Wonder Woman versus Dr. Z and the Collars of Obedience: Part 2  

By Dangerguy

Wonder Woman

a superheroine story by Dangerguy

Part 2: The Brunette

WARNING: This story is strictly fictional and is not intended to portray any real persons, living or dead, nor is it at all intended to encourage the type of activity portrayed here. It is not to be sold for profit; Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Superman, Batman, et al are the property of DC Comics. It is strictly a fantasy, intended for the personal enjoyment of those who appreciate the superheroine in bondage/peril/sexual situations genre. The story depicts graphic sexual situations, including bondage, violence, and non-consensual sex, among a number of other nasty things. It is NOT intended, nor is it at all suitable, for minors. If you are under the age of 18, or if this type of thing offends you, you shouldn’t be reading it.

Previously... In Part 1, Batgirl, following a tip that turned into a trap, wound up chloroformed and captured by Dr. Z (pronounced Zed--he's Canadian), former child prodigy and budding evil genius. Batgirl woke up to find herself fitted with a technologically advanced collar that allows Dr. Z to control her body via voice commands (about time one of these evil geniuses invented something useful). After being forced to dance provocatively, strip, and have sex with her captor, a devastated Dark Knight Demoiselle found a cell phone her adversary had apparently left behind by mistake and called in the cavalry, which took the lovely form of everyone's favorite Amazon princess, Wonder Woman. Unbeknownst to either heroine, however, Dr. Z is aware of their every move...

Wonder Woman entered the spacious lobby of an abandoned two-storey office building located in an industrial park on the outskirts of Metropolis, which the JLA GPS had indicated as the point of origin for Batgirl's cell phone call. It had also indicated that Batgirl had called from several feet down--the basement. Wonder Woman had boldly decided to enter through building's front door; she was certain that rescuing Batgirl would be a simple operation.

Wonder Woman's blue eyes scanned the interior; two-storey-high windows on one side let in the mid-afternoon sun, making the lobby warm and a little stuffy despite the time of year. At the opposite side of the lobby was the only entrance to the rest of the building, behind an abandoned receptionist's counter. Wonder Woman walked to the door and opened it. She peered inside. The door opened into the middle of a long, empty hallway, painted industrial off-white. On her right, Wonder Woman saw a red EXIT sign and walked towards it, passing a set of elevators on her left. She opened the door and found a stairway to the basement. Never take the elevators, she'd learned early in her career.

The soles of Wonder Woman's red, calf-high boots scuffed softly on the stairs as she descended to the basement. Truth to tell, she felt a little concerned that the building was empty, but it wasn't the first time in her experience that some criminal had taken over an abandoned complex and put it to nefarious use. She opened the gray door to the basement and walked through. The basement hallway ran directly underneath the one above it and was virtually identical, right down to the off-white paint job and the buzzing fluorescent lights. Wonder Woman walked down the hall, opening each door as she went, looking for Batgirl. She had searched half-way down the hall before she came to a locked door with no window opposite the elevators. Wonder Woman used her Amazonian strength to twist the door handle and opened the door. Inside, she found a sparsely furnitured, nearly all-white room, and Batgirl seated on the floor in the middle of the room, facing her.

"Wonder Woman!" she said, a faint smile coming to her face. "Oh thank God!"

"Come with me," Wonder Woman said, all business. Then she watched curiously as Batgirl slowly stood up, carefully keeping her cape wrapped around her. "Batgirl, what's wrong..." she began to ask, then spotted naked skin rather than grey spandex through a gap in Batgirl's dark cape. Batgirl's green eyes looked away from Wonder Woman. Even beneath her cowl, Diana could see the young heroine blushing with shame.

"He, um...took my costume. Part of it," Batgirl said quietly, her naked shoulders shrugging beneath her cape. "The most important part, I guess," she concluded with a feeble laugh.

Wonder Woman, no stranger to perverse villains herself, regarded Batgirl with more sympathy than she had a moment ago, finally understanding her insistence on a female rescuer. She walked over to the red-headed crime-fighter and gently laid a hand on her shoulder.

"Did he...?" Wonder Woman asked softly. Batgirl looked at her and nodded, her eyelids blinking away tears. Wonder Woman gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze. "Be strong, sister," she said, "let's get out of here, then we'll capture the vile miscreant who was so foolish as to abuse you." Batgirl smiled wanly, taking strength from the regal tone used by the Amazon princess. The two heroines turned and began to walk towards the door.

Suddenly, the sprinklers in the ceiling sprang to life. But rather than spraying water, the spigots rapidly pumped out copious amounts of a pale, white gas. Batgirl gasped in surprise, and her knees buckled as the knockout gas began to affect her; she fell against Wonder Woman, her arms grasping the Amazon for support. Wonder Woman, more used to traps of this sort, held her breath. She threw one arm around Batgirl's waist and began to pull her towards the door. The gas, however, had become astonishingly thick within seconds, and Wonder Woman had trouble seeing even a few inches in front of her. She kept walking straight ahead, certain that they had been headed in the right direction.

She was correct. Wonder Woman pushed the door open with her free arm and pulled the now-unconscious body of Batgirl into the hall. The Amazon turned to examine her fellow heroine. Suddenly, she felt a hand deftly undo the clasp of her power belt at her back and pull it from her body; holding on to Batgirl prevented her from reacting in time. Wonder Woman gasped as the removal of the belt resulted in a significant diminishment of her strength. She caught a whiff of the knockout gas spilling out of the room and felt it contribute her loss of power. She let go of Batgirl, unceremoniously dropping the younger heroine to the floor, then turned to confront her attacker. She caught a glimpse of a male figure wearing a gas mask before a wet cloth was pressed over her face. The Amazon took a breath and recognized the all-too familiar scent of chloroform. Her adversary shoved her against the wall with his body, pressing her head against the hard surface with the chloroform-soaked rag.

"RRRRMMMPHHH!!" Wonder Woman roared angrily into the cloth as she flailed weakly and uselessly at her attacker. She took another breath and began to succumb to the sleep-inducing vapors. Her long, black eyelashes flickered over her crystal-blue eyes, which were becoming more and more glassy by the second. Her left hand dropped limply to her side as the right one feebly swatted at the man's gas mask. Her knees began to buckle, and her voluptuous body began a long, slow slide towards the floor.

"MMMmmmpphh..." Wonder Woman moaned weakly as her star-spangled behind hit the ground. Her assailant knelt as she fell, continuing to press the chloroform-soaked rag into her face. Her right leg lay flung out straight in front of her, the left had folded underneath her. The Amazon's braceleted arms hung at her sides, her hands splayed on the ground. Her eyelids fluttered one last time, then her blue eyes rolled slowly up into her head as consciousness left her.

Dr. Z removed the chloroform-soaked rag from Wonder Woman's face several seconds later, ensuring that the Amazon would enjoy a long, peaceful slumber.

"Hello, Wonder Slut!" the young villain exclaimed, his voice muffled by his gas mask. "I think you need a little more jewelry, Princess," he said, eyeing the Amazon's bare neck. He then looked down at her huge, luscious breasts, pushed into mouth-watering mounds by her bustier even as she lay unconscious. Dr. Z couldn't resist. He placed his hands over Wonder Woman's large breasts and began to enthusiastically grope away.

"HOLY SHIT!!" he shouted. "These motherfuckers are HUGE! And so fuckin' FIRM!! I could do a trampoline act on 'em!"

Several moments later, he managed to tear his hands away from the Amazon's amazing chest. He grabbed each unconscious heroine by one of their limp arms and pulled them down the hall to a different room.

Interlude 3 "What about this one?"

"Hmm...hydrochloric acid," Supergirl responded as her fair brows knit together. She used a combination of her x-ray and micro-vision to analyze the samples presented to her at a molecular level. "Not explosive, though."

"Wrong. Try mixing it with a base. And this one?"

"Ooo!! Complex molecular bonding. Gotta be plastique," Supergirl said with a proud smile. She sat in a lab chair in front of a high table in the Batcave; she felt like she was back in high school, being tested by a particularly demanding--and rather spooky--teacher.

"That was a giveaway," the Batman said sternly. "Have a look at this," he said, placing another microscopic slide in front of her.

"That's..." Supergirl began to say, then paused. She frowned. "It's...er...I...I don't know...I've never seen anything like it."

"Neither had I, before last week," the Dark Knight informed her.

"It's new?" Supergirl asked, stating the obvious.

"Hrm," the Batman grunted in confirmation. "Ten times more powerful than plastique, and odorless. Undetectable by dogs."

"Even if they're from Krypton?" Supergirl asked--helpfully, she thought.

"Krypto can't be everywhere," Batman answered flatly. "Neither can you. Nor him. Which is why I'm working on a way to detect this."

"Any luck?" Supergirl asked.

"Not yet. But eventually I'll find a way. I just hope it's before some maniac uses this stuff."

As the Batman turned away to store the samples, Supergirl glanced around his vast, underground crime lab. Beyond the pool of light that illuminated the central lab area, the cave stretched off in darkness for several hundred yards in every direction, including beneath and above the wide rock ledge where the crime lab was situated. Every time she or the Batman spoke, their voices echoed in the vast underground chamber. It smelled damp and a little acrid--no doubt from the bat guano; the bats contributed a quiet but constant background noise with their sonar calls and the flapping of their leathery wings.

As creepy as it was, she felt privileged to be here. Kal didn't entirely approve of the Batman tutoring her, which only made Supergirl want to learn more from the Caped Crusader. Especially lately, given her cousin's difficulty accepting her relationship with Diana. She knew it was immature, which seemed to confirm Kal's opinion of her, but she took a perverse delight lately in doing things her cousin didn't approve of.

Supergirl glanced around at the computer server cabinets and at the crime lab equipment that would have made the CSI detectives jealous; she couldn't help making comparisons to Superman's Fortress of Solitude, where she'd been just a couple of hours before. The Fortress was devoted to Superman's memorabilia, especially his few mementos of Krypton. The Batcave's trophies, in contrast, were sparse and seemed to be present solely so the Batman could study his opponents' weapons and, through them, their methods. She considered how different the two men were, yet how similar; both of them surrounded by the artifacts of their secret yet very public lives, both selflessly devoted to their separate but parallel crusades. Their devotion to those causes reached an extreme level that Kara knew she could never approach.

Supergirl turned to look at the dark, caped figure a few feet away. "Batman, do ever have sex?"

The Batman slowly turned his cowled head to look over his shoulder at her. "I beg your pardon," he said in a low voice that held just a hint of menace.

Though Supergirl was Kryptonian and Batman merely human, though she was invulnerable and he was not, though she could have killed or disabled him in so many different ways before he could even react, she nonetheless found him extremely intimidating, more so than any other member of the superhero community. And she realized she had blurted out her question without thinking and had stepped way over the line. Too late now... Supergirl thought, and plunged ahead despite her better judgment.

"I'm sorry, it's none of my business, I know, it's just I was thinking about you and Clark, how similar you are. I mean, you're both so devoted to this," she said, holding her hands out and glancing around at the Batcave, "to this life. I know Clark has had a lot of trouble in his private life because of it, and I wondered what you thought about the whole idea of superheroes having actual lives and relationships and...I'm talking way too much, aren't I?"

The Batman had turned to face her, his long, black cape draped around his shoulders, almost completely concealing the powerful body beneath it. His face--what little amount of it was revealed by his cowl--was expressionless. He remained silent for a moment.

"Compared to me, everyone talks too much," he said.

Supergirl blinked, then smiled when she recognized Batman's version of a joke. "I guess. But...what do you think...can you be a superhero, a crime-fighter, and have a meaningful relationship, too?"

The Batman remained silent for some time, and when he answered, Supergirl though she heard just a hint of regret in that hard, cold voice, but she also heard a tone of finality, indicating that he considered the discussion closed. "You're asking the wrong man, Kara."

Supergirl sighed. She had spent enough time with the Batman to realize that his use of her Kryptonian name meant he was trying to be kind. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have...Clark and I had another talk about Diana today, and...well, it's kind of on my mind..." Supergirl noticed that the Batman had turned away from her to continue sorting his microscope sample slides. "Well, I'm sorry to have bothered you. So...same time next week?" she asked, turning to go.

