try to see why they were able to do anything. We found a common theme in the people that they suffered from heartburn and acid reflux. So we found that a component of a common over-the-counter acid blocker, when combined with a element of adreniline, stopped the effect of the gas. It was a matter of figuring out what exact mixture to use and how to make it easy to administer." Glory Girl held up a tube of the lozenges. "You decided on cough drops?" He nodded. "Yes. We were going with injections and syringes, but it was felt that would be too messy and too hard to distribute. These lozenges are being manufactured by pharmaceutical companies all over the globe. In a very short time we will be distributing them so that soon every person on earth will have a tube of these in his or her pocket. The gas will no longer force our people to surrender."

Rebecca Hooper spoke up again. "Doctor, will these protect us from the drug in the darts they use?" After she asked this, Dr. Brannigan turned to one of his collegues, a young brunette woman in a white lab coat, and asked. "Dr. Jensen, you want to tell them what we have on this problem?" The second scientist, Dr. Daniele Jensen, stood up and spoke. "The toxins and drugs used in the darts are different and much more powerful. We have not found anything that would counteract them. But our people have discovered that we can use something to stop the dart attacks." She held up a sample of white, shimmering cloth. "This is a special type of kelvar that..." Batgirl stood up and shook her head. "Sorry, Doctor, but kevlar doesn't work. I have some kevlar sewn into my costume, and both at Notre Dame University and again in the fight at Stonehaven Mall, when the Garath soldiers fired darts, they went right through my costume, even the kevlar reinforced areas." Doctor Jensen turned to Batgirl and walked over to her. "Yes, we knew that. But what we have here is a modification of standard kevlar fiber. Normally, the super-strong fibers of the kevlar are woven into cloth with gaps between the fibers, a normal mesh. Layer upon layer of this material becomes strong enough to stop a blunt projectile like a bullet. But a sharp point, like a dart, works its way through the gaps in the mesh. But in our new material, the fibers are pulled extra tight to leave no gaps for the darts to penetrate. Normal kevlar is dozens of sheets thick to stop bullets, but this modified kevlar is only two or three tight thicknesses." The lady scientist brought up a couple of air-filled balloons, and placed them on the table. "Here is normal kevlar." She put a piece of cloth over one of the balloons, and dropped a dart at it. The dart hit the cloth over the balloon, the point got through, and there was a loud pop. "The modified cloth will keep the dart from penetrating." She repeated her demonstration with the sample of thinner material, and the dart bounced away without damaging the balloon. The Vigilante picked it up and held it while poking at the cloth covered balloon. The balloon stayed intact. He gave a whoop. "Way to go, little lady. This is gonna make a hell of an outfit!" Dr. Jensen handed out samples of the new cloth for the people to examine. "This material will be hard to make, but we are gearing up production. The first material to be produced has been authorized for you costumed heros and heroines. You are our front line of defense." Batgirl asked. "It feels almost as light as cotton. Very thin. But will it breath?" Dr. Jensen shook her head. "No, that's the one drawback you will have. It will not restrict your movements, but you will overheat if you wear it for a long period of time. As soon as the fight's over, you'll want to pull it off." Rebecca started to laugh, and Barbara glanced over. "Glory Girl, you think that's funny?" Becky stopped laughing long enough to answer. "Sure. The public always looks at costumed heroines as sex-objects, and now these folks want us to be strippers!"

Part Seven

On Garath-Prime, Queen Hippolyta was taken to the residence of Lord Derahor to be prepared for her transfer to the Royal Family. She was bathed and cleaned up, her nails and hair were trimmed, and her new clothes were given to her. She grimaced as she saw the wretched way the noble Greek design had been warped into the clothes of a whore. She took some cloth and added to the outfit in an attempt to make it more modest, but when the Lord saw what she had done, he tore the clothes off her and his men held her while he hit her with a strap across her back and buttocks. "I thought the pain module you wore would have taught you that you are a slave now. You do not think for yourself, you obey every order you are given. You accept what is given you without any thought about it. You must not resist in any way!" She was taken back to the harem quarters and thrown in a corner. Again they bathed her and gave her another set of the wretched clothes. She put them on, resigned to the fact she would wear this outfit that bared her breasts and went to barely mid-thigh on her legs or she would be naked. It was the first of many compromises on her part, now that she was a prisoner on the home world of the slavers.

The next day she was brought before an old Garath man who sat at a desk before her. "Well, now, Queen of Earth, you must be readied for your service to the Royal Family of the Garath Empire. I am Pogatha, appointed to see to your education in the matters of sexual service. How many positions are you able to attain? Are there any unique Earthan sexual techniques that you feel might be appreciated by the men who will be enjoying your service? Unlike the ignorant unskilled riparte, the members of the Royal Family will expect you to be skilled in a variety of fucking positions." Hippolyta shuddered at the line of conversation. It disgusted her! "I last had sex over a thousand years ago. Since then I have refrained from any sexual contacts." This was not totally true, but it would be enough of an answer for this situation. The old man stared at her, his jaw slack. "You... you must be joking!" She wondered how she could explain herself to a member of a race who lived on lust and greed. "I... chose to do so for religious reasons." He scowled at her. "This abstinence is at an end. From this day forward, you are a slave and your sole duty is to serve the Garath Royal Family in any way they request. Your lessons begin now. Take off your clothes and lay on the couch." The Queen stood still, and did not follow the orders. "I refuse." The old man stared at her for a moment, then gave a low whistle. Two other Garaths entered the room and Pogatha ordered them to forcibly move her to the couch and strip her. She tried to resist, but these two were massive, extremely strong guards who held her easily and forced her to the couch. The brutes attached leather straps around her wrists and ankles and secured them to the sides of the couch. Her clothes were ripped away and she lay there panting from her attempted resistance. The old man came over, holding a large rubber dildo in his hand. "Starting with the basics. You must finger your crotch in order to excite your loins, cause your fluids to flow, and be ready for the insertion of your master's cock." He put his fingers to her pussy and began to massage her lower lips, while he rubbed his thumb over her clitoris. Hippolyta tried to pull her legs together to stop this invasion of her body, but her ankles were restrained tightly and she could not move her legs. She gritted her teeth and tried to resist the stimulation of her body, but soon she felt the heat growing in her loins and the fluids flowing in her cunt. "You see, the application of enough external simulation will bring the area to a point where it is lubricated for the insertion of the cock." At this, he pushed the dildo into her cunt. The handle on it allowed him to pump the device in and out. She screamed as the thing stretched her vagina that had been at peace for so long. "Yes, show passion. They will enjoy seeing you do that. Makes them feel they are conquering an enemy. You can wiggle and twist, that helps the man's pleasure." He pulled the dildo out and showed her the fluids dripping off it. "See, your body does show its interest in sex, it lubricates as the stimuli excite you." He turned to the guards. "Move her to position two." They came over and loosened the straps holding her ankles down. She expected them to detatch her wrists next, but instead they pulled her legs up and doubled her up so that her body was folded and her knees were up by her ears. "There are other entry points for your masters to make use of, and you will offer them all of them, whenever they order you to do so." The guards put their hands on her ass and their fingers pried apart the cheeks. The old man took the dildo and began to work it, gradually, into her rectum. Again she screamed as it forced its way into her. "Don't worry, samalan, with training and practice you will learn to accept this." While the dildo was reaming its way into her ass hole, she felt his other hand inside her pussy, rubbing and teasing her vagina. His fingers flicked up and down, back and forth, touching every sensitive spot she had. Her ass had relaxed until the entire dildo had pushed in, and she grimaced at the sensations of her body being violated in both of those openings. He eased the dildo out, then shoved it back in. He began a regular pumping action in her ass as he continued to finger her pussy. She felt the sensation building in her loins and tried to fight it. He could not make her... she would not allow herself to... but the assault did bring her to climax, and she shuddered all over while the sensation excited and shamed her. She felt the release of fluids from her pussy and knew her body had submitted to the attack.

Part Eight

In a building on an island in the Atlantic, the jegard mecand {head medical tech} of the Garath facility stood over the nude Amazon woman strapped to an examination table. She was one of twenty in the room, and the program to make use of the samalans was proceeding very well. Sperm extracted from the drugged male Kryptonian had been used to inseminate eggs of the females. There was a great financial value in Kyptonian slaves since they had been thought extinct before the two survivors were found alive on this planet. The Maganite had ordered a breeding program to produce half-Kryptonian slaves using some of the samalans captured in the invasion of Themyscira. Each of the women were now pregnant with swollen breasts and abdomens, not far from delivering the first batch of valuable production. To maximize profits, each of the women had been manipulated to carry two or three fetuses, all female. Radiation and heavy doses of drugs had been used to speed up growth. Though they had been here only a few months, all these women were approaching the end of their gestation. They would then be impregnated again and forced to bear further litters. Cages had already been prepared for the raising of the product. But the slaves were being monitored very carefully. The treatment they were receiving was harsh and they had taken internal damage and were weakened by their ordeal. The techs in the facility worked to keep the creatures from dying, at least until they had produced their young.

Things were not going so well for another member of the Garath invasion force. In Earth orbit on the massive transport ship Grand Hosavolar, the fellow in charge of the loading of the cargo fumed. Korgesovek was spending more and more time yelling at his subordinates. The collection squads were supposed to capture the samalans and bring shuttle-loads up to the transports. Then his men would take the bitches and load them into the hibernation capsules and put them to sleep. The bays would fill up and the transport would be on its way back to Garath-Prime where the auction arenas awaited this bounty. At least that was how it was supposed to work... But not on this damned Earth! The first days, everything had been going fine. They were packing the samalans away fast and thought they would load in record time. Then the word came about corrupted mammaries. What the hell were these Earthans thinking? It was horrid to try such a thing. If the slaves got back to the home world and were auctioned off like this, there would be hell to pay! Everybody on the expedition from the Maganite down to the lowest pussy polisher would get reamed! So harvesting ground to a halt while every one of the women was pulled out of transport storage and scanned for plastic or silicone in their breasts. All the ones they found were held for awhile until the command structure set up something down on the surface. Then they had to ship the bitches back down to the surface for repair. Record keeping was all screwed up. The samalans were being counted when they first came up, then recounted when they came back from San Juan. All the transports in orbit were sitting partially filled, and the loadmasters were trying to go through the sleep chambers and get a true count of what they had. If they shipped out for Garath-Prime and found out any hibernation chambers were wasted, there would be hell to pay. Transports never went back without being full, the cost of moving the massive ship through hyper-space was huge, and they could not do it without squeezing every slot full of pussy for the auctions. Someone had suggested taking samalans from his ship and shifting them over to fill up one of the others. No fucking way, damnit! The ones he had packed away for transport were already assigned to the profit-sharing of the crew of this transport, and to shift them out would be gerachs {unit of currency} out of their pockets. All the other ships felt the same way, so they would be parked here until the ground grunts started doing decent collecting again.

There were a pair of shuttles arriving now. Korgesovek saw the hatches pop open and the females were being herded out. It was good to see a decent harvesting crowd being pulled in again, after the time wasted with shipping handfuls of bitches down and back for repair. These new ones looked really nice. There was a red-hair on the edge who had a fantastic set of mammaries and a great ass. He'd put her aside for the enjoyment of the ship's crew, starting with his own fucking break. He went over to the harvesting unit's officer and gave a greeting. "Dendulbonx, it's good to see a load of fuckmeat come in again. Where'd you pick up these?" The officer looked up from his clipboard and smiled. "It went really well. We attacked a Earthan entertainment area where the bitches go to relax, a place they call a 'spa.' It was packed with women who were laying there looking tasty. We sorted out the ones that were too fat or not ripe enough to harvest and brought you these. I see you were already checking out that tall red-hair. She is so sweet. Oh, you asked where they were from. The place was in the south area of the place they designate as California." Korgesovek's face went dark and he scowled. "Oh, shit! Damned California cunts. We've had nothing but trouble with that area. There is plenty of pussy to harvest down there, but at least two-thirds of these are going to be rejects. They are loaded with contaminated mammaries. We'll go through all the trouble to scan them but most will have to be sent planetside for repair. What a god-damn waste of time!" He looked over at the red-hair that had attracted his attention. Yeah, those damn tits were too good to be real. Shit! What a waste. Why did these bitches do this? It was very inconsiderate of them.

Part Nine

Donna Hooper thought it was odd that while the Special Powered Espionage Force was based at Patrick Air Force Base near Cape Canaveral, she never heard a plane overhead. Since the first day of the alien invasion, when air forces all over the world had been nearly destroyed by the superior air power the Garaths used, the US Air Force nearly ceased to exist. But the base was taken over by the newly formed Espionage Division, and the facilities were the focal point for efforts to carry the war to the enemy. The SPEF had been formed to use costumed heroes to slip into the alien base in San Juan, grab information, records and samples of equipment, and bring it back here. Part of the base had been coverted to labs where the scientists went over the stuff her group brought back, and figured out what the invaders had, and how to copy or crush it. After the Shady Lady had been invited to be part of SPEF, she had soon been asked to head the unit. So she not only did espionage, she was expected to lead and co-ordinate the other heroes. Not bad, considering her only experience in the past was being an assistant troop leader when Becky was in Girl Scouts. As she walked back to her office from having lunch in the mess hall, she saw and said hello to a blonde-haired woman in a blue military outfit. Zinda Blake, who was also known as Lady Blackhawk, was coming out of the area where banks of flight simulators were set up. "Hi, Donna. Those simulator programs you brought back are working, but we still haven't gottten them totally converted for our computers. Every time I try to do a loop in one of their shuttles, it blanks out." Donna smiled. "Maybe, Zinda, they aren't supposed to do loop-the-loops. Can you land and take off in one?" Zinda cocked her head to the side a bit. "Yeah, I've done that several times. Their control surfaces operate on a totally different system than what I'm used to. But if we had our hands on one, I'm sure I could fly a shuttle. But the program for the fighters is wicked. Everybody who tried to fly one in the simulators can't figure out why the controls don't do anything like what we expect." Donna liked the sound of that. If they could get their hands on shuttles, the military response to the raids would finally be fast enough to do some good.

