Book One: Arrival and Enslavement  

WARNING: This story is fictional and is not intended to portray any real persons, living or dead, nor is it at all intended to encourage the type of activity portrayed here. It is strictly a fantasy/parody, intended for the personal enjoyment of those who appreciate female costumed characters in fear for their life or the violation of their body. The story describes and/or hints at graphic sexual situations, including bondage, violence, non-consensual sex, and other elements unacceptable in certain communities. It is NOT intended, nor is it at all suitable, for minors. If you are under the age of 18, or if this type of thing offends you, you shouldn’t be reading it. If you are a person who does find interesting the material described above, then I invite you to enjoy this story.

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The Conquered Earth

Book One: Arrival and Enslavement

by Alias the Rat

Part One

There were elements of panic all around the globe when the observatories first leaked information that something was on a course directly for Earth. Several different institutions used their telescopes to examine the approaching cloud of matter and they were forced to agree that the clump of material were going to intersect earth at a high rate of speed very soon. The amount of panic was only kept down by the tendancy for people to dismiss or refuse to believe what the scientists were saying. Most of them just did not think the dire predictions could be true. Then the cloud of material came close enough that the telescopes began to pick out details and the scientists were amazed to see regular shapes that made up what was approaching. The spheres were huge, each a half-mile in diameter, and they were moving in a regular formation. They were spaceships! Who were they? Why they were coming in such large numbers was widely speculated on. Some preached for understanding and that earth should offer a heartfelt welcome to those creatures who had come so far. Others worried that the onslaught was an evil invasion. But most of the world just wondered. They would look up at the sky and try to guess what was approaching.

Aliens on Earth were not totally unknown. J'onn J'onzz was known to be a sole survivor of a ancient civilization on Mars. Superman and his cousin, Supergirl had announced they were refugees from a far-off planet, Krypton. {Note: For purposes of this story, Earth has not had any other contacts with cultures outside the solar system. In this storyline, The Kree, Skrulls and Thanagarians never visited Earth. There is no Green Lantern Corps, and Adam Strange never went to Rann.} Earth wondered what was out there and if they would ever come into contact with civilizations from the far-flung reaches of the galaxy. Mankind would soon greatly regret that this very event was about to happen.

Finally the visiting armada came to orbit the earth. A pair of boxy shuttles escorted by a dozen sleek streamlined fighter craft left one of the massive alien ships and swooped down to hover in the sky above Metropolis. A group of U.S. Air Force jets circled the area, ordered to watch the visitors. They kept a safe distance from them, as they were not to act unless the ships attacked. The military commanders were apprehensive about the aliens, not knowing what their intentions, and the generals did not want to do anything to cause the start of a horrible war. But air bases all over the globe had pilots manning their planes, ready to take off at any minute. A message suddenly appeared on radio and television frequencies that said the Maganite, leader of the Garathian mission to Earth, would land at the United Nations to address the assembly about their visit.

The two transports landed in the plaza in front of the United Nations building, and a group of the strange visitors filed out. Basically humanoid, they were tall and gaunt with a grey pallor to their skin. Thirty of them lined up along the sides of the landing area and showed the obvious demeanor of soldiers. They wore high leather boots, green shorts and tunics and had holstered weapons. But the people watching (including a large part of the planet, as it was televised live by all the major networks) wondered if these aliens meant harm to Earth or were only there as ceremonial escorts for the others. For an additional half dozen of the visitors stood between the soldiers and were dressed more elaborately. The one in front, who was dressed in elaborate red and gold robes, showed the demeanor of a confident leader. He was obviously this Maganite the anouncements had mentioned. With his escort, he marched into the building and moved to the speaker's platform in the main hall. All of the world's representatives sat there waiting to hear what had brought the Garathians all the way to Earth.

Near the back of the room stood Earth's greatest hero, Superman. He watched the alien representative move to the podium and nearly shook with anticipation. Thirty-five years before Superman had been an infant when his suspended animation capsule crash-landed on Earth. Growing to discover his great powers, he went through the remains of his smashed craft and learned that he was a survivor of a far-off world, Krypton. Some great disaster had threatened the world of his birth, and Kal-El had been fired out into the galaxy to preserve the Kryptonian race. Further notes about Krypton had been in his capsule, but had been destroyed in the crash. He knew so little about the world where he was born, and constantly wished he could find out more. Only eight years ago he had stumbled across a second capsule of similar design that had crashed in the asteroid belt beyond Mars. The inner workings still held another sleeping Kryptonian survivor, a young girl whose capsule held a few more data crystals about the planet they came from. He found she was Kara Zor-El, the daughter of his uncle, sent to this part of the galaxy at the same time. She had been a teen-ager and he had been a infant when they were both launched at the Sol System. But as she had slept in the asteroid belt, he had aged. Now he was the elder of the two. They were the only two surviving Kryptonians they knew of, and only the sexual attitudes Kal-el had been taught on Earth kept them apart. The rejection that Superman felt about the prospect of having sex with Kara, once she was an adult, kept her at length. Each of them was torn with the thoughts of sexual contact with the other that might result in keeping the Kryptonian race from dying out. But they could not accept the idea of having sex with someone who was such a close relative. And now these aliens from far out in the universe had arrived. Would they perhaps know of the existence of other Kryptonians? Would they offer Superman and Supergirl a location where other survivors might have landed? Superman yearned to hear of a Kryptonian mate who might be waiting for him on a far-off world. Kara also dreamed of a man she could take in her arms and make love with. On Earth, she could not be intimate with any man without destroying him with her super powered body. As he watched the Maganite prepare to speak, Kal-el wished Supergirl was there with him to see this, but word had come just minutes before that a cruise ship had caught fire in the South China Sea. Superman had reluctantly said he would go to their aid, but Kara knew her cousin's excitement about the visitors and insisted her cousin stay at the UN for the arrival of the aliens while she flew to the far east. She would re-join him as soon as she took care of the crisis on the liner.

The voice of the alien leader rang out. A tiny electronic unit he wore made his words seem to be the language of the person hearing them. All over the globe, people heard and comprehended his speech. "I am the Maganite Korevetar, a leader sent by the Garath Empire to inform you of our intentions. Over 4000 of your years ago, a Garathian exploratory transport found a primitive ape-like creature on this world was capable of evolving one day into an intelligent humanoid species. We genetically modified to some of the creatures to accelerate the process. In their minds was planted a single command. Be fruitful and multiply. We are happy to see you have followed our command. Now we are here to collect the results of our work. There are elements here that will be harvested for transport back to Garath-Prime. But mostly, we will be collecting large numbers of your females for our use. The Empire survives with the efforts of slaves we bring back to the inner planets. You will..." The alien's speech was interrupted by the outraged shouts from the audience of diplomats. Along the rows of seats, many of them got up and began to shake their fists, crying out that Earth would not sit still for such oppression. But the Maganite stood calmly, and the soldiers escorting him lined up and raised their firearms to aim at the angry crowd. The weapons they held glowed red and beams of energy shot out to incinerate the protesting diplomats. TV screens all over the planet showed the brutal execution of the representatives that marked the start of the war that Garath was now going to wage on the inhabitants of Earth. United Nations security personnel streamed in and fired their weapons at the aliens, but the electronic shield units the Garathians wore did not allow the shots to harm them. Bullets stopped, never quite hitting their targets. From the back of the room, Superman flew towards the podium, planning to seize the Maganite and force him to stop the horrid invasion. The inhuman soldier's red beams of energy hit him, and though they staggered him, he slowly kept advancing towards his target. But the beams from the energy weapons suddenly changed. Some turned blue, others yellow, purple or green. Suddenly the Kryptonian felt weakness in his limbs, dizziness and sharp bolts of pain go through him. The beams brought him down.

The Maganite looked over at the hero, writhing in pain near the podium, and was about to signal his escort to destroy the rebellious earthman. But one of his assistants who had been at the leader's side suddenly looked up from the electronic unit he held and cried out. "Great Sir! The scans of this one have identified him as... a Kryptonian!" The Maganite spun to face the one who had made this statement. "Are you positive? By Degarku's all-seeing gaze, we need this one alive. Restrain him, but I don't want him damaged any further."

Part Two

Evan as the representative of the Garath made his announcements at the United Nations, the massive globes in orbit sent out wave after wave of smaller craft. Large boxy shuttles were escorted by smaller, sleek fighters to dozens of locations where the alien invaders went to collect the wealth of Earth. And the wealth they were most interested in were the women of the world, to serve as slaves throughout the Garath Empire. The shuttles landed in pre-arranged target areas. The beaches in California, Florida, the South of France, Australia, Hawaii and all over the Earth saw these craft pass overhead, spraying a sweet-smelling pink mist into the air. People who looked up were either unaware of the declaration of war by the invaders or just not expecting to be attacked, and looked up with curiosity at the odd approaching aircraft. When the mist dispersed into the air around them, people began to lose all mental will to do anything. They stood and looked up at the shuttles, but made no effort to react or flee the area.

