By Dazzle

Bat mistress- Catwoman's Plan Backfires

By Dazzle 1

On a roof top the Dominoed Daredoll kept a vigil. Gotham had essentially become her town to protect. Batman was spending most of his time with the Justice League while Nightwing was occupied in Bludhaven. She had done well though, The Riddler and Poison Ivy had been arrested in the last week.

But this was the assailant she wanted. Batgirl saw a lithe figure move and her well endowed form left no doubt it was Catwoman

She knew her hate of Salina Kyle was not entirely based on justice. Compared to the other Super Criminals, Salina was a far better person. She never killed or maimed, but she had achieved something that Barbara Gordon never had. She got fucked by Batman! BatGirl had been over her crush for some time, but often wondered why not me? Supposedly Wonder Woman and Zantana also has bedded the Caped Crusader.

Batgirl shook her head, time to go to work. Catwoman skipped to a non descript warehouse and went in a rooftop access door. Too experienced to follow her directly, Batgirl waited outside for 10 minutes and than cased other openings. She found a window on the far side and entered the feline's new lair. Putting on her bat eyes she could see clearly in the dark.

"Welcome BatGirl" a familiar voice purred as floodlight went on.

Batgirl was blinded as a whip snared her her ankle; pulling her to the ground..

"Some things never change," Selina said. "You still can't take me one on one." Pointing her whip handle at her captive, Catwoman's sleeping gas knocked her opponent unconscious.

Batgirl woke up naked tied to a chair, Selina had taken off her costume other than the mask and was totally nude. "I am glad you did fall into my trap. I can now complete my trifecta."

"What do you mean? " The crime fighter demanded.

"I am bi." the feline replied. I've done it with Batman and Nightwing so I need to have the final third of the Terrific Trio."

"You sick pervert, I am strictly het.!"

Catwoman brought out a small jar, "This is Catronic version 2. Unlike version 1 this will not only make you a villainess but change you into a lesbian." Catwoman dipped a claw into the mixture. "Don't be sad it wasn't like Batman was ever going to fuck you. He still thinks of you as a child."


I," Catwoman said as she scratched Barbara breast, "know you are woman who needs to explore her sexuality."

Batgirl started shaking as the drug started taking effect. Catwoman waited the requisite 5 minutes.

"Have you changed your mind?"

"About sex or joining your criminal enterprise," Batgirl replied is a sensuous voice.

"Sex first."

"Untie me, and you won't be disappointed."

Catwoman released the bindings to the chair but kept Batgirls hands tied. "Now BatSlut eat my pussy!"

Batgirl obeyed, and began servicing her captor

"That's good I've wanted you from the beginning, now lay back and let the Cat return the favor."

As Batgirl laid back, the talented feline went to work with her tongue.

"Mmm make me cum you evil creature."

Catwoman began tracing her tongue over the Daredoll's nipples while grinding her pussy against Barbara's snatch.

"Oh yeah!"

"You want it don't you Batgirl?"

"Yes Cat!"

"Say you want to be a super villainess like me."

"I do."

"Bad girl now Cum."

The two woman than did a 69, even tied up Batgirl's new found desire made her enthusiastic pussy licker.

Both woman had an explosive orgasm

"Are you going to untie me Selena?" BatGirl asked."

"Yes love, Catwoman untied her and BatGril gave her a French kiss.

"You know this new attitude has some unexpected consequences."

"Such as," Catwoman purred.

Batgirl rested her fingers on her former foe neck. "This!" applying a nerve pinch, learned from Lady Shiva knocking the feline unconscious.

"It means, "she said to the woman at her feet, "that I want to be the Mistress not the follower."

Batgirl decided to remain nude only adding her utility belt. Her first order of business was to use a tranquilizer to inject Salina which would keep her comatose. As she wandered around the cat lair she saw a lot of kinky devices she longed to play with.. In addition she found where CatWoman kept her ill gotten gain which she planned to take and add to. But she had to be wiser than Selena was. Not only did she want Selena as her willing junior partner but she needed to keep her former allies ignorant. The expanded JL was too much for her. And in a moment of honesty she realized Batman and/or Nightwing could take her one on one.

Batgirl positioned Selina on a Sex device and used her cat whiskers to secure her. Then using Bat Wake revived her.

"What is this?" Catwoman demanded.

"The new order of things, Barbara replied; tapping her breasts with her riding crop. "Dear sweet feline, your mixture worked too well. I am a committed kinky dyke just like you wanted. I am also a super villainess just like you wanted. But don't we always double-cross each other?"

Catwoman sighed ruefully, "I missed that, so what are you going to do to me?"

Batgirl turned on the Sybian, "Well I can't use the Catronic on you. One Mary Marvel in the world is enough. But I do need you to be my willing servant while retaining your skills. " Batgirl looked at her, "Are you enjoying the stimulation?"

"The feline bit her lip "I am but I want you."

"You will have my touch soon enough. ' Batgirl put the Bat goggles on her victim," look at the pretty circles Salina. " Next she put on head phones the following message kept coming through

"I love and worship BatGirl.

I wish to make her rich.

She is my superior."

The next day, BatGirl strode to her captive and removed the goggle and head phone. How do you feel Selena?

"Very horny."

"Do you understand your role?"

Yes BatMistress I have been conditioned to be your slave."

"And how do you feel about?"

"You are my goddess."

"Very good," she untied the larger woman. "Fetch me a strap on."

Catwoman eagerly obeyed.

"Now help me put in on."

"Yes BatMistress"

Do you want me to fuck you?"

"If you desire it."

"I do , now on your hands and knees cat slut!"

Batgirl enjoyed the domination of her one time foe. No longer desiring Batman or any male she still relished besting her one time rival.

"Come slut take it!"

"The session was interrupted by alarm

"What is that?" BatGirl demanded

"Intruder alarm goddess."

"Damm lousy timing!" The red head regretfully withdrew

"Activate monitor" Catwoman instructed.

The screen showed a potential problem.

"Wonder Woman, " Batgirl smiled.

To be continued.

BatMistress part 1