Wonder Woman versus Dr. Z and the Collars of Obedience: Part 3  

By Dangerguy

Wonder Woman

a superheroine story by Dangerguy

Part 3: The Blonde (Conclusion)

WARNING: This story is strictly fictional and is not intended to portray any real persons, living or dead, nor is it at all intended to encourage the type of activity portrayed here. It is not to be sold for profit; Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Superman, Batman, et al are the property of DC Comics. It is strictly a fantasy, intended for the personal enjoyment of those who appreciate the superheroine in bondage/peril/sexual situations genre. The story depicts graphic sexual situations, including bondage, violence, and non-consensual sex, among a number of other nasty things. It is NOT intended, nor is it at all suitable, for minors. If you are under the age of 18, or if this type of thing offends you, you shouldn’t be reading it.

Previously... In Part 1, Batgirl was chloroformed and captured by Dr. Z (pronounced Zed--he's Canadian), a budding evil genius. Batgirl woke up to find herself fitted with a technologically advanced collar that allowed Dr. Z to control her body with voice commands. After being forced to dance provocatively, strip, and have sex with her captor, Batgirl found a cell phone her adversary had apparently left behind by mistake and called Wonder Woman to her rescue. Dr. Z had planted the phone, however.

In Part 2, Dr. Z captured Wonder Woman and outfitted her with a control collar as well. He then forced Batgirl and Wonder Woman to have sex with each other and then with him. Meanwhile, Supergirl had Batman help her locate the missing duo and flew off to their rescue. Left alone by Dr. Z, Batgirl and Wonder Woman figured out a way to over-ride the collars--by having sex (of course). Just as their plan reached its...uh...climax, Supergirl burst in to find her lover and her best friend in a passionate clinch.

Chapter 8: Blonde Hope

Supergirl's mouth opened and closed a few times as she struggled to fathom the sight before her and express the turbulent, confusion emotions coursing through her. She had rushed to the aid of her lover, Wonder Woman, and her best friend, Batgirl, expecting to find them imprisoned or in some diabolical death-trap. She had steadfastly pushed away the thought that they could be dead, but it had kept occurring to her nonetheless as she flew at super-speed to the location Batman's computer system had pinpointed.

What she found was something she would never have expected, not in a million years. Wonder Woman and Batgirl were naked on some sort of padded examination table, with Batgirl straddling Wonder Woman in a lusty sixty-nine position. To Supergirl's sharp Kryptonian sense of smell, there was no mistaking the heady scent of female arousal that permeated the room. The conclusion was obvious, inescapable: her lover and her best friend had just had sex. Supergirl thought she might vomit.

"Di...Babs..." Supergirl stammered, her voice barely above a whisper, "...what the hell?!?"

"Oh, shit!" Batgirl repeated from her position astride Wonder Woman's face.

"Kara, please, this isn't..." Wonder Woman paused and turned her attention to Batgirl momentarily, glancing up at her naked ass and spread vulva. "Barbara, will you please get off of me?!? Kara, this isn't what it looks like," she insisted as Batgirl climbed off the examination table.

The Dark Night Demoiselle consciously chose to lower herself to the side of the table opposite from the Maid of Might. The beautiful redhead then covered her naked, lightly freckled breasts with one arm and her auburn pubic area with the other. She glanced, embarrassed and more than a little ashamed, at her Kryptonian friend. Wonder Woman, meanwhile, arose from her prone position on the bench and stood, brazenly naked, before her lover.

"Oh, really?!?" Supergirl responded. Her voice betrayed her anger; the tears welling up in her eyes betrayed her pain. "You didn't just fuck each other?!"

"Yes, technically, but..." Wonder Woman said, "...it's complicated."

"No it's not!" Supergirl replied angrily, jabbing her index finger at her lover. "It's very simple! You're a fucking slut!! And you!" she shouted, shifting her attention to a wary Batgirl, "you're a back-stabbing little bitch!!"

"Now hang on, Linda!" Batgirl responded testily, using the first name of Supergirl's civilian identity. "You never told me about you and Diana! When the hell were you planning on telling me, anyway? I thought we were friends!"

"I never would have told you if I knew you were going to flop on your back and spread your skanky legs for my lover the first chance you got!" Supergirl shouted back.

"You alien bitch!" Batgirl retorted, shocked by Supergirl's hostility. "Now I know why Batman gave me a piece of Kryptonite to carry around in my belt!"

Supergirl's eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open. Discovering that her trusted friend and ally had not only seduced her lover, but also carried around an item that was deadly poison to her, took her beyond shock and anger to outrage.

"WHAT?!?" Supergirl screamed. "Why you little..." She took a threatening step forward.

"ENOUGH!!" Wonder Woman shouted, placing her naked body between her erstwhile colleagues. "Kara, look at my wrists! Look at them!" Wonder Woman said insistently, holding her chained and manacled arms in front of her breasts. Supergirl stared at the clanking chains and fell silent. "This was done to me by a man, Kara. By a man. You know what that means. And look at our necks." Supergirl stared at her, puzzled. "Look!" Wonder Woman ordered, pulling her long, dark hair back from her slender white throat.

"What...are those things?" Supergirl asked once she noticed the metal collars.

"They're control collars," Wonder Woman explained. "The man who captured Batgirl and me placed them on us. They make us obey his commands, no matter how...perverse."

"So...he ordered you two to have sex?" Supergirl asked, a little dubiously.

"Yes," Wonder Woman replied. She looked over her shoulder at Batgirl, who was nodding in agreement. An unspoken pact passed between them: the truth is far too complicated to explain to her right now.

"Oh, baby," Supergirl said sympathetically as she stepped towards Wonder Woman and threw her arms around her. "I'm so sorry! It must have been awful for you."

"Uh, yes, it was," Wonder Woman lied as she returned Supergirl's embrace as best she could while manacled, placing her hands lovingly on Supergirl's slender hips. Still, the press of her lover's breasts against her own, and the warmth of her invulnerable body, felt tremendously comforting. Batgirl, wisely, said nothing for a moment as the reunited lovers tenderly embraced. Then the lights flickered in the room for just a second, prompting the three heroines to study their surroundings. The lights did not flicker again, and continued to operate normally. Nonetheless, the seemingly inconsequential incident had changed the mood.

"Hey, you two, this is very touching," Batgirl said, her green eyes shifting from the ceiling to her two colleagues, "but we really need to get out of this place. And...," she added as she glanced down at her naked body, "...find some clothes. Not necessarily in that order."

"No problem," Supergirl said, smiling. She wiped a tear from one of her blue eyes. "I'm sorry for what I said, Babs. But don't you worry. Now that I'm here, we'll get everything taken care of. Including catching the bad guy!"

"I'm afraid it's too late for that," a male voice announced from behind her. "Collars ON. FREEZE," Dr. Z (pronounced zed, remember?) ordered. Batgirl and Wonder Woman gasped as they felt their bodies obey and become immobile. The two heroines silently cursed as their plan to escape fell apart. Their eyes fell upon Supergirl, who was now their only hope.

"Are you the bastard who's responsible for this?" Supergirl demanded angrily. She turned to face Dr. Z, her hands curled into angry fists and thrust onto her hips. She held her chin high and thrust her chest forward slightly--her power stance. It took all her self-control to keep herself from using her heat vision to burn a couple of holes right through the man. Or from using her X-ray vision to render him sterile.

"Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I am," Dr. Z replied with a proud smile. "Impressive job with the door," he said, glancing down briefly as he walked across the heavy metal door Supergirl had knocked flat a few minutes earlier. He entered the room, then frowned at the Maid of Might. "You don't remember me, do you?"

"Should I?" Supergirl asked, one fair eyebrow cocked.

"No, you wouldn't," Dr. Z responded contemptuously. "I was just one of the hired help. I used to work at S.T.A.R. Labs. First time I met you was when you brought me some metal fragment to analyze when Blunder Woman here was captured by Dr. Déviante. You've come in to get my help a couple of times since then. Still don't remember?" he said in response to Supergirl's blank expression. "Of course not. But I think you'll remember me now that you're in my clutches."

"Yeah, right," Supergirl said. "If I had a nickel for every empty boast I've heard from some loser calling himself a super-villain..."

Supergirl stepped towards the young evil genius. She drew her right arm back across her chest, preparing to deliver what was, to her, a light backhanded slap. To him, it would be a mighty blow that would send him spinning and flying across the room. She contemptuously swung her arm as a normal human would to wave away an annoying insect.

Dr. Z caught her arm before it hit him and held it. Supergirl stared at him in surprise. She tried to pull her arm away, but couldn't; he wouldn't release it. Her blonde brows furrowed angrily, and she pulled her other arm back to deliver a punch. Before she swung her arm forward, though, Dr. Z punched her viciously in the mid-section, right in the solar plexus. He should have broken his hand on her invulnerable stomach, but didn't. Instead, Kara's blue eyes opened wide; her mouth dropped open in shock and pain, and she collapsed to her knees. She folded her arms over her stomach, then fell onto her side and pulled her bare legs up into a fetal position as she gasped for air.

"Kara!" Wonder Woman shouted from her frozen position. Her concern for her beloved overwhelmed her despair at seeing their only hope so devastatingly--and easily--defeated.

"How...?" Batgirl asked, astonished. She glanced at Dr. Z.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Dr. Z admonished Supergirl as he stood over her fallen, agonized body. "Did you really think I'd be unprepared for you? Or for your cousin, the big blue boy scout? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it's you rather than him. I don't swing that way." The young villain glanced upwards at the fluorescent lights that lit the plain, white room. "It really wasn't that difficult, you know, changing the chemical composition of the lights in the building so they could emit solar radiation consistent with that of a red sun at the flick of a switch. It was more of a challenge to shield the building from our sun's yellow radiation."

"No..." Wonder Woman whispered, her spirits sinking. She knew all too well that Earth's yellow sun provided Kryptonians with much of their enhanced abilities, especially their strength and invulnerability. The light of a red sun, such as that of the Kryptonians' lost home world, removed nearly all of Supergirl's powers, rendering her little more than a normal woman.

"Oh, yes," Dr. Z said, turning his attention to her, "I let Superbitch have some fun with the door before her stored strength dissipated. But this is my lair, my rules, and..." he said as he pulled his foot back and kicked Supergirl in the kidney, making her gasp and arch her back in pain, "...my fun."

"You vile, contemptuous worm!!" Wonder Woman shouted. "Leave her alone!"

"As if!" Dr. Z replied, his brow frowning and his lips smiling. "I've got a redhead, a brunette, and now a blonde. A complete set! And I can't wait to see if Kryptonian pussy is as good as the Amazon and human varieties." Dr. Z walked past Wonder Woman to the examination table. He unlocked one of the drawers and pulled out a cloth and a small bottle.

"NO!!" Wonder Woman shouted in rage and horror as Dr. Z walked past her again, back to where Supergirl still lay writhing and moaning on the ground. "You won't touch her! I won't let you!"

"And you're going to stop me how, exactly?" Dr. Z asked as he popped the top off the bottle and poured some of its contents onto the cloth. Even from a few feet away, Wonder Woman's nostrils caught the medicinal scent of chloroform she herself had smelled far too many times in her career. "Face it, Wonder Bitch," Dr. Z said as he knelt down beside Supergirl, "I'm holding all the cards, and it's a winning hand."

Dr. Z grabbed Supergirl's long blonde hair with one hand and yanked her upwards. The blonde heroine cried out in pain, then gasped in shock as she felt the chloroform-soaked rag pressed over her face.

"GGGMMMPPHHH!!" she cried into the cloth, her blue eyes open wide in panic. Her hands weakly grasped Dr. Z's wrist and tried to pull his hand away from her face, but to no avail. She held her breath, trying to avoid inhaling any more of the knockout chemical. Dr. Z held the cloth fast over her lovely face, even as she desperately turned it left and right to try to escape the sickly-sweet rag.

Several seconds later, Supergirl could no longer hold out. She took a breath, and the chloroform began to do its terrible work. Her eyelids fluttered. The hand she'd used to futilely grip Dr. Z's wrist dropped uselessly to the floor. Her long, bare legs, which were splayed out awkwardly from her body, spasmed weakly then lay motionless. She moaned and could not resist drawing another breath. Her blue eyes rolled back up into her head and she moaned weakly. Her nubile body slumped against the young villain's and sank towards the floor. Still he would not remove the cloth. He felt her draw another weak, shallow breath; consciousness finally left her. Her shapely form collapsed in the villain's grasp; her arms limply hanging from her shoulders, her legs spread and immobile on the white linoleum floor. A soft sigh escaped her lips, muffled by the cloth.

"Kara..." Wonder Woman whispered in despair.

Dr. Z withdrew the chloroform-soaked rag from Supergirl's face and threw it aside. His hands reached forward and gave Supergirl's firm, perky breasts a salacious squeeze. He then lifted Supergirl's unconscious body in his arms, one arm beneath her naked knees, the other behind her shoulders. The Kryptonian's head fell against his shoulder. He held her almost tenderly, in a mockery of a groom carrying a bride across a threshold on their wedding day.

"Well, I should give my new girl a gift, shouldn't I? I think jewelry would be appropriate. Something that matches what I've given you. Then I'll come back and the four of us can party hearty. Wonder Woman, Batgirl: stay here and don't move," Dr. Z said, giving clear orders to the command collars. The two heroines remained frozen in position, and would stay that way until he returned to give other commands.

He turned and walked towards the door, but stopped just as he reached it and turned back towards them. "Oh, by the way, that girl-on-girl show you two put on while I was gone was really something. The hidden cameras caught it all. One more thing to sell on eBay for a fortune!" He turned and walked out the door, the unconscious Supergirl in his arms, and strode down the hall, laughing loudly and malevolently.