While the shuttles landed and disembarked squadrons of Garath warriors, Earth's air forces were sent out to attempt to repel the invaders. But while the alien craft all were protected by energy fields that shielded them from the gunfire and missles, the lasers on the Garath fighters cut down the earth planes easily. It was a horrible massacre, and in a short period of hours huge numbers of the earth's top line fighter planes and trained pilots had been burned out of the sky.

Meanwhile, the squads of Garath warriors marched through the earthlings on the beaches, pointing at women and merely telling them, though their translation modules, to proceed to the nearest shuttle and get on board. It was pathetically easy work for them. The pacification gas that had been applied to each collection area had wiped any resistence from the victim's minds. In some rare exceptions, people would resist the gas and rush at the warriors, screaming as they tried to stop the abduction of their wives, sisters or daughters. But these people never got a hand on any of the aliens, as they were burned to charred skeletons before any attack even came close.

Quernasa, a riparte {basic soldier} in the 34th Collection Regiment, walked along the sand on Miami Beach and marveled at the sight. By Great Degarku, he thought, this is going to be the best expedition ever!. There were so many beautiful women here and they were ripe for the picking. He was only going to get a simple riparte's share of the profits of this harvesting, but if all the units were doing this well, he'd be rich when they got back to Garath-Prime. His wife would have servants and he could afford at least a couple of concubines for his personal pleasure. He looked at a group of young women nearby and spoke up. "Remove your garments. Line up here for my inspection." His manhood grew erect and throbbed as he watched the women's sleek beautiful bodies gather around him. The women stood around him, displaying their tanned, naked forms, and only if you looked very hard could you see the fear and terror in their eyes. Each of them wanted to run, to flee the approach of the tall, grey-skinned alien figure, but their resolve had been wiped out by the pacification gas. They were totally susceptible to any order they were given. Quernasa was especially pleased by the number of red-haired slaves he saw. Most Garathians were especially aroused by women with scarlet hair, and here he saw several in the crowd. They were very rare on other worlds, and before this he'd only seen one women with crimson tresses, a Thanagarian slave in the Maganite's harem. He had so envied the expedition leader for possessing a red-haired woman, and now there were an assortment of them standing here for the picking! They would bring even better prices when the harvested samalans {female slaves} were shipped back to the empire.

The soldier went to the nearest red-hair and dropped his pants. He thrust his erect penis roughly into her and heard her groan in pain from the rough, nasty insertion. She was tight, and felt great. He pumped his cock into her and she began to lubricate her canal. Then her vagina reacted to the rough sex. She moaned and wiggled through the rape, and he came and filled her with his alien seed. Her gyrations and movement though the sex had been invigorating to Quernasa. Back home most public whore-slaves had been drugged for so long that they usually just lay there during sex, without reacting. Those cunt-bodies were like fucking someone nearly dead. Here the women still have energy and passion. Quernasa moved to another red-haired young lady, and repeated his pleasure. But to his consternation, another alien, Ksenhosna, the jedant (squad leader) walked up and yelled. "Quernasa, you worthless piece of volcka crap, you are here to work, not to sample the merchandise! What, do you think you're a sevalach {officer}? Start marching these samalans over to the shuttles and get them loaded!" Quernasa hung his head and whined to the jedant. "Oh for the praise of Degaru, Ksenhosna, the sluts are so well pacified that they just load themselves. And there are so many. We can load the shuttles we have here ten times over with the bounty on this beach. I've never heard of a harvesting being so easy!"

Ksenhosna chuckled. "Yes, we've fallen into a bonanza here. You want to know why? The bozasts {scientists} back home fucked up! I heard that Garath was supposed to send the harvesting ships here 1500 zomurns {about 1300 years} ago. But they left it off the schedule and forgot it. Only recently did a historian going through old records notice the error, and this farm has been over-populating with the samalans. The Maganite will have to send word for more transports. We can pack 150,000 or more on the ships in orbit, but that will barely dent what we've seen in our scans. This Earth will make a hell of a lot of dealers rich. But the price will drop once so many are on the market..." Quernasa cocked his head and replied. "But not the first shipment! They will get prime rates for these women when they see them! Especially the red-hairs! And with a jedant's share of the profits, you'll be even better off than me. Come on, Ksenhosna, relax a little and enjoy our good fortune. Here, have a celebration fuck in my red-hair!" The squad leader did allow a smile on his grizzled face. "What the hell, why not! But I don't want some bitch your piss-ant dick has fouled! Go over there and get me a fresh red-hair.. shit, a couple of red-hairs for me to fuck!"

On a beach in Hawaii, another group of ripartes moved through the crowds of sun bathers, ordering the women they picked out to move to the shuttles. As at the other raiding spots, the soldiers sampled some of their prisoners, especially the red-haired ones. Afurzquain, one of the soldiers, tapped the shoulder of a beautiful young woman and ran his hands over her body, feeling her breasts and pussy as he peeled the bathing suit away. "Go over to the shuttle and get inside," he told her. But a little girl ran up and wrapped her arms around the woman's leg and cried, "Mommy!" The alien looked down at the youngster and sprayed a bit of mist into the child's face. The little girl sat down and stopped crying, and without a backward glance, the mother started walking to the shuttle. Afurzquain looked at the girl and said, "Don't worry little one, we'll be back for you in twenty years, when you're ripe!" He watched as the child sat on the blanket and reached in a tote bag nearby and pulled something out. The child removed the wrapper from a candy bar and start to wolf it down. The soldier wondered what the child was so interested in, so he reached in the bag and found another candy bar. He unwrapped it, took a sniff, and finally decided to take a bite. The chocolate dissolved in his mouth, and the taste sensation amazed him. The taste and texture of this odd food was totally unlike anything he'd encountered on any planet he'd been to, and Afurzquain was known for his curiousity. The other ones in his unit always warned him he was going to poison himself someday. But the riparte loved to try native delicacies and this thing he'd found here outdid all the rest. He rummaged in the bag, pulling out a few more of the candy bars, and stuffed them in his belt pack. He resolved to find out exactly what this strange food was, and to get more. In the past, he'd made a lot of extra gerachs {unit of currency} on the side finding unique treats to pass on to the Garathians up in the transports who never got down to the surface.

At Venice Beach near Los Angeles, the riparte ordering their prey to load in the shuttles were confronted by an especially stunning red-haired woman who wore a dark blue one piece suit with a deep plunging neckline, blue-black gloves, boots and mask. She had a small scuba tank strapped to her back and was using it to avoid breathing the misting gas she'd seen being sprayed. Linda Darnell, Hollywood stuntwoman, fought crime as the Black Cat, and she had been enjoying the beach and listening to music on the radio when she noticed the strange craft overhead. The radio broke in with news reports of the confrontation at the United Nations, and she was suspicious as soon as she saw the mist being sprayed by the flyer overhead. She dashed into a scuba shop to don her costume and grab a small breathing apparatus. She emerged from the shop and was stunned to see what the aliens were doing to the crowd. Sedated women were removing their clothes and either being raped by the invaders or meekly following orders to move to the shuttles. Linda moved to the back of the nearest alien and smashed her elbow into his neck. This one went down and she sprinted for the next one. He saw her approach, but his amazement at the sight of a woman warrior slowed his reaction and the Black Cat smashed him in the chin before he could draw his weapon. With two of them down she went for a third, but the air tank on her back, even though she'd grabbed the smallest one they had, was beginning to weigh her down. The soldier got his arm up and smacked her to one side when she got to him, and as she rolled to get back up, a dart went into her shoulder. Her knees swiftly began to buckle, and she felt woozy. One of the riparte got to her, and ripped off the air mask. She tried to struggle away, but the drug in the dart was slowing her reactions and making it very hard to concentrate on what she knew she had to do. A small canister in one of the alien's hands hissed the pink mist into her face, and all her resolve drained away as she became pacified. One of the soldiers standing over her spoke. "What have we here? A female red-hair who is a warrior? What kind of world have we conquered, to see such a thing!" He reached down and pulled down the top of Linda's costume to squeeze her breasts. "She has a fine form, and a sweet pair of mammaries!" Another soldier ripped away the bottom of her suit, revealing her crotch. He fingered her pussy, and she groaned and began to feel wet at his rough molestation of her body. "I've never been interested in fucking a warrior before, but today I'm going to make an exception!" The Garath plunged his dick into Linda's cunt and raped her hard and fast. The other three Garath followed him and Linda's mind reeled in horror as she lay there being harshly fucked over and over. She wanted to resist, but the mist had wiped out her ability to fight back. She was their slave. After they all had repeatedly taken her, they told her to move to the shuttle craft and get on board. Linda cried as she found herself compelled to bring her bruised and battered body erect and follow the order.

