Wonder Woman: Life under observation, Part 2  

By Barnabus

Wonder Woman
WARNING: Please review the warnings in part 1 of this story. This is an adult story. If you are under the age of 18, read no further. Do not reprint this story except under the provisions outlined in part 1. All of the characters in this story belong to soneone else. I am borrowing them without permission of their owners. SUBJECT: Wonder Woman and Steve are captured and isolated in a strange place. Separated from the rest of the world, the normal limitations of life don't seem to apply any more. SYNOPSIS: Wonder Woman and Steve were captured and placed in a small, isolated area. They had no contact with anyone outside of their world. They were provided with food, water for cleaning purposes, bathroom facilities, and rudimentary living furnishings. They could find no escape from their _prison_. Alone, together, with little hope of ever escaping, they turned to each other. And Diana gave Steve her virginity.

Chapter 3: Intimacy.

It was Diana's first time. In the past she had been attacked and abused, but she had never made love before, so she really hadn't expected anything other than the pain of losing her hymen. She was stirred by the feelings of warmth and intimacy she had shared with Steve. The fact that he had cum so quickly hadn't even been a consideration for her.

But Steve was embarrassed, so embarrassed that Diana found she was in the position of having to reassure him. And she wasn't exactly sure just why.

"Can I help you?" she asked artlessly, sounding almost naive. "Is there anything I can do?"

"You can hold me."

She held him, putting her arms around him, pulling him close to her.

"No," he said gently. "That's not what I meant." He took her hand and wrapped her fingers around his manhood, but his body didn't respond. Again, he began to get agitated.

"Let's take our mind off of it," Diana finally suggested. "I need a bath. Do you want to join me?" She felt a twitch in her hand and his penis actually began growing hard again.

"I'd love to bathe with you!" He said, his words coming firmly.

They both rose and walked, hand in hand, to the "pool". Steve was naked, Diana, still partially clothed. They paused at the edge. Slightly self conscious, Diana turned her back to Steve as she slipped off her boots and tiara and unzipped her bustier. She held the loose garment over her breasts as, embarrassed, she turned to him. Then with downcast eyes, she drew the bustier downward and let it slip from her hands. They were both naked and Steve couldn't help thinking how beautiful she looked.

He took her hand and led her into the bathing tub. Gently, carefully, he rinsed her off. Lovingly, he washed the traces of blood from her thighs. Then he permitted her to wash him. She carefully rinsed him off, enjoying feeling his muscles as she washed him. She hesitated when it came to washing his manhood.

"Go ahead," he whispered. And so, she did. She was fascinated with the touch of him. Lovingly, she stroked him as she washed him. Beneath her hands but before her astonished eyes he rose to full erection. To Diana, he seemed so big! She wondered that sex would even be possible between them. But then, it had been!

Suddenly uncomfortable, she concluded her ablutions and straightened before him.

Steve placed a hand beneath her jaw and raised her lips to his in a gentle kiss. The second kiss was longer, more passionate, almost intense. The kiss was so passionate that Diana felt she was drowning in feeling.

He held her in his arms and fondled her backside. He caressed her breasts. Soon, Diana's sweet hands were exploring his body with the same curiosity and wonder. And a very erect penis was an obvious presence between them.

She began to cry a little. When Steve asked why, she said she couldn't help it. She was mourning the loss of her Amazon life. Steve held her to him. "You're starting a new life with me," he whispered to her. "We're starting a new life together."

The warmth of another naked body against hers comforted Diana, relaxing her. But it also spread an erotic, sensual warmth throughout her, stimulating her beyond comprehension. As her tears passed, his hands again began seeking out all of her tender spots. He nuzzled her breasts and rubbing his nose over her pink nipples causing Diana's body to tighten slightly.

She felt a newly familiar tension as he touched her breast. But then she thought through the situation. This was a night for sex. She smiled to herself. It was her wedding night!! And it was hers to enjoy! Tension and resistance would be counterproductive. She consciously let herself go. She relaxed her muscles and let him lead her, let him _teach_her.

Under his erotic touch, her senses rose soaring off the charts as they both began to feel each other up and down. He sucked her huge tits for some time. She was hot and losing control. Finally she did what she would never have done only a day before. She knelt down in front of him, the water in the pool coming up to just below her shoulders, and began to suck him off.