The Shady Lady got back to her office, and waiting at the door she saw a young red haired, green eyed woman. "Kimberly -- is there something I can help you with?" Kim and her partner Ron had traveled to San Juan with the SPEF team several times recently. While Donna's group worked for the Joint Chiefs, these two were recruited by the CIA and anything they found was sent up the chain of command over there. Donna wondered about the logic in running two separate spy programs, but it seemed to be a holdover to earlier days of espionage. Donna had also been worried when she was asked to let a couple of young people, barely out of their teens, accompany her group into the Garath planet-side base. But she very soon picked up that Kim and Ron were very well-trained field agents. "Ms. Hooper, I wanted to talk to you about something I ran into that was mixed in our last batch of downloads." This surprised Donna. She had been ordered not to share anything her group had with the CIA operatives, and she was sure they had orders forbidding the movement of data the other way. "Well, Kim, come on in and we can talk. And, please, just call me Donna." They went in and sat at Donna's desk. Kim held out a slim folder. "Ms. H... ahhh... Donna, Ron and I brought back a lot of files we downloaded last night when we were in San Juan. The CIA has us targeted to pick up files and material covering the Garath communications system and the alien chain of command. They are trying to improve our ability to intercept and comprehend their communications and to understand how they order things done. When we got back, Ronald and I got together with our support back-up, Wade, and skimmed over the data before passing it on to our boss. I... I found this in an attachment on a data file and I think you should see it." Donna reached out for the pages, wondering what would make Kimberly disobey her orders.

The file was only a few pages, and as Donna scanned it, she picked out the highlights. It covered the progress that was being made at a Garath facility somewhere planetside that was running medical programs to experiment on the samalans captured on Earth. Donna was a little queasy thinking what kind of god-awful hell some women were being put through by the... It hit her like a baseball bat. Her mouth dropped open as she saw the file mention the Kryptonians! She looked up at Kim. "Kal-El and Kara are still being held someplace here on Earth? Does this say where?" Kim shook her head. "No, it gives a few little details, but doesn't say where the place is. Read on... there's more." Donna did just that, and was almost as shocked when she read of the twenty Amazons who were also at the facility being used in "the breeding program." What the hell did that mean? She had heard through the intelligence grapevine that scientists found that Garath sperm could not impregnate earth women, it was too different. When Donna finished the file, she looked up at Kim. "Why'd you bring this to me?" Kim hesitated a bit, then answered. "If that goes up to the CIA, it will get acted upon when the men up there think it is prudent. Who knows when that would be? But I've read about Wonder Woman and the super cousins all my life. All the Amazons were Wonder Woman's family, and I read how she lost all of them. My family and Ron's have been lucky - no relatives grabbed by the aliens. But to take a loss like she did, after being so badly hurt like she was... Well, I can't fathom how she could take such a hit. Donna, do you... do you think she deserves to know about this?" Donna replied. "I've been in contact with Diana several times. Even before the invasion, my daughter, Glory Girl, worked with her on a case and the Princess joined us for dinner one night. Rest assured, Diana will know about this as soon as I can get in contact with her. Then the highest priority will be finding this base, going there and getting Superman, Supergirl and Diana's Amazon sisters out."

Part Ten

Donna Hooper was on the next train going up to Washington. Since even civilian aircraft were being burned out of the sky at times, it wasn't safe to fly anywhere these days. The Amtrak shuttles were the fastest way to go now. The train was packed solid and she had to use her military priority status to get a seat. In Washington, she was picked up by an Army driver and taken to the Pentagon, where she went right in to meet with General Max Knowlen. He was the head of intelligence operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and in Washinton she reported to him, when she wasn't reporting directly to the Joint Chiefs and the President. She went over the material she'd been given, and showed him a copy of the file. After he read through it, he looked her in the eye. "What do you think is the best course of action on this? We have not seen any mention of this facility in the other records we've gone over. They must be keeping it under wraps from even their own people." Donna recalled something. "We had a couple of files with notations where the Maganite -- their big cheese -- ordered his people not to report certain things in communications sent back to their head planet. He may be keeping this knowledge for himself. The two things Garaths run on are lust and greed. Every time the Kryptonians have been mentioned by Garaths, they always spoke of the tremendous value of Kal-el and Kara." The general nodded. "So, we can't do anything until we find this place, and that will be our priority. Anything else?" Donna wondered how she could put this... "General, Diana has to know about this file. She thinks all of her sisters and her mother were shipped to Garath-Prime. It would mean a lot to her to know there is a chance to get some of them back." The officer shook his head. "No, she's liable to do somenthing before it would be prudent. She's a loose cannon..." Donna stood up. "I may be working for you, but I'm not in your army, General. I don't just blindly follow your orders. Anytime you think you can find somebody to do my job better, let me know and I'll go back home to cook meals and do laundry. But I have a meeting to see Wonder Woman in a half hour, and you know you couldn't stop me with a regiment. You're going to have to see that the costumed superheroes will work with the armed forces, but we are individuals who will do things the way we see fit." She turned to go, and while he didn't say anything, she saw Knowlen was not happy.

In an office in another level at the Pentagon, Shady Lady had her meeting with the Amazon Princess. Donna had not seen her friend since the war started and was shocked to see the change in Diana. Over her regular costume the Amazon had a breastplate and skirt of golden armor, a flowing blue cape, and she was holding a round blue shield and a shimmering spear that gave off a slight glow. Diana's face and her right arm were covered with the scars of burns she had received in her first battle with the aliens. And worst of all was the patch covering where her left eye had been destroyed. "Hello, Donna. It is good to see you once again. I hope the rest of your family is well in these trying times." Diana's greeting seemed irritated. She probably wanted to be out hunting down Garaths, Donna thought. "Diana, you'd better sit down. I have some information that... that you deserve to see." Donna handed the file to Wonder Woman, who began to read it. Donna watched for her reaction, and saw the shock as hit Diana. Tears began to flow from her eyes, and she looked up at the Shady Lady. "Great Hera! They are still here? Some of my beloved sisters are still on Earth where there is a chance to get them back?" Donna went over to the woman and let Diana's head rest against her side. "We'll do what we can. We just have to find this place. The file hints, but does not actually say..." Diana stood up suddenly and cried out. "A medical labratory... I... I know where it is! When I was captured I was held in a medical complex on an island east of Bermuda. It had a number of buildings the Garaths had devoted to medical study, and their head medical person was there. When I escaped, I saw the complex was large... too large to just one prisoner."

Donna was thrilled to hear the location. "We'll set up a raid to go in three nights..." Diana got up. "No! I'm going there right now!" Shady Lady moved and put her hand on her friend's shoulder. "You can't do that, Diana. If you attack a guarded instalation alone, they may get you. They did it before. And even if you succeed, you don't know what kind of shape your sisters and our friends will be in. If you can only carry one or two back, do you want to abandon the rest to the Garaths? Unless all of them are rescued, the ones left behind will be taken away for sure. We will only have one chance to save them." Diana stopped, gave a deep sigh, and hung her head. "You... you're right. I'm so emotionally involved here I would have done something stupid and regreted it for the rest of my life. Will you help me?" With a nod, Donna made a promise. "We're going to get those twenty-two prisoners off that island. Not just you and me, but an army of costumed heroes and heroines who will beg for a chance to get in on this operation."

The Shady Lady returned to General Knowlen's office. She told him that Diana had identified the island. Enthusiastically, he spoke. "Great, I'll be sending your unit there for recon soon, then assemble Rangers, Green Beret and Navy Seal units to do an assault once an operation can be organized." Donna shook her head. "No, no, sir. My unit will do a recon, but then it'll be a group of supers doing the assault, and soon. We can go in a few days. And your soldiers are good, but the people I'm thinking of are sneakier, faster and more powerful. And those twenty-two prisoners are our people." The General didn't look happy at this statement. "Dammit, lady. You came in here to let me know you were going to do the whole thing yourself? Am I supposed to just sit here and wait while your kind saves the world?" Donna smiled. "No, sir. I'm here to ask you for your help on this. We need to do this, but we need your help. We'll need three subs to get in secretly, but if you don't want to co-operate, we'll just rent a bunch of rowboats." The general looked furious, but he waited a minute to calm down before replying. "What else?" Donna had that answer ready. "Medics. Lots of 'em. We have to expect to take casualties among the people who go in, and we don't know what shape the prisoners will be in. With the Garaths, I want to plan for the worst. The file called it a 'breeding program,' so I think I need you to call a handful of young, talented gynecologists and obstetricians and tell them they have been called up to serve in the army reserve. And we'll take off that island more than the prisoners. A top medical complex will mean lots of interesting equipment the lab boys will want to go over. And I've got a few other things..." The general chuckled. "When I first told you that you were going to head your unit, you said you weren't the person to be in charge. Bullshit, lady. OK, I'll give you everything you want on one condition. You take command. Of everything. I want you to plan, recruit, tell the people what to do. You don't want to take my orders, well, now you'll find out how hard it is to give them."

Part Eleven

Queen Hippolyta had spent a week being forced to surrender her body's orifaces to the sex teacher. Pogatha subjected her to dildos of varied sizes in her cunt, ass and mouth, one at a time and simultaneosly. He squeezed her tits together over the rubber cock to show her how to titty fuck, then placed a pain module on her arm until she did the vile deed on her own. She was taught to use her pussy, rectum, mouth and hands to arouse a man's cock. Each humiliating action was forced out of her after days of intense pain. Each time she promised never to do any more of their vile acts she disappointed herself with another surrender. She wondered what had happened to the proud Queen of the Amazons she once had been. When she was supposed to be sleeping, she lay there and cried. She didn't dare shed any tears while she was being trained. They punished her for that.

Finally she was cleaned up, dressed in her best whore-like robes, and taken to the massive collection of buildings that held the quarters for the Emperor's harem. She was marched by Lord Derahor to the ornate gate where huge eunuch guards stood. With them them was a Garath who bowed deeply to Lord Derahor and spoke. "Good day, my Lord. What brings you to the Emperor's palace of personal pleasure?" Lord Derahor did not bow, but did nod his head to the only eunuch on Garath-Prime who commanded any respect from the lords of the Empire. Anyone with the Emperor's ear was important and dangerous, even a eunuch. "Chardah, I bring the Emperor a gift. This is the Queen of Earth, a beautiful woman for his pleasure. She comes from the latest world to be added to his grand majesty's widespread empire." Lord Derahor smiled as he turned and walked away. Hippolyta was now the property of the Emperor. Her official, public presentation would be made at the Conquest Day celebration, when Earth would be added with pomp and ceremony to the Empire. That would be delayed until the first transports of Earth samalans arrived to be put on the auction block. The ceremony was, after all, basically an advertising stunt to help promote the sale of the slaves. And considering the evaluation Pogatha made of the slave, the Earthans should sell very well.

The newest property of the Emperor was marched into the center courtyard. It was circled by numerous structures that were surrounded by a huge wall that crackled with energy. As she marched along, she was stared at by exotic, scantily-clad women who were curious about the latest slave to be added to the harem. Each building housed several dozen samalans, lounging in huge rooms where they lived and were on display. Also present were numerous eunuch guards, each standing naked. It was forbidden for any males to be present in the harem without their castrations being displayed. This was to prevent any non-castrated man from attempting to get into the planet's most exotic collection of female slaves. Hippolyta was marched into one of the units and told to rest up. She would spend that night with her new master, the Emperor. Hippolyta sighed, and looked around. Like in the pathways outside, she saw here women of many different and exotic types. Skin tones ranged all over the spectrum. One woman had wings on her shoulders, others showed scales, feathers or fur over all or part of their bodies. They looked over at her as intently as she examined them. A pair of the women approached her. A woman who looked almost exactly like a Earthan female came up wearing a short blue gauzy skirt and a pale blue jacket open in front to reveal her breasts. The dark haired young lady held both of her palms out, face up, and bowed her head. Hippolyta assumed this was some kind of alien greeting, and repeated the gesture. The woman spoke. "Welcome. I am Alanna Salavar, of Rann. We heard you are newly captured from a world the Garaths just took over. I hope you can bear up after losing your home and being sent here." The second woman, more exotic in appearance, held her right hand up with the palm facing forward, then waved her left hand, palm down, in an arc in front of her. The golden skinned woman with very long red hair and eyes that were green with no visible pupils also spoke a greeting. "Hello. I am Koriand'r, once a Princess of the world of Tamaran. I offer you my pity as you have fallen into this horror that I would wish on no one." Hippolyta also mimicked the gestures that she received from Koriand'r, staring at the brief metallic purple thong that was all the clothing she wore. She also had metal rings through her nipples and blue-silver chains that connected them. "Thank you both for your welcome. I am Hippolyta, Queen of a tribe of warriors on my planet, called Earth. I am saddened by my ordeal, but I hope that I can bear up under the situation with your help. What new indignities await me here?"