Back inside the room, trapped inside her naked and uncooperative body, Batgirl looked at the naked back of Wonder Woman, who stood immobile on the other side of the examination table. Batgirl began to say something, but fell silent, because she saw Wonder Woman move. Not significantly, though, and not enough to indicate she was overriding Dr. Z's orders. No, Batgirl fell silent out of shock. Batgirl fell silent because saw the white naked shoulders of Wonder Woman, the indomitable Princess of the Amazons, shaking ever so slightly. The sight of Earth's greatest superheroine reduced to silent tears over the fate of her lover filled Batgirl with complete and utter despair.

Chapter 9: Blonde Ambition

Nearly an hour later, Dr. Z walked through the now-doorless entryway to the room, looking supremely pleased with himself. He glanced smugly at the two naked heroines, then looked back over his shoulder.

"Come on, Superslut," he called and walked into the middle of the room. "God, I've wanted to give you orders for so long..."

Behind him, Supergirl followed, still dressed in her red, blue, and yellow costume. Her lovely face was contorted; she frowned angrily and her teeth were clenched in a tight grimace. Her long blonde hair waved back and forth as she whipped her head from side to side, the only movement she could manage in resistance to the thin metal control collar she now wore around her slender white neck. She walked into the room; every now and then an exasperated grunt escaped her lips.

"Oh, Kara, no..." Wonder Woman said, choking back a sob as she saw her lover subjected to the same cruel fate as she and Batgirl.

"I'm...sorry, Di," Supergirl said, giving her colleague and lover an ashamed look. "I wasn't careful enough..."

"It's all right," Wonder Woman said, forcing confidence she did not feel into her voice. "We'll find a way out of this."

"Hey, uh, are you two...seeing each other?" Dr. Z asked, wagging his index finger back and forth between Supergirl and Wonder Woman.

The two heroines turned their heads to look at him, but said nothing at first. "We're just good friends," Wonder Woman said, "not that it's any of your business, you perverted worm."

"Heh. Friends. Yeah, right." Dr. Z responded with a laugh. "I heard you call her name when I fucked you, Wonder Whore," he said, looking at Wonder Woman and jabbing his thumb at Supergirl. Then he mockingly placed his hand over his heart and put a pained expression on his face. "You were fantasizing about someone else while we were intimate! I can't help but feel hurt."

"You did what to her?!?" Supergirl shouted. The collar prevented her body from taking action, otherwise the Maid of Might would have launched herself at the young super-villain. But her slender jaw clenched and her face suddenly went red with rage. "You bastard!"

"Hey, calm down, Superslut. You'll get your turn!" Dr. Z said, then started to laugh.

"You sick, perverted creep!" Batgirl snarled at him.

"Vile miscreant!" Wonder Woman spat haughtily.

"You wouldn't dare, you little worm!" Supergirl growled.

Dr. Z rolled his eyes and sighed as all three women began to berate him. "Command mode on. PAIN."

The trio of heroines were each silenced in mid-rant as a powerful explosion of agony burst in their bodies. Their eyes went wide and each woman gradually fell to her knees, arms trembling and hands clenching uselessly at their sides. Batgirl closed her eyes and screamed. Wonder Woman clenched her teeth and moaned hoarsely. Supergirl gasped repeatedly. The unrelenting pain caused the heroines to fall over, Batgirl onto her back, Wonder Woman onto her side, and Supergirl onto her stomach, where they writhed and wailed in agony.

Meanwhile, Dr. Z examined his fingernails, pausing to pick a speck of dirt from beneath one. "Pain end," he finally said. The three superheroines sighed with relief, but lay on the ground, gasping for air. "There. Maybe now you'll remember to show me a little more respect. Can't we all just get along?" he asked derisively as the three women glared at him but remained silent. "I don't mind a few defiant platitudes, but any more name-calling and I'll give that command again. Now. On your feet," he ordered.

The three women pushed their abused bodies upright, groaning as they did so. Batgirl and Wonder Woman adjusted their arms so as to cover their naked breasts and pussies. Their bodies shone with sweat.

"Ah, ah, ah!" Dr. Z said, "Arms at your sides." All three women dropped their arms; Batgirl's and Wonder Woman's beautiful nude bodies were now revealed to their captor in all their glory. "Say, one of you is overdressed, isn't she?" the evil genius said with a lascivious grin as he gave Supergirl a lingering once-over.

"Leave her alone!" Wonder Woman barked in a regal tone of command. Dr. Z slowly turned his head to glare at her, his eyes narrowed. His eyes flickered down to the control collar around Wonder Woman's neck; his eyebrows raised, and Wonder Woman flinched involuntarily. She swallowed, not just physically, but her pride as well. She would do anything for her beloved, even abase herself before an enemy. "...please..." she breathed.

Dr. Z only smiled. "Pretty please? With sugar on top?" he said, his voice syrupy and scornful.

"Yes," Wonder Woman murmured. "Pretty please, with...with sugar on top."

"Well, since you asked so nicely, I'll let you do the honors, Wonder Dyke," he answered. "I'm sure you've had plenty of practice! Go on, get over there and take Supergirl's costume off. Slowly. You'll both get turned on as you do it."

Wonder Woman's body obeyed Dr. Z's command, walking towards the immobile Supergirl. The beautiful Kryptonian watched her approach, her blue eyes filled with an anxiety she was doing her best to disguise. Wonder Woman reached Supergirl's side and placed her hands upon the blonde's shoulders. She began to undo the clasp that held Supergirl's red cape around her neck.

"I'm so sorry this is happening, Kara," Wonder Woman whispered, her back turned to Dr. Z so he couldn't hear.

"Whatever happens, Diana," Supergirl whispered back, a slight nervous tremor in her voice, "I'm glad you're here with me. I mean, I wish you weren't, but..." the blonde superheroine's voice trailed off.

Wonder Woman pressed her lips together and blinked tears out of her eyes. She had to find a way out of this...not just for her own sake, but for her darling Kara's, and for Barbara's as well. She racked her brain, but could not think of a plan. Is this it? she wondered. Are we finally defeated? The word galled her; no Amazon could accept or tolerate defeat. No! There must be a way...

Wonder Woman cast Supergirl's cape aside; the red piece of fabric softly drifted to the ground. Then the Amazon moved her hands down. They brushed over Supergirl's pert breasts and stopped at her abdomen. Wonder Woman began to tug the blue tunic out of the Girl of Steel's yellow belt and red mini-skirt. She looked into Kara's blue eyes. They were wide and fastened on hers.

How many times had they done this in the privacy of Diana's apartment? Too many times to count. Being forced to disrobe in front of an enemy, however, was very different. It was humiliating and frightening to both women. True to their noble and heroic natures, each woman worried more about the effect this ordeal would have on the other than upon themselves.

Batgirl watched, concerned yet fascinated, a few feet away. She'd never thought of her friend Supergirl in a sexual sense before today. But after that...incident with Wonder Woman, Barbara Gordon had begun to wonder about her own sexuality. Am I bi? she asked herself. She had to admit, watching the classically beautiful and naked Amazon disrobing the equally gorgeous Kryptonian was getting her turned on, despite their perilous situation. And their captor seemed to be doing his utmost to turn her off of the male gender forever.

Suddenly, Batgirl realized Dr. Z was standing right behind her. "Don't move," he whispered into the redhead's ear, and the collar ensured that she obeyed; Batgirl grunted as she felt her nubile body go rigid. Dr. Z's hands reached forward, beneath her arms, and cupped her breasts. He began to softly squeeze and knead the lightly-freckled mounds, eliciting a soft whimper from the helpless heroine.

"Stop it..." Batgirl pleaded, though she knew it would have no effect. She looked down as Dr. Z's right hand left her breast and began to glide down over her tummy towards her pussy.

"Look at them," Dr. Z murmured. "It's turning you on," he commanded. The command collar pulsed his order into the redheaded crime-fighter's naked body. Batgirl moaned softly and her back arched slightly as she felt a burst of pleasure in her loins. "Yeah, you like it, you little slut..." Dr. Z growled as his right hand pressed itself over Batgirl's moistening pussy. He parted her vaginal lips with his fingers, found the engorged nub of her clit, and began to rub it. His left hand groped her breasts, pinching the pink nipples at their peaks, making them erect. Batgirl began to pant and whimper in response to her captor's molestation of her body. Still, her green eyes couldn't tear themselves away from the two heroines a few feet in front of her.

Wonder Woman pushed the bottom edge of Supergirl's blue tunic up, over her abdomen, then over her breasts, which were naked and braless beneath her top. Supergirl inhaled sharply as she felt the fabric rasp softly over her nipples. Wonder Woman pressed the fabric up to Supergirl's armpits and stopped. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, her pussy moistening, at the sight of her lover's increasingly naked body, and in obedience to the collar's orders.

"Supergirl, raise your arms," Dr. Z ordered from a few feet away, where he continued to molest a moaning, writhing Batgirl while eagerly watching Wonder Woman disrobing Supergirl.

Supergirl obeyed, and Wonder Woman now lifted the blue top over her lover's head. She pushed the fabric over Supergirl's raised, slender arms, and when it came loose of her body, tossed it aside. Supergirl now stood topless, her arms raised, her pert breasts exposed to both her superheroine lover and the villain who'd captured them. Wonder Woman couldn't help herself; her blue eyes strayed down to Kara's lovely breasts, and her hands reached out to gently caress them. They were smaller than Wonder Woman's breasts, but still full, enticing, and gloriously firm. Each mammary barely fit into the Amazon's hands. Diana's eyes flickered up to Kara's face, where her lover briefly bestowed a wan smile upon her. Diana could almost read her thoughts; she also wished they were doing this back in the privacy of their apartment in New York.

"Okay, Supergirl, you can lower your arms," Dr. Z ordered. "Wonder Woman, get that skirt off of her. Slowly."

Wonder Woman left Supergirl's breasts alone and moved her hands down to her belt. She deftly undid the clasp of the yellow belt, then pulled it out of its loops. She tossed it to the floor on top of the blue tunic. Then the Amazon reached behind Supergirl and pulled down the zipper at the back of the red miniskirt. When the skirt came loose, it slipped over Supergirl's slender hips and fell to the floor, puddling around her red boots. Supergirl now wore nothing but those boots and her red panties.

"Wonder Woman, get down on your knees and pull those panties down," Dr. Z ordered. Batgirl was now moaning and bucking in his arms, rubbing her sodden pussy against his hand. "Yeah, you're horny as hell, Batbitch, but you don't get to cum. Not yet," he muttered into her ear.

Wonder Woman knelt before Supergirl's nearly naked body and reached up with her manacled hands. Her fingers curled around the waistband of Supergirl's red panties. She slowly began to tug the tiny strip of fabric down, over Supergirl's shapely hips, then down further, revealing a patch of soft, fleecy, dark blonde pubic hairs. Wonder Woman took a trembling breath, as she always did, at the sight of her lover's pussy. She pulled the panties down over Supergirl's slender white thighs, past her knees, and finally over the knee-high red boots to her feet. Supergirl now stood gloriously nude in the plain white chamber, her arms hanging limply and uselessly at her sides. Wonder Woman lifted her head to stare apologetically into her lover's blue eyes.

"Supergirl, step out of your skirt and panties and spread your legs apart, shoulder-width," Dr. Z ordered, and the Maid of Might obeyed. Wonder Woman's eyes dropped and she stared at Supergirl's spread pussy lips. "Go on, Wonder Woman," the evil genius said, his tone teasing and salacious, "eat out your girlfriend's pussy. I can't make you do it, but I know you want to do it. Even with me watching you. Go on."

Wonder Woman hesitated. She did want to give Kara oral pleasure, if only to take her lover's mind off their predicament for a few brief moments. But to do so in front of a man, when ordered by a man, galled her. She didn't want to put on a lesbo show so he could get his sick jollies. Her blue eyes glanced up desperately at Kara's.

"Do it, my love," Kara whispered to her. Supergirl's face displayed her anguish, her despair. "We...may never get another chance..." A tear rolled down Supergirl's cheek. She didn't want to make love in front of this horrid man, but the collar was making her body quiver with desire nonetheless.

Wonder Woman could no longer hold back. It wasn't just the control collar; she, too, needed to put the hopelessness of the situation out of her mind, to take what little comfort she could from pleasuring her lover. She leaned forward, placed her hands on Supergirl's spread thighs, and pressed her mouth against the Maid of Might's pussy. Diana's tongue pressed forward, licking, searching, and found Kara's clitoris. She began to lap eagerly at the tender nub. She felt Kara's naked body tremble with pleasure. Wonder Woman moved her hands to Supergirl's buttocks--the manacles left her just enough leeway to do so--and began to caress and knead them. She heard Kara moan with pleasure.

Watching from a few feet away, it was too much for Batgirl. Watching the two beautiful heroines making lesbian love turned her on more than she could have ever imagined it would, regardless of Dr. Z's collars and orders. She groaned as Dr. Z continued to mash and squeeze her breasts with one hand, and as the fingers of his other hand rubbed her pussy. She could feel the orgasm building inside of her, but the command collar that had induced her pleasure would not allow her its ultimate release. One of Batgirl's hands covered the one Dr. Z had between her legs, encouraging him to rub her engorged clit faster; the other groped at whichever breast her captor left free.

"Please..." Batgirl pleaded, though ashamed at her degradation, "...let me cum..." Her shapely ass rubbed up and down against him; she could feel his erection, pressing through his pants and against her ass.

"Not yet," said the young villain, who was beginning to pant now. "You cum when Supergirl cums. Not before."

Supergirl had tossed her head back. Her long blonde hair hung down her naked back, brushing over her curvaceous ass and Wonder Woman's groping hands. Her blue eyes were shut tight, and her breath came in ragged, shallow gasps. She could feel a powerful orgasm building within her excited loins, in spite of their desperate situation...or perhaps because of it.

The Maid of Might had discovered, through her love-making with Diana, that she had a submissive streak. Perhaps it came from being the most powerful woman on the planet. Whatever the cause, she sometimes allowed Diana to dominate her in the sexual games they played. Did being ordered to strip and make love by a super-villain make it even better? Perhaps, but right now answering that troubling question was the furthest thing from her mind. She just wanted to climax.

