Wonder Woman's African Adventure 2

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With inspiration and the odd word from Dr Stange B Love's story Supergirl on Violantis

Colonel Steve Trevor nursed his damaged P51 Mustang back across the jungle with one wingman as a Sheppard, he had lost half his flight in his fight with the German jets. He could feel the rage boiling at failing the mission, but suppressed it as he had more pressing thing to do. He monitored the engine temperature gauges which hovered in the yellow warning arcs and fought the flight controls to keep the shot up aircraft level and on course, time to be pissed and get pissed later, he thought. He made it back to the base but totaled the Mustang in a less than stellar landing but at least he walked away from the wreck. Well I'll guess they're have to be a Wonder Woman 2 now, he commented looking at the scorched nose art of his Mustang, a charackiture of Wonder Woman showing off here better attributes.

Military Intelligence already had a contingency plan to put in place. It was unfortunate that they couldn't have cut the head off the Nazi science snake now they would have to find his lab buried in the jungle. Soon Trevor was flying photoreconnaissance Mosquito two seat twin engined aircraft that had a high cruise speed and long range. This made them ideal for this mission of cruising central Africa. They continued to fly daily missions looking for the airfield-sized clearings the Germans could have landed their big Condor in. Bastards probably have it well camouflaged he thought as they began another racetrack turn. At least using Infrared Camera film might negate that work of art. Each clearing in the jungle was photographed and past to the imagery analysts back at base.

Sitting in the tent where the analysts worked were stacks of photographs each carefully marked to correspond to mission and a plot map that dominated one side of the tent. One set of photographs had a very distinctive reflective surface on it that blurred the image over the mud hut. It stood out oddly given the fact that it was a pigmy village by the size of the people in the image, the analyst thought. Probably just an axe head or some metal that the locals had traded for the airman thought. However, the image analyst dutifully passed the strip of photos to Colonel Trevor as per his standing instructions on anything out of the ordinary. The analyst hadn't bothered looking at the whole strip, once he made up his mind, he went on to other stacks of photos, he had so much imagery to review to just stay ahead of each mission he was happy to pass stacks to the nosy pilot. Talk about a needle in a haystack he mused to himself staring through his stereoscopic viewer.

Steve was impressed by the quality of the photos. The big lenses in the Mosquitoes belly allowed the cameras to zoom right in, he could even tell the difference between pygmy men and women. After all he was a boob man. He kept looking at the photo sequence from the glare spot. He couldn't believe it there at the top of a mud hut was the gleaming golden eagle of Wonder Woman's bustier. No it couldn't be he thought, he then examined the next series of photos and zoomed into the photo. Yes it was very distinctive, that was what was producing the glare. It started to make sense, Wonder Woman had disappeared for a month. Now why would she be in a pigmy village? He could explain the clothing it appeared all the village laundry was laid out on the village roofs, probably drying after cleaning. Now what action should he take, Wonder Woman only went where there was trouble, maybe this was the needle he was looking for. He figured may as well go brief the Brigadier once he had a couple of options thought out.

Diana was an emotional wreck that was just not coming out of her malaise. It had started after the fertility dance. What a hot night, she still had fond memories of it that night had gotten her pregnant. However, a month latter she had lost the baby and it still caused her pain. It had caused the witch doctor to rage and froth at the mouth at the matron. She had almost intervened; she knew she could pulverize the little twerp and his feather brained headdress. The matron had sensed her growing anger and had defused the situation by bringing her a child to suckle on her big breasts that always relaxed her. Her emotional pain had another effect, it had triggered a flood of memories, which pounded at her. Scenes of angry men in black uniforms crosses and skulls, unspeakable men. It finally occurred to her that the uniform insignia that so revolted her was the same markings the men wore on the uniform during the celebrations, she had fucked Nazis willingly! Once the initial horror of it passed and she stopped shaking in rage, she soon realized that she didn't belong here and began to plot her escape before some other Nazi bastard could be found for her. In the meantime she took relief in the daily nursing of the infants that tugged at her huge teats, constantly begging for her attention.