They spoke to her about the ways of the harem as they went about, looking over the amenities. Hippolyta saw that sprinkled through the complex were the eunuch guards. But these figures looked fat and lazy, and she imagined the true guards were posted outside, and their task was to keep any outsiders from attempting to invade the harem. And any thoughts of escape? Worthless. She was on a world further from home than she could imagine. Every soul around her was the enemy or a fellow prisoner. She saw how luxurious the harem quarters were, but to her, it was still a prison. Alanna told her that all the females here were the property of the Emperor, kept for the pleasures of his majesty and for his sons to enjoy. Koriand'r mentioned that Hippolyta would spend her first night here in the bed of the emperor, servicing his needs. They took her to a side room with a large pool of warm, bubbling water. The three women removed their garments and went down the steps into the pool, stopping waist deep in the soothing waters. With soapy hands, the pair began to wash the Queen's body. Koriand'r came up and pressed herself into Hippolyta's back. She reached around and her hands began to cup and stroke the Queen's breasts, teasing at the nipples. As she stood in front of Hippolyta, Alanna's fingers brushed over Lyta's torso and went down to stoke her belly. Allana smiled and began to tickle Hippolyta's pubic hair. She pushed her fingers down and stroked the labia, teased the clitoris. The Queen moaned, and gasped at the sensations she was experiencing. Alanna's face came up and she bent forward to kiss the new slave. Hippolyta's arms had been down at her side, but she wrapped them around Alanna and held the woman tight. The three women moved back out of the pool, and went to where towels were laid out. As the other two lay down on the towels, Hippolyta glanced about and realized that this was the one room where there were no eunuchs. They were alone here. Then she dropped to her knees and surrendered to the passions of the moment. Alanna began to kiss Hippolyta's breasts as the other woman bent over to run her tongue over the lips of Hippolyta's cunt. Lyta felt herself aroused and excited by the sex and she moaned with pleasure. She stiffened and twitched as an orgasm of exstacy ran through her. Koriand'r moved up to kiss the Queen on her lips and whispered, "Welcome to the inner harem. Come here with us to hide from the horrors that are all around." They locked lips and shared their tongues. Hippolyta tasted her own sex on the lips of the Tamarian. Even as this happened, she felt Alanna's lips and tongue begin to work on her cunt. The woman from Rann also brought Lyta to an orgasm. She lay there afterwards, exhausted, and watched as the two women moved together. Each licking and fingering the other's sex, and they pleasured each other. She heard them moan with excitement as they too enjoyed a climax.

When they finished, the trio returned to the pool to wash the sweat from their bodies. When they emerged, another young lady stood with fresh towels. The woman, dark haired with bright red skin, wore a tiny green bikini. She bowed her head and spoke. "Welcome to the harem. I am Katma Tui, enslaved from the planet Korugar many years ago. You are very beautiful, and I hope some day to... bathe with you." Hippolyta turned to Allana and whispered, "The Garaths at night? And you take me during the day? WillI I get any sleep around here?" Alanna smiled. "It's not like that. Before you experience the rapes and suffering under the heel of the masters, we wanted to welcome you with love and affection from your companions. We are prisoners, but we have each other. From this day on, none of us will force ourselves on you, all of us are equals here." The queen took heart in this. She had been delivered into a community of women who loved each other. It was almost like a little bit of home had followed her here. She had known on Paradise Isle that the lack of men had not meant her Amazon followers lived centuries without sex. She had never partaken in it, as she was their queen and did not want to invoke jealousies among her followers. But here she was among equals, and it might help her survive the horrors that were surely about to appear.

Part Twelve

On the train back to Florida, Donna composed dozens of e-mails and sent them off to people all over the world. Back at the air base, her unit was waiting. Plastic Man, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat and Nightshade were in the ready room, along with Kimberly and Ron. As soon as she walked in the door, she made an announcement. "We're going out again tonight, but we aren't going to San Juan. " She saw the surprise on their faces. They'd never made a raid two nights in a row before. Kimberly had an enthusiatic smile on her face. "So, Donna, what's the sitch?" Donna threw a map on the table. "This trip is going to be to a little island east of Bermuda called Little Helena. I'm warning you right now - a better name for the place might be Hell." Kim smiled when she guessed it was the complex she'd spoken to Donna about that morning, and the Shady Lady filled in her crew on the details she had. "Tonight we go in and check the island out. We have satellite photos, but we need to look over the buildings, see what they have on the beaches, in the overgrown areas, and find out what level of security there is. In three nights we'll go back in force. And we'll take the place." Her crew cheered, and they grabbed the gear they needed and headed for the attack submarine USS Gotham City that had been assigned to Cape Canaveral for their use. Captain William Storm was waiting for them and the ship got underway as soon as they boarded.

Four hours later, the group was crouched on a beach on Little Helena. There had been no guards along the beach, and Donna ordered them to sweep around the building complex area and meet back at that beach before they went in. When they got back together, all of them agreed on one thing. While San Juan had practically no security at night, there were riparte stationed here who were on alert. Shadowcat, who had investigated the south side of the island, commented. "Donna, lots of them are on guard duty -- but they aren't watching the beaches and the overgrown areas. They just are interested in watching the buildings they have surrounded." Donna nodded. "I saw that too. It fits in. They don't expect anything to attack the place. But they are watching to be sure anything inside doesn't get out. It's not a base... it's a prison. And that's just what we wanted to find out. Hmmm. We're going back to the sub." Nightcrawler groaned. "But, Fraulein Hooper, I can get in to see..." Donna turned to look him in the eye. "NO! Secrecy is most important in this operation. If they got one glimpse of you, it would be disastrous. We can't give them a hint of an attack or they'll put a ton of troops here or just move the super-cousins and the Amazons out. We can go in to see what is there, but not until our people are already on the beach."

The next morning, when the group was back at Patrick Air Force Base, Donna noticed that a number of the people she'd contacted had shown up already. They were ready to help, which was good. But there were a lot of costumed heroes who she had not contacted. Word had leaked. That might be bad. She figured some of the people she invited had told friends. She had to hope it didn't go too far. Batgirl and Glory Girl said hello to her as she went through the crowd. An old friend, Vindicatrix, came up and asked what the big secret was. "Sorry, Kate, but it's pretty hush-hush and I'll probably have to brief you after everything is set up." The red-white-and-blue clad heroine from Omaha smiled and saluted. "OK, Donna, if that's the way you want to run it. I know you would not have asked people down here if it wasn't something big. Oh, and I brought a young lady who has been working with me back home. This is Azure Angel. She's a handy person in a fight. When those scum attacked Great Plains University, I was down and she pulled me out of danger." Donna shook the young woman's hand. "I'll check over your file and see if we can use you." She noted as she went along several heroes had come quite a ways to answer her summons. Rising Sun and Doctor Light had flown over from Japan, the Norwegian heroine Ice and the Brazilian lady, Fire, were there, and she saw the French heroine, Crimson Fox off to the side talking with Canada's Nelvana of the Northern Lights. She was pleased that a group representing heroes from all over the globe would be participating in this mission. The whole world deserved to be part of the fight.

Donna's shoulders slumped as she went into her office. She had to go over the rosters and figure out who was available and who would be best suited to go. They couldn't take everybody... "When was the last time you got any sleep?" The voice startled her. She hadn't even noticed someone was sitting in front of her desk. "Pat! You got my message! Oh, God, I am so glad to see you!" Mister Patriot got up and went to hug his wife. It had been nearly a month since they'd had a chance to get together, with both doing their part in the war. She leaned into him, feeling his strength. "Did you get a chance to talk to Becky?" Patrick Hooper ran his fingers through Donna's hair and spoke. "Yes, we both got here early and had to wait for your sub to dock. I got together with Beck and Batgirl over some breakfast. I let them know how things are going in Metropolis, while they talked about the happenings in Gotham and Granite City. None of us had any really good news to pass on. Barbara told me about Batman. Hell, it's hard to believe he's gone. He was always so much bigger than life, everybody always thought he would go on forever. Now, what are you putting together here? You wouldn't call in this much firepower unless it was important. I saw Diana out there, but she refuses to let anything out, she says it's your show." Donna had a brief thought of security cross her mind, but there wasn't anything in over twenty years she'd kept a secret from Pat. She told him of her unit's many raids into San Juan, and of the horrors they'd seen. She went over the information she'd gotten from Kim Possible, and how it meant that Kal-el and Kara were still here on Earth, prisoners, as well as the group of Amazons. He whistled. "Wow, that is big. Where are they?" She went over her meetings in Washington with the General and with Wonder Woman, and then how she'd taken her unit last night to scout Little Helena. Pat interrupted her. "Wait a minute. Night before last you were San Juan? And you spent yesterday going to DC and coming back? Then last night you were scouting this island. How much sleep have you had lately?" She paused. "Well, I slept on the train. And on the sub during transit..." Patrick shook his head. "Oh no. You can't snow me that easily, darling. I know you too well. On the train to DC, you were probably going over what you were going to say to Diana and to the General. On the way back, you already admitted you were composing and sending e-mails to all the people you wanted to get together here for the mission. On the sub, before you did your recon you would have been too worried about planning and stuff to sleep. On the way back you would have been going over the stuff you saw and what your people saw, trying to analyse it while it was all fresh in your minds. Honest now -- how much sleep have you had?" She looked in his eyes. "Not much. In the last forty-eight... a few hours." So Pat pulled the file folders out of Donna's hands and dropped them on her desk. "OK, I'm taking you back to your quarters. You'll lay down, you'll get one of those great neck rubs that you married me for, and then I'll make sure you get at least five hours of uninterrupted sleep." She started to say something, but he put his finger over her lips. "No, Donna. Whatever it is can wait. If you keep pushing yourself too hard, you're gonna make a mistake and something will go wrong at the worst possible time. If you're gonna be the boss here, you have to be at your best."

They walked back to her quarters, and she slipped out of her dress and sat on the bed. He went behind her and began to knead his fingers into her back and shoulders. He felt the knots and tension in her body start to melt away. She put her head back and smiled at him, but then the wrinkles returned to her forehead. "Pat, if I lead these people out to that island... what if somebody dies? How will I be able to handle that? I don't want anyone to die following my orders." Mister Patriot kept massaging his wife and bent over to whisper in her ear. "You're in charge, but they aren't just going there because you want them to. Everyone here is willing to put their life on the line for the people who have been killed or taken in the past and for the future of all the people on earth. No deaths will be your fault. But saving all those lives will be your legacy. Just keep thinking about the future you'll be giving people." Donna twisted and lay down on the bed. Pat pulled a blanket and put it over her. He really wanted to crawl next to her in the bed and... No, that wouldn't get her any sleep. He backed off despite his yearnings. Not tonight, he thought. Maybe tomorrow night. He went over and sat in an easy chair in the room, and just watched her sleep for a while. He'd been a super-hero for over 25 years, and many things were important over that span. But he never had a day he enjoyed better than the ones he'd spent with this woman. Indelibly etched in his memory were that first day he saw her and fell in love with her... the day he found out she loved him... the day they married... the day their beautiful baby girl was born. All his best memories were tied up with Donna.

Part Thirteen

Her nerves were on edge as the Queen marched through the courtyard, an unusual feeling for a warrior queen. Hippolyta looked around, and every building had exotic and unusual looking women standing in front and staring out the windows at her. Every one of them came out to see her off as she marched to her night with the emperor. A step back and on her right Alanna walked with her, on her other side she was flanked by Koriand'r. She whispered to them. "Do you follow me so that I won't bow to my fears and run away?" Alanna whispered back. "It is your first night. Tradition demands that you are to be accompanied by two handmaidens as an escort." Koriand'r whispered. "And to make sure you don't run away. Actually, the Emperor is so strong and virile that after four to six hours of non-stop sex you will collapse, and Alanna and I will have to fill in for the rest of the night." The thought of this startled Hippolyta and she stumbled a step, then recovered and kept walking. The queen whispered to herself, "You have to be kidding. Oh great Hera, please let her be kidding..." The trio approached a huge doorway at the building that was in the corner of the harem complex. A half dozen Garath men stood there, naked and displaying their castrated status. But these were not the fat and flabby eunuchs she'd seen before inside the harem. Each of these was a massive pillar of muscle, an elite guardsman who stood at the entrance to the Emperor's bed-chamber. A eunuch of more standard stature came out the door and faced them. This was Chardah, the master of the eunuchs. Chardah put his hand under Hippolyta's chin and looked in her eyes. "Welcome, newest bride of the great and all powerful Emperor of the known universe. May your orifices offer pleasure to him and mark the addition of the females of your race to the legion of slaves that serve the Empire. Hail Rezachachodain the Twenty-Eighth, most august Emperor of the Universe!" The row of guards all rapped a fist into their chests, and shouted, "All hail the Emperor!"