"Ooooohhh...Diana....it's so gooooooood..." she moaned as her hips began to gently rock against Wonder Woman's mouth. She reached down and pressed her hands against Diana's head, pushing the Amazon's face into her pussy. Her fingers became entwined with Wonder Woman's long, black hair.

"Mmmmpphhh...Mmmmmpphhh..." Diana groaned into Kara's wet pussy as she lapped at it eagerly.

"Mmmmm...so close...oooooooo..." Supergirl's head rocked forward. Her mouth dropped open as she stared down at her lover's face which was thrust between her legs, and she gulped air rapidly. She could feel Diana's tongue rubbing against her clit and pussy lips. Then the Amazon brought her lips into play, sucking on the engorged nub. Supergirl's eyes shut in response to the extra stimulus. Diana had one more trick up her bracelet. She gently nibbled on Kara's clit with her teeth. The effect sent Supergirl into orbit.

"OHHHHHH!!" Supergirl cried, her pale golden hair flying as she tossed her head back. "I'M...CUMMING... NUUUHHHH!!" she groaned as the climax took her. Her body rocked where it stood. She hyperventilated a half-dozen times until the next wave of orgasmic pleasure took her. "HUUUUNNNNHHHH!!! UUNNNHHH!!! UUNNNHHH!!!" she screamed as her back arched and her hands kneaded her own breasts. Her pussy discharged, and Wonder Woman eagerly lapped up her lover's pungent juices.

"Oh GOD..." Batgirl moaned as she watched her friend and colleague climax. It triggered the order Dr. Z had given her collar; the dam burst, and her own orgasm claimed her. "OHHHHHHH!!" the redhead yelled as her muscles tensed and her body climaxed. Her pussy gushed lubricant over Dr. Z's hand; she heard the young villain chortling in her ear, but paid it no heed. "Oh God....OHHHHHH!!! OHHHHHH!!! Ohhhh...." Batgirl cried out as the climax claimed her, then died down. Her head fell back against her captor's shoulder as her body, exhausted, collapsed against his. The young scientist unceremoniously let go of her, and Batgirl stumbled, then fell to the white linoleum floor, where she remained, gasping for breath after her powerful climax.

Supergirl also collapsed to her knees once the last wave of her orgasm had coursed through her. Wonder Woman caught her lover's exhausted body and held it against her own. Her hand tenderly held Supergirl's head, entangling itself in her long blonde hair; Wonder Woman pressed her head forward and kissed Supergirl passionately but tenderly. The blonde heroine moaned at the feel of her Amazonian lover's lips against hers, and at the thrilling taste of her own arousal on Diana's mouth.

"Well, you dykes have got me all wound up!" Dr. Z announced. Wonder Woman and Supergirl, startled out of their reverie, broke off their kiss and stared at him warily. "My turn, ladies. Supergirl: onto the table," he said, smiling lasciviously and pointing to one of the padded examination tables--the one with the raised stirrups at one end. Compelled by the control collar to obey, Supergirl rose to her feet and walked towards the table.

"No!" Wonder Woman cried from where she still knelt on the cold linoleum floor, "Don't do this to her! Please...take me, not her!" Dr. Z looked at her in amused surprise. Wonder Woman smiled wantonly and reached up to grope her large breasts with her hands. "Look at me. Look at my body," she said huskily. "I'm so much more voluptuous than her. Wouldn't you rather have me? Wouldn't you rather...fuck me?"

Inside, the Amazon quailed at the offer she'd just made, but she had to do everything in her power to spare her lover the indignity of a rape. Seated on the floor a few feet away, Batgirl marvelled at Wonder Woman's self-sacrificing proposal. At that moment, Batgirl realized how much Wonder Woman truly loved Supergirl--so much that she would offer herself in her lover's stead. She felt touched, and she pitied the two lovers, her two colleagues and friends, for the horrible situation they now found themselves in. She knew what Dr. Z's answer would be.

"Tempting," the evil genius said, "but I won't know for sure until I take her for a test drive, will I?"

"NO!!" Wonder Woman exclaimed, horrified. She sprang to her feet, the chains on her wrists clanking.

"FREEZE!" Dr. Z commanded before she could do anything else. "My rules, remember? Don't worry, Wonder Whore--I'll be fucking you again before too long. For now, you get to watch me rape your girlfriend. And you know what? Thanks to the collar, you're going to enjoy it," he said venomously.

"No...please...don't hurt her!" Wonder Woman begged.

"Oh, I think that thanks to that magic tongue of yours, she's got more than enough juice in her twat to keep this from hurting," Dr. Z said, chuckling as he walked over to the examination table where the naked Supergirl now sat. "Okay, Supergirl, on your back. Feet in the stirrups. Wonder Woman, Batgirl, get over here."

Supergirl laid her body flat on the padded surface of the table and placed her booted feet and calves into the metal stirrups that normally would have been used for a gynecological examination. The position spread her legs and placed her ass at the edge of the table--a perfect position for the rape her captor intended to perform. The blonde Kryptonian felt her heart pounding in her chest; she'd be captured, beaten, and tortured with Kryptonite before, but never raped. And the red sun radiation emitted by the modified fluorescent lights made her vulnerable. She wondered if it would hurt.

"Okay, Wonder Woman on her left, Batgirl on her right," Dr. Z ordered, and the two heroines took position on either side of the table and their prone comrade. "Each one of you grab one of her arms and hold it down, on the table, above her head."

Wonder Woman and Batgirl both did as ordered, lifting Supergirl's naked arms above her head and pressing them down. They looked down, apologetically, at the helpless Kryptonian. Wonder Woman could see Supergirl putting on a brave, stoic face, but she could also see the fear in her precious Kara's blue eyes. Dr. Z made an adjustment at the end of the table, and the stirrups split apart further with a metal clang. This took Supergirl's legs from a spread angle of about 90 degrees to about 150--nearly flat. The Maid of Might gasped as her shapely legs were spread wide for the villain's benefit. She found it harder to hide her fear; her breath came in shallow pants, making her pert breasts jiggle on her chest.

"Kara..." Wonder Woman whispered despondently.

"Wonder Woman and Batgirl: watching Supergirl get raped is gonna turn you on. You're both horny as hell," Dr. Z said maliciously, and smiled as the brunette and the redhead gasped and moaned as they felt their loins once again lit on fire. "Hold her arms with one hand. Jerk off with the other."

Supergirl watched in horror as her lover and her best friend became sexually aroused by her predicament. Her blue eyes darted from one woman to the other as they began to rub their pussies and pant in excitement. She began to panic. She tried to free her arms, but with her super-strength gone, her two colleagues held her down easily. She heard the sound of a fly unzipping and lifted her head to look between her legs at her captor. He had, indeed, unbuckled his belt and opened his jeans and let them fall to the floor around his ankles, then pushed his jockey shorts down his legs as well. His large cock jutted out from his mid-section, pointing straight at Supergirl's open, vulnerable pussy.

"No...," Supergirl, her blue eyes wide, pleaded. "No, don't do this to me! You can't! I'm Supergirl!"

"Yeah, I know who you are, you blonde alien bitch," Dr. Z snarled as his right hand pumped his shaft. "As much fun as it's been fucking your two friends here, I gotta confess, you're the one I always wanted to ream. Guess I'm just partial to blondes." He positioned his cock at Supergirl's pussy and began to rub the tip over the lips of her vagina. Supergirl gasped at the sensation. "You ready, Superslut?" Dr. Z asked, his lips twisted into a sadistic combination of a smile and a sneer. Supergirl shook her head. "Too bad!" he shouted. He thrust his hips forward and his cock plunged into Supergirl's pussy, filling her to the hilt.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!!" Supergirl shouted. Thanks to Wonder Woman's cunnilingus, she was well-lubricated, and the penetration didn't hurt--physically. It was mental and emotional anguish that prompted her scream.

In spite of their affection for her, Wonder Woman and Batgirl had no choice but to obey the collar's commands. Thus, seeing their captor penetrate Supergirl excited them further. The two women moaned and began to masturbate with greater vigor.

"Ohhhh yeah...." Dr. Z groaned. "Batgirl...Wonder Woman...you cum when I do. Not 'til then." He pulled his hips back, then thrust forward again.

"UUHHHHH!!!" Supergirl moaned as his huge cock filled her pussy. She could hear her wet vagina making a slurping noise as he withdrew once again. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine--much as Wonder Woman had done a few hours before when Dr. Z had raped her--that it was her lover, wearing the Déviante Strap-on Vibra-Cock™, that was inside her now. "Diana..." she whimpered.

"I'm...right here, lover...Ohhhhhh..." Wonder Woman groaned in response.

"I'm...here too, Kara..." Batgirl breathed as she rubbed her pussy. "You're...not alone...UHHHH..."

Supergirl took comfort from the presence of her two fellow heroines. She felt both their hands slide from her wrists to take hold of her hands. Though they still held her arms firmly, both women tenderly caressed Supergirl's fingers with their own. The Maid of Might squeezed their hands in solidarity. Then Dr. Z thrust into her again.

"OHHHHHH!!!" Supergirl cried. She gripped her colleagues hands more tightly.

"Gonna...FUCK you now, Superslut!" Dr. Z declared, and suddenly accelerated the tempo of his thrusts. "HUH! HUH! HUH! HUH! HUH!" he grunted as he slammed his hips against Supergirl's spread pussy. His hands reached out and cruelly squeezed Supergirl's tender breasts.

"UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" Supergirl panted as her body shook from the impact of each pelvic thrust.

She squeezed her eyes shut but could not shut out the horror of what was happening to her. Dr. Z had not ordered her to get turned on by this, and she suddenly realized this was no oversight on his part. For some reason, he had a special obsession with her, a hatred of her, and wanted her to endure the full horror of her rape without any artificially-induced pleasure. Her pussy's lubricant began to dry up, and the rape gradually became more and more painful. Supergirl grimaced. Still the young villain continued to thrust his huge cock into her. Finally, she could take no more.

"RAO!! PLEASE STOP!! STOP!! IT HURTS!!!" she shouted. Tears streamed from her eyes now and ran down the sides of her face. Her body shook both from the fucking and from her sobs.

Her capitulation seemed to suddenly drive her rapist over the edge. A moment later, he thrust into her one more time, earning a pained cry from the anguished heroine, and then his back arched, his eyes went wide, and he gave a loud, lusty groan.

"OHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH!!!" Dr. Z shouted as he came. "YEAH!! YEAH!! YEAH!! Take THAT, you BITCH!!!" he yelled as he slammed his hips against hers.

Supergirl felt his hot jism spray into her womb and gave one last cry of pain and torment before giving over to heaving sobs. On either side of her, Supergirl's two fellow heroines obeyed Dr. Z's commands. They both came at the sight of the villain climaxing inside the helpless Kryptonian.

"NUUHHHHHHH!!!" Wonder Woman cried, her head tossing back and dark locks swirling around her face as yet another orgasm took her. "HUH! HUH! UUUUUUHHhhh..."

"OH GOD! OH! OH! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Batgirl screamed hoarsely as she, too, climaxed.

At the base of the table, Dr. Z took a deep breath and pulled his cock out of Supergirl. He took a step back from the table and smiled victoriously at the sobbing, defeated superheroine. Suddenly his hands shot up in the air.

"WOO-HOO!!" Dr. Z shouted triumphantly. "Hat Trick!" He pulled up his pants and began to fasten them, chortling the whole time. "See, I've scored three times now, and in hockey, that's called..." He looked up and noticed he three traumatized heroines looked at him blankly. "Ah, never mind. Just injecting a little Canadian content. Well! That was just super, Supergirl! You know, every time you came into S.T.A.R. Labs and expected me to help you, I dreamed of doing that," he declared. "Alien bitch. I'd tell you to go back to where you came from, but then I'd never get to do that again, would I?"

"You never will," Wonder Woman declared, her voice frozen with a chilly anger. She had never known such rage in her life. Wonder Woman wasn't simply a superheroine, she was an Amazon warrior, and this man had visited the worst of indignities upon her lover, who lay, still sobbing, on the padded table. Wonder Woman and Batgirl still held Supergirl's hands tenderly, trying to give their traumatized colleague comfort. "Cliché or not, I swear to Athena that I will have my revenge upon you, and it will be swift and terrible, Douglas Zupan."

The cold, even tone of her voice actually gave Dr. Z pause for a moment. But only for a moment. A less arrogant villain would have wondered if he'd made a terrible mistake, if he'd pushed these women too far. But not Dr. Z. Instead, he laughed and waved his hand dismissively.

"Yeah, right. You keep making those empty threats, Wonder Whore. I..."

The evil genius was interrupted by the electrical chirping of a cell phone. He frowned and pulled his cell from a clasp on his belt. He looked at the caller ID display on the phone, then grunted in recognition.

"Sorry, I gotta take this," he said absent-mindedly. "It's my broker." He flipped the lid of the phone open. "Oh yeah. FREEZE," he ordered, and the three women felt their bodies go rigid.

Dr. Z half-turned from the trio of angry heroines and held the phone to his ear. "Yeah, Tony, hi! Whazzup, man? What the hell are you calling me at this hour for?" Dr. Z paused as he listened to the man on the other end of the phone. "Yeah, I know what time it is in Hong Kong..." Another pause, a longer one. Dr. Z blinked, then his eyes went wide. "What the fuck...?" Another pause. "What do THINK I want to do?!? SELL! Sell the fuckin' shares NOW!!! Yes, ALL of them!!"

Dr. Z began to pace anxiously. The trio of heroines watched him with a growing sense of satisfaction at his obvious consternation.

"I don't CARE, you miserable FUCK!!" Dr. Z shouted into the phone. "You told me that company was ROCK SOLID!!! You find a buyer... No, you call me back in FIVE minutes, not TEN!!! You got that? FIVE MINUTES!!!"

Dr. Z angrily flipped the phone shut. His face had become pale. He put the phone back in its clip; his fingers were trembling. He reached up and wiped sweat from his upper lip.