Diana knew of fellatio. Girlfriends in Washington had mentioned it. Once, Diana had gotten a book from the library that described it, but the book was so clinical and detached that it really didn't help much. Beyond the basic description, it didn't talk about any nuances that might be used between lovers. Also, in the past she been captured by villains and forced to perform oral sex on them. This was the first time in her life that she had done it as an act of love. She knew she had to suck: all of the villains had said that. And she knew she had to bob her head up and down on his penis. It was probably so that Steve could feel he was making love with her, only using her mouth instead of . . .

Yes, one of the villains had said that: he wanted to fuck her mouth!

Diana was surprised at Steve's response. Initially, he stiffened in surprise. But then, he really seemed to enjoy her mouth. She resolved to do the best job she could.

Steve basked in her ministrations for a few moments. But he stopped her pulling her head back. Taking her by the hand, he led her out of the tub and dried her off using his shirt as a towel. He paid special attention to drying her breasts, her shapely rear and her pubic area. Handing her the shirt, she returned the favor by drying him off.

It was growing dark when, hand in hand, they moved to their 'bedroom'.

This time, Steve exercised every technique of controlled foreplay that he could. Using his hand. he brought her to a sweeter orgasm than she could ever have imagined. Twice! Then he gently entered her. Still very nervous, she struggled to keep her muscles relaxed. She was determined to give herself to him. There was some pain, but only a little as he penetrated her deeply. Without realizing it, she wrapped her legs around his body, holding him tight and pulled him in deeper. Her hands moved to his hips and felt him moving, rocking, as he gently thrust into her.

Being an Amazon princess, Diana naturally tried to take the lead, even though she didn't have the experience to handle what was happening. And with two people trying to lead, nothing worked right. Their movements didn't flow with each other. Everything was uncomfortable and jerky.

Even though she tried to control their encounter, Diana's body was rapidly overcome with sensation. She realized that she was working contrary to Steve, so she submitted and let Steve take the lead. Both of their bodies begin to flow in time with the unheard music.

Consciously or subconsciously, Diana began responding to Steve's cues. They were gentle prompts, almost imperceptible. There was perhaps a nudge to the back or by pressing lightly in one direction or another. And as if by magic, the two moved together to become one body, moving beautifully. The dance of love took surrender, willingness, and attentiveness from her and gentle guidance and skill from her lover.

Overcome with sensation, her hands caressed his back, his arms, his face, everything about him that she could reach. Then, letting her hands rest on his shoulders, her back arched. She rocked her hips into his with each thrust he made. There was another orgasm emerging within her depths. She suspected it was unstoppable and would probably be powerful, complete with a life force of its own. She looked forward to it, letting her sensations grow. Her face glowed with unseeing eyes and she smiled radiantly. Steve still supported the weight of his upper body on his arms so as not to crush her. Their bodies were separated and Diana lifted her head to look between them. She saw his manhood for a moment before it disappeared inside of her, only to reappear as he withdrew. Then it disappeared again plunging deep into her. Diana wanted to feel the warmth of his body against hers. She tried grasping his shoulders and lifting her own chest to press it against his. She couldn't make it, so she pressed her cheek against his bulging bicep and glanced upward at his face. He was concentrating intently on her, watching every expression that crossed her face, every reaction. He saw and felt every response. He knew that every move she made was complementing his movements. Keeping his own body under rigid control, he manipulated her body like a master violinist might play a fine instrument. As her senses departed from reality, Diana punctuated her ecstasy with unique and spectacular screams and pitch shifting moans.

"More, more!" she gasped, her whole world revolving around the man in her arms. "I feel it . . . I . . . I'm . . cumming!" Diana's tension kept rising until finally she erupted like a volcano. Her back arched and Diana screamed, "Oh, yes!" as a tremendous orgasm inundated her. She climaxed with such force that it seemed it would sap the very life out of her.

Steve came, too.

Finally they both went limp.

Steve took great satisfaction when they both reached their respective climaxes at almost the same moment. Diana clutched him to her. She wanted to feel every inch of his body pressed against hers. Her spasms went on and on as her ecstasy and physical release ran it's course to completion.

Eventually her climax came to an end, and her arms and legs fell limply to the bed. Diana was drained, both physically and mentally and she was immersed with an incredible sense of well-being. She didn't want to move. Lying on her back, she was still filled with his manhood as well as the semen he had pumped into her. Her body was engulfed with satisfaction. She had broken the law, but she didn't care. Diana became aware of the rich male odor that was emanating from her body and she was totally content with life. With Steve!