Led by Chardah, the women went through the doorway into the sanctum of the head of the Garath Empire. After going a short distance down a corridor lined with torches and mirrors, an inner door was pushed open by the head eunuch. "Perform your duty well, Earthan samalan. The lives of the slaves from your world depend on it. Handmaidens, serve his great majesty's pleasure and see that this new one is pleasurable to he who rules over all of us." He left, and Hippolyta whispered to the women at her side. "The lives of others? What did he mean by that?" Alanna answered. "The women on your planet who were captured will reach Garath-Prime to be sold. If you do well tonight, they will go to owners who value them as property to be protected and enjoyed. If you were to disgrace yourself tonight, They will be sold to lower caste cheap bordellos where the women are tortured and beaten and treated like trash. They would not survive long in those places." The Queen sighed. One more threat to get her to submit. They were on the edge of a huge round room, dimly lit. The pair led her towards the center, where there was a huge bed, lushly covered with blood-red satin sheets and pillows. Laying on the bed was a Garath man. But he was incredibly old. His face and form were wrinkled, his limbs short and withered. His gaze fell on her and he spoke in a low, rasping voice. "Another beauty for me. How sweet!" He raised an arm and twirled his fingers in a circle. The handmaidens reached over to Hippolyta and peeled her clothing away, letting it drop to the floor. She turned in place, and Alanna tapped her on the elbow to let her know she should hold her arms straight up as she displayed her body. Her companions dropped what they were wearing to the floor and the trio climbed on the bed, kneeling close to where the Emperor lay. He smiled. "Oh yes, you are a fine one. Exquisite breasts and a fine tight ass. You are a credit to the productivity of your planet." His gaze went to the others. "Alanna.. and... Koriand'r. You have not been here for awhile. Had you not come as the handmaidens of this one, I think I might have asked for you. I longed for your sweet touch on me." They bowed their heads to him and Koriand'r touched Hippolyta's elbow and gestured for the Queen to place her hands on the Emperor's genitals. She took a deep breath and picked up the cock that was still limp. She stroked it, as she had been taught. Koriand'r hands went to his belly and began to lightly tease the skin near his crotch. Alanna reached in and cradled the man's balls, tickling and massaging them. Soon the old man's cock began to show life, and grew erect. Hippolyta was shocked to see any response in this man, at his age. He did not get up, but the handmaidens took Lyta and guided her as she slipped her body into position where she slid her cunt over the aroused dick. She eased herself up and down, feeling the man moan with pleasure. He only took a short time to reach an arousal, and came inside her. Then he closed his eyes and fell asleep. She looked down at him, sleeping like a baby. "That... that's it? You told me he'd be so virile I'd be the one to pass out!" Koriand'r looked over. "Yes, well, I lied. He's an old, old man who comes in here once a week or so and manages to have sex only if we coax it out of him. His mind is still sharp, he always knows us by name." Hippolyta looked down at the old, wrinkled face. "And you let him? He's a monster! He destroyed the lives of millions of people on Earth. And on your planets. And my daughter... Oh, Diana... are you also a prisoner or are you dead because of this... damned... creature!" Hippolyta's rage began to flare, after weeks of holding back. She reached out her hands towards the throat of the monster. She wanted to kill him, but the handmaidens grabbed at her and pulled her back. All the strength the rage gave the Queen was no match for the Tamarian. Koriand'r grabbed Hippolyta's wrists and forced her back from the emperor's throat.

They pulled her back, and she cried out with the rage as the tears came to her eyes. "Let me kill him! Let them kill me. Let this horror end. I should never outlive my daughter. At least I can die with dignity, at least what little dignity an Amazon Queen can call up while a naked prisoner in the bed of an alien conquerer." Alanna slapped Lyta's face. "Come out of it. You would not end your misery here, but only make it horrifically worse for yourself and your planet's women. Many years ago another harem slave tried this. She did not succeed, and her life was taken to the worst of hells. Have you experienced that nasty device they call a pain module?" Hippolyta nodded. "Well, you would be dragged from here and they would surgically attach leads to your nerves and send jolts of extreme pain through you over and over every day for the rest of your long, miserable life. And they would keep you alive. Another of earth's females would be brought in front of you and be subjected to the same treatment while you had to watch. And they would force you to watch while they slowly killed your fellow earth-woman. And then the same thing would be done to another victim, over and over. That's what they did to someone who tried to kill the emperor." Hippolyta sat there and the tears flowed down her cheeks. Even vengeance was denied her. Koriand'r wrapped her arms around the Queen and held her, patting her on the back. "Please Hippolyta. Calm down. You are here and you will have to learn to live with it. This will be your last decent night for awhile." The Amazon Queen sobbed and tried to compose herself. "What... what do you mean by that?" Alanna answered. "The harem is for the pleasure of the Emperor and his many sons. Now that you have served the Emperor, his sons will be in here to try out the new toy. A different one will be here for you every night for some time. And many of them are nasty and brutal."

Part Fourteen

The assembly in Florida buzzed with rumor and speculation. The heroes and heroines who had assembled wondered if they would be training with new weapons to fight the enemy, or if they were going to form a mass attack on the enemy base in San Juan. Some of them saw all the mobile medical units being assembled and wondered if the mission would leave a lot of them dead on some battleground. Most of the ones who had this thought didn't care. They wanted a fight where they at least had a chance to do some good. That day the Shady Lady was in her office, going through the files. She would ask for someone to join her, then question the visitor about his or her powers and the powers of characters they'd fought alongside in the past. She carefully analyzed the people she had available and worked on the roster for the mission. She regretted not being able to contact some people like the Hulk, Phantom Lady, Storm, Steel Sterling and the Sub-Mariner. She knew Ray Palmer, Reed Richards, Lex Luthor and Tony Stark were busy working in labs on the Garath technology and guessed that work was too important to interrupt. Pat and Nightshade helped her work on the evaluations, but the decisions were hers. She got word that the mobile medical units were on the base ready to go, along with the gynecologists and obstetricians she'd asked for. The atomic submarines USS Asheville and USS Sante Fe joined the USS Gotham City at Cape Canaveral, ready to take the expedition to the island. Donna was very pleased how the plans were shaping up. It started to look like everything was going to click into place in time to do the job. That night, Donna and Pat were in bed making love after being apart for much too long. They'd been married for over twenty years, but they both still loved each other as strongly as ever. Their sex was passionate and fast, slow and sweet. They both went to sleep in each other's arms, happier than they'd been since the alien crisis had first pulled them apart. On the rest of the base, some people were less inclined to sleep. Many of them lay in their beds wondering what the immediate future held in store for them.

The next day dawned, and word quickly spread throughout the base. Everyone was advised to be in Hanger 14 at 10AM for an important briefing, Most of them were there early. They watched the Shady Lady walk in and stride through the huge crowd. Every eye was on her and hardly a word was spoken as she passed by them. No one asked any questions, as they were anxious to hear the briefing they'd been promised.

Donna Hooper stood on a raised platform on one end of the huge aircraft hanger. A large part of the room was filled with colorfully costumed heroes and heroines who hoped that the mission that was being planned would be the start of Earth's real fight against the hated Garath invaders. They all prayed softly that they would be able to join in and be part of something important. Along the back of the room were support people who worked and served at the base, wanting to be part of what was about to happen. Along the edges of the room were members of the armed forces, mostly medical and technical units, who had been ordered to Patrick Air Force Base for special service to their country. Everyone of them knew only that the task would be extremely dangerous and very important to the future of the war. They had been offered a chance to volunteer without any idea what they would be doing or where they would be going. None of them refused.The ones who had families and lovers didn't worry about dying and leaving their loved ones alone. They worried that if they didn't step up and do their part now, their loved ones might not have a free world to grow up in later. So every person in the room stood there anxious to hear what the Shady Lady had to say.

"Good day to all of you. The information I have for you is top secret and will have to be kept under wraps. Once I start this briefing, no one is going to be allowed to enter or leave this base until the assigned members of my strike force return from the mission. All communication to the outside world is to cease until we get back. There are many people in this assembly who could not be prevented from breaking these rules if they wanted to do so. I trust those of you in such a position will take into account that the secrecy we ask for is not just a capricious whim on someone's part, but something that needs to be done for the sake of the people on the mission and for the world we live on." Donna paused to take a swig from a bottle of water she held. She looked out and saw every face was waiting to hear what she had to say. "This war has been going badly for us. I don't tell you that as news, everyone in this room already knows that. The Garaths have been doing to us whatever they felt like and we have not been able to do much to stop them. When they kidnap a large group of young women, it's not even news anymore. When we kill one measly riparte, we consider it the best we can do. That stops here. This mission, if everybody does his or her job well enough, will mark the first real blow for the forces of Earth against the invaders. All over the world, people will know our girls are not destined to be slaves in brothels all over the galaxy. And it will also tell the Garaths that they are not our masters." Donna paused at this point, with applause and cheers ringing through the room.

She held up her hands, and it again became very quiet. "Just a few days ago, an intelligence raid into the Garath planet-side base down in San Juan discovered a small file in their records. In that file, it revealed that Kal-el and Kara Zor-el are being held prisoner on an island where the enemy has a medical facility. The Garaths are very interested in Kryptonians, and they plan to use the cousins to... to breed more slaves." There was a sickening murmur around the room as the people contemplated this horrid plan. "And the same complex is reported to hold twenty of the captured Amazon women. It was thought that Diana's mother and all her sisters had been shipped out of our reach in transports going to Garath space. But now at least a small number can be returned to her. But I warn you now. The file said that these twenty women were assigned to something the Garath file called... the breeding program." Again, a low murmuring ran through the crowd as their reaction to the uneaziness in thinking what those twenty women might be going through. "We can only pray that we are not going to be too late."

"The personnel will consist of six attack groups of ten costumed characters per group. They will be accompanied by numerous medical emergency teams who will handle any casualties the attack groups have as well as taking care of the people we are going in to rescue. They may be in poor shape, after being in the hands of the Garath this long. Finally, electronic techs and mechanical engineering units will go in to strip down anything the aliens have there and bring it back. As soon as we can get our hands on enough of the Garath science secrets, the advantage they have over us will vanish. Once we can do what they do, it will be a matter of millions of our soldiers facing a few thousand of theirs. We will be boarding three US Navy attack subs to travel clandestinely to an island north east of Bermuda in the Atlantic. When the subs surface off the beach, the first attack unit will fly onto the beach and secure the area. They will keep watch at the beach as the rafts with attack groups two though six come ashore. Then groups four and five will spread out and secure the island while group one scouts and groups two and three infiltrate and seize the structures. Attack group six will hold the beachead and guard that area while the medical and equipment groups come ashore, and while people and material are taken back out to the boats."

"The first attack group will be led by Wonder Woman. Her people will consist of Fire, Star Girl, Mister Patriot, Vindicatrix, Azure Angel, the Black Condor, the Fly, Rising Sun and Doctor Light." Out in the crowd, the young heroine in a skimpy blue bikini from Lincoln, Nebraska gasped and turned to her mentor. "Vindicatrix, did you hear that? I'm going! And I'll be serving under the command of the Amazon Princess. Oh my God..." Vindicatrix calmly smiled. She was probably as excited as her young friend, but at her age, she wasn't going to lose her cool over it. She had been a heroine in middle America for a long time, and had known Kal-el since he first started as Superboy back in Kansas. Kal and Kara were very good friends of hers and she was overjoyed to hear this mission was meant to rescue them. Mister Patriot shook hands with the Fly. "Hello, I seem to recall we got together once before when you chased somebody into Granite City. It was... the Spider, wasn't it?" Thomas Troy clapped Pat Hooper on the back and nodded. "Wow, that was a while ago. It is good to see you again." Doctor Light and Rising Sun stood quietly in thought and tried to remain calm. This was an important mission and they prayed that they would help make it successful in the memory of all of their Japanese country-women who had been taken away by the Garath raids.

"I will lead the second attack group myself. Others in my unit will be Plastic Man, Nightshade, Shadowcat, Gypsy, Kim Possible, Mystique, J'onn J'onzz, Nightcrawler and Lady Blackhawk" In the back of the room, standing amongst the support personel, Zinda Blake was stunned to hear her name. Why would Donna have selected her to be in on this mission of such great importance? She was not in the same league as most of these people! Near the center of the room, Kitty Pryde stared over at the blue-skinned woman standing not too far off. She wasn't sure if she would be very comfortable working with Mystique, considering what that woman had done to her and to her friends in the past. Plastic Man had his hand on Nightshade's shoulder. He could see in her eyes that she was very happy that the unit was finally going to strike back at the invaders.

"The third attack group will be lead by Batgirl. She will be in charge of the Black Hood, Hangman, Glory Girl, the Creeper, Huntress, Sasquatch, the Green Mask, Iceman and Nukla." Barbara Gordon was very pleased at the people she was going to be leading. She knew some of them closely, and had fought alongside Huntress and Glory Girl many times. The others had reputations of being skilled and tough fighters. The Black Hood turned to his old friend, the Hangman, and pointed to Batgirl. "Bob, we're in a good group. I spent some time working with Batgirl and found her to really know her business. Huntress and Glory Girl also were there when I was based up at Gotham, and those two ladies are tough as nails. We can expect our group to be able to handle whatever we run into."

"The fourth group will be lead by Black Canary. She will have in her unit Spider-Man, Nightwing, the Black Terror, Beast Boy, Firebrand, Dynamo, the Crimson Fox, Green Arrow and the Thing." In the crowd the Thing clapped his hand on the back of Spider-Man. "Hey Spidey, we get to be part of this little party!" Peter Parker winced at the tap from the big guy, but he was very happy he was going on the mission. Everyday he worried that Mary Jane might fall into the hands of the Garaths. Dynamo glanced over at Black Canary and wondered why she was in charge of the unit. Working with the Thunder Agents, he had usually been in charge during missions. Crimson Fox was pleased she had flown in from Europe to help the Shady Lady with her plan. There were many young women she had known back in France who had disappeared in Garath raids, and she wanted to do something for their sake, and for the other women out there who would become slaves if Earth did not succeed in fighting back. Beast Boy was happy his green skin didn't blush. With the situation so serious, all he could think of was that Black Canary was gorgeous! Were his group leader and Green Arrow really that serious? Could she ever be interested in a younger man? And, he thought, could there be a worse time for this to be filling his head?