"Money problems?" Wonder Woman asked coolly, a slight smirk on her face.

Dr. Z's head spun towards her. "SHUT UP, BITCH!!!" he yelled at her. "JESUS!! Here I am, havin' the BEST day of my life, and now it's the WORST!!!"

"Pardon me while I completely fail to give a shit," Batgirl said with a sneer.

"Aw, CHRIST," Dr. Z exclaimed as he glared at the three naked superheroines and saw the contemptuous looks they were giving him. "The last thing I need is to be around you three sluts right now." With that, Dr. Z turned and stormed towards the door. In the doorframe, he stopped and turned back towards them. "None of you can leave this room!!" he commanded, angrily jabbing his index finger towards them. They only glared back at him. He turned on his heel and left.

The three naked superheroines gasped as they felt their bodies relax.

"Thank Hera," Wonder Woman said as she flexed her muscles. "I thought he was going to leave us frozen."

"He implied we could do anything except leave the room," Batgirl explained. "At least, that's how the collars must have interpreted it." She and Wonder Woman both lowered their gaze towards Supergirl, who had not moved.

"Kara?" Diana said softly, caressing Supergirl's soft blonde hair. She saw another tear escape from Kara's eyes. "Oh, my sweet..."

Suddenly, Supergirl sat bolt upright on the table. She pulled her legs from the stirrups and twisted her body a quarter-turn, then pushed herself off the table and onto her feet. She began to breathe heavily; her hands were clenched into fists at her sides. Then she turned and, with a yell, began to pound her fists against the padded table top.


Both Wonder Woman and Batgirl took a step back from this uncharacteristic display of rage. But neither made any attempt to stop it; Supergirl's display reflected their own emotions as well. Finally, Supergirl stopped, and leaned on her arms against the table, panting and red-faced.

"He's going to pay..." Supergirl growled. "I swear by all the moons of Krypton, the slime-bucket is going to fucking PAY!!!"

Wonder Woman took a step forward and gently placed her hands on Supergirl's naked shoulders. Supergirl spun around and stood, glaring at her lover.

"He's going to pay," Supergirl said insistently.

"Yes, my love," Wonder Woman replied. "He will. We'll see to it." She had no idea how to make it happen, but she promised herself that it would.

Wonder Woman lifted her arms and threw the chains that bound them around Supergirl, who stepped forward and pressed her body against the Amazon's. Diana enclosed Kara in her embrace, and felt her lover's arms wrap around her torso. Yet Kara did not cry; nor did her body shake or tremble. Wonder Woman realized that Supergirl had latched onto her anger, and it had given her strength. She lovingly and proudly caressed Supergirl's naked back.

Batgirl stood apart from them, her arms crossed over her naked breasts. She watched the two lovers comforting one another and suddenly felt as though she were intruding on what should be a private moment. She was about to look away when Wonder Woman looked up and caught her eye. A sad smile came to the Amazon's lips. She waved Batgirl towards her.

"Come here, sister," Wonder Woman said softly. "We're in this together."

Supergirl turned her head towards her best friend. "Yeah, Babs, come on. Group hug," she said, her voice barely above a whisper. She reached out to her colleague with one arm.

The redhead didn't need anymore encouragement. She took a few steps forward into the waiting arms of her fellow superheroines. None of them wept. They simply stood, their nude bodies huddled together, for several minutes, each drawing comfort and strength from the other after the ordeal they'd been through. And still had to endure.

Chapter 10: Black and Blonde

Shortly thereafter, the heroines had given in to physical and emotional exhaustion. Wonder Woman and Supergirl had snuggled up on top of one examination table--not the one upon which Supergirl had endured her rape--while Batgirl slept on the other. A few hours later, they stirred awake when they heard the voice of their captor in the hallway.

"...oughtta kill the motherfucking son of a bitch Jesus fucking Christ can't believe this bullshit..." he was muttering as he entered the room. The three naked heroines glared at him, a mixture of equal parts anger and wariness in their eyes. Dr. Z glared back at them and exhaled angrily, his hands on his hips. "You three. Follow me," he ordered, then turned and strode out of the room and back into the hallway.

Silently, obliged to obey by the insidious control collars, the three naked superheroines pushed themselves up off the tables and onto the floor. They walked after their captor into the hallway and down the hall to another doorway, which Dr. Z held open for them in an uncharacteristically gentleman-like gesture.

The room they entered was even more bare than the one they had left. It was about twenty feet square with gray concrete walls, ceiling, and floor. An armless black plastic chair sat in one corner; next to it was a table with several items strewn upon it which the three women couldn't make out in the gloom. A single bare bulb, hanging from the ceiling, provided the only illumination. Next to the light fixture was a thick iron ring, bolted into the concrete ceiling; a smaller iron hook was bolted into the floor directly beneath it. Looped through the ring in the ceiling was a heavy chain, one end of which had two thick leather straps dangling from the links; the other end of the chain had one of its links hooked around thick metal bolt that was inserted deeply into the concrete wall. The three heroines glanced upwards at the chain, quickly ascertained its purpose, and all three suppressed shudders. They started when Dr. Z entered the room and slammed the door shut behind him.

"Eenie, meenie, minie, moe..." he said as he pointed to each of the naked, helpless women in turn. Then the playfulness left his voice. "Ah, fuck it. Superslut, put your wrists into the straps. Batbitch, secure her into them." Wonder Woman opened her mouth to protest. Dr. Z turned and snarled at her, punctuating his words with jabs of his index finger. "Wonder Whore, you say one fuckin' word and I'll leave your girlfriend hanging there on the pain setting for a whole fuckin' hour!"

Supergirl did her best to quell her body's trembling as she raised her arms above her head and placed her wrists inside the loose leather straps. The concrete room felt cold, a sensation the usually-invulnerable Kryptonian was unused to; goose bumps formed on her naked flesh. She glanced up at the bare bulb and deduced that it, too, had been modified to emit the red sun radiation which robbed her of her powers. She felt Batgirl's warm body beside her and took some comfort from it, even as her best friend stood on tip-toes and took hold of the chain. She pulled it down a few inches, then fastened the leather straps around Supergirl's wrists.

Dr. Z walked to the black chair and sat down in it tiredly. "In case you bitches hadn't noticed, I didn't have the greatest night. Two million, POOF!" he said, shaking his head in disbelief. "Fortunately for me, I have you three to serve as a distraction. Unfortunately for you, I'm not in a loving mood."

"As if you ever were," Batgirl muttered under her breath. She finished her work and slowly lowered her hands; they rested on Supergirl's shoulders for a moment, which she gave a reassuring squeeze. Supergirl glanced at her and managed a wan smile when she saw the look of support in the redhead's green eyes. Their brief reverie was disrupted by the sound of a metal rod clattering at Supergirl's booted feet. They glanced down and saw a spreader bar Dr. Z had picked off the table and tossed to them.

"Okay, Batbitch. Fasten that to Superslut's ankles." Batgirl knelt down to accomplish the task. "So nice to see you girls responding to your new names," Dr. Z said, earning him a silent look of rebuke from the three heroines.

The spreader bar consisted of a solid metal pole a yard long and one inch in diameter. At each end was a leather strap, and in the middle of the bar, soldered to it, was a metal ring, also about an inch in diameter. Batgirl placed each leather strap around one of Supergirl's ankles and tightened it securely, spreading Supergirl's shapely legs wide. She then turned to look at Dr. Z, silently and sullenly awaiting further instructions.

"Nice work, Batbitch," he said. "Now put that ring in the middle of the bar over the hook in the floor." Supergirl had to hop to one side awkwardly as Batgirl did as she was told, which effectively secured the spreader bar to the floor. The blonde superheroine's breath came more rapidly as she glanced up at the slack chain that hung from the ceiling and realized what was going to happen next.

"Stand up, Batbitch," Dr. Z ordered. "Now go over to the wall where the chain is fastened. Unhook it. That's it. Now pull it down. I want Superslut pulled taut."

Batgirl pulled the chain down, through the metal ring on the ceiling, tears forming in her green eyes as she watched her friend's naked body stretched tight by her actions. Supergirl groaned as she felt the weight of her body shifting from her feet to her bound arms. Batgirl had no choice but to keep pulling the chain tighter; she grunted with the exertion. Supergirl felt her feet leave the ground, her arms stretched out straight above her head.

"RAO!!" Supergirl moaned. "Ohhhhh..." She squeezed her eyes tight and gritted her teeth, trying to shut out the pain.

"Stop this!" Wonder Woman insisted, blinking away tears. "She's Kryptonian. She isn't used to feeling pain! She can't take this!"

"Oh, don't worry, Wonder Whore," Dr. Z drawled as he watched Supergirl's nubile body being stretched. "I'm gonna make sure she finds out what she's been missing all these years. Tighter, Batbitch!"

A tear ran down Batgirl's cheek as she yanked the chain down another notch. Supergirl cried out in agony. She felt as though her arms and legs would be torn from their sockets if she were stretched any tighter.

"Okay, Batbitch, that looks good," Dr. Z decided. "Hook a link of the chain onto that bolt so it doesn't slip."

"Ohhhhh...Rao...," Supergirl groaned. "W-why are d-doing this to me?" she pitifully asked her tormentor.

"Because I can," he replied. Then he exhaled loudly and decided a longer explanation was in order. "Because you're perfect. You're blonde, blue-eyed, and beautiful--the American fucking dream. And of course you're unattainable. Fuck, you're even a goddamned dyke! You're every girl who ever turned me down and laughed at me with her friends afterwards. Well, you're not laughing now, are you, bitch?"

"P-please...stop this..." Supergirl pleaded.

"Well, I'll stop your pathetic whining, that's for sure," Dr. Z said with a derisive snort. He grabbed a ball-gag off the table and threw it at Batgirl, who instinctively caught it. "Here. Stick that in the whiny blonde's cakehole and fasten it around her head."

Batgirl reluctantly obeyed. She pressed the red rubber ball between Supergirl's trembling lips. The blonde superheroine stared back into her eyes, desperately looking for any source of comfort there. Batgirl eased Supergirl's jaw open and positioned the ball between her teeth. She pulled the black strap back behind Supergirl's head.

"Just bite down on it," Batgirl murmured. "It...might help with the pain." She saw Supergirl nod, and wished she could do something more for her friend. Ripping that bastard's throat out would be a good start, she thought, but the control collar would allow no such thing.

"Okay, Wonder Whore, get over here. On your knees in front of me," Dr. Z commanded. His voice sounded tired and a little bored. He stared down at the Amazon Princess. Her defiant glare stirred up some of the sadistic enthusiasm he'd lost since last night. He smiled maliciously. "You're going to give me a blow job, Princess," he told her.

Wonder Woman's nose wrinkled in disgust. "I will do no such thing!" she replied haughtily, elevating her chin.

"Oh, I think you will," Dr. Z told her with a wicked grin. He reached over to the table of S & M paraphernalia and grabbed a whip--a short, four-foot long one suitable for use indoors, usually referred to as a signal whip. He tossed it at Batgirl; it landed at her feet in loose coils. "Batbitch is going to use that whip on your girlfriend until you make me cum," he told a shocked Wonder Woman.

The Amazon's eyes widened in horror. She gasped and looked over her shoulder at an equally aghast Batgirl and a quivering, bound Supergirl. She turned back to their captor and tormentor.

"NO!!" she cried. "Don't do this to her! I beg you! Please--let me be whipped in her stead!"

"No, Wonder Woman!" Batgirl called from behind her. She looked at Dr. Z. "If it's a blow job you want, I'll give it to you!" she told Dr. Z. "You don't need to hurt anyone!"

"GGGMMMPHH!!" Supergirl moaned around her ball-gag. She shook her head violently as her blue eyes stared pleadingly at their captor to spare them all this horrid indignity.

Dr. Z laughed. "You see? I just knew the three of you would put me in a better mood!" He chortled some more. "This is all very noble and touching, but let me assure you, you'll all be getting turns. Now pick up that whip, Batbitch!"

"No..." Batgirl moaned as she reached down, her naked breasts swaying beneath her chest, and grabbed the handle of the whip. "No, I don't want to do this! She's my friend!"

"Pardon me while I completely fail to give a shit," Dr. Z sneered, tossing back Batgirl's dismissive rejoinder from last night. "Get that whip ready."

Batgirl's red hair whipped about her face as she shook her head and struggled, in vain, to resist the collar's commands. She flicked the whip, uncoiling it and letting it out to its full length. She'd felt the harsh kiss of Catwoman's lash more than once; she had no desire to visit that excruciating pain upon anyone else, especially her on best friend and colleague. Supergirl's eyes went wide as she helplessly watched the vicious, snake-like whip move along the cold concrete floor.

"Don't do this," Wonder Woman said from her kneeling position as she watched the horrific scene unfolding. "I'm begging you. Have mercy!"

"I'd get that mouth busy doing something else besides talking, if you really love the bitch," Dr. Z said coldly and unzipped his fly. He pushed down his pants and underwear, allowing his erect cock to spring free. "Okay, Batgirl, start whipping Supergirl. Start with her back."

"I'm...sorry, Kara!" Batgirl said, her voice cracking as she drew the whip back. Supergirl held her breath, bracing herself for the impact of the whip on her naked, tender flesh. She heard the leather coil slice through the air, then felt it slap against her back.

"MMPPHH!!" Supergirl exclaimed, but more in surprise than in pain. That wasn't so bad, she thought.

"Oh, come on!!" Dr. Z shouted at Batgirl. "Do it for real! Get your back into it! I wanna hear that blonde bitch scream!"

Batgirl grunted as the collar forced her body to obey. She drew the whip back again, this time fully extending her arm, and swung it forward. The leather coil hissed through the air and snapped against Supergirl's naked back with a nasty crack.