"Hrmm," the Batman grunted in agreement.

"Okay, see you then," she said, and raised her arms as she prepared to fly off.


Supergirl stopped dead in her tracks. That wasn't his usual grunting confirmation of next week's lesson. That was something else entirely. "What?" she asked, puzzled.

"Yes," the Batman repeated without turning around. "I do. On occasion."

"Oh," Supergirl responded, suddenly clueing in and feeling slightly embarrassed. Then she smiled. "Cool," she declared. "Thanks, Bruce," she said, then flew out of the Batcave.

Several minutes later, the Batman exhaled heavily and abandoned his careful cataloging of the microscope samples. He walked over to the Batcave's control console and pressed one of its buttons.

"Yes, sir?" a distinguished British voice queried through the intercom.

"Contact Ms. Kyle for me, will you, Alfred?" the Batman said. "See if she's free for dinner tonight."

"Yes, sir. Feeling frisky, are we, sir?" the butler said dryly.



"Shut up."

"Yes, sir."

Chapter Five: A Greek Captive

"Hrrrmmm..." Wonder Woman groaned as her eyelids fluttered open. Her blue eyes rolled lazily around in her head as she struggled to focus her vision. She took a deep breath and rolled over onto her side. "...I hate chloroform..."

"Tell me about it," a desolate female voice said from beside her.

Wonder Woman blinked her eyes into focus and saw Batgirl sitting on the floor next to her. The red-haired crime-fighter's dark cape was gathered around her body in an attempt to conceal her nude body; besides her cape and cowl, Batgirl wore nothing else but her yellow gloves and boots. Wonder Woman frowned and pushed the cobwebs away from her mind. Gradually, she remembered how she had wound up here; the call from Batgirl, the abandoned building, the gas, the masked assailant and his chloroform-soaked rag. She looked around and saw she was in a room almost identical to the one where she'd found Batgirl: white walls, floor, and ceiling; bright fluorescent lights; no furniture save for a toilet, sink, a chair, and two medical examination tables.

Wonder Woman grunted and pushed herself up into a sitting position. As she did so, she heard a clanking sound and, glancing at her hands, saw that she had been manacled. Two steel bands, each about an inch thick and secured by small padlocks, encircled her wrists just below her bracelets. The manacles were linked by approximately two feet of chain that she normally could have snapped without a thought. But the bonds had been applied by a man, no doubt the one who had chloroformed her, which Wonder Woman knew because she felt her enhanced Amazonian strength being drained into the insidious metal. Even a normal human such as Batgirl was stronger than her now, especially since her power belt had also been removed, which she confirmed with a glance at her waist. At least I'm still wearing the rest of my costume, she thought, ...for now, she added, glancing at Batgirl's semi-naked body. Wonder Woman gave the chains that bound her hands a weak, frustrated tug, then sighed angrily.

"Someone's done their homework on me," she commented wryly. "When I'm bound by a man..."

"...you lose your powers. I know," Batgirl responded. "Supergirl told me."

Wonder Woman raised one dark eyebrow. "It seems far too many people know how to disable me," she said.

"That's just the bad news," Batgirl said with a desolate laugh. "Wait 'til I tell you the really bad news."

Wonder Woman's eyes opened wide and focused on the younger crime-fighter like blue laser beams. "What's the really bad news, Batgirl?" she asked, concern growing in her voice.

The flame-haired vigilante sighed, and her green eyes glanced at Wonder Woman's throat. "Touch your neck," she told the Amazon, her voice filled with despair. Wonder Woman raised her hands to her throat, and felt the presence of a thin band of metal surrounding it. The very idea of wearing a collar was anathema to the Amazon.

"What is this?!?" she asked Batgirl angrily.

"He calls it the ZACC--Zupan Advanced Control Collar," Batgirl responded with sigh. "He can control your body with it by using voice commands. He can make you do things you'd never...it's awful," she concluded with a shudder.

"Tell me exactly what happened, Batgirl. Do not leave out any details," Wonder Woman said.

"I was afraid you were going to ask that," Batgirl replied with a wan smile. She then spent several minutes describing her stake-out at the Gotham docks, her capture, and her initial confrontation with Dr. Z. When she told Wonder Woman about the humiliating lap dance and forced sex, her voice dropped to a murmur and her green eyes stared at the floor in shame. She then described finding the cell phone in the bag their adversary had left behind.

"I thought he'd made a mistake, but he obviously wanted me to find it," Batgirl said, shaking her head at her stupidity. "Anyway, you know the rest. So now he has you too, and...and it's all my fault."

Wonder Woman sighed and placed her hand on the younger woman's shoulder. "You musn't give in to despair, or to self-recrimination. What were you supposed to do, wait in that room until he came to rape you again?"

"I don't know," Batgirl said despondently, unable to shake off her gloomy mood. "Maybe I should have called the Batman," she said, then quickly raised her head to look at Wonder Woman. "I'm sorry...no offense, it's just...this guy seems to have a real mad-on for superheroines. A man might have..."

"...gotten trapped just as I did," Wonder Woman said haughtily, finishing Batgirl's sentence for her. "I'm sorry, Batgirl, but hearing another woman declare her reliance on men has never sat very well with me."

"I'm sorry," Batgirl said. "You're right..."

"It's all right," Wonder Woman said in a softer tone. "I merely meant that our adversary, though young, seems quite intelligent. He probably had contingency plans for whoever you may have called with that phone." The Amazon stood up. "We must find a way to escape before he gets back..."

"Too late," an amused male voice said from the doorway. "Collars ON. FREEZE."

Both women turned to face the door, then gasped as they felt a twinge at the back of their necks, then their bodies freezing in place. Dr. Z sauntered into the room, slowly pacing around Wonder Woman's immobile body. He still wore his black polo shirt and faded blue jeans, and had replaced his lab coat. He walked into the room and closed the door behind him.

"Well, well, well...," the young villain chuckled as he looked over Wonder Woman's voluptuous form. His cold grey eyes lingered on the rounded curves of her star-spangled behind, then on the generous cleavage created by the red-and-gold bustier that barely concealed her large breasts. He managed to tear his eyes away from those luscious mounds of flesh to study her beautiful face: her high, patrician forehead, concealed by her golden tiara, her eyes, as blue and as deep as any ocean, her straight, delicate nose, her full, lush lips. "The one and only Wonder Woman. This really is an honor. I am Dr. Z."

"Doctor Zed?" Wonder Woman remarked dubiously, her dark eyebrows rising.

"He's Canadian," Batgirl muttered.

"Well, that's new," Wonder Woman said over her shoulder, then turned back to the young villain standing before her. She eyed him coldly. "You speak of honor, Dr. Z, but you clearly have none. I will have the true honor...when I see you behind bars," she said, her eyes glaring at him like laser beams.

"Wow," Dr. Z replied mockingly, then turned to Batgirl, who had remained seated on the floor. "You can tell she's been doing this for awhile. Her banter's better than yours."

"Did you come here merely to insult us?" Wonder Woman asked in her most regal tone.

"Man, you can tell she's a princess, too, can't you?" Dr. Z added with a chuckle. "No, gorgeous, I didn't come down here to insult you. I came down here to fuck you," he said with a slight snarl.

Batgirl drew a sharp breath through her teeth, but Wonder Woman showed no reaction to the young villain's declaration. "You'd better do it quickly," she responded. "Green Lantern is on JLA monitor duty. Since I haven't reported in, he'll be..."

"...looking for you about 300 miles from here," Dr. Z completed the sentence for her. Wonder Woman blinked and stared at him in disbelief. "I piggy-backed a data signal on Batgirl's super-911 call," he explained. "It carried a Trojan horse to the JLA computer. Gotta love digital communications. Don't worry, it won't do any serious damage; I didn't want to call too much attention to myself. It just rewrote the GPS logs so that her call now appears to have originated just outside of Gotham rather than Metropolis. So I don't think we'll be seeing the Jolly Green Gigilo any time soon...unless you verbally told him the exact coordinates?" Wonder Woman's stunned silence told him she hadn't. "I didn't think so. Well then...let's get on with the show!" he said, sat down in the white armless chair, and crossed one leg over the other.

"Show...?" Wonder Woman asked dubiously.

"Hell, yeah!! Why do you think I went to all this trouble to get you two here?" Dr. Z asked rhetorically. "To put you in some complicated deathtrap from which you would inevitably escape and come kick my ass? Fuck that! Christ, all those other supervillains must be fags, or in desperate need of major Viagra injections." Batgirl and Wonder Woman stared at him in stunned silence. "Well, not me!" he declared. "When I catch a couple of supersluts, I know what to do with them!" He paused, then smiled coldly and rubbed his hands together. "Let's get you both into position. Batgirl: stand up."

The Dark Knight Demoiselle rose from her seated position on the floor. Her dark cape remained spread around her shoulders, concealing her body, save for the occasional flash of bare skin the gap in front revealed. Dr. Z noticed the way the cape hid her body and frowned.

"Shove that cape out of the way, over your shoulders," he ordered. "I wanna see that gorgeous bod I enjoyed not so long ago."

Batgirl's eyes closed in embarrassment, but her hands reached up and pushed the cape back so it hung down her back, then her hands dropped to her sides. Her nude body stood revealed in all its glory. Wonder Woman had turned to see the effect of the commands on her companion and watched in shock as Batgirl obeyed them, even though her face plainly showed she wanted no part in the perverted villain's pleasure. When Batgirl's actions exposed her body, Wonder Woman couldn't help running her eyes over the red-head's lovely form, glancing at her high, firm breasts, trim tummy, round hips, tiny patch of dark red pubic hair, and shapely legs. Great Aphrodite, the Amazon thought, she's lovely...

"Ooooo, I think Wonder Woman likes what she sees," Dr. Z commented lecherously. Batgirl's eyes opened and she gasped to find Wonder Woman glancing at her naked body just before the Amazon turned her head to glare at their mutual adversary. "I always thought you were a dyke," the evil scientist remarked. "That should make this even more interesting."

"How dare you!" Wonder Woman said angrily, and, truth to tell, desperate to change the subject. "You are no man! You're a mere boy! You cannot earn a woman's love, so you take your frustration out on us with your..." she glanced down as though she could cast a disgusted glance at the collar that held her immobile, "...your vile toys! You disgust me, you pathetic worm! I have faced far more worthy opponents than you, and I have defeated them all, and I shall defeat you as well!"

If Wonder Woman's intent had been to anger her enemy, she'd succeeded in spades. His brows knit together in an angry frown as he glared back at her, and stood up from his chair abruptly. He took several steps towards Wonder Woman, but the Amazon continued to stare him down.

"You fuckin' bitch...!" he snarled as he strode towards her.

"If I were free of this cursed collar of yours, I would show you what a pathetic excuse for a man you truly are!" Wonder Woman growled at him as he stopped and stood mere inches in front of her.

Dr. Z glared at her furiously, his grey eyes open wide, his breathing rapid. Then he closed his eyes and calmed himself slightly. He laughed softly and took a few steps backwards.

"Very clever, Wonder Bitch," he said, nodding with some admiration. "You almost had me there. But you know what? Just to show you how wrong you are--how stupid you are--I'm gonna grant your wish. Wonder Woman: collar OFF," he said. Wonder Woman blinked and gasped softly as she felt control of her body return to her. She studied her opponent, her blue eyes narrowing. "C'mon. Take your best shot," Dr. Z invited, beckoning her towards him. "Go ahead, take it. Consider it a gift. Take it, bright girl."

Wonder Woman's face contorted into an angry snarl, and she ran towards her opponent shouting an Amazon war cry. Her chained hands formed claws which she extended towards him. At the last moment, Dr. Z surprised the Amazon by deftly side-stepping to her left and avoiding her lunge. His right arm struck out as Wonder Woman ran by him, and he landed a vicious punch to her jaw. Wonder Woman grunted as he hit her, and the impact of the blow spun her body around. She fell to the floor, her chains rattling as she landed on her back. Batgirl could only watch, shocked and helpless.