"The fifth unit will have Captain America in charge. He will have under his command Hellcat, the Vixen, Thunderbolt, the Green Lama, Metamopho, She-Hulk, Ice, Jaguar and Black Panther." Captain America sighed. It had been a long career as a hero for him, and he was proud to be a unit leader in this fight. He wasn't very familiar with most of the people who he had been assigned to lead, and knew he would have to get to know them and what they could do in the short time before he went into battle with them. He would enjoy working again with the Panther and She-Hulk. They would both be really helpful in a fight. Hellcat turned to Vixen and introduced herself. "I guess we can put our claws to good use this time!" Peter Cannon walked over to the green-glad hero he would be fighting alongside and bowed slightly. "Lama, I am honored to finally meet you. When I studied up in Tibet, the highest praise my teachers had for me was when they said I was following the path of enlightenment as well as you did when you were there." Green Lama put his hand on Thunderbolt's shoulder and smiled. "And I have heard many good things about you. Together, we shall strive to fight for the good of mankind."

"And the sixth attack group will have Vigilante as its leader. Serving with him will be Daredevil, the Web, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Wildcat, the Blue Beetle, Fighting American, Blonde Phantom and Nelvana of the Northern Lights." The Canadian heroine was very pleased to have been invited to this gathering. The only one here she'd met before was Sasquatch, a few years ago. She glanced across the room and saw him in Batgirl's unit. She had spent nearly her entire life in the remote northern lands of Canada and was amazed to be in the company of so many super powered individuals. She just worried that part of her powers, taken from the energy of the Aurora Borealis, might be weakened down here in the south. Daredevil and the Web both came over to shake Vigilante's hand. Fighting American said he'd heard of Vigilante's reputation and hoped their group had a chance to take out a number of Garaths and do their part on this mission. Scarlet Witch was worried as she thought back to her unsuccessful clashes with the Garaths in the past. Word of what their technology did to magic was frightening, but she knew her powers were a combination of magic and psychic power that would work if she used her magic to effect things around the aliens. Qucksilver put his hand on his sister's shoulder and smiled. "Wanda, I am so proud to be here. Since the invasion, there has been no talk about mutants and humans fighting each other. We are all people fighting to save every person on Earth." Wanda nodded and smiled back at her brother.

After she'd announced the teams, Donna moved the center of the hall where her team leaders were waiting. "Each of you, get your people together and start briefing them. We have the information my recon unit got a couple of nights ago, plus satellite photos of the island. We..." She was interrupted as the Flash came up to her. "Donna! What's the idea, leaving me out of the crews? I've worked with Superman for years in the JLA and he's one of my best buddies. You gotta let me go. Shit, if you are taking your own daughter..." At this, Batgirl moved into the Scarlet Speedster's face, and growled, "Hey! The lady is in charge and all of us have to obey orders here. Where do you get off putting Glory Girl down? I've worked with her plenty of times, since way before the invasion. She's been with me against the Garaths and I won't let you imply she doesn't deserve to be here! I'm proud to have her on my team!" Flash backed up a bit at Barbara's arguments, but he turned to the Shady Lady again. "OK, but what about that red-haired kid on your team. Why should she go when I won't?" Batgirl was ready to explode again, but Donna put a hand on Barbara's shoulder and held her back. Donna looked in the Flash's face and calmly spoke. "That person you call a 'red-haired kid' is a highly trained CIA field agent. She's been with my team on several raids into San Juan. If I didn't respect her ability to handle herself and think she was best for the job, she wouldn't be going. And most of all, the location of this complex was only discovered after she found Garath data that let us know about it. If not for Kim, there would not even be a mission." Again the Flash regretted what he had said, and backed down. He looked over at Kimberly and mumbled, "Oh... gee... sorry." But the anger and his desperate longing to be part of this action welled up again in him. "Donna, please, let me go with you." Donna sighed. "I don't have time to tell every person in this room why they are or are not going. But I have time to ask you something Flash. Can you run?" The Flash cringed slightly as the question. "I... I can get around pretty well..." Donna put her hand on the speedster's shoulder. "No, Flash. I saw your medical report. The bones in your leg haven't totally healed yet and they say the cracks in the bones of your right foot give you terrible pain if you try to go faster than a jog. I know you want in, Wally, but you'll have to wait for another fight, another day." Flash's head sagged forward and he sobbed. Vigilante, who had worked with the Flash for some time in the Justice League, came over and put his arm around his friend to comfort him. "Don't let it git ya down, pardner. There will be a day when you'll be able to do your part."

Donna went back to her unit leaders. She held up a compact electonic headset with an ear clip and a mouth mike. "Our info on the Garaths show which radio frequencies they monitor. Our subs will be on strict radio silence all the way there and back, but they will be monitoring the airwaves. If the radar stations here see any Garath flights headed our way, they will warn us. These headsets use a short-range frequency that the aliens don't monitor. Each squad leader and selected people in my group will each have one. Use it only for important messages, otherwise too much chatter will interfere." She handed out the headsets and the briefing files. "Each of you go over this data with your teams. We will be leaving in the subs at 3PM and be off the beaches as soon as it gets dark."

Part Fifteen

Hippolyta's second night in the harem was far worse than the first. She was again taken to the Emperor's building in the corner, but this time she spent the night with Crown Prince Ysedokazachodain, first in line for the Imperial Throne. She was accompanied by Katma Tui and Lsychela Azim, a Roczardian woman whose long sleek body was covered with short gray fur. As he had his way with her, Lyta was handled brutally by the Prince. He raped her in her pussy and ass repeatedly, and his arms would pull at her hair or twist her breasts or limbs roughly to complement the sex. While his cock pounded her crotch, he bit on her nipples, just shy of drawing blood, but causing excruciating pain. Between his erections, he used two or three fingers inside her to agitate and pull at her cunt. He had her sucking his cock and would grab her hair and force his dick into her throat so deep she could scarcely breath. He forced the other women to hold Lyta's arms straight out while he whipped her with a leather strap on her back and buttocks. Hippolyta saw the fear in the faces of the other women and knew that if they had not co-operated, their treatment would have worse. The time passed slowly as her body screamed in pain from the treatment at the hands of the Prince. She finally looked up and saw the monster leave the room and realized she had survived the night.

Katma and Lsychela took a basin of cool water and soft cloths and washed down Lyta's body. They wrapped her in cool towels to try to relieve some of her pain, then held her up as she walked back to their quarters. There still were many women standing in the walkways, but unlike the night before, they didn't want to look at Hippolyta now. They had all experienced the harsh hand of the evil Prince and every women shared a little of the pain that Lyta was feeling. Back in the building she was assigned to, the Queen sensed through the fog of pain when Koriand'r and Alanna joined Katma and Lsychela to help them massage away the stiffness and ice down the sore muscles. They gave her liquid mixtures that deadened the pain she felt and cleared her mind so that she could sleep. Katma looked down at Lyta and spoke. "She was a brave one. She suffered greatly but she never cried out. I think he whipped her even harder for that. Who will she face tonight?" Alanna scowled. "What's the difference? They're all god-damned bastards."

Part Sixteen

The island was a small dot of land surrounded by the ocean. There was nothing to be seen, especially as there was no moon. But even so, there were no Garath eyes looking out over the water. They had no interest in looking out into a featureless ocean. So no one saw a metal tube raise from the depths offshore. Captain Storm used the periscope to scan the beach, then did a 360 degree sweep to see if anything was in sight. The darkness did not hamper him, as the light amplifying modules built into the unit used the starlight to give him an excellent view all around. "It's clear. Nothing on the beach, nothing at sea." Having given this report to the Shady Lady, he ordered his crew, "Surface the boat. Crew make ready to crack the hatch. First assault group make ready to disembark. And... good hunting!" The first sub came out of the water. At once the hatch popped open and crew members with shoulder mounted compact surface to air missles scampered to the deck, ready to fire at anything that might come at them. Even if a Garath aircraft was protected by its electronic shield, a couple of missles exploding in its vicinity might distract it long enough for the sub to crash dive. If that happened, the men on the deck of the boat knew and accepted that the boat would dive without them. They had volunteered for this task, and were willing to end up swimming ashore to an enemy held island to help protect their fellow crew members.

Diana and her flyers were next out of the hatch. They assembled on the deck and looked over at the beach. Wonder Woman's heart was beating fast. Her sisters were there, so close! She tried to calm down, but it was hard. "Alright, my friends. We go in flying low, just off the wavetops. Everyone is quiet as a mouse. When we get to the beach, land and form a half circle. We will advance into the brush twenty feet and stop. That is the perimeter we will hold while groups two and three take the rafts to the beach. If you see or encounter anything, whistle a warning." The ten figures took off and followed that plan. They reached the beach quietly and saw no opposition. They made their advance into the interior, and the Black Condor got into position and saw a few of Garath riparte standing a little further inland. He gave a low whistle, and the guards looked about. One of them muttered, "Did you hear that? I think it was just some kind of feathered creature..." Fire had been on Condor's right, Azure Angel on his left. The women moved to get closer to him, and he pointed to the enemy. Those three riparte stopped looking out in their direction and resumed their interest in the opposite way. Their job was to watch for any of the Earthan prisoners who might get loose, as remote as that possibility was. The three members of the invasion force came up behind them. Fire brought her hands up and placed them on the shoulders of one guard. As he felt the touch of her hands, she brought the green fire up through her fingers and incinerated the soldier. She had no second thoughts, she'd seen their pistols incinerate friends of hers on raids. Black Condor grabbed another of the guards from behind and wrapped an arm around its neck and twisted. He heard the spine snap. The third guard was grabbed by Azure Angel, but he twisted free, rolled around and got behind her. He got his arm around her neck and she could sense him reaching to his belt. If he brought up his pistol, he would burn a hole through her and she would be dead on the ground. But instead he pulled up a gas cylinder and sprayed the pink mist in her face. With an antidote lozenge in her mouth, it didn't effect her at all. The guard thought she was helpless, so he relaxed his grip slightly. She brought an elbow into his chest and spun to kick him in the face. He flew back to the ground by Fire, who put her foot on the Garath's chest and again used her power to incinerate. The action had been fast, and very quiet. Condor, Fire and Azure Angel crouched low and looked around to see if any other Garaths were about, but the area was clear.

Even as Diana's unit kept watch, the next two groups were moving in. The other two subs surfaced. Four large rubber rafts were inflated and moved off the decks into the water. Shady's Lady's unit took two rafts and let the quiet electric motors push the craft towards the shoreline. J'onn J'onzz flew over water alongside the craft. Batgirl's group had the other two rafts close behind and reached the sand only a minute after group two. They assembled on the beach and Diana came back to report in person. "So far, so good. We ran into a few of them near the beach, but they were put down with no casualties on our side." Donna smiled. The best possible news, the mission was off to a good start. "Good. Kim, take Mystique and Gypsy and take over the communications building. I don't want any word of what is happening here getting out. Batgirl, your group will have to infiltrate and clear out the three structures on this side of the complex. Clear them out so we can go into the medical building and find who we are looking for. Kitty, Eels and J'onn, advance with the second group to let them know what is in each building before they go in. Once those three places are taken, join us to hit our main objective."

The people moved up. A couple more guards were in the way, and they were taken out. Creeper and Sasquatch smashed them down, but one got his pistol out and fired towards the invaders, burning the Green Mask badly in the shoulder. Hangman was assigned the task of running the wounded man back to the beach, where the next two groups would be coming ashore with some of the medical personnel. Green Mask complained. "It's not that bad. I can guard the perimeter. Or at least I can walk back to the beach myself." But when he tried to stand up, he got dizzy and nearly fell over. So Hangman took Mask's good shoulder and supported the man while they moved back. Shadowcat led a group of the assaulting force to the nearest building, and phased partially through the wall to peek inside. "Storage building. Looks empty." Batgirl nodded. "Glory Girl and Nukla, go inside and double check, then catch up to us." At the next building, Plastic Man came up to a doorway and slid his wafer thin form under the door. His head popped back quickly, and he scowled. "A barracks. I think I saw at least six in there, relaxing. They've got a few women that they're... enjoying." Batgirl pointed around the area. "OK, Creeper, you go through that window on the right. Hood, follow him in there. Plastic Man, you slide under the door and get clear fast. Then Sasquatch, I want you to bash it in and Huntress, Iceman and I will be right behind you. Take these bastards down fast. We go on my whistle. Ready?" All of them nodded. In a minute there was a low whistle and all the action burst against the target. Those inside were taken unawares and went down hard. The soldiers didn't have their guns handy and were no match for the charging heroes. Four women who had been prisoners since a raid in Cuba over a month ago were hysterical in their relief at being rescued. Once they'd calmed down, Batgirl found Nukla and Glory Girl were back and she saw one of the medical units moving up from the beach. She asked a medic to take care of the women and get them out of the way. She also saw Black Canary and part of group four were approaching from the beach.

Part Seventeen

Batgirl's people were closing on the third building that they had to check when they took cover as a few ripate came around the corner and started shooting. Nukla was hit several times and the Creeper was grazed by lazer fire. Plastic Man and J'onn J'onzz came up to entangle and incapacitate a riparte, and Sasquatch smashed into one of them. Huntress went at the third one, but had to duck back as the lazer fire nearly hit her. But a pair of Black Canary's people rushed forwards and Dynamo and the Thing pummeled the last soldier until he was no threat. The medics said Creeper wasn't hurt bad, but they said Nukla had to be taken care of at once. Batgirl didn't want him out in the open, so they moved him back a short distance to that storage building and left several medics to try and help him. Plastic Man and Shadowcat both peeked inside the third building and found it had an assortment of medical equipment, but no Garaths inside.