And on the beaches around the globe each shuttle loaded about fifty submissive samalans and made their first of many trips to the huge transport ships in orbit. The expedition had scheduled the parties to take about six earth months to load all the transports for the trip back to Garath-Prime. But the ships were filling up way ahead of schedule. Every member of the expedition took his pleasure with the sweet bodies that were being harvested, and they all were happy at how the profits from such a gathering of slaves would be distributed.

Part Three

But soon the Garaths discovered the first item in a long line of nagging little disappointments with their conquest of Earth. From a planet-side complex established for the examination of Earth material, the jegard mecand {head medical tech} contacted the Maganite on a communicator. "Great Sir, we have discovered something disturbing. Preliminary examinations of the samalans being loaded up here show that there have been alterations made to them. Many of the yellow haired women show signs that their hair was artificially altered from black or brown. Even some of the red-hairs may have had artificial re-coloring done. And what is worse... we are finding many examples where the size of the mammary glands has been altered by surgical insertion of a packet of a foreign substance." The Maganite was shocked by this statement, and worried about how this would affect the value of their merchandise. If these alterations were discovered after the wares were sold, the buyers would blame him for allowing deceptive products to enter the marketplace. He remembered the story of Cursed Dalkatar, the Maganite of an expedition centuries ago who brought a load of red-hairs back to Garath-Prime. After they were sold, it was discovered a chemical bath had been used to alter their hair color. He insisted he had found the slaves on the planet Heevaa in that condition, but when the courts ruled, he was heavily fined, demoted, beheaded, vaporized and his ashes were left in space. His sons were castrated and lived the lowest kind of life, hardly ranking above slaves. "Can the alterations be corrected?" The jegard mecand replied. "We attempted to do so, but most of my technicians are not skilled surgeons. They carved out the inserts and sewed up the mammaries, but the survivors were mis-shappen and had garish scars that will detract from their sale value." The Maganite's face showed concern with the prospect of such a reduction in the value of his property. "Do careful scans of all the bitches moving into the transports. And check the ones already loaded. If the Earthans have medical skills that can insert these mammary enhancements, we will force them to correct the problem, and they will probably be able to do so with less damage to the commodity. As they are sorted out, we will take over a medical complex on the planet's surface to correct the problem. Set up a holding area for samalans that have to be restored to their original condition. Keep careful watch over what we are collecting, mecand. If anything gets back to Garath-Prime in a deceptive state, the blame will trickle down from me onto your head."

The jegard mecand was worried about this prospect as much as the Maganite. He had to bring up another problem. "Maganite, at the location called Atlantic City, collection forces were attacked by an Earth female displaying enhanced powers who battled our men. She resisted the pacification gas and fought hard against many of our ripartes before she was brought down. She has lost an eye, and also has a broken left arm and extensive burns to her face and right side. Despite all these injuries, she still required three injection darts of submission fluid to capture. We have been examining her here at our lab and find her to be a genetically enhanced earth human with great powers of adaptability, strength and agility. She also wore a belt which increased her strength even further. Before the damage, she was a perfect example of Earthan womanhood." The Maganite fumed. "And you say our troops rendered her useless? How are we to make a profit on this world with such incompetence!" The tech winced. It wasn't his fault the hair and breasts of the captives were altered, they had been so before they were harvested. And the warrior woman could not have been taken without the damage. But he knew better than to tell the leader that when he was so enraged. "She can be repaired. The broken arm has been set with a splint, and her damaged skin can be peeled and replaced with fresh membrane that will return her to near original condition. The eye can be replaced as soon as we find a match. I have workers pulling skin and eye material off captives who are otherwise of no value. The samples will be preserved until the warrior female is ready for repair." The Maganite answered. "Good. Once she has been returned to saleable shape, be sure to brand her arm with a 'repaired goods' mark. I don't want any problems after we get her home and sell her. Hmmm. Question her about her abilities. Find out if there are others like her. If she is not a unique oddity, we may be able to collect more samalans of her quality."

The medical tech went to the room where the warrior woman was being held. He noticed that even with a large dose of submission drug in her system, she still was pulling against the steel restraints that held her on the table. He looked over the readings. She was labored in her breathing, her blood pressure was very high and brain activity was showing dangerous spurts of instability. Her medical condition would not allow much more damage to her system. He would have to be careful, as even in damaged condition, the loss of this valuable property would not be acceptable to the Maganite. The jegard mecand moved to the side of the nude captive and reached out to pull up an eyelid to look at her pupils. As he was about to do so, he was startled to see the female's eyes snap open. He jumped back as she growled a curse at him and pulled at her restraints. Her broken left arm, covered with a thin, hard plastic splint, must have been extremely painful to her and she still was trying to pull it free. What manner of individual was this? He held up a spray unit and gave her another faceful of the pacification gas. Her eyes lost some of their fire, and she seemed to relax on the table. He began to question her. "Who are you?" "Diana, Princess of the Amazons." she replied, in a low monotone. "Amazons?..." he asked. "Are there more like you?" She winced and blinked her eyes. Even now she was still trying to resist the massive dosage of pacificants in her system. "There are.... there are... about 1100 Amazons who reside on the island of Themyscira." A smile appeared on the face of the tech as he realized what the acquisition of these Amazons would do for the expedition. And his reporting of news of this quality would greatly enhance his standing with the Maganite. He asked. "Where is this place you call... Themyscira?" Wonder Woman's face tightened and her body again went rigid. The medic could not believe she was still trying to resist. It was a gamble, but he had to have that location. Watching the monitors that showed her health status, he flipped a switch and a needle came up from the table and plunged into Diana's left buttock. She moaned and went limp as more drugs entered her system. The tech saw her heartbeat slow and feared he had gone too far. But the Amazon Princess just barely kept her grip on life and her heart did not give out. He bent down and repeated the question. And in a low voice, Diana gave up the hiding place of her fellow Amazons to the invaders who would do anything to bring them down.

The Maganite was very pleased with the information the jegard mecand sent him. He summoned the kherzageg {military commander} of the expedition and discussed plans to collect the Amazons. All other harvestings on the schedule had been postponed while the captured samalans were being scanned and sorted, and twenty shuttles full of soldiers were readied for an attack. Each squadron of ten Garath soldiers usually had two men armed with the weapons that fired the submission darts. In this mission, every riparte would be armed with one. And the sprays of pacification drugs before assault would be triple strength. The next day, the operation hit the target island. The Amazons were taken by surprise and were stripped of their single best weapon -- secrecy. The aliens knew where they were and struck hard. The residents of Themyscira, led by Queen Hippolyta in her battle armor came out to fight the invaders. But their skill and weapons were not enough against the power that the Garath had. One by one the gas and the tranquilizing darts brought the women down. The last to fall was the Queen herself, holding the Buckler of Haphaestus while thrusting the enchanted Spear of Athena at the attackers. This enchanted weapon was able to pierce the energy shields of the soldiers who swarmed at her. Dozen of riparte were cut down by the spear before darts that found gaps in her armor forced her to lose consciousness. The queen was stripped of her armor and weapons and wrapped in chains. The other prisoners, every Amazon on the island, were securely bound and loaded on the transports. The commander contacted the Maganite and reported the complete success of the operation. And over a thousand of the most sexually appealing women on the face of the earth were carried off to a Garath transport and placed in hibernation chambers.

Part Four

Queen Hippolyta was brought in tattered robes and chains before the Maganite in his personal quarters. Five distinctively different alien women glanced up at the new prisoner. One of the harem, a red-haired winged Thanagarian wearing only a skimpy loincloth, watched how the Maganite's eyes went over the curves of the earth woman. Shayera Hol wondered if the Garath leader would add this woman or some other Earth female to his harem. She sighed, and hoped so. One more samalan in the group would mean the pig would spend less time with his cock in her. The Maganite looked at Queen Hippolyta with great interest. Aproaching her, he pulled away what was left of her clothes and admired her sensous body. His hand ran over her shoulder, then came to rest on one of her magnificent breasts. "Are these real?" he asked. Hippolyta was taken aback slightly by the question, but decided to respond. "Amazons have never had any need for plastic surgery." The alien leader was pleased to hear this statement. His evaluation of the value of the new prisoners skyrocketed. He was tempted for a short while to keep this regal beauty for his own pleasure. But each expedition was expected to make a gift of an exceptional example of the captured samalans to the Garath Emperor. The Maganite would have sent the first Amazon that was captured, if not for her extensive damage. This beautiful blonde samalan would do, especially if she was a queen on this planet. It would demonstrate the success of the venture and the public presentation of the gift would help promote the sales of other Earthan women shipped back to the auction blocks. He saw the woman still had defiance in her eyes. That would cease as she would be fitted with an arm band that would not harm her physically while it ran jolts of excruciating pain through her. Instead of sending her back on one of the transports, which would take eight jahrn {four months} to get back to Garath-Prime, a quick scout cutter would take this prisoner back in half the time. And the pain band on the trip would burn the defiance out of her. She would end up a member of the royal harem. The Maganite would find another beauty to add to his personal slaves. Probably a really nice red-hair. As he ordered the Amazon taken away to be prepared for shipment, he moved over and looked down at Shayera. "Thanagarian, go to my bed and make ready to pleasure me." Shayera sighed, and bowed her head. "Yes, Master."