"Two years of Kung Fu classes finally pay off," Dr. Z said, smiling sadistically as he loomed over the fallen, groaning Amazon. He reached down and grabbed a handful of her long, raven-black tresses. He pulled her head up, eliciting an agonized grunt from her. "Without the power belt, with those chains draining your strength and speed...you're just another dumb broad in a slutty costume, like Bat-cunt over there," the young villain said harshly. "Now I'm gonna show you the only thing a bitch like you is good for," he said as he let go of her head with an dismissive shove. Wonder Woman pushed herself up to a sitting position, her hands reaching to nurse her aching jaw.

"Wonder Woman: collar on," he said as he walked back to his chair and sat down. Wonder Woman grunted as she felt the control collar pulse to life on her neck, and her body froze, ready to obey the twisted young man's commands. "Wonder Woman: stand up and walk over beside Batgirl," he commanded.

Wonder Woman gasped as her bruised body quickly pushed itself up and walked across the room. She stopped when she reached Batgirl, noticing the red-head's tense, anxious features.

"Time for some girl-on-girl action, I think," Dr. Z said, leering at his captives.

Interlude 4

Kara Zor-El stared at the two meals of Chicken Kiev and roasted asparagus she'd carefully prepared, now growing cold on the dining room table, and sighed heavily. She sat at the table in a tight black v-neck t-shirt and blue jeans and slowly grew more perturbed that Diana was late for dinner. Kara hadn't touched her meal; she didn't strictly need to eat, of course. As a Kryptonian living in a yellow-sun solar system, she received all the energy she needed from the solar radiation that permeated the Earth day and night. But she still enjoyed eating as much as any Earthling, especially as a social occasion with someone she loved. And she'd found, while living with Diana, that she enjoyed cooking, along with the appreciation her lover and friend showed for her constantly improving culinary efforts.

But every now and then, she would take the time to carefully prepare a meal (some things just couldn't be done at super-speed, such as allowing foods to slowly absorb flavors) only to see it go to waste, because Wonder Woman got delayed by her crime-fighting duties. Such as tonight. Diana was more than an hour late coming home from monitor duty, which wasn't unusual, but wasn't a regular occurrence either. Supergirl could reheat the food, of course, but it wasn't the same. To Supergirl's super-sensitive taste buds, microwaved leftovers tasted unpalatably stale, and the texture was completely ruined. Same thing for food subjected to even mild doses of heat vision.

But worse than a ruined meal was the disappointment she felt about the time she had looked forward to sharing with her loved one that was lost. And the fear. Supergirl had some idea what the spouses of police officers and fire fighters must go through, waiting at home and worrying, not knowing if their partner was coming home. Sometimes Supergirl was the one delayed, but only rarely. Despite her formidable Kryptonian super-powers, Supergirl often felt like a second-stringer; she wondered sometimes if the world would really notice if she simply retired from being a super-heroine--not that she ever would. Wonder Woman, on the other hand...definitely A-list, a legend, an icon. And as a member of royalty, Diana had been raised to believe that 'duty' was much more than a mere word. Wonder Woman belonged to the world first, and to Kara second.

Kara stood up from the dinner table abruptly and grabbed the two plates. She carried them to the kitchen, covered the plates in plastic wrap, and stuck them in the fridge, her movements rough and abrupt, reflecting her annoyance. She knew she shouldn't be angry, but she couldn't help it. Why isn't she home? She's fighting evil, saving lives. Why didn't she call? Kinda hard when you're busy fighting for your life.

Once she'd cleaned the kitchen (in a couple of seconds, at super-speed), Kara glared at the counter-tops, her arms crossed beneath her breasts, the fingers of her right hand drumming on her left bicep. Her emotional pendulum kept swinging between anger and worry. Anger told her to sit at home, stewing, until Diana showed up and then irrationally chew her out; worry told her to swallow her pride and contact the JLA to discover what was going on. She knew if it was really serious, the JLA would have activated their honorary members--including her--for assistance. Sure they would. Wouldn't they? What if they were all too busy fighting the big bad whatever? What if they were all captured, or hurt, or...

Worry, and Kara's over-active imagination, won out. She swallowed her pride, grabbed her JLA communicator and sent a Beta-priority signal, ignoring how stupid she'd probably feel if it all turned to be over nothing.

"If she's swapping stories over a drink with Ollie and Dinah, I'll kill her..." Kara muttered as she waited for someone to respond to her signal. It seemed to be taking longer than usual, and Kara's anxiety grew. "C'mon, c'mon..."

"JLA Headquarters, Green Lantern speaking," a male voice responded.

"Lantern! This is Supergirl. Wonder Woman was supposed to be, uh..." Kara hesitated; Green Lantern had not been told of the two heroines' relationship. "Uh, meeting with me regarding a case over an hour ago. What's..."

"Supergirl, it's probably a good thing you checked in. Wonder Woman's missing," Green Lantern told her. Kara felt as though something cold and slimy had rolled over in her gut. She said nothing. "She got a Delta priority call from Batgirl about four hours ago. Batgirl was using a cell, and the GPS indicated she was in Gotham, but something's not right there; the coordinates in the log are in the middle of a lake. We haven't heard from either one of them since Wonder Woman left HQ."

Kara began to pace anxiously inside her kitchen; her lover and, even worse, one of her best friends were missing and the JLA couldn't locate them. "Um...okay...," she said, fighting to keep her voice even, "...is there anything I can do?"

"I guess another pair of eyes, especially with x-ray vision, couldn't hurt, but they could be anywhere. We've already had Superman, the Martian Manhunter, and the Flash looking for them for hours now and they haven't turned up anything. But if you have any leads...do you think this is related to the case you and Wonder Woman are working on?"

"Huh? Uh, no, I don't think so..." Kara could feel her heart pounding inside her; she felt as though a huge weight--a really huge weight--was on her chest, constricting her breathing.

"Oh, I gotta go, the Flash is reporting in. I'll let you know if I hear anything. Lantern out."

Kara heard the connection end and stood, immobile and dumbfounded, in the kitchen. After a few minutes, she went into the living room, collapsed onto the couch, and decided she knew exactly how the spouses of cops and fire fighters felt.

Chapter 6: A Greek Dish

"Wonder Woman," Dr. Z commanded, "assume your power stance: hands on your hips, feet shoulder-width apart. And push your tits forward."

Wonder Woman's body obeyed her captor's commands. The chains on her wrists rattled as she moved, but had just enough slack to allow her to place each hand on her hip. Her shapely legs spread slightly, her hands formed fists and she stood with her arms akimbo. She straightened her posture and thrust her chest forward. Though not ordered to do so, Wonder Woman completed the stance by raising her chin slightly and glaring at the young scientist in cold hostility. Wonder Woman had intended for this last gesture to intimidate the villain, but instead, it only excited him more.

"That's perfect," he commented, his eyes running over her body, top to bottom, bottom to top, over and over again. "Love the thing with the chin. Very princessy," he said with a mocking leer. "Batgirl," he continued, "get over here, right behind Wonder Woman."

Batgirl walked over to where Wonder Woman stood and took up position behind her. The red-headed crime-fighter was not looking forward to this next episode in Dr. Z's perverted game at all. She had never before even considered the notion of having sex with a woman. Now she would be forced to have sex with not just any woman, but with one of her idols, the great Wonder Woman. The Amazon apparently was either gay or bi, seeing as how she'd studied Batgirl's nude body with avid interest just a few minutes before. Having her heroine look at her with barely-disguised lust had filled Batgirl with no end of mixed emotions--shock, disgust, disappointment...and, if she'd been honest with herself, a certain interest, or at least a curiosity.

"Batgirl: pull down the zipper of Wonder Woman's costume. Slowly," Dr. Z commanded. He licked his lips in anticipation of seeing Wonder Woman's magnificent breasts exposed.

One of Batgirl's yellow-gloved hands reached forward and took hold of the zipper at the top of Wonder Woman's red bustier. She slowly slid the fastener down Wonder Woman's back, following the gentle curve of her spine, to where the zipper ended, the same place the red bustier gave way to her star-spangled blue briefs, which was also at the top of Wonder Woman's round ass.

Wonder Woman maintained an aloof, regal air the whole time, but felt her heart start to pound in her chest. Her mouth grew dry at the prospect of being raped by a man. In previous years, she had been raped, yes; by the Plant Mistress' mutated flora, and by Dr. Déviante and her henchwomen. But she had never been raped by a man. And as bad as that prospect was, two things made it worse: first, the likelihood that the control collar would force her to enjoy it; and second, that she was already getting turned on before Dr. Z even ordered it. The sight of Batgirl's naked, beautiful body had excited her more than she cared to admit, and now the gorgeous redhead was going to undress her and have sex with her. The delicate touch of Batgirl's fingertips on her skin excited her. Though Wonder Woman tried to resist the arousal growing within her, she could feel her pussy beginning to lubricate.

The Amazon princess' large breasts continued to hold up the bustier even when its zipper had been undone. Wonder Woman concentrated on calming her breathing as she attempted to minimize her body movement so the bustier would not fall off of her breasts and reveal them to this pervert in front of her. She knew, however, that she was only delaying the inevitable.

"Batgirl: pull her top down. Slowly..." Dr. Z ordered, his eyes fastened onto Wonder Woman's chest.

"I...I'm sorry," Batgirl whispered as she pushed her gloved hands through Wonder Woman's arms and inserted her thumbs inside the top edge of the Amazon's bustier. Slowly, Batgirl pulled the red-and-gold fabric down over Wonder Woman's breasts, gradually revealing more of the Amazon's creamy-white mounds, then her copper-colored areolas and nipples. Batgirl continued to slid the top down under Wonder Woman's large breasts, over her abdomen, until the bustier hung downwards and inside-out from the heroine's hips.

Dr. Z let out a low, appreciative whistle and rubbed his right hand slowly over the growing bulge in his jeans. "My compliments, Wonder Bitch," he said, "those fun bags are just fuckin' amazing. Can't wait to get my hands--and several other body parts--on those."

"You'll do no such thing, scum," Wonder Woman declared defiantly, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

Dr. Z laughed in response. "Uh, yeah, I will. Just ask Batslut. Ain't that right, Red?" he said, directing the question to the young heroine standing behind Wonder Woman. Batgirl did not respond, but Wonder Woman saw her blush and look away from the villain who had violated her so thoroughly. "Let's keep things rolling here, folks! Batgirl: pull her costume completely off. Slowly."

Batgirl bent her naked knees and pulled Wonder Woman's costume over her hips. She pulled the limp bustier and blue-and-white briefs down past Wonder Woman's thighs, revealing the Amazon's patch of black pubic hair to Dr. Z and her curvaceous ass to herself. She let the uniform fall down past Wonder Woman's knees and calves to pool at her feet.

"Wonder Woman: step out of your costume and kick it away," Dr. Z ordered, and the heroine did as he asked. The collar left her with no choice. She now stood naked before her captor and would-be master, wearing nothing but her tiara, bracelets, and boots. And, of course, the manacles and chain that drained her powers and hung across her stomach.

"CHRIST, what a body!" Dr. Z exclaimed from his chair. "FUCK, and me without my digital camera. Ah, well, there's plenty of time for that later," he threatened. "What do you think the reaction will be like when I post pictures of you two engaged in a lesbo free-for-all on the Internet?" Both heroines remained silent; Wonder Woman glared at him even more angrily, while Batgirl looked shocked. "I'll bet you two won't be able to show your faces in public ever again!! Not that I'm ever going to allow you to do that..."

"You...vile scum!!" Wonder Woman snarled at him.

"Yeah, I don't know how I can live with myself," Dr. Z said with a laugh. "All right, ladies, let's have some fun now that you're both naked enough for it. Batgirl: stand up and press your body against Wonder Woman's back."

Wonder Woman felt Batgirl's warm, nubile body against her, especially noticing the redhead's breasts pressing against her back. Unbidden, memories of similar loving clinches with Kara filled Wonder Woman's thoughts.

"Good," Dr. Z continued. "Now, Batgirl, reach in front of Wonder Woman and play with her tits."