By now, Black Canary's group four and Captain America's group five were both in the area. Shady Lady came over and spoke with her team leaders who were handy. Batgirl mentioned how far they'd gotten and the casualties she had suffered. Donna had heard on her headset that Vigilante's group was holding the beach secure and more medics and the start of the tech scroungers were coming ashore. "Alright. Batgirl, what's left of your force will join the members of my group as we go into the main medical building in the center where we expect to find what we're here for. Canary, take your group and sweep through the buildings to the right. Cap, you do the same with your group swinging around to the left. You should both move around this main building and meet on the far side of this area. Diana... " Donna gave this order over her headset. "... have your sky fighters cover their attacks, watching for any other Garaths who may be out and about. I want your people to take out anyone in the vicinity who is outside and moving around."

Canary's group moved though the structures on the right, with Star Girl, Black Condor, Vindicatrix, Azure Angel and the Fly hovering low overhead to watch for trouble. They had gone through two buildings when a group of Garath soldiers started firing at the heroes who were airborne. Star Girl and the Fly were brushed by the beams and slightly hurt, but Vidicatrix was hit twice in her left arm and once in her right hip. The pain tore at her, and she dropped to the ground, landing very hard. She fought to stay awake, and saw with horror one of the riparte coming at her with his pistol leveled. She wanted to move, but her body was just weakened too much. Then she saw a blur of pink and blue smash into the soldier. She blinked, and then saw Azure Angel pummelling the enemy with her fists. Black Condor and the Fly landed next to Kate and slung their arms under her, They gently picked her up and moved back to get her to safety, while Dynamo, the Black Terror, the Thing and Firebrand moved up and tackled the other riparte. Vindicatrix moaned and muttered, "God, that hurts. I'm getting too old for this shit." Soon the area was secured, and the severely wounded Vidicatrix was sent back to the beach with a medical unit, who fought to keep her condition stable.

On the other side of the complex, Captain America's group cleared out what little there was in the buildings they'd been sent to check. They had Wonder Woman, Mister Patriot, Fire and the two Japanese characters flying overhead to keep watch. Most of the aliens they encountered were only technical crew who were very willing to surrender. They did encounter a few riparte, but Jaguar, Black Panther, Metamorpho and She-Hulk made fast work of eliminating this modest opposition. Vixen and Ice sustained minor wounds from the enemy fire, but no one on this sweep was severely hurt. Black Panther regretted that his senses had not earlier detected the Garaths soldiers who attacked, but the island just reeked of the foul smell of the aliens and made it hard to pick out exactly where they were.

Part Eighteen

Shady Lady moved with the parts of groups two and three to approach the large structure in the center of the complex. It was in here that Wonder Woman had been held and tortured when she had been captured early in the war. This place was active, and there were sure to be workers moving about. Batgirl split her people to either side of the entrance to cover Donna's group while they went in. They used their steath to check ahead before entering. Shadowcat phased partway through the door and spotted a couple of riparte in the interior corridor. She described the situation, and Nightcrawler took Plastic Man's hand. The pair teleported to the inside corridor. Plas wrapped one of the soldiers up tight with his body, while Nightcrawler grabbed the other and teleported back outside. The confused soldier stood still, unable to react to what had happened, and before he could recover Sasquatch smashed him flat. Iceman and Glory Girl pulled open the doors, and Black Hood, the Creeper and J'onn J'onzz moved in. Plastic Man unraveled from around the riparte he'd taken. That fighter had been unable to move, or breathe with the rubber man covering him. Now that they were in, the group moved down the hallway with everyone alert for any encounters. A short way into the building the hallway ended, and a cross corridor ran perpendicular. Shady Lady flipped her thumb to the right, deciding to check out that side of the structure first.

As they eased down the corridor, Shadowcat was about to phase through a door to check the room when the door snapped open and a Garath riparte came out. He was reaching for the weapon in his holster and all of the people were trying to react to the surprise of his appearance. Fastest to act this time was Nightshade. Eve raised her arms and pointed her hands at the alien. A black, inky mist shot out and spread around the Garath, and in an instant he was trapped in a solid black box. Eve walked over, and some of the black mist coming from her fingertips formed into a obsidian scimitar. She swung the weapon and it cleaved through the black area. The darkness dissapaited, and the Garath soldier was standing there with a look of pure horror on his face. When the blackness was totally gone, its head rolled off and dropped to the floor, followed by the lifeless body. Plastic Man looked down at the beheaded corpse and in a low voice, murmured. "Wow..." Shady Lady also looked down, then pulled her gaze away from the grisly sight and announced, "Enough, let's get going."

Plastic Man brought his head around as his neck stretched the length of the corridor. J'onn J'onzz and Shadowcat each checked a side door as the group progressed. Each stated in a low, distinct voice, "Room clear!" The members of groups two and three went slowly through the building. Plas stretched his head wafer thin and stuck it under the double doors at the end of the walkway. His head snapped back quickly, and with a look of shock on his face, he spoke. "Donna, they're in here. I don't see more guards, just technicians. Brace yourselves... It's ugly." The Shady Lady led the group as she pulled the doors open and entered the large laboratory. There were ten padded tables on each side of the room, with banks of equipment by each station. Each table had a sedated woman strapped down, with many wires, tubes and sensors attached to their bodies. Each of the nude women had a extremely swollen belly sticking up, and they winced and moaned as the monitors and electronics beeped and flashed. As Donna watched, she saw fluids pumping into the captives' bloodstreams through the tubes. Huntress, the Creeper, Nightshade, Lady Blackhawk and Plastic Man pulled together the Garath medical people who were in the room and herded them into a corner. Huntress growled to them in a low voice. "If any of you do anything to resist us in any way, we'll kill you." A part of her really hoped they would resist. Especially as she looked back at the Amazon women, writhing and groaning in pain. Then Donna tapped her headset. "Princess, this is First Lady. Get in here, we... we found them." A squad of Army medical personnel entered the room and started going over the imprisoned women and the equipment that surrounded them. They all were shocked at what they saw. Their briefings had mentioned the Amazons had been captured only a few months ago. But each of the prisoners had the appearance of an eight month pregnancy, coming close to full term.

Donna heard a beep on her headset. "First Lady, this is KP. We've taken the communications station and now nothing is being transmitted from here except static. If they try to call here, they'll think it's sunspots or magnetic interferance." Donna was happy this had gone as planned. "OK KP, stay there and go over anything they have. Pack up any logbooks or records to take out with us. Have the techs start dismantiling the gear." Kim gave an affermative reply, and then Mystique and Gypsy joined her to pour through the material scattered over the desks. Donna got another beep and this time it was Commander Storm back on the sub. "Donna, stateside radar has just signaled us they are tracking a shuttle on a course from San Juan headed this way." Donna grimaced. "OK, Commander, we'll have to prepare for visitors." She called Kim Possible back. "KP, drop the radio inteference to intermittant. We have at least one shuttle plotted as approaching the island. They may have discovered we are here and are sending in troops." Shit, Donna thought. That's the last thing we need. Kim replied. "Maybe not, boss. The records log shows that every few days a shuttle with replacement techs and new guards is sent up from their base. Then they go back with the personnel who are being rotated out. The records show they usually do it this time of night." Donna was relieved at this information. It made the incomming shuttle much less of a problem. She called Black Canary. "Chirper, this is First Lady. We have a incoming Garath shuttle. Make sure the landing area is clear and none of our people are visible around the island from the air. Get your group around the pad and when they land let them get out and then nail them. And don't let the shuttle to take off again. I want the pilot dead before he can get a message off to San Juan." Dinah confirmed her orders and started setting up the ambush.

Part Nineteen

Diana entered the room and stopped, her face pale as she saw the horror. "Cassiana, Kleio, Nasarriene... what did they do to you!" She walked to the nearest prisoner and reached out, tears in her eyes. "Get them out of these restraints!" But one of the army medics, a gynecologist named Doctor Linda Carter, put a hand on Diana's arm. "Wait, Wonder Woman There are things these machines are doing to harm your sisters, but some of these intraveneous solutions and ray treatments may be keeping them alive. We have to go carefully. If we just rip it all loose, there's a good chance the women will go into shock, and we'll lose them." Diana turned to the doctor. "Well, then, why don't you act. I can't just stand here and watch them like this. I can feel their pain." Dr. Carter's face was grave. "We don't know what the procedures are. We don't what will help and what will hurt them." The rage grew visible on Diana's face. She turned and strode to the Garaths penned in the corner. She grabbed one and pushed him up against the wall, holding her spear against his throat. "Alien scum, you will tell us everything about these procedures and answer any questions our medics have!" The one she had screamed, and blubbered out. "I... I don't know that much. I'm just a technician who maintains and records data from the monitor units." Diana groaned. This wasn't working. She needed one of the Garath medical people who would know exactly... Then she saw him. She recognized at once the face of the jegard mecand {head medical tech} in the group of Garaths. She would never forget that face. It had loomed over her when she was a prisoner. That was the one who had drugged, tortured and interrogated her. The one who had forced all of Themyscira's secrets from her. She released the other Garath and went to the jegard mecand. "You! I remember what you did to me! I see what you have done to my sisters! You will answer all our questions and co-operate..." she put the spear through his shoulder and twisted it, back and forth, "...or you will suffer greatly. I will tear your body apart, piece by piece and you will watch yourself suffer until you will wish you were dead." The jegard mecand was prepared to resist, but when he looked into Diana's eyes he remembered how deadly, how frightening she had been when she was a bound captive on an examination table and heavily drugged. Now, she had no restaints and he was too terrified to resist.

When the Garath shuttle came over the island, the pilot cursed the interferance this damned planet had developed. He did speak briefly with someone in the communications room who said he was clear to land. The static was so bad he could barely hear the fellow in the comm room. Down there Mystique morphed back from the form of the Garath as soon as she was finished giving the shuttle clearance to land. When the shuttle touched down, the occupants marched out and into a building where attack group four and part of unit three were waiting. The techs surrendered, the riparte didn't know how to give up, so they were wiped out. In the melee Green Arrow got clipped in the belly by lazer fire and he was rushed out to the sick bay on one of the subs. Black Canary was really upset about Ollie's condition, but she reported to Shady Lady that the shuttle had landed, and all the Garaths had been captured or killed. Spider-Man and Nightwing had silently gotten into the vehicle and taken out the pilot and co-pilot. The vehicle wasn't even damaged.

The doctors began to work at freeing the Amazons from their medical bondage. Each step where they were uncertain about the property of a drug or the effects of a machine, they questioned the jegard mecand and under Diana's glaring eye, the Garath provided the requested information. The work went slowly and deliberately. Donna went over to the jegard mecand and asked a question of her own. "Where are Superman and Supergirl?" The medic's face grew pale. He had already degraded himself by giving information to the enemy. To reveal anything about the Kryptonians would be a shame he could not bear. He could never reveal... Diana saw his shaky resolve, and acted to crush the thing's spirit. She still held him to the wall with the spear through his shoulder, but she brought up her other hand and ran a fingertip across his forehead lightly. Then she did it again, but pressed harder. He winced, and her fingernail drew blood. Her finger was still on his forehead as she spoke. "Garath, I have only one eye. Is it fair that you have two? Would you have me pluck one out with my bare fingers?" The alien began to shake all over and he was barely able to get the words out of his throat. "Out.. and down this corridor. Down to the other side of the building. The other end of the corridor. They are in that room."

Huntress and the Creeper were ordered to stay with the doctors and guard the room while the medics worked to free the Amazons. Others were told to take the prisoners and herd them into a secure area somewhere in the building. Only the jegard mecand was kept by Diana in the room to continue to answer questions. Shady Lady marched with Nightcrawler, the Black Hood and Iceman to the other side of the building. Batgirl and Glory Girl were coming down the corridor and Donna called them to join in. They approached the doorway the Garath had mentioned and Donna concentrated to allow her form to become mist-like. She passed through the door, and gave a sigh of relief, for she saw Kara and Kal-el were there. She opened the door and Iceman and Nightcrawler came in and seized a few technicians that were in the room and ran them out to join the other prisoners. Donna and her companions went to the beds where their friends were restrained and Barbara Gordon and Becky Hooper both were relieved to see Kara was not in the same advanced pregnant condition they'd seen with the Amazon prisoners. She was asleep, and had some similar equipment hooked up to her, but there were not all the same ray treatments and drug drips being used. They looked at her nude form and there was a sign of a slight bulge in her tummy. It would seem that Kara was also expecting. Waiting for the medical units to follow, Black Hood was worried as he looked over Superman. The Man of Steel was unconscious, and barely breathing. Drugs were being pumped into him at a fast rate, and his skin was pale and sweaty. He didn't look good at all. Hood turned to see another med unit enter the room and felt better when they looked Kal-el over and started disconnecting the things attached to his body. Some of the doctors went to Kara's bed and checked on her. After an examination, one spoke to Donna. "Commander, she's in a lot better shape then those other poor ladies. She should be alright soon as we get her out of here. Superman, on the other hand, is in terrible shape. They seem to have wanted him kept just barely alive, and after weeks of that, his health is marginal. We'll have to be very careful moving him."