Dr Van Lactose wiped his brow of sweat, this African shit hole was very uncomfortable, but very useful. The Fuehrer was pleased with his newfound virility and stamina. It had done wonders for the war effort cleared his head, calmed his rages. The Dr was considering distilling the Wonder milk into a pill he even had a name for it, he would call it Ziagara. However, first he was here in this fetid jungle airstrip to further his research for the Fatherland. That stupid bitch Wonder Woman had lost her baby that the Chief Pilot and he had seeded in her and now the savages were threatening to stop further shipments of milk, if that happened their would be hell to pay, Her Himmler wasn't a forgiving man. Oh well he would send out a couple of good Aryan studs to redo the job, don't want restless natives interfering with his vital work or the Fuehrer supply.

The Dr had met a promising young botanist who had succeeded in rapidly mutating plants. She called herself Poison Ivy and was a rather fetching woman he thought. With his newfound power as a Reich director he had funded her research. She had rewarded him quite nicely. Together they had made significant advancements on a number of species. They had seeded a large quantity of the jungle near the base as a field trial. He was hopping that they could then seed the Reich's enemies with these plants and disrupt their home economy. The real test was to force one of the pygmy tribes enemies through the seeded woods and see how effective the mutations were on a knowledgeable local tribe. So he would just have to start a tribal war, shouldn't be to hard given the territoriality of the local savages, VonLactose thought. We'll just plant some evidence, he laughed at his own humor, have the local's find it thinks the pygmy's are expanding and we'll have ourselves a nice little war.

At the first of every month the village woman would travel from the village to the various clearings where the tubes grew. The farthest one was by dugout canoe down the river a couple of kilometers. Diana had been included in these activities, she had asked the matron to go, she still loved the taste of the fresh plant juice and had become mildly addicted to it. The matron had agreed because she was so much stronger and could easily do the heavy work in the clearing. They had repaired her bustier with large laces across the front and back so she could work without her massive jugs swinging around an interfering. They had tried to use native cloth but it wasn't strong enough to contain her bosom. The women also liked her to come along because she provided fresh milk during the work session. Without the children around she had to be milked at least once when out and the pygmy women took great delight in suckling from her. Diana fondly remembered the trips, a couple of the women sucking her tits, and the matron often working over her pleasure centre as she stood their on all fours with a large wooden dildo that she had carved. After each session she had often needed to dry out the bustier so it didn't rot in the jungle. She didn't bother with it in the village, as it was just too much of a bother when suckling the babies. So she dried it on the roof of the huts between trips along with the rest of the village clothing.

When Diana heard that the witch doctor was leaving with a war party for the white faces clearing she knew what that meant. The Nazis were coming back. She knew she would be fertile again soon, it all made sense; she was revolted at the thought of being breed again. Luck would have it that the women were going to go downstream to work the far tuber patch but would be back before the war party. This was her chance, the witch doctor wouldn't know and she could steel a canoe once at the patch and escape. Normally only two warriors accompanied the woman for protection with their blow dart guns.

The little group of canoes pulled ashore at the foot of the trail to the tuber patch clearing, the native women piled out of the boats. The pigmy women began trudging up the trail with their tools leaving the two men and Diana to haul the heavy wooden boats up onto the shore. The warriors stayed because honor said they must not let woman do man's work without supervision. She brained both of them with a flick of her wrist, it was an innocent motion to pick up the canoe side but grasp the paddle instead. She dumped their unconscious bodies in a canoe each. She carefully placed a large palm frond over their faces to give the appearance of lazy dozing men, at a glance it would work, play to what the village women knew, and expected. She carefully removed their poison darts and kept the pouch they were in before throwing it in the river. Diana launched the largest canoe and began paddling it away from the trail and downstream. She had escaped and now needed to make some distance from the pygmy's before the war party returned.

The witch doctor with the German troopers arrived early back at the village within minutes of the women's work detail. The women had fled back to the village upon discovering the missing Wonder Woman and unconscious warriors. The German Sergeant had quickly radioed back to the airbase once he had figured out what everyone was jumping around about especially old head feather. Fortunately Teutonic military efficiency had contingencies for everything. Soon a Fiesler Storch observation aircraft was buzzing low toward the river.