"GGGNNNHHHH!!!" Supergirl screamed into her ball-gag. With the exception of the control collar's 'pain' command, she'd never experienced anything so sharply painful. The skin of her back stung where the lash had struck it. The helpless Maid of Might writhed and trembled in her bonds, partly out of anticipation of more pain to come; she knew this was only the beginning. She bit down on the rubber ball gag in her mouth and tried to be strong.

"That was more like it!" Dr. Z told Batgirl. "Keep it going!" He watched avidly as the naked redhead again drew back the whip and swung it forward, her lightly-freckled breasts jiggling as she did so.


"HHHHMMMPPHH!!!" Supergirl cried. She'd told herself to be strong, not to cry out, but Wonder Woman was right; she wasn't used to pain. Years of invulnerability had, unfortunately, given her a very low pain threshold. She could feel a painful welt rising on her back where the lash had struck. Her breath became rapid and shallow. Saliva gathered on her spread lips and began to dribble down her chin.

"Kara!" Wonder Woman whispered in despair as she watched her lover being tortured.

"Hey, Wonder Whore!" Dr. Z barked at her, drawing her attention back to him. He pointed his fingers, like twin pistols, at his huge, erect cock. "Focus, babe! Focus!"

The thought of taking the villain's foul phallus in her mouth made Wonder Woman want to vomit. She stared at it, hesitating just long enough for Batgirl to strike again with the whip.

"NGGMMMMM!!! Hmm, hmm, hmmmmm..." Supergirl began to sob behind her.

That clinched it. Wonder Woman reached out and grabbed the base of the villain's cock with her hand. She then leaned forward, opened her mouth, and closed her luscious lips over his hard, hot shaft.

"Ohhhh yeahhhhh..." Dr. Z moaned as he felt her warm, wet mouth enclose his member.

Wonder Woman licked the tip of his cock with her tongue and fought off her gag reflex. She pulled her head back, then pressed it down again. Behind her, she heard the whip crack again and heard her lover scream her anguish into the ball-gag. Wonder Woman stifled a sob. Still, Wonder Woman hesitated, unable to fathom how she could possibly take all of Dr. Z's formidable tool into her mouth.

The young evil genius solved that problem for her. He reached out and grabbed her raven-black hair close to her scalp and pulled her forward. Then he placed one hand behind her head and pushed her down onto his cock. Wonder Woman's eyes bulged open as she felt the tip of his penis penetrate her throat.

"Take it all, bitch!!" he snarled, and began to pump the Amazon's head up and down on his cock.

"GMMPPH!! GMMPPH!! GMMPPH!!" Wonder Woman moaned around the villain's long, hard shaft as she did her best to suck and lick the cock as the young villain rammed it into her mouth and down her throat. Got to...bring him off fast...for Kara's sake! she thought desperately. She heard the whip sing in the air again, then crack against her beloved's body. She then heard Supergirl's cry of anguish and redoubled her efforts.

"Uhhh...uhhh...uhhh..." Dr. Z grunted as Wonder Woman sucked his cock. He glanced up at the suspended, naked body of Supergirl. "Whip her ass!" he ordered Batgirl.

The whip hissed through the air and Supergirl screamed into her ball-gag as the lash bit into the undamaged flesh of her backside. She drooled uncontrollably now, her saliva dripping from her mouth and chin to mix with the sweat on her heaving chest. In the brief respite between lashes, Supergirl's pain-fogged mind decided this was worse than Kryptonite. At least with green K, she thought, the pain was constant and so intense it blocked out thought. The very nature of the whip, however, was that it gave her time to anticipate the next stinging strike. As if reading her mind, Batgirl swung the leather cord again and Supergirl's thoughts were shattered by the sudden pain that burned her shapely behind. Her pale ass cheeks, marked now with red welts, clenched involuntarily.

Oh Hera...my poor, darling Kara... Wonder Woman thought as her head bobbed up and down on Dr. Z's huge cock. The tip of his prick kept jamming into her windpipe and making it hard for her to breathe. The lack of oxygen began to make her light-headed, but Wonder Woman did her best to bring the villain to orgasm with her mouth and end the torture of her lover. Tears spilled from her closed eyes as she briefly wondered how she could have been brought so low so easily.

"Oh YEAH..." Dr. Z groaned as he felt Wonder Woman suck his cock and watched the naked Batgirl, her breasts bouncing with each swing, whipping the bound and helpless Supergirl. "Now...whip her tits!" he ordered.

"NO!!" Batgirl shouted, but she shifted her body and her aim and prepared to strike at Supergirl's pert, exposed breasts. Supergirl bleated a protest into her ball-gag and turned her head to stare beseechingly at Batgirl. The only effect of her silent plea was to make Batgirl feel even worse than she already did. Once again the whip swung forward, seeking its victim.

"HHHHEEEEEEMMMM!!!" Supergirl squealed into the ball-gag, her eyes clenched shut, as the whip tore at her tender breasts. The tip had cracked against one of her pink nipples, which now stood erect and throbbing at the pale pink peak of her breast.. The helpless, tortured Maid of Might trembled in her bonds. OH RAO...please, just let me pass out... she thought in despair. She tossed her head back and groaned at the agony in her chest.

"OH YEAH!!!" Dr. Z shouted as he saw Supergirl's tits being tortured. "AGAIN!! OH...OH FUCK..."

Wonder Woman began to bob her head faster, sensing the villain was close to the climax that would end this horrific degradation of herself and her two helpless colleagues. Just CUM already, you fucking bastard!! she thought.

The whip slashed through the air and struck at Supergirl's tits again. The girl of steel grunted hoarsely and sprayed saliva out of her mouth, around the ball-gag. Her blue eyes rolled back into her head, but still unconsciousness did not take her. Her long blonde hair felt heavier; she realized it was because it had become soaked with the sweat and blood that covered her naked, ravaged back.

"UHHH...YEAHHH...YEAHHH!!!" Dr. Z exclaimed as he felt his orgasm approaching. He yanked Wonder Woman's head off his cock by pulling her dark hair with his left hand. The Amazon took a deep, rasping breath as his cock left her windpipe free. With his right hand, the evil genius grabbed his saliva-soaked shaft and began to beat off while holding Wonder Woman's head directly in front of his prick.

"UNH...UNH...UNH...HUUUUUNNNNNHHHH!!!" Dr. Z groaned a moment later as he shot his wad. His hot cum splashed onto Wonder Woman's hair and face. He continued to pump his cock, and more of his creamy spunk fell onto her breasts. The Amazon closed her eyes, pressed her lips together, and wrinkled her nose in disgust as she felt his warm jism on her face and body. She suppressed a powerful urge to vomit.

"YYYRRRRRMMMM!!" Supergirl screamed as the whip slashed at her breasts again. Wonder Woman's head spun around at the sound. The sight of her lover, her beautiful, invulnerable Kara, hanging bound, her body covered with welts, blood, sweat, and saliva while it shook helplessly, broke her heart. She turned back to Dr. Z.

"Stop it!" she demanded. "Stop torturing her! I made you cum! Now make it stop!"

"Oh. Was that the deal?" Dr. Z asked mockingly as he grabbed a towel from the table and wiped off his cock. He looked up and watched Batgirl's arm draw back for another strike. "Well, okay. Batgirl, stop." He tossed the towel at Wonder Woman. "Here. Wipe yourself off. You look like a two-dollar whore, and I think any self-respecting two-dollar whore would take that as an insult. 'Cause at least they get paid." He stood up, laughing at his insult, and pulled up his jeans and zip his fly while Wonder Woman wiped his cum from her hair, face, and body.

Supergirl hung in her bondage, her pale, naked body shaking and twitching in pain even though the whipping had stopped.

"Please," Batgirl begged, her lightly-freckled face stained with tears, "let me get her down. We have to tend to her. She could die!"

"So?" Dr. Z replied nonchalantly. He exhaled loudly. "Okay, fine, Batbitch. Get Superslut down and clean her up." The villain snatched the towel from Wonder Woman and tossed it to at Batgirl's naked feet. He stretched his arms above his head. "Ahhh...now I feel better. Not two million dollars better, but better."

Wonder Woman glared up at him with contempt, then frowned--not in anger, but in thought. Suddenly, from the back of her mind, an idea took shape. She looked away from the villain to consider it further without having her facial expression give anything away.

Meanwhile, Batgirl stepped forward and unhooked the chain from where it was fastened around the bolt in the wall. Supergirl whimpered as she felt the chain lowering her to the ground and her weight resting on her spread feet once again. She tried to stay upright, but couldn't. Batgirl saw her friend's weakness and used all her strength to gently lower her to the cold, concrete floor. Supergirl found herself dropping first to her knees, then gradually falling forward as Batgirl let out the chain. She groaned as her tortured breasts scraped against the rough concrete floor. Then Batgirl released the chain and ran over to her friend where she lay, on her front, taking rasping breaths.

"I'm so sorry," Batgirl whispered, new tears running down her face as she dropped to her knees at Supergirl's side. First she removed the spreader bar from Supergirl's legs. Then Batgirl gently lifted Supergirl's limp body into her arms, careful not to touch any of the torn or welted flesh on her torso. She turned Supergirl over so she could see the blonde heroine's face and removed the ball-gag.

"S-s'okay," Supergirl whispered to Batgirl once her lips were free to move again. "N-not your f-fault. N-not s-s-so bad," she said bravely. She even managed a fleeting smile. Batgirl pressed her green eyes shut at the moving sight of her friend's attempt to assuage her own feelings of guilt and helplessness. The redheaded crime-fighter felt in awe of Supergirl; she defined heroism. She felt greater concern for others even as she suffered worse than they. The awe Batgirl felt fled quickly, however, as it was replaced by intense anger.

"You bastard," Batgirl breathed, then turned her head to glare ferociously at their captor and tormentor. "You FUCKING BASTARD!!!" she shouted. "What is your childhood trauma, cumstain? Did your mommy not love you enough or wipe your ass enough? Huh?"

Dr. Z glared back at her. "You better show some fuckin' respect, red, or..."

"Or what, you miserable, pathetic fuck?!?" Batgirl snarled as she tenderly, protectively held Supergirl in her arms. "You'll give the pain command? You'll kill us? Go ahead! Fuck you!"

"BATGIRL!!" Wonder Woman shouted angrily, surprising everyone in the room. "Shut up! Maybe you are prepared to die, but the rest of us are not!"

"He's going to kill us sooner or later, Wonder Woman!" Batgirl shouted back at her. "Aren't you?!?" she demanded, swinging her head back to the young villain.

"Oh, not for a long time, red!" Dr. Z shouted back.

"Batgirl, please! Do not aggravate him!" Wonder Woman pleaded. "I know things look bad...terrible, even, but believe me, things could be worse."

"WHAT?!?" Batgirl exclaimed, her green eyes wide. "How could things possibly be worse?"

"Yeah," Dr. Z asked, puzzled and intrigued, as he turned towards the still-kneeling Wonder Woman. "I was pretty sure I'd thought of everything. But if there's something else I could do..."

"Never mind," Wonder Woman said as a slight shudder shook her naked body. She turned away from him. "I...was speaking rhetorically."

"No you weren't," Dr Z growled. He stepped towards the Amazon, then reached down and grabbed her chin with his hand and forced her to look up into his face. "What were you talking about?"

"Nothing," Wonder Woman answered, her voice barely above a whisper.

"Right," Dr. Z said angrily. He straightened and turned to look over his shoulder at Batgirl. "Get Superslut back in the bondage rig, Batbitch. I'm gonna go get this Kryptonite dildo I've been dying to try out..." Supergirl moaned as Batgirl began to lift her.

"NO!!" Wonder Woman cried out. Dr. Z motioned for Batgirl to stop; the redhead eased her blonde friend back to the ground.

"You got something to say, Wonder Whore?" Dr. Z asked. "What exactly were you thinking of when you said things could be worse for you?"

"I..." Wonder Woman said hesitantly. "I was thinking of our...public reputations."

Dr. Z began to laugh. "You're kidding! Honey, I am going to ruin those! I'm gonna sell pictures and tapes of you bitches on the 'net!" He suddenly stopped laughing and grew serious. "But you knew that. I told you I was gonna do that...so what did you mean by public rep...?"

He paused as Wonder Woman looked at him with a nervous, sideways glance. Then he frowned. He glanced over at Batgirl and Supergirl, and he smiled. He began to laugh. Then he laughed some more, loudly. Finally, he slapped the palm of his hand against his head.

"Shit, some fuckin' genius I am!" Dr. Z said, shaking his head. "Here I've got three of the most powerful women on earth--okay, two most powerful women on earth--under my complete control, and all I've been doing is fucking you! Granted, I think that's understandable, but...I can make you do anything I fucking want!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Batgirl asked anxiously, her green eyes darting from Dr. Z to a chagrined-looking Wonder Woman and back again.

"Grab a fuckin' clue, red! I just did!" Dr. Z replied contemptuously. "You three are gonna make me rich. Here I was, upset about a measly two mill, when you three cunts can get me that and more without breaking a sweat!"

Batgirl's eyes began to go wide as the meaning of his words slowly dawned on her. "No...you wouldn't dare!"

"Oh, I won't have to do anything--that's the beauty of it!" Dr. Z replied with a laugh. "You three sluts are going to do the hard part." He clapped his hands together. "Suit up, ladies. We're gonna rob us some banks!"

Chapter 11: Blonde Rage

Dr. Z led the three superheroines out of the dank cell-like room and back down the hall to one of the other plain white rooms they'd been in earlier. Batgirl and Wonder Woman had to carry the limp, barely-conscious body of Supergirl between them. They reached the room and Dr. Z tossed them their costumes. He ordered them to get dressed.

"As much as I find the idea of you girls robbing a bank in the nude intriguing, I think the damage to your reputations will be much worse if you're in uniform."

"You fiend!" Wonder Woman declared. "You won't get away with this!"

"Oh, shut up, " Batgirl snarled at her before Dr. Z could. "I can't believe you gave him this idea," she muttered as she pulled on her dark gray bodysuit.

"...thought I was the blonde...," Supergirl murmured weakly as she struggled with her red panties.