Part Twenty

Donna stepped out of the room and prepared to go back to check on how the Amazons were doing. Batgirl and Glory Girl were still standing by Kara's bed, so happy to see their good friend once again. But Donna saw a flash of green flame zoom through the corridor ahead of her and land at the doorway to the room that held the Amazon prisoners. Fire powered down and went that way, only to emerge a minute later with Wonder Woman at her side. They both looked down the corridor and saw Donna. Their expressions were grim. Donna wondered what had happened. They walked up to her and Diana spoke. "Donna... where's Becky?" Donna pointed back to the room she'd just left. "She's in there where we found Kal and Kara. Why do you need her..." Suddenly she suspected what they had to tell her. She didn't want to hear it. She wanted it not to be true. Diana asked a passing medic to get Glory Girl, and held Donna as she slumped into a nearby folding chair. Fire dropped to a knee and took one of Donna's hands. "I... I'm so sorry Tia Hooper, houve uma... I mean, there was a fight. We were at the structures on the north end when four riparte came out of the brush. I flew up close to two of them, put my hands on their shoulders and incinerated them. Pia Patrioto was very brave. He struck the other two so hard they went down, and then he pummeled both of them until they too were out. But while we did this, another pair came out of the woods, behind me. They were about to burn me down with their handguns when he saw them. He got between them and me but they fired before he could reach them. He went down, badly hurt. I sped at them and killed them. But even though the medics were nearby, and they came as soon as I called... It was too late. He is... gone." Donna's body shook, and tears streamed down her face. Behind Fire, Glory Girl stood with Batgirl. She had gotten there just as Fire had related how her father had died. She also wept and Barbara Gordon put her arms around her close friend and tried to comfort her. Donna thought back to Pat's words about casualties in this action. He said all of them would be willing to die to save the world. But why him?

Doctor Carter came up the hall. and looked at Donna. She had something to say, but she'd worked in hospitals long enough to read the face of her commander. She turned to Diana. "Uhh, your highness, we have your Amazon sisters off the Garath systems, but they are in very bad shape." Donna stood up. "Tell me what you need, doctor." Diana wanted to speak, but the Shady Lady brought up her chin and silenced her with a glance. "I have to finish this. I started it. I'll have a long time to mourn when we get back." She looked at Doctor Carter. Linda replied. "OK. They are in terrible shape. When we move them, I don't think they can stand the time it will take to get the sub back to the mainland. Even with the faciities in the subs' sick bays I am worried we're going to lose half of them to shock and trauma. What the bastards did to those poor ladies was really brutal." Donna pursed her lips. "It's all right doctor. I already have a contingency plan in case this happened. ZINDA!" That last bit was shouted down the corridor, and from the room where she was helping guard prisoners (just to do some good on this mission), Lady Blackhawk stuck out her head. She saw the commander was staring right at her, so she rushed down the hall to Donna. "Yes, Maam?" she murmured as she threw a salute. Donna looked in her eyes and asked Zinda a question. "There's a fully functional Garath shuttle parked out there. Can you fly it?" It took Zinda a few seconds for this to sink in, but Lady Blackhawk confidently stated, "Fly it? You bet your ass! Ahh... maam." Donna turned to Nightshade, who was pulling a folded set of maps out of her backpack. "Here are flight maps covering the route from here to a Naval Reserve hospital in Norfolk News that has wards set aside and ready for these women. This is one of the most important parts of this mission, and we're counting on you to pull it off." Zinda took the maps and went out to the vehicle to look over the controls and check over the route. Diana asked the Shady Lady. "What if that shuttle hadn't pulled in here tonight?" Donna turned to face the Amazon. "They have another shuttle parked in back. We saw it on the recon photos." Doctor Carter spoke up. "Superman is also in really bad shape. I think we should ship him out on that flight also." Donna nodded. "You may as well send Kara out on the shuttle. When she wakes up she'll want to be with her cousin." The Shady Lady then turned to Diana. "Do you want to go with them?" Wonder Woman paused a second, then shook her head. She put her hand on Donna's shoulder. "I would love to. But a very brave woman showed me that there is a job to finish here, no matter what. I'll stay and go back on the sub." Diana then went out to see how her flyers were doing working with the other groups.

On the edge of the structures, Spider-Man noticed another small building, about the size of a two-car garage, out in the overgrowth. There was a path leading there and he pointed it out to Black Canary. She looked over and frowned. "Well, it will have to be checked out. Take Dynamo, Crimson Fox and the Fly and see what's in there. If you run into trouble, call out." Peter looked over at Thomas Troy and chuckled. "Spidey and the Fly? I should have known we'd end up working together." The Fly also cracked a grin for a moment, then the foursome went down the path to the out-of-the-way structure. Just as they got there, the door opened and a Garath soldier came out. He reached to his holster for his weapon, but Spider-Man covered his face and holster with webbing even as Crimson Fox lept forward and knocked the enemy down. She grabbed an arm, twisted it and sat on the thing, using her arm lock to keep him helpless until she drove her fist down hard on the back of its neck. But she glanced through the open door and saw other riparte as well as a crowd of naked women. She cried out. "There are more in there, with a number of slaves." The Fly grabbed Dynamo's arm and lifted him to above the building, then let him drop. He crashed through the roof into the middle of the figures inside. As he started to flail about, knocking the riparte over, Crimon Fox dodged a lazer burst that came through the door at her. Spidey lept sideways and went through a window of the building, knocking down a riparte and using his webbing to tangle a couple more. He saw there were dozens of womens milling around, screaming, as well as a few more Garath soldiers. He was swinging his arms over to pin one of them down with web spray when a couple panic-stricken samalan grabbed at him and screamed in his ear that they didn't want to die. While they were grabbing at Peter, a warrior got a lazer burst off and Peter felt horrible pain shoot through his side where he'd been hit. Even though it was only minutes since the foursome had arrived to check out the structure, Black Canary had had a funny feeling about the situation and had been watching down the pathway. As soon as she saw the riparte tangle with Crimson Fox, she ordered the Thing and Black Terror to go with her and help out. As Spidey went down, the reinforcements were moving in and helped to put down the last soldiers. Then Peter was another hero that had to be sent back with the medics, along with two of the slaves who had been badly hurt in the firefight.

Part Twenty-One

On the beach, Scarlet Witch was shocked to see Spider-Man brought down in a stretcher. She held his hand while they loaded him into a raft to go out to one of the subs. Wanda sensed the hero was in a lot of pain, and hoped he would recover. She looked over the beach, where the sixth group had been standing guard but seeing no fighting whatsoever. Rafts of people had come ashore, and rescued women, captured Garaths and boxes of equipment and material were being sent out to the boats. Vigilante ordered his people to stay alert. "Don't let this this quiet time make you think you can take a siesta. If something pops up, we need to be ready. That's why the head hombre has us parked here." Sure enough, one of the tech scroungers had a carton of equipment he was carrying back along the beach with a riparte lazer handgun on top. He passed by a group of Garaths who were being readied to go out to a sub and a Garath soldier grabbed at the weapon. There was a shout, and heads turned to react to the sudden threat. Quicksilver was on the far end of the beachhead, and Daredevil and Fighting American were about to leap at the armed enemy when Wanda brought up her hands and with an intense level of concentration sent a hex at the him. The weapon exploded in his hand, leaving him with a stump of an arm bleeding furiously. A few people nearby were slightly injured by flying shrapnel. The medics moved over to check the wounded, including the treacherous alien. Vigilante clapped his hand on Wanda's shoulder. "At-a-girl, missy! That's what I was telling you folks. Gotta keep our eyes peeled for varmits."

As the operation progressed very well, Donna heard reports from her group leaders. Black Canary and Captain America reported that all the structures had been cleared out and the island was secured. The tech squads and equipment scavengers were packing up a lot and material was moving swiftly out to the boats. Zinda said she was ready to go with the shuttle as soon as it was loaded. The medical units commander let her know that the doctors had done all they could, but Nukla's wounds had been too severe. Vindicatrix, Spider-Man, the Green Mask and Green Arrow were badly hurt, but patched up and had been moved out to sick bays in the subs. They were stabilized and in no further danger. There were over a dozen members of the attack teams that had reported minor wounds and injuries that were nothing to worry about. These included people with cuts, bruises and minor burns. They were all still on duty. Donna was relieved that the casualties had been much lighter than she had worried about. Donna called her group leaders to assemble for a conference. When they all were in a room near where Kal and Kara had been found, she quizzed them about details of their battles and what they had seen. Army officers in charge of the medical and scavenging units were also there. "OK, we're doing better than I expected. We only have two fatalities so far..." She paused to take a breath, and her head bent forward for a few seconds. She couldn't fall apart now, she had to see this through. "... and we have what we came to get. We are all going to be out of here by dawn. It's now 2:45AM. I want the shuttle loaded and off at 3:30, and I want everything we're going to take out of here packed and on the subs by 4:15. Vigilante, your people will be the last ones to take the rafts back to the subs. Diana, your group will stay on the beach to watch out for any last-minute surprises. Soon as group six is on the boats, your group can fly back out, and we'll be leaving here by 4:45. The subs will head west at full speed. We also have to take any Garaths we've captured out with us. We leave no one behind. At 5:30, an attack submarine that is sitting 30 miles north of here will launch a nuclear tipped cruise missle at the spot we are now standing on. The island is to be vaporized. That's a message for the Garaths. Let's go." Donna's head drooped as she turned to Wonder Woman. "Diana, could you do me a favor? Get... get Pat's body out to one of the subs. I don't want to leave him here." The Amazon Princess nodded, and gave one more comforting hug to her friend before she went to take care of the somber task. By this time, all resistance on the island had been eliminated and things went smoothly. Everything and everyone was moved out and the subs left on time.

At 5:40AM, a Garath transport ship in orbit was passing over the Atlantic and the command crew saw a huge flash of light on the surface. Their scanners identified the phenomenon as an atomic blast, and they isolated the location. When the captain recognized the location as the Garath medical base, he composed a message that was sent at once to the Garath headquarters in San Juan.

Part Twenty-Two

Wonder Woman awoke and through the window saw the sun was high in the sky. After being up all night with the raid and flying her invisible plane from Florida to the hospital in Virginia, she had been so worn out that she had crashed in an empty office, sleeping in a chair behind a desk. She had hoped to find out last night how her sisters were going to be, but the doctors said it would take time to evaulate them and they were going to be out for some time until the proper treatment could safely bring them around. Judging by the clock on the wall, she'd gotten about six or seven hours of sleep. Maybe she could get more news now. She stepped out of the office and noticed the crude "Do Not Disturb" sign that had been taped to it. A voice from down the corridor came to her. "I thought you needed the sleep. You sure looked like you did." She saw the man, dressed in black tights with a skull and crossbones on his chest, come over to her. He held his hand out, and shook hers. "My name's Black Terror." Diana thought back to the mission. "I think I met you last night. You were in Black Canary's unit, weren't you? What are you doing here?" The Terror answered. "This morning, one of the subs was sent up here with a bunch of us for guard duty. Plus there are a bunch of heavily armed Rangers units posted outside. After all the trouble we went through to rescue the Kryptonians and your ladies, we don't want the Garaths to come in here and try to take them back." Diana walked down the hall, and as she glanced out the window, she saw how the hospital had been fortified. Down in front she saw the Web, Star Girl and Blonde Phantom by the front entrance. She guessed more were on the roof, and others in back.

Moving down the corridor to the area where her sisters had been taken, Diana stopped Doctor Linda Carter who came out of the door. "Doctor, can you tell me how things are going in there? Can I see them?" The doctor smiled. "Wonder Woman! Your sisters are much improved. We were able to revive them from their unconscious state and they are feeling better. They are resting comfortably and I think some of them may be awake. Go right in." Wonder Woman's nerves were on edge as she went through the door. She was a little giddy at the thought of finally re-uniting with some of her family, after believing that they had all been taken far away from her. She entered the ward, and along the walls on either side curtains blocked off the areas where the women were. To her right, Diana saw one set of curtains pulled back and a nurse was checking one of the patients. "Kleio! My old teacher! It's so wonderul to see you once again!" Diana went over and clasped one of Kleio's hands, and a tear ran down her cheek. The brown-haired Amazon lay in the bed, her belly sticking up and her breasts swollen. Kleio with great difficulty tried to move, to sit up in the bed. Diana put her hand on the woman's shoulder and pressed her back. "You should stay at rest, my friend. Please, you are weakened by what they did to you."

The Amazon, who despite her long life looked like any young, very pregnant woman, bowed her head forward. "I thank you for rescuing us, your Majesty. Some of us have exchanged words and we have a request for you.. Once we give birth to our daughters, we would like to ask your permission to return to Themyscira. We wish to raise our children there as a new generation of Amazons. We would not do this unless you give us leave to do so." Diana frowned. "It sounds like an excellent course of action. Why do you ask me if you can do this?" The patient tipped her head forward. "Because Hippolyta is gone. You are her heir, and you are now Queen of the Amazons." Diana was shocked at this. Alone, she had never thought of it. If there were no Amazons, there would be no Queen. But now... "Kleio, you are right, it is up to me to lead our people. But my mother, though captured, still lives. At least this I hope and pray. If the gods favor us, my mother... and many of our other sisters... will return to us. While I wait for that to happen, I will rule, but I ask that you all continue to address me as Princess Diana. Though she is not here, Hippolyta is still our Queen."

The patient closed her eyes. "Your Majesty... I need to ask you to do something for me. When you were very young, every Amazon on Themyscira assembled in the Great Hall and took an oath under penalty of death to keep a secret. It is something your mother never told you and you need to know the truth behind your origin. Only the ruler of Themyscira can release a death oath. Please give me permission to tell you the secret I have kept all these years. If not, I plan to tell you anyway. Then you will be duty bound to kill me. I will gladly sacrifice my life for you to learn about this. I only beg of you that you wait for my children to be born before you take my life." Diana looked down at her friend in shock. What could this be about, with Kleio so serious? "Kleio, Warrior of Themyscira, as ruler of the Amazon nation I relieve you of the oath you took. Reveal your secret."