They lay there for a long time,

The French call orgasm, 'la petite mort', the little death. Diana smiled again. It fit!

To Diana, this was a first, an introduction. Steve's touch, his smell, his colors, even the texture of his hair were all steps, tiny victories on the path of her entry into womanhood. Everything occurring between them represented new revelations to her. New adventures. New achievements. They presented a rebirth to her life. And as she lay beside him with his scent in her nostrils, she felt a little like a sojourner, an explorer entering a new world, embarking on a new quest for knowledge and experience. She was a newly born creature being exposed to life and exhilaration of a life she never knew existed.

Without a word, Steve kissed her neck, and she turned her head to offer more of her neck for his kisses. Diana was sore, but she relished the warmth she felt from intimacy with Steve. She wouldn't let a little soreness interfere with the closeness she felt with Steve and the warmth in her heart from being the object of his affections.

He was softening in her, but she gently let his kisses caress her upper chest and collarbones before returning to the other side of her neck. He raised himself onto his arms again and gently tried to press deeper into her again. Was he growing harder? A jolt of Adrenalin surged through the superheroine.

Instinctively, Diana's hormones overtook her, and she lifted her knees outward while she reached up to hold his biceps again. Again, he moved into her, ever so slightly. Diana, lifted her heels to place them first behind his back. This opened herself to him, but wasn't what she wanted. Then she lowered her heels to his thighs, below his hips. She felt him press into her again and she lifted her hips to meet him as she used her heels to pull him into her. He WAS growing harder and he moved deeper into her. Sensuously, she worked with him, pulling him into her as she rose to meet his thrusts. She complemented his thrusts into her with her heels drawing him into her. They both began to thrust harder, increasing every feeling she experienced. Steve tried to kiss her, but her attention was so focused below her waist that she didn't even notice: she couldn't respond. She wasn't even thinking any more. Her mind shut down and her body went onto sexual autopilot.

Although she had orgasmed a few minutes before, it seemed as if that was just the starting point. She realized dimly that her orgasm had only prepared her body by revved up her sexual motor for what was coming. Steve pounded forward penetrating her defenseless vagina. Diana gasped, her blue eyes wide. Her body seemed to pick up where they had left off only moments before and her emotions and hormones rose from there lifting her to unbelievable heights.

Screaming with delight, Diana lost total control of her body and senses, spasming intensely. She orgasmed with an intensity she never would have thought possible.

Steve came, but continued pounding away inside of her, causing her to cum again and again with a keening wail ! Her climax was incredible. Her body quivered and shook in an absolutely blinding climax that rocked her from her head to her curling toes. It was mind blowing. She'd never felt anything like that before. Her convulsions were so great she almost threw him off of her.

Eventually, Inevitably, Steve began to soften within her. Still holding her tightly, he slipped from her, and she felt a new flux of wetness pour out of her.

Still breathing deeply, Diana stared up at nothing into the never ending empty space above her with dazed eyes. She lay in a delightful state of total oblivion. There was no way she ever could have experienced this if she were still in the world of men. Amazon law and her own conscience would never have permitted it. The Amazon culture prided itself on abstaining from the the pleasures of such gratifying pursuits and being oblivious to the delights of being with a man.

What a waste!

What a foolish decision!

Diana didn't want to be a prisoner or to remain here. But she was thankful for what her captivity had permitted her to do. Yesterday, she had been an Amazon Warrior. Today, she was a woman. A REAL woman. A _well-fucked_woman.

As the night progressed and under Steve's tutelage, Diana yielded herself completely to Steve's guidance. He asserted his manly rights with an abandon that would overwhelm any woman. Diana experienced thrills and pleasures that - had she not committed herself and her love to Steve - would have seemed to be the very definition of carnal sin.

Whatever inhibitions Diana may have had, she rapidly cast them aside as their experimentation and explorations of each other continued. She was on her honeymoon! She did everything he asked and more. She started asking Steve to satisfy her basic female curiosities and to try out things she wanted. Soon, she was initiating things herself.

Although Steve would never consider mentioning it, he continued to marvel at the ongoing intensity of her climaxes. Steve was enjoying something that very few men have ever experienced: full blown Amazon orgasms.