Colonel Steve Trevor had also watched the arrival of the German party at the village. He and a SAS team had parachuted into the jungle earlier in the week when one of the photo planes had spotted the Feisler Storch on the ground at this clearing. Obviously these locals were working for the Germans. Bastards he swore to himself where's Wonder Woman. There was no sign and this group was obviously preparing for some kind of raiding party. Well he could deal with these Nazis easily enough. He nodded to the SAS Sergeant, "call in the air strike, on the village before the Nazis fuck off." "Right sir, better safe than sorry. I' eyes always say so sir." "Starlight to Bloodhound, over." "Go ahead Starlight this is Bloodhound" the fighter-bombers leader responded. "Bloodhound, six actual confirms primary target for strike, definite platoon sized occupation force within village, destroy target over." "Bloodhound roger, inbound to the IP, time on target figures three over." "Roger that Bloodhound, Starlight force will meet the extraction plane at the RV out."

Diana recognized the snarl of the aircraft engine and madly paddled to the shore. She jumped out grabbed the canoe and quickly flung it under the foliage. She had landed beside another track into the jungle. With the plane following up the river she decided she'd haul the canoe farther up and then head along the track. She set off along the path moving quickly but cautiously into the unexplored.

Half an hour down the track, she stopped short in a clearing a powerful pressure was building in her chest. "Aaarrggghh!" she cried. "S..so.m.much.p.PRESSURE..can't..." Desperately, Diana dug her fingers into the strangling cloth and ripped open her bodice. Her humungous breasts burst forth, freed from their constraints. The orbs were drum tight with taunt nipples that throbbed angrily. Diana had forgotten that she hadn't been milked for a while in all the excitement to get away, her regular routine had been disrupted. Her gigantic milk sacks were as firm and taut as drum skins. Gingerly, she squeezed one of her giant breasts. An eight-foot jet of milk shot from her nipple. The whole forest seemed to go insane around Diana. It was as if the scent of mamm milk had triggered a response. Wormy shoots and tentacles with gaping suckers on their tips writhed insanely, hurling toward her. At first, she fought them off, but the pressure inside her inflated breasts quickly wore down her defences. As she fought off tens of the tentacles, one snuck around from behind and clamped onto her left nipple. Before she could pull it off, it sucked powerfully.

"Ggghhhaaaa!" she sobbed, trying to tear off the leach- like attacker with both hands. But trying to pull it off caused her tender nipple to flare in white-hot pain. Within a few seconds, the suffering super heroine's fierce struggle tapered off. Her arms slumped to her side in defeat. She didn't even resist when a second sucker latched onto her right tit. The sound of greedy slurping filled the night as the tormented super heroine sank to her knees.

"Oh, yes," she whimpered. "Yes, yes!" As the intense sucking drained her breasts, the horrible burning pressure began to subside. "Ahhhh!" she sighed, as mammary relief

soothed her. Listlessly, she reached a hand back to swat away the dozen or so thick

Creepers that intruded under the remnants of her star spangled shorts. But she wasn't in an ideal position to defend her. On all fours, hypnotized by the powerful sucking on her teats, it was hard to concentrate on defending her virtue. Her whole attention was on the pleasure in her nipples. Every muscle in her body was relaxing.

A wormstalk, rigid as a steel tube and the thickness of a thumb and coated with slippery nectar poked her naked bottom. She squirmed, trying to move away, but the suckers on her nipples clamped her torso to the ground. Slowly, powerfully, the stiff, greasy worm- like tube tried to insert itself into her cunt. In a desperate measure she tried once more and managed to grab its stalk just as a large bulbous lump was moving up the shaft. With a mighty effort she crushed the worm tube, her hand being coated in viscous goo as the bulge squirted from the broken shaft. Desperate to relieve her breasts, Diana felt her whole body feel warm and soft and good. The sucking on her breasts was relaxing her, making her drowsy. The leach stalks were still draining her, and she felt very, very peaceful. Bravely, the beleaguered super heroine pulled herself up to her hands and knees and tried to remember that she needed to put more distance between herself and her pursuers. Her breasts had been sucked dry. They no longer hurt. She stared at them in horror. They had shrunk to about half their new size, although still several times bigger than normal. But they were a disaster! Lumpy and misshapen, they looked completely deflated, flopping sloppily almost to her belly. She fought back tears. She looked like a cow, she wailed. "Must get away from these plants before I regenerate, they'll ruin my Breasts!"