Wonder Woman inhaled sharply through clenched teeth as Batgirl reached forward and cupped the Amazon's large breasts with her gloved hands. She began to grope the huge, firm mounds, lifting and squeezing them with her fingers. Her hands slid up Wonder Woman's breasts to her nipples. Each of Batgirl's thumbs and forefingers grasped a nipple and squeezed gently, teasing the bud erect.

"Uhhhh..." Wonder Woman groaned. Unlike most large-breasted women, Wonder Woman's Amazonian constitution and immortality ensured that her tits were extremely sensitive. Diana felt her pussy lubricating in response to Batgirl's surprisingly adept manipulation of her breasts. Within Wonder Woman there waged a war of emotion. On the one hand, her anger at her captor compelled her to resist succumbing to the pleasuring of her body; on the other hand, her growing despair of seeing any result from that defiance urged her to give in to the sensations, as they at least provided a welcome distraction from her increasingly desperate and humiliating situation.

"Oh God," Batgirl whispered in Wonder Woman's ear as she continued to toy with her breasts, "I'm...I'm so sorry...the collar...I can't stop myself!"

"Ohhh..." Wonder Woman moaned as Batgirl's warm breath tickled her ear. "We...must resist, Batgirl," she whispered back.

Wonder Woman's head fell back against Batgirl's shoulder; she turned and looked into the younger woman's horrified, but still beautiful green eyes. Aphrodite! Diana thought, she's so beautiful. She could still feel Batgirl's breasts pressed against her back as well as the redhead's pussy hairs brushing against her ass. Oh...her body...so luscious, like Kara's... Wonder Woman's blue eyes flew open at the thought of her super-powered lover. The thought of being unfaithful to Kara, even though forced, horrified her and stirred her from her pleasure-ridden reverie.

"We...have to resist! We can't let this happen...not in front of him!" Wonder Woman insisted again, but her body belied her intentions. Her dark brown nipples were fully erect thanks to Batgirl's handiwork. Diana could feel her heart rate accelerating, and her sodden pussy threatened to overflow and send its juices running down her leg.

"Batgirl," Dr. Z said as he watched the two women, "this is turning you on."

"OHHHHH..." Batgirl moaned loudly as her body now began to respond as a result of the command. Her eyes closed, and Wonder Woman could feel Batgirl's warm breath on her shoulder and breasts as it became more rapid. The redhead's hips began to grind against Wonder Woman's behind, and her groping of the Amazon's huge breasts became more ardent and less gentle.

Dr. Z watched, thoroughly entranced by the superheroine-on-superheroine show unfolding before him. His erection felt like it would burst through his jeans, but he planned to save it for later. Christ! he thought, this is un-fuckin'-real! Look at Batslut--getting all horny in spite of herself! God, I love that look on her face--how she's trying to resist and losing! And Wonder Woman! I haven't even TOLD her to get horny, but she IS!! What a total dyke whore! This is gonna be great! Even better than what I'd planned!!

"Batgirl," he ordered the Dark Night Demoiselle, "put your right hand on Wonder Woman's pussy and masturbate her."

Wonder Woman lifted her head and looked down as Batgirl's hand slid from beneath her breast and traveled across her tummy to the apex of her thighs. She didn't know whether to be horrified or thrilled.

"OHHHH HEEEERA..." Wonder Woman groaned when Batgirl's gloved hand made contact with her wet pussy and swollen clit. She gasped as Batgirl's fingers began to deftly rub her clitoris and pussy lips. Suddenly, the thrill of illicit sex with another woman began to overwhelm Wonder Woman. Is this really so wrong? she asked herself. I am helpless to prevent this, as is Batgirl...and it feels so good...

"I'm...sorry, Wonder Woman," Batgirl managed to say as she panted, "I...I'm not...strong enough...I can't resist..."

"It's...all right, Batgirl..." Wonder Woman breathed, then swallowed loudly, "...neither can I..."

"All right, time to change position a little," Dr. Z called out. "Batgirl: move around to Wonder Woman's right side, facing her. Straddle her leg. Good. Now press your pussy against her thigh." Batgirl obeyed, and moaned softly as her wet snatch contacted Wonder Woman's bare skin. "Excellent. Now put your left hand around her waist, and use your right hand to jerk her off. Keep doing that until Wonder Woman cums."

"UHHHH..." Wonder Woman moaned as Batgirl resumed the intense, pleasurable rubbing of her pussy.

"Batgirl: hump yourself against Wonder Woman's thigh until you cum," Dr. Z ordered, his smile broad and his gaze leering.

"OHHH...OHHH...OHHH..." Batgirl began to pant as she rhythmically ground her hips against Wonder Woman's leg. Batgirl's eyes shut tight and her mouth spread in an agonized grimace as she struggled to resist the young scientist's orders. But the control collar had full possession of her body and ensured her obedience.

"Wonder Woman," Dr. Z said, and a tremor that mixed equal parts trepidation and excitement ran through the Amazon's body. "Your turn. Turn your torso towards Batgirl and play with her tits."

Wonder Woman's body rotated at the hips to her right, then her hands reached out and grabbed both of Batgirl's breasts eagerly. The first contact of Wonder Woman's hands on Batgirl's body seemed electric. Her breasts...oh, Aphrodite...they're so firm, but so pliable, she thought as her fingers squeezed the redhead's lightly-freckled mounds. Wonder Woman flicked her thumbs over Batgirl's pink nipples, making the heroine wince and gasp. Slowly but surely, the tender buds on the peaks of Batgirl's breasts came to life, growing in size and hardness. Would a small taste...be so wrong? Wonder Woman's head began to lower towards Batgirl's luscious left breast, but she caught herself. No! she screamed inside her mind, shaking her head angrily, Kara...I can't!!

Batgirl, however, did not notice Wonder Woman's internal struggle that was so obviously displayed on the Amazon's face. Batgirl's gushing pussy ground back and forth against Wonder Woman's strong but supple thigh while the Amazon avidly groped her breasts. Batgirl could feel the need to climax growing within her. Sweat ran over her gyrating body and her pussy juices began to run down Wonder Woman's thigh. Her right hand moved faster and faster against Wonder Woman's clit in an effort to bring the other heroine to climax as well. Wonder Woman began to give in to the pleasure and rocked her hips against Batgirl's hand.

"OHHHH!! GOD!!" Batgirl cried out, then her breath became so rapid it verged on hyperventilation.

"OHHHH...APHRODITE...PRESERVE ME..." Wonder Woman prayed as she felt the ecstasy building in her loins. Sweat covered her body and shone under the bright fluorescent lights.

"Wonder Woman: throw your arms over Batgirl, and grab and grope her ass," Dr. Z commanded.

The chains binding her wrists clinked as Wonder Woman lifted her arms over her own head, then over Batgirl's. Her hands flew down to Batgirl's ripe, grinding ass and began to squeeze the redhead's ass cheeks fervently. Wonder Woman also used her grip to help Batgirl's hip-rocking action and to press the redhead's grinding pussy against her alabaster thigh. Batgirl's breasts, released by Wonder Woman's hands, began to bounce and slap against her rip cage as her hips rapidly pounded against the Amazon's leg.

"OHHH!! OHHH!! OHHH!!" Batgirl squealed, eyes clenched shut, as each pelvic thrust brought her closer to orgasm. Her body's building pleasure and the insidious control collar had complete control over her. She couldn't even think of mounting any resistance, let alone actually show any.

"HUHH!! HUHH!! HUHH!!" Wonder Woman grunted as she, too, approached climax. Her eyes were closed and her mouth hung open as she gulped air.

Dr. Z rubbed his crotch rapidly as he watched both captive heroines getting ready to cum. He was careful not to bring himself off, however; he had special plans once the two women were done. As he saw the heroines reaching climax, he had one last humiliation to perform.

"Wonder Woman," he shouted. "reach up and take Batgirl's cowl off!"

"NOOOOOOO!!!" the command reached Batgirl through her pleasure-induced trance. Being unmasked, completely exposed by a villain, was her greatest fear. And now her idol, her colleague, would perform the heinous act!

Wonder Woman's hands released Batgirl's behind--though Batgirl continued to helplessly grind her pussy against the Amazon's thigh. Wonder Woman reached up and grabbed Batgirl's cowl by the reinforced bat-ears and pulled it off. The action revealed Batgirl's lovely face, which was contorted into an expression of pure shock and horror. The cowl fluttered to the floor behind her.

"Batgirl: CUM!!!" Dr. Z ordered. Oh, how he'd planned and longed for this, to see one of these heroines climax at the moment of her ultimate humiliation! It was all he could do to keep himself from blowing his wad at that very moment.

"NNGGGUUUUHHHHH!!!!" Batgirl screamed hoarsely through clenched teeth as her body froze in climax. Tears of utter and complete mortification streamed down her bare, exposed face. "Oh GOD!!! Oh GOD!!!" she cried as her body convulsed in the throes of orgasm. Her hand continued to rub Wonder Woman's swollen clit.

Batgirl's orgasm sent Wonder Woman over the edge. "UHH...UHH...HHHHRRRRUUUUNNNHHHH!!!" she groaned as she came, her pussy discharging into Batgirl's gloved hand. The musky scent of her own arousal filled her nostrils. "OH!! HERA!! OH!! OH!! OHHHHhhhhh..."

Both women's breath came in ragged gasps as their orgasms subsided. Just as her captor had ordered, Batgirl stopped grinding her hips and rubbing Wonder Woman's pussy now that they had both achieved orgasm; their bodies, however, remained upright and entangled. As the tremors of ecstasy subsided, the enormity of Batgirl's complete exposure hit her full force. Her lovely face crumpled and her head fell against Wonder Woman's shoulder; she began to silently weep as her shoulders shook.

"Ahhh, what're you so upset about, Batslut?" Dr. Z asked, rudely and rhetorically. He studied her exposed, tear-stained face. "I don't know you from Adam! 'Course, once I take some digital pictures of you and upload 'em to the 'net, I'm sure someone will know who you are!"

"Noooo..." Batgirl groaned at the thought of this happening, of everyone discovering Batgirl was Barbara Gordon, adopted daughter of the Gotham City Police Department's Commissioner. Dad...he'll know!! Everyone will know!! I'm a vigilante...his career will be over...Oh God...

"You SCUM!!" Wonder Woman snarled at their tormentor.

"Oh, don't YOU start, Wonder WHORE!!" Dr. Z snarled right back. "You know what the best part of this little exercise was? I didn't even have to tell you to get turned on! You did that all on your own!" Wonder Woman's eyes went wide at his remarks, and she fell silent. "Yeah, that's right, isn't it?" Dr. Z went on with a superior smile. "All it took was for some little superslut to rub her body against you, and you got all hot and bothered like the dyke slut that you truly are. And seeing Batgirl forced to orgasm and unmasked is what SENT YOU OVER THE EDGE!!"

To Wonder Woman, his words felt like a slap in the face. She stared at him, unblinking, her mouth hanging open, astonished at their unvarnished truth and at her own depravity.

"How could you?!?" Batgirl whispered accusingly from beside her. "How COULD YOU?!?" she asked again, her voice growing in volume along with her indignation.

Wonder Woman looked over at the lovely but anguished features of the colleague she had just betrayed. Tears still streamed down Batgirl's unmasked face; Wonder Woman felt her cheeks burn as she blushed with shame.

"Please...Batgirl," she muttered ineffectually. "I...I am so..."

"Oh, don't you even TRY to apologize to me!!" Batgirl yelled angrily. Wonder Woman cast a furtive glance at her and fell silent.

Dr. Z began to laugh uproariously. "Oh, this is GREAT!!!" he exclaimed. "I don't have to undo you supersluts, you do it YOURSELVES!!" The heroines remained silent, their eyes cast downwards, unable to look at their captor or each other. Batgirl's shoulders shook as she began to sob again. "Awww, cheer up, Batslut! Y'know what I'm going to do for you? Huh?"

"L-leave me alone..." Batgirl begged.

"Oh, but you'll like this, I promise!! After that little lesbo show you two just put on, I'm pretty much ready to burst, as you can imagine, so you know what I'm going to do?" He suddenly adopted a phony, Austin Powers-style British accent. "I'm going to shag Wonder Whore rotten!! And you get to watch, BABY!! YEAH!!"