Finally, they lay entwined together, content to be in one another's arms, naked bodies pressing against one another, basking in the afterglow of truly fantastic sex. The two lovers lay there for a long time, sharing tender moment before they both drifted off to sleep.

They slept on and off that night, punctuating the hours with waking to feel each other up. At first, Diane was indignant that her sleep was disturbed. But she quickly acknowledged she would rather be making love than sleeping. And so, the two of them did make love.

Chapter 4: The exercise machine

The next morning, Diana woke before Steve did. She lay on her back, staring up into the mists above her. His relaxed arm was lying over her stomach. (The last thing she remembered when she fell asleep was his hand holding her breast.) She felt so comfortable, lying in his arms, that she didn't want to move. She remained motionless, his bare arm over her stomach, his naked body almost touching hers. He was close enough that she could feel the heat radiating from him. She didn't move because she didn't want to disturb his slumbers.

When he finally awoke, both of them still nude, they saw a new machine in their living area. It looked like a water wheel, except it had a solid interior.

Diana stared at the machine saying nothing.

Curious, Steve rose and dressed to examine the machine. It became obvious it was an exercise machine. Steve found he could run on it. He experimented with it, then stepped into it and used it for a fairly extensive jogging workout. After his workout, he stripped and washed off in the pool. When his bath was finished, he pulled on his shorts and his pants. Bare chested, he returned to sit beside Diana and tried to kiss her but was confused when she held him off.

"Do you know what that is?" she asked, pointing to the new machine.

"It's some sort of exercising machine," Steve answered, confused at her tone of voice.

"It's a gerbil exercise wheel," Diana stated flatly.

"Gerbil?" Steve reexamined the machine. Then his eyes widened as he looked around their living area with new comprehension.

"We're in a terrarium, . . ." Diana stated flatly. She gestured around them. "We're in a goldfish bowl!"

Diana continued, "Don't you recognize what they've done? They found a pair of us and captured us. We've been placed in an enclosure and all of our needs were being met by some sort of benevolent being. He's been watching us for his own pleasure."

"But why?" Steve asked. He realized It was true. Diana had made a correct assessment.

"He's keeping us as pets. He's probably waiting for us to breed to increase his inventory."

"But you're not pregnant . . ." Steve began.

"He doesn't know that. And if we remain here, even being as careful as we can using the rhythm method, eventually I will become pregnant. And I, for one, do not wish to have children in this environment, only to have my baby stolen from me and sold to someone else," she hesitated, almost choking up at the thought. Then she continued, "or to something else as a pet."

She shuddered, then sat up as if having made a decision.

"This game ends right now!" she declared. She reached out to take both of Steve's hands in hers. "And I hope you're with me!"

Steve mutely nodded his head.

"The only defense we have is a passive defense." Dianna declared. "I refuse to be some creature's pet. Starting right now, I will not eat or drink anything in this place."

"You'll starve," Steve said incredulously.

"Starvation by dehydration, without water, can take up to a week. Maybe a little longer. That's my choice." She looked into Steve's eyes. "Will you join me?"

"Why don't you eat?" Steve asked. "I'll starve myself and they might get the message."

"No," Diana answered. "Think like a pet owner. Think it through. If he has two pets and one thrives but the other doesn't, he will simply keep the healthy one and dispose of the one who is dying. And then, he will find another mate for his surviving pet."

"Another mate?" Steve asked. "Is that what I am?"

"That's what we both are."

Steve thought it through. He couldn't find any fault with her logic. After some thought, Steve agreed.

"You know the outcome of this form of resistance will probably be, don't you?"

"We will probably both starve to death."

Somewhat dispirited, together, they moved the supply of food and water that had been left for them to the farthest point of their living area.

Then, dejectedly, they returned and sat on their bed, both lost in thought.

Finally, Steve broke the silence. "It appears that our deaths are eminent." He paused to clear his throat. "So, then," he continued, "we are in the unique position where we know approximately when and how we will die. For all practical purposes you could say we are as good as dead."

Diane nodded.

"If we're dead, then we are not bound by conventional laws. In fact, we can establish our own law.

"I know that being intimate with me has caused you some distress," Steve continued. Diana dropped her eyes and nodded, almost imperceptibly. "Therefore, as the head legislator of the government of this place," he gestured around them taking in their living area, "I hereby formally abolish the Amazon Law that forbids intimate contact between Amazons and men," Steve announced.