Batgirl and Wonder Woman finished dressing in their costumes and had to help Supergirl finish getting into hers. The Maid of Might nearly collapsed from pain as they gingerly pulled her blue tunic over her ravaged torso, but managed to remain conscious and upright through sheer willpower alone. When they were all dressed, Wonder Woman turned to Dr. Z.

"My costume is incomplete," she said coldly.

"Oh, yeah," he said with a nod. "Your power belt. Guess I have to remove those manacles too. Well, you're not gonna cause me any trouble with that control collar around your pretty neck, so..."

He took a key chain from his pocket and unlocked the manacles. He removed them from her wrists; Wonder Woman took a deep breath as she felt her mystic strength flow back into her body. Then Dr. Z retrieved her magic belt and lasso and handed them to her. Wonder Woman fastened the belt around her trim waist and sighed with satisfaction as she felt her strength increase yet again. She glanced nervously at Dr. Z.

"Wonder Woman: hop on one leg," he said. The Amazon raised her left leg and began to bounce, her breasts jiggling within her red-and-gold bustier as she did so. "Grope your tits," he ordered, and with a whimper, Wonder Woman grabbed her breasts and began to fondle them as she continued to hop. "Okay, stop," Dr. Z said. "Just checking," he said with a malicious smile. Wonder Woman glared at him.

"Okay, ladies," he said, rubbing his hands together, "let's head up to my van. I think we'll hit Metropolis First National's central branch to begin with. Go for broke our first time out." He turned and headed for the door. The trio of superheroines followed. Batgirl and Wonder Woman motioned to support Supergirl, but the blonde heroine waved them away. She walked unsteadily between them down the hall, following their captor.

Dr. Z led them up through the stairwell and down the hallway towards the building's main floor exit. He opened the door and stepped out into the mid-morning sunlight and the cold winter air. All three heroines followed; they had not been outside for at least a day, so they squinted and shielded their eyes with their hands as they emerged into the winter sunlight. A few feet away was the same plain black van Dr. Z had used to trap and transport Batgirl two nights before. Dr. Z walked towards it, his keys jangling in his hand.

"Okay, supersluts, let's..." Dr. Z began to say.


Dr. Z, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman came to a sudden stop and turned to look at Supergirl. The Maid of Might had collapsed to her knees, screaming in agony, then had fallen forward onto her hands.

"Aw, Christ!" Dr. Z said disgustedly. "What the fuck is wrong with Superwimp now?"

Suddenly, Supergirl's head came up. She glared at the young evil genius with eyes full of rage and hate. She pushed herself to her feet and straightened her posture. Then she reached up with her right hand and ripped the metal control collar from her neck. It sparked and fizzed impotently as she tossed it aside.

"Oh shit," Dr. Z mumbled, his eyes going wide.

Dr. Z shifted his glance to Wonder Woman, but before he could give her a command, Supergirl sprang into action. She launched herself at the villain and slammed into his body. Dr. Z flew backwards through the air and smacked against the side of his van. His body crumpled and fell to the asphalt like a broken doll. Supergirl took an angry stride towards him, but found Wonder Woman blocking her path.

"No, Kara!" Wonder Woman said. "You took a vow to never kill. I won't have you break it, not for this...insect!"

"He has to pay!" Supergirl shouted, her blue eyes mad with rage. Only her affection for Wonder Woman kept her from swatting the Amazon aside. "For what he did to me! To you! To Barbara!"

"He will!" Wonder Woman replied, her hands held up in front of her. "Believe me, he will, Kara! I've had nearly two days to think about this...about my revenge, our revenge," she said, looking at Supergirl, then Batgirl.

As Supergirl took a deep breath and seemed to calm down a little, the Dark Night Demoiselle stepped forward. "Uh, I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything," she said uncertainly, "but what the hell just happened here?"

Wonder Woman kept her eyes on Supergirl for a moment to confirm that her lover would not perform any rash actions. Then she turned to Batgirl.

"Yellow sun radiation," Wonder Woman explained, nodding her head upwards at the mid-day February sun. "It doesn't just give Kryptonians their invulnerability; it also gives them recuperative powers. I knew that if I could trick Dr. Z into getting us out of that building--say by tempting him to use us to commit crimes for him--that the sun would heal Kara's wounds..."

"...and make her body reject the control collar," Batgirl concluded, nodding. "But why didn't genius-boy think of that?"

Wonder Woman shrugged. "Perhaps he didn't know about it; most people don't, since it's so unusual for Superman or Supergirl to be injured in the first place. Or maybe he did know and forgot, or maybe he thought his precious control collar wouldn't be affected. That wouldn't surprise me," Wonder Woman said as she turned to look down on their unconscious opponent. She curled her hands into fists and placed them on her hips, her arms akimbo. "That is the downfall of so many of these so-called super-villains: their arrogance."

Batgirl turned to glance at the still-fuming Supergirl. "Does she talk like this at home?" the redhead muttered, then smiled teasingly.

Supergirl glared at her for a moment, then glanced at Wonder Woman. She then looked back to Batgirl, rolled her eyes, and smiled back.

"I saw that!" Wonder Woman said, turning and pointing at Supergirl. The two other heroines glanced at one another and stifled laughter. This is a good sign, Wonder Woman thought. They're going to be all right...

"So, what do we do about this piece of shit?" Batgirl asked, her arms crossed over her breasts and her green eyes narrowing as she stared at the unconscious Dr. Z. Supergirl turned to look expectantly at Wonder Woman.

"First," the Amazon said, "we bind and gag him. Second, we have to get these collars off. Then, here's what we'll do..."

Epilogue 1

JLA Headquarters, two days later

"...well, I think that completes the agenda," Green Lantern, who was chairing the meeting, declared. "Unless there's any other business...?"

"There's one more thing we need to discuss," Superman intoned. He was looking straight at Wonder Woman, as he had throughout the entire meeting. "What happened to this...'Dr. Zee'?"

"Dr. Zed, Kal," Wonder Woman corrected him while suppressing a smirk. "He's Canad..."

"Whatever," Superman replied coldly, uncharacteristically interrupting her. "What did you do with him, Diana?"

"I told you that you do not need to concern yourself with that," Wonder Woman responded calmly, but regally. "He is alive and in custody. He has been sentenced according to the centuries-old code of Amazonian justice. That is all you need to know." She'd been hoping to avoid this confrontation with Clark, but had to acknowledge that it was inevitable.

"Not good enough!" Superman declared angrily. The other JLA members present started in their seats--all except the Batman, of course. But even he was not anxious to see the Kryptonian riled up. "We're the Justice League of America, Wonder Woman! I don't care what sort of 'justice' you practice back home. We have laws, and we must abide by them, those of us in this room most of all! We can't be judge, jury, and..."

"He hurt Kara." Wonder Woman interrupted. Her tone was quiet and solemn. The meeting room went silent.

"What did you say?" Superman asked in a whisper a moment later as his eyes widened.

"You heard me," Wonder Woman responded. Her face was expressionless. She held Superman's gaze evenly.

"What do you mean?" Superman asked, his face softening with concern. "Hurt her how?"

"Do you really want me to go into detail, Clark? Even in front of our most trusted colleagues and allies?" The other members, fathoming her meaning, shifted uncomfortably in their seats. Except, once again, for the Batman, who remained silent and seemingly aloof.

Superman glanced around at the other heroes, then down at the table as he, too, realized what had happened to his cousin. He coughed. "Uh, no. I, uh...never mind." He glanced desperately at Green Lantern.

"Meeting adjourned," the ring-bearing hero declared in a relieved voice.

As the group of superheroes left, many paused to quietly ask Wonder Woman to pass along their best wishes to Supergirl, and to promise that no mention of what had happened would leave the JLA. Finally, only Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman--who had monitor duty--remained.

"Diana," Superman said quietly while the Batman busied himself with the A/V monitors several feet away. "How...how is she?"

"She's holding up very well, considering what she's been through. As am I," Wonder Woman answered coolly. She saw Superman's eyes widen with shock as the meaning of her words registered.

She and Superman's normally cordial friendship had been strained ever since he'd found out about the romantic relationship she had with his cousin. Still, Wonder Woman saw that her words had shaken her fellow hero and friend. She wanted to reassure him.

"We'll be all right, Clark," she said in a friendly, soothing tone. "She's a strong woman. Stronger than I think you know."

Superman nodded. Then a gentle smile tugged at the corner of his lips. "And she has you," he said, and placed a gently, friendly hand on her shoulder. Diana's eyebrows raised in pleased surprise. "I'll check in on her tomorrow. Take care of her, Diana." Superman leaned down and gently pecked Wonder Woman on the cheek. Then he turned, and in a flash of blue and red, was gone.

Wonder Woman smiled and stared after Superman for a moment. Suddenly, the smile vanished from her face. She didn't hear him, but she felt the cold presence of the Batman right behind her. She turned around and faced him.

"Bruce," she said.

"Diana," he answered, his voice low and cold as ice. He paused a moment. She waited. "I know what happened. All of it."

"Barbara told you?" Wonder Woman asked neutrally.

The Batman nodded his dark, cowled head. "I insisted. She's..." Wonder Woman suppressed her surprise; she could have sworn she heard a note of actual emotion in his voice. Then he re-established his famous control, and it was gone. "She's very strong as well."

"I know. I know she means a lot to you, Bruce...she's like a younger sister, or a daughter..."

"I don't have a problem with whatever you did with Dr. Z," the Batman went on as though she hadn't spoken. "You know I've always been more interested in justice than in how the law interprets it. But I'd still like to know what you did with him."

Wonder Woman stood before the Batman, staring steadily back into his eyes--well, into those opaque eye-slits in his cowl, to be accurate. Gradually, slowly, a malevolent, closed-mouth smile came to her ruby-red lips.

"No, Bruce," she said, her voice rivaling his for coldness, "you really don't."

With that, she turned and walked away. Though he would never admit it to anyone, the Batman had felt a very slight shudder run the length of his spine when she'd answered him. He watched her walk away, her muscles flexing inside her star-spangled costume bottom. She's a fine-looking woman, the Batman thought. Then his brows rose behind his cowl; he was mildly surprised to realize that he'd never thought of her that way before.

Epilogue 2

New York, New York

After leaving JLA HQ, Wonder Woman had changed into less attention-grabbing civilian garb--a burgundy blouse and black Armani pant suit--and made her way back to her New York apartment. She was looking forward to a quiet evening with Kara; perhaps a long soak in the tub--maybe together, she thought with a smile. She entered her apartment, closed the door behind her, and walked into her living room. She was only mildly surprised to see Barbara Gordon seated on the chaise lounge, with Kara seated on the couch opposite from her. Barbara had on a lovely though demure forest green dress--it complimented her fair complexion and red hair, and brought out her green eyes. Kara, casual as ever, wore a plain white t-shirt and blue jeans.

"Hello, Di," Kara said evenly as Diana entered the room. "Come and join us."

The Amazon sat on the couch next to Kara. She couldn't help but notice Barbara's green eyes flicking nervously between the two superheroines.

"We were just talking about you," Kara said in a neutral tone.

"I told her what happened," Barbara blurted out, her voice apologetic. "What really happened. Between us. In that room. I didn't mean to, I just came here to talk to Kara about...about what happened to us, and it...it just kind of slipped out." Her eyes dropped to the coffee table in front of her. "I'm sorry." She looked back up at the Amazon and the Kryptonian seated opposite from her. "I don't want to cause any problems between you two. But I'm afraid that I will. Or that I have. I'm sorry." She suddenly rose to her feet. "I should go..."

"No," Kara said calmly. "Sit down." Barbara hesitated a moment, staring at Kara, then she obeyed. "This involves all of us, Babs." Kara turned to look at Diana, who sat silently beside her. "Diana, I'm okay with this, really. I know," she said abashedly, looking upwards and holding her hands in front of her, "I was upset at first. But you and Babs were in a desperate situation. You thought it was the only means of escape from that horrid man. And...after what he'd done to you, you needed some comfort." Diana turned and opened her mouth to speak, but Kara held up her hand and held her silent. "And after what I went through, I can tell you that if I'd been in your shoes at the time, I would have done the same thing." She watched Diana release the breath she'd been holding.

"So...we're okay?" Diana asked, unable to keep a slight tremor of emotion from her voice.

Kara threw her arms around Diana and kissed her full on the lips. "We're better than okay, my love," she said with a soft smile. "Listen," she said a moment later as she nestled her body back onto the couch beside Diana's, "Barbara told me something else. Something's been bothering her, and it's kinda related. Babs?" she said, turning to the redhead.

"Oh, uh, I don't know, Kara," Barbara said with a nervous smile. "I don't want to bother Wond...I mean, Diana with my problems..."

"Nonsense!" Diana exclaimed. "We're colleagues, and sisters, and, I hope, friends. We've been through a terrible ordeal together. The best thing we can do is to talk to each other. It's what Kara and I have been doing, and it's helped," she said, placing her hand over Kara's and giving the blonde a tender look, which she returned. Then the lovers turned their eyes back to their friend.

"Well..." Barbara said hesitantly as she leaned forward in her chair, "it's just that...before you and I... you know, did it, I'd never even thought about...um...being intimate with another woman. But since we escaped from...well, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it!" She shook her head and her voice became very quiet. "I don't know, maybe it's because everything else that happened there was so terrible, and that was the one bright spot...like Kara said, I needed comfort, and you were there." Barbara's voice was barely audible. She gave Diana a vulnerable look that made Diana's heart suddenly ache for her. "Or maybe I just have this revulsion towards men right now...because of him. The thing is, I've been heterosexual all my life--or so I thought. And then this happened, and now I think I'm..."

"Confused?" Diana suggested, her lips curled into a gentle grin.

"Yeah," Barbara said with a nod. "I just thought talking to you two...I mean, when did you know? How did you know? That you were gay, or bi, or..." her voice trailed off.