Hours later the head data-gathering officer had a meeting with the Maganite. "Great Sir, in examining the resources of this planet, we have discovered they have advanced to a high level of computer usage - rare for a samalan farm. But this planet should never have been left to its own devices for so long. My men have tapped into an information computer network the Earthans call the Web, and it is a valuble source of information on all sorts of things here. In a file of material about the Kryptonian they call Superman it mentions a female called Supergirl who is also a survivor from Krypton!" The Maganite was shocked at this statement. It was thought that the Kryptonians had been hunted to extinction centuries ago by the Garath Empire and by the pirate renegade groups who raided plantets to sell slaves on the black market. The Kryptonian scientists, desperate as their women were slowly being siphoned away, had attempted to develop a weapon they could use against the Garathians, but their experiments only caused their own world to explode. The energy wave that radiated from the exploding planet swept out to hit all the systems in that part of the galaxy, and though it did only minor damage to the Empire, the surviving Kryptonians on other planets were affected by the green, glowing energy blast and soon sickened and died. Kryptonian samalans had been valued highly, and the commercial industry that dealt in them deeply regretted their loss. At that time Garath science re-doubled its efforts to develop a successful cloning process to try to bring back the Kryptonian race. But as had been the case for countless centuries, any attempt to clone intelligent life was a failure. Humanoid clones simply did not develop properly and usually had total celular breakdown long before they reached puberty. This was why the empire maintained its supply of samalans by harvesting beings from subjugated planets. There had been a rumor, just a legend, that some Kryptonians had used primitive space ships to escape, but there had never been any proof this had happened. Until now. The Maganite had ordered a special facility set up in a secret location on the planet's surface for a breeding program. The male Kryptonian was held there, and the leader had ordered twenty of the Amazon women sent there to be used to produce Kryptonian-Amazon female offspring. Those samalans seemed the best match for the production of a viable product. The genetics techs had taken sperm from the male captive and artificially inseminated the Amazons to produce pregnancies. Advanced genetic techniques would allow each woman to produce twin, or in some cases, triplet female children. The females would be subjected to serums and radiation treatments to accelerate the production of valuable offspring. The Maganite did not ship the group back to Garath-Prime as he thought production of the prized samalans here on Earth would allow their eventual sale for a much higher profit. Back on Garath-Prime a noble family or perhaps even the Royal Family would have seized these assets and kept the extremely valuable samalans produced for themselves.

But if a female Kryptonian could be found, then the two could be used to produce full-blooded Kryptonians. The value for such a samalan would be beyond measure! The Maganite went to his comunicator and ordered his assistant to open a conference call to all his departmental subordinates. "You all know that we have captured a male Kryptonian here recently. You know the profits his presence will mean for this expedition. Profits you all will share in. I have just been informed that on this sphere there is a female Kryptonian. All efforts must be made to find her and capture her. She is worth more than anything we have taken so far on this rich planet. If she is found, she must be taken alive and in perfect condition. An examination of the male will be made to find Kryptonian weaknesses. If dozens of our soldiers are killed in order to capture her, this will be an acceptable loss. But if in our efforts she is damaged, the person responsible will be castrated, skinned and wear a pain module for the rest of his pathetic life. Are you all very clear on this?" All of the subordinates nodded, as they too realised the importance of the samalan's intact capture. The Maganite ended the conference call and smiled. So many samalans harvested! The exceptionally fine quality Amazon samalans! Now Kryptonians! This expedition was doing so well he knew his share of the profits would be gargantuan. He wondered... could his family buy noble status? It was not out of the question! Once a batch of female full-blooded Kryptonians were produced, they would be so valuable that few would be able to afford them. Some would be used as gifts to curry favor with the Emperor and the peak families. For a chance to someday become Lord Korevetar, the garath leader knew he would do anything. Soon, on the day the first transports of Earthan samalans arrived on Garath-Prime, the Empire would formally celebrate a Conquest Day. A sub-space video broadcast would go out from Earth to all the worlds of the Empire and the Maganite would make a fine speech, accompanied by a display of the goods that would be entering the marketplace. It would be his finest hour. And his broadcast, with the announcement of the Amazons and Kryptonians, would make him the greatest Maganite in Garath history!

Part Five

The gathering missions of the shuttles were put back on the schedules. The beaches, where the aliens had been rounding up their prey, were now deserted. But the Garath changed tactics and the pacifying gas was sprayed down over college campuses where the Garath soldiers rounded up young women by the hundreds as the girls stood quietly while they were collected. Young women meekly followed the orders to move to the shuttles and get on board. While this happened the Garath soldiers picked out the most beautiful of the girls and raped them on the spot. As this continued, bands of costumed heroes began to try to stop the attacks.

At the University in Paris, young mademoiselles were meekly following orders to board the shuttles when the riparte on the operation were attacked. A man in a red suit confronted them and cupped his hands to his mouth. Henri de Rouge moaned, and a cone of sonic energy swept out and struck the Garath soldiers, knocking them down. He spun, to send his sound power at others. But soldiers in the area turned and fired at him with their lasers. His charred body dropped to the ground. Another member of the Legion de'Liberte arrived on the scene, only to see her lover's death. Marquisa du Gennesaile screamed at the sight and rushed at the killers. The Mistress of Temperature put her hands on the shoulders of one of them and her right hand froze the alien's body while her left hand glowed and caused the other side of the Garath to burst into flame. She moved swiftly with her intense rage, vowing horrible deaths to the fiends who had killed her beloved Henri. But she could not get all the riparte before she too was hit by the lasers and killed. The remaining soldiers loaded their captives and took off.

In the Nebraska city of Lincoln, at Great Plains University, lovely blonde-haired Angelica Blau was in class when a loud commotion was heard outside. While people began to exit the hall to see what was going on, Angelica moved to a empty teacher's office along the corridor and went in to change into a skimpy blue outfit to become the Azure Angel, superheroine. She wasn't finished when the door opened and she heard a voice. She cringed at the thought of somebody coming in on her in the middle of getting changed, but it was her dorm roommate, Holly Meoquanee. The young native american girl at once began to change into her gold buckskin bikini costume to become another costumed super-heroine, Cornsilk. Holly spoke. "Hi Angie, I saw you duck in here. What's going on?" Angelica pulled on her blue bikini costume, which covered very little, and shrugged her shoulders. They soon stood, side by side, scantily-clad exhibitionist young women who had not been working as heroines very long, but who wanted so hard to be adventurous and famous. As they were on the first floor, they went out the window, and Cornsilk dropped to the ground while Azure Angel flew overhead. She saw a couple of unusual boxy flyers swooping down toward the green park area in the center of campus, and then heard the sirens below. A couple of the local campus security force squad cars rolled up and one driver was waving to the flying heroine. She landed, and recognized Sam Garrett, who she'd dated a few times. As Holly ran up, he cried out, "Azure, you gotta put this on!" He handed her a gas mask, and she looked at him, puzzled. Suddenly another woman, the red-white-and-blue clad Vindicatrix swooped down to join the group. She had been a heroine for many years in Omaha and the two youngsters were always very excited when they had a chance to work with the famous heroine that they had grown up admiring. "Girls, he's right. This attack is by those damn aliens who have been raiding beaches and capturing Earth women. We didn't expect them to pop up here in the plains states, but I did get a briefing report from the Justice League that warned what to watch out for if I encountered them. They send down these shuttlecraft with soldiers armed with nasty laser weapons after they gas the area. The gas sort of mesmerizes you - if you are hit by it you just stand there and follow any orders they give you. Guns and energy weapons don't work against the soldiers, because they have some kind of energy shield. So we have to try to stop them with hand-to-hand combat. OK?" Azure Angel and Cornsilk looked at the more experienced heroine and nodded, and Holly said, "We'll go and kick some alien butt!" Vindicatrix smiled, but she paused to turn to Angelica. "If you fly, stay low. The shuttles are usually accompanied by fast fighter ships with more powerful lasers that will burn you out of the sky if they catch you."