Diana raised her eyebrows. How could he think of sex at a time like this?

Then again, why not? They probably only had a few days of life left to them. True, she was a little hungry and would like some breakfast. But she still had her strength. And if death was as close as she expected, Amazon law was irrelevant

She was no longer a virgin, of course, but she still had her own ideas about intimacy between men and women. She felt herself beginning to grow aroused. And she rose to the bait that Steve dangled before her.

"And who gave you the right to pass laws concerning me?" she asked.

"Did I overstep my bounds?" Steve asked.

Diana nodded. "I will make my own laws," she stated, simply. They both expected to die in this place. So while their health and strength lasted, Diana determined to live life as fully as she could. Indeed if her life was to be measured in days or hours, then she wanted to experience everything she could.

Diana took a deep breath. Her back straightened and she said resolutely, " I hereby abolish the law forbidding intimacy, but only for so long as you give me the intimacy", she paused to look entreatingly at Steve, "and love" she paused again, "that I so desperately want and need."

"I still love you," Steve declared. "And I want to make love with you for as long as I have the strength."

"Me, too!" Diana declared.

It was agreed. And they sealed the "new law" by acting **very**intimately.

They started by bathing together, nude, with much kissing. Steve caressed her, stroked her, fondled her.

For the rest of the day, they acted like newlyweds, making love as if they were both in their twenties. Whereas Steve had scrupulously been gentle during their initial couplings, he had carefully observed her reactions and each sexual encounter became a new experiment between them, sometimes rough, sometimes gentle, sometimes downright wild and kinky.

Quickly, Diana started asking questions about things she had heard her girlfriends mention, or possibly seen in pictures. Diana was faced with her own mortality, so she wanted to satisfy every feminine curiosity she had ever had. She wanted to cram a lifetime of sex into the few days they had left, and this led to new and more experimentation quickly broadening their sensual repertoire. She believed that they would die within days. And facing every emotion stemming from the new found love she felt being released by her intimacy with Steve, Diana couldn't get enough of him.

After one particularly intense session of lovemaking, the two lovers lay side by side, gazing upward into the nothingness.

A very drained Steve marveled at the intensely ferocious and aggressive partner she was becoming, the wildness, the passion, the sheer intense animalistic hunger that had been unleashed since he had introduced her to their version of connubial bliss. He ignored the technicality that they had conveniently bypassed the clergyman to go directly to the enjoyment of the conjugal pleasures.

Diana, for her part, had entered into a new experience, participating with everything she had to offer, with all her heart, and with wild abandon. As she rested following their most recent encounter, she gazed upward, contemplating the perpetual dampness between her legs. Idly she wondered how much of the dampness came from his semen and how much came from her own body.

They rested in each others arms and enjoyed each others presence. Diana spoke.

"You know, he's probably watching us."

"I know. I thought about that."

"Does it bother you?"

"It did at first. But I decided that I can't let his perverted voyeurism keep us from cherishing the short time we have left."

"I agree!"

"What do you suppose he's thinking?"

"He's probably thinking he's going to get some babies"

Steve smiled at this. "He doesn't know what we know, does he?"

They knew they would probably be dead before Diana entered her fertile period. Therefore, the couple had no fear of pregnancy. Both of them entered into their lovemaking without reservations. Diana fully gave herself to Steve and relished his every caress. Likewise, Steve basked in every nuance of her body, every response she made indicating her love for him. They made love like newlyweds enjoying each other and with no concern of the future, no fear of consequence or repercussions. They screwed like rabbits! They fucked like there was no tomorrow, because, in truth, they expected that there would be no tomorrow!

The only drawback was that they knew they were being watched by their captor who undoubtedly was enjoying some voyeuristic pleasure from watching them. But they didn't care. There was no way their captor could know of the satisfaction they shared as they lay in each others arms basking in the afterglow of their loving sexual union.

Diana was surprised by the intensity of the feelings she was developing for Steve. He was her first lover, so everything was new to her. But each time they made love, she felt stronger emotions for her man.

At one point, she began to cry again. Steve asked her what was wrong. She replied, "I've just found you. And when we die, I will lose all the wonder and marvel that we've discovered."