Wonder Woman shrugged. "I don't know if anything I could say would help you, Barbara. I grew up on an island populated only by women. Lesbian sex was considered normal. When I came to Patriarch's World, I found men interesting, but I still don't understand this predilection you have for dedicating yourself to relationships with only one of the two genders."

Kara nodded. "Argo City was similar. Krypton was much further developed that way than Earth--you love who you love was our philosophy. We don't even make distinctions between hetero- and homosexual relationships. Well, Kal does, but come on, he grew up in Kansas..."

The three women laughed softly.

"This probably isn't helping, is it?" Diana said.

"Not really," Barbara said, gently shaking her long, wavy red locks and staring at the coffee table's surface again. "I grew up in this culture, and I've got to live in it. It just...it makes me wonder if I know who I am anymore, you know? I mean, I wear a mask for several hours a day. Is it the only one I've got on?"

After a moment of silence, Kara spoke. "Hey, Babs, don't take this the wrong way, but um...do you think...if you did it again...with a woman...that it might help you figure this out?"

Barbara's head lifted slowly. She stared into Kara's blue eyes for a moment. "Are you suggesting," she asked, "or are you offering?"

"Um..." Kara said as she glanced at Diana. She saw no reproach in her lover's eyes, only an expectant look. "I guess both," the Kryptonian said with a smile and a soft laugh.

"And if doing it with one woman doesn't clear things up," Diana said, "doing it with two should definitely do the trick!"

The three women laughed, a little nervously, but earnestly. They'd all been so tense since the ordeal. All three realized the need for comfort was still there.

"I...don't want to come between you," Barbara said, glancing at her two friends.

"Been there, done that, didn't happen," Kara said brightly.

Diana smiled and nodded. "It's up to you, Barbara. If you say no, we understand. But if you say yes..."

"Yes," Barbara said suddenly, then a wide smile of surprise came to her lips. "Oh my God..." she muttered. Diana and Kara stared at her, smiling gently, in silence for a moment. "What, uh..." Barbara said softly, "...what should I..."

Suddenly, as one, Kara and Diana rose from the sofa. Each walked around an opposite end of the coffee table, and each woman reached down and gently took hold of one of Barbara's hands. They lifted her from the chair. For a moment, Barbara realized these two powerful women could toss her across the room, but the thought fled from her mind immediately. She knew she could trust these women with her life; indeed, she had. Their hands were warm and kind, soft but strong. Barbara squeezed their fingers and looked from one woman to the other, her heart pounding in her chest, her throat going dry.

Kara's fingertips touched her cheek and turned her head towards hers. The blonde leaned forward and brushed her lips against Barbara's. The redhead gasped. She felt Diana's hand softly caressing her long red hair. She stared into Kara's blue eyes for a moment, unable to move.

"I..." Barbara said, her eyes filling with tears, "I hurt you, Kara. He made me hurt you..."

"Shhh..." Kara shushed her. "That wasn't you, Babs. But afterwards, when you held me in your arms so gently, when you took such care to make sure you didn't touch any place where I hurt...that was you, Babs. That was my Batgirl."

Barbara blinked away her tears then leaned forward and pressed her lips to Kara's. The two women kissed softly, tenderly sliding their lips together. Batgirl had worked off and on with Supergirl for years without ever thinking of her in a sexual way. Now here she was, about to make love to her! Barbara suddenly wondered if her bisexual friend and colleague had ever thought of her that way before. She broke the kiss as a thought entered her head and she started to laugh.

"What?" Kara asked her, smiling. "What's so funny?"

"Did you ever use your x-ray vision on me?" Barbara asked. "You know, to peek under my costume?"

Behind her, Diana giggled. Barbara had never imagined that Wonder Woman ever giggled, but there she was, doing exactly that. Kara, meanwhile, stared at her in mock outrage.

"Barbara Gordon!" she said admonishingly, "How could you even suggest such a thing? That would be most..." her blue eyes dropped to stare at Barbara's breasts, "...unethical...mmmm...nice..." Her head sprang up. "I'm sorry, what were you saying?"

Barbara's mouth opened in amused shock while Diana and Kara laughed. "You little minx!" Barbara exclaimed. "Have you ever done that to anyone else?"

"Only one other," Kara said, her voice taking on a husky tone as she glanced past Barbara at Diana. Barbara turned to look at her as well. She had trouble thinking of her as just Diana. Even without the tiara and patriotic bustier, she was still Wonder Woman. The blue eyes, the raven-black hair, the porcelain skin, the high patrician cheekbones--and that incredible body, evident even beneath that demure pant suit--made her one of the most beautiful women on Earth, if not the most beautiful.

"I...haven't been able to stop thinking about you, about...what we did," Barbara said. She then glanced back at Kara, concerned that what she'd said had hurt her friend.

"It's okay," Kara said with a dismissive smirk, "she has that effect on people." The three women smiled.

Barbara felt Diana's fingertips on her cheek, gently turning her head back to face her. Barbara's breath caught in her throat when she saw the ardent desire in the Amazon's blue eyes.

"Kiss me, my Batgirl, my warrior..." Diana whispered, her eyes heavy-lidded, her lips parted ever-so-slightly.

Barbara could not resist the hushed siren call, the soft royal command. She closed her eyes and pressed her lips to Diana's. The memory of their first, forced love-making session flared up in their memories, then disappeared. This was truly their first time, they realized, because they had chosen it. But their bodies remembered one another. Diana's breasts brushed against Barbara's arm. The Amazon had hold of Barbara's hand; she pulled it around her waist and pressed it against her behind. Her other hand dropped from Barbara's face, caressing her neck on its way down to her chest. She pressed her palm against Barbara's breast, earning a pleased whimper from the redhead for her efforts.

Barbara broke the kiss and opened her eyes, staring into the Amazon's. "Hello, Diana," she said with a smile.

"Hello, Babs," Diana whispered back, then leaned forward to kiss Barbara again. Her hand gently squeezed the redhead's yielding breast.

Kara leaned her head forward and began to plant a series of kisses on Barbara's neck. She reached up with her free hand and caressed the hand Diana had laid atop Barbara's soft globe. Then Kara slid her hand over and gently fondled Barbara's other breast. In response, Barbara broke the kiss with Diana and turned to face Kara. Her breathing was becoming rapid now, making her chest heave and her breasts move under the other two women's hands. Kara lifted her head from Barbara's neck and gazed into her heavy-lidded green eyes.

"For all the times you saved my life," Kara whispered, and kissed Barbara softly.

"For all the times you saved mine," Barbara murmured, then kissed Kara passionately. Barbara withdrew her hand from Kara's. She wrapped her arm around the blonde's back and squeezed her tight, pressing her warm body against her side. Kara's legs parted and each stood on either side of Barbara's leg. The Kryptonian began to slowly rock her crotch against the side of Barbara's thigh, her breathing accelerating.

Diana released Barbara's breast and began to undo the buttons that ran down the front of the redhead's dress. When she'd undone them to where they ended above Barbara's flat tummy, she could resist no longer. She reached inside Barbara's dress and pressed her fingers into her breast again, this time with nothing but the soft satin of Barbara's bra between them. Diana could feel the hard bud of Barbara's nipple beneath the fabric. She gave the tender nub a teasing pinch. Barbara squealed and giggled into Kara's mouth.

Barbara broke Kara's kiss. Diana and Kara caught one another's eyes and leaned their heads in front of Barbara. They hungrily kissed, their lips sliding and smacking passionately, their tongues darting teasingly. They broke the kiss off suddenly; a thin strand of saliva strung between them for a moment before it broke.

All three women exchanged hot, expectant glances. They were panting, their chests heaving; Their white skin glowed with perspiration. All three could feel the moist arousal between their legs, could feel the warm wetness that stained their panties and signified their readiness for sex.

"We should probably, um..." Barbara began to say.

"...go to the bedroom," Diana finished. Kara nodded eagerly.

The three women broke their intimate embrace and strode to the bedroom; it was all they could do to keep themselves from running there. Once they entered it, they stopped and looked at each other expectantly. The next few moments were spent undoing buttons, unzipping zippers, and softly sliding and pulling fabric from soft white skin. Each garment was removed slowly and gently, and tender caresses, soft kisses, and playful squeezes were mingled in with the disrobing.

Before long, all three women were down to their underwear. Diana, in her black lace bra and panties, reached behind Barbara's back to undo the clasp of her pale pink bra. Kara, meanwhile, slid Barbara's matching pink panties down her shapely legs, revealing her auburn muff. Barbara took a trembling breath as the two most powerful women on earth removed the last of her clothing. She'd been naked before both of them recently, but not by choice. This was an altogether different experience. She swallowed hard.

"Oh my God..." she murmured. Her naked body trembled slightly as the blonde and the brunette caressed it.

"Do you want to stop?" Kara asked gently, without any reproach in her voice. In response, Barbara took a deep breath and shook her head.

"She isn't afraid," Diana said, smiling softly. "She isn't afraid of anything. Are you, Batgirl?"

Barbara turned to her and smiled nervously. "This might sound a little weird, but, um, I am." She laughed briefly. "I wasn't then, but I am now. I don't know why..."

"Shhh," Diana said, pressing one finger to Barbara's lips and leaving it there. "You're safe. No harm can come to you. Not in our arms. Remember that."

Barbara released her breath, then opened her lips; she wrapped them around the finger Diana had placed against them. She closed her eyes and began to slowly suck and lick the digit. Diana took Barbara's hand and lifted it to her chest. She pressed Barbara's fingers between her breasts, into the deep valley of cleavage between them. Barbara felt the front clasp of Diana's black lacy bra; deftly, she released it. She peeled back the cups of the bra and opened her eyes to feast upon the magnificent sight of Wonder Woman's naked breasts.

Barbara pulled Diana's finger from her mouth; she wanted to suck on something else now. She bent down and fastened her mouth to the copper-colored peak of Diana's left breast. Barbara swirled her tongue around Diana's nipple, making it erect. She playfully nibbled the tender bud, eliciting a delighted gasp from the Amazon. Kara, meanwhile, had peeled off her own bra and panties, revealing her perky breasts and pale pink areola and nipples, as well as her tiny thatch of blonde pubic hair. Diana opened her eyes and smiled lustily at the sight of her naked lover's nubile body. Kara leaned forward, her head above where Barbara still suckled at Diana's teat, and kissed her raven-haired lover deeply. Their tongues found one another and swirled around their mouths in a hot, wet, erotic dance. Kara reached down and squeezed Barbara's shapely rump, making the redhead moan.

Kara and Barbara straightened. Barbara pushed Diana's black bra straps over her shoulders and arms, while Kara knelt down to pull off Diana's black lace panties; both undergarments fell softly to the carpeted floor. Now completely naked, the three women turned and climbed onto the canopied king-size bed. Kara and Diana gently pushed Barbara back against the pillows and coverlet.

"Just lay back and leave the flying to us," Kara said with a wicked smile. She felt a thrill when she saw Barbara's smile of eager delight. The redhead tossed her arms above her head and spread her legs, exposing her warm, wet pussy. Kara slid her body down; her blonde head hovered above Barbara's fragrant delta of Venus. She glanced at Diana. "It's my turn," Kara said. "I want to taste her like you did." Diana smiled and nodded.

Kara lowered her head and opened her mouth. She closed her lips over Barbara's vagina. She licked upwards along the redhead's pussy lips, finishing by swirling her tongue around Barbara's engorged clitoris. The naked redhead bucked in response, gasping and arching her back at the intense pleasure Supergirl visited upon her loins. Then she felt Diana's hands fondling her breasts, gently pinching her nipples while Kara lapped at her pussy. Barbara opened her eyes and watched rapturously as Diana's head lowered to hers. Their lips met, then opened. Diana's tongue darted tentatively into Barbara's mouth. The redhead gave a little squeal of pleasure and returned the favor. Soon their tongues were dancing and swirling a wet, warm tango with one another.

Diana broke the kiss and plunged her head down upon Barbara's high, firm breast. The Amazon took turns with each of the redhead's lightly freckled mammaries, caressing and fondling one while sucking and licking the other. Batgirl lay back and closed her eyes. Her cunt was sodden now as a result of Kara's enthusiastic cunnilingus. Her heart pounded in her chest, and she began to breathe rapidly. A series of ecstatic moans escaped her pursed lips. Her whole body quaked as she felt the first tremor of a massive orgasm building within her.

Kara felt Barbara's body shudder and decided to kick things up a notch. She increased the tempo at which she licked Barbara's pussy and clit. She used her super-speed to make her tongue move just a little faster than any normal human's could. It always sent Diana into orbit; the effect on Barbara was just as electric.

"OH GOD!!!" the redheaded beauty screamed hoarsely, her back arching and pressing her breasts against Diana's hand and mouth. "KARA!! OH GOD!! I'M CUMMING...I'M CUMMING...I'M...OHHHHHHHH!!!!" Her body bucked on the bed as she climaxed. Her pussy discharged love honey onto Kara's face. "OH GOD!! OH GOD!! KARA!! HuuuuuuuuHHHHHH!!!" Finally, the last wave of orgasm passed through her body, and she collapsed, sweating and panting, onto the bed. "OHHHhhhh..."

Barbara lay there for several moments, lost in afterglow and gulping air. Her green eyes flickered open; she saw Diana and Kara kneeling on either side of her, leaning across her body and kissing passionately. She smiled.

"Okay, you two. Your turn," she said. The blonde and brunette looked down at her a little quizzically. Barbara motioned for them to raise themselves up off their haunches and to spread their legs. She reached out with each hand and cupped their hot, wet mounds. Diana gasped; Kara sighed. Barbara began to rub their clits, faster and faster, making each woman squeal, moan, gasp, and whimper in escalating delight.

"OH...OH...BABS...YEAH..." Kara exclaimed as she felt her own climax approaching. She reached up and cupped her breasts, then began to fondle them. She clenched her teeth and inhaled sharply, her blue eyes open and staring rapturously into Barbara's.