"It was many years ago. I was in the Great Hall with your Mother when word came that Heracles, the greatest enemy of the Amazons, was on the beach. The Queen and a large contingent of Amazon Guard went to confront him, but they found him in the surf, head bowed. He begged the Queen for mercy. He had led the army that long ago conquered and raped the Amazons, that had sent us to exile on Paradise Isle. But for this and other misdeeds he had finally been judged by the Gods and found guilty. Zeus ordered that he go to Themyscira and spend a month as the prisoner of his enemies. Then he was to proceed down into the catacombs, open the Forbidden Door and go into the cursed pits of the Underworld and suffer permanent exile. The Amazons rejoiced in the suffering of their great enemy. We dragged him back and made him serve us. He did everything we asked and never complained. We fell into his little trap. He got us to respect him, then to pity him. We began to think his sentence of exile in the underworld was too harsh. We were too good to him, and he took advantage of our weakness. Your mother's pity and sympathy was transformed to love as he seduced her. He convinced her he was doing it to serve her, to make up for all he had done to us. The end of the month was approaching and he hinted that he would accept his fate, but thought if the residents of Themyscira spoke together and asked for leniancy in his favor, he could stay and serve them instead of going to the underworld. We did so, and Zeus agreed to this. We didn't know that he had come to us knowing he could avoid the worst part of his sentence if he got us to agree. That was what he had been working for all along. Once that threat was eliminated, he began to reassert himself. He began to give orders. Instead of the Queen's lover, he proposed they wed, and he would be King of Themyscira. Your mother, taken in by the rogue, said she would consider this. But then she caught him in bed with a couple of the Amazons. She asked how he could do such a thing, and he stated when he ruled the island, all of us would be his harem. Your mother exploded with anger at such a suggestion and realised she had been played for a fool by the beast. She put the spear of Athena to his throat and ordered him to leave Themyscira forever. She warned him if he came back she would put the spear through his heart. He left the island."

"Weeks later, your mother discovered she was pregnant. She prayed to the Goddesses for guidance on how she was to raise her child and hide her shame at what she had done. She was instructed to use a story of a child being formed from clay. The Goddesses then gave the little girl powers to be an exceptional person when she grew up. All of the Amazons on Themyscira were sworn to secrecy, and the story was circulated about the child made from clay. You were that child." Diana was in shock at what she had heard. She could not even get herself to ask Kleio anything. She was forced to stand there and hear the story continue.

"After you were born the secret was kept. As a young girl, your mother told you the lie. She felt you should not know of her shame and how you had been conceived. Years passed. Every day, your mother looked at you and did not think you were old enough to hear the truth. Finally you were a grown woman. And your mother looked at you and knew she had waited too long. Now she could not admit to having lied to you all those years. Word came from the Gods. A champion was to be chosen from the Amazons and sent out to the world of men. A contest would be held to find the best of us. Your mother knew this was her punishment for her mistakes. Who amongst us could stand up to the daughter of Heracles, the grand-daughter of Zeus himself? So she tried to keep you out of the tourney. She didn't want to lose you." Diana finally managed to say something. "You must be mistaken. I didn't even do that well in the tournament. I barely won..." Kleio shook her head. "Yes, you disobeyed her to compete and she grew desperate. So she drugged you. She thought it would be enough to hold you back, to let someone else be chosen. But even with the disadvantage, you triumphed." Diana asked. "Why... why are you so insistant to tell me this?" The other Amazon smiled. "These new children need to grow up in a loving environment, encouraged to be the best they are capable of being. Would you have looked on these children as products of alien experiments and unholy science? You needed to know that you started out in a sad way, like they will, and you turned out so well. We can only hope they will follow in your footsteps."

Diana bent down and kissed her friend. She turned still somewhat in shock and started to walk to the door. Sitting there in a wheelchair was a young blonde woman who Diana was very happy to see. Kara spoke. "My pregnancy and the drugs they gave me are still messing up my system. Sometimes I can't sleep at night because my super-hearing kicks in. It happened now and I heard what she told you." Wonder Woman dropped to a knee and embraced Supergirl. "Kara! It is so good to see you awake again. How are you?" The Kryptonian smiled. "A little uncomfortable, whoozy, but the wheelchair is only because the doctors don't want me to put any strain on my system. They won't let me fly, or even walk. Like your sisters, I will be having daughters. But the Garaths didn't put me through all the nasty procedures they used on them. I won't deliver my girls for several months. Can I ask a favor... actually a couple of favors of you?" Diana face grew slightly puzzled. "If there is anything you need, I am here for you." Kara continued. "When my girls are born, I plan their names to be Barbara and Diana, after my two dearest friends. I would like to settle on Themyscira to join the Amazons as I raise them. They would do best in a home surrounded by many cousins with similar powers and abilities." Diana nodded. "We would be honored to have you and your children join us. And I am very pleased to hear you would name one of them after me. What else?" Kara's face grew sad as she considered her other request. "I was going to thank you for rescuing me, but I have heard from these people that Kal and I owe very many out there for their help in rescuing us. Most of all we owe our thanks to Donna Hooper for putting it all together. When I heard about Pat... I only met him a few times... they are having his memorial service in Granite City the day after tomorrow. The doctors don't want me to go, but I feel I should be there. Military and other people keep saying I should stay here in hiding and won't help me get there. Can I go with you?" The Amazon Princess nodded. "Of course. I also owe so much to Donna and her family, I can imagine very well how you are feeling. We will take my invisible robot plane and attend the event. Donna and Rebecca deserve our support in this time of tragedy for them." Wonder Woman paused a moment, then spoke again. "Kara... How is Kal?" Supergirl's head drooped. "He's... not doing well. The damned vermin kept him out since they caught him. They pumped awful things into his body that were meant to keep him under and destroy his mind. The only thing they wanted to keep was his sperm." Kara shuddered. "What kind of monsters are we up against, Diana? The doctors have him off the stuff finally, but he hasn't been too aware of his surroundings. The docs say they hope that flushing his system may get the toxins out and bring him around. But they don't know how long that will take or how well he'll recover." Diana gasped. "Great Hera! we will all be praying for him. Keep your spirits up, Kara. He has been able to face many trials in the past, and I know down deep he is fighting right now to regain his health."

Part Twenty-Three

Azure Angel was pacing outside a hospital room at Patrick Air Force Base ever since the sub had returned. Finally, a doctor came out and spoke to her. "She's finally awake. It appears she will fully recover. You can talk to her, but don't excite her, she's had quite an ordeal." Angelica Blau was relieved at the news, and went in to see her friend and mentor. The woman in the bed was heavily bandaged and hooked up to a bank of monitors and a prescription drip for her pain. "Vindicatrix, thank God you made it. I was really worried..." The older heroine looked over and gave a weak smile. "That's twice you've saved my life, Angie. From now on I think you should call me Kate, like all my friends do." Angelica looked over Katherine Conners and was startled. The woman's brown hair was now grey, and her face was showed traces of wrinkles. "OK Kate, but you seem to have suffered from the wounds. Your hair... your face..." Kate replied. "That's just age finally catching up on me. Years ago I was a student at Great Plains University like you, studying geology when I drove down to visit my aunt and uncle in Kansas for dinner one night. While there, I saw a meteor track in the sky, and thought it had come to Earth closeby. I drove out to look for it and found a small spacecraft had roughly landed in a farm field. I looked it over, but started to feel ill. I drove to a nearby town, but the doctor on call that night didn't believe a young college girl who claimed to have seen a alien spacecraft. He told me told cut back on my partying and sober up. For a couple of days after that I was really sick. Then I recovered and found I was faster, stronger and more aware of my surroundings. I moved around and found I could fly! I went back to check out that craft that I knew must have caused my body to develop these powers. But it was gone."

Angie cocked her head. "A spacecraft in Kansas? Do you mean...?" Kate nodded her head, but weakly. "Yes, it was his. I found that out later. I made up a costume, and since I had been reading up on Amelia Earhardt, the famous aviatrix, I decided to call myself the Vindicatrix. Years later I encountered a young lad in a costume who called himself Superboy. We became good friends. I taught him a few things. We figured out that I must have stumbled across his space craft just after his foster parents found him and took him away. His foster father came back and hid the craft, but it never did anything to him, and he was around it longer than I was. There must have been a mild alien radiation in it that triggered a mutation already lurking in my body. Later when Kara came to Earth, I was one of the first people Superman told about her. The three of us have been the closest of friends. All those years I've looked like I was in my early twenties. I never aged. Now, I finally have. Since my age is catching up with me, I can't keep up this crime-fighting..." Kate held out her hand that was only partially restrained. " ...unless I have a partner by my side. Interested.?" Azure Angel grinned. "It would be awesome!"

In San Juan, Kasugak, a member of the Maganite's staff received a printout reporting the destruction of the medical facility. He stared with shock at the paper in his hand, and then over at the elevator to the Maganite's quarters. The news had to be passed to the commander. He called over to one of the lower officers on duty. "Jazerach, take this news report up and give it to the Maganite." The young officer perked up, eager to show his usefulness to those he served. This expedition was his first assignment off the home world and he wanted to make a good impression and get positive comments in his file. He took the sheet of paper, went up the elevator and went to the door of the Maganite's quarters. The young officer knocked, and a voice came through the door. "Enter." Jazerach tugged at his tunic, wanting to look his best, and went into the quarters. He saw the Maganite standing by a bed, and there lay a nude, blond haired, orange skinned woman. One of his harem slaves, Arisia of Graxos IV was sore from the night she had endured with her master. Jazerach stared at the beautiful slave, momently forgetting why he was there. The Maganite finished donning his tunic and growled. "Your intention was to come in here and gawk at my property, ztunk?" The young officer paled, and stuttered a reply. "No, Great Sir! I have a message for you." He held the printout out for his Leader, who took it and began to read. The fury grew apparent on the Maganite's face, and he snarled out, "Destroyed!!?? The breeding program wiped out!!?? The Kryptonians gone!!?? NO!" His hand crumpled the paper he held and formed a fist. He backhanded the young officer across the face. Jazerach crumpled to the floor. His superior came close and kicked the lad in the belly hard, then repeatedly kicked him in the face. The enraged Garath bent down and grabbed the neck of his tunic and pulled him up. "You little ztunk, this cannot be true. The complex was too important for us to lose. The Earthans could not do this, they are nothing but damned slaves! Get out of here and find out what really happened!" Jazerach managed, with great difficulty, to stagger towards the door and limp out of the room. When Kasugak saw the junior officer come out of the elevator, he knew his decision to use the fool had been correct. The Maganite did not take bad news very well. And this news was so bad...

Part Twenty-Four

Diana's robot plane, fast enough and indetectable enough to use the skies where the Garaths still were supreme, travelled from the hospital in Newport News to Granite City for the service. Wonder Woman rolled Kara up the platform at the entrance to the cemetary. The area was packed with people, and they all spoke greetings and expressions of friendship to the heroines as they moved through the crowd. They told Diana that they were happy she was there and congratulated Supergirl in being freed from her imprisonment. In the crowd, and up on the platform, other costumed heros and heroines were there to pay their respects. The crowd parted as the coffin was walked in, supported by six of the policemen who Patrick Hooper had served with. The President spoke briefly, extending the sympathy of the nation and the world to Donna and Rebecca Hooper on their loss. Nightshade and Plastic Man were on either side of the Shady Lady, supporting her when she found it hard to stand up. Arnie Belham (Rebecca's boyfriend) and Barbara Gordon stood on either side of Becky, with Batgirl's arm around the shoulders of Glory Girl, who didn't realize she could cry so many tears. The military honor guard stood at attention, and a bugler sounded taps as a pair of soldiers folded the flag from the casket. They handed it to the President, and he personally went to Donna's side and gave it to her. Her legs wobbled, and she had to be supported as she sobbed deeply. In the sky, Fire, Black Condor, J'onn J'onzz, Doctor Light and Star Girl flew overhead slowly in a vee formation. As they passed overhead, Black Condor dropped back and dove away. The remaining flyers kept their formation with an empty spot signifying the "missing man." A salute to the person who had been lost.

The next day another funeral was held as Nukla was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetary. He had no family to mourn for him, but many of the same people turned out to give him their respects. After these two services, the word spread. It was too important to keep secret, despite the people who wanted it kept under wraps. People in every city, town and village learned that Earth had a victory. With hope, they all wanted to help fight an enemy that was seen to be less infallible than had been suspected. People knew if they could win a battle, they could win this war.

The End? - NO WAY!!

Coming up -- THE CONQUERED EARTH - Book Three - Vengeance and Victory - watch for it!

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Here I have expanded the war and brought the story to the point where the Earth forces (and most importantly, the Earth costumed heroines) are able to find a way to strike out at the hated invaders. There are many points that I have here that tie into what happened in the first part and some hint about what is about to happen in Part Three. I pulled together a big group of heroes and heroines for the attack on the island, with lots of DC people, some Marvels, and an assortment of characters from all over the comics worlds. I hope you enjoyed how famous and insignificant people from the known comics universe keep popping up in the storyline.There are a few things mentioned here that will develop in the exciting third part of the story. Will the Garaths find new ways to attack Earth's force and steal more of Earth's women? Will other heroines fall in their clutches? Will the dreaded aliens track down and recapture the Kryptonians and the Amazons who were in the breeding program? You'll just have to wait and see.

In the first part of THE CONQUERED EARTH I told you a slightly different origin for Superman and I killed off Batman on my version of this comic book Earth. I finish my work on DC's big three with a surprise about Wonder Woman's origin. This will effect how Diana will guide the Amazon nation next chapter, and in the future. She will rule a Themyscirawith a new generation of Amazons and a closer connection to the world of man.

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