"No...you can't!" Wonder Woman cried, her eyes wide and mouth open in horror. "I'm an Amazon princess! You cannot...debase me in such a manner!!"

"Bastard..." Batgirl merely muttered, her nose wrinkling in disgust.

"Oh, am I?" Dr. Z asked, directing the question at the utterly defeated Batgirl. "Tell you what, I'll give you a choice: I'm going to fuck one of you, so who should it be, Batbabe? You, or the high-and-mighty princess? Decide," he said with a sadistic grin.

It was Batgirl's turn to regard their captor in horror now. She had already been raped once by the young villain, and her unmasking and ever-worsening humiliation cut her to the core. She cast her green eyes towards Wonder Woman--the haughty princess, her fallen idol. Wonder Woman did not say anything, but her blue eyes pleaded with Batgirl to sacrifice herself so she could avoid an indignity the redheaded crime-fighter had already endured. How DARE she expect me to go through that again! Batgirl tasted bile as it rose to her throat, and she ground her teeth and looked away from the Amazon.

"Her," Batgirl answered quietly. "Fuck her." The heroine's choice of words spoke volumes beyond their crude brevity.

"Batgirl...no!" Wonder Woman breathed in shock. She had expected Batgirl to selflessly offer herself, as would befit a true heroine and warrior, or to at least refuse to make a choice. Instead, she had served Wonder Woman to the depraved whims of their captor on a platter. If Wonder Woman needed proof of how deeply she had insulted Batgirl, she now had it.

"All RIGHT!!!" Dr. Z shouted and clapped his hands together. "Right answer, Batslut! I have been itchin' to pop this bitch for YEARS!!! Okay, positions, people!" he cried like some overzealous Broadway director. "Wonder Woman: get on the floor on your hands and knees." The Amazon knelt and positioned herself on the floor in a doggie-style position. "Good. Spread your legs a little more. That's it. And raise your ass a little. Perfect!"

Wonder Woman could feel her heart pounding as she moved into position. Sweat ran down her back. She knew this perverted young villain would shortly be fucking her doggy-style. And she could do nothing to prevent it.

"Okay, Batgirl: walk around in front of her," Dr. Z ordered, and Batgirl moved into position. "Move closer. I want her to be able to smell your cunt." Batgirl took a step forward so she stood only a foot in front of the prone Amazon. "Excellent. Now get down on your knees. Spread your legs a little. Now press your right hand against your pussy. Alright, great!"

The perverted young scientist walked around the two helpless heroines and stood behind Wonder Woman's rear. The Amazon clenched her eyes shut, desperately trying to shut out the horror that was about to be visited upon her royal person. She heard the man's zipper open, and his pants fall to the floor. She couldn't bring herself to look over her shoulder. Her entire body tensed.

"Wonder Woman," Dr. Z commanded, "you're getting turned on. Again."

Wonder Woman inhaled sharply through clenched teeth as she felt her body respond. The control collar pulsed around her neck and the young scientist's order electrified her voluptuous frame. Her heart was already pounding in her chest; it now kicked into overdrive. Her nipples hardened and she fought against a powerful urge to reach up and fondle her own breasts. She felt her already-sodden pussy gush with her feminine love juices. A shudder ran down the length of her spine; Dr. Z watched in fascination as it made her round buttocks jiggle enticingly. Her body began to rock back and forth in eager anticipation of the rape.

"Hera...protect me...give me strength!" the Amazon prayed quietly as her body's betrayal cut her to the core.

Wonder Woman cast her blue eyes upwards to where Batgirl, naked and unmasked, stood before her. She caught Batgirl's eyes for a brief moment, then the redhead looked away, unable to look her in the eye--whether it was from shame or anger or some combination of the two, Diana couldn't tell. Wonder Woman's eyes wandered back over Batgirl's pale, naked skin, admiring the young woman's shapely body. Her pussy, with its delicate covering of soft auburn hair, was mere inches from Wonder Woman's face. The Amazon had a sudden urge to lean forward just a little and lick Batgirl's soft, moist pussy lips.

The sensation of a hot, hard cock against her own pussy lips took Wonder Woman's attention away from Batgirl. She had resisted doing so before, but now she looked over her naked shoulder to see the young man, his shirt open and his trousers bunched around his knees, teasingly rubbing the tip of his large cock up and down against her vagina. Wonder Woman turned her head forward. She shut her eyes and moaned loudly. She felt lubricant gush from her pussy, droplets showering Dr. Z's hard cock. She heard him laugh malevolently.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard, Wonder Whore," he promised. "All right, final orders: Wonder Woman, you're horny as hell and eager to be fucked. You're going to love having me fuck you. Ah-ah! Not yet!" he said, pulling back when Wonder Woman's body responded to the command by thrusting her ass back towards him. "Where was I? Oh, yeah. Wonder Woman: when I cum, you cum. Batgirl," he said, turning his attention to the red-headed heroine kneeling helplessly in front of Wonder Woman, "you're horny too. Masturbate while I fuck her. You're going to cum when Wonder Woman cums."

Dr. Z. watched with delight as Batgirl grimaced and tossed her head of long, red hair to and fro as her mind resisted his commands. Her body, however, had no choice but to obey. Her left hand began to massage her breasts while her right reached down between her creamy thighs and began to rub her already-engorged clit. Batgirl's breath became shallow and ragged as she pumped her gloved hand back and forth across her pussy.

The evil young scientist grinned. He reached forward with his left hand and grabbed a handful of Wonder Woman's long, wavy black hair and pulled it back. The Amazon grunted as he lifted her head up and back. Her magnificent breasts were thrust forward. She could resist no longer; Diana kept her left hand on the floor to support her body, but her right lifted, chains clinking as she did so, and cupped first her right, then the left breast. She groped the huge mammaries in turn, pausing now and then to pinch and pull her nipples until they grew erect. The command collar had complete control of her body and the chains on her wrists sapped her strength and will-power. She could no longer even form a thought of resistance. A long, hoarse groan escaped her luscious lips.

Dr. Z took his free right hand, lifted it high above his shoulder, and violently swatted Wonder Woman's right ass cheek. His action earned a surprised squeal from the superheroine. Her hand dropped from her breasts to the ground to support herself. He laughed.

"Yeah, you like that!" he yelled.

Wonder Woman trembled as the collar interpreted his crude remark as a command and made a spasm of pleasure ripple through her naked body. She lifted her curvaceous behind a little higher to encourage him to slap her again. He obliged. The slap echoed off the walls of the chamber, as did Wonder Woman's cry of pain and delight. Dr. Z began to spank her in earnest, smacking his open hand against the Amazon's vulnerable ass again and again. The Amazon Princess' beautiful blue eyes brimmed over with tears, which ran down her soft cheeks and fell to the floor. The humiliation, the anticipation of the rape, and her body's betrayal became too much to bear. Wonder Woman cried silently as her soft white ass turned a bright, burning red and the pain turned to pleasure.

"All right!" Dr. Z announced when he finished spanking the sobbing heroine, "time for the main event!"

"NO!!" Wonder Woman pleaded, sniffling. "Please don't! I beg you!"

She had been subjected to the worst fate imaginable for an Amazon. She had been chained and rendered helpless, stripped naked, and humiliated by her nemesis. All that remained was the final act of domination and humiliation: rape. Through all her many years as a superheroine, despite all the dangers she had faced, Wonder Woman had never been raped by a man. Now it would finally happen. She could do nothing to prevent it, but she pathetically attempted begging anyway.

"Gee, lemme think about it...," Dr. Z said sarcastically. "Nope! Still gonna fuck ya!" he said cheerfully.

He gave Wonder Woman's hair a sharp tug. He then pressed the tip of his cock against her pussy lips and began to enter the helpless heroine with agonizing slowness. Her pussy felt warm, and wet, and delightfully tight as well. He released her hair and grabbed the Amazon's hips, pulling her onto his huge, hard cock. He tossed his head back and groaned loudly. He'd thought Batgirl had been a good fuck, but Wonder Woman's cunt took the grand prize.

"NOOOOOooooo..." Wonder Woman moaned in protest as she felt his hot member slowly penetrate her. She was no virgin; she had known intimacy with a male--not often, and not recently, but she had. But to be raped by a man...she had long shuddered at the thought. Now she shuddered at the reality. But the humiliation of the rape was not the worst thing. No, far worse was that because of Dr. Z's control collars, she enjoyed it. She wanted him to fuck her, rape her, take her and ravish her completely. It took all of the heroine's remaining willpower to stop herself from screaming a plea for him to do just that. But she knew she didn't have to bother. He was going to do it anyway. It was too much. She had to find a way to shut it out...

Dr. Z began to rock his hips against Wonder Woman's, slowly at first, then faster with every passing moment. Her ass slapped against his belly and thighs, the impact painfully reminding her of the spanking he'd administered to her backside. Wonder Woman's large, firm breasts, hanging beneath her torso, swung back and forth; as the force of her rapist's thrusts increased, they began to slap against her rib cage. The sound drew his attention, and he leaned forward to grab one of the swaying mammaries. He groped it harshly, finding the nipple and squeezing the tender bud until Wonder Woman cried out at the pain. With a laugh of triumph, the evil genius then released her breast and returned his attention to fucking the helpless heroine has hard as he could.

Wonder Woman could feel the orgasm growing within her with each harsh thrust. His huge cock penetrated her deeply, thoroughly. The shaft rubbed against her clit every now and then, eliciting a whimper or a moan from the Amazon. Still her mind resisted, though weakly. She could not prevent the rape or her body's humiliating response to it. But she could force it from her mind. She closed her eyes. Drawing on the last, feeble vestige of her willpower, Wonder Woman fantasized that it was Kara, her beloved Supergirl, who was humping her. She imagined Kara gleefully thrusting the Strap-on Vibra-Cock™ in and out of her pussy. Wonder Woman couldn't help smiling at the thought; the idea brought her so much joy and pleasure. The orgasm grew closer.

"OHHHHHH...YES..." Wonder Woman moaned, lost in her reverie, "FUCK ME...FUCK ME HARD!!!"

"HA!" Dr. Z exclaimed. "Whore! I knew you'd love it! UH! UH! UH! UH!"

"OHH! OHH! OHH! Getting...CLOSE!!" Wonder Woman panted.

"UHHHHH..." Batgirl moaned from in front of her. The red-headed heroine was pumping both of her hands in and out of her vagina now. Her naked hips thrust back and forth against them. Her own climax was imminent. "OH GOD..."

"UH! UH! UH! UH!" Dr. Z grunted. "OH...GONNA...CUM, you BITCH!!"

Wonder Woman, lost in her escapist fantasy and her growing ecstasy, ignored his crude remarks. "OH! YES! HARDER! OH! OH! OH!"

"HUH!! HUH!! HUH!!" Batgirl was panting, her green eyes open wide as they took in the violent rape of her former idol.

"HAH! HAH! OHHHH...." Dr. Z suddenly groaned. His face contorted into a violent grimace and frown. "UHHHHHHH!!!" he yelled as he climaxed with a hard, violent thrust into Wonder Woman's pussy. "OH YEAH! OH YEAH! OHHH....."

At the sound of his orgasm, Wonder Woman's collar pulsed and her own body went into a spasm of ecstacy. She could feel his hot spunk filling her vulnerable womb and the wet, warm sensation pushed her over the edge.

"NUUHHHHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman screamed as she came. Her fingers curled, every muscle in her body tensed as the climax hit her. "OH YES!! OH!! KARA!! YES!!"

And like the last in a line of dominoes, Batgirl's collar activated and brought about her orgasm as well. "OH FUCK!" she exclaimed as the first spasm jolted her body. Her breasts shook on her chest as her hips bucked with the force of her climax. "OH! OH GOD! OHHHHHHHHH!!!!! OHHHHHHH!!! Ohhhhhh...."

For a moment, as their climaxes subsided, the villain and the two heroines simply remained in place, panting and gasping for air. Wonder Woman's head hung below her shoulders, her long black hair swaying gently as she took deep, gulping breaths. Batgirl's breasts rose and fell on her chest. She gently, tenderly extricated her gloved fingers from the sticky entrance to her pussy. Dr. Z's erection began to fade, and he pulled his cock from Wonder Woman's pussy with a soft slurping noise.