Donning the gas masks, the three women charged at the soldiers who were starting to move pacified victims towards the shuttle. Vindicatrix flew just off the ground and smashed into the back of a riparte, knocking him for a loop. She continued, aiming at another while dodging ray beams aimed at her. Cornsilk charged and used her agility and knowledge of martial arts to avoid the alien's fire while smashing, kicking and chopping into the ripartes. But she looked over towards the shuttles and grew worried as she saw women were already entering the craft. Aliens there were ordering them to get on board and they were ripping the clothes off the women who made no moves to resist. Azure Angel tried an attack like the one she had seen Vindicatrix use, but she did not have the element of surprise or the same manuverability and the aliens mostly dodged her airborne attack. A flash of fire from one of them creased her leg and she winced at the pain of a burn that ran along her thigh and calf. She landed and charged at a couple of the attackers, knocking them to the ground. But suddenly a dart hit her left shoulder and she staggered in pain. She reached up and pulled it out, but her entire left side tingled and she had barely any feeling in that arm. A riparte came at her and she was still able to deck him with a good shot of her right fist. But she'd been slowed up and knew she was in real danger now. She glanced around and saw her two companions nearby, trying to fight off four alien soldiers who had closed with them. Vindicatrix had a couple of those darts sticking in her, and as Azure Angel turned to help, she saw with horror the patriotic heroine was hit by another dart in the chest. Vindicator staggered and dropped to the ground. Cornsilk was trying to hold off the attackers, but a dart hit her leg to join the one already stuck in her arm. She was looking very weak as Azure Angel launched herself at the group, bowling over the alien soldiers. Holly pulled the darts out of her body and put a hand on a nearby wall to hold herself up. She spoke to her room mate. "Get Vindicatrix out of here! Now! I'll be alright..." Angelica worried about Holly, but Cornsilk was still up while Vindicatrix was unconscious on the ground. Angelica grabbed the downed heroine and sped into the nearest building. She laid her on the floor and turned to return to her friend. But as she tried to exit the building, she had to stop as several lasers seared the doorway, pinning her inside. She went down the corridor inside and flew out a window. The aliens saw her and shifted their fire, again driving her back. Finally the aliens seemed to pull back, and she emerged from cover only to see the two shuttles begin to lift off. She wanted to pursue, but with the burn on her leg and the effects of the dart she'd taken, she couldn't summon enough energy to move very fast. Flying slow in mid-air, she'd be a sitting duck for the fighters. She limped over to where she'd left Cornsilk, and gasped in horror. Her friend was gone, and the ripped remnants of her buckskin costume littered the ground. The Azure Angel felt despair and a cold heart as she realised Holly had been taken by the aliens.

Other campuses saw similar tragedies. The Crimson Avenger, Owl Girl, Captain Rebel, Wonder Girl and Phantom Lady also wore gas masks when they tried to block a raid at the University of Georgia, but they were driven back by Garath soldiers. Captain Rebel was killed and Phantom Lady was very badly burned and Wonder Girl and Owl Girl were captured. At Notre Dame University, The Flash, Captain Atom, Supergirl, Yankee Girl and Iron Man took on two squadrons of soldiers who were being held back for a short while. But Iron Man was burnt out of the sky, and repeated laser burns to the Flash and Yankee Girl and weakening beams aimed at Supergirl forced the other heroes to pull back with their downed comrades. At Gotham State University, four shuttles had landed to gather prisoners when they were attacked by Batman, Batgirl, Glory Girl, the Scarlet Witch, Fire, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. The later two young ladies decided they wanted to help against the invaders, and put other priorities aside to join forces with their former adversaries. But the Garath were rough on the Gotham defense group. In the air, the Brazilian heroine, Fire, found her blasts of flame did not penetrate the shields on the fighters while she was eventually knocked from the sky by their lasers. Those on the ground found that even with gas masks to protect them from the mist, the tranquilizer darts and lasers took a heavy toll. Scarlet Witch 's power was repelled by the riparte's shields, and a couple of darts in her body made her weak enough that she was forced to pull back from the fight. Poison Ivy was captured and Batman terribly burned. Harley and Batgirl each were hit and knocked out by multiple darts and while Huntress carried the ex-villainess out, Glory Girl was able to drag Barbara Gordon to safety. By the time they'd done this, the loaded shuttles, with hundreds of captives, took off for the orbiting Garath transports. Heroes around the world kept trying, but the weapons and resources of the invaders were too much for them. Thousands of earth women were being taken away. And the riparte who had been harvesting samalans at Notre Dame reported to their superiors that the female Kryptonian had been encountered.

Part Six

Several days after her brutal interrogation, Wonder Woman still lay restrained and lightly sedated at the Garath research facility. The jegard mecand stopped in every so often to examine her condition, and kept her mildly drugged to the point where she was unable to concentrate on her surroundings. Her mind was dulled and in a daze until she caught a bit of conversation where the jegard mecand mentioned the capture of other Amazons. Diana fought to get her muddled mind to remember what she had said when they questioned her. They had wanted the location of Themyscira. Could they actually have gotten it from her? She didn't think there was any way she would have revealed it, but... The next night, a lowly member of the cleaning crew entered the room where she was held. This Garath worker was just a janitor, in a job where a slave would have been used except for concerns about security of the complex. He had been a soldier, but was demoted to grunt work after he disobeyed too many orders. He had been able to fuck many of the sweet young women here on earth, and now he stood and stared at Diana. Even with her injuries and scars, she was a really exceptional samalan. He knew she was classy enough to rate purchase by one of the noble families. Damn, if she wasn't damaged, she'd probably have gone to the Emperor's harem. Would he ever get another chance to fuck one like her? So he went over to her, and climbed on the table. He straddled her and pushed his dick roughly into her cunt. She groaned, and her eyes came open. "They said you were a princess here... well, I'm a stinking janitor and I can fuck you. What do you think of that, princess? You are just a fucking slave now. Anybody wants you, you'd better open your legs wide." He brought his mouth to her left breast and began to bite down hard on her nipple. She groaned and wiggled under him, which is just what he wanted. He continued to chew the left nipple while a hand massaged the other breast. After a while he came, and his seed pumped into the helpless Amazon. He sat up, and while she had been stripped naked, he noticed the metal bracers that were still on her wrists. He put one hand around each one of them and yanked them off her. "No remains of your old life, princess. Now you have nothing." He tossed the bracers to the floor and they clattered away. But when he looked back, the pained, passive look on her face was gone. Now she had an expression of deep rage. He was unaware that the removal of the Bracers of the Aegis from Diana's wrists would fill her mind with immense anger. The calming effect of the drugs was washed out of her system. Even without her golden belt of strength, she pulled her right hand free and smashed it into the face of the rapist. She hit him over and over until his battered body dropped off her to the floor. She pulled free of the restaint on her left wrist, ignoring the pain shooting through that broken arm. She reached down and loosened the pins on the metal bands holding her ankles, and got off the table. She picked up her bracers, but did not put them back on. Until she escaped, she needed the rage to keep her going. She found her uniform, which the alien scientists had been examining. She recalled they had kept it there to question her about its properties, but the technicians had not gotten any answers about that while she resisted. They had been forced to cut back on her dosages to allow her to damaged body time to recover. After donning her costume, she snuck out of the room and worked her way out of the building. She encountered a few other Garaths, but they were technicians and cleaning crew, not soldiers, and she brutally took her anger out on them.

Once she exited the building, she flew low to avoid being seen, then headed north west away from the island where she had been held prisoner towards Washington. She mentally summoned her invisible plane, and it met her part way. She used the plane to fly as fast as possible to Themyscira. But when she got there, she found only the destruction the battle had left. There was damage everywhere, but no bodies. Her mother and every one of her sister Amazons were gone. Had they fled? Were they hiding somewhere? No, Diana knew in her heart that no Amazon warrior would hide from a fight here on her home ground. They had fought to the last, and the Garath had them. She looked up at the stars and feared they were on their way to a life of enslavement somewhere out there. Diana dropped to the ground and began to cry. But after a short while, she stopped crying. She donned her mother's battle armor and picked up the Spear of Athena and the Buckler of Haphaestus. A new resolve grew in her mind. Her mother and all her sisters had been taken from her. She was alone now. But she was still an Amazon -- the Last Amazon. The Garath would not go unpunished for what they had done here. Diana raised the spear and swore to Mars a terrible vow of vengeance on the invaders. They would pay -- in blood!

The Garaths landed dozens of their shuttles on the east end of the island of Puerto Rico and the riparte swept the area, capturing all the women between the ages of fifteen and forty, and burning down children, old people and men who did not flee fast enough to the mountains along the north edge of the island. Groups of super heroes went into the area to evacuate the people who we trying to flee, and many of the heroes were killed or badly injured fighting the Garath soldiers and fighter craft. Once the island had been nearly emptied, the aliens brought shuttle loads of women back down from the transports and boarded them in the city of San Juan in hotels and warehouses that were taken over for use as prisons. Small Garath raiding parties in major cities over the globe attacked hospitals and medical facilities and made prisoners of doctors and nurses and seized large quantities of medical supplies. The jegard mecand came to address these new captives. "We have been infuriated to find that many of the women slaves we have captured are damaged goods. They have been altered by the placement of an insert in the mammary gland to change the body appearance of the samalars. We do not accept this kind of mutilation to our property, and they must be restored. You will do these surgical corrections and make sure the work does not detract from the salability of the slaves. Any of them who are not restored to a passable condition will be vaporized. Medical personnel whose work does not show a high level of acceptance will also be disposed of. You are here as long as you live. Do your assigned task or else." So the plastic surgeons had to work in the operating rooms of the hospitals. They worked for twelve hours each day removing the breast implants. Some of the doctors were not skilled enough for the job and though they tried, their surgeries did not go well. Any doctor who lost more than one patient or had a patient with extensive post-operative scarring disappeared and was never seen again. And the aliens would bring in new doctors, snatched from all over the world, to continue the grisly work.