Diana ran for the trail holding her flopping breast to her chests with her arms the remains of her bustier hanging down below her waist. She stood at the edge of another clearing that looked like it was covered in dwarf sunflower plants with large thick leaf plants. On each side mangrove type swamps ringed the clearing, she could see the crocks eyes watching her from the distance, well once more she would have to cross this clearing. The buzz of a plane echoed in the distance, she could hear a series of dull booms muffled by the jungle. The clearing was obviously planted by man with its ordered rows, the plants smelled enticing and she found herself, feeling more calm. Without thinking she stopped and examined a plant more closely the aroma was enticing. When she touched the plant head, it sprayed a cloud of powder into her face. She wiped it away but found herself slowly sinking down onto her knees. She felt drowsy, it couldn't be, but her brain thought it smelled like chloroform. Diana sat on her knees her head slowly wavering in small circles. One hand reached out and grabbed the vine stock for support. Her big tits were almost touching the ground, they had gradually begun to resume their expanded size since her previous encounter.

Diana didn't notice the large seed pod open until its leathery leaves, snapped around her head and more powder was blown directly into her face. She began to feel quite calm. Her body was beginning to react to the other ingredients in the powder. For some reason she was starting to feel aroused. A large bulbous headed vine began to snake forward towards her inviting sex as she stood on all fours her ass in the air. The smaller tendrils of the vine began to wrap around her legs and soon the thick stamen began to work its way upward to the dripping opening above. Unknown to Diana the whole process was being watched, if not understood.

A large male Gorilla had caught her female sent from her previous encounter with Poison Ivy's plants and had cautiously closed the distance. Its male instincts told it that there was a female in heat ahead. The gorilla advanced with purpose its large cock swelling with expectation to mate. The Gorilla had been so far unsuccessful in mating and was anxious to spread its seed. Before it was a mange bitch but one that appeared submissive and willing. The bulbous creeper vine was about to penetrate Diana when the big paw of the Gorilla ripped it away from his intended conquest. The big Gorilla could clearly smell Diana's dripping cunt juice and his desire to mate would brook no obstacle. He rammed his huge tool at her moist rear end, he missed with his first couple of attempts at finding her hole. Soon however, he succeeded and his cock parted her vagina lips. Dian tried to scream at the invasion but another stock appeared from the centre of the flower and inserted itself into her open mouth and began pumping more tuber juice into her. The aphrodisiac syrup it poured down her throat made it easier for the big ape to mount her. Diana just stood their head engulfed in a podded plant her ass covered by the hairy mass of the ape as he thrust in and out with his massive rod.

The ape's rod inched its way up her love canal with each stroke, her body was surrendering to the effects of the plant making each thrust easier. The ape was reaching the point where he would soon explode his seed into the hairless bitch. The big gorilla howled in pain as the 18" stainless steel blade sank to its hilt. It plunged between his ribs and into the beast's heart. Stunned by the assault it recoiled back away from Diana, pulling out its massive well-lubricated tool, just in time to expend its seaman over her back in an arcing fountain of jizz. Trying to turn and fight its assailant the Gorilla took a second lighting blow by the big serrated blade to the lungs. The bull Gorillas raging bellows became a frothy burst of blood bubbles. The powerful assailant sliced the jugular of the beast as it clumsily tried to flail its huge arms at the lethal attacker. The ground thumped when the carcass fell, the assailant wiped his blade on the matted black skin as it moved pass propelled by gravity, its dick still proudly erect.

Diana in her dream state felt the cock pull out, but soon she was penetrated again and began moving to the new motion. The cock pushed deeper into her well-lubricated cunt. Tarzan had also followed the unmistakable scent of a bitch in heat. He had killed his rival and now claimed the spoils. His big balls slapped together as he pounded the Amazon, her huge tits bouncing back and forth with his rhythm. His stiff prick vented his baby juice into her unprotected womb, and he howled his triumph. With the deft skill of an expert woodsman he quickly carved the Amazon free from the plant bulb, and pulled the stock from her lips. Wrapping his bandana around his nose he picked up the Amazon placed her on his shoulder in a fireman's carry and walked to the edge of the clearing. The plant heads popped their white powder whenever he touched one. It didn't bother him his face was protected, but Diana's facing bouncing along his back was soon covered in the drug inducing powder. Reaching the far side jungle edge he began to trot effortlessly through the jungle following animal trails and not the obviously man-made trails hacked through the jungle.