"Well girls," Dr. Z said condescendingly, "that was just fuckin' GREAT!! We're gonna have to do this again, and again, and again..." Batgirl looked up at him, her eyes widening in terror, while Wonder Woman turned and glared over her shoulder at their tormentor. "What? You didn't think I was only gonna do this once to each of you, did you?" he asked, his face amused. "I'm gonna fuck you both so much and so hard you're gonna forget your own names! I'm gonna get it on video and sell it on the 'net! And neither of you will ever want to escape, because you won't ever want to show your slut faces in public EVER AGAIN!"

"We will escape," Wonder Woman said weakly, "and we will bring you to justice..."

"Oh, well, I'm just quakin' in my boots now!" Dr. Z sneered as he stood and pulled up his pants. "I'm gonna figure out that bug in the collar that keeps you in control of your head. Then I'm going to get you to say whatever I want. And I'll get some blow jobs too!" Batgirl gave a soft whimper. She looked as though she would be physically ill. "Ah, you'll learn to love it, Batbitch. You too, Wonder Whore."

Wonder Woman surprised him by turning around and standing to confront him; with no commands holding her, she was free to do as she wished. "Pervert! Letch! You might rape us, but we will never be your whores! Never!" She reached towards him threateningly with her manacled hands.

"FREEZE!" Dr. Z commanded, and Wonder Woman stopped her feeble attack. Batgirl's collar also heard and enforced the command, and she remained kneeling on the ground.

"Whatever, Wonder Slut," Dr. Z said nonchalantly as he placed his hands on his hips. "I can fuck you whenever I want, and for free, so I think arguing about your obvious whoredom is a matter of semantics. And frankly, I'm not keeping you around for your witless banter anyway. So let's see...ah. Batgirl, climb on to the examination table."

Batgirl's body stood and she walked to one of the two high examination tables in the room. They looked exactly like the sorts of padded surfaces used in a doctor's office. The other one, the one Dr. Z wasn't pointing too, even had stirrups. Batgirl shuddered as she thought of what the pervert would do to them on that table. She climbed onto the other one, thankful that it at least didn't have stirrups, but wary of what the villain would make her do next.

"Lie flat on your back," he ordered, and Batgirl turned over. "Arms above your head. Spread your legs a little. Yeah, that's it..." Dr. Z walked over to the table and ran his eyes over the redhead's naked, helpless body. He teasingly ran his fingertip over her pussy lips. Batgirl gasped, then closed her eyes and turned her head away from him. He laughed softly at her pathetic attempt to cling to a sense of decency and dignity.

"I'm going to break you, red," he told her with a sneer, "and after I do, you won't mind my touch. You'll beg me for it!"

"Never!" Batgirl muttered.

"That's a good little superslut," Dr. Z said with an evil smile. "Keep resisting. It keeps things interesting. Okay, Wonder Woman, your turn. Climb up on the same table." Wonder Woman's naked body turned and walked over to the table. She clambered onto it and took position on her hands and knees above Batgirl. "Okay, now lie down on top of Batgirl." Once again, Wonder Woman's blue eyes met Batgirl's green ones briefly, but the younger heroine looked away. Slowly, Wonder Woman lowered her body onto Batgirls, her breasts crushing against the redhead's tits, her thigh between's Batgirl's legs.

"Okay, Batgirl, put your arms around her. Good. Now," Dr. Z said with a satisfied smile, "I have to get back to work. I'll be back to play with you later. In the meantime, neither of you can move. Oh, unless you have sex."

With that, the villain left the two superheroines laying together in an intimate clinch on the table. He turned and walked towards the door. Either he was practicing his malevolent, evil laugh, or he was genuinely enjoying himself. Either way, the sound of his loud, malicious chuckles and chortles left both women chilled to the bone. He went through the door and it shut behind him silently, locking the two helpless heroines inside.

Interlude 5

Bruce Wayne raised the large snifter to his nose, closed his eyes, and inhaled the warm aroma of the vintage brandy. A smile tugged at the corners of his usually grim mouth. He rarely indulged in alcohol, but tonight, at the end of a magnificent dinner, he had decided to treat himself. The real treat of the evening, however, was seated across the small oak dining table from him, sipping from her own brandy snifter.

"Yummy," Selena Kyle purred and licked a drop of the liquor from her thick, ruby-red lips. She'd cut her raven-black hair into a short pageboy recently; it looked gorgeous on her, as it allowed her beautifully slender, oval-shaped face to dominate her appearance. Her green eyes watched Bruce from beneath dark, arched brows and from behind heavy lashes. The long, delicate fingers of her right hand, with their long nails, painted blood-red, held the brandy glass; her left arm lay on the armrest of the oak dining chair. She wore a short, strapless black dress that she looked like she'd been poured into. The dress provocatively displayed her generous bosom as well as her long, shapely legs. She had been wearing a pair of black leather stiletto heels, but at the end of dinner, she had slipped them off and curled up her legs onto the chair seat underneath her.

Wayne's blue-gray eyes, usually cold and emotionless, regarded his companion with heated hunger. He'd changed his JLA status to 'off-duty'--a rare action for the Batman--to ensure no interruptions. Similar instructions had been issued by Bruce Wayne to his business associates. Which was why he was surprised when his butler, Alfred, entered the small, intimate dining room.

"Alfred?" he said, frowning slightly, in a tone that indicated mild displeasure.

"Sorry to interrupt, sir," Alfred said, with the briefest, arch glance at his master's dinner companion. "...but a....business associate requires your attention."

Wayne exhaled slowly to indicate his annoyance. "I left instructions that I was not to be..."

"A Ms. Danvers, sir?" Alfred interrupted him. "From Metropolis, I believe?"

Wayne raised one of his dark eyebrows. "Hm. New York now, actually."

"Do I have a rival?" Selena asked from across the table, her brows raised in playful annoyance.

"Hardly," Wayne assured her as he rose from the table. "I'm sorry, Selena. This is strictly business, I assure you, but I'm afraid it can't wait. I'll be back shortly. Perhaps Alfred can get you some coffee while you wait?"

"Tea, Alf, if you please," Selena said with a coy smile and winked at the butler, who cleared his throat and straightened his posture in response. Wayne indulged Selena's playfulness with a pleased half-smile, then left the room, Alfred on his heels.

"She's waiting in your office, sir," Alfred said as Wayne strode down the hall towards his den in the West wing of Wayne Manor. Alfred placed a hand on his sleeve, stopping him. "Your other office, sir," he said when Wayne stopped and turned to look at him, and the butler cast his eyes downwards.

A few moments later, Bruce Wayne walked into the Batcave, still in his formal black tuxedo. He could see Supergirl, in her red cape and blue and red costume, pacing anxiously in front of his computer console.

"What is it, Supergirl?" he asked, his stern, cold voice echoing in the underground chamber as he strode towards her.

"Bruce!" she cried when she heard his voice. She'd been so preoccupied that even with her super-hearing, she hadn't been aware of his approach. "Look, I'm really sorry to bother you, I wouldn't if it wasn't important..." Suddenly, Supergirl noticed his stylish attire and caught a whiff of his cologne: Eternity for Men. "Whoa...you look sharp! What's the occasion?" Wayne merely crossed his arms and stared at her impatiently. Supergirl caught herself. "Sorry. I'm...kind of distracted," she said. Even when he's not wearing the costume, it's always there, she thought.

"Distracted by what?" Wayne asked. Whatever sound ice and rock made when they ground together in a glacier, Wayne had it beat.

"Diana--Wonder Woman--she's missing," Supergirl explained, her blue eyes wide with anxiety.

"I'm sure Diana can handle..." Wayne began to say dismissively.

"She went to rescue Batgirl," Supergirl went on; that seemed to stop Wayne cold. "She hasn't been heard from since. That was six hours ago! The JLA's been trying to find them, but they've come up empty."

Wayne stepped over to the computer console. "Computer on. Recognize and authorize voiceprint: Batman," he said evenly.

"Computer activated," the computer said in a female monotone as the screen displayed its standard menu.

"Geographic location search, subject: Batgirl," Wayne ordered the computer; the screen changed, displaying a digitized map of Gotham City. "Her last known coordinates were in Gotham, I assume?"

"Yes," Supergirl said, nodding, "she made a cell phone call to the JLA from Gotham."

The Maid of Might frowned, however, as she tried to figure out how the Batman could hope to locate Batgirl so easily when the JLA had been searching for hours. After she'd grown tired of sitting at home fretting, which had taken all of two minutes, Supergirl had flown to Gotham and performed anxious several sweeps through the city herself. She'd eventually realized, however, that she was probably just covering the same ground the JLA had, and with no better results. She had resorted to seeking out the one man who knew Gotham better than anyone, and who always seemed to rescue her friend Batgirl when needed.

"Computer: standard search parameters for Batgirl. Proceed," Wayne said, and the screen displayed a rapid, sector-by-sector search of Gotham City.

"Search negative," the computer announced a few seconds later.

"What does that mean?" Supergirl asked worriedly.

"It means she's not in Gotham," Wayne responded matter-of-factly. "Computer: expand search parameters--North-Eastern United States." The computer responded, and digitized maps of the Eastern seaboard flashed across the screen.

"How can you locate her this way?" Supergirl asked, impressed but puzzled.

"I have homing devices planted in her costume," Wayne answered. He turned and looked harshly at Supergirl. "You are not to inform her of this. Understood?"

"Uh, okay," Supergirl answered as her blue eyes widened in surprise. "But isn't that a little...paternalistic, even for you? Not that I'm complaining, given the circumstances."

Wayne did not respond; instead, he returned his steely gaze to the computer screen. Inwardly, however, he was slightly amused by Supergirl's choice of adjective. He considered Jim Gordon a friend and a colleague. If the Batman could not dissuade Gordon's adopted daughter Barbara to give up the life of a costumed adventurer, then he was going to do whatever he could to ensure that she came to no harm. Hence, the homing devices. He also had several planted in Barbara Gordon's civilian clothing, but the Batman decided he'd disclosed more than enough information to Supergirl already.

"Search positive," the computer said; the screen zoomed in on a specific map and displayed a flashing red pinpoint on a map Supergirl recognized.

"That's Metropolis!" she said. "In the suburbs. I think that's in an industrial park."

"Hrm," Wayne grunted, "And the GPS indicated she was in Gotham? I'm going to have to check the Justice League computers. Hmph. Microsoft..." he said scornfully, shaking his head. He turned to look at Supergirl. "Do you want any assistance on this?"

"Uh, no, that's okay, I've taken enough of your time already," Supergirl replied. "Looks like you have a...special evening planned. I'm sure I can handle it. And thanks, Bruce."

"Should I inform the JLA?" Wayne asked.

"Just tell them to call off the search," Supergirl responded. "Batgirl specifically requested the help of a female heroine this time. I can't imagine why, but I'm sure she had a good reason. It might be best of I go on my own rather than having a bunch of the guys barge in there."

"All right. But if someone or something has already taken down Batgirl and Wonder Woman..."

"I know," Supergirl said as she turned to go. "I'll be careful." With a sudden whoosh, Supergirl flew off in a red-and-blue blur.

Wayne sent a short message to the JLA telling them that Batgirl and Wonder Woman had been located and that assistance was on the way, then put the computer on standby and returned to Wayne Manor. The curt message from the Batman would ensure Supergirl could proceed unhindered by the other JLA members. He had briefly considered going after Supergirl, or having the JLA do so, regardless of her instructions, but had decided against it. Batgirl and Wonder Woman had a Kryptonian coming to their aid, and one that he had been training of late. He felt confident that Supergirl could handle whatever she encountered. The young heroine needed to shoulder such responsibilities if she was to build her confidence and escape her famous cousin's shadow.

Besides, Wayne had other things to attend to. Back in the manor, he closed the panel that hid the secret entrance to the cave. He walked down the hall and into the dining room where he'd left Selena and was surprised to find it empty.