Also on Puerto Rico, the rest of the city of San Juan was taken over by the Garathian units for a large planet-side base. Soldiers and technicians were put here and they were allowed to have their way with huge groups of samalans who were kept in several buildings where the aliens went to satify their sexual pleasures. In one building, thirty women from the island were joined by another dozen brought in from the transports and they were locked up as prisoners. One the samalars brought down from an orbiting transport was Natalia Alianovna Romanova, the heroine known all over the world as the Black Widow. She had been relaxing on the beach on the French Riviera the day the aliens first attacked, and her fighting abilities had been useless when the pacification gas had drifted over the beach, sapping the will from the women who were there enjoying the sun on their nude or nearly nude bodies. Many, including the Black Widow, had been ordered to board the shuttle aircraft and had been unable to resist the commands. As an exceptionally beautiful red-haired woman, Natalia had attracted the attention of the Garath soldiers and she had been raped over and over while the shuttle was being loaded. Whenever she showed the slightest sign of resistance to this treatment, another burst of the sweetish pink gas was sprayed in her face. Her time in the orbiting transport was no better. While most of the captured samalans were locked away in statis tubes to prepare them to hibernate during the long voyage back to Garath-Prime, the Black Widow was one of a dozen women kept available to service the crew of the transport. For these samalan it meant that half the time they were awake, they were being fucked. Some of them would eventually be put in statis and replaced by a new body, but Natalia was a favorite of the crew and she was kept in the service group for week after week. One day a medical tech was having his way with her when he thought her impressive breasts qualified her for a special task. So she had been cleaned up and shipped out on a shuttle back down to the surface base. With the other terrified women, Natalia wondered what new hell she was going to be put through. Finally one day Garath med techs came in and took the nude women one by one and chained them into a standing position by a wall that was covered by metal tubing. The Black Widow gasped as first one of her breasts, then the other received multiple injections of some kind of fluid. The other women also were treated this way, and they noticed a tingling, itching sensation in their chests. That evening, cramps and spasms of intense pain ran through their bodies, and their breasts began to swell. By morning, their huge distended mammary glands were twice their former size and extremely tender. Natalia groaned at the pain she felt, and was shocked to see liquid oozing from her tender nipples. Then strange attachments were strapped to the breasts with plastic tubes attached at the nipples. After that, high-ranking aliens came to the building and repeatedly raped the women as they stood chained there. While this happened, the evil fiends activated the mechanism in the wall and watched as extreme suction pressure pulled milk out of the breasts of the pain-wracked victims. The Garaths ignored the cries of the women during the excrutiating procedure and filled their glasses. They sat around and guzzled their delicacy. The kherzageg was the highest ranking of the Garath who frequented the establishment nearly every day. He commented, "Ahh. Nothing hits the spot like besalm {milk} fresh out of a samalan. I can't stand the canned stuff."

Back in Gotham City, Batgirl had been on call for weeks, with other costumed characters who stood ready to respond to Garath attacks. She had not been back to her apartment for some time, but always checked her answering machine to see who might be trying to contact her. Most of the calls were just people worried about her or some other woman. Calls asked, "I haven't seen you at work for the past week, are you ok?" Or "Have you heard from so-and-so? I haven't heard from/seen/talked to her and wonder..." Although the caller may not come right out and say it, the underlying question was "Did they get you/her, too?" While the crisis did not personally touch most people, it was getting on the nerves of everyone. Women worried about their futures, and everyone feared the worst for wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, co-workers, friends and even the most minor of their aquaintances. Barbara called these people back and said, "I'm ok." and gave them a little measure of relief.

But she got a call one afternoon from her father, asking her to come right over. She went to his apartment, and entered to find him sitting, slouched in a living room chair. She tensed as she saw he held a glass in one hand and a bottle of booze in the other. James Gordon hardly ever drank, and she had seen him like this once before, the night they came back from her mother's funeral. Barbara asked her father, "Dad, what happened? Is something wrong?" He sipped at his drink, reluctant to give her the news he had. "Up along Descart Road, where it snakes though the canyons, they found a vehicle that skidded off and crashed into a deep ravine. It didn't burn, so it was a few days before it was spotted. The driver must have been going too fast and lost control of the... It smashed up so bad that the driver was crushed. I was there when they brought the body into the morgue... He shouldn't have been driving. He was hurt so bad, why couldn't he have just stayed in the hospital?" James Gordon took another sip and didn't look up at Barbara. She felt ice in her veins as she asked him. "Dad... who died?" Her father looked up at her and she saw the tears in his eyes. "He was my best friend. He was the best man in Gotham. And now he's gone. His butler, Alfred, came to claim the body. He'll be buried as Bruce Wayne. But the word will get out. People will need to say goodbye to the Batman." Babs also began to cry. The Dark Knight had been her inspiration, her mentor, the person she always strove to be. Dad was right, people everywhere would cry for the loss of such a great man. After another sip, the Commissioner spoke again. "I shouldn't be doing this, Barbara, but since this has happened, I need to ask a favor of you. Could you... promise me... that you'll be careful out there? I don't think I could take it if I lost you, too." Babs was surprised at this. "You... you knew I was Batgirl?" He nodded. "Of course. It wasn't hard. I was a detective, you know. I realized early that the only thing I could do for you would be to play along with your little secret. I worried a little, but I saw you were as fine a hero as he was. And I was so damned proud of you. But now he's gone, and I suddenly wonder if you could be next. Crimefighting was dangerous, but now it's war. And the thought of those creatures getting their hands on you..." He raised the glass, but it was empty. He tipped the bottle into it and poured it half full. And took a sip. Barbara went to the side of the chair and crouched down to look into her father's face. "It's what I have to do, Dad. I can't stop fighting because it's going to get hard. That's when you really have to buckle down. I'll be careful, Dad. But I won't hide and you wouldn't want me to." She wrapped her arms around him and they hugged one another. Barbara said she had better get back, and he agreed. But after she left, he sat back down in the chair. He picked up the bottle and the glass and drained what was in the glass. After a few moments, he angrily threw the glass at the wall. He sobbed, and thought, why does she have to be so damned brave! Then he just drank from the bottle.

Afurzquain, the riparte scrounger, was travelling in one of the shuttles as it flew to a transport with a load of samalan. The gas was wearing off them and they were wailing and screaming like crazy. As soon as the shuttle docked with the transport, he unbuckled his belt and moved through the seats, spraying mist into the faces of the panicky slaves. They calmed down, but he noticed that a pair had barfed all over their seats. Every stinking load had at least one bitch who did that. Now he had to get out of here before... "Afurzquain, stay on the shuttle and clean up the mess." The squad leader stuck Afurzquain with the crappy job. Damn! Why couldn't the jedant just once pick one of the others for this shit task! The other soldiers began unlocking the restraints and herding the slaves into the transport. It didn't take Afurzquain long to clean the mess up, and at least everybody else had moved off and he was alone to pull out the bags of choca he'd brought for sale to the crew on the transport. As he got out the hatchway, Virangeck was waiting for him. This fellow was a member of the supply squad, and he was assigned to move the arriving samalans through processing into the hibernation chambers, and to move supplies into the shuttles for the troops on the surface. Virangeck grabbed Afurzquain's shoulder and pulled him down a side corridor. "Did you bring more? I need more of the choca! I'll buy whatever you have!" The riparte was surprised by how desperate the supply tech sounded. He'd just sold him a five pound bag a few days ago. Was the idiot gulping the stuff down? No, he probably was just re-selling it at a big markup and had a lot of other transport crew members interested in the flavorful new treat.

But Virangeck had been wolfing down the chocolate he'd picked up. He'd wanted to have the supply he bought last a while, but he kept going back to his locker for another bar until he found he'd finished off what he had. After that, he couldn't think of anything else. Since he started consuming the strange Earth material, he hadn't been able to sleep much at night, and all he could think about was the taste of that wonderful stuff. He had gotten into arguments with other crew members over the most petty little things, and he couldn't really concentrate on his work. The sevalach {officer} of his detail had been down on him twice today for the slipshod job he was doing. But all Virangeck cared about was the choca.

This was evident to Afurzquain as he looked at his fellow Garath. He saw signs he'd seen before, of a person who was getting something off a planet that was addicitive. He'd seen that in past expeditions. But the choca couldn't be the cause of this. After all, he'd seen the Earthans would give the stuff to their younglings. How could it be harmful? But he didn't know that chocolate was a big source of caffeine. And caffeine is highly addictive and dangerous -- especially to the Garath who were more susceptible to its effects. On most of the transports, crew members were buying the candy off the soldiers and becoming hooked on the innocent looking material.