"OH! HERA...HELP ME..." Diana cried. She fell forward, holding herself up on one arm which she placed beside Barbara's head. One of her large breasts hung directly over the redhead's mouth. Barbara eagerly pressed her lips upward and caught the copper-colored nipple with them, making Diana gasp. Her blue eyes flew open. She lowered her torso some more, allowing Barbara to lick and suckle even more of the massive mammary.

"Oh Rao I'm cumming I'm cumming I'm cumming I'm....OHHHHHHH!!!" Supergirl screamed as her head fell back and her eyes and mouth went wide. "YES!! YES!! YES!!" she cried as she rocked her hips against Barbara's hand with each explosive contraction. Her hands clawed at her breasts. Her head fell forward, her blonde locks flying, as she rode down the wave of her orgasm.

The sound of her lover climaxing set off Diana as well. "OH APHRODITE..." she prayed as she felt her loins tense, "...PRESERVE ME...HUUUUUNNNHHHH!!!" As she came, her back arched. Her breasts pressed against Barbara's face, nearly smothering her. "UNHH!! UNHH!! UNHH!! Uuuuunnnhhhh..." She fell over onto her side, her hand coming to rest on Barbara's breasts, her face next to the redhead's. Barbara could feel her breath, heavy with satiated passion, on her naked shoulder.

Supergirl's orgasm came to a trembling stop as the Girl of Steel also collapsed, first back onto her haunches, then forward to join Diana and Barbara. She placed her hand on Barbara's breast and slid her leg over Barbara's thigh. The redhead placed her arms around the shoulders of her two colleagues and friends. The three women lay together, panting and thoroughly sated, for several minutes. They lazily ran their fingertips over one another's bodies, occasionally cooing with satisfied pleasure.

Eventually, Diana propped up her head with one arm and gazed sleepily at Barbara. "Well," she said huskily, "did that help?"

Barbara and Kara laughed. "In more ways than one," Barbara said with a satisfied smile.

Kara looked at her tenderly. "So...what's the verdict?"

"I...liked it," Barbara said. "I think that was obvious!" Then her face became more serious. "But...it felt like...there was something missing. Not that you two weren't wonderful..."

"S'okay," Kara said, placing her index finger softly upon Barbara's lips. "You had to know."

"Any regrets?" Diana asked her.

"None," Barbara said with a gentle shake of her head and a slight smile.

Diana leaned down and kissed her softly; as she raised her head, Kara followed suit and pressed her lips softly against Barbara's. The three superheroines settled back onto the bed and into silence once again. All three women began to muse on the strange events that had brought them to this point.

"Well," Barbara said after a few moments had passed, a wicked smile coming to her lips, "I wonder what Dr. Z is doing right now?"

The other two heroines glanced at her in surprise, then saw her nasty grin. A moment later, they were all smiling. Then they began to laugh. Their laughter grew until in echoed off the walls, until the room reverberated with laughter. Not happy laughter, not amused laughter, but the harsh laughter of satisfied vengeance.

It was a sound that would have chilled the heart of even the most hardened super-villain.

Epilogue 3

The Southern Slope of Mount Olympus, Greece

The sun shone on the Mediterranean mountainside and felt unnaturally warm, considering the time of year. Not that anyone was complaining. Shapely nymphs in translucent, diaphanous robes ran giggling through the olive and cypress trees at the edge of a meadow, chased by laughing satyrs. The hairy goat-men, with their short horns and cloven hooves, ran eagerly after the teasing nymphs, their huge erections wagging up and down as they gave chase. In the sun-lit meadow itself, more nymphs and satyrs, dining on wine, grapes, and cheeses, watched the spectacle and laughed.

Presiding over the merriment was the god known as Bacchus to the Greeks, Dionysus to the Romans, and the god of wine and revelry to both ancient cultures. Bacchus reclined on an opulently padded daybed in the middle of the meadow, surrounded by the languid nymphs and the equally indolent satyrs doing their best to sweet-talk them. The pot-bellied god sipped wine from a golden chalice and cast an amused eyed over the festivities. Every now and then he belched.

"I really should be getting back to work."

Bacchus frowned and turned to fire an annoyed glare at his guest. Hephaestus, known as Vulcan to the Romans, was on another daybed next to the god of wine's, not reclining, but sitting ramrod straight, a morose look on his weathered face. He was the god of the forge, and as far as anyone had ever known, was the only god of the ancient pantheon who ever did anything useful--a characteristic for which he was ridiculed by the other gods. In spite of this, he and Bacchus had formed a most unlikely but lasting friendship.

"Work, work, work!" Bacchus barked with a dismissive wave of his hand. "That's all you ever do! You just got here! What have I been telling you for centuries? Eh? All work and no play makes Hephaestus a dull superior being! Why do you think Aphrodite left you?"

"Can we not talk about that?" Hephaestus said sourly. Talking about his wayward wife, the goddess of love, never improved his mood. Not after she'd left him for that brute Ares...

"Oh, I'm sorry, but it had to be said!" Bacchus replied impatiently. "You know what you need? Some more wine. More wine!" Bacchus shouted over his shoulder. "Where is that useless boy? More wine, I say!"

"Coming, master!" a voice cried from across the meadow.

The party of nymphs, satyrs, and two gods turned to cast amused glances at the ridiculous figure approaching them through the mountain grasses. He wore the same see-through gown and daisy-chain wreath in his hair as the nymphs did, but he was clearly no nymph. He was no god or demi-god or enchanted being either; he was a mere mortal and, though he'd only been there two days, had turned out to be a figure of great fun.

Dr. Douglas Zupan, former child prodigy, holder of several university degrees, erstwhile scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs, and would-be super-villain known as Dr. Z (pronounced Zed), ran towards the god Bacchus, his new master. He tried his best not to spill any wine out of the large purple jug he carried; few things earned Bacchus' ire as much as spilled, wasted wine. He also tried his best to ignore how the see-through dress he wore was so short it left the lower quarter of his ass cheeks and dick exposed.

"Hey, Ajax!" one satyr called to another, "it's your girlfriend!" The assembled party laughed; Dr. Z gritted his teeth. Bacchus took great delight in nicknaming the satyrs after ancient Greek heroes; it was one of many of his little jokes. The pathetic new slave was rapidly becoming another.

"I'm sorry I took so long, master," he said, desperately suppressing his hostility. "I was delayed..."

"I really don't care, boy!" Bacchus interrupted him and lifted his chalice. "I just want my damn wine!"

"How do you like the collar, mortal?" Hephaestus asked pointedly.

Dr. Z stared, eyes wide, at the god of the forge. "It's fine," he muttered after a moment.

"Oh!" Bacchus exclaimed, examining the thin gold choker around Dr. Z's neck. "That is your work, isn't it? Very nice!" He knew Hephaestus loved to be flattered about his creations.

"Bah! It's nothing," the god of the forge said with a dismissive wave of his hand. Bacchus smiled and silently counted to three. "It's the same type of magic gold used in Diana's lariat," Hephaestus explained, as Bacchus knew he would. "Unbreakable. And it's enchanted as well. If your new slave sets one foot off Mount Olympus...GGHHKK!!" the god concluded, holding one hand around his throat, sticking his tongue out, and making a horrid choking noise. He laughed gruffly at his own gruesome description.

"You're so inventive, Hephaestus!" Bacchus said. Again, the god of the forge waved his hand dismissively, but the god of wine could see he was pleased with the flattery. Bacchus turned to look at Dr. Z, who was glaring at the god whose handiwork had imprisoned him here. "What are you waiting for, boy? Pour the wine!"

"Uh, yes, of course," Dr. Z said, and tipped the jug's lip over Bacchus' chalice. Behind him, the satyr named Ajax grinned mischievously at his fellow revellers, then reached over and pinched Dr. Z's ass. "HEY!" the evil genius shouted, and jolted away from the assault.

The jug tipped; wine splashed from it and fell onto the reclining god's clean white toga. Bacchus looked down at the wet purple stain on his garment, then sighed and glared at Dr. Z. The would-be super-villain turned and looked down at the wine stain; his face went whiter than the toga he'd ruined.

"It...it...it wasn't me! I didn't..." Dr. Z leaned down to wipe the wine from the god's toga.

"Don't touch me," Bacchus said archly, wrinkling his nose at the thought of physical contact with this particular mortal.

"Are ya gonna punish him, boss?" a satyr named Achilles asked, an enthusiastic grin on his face.

"Yeah!" Ajax exclaimed, jumping to his cloven feet, his pot belly jiggling. "I mean, come on, he wasted wine and ruined your toga! Double demerits, right?"

"Well..." Bacchus said, raising his eyes in mock consideration while Dr. Z broke out in a cold sweat.

"Please...it won't happen again...I'm sorry!" the evil genius begged. Oh God, no, not again...! he thought.

"If we don't punish him," Bacchus said with a smile, "he'll never learn, will he?"

"YEAH!!!" the satyrs cried in lusty enthusiasm. "PUNISHMENT! PUNISHMENT! PUNISHMENT!" they chanted loudly.

"Whaddya wanna do with him, boss?" Achilles asked a moment later.

"Oh, you boys decide," Bacchus said with an indulgent smile.

The satyrs turned to look at each other. "I say we spank him!" one, named Hector, said.

"I say we fuck him!" said another, named Hercules.

"I say we spank him, and then we fuck him!" Ajax offered.

"YEAH!!!" the satyrs cheered in unison. "SPANK AND FUCK!! SPANK AND FUCK!! SPANK AND FUCK!!"

Dr. Z groaned, then looked at his hairy, goat-legged tormentors in anger. "You fucking faggots!" he yelled at them. The group of satyrs suddenly went silent.

"Faggots?" Hector repeated, a puzzled look on his face. "Why is he calling us a bundle of sticks?"

Ajax rolled his eyes and sighed exasperatedly. "That's the British definition, you moron. The American colloquial idiom refers to homosexuals."

"Oh," Hector responded. "Hey, we're not gay!" he told the captive mortal.

"Yeah!" the satyr dubbed Hercules said as he stepped forward, then began to rock his hips back and forth. His huge phallus waggled left and right in an obscene imitation of a pendulum. "We swing both ways!" The group of satyrs and nymphs laughed uproariously.

Dr. Z stared in horror at one of the huge, dark cocks that would soon be sodomizing him, and his anger got the better of him. "You fuckers! You'll all pay for this!" He turned and sneered at the reclining god of wine. "I'll make you fat fuckers pay! I swear..."

Dr. Z grew silent as the god of wine's merry visage became deadly serious. The god stood up from his daybed and glared at the impudent mortal who had just insulted and threatened him; his eyes seemed to darken, turning completely black. The sky suddenly clouded over, and the temperature dropped several degrees.

"Uh oh," Ajax muttered. "He got the boss mad."

"Yup," Hector murmured. "Little bit, little bit there."

"Do not be deceived by my appearance, boy," Bacchus warned the suddenly-intimidated super-villain; his voice had lowered an octave, and seemed to reverberate off the mountainside and inside the mortal's chest. "I am a god. And not just the god of wine and revelry. I am also the god of madness. You've heard that expression, 'Whom the gods would destroy...?' That's right, boy, they sic me on them. So unless you want to spend the rest of your days drooling and reciting nursery rhymes, you'd better show some respect and remember your place. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?" The god's final question was punctuated by a clap of thunder.

"Y-yes, master!" Dr. Z stammered as he bowed to the wine god.

"Good! A mind is a terrible thing to waste," Bacchus said in a light, chipper tone. He clapped his hands together once and sat down again. The clouds cleared above him, and the sun came out and warmed the meadow. "I'm glad we had this little chat. Now get on your hands and knees. Time for punishment!" he declared cheerfully.

As Dr. Z reluctantly lowered himself to a prone position, Hephaestus leaned over to Bacchus. "Well done," he whispered. "Liked the clouds. Very ominous."

"Thought you would," Bacchus whispered back, his hand held in front of his mouth. "Poseidon owed me a favor," he said with a shrug.

"Oh God..." Dr. Z muttered despondently as he made himself ready for yet another painful degradation of his body. Every day since his arrival, he'd done something to deserve punishment. And the punishment was always the same: some form of playful yet ultimately sadistic torture, followed by a gang-ass-rape by the lusty, well-hung satyrs. All watched by the nubile, giggling nymphs.

"Really, my boy, I don't know what you're so upset about!" Bacchus admonished him after taking another sip of wine. "As I understand it, you would have received much the same treatment in one of those dreadful American prisons. And it's so much less dreary here!" he said as he looked around happily at the grassy meadow, the green trees around it, and the blue sky above.

"I think I'll stay for awhile after all," Hephaestus remarked, eager to witness the impudent mortal's comeuppance.

The god of the forge was very fond of Princess Diana of the Amazons. She appreciated the gifts he'd made for her--her belt and lariat--and always remembered him in her prayers. She also treated him with respect, which was more than he could say for most of his fellow gods. And this little piece of mortal excrement had had the temerity to hurt her. A grim smile came to Hephaestus' lips as he thought of the decades of punishment the supposed 'genius' would endure--all the while surrounded by unearthly delights of which he would never partake. Serves him right, Hephaestus thought, taking a healthy swig of his wine.

A group of a half-dozen satyrs had now gathered around Dr. Z's backside as the girlish nymphs pointed at him and tittered. The satyrs began to rub their huge cocks erect as the would-be super-villain trembled before them.

"I got the paddle!" Hector shouted, waving a huge wooden oar from an ancient trireme above Dr. Z's vulnerable, pasty white ass.

"I got the olive oil!" Ajax said with a lusty grin as he held up a huge ceramic jug.

"That thing's huge!" Achilles remarked, staring at the oar in Hector's hands. "You're gonna need a running start!"

"You got that right!" Hector replied, holding up his large, hard phallus. Everyone in the assembled party laughed. Everyone except Dr. Z, of course.

I'll get them for this, Dr. Z thought as he waited for his daily punishment. I'll get those bitches, he thought. I'll get those bitches for this if it's the last thing I...


Dr. Z didn't really do much thinking after that.