Tarzan splashed water over Diana's face and she awoke with a start. Looking up she was starring into warm steel grey eyes. They weren't threatening and she expanded her gaze. He was a magnificent man, his blond hair was medium length, and nicely offset his chiselled features. He was hugely muscled and she marvelled at his small waist. He had a huge sheath knife on a waist belt that also suspended his loincloth. Her eyes widened as she gazed upon his huge penis that was obviously unsheathed as it projected proudly from the side of his loincloth. It was the biggest cock Diana had ever seen on a man. Diana realised he was standing over her, she lay on her back, at his feet, she continued to focus on his member. The plants aphrodisiac continued to pump through her body and she found her eyes visual trigger, stimulated the rest of her body. Soon her nipples were hardening betraying her desire. Tarzan's keen jungle sense, fully tuned to his environment sensed the bitch's willingness to mate again. He leaned forward and she spread her legs wide to expose her sex to him. Diana reached up and guided the monster into her waiting sex, it was already moistening by the time the tip hit her lips. She rocked with his animal motion and he plunged deeply into her. Soon she had wrapped her long Amazon legs around him desperate to get every inch inside her. He came quickly pushing his baby juice deep into her again. At the primal level Diana wanted a child, especially since her recent loss and her body reacted to this base desire. Pulling his rod out Tarzan stood up, his cock beginning to go slack. Diana sat up and on her knees crawled over to him. She took his tool in her hand and then began to clean it with her lips. Soon she was sucking on it with unrestrained passion. Tarzan had never had a blowjob before and just stood their looking at the big titted bitch suck on his cock. The sensation was mind blowing and he soon had a raging hard on. Diana her mission accomplished sat back and spread her wet cunt before him. Needing no further stimulation the ape-man was soon thrusting into her sex. Having discovered her massive teats the ape-man was soon chewing and sucking on the hard nipples. The effect quickly driving Diana to orgasm as he pounded her. Soon Tarzan was awash in mam milk as her breast fountained each time he pounded her cunt. He exploded his load into her and they both lay beside each other for a while.

Like a pair of newly weds Tarzan and the Amazon couldn't get enough of each other's bodies. The ape-man had never had an encounter like this before. Diana was equally inexperienced she had often been fucked before but never in this slow gradual exploration of another's body or of someone exploring hers. Aside from other bodily needs, which they did for the most part together they devoted the majority of their time to each other. Diana loved the feel of the Ape mans broad shoulders as they bore down on her breasts; she loved the feel of his stiff cock inside her. The aphrodisiac of the plant had long since worn off but the two had developed a natural body chemistry, which seemed to involve fucking like rabbits. Diana loved to hang her tits over his face and let him drain her of milk, and then she would ride him, he supporting her bouncing breasts as she drove herself like a pile driver onto his manhood.

He manoeuvred her back now, she could not resist. He caressed and fondled her huge melons again now, and she moaned. He sucked her nipples some more now and worked his way down to her cunt, where he licked the outside of her pussylips. She moaned and breathed heavily now and he came up and stripped off his loincloth. He spread her legs wide and positioned his hard penis at the warm, soft entry to her twat. He pulled he legs over his shoulders and began to pin them forward, thrusting his dick deep into her. She yelled loudly again. He moved around in a circular motion trying to loosen up her tight vagina. He grabbed her big tits and squeezed and he began to pump his Garth in and out of her. She squealed loudly now.

"Oohh, noo, oohh , uuuuhh, mmmmmpphf , she mumbled He pounded harder. Oh, Oh, Oh, No, Oh, Oh, Oh,. Oh, nnnnoooooooohhhh.. she finally yelped. He jammed a final thrust as another stream of his seed shot deep into her. He lay there on top of her, sweaty. They both breathed heavily. He finally rose up and pulled out. He walked over and kneeled down next to her head, putting his now soft penis to her lips. He had enjoyed her first blowjob and wanted another.