Steve held her to him and kissed her tears away. And they made love once more. It was bittersweet and melancholy. But it was marvelous!

It wasn't long before Diana gave Steve his blow-job. She started by kissing her way down his chest, pausing to suck on each nipple, which caused an unexpected response from Steve as he arched his back, pressing his tiny nipple into her mouth. Continuing down past his stomach, she leaned over him indecisively, and slowly kissed Steve's rigid, throbbing manhood. Tentatively, she licked the drop of precum from the head of his penis. It tasted . . . salty? She ran her tongue up his length causing Steve to groan softly. Diana realized she tasted herself. With determination, she showered it with kisses. She reached out with a trembling hand and caressed the growing cock, stroking it tentatively, teasing him until he put his hand on her head and forced his member deep into her mouth.

She gagged.

Diana knew the basic mechanics of oral sex so she began to suck. He was almost more than she could handle. But once again, Diana was surprised with the intensity of Steve's response when she sucked him. He groaned as she massaged his dick with her tongue. She gained confidence and it didn't take long for her to figure out a few techniques of her own. Steve grunted as her full lips encompassed him enthusiastically. Again, Diana was surprised with the intensity of Steve's response when she sucked him. She was painfully aware of her lack of experience, so she welcomed his instructions, telling her what to do and how to please him. She did exactly as he instructed, obeying his every command, quickly improving her methods. His response was immediate and unrestrained.

Within a few minutes, he tried to pull her head back, wheezing and gasping. "Diana! Take it out. I'm going to cum!" He tried to withdraw as he rapidly approached his climax, but Diana insisted on taking him the full course. She continued sucking and pumping until he finally lost control, grabbed her on either side of the head and came, filling her mouth and throat.

"Swallow!" Steve commanded, holding her head in place.

Wonder Woman obeyed, gulping down every drop Steve released.

Then she swallowed down everything he had to offer. She wanted the complete experience! And she wanted to give Steve everything she could.

Finally, she sat back, breathing heavy, gazing spellbound at Steve's damp manhood. It twitched and another small blob of creamy white substance was ejected. Wide eyed, Wonder Woman glanced up at Steve's eyes, then her gaze was pulled back to his penis. The blob of cum was abut to drip off, so almost automatically, she leaned forward taking it in her mouth and her timorous tongue licked off.

She smiled at him with satisfaction. "I didn't lose a drop of it!" she reported proudly, and she leaned forward to kiss, then lick a tip of his penis once more and kiss it again.

Afterward, she had to rinse out her mouth with water because she felt nauseous. She gargled, but didn't want to break her fast, so she refused to swallow any of the water. She felt a little guilty in that she had swallowed his cum and this might provide her with sustenance, but she quickly forgave herself and dismissed these thoughts. If she only had a few days to live, a small indiscretion might be forgiven.

"If we had more time," Steve whispered, holding her closely to him. "I would teach you how to relax your throat so you could deep throat me."

Deep throat? The suggestion sounded intriguing to Diana. But she didn't want to be swallowing any more while they were in this place. Learning this new skill was a technique she would have to forgo.

Steve quickly returned Diana's favor by eating her pussy. Diane was even more surprised when he used his mouth and tongue on her privates. The stimulation given by a lover was phenomenal; much greater than straight sex. But as exciting as it was, it lacked the satisfaction of watching her partner's face, the excitement of full body contact as they made love, the pleasure of holding him in her arms as they both came simultaneously.

Their sex-life expanded as they began integrating all of these activities with other experiments. Diana enjoyed being soundly fucked by her lover.

Greedily, she watched his cock penetrate her as she watched (and felt) him pounding into her. Hungrily, she anticipated him cumming inside of her. She glanced up into his eyes before returning her gaze to his manhood piercing her womanhood! Then she closed her eyes and rolled her head upward so she could concentrate on the sensation of his penis penetrating her pussy.

They were aware that their time was short and they had no idea what their captors would do with their bodies when they were dead. Against the off chance that their bodies might be returned to earth, they both dressed at the end of each night's activities, Steve in his fatigues uniform, Diana in her Wonder Woman costume, complete with belt, boots and tiara. Then they would sleep.

With desperation as a driving factor. the next day was virtually non-stop sexual bliss and Steve wondered how Wonder Woman found the energy to make love as aggressively as she did. Diana wondered how Steve managed to continue to produce so much semen since he was no longer drinking water, therefore not replenishing his fluids.