"Alfred?" he called out into the hallway, but received no response. Then he noticed a slip of paper, set at his place on the dining room table. Upstairs, it said; the handwriting was decidedly feminine. Wayne raised one dark brow, turned and left the room, and ascended the large, spiral staircase to the upper floor of his family's manor.

He reached the upper landing and looked down the oak-panelled hallway. Down the East wing, the hall was dark. He looked down the West wing and saw soft, dim light shining from a doorway. Wayne walked down the hall towards the doorway, which opened into his own bedroom. The large, dark oak door was slightly ajar. He pushed it open slowly; it creaked softly on its hinges.

Inside, his normally-Spartan bedroom was lit by at least two dozen candles dispersed around the room. But it was the king-size canopy bed that drew his attention. Selena Kyle lay upon it, her body curled up cozily like a cat's. Her right arm was behind her head, propping it up; the other was stretched out upon the curves of her left side. She had strategically placed the white Egyptian cotton sheets so they covered her obviously-naked breasts, abdomen, and hips. In the soft half-light the candles provided, her dark green eyes shone, alight with playfulness and aflame with desire.

"I told Alfie to punch out early," she purred from the bed. Wayne merely raised one dark brow in response. Selena patted the mattress beside her. "C'mere, playboy," she said with a wicked smile.

A similar smile tugged at the corners of Wayne's lips as he closed the bedroom door behind him. He reached up with his right hand and began to pull at his black silk tie. His eyes darted to the windows briefly, and his closed-mouth smile grew broader when he saw no Batsignal illuminating the night sky. Sometimes, he thought as he walked to the bed, it's good to give the pointy-eared bastard the night off.

Chapter 7: A Greek Combo

The two heroines lay on the examination table, silent and fuming, for several minutes after Dr. Z left. They studiously avoided looking at one another. Finally, Batgirl spoke.

"You want to move your leg?" she asked pointedly, without looking at the Amazon who lay on top of her. "It's pressing against something I'd rather not mention."

"I can't move at all, remember?" Wonder Woman said with an exasperated sigh. Batgirl glared at her for a moment then looked away. The two women once again fell silent for several minutes.

"Well," Batgirl said finally, "isn't this just great. Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone showed up right now to rescue us?"

"Not really," Wonder Woman replied, her blue eyes widening in horror at the thought. "I think that was the idea."

"What do you mean?"

"I think the pasty-faced bastard wanted to diminish our desire to be rescued."

"Not mine. I can't wait to get your fat tits off of me," Batgirl responded, her voice filled with venom.

"Batgirl," Wonder Woman said with a sigh, "you must understand...when an Amazon is chained by a man, not only does it take away her strength and her speed. It also robs her of her greatest power, her will. My ability to resist my...urges...was severely diminished."

Batgirl made a snorting sound. "Sounds like a convenient excuse for how you behaved," she muttered, unconvinced.

"It's not an excuse!" Wonder Woman responded angrily, "it's an explanation. And a far better one than you can give for what you did!"

"What I did?!?" Batgirl shouted back.

"Yes!" Wonder Woman responded accusingly. "When given a choice, you told that bastard to take me! Me, an Amazon and a princess!"

"Well, excuse me all to hell, your fucking highness!!" Batgirl replied harshly. "The bastard had already raped me once! Why the hell should I fall on his sword for your sake? Jesus! You're so full of yourself! Where do you get off with that regal tone of yours, thinking you're better than the rest of us?!?"

"I use that 'regal tone' to intimidate my enemies and inspire my allies," Wonder Woman responded defensively.

"Yeah, well, all it does is piss everybody off!!" Batgirl replied.

"This is getting us nowhere," Wonder Woman declared with a sigh. She forced her anger to dissipate. "Please, Batgirl, you must believe me," she continued, her voice taking on a quiet, shame-filled tone. "My will was all but drained by my bonds. Yes, I am bisexual. I am sorry if that disgusts you. And yes, I find you attractive. I am also sorry if that repulses you as well."

"Hey, I'm no homophobe, okay?" Batgirl replied defensively. "And I'd really like to take the fact that I get you hot and bothered as a compliment. But Jesus, girl, how many superheroines do you have the hots for anyway?"

"What does that mean?" Wonder Woman asked, frowning.

"Kara," was all Batgirl said in reply.

"What about Kara?" Wonder Woman said, a certain protectiveness creeping into her voice.

"That's Supergirl's real name," Batgirl replied. "You called it out when he was fucking you, raping you, right when you came. You want to screw her too? Or do you want to see her enslaved and naked and raped like me? Jesus, you're sick!"

"No!" Wonder Woman exclaimed, horrified by the picture Batgirl had painted with her words. "Absolutely not! You don't understand...Supergirl...Kara and I...we're lovers."

Batgirl's green eyes widened in surprise. She blinked several times before she spoke. "You are?"

"Yes. For about two years now,'' Wonder Woman replied. "It was the only thing I could do to shut out the horror of what was happening to me. There is nothing worse for an Amazon than to be bound by a man, enslaved by a man, raped by a man," she continued, her voice shaking with emotion. "I had to put my mind elsewhere, imagine I was with my beloved Kara and not that...that...pig."

The two heroines lay together silently for a moment, Batgirl trying to come to terms with this new information. She considered Supergirl a friend, one of her closest friends, in fact. They had worked together on several occasions and had saved one another's lives more than once. They often met in Gotham or New York to have lunch and swap stories. But she didn't even tell me she was seeing someone!

"She never told me," Batgirl said.

"Hmm?" Wonder Woman responded as Batgirl's comment stirred her from her own thoughts. "Oh, no, we haven't told many people. It's not something we think the public would understand."

"Typical," Batgirl muttered derisively.

"Now what does that mean?" Wonder Woman asked.

Batgirl turned her head to look up at Wonder Woman angrily. "You think I'm stupid? You think I don't know what the rest of you say about me behind my back?" she said indignantly. "'Batgirl, the rank amateur. Batgirl, the caped captive.' I know I'm not part of your exclusive little club. I know you don't want to share your little secrets with me. Well, some of us weren't born on another planet, okay? Some of us don't have magic fucking belts and lassos. We're just ordinary people trying to make a difference. And sometimes we make mistakes, and I guess that gives the rest of you a chance to feel superior. Well, guess what, princess, you fell into the same trap I did! Guess you're not as superior as you think, are you?"

After Batgirl finished, Wonder Woman waited a moment before she spoke. When she did, her voice was gentle and held no rancor. "You've been wanting to say something like that to someone like me for a long time, haven't you?"

"Damn straight, sister," Batgirl replied, but much of her anger had been vented. "You think it's easy, going back out there every night after you've been captured, or knocked out, or nearly killed? It's terrifying. And humiliating." she said, shaking her head and blinking away tears.

"But you do it anyway," Wonder Woman said.

"Yeah," Batgirl replied with a derisive laugh. "Guess I'm just a sucker for punishment."

"No," Wonder Woman disagreed, her respect for Batgirl growing, "you are a heroine. You are a fighter. You have the heart of a warrior. I wish...I wish we had gotten to know each other long before this. I...I would be proud to call you friend."

Batgirl stared into Wonder Woman's admiring blue eyes and blinked away more tears. That was by far the greatest compliment she had ever received from any of the A-list heroes. Batman usually criticized her; the rest seemed to just ignore her. Only Supergirl, and now Wonder Woman, had ever shown her any respect.

"Thank you," she whispered, then took a deep breath and frowned. "Well. Lying here feeling sorry for ourselves isn't going to get us out of this."

"No," Wonder Woman agreed. "Unfortunately, we cannot even consider escaping, since we cannot move, except..."

"...except to have sex," Batgirl agreed ruefully, recalling the young scientist's last orders to them. Then Batgirl's green eyes narrowed, and her auburn brows knit together. "Waitaminute..."


"What were his exact words? The last orders he transmitted to the collars."

Wonder Woman cast her mind back. "He said, 'Neither of you can move. Unless you have sex.' I believe."

"Yes, that's exactly what he said!" Batgirl agreed, a smile coming to her lips. She looked into Wonder Woman's eyes, her gaze intense as she explained her thoughts. "I've studied computer science. Computers are incredibly advanced, but incredibly simple. All computer functions come down to seven basic mathematical operations, so in other words, it all comes down to logic, even in the most advanced system."

"I don't see how that can help us," Wonder Woman said. "We can't hope to reprogram the collars..."

"No, listen!" Batgirl explained. "He implied that the only movements we could make would be for the purpose of sex. But that's not what he said. He issued an 'if...else' statement; I don't care how advanced the AI is in these collars; it has to eventually apply the strictest of logic to his orders. It has to interpret them literally!"

Wonder Woman's eyes widened as she realized where Batgirl was heading. "We cannot move, unless we have sex. So if we have sex..."

"...we can move all we want!" Batgirl concluded with a smile, her green eyes shining with hope.

"And then we can escape!" Wonder Woman said, then glanced around the austere white room. "But how...?"

"Whoa, one step at a time, Wonder Woman," Batgirl cautioned her. "There's something we have to do first, before we can think about that."

Wonder Woman gazed deeply into the redhead's green eyes. "Are you...comfortable with that?"

"Actually," Batgirl responded with a slight smile, "I'm uncomfortable with your body lying on top of mine. Not that you're heavy or anything," she reassured the Amazon; her comment provoked a gentle smile on Wonder Woman's face. "Besides," Batgirl continued, "we've already done the deed once. And...it...wasn't so bad," she said softly, then rolled her eyes. "Aside from having Doctor Zero watching, that is."

"You...liked it?" Wonder Woman asked, her voice low and husky. Her left arm suddenly became free and started to move, her left hand caressing Batgirl's thigh, then her hip, then moving over her tummy. The chains that bound her wrists together clinked softly as her hand moved.

"A little," Batgirl admitted with an embarrassed smile. Neither heroine could put it into words, but after the ordeal they'd just been through, the idea of enjoying pleasurable, consensual, gentle sex not only aroused them, but gave them no small amount of comfort. Batgirl's eyes flickered downwards to where Wonder Woman's hand was approaching her breast. Her own right hand became free, and she began to brush her fingertips in small circles over Wonder Woman's behind.

"We're alone now," Wonder Woman whispered. Her head moved down, closer to Batgirl's. Her lips were mere inches from the redhead's.

"I know," Batgirl breathed. Her lips parted ever so slightly. Her breath left her body through them.

Wonder Woman lowered her head and brushed her lips against Batgirl's. The redhead's lips moved gently against hers in response. The dark-haired Amazon pulled her head back to see her comrade's reaction.

"We didn't kiss before," Batgirl whispered.

"I know," Wonder Woman murmured. "It's better with kissing."

"Yes," Batgirl said. Her left hand moved behind Wonder Woman's head and she pulled the Amazon's mouth against her own. Their lips met softly at first, then Wonder Woman parted her lips and deepened the kiss. Batgirl responded by opening her mouth wider and sliding her lips against Wonder Woman's. The brunette flicked her tongue against the redhead's lips. She was rewarded with a surprised whimper. She felt Batgirl's hand clench her hair. She plunged her tongue into Batgirl's mouth. The redhead moaned as she felt the Amazon's tongue touch her own. Her back arched, pressing her breasts against Wonder Woman's. The Amazon pulled her head back. She was breathing heavily, as was her companion.

"Batgirl..." she breathed passionately.

"Barbara," the redhead corrected her, then smiled. "Babs."

Wonder Woman smiled back. "Diana."

"Hello, Diana."

"Hello, Babs."

Wonder Woman hungrily pressed her lips against Batgirl's once again. This time, Barbara thrust her tongue into Diana's mouth, eliciting a moan from the Amazon. Diana's left hand encompassed Barbara's right breast and gently squeezed the firm yet yielding mound. Barbara sighed into Diana's mouth and arched her back further, pressing her breast into the brunette's hand. Diana pulled her head back and shifted her gaze down at Barbara's luscious breasts.

"Goddess," she breathed as she caressed and squeezed Barbara's breast, "you are so beautiful..."

"You really think so?" Barbara asked.

Wonder Woman looked at her with mild surprise. "Don't you know?"