Tarzan was doing his rounds of the jungle near their tree house, it had only been three days since he had conquered a mate but his thoughts filled with the Amazon. That said there was nothing wrong with his instincts. He reacted to the tiny sounds the forest stirrings that weren't quite normal, he froze in place and became part of the jungle background. Before him a pygmy warrior moved with almost equal skill through the canopy. Soon he could see the main war party, by their course he knew they had been following the Amazon, for he wasn't that far from where he had met the Gorilla. He could see the party was led by the village witch doctor, an unstable man he didn't trust. They were way out of their territory. He would send them a warning. He unsung his long compound bow and with a rippling of muscles along his arms and back notched the arrow and drew it back in a fluid silent motion. The arrow thudded into a tree just inches from the witch doctors face, where his face would have been had he taken another step. The noise of the arrows passage to these stealthy hunters was deafening and they all dropped into cover to blend in with the jungle. The arrow hadn't been sent to kill otherwise its victim would have been stapled to the tree. The party looked to the witch doctor for guidance, they all new who the arrow belonged to, none of them relished fighting the ape-man. His bow outranged their blow darts significantly, and he was said to be immune to many darts, they had seen the dead Gorilla already and weren't keen on furthering the quest. Tarzan however had missed one of the parties, the lead tracker had been much further ahead and he had continued his journey following the woman's scent trail.

The tracker surveyed the tree house, he knew by reputation that lived there. However, he could detect no sign of the ape-man yet he could see signs of the Amazon. He could se her bustier hanging on a railing at the first level. With thoughts of the honour his house would get if he brought in the Amazon he scaled the branches to get closer. He could see the Amazon on the level; he couldn't mistake her by the massive pair of tits jutting out. He creeped closer to get within blow dart range. Diana's sixth sense had warned her of impending danger and she scanned the surrounding jungle. She saw the flick of the blowgun as it was raised to fire its deadly dart. With ease she deflected the dart using her Amazon bracelets and charged the intruder. The stalker had enough presence of mind to try and fire another dart but again she easily deflected the dart. There was a difference in ambushing an Amazon and in fighting one face to face. The unfortunate pygmy however, would never learn from his mistake. She had jumped off the lower platform and dove through the branches to where he crouched her balled fists knocking him clean out of the tree. He landed in a clump and she in a fighting stance beside him. Diana savagely grabbed him and broke his neck like a twig; she suffered no more remorse than putting a lame horse down. With her breathing restored she knew she needed to leave this place. Where the pygmy's were the Nazis were soon to follow and she needed to get back to the real world, she had begun to remember. Diana gathered a few things and set off in the direction of the Nazi airport. One night while she and Tarzan had cuddled in the treetops looking at the stars she had seen an aircraft rise from the forest canopy. She now knew that this was the Nazi base. She would go their steal an aircraft and return to Paradise Island.

Diana moved slowly toward the airfield. It was well camouflaged with netting down the length of the runway except at the very end giving the impression of a much smaller clearing. On each side of the runway were areas tucked away to conceal aircraft. There were two Messerschmitt 262 jet fighters parked on either side of the runway. One was a two seat aircraft with radar antennas on its nose. The observation plane she had seen was missing probably still out looking for her. Their didn't seem to be to many guards around they must have stripped the place to form search parties. Peeking low around a building Diana saw a bored looking guard reading a magazine beside a machine gun nest, a cradled MG42 with belt beside him. She would have to get rid of him before she could make it to a jet. Diana leopard crawled on her belly through the grass below the rim of the sandbags. She could hear the odd grunt from the guard as he rocked in his chair reading. She jumped up and stood before him. The guard with no one around had been reading a porn magazine and jerking off. His meaty cock stood straight out as he eyed Diana's big tits inches away. His jaw was still open as she decked him, sending him off into never land. He had been reading 'big titted Amazon babes,' she looked down in amusement, well I guess you finally met one she laughed.

Diana using the shadows crept round the few buildings on the base. She had heard sounds from one building, an air conditioning plant, and then people. At one place she had looked in and saw an older gent his trousers down putting the blocks to a good looking younger woman sprawled out on a lab table. Her lab coat was open her shirt unbuttoned revealing nice sized tits fully aroused. She continued to be a voyeur for a little period as the man service the woman. It had made her miss the ape-man, she had eventually put the thought away but not before she felt a pang of regret flow through her body. There was something familiar about the man she couldn't place as she stared at his cock. Shaking herself she moved on quietly.