Part Seven

A defense headquarters had been set up on the north edge of Gotham City to try to improve the reaction time to Garath raids. Communications and radar tracking were tied into the building, and military and costumed hero personnel were based there. Similar set-ups were being done all over the world in an attempt to do something to stop the alien attacks that were slowly claiming so many victims. By now, there were reports that over a hundred thousand women had been taken, but with the distress and confusion, no one was sure if this was accurate or if even more had been carried off.

In the control room of a transport in orbit overhead, a Garath technician called to his commander. "Sir, the scanner reports the target was moving towards the city they call Gotham. She is in this location." His commander went to a communicator and put a pre-arranged plan into effect.

In the base ready room, Barbara Gordon and Rebecca Hooper sat and picked over the meal they were trying to get down. It was a not-too appetizing emergency ration package, as the unit's commissary had yet to be made operational. Batgirl asked, "Becky, how are your folks? I know they were both asked to serve." Glory Girl replied. "Mom has been going on missions with a unit of costumed heroes who will do infiltration and espionage against the aliens. Plastic Man and Shadowcat are among the people who are working with her. Dad has been sent down to Metropolis to help out. He called last night and said that it's getting rough down there. People in Metropolis are really depressed about the loss of Superman. And everywhere the attempts to stop Garath raids just seem to get beat up and the aliens get the women away no matter what we do." An officer walking by broke in. "That's how it works. By the time we get there it's too late. Military response is too slow. We have to travel to the attack site by truck, and when we get there, the shuttles are already leaving. They've tried using choppers to respond to attacks, but those damned fighters of theirs just burn the choppers out of the sky. Even you supers are getting burned out when you fly in..." Glory Girl winced, as she constantly worried about that very thing happening to her father if he got too reckless. Batgirl grabbed Becky's arm and pointed. Rebecca looked up to see that Supergirl had entered the cafeteria.

Barbara spoke. "Hi, Kara. How you holding up? Have you heard anything about your cousin?" The Maid of Might shook her head and sat down to join her friends. The strain was evident in her face. "No one has any idea what happened to him. We can't figure out why he was taken. The aliens had only been stealing women in their raids." Supergirl's head sagged down, her chin resting on her chest. "Considering what those horrible bastards have been up to, I am scared to death thinking about what they're doing to Kal. Is he dead? Or are they doing some horrid things to him?" Barbara and Rebecca each put a hand on one of Supergirl's shoulders. Babs spoke. "You have to hang on and hope, Kara. Pretty soon we will start to figure out how to fight these scum and once we get the upper hand we'll find out where Superman is and we'll get him back. At least you know for sure he's a prisoner. There are a lot of heroes that have just disappeared. So many of our forces have fallen to their lasers. It doesn't leave much behind. So we never know who may be dead or just missing..."

Alarms suddenly began to clatter and the three costumed young ladies lept to their feet and ran down the hall to the command center. Supergirl got there first and was surprised to see the Flash, heavily bandaged, manning a console. Kara spoke, "Flash, what are you doing here? You were hurt pretty bad at Notre Dame University when we tried to stop that raid. I thought you were still in the hospital." The Scarlet Speedster answered. "I'm still pretty banged up, but I figure I can help here on the communications desk. I can't just lay in a hospital bed while all this is going on!" Batgirl and Glory Girl entered the room, followed by Vigilante, the Creeper, Daredevil and the Black Hood. An officer at the radar consoles turned and yelled. "We've picked up two Garath shuttle craft coming our way." Batgirl asked, "Are they going for Gotham University again?" "No..." the officer stared down at the radar plot. "They're going further south. Someplace between Gotham and Granite City.. But what would they attack in that area?" The Flash broke in. "Wait... of course! Stonehaven Mall!" Everyone turned to the speedster and asked, "Why?" The Speedster groaned and replied. "It's a phrase that no longer has the innocence of the past, but it's where a guy would go to pick up chicks!"

Batgirl went to the large scale map mounted on one wall. She stabbed at the mall's location. "It's just what they would want. The massive mall complex halfway between Granite City and Gotham has more than a hundred stores and will be full of shoppers. Plus there are all the women who work there. A lot of young women clustered in a small area. Captain, get your men on their trucks heading that way. We costumed heroes will move to at least slow them down so you can try to take them on before they get away." At once, Batgirl, Vigilante, and Glory Girl ran to their motorcyles and roared off, with the Creeper, Daredevil and the Black Hood riding with them. Supergirl flew overhead, staying very low to avoid having to take on the fighters that would be escorting the raid. She could withstand being hit by the more powerful lasers on the fighters, but they would daze her and knock her out of the sky if too many attacked her.

As they approached Stonehaven Mall, the seven heroes saw a pair of alien shuttles had landed on the top of the parking structure. Inside the mall, gas was being pumped around and the people were milling about aimlessly. Quernasa, the Garath riparte, was inside walking through the mall, ordering women to proceed to the shuttle. He stopped suddenly as he saw a shop window. There were the strange food packets he had heard about from the workers up on the transport. What did they call it? Choca, he thought. Supposedly it was a rich invigorating substance and the workers on the transport were paying plenty of gerach for the stuff. He went into the store, grabbed a couple of shopping bags and began scooping the candy bars into them. He heard a cry, and he glanced behind the counter where he saw two sales ladies cowering in fear. Hmm, he thought, they didn't get enough of the gas. It probably didn't circulate evenly here in this structure. He took the canister from his belt, sprayed them, and ordered them to stand up. He admired the shapely appearance of the females, as they were very acceptable samalans. He ordered them to go to the shuttle, then suddenly a thought came to him. "Each of you -- take a couple of these bags and fill them with choca. Take it with you to the shuttle." He smiled. He would take a bag himself, and accompany the pair back to the shuttle. When then got there he would stash the treasure in the storage compartments. And as he walked the heavy-burdened slaves out to the landing area, he unwrapped one of the chocolate bars and ate it. While he enjoyed the rich taste of the treat, he reached a hand out and peeled the clothes off the women. Mesmerized by the pacification gas, they could not even protest this treatment. They were very nice indeed! Once the goods were taken care of, he'd enjoy fucking his two little mules!

But outside, the alien soldiers herding women towards their shuttle suddenly encountered the costumed heroes. While their personal energy shields protected them from bullets or energy attacks, in hand to hand combat, they could be taken down. It was just very hard to hurt them. Batgirl tackled one of the ripate and knocked him to the ground. She shouted, "All you women -- run and hide! Stay hidden!" The captives began to scatter, as they were vulnerable to any orders they heard. Barbara hoped that the aliens would not have a chance to round up the women once the army units got here. But back at the defense headquarters, the officer manning the radar plot suddenly noticed with horror that six more Garath transports were heading for that same spot. The operation had been a trap!

At the mall, they didn't notice right away as the other transports dropped a huge swarm of additional Garath troops into the fight. Gradually, they looked around and found they were facing many more of the enemy than they were prepared to take on. In the excitement, none of them noticed that attackers were not using their lazers, only the dart weapons. One by one, they were each hit by two or three of the darts, and they weakly crumpled to the ground. Finally only Batgirl and Supergirl were still trying to take on the swarm of riparte that surrounded them. Batgirl took a dart in her shoulder, and she desperately tried to stay alert and keep striking out at the Garath. But her dodging finally failed her and another pair of darts went into her back. Barely conscious, she dropped to the pavement. She trembled with fear as she contemplated the aliens taking her away into slavery. But the Garath forces left her there, and concentrated on Supergirl. The Maid of Might kept striking out at the riparte, knocking them down left and right. But there were so many, and they used their ray guns on her, hitting her with yellow and green beams of light that disoriented and weakened her. Finally, she too dropped to the ground and the attackers rushed over her. Pulsating silver chains were wrapped around her and they lifted her up and took her to the nearest shuttle. Barbara lay there helpless as they walked right past, carrying one of her best friends away. The riparte all got into the shuttles and then took off, leaving the other heroes helpless on the pavement as the army Ranger units pulled up.