One day faded into another. During the nights they slept fitfully. During the days, their activities grew less energetic as they grew weaker from dehydration. Nonetheless they made love as much as they could. It became more difficult to resist the temptation to drink from the nearby pool. Their sexual experimentation grew less eager and their activities became more simple expressions of love between two consenting adults. The joy of the honeymoon faded as they grew weaker.

Toward the end of the day, they managed to make love once more, neither bothering to take off their clothes completely. Then with great difficulty, they redressed and spent the rest of the afternoon lying in each others arms. Their conversation began to lose coherence as they spoke to each other. Still, they drew comfort from holding each other as their mental facilities grew disjointed.

That night, they cuddled weakly in each others arms. Steve felt he was beginning to hallucinate before he fell asleep.

Chapter 5: Civilization.

Dimly Steve became aware of moisture on his lips. His parched tongue ran over his cracked lips and he hallucinated that there was water. He felt himself being supported in a seated position and a cup brought to his lips**with water**. He gulped down a swallow or two before it was gone, opening his eyes.

At first he was blinded by the bright sunlight. He licked his lips greedily and tried to focus. He saw palm trees waving gently above him. He looked around finding Diana holding him up with an empty cup in her hand.

"More!" he croaked out, and she poured a small portion into the cup which she raised to his lips. Again, he gulped it down.

"Easy," she admonished as she took a drink from the cup. "Not too fast."

Steve's vision was clearing. They were on a sandy beach and Steve could see the imprints in the sand from the weight of the tires of the invisible plane. There were dragging marks in the sand from where Diana had dragged herself to the Invisible plane, somehow gotten into the cockpit to get a canteen. Then there were unstable footprints from the plane to him.

"How . . . "

"Later," Diane interrupted giving him yet another sip. "Later."

Steve didn't know what happened next, but when he regained consciousness, he was in a hospital bed with an IV in his arm. Forcing himself to think, he looked for and found the call button for the nurse. When he pressed it, a pretty young nurse appeared and let him suck on some ice chips while she answered all the questions he could ask. Apparently whoever, or whatever had captured them realized they were both dying, so he had returned them to the tropical Island. Wonder Woman had sent out a distress call from her invisible plane. The two of them had been found on the beach and taken to a military hospital somewhere in the Caribbean where both had been treated for extreme dehydration. Wonder Woman was being treated in the next room. The effort to talk became too great and Steve sank back into blackness again.

The next time Steve woke, he was feeling much closer to normal. He sat up and fought off a dizzy spell, then taking his IV with him he moved to the door of his room. His movements grew steadier with each step. He checked the room to his left and found Diana there. She was awake, although not yet very active. Smiling when she saw him, she looked incredibly sexy dressed in her hospital gown.

Steve moved unsteadily to her bedside and sat on the bed beside her. Immediately, she rolled her face against his chest and he caressed her cheek. He wanted to kiss her, but he couldn't find the strength, so he let his arm slide down to her shoulder, then down to cup her breast through the hospital gown. She gave a sigh of pleasure, but then shook her head. Steve removed his hand.

"Why not?" he asked, expecting her to say that a nurse could walk in at any moment.

"We cannot," she answered in a whisper. "I'm an Amazon Princess, and once more we are in the world of men."

Steve cringed. After almost a week of bliss, suddenly the old rules were back in place. He tried again. "Diana, we've shared so much together. We've . . . we've loved each other . . . We are in love! We've made love!"

Diana nodded her head. "I know. I know. But, once again, I am bound by the Amazon Law. I cannot change that."

Steve gave a sigh of absolute frustration.

"I understand," Diana whispered, reaching out to hold his hand. "I feel it, too."

Then taking hold of his hand, she kissed it and whispered. "Maybe, once a month, I can let you know the day my period starts." She squeezed his hand. "Maybe we can get together and go somewhere special . . . I can teach you more Greek . . ."

She took a deep breath before continuing. ". . . and maybe you could teach me how to 'deep throat'."

Steve knew what he was hearing but couldn't quite believe it. ". . . The Amazon Law . . . ?"

Diana nuzzled her face into his chest. "I'll break the law . . ."

The end (probably)

(And, yes, the name of the short story by Heinlein or Asimov was "The Goldfish Bowl" or "Life in the Goldfish Bowl".)