BatMistress 2  

By Dazzle

BatMistress Ch 2- Wonder Woman captured

By Dazzle 1

What you missed, Catwoman's turned Bat Girl into a Super villainess but Batgirl than makes Catwoman her slave.

Batgirl and Catwoman watched the monitor.

"How long before she gets here?" Batgirl asked as they dressed.

"2 minutes Mistress" answered Catwoman

"Forget the Mistress till we captured the Amazon." She whispered to Catwoman, "Here is what will do."

Wonder Woman strode confidently into the lair, she had not checked with Batman on coming to Gotham. He would have told her to let BatGirl handle his town. But the Amazon had no faith in Barbara Gordon's abilities anymore than Huntress or Black Canary's. From what she had observed Batman, Nightwing and Mr. Terrific were the only non powered beings that her were her peers.

"Welcome Wonder Woman " a voiced purred.

"Show yourself!" The Princess challenged.

Catwoman stepped into the light carrying her famous whip, 'Don't you have enough to do on your space station?"

"After I drop you off to the police, I'll be back."

"Trying to score points with Batman" the feline taunted " I will always be his favorite. " Catwoman snapped the whip at Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman laughed "You don't really think you can harm me with that."

"Purhaps not, but it will be fun to try."

On the next pass Wonder Woman grabbed the the whipped tail and dragged the Gotham criminal to her. Then she bound her with the magic lasso.

"I'm disappointed, Cheetah has given me far more trouble."

"Cheetah did not have help," Catwoman replied.

Before the Amazon could respond a flying object hit the back of her head stunning her.

"Well acted kitty slave." Batgirl complimented her picking up the Bat a Rang.

"Thank you Bat Mistress."

"Lets untie you, I've always wanted to play with the magic lasso," wrapping around Wonder Womans' breasts ." She than slapped The Amazon's face. "Wake up!"

Her eyes opened and she looked in Batgirl's face." What is this Bat Girl"

"You will address me as Mistress," Batgirl ordered.


"I will ask the questions Wonder slut, why are you in Gotham?"

"To capture Catwoman."

"Without contacting me, did Batman ask you?"

"No I thought I could do it easier than you."

"The super powered arrogance Mistress," Catwoman observed.

"Yes slave" Batgirl kissed her. "Now if we remove your belt you lose your powers correct?"

"Yes Mistress"

"Kitty slave do the honors."

"Thank you mistress."

"Now Wonder slave, you will do a strip tease for me. Catwoman turn on the music than suck my pussy!"

The humiliated Amazon was compelled to obey, but asked; "What has happened to you?"

"My feline lover here turned me evil, but did not think about who would wind up in top."

Batgirl laughed, "I now have the Queen of Crime and Female Champion of Justice as my playthings."

"What are your intentions?" The now nude super heroine asked.

"First let see how good a pussy licker you our, Catwoman let Wonder Woman take your place. Prepare the ring."

Wonder Woman went to her knees

"This will teach you humility cunt now go to work."

"Yes Mistress"

Wonder Woman had not had sex with a woman since leaving Thymiscara, and was actually enjoying herself.

"Keep going slut" Batgirl forced her head down

"Mistress the ring is ready"

"Up Wonder bitch, I am going to show you know why I was always the better woman.

You and I are going to fight."

Batgirl had stripped except for her cowl.. "Make your move Diana."

Diane rushed her figuring that she was still larger, but Batgirl used her momentum to throw her to the mat.

"Is that all you can do" the Dominoed DareDoll taunted..

Wonder Woman threw a punch which BatGirl casually blocked, "Do you Amazons have any training?"

The Amazon lost control "You bitch!" and charged again. This time Batgirl used her momentum against the ropes following up with a pro wrestling clothes line. Putting one foot on the raven haired female's ass she posed.

Selina applauded "Finish her off Mistress"

"Any ideas?

"How about your high kick?"

Good thought" lifting Wonder Woman up, Batgirl left kicked straight up hitting Wonder Woman's jaw with a knock out blow. "Disappointing."

"How so" Catwoman said sitting on the downed crime fighter's face.

'I expected more of a challenge, ah well lets have some fun."

Wonder Woman woke up tied to a web.

BatGirl walked up to her" Think how Superman Batman and the rest would think of you now."

"Pathetic," Catwoman added.

Batgirl produced a vibrator "Whip her darling while I work on her pussy."

"Yes Batmistress," as she began whipping the Amazon.

Batgirl started playing the vibrators over her prisoner's clit. "Lets see how Amazon tits taste," as she began sucking.

'How are they Mistress?"

"Delicious, take a taste."

Wonder Woman withered in ecstasy.

"You are a whore" Batgirl remarked. Grabbing the lasso and wrapping it around her "say it!"

"I am a whore!" Wonder Woman gasped.

"Beg me to fuck you!"

"Please fuck me Bat Mistress."

"Yes lets fuck her," Catwoman said

Batgirl's manner changed "You forget yourself slut!" she slapped Selena. "You are just as much sex toy as her."

Selena knelt "I'm sorry mistress"

"Not sorry enough, I defeated you, I captured Wonder Woman. Now you need to be punished. Hug Wondy here." Batgirl tied them together. "You need a good whipping ."

Yes Mistress"

Batgirl went at them with abandon, making both their asses red.

"Whose your Mistress?!" she demanded.

"You are " they said in unison.

"That's better."

Leaving Selena tied to the web, Bat Girl use the magic lasso as a leash. "On your hands and knees Wonder Slut."

"Yes Bat Mistress"

"You will allow me to penetrate you with my strap on." As BatGirl jabbed it in.

"Ah! " Wonder Woman screamed.

"You are enjoying this domination aren't you?"

"I am mistress" Wonder Woman admitted.

Her dominatrix withdrew ."On your back." Batgirl than went to work on her pussy

"That my slut take it."

"Yes, make me cum."

"You are nothing but my sex toy aren't you," she said grabbing the hair."

'Yes Mistress!"

BatGirl sat on what was now her throne, while her two slaves gave her foot massage with their tongues.

"It has been satisfying dominating you Wonder Woman, but unfournatly I can't keep you."

"Why not Mistress" asked Catwoman

"Think about it my kitty slave, you want all of her colleagues after us."

"Now here is what's going to happen, Wonder Slut. You are going to forget you came to Gotham and you will have no desire to involve yourself in the criminal scene here. If you run into Catwoman you will contrive a way for her escape and you will now treat me with the same respect you do Nightwing. However if you hear me say Wonder Slut belongs to BatMistress you will return here and become my sex slave. Do you understand?"


"Then take a shower put on your uniform and leave."

Catwoman rose and began kissing her Mistress "What now?"

"Three matters, our first criminal venture, than we decide if we plan to go after a super heroine or a super villainess and I finish fucking you."

To be continued