Diana had made it safely to the Messerschmitt 262. She inspected the jet to ensure it had full fuel tanks and maps showing where they were. Luckily the jet was an alert aircraft and had been topped up with everything, fuel and ammo. She thought the pilot was probably out flying the observation aircraft. Slowly going over the aircraft controls she figured out the engine controls, how to start the auxiliary APU. A claxon began to ring and Diana jumped down and hid behind some sandbags in the shadows at the rear of the bay. The alert pilot came belting out of a building in his flying gear. A ground crewman came trotting over. He quickly started up the APU and began to spool power to the jet engines. The pilot waved to him and he gave the pilot thumbs up. The flyboy then turned his back and climbed up the wing onto the jet. Diana thought, we'll just let these boys set this thing up for me than I'll borrow it, much easier. She crept up behind the crewman and chopped him in the solar plexus he went down and she dragged him behind the APU. She jumped up onto the wing between the engine and the fuselage; the pilot saw her and turned to face her, his reactions a bit slower. He couldn't believe a naked Amazon with huge tits was attacking him. He went for his pistol. Diana calmly kicked him in the gut sending him sprawling off the aircraft. She hopped down, pulled the chocks away from the jets wheels, gave the pilot another powerful kick to get him out of the way and keep him down. Hopping backup she got into the aircraft and pulled the canopy closed.

Advancing the throttle she taxied the German jet onto the runway. The ground crew at the far end had already pulled the camouflage net away for the alert jets takeoff. With everything in the green she advanced the throttles heard the familiar whistle and the German twinjet whooshed down the runway picking up speed quickly. Diana eased the stick back and the jet was airborne, she reached down and toggled the gear retract switch and was rewarded with three green lights. It was time to leave this forsaken place she thought. She set course for Paradise Island, glad she had selected the bird with long-range tanks and drop tanks.

Diana landed to a heroines welcome at Paradise Island her mother was very glad to see her return from the mans world with the latest in aviation technology. They would incorporate stealth technology into the aircraft and use this as her new invisible plane. Diana figured she would spend some time relaxing at home while the new invisible plane was readied. She found she was constantly dreaming of the time she had spent with the ape-man. She also found that her dreams were again becoming filled with the thought of bearing his child. With that thought she would become very horney and she found herself spending a lot of time with her legs open and her hands in her pussy. She just wanted to get off whenever she had these thoughts. How glorious it would be, she fantasized, to see her own belly swell, her own big boobs grow larger still as she made a baby. She found herself wanting a baby to be suckling from her big boobs instead of having to be milked like a cow to keep from spraying milk all over by her Amazon sisters.

The fascination with pregnancy continued to be part of her dreams in which she saw her cute smooth tummy expending and growing larger. She awoke from these dreams about pregnancy hornier than ever. She was a modern girl, holding down two very important jobs. If she became pregnant, how she could possibly continue in her efforts to fight the Nazis. However, she also knew her mother had been pregnant a number of her times with her and her sisters so why couldn't she become pregnant. With growing efforts, she tried to keep these fantasies in the background with diminishing success.

Disturbing as these fantasies were, Wonder Woman couldn't ignore the signs her body was telling her. She marvelled at how large her breasts had grown and how they looked, her nipples were standing straight out and she could see clearly the definition of where her breast ended and her nipples began. Although her nipples had stood out

before there seemed to be something different about the way they protruded now. Her belly button was being slowly forced outward. Her new shorts seemed to be cradling a little bulge. The bulge pulled the shorts higher leaving a very clear camel toe ripple in her shorts. She found wearing them just made her want to finger herself till she came. Soon she found herself avoiding wearing her Wonder Woman costume, the lycra irritated her nipples and the shorts just made her want to masturbate. One morning she found herself ill. That morning her mother the Queen of the Amazons came to her Diana, "I know your with child Diana", she said. You must stay here on Paradise Island and have the child. She broke down and cried the happy tears of a pregnant mother, hugged by her mother, and her sisters

The end?