"It's...been awhile since someone told me," Batgirl admitted.

Wonder Woman smiled. "Aphrodite herself would be jealous," she said.

Batgirl smiled broadly. "You're a silver-tongued devil, princess."

"My tongue can do many things," Wonder Woman replied with a quick raise of her eyebrows. Then she lowered her head to Batgirl's breast and took its peak in her mouth.

Barbara gasped as she felt Diana's warm mouth close over her areola and nipple. She could feel blood rushing through her veins to the peak of her breast, could feel the nipple growing erect as Diana's tongue gently flicked against it. She let her head fall back and her mouth fall open as she gulped air.

Diana could taste salt on Barbara's skin. She puckered her lips and sucked on the erect nipple, forcing a squeal of delight from her companion. She shifted her hand down Barbara's side until she reached her right buttock and began to slowly, gently fondle it. The cold chains that still bound Wonder Woman's wrists made Batgirl shiver when they fell against her naked tummy. Barbara squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head. She pulled Diana's head away from her breasts and lay trembling and panting beneath her, hardly able to believe what she was doing.

Wonder Woman raised her chained hands to Batgirl's face, cupping the redhead's chin with her palms, her fingers upon the younger woman's soft cheeks.

"Don't be afraid, little one," Diana whispered. She lowered her head, closed her eyes, and softly kissed Barbara's soft lips. When she opened her eyes, Barbara's expression had changed--hardened. Her green eyes blazed with desire and determination. She wrapped her legs around Wonder Woman's, pressed her elbow against the black vinyl cushion, and shifted her weight suddenly. She flipped the Amazon's body beneath her with the grace and skill of a martial artist.

Wonder Woman gasped as Batgirl's sudden actions rotated their bodies. Diana's naked back slapped against the cushion. Barbara grasped her manacled wrists and pulled them above her head, holding them down against the dark cushion. Barbara's legs straddled Diana's hips. The Amazon could feel Barbara's warm, wet pussy pressing against her tummy, and the redhead's breasts hung down and swayed gently, brushing against her own.

"I've never been afraid," Batgirl declared in a heated murmur. "Not of anything! Not of my father. Not of the night. Not of Batman. Not of the psychos. And not of you..." Barbara began to writhe her hips, rubbing her overheated pussy against Diana's loins. She moved her right hand down to grasp Diana's left breast, keeping a grip on the manacles' chain with her left.

"Prove it," Wonder Woman said, panting, her teeth clenched, from her prone position beneath the other heroine. "Prove you're not afraid of me. Let go. Take me."

Batgirl smiled wickedly and lowered her head towards Wonder Woman's massive breasts. She hesitated above the huge mammaries and brushed the ends of her long, red locks over them. Diana gasped softly at the ticklish sensation. Barbara lowered her head further and hovered over Diana's left breast, her mouth open, her tongue waggling teasingly. Diana whimpered in frustration and anticipation. Barbara laughed softly. She flicked her tongue against Diana's nipple.

"Ah!" Diana exclaimed. It felt as though her nipple had received an electric shock. Barbara flicked her tongue against the sensitive bud again. "Oooo!" Wonder Woman moaned. "Tease!" she breathed.

Suddenly, Batgirl's head dropped. She captured the peak of Wonder Woman's huge breast with her mouth. She sucked and smacked her lips against the large, copper-colored areola. She flicked and swirled her tongue over it and the quickly-hardening nipple at its centre, licking the salt from Diana's skin. Diana's blue eyes opened wide and her back arched, pressing her breast against Barbara's active mouth. She tried to pull her arms down, but with the chains draining her strength, Batgirl easily held them above her head.

"OOOOOOOOOO!!" Diana growled hoarsely as Barbara's lapping tongue and wet lips sent shock waves of pleasure through her body. Her voluptuous form writhed beneath her partner, held captive by Batgirl's left hand which gripped her chained wrists, and by the redhead's loins which pressed against her waist.

Barbara released Diana's breast from her mouth. She released Diana's wrists, but the brunette left them lying on the vinyl cushion above her head. Barbara straightened to a sitting position and took Diana's breasts in her hands and gently fondled the massive mounds, eliciting a throaty groan from the Amazon. Both women were sweating and panting, their bodies pungent with the scent of arousal.

"You ready?" Batgirl asked, her green eyes wide with excitement.

"For anything," Wonder Woman declared huskily.

Batgirl used her arms and thighs to lift her body into the air. She spun around, rotating 180 degrees. Her lower legs landed perfectly on the edges of the vinyl cushion. She still straddled Wonder Woman's body, but now faced away from her. Batgirl's acrobatic change of position had made Wonder Woman gasp, and the redhead laughed softly in response. She walked backwards a few inches on her knees, gauging the distance by looking over her naked shoulder at Wonder Woman's face. She stopped when her knees were on either side of Diana's head, which was held in place by Barbara's lower legs resting on her dark hair. Batgirl then leaned forward until she was on her hands and knees and her head hovered over Wonder Woman's wet pussy.

"Spread your legs wider, Princess," Barbara said over her shoulder.

Diana moved her legs so her feet and calves hung over the sides of the examination table, offering Barbara perfect access to her sodden pussy. The redhead lowered her head towards the Amazon's loins. Her nose caught the musky scent of her companion's arousal, and she hesitated, realizing she'd never eaten pussy before. But I'm not afraid of anything, she reminded herself.

Batgirl turned her head again and looked at Diana over her shoulder. "What I lack in experience, I'll make up for in enthusiasm," she said with a husky laugh. She lowered her head and slowly licked her tongue along Diana's pussy lips. Wonder Woman gasped and moaned at the sensation. Definitely an acquired taste, Barbara thought, but it's not that bad. Diana tasted salty, and tangy, like lemons. Pungent, as well, like...

"You eat a lot of feta cheese, Princess?" Barbara asked.

"You can taste that?" Diana asked, shocked. Kara had never discussed the taste of her pussy with her.

"Oh, yeah," Barbara answered. "S'Okay. I like feta. And Greek princesses who eat it..." She lowered her head again and pressed her lips against Diana's pussy. Her tongue licked the top part of Diana's pussy lips, then found the swollen bud of her clitoris. Barbara used her fingers to spread Diana's pussy open, then swirled her tongue around her clit.

"OHHHHHH!!!" Diana moaned. Her body bucked beneath Barbara's. The redhead's technique was rough, but very effective. Diana began to pant rapidly as Barbara's tongue started to waggle up and down across Diana's clit. "MMMMM!!!" Diana groaned as the pleasure built inside her.

"Hey, this ain't a one-way street, Princess!" Barbara declared, lifting her head from Diana's pussy. "We both have to be able to move after we do this." Barbara spread her legs wider and lowered her pussy towards Diana's eager mouth.

"I might not be able to move for a week after we do this!" Diana declared with a laugh as she watched Barbara's pussy approaching her face. The redhead's pussy lips spread like the petals of a flower opening. Diana could smell Barbara's moist, musky arousal. She reached out with her tongue and flicked its tip against Barbara's open slit.

Batgirl inhaled loudly through clenched teeth as a jolt of pure pleasure exploded in her loins. "OH GOD..." she moaned, not just in reaction to that first sensation, but in anticipation of the wonders Diana's experienced mouth would work upon her pussy. "B-be gentle with me..." she pleaded.

"Mmmph..." Diana moaned into the redhead's pussy, then lowered her head. "I thought you weren't afraid of anything?"

"Shut up and start licking, Princess," Barbara ordered with a smile, then lowered her head to Diana's wet snatch.

The two women began to orally pleasure one another in their sixty-nine position. Batgirl's rough but enthusiastic ministrations contrasted with Diana's more skillful manipulations; as a result, Barbara moaned softly while Diana gasped and squealed. Gradually, Barbara began to pick up on Diana's practiced technique, and her own lapping and sucking became more adroit at eliciting gentle moans from the Amazon. Both heroines could feel orgasms building within them, and rushed headlong towards climax. For with climax would come not just pleasure, but also a chance for freedom.

"MMMRRPPHH...MMMRRPPHH..." Barbara moaned into Diana's wet pussy as she worked her tongue and lips over the Amazon's clit and pussy lips.

"HHHRRRMM...HHHRRRMM..." Diana groaned as she licked Barbara's vagina, eagerly lapping up the love honey dripping from it. The vibrations from her loud groans, she knew from experience, added to the sensations in her partner's pussy. Barbara had noticed this as well, and increased her own passionate vocalizations.

"MMM!! MMM!! MMM!!" Barbara exclaimed more rapidly as she felt her excitement building. She lapped faster at Diana's pussy, beginning to abandon the skillful technique she had developed in the last few minutes and going for broke.

"MPH!! MPH!! MPH!!" Diana squealed back as both heroines began to rock back and forth. Diana also abandoned technique as she felt herself and her partner approaching orgasm. She also knew from experience that a rough push was often required to take that last step towards climax. She felt her own orgasm approaching and rocked her hips eagerly against Barbara's mouth.

Barbara's head began to bounce as Diana's hips bucked against it. Her long red locks jostled. She sensed the proximity of Diana's orgasm, but could no longer maintain proper oral contact with Diana's pussy. She abandoned her oral manipulation and brought her hand into play, rubbing Diana's sopping pussy and engorged clit vigorously.

That was all Diana needed. Her head fell back as she abandoned Barbara's pussy. Her eyes squeezed shut tight, her feet clenched, and her chained hands tightly gripped the padded edge of the examination table.

"OHH...OHH...YES...I'M CUMMING...I'M CUMMING...nnnnNNOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!" Wonder Woman screamed as she came. "OOOOHHHHHH!!! OOOOHHHHH!!!" she moaned hoarsely, her mouth open wide, as her hips bucked and Batgirl continued to rub her pussy. "OHHH!!! Ohhhh...Oh Hera... stop, Babs, stop! No more!" Diana lay limply against the vinyl cushion, limp as a wet noodle, panting and groaning.

"My turn, Princess," Barbara declared, and lowered her mid-section to Diana's face again. The brunette groaned in sexual exhaustion and anticipation. She opened her mouth and once again began the pleasurable task of licking and sucking Batgirl's pussy.

Hearing Diana's tremendous orgasm ensured that Barbara was on the edge herself. Diana's skillful technique also ensured that within seconds, Batgirl's engine was revving at top speed. The redhead's fingernails clawed at the black vinyl as she felt her climax approaching rapidly.

"OHHHHHH GGGGGODDD..." Barbara groaned, her voice a throaty growl, as Diana lapped at her pussy eagerly. It had been so long, too long, since she'd had a lover, and she'd never had one this good! Diana perfectly balanced passion and tenderness, knew just how to build her up and how to bring her off. "OH!! DIANA!! I..." Barbara cried, "I'M GONNA...GONNA CUM!! I...HHHUUUUHHHHHH!!!!" Batgirl screamed in ecstasy and tossed her head back, her long red locks swinging up over her head and slapping against her sweat-covered back. Her pussy discharged as she came, and Wonder Woman fervently lapped up the slick love juice that spurted from her partner's pussy.


Both heroines gasped at the sudden loud noise. They turned their heads, their bodies frozen in position, to see the door to their room bounce loudly on the linoleum floor. There in the doorway, resplendent in her red cape and blue and red uniform, the famous S symbol proudly emblazoned across her chest, stood Supergirl. The blonde Kryptonian took one step into the room, planting her foot on top of the door she'd just knocked down, and froze. Her blue eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open in shock as she recognized her lover and her best friend, naked on a padded table in a lusty sixty-nine position. Her delicately up-turned nose wrinkled as her super-scent caught the unmistakably pungent smell of female arousal in the room.

"Kara..." Wonder Woman whispered, her blue eyes opening wide as she felt blood rushing to her cheeks for the second time that day.

"Diana?" Supergirl said softly. "Babs!?!" she exclaimed, her wide blue eyes shifting from one heroine's face to the other in disbelief.

"Oh, shit," Batgirl muttered, summing up the situation with crude eloquence.



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Wonder Woman versus Dr. Z and the Collars of Obedience!!!

Wonder Woman versus Dr. Z and the Collars of Obedience part 2