Part Eight

In San Juan, at one of the commandeered hotels, a fancy corporate conference suite was the scene of a meeting of many high ranking Garath officials. The Maganite sat in a plush leather armchair and spoke to the others around the polished hardwood table. "The female Kryptonian has been taken. Excellent!. What have you to report on the status of the operation?" The commander of the transports was the first to stand up and give his report. "Great Sir, Twelve units were fully loaded with just over 23,000 samalans taken in the harvesting of the initial attacks and they are well on their way to Garath-Prime. They will arrive there on schedule in about four jahrn {two months} and be moved through the slave auctions on schedule for Conquest Day. A second group of ten ships will leave in a few days with about 19,000 for the auctions. With the huge over-population on this planet, we could have sent all the transports back with over a hundred thousand if not for the problems with adulterated mammaries." The Maganite thought about this. "This is not totally a disadvantage. Too many loads sent back to the auctions at once would have driven the price down and the market would have reacted badly. This delay will allow word of the exceptional quality of the initial women sold to spread to other buyers. Demand will be high as soon as the following shipments reach the market. Are we certain the samalans that went out were all checked for impurities?" This he directed to the jegard mecand {head medical tech}. "Oh yes, Great Sir," the tech responded. "Every breast on every samalan has been scanned on the transports and whenever an artificial insert has been found, the woman is shipped back to planet-side for re-processing. The females going through this route have been brought back to acceptable condition in nearly 75% of the cases, and the ones that could not be repaired were destroyed. We found that Earthans medical personnel have a tendancy to specialize, which is why many of the ones we brought here at first did not perform satisfactorily and had to be eliminated. Now that we are seizing medically-trained humans who are best in the areas of surgery and samalan medicine, we have a much better success rate. In the matter of the breeding program, the male Kryptonian has been an ample source of sperm and the Amazons we assigned for breeding are bearing two or three young each that will be forced to emerge from the host in one third the normal gestation time for Earth females. Once the female Kryptonian is taken to the facility, she will be multi-impregnated at once. Do you wish us to use the full program of drugs and radiation on her also to reduce the time for the offspring to develop? The risk to the host form increases as the time-frame is reduced. The Amazon breeders have had some cellular damage and internal breakdown from the processing." The Maganite replied. "Keep the gestation acceleration on the Kryptonian minimal. For at least the initial pregnancy, monitor her closely. As soon as she produces her first litter, step up the treatments in the following pregnancies as you slowly determine how much pain she can take without any important damage being done to her or the young. As soon as the Amazons give birth to their litters, repeat the cycle. I want them producing half-Kryptonian children for us every six jahrn {three months}."

The Maganite turned to the kherzageg {military commander}. "What is the status of conquest? Have the earthans begun to accept their place?" The kherzageg frowned. He was not afraid to be honest with the Maganite, unlike most of the lackeys around this table. "Resistence remains in place. They are too stubborn to accept their low status. Despite the uselessness of their efforts, they resist our visits to load more samalans. When the transports return from Garath-Prime for further harvesting, Great Sir, I would recomend that further riparte are brought here..." The Maganite cut off this request. "What? You want more soldiers? Those expenses would be totally unacceptable, kherzageg. It is inevitable that the Earthans will learn their place, as have all the worlds the Empire has visited. Once the conquest is complete, our scientists will do what they have done on all the subjugated worlds -- the air and water supply will be altered to affect the population. Afterwards, 80% of all births will be female and our transports will arrive every few years to harvest the best of the crops we have raised here. And the Earthans will learn to meekly bow under our rule."

Another meeting was underway at that same time at the Pentagon in Washington, DC. The Joint Chiefs of Staff and the President were being briefed by the head of the Special Powered Espionage Unit that had been given the task of getting information about the aliens and their technology. Donna Hooper, the costumed super-heroine known as the Shady Lady, had retired long ago to raise her daughter. But the desperate times had brought her back into service for mankind. She had the ability to be nearly invisible in low light and to pass her body through barriers by becoming semi-solid. Her group included other super-powered individuals like Plastic Man, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat and Nightshade, all who were adept at stealth and working secretly. "Sirs, my team has been taken by submarine to San Juan repeatedly in the past couple of weeks. We go in at night and move through the alien base collecting information and material to improve our knowledge of how they operate. The scientists based in Miami have been able to analyze the material to figure out how we can access the equipment the Garaths have that corresponds to our computer gear. Now every night we go in, we download plenty. We have their records of movement, their equipment maintenance procedures, and details of what they are doing and what they plan to do. We can use this to develop ways to stop them. We can build gear to tap into their communications and listen to everything they say. Our linguistics people are developing ways to read their written language, and to go through the papers we have copied and the written manuals we've picked up in our infiltration raids into San Juan." A general spoke up. "That's exceptional work, Ms. Hooper. You and your team have done a fine job and are definately changing the course of this war." Donna looked up from her notes and frowned. "Sirs, I feel I should pass on a request made by a member of my team. While going through the streets of San Juan night before last, on our way back to the submarine, we saw things... piles of charred bones. The remains of women who were not 'satisfactorily restored' by the plastic surgeons and were discarded. We went past buildings where women were being raped by the Garaths. It wasn't easy listening to the screams and not being able to do anything about it. The young lady named Nightshade, Eve Eden, asked me... begged me... to request something. She would like you to have a package on the next sub going to San Juan. Could you plant a nuke in the middle of the harbor, and set it off afterwards?" The President grimly spoke. "You would have us do that? With the thousands of women who are prisoners there?" Donna looked him in the eye and replied. "It's not my request, Mr. President. But I'm not sure it would be wrong. Eve thinks that each of the women in that hell-hole would prefer to be dead than in the hands of the Garath." The President sighed. "I see your point. But I am afraid we are not ready to follow that course of action. If there is a chance that your work may alter the path of the war, some of those poor wretches may still have a slim chance to see freedom once again. We have to hope."

Later, when the costumed heroes were back at the Gotham headquarters, the survivors of the battle at the mall had time to recover from the drugs that had disabled them. They sat at a conference table, reporting to the officers what had happened and what they'd seen. "Well, at least we can be pleased that we came out ahead this time." The commander glanced over the notes in front of him on the table. "They had eight shuttles there, and the last six that arrived didn't load any prisoners before they took off. We succeeded in driving them off this time..."

Batgirl turned and snarled at him. "WE DIDN'T STOP THEM! They did everything they wanted to do! Glory Girl and I were down, helpless, and they walked right past us to take Supergirl. That was what they wanted all along. Don't you see? In any other case, you don't think they would have taken Glory Girl? Look at her, commander, her body is just what they want. And they didn't take me -- a god-damned red-hair, the type that really gets them hot. I thought it was all over for me. But their soldiers rushed right past, barely giving me a glance. They had their weapons set up to take Kara down, and they had special restraints to hold her once she went down. It wasn't the arrival of your Rangers that sent them skyward. They were loaded back up and lifting off even as your men got there."

All the room stared at Batgirl as she continued to speak. "They control the air, they have weapons we can't stand up against and they attack us at will. We have to find a way to counter those problems. And we will keep fighting until we do. At that point, the people of Earth will push these scum back into space and reclaim our planet. Until that happens Commander, don't take an action where I lost one of my best friends and call it a victory. The only thing we can do worse than losing is to claim we won."

And the forces of Earth (including the costumed heroines) did find ways to fight back. That part of the story will be told in...

THE CONQUERED EARTH - Book Two - Resistance and Rebellion - watch for it!

Author's Note: This story is inspired by a huge variety of sources. But I have to point out two. One, of course, is the movie Independence Day, in which the massive ships of aliens came to Earth to conquer and destroy mankind. Nearly as big an inspiration to me were the Colonization series of science fantasy books by Harry Turtledove which feature an alien race coming to Earth at the time of World War Two and trying to conquer our planet and keep humans as slaves. They fight the resistant Earthlings through the years and in that series too, they found Earth's inhabitants are not to be messed with. I highly recommend the books. Then there are so many other tales of aliens trying to conquer humankind. Adapting these ideas to cover a tale in which the sexual enslavement of female humans would be the aim of the aliens was my idea. It gives the plot an interesting new spin.

In this story, I strove to construct a tale which had really interesting characters who seem believable, exciting action, and a plot that moves along with elements to keep you interested. I am very hopeful that some of you agree.

In order to give the war a global setting, I had to include a few none-American references. I probably could have included sections about alien raids in Hong Kong or South Africa. Would Sheena have been able to stop a Garath raid? It seemed logical to include Henri de Rouge and Marquisa du Gennesaile, two of the members of the Legion de'Liberte I created in an episode of the Glory Girl series. Oddly enough, they both died in that story, also. Maybe someday I'll do a story with them where I don't kill them off. I also kill off or horribly mangle other characters, some of whom are not my own. With the Garath attacking colleges, I thought it would be a good idea to use Angela Blue's Blue Angel and her friends, all campus based in her stories. But not wanting to do nasty stuff to her people, I changed them to become Azure Angel, Vindicatrix and Cornsilk. I thought of having one of them die, but it didn't happen. I did kill off Batman. Wow. As this story is super-heroine oriented, I needed people to die to highlight the sense of people facing grave danger. And in this part and in the next one, I wanted Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, the Shady Lady and Queen Hippolyta to have very important roles in the story. Each of them will overcome extreme hardship to move towards a thrilling conclusion. What is odd is that my own character, Glory Girl, isn't having as big a part in this tale as I originally planned. I keep discovering other options. But I do want to keep writing many other well-known characters into the story.

Please note that while Glory Girl and other characters of mine appear prominently in this story, the events here are not tranferable to the Glory Girl series. Things that happen in this storyline are not happening in the regular Glory Girl series. I would very much like to get any feedback you might have about my work. E-mail me at and give me your thoughts about my little story. -- Alias the Rat

The Conquered Earth part 1